Newspaper of Evening Star, May 26, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 26, 1864 Page 1
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vs. XXIII. WASHINGTON. O. C.. THURSDAY, MAY 26. 1864. N2. 8,508 AUCTION SALES. future oats. |?Y J. 0. MeGUIRE k CO , Auctioneer!. LARGE SALE OP V?CANT LOTS BELONGING TO TUB ST. VIKCENTOhPH AN ASYLUM On PRi. AY * F rEKNOuN, June *1 at5>$ o'elk. at the Auciloo Rooms. ? # shall ssll for account or SI. Vincent'* Orphan As>lam, ike foil twine valu able vacant Lots, via: I ote 9 and J", in Square No. 19. fronting together V7 feet 5 iacfees on Twenty-fifth street west, be tween F ?nd O street* aorta. Lot IS. Square 6'. f*on'ing 63 feet 9 inches ftn Twenty-second street, between New ^ork avenue and north D s reets. Lot 9. Square ?a*t of 8qua-e No. ??. fronting 1?7 fe*t4inchos on New York arenue, and I J1 feet 8 inches, on Virginia avenu? .between Twentieth and Tw-uty 6??t 'tieets west. lo*2.8quar# 23.frentin~ 113 feet 11 inehea on North E street, between Nineteenth and Twecti cth streets west, running through to New York arena*. Lots 13 and 14. 18. 29 and &, ia Square No. 191 iTi ctiDg resp^ctive'y on Sixteenth street west, be tween L and M streets north. North M between Fifteenth and Sixteenth streets west, and Fifteenth street west, between north L and M streets. Lots Nob 2.3,11.12.13,14.15,10 and 19, in Square 8H. fronting retfeetivelv' on north H, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth street# west. Rhode Is land avenue, between Fourteenth and Fifteenth ?^fe^tjwest, and Fourt enth street, between H ?Dd Rhode Island avenue Lots Nos. 3,10.14,15 and l*,in 8quare 447. fronting respectively on north N street, between Sitth and P?v-nth streets west. Seventh street west,between N sod O streets north, and O street north, between Siith and Seventh street* west. Lots 2.4. 6, 23,24. and .*?, ?b 8qnare No. 733, front ing Tespectire'r cn South E street. between First and Second streets ea*t, and Second street east be tween south D and K street*. Lot No. 4. in Square 958. fronting on Tent* street east, between n and I streets north. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed cf trust on the premises. Conveyance# and revenue stamps at ths cost of the purchaser. .... Plats of the property may be seen at our counting house. my.23 d J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aactt. |^Y J. 0. MeGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!. (HANCPRY SALE OfTaLUABL* IMPROVED tax CORNER OF T #ELBXU 'AND MASSACHUSETTS AVE CURNER OF T?XLUUi NCR. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 4, atCo'dk, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Su preme Court of the District of Colamiia, sitting in <:ban^ery. p?ssed in certain causes, (Nos. 2M and 211 in equity.) wherein .Tames Mortimer Smith and Rosalie Martha, his wife, are complainants, and .Ku-'f-ne, George. Maria. Louisa. Rosalie, and Nich olas B. YauzanUt, minor children of George 0. Vanzaudt, ila* ased. and Arietta L V*nsandt. mi norchild of Joseph A. Van zandt, deceased, heirs at law of Maria Wood Vanxandt and Nicholas B. Vau zai'dt. der-'d, are defendants, I shall sell Lot num ber three (31 in John Davidson's division of Lot numbered two (2) 111 Square number threo hundred aid fifteen situated at the corner of Twelfth street west and Massachusetts avenue, containing 4.003", square feet, more or less, and improved by a substantial and well arranged Fraoie Dwelling Bouse, containing nine rooms. Th-> grounds are handsomely laid Out with fruit and tiow< rs. at d the whole property is very desira ble as a residence. Also, Lot No. 4. in Davidson's sub-division of the west part of said square, fronting twenty-live USt on 'he east side of Twelfth st/eet w?st, between Massachusetts avecne and north M street, and running back one hundred feet one inch. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by the pur chaser's notes wi'h approved surety. On the Jati dcation of the sale by the court, and payment ia full of the purchase money, the trustee will con vey >be titles in Tc* simple. If the terms of sale are not complied with wihtin five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to re-sell the property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on one week's notice in the Evening Star. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur Chawr. THOS. J. FISHER, Trustee mv.23-d J. C. MoGUIRB Sc. CO., Aucts. gV GREJLN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers IMPROVED REAL*ESTATE SALE. In pursuance of a decree of the 8upreme Court of the District of Columbia, rendered in special term, on the Wth da* of May. 1864. in aca-ise in chancery. No. 4-, in wbicn Samuel V. Stilling*. Elizabeth E. Angel, and John T. Ansel ar?t complainant#, and Sarah V. Hamilton, Laura A. Stilling-, George S. Johns/ n. El en M. Smith, Laura F. Sniith. Joseph H. S.? ilh Ann E. Smith, Mary Smith, and Emuia 8. .ith are defendants, we, the aadersigne t Coiu usiiMoners. nan et and appointed in said decree, will sell, upon the premises, hereinafter described, by Public Auction, to th* highest bidder,atoo'clk, p . on tin T hird day of June, 1364, the following property, to wit: Pan ef Square numbers 1 9 m5, in Washington City, begmnit g for the same a' a point ? d Tli- sr. 11th line of said Square, on L street south, at th ? di-tance of 7?> feet from tbe southeast corner of sa.d Square, and running thence west 25 feet, nor'.1! Ti feet, east J5 feet, south 75 I'eet to the !>e ginning, containing a two-story attie and base ment Rri k House; and also, part of Lot No. 2, in th e s?-.,e Square, beginning for the said part on routh L street, lul feet from the southeast corner o* said Square, and running t! ence north 7.i feet, them e weet 20 leet, thence south 76 feet, toeoatb L street, thee-e east with said street 20 feet to the beKinuiDg,'-ontaining a one-story-and a-half and Saseir.ent Fra- i? -lor*-1, upon the following terais, to wit: One-third cash, or within ten days after e?'? ni' 'hird at *ix montbs<ac t the other third a" t-veiv? months from the day of sale, with inter set frr ai asj of sale, the purchaser to give mt-js *or ibe deferred payments, seen red by a deed of t -n?t Tipon th? property, aLd the purchaser to pty for stamps a> d all conveyanc ng: 2.0*. in case-of non-coriplisnce with the t<rma of -:?!??. the prop ?.