Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1864 Page 1
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AUCTION SALES. T GREEN A WILLIAMd, Aj.tioneera. rt'TPHB IIATS. J. C. McGriHK A CO , Auctioneers, L.AhG* Sal u np y ?CAN"T I.OT* nn non.Vli TO I IlK ST VP CKNT <> PIIV N 4?Y, On FIl ITAFI KltXO N at thn Au: lo ? R o n?, ?* aba 1 ?m r?? ** 9 9' VI, cm'* orp- ,u Ad?lum ,h-V?nr. ?*???'<* able v.ra- t L-t- vu: m' lhe 10,1 ?*>?>* r?lu 1 7 W t'Vi"' f.'es1 cn ^T went*'ff! Jr?40t'n? ***'-tb*r <? $ f.-"h'.0'^5-.Vio"A'r:,I'?'>, ."l fSl^^SmSML itrtffs wMt ?*Wrm and Fifteenth v.?222.: V 3< ,f>-l4-15 and 16.iii Square 447, fronting ?'?S ?") ??"'**' 'ortk- b"*"? .tasrSrtarfcst?,tr,,t ""*?? tifrTS?? T"?" ""Mt ? ? j ??'.? "ne ?n *aah; the remainder in ail cftr^'o'n {KS&ffl M ?>*0pDn?cCMd rerenae rtm?? *t the cost of tooB?e,0ftke ,rop?r1y 1"Y beaeen at oar counting - "T.23-4 J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aaetg. '? "? McGUIRE A CO. Auctioneers. Cpkopi"u T.?AI:* op va'.ttasle improved Itivkt ?>cl rrfB ^'RNErt OF T ?KLFTII NT E 3T AND MASSACHUSETTS AVF.. OJBATUROAV AFTERNOON, June 4 at6o'e'k on thf premise*, b virta? of a decree of the 8a rhV^rarvUrt *b* Di"trictof Colam iia, sitting in 5n . '?? swd m o r ?'n cau*-?. (N = .s. 2)r> ?n<j m y.v * ***'*? Mortimer Smith and Rosalie Martha, hie wife, are Complainants, and ?uUrEe'vi0r*#;, *? Lou'K*i R"aa1ie.and$irh ?. B- *ens?ndt, minor children of Qeorxe C J A ??Vi Cl*,'a^d,a..<l Arietta L. Vinxandt. nil porchili Of Jo^ph \. V&?z&ndt dprAiQiiH u?:^ ?lWrf"t' 2 Y*n,andt hq i N-rh ''asB Van k?r tl, ?%? lar#1d?r?Bda' t*. I Hh-.11 *=.11 i.ot num ber thr.? <*> in J*bn ? avidson's divieion of I rt a^oVfteen J5s >11? \qrl&re ?"?t>er thre- bundr?'d r-rJtwf?tLtD* ed %t tfle corner of Twelfth * ?Ss MuirJfee^ rn?V u"",tt^v- containing a ?oVltlnM.f ??,r" or ana improved h> rr"" aaVtTotJl0r?n^Jrth*nK4',omelT l?Wont witb fruit fcle a? r"-'d%n 4 W prop,,rtT is Tenr desira Aleo, Lot No. 4. in Davidson's *ub-diri<ion of t'te ?*t 'art o* stid Square trontiog tw?nty fivp f^?t on the ..?t .Me of Tweifth s'reSt w^rt between il?M'chnij? i t? avenue and north M stree* and funnirtK back 'a? hundred eet one inch ' tweTTe,m?S?fclt-i?wef"?: the f??ainder in six and irriir>? . *? fvh ,nt?r^t. secured by the pur * note*wi;h approved -uretv On tho ?ati 55^. the *ale by the court and parm'nt in ^f?BK"':he ?1-rty.?t to- fi?k and cost of the i' *"i" ?*wr *^fr,onoa? w#8k'8 notio,J in O-nT^yancesacd ?tamp* at th* e^st, of the pur ch*V'^ , THUS J FI4UEB, Trustee _ aj J. c. MoOriRB A CO., Aucts. J^Y GREEN A W'LLIAMS, Auctioneers^ VBTHV?r LiTi*t"J ? PROPERTY on NORTH D w?-t aVaucrioNb HAND 7TU8TBE*rs OsTThf UY thf Jdday nf June, atfio'clk, V- n . W0 *bill ?#?1I io front ?f ib0 pr0ini?69 wtst par.t 0} L< t 4 in fqasre iff?, with thf improvements w>? ?cb con?i?t of a *ood tw itorr and attic Frame with a B'ich back Buildinc, containio^ t-rht er.uv.-owi t and wellarraiitced rooms Tanas: Ore third cash, tbe ba'anee in six and foljrX** bearin* interest, a deed ? and de<?d f trust taken. AllI conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pore*a?i'r. ?y2frd GREEN A WILLIAMS Anets B vSToWLFBR?SiL ]SJ>ATLEon5 ?mfaasT?or,bue: gfJTS avenue BETWEEN FOURTH and FIFTH, 8TKKKT8 NORTH AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 2d day of June. at6 o'cloek, F.!? .**? II ?ell, i fiontof the premises, part ?' " *n Square No. A16, with a nearly new built tar??-stor? Fr?me Hou*e con'aining u.a* room* There is no better location in the city. Term- <-**h. __niT * i GREEN & WILLIAM8. Aucts. O Y J. C McGUlRE A CO , Auctioneers TRUSTEE S BAI.E Of~ilOU8E AND LOT ON S^Jgr??.W"T-BETW1!,l!i 01SD? Pui swa,= t to a arHi in trust made and executed by Ricbard A Hyde, of Waaaineton City, to the aultcriber to secure a certain debt therein men tion'J, I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, on tbe Seventh ? ay of Jun- next, at 6 o'clock, p m . on the pr?mlRM, 'all that piece or parcel .r ground and prem s?^ sitnatnd lyin?, and bein* in tne sa.d C i^y of Wa bin?too. and District of Col ombia and snovnand deci^nated a? Lot numbered ten (ID) in Crattenden'u aub divieion of Square numbered thrr*e honored and nin-ty eisbt (3W ) fronting twant < 20> feet on Ninth stre tt west, be lw>ea O and Pstreeta norts,and runoiu* back with that width to a pub i) alley, toother with all and BicfrTlar. tbe improvements, privilege*, beredita mpuU and appurt*nannes to the aaiue o*'lou<ia?, er u> any wt*e ?pp rtaining." Terna? One 1 alt of the purchase money CASh, theh?lancain three aid six m-jntha. with inter est The d? erred payments :o be aecurijd by a d-?1 is tru?t on the premiiw-?. All eonveyanee* inc uding revenue stamps at the axp?np? f th- ?uTCha>er |Ir the t#rtr ? ? re not compli d with within Sve d&ra after t e<" ay of sale the pr..nert? will be re-sold, at thf> riek and coat of the defanltin< purchaser, altar flrs days noti?? 'n the Ev?n r>*8tar. CHAS. P WANNALL Trustea. bt.S-fo*<i* J. C MoOUlRR A 00.. Aucta. J?Y GREEN WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. "i nBEE STORY BRICK HOUeE AND LOT AT Al'CTI"N. On ^ EI>N E-DAY the l*t day of Tune. o'c'k. T m.. fa front. f th? prsTHisea, we aball ?el! part of I ot No 3. iu S'quari* No 14. abo-'t 28 feet f'out. ru? nio< ?>ack iW'o?tdeep more ?