Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. O. WALLAI U. K4IUr and Pr?pri?Ur. WABHOTOTON CITY: Tt'MDAT MAY 31, 196%. MTMADIN6 MATTER ON BVERY PAGH 111 OUTBIDS FOB INTERESTING TELE ?RAPHIC AM) OTHER MATTER. Ron FREDERICKSBURG. BAFE RETURN OF OUR CAVALRY FROM TUB WILDERNESS TO THAT l'LACE. BOME OF OUR WOUNDED IN THE HANDS OF TBE REBELS. DESTRUCTION OP GOVERNMENT PROPERTY AND PROBABLE EVACUATION Of krederjce.^buro BV THIS TIME. The steamer George Weems arrived here early this morning flrom Fredericksburg, and reports the safe worn to that place of the cav alry Mat oat to tho Wilderness tor the purpose of brtsfing in oar grounded which had been left la hospitals on the field. This detachment ?f cavalry only obtained about two hundred and fifty of oor woanded, as the others were louad to be in the hands of the rebels. When the Weems left Fredericksburg on Sua cJay afternoon, oar force* were engaged in burning the Government hay (damaged) and ?*her property that it was inexpedient to TemOvb. They were also making preparations to embark for Port Royal or West Point, and doubtless the town has been 'totally evacuated by this time. As the Veems was coming down the Rappa hannock a company of rebel cavalry dashed "np to the banks of the river and drew op in Itee, bat noticing a gunboat approaching they retired without firing upon the vessel, which thoy showed a disposition to do. Onr gunboats have been Instructed that in case any of onr vessels are fixed upon, to shell all the house? within rang*. Considerable uneasiness was manifested among certain parties on board theWeemsas *he came kown the Bappahannock, they being ic constant fear of an attack by the guerrillas. The Weems brought tip the wounded that brought into Kredericksbnrg from thf* Wilderness by onr cavalry. Among the uum fcer vere eleven Confederates, one of whom c ?d on the upward trip. FROM RED RIVER. THJ- Ar.MI ACROSS THE ATCHAF\I,AYa. ?-},N. S-MIT1I TTRVK UPuN THP RKBF.I.j- VM? KILLS AND WOUNDS A NUMBER. HE CAPTURES ONE HUNDRED AND EIW11TY PKIK'NMS AND TWO FIELD PIECES The following Las been received at the N?vy ^Department: MieeiPsniSvUADBON, Hag/tkij- Black Haul , tf l ain , /It., May}6, 1H5-1.?Mb*. f/idew Wellef, Stcrt aryqf the. Xary.?Sir: 1 have the honor to report my arri\al at tbi? place, four days iron. Ked river. ' Th- army fcau all cros*i>d the Atohafalav a, aid ties Smith's division embarked. The gni-boa?.- covered the army until all wer. over GeE Smith, who brought up the rear, turned upon the rebels with a part of his command crder Gen. Mower, and killed and wounded a i.umber. He captured 1H> prisoners and two Held pieces. This makt s eight or nine field piece* captured by Geu. Smith, besides the cues captared at Fort Jv Kus.?y, in all of whichxaptnrps Gen. Mow. r bore a conspicu cuspart. It is just -ucb nicn we want to lend onr soldier*. The river is qaiet between thii and K:*d The rebels had a battery on the banks be?ow Tnnica Bend, but the gunboats drove u awa> anpr a short action. I am, sir. very respectiuliy ^our obediei-t tenant, David D. Poutke, liear Admiral. ARKIVA3. OF CONTRABAND,41 AND REFl | CEES. \estf nifty afternoon a steamer from Port J.cj a. arrived at tlse Sixth street wharf with ! about eight hundrsd contrabands?men, woiai-u aud childrec?who Lave l?vn picked up at I cuaerenr points alonj G*u. Grant's line ol march. These are genuine, jet black contra, bands. not a mulatto amours? them. When the s:? bmer reached the wharf here it was dis covered that there were several cases of small pox among them, which were immediately re movKl ai-d sent to asmall.pox hospital, ltle tnde.atood that these contrabands will b-sent to the I rt tiimen's village to await further dis posal. erai families ox 1 mon refugee- wen* ais.