-> ho r? sold at the risk of the pnr< has^r. J'?HN H PEAKE, R M. COM B4. J\MES hllOOKS, JAMg^ H. JONB>. E. O. SANDWRSON, Commissioner#. ?!"iy 2\ ids GRFKN A WILLIAMS Ancxs. B Y W. it. WALL Si CO.. Auctioneers. ?TOCK OF GROCERIES AT AUOIION. On MONOAv MORNING, May e-joauieucinc fttlOocl we will sell, at the ?tor? of Messrs. Feawtck A Co., Inland liail c?rn?r Virginia ave. nue ?nd . th stre?t, their entire stock of Grocerie-i, Liqaors, at 1 guod will, the Store for r^irt. and *jan be nad on a l^ase. and reut very low. inquire of the Auctioneers. Toe stock is fresh, and oompri Mf S Whit<? an ' 8rown Sugars, T'a'.Cofi"'!" F1 ur. Wh:skcy. Wines, Tofcacco. Segars, - Canned Fruit#, and Cnndinien;#, W oodec. l"?rth?rn ?nd Tin ware, O as?ware P?pp r. Starch, ^p;c-"#. Tog?-tli<-r with a va: ief.y of articles u tally kejt in a well -?-i? "ted retail Grocery Store. A LAO. We tv.11 sal', at 12 o'elock pre:'se!y. Horse, Wa^on, and Harness, Terms ?Ml ennis under cash, over that amount a credit of thirty f.n l sixty dayj, fornotes satisfactorily endoreei. bearin# interest. my 20 d W. L. W ALL A CO.. Auctg. B GREEN A. WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. t\l.E OF VALUABLE KNIMPBOVED PR9PFR TF. By virtue of a d? cree of the Orphans" Court of tbe District of Columbia parsed the 10th day of May. 1?44. wbicb decree bw been ap^roerei by the 8u treme Court of said District, in Equity sitting. No. 224.1 shall sell^at Public Auction,to the high est bidder, on MONDAY, the 30th day of May, 1?$4, at 6 o'clock, p m.,all of sub-division Lot num bered 64, in .Tqnar* numbered 5*5, with appurte nances. Terms of sale, cash. AM eon vryancing at tbe eost of the purchaser. Upoo default of th# purchaser to comply with the t*r#D# of sale, the property will b# r#-sotd at hi# expense, upon giving three days farther no tice. ISABELLA V MAftlLL, Guardian, _myj?d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aocts. gT J. C MeGUIRE A. CO., AucUoneers. IS ROE AND DI31BAHLE BRICS DWELL1NG HOl SI AND i.OT ON PENN8YLV *NIA AVE NIE. BETWIKN TWENTY FOURTH AND TWENTY FIFTH STRBtiTa WEST. On MONDAY AFTERNOON May at 5 o'clock, On the nrenjises. we sha l s-;!l a lar^e three-story and attic B'ick Dwelling House, wite diuing room ?itensjna. No. F3 Pennsylvania avenue, between 24th and 2fith streets west, containing thirteen rooms, with water and gas; al*? a heating furnace, together with a vacant Lot adj oining on th< east side. impr?ved with fruit tr<?es and shrubbery. Th? Hons* has la'Vy been put in thorough repair, and is mall respect* desirable as arr#idenc#. Terms: One-third in<?uh;tht r#aaind#r la s|i ane twelve months, with interest, secured by deed cf trust on the premise#. Coaveyancio* at the cost of the purchaser. Early possession given Will be added, a desirable Vacant Lot on the 'atne fr OBt XI hy 5<5. my 23-dtd I 0. MeGUIRE * CO . Aacta. RUCTION 3ALB OP OONPEMWED HQR8Ej. Waa DiPARTMHFf.iJavit.aT Bobpat?, 1 Orrioa op 0ht*p QoaaraaMASTB#, S . Washington. D. C. April 25.1984. S Will be sold at pnblie auetioa, to tne highest bid der. at the tim?s and places named below, vii: Newport, Penna . Thursday, May 5th. Gettysburg, Penoa. Monday, May 9th, ^fc.Thnrelay. May lWh, Mifflin, Penna , Thursday, to ay '9th, Reading Penna., Thursday, May ttth, Lebanon, Penna.. Thursday, June 2d, Northumberland, Penna., Thursday, Juae 9th. Bcran'on. Pmna., Thursday, June l?th. WlHlatnswort, Penna , Thursday, Jane 234. One Hundred 11?0) horsss at Gettysburcj. and Two Hcodrtd and Fifty '25o at each of th# other places. These bors## bave^heen ooodemned as unfit for th# cavalry service of tb# United States Arnsy. For road and farm purpose# itany good bargains oaay be had. Horses will be sold singly. Sales be^in at 10 a m., and continue daily until in 0.1*4 8U<..iTrrJ?i?o?. ^ip Jf^tje20_Lt. Col and C. Q. M Cavalry Bureau, JJNITKD bTATES^lAR8HAL 8 SALE. In virtue of two writs of Fieri Faeia# Issued from the Clark's oBce of th# Circnlt Court of the Dtetrict of Columbia, and to me directed, I will ex pose to public sale, for cash at the front of the Coart House door, of ea'd county, on MONDAY, th# Stb day of J#n? next. 1S64, at 12 o clock M.. allda fsi dant s right, titl#. claim, and inter#st in and to Li's No. ] 2. and 3, in Sjuar# No. 90, th# undivt 'ed third part of said Lots, seiaed and leviel d p- n as tbe property of Williacn Douglas#.and will be ?oid to satisfy Judicial No. XM and 199. to Odto l??rterm I8fi9, in xavor of Fm. fl. W White and Hr (her, use of James R. Smith, use of Heary ^Douglass. W\^. 8BLDEN., my ,13-dAds late P. 8. Marshal. P. fl , flMEj LIME I LI Ml 1?I am now prepared to ^ deliver fresh burned POTOMAC LIMB, pre pared from my sew Flam# Kiln, without coming ta contact with the fuel. 8. D. CASTLEMAN, Etna Lime Kila, a# 27-6m . Pa. av. and Rock Cr##k Bridg# AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. B Y J. C. McOUIRK &. CO , Auctioneers, SIX DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE AND NORTH L ST. Oh PRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 27. at 60 clock, on the premise*, we sh?ll 8*11, oart of Lot No. 7, in Pqu&re No. 559. frosting each about 21N feet ou the ea?t nide of Kew Jersey avenue, at the comer of North L street.and running back anaveragedeath of about Mo feet to a 10-foot alley. These Lots are of good size for building purpo ses. are well located, and will be sold to the high est bidder. Terms: one-third cash, the remainder in six and twelve months with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamp* at the coat of the pur* chaser. A payment of fan will be required on each at the time of sal*. my.33-d J. C.^McGUIftE 4 CO., Au?t?. B Y J. C. McGUIRE fc CO., Auctioneers. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT TTTR CORNER OF SEVENTII AND T 8TBEETS. AND IMMEDIATELY OPPOSITE THE SEVENTH STREET RAILROAD DEPOT. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May '7th, at Vi o'clock, on the premises, we enall sell lot< No. 25, 2t>. and 27, in Wrltbereer'ssttbdivision of square No. 441. fronting together 75 feet on Seventh street west, at the corner of north T street, and running back 128 feet on T street, to a 15 foot alley. These lota are immediately opposite the City Pm genger Railroad Company's Depot and stable", and are considered desirablefor business purposes. Terms : One-third in rash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secure'! by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost ofthe purchaser. my 23-d I Rep.] J. C. Mefil'lRE CO.. A iff. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. fcALF. BY ORDEB OF ORDER OF TTIE COM MISSIONER OF PUBLIC BUILDINGS, Of GRASS STANDING 'N THE SMITHSONIAN ULOUNDS AT AUCTION. On Saturdayne\t,the 28th instant,we shall sell on the premises, at 5 o'clock p. m., all the gra.=3 growing on the Smithsonian grounds whi'.'h is supposed to cut 65 or 70 tons of nay. Terms cash. To be mowed and removed agree able to the direction of James Nokes, the Pu'oli3 Gardener. my 2Vd tfREEN tc WILLIAMS. A nets. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. At the Ilorse Bazaar, 9% La. av. AhMINISTBATOR'eFsaLE OF CARRIAGE. On SATURDAY MORNING, 28th instant, at 10 o'clock, we will sell, at the Bazaar, by order of the Administrator, a very fin* two Horse Carriage, nearly new. built by G. R. Hall, and suitable for a private family. Terms: Four months credit, secured bv note of purchaser, satisfactorily endorsed with interest. T. BCRCH, Administrator, my.23 W. L. WALL A CO , Aucts. 1} B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aactioneers. AUCTION SALE OF EIGHT CASES, ONE EBL., 0\* CASK,AND TWOTIERCESOF BOTTI.BS. On SATUBDAY, the SSth instant, at 10 o'elock, a. m., we ?ba 1 sell. In front of our Auction Rooms, the above xr entioned goods, to par storage. freight, Ac., if not called for before the day c f sale, to the highest bidder for oa-h, packages manted R. Bates, from schooner Mary J ane. my,25-d GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auote. r> Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aactioneers. FURNITUR1, WINDOW SASH. FRAMES, BI IND5>. DOORS, Ac , AT AUCTION. On 8ATCRD*Y,the 2?th in*t, we shall sell, in front 01 our Store, No. .?-2??,7th street at H o clk. a. m.. a large assortment of New and Second-hand Furniture. .fcO L ghts Window Saab, lot inside Blit da. l.?? Frame*, lot Doers and Frames., lot oth er Carpenters work. my 2.5-ST GBEEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. B Y W'M. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers, At the Horse Bnsaar, 99 La. &T. A MORGAN 8TALLION AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, 25th instant, at 10 o'cl >ek . w* will sell, a Morgan Stallion, a Bay. 7 years old. 15 hands high. ha? been used by an offi cer. and will be sold only because the owner ha? gone away. my.?5 W. L. WALL A CO., Aucti. B T J. C? HCUT71RQ A- CO., A^otionjovo. "VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE ON NORTH SIDE OF F STREET NORTH. BB TWBEN ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH ST*. WEST frn WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 1, at 6 o'clock, on tbe premises, we s^all sell, house No. Ii 1 '2 on ibe north side rf F street north, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets west, believed to be one of the n ost complete and well arranged houses ot i:s size in tbe city containing Salonr Parlor, Din ing Rocm Kitchen Library, two Chambers, Bath Room, and Water Clefet in the third '?tory, and two chambers with Bath Room and W*'er Closet, iu tk e fourth story?with si the modern improve - 1 meiits: Bange.Sexton Heater, Hot aid Cold Wa ter, Oks. Marbie Mantels A.?., ?fcc. Tbe hous* is in perfect order?mastic front, paperedaud painted throughout, and is in evrv respect dssirtbfe. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in si*, twelve and tigbteen months, with interest, so cm e 1 by a leed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at co*t oftae par :ha?er. Iramtaiate possession given. my 2J d J. O. McGUI?E & CO., Auctflj |^Y J. C. MoGUIRl A CO., Auctioneers, IRDbTF.E?' SALE OF~VALUABLE REAL ES T \TK? BRICK 110D8E AND LOT. 1 Ey virtue of a decree of th? Supreme Court ofthe Ei'trict of Coiurrbia, sitting inCbincery. passed on the Sth day of May. A. D.,1^34. wherein LI win C. Morgan arid Walter 8. Cox, Trustees, w.-re :oi 1 pli;aants. and Susan Walker et al.. defendants, we will sell, tbe following described Real Estate ?ud tbe Ira jirnyements thereon, naiy.ely, Lot No. 20 in Square No. one hundred and aevent-j-u, (117.) and the improvements thereon, consisting of a Bri Owelliug House 011 M street between I5th aDd 2"th, in the City of Washington. Dietriit of Columbia.on the premises, MONDAY, 12th day of June, at <5 o'clock p m. ... , . , The terms of sale will be, one-th rd casn, baiance in 6 13. and "3 months, bearing interest, and se cured to the satisfaction of the Iru-tees' purcha sers will have the P*iTj]?n c*'11 E 0 MORGAN. (71. crepe WALTER S COX.S Tr 8T*?S' my 19-jaw Ads J.C MoGUIBB&OO. Aaets. DY J, O. MTGUIRE k CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE VACANT LOTS ON NSW YORK AVENUE RET* EEN ?!TH ANDtTHSTRlETS WE?T, VND ?1TH 8TREBT WEST, JiETWLLN L AND M STREETS NORTH. T , . ? <Jo WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. June 1, at S 0'ijlock, on the premises, we will sell, the eastern part of Lot No. 5, in Square No 450, fronting 34feet ontbenor.hsileof New York avenue, between gixth and Seventh streets west, and running baek 115 be divided into two Lots of 17 feet front each. immediately APfIB. Part of Lot No. 21. and the whole of Lot No. 23, in Sqna'e No. <48. divided into five Lots, troating ea h 15 feet 7 inches on the west side of Sixth stiver west, between L and M streets north, and running back 116 feet to a 28 foot alley. ' . Terms: One-third cash, the remainder m six. and twelve months, with interest , secured by a dee? of trust on the premises. Conveyances t?nd stamps at the cost of .he par Cbi^23 d J.O. M0GUIR1A 0Q-. Anets. |>Y J. C. McGt IRE &? CO., Auctioneers. H AND30ME RESIDENCE ON LOUISIAN A AV^, NEAR THE CITY HALL. AT PUBLIC AL0 On ^TUESDAY AFTERNOON, May 31, at 6Tj o'clock on the premises, we shall sell, Hoase aaa Lot. No. 24, Louisiana avenue, between Four ana bS'?n fr5Vt Sfe?1 I with large and well arranged Offices. ? Entrance, handsome Parlors, and Chambers, -.n ifihed in the 1 est manner, with ail the modern in? proTementa? % dwp lot, wi.h. oricK Witi *rThetocation and arrangement of this property render it very desirable to Professional Gentleaaeu. Terms of sale: one-half cash, the remaiadet in si* months, with int-rest secured oy a deed 01 trnst on the premises. immediate t Co .Aadte. Y j7c. M rGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE ^ALUABLE VACANT On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June rth.athalf Mt-flveo'cL-k,on the p?ni??,br Tirl my B n?ii ftVlm'k on th? premi3M% by Tirtu# of i l"r4 of"he Supreme Court of the Distric t of Ool made in acause (No. M? in equity.) where in Julius BJ Granger is comyUlBint, i -Jidele D nglM and other? are defendants, . !??