Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. 0> WALLA* U. Mil.' Prtyntw. WASHINGTON OITT J SATURDAY MAY 99, 1964. KTUADINe MATTER ON BVERT PAGE III OUTBIDS FOR INTF.RRSTING T1LJ VAAFHIO AND UTHKR MATT1R. NEWS FROM REBELDOM. THE REBELS THINK GRANT'S STRATEGY" " UNSOUND." BREAD RIOT THREATENED IN RICHMOND. A gentleman of an InqnisiUve tarn of mind irho baa circulated to ?om? extent in the rebel camps lately, baa returned to our line*, and report# among otber things tbat tbe rebels have been expaoting from day to day tbat Grant's ap parently reckless movement across Lee's right would result In bis placing blm in tbe trap "Where fcee wanted blm. but they admit that Oraot's rapidity or movement and good luck, bare enabled him to succeed in an "unsound" maneuver. Grant's wrinkle of wholly severing his con nection witb his b?e of supplies and taking tft* cfiances of establishing another they say is quite indefensible strategically,?a piece of qoizotlcal rashness, successful only in Grant's case through the same streak of good luck wb<ch must come to an end, they bold, sooner ?r later. They believe tbat Grant will not contest Lee's position on the line of the South Anna and Pamunkey, but will strike down towards the York River Railroad flanking Lee's right and opening a new base at West Point. This they claim will be virtually forcing Grant to return to McOlellan's line of advance on Richmond, but taey admit that Grant, in reaching it will have oovered Washington and crippled Lee in men and supplies sufficiently fo put it out of bis power to carry out any in vasion projects be might have undertaken during tbe four weeks or more time required to send tbe Army of the Potomac to tbe Pen insula by water. Lee's army is tolerably supplied with pro visions, but it is a supply eked out day by day by great exertion on the part of the rebel com missariat. There was danger of a bread riot in Richmond, lrom tbe fact tbat almost all the prcduce seeking Richmond as a market has, by military order, been diverted to Lee's army. ALL OF THE WOUNDED BROUGHT UP FROM FREDERICKSBURG. 1 he steamers Key port and Lizzie Baker ar rived bere this morning with Ave hundred wounded?all that were at Fredericksburg. Tbe wounded brought up on these boats are the most serious cases that have reached bere yet. nearly all of them having lost limbs. ?ome of these cases were found to be so dan gerous, that it was impossible to remove the unfortunate men from the litters on whicbtbey were brougbt up in tbe boats, and as they could not bear the jostling of the ambulances, detach ments of the Reserve Corps were engaged for several hours in carrying them from the wharf to the hospitals. Six died on board the Keyporton tbe upward trip, as did also qui e a number on the Lizzie Baker. Five died on the wharf while waiting their Jurns to be removed, and others breathed their last while being conveyed from the wharf to the hospitals It was heart-rending to hear the groans of some of these poor fellows &3 they were being taken lrom the boats to tbe dock. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM V ICR SB I RQ. REJOICING OVER GRANT S SUCCESSSES Cairo. May 2S.?Gen McArtbur's command returned to Yicksburg on the L'Otb. He had no engagement with the enemy of any importance. There was great excitement at Yicksbnrg open tbe reception of tbe news from General Grant's army. DEATH OF JOSHUA R. G1DDINGS. Mowtrbal, May 27.?Hon. Joshua R. Gid imgs drepped dead at 10 o'clock to-night. Aew York Stock List?First Hoard. [Sy the People's Idse.j U. 5. coupon 6's, 1961, 111#; U.S.5.20107; Oertlllcates of Indebtedness, {?- y. Gold, 15J\; TC. Y. Central, 133>4; brie, lily; Hudson. 117; Harlem, 8t-6; Reading, ill; Michigan Central, lt6y; Michigan Southern, 99; Illinois Central, 131", Cleveland and Pittsburg, 115 y; Galena and Chicago, 110; Cleveland and Toledo, 151; CJhlcago and Rock Island, 115*$-, Milwaukee and Prairie du Chien 70; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 116 y; Alton and Ten a Haute, 67; Chicago and Northwestern, Quicksilver. 75. RKV. J. LANAHAN is expected to preach to morrow morning at it o'clock, at e Mission Chapel, corner 6th anl N sta. flTE^BY DIVINE PERMISSION. REV. B F. G ? B&OO*,. ?>! u-.ll in tha DTP. Church. Georgetown. on SUNDAY, the 29th instant, at 11 o'clock a. m. and8o'clock p. ra. tt* rwcHURcu notice.?Rev byron sun UJ5 DERL AN D. D. D.. will preach in the West ern Pre?byterian Church, on H street, between 39th and 20th. TO-MORROW iSabbath) MORN ING. at 11 o'clock It* nf^REvTDR. GEOROE B. CBEEVER, or New Lls.5 York, will preach in the Hall of Represen tative- TO-MORROW. (Sunday. ? Mny 2t>. at 11 a. in. Subject, "?Justice to the Colored Race the turning point of our Nation's Destiny." It* ROBERT EMMKTT. A DRAMA, BY ST I L ? A ov.ius Uitf-rary Institute, at St. Aloysiua Hall. 1st street, between I and K. MONDAY, May 3cth. at 7.S o'clock, p. Proceeds for the benefit of the schools. Admission 25 cents. my ?3 2f PHILOSOPHY OF THE WAR?L.J. Pab L3 die wiU ltcture TO-MORROW KVENiNG at i o'cU'ck. in ad 's Hull. 4""l sth street. Sub ject, "The National Crisis." This topic will be pr^ented in a novel aspect, and doubtless handled vitb marked ability. Admission 19 cent*, to de fray expenses. It* ?P?