> brought np from Port lU;ynl yesterday eveuing. NAVAL CAPTIRL. Ta? report of the capture of thr Eugiuh schcoc?r Agnes, ou the ?d ol May. oil" the harbor of ^ elasco. Texas. by the U. S. ojeatner Chosura. ha.. b?en received at the Navy I)e_ pu'.c^nt The Ague* Lm Le-.u .????; Crleat:- for adjudication. Official Wag* JHuU^tiii. ORAM ACROSS lili. i'ASII NK!.\ RT }. H CCES-Ol THE FLASK MOVE MENT. Washington, May Oo?in p. m. 7? -Vif Uintral Dixy Ntxc Turl:; I F?o iatelRgeoce later than has heretofore b<vn transmitted to you has been received by the I?epartment from dent-rals (irant orSherman. A portion of General Bntler's force at Ber muda Hundred, not required for (Wieusiveop t rations there, has b*en transferred. nnd?r the (CKiu?<l of Genera] Smub, to the Army of tas Potomac, and is supposed by this time to bate formed a junction. ho change in the command of the depart ment of \ irginia has been made. General JJutler remains in full coma*aud of the Depart ment of Virginia and North Carolina, and cou tir im at the head of his force in the field. Despatches from General Can by have be^u received to-day. He is actively.engaged in rt^upp.'j It* the troops brcugnt back by (ieu eralt Steele and Banks, and reorganizing the *orc?* ol the Western Mississippi Division, ! w^ich no%?- comprehends the Departments of Wisscnri, Arkansas and lA)Ui3iaa?. Generah. ! Roeecranc, ?uele and Banks remain in com xr.and Of th^ir respective departments, unrier the orders of Genefal Can by, as division com-.{ mender, his military relation being tho same as thfft formerly exercised by GeaAal Grant, aad cow exercised bj 6?nemi Sliefman, over the departments oftheOhlo, the <,>umb*riand> and th<- Teiiness?fe Io*i* M. Sta>to?, secretary ol War. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM MEMPHIS* hteaners Attacked by Gaerrllllat.?Meve< jpeats of the Rebel Ueaeral Fsrrent? jl^titeateat at faducah. fllil?ft May M ?The *teamer Graham, from oa the W?, haa arrived. Da,the morning of the SSth the gnnboat Cur lew was *ttaclfd at Gaines' Landing, lltty ! <^|fc,^apoleon, by a reb-?l battery of MOfralr.SMUl til pounders. The fire yra? | iaiui-tm^k eaeagement <>ntued f >r MM? #ksu the rubble were driven oS. WWWW4mW#Wl-VicfcBbarg with Gene vras fired into on jiki^^tery of six gu-is, frfii? iMbAt?*?MMsHsr^ pt?ii)olnmbia. Tu? boadsvat btf(SMi?a?gi sa^ssisd on without loMlyri m'Lfbm. s'Sevw m<j v.-ju . <*h Tfco s^ag^r into the rtaiwi. w!iu oiea, Wreporied to hive I thei"rsprSfc-ftEWn viclnliv ofUnion^v\ j Much excitecneBt existed la Pidncabia cju tMoeace of various rtmws of the approach of ! Bo ford with a force estimated at from 000 to l.iidO. This force is eald to hare been in il-iT fleld yesterday. The military authorities are prepared u> resist any attack attempted, ana i it- not likely they will allow the enemy to re main long in the vicinity in any Scattering bands are roving round the' coun try, commuting depredations. They R? P I' d ion men at Union Oity on the 'i, th 4 THE ILETELiRO COHVEWTIO*. Fremont the Favorite Candidate. t'r.KVBLAND. Ohio, May 30?11 p. m.?fudg ing from the number of delegates already ar rived, the?>n to-morrow will be com j nosed of several hundred delegaw. Many Missonrians are in attendance. The delega tions from Illinois. Iowa, Arkansas, Unto, and Pennsylvania are also large. Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Kansas. New York, New Jvter, and Massachusetts are represent ed, but bot largely. Apparently none but the delegation of war Democrats from New lork ft-vor the nomination of Grant, with Fremont for Vice President. Tbev argue that a victory in Virginia next month will secure an endorse ment of this ticket at Chicago. On the other hand, the Fremont men say they want a man whose political record Is well defined, and known to the country, and who has position and strength, and claim thi? for their candi date, professing to believe that he is as likely to be endorsed at Chicago as Grant. Grant's name will be withdrawn and r re mont nominated without opptwitibn. Several are named for Vice President, among them General Cochrane, George W. Cass. B. Gratz Brown, General Lio^an, Governor Andrew, ard General RD?ecrans. Comptroller Robinson, ot N??w \ork, lifts ?written a letter strongly favoring the nomina tion of Grant. Parker Pilsbnry brings a letter from Wendel Philips, expressing regret at his inability to attend the Convention, comp'lin ing that the Administration is a failnre because it has weighed a treasure of blood and civil lib erty against slavery, and, up to the present mo ment, has decided to exhaust them all before it uses freedom heartily as the means of battle, and that if Mr. Lincoln is reelected, he will pursue the same policy and obey the same cabinet. He deprecates the Louisiana recon struction experiment, and contends that the only plan of reconstruction within twenty years, is to admit the black* to citizenship, aud use them with white3 as the basis of States. He closes by favoring the nomination ol Fre mont or Butler, Fremout being his first choice. Among those present are General McKinstrv, ex-Goverror Win. F. .Tohn6ou, ol Pennsylva nia, Colonel Zagoui, Maior Haskell, Ed. Gil bert, Mr. Gatret, Parkor Pllsbury, Jasper Thompsor, A. K. Colvin. General Cochrane, George M. Hopkins. Colerel Moss, and a num ber of prominent Germans from the W"st. All Expedition on Feot. New-York, May W.?Tbe f'ommerrial Ads-t tis-r publishes a letter from Butler's army, written on the *^sth, wliiih says an expeditlou of some magnitude is about starting, but its destination remains a secret. Two or three day a will culm mate events. Suv York Stork List? First Board. [By the People'6 Line.] U. S. coupon 6's, 1S?1, Uli','; C.t 5.V0's, lf?>; Certificates of Indebtedness. 107 "J; ' told, N. Y. Central, HJ; Erie, 112 V; Hudson, in*; Harle.m,Reading, Mi chigiu Central, 111: Michigan Southern, Illinois Central, IW-w; Cleveland and Pittsburg, li"; Galen 1 and Chicago, 13- v: (fevel&'id and Toledo, 11TJ?; Chicago and liock I.-land. 1PJ; Milxau klf and Prairie du Chieu. "9^ ; Pittsburg, Fort "Wayne and Chicago, 11.'.V; Alton and T- ria Haute, 66; Chicago aud Northwestern. 5z'ii <tui? kailver. T.'K. 4 . OFFICIAL ltEi'AE,T? EST OK STA.TB, ) ' >\ a >hirs;'o.-. Miw'lft, I-Ol. \ luioravition been received at this l?->nnrt ment from Mr. H. .1 Svbague, the Consul of the United States at Gibraltar, that the regula tion requiring all foreign -vessels p-issitg the fortifications at Tnrifa to show their national colors is rigorously enforced by the Spanish authorities; shipmasters will consult their owu interest, iliereitire, by caretnl observance of it .y^CMHN STRAWBERRY" FF<TIVAT. ? |jf Mil: I UK CAPITOI. Ill LI. presbyterian CHUKCU. At ODD i ELLO t? HALL, 7th >tr>, cMtuuieuciug Jnne 1st, cloning June 12th. with Grand Promenade Concert. Boi" Admission in cents; season tickets ,1'v Ctub1. Tickets for concert St centK. iuy lii- lvr lfSs*C(H.UM!fOt!S OFFICE. Mat 84, l?i?ti4. ' kJ? Notice i<? hereby given to the purchasers at the late Ta\ Sale ?ho have uot obtained their cer tiorates, that thev are now ready for delivery, hud should b<- attended to witho it fur :her Jtlay. 1,1 y Stc WM. Ill .VOX, (Vdlrrtor ff^^rili: LADIES t?F WESLEY CHAPEL 11. ? {corner .