* ?? ?hillNll tb^wh^le of flquart No ^Wrio de^rable Building^ 2^?7At*?tf?et?wes t, all having ane alley facilities square is looted or the lVoh^^n?u^lra^at^Naa^l J and is in every respe :t desirable i-jI prlva.e ^ dT?ms: One half cash: the ren^Jnier :n three and six month- with intere't, ?h? faction ofthe Trustee-; on the jatidcation ?:>ftbe sales by court and payment of the money! the Trustees will eonve# the property m 'ifUsttrm* o^salejure not complied w;th in Sve days after the sale, toe Trustees mar re-aellthe property so in default at the rish ani exf.nseof the purchaser, on one week's notice in the Na ''conVey^ces^MdPrrenue staapi at the cost of tbe pnrchneer. DAVIDOl.l THOS J ?iaa?RiVTrQE*ew my J. C. MoGUIRE Sc OO.. Aocte Tna ifllRCHANT'S AND BAKKER'3 ALMA Bona#ci TilLOB AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIO J CANTERBURY HALL, I AND HAL LfCANTERBURY HALL,{ THEATER Lobisiasa Atbsui, Ntar Corntr of Sixth Strut, Run of National and Metropolitan Hauls. . Giobqb Lka ?i? ?.Proprietor W. S. Cahatabqh^ .... Stage Manager. SRILLlANT SUCCESS R1LLIANT 8UCCES3 of the new SPECTACULAR DRAMA, SPECTACULAR DRAMA, Witnessed last week by over psrson?, entitled CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO 8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUD TO'S CAVE CUDJO'8 CAVE, cudjo'8 oave; cudjo'8 cave; CUDJO'S CAVE' CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, CUDJO'S CAVE, OR TBB BATTLE-CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OP FREEDOM, BATTLE-CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CKY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. Received at each representation with THl NDERS OP APPLAUSE, THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE, THUNDERS OF APPLAUSE* and pronounced by competent judge* the SENSATIOX PLAY SENSATION PLAY SENSATION PLAY OP THE PRESENT DAY. OP THE PRESENT DAY. OF THE PRESENT DAY. \ " EVERY NIGHT T?M WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON,at 2 p. m., will be presented the New Drama., dramatized express ly for the Canterbury, by John F. Poole, Esq., en titled CUDJO'S CAtE, OR th?; BATTLE-CRY OF fREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancipated bond man^ J.DEFORREST Cudjo, a deformed negro.Rnd a fugi tive. but sound in hoarl i Billy West Pennllapgood a^iuakerschoolmas ter ? J.J, Dougherty Cart Minneviek, a German boy, lull of couratre and of curning. W. B.Cavanagh Rev .Mr. Villars, an aged clergyman and blind ? ?^.Mr. Ward Toby, an ?ld negro, and servant to Mr. Villars..... .John Mulligan Stackbridgo) \ ..Mr. Leffert Withers ....> Tennessee Unionist* {..Mr. Harper Grodd \ ( . McPhorson LysanderSprowI?1 ( Silas Ropes I Aug. Blythewood...-| | Mr.Williams Dan Pepperill } Secessionists. ; Mr. Sullivan Gad I Wilson Herring...... I | Howard Davis?._ j I.... Johnson Virginia Yillars the clergymen's daughter ? ?. .. ??- Jennie Forrest Mrs. S prowl, a widow as has lost her brother.?. ? Lucy Clifton NEW SCENERY. NEW BRESSE8, NEW MUSI(3, and new snd EXPENSIVE PROPERTIES. Full of STARTLING EF1 EC 1*3 and replete with HUMOROUS HITS. First week of M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA 11AVEL, M'LLE MVBIETTA RAVEL, M LLE MARIETTA RVVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, n ieop of t lle eel >brated G s briel an d Francoi s Rnvel, Mud thtf pilTl'Mp?! ?a*4 -??' %ko GREAT RAVEL TROUPE, GREAT RAVEL TROUPE. the superb beauty and incomparable French and Spanish Danseu-e. Also, acknowledged to be with out a rival in this country as a PERFORMER ON THE TIOnT ROPE. PERFORMER ON THE TIGHT ROPE, MON9. BAPTIST AN. MOXS BAPTIST AN. M0N8 BAPTIST AN, MONS, BAPTIST AN. MON?L BAPTISTAN. The celebrated Parisian Dancer and Maitre de Ballet,and thelamous RON'ZANI BALLET TROl PE RON7ANI BALLET TROUPE KONZANI BALLET TROUPE. RON'ZANI BALLET TROUPE RONZANI BALLET TROUPE.' SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADTETH BINTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES* SIXTEEN LOVELY YtH NG LADIES" SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES* SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES! selected especially for their GRACE AND BEAUTY, GRACE AND BEAUTY, GRACE AND BEAUTY, each t?ne a SOLO DAN8EU8E. SOLO DANSEUSE. The rival Beauties and Songstresses MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE ENGRL, MISS JENNIE ENGEL, MISS JENNIi: ENGEL. and MISS ESTEI.LE FORREr-T. MI 8^ ESTEI.LE FORREST. MISS E8TELLE FORREST. MISS ESIELLE FORREST, The great Moguls of Ethiopian comedy. Messrs MULLIGAN, MULLIGAN, WEST, WEST, and WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. W. B. CAVENAUOII, W. B. CAVENAUGII, The favorite Comedian, l'antomimist. Comic Vo calist, and delineator of Irish character, whose unbounded versatility and geni&l humor have won for him a host of admirers. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI8E. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. BON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOISE. The wondertul Contortionist and performer on the Flying Rings. J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, the eccentric comedian. J. DE FORREST, J. DE FORREST, the talented light comedian. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OP BEAUTY. A number of yonng and beautiful ladies, whose combined loveliness and grace justly entitles them to the above euphonic title, consisting ol" misemma schell. JENNIE FORREST. KITTY LEE, FANNY m? CJj1fton S?I,lH:H0W.RDN10itfP0RIEK KITTY SCOTT, EMMA GARDNER, MAGGIE WILSON. LUCY GARDNER, who will appear in a charming variety of DANCES, TABLEAUX, 5c., Ac. J. W. GIBBS, J. W. GIBBS. the renowned Banjoist and delineator of negro character. Mr. ROBINSON, Mr. ROBINSON, the popular Dancer, And the ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPAN ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPAN ^ ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPANY GRAND VARIETY BILL, GRAND VARIETY BILL, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, MAQMF1CENT BALLETS, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OF ETHIOPIAN SONGS, ETHIOPIAN SONGS, DANCES, DANCES. ? EXTRAVAGANZAS, EXTRAVAGANZAS, JtC. As. *<5. Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admisrion ? ????? -- 10 25 Orchestra -?. ? ? ??.. ..?.... ? - ^ Private Boxes, holdingaix persons... ? ..? 0 ou Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to oom mence at 8 ?'dock. FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AITiBNOON AT TWO O CLOCK. Ladies ? cents; Children 10 cent?. AMUSEMENTS. OROVKR'S THEATER. Pennsylvania at., 5KAB WlLLARD'S Hotel. Leonard Urovkb ....... Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 100 WINDOWS. ICS WATER FOR THE A UDIEJSCE! ^H?8 < Thursday) EV1NING, May 26,1SW, TWrd night of the brief ? OPERA SEASON. GRAND GALA hlGHT I irst appearance of the Bas- o Profunda , BERR HERMANNS, . HERR HERMANNS, in his great representation of "MephistopbiTes," tb* greatest Lyri rue Success of the age. so univer sally pronounced by the press of N^w York, wbere it wag alone the occasion of the most successful season of Opera ever known in America. The re maining por?ion of the GRAND ORCHESTRA AND CHORUS having arrived from New York, Mr. Grover ii prepared te announce the most sublime perform ance of Gounod's Grand Opera of FAUST FAUST over witnessed in America. The Opera will he presented in five acta with a cast of great strength. A POWERFUL CHORUS OP FIFTY, The entire Grand Or^hes "ra from the Academy of Music, .New York. A Full Military Baud on the stage, incidental to the Opera, and superb new .Mise en Scene. M.Himmer as ? ir^n ?Signora Frederici as .?.Marguerite Madame Bertha Johannsen Siebel Joseph Hermanns as ? Mephistophiles M. Steinecke as.. Valentin* Mad, La Roche as.?. .Martha GRAND FAN! SHE MILITAIRE in the fourtn act, with the entire strength of the Company and Chorus, supported by a full Military Band. CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera FRIDAY, May 27. IL B A R B I E R E . SATURDAY, May 23. DON JUAN. Tickets for any of the-above Operas for -ale at Mctzerott's Music Store, and at the B<-x OfH-e of the Theater at the following SCALE OF PRICES : Orchestra Cbnirs.?_. 50 Dress Circle and Parquet _ 1 qq (Reserved Seats 5<> cents extra.) Family Circle - 50 C. D. HESS, Business Manager and Treasurer. FORD'S MEW THEATER, ~~ Tentb Street, above Atbndb THE C00LF.8T ,sd BEST VENTILATED PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. A GREAT SUCCESS ! HOUSES C HO W D ED' THIS EVENING. THE GORGEOUS -I'ECTACI.E OF THE NAIAD Q U ? E N , MAGNIFICENT SCENERY. ELEGANT *PPOINTMENTS, BRIT.LIANT COSTUMES. GRAND MARCHES, AND TABLEAUX. AVD AN UN EQUALED CAST OF CHARACTERS, embracing the names 01 the Washington favorite MISS SUSAN DENIN. The tele I* rated Pantomimic, MR. J. H. FOSTER, AND ALL THE FAVORITES OF THE COMP VN Y. During the spectacle. A GRAND AMA/ONIAN MARCH EIGHTEEN YOUNG LADIES, NoTE.-This grand and mo"t beautiful spectacle, the scenery, costumes and machinery of which cost over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, cannot be produced after this week. ShakMeare's , COMEDY Or ERRORS will shortly be produced, with an Ut* EiiCALBD CAST, and in an elaborate manner ia every detail. Owing to the great demand for seats to witness the .. NAIAD <{UEKN, the management announces that places csn be ss enred three days in advance. ? METROPOLITAN AIUSIC HALL, F?H*rjT-L,-r-.-.- * TD *LBT*aTtf QTKKXT. R.OABD'NIB* II. J6HOGU8 Proprietors. PROF. HOLDEN ? Musical Director THE COOLEST PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN TnECITY! Firtt appearance of the great favoriie Ethiopian Comedians, / FRANK KERNS AND J. THOMPSON THE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS ! BEAUTIFUL BALLETS! COMIC PANTOMIMES! NEGRO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THE GREAT 1IETROPOL1 TAX TROUPE. 'Admission...? 25cents Orchestra Chairs. . .20 sents Private Boxes ?3 and 55. a OBAXT) MATINEE EVERY MONDAY FOB LADIES AND CHILDREN. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS GEORGETOWN, D. C? May 24. 1-^84. HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective 5laces of business at 7}x p. m. from June 1st to eptember 1st, 1S64, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. (J. W. BE ALL & CO , W. S MATTHEWS, JOHN J. BOGVE, ?iEOROE W OR ME, D. JACKSON. W. R. HURDLE, LEWIS BROOKS, F. T. MILBURN, A. J. RATCLIFFE A CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. CARROLL, A. F. OFFUTT & CO., W. H. ERNEST, J. F. KELLY, MAYFIELD A BROWN, EDWARD H. BROWN. SMOOT A BURROUGHS, E, 8. ROSENTHAL, EDWARD MYERS. t.ty 25- -w - H 1GH STREET MARKET, No. 74 Opposite Prospbot Street, Georgetown, D. C. We, th? undersigned, beg leave to Inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Game, Ac. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. ? my 3-lm* H. W. FISHER A CO. R M O V A DR08T A SUTRO, Importers of HOSIERY AND FANCY GOODS, No. 253 Baltimore Strbet. Baltimore, Have removed their oflice from No. 534 7th street, to No. 19 Market Space, up stairs, where they will continue to keep a full line of 'atopies of all their new foods received by every steamer from Europe. We invite our customers to call and examine them. my 21-6t" DROST A SUTBO. pCBE SODA WATER, WITH FRUIT AND CREAM SIRUPS, Drawn from MARBLE FOUNTAINS, At WM. A. GRAY'S, Northeast corner Massachusetts av. lay 20-5t* and 4th street. OTELB AND EATING-H0U8ES.