-r l?as, oo Penn ?y)? a, >a ???un<., b*twe n 1 wenty flfth ?, d Twen ty ?ixth strett west. A good Brick with all the iniprnvemeBtn. Terma On^-third c**h, balance in six, twelva, ac t eighteen months, for n -t^s bearing interest I)**d given and a deed of trust Mken. ill con-rnarcing and revenue atampaat the coat cf th^ purchaser. my 16 d GREEN A WILLIAM8. Aucta. J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VERY DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSE ON north mde of f street north, be tween ELEVENTH AND TWELFTH HTo. WEHT *>u WEDNISDAY AFTERNOON. Jane 1, at 6 o'riock on tbe premiaos, w? aball sell, house No. 313 on tbp north *ide pf F *tre?t north, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets weat, believed to be one of tbe a est complete and well arranged house* of itaaize in tbe city containing Saloot Parlor. Din Jng Room Kitchen Library, two Chambera, Bath loom and Water Ct?*et In the third ftory, and two Obambera wit? Bath Root t and Water Closet, in tie fourth story?with a 1 the modern irapro'e tr.enta : Baege. S?xton Heater, Hot and Cold Wa ter, Gaa. Marble Maatela A*. Ac The hou* U in perfect order?maatic front, papered and painted throughout, and ia In ev*rr respect d<eirtble. Terms . One-thi'd Id cash; the remainder ia ail, twelve and (ighteen months, with internet, se en at by a deed of trual on the premiaes. Conveyances and at am pa at eoet of the p?rchaasr. Imm> diate poseeaalon given. tny Jf d J 0. MoGUIHE A CO.. Anet*. y^COTION BALI OF OON0Blllf>O B0UK8. Wa? DiriiTinn. Oataut Bvm?au, ) OrncK or Cbiip QoABTiauAaran, > ? WasKimtum. D. C., A#rU 3s7l8M.\ Will be aold at public auction, to tnehigneat bid der, at the tlmee and claeee named below, via: Kewport, Fenna , Tharaday. May #th. Gettysburg, Penna. Monday, may Ftb. IWna, Ptnna. Jfc?.4ay Jk?n?h. ? ifflin, Penna , Tburaday. Hay'?th, (Mediag penna., Thursday, Miy Wth, Lebanon, fenna.. Thursday, June 3d. Northumberland, Penna.. Tnuraday, Ja>6 9th, dUAtt'on, P'BM. Tbuwfay, J?jm WWfaogwOrtTTennA , Thursday, Jnae 3M. One H undred i Kfl) horana at Gettyaburf. and Two Bandred and Fifty ttsn at nach of the other place a These horgoe have been condemned an nnflt for the cavalry aemc* of tbe United Statea Army. Fnr road and farm pumoeea ? any good bargain* may be had. Horses will be aold singly. Bales b?gia at *> a m., and eoatintte daily antti ail are sold Terms; ca*h, in United BUtee.Treasury no tea only. JAAEH a. BKIN, ap * tJeSO Lt. Col aadC.Q.M Cavalry Enr*aa, J NITED bTATES MARSHAL 8 0AL?: la' the virtue nf two write nf Fieri Factaa Issued from Vl*rk's office of the Circuit Court of the Diftrict of Columbia, and to m? direetnd. I will expose to public sale, for cash at tbe front nf the Court House door, nf sa doonnty.oe MONDAY, the etb day nf J?rv? next. IA'4. at 11 o'elock M. allde fei daat's right, title, elaios. aad i tereet la and to L< *s No. ) s. and 3, in Square No 9n. being the ecrfivl *el thlri part of wid Lots, seised sad levie I npon as the property of WllMaai Douglaee, and wil) be sold t^> sati*fy itidlrial Nn.w Oetn b*r t^rm 18M. in favor of fm O. W Weite and Pr ther, use of James R. Smith use nf Henry Douglass. WM. SELDEN, my.13^A^s late U. ?< Marshal. D O WALE OF CONDEMNED GRalN AND GRAIN fy "AvKo _____ t C%Uf QuarUTmaMtr'* (Ifirt Dtpot %f W,\$ton*ion, I Wahhihcto* D. 0 , May Sd. 19^4 \ Wil] be pold at public auction, at rieveoth st"?et Wha?f >n tbe rity of Wa hingtoc D. C , EATUR LAY June 4. |V4 at 11 u'clock.a m , aboo- .s tliree 1 bn bels of Oafs an ' i|, Oft) tblr y nve tboosaud Grata Ma?ks, ?on<Js<nned aa un2t for pub ic ,ersioe. Sf?k/U bid4srs will be reauired to rsmove their pnrehasea wlihiu fl*e .91 days from tbe day tfeale Term?: Caah !n GovernmePt fun^s. D H K' OKER, Br'rf. Gen. and Ohlef Qn*rtermaew?r, iry .?"-td Depot of Washiagton, D 0. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE OA VS. jp^Y J C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE RE \L FSTATE ON E STREET. NKAR TBS POST 01/ICE DEPARTMENT, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY, May slit, at 6 o'clock,*, m.. on the premises, we thail >e 1. all that vacant Lot s'.t Gated on the north sldo of E street north, being the ea?ttr y part of I ot No 2, In Square 4 *>, lrlng be', ween the line of the face of th easterly wal' or abaick bouse, for mauy years occupied by Wo. Linton. Esq.. and tbn weeterlv line of Lot No. l,in said Square, being 26 feet 6 inches more or less, in wdth, and ruining bach 87 feet 6 inches to a ten feet alley way. A oart of a brick Btable at the rear passes with the land. T> e r-eighborhood of this property to the Pat?nt and Post Office Departments makes it a desirable location for a private residence or for office purpo Be 8 Terms : All cash or one third cash; balance in six and nine months, with interest,and sucuredon the property. Title unquestionable. Cost of conveyance, including revenue stamps, to bn paid by the purchaser. my.19 eoArts J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Aucts J^Y J. C McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC MALI. On WEDNE8DAV MORNING, Jane l?t. a* 10 c'cock. at the resirtenre of Jad^e Undorwood, Ni. 3:.9 2bt str??t. between H and I streets, we ssatl #ell.the Furni'uro and Effects comprising ~ B*ir Cloth 8rfa?, Arm and Ea?y Chairs, Rosewood Marble top Table Wf-atnot. 1 ace Curtains. Cornice. Hteepti n Chairs, Brussels. Ingrain ard other Carpets, Hat rack. Oil Cloth Rugs, Look lot G asses C ''ck. Shades, Dining Tables Cane Seat Chairs, Sideboard. Refrigerator, Crockery and Glassware. Cutlery, BedsUa?s. Bureaus Wasbstands, CotiHge Sett, Wardrobes Mattresses, Bolster* and Pillows, Toilet Setts, Comforts, Blankets, Cooking ana other Stoves, Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen requisites. Term* cash ^"Tbe House is for rent, esquire of Mr. Drury. Pennsylvania avenue, between Twenty-Ural and T?entv second streets. my 27-d J. U McGUIHE A CO.. Aucts. j^Y J C. MCGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FOUR YALUABL1 LOTS IN JACKSON HALL Al.LEY, AT ACCTION. On WEDNESDAY AtTF.RNOOM. Jane nth, at C o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lots No 3?. 