Newspaper of Evening Star, May 30, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 30, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. | Police Rbpobt#?Stcond Pr^rtacL?Patrick Flarny, disorderly; ??? Kate Newman, wbiskv to w'dk-n; diemist^d. Jno M^Graw, droi k; mtlitarjr. TKtrd Preemct.? Stephen Reynold*, disor d-Hv: #3 5fl J. F U Dir, do; #314. Jno. Oi"*s, euspicion of larcenv; dismissed.^ Seth Lnnsfard, vsgrant; workhouse rt?o?. Chue, dmck ?nd disorderly; S2 6d. Jno. Williams, larreny ot two borses and a wagon; iail for c< nrt. Henry J .Ifloyer ai d Wm S Benton, Inherent Iiii;dic? in the Hiv?l; *1.44 racb. Fuurtk Mariah Parker. assault; bail tor pesce. Mary Bn klev, disorderly; workhouse. Josephine McDonnell, drank; ?4 An* Applestealer. do. and disor derly; #3. Arthur H od and Peter 0'D.*y, do ; 92 pach. Fifth Precinct?Martha Prown. disorderly; fl Rebecca Brown, do:SI.."50. Wm Thomas, *ayrtin->; dismissed W. H. McMnllen, 8?n- j linr liquor without license;f'20.sif. Jno. Davis, j drank; workhouse. Sixtk precinct.?Wm. Mather, drank; milita r> Ttnth PrfciHct.-ia.ary Robertson, disorderly; distressed Michael Lo?<g, drunk; #1. O. O. Hobbies, it'and larceny; 0. H Grabam, do.; b "I tor ?ourt, Pat Welch. vagrancy; work fa nse. looted smil-t1,-disorderly; dismissed. A i?'ie Smile'r, do.; ?*?'> Julia Bacon, do.; dls m * ed. V m B. Davis, do.; F3 Johu Batter, as *p In stiert; dismissed. John McOanley, d m k; workhouse. Fot'BTB Ward Station Caaba.?Michael Our., aatault nod bi?fery and tb reals; jail la d f-uu ?-f bail tor peace. James D>rsey, sus ~ rion o? larc?ny; dismissed Wm. Bass, Jno. _ tine, Eiw Chase, col .disorder v fl53eneh. J bn to a*on, flo ; dismissed Richard Conneli, dronk, military. Peter Fagan;msnltinz ladies 1 lb* *ue?t: Jail forceurt Thomas Madican, drnrk and disorderly; ?5?l. Robert And-r s i, drnrk; locked np 4 hours. .Taa. Dewey, do J R. Pott?r. assault and battery; bail lor Leer up. Dennis Doolv, grand larceny; rli- m sseii. Chas. June-, drank; do. George l'i mmcD. disorderly; ?-2.58 Bridget Welch, do m rt drank; dism>sse<i. Maria Shamaha -, keeping a disorderly house, rlo.; Kdw. Uon roily. ?arel. ss driving, da; Gastavus Baptist, assault and ba'terv. do ; Andrew Lewie, titrat ing. do.; Kd. Hughes, F. Ranshaw, Knci-n w ?.fl. in. d<?, do ; K U Kaasrb >h drank, do ; F Mcfi^rcnott do, do.; Peter Fngau, indecent esposuie *10.64; Ann Hartley indecent lan gua. e, #v?.o-; tenry Wilsoo, drunk, ?150; Jn ?-o?? Fisher, violat-rg co poration law, *5 5?, Jno. Ha sell. in'erleriiig with au officer, d s mi ted; Oeo. <>? * ?o, Ubas. W.?" ??, .las, M"l'oi?ld, tuhtln*. bait for peace: Geo. H Fatter, dn . gt 5s; Frederick Rines, dru ik and rl ordet ly, >5 61: Overten Sylvester, assault and batrerv. i?il for conrt. J EDUCATIONAL. Mfkmalk school. Kt?. MARIA C McCOuMICR.Utaof AUian 4rm, V'?.. bavioK rcmoveJ her ictiool to Oaui bri.lK?. Md . is prepur^d to receive four or tiw? tftrl*. a* h< ardiii* pupil*, in her fitnailj Their lnt?-llertuAl domestic and mnr; 1 training will re eeiv? her most M-'sidnous care. Her snr.eess, while for years nncaged, in Alexandria, ia educating girls, is well known to all old residents of that town. f-arcuta in this vicinity who desire further in formation concerning the ad ?ant?|p>* uf her school, sre reapeilfullv referred to Lewis McRenzt-?, Esq.. rf Al-xsiidria. Va.. or W. D. Wailach, Rditor of the tVashington >'tiir. Her terms for Ward, tu ition. Ac., ir- moderate. C ambridge. Md., where sne hiut recently located b-?r s.-hi.ol is one of the healthiest and most de lixbtful villages in the Tnion and has about it no attribute whatever except such as a prudent and s.iMcitons parent will approve in selecting a local ity in which to have a daughter thoroughly edu cated and trained for future usefulness, ap sr--dim PERSONAL. TO THE POOR AND LNPORTCNATK.-C m sultation gratis from II to 12 in. Medicines without charge. Dr bechtinoer, Formerly Fnrjfon in charge in the Anstrian and Italian army, informs the public of Washington tbat he bus Just arrived trotn Paris, and devotes bis attention tr the treatment of all kinds of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private d!^*-a?e? He c-.nrerses in Ecgli-b. Frencti. Ger man Spanish and Italian languages His diplo ipa? from the B><"Ht celebrated university of Eu rope b tug-* in his ofii*e. Tean avenue. Aft'J, near 3d ?tr?et Office hours, 9 to 11 a. on.; I to G p m. my 21 -lw* MRS. L SMITH, an excellent Clairvoyant and Test Medium. V.V2 Fourth street, iivedoors ab"Ve I street, examines diseases, heal* by tnag aetistn. sees yenr dead and living fri?nds, tells Character gets name*. re*d? the future, has ?reat r> apathy :or the afBicted. Ilours from 1J a. iu. to 8 p m- my 18 The National Bookstore ??till Ahead. The sa^s'ri>?er bavin? lately returned from the Bo?to?. Philadelphia, and Sew York ^prins Trade F?ie*. invite the Attention of Sutlers. Peddlers, L?alers, and the public generally, to his l\r*e and rpiendid stuck ot B00R8, STATIONERY, AND FANCY ARTICLES, C5t.?isting in part of BCOR?. of all sizes, kinds and styles. BIBLE-' PHASER BOOR!* PRESENT \TI0N BOOR8. FCRAP BOCKs'. BLANK B00K8. I UOTuGKAI'llIC ALBUMS in ?cdle?s variety, all styles and prices. PIARIES, MEMORANDUM BOOKS. CAP NOTE and LETTER PAPERS, of all styles and qualities, to suit The times. ENVELOPES, Piain. fancy and Wedding, all sites. T * I' t:p. NOVEI>8 by the thousand or single one. PUNVNIVtS. RAZORS. SCISSORS. BRUSHES, Ci MUj>oAPH COL< 10N. PERFUMERY. CnESS, CHV.CKER. BACKGAMMON aniCHIU B*0E BOARDS. WRITING BE8RS, PORTFOLIOS, and WORK BOX ES FLAYING CARDS. GAMES. GOLD PENS, PEN CILS. etc., etc. Oi CARD l'HOTOGPA PlI^ we offer the largest and prettiest assortment evor before offered in this market?over 6,0u0 varieties, plain and beau tifully colored. A large assortment of the 7 by 9 PHOTO GRAPHS. for framing. Also Something EttirelyNew?Th-'Larg CABI NET SIZE POTOGKAPUS. lor framing; beautiful goods. Agent for Taber it Co.'s Celebrated AMER0 TYPE8. All of which we offer at great indneementsto the trade, i-ut!ers. Peddlers, ic.. A.c. Give us a call, at WILLIAM F Kl* HmiN'S NATIONAL BOOKSTORE. 27 *s Pl.SKSYLV ASI A AVESPE. between EleTtnth and Twelfth streets, Washington, D. C. N B.?Another 'apply of Richstein's New Gaid Book to Washington, at wholesale and retail. gay li eolm ^BAY'S PATENT MOLD-ED COLLARS Have now been before the pnblic for nearlva year Ibey are universally pronounced the neatest an best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfcct curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDB AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and ?asy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both sides. Theae Collar* are not simply flat pieccs of paper eat In the farm of a collar, but are MOLDED AND Ml APED TO FIT THE NECK. They are wiade In "Novelty," (or turn-down Style;) in every half site from IS to 17 iachae, and In "Bureka." (or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 Inches; and packed in " solid sises" In neat blue eartone, eon.alnlng 100 each; also In amaller ones of ten aach?the latter a very handy package for travelers army and navy officers. VIVBRY COLLAR ia stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR." ?old by all dealera ia men'a furnishing goods. The trad* supplied by WALL, 8TEPHEN8 A 00., apU Sm 3 2'2 Pa. arcane, Waaklngton, i^^AFBANKLIN A "" OPTICIANS* S44 Pa. avenue, between Uth'and 13th street*. and 3*? Pa. avenue, nnder the National Hotel. c ff?r to the officers of the armv their well s?!ectod Stork Or FIELD GLASSES, single or doable, with the best achromatic lenses. 