-We have H?S in store a superior stoek of GLA88-^ju B; CHINA, CROCKERY. CUTLESY?fl| 'LATED WARE, particularly adapted Btf ?uieof the above establishments, to w T a* to the me of the . - which we invite the attention of the proprietors. Goods marked at fair prices, and in bo case will more be asked. WEBB A BEVERIDGE, my 20-6t 504, Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th st. _ NOTICE. HERE Will be a meeting of ill the housekeep' era of the District of Columbia at _ BONTZ A GBIFFITH'S H0U8EFURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 369 7tA street, b-stuieen 1 and K its., to examine their immense stock of FURNITURE. O.L 0?.THWsas And HOUSEFURNISHING GOODS* in general! which they are selling at less prices than they can be bought for at the manufactories. They also make a discount of 10 per cent. 00 bills of $50 and upwards. SIGN OF THE HIGH AWNING. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 Seventh street, my2i>-6t [Alex.Gas. A Jour.] bet. I and K sta. j^ICEN3E8 TO BE RENEWED. Collector's Office, 1 United Statu In'ernal Revenue, 3. C.} Washington. May 19, WW. > Persona in business in the District of Columbia are hereby notiSed that all licenses under the United States Excise law expired May 1,1&>4, and must be renewed 1?efore June 1st, ortherwise the penalties prescribed by law will be enforced . L. CLBPHAtf B, Collector for District of Columbia, Ky 20-?t 46? Seventh st., tear i?. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.] ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Thf Enemy Crossing the South Anna?The Union Forces in Close Pursuit-Firing Heard at Port Royal? Successful Cavalry Expedition. [Correspondence of the Associated Press.j Headquarters, Army of thb Potomac, May 23.?The advance of the *rmy reached the North Anna yesterday forenoon, the 5th corps srrivipg by the telegraph road from Guiney's Station, along which they had followed the en emy for several miles, skirmishing at dffereit points, and capturing a number of prisoners. Eweirs corps were in the rear of 'he retreat ing foo, and when they got to the North Anna they took position behind earthworks on both sides of ihe river. The 2d corps bnviug had the advance on the Bowling ()re?n road, re mained at Milford on the 22d, and at 1 p. m. ytsterday came up and took position on the left of the 2d corps, reaching the railroad. On examination it was found the enemy held a strong position ou the south bank of the river, with their advance on a peninsula formed by a small stream, which emptied into the river near the railroad crossing. Barlow's division occupied the right of the railroad, Birney in front of he peninsula, and Gibbon on the rieht, whi!? the 5th corps were on the road leading to the ford, a mile to the right. Skirmishing in front of Birney commenced about2 p. m., and at 4 the batteries got to work and (-helled the enemy, while Bimey's division were ordered to charge and carry the worn?, and, it possible, get po>sest-lou of the bridges across the river. The charge was made in splendid style, and, although met with a shower of bullets from the rifle pits, as well as shells lrom the batteries on the opposite side of the river, our men never halted until the enemy were driven across the bridge, and our guns placed so as to command it. Some of the men even went half-way across, and one was seen with a rebel flag, who was lorced to throw it into the river to prevent its recapture. The highest praise was given to the division and its General by General Han cock, for the gallant manner in which it stormed and carried this strong position. The contest continued until after dark, each pariy maintaining their line. Our loss in this action was about 250 in killed and wounded. The loss of the enemy was full as heavy as our own, and we took a number of prisoners. About 5 p. m. Gen. Warren effected a cross ing, and, taking a position on the south bank, threw up some breastworks. Soon after, he was attacked by a large force of rebels, wi:oji he diove back with heavy loss, their dead and wounded lying thick on the ground in fr<>nt of our lines after they retreated. Our loss here was upwards of 100 In killed and wounded. About dark Gen. Burnside's corps caire up and took position between Hancock and War. ren, and made preparations to cross. Every body lelt in good spirits and confident of a vie tory on the coming day. May 21.?The army advanced at an early hour thia moinii g, but the enemy were found to have fallen hack during the night, and the skirmish line was captured after the first round. It was suspected that this might be a ruse, and caution was exercised as the troops advanced. Skirmishing took place at several points, but the 2d corps had met no torce of the enemy up to 2 p.m., at which time yonr correspondent left the front. General Warren had advanced some two or three miles, the enemy in his front seeming determined to dispute his advance, although probably falling back 3 p. m.?A messenger who left the front at 6 o'clock this afternoon reports the enemy cross ing the South Anna, with our troops in close pursuit. Upwards of six hundred prisoners have been brought in simce yesterday, and hourly arriving. Firinp whs beard inismormug in tne direc tion of Port lioyal; and it was supposed to bo from a rebel battery, which is repor ed to have been placed at a point twelve miles below Frederickf-burg. Two gunboats went down ihe livtr last night, and it Is thonghr rhey may have been attacked, in the hope of sinking them. An orderly of General Lee was brought into headquarters to-dar, on ?Bom was !ot*nd a dispatch to General Ewcll from General r^e, orders him to xa.Il back rapidly to the defenses of Richmond A lieutenant taken two days a?o said his brigade had been at Plymouth and at Drury's Bluff, and alter lighting Butler was sent at once to join Lee's army in front of Grant. The colonel made a speech on Saturday evening, as soon as they arrived, telling them they must reach Richmond by Monday at 10 a. m , or the "damned Yanks*' would be there before them. This afternoon a detachment from the cav alry expedition, onder Sheridan, arrived at headquarters, announcing the safe return of the command across the Pamnnkey last night, and that they wonld arrive