~MR JOBN W. HOFFMAN WILL DELIY L St er a Lecture on Education, in the Lecture Itom of the M- tbodist Epiacopai Ohurch, Dun larton street. Georgetown, on MONDAY KVE llNu. Msy 3~th, commencing at 3 o'clock; to tbich ail are respectfully invited, particularly the /onng . my 2j 2t" fy^>A CONCERT OF VOCAL MUSIC WILL LL3f be given by the Dupils o' the Female Sec ondary Schools, under the direction of Prof. J. H rus'.EL. at the Smithsonian In-titution,on Tl'KS DAV. May Slst. commencing at nix o'clock. The proceed# of the concert will he used for purchase' of P:ano* for the schools Mr. J. F. Ellis has kindly offered the use of one o' his finest pianos . for the occasion. _ my 2o-3t ! nre=? FLORAL AND FRUIT FESTIVAL -The | ? V_3 Sisters charge of the St. Ann's Infant : Asylum, corner of 24th aud K streets, near the ' Sircle beg to announce a GRAND FLORAL AND RCIT FESTIVAL .commencing Tl'ESDAY, May 31st. ax.d continuing during th? week. As thia Institution ia a new undertaking in this cit>. and attended with great expense, and is now j in great need, they feel confidenc* in making this appeal to the generosity of tbe public, and hope tney will attend. Supper tickets, 5 cents. Admission to room. 10 ; teats Open from 2 to 1>o'clock p. m. niy2s-7t* pyfc" SUNDAY P. M , At 3 o'clock. Mrs. L.Svirn i will speak in the lower Capitol grounds j under tbe influence of theUea\enly Parent, w ho desires to suggest ideas as to what will rec cncile the North and Stuth.and how to reconstruct the Union again?th ?thirty-f?iur9tates. mr27 2t* rrS^FlSTIVAL AND FAIR AT ISLAND lL? HALL?The ladies of tbe Seventh street rr?M?b>terian Cburcl will hold theif Festival at the above Hall, commencing MONDAY. Uay3>. ; One of the best Rai.ds of Music iu the city has . been engaged fer tbe occasion. Tbe Piano, kind ly fnrnisbed. is from J F Ellis's music store. Admission, 13 cents. Season Tickets, oae per ?on. so cents. Family Season Tickets, fl. myl7-2w 1 CATHOLIC TOTAL ABSTINENCE SO CIETY will meet at the achool room near atrick'a Church, on SUNDAY AFTERNOON. 29th instant at 6o'clock p. m. AH are invited to attend. >?dinya from tbe life of Father Matthew, lately published, will be given. my?-9t* J. P. CLARK. ?ere. Valrs and otber entertainments famished at tteneat aotiee and most reasonable terms. lee Cream and Water lees made by steam power, war ranted to he the best la tbe eitr, wholeeals and re r\EMORF*T f> N. Y. TL ' RTRA >0 NIW8. mJ A weekly Journal of graphic ill'strations? ?ews. kinsic. Fanhp-n- an u?ral Literature, he m<del Nation->1 F?mily Vewsp'.per of America in its most compreheasive sense. Price 10c Sold everywhere. mytt3t* For sale- white Pine and r?dM 1 SHINGLES. H N. EASBY. my 3t 3t* D street north. a&th street west. FOR PALE? A TAILOR SHOP, now doimra rood business For further information apply at | No. 99 I street. between 4th and 6th my ?-3t* C^OOD PA-TI RK FOR HOBSES. AT 31 ^ PER 1 month. near Rladr-nsburg Apply to HI^LEr A GUY. WashingtoL, or N C. ?F?PHEN. Bla densburg. Md. my 28-3t Ladies wanting-dressks fitted and basted in the most fashionable manner will cal' at 339 I stre-t, between Uth and 14th. on the ; following morning*: Mondays, Tuesdays. Wednes ! days and Thursdays^ my2H-lw F0lf8ALE?A light. no top ROAD WAGON. Du senbery A Van Dusen makers. New lork. Has been run only four months; in perfect order. P'ice f!6" To be seen at DULL'8 stable, E street, near 14th. 28 4UT NINTH STREET 4 Q-J 4o/ FAMILY GROCERIES. **I Prime goods re tail in* for leas than wholesale prices. Goods delivered free anywhere. S. EVAN3, mv28-3t* *?7 9th St., between D and E. HAMILTON'S NEW BOOK. GAIL _ Stumbling Blocki, by Gail Hamilton, (Ju?t out. ( Trice f I SO. The Maine Woods, by Henry D. Thoreau. Price 91 25. Just published, and for sale by PIIILP A SOLOMONS. my 23-3t 33'J Penn. avenue. fHE CLEVELAND CONVENTION; U. 8. Con I stitution; The Strikers and tht-ir Rights; 1 Woman's Dress Movement: War in Kurope, and other exciting subjects, in DEMOREST'S ILLUS TRATED Nf-WS of this week. Splendid and graphic War Views, all in tint: Portraits of But ler, Grant. Hancock. Meade. Gilmore. Burnside, ana Howard, tke Proclamation Forger; Music, Fashions, etc. Do not fail to see this valuable number. my 2S-3t* WOOD AND COAL. LIMB, SAND. Ac. Just received. tons best quality Anthracite Coal, which lam selling at $11 per ton of 2,240 i pounds, delivered. 613 tons best George Creek i Cumberland Coal at $3 per ton. run of livered. 5? cords Pine. Oak and Hickory Woo l at lowest market price. Also. Lime. Sand, Plaster. Cement and Hair. Persons wishing to lay in their winter fuel had better call and examine my stock. WM GCINAND, Yard, corner of 1st st. east and B south, 1 H?y2S-eo3t* Yard and Wharf, foot of 4th at. east. FORD'S WW THEATER. EXTRA ANNOUNCEMENT. In consequence of the continued success of the grand spectacle of the NAIAD QUEEN. the Manager is induced to announce it for re pre sentation for MONDAY AND TUESDAY EVENINGS. May $' and 31, being positively the LAST TWO NIGHTS of its performance in Washington. Seats secured three days in advance. my 23 N NEWSPAPER FOR SAL*. The undersigned, proprietors of the BALTI MORE DAILY AND WEEKLY CLIPPER desir ous to retire from the arduous duties of conducting a Dailv Paper, are willing to sell the ENTIRE NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHMENT. The Materials consist of all the requisites for carrying on and publishing a Daily and Weekly New.