4Jp?-raGlasses and Compasses atthelowext prisma. Barometers, Thermometers. Mathematical In strn meats. Photograph Albums, Carte* ds Visits, piain or oolored. tetereoaeopes and View* !n a great variety, Brastllan Pebble and Pertse?,ple Spectacles and Bye Glasses, carefully smted for-svery partie- | ular eyesight and warranted. t pp1? STAGB LINB.?Froru and aftar We lu.-s.isy. Hay ILa DAILY LI NE of stages will ?..s?wi?iMMW|li ru from tfe* Psnn*ylva?ia HMgm-spa^a os C street, WashsnatsB c.ty, a?tffQC3C=jCS (allow* : To Surrattsnlle, T. ? . Be?nUswu. k> ?? ?? town, Bughsville. O Hall, Chaptico. St 0 Bm, aad I Monardtowa. and return da>ly. The line to P'scataway. Dnffield and Port Tobacco will rasa* heretofore, ??ery Tuesday, Thursdty and Satur day. Leave at a a. m. r . A. F. KIMMELL, Agsnt. . Washingtoil City, May t. 1*?L aiy 9 lm* | ELECTION NOTICES. fMH-1 w ARD?KIH8T PKBCI-iCT.-S^tiw hereby given. thai in conformity to the Pj* sionsofthecha'tT ofthe city of w?^lnoon. 'an election ? ill ?>e hel l on Monday, th* ?*th day oi Ju?-e, at John 0. Reeve's cmrpcuter ""P-i'1'1 between 19th and 2 th stre^f*we*t' for . (ajr . s.-rve two y ars: for '<ne member of the Boarow Alderman, to serve two * 'w.r(? of Board ,.f Common Council, for Bai close at 7 The polls open at 7 o clock , k m, ?***? ?* ?-B1 LEWIS B. PARKER, WM, RIGGLES. Commissioners. m> *?> ___ , -?? , C<IBgT WABD?SECOND PBKOINCT.-Noti^ r is hereby giv-n that. in confo.rnity with the provision* of the charter of the e.ty o Wi^niton. bp election will be held on Mi-ndav, the 6th day of June next, at F. R. Dorsett's carpenter shop, w.r- , ner of G ami Sth streets west, for >1avor Jo*"? i two years, for one member of Board of Aldermen, | two vear-; and three member* of Boar4 of Common Council, to serve one year; and Asswwor to serse two years, for said Ward. The polls open at 7 o'clock a. m. ande^He at 7 p. m' GEO.F KTDWELL, L. P.RODIER,. jv, y os Commissioners. ^ECOND WABD?FIRST PRECINCT.?Notice ^ is hereby (riven, tliat, in conformity to the provisions of the charier of the city of Washing^ ton. an election will be held on uonuay. the Gth day of Jnne next, at the nortaeftRt corner of n ana 12th ntr? et* we?t, for Mayor, to nerve two years, for one member of Board of Aldermen, to jervo two yearn; and three membera of Boa-d of lommon Council, to ?eeve one year, for said Ward. The poll, will open ^^N*" ??m FRANCIS MILLER, II. CLAF STEWART, my 24 Commissioners. SECOND WARD-SECOND PRECINCT?Notice ^ is hereby given that, in conformity to toe pro visions of the city charter of Washington eity. an election will be held on Monday, the 6th day oi June next, at Ford's Drue Mor*. corner of Penn sylvania avenue and 11th street, for Mayor, to serve wo years; for one member of Board of Al deimen. to serve two years and three members of Board of Common Council, to serve one year, for Bald Ward. ... . , ., TJ. Poll. ??. ??7 o??fk ?? T, A*Si5'?S*17 v L. MIDDLETON, piy 24 Commissioners. 1 HIRT> W A HD?SECOND PRECINCT ?Notice I is hereby given that, in conformity to the provisions of the charter of the city of W ashington. an election will be held on Monday, the 6th day of Jute next, at the Model Market, near the corner of 9th and F streets north, for Mayor, to so'vo two years; for one member of the Board of Aldewnen, to serve two years; and three member* of the Board of Common Council, to s?rye one year; and Ar-seasor to serve two years' for said Ward. The Tolls open at 7 o'clock a. m.. and close at " p m, A. ADAMSON. CH iBLES F. WOOD, I GEO. C. WHITING, Hiy 24 Commissioners. THIRD WARD-FIRST PRECINCT.?Notice is hereby given that, in conformity with the pro visions ot tbe charter of the city of Washington, an election will bo held on Monday, the 6lh day of June next, at the office of John W. Semmes. cor ner of M street north and Oth street west, for Mayor, to Ki rve tw ? years; for one member of Board of Alderm n .two years; and three naembors of the Board of Common Council, to serve one year; and Assessor to *erve two yt*ars, for said Ward. The Polls open at 7 o'clock a m. and close at 7 p m SAMUEL B. TYSON, JAS. M. TOWERS. jay 24 Commissioners. Fourth wabd-first precinct ?Notice is hereby given. that in conformity to tlie provisions oi tne charter of the city of Washing ton an election will be held on Monday, the Sth dayofjune a' the northeast corner ol 6th and U streets, for Mayor, to serve two years; for one member of B<ard of Aldermen, to serve two yesrs; ai-d three members of Board of Common Council, for said Ward. The polls open at 7 o'clock a. m . and clrse at 7 P m 8. B. SYLVESTER, * K. C. ECRLOFF, J. W. CLARKE my 74 Commissioners. F~ OURTH WARI>?SECOND PRECINCT.-No tice is hereby given that, in confor nity to the Provisions of the charter of the city of Washing on. an el"cti"n will he held in the fecond Pru ctiict of the Fourth Ward, at the south front, ce ter of Citv Ball, entrance to Court II ?use. on >tond*v. ?h. 6th day of Jnne, for a Mavor of said cl* > , to s- rve two years; one member of the Board of A= ? rm n. to serve two years; three members of 'he Board of Common Council, to serve one yea-, to represent sai>1 Ward. Poii* will be opened at 7 o'clock a. m., and will close at 7 o'clock p. m. CHAS. H. ANDER30N, CH AS. WALTER. THOMAS GALl.TGAN, my 21 Commissioners. F~ IFTH WA*D?FIRST PRECINCT.?Notice is hereby given that, in conformity with the provisions <>f the charter of the city of Washing ton. an elrction will be held on Monday, the 6th day of June next, at the School-house corner of 3d street east and A street south, for Mayor, to serve two years; for one member of Board of Al dermen, to ?erve two years, and three members of board of Common Council, for one year; and As sessor for said Ward. The polls op~n at 7 o'clock a.m. an 1 close 7 p.m. J. MILL*, 8 C. W A1 LI'S. GEORGE M. OYSTER, my 25 Commissioners. F'IFTH WARD-SECOND PRECINCT?Notice is hereby given that, in conformity with tho provisions of the charter of the city of Washing ton, an Election will be held on Monday, the 6th lay of June the School House, corner of Third street east, and D street sonth. for Mavor to serve two years: for one member of Hoard of Alder m? n to serve two years: and three members of B'-.ard of Common Council to serve one year; and Assessor for -.aid Ward. The Polls open tt 7 o'clock a m, and close at 7 rj ui n M. "w AThK, * E. T. TIPPETT, JA8. H. RICHARDS, y 2 Commissioners. ^IXTH WARD-FIRST PRECINCT.?Notice is k hereby given that, in conformity with the pro- , visions of the charter of the city of Wa"h!ogton, an eLction will be held on Monday, the 6th day of June, a" the Sehool Iloose. corner of 7th street east .and G street south, for Mayor, to serve for two years: for "De member of the Board of Alder m. n. to s'tvo for Ivro ypars; and thr^e nn.'mbers of Board of Common Council, to serve one year, for /!"