Newspaper of Evening Star, 25 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 25 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W, p. WALLAtH. Editsr J?r .prieto7. WASHINGTON CITY: W EDNESDAY ^AY 23, 1M?. ?T-BIADINO MATTKR ON gVKRT PAG1 |BI OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING TEL1 OBAPQIO and gtheb matter. GRANT'S ADVANCE. the situation. Parties from the front say that at noon yes terday Grant was ?? thirty-five miles from Richmond. and all was well." HU rapid change of base has considerably bothered shippers of army goods here, who, loading for Belle Plain, find the occupation of that lately busy locality completely gone, and the guard troops lately there gone to Port Royal "or the Lord knows where," to establish he new base of supplies. There are still a number of sick and wonn led at Fredericksburg, an J as soon as they are re moved that place will also lose its importance quite as suddenly as Belle Plain has. The three gunboats which moved up the Rappahannock a few days ago, are still at the Fredericksburg wharf, and a number of trans ports were there yesterday loading with sick and wounded. Some of the engines and roll ng stock of the railroad has already been re moved from Fredericksburg. The guerrillas attacked a train on Monday moving from Fredericksburg to Belle Plain, bnt the rear guard, after a sharp skirmish, drove them off and succeeded in captntlng seventeen of them. Skirmishes with the guer rillas occur daily at different points about Fredericksburg ever since our army has com menced Its forward movement. Un Monday night a guerrilla camp near Hartwood, northwest of Fredericksburg, was avacked by a detaohment of our cavalry, and 40 horses, captured hereto tore from our wagon and ambulance trains, were recaptured and brought off. Some of the trophies of Grant's new advance upon Richmond have arrived here. The steamer Wawasset, which arrived here last night, brought up about 100 contrabands, con puling of mu. women and children. These contrabands are from the vicinity of Bowling Green andGuiney's Station, and brought with them a large quantity of bod clothing and other housekeeping articles. Oflloiul War Bulletin. ISPATtH FROM GENERAL GRANT. EVERYTHING FAVORABLE. A TIOIENT ATTACK BV TIIE ENEMY RK rULSKD. WITH LOSS TO THEM IN KILLED. WOUNDED. AND PRISONERS. THE SLAUGHTER OF THE ENEMY VERY GREAT. LEE REPORTED FALLING BACK ON RICH MOND. Wa*hi?gtor, May 21?10.30 P. M. To Major Oeittral Dix, Aero York: A despatch from General Grant, dated at 11 o'clock last night, states that the army moved from its position to the North Anna, following cloeely Lee's army. The 5th and 6th corps marched by way of Harris* Store to Jericho Ford, and the 5th corps succeeded in effecting a crossing and getting a position without much opposition. Shortly after, however, they were violently attacked and handsomely repulsed the attack. Ths assault was without much loss to us. We captured some prisoners. Everything looks exceedingly favorable to us. Another despatch, giving in detail the move ments of our corps, and speaking of the rebel assault on Warren's position, says he was at tacked with great vehemensy. I have never heard more rapid or massive firing, either of artillery or musketry The attack resulted In a destructive repulse to theenemy. At the po sition attacked by Hancock the rebels were en -hed and in considerable force between | he had crossed and the river, and ! llWw , ? be creek - "T,a re8,stAn^ to his onset, but, ' madepertlnaciv- forced them from their betore dark, he hao - -cross the stream, walks and driven them ~ 'hesiaugh-i It iJ^also said in these engagement losses ! izzzs t- i our artillery, and suffered especially from ft'."" u?. ???y??" ?"??; North Anna We are in pursuit. who have come in say Lee is falling back to Richmond. Other official despatches from headquarters say 'hat Warren, Bumside, and Hancock are pushing after the retreating army. Warren captured a good number of prisoners lasteven ing, bnt has not time to count them or ascer liin 'bie Ipse. ?Hr.ncock is storming the rifle-pit? this side fcf the river Last night he took between one and two hundred prisoners, and drove many rebels into the river, where they were drowned. Warren also captured sotm1 offifial papers, amongst them an order calling out all boys .evenieen years of ag.- to garrison Richmond, imbalance men and musicians are also ordered I the ranks. Sheridan was this morning at Dunkirk, and will be at Milford to-night. No despatches have been received to-day tam General Sherman, and none are expected tor several days Despatches from General Butler have been received to day, relating chiefly to the respec tive forces. Admiral Lee. in a telegram, dated the 22d, to the Secretary of the Navy, states that last night (Saturday* the enemy attacked the army, and were handsomely repulsed. A despatch from Major General Canby, dated tte ISth iastan', at the mouth of Red River, states thatGneral Banks' troops had arrived at Semmesport, yesterday, and will reach Mor gacza tc-day. The army is in better condition than was expected, and will soon be ready to resume oflensi\e operations. Epwiw m. Stakton, Secretary of War. ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED Last eight the steamers Jefferson, Wawas set, and Argo arrived at the Sixth street wharf, from A quia Creek, with seven hundred and z.lnety-elgbt wounded on board. The Ocean Wave, with one hundred ard fifty, and the Wecna, with five hundred and fifty, stopped et Alexandria and unloaded. GVEBRULA FJH30N?Ri?. Twenty-six puerritlas 2.febel eltlsena, who w?re picked up in the'vicinity o? Fredsr- j icksburg by our cavalry, arrived here this morning on a transport trom AquialJreek and I were sent to Col Ingraham to be disposed of. r* Gov. Seymour has received, through tb* Pistop of Buffalo irr>m ?'ie Pope of Rome, ?