-paper. consisting of a very splendid fast DOUBLE CYLINDER HOE PRESS, capable of printing3,600 sheets per hour, together with a single cylinder FAST TAYLOR PRBSS. all in good order: Steam Engine. 2 Boilers. 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We have Just received at our Bazaar aad Repos itory. ?*i Louisiana avenue between 9th and l"th s?s., a large number of all kinds of CARRIAGES, B< GG1E8 RoCKaWAYS.TROTTING WAGONS. ROAD WAUON8. BU8INES8 WAGONS, Ac.! whieb we have been inatru :ted to sell, at private eale. by the builders. and to which we call the attention of purchasers. WM L WALL A CO., Auctioneers and Commission Merchants, my 56 3t south corner Pa. av. and 9th et. FOR SALE?One strong three-spring WAGON with a top. tongue and shaft. Also, double and single HARNESS. Inquire at J. JOUVE NAl *8 Lager Beer House, corner 6th and B sts . Capitol BUI. my Sft-4t*' t PRIZES CASHED N All legalised lotteries Information (riven. Circulars sent free, and all orders promptly at tended to Addreee JOSEPH BAT B, U Walletreet, N. Y., apSlm PoatORoe Boe 4.M4. monieipal Election?Candidates, &e. fy-sp?sixth WARD.-Mr. hdrtm: hease an ilf noudce mr GEORGE a BOHRER aa in dependent candidate for the board of Aldermen, my 28-61* rv-5=" FIFTH WARD tnDEPENDINT UNION ll? ticket. For Mayob? JOHN h. SBMMES. Fob Ald*rm?n? SAMUEL STRONG. Foe Commo* CocnciL? THOMPSON VAN R1SWICK, vfm, V. WALUCB. JOHN W. MEAD. For Asbb58or? my 28-lw* NICHOLAS WAYSON_. ?NOTICE.?The voters of the Sixth Ward ho favor the election of JOHN H SBMMBS to the Mayoralty are requested to meet at thp An acoMia Engine House on MONDAY EVENING, May 3 th. at 7H o'clock. my 26 4t* f *? NOTICE ? To l/ie Unconditional Unto* uf Voters cf th? First Ward.?The undersigned harine been nominated for Common Council by the friends of Mr. J. H. 8emmei, takes this method of informing his friends that he is a an poor ter of the Wallach ticket. my 26 lw H. C. WILSON. |?g~~WE HATE BEEN REQUESTED TO 8TATE ijo? that Mr. N. D. LAKNER is not a candidate for the Board of Aldermen from the Third Ward, but is a candidate for re-electioi to the Board of Common Council from said Ward. my 24-te nfxp3* notice.? To the Unconditional Union fo ijjj iff} of th* ft'rjl hw.-the undersigned bavin? been nominated for Assessor of the War>i by my friends, and put on the semmes ticket, I wish to inform my friend that I am a Wallach and Turton supporter. my 22-lw JEROME F. 8ANNER. SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UN ION TICKET. KF For mator-hS H gEMME9. For ?""pvtv M. rlamom. saibvmk. ?ko""!i>skr hkpbcrn. rts2" unconditional UNION TICKET il5 FIRST WARD. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. run alvxbkah? JOHN B. TURTON. For Commow Council? jamks KELLY, H. c. WILSON, JOHN A. RHKKM. For Assessor? my 16 4e* THOMAS H. DONOHUE. rv^?first WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION ll? TICKET. For Mayor John ii. SEMME3. For Alderman? GEO. W. EMMER80N, For Common Cotkcil? JOS. k. RAWMNGS, J. H. SNYDER. 1'ETKR LAMMOND. my 21-teT SECOND WARD unconditional us_5 UNION TICKET. For Mator? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? J. RUSSELL BARR. For Common cornril? SAMUEL W. OWEN, WM. PETTIBONE. mv 2"-eo3t* SAMUEL A. PEUGn. XT INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOND~ WARD. For. Alderman my 20-te* GEORGE T. RAUB. (V-5=?TniRD WARD-jt/ab ELECTION -The ' unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ficket at the ap proaching municipal election, vii : Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH, Fob Alderman? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Fob Common Council? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. 8IMS. For ASSESSOR JAMES P cKEAN ap 23-tf iysf^third WARD?juivlfELECTION.?Th? |ljf unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following tieket at the Jane election : Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Foe Aldbrman? ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD, Fob Common Council? N. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. 8IM3. ap g-te n^s=*FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION _ ? TICKET. For Mayor John H. semme8, For Alderman? JAMES ENGLISH. For Common Council? W. W MOORE. ELIJAH edm0n8t0n. ,w G. M. WIGHT. Tlntel., Repub., Chrou. St Con. Union.] my i6-te _ fourth ward unconditional UNION TICKET. For Mayor? ? RICHARD WALLACH. Foe Alderman? JNO. P. PEPPER. Fob Common Council? ASBURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOLLAN8BEE, my 12 MICHAEL LARNER. as: rcr UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Foa Alderman? CHAS. I. canfield. Fob Common Council? WM. P. FERGUSON, JAMES B. DAVIS, J. B. WARD. For Assessor? B. F. DYER. may 6-swl, f5=?SIXTH WARD unconditional UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACn. Fob Alderman? JOHN H. PEAKE. my 26-te* |yy? SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL ll2 UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? CROSBY 8. NOYES. For Common Cocscil? H. W. hamilton, OTHO BOS WELL. my 20-te JOHN II D.RICHARDS. seventh7"ward unconditional llj union ticket. For MAYOR JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alderman? PETER M. PEARSON. Fob Common Council? JOHN G. DUDLEY, W. T. WALKER, GEO. WRIGHT. For Assessor? JOHN H. BIRD. my 16-i8t* nrs=* INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE ll5 FOR MAYOR, ? , JOHN H. SEMMES.