?"? ? 'M f'iwK0" " ' JAMES W. BRIGUS, WILLIAM HOEKE, my 24 ^ Commissioners. i ^IXTH WARD?SECOND PRECINCT.-Notice is hereby fiven that, in lonformlty to the provi sions of the charter ofthe city of Washington, an election will beheld on Monday, the 6th day of June next, at the Anacostia Engine House, K street sonth, at intersection of Virginia avenue, for Mayor, to serve two years; for one member of R. a?d of Aldermen, to serve two years; aud three trenber* of Board of Comm >n Council, to aejrve one year, for said Ward. The Polls open at 7 o'clock A M..and close at 7 p M SAM L ARMISTEAD. JOHN W TH0MP80N, WILLIAM BERON. my 24 Commissioners. ^ E V FN T1I WARD?FIRST PRECINCT .?Not i ^ is hereby given, that in accordance with the provisions of the chartvr ofthe city of W ashington, sn election will be held on Monday, the 6th day of June next, at the corner of 7th and E streets, east side, for Mayor, to serve two years; for one mem ber of Board oi Aldermen, to serve two \ears;and three members of Board of Common Council, to serve one ye&r; and Assessor to serve two years for said ward. . , Follsopen at 7o'clock a. m. and close at 7 p. m. T. H. BARRON, GEO. MATTINGLY, S. C. MAGRUDER, my 27 Commissioners. WRVFNTH ward-second precinct.? Not'ce is hereby given, that in accordance with the provisions of tne_ charter of the city of Wash ington, an election will be held on Monday, the 6th da? of Jure next, at the corner of Seventh street and Maryland avenue, west aide of 7th street, for Mayor, to serv# two years; for one member of Board of Aldermen, to serve two years; three members of Bor,rd of Common Council, to serve one year; and Assessor to serve two years for said ward. Polls opea at7 o'clock a. m. and close at 7 p. m. s W.T.DONIPHAN, H O NOYIS, HENRY M IvNIGHT, my 27 Commissioners. DENTISTRY. A DENTISTRY LL Dental Operations aerformed in a thorough and scientific manner, by DR. MERRILL,, (successor to Dr. W. P. McConnell) at] 4M Pa. avenue, between 3d and 4>? st?. Teeth extracted without pain by the use of Nitrous Oxide or Kther. Particular attention given to filling and preserv ing the teeth. Children's teeth carefully attended to. Artifical teeth inserted in the most approved styles now adopted by the profession. my23-lin* ^UAL DISCOVERY IN DKNTI8TBY. Ttttk BxtracUd without Pvin wt:A tlU Muhrit* of Oxytm. I would advise all aersona having teeth to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office, and have them takea out by thia new i and harmleM process. also call and. examine the Loctwr'e new and im proved method of IneerUag Artificial Teeth. If you oneaer* the great Improvement in hU teeth you will have them in no other style than this new and valuable one. No. 449. Pa. avenue, between ISth aad L3th streets. norl3 8. B. L1W11, M. D , Dentist. M. T E ? T U i ths Inventor aad Patentee of theMlNJRaL PLATl TEBTQ at tends nersoaally at his office in thisi city Bany persons can wear these. teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who caanot wear these. Persons calling at my office can ha accommodate wiih any style and price of Teeth they may desire but to those who are particular and wish the pwr ?et. cleanest, stroogeat, and most perfect denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATI wll' b* more fUIiy war'anted. ho> ms tn ti ls dty?No 33b Pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 10th street* Also, 90T Arch st? Philadelphia. mar?-ly 486 07AL P1CTCRE FRAMEfi- 4Sf> A beaatiful assnrtment of Gilt and Dark Oval Pictums; also, a rariety of Carte de Yisite Frames. *t J. \f ARKRITKK-8.4^6T'th street. Eight .ltors >bove 0<!d Psllows'Hail. Tcrsiseash apJd-ltc.'f* PROPOSALS. A NTHBAOITE COAL FOR THE NAVY. NATT D5PART>tEXT, " ) Bcreau of Eocir.MEMr aKp Hkcrcitiso,) Md* 24, Wi. \ Sealed Proposals 'or furnishing Anthracite^Coal for the Navy, to be deliv?r#?d uurine th? fisc*l >ear euding:wth June, IS ;5, will be reoelved at this Bureau until 10 a. *n., l.?t i June. ?rl& "dor-ed!l" PrAfOMli for Anthracite Coal for Steamers," tS*t they uny M 'Jistinguished from other business letters of ? 240 pounds** be fdf tlie delivery of 1?m,000 tons, ?tTl!b n'*1 ?UHt b? ?Ob? bo|,t Rack Mountain or F *1 ^ca<Jl' or ? a ^ln.^ to them in all re v !?r? P!,,"POBe intended, which equality wi^l be determined b> a Board appointed by the bfds *** ? Wavy after the reception of the The name of the coal proposed to be furnialiel must be stated in tbe ofler. It is to be delivered in lumps of suitable size for naval steamers?elean, of uniform quality, select ed freo from impurities unmixed?of which the contractor will be required to furnish such evi dence is will be satisfactory, and be subject to such inspection as to quality and quantity as the De partment may direct. The coal must in all re jects be satisfactory to the inspector or inspec tors. to be appointed by the Bureau, who will have tbe right of peremptory rejection. The coal in to be deli vered on board vessels at such place in the port of Philadelphia as may'be designated by the Bureau, and in sucb quantities and atsuch times as, in the opinion of the Rurean, the exigencies of tbe service may require ; com mencing w hen the vessel is reported ready to re cj ive cargo ; furnishing, if demanded, not less than 1.0 0 tans per day. to be distributed to each vessel as may be directed, until the loading is completed Prop< sals will likewise bo received for the deliv ery ol S .000 tons of tbe Fame quality of coal, to be delivered in the port of New York, on board ves sels. as at Philadelphia. In the case of failure to deliver the coal in proper quantity, of the proper quality, and at the proper time and p.ace. the Bureau will reserve in the contract the right to purchase forthwith, at the contractor's risk and expense, that which may seem necessary to supply the deficiency. -.Any demurrage, or other charges to which the Pjavy Department may be subjected from delay in t''c prompt delivery of tbe coal by the contractors, will be deducted from their bills. The price must be for the coal delivered on board vessels, on the terms and conditions above stated, at the contractor's risk and expense, and without extra charge of any kind. The offer, an required by law. must be accompa nied by a written guaranty, signed by one or more responsible persons, to the effect that they under take that the bidder or bidders will. if hisor their bid be accepted, enter into obligation, at such time as may he prescribed by the Bureau, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the supplies proposed. No proposition will be considered unless accom panied bv such guarantee: and the Department reserves the right to reject all the offers, if con sidered to be to the interest of the service to do so. Two or more