3ft, and in sub division of Beservation No In. fronting each ;6 feet on the BO foot alley on street in ihe rear of Jackson Hall, running back about li o feet to an alley These Lots are admirably located for the purpo ses of a Livery Stable or f jt a Manu'uctory, and we invite special attention to the sale. Ttrms: Or c-tbird in ra?h: the remainder in six end twelve months, with interest, secured by dded oftrustontbe premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, my ,27-d J C. McGUIBM ft CkJ. Aucf, |^Y WM. B. LEW IS A CO., Auctioneers. CARPENTER8TOOL8."BlNCHES.HARDWARS, MOULDINGS. n EWILS, BRACKETTjJ, AO., Ao . AT AUCTION We shall sell, on THURSDAY MORNING June 2d at in o\ Jock . at Mr W. P. W*bb's establishment No. 407 G street, near Seventh, all the Lumber, Veneers, Tools, Hardware, Mou din**, Newells, Ac.. Ac. AWo. 2 Mortice Machines, Lawton's Patent, 1 t-mithV Patent Moulding Machine, 1 Woodward Patent Planing Machine, J Circular Saw Tab'es, complete. Several Work Benches, 1 Gne Lathe. 1 complete sett of S-rew Cutters.and B*>xes, Lot of a**-)! ted Files. Screws. Chisels. Oil Stones, Setts of Mouldings. Planes, and othsr Tools, 2 larte GrinCstonus. Ac. ALSO, Large lot* of Mahogany and Walnut Newell Posts, Baniste's, Cornice, Moulding**. 4 o.. Ac,. Fire Lots <-.f Mahogany and Walnut Veneere, Lisnunivinc Wo? a in Lo"s. about one top, l ot Bracketts. of diff rent styles. Stine large B? thing Tuis wit a Shower Bathe. Pipes, Stoppers Ae .comp.ete, 1 large Glass Side Caee 41-so, About 15 <H? 8egsrs, Lets T< b'?cco. Liquors. Ac., Tcgetberwit i a lot of Furniture, Ootts. Tables, Chairs. Ac , As. Eiy.i6 ts |Cbr< n.l W. B. LEWI 9 A CO., Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!!. THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF SEVENTH ANDT STREETS. AND IMMEDIATELY OPPOSITE THE SEVENTH STREET RAILROAD DEPOT. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 27th, at o'clock, on the premi?es, we shall sell lots No. 25, 26. and 27, in Wiltberger's subdivision of square No. 441. fronting together 76 feet on 8eventh street west, at the corner of north T street, and running back 128 feet on T street, to a 15 foot alley. These lots are immediately opposite the City Pas senger Railroad Company's Depot and stables, and are considered desirable for business purposes. Terms: One-third in cash; tbe remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. nsy 23-d [R?p.J J. C. McGUIBCft CO., Aucts. ?yTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, uutil THURSDAY AF TERNOON. June 2d, same hour and place. my 2? d [Bep.) J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. gY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct r; Gtorgetowa SPLENDID BUILDINgTlOTS, FRAME BUILD INGS, LOT OF CARPENTERS TuOb*. LOT ROPE, 8KVEKAL HUNDRED CORDS OF OAR AND PINE WOOD, Ac Ac., AT ADCTION, On THUtlSDAY AFTERNOON, June 2d, at 4 o'clock p m.. I will sell oa th? premises, on the rorner of First and Market streets, Georg* town, t r? e splendid Building Lots, each fronting a feet 4 inch?s on First street, with a depth of feet on Market street. Terms: One thirdcash; balance insix and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the prop e>'y. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. ALSO. Two Frame Buildings, to ke removed. Several hundred cords of Oak and Pine Wood. Lot Carpenter's Tool*. Large lot of excellent Rope, double and single blocks Lot of Iron, Ac.. Ac. Terms cash myi7-d (Intel.) THOS. DOWLING. Auct. |^Y J. 0. McOUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers, TBr8TEE'S SALE OF~~VALUABLB VACANT LOTS ON TBE ISLAN D. On f ATCRDAY AFTERNOON, June 11th, at 6 O'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Oolumbia, sitting in chancer*, passed on the 3d day of Mar, A. D 18b4. shall sell at Pnblie Auction. Lots Nos. 69,70,71,71. and 73, in Square No *8, fronting each Xi te+1 on tbe weet side of Four-and-a-half street, between south M and N streets, running back lfio feet to a 30 feet alley. ALSO. Lots Nos. 3 4, and part of Lot No. 5. in Square No 196. fronting on south G street, between Four and a half street and Sixth street west. terms eash. rthe terms of sale are not complied with in flr? days after tbe sale, the Trustee reserves the right to re sell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser. Conveyances at the oost; of the purchaser. T. EDWARD CLARE. Trustee, J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Aucts. OF CONDEMN10 STORES. i Wa* Dipartwiit, CiniiT Belli n, OJiccQf Cki*f Qnattnnuuttr, WiUb. Sold at PubUc^ASoUin^on^RDNW E,.?.c^irpS?fo,?-Bfifit fwtt?p?? Stoves and Stove Furnltarf. Knives Volts, ft?? W ater Buekete, 4 O.T.'c^il Br*.-.., Saddles Bridles, and Whips, Files and Rasps, * ' Black smiths' and Carpenters' Tools, Brooms, Shovels Forks, and Bakes, Lanterns. Picks, and Leather Cuttings, Scrap Iron. Horse Shoes.Bope, Empty Barrels, Ae..fte.} Ac. Sale to eomm*nce at tea CI0J o'clock, a. m. Terms : Cash in Government funds. Five da? s w 11 He allowed after the day of sale to remove tbe ar?ielee fr tm thetfepot. _ For farther information apply to Cantain H. A. Dnpny As-is*snt Qnartermaster and Depot Quar termaster, Cavalry Bureau, Giesbora', D. O. By Commend of Major General Auger, Com* maading Depot of UFashingt jn * r JAMES A. EKIN, my.ssvi Lt. Col ACQ. M., Cav. Bureau I! Y J. o McGUIRE ftXJO , Auctioneers. ALU ABLE VACANT IOTH OW NEW YORK AVENUE, BET* ERN6TH AN D 7TH STRiE rS ?rEl1U^A.l2.?T???TR*"T WBHT, BETWEEN L AND M STREE iB NORTH. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Jane !, at 6 o c' *be premtsee we will sell, the eastern part of Lot No. 6, in Reuare No. *50, fronting St feet on trer. r.b siieof New York avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets west, and running back lit f?et, to be divided into two tots of 17 feelfifont each. tniioitTiir ami. Part of Lot No. 3). and the whoie of Lot No. 21, in Sqna e No. 44?. diviaai into 3ve fronting each IB fee* t Incbea on th* wqst aid* ?f Sixth street L M.s it** and running haf k 116 feet to a V foot alley. Terms: One-third eash, the remainder in six ai'5 twelv# moMbe. with interest, secured by a dee^ of trust en the preniteee. Conveyances and stanspe at the ecst of the pur chaser. cyJSd /,C. MoGUIRE ACO .Aoets. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC J CANTERBURY HALL,I AND HAL L(CANTERBURY HALL,( TIJKATEh Louisiana Arisen, A Mr Ootntr of Sixth Strtft, Rear of National and Metropolitan Ho'Ms. 81016I LiA ?- ? .Proprletoi W. E. Can atacqh ?....StageManager MORE NOVELTY I MOKE NOVELTY! MORE NOVELTY! New Attraction*. A New Bill. New Attractions. C A New Bill. New Attractions. A New Bill. MORE FUN ! MORE PUS 1 MOBS FUN! TWO NEW PIECES TWO SEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque A Langbable Farce A. A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce _ A Segro Burle'qTio TO-NI<iHT. TO-NKi (IT. TO NIGHT. THE FLYING MILLERTTE. THE FLYISG M1LLKRITE, THE FLYING M1LLERITE, Billy West a* Jake Naomi Porter a? Pete Billy West as Jake N Naomi Porter as Pete Bi!lv West a^ Jakr Saomi Porter ah Pete IIr, J HE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKTKS. Ok, THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. Ok I HE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES, THK MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, the manager s assistant. Mullican as Toby Cavanngh as Manager Mu'Ii-au an Toby T Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Or, TOBY 8 MISHAPS. Ok, TORY'S MISHAPS. Ok, TOBY'S MISHAPS. Second w*ek of M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL. M'LI.I MARIETTA RAVEL., M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, The great The gr -at Tight Rope E Tight-Rope Performer. _ Performer. MLLE MARIETTA RAVEL. M'l.LB MARIETTA RAVEL, M LLE MARIETTA RAVEL. Who will also appear in TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, TWO SPLENDID DALLE l>, TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, 8olo Dances. Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dances X* Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dauceb. ??,? Tableaiix, Supported bv MONS. BAPTISTaN, cuppv. MON8 BAPT18TAN, MON'S. BAPTI3TAN, AND THE ROSZASI BALLET TROUPE, RONZANI BA .LET TROUPE, RONZANIBALLET TROUPE, Grace and Beauty Each a *olo Dansett+e Grace and Beauty 13 Each a 80I0 Dauv-eus G race and Beauty Each a Solo Dia^Mua of SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, W. B. Williams, J. J. Dougherty, W. B. Williams, T7 J.J.Dougherty, W B. Williams, J. J. Dougherty! BILLY WEST, *' BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, IS NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, New Songs, New Burlesques, New Songn, R Sew Burlesques, New Son**, New Burlesques, SEW BANJO SO .OS, NEW BANJO SOLOS, NEW BANJO SOLOS, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER. Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Y Miss Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forrest, MI88 F.STELLE FORREST. MISS ESTELLE FoRREST. MISS ESTELLE FORREST. First wee* of the side-splitting Farce, entitled THE FLYING MILLERITE 1 OB,THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES ! Jacob.. ? .... , - - ? - Billy West Pete . Miss Naomi Por*er Old Squintum J.J.Dougherty Mr. Pillgarlic J. D?*orreat Mrs Squintum n.W. Williams Louisa. '. Miss Emma Scbell JOHN MULLIGAN in his Lanehable Character of TOBY TURTLE in the fnnny Afterpiece of THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT ! TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLET8, A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OV SONGS, BONGS, SONGS, SONGS, DANCES. DANCES, DANCES. DANCES, EXTRAVAGANZAS, _ EXTRAVAGANZAS, Ae. Ac. Ac. Embracing the strength of the ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GBEAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, .numbering over Fifty Performers, Change in the Olio Department Each Night, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admission ? Orchestra.. yXOuVVirSt ? ? ? ? ? "??? ????*? Private Boxes, holding six persons.. Doors open at 7 ?'clock; Performance to MB mence at (o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO 0*0LOOS. Ladles 38 cents; Children 10 cents. Ia preparation, and will shortly be produced f A NEW SENSATION DRAMA I written expressly for this establishment, by a popular Dramatist, and founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city. Due no. t!ee of its first representation will be given, amuskmknts. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TB3TB SrilllT. liOT* PllllllTI * ??l ? AVBBTTB thecoole t and best ventilated place OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. In consequence of the continued success of the fraud spectacle of the C NAIAD QUEEN, wbl<"h it unirerully acknowledged by the !arg<? and fashionable audiences that nightly throng the theater, 1?