*IW t< r the relief of wounded U s soldiers. The Loudon Times declares that if Na p? eoneets bis b?ar? upon th- Rh-n? country it is not Ei gland that will 'hwart him. ?^"The Liverpool Albion glve< thiry-four f rms to which the name of <h iksp<?are has t** r ?p*? ed. iyyTh> reveune from the uhincha islands is abctit ?:8,C?,COO p*r annum. i^Ttairdretser'^ Motto -T wo heads (ofhalr) are better than one ?{ Punch. I'biladelph ia i? ?o have a plantation hen in ronn?cion wi?h Irs Sinltarv Fair Pberi'ian. tbe cavalry officer, is a .a me ot Mas?*chustttei Army of the Potomft' Progress of the Advance nnder Hancock A fight at Milford?The Enemy Dri*ea 1 hrough the Tow??Attack on the Head quarters' Train near Gainer Statlaa The Rebels Again Defeated. A despatch from the Army of tte ratomac, dated G uiney's Station, May 22d, sa> * ? The advance of the army, under Hancoc*, arrived at Milford yesterday, and met a force of the ecemv there, said to be 13,000 strong and ! drove them through the town, and followed in pursuit. Onr loss is rot Known. An attack was made on headquarters' train, near Guiney's Station, yesterday afternoon. The 114th Pennsylvania Zouaves, with the6?th Pennsylvania, formed in line and drove the rebels?the 9th Virginia-across the bridge. One of the 6&th was killed, and two or three wounded. Several prisoners were captured. 10 o'clock p. m.?Gen. Hancock is seven miles south of Bowling Green, and occupies the bridge across the Mattapony. Our cavalry had a good deal of lighting, but drove the en emy all the time. Our position is now deemed important, and Richmond is in greater danger than ever. further particulars or THE advance of grant. Quinsy's Station, May 21.?The 2d corps, by a rapid flank march, reached Bowling Green to-day. About dark, Friday evening, the column started from their entrenchments, and moved along the old telegraph road, past this station to Bowling Green. Warren followed with the 5th corps. The two commands were separated" in the march. A gap of six or eight miles was discovered to exist between our lines at this point. Generals Grant and Meade, and their respective staffs and body guards, found a small force of the enemy here. The 111th Pennsylvania (Oollis' Zouaves) doing provost duty at army head quarters, were neither surprised nor intimi dated. After several volleys the Rebels re tired. Our extreme right is now resting near the fpot which two days ago held our centre?the Anderson House. Burnside is here, and Wright, with the 6th corps, joins him on the left. Cannonading can be heard from that lo cality, and the report is that the 0th, and a por tion of the t>th corpe, are engaged. Hancock is on the extreme left, and Warren in the centre. These swinging movements of our corps cause the rebels to glide after us in th^ same direction. People here say their troops nav? all left for Hanover Junction. Many of them started three days ago. Panic prevadea all hearts. The hegira among the owners of plan tations is universal. The cavalry corps train, in charge of Captain Tallman, moved from Fredricksburg eailyin the morning. Guerillas abounded. The train was guarded by one hundred and fifty men. lit-re was a glorious opportunity for the hunery rebels; but they knew not of it. Many of the rebels captured along the road belong to the !>th Virginia cavalry. These men are natives of this section of the country, and always dis mounted in exigencies like the present, to act as guerillas and harrass our advance. We still Jront towards Richmond. The men are hopeful and eager. R H. McGregor. The Tnrnfng of Lee's Right Flank. [Correspondence New York Times.] GriNKY's Station, Saturday, May 21, 7 p. m?The Army of the Potomac is again on the ' march towards Richmond. During the night, Hancock's Corps, which had held the left of our lines in front of Spottsylvania Court HcUse, took up its march, moving on the road parallel with the Ny river. Early this morn reached Guiney's Station, on the Fred ericksburg and Richmond railroad,* twelve , roi'ea due south of Fredericksburg. Thence it pushed onward, following the railroad, and to-night finds the bead of Hancock's colnmnat Bowling Green, eighteen miles south of Fred ericksburg. The other corps have been to day ? following the same general line, and the 5th is now passing the point at which this despatch is dated. Voti will observe from these indica tions that the Commanding General has effected a turning movement on the right of Lee, who is now hastily falling back to take np a fresh defensive position. 1( is expected that the next stand wiil be on the South Anna river, although he may endeavor to hit us while moving by the flank, just as he did when outflanked in his lines on the Rapidan. Heavy firing, in fact, is this moment heard across th? Ny, where one of our columns is moving. A mile oo?tb by west of Qninsy'a Station is the point of continence of the Po and Ny rivers, and at this point the stream is crossed by Guiney's bridge, which is in our possession. The river south of the junction of the Po and Ny is called by the inhabitants of the country the ?