sureties each in a sum equal to the amount specified to be paid, wiit be required to sign the contract, and their responsibility will be Certified by a I nited States District Judge, United States District Attorney, Collector, or Navy Agent. Ar additional and collateral security?twenty p?r cent, wi.i be withheld from the amount of all pay ments, which reservation is not to be paid except by authority of the Secretary of the Navy, until trie contract shall have been in all respects com plied with; and tbe remaining eighty per cent. or other amount that may be due upon each bill, will, when a proper certificate is furnished by the iusp?ctor. aud the bill approved by the Bureau, be paid by such navy agents as the contractor may name, within ten days after the warrants for the ft2D,?,su have been passed by the Secretary of the Treasury. It will be stipulated in the contract that ifdefault f>e made in the delivery of the coal?in tbe quantity, or the quality, and at the place and time directed py the Bureau?then, and in that cas^, the con tractor and his sureties will forfeit and pay to the I nited Mate; , a* liquidated datn-mes. a sum of money not exceeding twice the contract price, which may he recovered from time to time, accord ing to the act or acts of Congre?s iu that case pro vided. Bidders whose proposals shall be accepted, and noneother, will oe notified, and, as early a>- prac* 11cable, a contract will be transmitted to them, winch they will be required 'o execute within ten day- after us receipt at the Poat Office or navy agenc* named by them. The form of offer, guaranty, and certificate is herewith given : FORM OF OFFER. I < or we), of State of . hereby agree to furnish and deliver thou>&ad tons of anthracite coal for steamers' use. at _ at the rate ot ? per ton. of 2,240 pounds, amount ing to ??? dollars, the whole in eonformitv with the provisions and terms of the advertisement of the 2tth day of May. ISt'.l. from the Navy Depart ment, ana hereunto appended. Should my (or our) offer be accepted, T for we) re quest to be informed at .and that the con trart may ho forwarded to - -- fur and cert ideate. i Place.) (Signed) A R. (Date.) FORM OF GUARANTY. >>e,tiie undersigned, residents of c!.tte 7-&nd of , in the State hereby jointly and severally covenant with the Imted1 States, and guarantee that in ease the f.,re going bid of?-? he accepted, will, within ten days after the receipt of the contractat , execute the same, with good and sufficient sureties, for the delivery of the anthracite cr*l proposed, in compliance with the terms of the advertisement of the 16th of May, ISfil, heretoappended,and under *111 - waa Tr*<1*'; rn'' in ease the said shall laii to enti r into the eon tract aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said and that which may be ac cepted. Witness. (Signed) CD i Place.) K K 'Date.) * I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl edge and belief, the above named guarantors, and , are good and atiffieu'iit. _ . . .. (Signed) O. II. To be signed by the United States District Judge United States District Attorney, Collector, or Navy Agent. t my2i dtd ( kRDNANCE OFFICE, " Wau Dkpartment, o . , WashisotoS, May 25, 1854. fcea!ed Proposals will be received at this Office S inot, n 1 ? ?*w ' 1,1,1 J*y "f 'une,18ft|, for ? . Oolurn?.,?H Shot Hud S ineh U..rt?c Shell, to be delivered in the following quantities at the un dernamed Arsenals, viz: ^ INCU COLUMBIAD 8UOT. At the Watertown arseual, Massachusetts, 4 noo At the Wat-Tvliet Arsenal, New York. -I.eO") ?.At tne New York Arsenal, Governor's Island. New York. 1 At the Alleghany Arsenal. Pittsburgh, 4,00), At the St. Louis Arsenals. Missouri. 2,"0" *? .V J*-1^011 MORTAR SHELL. Ne4 Vurk f^ilo0rk Ar?e?l. Governor s Island, At the Waterviiet Arsenal. New York,5.00n. These projectiles are to be made or the *ind of metal, and inspected after the rules laid down in tne Ordnance Manual, the tensile strength of the iron for columbiad aliot to be not less than 25,000 lbs per square inch, and for mortar shells not less than lt,000 lbs per square inch. Drawings can be seen at any of the United States Ars" uals. The projectiles are to be inspected at the foundry where cast, and are to bedelivered at the Arsenals free of charge tor haudlingand transportation. Deliveries must be^made at the rate of not less thfti one-tenth (1-V'th) of the whole amount con ??aihtlU?ir 5er wr. Th?Jrst delivery to be made oil the 29:L day of June, ledl. -;n uir<? 1? deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time proposals must be made for the shot ami abell. Bidders will state explioitly the Arsenal or Ar ^"La *h,ero !heJ, Propose to deliver, and the L^ e,r of PJT^tiles they propose to deliver at *r >1*??'?,tor more than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular founders/or proprietors of works, who are known to this Department to be capable Of executing the work proposed for. 8honla any party obtaining a contract offer shot or shell other than those cast in his own foundry, they will be re *nd the contract rendered null and void. Bidders will endow with their t>ida the written acknowledgments of their sureties oyer their own Signatures Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution. - Upon the award beiilffWl^suecessful bidders will be notified and (nraialfeJifajth forms of con tract and bond. ?Jin pep^rtment resert^aKRght to reject any or all bids. If not deemed satisrkctory. Proposals will be addressed to14 Brigadier Gen eral George D. Iiarnsav, Chief of Ordnanoe, Waah iagton, D. O, and endorsed Proposals for 8-inch Columbiad Snot," and "'Proposals for 8-inch Mor tar Shells " GEORGE D. RAMSAY? my 28-id Brig. Gen. Chief of Ordnance. / kRDNANCE OFFICE^ V N _ will DgrARIMEST, UT T J York Arsenal of 26 <00 TKry States regulation pattern. T hese Sabers are to be made in strict ac thn N?w"v?lw a " V "rni patterns to be seen at tho New York Arsenal. They are to be subject to ?ie usual inspection and proof at the manufactory where made. Deliveries must be made in lots of not less than one-fitteenth jl-lfith > per week of the whole number contracted for, Theflrst deliTerv to be made on tho 22d day of June, 1864. aellTtry ?in J_v? ,?*ke deliveries at a specified time rT-ilivc l^e contractor to a forfeiture of the ?^1*1 to deliver at that time, jio bids will be considered from parties other a-^?nwUn'f???nui*cturera of 8*b?r?. and such m t?nt ?> ?? ?^ !1S d?P*rtment to be such, compe proposed for. 10 air own workBho?(' work ? contract will be required faithful exeeution''w ai"?roved euretie?< for its Bidders will enclose with their bids the written sf?natnresfUOm* ?f thoir 8ur?tiei their own ? vftla ?sa^ar<1i>^1 c * *' ??*cessful bidders tra^ and boDd furm#h?'1 ?it?*?rmIOf con dibh uaMflsi ur wuniiBHS, in ATOMY, and MEDICINE,'* hare determined?regardless of ex p?ns??to issne, free,(for the beaent of suffering hamanity.) four of their most Instructive and In teresting Lecturea on Marriage and its euaMflca tions. NerTous Debility. Prematura Deeiine, In digestion, Weakness. Depression, cr Ignorance ef Physiology and Nature's Law These Invaluable lectures have been tbe means of enlightening and * saving thousands.and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by addressing Stcrttarv {ari.tiam Cabinet *?