Newspaper of Evening Star, May 27, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 27, 1864 Page 1
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V-2. XXIII. WASHINGTON, D. C.. FRIDAY MAY 27, 1864. N2. 8,509. AMUSEMENTS. CANTKRKDRY MALL. MUSIC ICANTKKBURY HaLL.J AND HAL l>OANTBRRURT HALL.{ THBATBB LOOIHIAJ* 1TI1DI, Ntmt I'mnr* of Hitt Srrtet, Htai tf tymtwnai mmd Metropolitan Houiii. Bioidi Lu__ ?? W. E. CUiTiDOB ? ? ..St*?e UnDM'T BBU LIANT SCCCESB BRILLIANT HUCCB83 of t*e new SPECTACULAR nRAMA, _ , SPECTACULAR DRAMA, Witnessed last wwk by over 5.o? persons. entitled Cl'uJO'S CaVB, cuujob cave, CCDJO-a CAVB CUDJQ'S CAVg GUDJO'S CAVB, CC0J0 8 <'AVB, CUDJO'8 CAVB, CUD 01 CAVB, CUDJO'8 CAVEl cr JO'8 CAVB, CUDJO'8 CAVg CUDJO'8 CAVB. CUDJO'8 CAVE, CUDJO'8 CAVB, OR TUB BATT LB-CRY OK PRKRBOM. BATTLE-CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTLE-ChY wF FREEDOM. BATTLB-CRY OF FREEDOM. Received at each representation with TP i NDEKS OK APPLA08E, THUNDEBS OF APPLAUSE THUNDER* OF APPLAU8E, and pronounced by competent Judges the SENSAriO* PLAY SENSATION PLAY 8EN8ATTON PLAY OF THE PRESENT DAY. OF THE PRESENT DAY. OF THE PRESENT DAY. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AFTERNOON,at 2 p. m., will be presented the New Drama, dramatize-! express '7.!?' the Canterbury, by John F. Poole, Esq , en titled CUDJOS CAVE, OR THI BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancipated bond Kan J.DEF0RRE8T Oud>o,a deformed negro.and a fugi tive, but Bound in heart .. Billy West PennHapgqgd.a Quaker schoolmas ter,. J.J. Dougherty Cart Minnevick , a German boy. full of courage and of curning W. B.Cavanagh Rev. Mr. V iliars, an aged clergyman and blind .Mr. Ward Toby, an Id negro, and servant to Mr. Villars John Mulligan StackbridgeJ \...Mr. Leffert Withers?\ Tennessee Unionists I..Mr. Harper Grodd > (..McPherson Ly sander Sprowl r ( Silar Bope* I I Aug Blythewood... I Mr.Williams Dan PepperillSecessionists. I Mr. Sullivan Gad ?? I I Wilson Derring [ ?? Howard Bavi*_? (.....Johnson Virginia Villars, the clergyman's daughter . ? Jennie Forrest Mrs. flnjowl, a widow as has lost her brother ?.Lucy Clifton NEW BCENEBY, ? NEW DRESSES. NEW MUSIC, and new and EXPENSIVE PROPERTIES. Full of STARTLING EFFECTS and replete with HUMOROUS HITS. First week of M'LLB MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M LLE MARIETTA RaVEL M'LLB MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL) nieceof the celebrated Gabrieland FrancoisRivel, and the principal ^ard of th? GREAT RAVEL TROUPE, GREAT RAVEL TROUPE. the superb beauty and incomparable French and Sparish Danfteufe. Also, acknowledged to be w ith out a rival in this country ai a PERFORMER ON THE TIGHT ROPE. PERFORMER ON THE TIGHT ROPE. MONB. BAPTTSTAN. M0N8 BAPTIST AN. M0N8 BAPTISTAN, M0N8. BAPTIST AN. MONS. BAPTISTAN. The celebrated Parisian Dancer and Maitre de Ballet, and the famous RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. ronzani ballet troupe, 8IXT*EN LOVELY YOUNG LADTES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES! SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES! selected especially for their GRACE AND BtiAUTY, <4RACE AND BEAUTY, GRACE AND BEAUTY, each on? a SOLO DAN8EU8E. SOLO DAN8EUSE. The rival Beauties and Songstresses MISS JENNIE jSNOEL, MISS JENNIE ENGBL, MISS JENNIE BNOEL, MISS JENNIE BNGEL. and MISS ESTE1-LE FORBEST. M18? EFTEI.LB FORREST. MISS E8TKLLE FORREST. XISS Ei TEL LE FORREST. The great Moguls of E t hi op i an comedy, Messrs. M l LuliiAN, MULLIGAN, WEST, WEST, and WILLIAMS, WILLIAMS. W. B. CAVENAUGH, W. B CAVENAUGH. Tbe favorite Comedian, Pantomimist, Comic Vo calist, and delineator of Irish character, whose nnbonnded versatility and genial humor have won for him a host of admirers. PON SANTIAGO GIBBONNOI^E. DON SANTIAGO GIB BON NOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBON NOISE. DON SANTIAGO GIBBON NOISE. DON SANTIAGO IB BON NOISE. The wonderful Contortionist and performer on the Flying Rings. J. J. DOUGHERTY, J. J. DOUGHERTY, the eccentric comedian. J. DE FORREST, J. DE FORREST. tbe talented light comedian. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THF CONSTELLATION OF BICAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. THE CONSTELLATION OF BEAUTY. A number of young and beautiful ladies, whose eombined loveliness and grace justly entitles them to the above euphonic title, consisting of m"emma 8CHELL. JESSIE FORREST. KITTY LBS, FANNY HA|,cy CLIFTON NAOMI PORTER, NBLLIE HOWARD, ^ KITTY SCOTT, EMMA GARDNER, MAGGIE WILSON. LUCY GARDNBR, who will appear in a charming variety of DANCES, TABLEAUX, Ac ,&c. J. W. GIBB3, J. W GIBBS. the renowned Banjoint ari delineator of nfgro character, Mr. ROBINSON, Mr. ROBINSON, tbe popular Dancer, And the ENTIRE MAMMOTH OOMPAN ENTIRB MAMMOTH compan ENTIRE MAMMOTH COMPANY grand variety bill, GRAND VARIETY BILL, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, MAGNIFICENT BALL1T9. A DELIGHTFUL OtlO OP ETHIOPIAN SONGS, F.XTRAVAGANZA8, EXTRAVAGANZAS, Ac, &e. Shange in the Olio Department EAch Night, hange in the Olio Department Each Night. Admission ? ?? ?? ? 16 Orcbtitfi ???*? ????????????? Private Boxes, holding six persona I 00 Door* oven at 7 ?'clock; Performance to com mence at 8?'clock. FAMILY MATINBB SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies tf cent*; Children W cents. PERKINS, STERNE db Co.. ISO Broadway, IV. Y.? BXCLUBIYB DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PUR1. Por tale by all first class Growers and Druggists rrerrwhers. mh B-ta* r I MX] LIMB I LIMB I?I am now prepared to L deliver fresh burned POTOMAC ClrfB. pre pared new Flame Kiln, without oomiag fn eontaet wjtn the fuel. _ . 8. D CASTLEMAN, Etna Lime Kiln. an 27-dw Pa. av. aud feac* Crtk Bridge. notice! LL PERSONS Indebted to the undersigned aad AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER) tim STRRIT, A10TR P?