*.th and F streets* take plta?.ire in iinnouncitit; that t ht-y li ill hold th'*ir annual l'LO RAL AND STRAWBERRY festival ia the 1-asoment r>f church. cuimtienriiig on thf EVENING of the :;i-t i?i^t . HU'i contii.nioe sev eral day-. Tb-; fr'end-; and public ar<- cordially invited. {?e.tsou Ticket=. admitting a vontlfiiiiau ana la-ly. ;"?? oraM. il\ !w-it* i Intel, riirou. A lU-j>al?. copj a ? on7 kht 7>T VocaI ~MVST(? WILL be iiiveu b\ the putiils ot tiio Female >'? ? i.tuJary Schools, un-vr the direction of Pot J . li. l>AJ..r. . at Ihe Mnitb-oni .n Iutitutic.n.on Tl. KS DAY. May 3ist, c?<uuiieucin-- at tix o'clock. The proc. Is ol" the concert wi'lbo us.M for purchase of Piai'O# i??r t!ie vchotds. Mr. .f. P. KUiH'has ].ii>di\*oir. re t tile ng>- of r,n.- of his tlcest pisnos for tlie occasion. iuy ry^^FLOKAL AN1> >'KL IT FKSTIV AL.-TL l|jf S -tei- iu i-ltur_ ? of the ?t. Ann's Iufarl As^lui:*, eortl.-r of 2ftn a:."' K streets, iiesr the t'ireie liei 1o announce a GRAND I-'IORAL AND via iT FK^TIN Ah.eotuniferu infrTtrK8l?AY*. May olst. aud continuing during tbe woek. Am thin Institution ia a uck uudertal tiiK iu Vl-it. cit\. aiid attended with L-reat expense, aud is no* In k! tat need, they feel contidc-nco in iuaktu~ this appeal to the generosity of the public, au>1 Iior - tney will attend. Supper ticl.eU, 5* centc. AdminSion torr-oin.l't cent -. Open fr?-ui to 1" o'clock p. i'i. niyl?<7f ry^-? F B.-T 1 \A L AND FAlit Al'~ I SI. AND |L_5 HALL? Tho l!oJ:.~F of the Seventh Ftreet rresbyteriau Cbnret will hol<i their Festival at tbe above llall, commenc'n* MONDAY, May 3'. One of the b<.nt Hand* of Mnsic in the city ba. i>een engaged f?r toe occasion. Tbe Fiano. kiirl ly furnished, is from J P. Kliia's music store. Admission, IS cents. Season Tickets, one-per son. S" cents, family Season Tickets fl, t my 27-2w m Wy. HAVF. JUST KECKr\ED FB(?M KUROP.^ a large lot of thefinett Italian Violin Strinc- that have ever been bron^lit to this'! country. Also, one very fine "Id Stainer Vi? 3 lin. anil several others of a superior auality. The fctrintfs are all nmaufactored to our order, in pros euce of one of our firm, ol tile best material during tbe winter season, and are warranted to be true and of c: eat strejisftl:. W'holef-ale and retail at the Single Store of W U. MET/KRGTT, ray 31 Corner of 11th Kireet^ndJ'a^avenne PASTFkACJ E~FOR~HORSES.?Fine pasturage f.a Roek Cref V w'xh a responsible per- ^ son. wiir-r-- horses will receive the besf^t* tentieuand e<ire. Apply to Mitchell House' Stables, l.'rth Kireet,, corner ot K. my i '-tit' C^OR SALE ?I will sell a tract of WOOD LAND r in St. Mary's cou-itv, Md.. 190 aerew in^ F:n .', 30 acres in Oak Timber For location, \>ri<?, A<-? apply to MARTIN OOLDs " BOROUGH, No. 4ft Gourtlaml street, Baltimore. Md. my 3?3t* PIANO FUR SALi: CHEAP.?1 offer for sale a very superior in.-'.rnment, made to^jjv ? ?j'der byCb?s. M. SI;elf- lialtinsoro whicbK^^SI 1 V. 11 sell for clot 1-t- tiiau cost. It la'sfal? ilia ?? of the tic?fct ror^.^ood, cnf\e Louis X.IN f?tyle, with overstrnns' > r??s and all improvements. Iu u*e f!t months. The maker* ffuarantee for fiv?? years v 111 be {riven. Call on Tuesday. May 3!. only, :,ian> time, at 5t|.i Tweltth street south, bet^tvjn }'? ati<: C StieM-. lr>nd. O O K 1 N (t F >; L T ? K 0 O F 1 N C C K M K N T f THOMAlTi'AHEV, i F rh Ht. West aku T?n. Ca.vil. "* ' ?. I>. " 11 WashtMUfm, 1). C.. I'.ein* the <-nly ag( nt iu fhli city for Rooting F^t and lu-ofinir Cetnent frotn an oid established fir n. cau afford to sell the above articles at the very lowest prices. Roofers and those engaged in the bntineas are requeated to eall ant see for