to-night. Gen. Custar's division cut the railroad twelve miles below Hanover Junction on tne 21st, burning two bridges, and tearing np a mile of the track. He encountered a. body of the rebel cavalry be hind barricades, but could not induce them to come out and attack him. The party had to build a bridge across the Pamunkey. at the White House, which they did in twenty-four hours. The entire command passed safely over it. The horses of the expedition are prettv well exhausted, but a few days rest and feed upo<i the fine clover to be found in this vicinity will put them io condition for service. Gens. Sheridan, Gregg and Custar are en titled to great praise for the manner in which the expedition has been conducted. FROM EUROPE. The Danish War?A Truce Agreed Upon. Halifax, Mat 25.?'The steamship Asia, from Queenstown on the loth, has arrived, The House of Commons had a debate upon Mr. Baring's motion relative to the admission of the Pirate Georgia into the river Mersey. The Attorney General said the Government could not interfere, and generally defended the course of the Government. Mr.Cobden denounced the course of the Gov ernment. The Queen arrived at Balmoral ou Saturday. Copbhhagbn, May 10.? The Government has concluded on a truce for one month, com mencing from the 15th. The belligerents are to give notice of their in tentions to renew hostilities one week before its expiration. The allies will remain in the possession of Jutland and the Danes of Alsen. Theallhs are not to impose any further con tributions in Jutland,or interfere with the civil government of the province. The blockade of the German ports is raised. : The Danish losses in the late sea fight were fourteen killed and fifty-four wounded. Danish West India Possessions? Procla mation by the Go vernment. Nkw York, May 25.?The Government of the Danish West India possession has issued a proclamation, that, until further notice, mer chant vessels sailing under colors hitherto ac knowledged by the Danish Government, even those states at war with Denmark, may enter and depart from the Danish West India Is s unmolested. Ohio Union atate Convention. Columbus, May 25.?The Union Sta^e Con vention met to-day. All the countries m the States but two are represented. Patriotic res olutions were passed, endorsing the Adminis tration of President Lincoln, and declaring for his re-election. Arrival of Hon. Thomas Corwin, Minister to Mexico. Nxw York, May 25 ?The steamer Eagle, from Havana on the 21st, has arrived. Hon. Thomas Corwin, United States Minister to Mexico, is a passenger. Illinois Union State Convention. Chicago, May 25.?The Union Stat* Conven tion at Springfield to-day nominated Dica Og lesby for Governor on the first ballot. 19* A matter of fact man, in describing a parade of & colored regiment, said that when { they came to a "right dress," with the whites of their eyes all turned out, It looked like a long chalk mark. ^Chas. A. Clark, of Maine, has been con firmed Assistant Adjutant General, with the rank of Captain. ?7" Edward Aklridge, convicted ia New York of harboring a deserter, has been sea en ced to the penitentiary for two years. COWOBBB8IOWAL. I* TH* StuiTE yesterday? Mr. L?ne,of Kansas, moved that the usual oatb be administered to Mr Fishbatt, Senator elect fTom Aih;in-as Some objections being made, the rtmrnan announced that tbe usual course in tbat connection was to refer the cre dentlelt to the Judiciary Committee. Considerable dlsosMton ensued, **"* the furtl er consideration of the matter was then pok?pon>d. Tbe internal revenue bill camfe op as the tn fnisbeo busii ess, and tbe Senate proceeded 1 nnher tn passing on tbe Finance Committee's amendments An amendment to the Se,n:it? Finance Com mittee's am. ndmept to the bill, making tbe tax on a barrel of callous of lager beer, ale or other fermented liqnors one dollar and twenty.five cents, instead of one dollar and hry cente, was adopted. The o her amend* men's ot the finance Committee, as far as ths bill progressed, were generally agreed to, the Senile beinu as in Committee of the Whole. Mr. Fessenden gave notice that af er to-feor row, beshouid move that the Senate have a night session, alter a recess of from tw to 7 o'clo- k p- m. Ti e Sena:e, at 5 o'clock, adjourned. I* THE HOCSB? The debate on the Reciprocity bill was :on tlcnod until the adjournment. fiEMRAt i?KF>RKNCEMRTHOOHT EPISCOPAL CHURCH. In ihie b( dy, in session iu Philadelphia, oil M< noay last a somewhat excited ditcussion r j' e in ieler? nee to a statement that the jour : al if tbe Baltimore Conference, for lS<5i, bad been ??stolen by a disloyal member." This was amended t y inseriine ?? been withdrawn by .he stcietary ot tbe conference." Rev jflr. lanahan, of the Baltimore Coafer ei c , 'avor-d he tmendn eat, because the lac* puage more becoming a calm, deliberate tony of > briMian ministers. Kev.Col. Mqcdy said he believed that Mr. Lnntilian had and did sympa hiae with the re bellion. Tbat was his private opinion publicly expressed. R?v.Mr. Peck, of California, defended Mr. Lanahan. He said tbat any man who resided on the border and had stood up as nobly as Mr. Lanahan had, whs far above any such re mark as bad been applied to him. Thus remark; was lohdiy applauded by the conference. Rev. Mr Lanahan also reyled. He had but one record, and tbat stood without a blot. He re) udiated every and all cbargesof disloyalty, and bad in his pocke's to-day records from the War Department at Washington thanking him for ihe services he had rendered the Govern ment. Col. Moody endeavored to explain, but the Conteje nee would not permit, a motion to ad journ being carried. On Tuesday, the above subject tame up again, and? R?