*R8TLTARIA iTUQl. THECOOLEeT ahd BEST VENTILATED PLAGE OP PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. A GREAT SUCCE98! HOUSES CROWDED! THIS EVENING, THE GORGEOUS SPECTACLE OF THK NAIAD QUEEN, with MAGNIFICENT SCENERY. ELEGANT APPOINTMENTS, ' BRILLIANT COSTUMES, GRAND MARCHES. AND TABLEAUX. AVD KH UNEQUALEDCAST OF CHARACTERS, embracing the names of the Washington favorite MISS SUSAN DENIN. The Celt-brated Pantomimist, MR. J. H. FOSTER, AND ALL THE FAVORITE* OF THE COMPANY. During the spectacle. A GRAND AMAZONIAN MARCH EIGHTEEN YOUHG LADIES, Note.?This grant) and most beautiful (spectacle, the scenery, costumes and machinery of which cost over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, cannot be produced after this week. Shak'peare's COMEDY OK ERRORS will shortly benrodueed. with aa UN EQUALED CAST, and is an elaborate manner in every detail. Owing to the great demand for seats to witness the NAIAD QUERN, the management announces that places can be se cured three days in advance GROVER'S THEATER. PlffRSTLTAlTIA AT., HEAR WiLLARD'S HOTEL. Leorard Gbover ~ ...-Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER ion WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE AUDIENCE! THIS (Friday) EVENING, May 27,1M1, Fourth night of the brief OPERA SEA80N. AN IMPORTANT OCCASION. TnE FIRST PRODUCTION IN WASHINGTON OF THE OPERA ENTIRE Rossini'* Beautiful Creation, IL BABBIERE DI SIVIGLIA, with the following POWERFUL CAST OF CHARACTERS: Count Almaviva. M. Theo. Habelmann Dr. Bartolo...- M. Anton Graffo Rosini. his niece , .Mad. Johann?eu B*silion, Music Master Herr Kronfeld Figaro, the Barber of Seville M. Bteinecke Farollo, Servant of Count Almaviva. ? Herr 7-insheim Bertha.-... . ....Mad. Li Roche Particular atteu'ion is called to the following exquisite gems that occur in this Opera : "Bieep Well, Sweet Ang?-1:' ... _.8ong by Abt M. THEO. HABELMANN, a* Rung by him in the memorable Gottschalk Con certs, recently given in this citv. "Balero" Vesper Siciliene - By Verdi "Valtz'' By Venzauo Both magnificently rendered by MADAM JOHANN9EN, The occasion of glowing editorials in the Boston journals during the recent season there. The '"Barber of Seville"'has proven one of the finest successes of this Gr^at Company in this country and Europe Bein? the a.knowled?r?d g?m of THE GREAT ROSSINI'S PRODUCTIONS, It is eminently popular with the more refined and appreciative operatic patrons of both countries. CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera SATURDAY, May ?, DON JUAN. Tickets for any of the above Operas for pale at Metzerott's Music Store, and at the Box Office of the Theater at the following SCALE OF PRICES : Orchestra Chairs . Si 51 Dress Circle and Parquet 10) (Reserved Seats 60 cents extra J Family Circle ? - 61 C D. HESS, Business Manager and Treasurer. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PmjiBTLvaki a Atmui aiid Elitmth Brain. R. OARDNKR A H. ENOCHS - .Proprietors. PROF. HOLDEN Musical Director THE COOLEST PLACE OF AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY! First appearance of the great favorite Ethiopian Comedians, FRANK KERN8 AND J. THOMPSON THE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS I BEAUTIFUL BALLETS! COMIC PANTOMIMES 1 NEGRO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY THB GREAT METROPOL1 TAN TROUPE. Admission .. ? - 23 cents Orchestra Chairs ?.? .60 cents Private Boxes S3 and 15. A GRAND MATINEE EVERY MONDAY TOR LADIES AND CHILDREN. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS T GEORGETOWN, D. C.. Mat 24,18?4? HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective 8laces of business at 7>i p. m. from June 1st to eptember 1st, 1S64, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. (J w BEALL ^ co W. 8 MATTHEWS, JOHN J. BOGUE. GEORGE W. ORME, D. JACKSON, W. R. HURDLE, LEWIS BROOK8, F. T. MILBURN, A. J. HATCLIFF B A CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. CARROLL, A. f. OFFUTT A CO., W. tf. ERNEST, J. F. KELLY, MAYFIKLD A BROWN, EDWARD H. BROWN SMOOT A BURROUGHS, E. S. RO-ENTHAL, # EDWARD MYERS. my 25-3W H IGH STREET MARKET, No. 74 Offositr Probfect Street, Gtorgttovm, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leave to Inform the public that we have on, hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds. Poultry, Game, Ac. Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. _ _ ______ . myS-lm* H. W. FIBHER A CO. rwi NOTICE. 1 HERE Will be a meeting of all the housekeep! ers of the District of Columbia at BONTZ A GRIFFITH'S BOUSEFURNISHING ESTABLISHMENT, 369 7th street, between land K sts., to examine their immense stock of FURNITURE ' OIL CLOTH|lATTiNGg And BOUSEFURNISHING GOODS in general! which they are selling at less prices th?u they can be bought for at the manufactories. They also make a discount of 10 per cent, on all bills of fan and upwards. SIGN OF THE HIGH AWNING. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, 369 8eventh street. my2"-<t [Alex.Gaz. A Jour.] bet. I and K sts. | ICENBE8 TO BE RENEWED. Collector's Officr, J United States Internal Revenue, D.C.J Washington, May 19,1S64. S. Persons in business in the District of Columbia are hereby notified that all licenses under the United States Excise law expired May 1, ISM, an4 must be renewed before June 1st, ortherwise the penalties prescribed by law w^b??|f?^dNE, Collector for District of Columbia. my ao-6t Office 468 8eventh st.? near !?. HH 0 F F A , , dealer I* WATCn MATERIALS, TOOLS, CRYSTALS, FILES. Ac., No. 337 Pe.ns3TLva.via Avenoe, Opposite Metropolitan Hotel, mar 2-ly Washington, D. C. 2 000 WACWN LgALE ?