* Mattapony," although the Mat and Ta, its other tvo affluents, do not enter it till we reach a point a dozen miles south of thi*. Our army is now all gone from the front it has held before Spottsylvania Court-House for the pest two weeks, and the lines of Spottsyl vania pass into history. They are associated with fighting as desperate as was ever made by embattled foes, and by the greatest valor on the part of both armies. Its woods sepulchre thousands of the bodies of brave men, perished in the great cause for w hlch this army marches, and fights, and suffers. You will notice by the map that our pressnt front, while it puts us in a very advantageous position in regard to the enemy, at the same time perfectly covers our communications, which are Dy way of Fredericksburg and y quia Creek. The railroad will soon be open from A quia Creek to Fredericksburg, and will doubtless be put in order south of that Doint as we advance. There are also several I a> pointe of water by the | Rappahaunock, as at Pert Royal, Jcc., which. , will probably be need. i 1 should misrepresent the conviction of the ' "... I .4. " * ?-? ' SOUlJuccb ut^uo A onouia| the impression that our progress is to be now orlv a triumphal match. We shall be met by the most obdurate resistance which skill ana courage on the part ot theenemy can command. But General Grant has given you the key-note of the sentiment of this army, we shall go through with this busines?, -if it take, all summer to do it." * Swihton. THE LADIES OF WE8LEY CHAPKL LL5 CONGREGATION are requested to meet in the Lecture Rcoin of the Church on THURSDAY EVENING, May 26th, at 8>? o'clock, to make ar rangement* for a Strawberry Festival to be held in aid of the Mite Society and Sabbath School fund. my 25-** |Tg=?NOTICE?THE TIN PLATE AND SHEET L5 IRON WORKERS are hereby ordered t<T attend a meeting- on TH I'BSDA Y EVENING at 3 o'clock. at the Shepherd's Hall, over Waite's dm;? store, on the corner of Louisiana avenue and 7th street.. Businessof importance is on hand. By order of the Committee. my 23-3t* ryTr?ICE CREAM, OONFBCTIONBRY, &o. Uof Receptions, Parties. 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Present and Future, she having removed from house No. 60 A street south. Capitol Hill,to house No. 22T B sween 6th and 7th streets, Island. my%>-3t* HORSES FOR SALE.-Received this day, fifty Horses, the tinest lot brought berei this season, consisting of teams for draft and driving purposes, single driving and' family Horses?at the Bull's Head Stable, corner 13'? street and Ohio avenue. my 25-3t* 0. PRICE, Prop'r. FIFTH WABD-FIR8T PRECINCT.-Notice is h*re'7 ;iveu that, in conformity with the rrovisions of the charter of the city of Wa?bing ?n. an election will be held on Monday, th? 6th day ot June next, at the School-hou^e corner of 3d street east and D street south. for Mayor, to serve t*o year*; for one member of Board of Al dermen, to nerve two years; and three members of board of Common Council, for one year; and As sessor for said Ward. The polls open at 7 o'clock a. m. and close 7 p. m. i. MI1.H, 8. C. WAILE8. GEORGE M. OYST8R. in) 25 Commissioners. Fifth ward-second precinct.?Notice is hereby given that, in conformity with th^ tirovision* of Ine d arter of the city of Washing tun, mi Blection will lie held on Monday, the 6th day of June next, at the School Hous'', corner of 1 bird strei t east, and A street south, for Mayor to serve two vearc; for one member of Hoard of Affler men to ner>e two years; and three members of Beard of Common Council to serve one year; and Asm s?(<r frr said Ward. The Poll* open at 7 o'clock a. m., and close at 7 p. m ? WM. 8LA+RR. K T.TIPPETT. JAS. H. RICHARDS, 7 . tv"i Moniciptl Election?Candidates, &t. f|r%? NOTICE? To tkr Unconditional Union t 'Wirj of ikt Firtt Ward.?The undersigned Having been cominated for C >mmon Council by the friend* of Mr. J. H. Semme*. taken this method of info rming his friends that he is a supporter of the Wallach ticket. my g lw ' H. C. WILSON^ 'TBE SECOND WARD FRIENDS OF MR. J. II. Sesames are requested to meet at United ihT?, 111n street. near Penna ave.. on FKIOAY El EN IN G. the 27th inst.. at A o'clock, for the pur pose of selecting a ward ticket. By order of the Committee. my24-4t* nr^- WE HAVE PEEN RBQI ESTED TO STATE 'Jof that Mr. N. D. LARNERisnota candidate for the Boarl of Aldermen from the Third Ward, but is a candidate for re election to the Board of Ces:a?on OosHci! from ?si4 w*e?j m- 24 t? EDITOR STAR Please announce WM. H. 13 FANNINGasan independent candidate for Common Council of Second Ward at" ttu* ensuing election. [my 23-cote* J MANY VOTERS. flf% 1 NOTICE.? To the Unconditional Union To U3 Pint Ward.?The undersigned naunj been nominated for Assessor of the Ward by my friends, and put on the Semmea ticket. I w ish to inform my friend that I am a Wailach and Turton supporter. my 23-lw* JEROME F. BANNER. [Y"?p?NOTICE.?The voters of the 8ixth Ward, UsJJ favorable to the re-election of Richard Wal lacli as Mavor of Washington, are requested to meet at Odd Fellows'Ilall, Navy Yard, on WED NESDAY EYlSNING. May 25th. at 7K o'clock, for the purpose of nominating suitable person? to represent them in the Board of Aldermen and Common Council. my 23-3t* rT5=? UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. U3 first ward. For Mator? RICHARD WALLACE For Albbbman? JOHN B. TURTON. For Common Council? JAMES KELLY, H. C. WIL80N, JOHN A. RHEEM. For Assbssor? my 16 te* THOMA8 H. DONOHUE. FIRST WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION LL? TICKET. For Mator? JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alderman? GEO. W. EMMERSON For Common Council? JOS. E. RAWLIN8, J. H. SNYDER, H C. WILSON. For Assessor? J. F. SANNER. my21-te* nT?=" SECOND WARD UNCONDITIONAL LL? ? UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alprkman? J. RUSSELL BARR. For Common Council? SAMUEL W. OWEN, WM. PETTIBONE. my 2Q-eo3t* SAMUEL A. PEUGH. 03" INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOND~ WARD. For Alderman? my 20 te* GEORGE T. RAUB. [Y-^THIRD WARD-JJ7ATE ELECTION -The ,v3, unconditional Union voters of the Third ?ard will support the following ficket at the ap proaching municipal election, vi*: ForMatqr? RICHARD WALLACH. For Aldkkmas ? JOSEPH F. BROWN. For Common Council? NOBLE D. LARNKR, THOMAS A. STEPHkN8. JOHN W. SIMS. For Assessor JAMES P cKEAN ap 23 tf rv-3=>THIRD WARD-JD'A'fi ELECTION.