* tp 29 te P MUSICAL. ROF. ESPUTA Would respectfully inferm the public that be isnow prepared to irive lessons in Vo-al and Instrumental Music, having^ retired from his other professional business,til, he is now able to devote the whole of his time to instruction in music to a'l those who may fce pleased to patronise him. Prof. Esputa's method is the same as is taught in Europe?that is. while be makes good performers ot his pupils he makes good musicians of them also; so that any one who may receive instructions from him may acquire th tt knowledge of muFic as will maks them com petent for teachers or professional musicians. Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who desire to enter must apply early, as the number is limited. PFor terras apply to Prof. JOHN XSPUTA, No. 51.'{ 8th street east. Navy Yord. N. B. The cars pass Prof. Esputa's resident* eve ry six minutes during the day. my 27-St* S MAYOR'S OFFICE, May, 29,1864. EALED PROPOSALS will be received by the undersigned until 12 o'clock M. on FRIDAY, the Sd day of June next, for building a Sewer on L street north, between Tweutieth and Twenty-sec ond streets west. The sewer will be circular in shape, its inside diameter nine (9) feet, the wall oT the sewer to be nine inches thick, and in keying thp crown of the arch no headers shall boused, but th tinner and outer courses of stretchers shall be carried over separately, and each shall be keyed with slate after the arch is turned. iu the execution of the work above specified only whole, hard, thorough burnt bricks of the beat quality shall be used, carefully excluding all bats and shattered arch^ briek. The bricks must be well wet immediately before being laid, and every brick must have full mortar joints under bottom, sides, and ends. The whole must be laid in mortar made up of beat hy draulic cement and clean sharp sand free from loam, which must be mixed in the proportion of two parts of aand to one of cement, and mast be made in small quantities as it may be required for use. _ .. * Bidders will state tto nrice per lineal foot for the sewer, which shall include excavation and fill ing to the height of two feet over the crown of the arch to the width of 14 feet. ? RICHARD WALLACH, Mayor. F. R. DORSET*, Commissioner^""jf^st Ward. _ PETER McKBNNA. raygt-dtd Assistant Commissioners. BARGAINS IN MILLINERY AND children' 8fancy HATS, AT THE NEW YORK establishment, No. 4 Market Space, second door from 9th street. Having a large and extensive Stock of Goods, and deairons of reducing it before the close of the season, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. Ladiea will now have the opportunity of pur chasing an elegant, stylish Bonnet for the same price they would pay for an inferior one else where. The stock is complete, with every novelty of th? "son. esy iht 4 O'CLOCK P. KL The Very Latest from the Front. GRANT THROWS A FORCE OVER THE PA MCNKEY RIVER IN THE DIRECTION OF HANOVER COLRT HOUSE NO FIGHTING UP TO THURSDAY NIGHT. LEE IN A STRONG POSITION ON NEWFOUND RIVER. BETWEEN THE NORTH AND SOUTH ANNA. GRANT MOVING TO OUTFLANK HIM. UTTER DESTRUCTION OF THE REBEL COM MUNICATIONS ON THE VIRGINIA CENTRAL RAILROAD. EVERYTHING WORKING WELL IN FRONT. A courier for the Philadelphia Inquirer ar rived in town to-day, bringing very late infor mation from the front. Up to Thursday night, 26th instant, there had been no fighting beyond slight skirmishes. On our extreme left Grant bad thrown a small force across the Pamunkey river, below Sex ton's Junction, in the direction of Hanover Court House. The report that we have held Sexton's J unc tion is untrue, as we have never occupied that point. Lee occupies a strong position between the North and South Anna, along the line of New found river and of the South Anna, in which Newfound river empties. The rebels are seen busily occupied throwing up entrenchments in front of their line as if anticipating an attack by Grant in that di rection. It is not thought that Grant will accommo date them by an attack on this strong position, bnt is working out a plan which will put Lee on a double-quick again, or force him to accept a fair fight in the open field. The destruction of the Virginia Central Railroad above Sexton's Junction has been so complete that it will be utterly useless to the rebels?rails destroyed, cuttings filled, em bankments thrown down, bridges burned, &e., tc. All the information from the front is in the highest degree encouraging, and calculated to inspire the utmost confidence in the success of the plans Grant is busily working out. FROM FREDERICKSBURG. GUERRILLAS FIRE OX SOME OF OUR SOL DIERS WHILST BATIIING. Parties who reached here this morning from Fredericksburg report that guerrillas continue to hover around the town in considerable num bers. Many ot them are also to be seen along the banks of the Rappahannock. On Thursday evening the guerrillas, sup posing that Fredericksburg had been evac uated, made a dash up to where some of our troops were in the river