* *0B H adquarters Defar'.meni df Watkinflon% ) Qjfiu Chief Ouarurmasttr, Uth St.. near y. X. at>.,> Was. hint Ion* D. C., Mav 30, 1*54. \ Will be sold ^ public auction on SATURDAY, the 28th instant, at11 o'clock a. m, on the Potomao river, about seventy-five yards west of Uth street east, at out two thousand wagon loads of good sta ble manure. . This manure la accessible to teams, or may be lotdrt Into nril ?t b}'L'i"e"M,,31"'?NI. Lieutenant Colonel, Ohief Quartermaster, my 31-tf Depart ment of Washington. *70R SALE?Several vary elegantly finished r French COUPEEB. Also, a number, of BRETTBorOPEN BAROUCHES forj four persons inside. . - . These Carriages are finished in the most superb manner, and would sutt cither for pyiv&to use or for public con?yan?^s.Lii?oJ!ll Corner of Heward and Franklin streets, my JJ-lm* FaHimore LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSBAY, MAY 20, 1864. OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THB PAPIB HAYING THB LARGEST CIRCULATION. WW Free Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residences of owners may be secured by observing the following Rules: 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of the house. 2. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street and number, and request answers to be addressed accorc ingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a tonn or city, whose special address may be un known, should bemarked in lower laft hand cornor with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right band corner,and leave space between th? stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or less, written or firinted. with the writer's full address across the eft hand end of the envelope, face side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. LADIES' LIST. Ashton Clara Gray Julia Patten Mary J AllenElizabethAGoss Martha E Pinkbain Carlne Allans Susie E Gerry Hannah Peters Louisa A Adams Lou Hall Mrs W B-5 Hortlock 8ally Ashton Clara Holubearg Aulick Mary Joanna Pinkerton Mary ParkerMattieA2 Aldrich Mrs S E Haas Josephine Parker Mattie R Argraveh Prnces Mall Mrs E E Adams Lizzie Hill Mary E Arnold Gertrude Hoyt Nettie G Ansel Madame nowe Mary T AdamsMargaret Hall Andrew Alexandria Mrs Hall Frances AmesGroC Hnwrn Mary W Alberts Mrs A Hurd Esther Anthony Mary J Heller Barbara Andrews Esther Ilendloy Mrs Allison Miss Haide Allen Mrs Thos Butler Sarah R Bates Ssrali N Bearge Mrs C Boyd Mary Booth Mulinda Panner Emily PruittMrsFrank Prettrman Mary Purken Miss M Phillips Mrs MO Parker Mattie A PersonetteRachl Pirson Ellen Potter Mary Queen Mary Reed flellen T Ross Mary Wm H Brosnan Mrs Burnham Miss C W Bea'lor Louisa Barter Ellen J Bender Mrs Henry Bowers Annie Bitner Mary Frances Robinson.Mrs Riley Mm y Richings Annie Hutchison Mrs Jas . HooketLeLolaM RuinpfT Sophia norsmsn Mary J Russell Carrie F Hunter Mrs Geo Reedy Marfan t Barnes Phete A HarwoodMrsGeoRolette Louisa Brown Eliza Hendrickson RnpsnyderHatte MrsT Riley Martha Hamlin Lavinia Ralph Orviila Handy Mollie Regan Mary Be*l Mrs Geo N Howard Eliza RemlkJane Brit Mrs E S HamiltonJennie Randal Eliza BrownMissHtlly llollister Mrs Ryhurn Cath Boyle Mrs A Nelson Robinson Mrs Burger Pbebe Harrison Fanny Genl Jno C Benson MrsE W Biggins-Marian Russell Mrs J, W Bowers Maria E K Rogers Nellie Brndshaw Mrs Hensbaw Ella P Robinson Nettie Homer Mary A Rodburd Mi^s Harper Mrs S Ruth Hilton Miss Robertson Lot IIutchinsSsrahG tie S Holt Mrs 8 J Reese Miss Jette Hines Mrs W T Richardson Harris Bleanor Hopkins Mary Hill Alice A Hassler Bett'e^ ? BumsideMrsJnoHamiltonJennieShenrman Mrs Benson Mrs E W Harris Mary Robt F Itodge Caroline Jackson Carrie SfottMr.sGeoE-2 Butler Mrs Jas Jordon Mrs Edw Unmnt Julia and Babcock Mary Jones LaureliaC Lizzie Bates Matilda Jackson Ida G Smith Mrs N B Barton Hellcn M Jones Thadeus AMhay Elizabeth Barclay Kate R JohnsonMaryE2 Smith Mary Bickley Ann Jarlin Mr* II M Stull Margaret BarlowFrancesAJackson Sarah Scott Maggie Black Ellie Johnson Philip Stone Marie E Brown Mary-2 Jones Ellen S Smoot Matilda Beads Maria JacksonRachelB8haw Nannie Brierly Mrs Wm Johnson Ella and Jennie Babcock Har- JohnsonMatildaShea Maggie C riet A Jacoby Annie Smith Fannie BurkleyElizabthJones Miss Steel Annie Brown Betsy King Mary A Shea Anne Bishop Eliza Knight Matilda Shaw Tacy A Cross Sarah Kane Mrs Shear Maggie CresseyMadalineKane Kate Smith Mary A Cook Sue Koon Martha Steward Mrs C'ark Mary Kemp Matilda America Cook Agness Kesley MaggieA Stevens Graca Ondron Mary Kidder Mrs Capt Shappy Sarah Cissel Christs Kel'y Ophelia Stobbens Mur ClsggettMrsJno Kimball MrsK A tha E Carpenter Mrs Keeler M Scolield Ezra R W Corgdon Julia C'omstock Mrs Ewin Crammer Mrs David Champlin Mies Typcena Colman Mrs A Carpenter Mrs Carpenter Mrs R W Cary Carrie B Coakley Magda line Carpenter MrsC Kinnv Susan King Carrie R Koch Ca*U Rid well Sarah Sherman Letty Spatehollz Eliza J Summer Carrie Livingston Mrs 8 pollard Mrs J Livingston Samforne Jane Lanib'-rt MrsTA StevensCarrio Light Sarah Lontz Eunice Lainliart Mrs Ephraim Lee Mrs Jos W Lester Mrs Georgia Lancaster Mrs Cath Stilson Mary E Sanborne Jane Shepherd *nn Strishy Mrs Geo Sewart Maria Scott Maria Stonestreet Ro sauna Smith Martha M Chapman Jos'ne Lewis Eleanor-2 Stott Jane G Coleman Mary Laaddv MrsJohnSchaefTer Fnnnie Cauldwell Mary Lewis MrsColJR Taylor Mrs Jas Cary Jane Lo&uiv Ada A Thompson Sarah Crofs MrsRT Lambert Mrs Thomas Ellen Crump iliiabtb Lewis MrsWm E Tabe Mary Cramer Mary AC Lowry Sarah Thompson Raclil CarvMarvC Lopans Lotti* Taylor Martha Curtin Mrs Lawrence Mrs Tingle Uuii& M Cleary Mrs E P AV Turner Annie Cherry Cath Lake Phebe Thompson Em Carpenter Mrs Lyons Mary ' ma ~ " """ Moore Carrie Tucker Lottie McBrea_vor Anne Turner Lucretia2 Thomas Eliza L Traver Mrs Chas II Temple Kate T Tucker Mrs Fen ton S Tygh Mrs-2 Cramer MaryAC Moore Carrie Carter Maria McBreavorAr Car.n Sarah B Moran Rachel Constandine Mortis Mrs M Mary Moore Emma Crosia ?ignet A Morse Mrs DadeBl izabetb 2 Damon Dickson Mary Maine Mrs R 3 Drew Charlotte Mead Caroline Davis Mary E Dixon Lucinda Dutton Julia Dishrow Miss Darnell Addie Deison Mary Moore Maggie L Taylor Hattie Trunnell Julia-2 Tuekson Lu cinda Taylor Mrs Genl Jas Hattie Dives Mary I>orson Mary Dickey Addie F Davis Lizzie Dyer Ellen