/ Anatcrtrw attj MtJicim*, St?3 r?adw*y, New Yoik. la lMy PROruSALS. PROPOSALS FOR ROOFING FELT AND PITCH Ckfe/Qa&rurmasttr'it (ij/tct. D,t>o! H'a<hi*<ton,{ WASHINGTON. D. C , May it. 1AM. { Sealed Proposals will bo received at this office nnfil FHIDAY, June 3,1*H, at i2o'clock tn., for delivering In thp City of Wa*htn?ton. D. (3 . the following amounts c.f Tto<<flbg F-lt mil Pitcn.rixJ ?ne hundren and eiirht < lust tons of Roofing Felt, ignt hnniredfS'ojbarrels of Pitch, f r Rooming Cedent. The partirnlar V ind or description of the above articles mnst bp stated in 'h* proposal, an-1 bid ders will he required to furnish samples of the ar ticle* they propose to deliver. One-fonrth (V) of the quantity of en^h article will bo required to be delivered within thirtc <:}?) days from the date of th? contract. onc-fourth(>4 * in sixty (6' (days therefrom, and the balance in ninety <<?>) days therefrom. Es~h barrel of Pitch or Roofing Cement mart contain not less than three hundred (S*>) pound", and delivered in cod. sound harrpis, said barrels to he furnished freo of co?t to the Government. The articles offered by the successful bidders will be subjected to a ricid Inspection before being accepted, by an inspector appointed by the Gov ernment. PROPOSAL?. The price must be written oat in words on the bid. as mnst also the full name and post office ad dress of tlie bidder Proposals from disloyal parties will not be con sidered. and an oath ol allegiance must accompany each proposal. Propos?ls mnst be addressed to Brigadier Gen eral D. H. RUCKER; Washington, D. C., and ahonld be plainly marked "Proposals for Rooting Felt and Pitch." - GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to aceompanyfSis proposition with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons, that In case nis hid is accepted he ?w ill at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient snretips In a sum equal the amount of the contract, to deliver the nrticl? proposed, in conformity with the terms t i* advertisement; and in case the said bidder sho ild fail to enter into the contract, they to mak? good the difference between the offer of said bidder an I the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be warded. The responsihilitv of the guarantor? mnst bo shown bv the official certificate of the clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attornev. Ponds in a turn equal to the amount of the con tract, sicned by the contractor and both of his guarantors will be required of the successful bid der fer bidders upon signing the contract FORM OF GUARANTEE. We. the undersigned, residents of ??, In the county of .and State of , hereby, jointlv and severally,covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of he accepted, that he or they will at once execute the contract for the same w ith good and sufficient sure ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed in conformity to the terms of the advertisement. dated May &>, 1?S4, un der which the hid was made; and in case the said (-hall fail to enter into a contract as afore said. we guarantee to make good the difference be tween the offer of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may he awarded. \ Given under our hands and seals (thi? day ot , 1?6?. Witness: fSoal.1 I I To this guarantee mo?t be appended the official certificate ahov* mentioned. The right to reject any or all bids that maybe deemed too high is reserved by the Depot Quar termaster, as well as the right to selpct from ea<"h bid such articles at the prlve therein named as is required by the Government. D H. RUCKER. Brig. Gen, and Chief Qtiartsrrnastet, my 25-t<i Depot Washington. pROFOBALS FOR FORAGE. Chief Quartermaster's Orno?, 1 Washington Depot. Dec. 3, isil. | Sealed Proposals are invited by the undersigned for supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment, at Washington. D. C., Baltimore, Md.. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va.,or either of tuese-'piaces, with llay, Corn, Oats and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of 8.OH) bushels of corn or oats and ft) tons ol hay or straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the ahove-nam?d points they pr"pose to make deliveries, and the rates at whscn ?ney will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall be oorn menced,aud when to be completed. The price must be written out in words on the bids. Corn tn he rip in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oatsin likeeacksofaboutthree bushels each. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hay and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be stated in the proposals. All the articles offered under the bids herein In vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will he awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amont contracted for shall have been delivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible person? that in case his bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, w ith good and sufficient sureties in asum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisment: and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the con tjact. they to make good tho difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the pewon to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors mnst be shown by the official certificate of al'.H District Atto rney, Collector of Customs or an y other officer under the United States Government or responsi ble person known to this office. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brie. Gen. D. II. Rucker. Chief Depot Quartermastec, Washington, D.C.,aud should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amonnt of the con tract. Hljrned by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signingj^he contract. * lilank forms of bids. ^uaVant. es, and bonds, may be obtained upon application at this Office. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County and State) ? . . _ (Date) ? the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish aud deliver to the United the Quarter master's Department at , agreeably to the terms of yonr advertisement inviting proposals *Vr f0,r?K?? dated Washington Depot, Dec. tf, 1363. the following articles, vii: bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of 66pounds bushels of Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of 32 pounds ? tons of Baled Ua-y, at per ton of 2,000 mdftt pounaw. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , 166?', aud to bt completed on or before the ?? <*ay of , 136?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with Jhe Lnited Btates with good and approved serines. within tlie space of ten days after being notified that my Lid haa been accepted. Your obedient servant, _ ? \ Brigadier General D. II. Rccker, General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, P. C. GUARANTY. We, the nndersignedfgesidents of ,!n the County of ?