-The (Jof unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the Juue election: For Mator? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? ? _ ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. Fob Common Council? N. D. LARNKR, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. 8IMS. ap 23 te nfBT"'FOURTH-WARD INDEPENDENT UNION w TICKET, For Mator? JOHN fl. 8EMMES, , For Alderman? ? f JAMES ENGLISH. For Common Council? W W MOORE, EDMON8TON. my ELIJAH rT ? M. WIGnT. 16?e epub ' Chron. A Con. Union. 1 OCT *?? RlT "on T?C?KpDtN00N"IT'ONA For Mator? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? ' _ ? J NO. P. PEPPER. For Common Council? A8BURY LLOYD, JOSEPH FOLLAN8BRE _ror12 MICHAEL LARNER. ' 03T UNGONDiTIONAL UNION TICKET. Fob Mator- WARD. F.. WALL?? wo. c.?.s?5si hat""'"-0 WM. P. FERGUSON. JAME8 B. DAVI8, _ J. B. WARD. For Assessor? - B. F. DYER. may 8-Jw* 03" fK v ? I" i?W0,Sft0K,I??" For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? ? ? CR08BY S. NOYES. For Common Council? H W. HAMILTON, OTHO BOS WELL, ? my 20-te JOHN H D. RICIIARDS. ????SlWA?DoKCNOONDmOKAL For Mator? JOHN H. SEMMES. Foil JLLbBftUAM _ _ PETER M. PEARSON. , For Common Council? '/ JOHN G. DUDLEY, W. T. WALKER, GEO. WRIGHT. For Assissor? JOHN H. BIRD. my 1<5-I8t* 03: INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE FOR MAYOR, JOHN H. SEMMES. Bp 29 te ?^OR SALjs^-An elegant BILLIARD TABLE. A .'rosewood,; rm ^'Khed with fixtures complete, at a bargain. SYKEr-, CHADWICK k. CO.. lafty 3t* Willardg' Hotel. FOR SALE ONE MARE AND COLT. Apply on F street, near 26th, of my 24-2f* LEVI BIGGS. tjTEAMER FAIRBANK8 HAS ARRIVED, K? 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This precaution is found necessary lrom the fact tbat rebel cavalry and guerrillas line the shore* of the Rappahannock. Whi.e the Connecticut was taking on the t^onnded from the Keyport and Baker, a body of rebel cavaliy made their appearance at Tappahannock. but the gnnboate brought their guns to bear upon the enemy, and they ske daddled, The gunboats 8re yet engaged in removing torpedoes and other obstructions found in the Rappahannock.- The Keyportrunning against one of these obstructions on her downward trip, stove in her wheel-house, and sprung a le?k. but not sufficiently to disable her. The Connecticut had on board one hun dred and fifteen wounded officers, among whom were Col. C J. Powers, 108th Ne w York; Col. C. V. Deland, 1st Michigan; Col. C Ewing, 4th New Jersey; Col. S. S. Carroll, 8th Ohio; Col^R. Lewie, 5th Vermont; Col. S. W. Wist, 17th Maine; Col. S. Connor, 19th Maine; Lieut. Col. W. L. Curry, 106th Pennsylvania; Lient. Col. S. A. Moore, 14th Connecticut; Lt Col. F. Sawyer, 8th Ohio; and Lieut. Col. W* DeCacy, 164th New York. Yesterday evening at 4 o'clock, there were about 0,0(0 wounded remaining at Fredericks burg, but aa there was a large number of trans ports in readiness, it was thought they would all be removed by this evening, when the town would probably be evacuated, we having no present use for it in consequence of Grant having established his new base of supplies lower down the river in connection with his advance upon Richmond. "PRIVATK ADVM IiSr The "private advices" of a city cotemporary to the effect "that Jeff. Davis and his Cabinet left Richmond some days ago, tearing that in the approaching anaconda embrace of Orant they might be gobbled up,"' has not been con firmed by any public advices thus far, and is conceded to be news "exclusively'^ belonging to that paper. The averment by the same piper that Grant is pursuing Lee "beyond the South Anna,'< though a thing likely to happen, is not be lieved to be a fact accomplished, and it is rot doubted but that some hard fighting wil1 be required as a preliminary. We advise the public to keep cool and wait patiently. Grant will reach Richmond, but not by a skip, hop and jump, and we know that he anticipates some of the hardest flghtir.g of the war before the goal is attained. AN AFFECTING SCENE. Mr. and Mr,. ^Tdl,b- S,!"! of Michigan, who bad two 008 Horace iind Coradin?in the 7th Michigan regiment, ^ume to this city a day or two ago in search of Hor. ace, who they learned had been wounded in the battle at the Wilderness, and had been brought to this city. Failing to find him in hospital, they yesterday evening vv'i'ed the 6th street wharf. A tew moments afterwards the steamer Jefferson steamed up to the o'ock, and standing near the bow of the boat was th? locked-for son, badly wounded, his right arm having been shot off'above the elbow. As soon as the plank was thrown from the boat to the Wbarf, Mrs. Rnwrtilh sprang un board the steamer, and throwing ber arms around her son's neck burs t into a flood of tears, with her head bent upon hissboulaer. Ifor a few seconds there was an affecting silence, which the fond . mother broke by saying,-"Horace, where is your brother Coradin I" Horace, pointing to a rough wooden box by his side replied, "There, mo. ther, there is Coradin!" The afflicted mother threw herself upon her deceased son's coffin, sobbing aloud in an agony of grief, while the father and wounded son stood by with bowed heads. The scene was truly a Heart-rending one, and lt better be imagined than de uniWed. Many of the bystanders were com pelled to turn aside, while silent tears could be seen stealing down the cheeks of all. Several kind-hearted ladies present did all in their power to comfort the afflicted mother, but it was long belore she could be Induced to leave the side of her deceased son. CHANGE OF POSITION. The infantry froops lately upon the outer line of the defences of Washington, night be fore last commenced to contract their lines under orders irom headquarters in this city. They #ought away all Government property and lelt the block houses about Fairfax Court House, and beyond, standing; there being no apprehension of any large rebel force taking possession of them. No guerrillas have been "J seen in that beigbborhood for some days. The 147th P. V., 4th Delaware, and 2d D. C Infantry, who were doing guard duty alon.