bathing, and fired upon them, killing one and wounding two. They soon discovered that our forces held the town, and they immediately skedaddled. A detachment of Union cavalry were sent in pursuit, but they were unable to overtake the marauders. The train sent out from Fredericksburg to the Wilderness to bring in the wounded that were left in hospital there, had not returned when our in formants left, but no fears were entertained for its safety, as the guard accom panying it was sufficient to protect it from the depredations of the fcerrillas. FROM THE FRONT. THE FIRST ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED FROM PORT ROYAL. The steamer City of Albany arrived at Al exandria to-from Port Royal with seven bunared wounded on board. The men were wounded on Tuesday and Wednesday last in the fighting on the North Anna. Up to neon yesterday no cannonading had b*en heard at Port Royal from the scene of Grant's operations, thirty-five miles distant from Port Royal, and consequently it is believed that if any fighting had taken place since Wednesday it was mostly of musketry. TOTAL EVACUATION OF AQUIA CREEK. TI1E BUILDINGS DESTROYED. The steamer Columbus arrived at Alexan dria early this morning bringing up the last of the rolling stock lrom the Fredericksburg Railroad with a number of Veteran Reserves who had been guarding that point and the road. Some of the buildings were destroyed Thursday night, and last night the work of demolition was finished to prevent the build ings being used as shelter places by the guer rillas. THE OFFICE OF THE ASSISTANT SURGEON GENERAL OK THE ARMIES OF THE WEST AND 80UTHWEST ESTABLISHED AT LOUISVILLE. KY. To facilitate the prompt transmission of medical supplies to points developed by emer gencies, secure the proper distribution and presence of medical officers and their assistants where their services are most required, and to provide comfortable, abundant, and available hospital accommodation for the sick and wounded of the Armies of the West and South west, the office ot the Assistant Surgeon Gen'i has been established at Louisville, Ky. To fully accomplish these important objects* Assistant Surgeon General R. C Wood will have immediate control, under the general di rection of the Surgeon General, of the medical affairs in the Military Department of the Northwest, the Northern Department, the De partments of Kansas, Missouri, and those com posing the Division of the Mississippi, except that officers assigned to duty with any Army or Department will not be removed therefrom, unless by order of the War Department. WOUNDED OFFICERS. The following officers, wounded in the late fights, have reported to Surgeon Antisell's office since our last report: Lieut. Morrison* llth New Hampshire; Lieut. H. R. Whiting. 24th Michigan; Lieut. Jno. O. Medd&gh, 67th New York; Capt. J. C. Ware, 10th New Jer sey; Major J. C. Rich art, 6th Ohio cavalry; Lieut Henrv Thompson, 64th New York; Lieqt. Alfred Newbold, 15th New York artillery; Lieut. A. B. Allen, 22d New York cavalry; IJeut. C. M. Hough, 9th New York heavy artillery; Lieut. Albert L. Andrews, 14th In diana; Major D. F. Parker, 10th Massachusetts; Capt. Wm. Camp, 4th Ohio. THE WOUNDED. The total number of wounded in the late battles brought to this city from Fredericks burg, Aquia Creek and Belle Plain, is estimated to be ?5,500. This includes the considerable comber of Confederate wounded who were left in our hands. As there was bat little ar tillery used in the engagements bet ween Grant and Lee, the proportion of serious cases is unusually small, and a large number of the wounded will be able to return to the field within thirty days. DISMISSED TBI SBRTIOI. First Lieut. A. H. Beck, company H, 6th regiment 'Pennsylvania Reserves, and Lieut A. J- B. Baumstarck, Battery H, Independent Pennsylvania artillery, hare been tried by a court-martial recently held at Alexandria, Virginia, of which Lieut. Colonel Lemuel Tower*, ist D. C. regiment, was president, and dismissed the military service of the United States for conduct unbecoming officers and gentlemen. NAMK8 OF NEW MILITARY POSTS. The new military posts recently established in the Department of the Northwest, bare been named as followsThe post on James river, Fort Wads worth; the post at Devil's Lake, Fort Hays ; the post on the Upper Missouri, Fort Rice; the post on the Yellowstone river, Fort Stevenson. PBE8ENTATION OF A SBBIES OP RESOLU TIONS to PRseiDurT Lincoln.?To-day, at 11 o'clock, a delegation consisting of Rev. Dr. Bride, Senator Doolittle, and Hon. A. Hubble, waited upon President Lincoln and presented him with a series of lengthy resolutions adopt ed by the American Baptist Home Mission Society at a session recently held by them in Philadelphia. Ihe resolutions endorse the course of the President, and express the warmest wishes for his welfare and the wel fare of the country. The presentation was made in the East Room by Dr. Bride, In the presence of about one hundred persons. After the reading of the resolutions by Dr. B., they were presented to the President who received them, and said that be was glad to meet the delegation, and as he had met many others of a similar character he had no new remarks to make, but that he would communicate by let ter with