Donohoo Mary Duncan Ellen May Minnie Moran Lucinda Moore Lizzie Meacbam Mary Miller Mrs Doty Miss l'hin- MaffettMsryJaneTemple Mrs linda Mala Sophia B Thorn Mrs 0 N Duffy Jully A MartelleMatilda T]reMrsWilliaiii2 DunahewMargt MastersonElizthVan Horn Annie Daingerfield Maury Mrs Vanderburgh Mathews Mrs . Mary E Jane E Wright Mrs Mai Miller Mary .Genl n G Mitchell Mary C Woods Mrs Chas MillerAnnie H _ Moyora Victor Ward Mary E Martin Laura V Ward Mrs Mallery Bridget Wright Clara DowryMargaret Mixsell Annie Wt ite Maria A DavisonMrsRobtMacomber Mrs Winch Jane E Dugan kli/a JH White Julia DonBeliy Annie McJuloreElizbh White Ellen Douglass Lottie McOuill Julia Ward Annie Dean Mnry E McDuffie MrsLA Walker Anna Elliott Mrs E McConnell Sue Winter Mrs MA Evans Miss McDougallMrs Harrie Chas Fisher Mr?Saml McGee Hannah FitcbMrsHenrie McLane Mrs FlaglerMissSarh WmG Foster Mattie Morris Mrs M Forney Mary C Major Sarah ~ ~ McCabe Ann _ MurphySylwnah E 19 Miller jrMrsJosSWilliams Mrs Mahorney Lucy Wheeler Annie McOligan MrB Walbridge Ab Miller Anna bie T Miller Rose 8 Watkins Julia Miller Maria Wallomy Martha Manning Mrs M Walker Arti McDonelMary A micia A Green Nellie Moore Mrs L Watson MrsHyC Gray Anna R Lowry Walbridge Nel Gold Mary Macb Emma lie F Green Nellie Marrin Anna L Waldron Mrs Gains Fanny .. Nally Sarah E Foster Emma Forrest Jennie Franklin Mrs Walter M Foster Nelly FarnhamMrsAMMiller Anna Field* Jennie Fleet Mrs Forde Mrs Ya lenia Winslow Mrs Gorden Willhelm Mrs Geo W Whittlesey Mrs W W Warren Eveline Watson Nellie Grimes Sarah M Newb erger Gardiner MrsBS Mary L Goddard MariaC Neel Mary GuilfordCharlteNeugen Anna Griffith Diantha Norton Kate A Goner Bmily Nally Elizabeth Gordon Julia Nois Sal'ie Gillis Bebecca Nyter Annie Gilson Hellen L Neison Miss Gilbert Mrs E T .Georfie Gardner Fanny Noad Mary Gerould Lucy Owsn? Cinda-2 Miscellaneous.?Mrs. M. A Mrs. A. M. Sullivan M White Mary Wright Sarah L Walter Mrs Robt Wordwoods Elen Washington Ma tilda* White Sarah Williams Carrie Waters Kate S Watkins Mary Wallace Anna Weice Mi*s A V.-3; Mrs. H. E.; GENTLEMEN'S LIST Allen Atwood Allen, Arren B Adams Lt J C Austin Deck Andrews, D H Austin D W?2 AshleyKdwin -2 Allen Bdwin B Ash held Edw'd Arms Edw'd? 1 Armstrong Capt F W Andrews F Becker Ad Brichignani A Brown A Barnes And J Barrows Albert Bachum Albert Bidwell B 8 Barhjrte Chaa A Ballard. Lt C L Berger, C H Bramagon Chrr Batchelder D W Burrell Mai D R Bean Daniel G Barcelous Danl Bechtinger Dr Bould Dr Brook aDavjr Berry *?d w Blades Edward Bisaett Bdwd P Beacb E W Brews Jno W Ashley Geo Alevry Geo Atkinson Henry Armstrong Ja'n Allen Jno?2 Amrin Jno T Aldrich Jas Anderson J J Acor Jos D Alfonso Mannel Anderson Lt R AuchmtU R T A man Sebastian Ambush Elamuel Atkins 8 A Asbury L) Alon Thos?2 Akehurst Thos-2 Aked Thos Adams Wm Agers Wm Aubb W A Allard Sergt WH Andrews Wm C Bunn Reuben Batchelder G H Bennett Bichd Baaker Geo V Ballon Sylv'r Barter Geo W Butler 8 E Bridgman GeoW Bagg Sullivan Beard GeoA8on Blair Solomon Bramble Geo I) Barnard Theo Boland Geo Barker Thos Brechbill H K Biddle Thos Jr Blake Hon H G Blaine Tbos R Burgoyne Henry Biden Thad Barrett Henry F Barvett Thos H Bush, Henry F Brookbank ThesBridges Hiram Buckingham TB Babcock Jno m Byrrer Thos H Bartlett J C?2 Burch Wm 8 Erean Jas Brown Wm BrysonJno BurrisHonWB Bradley Jno Brown Wilson E Boughton J T Bell Wm Bancroft LlJ M Bailie Wm 0-2 BoggAss J W Brearly Wm BarrosJntn Brenner Wm BrycnJaeR Baty K E nit awionm Daily J no u BrainardDrLB-2 Beaman Win A Blackwell Jno Bratssord Louis Brundage W H Bagnarille Jno B run son Levi Burnett W II Brackett Hon J Breen Mathias Bramball LtWL Boswell Jas U Bender Major Ballou CajJt ? Q Barney Jog P Bayley Marcus B Bierer Ool ? Bennett Jno i Bowers Matth Beandran ? Beverly Jno Brant Mikie Besancen E Bonnell J L Brier y Matbew Belemsnvder E Blake Jas C Brown Mos.s Brymer Francis Brown JnoK&Co Beckwitb, N F Bainer Fred Beal Jos W Bradsbaw, N Bunn Frank?2 Brown Jno I HI an ton Capt N B Brainhull F J Burner Oliver Bowers Geo ByineOwen Barclay G W lirifWn Philan'r Brega Geo W Boarber PicanA Bartlett GW?2 Burrows R E?2 Brewer Geo J Barker R W Ball Jno C Coffin G W Gotten Geo E Ba'dwin Wm Baity Jno C Belle Jonathan Brooks Lt Ool J A Burke Jno?2 Brock J W Brandt Jacob P Brown Jas Caee Capt A L Cu-ham A J Crstidall Album rollings Geo Co honer A M Clarke Geo B Thick Albert Carlvo Antoine Callon A P Cook And ft Connburn Cap \ Cromwell Aug Clark Aug Coleman Able Casboner Bla'n Corlor Benj F Collier Brower Cheever B II Crocker Lott Cogswell Cap:M Camcy Jlr Coggins M V B Chester CaptGM Comer S ? Clagstone HG-2 Copelan-1 Mar'n Cranmer H W Conroy Mr Cleni ont Henry Coxirins M V B Cranmer Harv'y Cunningham WJ Crafts N J Cernon Hugh Coots Henry Choate H G Clark H J CheoK Henry C Chaner N G Cheney N G Camp Rev N W Carr OG Church Chas Calline C Ca'sidy C P Cnmp Con Carr C F Cushroan C II Chamberlain: C K P Cliristnian C P Caswell C U Cooiman CapCC Crillon Jas Campbell David Corey Jas W Clarke DrHG?2 Cox Oliver?2 Canfield J M Clarenton Paul Chamberlin Jos Can way Pat'k Colcord J W Callahan J Calladrine Jos Cunningham J Connor Joseph Culien jns Curtis J ? Chrismer J no Champlain J C Chapman Dr Carpenter 1) Cole Erastus CherryA Elison Cunda.ll Sen E Clark Edw C Currier Edwin Chalice Ed W Catlin E 8 Chatnplin G Cloud Frank Cal1 a" Jno Carroll Jere ? Cunningham RS Chesnut Rich'd Chase Rassell Carroll Col 8 8 Collins Stephen Cal&th Sam Clarke Oapt TW Conk 8&m . Charles 8 D Curtis T A?2 Chase 8 0 Coats Thos CTannage Ma.i Campbell J W?2 Gen T* Carpenter Maj J Cook Thos F W Collents T I, Crocker J H Cassell V 0 (bawdry Isaac ClappV B Covode HonJ? 2 Clark W E Casey J K Clew John F Grume John Connell Rev FA Cole John E Collier Col F M Cregsr Hon Jas Covan Frank CoxJasIl Carson K M Clark Jas F Chase FW Creed Jno J Cole Wesley J?2 Cook W W Crowley W H Carsley W CrolTord Wm Carter W A Calkin W P Crilben W J 'Crawford Frink Olark Capt J W-2 Crnbert Wm CarterJuJgeWA II A Dooliltle M H Denison N P Uwyer Og len Duelrew PhilipC Decker P V Douvelie Pat'k ChamberlainG A Childs las I? Dart Alfred jr 2 Daingerlield DillenhauKh A Doyle llenry Dick A K Davis Jas DouglassCapAC Deitrich Jos Djlegett Alonzo Davidson J "flow A Donevan John Dent A S Dickerson DrJ-2 Dwyer P C DaltonBF Dillman Jacob DininPA Dougherty C? 2?J)ucto J E DotyCbasT ' Dickson Jas Draper Capt CE -Dickson John Liven Maj C W'DeBert'r.