> be the most g"r*eous ??er produce I m \y? uMi' jttoti The management announces it for rePrMONDA?T AND TtTF.SDAV EVENINGS, May 3 and 31. bein* positively the LAS?T TWO NIGHTS of its performance. "" ?0t?1,r ?,T J,'FcHBKE. Wl11COMEDY or KRROR9 which will be produced with an unequaled cast. In rehearsal, the la'rt new comedy, played in New York with tjreat success, entitled A BULLTN A CHINA SHOP. GBOV ICR'S THKATKK. Phsrstlvasia at., neaa Willahd*3 Hotkl Leonard Obo vsm - - Director THE COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA VEN TILATED BY OVER 10?? WINDOWS. ICE WATEH FOR THE AUDIENCE! MONDAY EVCNING, May 3?, 18SI, La'-t nisbt but three of the OPERA SEASON. Second appearance of the Brent HERMANNS, M. HIMMER in his great effort. MADAM JOHANNSEN, M'LLEEREDERI'U.BINECKS ALL TO APPEAR TO NIOHT In the second and last representations of Gounod's Grand Opera of FArRT FAUST whi?-h will be presented in tive acta,with a cast of great ^trpy^RFUL CHORUS OP FIFTY, and the entire Grand Orches ra from the Academy of Music. New York. A FULL MILITARY BAND on the stage, incidental to the Optra, and euperb new Mice en Scene. _ . M. H ? miner as - ? ^7?- ? * ? Sienora Fiederici as Marguerite Madame BerthaJohannsen as...,. 8>e.?e? Joseph Hermanns as..... Mepb1 ft to phi 1-ts M. Steineckeas ? VaL?itin Mad. La Boche as . - ? ? ? Martha CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera Tuesdav, Mozart's G rand Opera of DON JUAN, Wednesday, lost timo of Flotow'a favorite Opera or MARTHA! Tickets for ?ny of the above Operas for pale at Metzerott's Music Store, a >d at the Box Office of the Theater at the following SCALE OF PKICE3 ! Orchestra Chairs ... SI #"> Dre?s Circle nnd Parquet * **' 1 Reserved peats &) cents extra.) Family C1 rele c "n" "U SHS, Business Msnsger and Trea-mrar. METROPOLITAN MUSIC HALL, PlSHSYLVABIA AfllDI *BH> lllTUTB ST*BBT P.QARD NERfcH. 1WOGHS....-..Proprietor*. PROF. HOLDEN_?? -Musical Director THE COOLEST PLACE ?F AMUSEMENT IN V THE CITY! First appearance of the great favorite Ethiopian Comedians, FRANK KERNS AND J. THOMPSON THE LARGEST COMPANY OF ARTISTS! BEAUTIl l<J03ft[jL?Jg|oMIMB8! 1 NEGRO BURLESQUES! COMIC AND SENTIMENTAL SINGING BY TBK GREAT MET&OPOLl ^AX TROUPE. Admission -?-?? Orchestra Chairs...... v? ?AYis Private Boxes $3 and $5. A GRAND MATINEB EVERY MONDAY PGR LADIES AND CIIILDREN. AUCTION SAI ES. |?Y J. C. MoGUIRE St CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF TWO FRAME HOUSES AND LOTS ? N FIFTH S REST ?EaT, BE TWEE> N AND O STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to a d crte of the Supreme Court ortlie District of Columbia sitiing in Equity, made an 1 entered in the cause. No. 213, wherein Martha Rumen, Jtmt>8 and Thom*s G >odin, Gco'ge, H ib ert and Martha Owens are complainants, and SI *ry Jarboo. executrix of the la^t will and testament oj Elizabeth Ooodln, dtceased, defendant. I Rhati proceed to sell, on the premises, on th* 9th day of June next, at 6 o'clock in the afternoon, *11 the es late, right, title, interest, civm and demand which the sait E izaheth held or had at the time of hfr at. in, and to part of Lot fu?te-?n. (In.) Lot ev nteen,7l77> ant part of Lot eighteen. (18.) in square < i^n, in th- p'an of th- city of Washing ton, t. getn?r with tbcimprovementsthereon.oou sist'ii g of two frame bouses in go-)d condition. The property is sitnat?d on Fifth street west, bs we?n N and O street* north. Terms cash All conveyances to be prepared un der the direction of the solicito' in the ^ause, at the expense of the purchaser Revenue stamps to be also paid for by the pnrohaser ... . If the t*rnii of pale aro notcom^libd wita within tive days thereafter, the execitrlx reserves the ? igbt to re sell the prop-rty, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on one week s notice id the National Intelll8encer. Ry JAKBOg> Exeentilx rf Elizabeth Goodin, deoeaaed. TM BLOfS*.?J?g?ai.OTBgk CO.,^ |)Y GREEN k. WILLIAMS, AuctloneerB. IMPROVED RBaTe8TATE SALE In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme L ourt or the District of Columbia, rendered in special term, on the Ktb da/ of May. 1864, In aouuie in ebeaserv, No 48, in which Samaej V . Stiilingfl, Elizabeth E. Ansel and JohnT. Angel are complnuante, and Bar* a V. Hamilton, Laura A. BttUiujra, George S. Bare* V. liamtnon, wurea. ow,',u?0t Johnsen, El en M. dniith,.Laura f Smth. Joseph II Sinith, Ann E. Smith, Mary Smith, and loan Smith are deteadants. we, the undersigned Com miss-oners, nan el and appointed in said deoree, will ?ell upon the premises- hereinafter described, bv PubUcXrtion. to the highest bidder at 6 o'clk, pm? on tht Third dayofJune, lSW.the following property, to wit: Pari ?f Square numbersd 9 >6,.in Washington City, beg snit g for tfte same a a point cd the south line of said Square , on L street eouth, at the distance of 76 f?et frem the southeast corner nfaaM PftMart and running thence vest 28 feet, north 7M?etf east 55 feet, sSuth 75 feet to Ue ,e ginnlng, conUiniog a two-story attie and base Sent^Brick House; and also, nart of Lot No. J, in the same Square, beginning for the Mid part on snnthL street. l6l feet from the southeept corner Sf^aid Square, and running thence north 78 feet, thence weft 20 feet, thence south 76 feet, V> south L Btreet, theore east with said etreetao feet to the bVfiDnint, containing a one-fctory.and a hsJf and baaement Iframe House, upon the following terns, tiTwlt- One-third cash, or within ten dayB after ?ale one-third at six months, and the other third It twel ve months from the day of sale, with inter est from day of eale, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, secured by a dead of trust upon the property, and th. pmreiaser to pay for stamps and all conveyancing, and in case of non-compliance with the.terms of^ prop. tTXj to be re eold ?t the nsk of the flg^aser. JAM k8?