the society. COlfORBSSIONAL. XXXVIIITX CONORgBS.?FIRST 8188101* Saturday, May *28. Senate.?Mr. Wade called up the bill to amend the charter of the city of Washington In regard to the registration of voters?the pend ing question being on Mr. Willey's amendment to Mr. Sumner's negro suffrage proviso?Mr. Willey's being in the following words: "Pro vided, however, tbat no such resident, who is entitled to vote elsewhere, shall be entitled or allowed to vote under or by virtue of this res olution." This amendment to the amendment was rejected. The question was then taken on Mr. Sum ner's amendment, as previonslv amended by Mr. Harlan, limiting the negro suffrage or per mission to register to theso who have borne arms in the U. S. military service and be**n honorably discharged; and it was agreed to. Mr. Carlile then suggested to amend by substituting the word "citizen" instead of "res ident" in the bill, so as to prevent temporary residents, and who hold citizenship in other States, from voting here. Mr. Willey thought the amendment would cot accomplish the object; and On motion of Mr. Ten Eyck, the words "who is a qualified voter in other respects" was then inserted in the first line of the bill, after the word "pe son." Mr. Sumner then moved another proviso, giving all persons, without distinction of color, a vote who had, during the previous year, paid a tax on any estate or been assessed for part of the revenue of the city, &c. After debate it was rejected?yeas ?, nays 27. Some further modifications of the first amend ed proviso of Mr. Sumner were then made, and it was put in the following form : " Provided that no distinction shall be made between persons who have borne arms in the military service of the United States." It was then rejected?yeas 19, nays 20. The bill was then passed. LOCAL NEWS. A meeting of the friends of Jno. H. Semmes in the Second Ward was held last evening at L nited Hall, 11th street. The meeting was called to order by Mr. G. Powell, on whose motion Mr. W. P. Shedd was called to the chair. Mr. George Bowers was elected secre tary. Nominations being in order for a candidate for the Board of Aldermen, Messrs. George T. Raub, Grafton Powell, and Wm. P. Shedd were nominated. Mr. Shedd stated that he had striven to do his duty In the lower Board, but he had no de sire to be a candidate for the Board of Alder men. Mr. Powell said he had been accused ol being a secessionist, and denied the charge emphati cally. He was a Union man on any condition A ballot was had?Messrs. J. H. Yeatman and W. H. Sincell being tellers?with the fol lowing resultFor Mr. Raub, 46; Mr Powell, 3; Mr. Shedd, 3. Mr. Raub was therefore de clared the nominee, and the nomination was made unanimous. The following were put in nomination for the Council tieket:?Thos. W. Miller, Michael R. Coombs, Wm. P. Shedd, J. H. Yeatman, and L. Johnson, and a ballot was had, resulting as follows:?Miller, 56; Coombs, 52, Shedd. 50; Yeatman, 10; Johnson, 3. The three first named were thereupon declared the nominees tor Council, and on motion, the nomination was made unanimous. On motion of J. H. Dnbant, a committee of ! i?rree?John McClellan, O.H. Marsh and Wm. Rutherford?were appointed to draft res [ olutions. During the absence of the committee calls were made for the candidates, and Mr. Raub, who had entered the room, came forward in answer to a call, remarking that as "Prudence is the better part of valor," he would not say much, and would return his thanks for the flattering compliment paid him in nominating I him for Alderman, which was more than he [ had expected. He would promise, however, to deal uprightly and honestly with all, as here totore, not forgetting his friends. Mr. Shedd expressed his thanks for the flat tering compliment paid him so unexpectedlv i He would endeavor to do his duty in the future as in the past and work tor the benefit of the ward and city. The true policy was to legis late for the masses and not for classes and for that reason be had voted against the bill to in crease the pay of corporation laborers, he be lieving that the laborer could command an equivalent for bis work. He also opposed the bill for watering the avenue on the ground that it was wrong to appropriate money from the general fund for such purpose to the exclu sion ol other portions of the city. Mr. Miller was called tor, and briefly re turned his thanks, remarking that he was no speech maker, but if they had any water pipe? to lay be was on hand. The committee on resolutions returned, and, through Mr. Marsh, reported resolutions en dorsing the nomination of Mr. Semmes for Mayor, and the nominations for Aldermen and Common Council, pledging themselves to use their utmost energies to elect them to the offices named. Adjourned. Orphans' Court, Judge Purcell?The last will and testament of Richard Clements was fully proved. By it the entire estate is be queathed to bis widow, Malvina Rcse Clem ents, who is appointed sole executrix. The widow of the late Michael Shanks de clined to administer upon the estate of her de ceased husband, and asked that letters of ad ministration be granted to James Adams. The petition was filed. The first and final account of Jno. L. Kid well, executor of Sarah Jenkins, deceased, was approved and