-im J Poll an John Dunbar Jas Dietrich J no 8 Day Isaac Deals Jessie Doujflas C L Davis C W Detrick D?J Downey D Unyler Daniel Day Edward G Dana E W Davenport F M Dunivine Fred Davis Lt K C Drepu Henry Davis Dr R H Duvall Saml Deke Solon Davis 8 B DebowSH-a Delaney Thos Daws Thos Dodge. Wm A Dowell Wm A Dwight CaptJM Davis Maj W W Driggs 8 C Drnry Wm L Danngh Lewis D Deiibv W Duvall Lewis Davis Wm DeCesnolaColSl'Downey W F Don Lewis ? Everett CaptAS Everett F W Elliott Ales Elliott FM Ellis CC Enus Henry Ellis David Kdwards Jas Ei win D G EdsonJasR Everett ? A Engler J K Etheridge E M Edlen L C Evans F Evans Maj r Fisher CptAW-2 FouleyF Wm Foster Albert Ferguson B F Flnmant C F Fi'lton C: 11 Foot* Cha1- II Foster C A Faunce Cha Fechtig Chris Forncnell C Fitzperald D Frees Dr Ferdinand D Farnam II S M Finch H C Franklin Jas 8 Farrell J C Fester Jno Fawkner J G E -Ferris Theo Ferguson Jno Forteer Dr-'J Fowle Jno S Fanning Jas O Fargleharson J Fitch Ostee&Co Fowler Jno W Fuller E E Fox Jas Foster E M Finch J C l'arcon E F Fulton L S Fairfax F Flannery Lot Forest Capt F D Furstenberg L Fischer F G 2 Ellitt M F. Edey R F Kslan Patk Kllicott Dr L I'll vies Saml Knes WmJ-2 Erwin Wm 8 Fink Lewis Finn Myer Flanshurg Mess Fourke Hon P B Frascr Philip Flanagan Patk Fletchen Robt Flynn Simeon Forest 8 A Co 29 Fowler Thos Fitzhugh T. B Fowler T T France Wm Farr W W Flynn Wm E Farr W M W Flynn Wm Fruman Win Fuller Wm Garcelon Dr A Gregory Alfred Granger A L <iittord A II Granges A Giese August G ross Benj George Capt J W G Gibbons Geo GorliamRevGW Grum Jas Gross Henry Grajr_Jaj< GoochHonH Gorik II Gilbert H M-2 Goodrich H A Goodspeed Chas Green Hiram Godfrey C G (joodown Chas GHWffn^C Garrat Chas Graffin C II G ranger Clias Graves Chas Gsylord 1) B Gcngea Da\ id Gra> Lt D W C Croscost David Gruff J W Gerard Lewis Genesberser L Guthrie M Griffin Martin Grisend M Gr&uperenz Mr <!ueneman M oaies Oliver Goggln Robt Garlow R D Gragg R A Gewould S L GofT Capt H C Gillan Jas Gardner Jno (lauHnc J\ lirifiing Jno Geny Jno Gibbons Jos GroffJno Gordon Col D-2 Gibbons Rev JnoGroot Dr S J Gibbs Capt D J GarritvJnoW Grey Tho- H Gai? tnerJosM Gilbert Cant T S Gillis J L " ~ (iriffin Capt J*S Gilbert I N Goodrich Cpt E Greenfield H Grey Capt Fred Greenwood Jno Geason Wm J Given Frank Green Jno Golilen AVm L Gulpske Fredk Grabb W II A Co Goss Walter Gray W in Gurley W II Hind A HessFarbes-2 IIoRman Adam Hounough F llazleton A S iliggins F Jno lligeins Atkins Harvey F lieaton A D-2 Ilall A C Hastint's A C House A P Hyatt Alvin Harris Amos nalsman Alex llorlon A B Hammond B Hayn*? B P lloml^x Chas Harding 0 Henninger F HunevillvG W Howard Geo Ilendson Geo Hildrtth II A HardcaBtle H Hunt Henry C Halley Henry 8 Hilgard Henry Hays James Herron Jas Harper Jas M HutchersonCaptHarty Jno H *ncock C A Hodgkii.s C D Hatter Cbas Hurdle C H II osmcr Capt Hamlin John Hadgins Jas A Harton Ira C Ha'ston J G F Hooper Jas llervey ChasA-2 Holzman Israel Hansberry Capt Heyman Jno F Howe Cba? B Howard C C Hellgartner C Houlihan Chr Hines C R Henson Chr Ilaynes Can B Hackinan D R Hatch David W Ihinter Dr Hall Danl Ilea' h Edwd K Balczman ? Harris ? Handy Ed G Herry Jas L Holligen Jno Henry Jno A Haddon J H Harper Jao H II art well J H Harris Job Holden Jno A Holmes J M Hi lies Jno B Han Jno Geo UayeB Jos nayes Jas P Hill Jas Hart Jacob Harrington EW Heath Jackson Handy Edwd Hall J 8 H Herbert F D Howell L V Horn Francis Halejr Luke F Ball frank Hamilton L L I?a Johnston Fredk Jarvis Geo Jaquett AsstSur GP Jones Henry R Jemison H Irvin Jas Johnson J G Jennings Hon J W June Jas XL Kemp Dr Edw Knowles Fredk Kirby Geo C King Geo KennistonLtGB Kohler Geo Kibble Geo W Kurtz Harry Jones Alfred-2 Irvine A Mc.L Jarvis Adam Jones B E J ones Charley E Jacobs Chas 8 Jefferson C (col) Jones Chas Jones ? M Jones Frank Jones Frrncis A Kezer Abm Kinney Albt Kedzic Andw Keach Andw J Henedy Alden-2 Keesse A ? Kimes Abm Kleeberg C W Kirny Chrlsn Kelsey D M Knight DavidC Kohn Edwd KichbineE G Le*fi?; Admiral Lodge A L Lsntel Benj Low Benj Long Capt Lovel) LtCol CS Lowt 11 Cbas N Loverldge Lt C Laniuan Cbas Lonergan D Lynch Danl Kingman H M Karl Heir jr Kelly Jno J Kar eir Lerow Dusts Levis Edmd Lyons Xllis tinney S ee Edwd L Little Xghert H Lewie Xawin C McCormiek A B Meyer Aug 2 M:Pfc?r?on A Kirk pat risk J 2 Keirsted J T J Killeen Jno Kline 8 Geo KellJlwH L. Lander Edwd Lacey Francis E Lemon CaptGE LeonhardHenry Lovewell n Liele Jno Levy Joa Littletield I Lutman J M Lambert Jas L&vendoller J Lathrop J L Ll<*yd Jas LaBue Josiah Liui* Jno W Long Isaac Lern Jacob Q Lane Jno-2 M Mills H H Morris H >Jy?re H J Ilamberg M P Humor Mous Holy Menzel Hoilman M N llogan A K Hunt ly Moses Hall Myron V llaviland Maj Hull N P Helly Pat 11 are wood P Hoerlikey Patk How Patk Honnomon P Hill Richd H Horn Robt Hawes Reuben Harper Robt M Hetzel Selden Hyatt 8 llellmith Stephn Hurd Luth T Ilovman Maj SB Holman Sullivan Harper Saml Hallett Saml Huntley Silas S Herbert 8 A Hoy Saml Harris Thos Heilmann Thos Higgins Thos A Howell Thos Hughes W B Hobbs Wm D Hosland Wm II Henwood Wm F Hoverville WL-2 Harrington W(B Halfmann Wm n*rrod Wm Harding W H IlolloraB Wm Harvey W A Jones Dr J J Jones Jos T-2 Jones Maj LT Johnson Lewis ImleyNT Jacobs R ? Johnson Sol Jones Stephen C Jackson Saml Jackson Thos Irwin Wm 8 Korts J B Keller Lt Col K Knowles RevJO King Isaac A Krauskopf L-2 Kaighu Maurice Keymor Michol Keogh Maj M Kiel Philip Keane Riend Knowls Robt Kelly Sylvester Keitch Wm King