< the roads lrom Fairfax to Hull Run were the infantry withdrawn?the 157th P. V. and 4th Delaware, going (it is supposed,) to join Grant's army, and the 2d D. C. remaining at Spring field, seven miles beyond Alexandriarfor guard duty. A brigade of cavalry, under command of Col. Lowell, of a Massachusetts regimen', are still on duty in that vicinity and will carefully patrol the country and watch operations there. WOUNDED OFFICERS. Up to the present time about one thousand commissioned officers, (of all grades,) wound ed in the late battles, have been reported to the Medical Directer'sOffice. THE NIGHT ASSAULT UPON GEN. BUTLER The correspondent of the New York Herald say8 tbat the rebel loss in the attack upon Butler on Saturday night was 263. Ours 10 killed and 50 wounded. A " Fall !"?Georgia papers are felicita'ing themselves on the ?? fall" in the price of pro visions at Augusta; flour being now only S15i> per barrel and hams $2.50 per pound. OONGREHSlONALi XXXVIIITH OONGRE88.?KIRBT 8E8HION. . Wednesday, May 25 Senate.?Mr. Johnson presented the memo rial of the Bank of New Orleans pray in* to b*-< relieved from the tax on deposits under the national bank bill, so far as deposits made with them ot Confederate funds are concerned. Thny represent tbat during the poxsession of the city of New Orleans by the Confederates they were forced to taxe such sums on deposit, with the right to repay in like currency; but after the occupation by Gen Butler, he compelled tbem to pay only in gold ai d silver or currency. They ask the withholding of the tax bill till they have the opportunity of testin? th? i. galiiy ?f the contract. Referred to the Committee on Finance. Mr. Sumner, from the Committee on Slavery and Freedmen, reported back the bill to es tablish a Bureau of Freedmen, with a substi tute therefor. Mr. Trumbull, from the Judiciary Commit tee, reported back the resolution for taking the census !? 1865, recommending its p. sstge. A message was received from the Hou*e, announcing its non-concurrence in som? of the Senate amendments to the National Bauk bill, and on Mr Feseenden's motion, the S n ite adhered and asked for a Committee of Confer ence. Mr. L(^e, of Kansas, submitted a resolution that the Committee on Indian Affttrs b>* re quested to consider the question ot conti-'-atiug the reserves of all Indian tribes who nr?cr h?>t> beta in Wius mainst Uovtfuatut, and providing home? for the loyal members of such triNs, and to report by bill or otherwise. Mr Spragne offeredthe following : Wheieas large corps have been and are now h- tog ortanized in the military service or the Unltfd States without the advice and consent of the Senate in the appoin'tnent and commis sicning the officers : Be it therefore ketclvtd, Tnst the Committee on Military Aff'irs be and they hereby are directed to in. quire into the expediency'ot reporting a bill to the Sena'te requiring that all appointments in the service ator- said, heretofore ic*de,or which r ay ber? after he made, shall have the ad rice and cdBWDt of the innate, as provid-d by law in other cases, and that the commissions of all officers not receiving the advice and consent of the Senate to their nomination willeqpire with the pres-nt session of Congress. In reply to an inquiry by Mr. Wilson in re gard to the resolution, Mr. Sprague said the government was organizing a large n?gro and invalid force and appointing officers to it with out the advice and consent of the Senate. This he thought should not be. The resolution was passed. Mr. Morgan, from the Committee on Military All air?, reported back the bill to prohibit the discharge of persons from liability to military dntv by reason of the payment of money, &c., With amendment, consisting of the following additional sections: Sec. 2. That nothing in the act approved February 24, 1864, amending the act approved March 3,*IM>3, for enrolling and calling out the national forces, shall be constrned to repeal that part of the said act approved March 3, 1HK1, which requires that the hoard of Enroll mt nt, in making drafts, shall (>mtke a draft of tf e required number and fifty per cent, in ad : tiirion. Sec. 3. That section 12 of the??Act for enroll I irg and calling out the national forces and for O'fcer purposes," approved March 3, H63, b??, ai d is hereby? so amended* thu the notice to be served on* drafted men may be served with in tsn da>8 after such draft, or at any time within si* months therefrom. Mr. Wade reported a bill to amend an act to enable the people of Colorado to adopt a State government; and it was passed to a second reading. Mr. Foster. from the Committee on Pensions, reported a bill giving to the widow of Solomon Poffmar, who was shot and killed in Carroll county, Iowa, on the 14thof MarcbflSfM, while in the performance of his uty as deputy pro. vost marshal, a pension of JUS per month' He cub? Mr Morrill, of Vermont, from the Committee of Conference on the disagreeing iir.enbmtnts to the armv bill, made a report tbereon in relation to the pay of colored troop*. The report makes a distinction in favor of those who were promised pay equal to the whites, leaving other similar questions to be determined according to th?