passed. The last will and testament of Isaac Cook Bartlett was fully proved; the witness absent at the last court day appearing this morning. Lena W. Mager renounced the guardianship of her children, and asked that Lippman E Wise be appointed. The petition was fllea. Letters of administration upon the personal estate of Matthew StClair Clarke, deceased, were issued to John G. Clark. The widow and step daughter of the late W. Doughty came into court and asked for the opinion of the Court relative to a section of the will.of Colonel Doughty, devising a large por tion of his real estate to the Superannated Fund Society of Maryland District, Methodist Protestant Church, for the benefit of the worn out ministers and preachers of said church. The petitioners said that they had been ad vised by counsel tbat the devise is null and void, the society not being an Incorporated institution. The will has been proved several years, and upon this subject the Judge reserved his judgment. Navy Yard.?The steamer King Phillip. Acting Master Frank, arrived night before last bringing np a number of rebel boats taken by the gunboats of the flotilla In the Rappahan nock; also, some horses captured. The steam fire engine Hibernia, which has been repaired at the Yard, had a trial yester day, and worked aattsfactory, and this after noon at six o'clock, a further exhibition of her qualities will be made before the officers of the Yard, ? Appointed.?Mr. Amon Duval), messenger In the Post Office Department, has been an pointed a guard at the United States jail bv Mr. Beale the warden, in place of Johnson Simonds, resigned, to take an appointment bv the Secretary of War a# watchman at the Old Capitol prison, " Ikppltivg Ladie* oh thi Stbsit.?Petac Fa*a? wu arr*e?ed by (J apt. Browning, for following a young lady and tnsnlting bar by the moit indicant exposure of hi* person. The young lady, the NUmahlf daughter ot a cltls?n of the Serf nth Ward, wa? on her way to taki music lessons ft-om her teacher, In the northern part or the city, and on 4J< street, south of tbe bridge, Fagan first approached her, and though she tried to avoid him, be followed her and continued bis insults and indecent exposure. At the corner of O and streets she a*ked protection of Capt. Browning and Mr Howlett. They pursued Fagan, and Capu Browning caught him. Fagan attempted to resi6U but was secured and taken to the Fourth Ward station. Tbis morning Justice Giberson ordered bim to pay fiO.M for indecent exposure, and sent bim to jall for oourt, in default of bail. Stat* of thb Tn*BMOM?T*R.?At Frank lin Jk Co.'s opticians, No. S44 Pennsylvania avenue, the tbeimometer stood to-day at I o'clock SO In tbe shade, and 1W in the sun rT*0 RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, at 4*7 E 1 street, between 3d and 4th. m > I* St * F"?OR RKNT?PARLOR and CHAMBERS on ths first floor, with the use of the kitchen, at 339. corner of 13th and K sts. Terms moderate. mytS-Jt* \TeRY~DES1RABLE ROOMS FOR RENT, at 436 E street north, near 7tli west. Possession given first of June. my 88->t* FOR RENT?Three or four unfurnished ROOMS, in a respectable neighborhood; to a good ten ant the rent Mill be reasonable. Apply at No. 460 7th street, ppposite the Petent Office, my 28-2t* FOR BALE-Three FRAME HOUSES on the Islsnd, two 6 rooms each and one 7 room-. For further particulars inquire No. 316 G street north, between 12th and 13th streets, my S^t* IT"OR SALE?On Maryland avenue, near 8th st , r a three-story BRICK HOUSE, containing 11 rooms; balcony in front. Will be sold tow and on easy terms, if immediate application be made ti? F. MACE. Real Estate Broker and Agent for the Sale of Maryland Farms, SI7 7th street. m!8 6t* ROOMS TO LET.?A lar?e PARLOR and two adjoining rooms on the ground door; also a and cellar if desirable. The rooms are all fu^ishrd. and situated in No. 31? North 11 street. Capitol Bill. Rented for forty-five dollar per month, to a permanent tenant. my 2i-3t* FUR SALE?A three-story and basement BRICK. HOUSE, containing eight large rooms situ ated on 10th street b#tween N and O sts.. No 304 also, a small FRAME HOUSE situated on 8th st. between M and N streets, containing six rooms No. 8W4. Possession given. Also, three araa FRAME HOUSES situated on 6th street. betwae F and O sta.. Island. Apply to D HAGPTMAN $18 11th St.. near Pa. av. my 28-3t* LANSBURQH & BRO.'S BALTIMORE BARGAIN STORE, 375 SEVENTH ST., Tnir.D Door. Abovk I Btkist. Immense stock of NEW SUMMER DRV GOODS, BOUGHT BEFORE THE RECENT 1UVAV0B. SILKS, SHAWL5. AND DRESS GOODS. Black Silks from f 1 up. Mozambique* of all the- new style*., in plain, strip? and plaid. Also. 60 cases-of all possible brands of Bleached and Brown Cottons. These goods we guarsn tee to sell at much less than factory prices. Yard wide Bleached Muslin only 25 rents per yard very scarce. Large 6tock of Housekeeping Goods. Linens. Whit Goods, Towels. Napkins, etc. A beautiful lot Laci Shawls and Mantillas from auction, 1,^0 prime Shawls of our own importation, LAWNS?LA WNS! In great variety, very cheap. Amongst thes can be found 1 case Brown Ground with sm&l white figures, very scarce Cassimers, CottoDadesaud Linen Goods, f?r men's and boys' wear, in great variety,* 1.200 Sun Umbrellas of all sizes at reducid price", 150 dozen Black Silk Mitts, with or without fingers from 50 cents a pair np. Yard wide small figured Calico, warranted fas colors, 22 cents. Black and White Calicoes. 