W T Kinsey Hon Wm Kentfield W R Lee Jas Leeds Jas N Lankton L J Lowe Martin M Lane Mr Llghtner BevMr Lamont Norman Lo?kwood O A Ladow Peter A-3 Lynn Peter Laulor P J Laird Pliny P Leitch R Lehman S A Lane Teddy Lloyd Wm Lcundfbarg Lt Col Wm A MeDaagh Mat Mcneon M C-2 Mc^weeney M J Munsfield A B McKniubt A Malloy Lt A T Moore A T Miller A Meyers B McDougal Dr C McHugn Ghat* Morximer LtC 2 Jlcrriiuan 4 N Mudge Chas F MasseyJasG MitchellHarvey McRea Henry McNeely Maj H McCennia Hugh Millard Jas Myer? J II Manaihheim JA Mettker Juo L Merwin C II Miller Cbas F ^lattin I)r C E Mttagher Cha* Miller Jaa N Mulford Mai J Mezick CapJR 2 Miller Isiah Moraell Chas W Meldrum Jas Morse Chas MathiotColJD MuaseyBevC McGuireJasC Matbias Chrisn McCavoyJno McCarty Clias Martin Jno W McKelvey D G McLaughlin D Marsh Dr P C Mahew LI Col D Morey D B Mefford D M Mftz David Maearty E H Monroe E C Mills E II McGrogan Edw Maronon F McLaughlin F Molhorn F C McNamee F Middleton Joal Morrow Isaac Maurand Jan Martin Jas F Morrow J Molan Jaa My its J no McDonald Jno Mandall Jno McCartney J-2 McLaughlin J McFarlandJ M McCormick Jno McMahou John McAfee Jas FI Moore it Foster Mcllvaine Jas & Co Mason Geo L Ma real t G Martin Geo Morgan Gwo Marsh Geo 31 illor Geo R MeUall Ma.i II Maps Henry M?r*rav?? H Mandeville H B Me\ er Henry S kill! H C pNoyes Alvin A Newmeyer Abni Nalley Henry NornoowG W C Neide Horace NewVert C M Nelson Clark Northrop Chas Nevilt Edw K Nunnamaker E McKaye Col J McGowaa Jus McSberry J-1 Mory John More J L-2 Moore J febn Marr Jas F Mix Ja* MaTir Jesse F Martin Kileon-2 Mires Ro\ J F-3 Maddison L McCord L IV Norton E 0 Nally Levi H Nesmith L A Norton M P Nash Thos-2 Otis D M-3 Olaonnell Jere Overton Jno T O-Q O'Keeffee Michl Ostrander P R Odonoghus P-2 OdonnellMartin Oiler Philip Ortlip Mahlon Orr Capt Robt L O'Brien M Farlin A J Pickel Albert Powell Andw Pry Abram Patre Dr A Phelps A J Payne C 8 Price Chas A-2 Page Chas B Page Chas W Potter Guy R Penhollow C E Pratt Chas II Perkins Chas E Peake Delos M Perkins E Pailieen E W Peek Ed F Page F M Pike Frank W Porter F 8 Page Franklin Pbilleps Frank PrintznornMII^Penfield J J Pixley Howell Pearson Jno A Ortts W M P Pearson Q L Dickering J M Phelps Jas M Phelps J as Pursellfi Jas Parish Juo W Piper Jas T Pusey Joshua Putnam Jas Preston Jas Powell J A Pennington J-8 Potter J F Paden Jas N Peabody Jas H PlunkerJas P Peikins Jas Preston Jim Patterson J 8 Pa>ette Jezai I'ailatt Jas Potter Jas Putnam Jno 8 Phillips Henry Pond Henry Rnndle Andw Rogers A Pike Jas 8 Pride Jno B Ragan Gillim Kohinson Geo C Robertson Albt Bisler Dr H Bohin^on A D Reynolds H It Bay Chas 11 Russell Col Boberts Cba? Russell Chas S Ridgley C Reid Corporal Ramsdill H I Ruthford Henry Reeside II II Randall Henry Rinibaugh H S Rogers Jno D Bondebush C M Reichard Jos Robteline Danl Ramsey Jas S Robertson Danl Richardson J M Runes Delass Ramsey John hock wood LtEK Roberts Jas H Russell E S RyanJas-2 Rebeson E J ReynoldsRevJF Redmond Felix Rosenthal Jno Rafferty Frank Richardsou G WL3 Roman Geo Riddle Geo R Sac/a A Sepoil A C Stevens A W 8 oan A A Smith Hon A Smith And C Sadancltis Alex Sinn Lt A G Shank Amos Shatter Benj Small Bruce-2 Sullivan B Santord B-3 Shi ckles B Sartin Col Smith Cnss A Si ohs Chas S Swellings Chas Snow Chas E Shire Capt Shunk C Slight Capt C Sohallern l)r Sullivan Dan Safford Capt D J Salmon Capt D Smith Bev E Sosnoske Edw Seyerson Edw Spera Esrom Storer E H SnodeuEphraim Sherman Edw St ran "<? E M Strimel Eli Sawyer E W Shaffer Ed Senord F8 Seme ur F 8 Sewall Col F D Shoemaker Adj FM Stul Franklin Scovill Capt F-2 Schwab G Smyth Rev G II Saunders G W Shower Geo Trumbull A D Taylor A D Thoiuas A Thomas Alfred Tharber Cap BF Thomas B Taylor Chas J ThompsonCW-2 1 roy Chas Taggart Danl-2 Tigew Denis M Tyler Danl D Titbran D P Thompson Lt E Thayer Eli Tice S J Van7.ant A C YantierbiltCptA Vancamp Dr A Van Reper B Veil Lt C H Venable C H Vorisere Mon-F Rowland J no Bodgers Capt J A Ricford Jno G Roach J as P Rindgf Isaac-5 S Simpson G F Strong Geo W Smith Geo W Spencer Geo V* Schiver Geo W Smith G Nelson Simpson MajGB Stevens Capt H 8ipe Hezekiah Stone Dr II Simmons H E Smuck Henry Smith H A St Clair H W Sorrence Hngh SandersonHarry Smith H G Smith Hastie Sleeper H F-2 Steen H St Clair H W Sessions H C Sbryock Jno II Snivel Capt J Stearns J E Staples J L Sibley John Sullivan John Strasbaugh J F Sexton Jesse Stockton J H Selley Joseph Stewart Jas H Searsburg John Stuck les J N Sperry Jas H Stobell Jno Shaffer Dr J E Stearns J E Slater Israel Stigmore Jas St ruffe r John Stewart Jno M Solomons Jno Sampson J E Stewart Jas E SmithGovJnoG2 T Taylor Francis Tuckley Geo W Thompson Geo Turner Geo R Thebert Hiram Trimble H F Tomlinson II Tabor Harris Tylor Lt Col J S Troden Jno Truner Jesse Taylon JoshuaT TlayneJ T Thompson J H Thayer Jared TarrJasB, Vandeburgh FM Velie G C Vickerf Henry Veilson Jno Vanderboff I H Yarian Isaac R Montgomery M McNeal II M McGill Mr MilUr N R Miller Peter J McPera P 0 McCollocb Face Mc-Collor P H McShayne P Minor Capt P K Murry P II Mullins Pat Mustin~Robt Martin Bobt Mo wry K G Mcijorkell RevR McMuUen Rev A MoyerBhltesler Maynard 111 - Mikesell 8 P Mile* S? Merritt 8 E Millard Sam Mitchell S O Morrison S 11 Mesick Thoa Moore T J Masereon T T Masruder Tho# Mc Alpine Lt T D Mead W H Martina CaotWT Mulloy W8 Monroe CaptW > Mackey Win Marshel W L McMurtyr Wm McKennon Dr W Monroe W A^ McNamara Wm Murray Lt W II Marlfn Wnx Masruire Wm ? Millenet Dr W 8 Murphy \V in Morris Wm J McAlpine W J NixdorfT 3 Nichols Tho3 Nicholson WmH Nichols Wm II Nesen W C Nowise Wm N ye Zenas Ogle Win C Ogle Will Oneal Wm F Oa^ford Wm H Quintan M Quinn M W Perkins L R Porter Lonis Pelkiutou M Pierce Mial R PrayOM-2 Petit Q D Pittinger J S Piatt b T Paten 8tephen Pappim 8 Plank Paml G Pusey 8aml Paynt/. Thos Patterson T H-2 Palmer Tim L Fierce Willard Parke W P Pond W J Parent W W Payne Wm Poamam W J Prettyman Wm Parsons W A Patten