^ 00 K 8, JAMES H. JONES, my ai-eofcd? GREEN k WILLIAMS. Aucts. to subs of one hundred dollars or entire amount of this stock is limited1 to JUO^uoo, for whieh the revenue from water rwitBJnow amounting to ahont 118,000 per annum) 1b pledged, in addition to the faith of the city, making one 01 thebert secured stock^thewuntr^ myg-eolm Auction and Commission Merchants Heoffa, . deal*r is WATCH MATERIALS, TOOLS, CRY8TAL8. FILES, Ac., No. 331 PKNUSYLVANIA ATKMDB, opposite Metropolitan Hotel, mar 2-ly Washington, P. C. l" IMEJ LIMB I LIMll?I ?m now prepared to L deliver fteah burned POTOMAO tl^E pre^ eared from my new Flame Kiln, without coming ap W-8m Pa. aT. and R00K Creek Bridge I^ARRIAGEB AND HARNESS FOB 8AL1. Jnst received and for J** "" ut* BThirty sets Sinfle and twenty seta Doable HAR NESS. some extra tine. oaH. AIAGE^^^'* ?umber |HoMAg YOUNG, a??Vlm Ho. *09 Peansylvsnlaavenue. .nn<,*aon? a C> oefT tf Mttropolxtnn Hotel <l*u BroufaTS.) MM. 362 Tmalnvyzs#D FRCM GRANT'S ARMY. OCR ARMY AGAIN IN MOTION. MOVEMENTS OF THE DIFFERENT CORPS. ? GREAT CONFIDENCE IN GKANT AND MEADE THE OFFICIAL BULLETIN. rSpeclftl Cor re? pond en >*e of the PhilrdclnbiH Inqntrn, via Port Rojal on ihe Rnpoahaa nock and Tr)e*raph from Washington ) Hxaiquartxks Abut or the Potom ac in the Sodale% en route for Richmond, Hi fl.vioryr Jerry, Ma? 27-6 a. m?I halt hy the roadside to tend a courier beck to announce to you tha' onr whole army is again in motion. The glut ions old Second, Hancock's corps, is In ad van re, followed hy Wright's cor ps. War ren la joining or,, having brought np oar ri-ar, on our former ngbt wing, over the .Vortb Amu' Bornslde will cross at tna Oouity Brides' and v> ill hndpe op our rear The army moves with a celerity never kn-vvn before. We will make twenty miles before i "fht. hberMao is ahead of as, scouring the couatrv for rt-bels. J L*e evidently thoneht np to the la?t that we were gom? to tnm his loft, -?nd give him battle on the north ?i< e of the Sonth Anna He is again out-reneraled, aud bv ni tht we will be within lour hoars' march of Richmond. FROM ANOTHER CORR ESPONOE*T. [Special correspondence Phfla. Inqntr*>r ] JericoKord on North Anna, Wav 2?, 8 A. M.-The declination of the Rebel army to accept onr waper of battle here, has induced another movement. Pr?par? are being made lor another move. Rations and araran. nition are being again supplied, and by to. morrow we will be oil"again. The review of the last week's operations s*nt you this morn ?*? con.pse ely the rebels have been bnfll^d dailv by our moves, Every c?nnou fired the las', week, ha^ been beard in Richmond, yet that Lee is not able ro er dare roi again give ns battle, is evident from his t alien mood, and hi? failing to mnk? any move at all. Bat eveHts crowd thi'in^elves upon us fo rapid v, that we can hardly find time to no-e onr location, and examine o ir sur r<. ui d'nps. er<- wr are again on tie march. On to Richmond, i? now the w?tchwo -d and reply. Unce (ettjug Lee snarly euacon^ed ia his works, away we go around his flank and into his rear. The whole country through which we are marching is plnnted with corn, nothiug hardly but corn. Pasture is very flue. Our army sweeps before it all the forage and supplies to be joand. Horses, cattle, mules, contrabands &c., all fall into our huge train. It may be some days before you hear again but fear not. The confidence felt in Grant' Meade and onr veterans knows no bounds. ' OFFICIAL GAZETTE. Washington, May 2S?9 50 p. m. To Major General Dix, Nev) York: An ofllcial dispatch from headquarters of the Army ot the Potomac at Nagahick Church, | ten miles from HanovertoVn, dated yesterday ' afternoon, 5 p. m. has just been received It states that oar army was withdrawn to the noitb side of the North Anna on Thursday n>ght, and moved towards Hauovertown, the place designated for crossing the Pamnnkey At 9 o'clock yesterday (Friday) morningSheri dan, with the 1st and 2d divisions of cavalry, took possession of Hanover lerry and Han overtown, flndicg there only a rebel vidette The 1st division of the 6h Corp* arrived at 10 a. m.? and now holds the place, with sufficient force of cavalry, iufantry, and artillery to re sist any attack to be made upon him. The remainder of the corps is pressing forward with rapidity. Weather line and roads per feet. * | A later dispatch, da-ed at 7 o'clock this (Sat nrday) morning, the 2Sth, from Nagahl-k Church, has also been received. It reports that e?er> thing goes on finely ; weather clear t nd cooi: the troops come np rapidly, and lu great spirits; and that the army will be beyond the Pamar key by noon of Saturday. Breckinridge is at Hanover Court House with a force variously reportd from three thousand to ten thousand. Wlckham's and Lowry's brigades of cavalry are also there. The dispatch further states that after seizing Hanover Ferry yesterday. (Friday,) General Torbert captured seventy- five cavalry, includ ing six officers ; that the rebel cavalry is ex. I ceedingly demoralized, and flees before ours on j e\?ry occasion. ! A despatch from Gen. Sherman, May 23, six o'clock a. m., near Dallas, reports that the en emy, discovering his move to turn Altoona. moved to meet our forces at Dalian. Oar col umns met the enemy about one mile east of Pumpkin-vine creek, and we pushed them back about three miles to a point where the roads fork to Atlanta and Marietta. Here Johnston has chosen a strong line, and made hasty but strong parapets of timber and earth Gen. Sherman's right is at Dallas, the centre about three miles north. The country is dense ly wooded and broken ; no roads of any conse quence. We have many 6harp encounters, but nothing decisive. No dispatches from any other field of opera, tions have been received to-day. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. LATE PROM GEN. STEELE'S ARMY. Fort Smith, Ark., May 25.?Our army hay ing fallen back on the line or the Arkansas railroad, the rebels, under Moxie, Copper, and Shelby, baying made demonstrations in this direction, endangering our occupancy of the country, while the army of the frontier his succeeded by forced marches from Little Rock In reaching this point, which is now secure against all attacks. Shelby crossed the river a few days ago at Dardanelle, and Is moving North. Glen. Steele nas Benin ruicw nner mm, and Thayer is ari ving him out ia this section. Moxie is reported with a division of infantry sixty miles south. The rebels are endeavoring to cut off our communications, but will not succeed. A feint was made by them on Olarks ?fiile yesterday, but they were repulsed with severe loss. Murdering and robbing by the bushwhackers are of daily occurrence. The loss of the army in the recant campaign does not exceed three hundred. The 1st and 2d Kansaa (colored) suffered the least. The army Is en route for Gsn. Thayer. Position of thb Army.?In locating the present position of our army, some attention roust be paid to names- Hauovertown must not be confounded with Hanover Court House, from which it is distant in a southeast direc tion about ten miles. Hanoyerfown is on the west side of tha Pamnnkey river, above the White House, so well known in Gen. McOlel lan's campaign, and Is by the country roads about fifteen miles f rom Richmond. It should also be observed that Gen. Grant Is approach, ing Richmond, not as Gen. McClellan did from the southeast, but almost directly from the north, thus bringing him above the Chicka hominv swamps, whioh were so great an ob* e*acle to the Peninsula campaign. The move, ment of our army will necessitate another change of base, west Point and White Hanse are the most accessible points, and being di rectly in Grant's rear, can be well guarded. There is also the advantage of a railroad from West Point to Richmond, which was exten sively used during McOlellan's campaign.? Bait. American. OFFICIAL. Abraham Lincoln, President of the United States of America. To all whom it ??y concern. Satisfactory evidence haying been exhibited to a>e that John Hitz has been appeiaUd Con sul General of the Swiss Confederation, to reside' at Washington, I do hereby recognise him as suoh, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and priyi lereeas ?i* Allowed file Onttsnle <1*neral of tb. most favored ualons, in tb* I'nlutd States. lnU9t'Dioi>} w here. f. I lia.e caused tbeee let>er? to b? made pa'fnt, and tba seat of the I'n'le.t Stitee to ? ? ner auto affixed, ivet tinder my band n ih-' city of Ww?b. in* on. the vtim <iay ..r M*\. A. D. INU. |l s J fnn of 'he inrtejD,.0 0| United Mates of America, tbe f* b ? ? AbkaUam LlJtOOLW. Py the Prescient: Wtllia^H Siwabd, Secretary of StAM. to ar Department, Adjutant OeneraTi > H ashing on, U. C May 30, I The following officers, having been retried st '*?** h< adqtiarurs of 'he army forth- offeaoea onni'aitu rpti'itlfd, are heieoy notified tbai 1 'V'.1" ,,ai"i dismissed from th- aervioe of loinrteers, is pr*fident, and make satisfactory <i? feno? to tbe charges sratnst them For borrowing men from one company io /wll Oii rr nks of another, ?n violation of paragraph A.v*teying Regulation*, thereby making faltc inni'ern. Major Lewi? U Pace, lltb Missouri cavalry. h i bring in the city of Wathing'on without proper amhinty, ar.d failing torrjort under arret'. ?{ heooijuorters Military District of Wajlin^torr, a* ordered. Li- iiu nsn' Frederick P. Jackson, let Veteran liftei m I oi ps Absence urithout Lrovt. F*rn Iiemenant J> D Baker, 2l6t New Y' i k caraliy. t ap sin V m Fiery, 1st itf itrent Potomac lit ir e Bngade, M&rj lai d ravalry. E i> rilWKPENP. A'Metpnt Arjnmnt General. 0 " War DrpanmtnU Adjutant O'eneral's Ofice, > to ashinytaii, Hay 3??. 1861. ( 'I he following riarreo officers, charged wiiti ofl' n> e;^ and heretofore j>nn lelied, are exempt fr m hemp dismissed the service ot the TTatted " 'at* f, tiie Mili ary I'oiDmiesmn Instituted by Special Order? No". 53 err-ee of l??3, from this i free, having reported that rattaiactory de tei ce b*s been made in their respective cases, ? z: <J lonel Thomas D. Sedgwick. 2d Kentucky voiont' ere. < apiain Joe?ph S.Cock, let Maryland vol unteers. E. 1). Towrhind, Assistant Adjutant General. I I8T0F LETTERS REMAINING IN THE POST L. OFFICE. GKORG KTOW N, D. 0., Mat p. 1864. To obtain any of these latter*, the applicant mart call for *? advertised letter*." givo th? date of thiii list. *nd pay one cent T>r advertising. If t ot called for within one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. Ha<-e the postage stamp on the upper right-hand come and leave space between the stamp and direction fo? post marking without interfering with the writing. , tK request for the return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed within thirty day* or less written or printed with the writer's name, post office and S's'e ucr? ss the left-hand end or >-nv*'o{K?, on the face side, will be co n plied with at the uRual pre Jaid r*te r f postng-", payable when the letter .s elivered to the writer. I.ADIE8' LIHT. Armftron* Miss M A H^rJenfeller Miiw g B< well 5fiss F-ano'>* John* n Mi** Sarah E B< nlden Mr^ Hannah A Johns ?r> Mury Bsrti n Mr H?ritfir> Jen-i s Mine Frances F Ber e ilct Mrs J*me* T . L>'theri B?