-?, aud St^Rf , hereby. Jointly and severally, covenantRrith the United Btates, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten daya after the acceptance of said bid, execute the eon tract for the same with good and sufficient sure ties, in a sum eqnal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated Decembers, 1863, under which the bid was made, and, in caae the Mid shall Hail to enter into a contract aa aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and tho next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given under our hands and seals this ? day of , US-. [Seal.l I hereby certify that, to the best of my1knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for fne amount for which they offer to be security. ?. To be certified by the United Btatea District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer nnder the United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office. dec g-tf BrIgadier*Qtfnera^amTQ* M. Sealed proposals 2fu ^"re^il^'bfthe undersigned until 12 o'clock M. on FRIDAY1, the 3d day of June next, for building a Sewer on L st/eet north, between Twentieth and Twenty-sec ond streets west. The sewer will be circular in shape, its inside diameter nine (?) feet, the wall of the sewer to be nine inches thick, and in keying the crown of the arch no headers shall be used, but th? inner and outer courses of stretchers shall be carried over separately, and each shsJl be keyed with slate after the arch is turned In the execution of the work above specified only whole, hard, thorough burnt bricks of the best quality shall be usifc, carefuily excluding all bate and shattered arch brick. The bricks must be well wet immediately before being laid, and every brick must have full mortar joints under bottom, sides, and ends The whole must be laid in mortar made up of best hy draulic fcement and olMn sharp sand free from loam, which mnst be mixed in the proportion of two parts of aand to one of cement, and must be made in small quantities as it map be required for Bidders will state the price per lineal foot for the sewer, which shall inuadt excavation and till R'CHIRD WALliCB H?or, Commissioner oHbe First Ward. my ZT-dtd AsfisUnU3omm!Mdo^'ra. f HIEF QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE 1 ^ ? DgJPOBT OF WaSHIHGTOB. > Wcuktmston, D. C.. January ( rt?^r"l?rrjln Hardware, Lumber, Leather, Office Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re querted to send to this office, on MONDAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list, tn dupluaU, of the articles they are prepared to famish to this depot at short notice, with the price of each marked in plain figures, so that, in case the ex gencies of the service require it, the article or articlea aai be obhdnS without delay, and at the Unrest price Dealer# wishing to Mil to this Depot will bo re quired to furnish the list punctually every Monday morning. D. II RUCKER ponn^^ ?tonajHphled Straw, at per ton of 2,000 TRAVELERS' DIRECTOR?. BAl TlflOKE OHIO KAILK*MO. On ?un alter Kuu-ia?, *j>rii tutfa. ikm, Oaily Train* will b?- run bi-twH?u W*?hiiigtou and M?w York and Washineti.B *nd thn W?*t. ?.-< follows FOR PMl-AtigLPHlA. ?VJf w V'tRR, aSD ho.ston Lrtic W arnjutrtun at 7 ?? ? oi. II.IA ? ra. A.*i p m. except Suui1t> Ou Suu'lay iu tor fHlLADKl.PlllA.aod 7> pro for NEW YORK Passengers for Philadelphia trill taao uutioe Miat tbe 6.9' v m train is tho Inu.u tram Ltily fn- Pkilm delrhin The trai? tl 7.0" i? ui duen ?M no iu fMtadiiPHxa. an'I Is for N*w York pa<*cn*tr> < talus' r>*lv for halt/vobb Leave Washington at ?.?> a to, SO y m. 4.30 D m. 6.9' p n?. and 8.3" p m, except Sundays Ou 8undajrn at 7.3" a u?, and 3 and tli y iu FOR ALL FARTS OF THE WRST. Leave Washington at 6.80 a m. ai)4 .1 and 8.20 p m dally .except Sunday On Sunday, at 3 and y ui, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND TfIB SOUTS. L?av? Baltimore at 3.4A, 4.a>. 7, u xud 10 a in. and 8.90. 4.43 and 7.(0 p m. daily, except Sunday. Od Sunday, at 3.4?> and 4.J0 a ra and S.SO o m.unly FOR ANNAPOLIS. L??fe Wa^hingtuu at 6.30 a en. and 3 and 4.*J p m. daily, except Sunday No train for Annapolis on (Sunday. Train* leaving Washington at 7.30 a in and f.SO p m to through to Now York without change of cars. Sleeping Car on 7.60 p m train Bertha iu sleep ing car can be secured antil 6 p tn. daily, at the Ticket Office; after that bour tbey must ??* secured of the sleeping car conductor The first aud fourth trains from Washington slop at all way points. For further information, ticaets of every kind, &c., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office W. P. 8MITT1. Master of Transportation L. M. COLE, General Tfc.ket Agent ap 11 -tf KITED 8 T 8 MAIL. OVERLAND CALIFORNIA ROUTE. * Post Ornoi Dspartmbitt, I *a.<.hinKton City March a, 1864 i Proposals will ba received at the Oontract once of this J>t partmest until 3 p m., Jaoe 14, 1864. (tj be decided next da*,) for oonveying the mai'.e of the Uni'ed elates in tbe btate of Kassas and the Territories of Colosado. Utib and Nevada from the 1st of October. 1? 4 totleSOth of September, 1868 inclusive, 01 the routes an t by the schedules of departarts and arrivals herein ?ps3tfled, consti tuting the overland rout ti California. KANSAS. Route No. 14,260?Prom Atchison, Kansas, or Saint Joseph, Missouri to Salt Lake City, Utah Territory. 1230 mil?a and bae'?. dai>y. supply ing such offioes a* may be on the roate. Schedule from 1st of April to 1j? of December, (8 months ) Leave Atohism or Saint Joseph daily, at 8 a. m; Arrive at Salt Lake City eleventh day, oy 11a. m? (243 hours;) Leave Salt Lake OityVaily, at 10 a m.; Arrive at Atchison or Balnt Joseph eleventh day, by 1 p m.. (248 hour*;) Schedule from 1st of December to 1st of April, (4 months ) Leave Atchison or 8a.nt Joseph d*i*y. a'9a m.; Arrive at Bait Lake uity fourteenth day, by 2 a. m . (806 hours;) Leave Bait Lake City daily, at 7 p m ; Arrive at Atchison or Saint Joseph fourteenth day by lp.m. (.