Willis Plummer Wm Peter Z H Roth Isaac Kourk John Rosenburg Lt Rice Moses Rarasdell N F Rugcr C J Rose Robert Rerlden Richd Rintly R Rhodes Saml Russell Saml Reynolds MaJSM Boulston Thoa Rhodes T B-2 Rhinebeck T L Ramer Wm F Heed Wm |{ Reel W H U Reed Dr Wm A Robinson Wm Ridelen Wm Recton Wm II Robbina Wm Serff J no II Still Dr J W Shertz John Smith John Starks John 8tone Jno K Smith JacobS Smith John Bertf John Smith L F Somers Levi Sitgreaves Maj L Solomon M nez A Merle Story Myron L Sehweizerges andte Mr Shandy Peter Schmiedeberg K Van Shinu R A Saudfor.l II B Spi'iicer RRN Shelton It H Schriber CaptTB Smlt* Seth TV Swallow Solomon Shultz Sam Snow SylvesterM ShryockSSS Sparks 8 N Shafer Singleton Sginler Solomon Smith Hon Saxtn Scbwarlz Theo Spence Dr T R Sutles.Thos R Swards W H-2 Spear Webster Smith Wesley Stone Got M Smith Dr W A Sisson W H-3 Storry W II Shaffer W G Shields W J Selfridge W R Thorp Jas Tibbetts MP-3 Thayer P B-2 Thompson Richd Thompson Silas Telston 8 Temples 8 W Thropp Dr S TW Tewrny Dr R Tharnr Thos Trook Thos A Thompson Wn?H Taussig W T Tytus Wm Tomas Col WmB Varnum J B Vance Isaac Visser Mr Vaughn Wm Van Doren W A Vesbit W WoodallGeoW WrendtJno Wolf G W White Jas Ward Geo W Wright Jno D F Wurst Gotfreid White CaptJK-2 Walker Mons K Wilson Leml R Wflkins L ?? Wurtenburjr L WilsonLuciusD-2 Wagner Michael Willis A Wj man A P Whitemore A B Warren Alfred I White A P 2 Winegar G W Wickersham AR Watson Geo D Warren Amos I Walton Geo A Williams Chas-2 West Col G W Wheelock C A Wood Henry Whelpley ChasE Webster HA WaterhouseC H Woodworth Hor Wil?on Nathan WillettChas Wooster Henry Wilkina NH or C Wood Chas F Ward II H Walker Nathl K Walker DrC A Willis Henry Whelan Patrick Weston Chauncy Walker Hon HD Winstrode R Winslow Col Woodman Ilor'o Woodard 8-2 Ward Cato Wiley Jas R Woodruff 8 Waterman C A Wilbank JC ACo White Sim B-2 Wbite^ssHSurg Winter Jno B Weld S M _vC?llini D Willson Dr JasC Woodson JudgeS Wajdron Lt C A Williams Maj JL Wrigle Saml Wilder David M Waring Jno P Wilder SW Wakefield D M- Wilkinson JasM Whiteslde8amlM Wbitney David Wcmett J Henry Williams T E ^ Whitney Capt Watkins LtJnoF Wilson Thos E DeGann 1-4 Wallace Jas Whytall Thos Walker Edwin J Weber Jno Woods Thos Walsh Bev EF-2 Walton Jno D Weed Et W H Wilson Edwin Wheeler Jno H Ward Dr Wm S Wuitz Maj E L Wlieater Jno Wilson Wm-2 WaiTCB Fred Wyckoff Isaac 0 Walker Wm H Walton Frank 0 TV his? Jno Woodbury W E Wadsworth F C White J Louis Whipple Wm W assman G A Wright Hon J A Whituey Wm R Y-Z Young Aaron Yates Gilbert Young ChasE Young Hoyt Yates Cbas YeoJM YoderChasL Young Jacob-2 MISCELLANEOUS. ? Minnesota State Agent Westcott'a Express Office; Editor of tke Washing ton Daily'News; Washington Union; "Alerton"; "Agate," Correspondent of Cincinnati Gazette; Army Express. ^ It SAYLES J. BOWEN. Postmaster. TTOTELS AND EATING-H0UBE8.?We hare* XT In store a superior "toek o fO L A S8 - WARS. CHINA, CROCKERY, OUTLEEYMiI and PLATED WARE, particularly adapted KM to themoof the above eatabliehmenta, to WBB which we invite the attention or the proprietore. Star1 ?' "w?db*A m-IF ao-et 504, Odd Fellows' HaU, 7th at. Yeates Jno C York Judson-2 Yates WhartonA Co TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHES.) FROM GEN. BUTLER'* COMMAND. T he Late B rpuUe *f Gen Fit/hlfk L#? All Qaift on itie Front. Fcrtrim Mowrom. May 25.?Tbe steamer George Washington am red this forenoon from Bermuda Hundred, and reports that at ?? o'clock yenerday p. m r#b#i General Fltt hijgh Lee, with bout 2,uo? cavalry, attacked our garrison at Wilson's Landing, on Jam*>? river, and came near overpowering onr tornee there, though tbey fourbt valiantly, with toe aid of one gunboat. At 4 o'clock tbe George Washington arrived with reinforoementa from Fort Powhatan, which landed immediately, ana the flght continued with great severity until 7 o'clock In the evening, when the enemy were repulsed and driven back In great disor der, leaving between two and three hundred killed and wounded on the field. Our los* i? forty wounded. The steamers George Washington, May flowerand Snwanee were fired into, wounding the captain and mate of the Mayflower, two brothers named Robinson. We had bat one man killed on the fleid, and one died coming down the river. One reb^l major was killed. We captured ten of the re bels, including ore colonel. General Devens has nearly recovered hid health, and he will leave Chesapeake hospital wl h the first conveyance to join his command. T vt el ve rebel prisoners arrived last evening rem Wtite House, among whom are twj li> utmants, both wounded Tbey were ear iti red by Gen. Sheridan, last Saturday, on the i'am unky river. FROM KENTUCKY. Union State Convention. Louisville, May 25.?The Republican Oon vention met at noon at Mozart Hall. Fifty-six counties were represented, and deleAtagfrom twenty counties chosen who were not present. Hon. G. W. Williams was appointed president, and Col. A- G. Bodies, secretary. Among the ptominent speakers were R. J. Bieckiuridge, S. F- Bnrtem, Luclan Anderson, and Judge Williams. Mr. lirecKinrldge told the convention in his speech that if he were appointed a delegate he should vote for Lin coln and nobody else, and was rapturously applauded. Allusions to President Lincoln and to the prospects of universal freedom by the speakers never failed to bring down th? bouse. Mr. Breckinridge was appointed one of the delegates at large. Two from each Con gressional District were al60 appointed to ierresent the republicans of Kentucky at the Baltimore Hon a entlon. The convention passed tbe following resolution: Resolved, That the Union men of Kentucky, in Convention assembled, favor toe preserva tion and maintenance of the Union, the su premacy of the Constitution, and destruction of the rebellion, without any regard to what these objects may cost. The proceedings of the convention wero harmonious and enthusiastic. Democratic State Convention. Louisville, May 