>ck, r Mrs Lottie l-yneh -'rs Mary fromty Mrs Louisa Linch Mi*? M.%rgiret Be 1 Mm R T1 l.ehane Miss Kll-n-2 Brooke Mies Sarah McNew Mr* Flora Biitt? Mr* E Mcliarmich MrsM-irfa-ft CavHi anjfh MrsMarcaret Morris %irs Margare; i art? r Mr* Josephine Mil?s Mis? .'ane Crnmbaugb Mrs Kate McDerinott Mr* Eaaai Carr \'rs George W P*-t^rs Mjag Mary Call Mr- Ellen P'a't MrS Martha Deable Mr* Lizzie J Potter Mrs lohn W Dove Mrs Harriet Peck Mrs Oatherin-j Folev Mrs Johann&h R h^rt* Mi>?s RIUh Ford M' s Isabella Ptr.a^t Mi^s I'ar&h Aun <iantz *' is* Larry Stuart 4 i-sMiry K Ci ray Mrs T inner M 8 Sarah E l-orui>le M|o? Margaret Th'imnson M s Kate R Holmes Mrs Trundle Miss Annie Huebson Mrs 'iisa 2 Wi ?on Mis.s Annie 2 Hyde Mrs George Waters Mr* Artr'.age P GENTLEMEN a LI-I" Allport D G G'ughT W >r.llinc-r W Jrnoks Wm D Wea*ii? Ba'nl N 1* ni'hil&nd<r Barton Faml Griffith L i* 0 or* Tho^ Burk Jno C4:ay.lnoT (I'Melley P?.tk Binsh?mGeo <?riffinJ W Os >orn H JB hal-er Frank T Greec Jn Oliver D Ball ffChasA Gri8?oli| A P Pi-t' Ro^* Clare j U Hen on R O Putna<r> J W ? Hlhouii Wm II Hamilton B M Palmer Frad Cam ing Wsi Har's oa S T QuigleyJno ChalfsntMra Ilofaeim r <5c Mnith T W C'oineliWm Mriqper Risa^nSaml Cbilds Thos Hmyfelter J M 8t "i* Philip C ri?ler B n Hanley Jno 8 ickney Le'te Cartwright C N Harrington 0 Bamin-r Louis Ch-iflie Al*ee J sepv ID 8uo? l?n . as Cslbown ATT Kli g Wb-1 Sample Jno (.a?kKonTP Kin-.don Jno Scrivener Ja^ Cartber B KilleenGd<" Bp n erj-w Dick Tboa T Kent EE Sw ecey Jno Dni't.n ratk L-idens'ri-fcerA Sires J # Dietz Job LunWett Jbi K Hniitu las Dei rick Geo H l.ufkm Hen -y S-ith HJ H > e (icnll McMnllen WF Pattern H G DnnielsDA Mull-r K b*- Smith Gideon K-iwartls B L McDon?ld M huilivio D A Kitzti raM Tbos Miller L W Thomson R>bt Fislier 8 M M momral?S W l iatnfi W H hVnsworthS Sfit -h 11 J II Whit J J FaVne- H. nry MCIsin.ino woVerWrn F ?'er Fredk March JuoV Witts Roht F 1 ii ley Frat'k McLi*nie H 0 W it-> Ja? 3 FareetAsbary C A WollsF G ?i ger Wm Mantront A-tror. Winslow A It UENKV ADD180N.P.M. pAPEKHANGINGS. I wonld TTiost resp.'ctfolly Inform my customers and the public in general that I *m now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER ii^NGlM'S consisting of the finest French Gilt PaperR. suitable for parlors, dining roniss, cham ber* and halls. 1 am also in ro-eipt of a large assortment of G'lt Cornice, Gilt Hinaow Shades and Picture Oord and Tassels. AH persons wishing to purchase will do well look tor themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goads <a the rity. JOHN ALEXANDER, my 9-eo2iu [Intel.] No. 240 Pa. avenue. ISLAND DKV GOODS STORE. T. T. WITBERB ] TS F. KTSS*. WITHERS A KYNEX, Dealers in FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, 599 Betenth Strbbt, One Door Sowh of Maryland Avenue, It land. Next to 0. Bosweli's Drug Store, myl4-eo2w* Washington, D. C. DFKOM PARI3. E BERNARD?La Cinguantaine; 30. Duiuas Fils?Oearine; 30. Dumas Fila-Cn Paquet d* Lettrea; 30. Murger?LeBonhommr Jadin; 2'. Dfi Bernard?Un? Aventure de MagiRtrtt; 2". De Bernard?Le G?ndre; 3?. Lamartine Grariella; 3i. Lnmartine? L' Enfance; 25. Mnrger?Le Souper des Funerailles; 25. Lamartine??ti nevieve; 4'i. De Berr ard?Un Aete de Vsrtu; 25. Karr?Lons le* Tilleula; 49. Karr? Fort en Theme, 40. ? 8cribe?Proverbes; 40, my 18 FBANCK TAYLOR. PIANOS ?A new assortment of Steinway & Svus', Raren A Baconand Haines Brothels^?^ Pianos have }u*t been received at oaiiBHHB warerooms, which we offer for sale at fae-"? *" tory prices. We have also on hand several rsry rood second-hand Pianos?one for $100, one for 120 and one for f90. Purchasing for cask exclu sively. we are enabled to sell at lower arices than other houses, and upon easy terms. Eoleagsnev of >?. 4 Utmblin'e C.M?? ap 28 Corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue. K,nW*T .' * ?m,NH?T, ?aa? ts-. Respectfully inform their friends and the pnb.vJ frenerally that they have now in store a well te ected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, , which tney are prepared to sell at the lowest ca^h prices. Work done at short notice in the city or country bKKMrC1h.Wtr.S%.,?.???, Franklin Hall Building. *y2l-t? FRENCH FIREBOARD PRINTS, Just received .a choice selection ofcthe *bove, it J. MARkRITER'S, No.4^7th street. Eight doors above Odd FeUows Hall. Terms cash ap?-mur goon AUD 8H0Mto We ara towvintuti keretofr re' ?. -^?Sf2MBSSlWhiii5F usseffiffl SKSS? - ? ?' 314 Pava avsnua. IPffKNTION, COMPANY I-CLARK>8 ON A OCENT-A ^euwr/ai Stimiiiaal.?fc^aaeket warranted to produce a full set of Wki*ksrf or Moustaches in six w?eks upon the smontkeet foe without stain or iatury to the skla. Any asing thisOnguent and Undtng it sented ? b* inform" g me of the <ac*. money returned to them at^jr u" gin* ironths from day of pureha*. Pjfloa ?1. Bent 'Stil to MlWttbi n^Ad^rV^i 0 07aR*. P O. Draws, 118, N y r-^ROsi L NP0W.-*"111' Air, Fire and Waur; a'1 F Ttoe iU r^o?in? explained. *. The Aiwa^ a*k explained; S5. H..w to observe the Ravens; S5. lie Locomo'lvo andR^ilway Accidents; 25, Comets and Oometary Influences; A5. are they lnha> ited worlds; M Mierr scori<* Drawing and Engravlf*; a*. , Tke^Eye, MaWlf>U, QUsy^ATl0|> Anottc*. LL PERSONS Indebted to tbe nnder6:?n?d al l please call and ?ettl? their my20-eo<t MURRAY A 8EMME3.

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