* law. Mr. Stevens, of Pa , opposed the report. He said lhat on a previous occasion the House passed, by an overwhelming vote, a proviso that all free colored men shall receive the ?'nil pay of white m*ii. The committee of confer - en. e have discarded this instruction, and have adopted the Senate's amendment with an amendment. Members of this House should not dodge tne question. He would prefer losing the bill to abandoning the principle to fully pay those men for services rendered in the XTrion army. Mr Spalding: advocated the paving of all colored soldiers the same as white men. with out distinction as to the time of entering the tervice Mr. Garfield wa? a?ain-?t paying menmon?y which they had norltbt to expect. It would he e gratuity to five ro black men what would not he given 'o white men. Other gentleme- engaged in the debate: among th?-m Mr. Thayer, of Pa., who claimed simple justice to #11 < o'ored troops alike. The disenssien was fur her continued. The points involved being whether the colored troops who entered the service prior to the 1st of January last should receive the same pay as white toldiers; or whether the provision should not be extended to all colored troops alike. The House rejected the report,and asked an other Committee of Coherence. Th& Keciprocity bill was considered. LOCAL NEWS. Affairs in Georgetown.?Yesterday, the children ol the I'unlic Schools had th?*ir anni V#nirZy festival in Carter's grove, north of the town. The Guardians, Teachers and children, assembled ;it tbe school house and mar bed in procession to the grove, accompanied by With er'* Brass Band. Three May Queens one from each school, were crowned, the <?remo nies being very inteiesting. The remainder of the day was passed in juvenile sports, and in tbe enjoyment of the rich supply of retresh. ments provided." It is creditable tithe citizens of Georgetown, that though the school fund cannot t.e applied to such purposes, tney, from, tht ir own pockets, pay the entire expense of tho?e anniversary festivals. A"ortof G'rorrjrtovn.?Entered?Steamer G. S. WriK hf' L>enhi?, New York. '!invrild -Steamers G. S. Wright, Denn.s, for Centra) America; Haze, Boylyn, New York. >chrs. Fl> '"g Dragon, Iiauiels, Bosto.:; J Par ker. Sewrarv*' Philadelphia; S. E Harrington, Applegiite, ()%.'?'? America, Medley, St. Marys j Morris, Edmcn. d, Jersey City. Martha. Evan*, Ifn\re de GracO? J- S. Maypole. Bundle, St. 1 Wurv's: Americai.' Bam er, ElUs; Martha Washington, Harder. St. Mary's: D, S Page, Howard, Cherrystone; Ru g Dove, Johnson, Havre re Grace: Man???-,n- McMauu, do.; Al nnra, Navy. Baltimore; O". K. Wallac-*, Saun ders, PautuxeDt; G. Washington, Grisset:, do.; Kite. Hooper, Havie dt-Grac*." S Cimph -ll, Murphy, Vienna; Artist, DntU'ti, Laurel, Del ; Crs^n, Burse, do.; Eclipse, Cooi'. Jersey Ci y Arrivals l>y the Canal.?Boats Gen'I McCIet lan, P. J. Cahill, G. P. Lloyd, D, Crommell, W m. F. Brashears, W. J. Bootbe, (j. F. Lirer moTe, Ruby, Geo A. Pearce and I>. Stewart, coal to American Co.; M.tJ. Bradley, High lander, E. H. Tracy, M. V. A M. E. Keron, F. Beik, C. H. Clapett, Col. A. Spates, Fr?d Mar tin and Marrha Banks, ,io. to Cumberland C. ard I Co : L). Marmadnke, Lidie, M. J. Gat rell, W. B. Colstou, Sailie Ardinger, do. to Borden Co ; Hollingsworth, Josephus,F. Swan, Ii dmtiy M. P. O. Morrison, Juniata, M. C I)i k, Elmira, do. to Central M. <fc M. Co^; Jno. Moc re, Emma, do. to Frosthurg Co.; A. H. Isradt, do. to Hampshire and Baltimore C!o. lb.- departuies were el^v.?n, all light. There is a fine stage of water in the canal, and busi ness is quite li\ely. The Journeymen Saddle and Harness Makers ot this city held a meeting last uight at Germania Hall, on C street, and adopted a Jengthy scale of prices for piece wor*, to be demanded of employers, and to be i-nbmitt-d tor the approval or disapproval of latter, ai d th?* action oi the employers to be debated a- a subsequent meeting. With reg.ird to wek hanre, the lollowmg rules have been adopted : First cia-e hand^. not les? than ?l.-per w^ek: second cla-s hands, not l? ss ttian *ti p-.'r've?-k ti;ird class hands, not less than &I4 | er jyeeg. 1 Any man working on harness, plain leather, stiti hed 10 to inch or more, or working on gen eral shop work, and cutters, cons.der d first clasr hands. Any man working on buggy or coach har ness less 'han in ?o inch. *e.;ond -!nss. Any man working on cart or wagon harness or repairing, third class. Every employer can have one man, not a member ol toe society, to every four members, provided be is not competent to demau<i the bill of prices. The members ot the society in tbe shop will judge whether he is competent or uot. Ten hours to constitute a day's work except in winter." 1 here shall be no light on Saturday. Attempt to Commit Scicide.?I>ast ni?ht, Leonard Shaip, of the Vetera? Reserve Corp*, while in comptmy with Bernard *<mith, a c.iti z? u, on 3d street east, between B and C stree's south, at the house of Smith's lather, attempted to commit suicide. It appears that a young widow jiHed hun a few weeks since, and mar ried a man named Tippet, who wa? dratted and recently killed in battle, and she was boarding at the honse. Her presence so worked upou him that in a short time he lett tne room, and going in the yard told his com pani in that he would soon be a dead man, and at tbe same time drew a pistol and tired at his breast: but i ^mith threw up he weapon, and no injury wa<^ inflicted. The weapon was taken from Sharp, and he was arrested by officer Mills, who fook h!m to the nation, and this tnorning he was turned over to the military authorities. l)ur?K. Kt.T St'N struck.?'This