25.?The Democratic Union State Convention met at ill o'clock, at tbe Conrt House. Hon. James Guthrie wan made {resident, and Thomas S. Wallace secretary 'our delegates at large and two from easti Congressional district were appointed to rep resent K? ntucky in the Chicago Convention. ~lz wa? also resolved that an electoral ticket be selected on the same basis. In tbe afternoon session the electors and delegates were ap pointed. During tbe consultation ol the con vention Col. Frank Wolford addressed the assembly, eliciting the most enthusiastic ap plause. The convention, at their evening sessioc, were occupied in the discussion of resolution?. fSKCOKD DISI'ATCH.j Louisville. May 28.?The Democratic State Convention adjourned sine die last night, after passing resolutions reaffirming the principles announced by tbe Democratic State Conven tion of March 17, 1863, and instructing the del pgates to vote for McClellan for President and Bramlette for "Vice President i ILLINOIS UNION STATE CONVEN TION. The Administration of President Lincolu Endorsed?His Renomination Demand ed. CniCAr.o, May 26.?'The resolutions of the Union State Convention were yesterday laid on the table, and another committee appointed, who reported a series, in which are tbe follow ing: Resolved, That the Monroe Doctrine should be the compass by which to regulate tbe foreign policy, and it is tbe high dnty of tbe United. States to reinstate republican institutions upon this continent wherever they have been over turned, and tbe nation should assert this doc trine as soon as its authority is vindicated By the overthrow of the rebellion. Resolved, That we heartily endorse the Ad ' ministration of President Lincoln, and that we deem bis re-election demanded by tbe beat in ; tercets of tbe country, and that tbe delegates to I the Baltimore Convention are hereby insr-uctea to use all honorable means to secure hi9 re nomination. Missouri Radical State Convention. Jefferson City, May 26?The Ra<ii:al State Convention have made the following ad ditional nominations by acclamation: For Auditor, Alonzo Thompson, of Nodoway coun ty; Secretary ol the Treasury, Wm. S. Bishop, of Clarke county; Register of Lands, J. E. Smith, of Green county; Attorney Genera;, K. W. Wingate, of St. Louis. The convention decided to send delegates to Baltimore by ate?:; vote of 241 to 00. Tbe delegates at large are C. D. Drake, Ben Loan, John F. Benjamin and C. P> Johnson. Movements of Admiral Porter and Gen'I Tuttle. Cairo. 111., May 26.?Admiral Porter passe I up to Mound C'lty on the staamer Biack H'.Wt last night. Gen. Tnttle came up on the Platte Valley, en route to report to Gen. Sherman, having, at his request, been relieved frctn tbe command of the post of Natchez. A Rebel Raid into Kentucky Threatened* Locibville, May 21.?The Journal ia ad vised that General John H. Morgan, at the head of five or six thousand caYairy, is as Abinguen, Virginia, and contemplates"an im mediate raid into Kentucky via Pound Gap. Our forces are reedy to give him a warm re ception. - mtm P ? ? CONGRESSIONAL. In the Senate evening session yesterday? Mr. Sumner offered the following resolution, which was agreed to: Resolved, That tbe Secretary of War be re quested to furnish the Senate a copy of tft* preliminary report, and also of the final re Bort of the American Freed men's Inquiry ommission, witb tbe accompanying do-o men ts. Tbe Tax bill was then resumed, and the amendments of tbe Senate Finance Committee were generally agreed to as tbe reading of tbe bill progressed. In tbi House? Tbe further consideration of tbe Reciprocity question was, by a vote of 78 to 72, postponed until next December. Mr. Garfield asked leave to report a bill frsm the Committee on Military affairs for tbepcc isbBent of guerrillas, but Mr. Ancona, of Penna., objected. Mr. Scbenck.?What! object to a bill for tbe punishment of guerillas ? The House passed tbe Senate bill, providing for tbe payment of claims of Peruvian citizens under tbe convention witb that republic. Mr. Garfield again asked leave to report a bill for tbe summary punishment of guerillas, and again Mr. Ancona objected. Tbe Feeling ia Bichatad. We extract tbe following from a paper called tbe "Southern Churchman,'' published in Rich mond, and wblcb is tbe organ of "tbe Protes tant Episcopal Cburch in the Confederate States." The date of publication is April *22d, and we call particular attention to tbe sentence printed in italic: "The present time in tbe history of tbe war, we do not think can well be over-estimated. It seems by common consent, both among us and our enemies, to be regarded as^i crisis. Of course all may be mistaken; but it does ap pear as if we bad reached that point in the struggle, when a great victory, one side or ttfe other"will do much towards ending tbe war. If General Let meets with disaster, ana Johnston is overcome, we may reach the tonclusion that long er strife on our part, is useless and vain. "The battles may be virtually drawn battle*; no such success granted to either aide aa that; either will be able to accomplish anything great. Thia will only prolong tbe war; and, with tbe reaouroes ol tbe United State*, muet prove disadvantageous to os.Or the vntory may be witb the enemy, andthey may be able to presa us to tbe wall. Or the victory may be ours, and we may be able to drive tbe enemy In sbame and confusion. Now, all and either of these contingencies depend upon God. God may give the victory to either aide, or to neither, jnst aa He please*. L*t ua not forger, juat as He pleases." Man in the "Largest Sense."?Mrs. H Cady Stanton ia out lx. a card addreaaed to the callers of the Fremont Coo ventlon, asking them to bave her same added to the call as she pre sumes tbey use tbe word "man" In its "largest sense," and therefore mean to include all tbe women who would like to be men, but are not.

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