<>6kours;) Bide to extend tbe daily service from Salt Lake City, by Ytrgini* City, to Foisom, 698 21 ilea furth er, supplying such offloee as are on the roate. and supplying Denver Colorado Territory, dailv, by the most direet route, forming due eonnettions with the main line, will he considered If service on this route, as extended, be let, that on routes Nos 14.026 and 18.761 will not be. The aoeeptel bidder will hare the privilege to commence service on the let July, 1864. n B ?The paper and document mail for the Pacifie eoast to be sent by sea. UTAH TERRITORY. Route No. 14.686?Pit m Bait Lake City to Yirginia Oity, Nevada Territory, 068 miles and back, daily, supplying such offices as may be on tbe route. Schedule from ls< cf April to ljf of Dtcimbtr,(S men As.) leave 8alt Lake City daily, at 1 p. m,: . Arrive at Yirginia City sixth day, by 11 a.m ,(118 hours:) L* ave Yirginia City daily, at 10 a m ; Arrive at Bait Lake City sixth day, by 8 a. m.; (118 hours;) Schedule frovi of December to l?i of April (4 months.) Leave Bait Lake City daily, at 6 a. m.; , Arrive at Yirginia City seventh day, by 1 a. m., (189 koura;) Leave Virginia Oity dally, at 10 9. m.; Arrive at Salt Lake Oity seventh day, by 8 p. m., (1.19 hours.) If the extended service Invited ou route 14,260 be let to contract, service on this route will not be. NBVADA TERRITORY. Route No >8.761?Prom Yirginia Oity to PolaomCity, California, 140 miles and back, daily, sap plying such offices as may be on t*ae roate. Schedule from 1st of April to lj? cf December (8 months.) Leave Virginia City dally, at 12 m,; Arrive at Foiaom City next day, by 11 a. m , (23 hours;) Leave Felson City dally, at 10 a in.; Arrive at Virginia City next day, by 9 a. m,, (23 hours.) Schtdule frcm ltf of December to 1j{ of April (4 months.) Leave Virginia City daily, at 2 a. m ; Arrive at JToiaom City next day, by 1 p. m , (38 hour*;) Leave Volsom City daily, at 10 a. m.; Arrive at Virginia City next day, at 9 p. m ,(38 hours ) If the extendel service invited on route 14,*?) be let to contract, service on this rout* will not he. MOTJHB. lach rout* must be bid for aeparately, with Sep arat* guarantee and certificate, acd must provide lor tbe conveyance of tf e mail with celerity o*r tainty. and reenrity " using the terma of the law. It will be perceived that the schednlea ^or the running time are arranged so aa to form one eoe tiouous line from Atchison. Kansas, or St Joseph. I Mi'socri.U City and back, conveying the mail, each ?rav, in 16 daya. eight months in the /pear; and in 20 days four months in the year. 6 for form of proposal, guarantee, and cert'float** nd for icstruotiona, requirements, Ac , bi? Jars are tferred to the pamphlet advertisement of October 18 1863, at the principal post ofllces. Bidders should be careful to post-nay *>ids. mb23 M. BLAIR. Postmaster Gflcer&l. dnltt* ?tat?s 10-40 Loan* JAT COOKE a? CO., 4*9 Fifteenth Street, Rights Bcbsobiptioss roa thb NEW NATIONAL LOAN authorized by act of |!areh 3, IS64, and known as TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Gorern j .ment, after ten yeara, and payable forty years from * date tn coin, bearing interest at FIVB PBR QIN r A YEAR, payable on bonds no? over S100 annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS will be Issued in 950,1100, j Woo, and f 1,000. Tbe REGISTERED BONDS will be issued In *50, 1100, f50o, *1.000,91000, and 910.000. These are the only gold-bearing securities of th Government now procurable at par, and, yielding at present value of coin OVER EIGHT PEB CENT FEB ANNUM, offer a very desirable investment for large or small sums. We Buy and Sell, at market rates, GOVERNMENT BONDS, OF ALL ISSUES, TBE AS CRT NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QU ARTEBMABTEB'B CERTIFICATE OBEOKB. mh89-tf JAY COOKB ? CO. ^BW TOBB AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP OOMPANT, The Screw Steamships BALTIMORE. BALY8B, EMPIBB, JAM IB B. GBBEB, AMD FAIBBANKS n E-W Boot High gt., Georgetown. WHITE VIBGIN WAX Of ANTILLES?A new J Frpnch Oosmetic for beautifying, whitening, the Complexion. It is the moai wonderful compound of the age. There ia neither Chalk, powder, majrnesia, Msmuth,or tale hi its composition, it being composed entirely of pura Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary ?nalitiee fer preserving the skin, making it soft, smooth, fsir, and transparent. It makes the old appear young, the homely, handsome; the handsome, more bean tlful, sad the most beautiful divine, trice 28 and . bEni's bloom or tu?n. ?moat nrfKtooioi JTfeSf-fSSfflB aCKT t 00., 41 kdt BMt phia. None genuine unless the name or " Hunt h Co ?ia blown on the bottles. For sal "at A SbOYEAU'8 171 B^timore streT IStlmorel and W. B. ENTWISLE, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania ave., Washington D. C. apl-.Tm BAT EL BOO FBI GBA V BL BOOF8II wHS25in?0nMAocce*,or5to,,y* w*l*er p*? ????ne Orders All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable terms, and warranted. Repairs made promptly, - mh U Sui? I |A. JOHMBTOB, I f BALiTlMOHJi uwnVi. / ttudiHu??r"<i,b. ( t?rU:n. f?wd? and Bff? *n?' B^roed* 10 the *vr]d f"* SI>lAa?ti of tkiPiiuuBMua i4 f tt Sti H'mtt< Nn T*\M*nt ! fttnons Ruinid ^ Zfnijam f'tten'tfrt. or b? Otftrilv Potfon Utrcw\ rKtmlA ?P*iV tmmtdtnuh a CVHK WAi\hA*TSD 0* 4?u t-HA HUM lM HiOM ONS TO TW> DAYS. Attiuiuof tbe B?l, lovojuutary Dti??w?i iltrictares * flatter, ? of the R Idneys and BMW. Imuotovcy dsn#' *) D?blHty, R ?f*uaea?ee. Dye i?*i Us?ao!, U>? BpiriMi ??/jL 5 Sf** Palpitation of the Heert. Timidity. TrsmbllnA; Dimness fMgbtorGldl'nesa Disease>nf the Hwl Throat So*# oi *kin, Affections of tt? Langs, Btorueck or Buweta-tbose Terrible Pleor der* arum* Nnio BoMtarj R*btt? of To>t> glOftif ?ri AOl)*>rt mort fttal to tlfll rictiui# to?i> t&? ton|i of Itwdp to tk? marfMn of rTMQn, hi.*htOK ?i?*fr ?no*t hrllHtst ItopM o> iDtt^i^Ationi. ^w^riDi BtrriM*. %?.? tm 9000V bU lOtf.Vh MJit* ifMCittn, ?io km become th? rutus* Of MV i?r? * ior,takt drulfal wt dwtr??tt?# btMtvUtk anaaeki sw?e?s to an untimely ?r?(? thousands o) Young Men <ifth* most ?salted talent aad biiliiaa? Intellect, who m gbt oth?rwise have totiueid lie toning Senates with the thunders of sloqoenee.Of wake? to sxstoev the Hvln# lvr*. roe* ealT with fBJt sonfldsnoe ^g fA HIIt'VLA/i HuTiCE. laas* ut some of tie sad and cnsauchuly effeeW prodneed by early tablti o( voatk, *U: WuikuMD ? Of the Back sod Limbs fain In the H*ad Dim near, of Sight Loss of Muscular Hower. Palpitation o* the Heart Dvrpep?y. N?r? Irritability D* ran cement of the Digestive rnooVons. General De bill tyb> mptoHi* of Cotmunjption. Ae HiiTilin .?The ??rfn) eff*ots on tae nund are mnah to he dreaded? Loss of Memory, Oonfastoa oi Ileaa. Depression of Bnlrts Bril ??rebodinge, Aversion to Boeietn Self (Mstrnst. Lore of Soli ^-?T??'d?W.*cURaiJtV& Marrxtd Fsrstm,, of yona* men eoutoaelatla marriage, aware of Physical Weakness, 9rg>B* Debility, easting of tft? Organs. Deformities, fee ahooia app;y Immediately. Be *k" plao* a himself onaex (b? a?re of ? #. mat rellgious.y eonflde In hie henor aa ?J^-otl. m?n ?ad eonflrtentlT relr np-~"? b! 'Mi! a? a Phraielas. 0BUAA1U WaaAMBSS. 1MPOTBW0T u IMfBDlMBfiTB to H&HKUHI B* Lrt. Jonnetoa'a marveluoa treetmeot, Weak aeaa of tb* Oraana la speedily car*d end fall restored Tboasaoda of the moat oervoaa, debTll tated and impotent ?hu hvl tnat %lt bone, here been immediately relieved All impedimenta to marrt^n, Cay?to?t or Meaitf {HsqaallBeetloiia. Lo?a of Procreatiy- Power. Ber vona Irritability,Tremblinaa.and Weakaeaa.or Bz kavatiou of the moat fearfal kind, apeedily cored OH. ?'OHNBTOit aemHi of the Boyal Colleae of aaraeuaa, 1<0% don. Graduate from oae of tn? moat eminent Ool leana u> (be United Btatea.end the premier aartol whoee life haa be? n ?p?Dt In the hoepltala or Loa doa.Parla, Philadelphia and eUe where, haaeffiaetaA aome ef the u?oat aatouinbinit ourea tbat were ere) known; many troubled witL main? In the kead at <1 eara when aaleer ^reat alarmed at andoen aonnda baahfuiueas witb freqoeai btnahinc- attended aometimet witb deranaemea* of mind were oared ImmedlaUily YQUNV M?