morning a geuteely dressed man laid down iu !he door way of a dwelling on 12tfc, between F and G streets nor:h. The case was reported to the sRDtary police as stroke of tbe sun. Officers Walker and Simonds went to his relief, and soon ascertained that he was drunk. They ?00k him to the Second Ward .station to be sobered. He gave bis name as William Caugh? lm, and says he is a wagon master in the (loy ernment service. Serious Accident.?Yesterday morning a colored boy named George, employed by Mr. S Shreve had both his leg^ broken by beir.g thrown from a wagon; the wheels passing over him. He was driving two mules with a load ot manure to a farm five miles into the coun try. whm the animals became fractions and ' anted the accident as above stated. State of tub Thermometer.?At Frank lin A Co.'s opticians, No. 264 Pennsylvania aveone, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock Ki in the shade, and K) in tbe sun. 1CBT?On the 24th inst , in tolngfrom Pfeder j icli street Ot o?setnwn. tolhe Infant A?jlnrri, 1 ear C'rc le. a GOl D UKaOFLKT. ^Ttie Un l?r will 'il-ernlly rewarded by leaving it ?t 75 Water stv?-et, .ir hi id ?tr?bt, Georgetown, l>, C. utt it-Sit11 This is to give notice tuat the ^rB scriber has obtained from the Orphan*' Court of Washington County,in the District of Oolumhia" letters of sdministrati- n on the persona! estate Barbara Williams, late of Georgetown. D C., de ceased. All persons having claims against tbc?*id deceased are hereby warned to enhibit th? saru with the Toucher* thereof, to the subscriber on <"r before the 24th day of May di M; thej may other wise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. Given under my hand thin ?4th day of Mkt 1a?u CHRISTIANA SIMPSON, my 04 lawSy* Administratrix. BARBARA'S HISTORY, By Amelia BT Kdwirdi 6c cents. Tarton's Butler in New Orleans; 75 cents First and Last, poem; $) Ticknor's Life of Prescott; $2. 1 be Woman in Black: 91.25. Bliss Lambert's Ladies' Guide to Neediewor* JIB". Miss Leslie's Ladies' Guide to Politeness; Jl 8''. Nineteen Beautiful Years; 90 cents. The War. its Csusts and Consequences. By C. C.S Fsrrar; fi 2.V Nota* of Hospital Life. $l.2."> The Perfect Gentleman, or, Etiquette and Elo quence; 91. "i. my_25 FRANCE TAf LOR. pROPOSAI.S FOR ROOFING FELT and PITCH Chief Quarts master's Ofire, Dkpot or Wa^hihoton. f WaBHISOTOK. D C., May 2?. I J Scaled Proposals will be received at this office until FRIDAY, Jnne 3,at l2o'c!ock m.. for delivering in the City of Washington. D. C., th? following Hmounts of Roofing Felt an.l Pitch, vir . One hundred and eight ( MK) tons of Roofing Felt Eight hundred (SIC; barrels of Pitch, for Roofing Ceo eiit. T^ie particular V Ind or description' of the above articles must be stated in the proposal, and bid ders will be required to furnish samples of the ar ticles they propose to deliver. Cre-ffiutfii (*?) fj[ quantity of each article will be required to be neither.*'! witfcitt yiirtv i,S '? days from the date of th* contract, on^-'ourtlu Xi in sixty (6 'days therefrom, and the btllD(( in ninety (90) days therefrom. Ea-n barrel of Pitch or Roofing Cement mint contain rot less than three hundred (3.<i> pounds, and delivered in good, sound barrels, said barrels to'l?e furnished free of cost to the Government The articles offered by the successful bidders will 1 e .subjected to a rigid inspection before being accepted, by an inspector appointed by the Gov ernment. PROPOSALS. The price must lie written out in words on th> bid. as must also the full nauie a:id post office ad dress of the bidder Proposals from disloyal parties will not be con sidered. and an oath of allegiance must accompany each proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brigadier Geo ? era! P. H. RUCKF.R; Washington, D. C , and should be plainlv marked "Proposals for Rooting Felt and Pitch." GUARANTEE. ^.The bidder will be required to accompany hi* proposition with a guaranty. signed by two respor - sihle persons, that in case his bid is accepted he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the confract. t<*J?1eUver the article proposed, in conformity with the terms of thl* advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder anl the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The resp> nsiMUtv of the guarantors must be show n hv the official certificate of the clerk of the nearest district Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bends in a sum equal to ihe amount of the con tract.siened by the contractor and both of hi guarantors will be required of the succes-ful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract FORM OF GUARANTEE. We. the undersigned, residents of . in th county of . and State of . hereby, jointly siid severally, covenant with the United States, ana guarantee in ease the foregoing l-id of be accepted tbat be or they will at once execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sure ties. in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, t ? i a in i ~li the article* pr<ipo>;*d in conformity to th* terir- of the advertisement, dated May 25. 1H >4, un der which the bid was made: and in ease the said ? shall fail to enter into a contract a* afore said. we guarantee to make good the difference be tween the offer of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contractmav be awarded. S Given under our hands and seal-; t this day ol , lid?. Witness: (Seal.) I Seal, j To this guarantee must be appended the officii cerritu-ate ahrtve mentioned. Ther'ghtto reject any or all bids that may b.? deemed too high is reserved by the Depot Quar termaster aB well as the right to select from each bid such articles at the price therein named as u required by the GoTernmest. D H. RUCKER. Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, my 25-td Depot Washington 15 Y UM. L. WALL & CO.. Auctioneers. At t^e Horse Bazaar, 9s La. av A MORGAN STALLION AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. 28th instant, at K o'clock, wrt will sell, a Morgan Stallion, a Bay. * years od. 16 hands high, ha* been used by in offi cer, and wil! be sold only because the owner ha 4 ?5Way' W. L. WALL A CO., Aacta. B Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE BUILDING LOT ON PENNSYLVA NIA AVENUE AT AUCTION. Cn TUESDAY, the 31st Instant.at6o'clock,j. m , we st all ssll. in front of the premises Lot 8, iu Square 1'i9 This Lot has a front of fc> feet 10:n* cfces op Pennsylvania avenue, and ia between 12th at d 13th streets east. lerms Or e hal' cash, balance in six and twelve months, for no'es bearing interest: a ceea given and reed of trust <aken. iry Jf d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anct* B Y GREEN k WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. SALF. BY ORDE!' OF ORDER OF THE COM MISSIONER Of PUBLIC BUILDINGS. Of (IKA-S STANDING 'N THE 8MITH80RIAN GFOUNDS AT AUCTION. ? ^ ,, On SATURDAY next, the 28th instaft', we shall sell on the premises at 5 o'clock p.m., all tne grass growing on the Smithsonian grounds waicot ?s supposed o cut f5 or 70 tons of Hay. Termseasi. To be mowed and removed acre** abie to the cirection of James Nokea. the Public GREEN & WILLIAMS. Auct?._ B Y GREEN &. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, VI'RY TALUARIE PROPERTY cn NORTR D i-TREET, BETWEEN ?TH AND ?TH STREETS \VF?T. AT AUCTION. On THURM'AY. the 2d day of .Tnne. at 6 o'clk, p.m. we shill sell, in front -t the premiee*, west part of L< * l, in Souare W.with theimprovements, ? hicb cons'ht of a good tv .? story and attic Frame H Mse, with R B ick back Building. coLtalning eith' convenient and well arrar.ged rooms lerms: o.:e third c?.?h. ihe balance In six and t wive months, for notes bearing interest, a deed giv- d and de?d i f :rust rasea. All corveyancius and stamps at the cost of th<y puichaser. my 26 1 GP.FEN A WILLIAMS Autta. DY GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctieneert. tHREE STORY BRICK HOUSE AND LOT AT AUCTION. On WEPN EcDA Y 'the 1ft dty of June. at6 o'c k. p m . in front < f the premises, we shall sell, ptrt of lot No 3. in Squsr-? No 14. about 24 feet f^ont. ri;; i ing > sc* 90 fe--t deep, more or less-, oa Peno sylvaM'a a^enne. b-twe-?n 'I wenty ifth r? d Twen ty eixth street west. A good Bi ick with ail th^ nu dern imprf.vements. Tern s One-third ca>h, ba'ance in -ix, twelve, ai rt eighteen mon'bs. for n<'tes bearing interest. Deed ^iven and a deed^f trust taken. ?11 convey ftt cint an<x revenue stamps at the cost o* the ourchaeer. tvy 1 {, d GREEN tc WILLIAMS. Aucf, B \ J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers FXCELLENT FURMTTTREAND H lUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALE OnTUESCAk MORNING May 3lst. at Podook.. a! tl e residence of J. Van Sarttvoord. Esq. No tr5 F street, between 19 th and 2<'th streets we shall s? 1 the furciture ant effects comprising? French Plate Mirror Piano Forte, Mahogany Uair Cloth covered Sofas, Arm and Par!or Chairs, Maib'e TopCer tre. Sofa ard other Tables,Rocke 8, ( >.r.e aid Wood seat Chairs. Bookcases, Large Hobby Horse Damask and other Curtains Shades. Psintii.gsat>d Engravings. Clocks. Velvet, Brus *e'is. and other. Oarp-ts, Marble Top ?nd other Bureaus, Wssha'ands, Bedsteads Wardrobes, Lonrge, Festher Beds. Bolsre's and Pillow* Hair, C tten and Hu?k Mattrasees, Hsr Tree. Oil Cbith, Stair Cat puts D-niug Table, K?frig?ratoe, China, Glass snd Crockery Ware. SIItt Plated T<?a Het, Ice Pitcher Castors. Spoons and Forks. China, Glats an* Crockery Ware Parlor. Cooking aid other Stores. Tu*>?>. Bnckets, Tia Ware and Kitchen Furniture generally. Tern?B Cash, m> g.^-d J J. C. McGUIRE 4 OO^ J^Y C. R. L. CROWN A Ct .. Auctioneers. A VESSEL AT AUCTION. W(. Will sell. TO MOBROW, Wed. esdav.) Maw 2ith , at 6 o'clock, p. m., Bt Ri'ey's Wharf, it od Pu^gey, i-?u:e tloomitg Youth, all in good order, abi.ut ?.ii tons burden. Terms cash. ? n?y.i4 St* C. R^J-^CROWN & CO.. Aucta. P RO POSALS FOR FUEL. Qcartkrmaster's OrFicB. U 8. M. C , / Washington . May 18, W>4.< > ? 1- ? : > - a aL:. '?If-lf^4-to 9 ,h June. I8ftf. " The Wt od to be goo<l merchantable oak, and to re delivered, piled, m>a?ured and inspected at such points within the walls of the Marine BafM racks a?mn) be designated by the Commanding Marine Officer, free of expense to the Unitci ctat? s The Coal to be best white ash a' thracit* e*g coal, free from dust, and to weigh 2,21? lbs. to tn? tr-n; to be weighed, inspected and delivered at, such poii ts within the walls of th" Marine R r racfcs may be designated by the Commanding Marine Offieer, free of expense to the U"ite<J States ; and both Wood and lioal to b,-1 furrishetf at such times and in such quantities >s tho said Crmmarding Marine Officer may require. Payments will be made upon the quart*rlv requi sitiuns of the cr.mmanding rffieer. statin;: the quantities required for the use of his coairu.knl. egreeably t?. regulatlooe. A guaranty to be signed by two responsible per s< ls. wr>o?e responsibility must ba certified to by the U. S District Judge, U S. District Atlornev, or r S. Collector, must accompany esch proposal, ?>tberwise it will nof be considered. To be indorsed "Proposals for Fuel, ani ad i!ress?! to the undersigned, W B SLACK, ir> 30 law4w Msjor and Quartermaster. CO T S1 C O T 8 11 c O T S III Jx?rn received, ftO CHICAGO COTS, which we Iron Hall. 3lf Pennsylvania avenu?. u-j U bttFtca ?tt ar.d 1 th -.t5.

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