-v. Col. Meody rose Immediately after the reading of the journal, and claimed the pMvi lege of nr.'king an explanation, in continuation of wlmLlw-^iihcd to say when the ?'onferen :e adjoUrmd tbe day previous. He called atten tion t? a misapprehension. . The debate on Monday came upon a report from the Com mittee on Itinerancy, that the journal of the ore Conference for IStw baa been stolen bv a disloyal member, now a notorious ssces > sicnist in the rebel ranks It was then moved the report be amended by inserting "The j' anal was withheld by the Secretary of thai Ctnierente." This Mr. M. opposed, as he be lieved in calling things by their rieht names. Col. Mo< dy stated that when the report ct the Committee on Itinerancy was under corx bideraui n on Monday, Mr. Lanahan had fa voied ihe adoption of the proposed amendment: to MT'.he outtneword "disJoysL" Upon this Col. Mocdy made a tew remarks, in which his intention was to tay that Mr. L inaban was In sympathy with this particular man to whon tbe matier referred. Mr Lanahan then made a personal attack oil bim, for which he was called to order by ths Chair. He then retreated his remarks. To tbis Colonel Moody replied that he would rather appear on the record as endeavoring to affix the mert'ed stigma cn the secesh secreta ry v. ho had absconded witn the journals ot the Bal'imore Conference than to appear in sym pathy wi?h a rebel, in shielding him from ths merited btigma. He did not charge at tbat time that Mr. Lanahau was. In sympathy. He wished to withdraw tho opinion expressed on Monday relative to his sympathy with disloy alty, as that opinion was mainlv baseii upon Mr. Lanaban s action in the vote of the Balti more Conference, bj which a series of loval resolutions were laid upon the table. He wa? air oug the number so to vote. The .speaker rt ad the charges of disloyalty preferred in the papers against the Baltimore gentleman, al th< nph it was said that Mr. I.auaban aud some others who voted to lay on the table were not to be considered as disloyal. He was glad to fir d that he so resented a suspicion of disloy alty, although he (the speaker) was not in pos session of all the tacts in the when he tsaoe iac iiwitr ?n Monday. JJct Mr. LuiahaD said, lu bul #?v#r realized until tbat day the idea of being called a traitor. A charee of this kind once put forward can never be taken back. H?* was a loyal man, and durirg these tionbles had never a feeling or startow of a thought that was not in the fullest harmony with the (lovenment, and by the Gt vernment he meant the Administration. Dunne tbe consideration of the report of the COtnmiUtc on itinerancy yesterday,, brother Moocy and himself differed. This he had & right to do. But he made remarks which my fr i i ds seid reflected upon myself. The speaker demanded an explanation, and Cc-lovel &1< ody replied tbat from information re eived at Washington and the Baltimore Con ference he believed he (the speaker) was in syn pathy w rh the rebellion. The speaker bad nothing further to say; he was willing that; "rot! er Moody should carry hi.? owu thoughts w ith 1 im in the wrong that had been done him, (Mr. ) Mr Lanahan i? Presiding Elder of the Vir ginia Circuit, Baltimore Conter^noe. IOKVENTION OF THE PROTESTANT EPISCOPAL. < HI RCIl. The eighty-first Annual Convention of the Protestant Episcopal Church of the Diocese of Maryland assembled in Grace Church, Balti more, on Wednesday morning. The session was opened at ti a. in., with the usual prelimi nary services, by the Rev. Dr M Cabeand the Rev. Mr. Stewart The annual sermon was then preached by the Rev. Dr. Hall, ot Washington, D. C., at the conclusion of which the Holy Communion was administered by Bishop WhitUngham, as sisted by the Rev Dr. Allen, Rev Dr. McCabe, Rev. Mr. Bausman, Rev. Mr. Pigott and Rev. Dr. Hobart. The body was presided over by the Right: Rev. William Roliinson Whittlngham, D. D., LL. I)., Bishop of th" Diocese. The venerable Dr. Wm E Wyatt, for nearly half a century rector of St. Paul's Church, Baltimore, Rev D. Allen, and others of the most aped ministers of that communion, were present. The oldest parish within the bounds of '.he national metropolis is that renowned aa <? Rock Cretk," about two miles beyond the Soldiers* Home. The church is kn >wn as St. Paul's, Rev. James A. Birch, rector. This house was designed by the illustrious Washington, and the bricks in it were imported from England. Second, In the history of the church here, was Christ Church, near the Navy-Yard, Washington, I). C, Rev. Joshua Morsell, D. D., re cor. This is known as Washington parish. St John's Church, Rev. Smith Pyne, D. D., rector, opposite the President's house, was the third church built. It was finished about the year 161?. Then followed Trinity Church, Bav. R. J. Keeling, rector, on Third street, near O. A. mission Trinity Chapel has, within a few yeai s, been added to this parish. Epipbany Church, Washington, G, near Thirteenth street, Rev. Charles H. Hall,rector. Neat in order of Washington churches, we have Grace Church, on the Island or Seventlk ward. Rev. Alfred Holaead, rector. Ascension Chnrch, Washington, D. G., Rev. Wm. Pinkuey, D. D., rector In G?ergetown, D. C.?Christ Church, Rev. Mr. Bonte, rector. St. John's Church, Rev. Nicholas Tillinchast, rector. St. Alban's Church, a beautiful little temple, a few miles above Georgetown, Rev. Wm. Christian, rector. Tbe eleven churches of the District ot Columbia ?have about 1,700 coomunlcanta. Their contributions are exceedingly liberal. In Montgomery Connty, Maryland, there are four churches, one chapel, and 165 commu nicants Prince George's County.?Eight churches, four chapels, and 567 communicants. Tbe wholenumber of parishes, churches, &c.( in this diocese is 138; number of communicants, (65<>; teachers, KK>; Sunday, school pupils, 6,559; th* marriages in ons year, 57(i; ihe burials, 1.55C; Communion alms for one year, H2.416; contributions lor various pur* poses, 44,406. The Convention, at 2)4 o'clock, went into an election lor the Standiug Committee, who at tend to all the business in reference to the Chnrch that may occur until tbe next session ot the Convention. The following was the re sult of tbe election:?Rev^ Wm. E. Wyatt, D. I>., Bev. W.m Pinknev, D. D? Rev. C. S. Nel son, D. D.u Rev. Mayer Lewin, Rev. John Orocdale, Rev J. A. McKenney, D. D., and Rev. Theo. P. Barber. An afternoon session was held, and the Con vention then adjourned ?in? die. K7"We admired the remark of an old lady wbe was admiring tbe beautiful picture called "Saved." "It's no wonder," ?ald she, ?thas the poor child fainted, after pulling that great dog out of the water."

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