> wao aa?a injured them?elT-g oy ? oenata praetlM Indulged In wben e<onn?a habit fr??nently teamed fr?m eril oumpanlona. or at ??b-ol, tke effeataoi which arenlahtly felt, even when asleep and if ao? eojed renders marrlafe Imposnibl . and destroy? both mind and body, ?Boald apply Immediately What a pity tbat a yunna man, the hope of hit ooantry and darling of hl? aaretU, should ho snatched from all the proapnou and eajoymenta o< Ufa by the conaeaneuoe of deviation from the path of aatare and tndalaina In a oer-aln aeoret haM^ Bacb oersoaa mu"t, bef-r* contemalatine tdARRlAfrb. reflect taat a ?*<uud mind and b-j?? are tie dooeaaary re?aiflite* to promote oonuuDial happT aeaa indeed, altboat th<-ae the Jonrqey through life h*oemea a weary pil^rlmaae; tb? proepeet benrly darhenb to the view: tne mind h?o?me# ahadowed with despair and filled withjthe melan aholy reflection* that the happineaa of another it bllahtad with oar own DISSASSS Oh i?>-K If aea the mlaa aided and impradent T^tary ?S aleaanre flnda hebaa Imbibed the aeedaof thlapaia ml diseare, it often happena that an ill-timed aaaaa of ahame or dread of dUooreiy deters him from ae plying to thoee who, from education and raapeeta Diity.can alone bofriend him He fhlla into the ban da ofLraoraat and dealrnin* pretenders, who. Incapable of carina- lilch hla pecuniary cohstaace. keep him triflin# month after month,or aa U>na ao tke smallaflt fee can be obtained, and la deapaiy leave blm with rnlaed health to s1?h over his *all_ Ina diaappointwient; or, by the oae of that deadly pofacn fikrenry, hasten the eonstltationalsymi toma of thU terrible diaeaae saah aa A-Bsctiona of the Head. Throat. Nose, Shin eto.. progressist wfth friahtfal rapidity until death ante an end to hla dreadfal anfferinat by aendln? him to that ua d,i?coTersd ooantry r "*m whose boarne aotraveltf " OfBIOB 1 SOUTH aBBOB&lOB BTRBBT. left hand side coins from Baltimore street, a raw doors from the corner fail not to observe name "btSo letter* reosived onleaa poavpsad and^eoir tainlna a stamp to be need on the reply. Person# WTitlra abonldstate aae and aend portion of *4 vertisemert deeeribln* aymptoma Thi I> '* IHplcrn* ku..-? I* ?n !<#<?? INDoSShsiBN r Of THB PBB8B. The aany thooaanda cared et this InatltatHJB Within the last twenty years, and the nnmeroiU Important Bora leal Operation* performed by.DTj Johnaton, witnetaed by theresariara of ''The Ban" and many other papers, notices of which have ap peared saaio and aaa'? before the public beddeo ?&? lUodiDC a of fibtriettr ioq ft* sponsibflity, is a sulBeient anarantae to the at S&/2V DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED ja *?Oy 8 SECRET DIBBA8B8I BBOKBT DISEASES SAMARITAN'S GIFT sauar/tax^x GIFT/ THE MOFT CERTAIN REMEDY KVER U9ED, "Yea. A Positive Cure" for GuyORBCEA, GLKET, S ttICTURB&, dlX Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, n<> M?renry. Only Ten Pil't to be Tckrn to Effect a Curt. Tfeey are sntirely vt^Table. buvlut; nu >ini?U nor any unpleasant taste, aud will not in any way in jure tbe stomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent cases In 'twenty-four h iors " Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, ono ofthe mosi eininant DocU "8 and Chemist* of th- present day. Ko EXPOSOKS, so TRorBLB. Ko cuisot WH.tTmn, Let those who have despaired of eettin? cur>>d, cr who haTe been gorjtoJ witb Balaam Cop&vla, 07 GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, %'i Female fj. ELOOD! BLOOD !1 BLOOD I! SCROP LA, rLC?&^ 80RKS, SPOTS TETTERS, S'-ALES BOILS, STPUIUS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, rfc. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB J010E9 Is offered tbe pablic an a positive cars. PYPT11LI8 OR VENERKAL DI,?EA!*ES. the 8A Bi \RITAN?8 ROOT AND HKRB JUICE, is the mo?t potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prercr.bed; it reaches and er&d icatcs every particle of the venereal poiBon. so that the cure is thorough and permanent. Take then of thie purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos uri-.r th.. for ^^"dI'VaFr"1 Will remove every vestige of imparities from thB system, as well as all the bad effectn of Mercarjr. FEMALES 1 FEMALB81I In many affections with whi.-h nnmbeTSof Pe tn&les suffer, the ROOT AND HERB JUICES lo most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Utenis, in Whites, in bearing down. Falling o. ths Womb, i Debility, and forajlcomplainteincidenttothssex. Sent by express. Price fl a bottle, or 5 bottle* tofti. gAMARLTAN.g cnANCRK WASH. Price 26 cents. Full directions. DESMOND A. CO., Box 161 Philadelphia Port Off) Sold by P. CALVERT FORD, corner of 11th and Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK, Al xandria. mayg-t> TRIEBEMAR-Protected by Royal Letters Pat ent of England, an?1 secured by the seals or the Kcole de Pharmacie d* raris.and the Imperial Col'egeof Medicine. Vienna. . Triesmar No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Relax ation, Spermatorrhoea and Exhaustion of the Sys tem. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded the naaseoas use of Oopavia, Cnbebs. Ac. Triesmar No. S is the infallible remedy for all Imparities anfl Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the pseof mercury and all other deleterious ingredients Bach preparation is in th* form of a most agrvg^ able Loienge. Secured from effects of climate and changes of atmosphere, in tin owes, at eS each, or four ?3 cases in one for f0, and in $27 cases, thoa saving 99. Divided in separate doses as ad minis' tered by Valpeau, Sallemaade. Roax. Ac., Ao. Wholesale and retail by Vr. BARROW, No. 194 Bleecker street. New Jort. To be had also of S. 0. FORD, No. 390 Pa ???. corner 11th street. mar 9-3m* Y CONFIDENTIAL. OUNG MEN who have injured themselves by certain secret habits whieh unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middle aged or old men, who, froVi the follies of yonth or other causes, feel a debility in advance of their years, before placing themselves ander the treat ment of any one, should first read "THE SECRET FRIEND.'' Married Ladies will learo something of importance by perusing "Tbe 8*cret friend." Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on re ceipt of Tea Cents Address Da. CHAS. A. 8TEWART A CO., de ll-ly Boston, Mass. Adams express company, 0FF10K 614 PA. AVENU1, Washington. D. ft GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN. AND WEST ERN express FORWARDERS. MERCHANDISE, MONEV, JEWKLKY. VALU? ABLE8, NOTES, STOCKS, BONDS, io.. Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Gompanp Washington!'d^clT*^e*w*"itorr, boston PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE. 015. 01NNATI, ST. LOUIS, U)UIS VILL^,LEXINGTON Conn?ctlone are made New York and Bostofl, xsrdxz D Collection of NOTES. DRAFTS, and BILLS ?a4e ?t all accessible parts of t^e ^^^Aient. d e 23 WaihiaBioB,?. v.

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