13>i cents per yard, Ladies' and Children's Hoop Skirts, 25 spring only 50 cents. With a great many other bargains too numero to mention. Call at once at LAN8BURGH & BRO.'S BALTIMORE EAKQA1N STORE. 375 Seventh Street. my 28 2t* 3d door above I street. B Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneers. TINNER8 TOOLS, SHEET IRON. TIN, TRIV NINGS &C..AT AUCTION. MONDAY next. May 30th. at 10o'clock, in front of Store No 427 7th street, we shall sail, tbe balaaae of stock of 8h*et Iron and lin Shop, embracing lot of Soldering. Phfet lion, and Tin, witu Tinner Trimmings. T?n Ware, Ac , 4c Also.lots Seconl hand Furniture Book". A ti. See my.23-lt [Chron.l W. B LEWIS & CO.. Aucts B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF SEVENTH AND T STREETS. AND IMMEDIATELY OPPOSITE THE SEVENTH STREET RAILROAD DEPOT. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. May 37th. at 6.Li o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell lots No. 25. 26. and 27. in Wiltberger's subdivision ofsquare No. 441. fronting together 75 feet on Seventh street west, at the corner of north T street, and running back 128 feet on T street, to a 15 foot allej;. These lots are immediately opposite the Citv Pas senger Railroad Companv's Depot and 6table-. aai are considered desirable for business purposes. Terms: One-tliird in cash;the remainder in si v and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of tiuston the premises. Conveyances at the cost of tl e purchaser. my 23-d [Rep.j J. C. McGUIRE <fc CO., Aucta. B3"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, uil THURSO vY Ai TERN(X)N. June 2d,same hour and place. my 28-d [Rep.] J. C. McG IRE & CO.. An - ^ ALE OF CONDEMNED STORES. Wab Dkpartmbht, Cayalrt Bureau, rtmbxt. Cavalry Bureau, l OjfrtQf Chief (fuaTtrrmarttr, > , ^ Wmihington, May 27. 1361. S Will be sold, at Public Auction on WEDNES DAY, the 8th day of June, 1;64. at the Cavalry De pot," Glesboro'D. C." a large lotof Quartermas ter's Stores, condemned aa unfit for the public ie^. vice, consisting in part of? Btoves ana Stove Furniture, Knives Forlrn, Sec., Water Buckets, Wagon Saddles, Curry Combs and Brushes, Saddles Bridles, and Whips, Files and Rasps, Blacksmiths' and Carpenters' Tools, Brooms, Shovels Forks, and Rakes, Lanterns, Picks, and Leather Catting*. Scrap Iron. Horse Shoes. Rope, Empty Barrels,Ac.. Ae., Ac. Sale to commence at ten (10) o'clock, a. m. Terms ; Cash in Government funds. Five daj s w 11 be allowed after the day of sale to remove the articles from the depot. For further information apply to Captain H A. Dupny. Assistant Quartermaster and Depot Quv termaster. Cavalry Bureau. Giesboro', D. C. By Command of Maior General Auger. Com minding ltepot of ME8 lK[(( my.2^-td Lt. Col. ACQ. M.. Cav. Buroau j>? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. CHANCERY 8ALE OF~YALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, sitting in Equity, made and entered in the casj No 225. wherein W. Henry Farrar, Edward Thomas Farrar, Jacob L. Bright, and Anna Elix&betb. his wife, formerly Anna Elizabeth Farrar, and Frances Farrar by her aeit friend are complainants and Joseph F. Kel ley, executor of the la?t will and testament of Mary Farrar, deceased defendant, I shall proceed to sell,on the premises, ou WEDNESDAY. theSth day of June next, at 6 o'clock, p m. all the es tate, right, title interest, claim, and demand of which Mary Farrar died seized and possessed of, in and to a certain piece or pirc<ll of land,l>iag, situate, and being in the city of Washington, and known and distinguished on the plan of said city as Lot number twenty si*. (2-5 in Square or Reser vation A, together with the improvements there on. consisting of two frame bouses and appurten ances. The said property i* situated on the Bouth side of Pennsy^aniaavenuebetwe n Third and Four and a-half streets west. . , T*rms : One-third cash; and the residue In equal instalments, payable respectively In three six, nine, and twelve mouths, with interest. The de ferred payments to be secured b; a deed in trust on the premises The cost cf c?nveyaneing, including the price of revenue stamps, to be at the expense of the pnr chsser. and the conveyances to be prepared u&dor direction of the Solicitor in the cause JOSEPH F KELLEY Executor of Mary Farrar, deceased. T. M. Bloubt, Sol'eitor. my 28-eodAds GREEN &, WILLIAMS. Auats. CARK.AO?, CABS, &c. Just received a very large and splendid assort ment of CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. CHAISES. M CABS. Ac., my 20 2w 308 7th st., bet. I and K (Alex. Gazette and Journal^ PAPERHANGINsi] A selected and varied stock ot Fine, Medium and Low-priced Paperhanginga. Borders. Statues. Ae., at J. MARKRITER-S, 4-67tb street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows Hall Terms cash ap29-lmit 4 86 PlCTUBB CORD AND TASSELS. Different sitae and co ors Picture Cord snd Tss ?els. Rings, NaiU. 4 c . at J. MARERITER'S. 4(*67th str^ _ Eight doors above Odd Fellown' Rsll. Terms cash. _ sp 79-1 mil* IEIGEST OF the LaWS OF THB DI^TRIjCT

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