th- '.laelves. having a la'ce Btoc^ of the above named articles always on hand. rayW-lm E WSP A Pi. R IObta LI. i Tbe nndersistned. prou'ietors of the U \1.TI MOR!. Daily and w fekly clipper, desir ous to retire from tbe arduous duties of conducting a Dailv Paper, are willing to sell the ENTIRE NEWSPAPER ESTABLISHM1N*. The Material* consist of ai.l tub KKQCistTvs tor earrying on and publishing a Daily and Weekly Newspaper, consisting of a ?er* apleadid fast DOUBLE CYLINDER HOE PRES3, capable of printing3,'K)J sheets per hour, together with a einjne cylinder FAST TAYLOR PR1SS. all in good ord?r: Steam Engine. 2 Boilera, A j. The baltimore CLIPPER was e-ta'dishi J iu 18.'?. nearly 25 years ago, by the undersigned,?is a popular r?ori.*'s FAPBa,?has alwaya been consid ered the U nion paper of Baltimore, and. In ener getic bands, can be made one of the leading New* pa*eri of the State. Tbe particular attention of tbe N ttioual Con vention for the nomination of candidate, for President and Ylce President of the United State*, to be heldln Baltimore next month, is most re spectfully called to this advertisement. . Satisfactory reasons will be given for wmhing to dispone of the pap?r. " ^cirr Ti"&'.'u,r Clipper Office, No. 134 Baltimore street, my 28-eo3t Baltimore, Ml. ?TOR SALE-A TAILOR 8HOP, now doinca *ood r boainesa tar further information apply at Kp. street, between 4th and^th^ art 3t* HeoD PAUTURK POR HOB8EH. AT ?IO PER ll month, aear Blad?-n*burg Ap^ly to flllLEY A GUY, Mju>kingtca, cr N. C. SI*PHEN, Bl? dpBiccrg, Md. m> Hnnkfpil Election?Candidates if. (Y^-TOTHK VOTEKSOFTH8 THIRD WARD, 'lot Having this dayaaacmy nam* upon the 8fn;rr,pf ticket as a eanaMal* fur Alderman of tfee Third Ward, and desirousof having i?y po-.iti?u fliMinctlfundergtood, I have to say that I Richard Wallach tor rt-electi*i. 7 ALEX R, SHEPHERD. May 3!<t. 1SRI. [my 3>-6tj ^fg=?TO THE THIRD WARD VOTERS.?The !1 Sf underttigned tatee thig method of mfnrm-' ine hit friend*. and of-pocially the *oter6 of ttw Third Ward, that ho if not a caniidate for the Board of Common Council upon wither of the ticket* in the field. I with it understood, how ever, that I am a friend and supporter of Mr. Wal lach for the mayoralty. my 31 te . JOB Wt ANGUS. rrs^sEcoND ward unconditional Uj< union ticket. For Matow? JOHN H. EEMMES. Fob AW>ek*aj?? Tr ?KOR(iE T. RAUB. For Common OorNcn? WM. P. 8HEDD, THOS. W. MILLKR. MICnAEL 000MBS. niy 31-ft* (Ohron. 6c Intel.) ry-5=-TITIRD WARD INDEPENDENT UNION TICKBT. For May or? o JOHN H. SEMMES. Fop- Aldrkman? JOSEPH F. BROWN. For. Common CocsriL? A. C. RICHARDS. I,. TREE, F. McGHAN. I'OU AS5E8S0R? H. B. CURTIS. my 31 te*_ rY-3=?THIRD WARD INDEPKNDRNT UNION IkJ TICKET. For Mator? JOHN H. EKMMKS. Fop. Aid^rmah? A. R. SHEPHERD. Fop. Commok Corscn ? A. 0. RICHARDS, L. TBKE. F. McGHAN. For Assbs^ob? H. B CURTIS. my 31-t*-* Kr UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKBT FIRST WARD. Fo? Mat?bTcHARD WALLACE. For Alb"Sohn b. turton. fe&A'ltatKM. For As?x ^or- a n doNOHUB^ myi6^ TUJ" rv^F-riRlsT WARJ' UNCONDITIONAL UNION UL3 , . TICKET. Fou ft av0|oun ,t SEJIMES. K( !' GEO. W. EMMERSON. for C' VMOS COCNCII:? J OS. K. RAWLINGS. J. n. SNYDER. PETER LAMMOND. my 1Kb1 NOTICE ? To t>\' I'-conditional Union Ftf?rj of the 1'irst Ward.?The under^ien^d httvinsr be?n nominated (V.r C >romon Council fcv tin- irn iidb of Mr. J. H. Femmee. takes this method of informing hi" friends that ho is a supporter of the Wallach ticket. bit25-Iw H. C. WILSON. rv-^=? a ECO N U W A H D UN CONDITION AL |l_3 UNION TICKET. for.M AYOR? KICHABD WALLACH. For. At.I'M man? J. RUSSELL P.ARR. I'OK COMM"J> ?'< -ram.? SAMUEL W.OWKN. WM. PETTI BONE. mj coSt* S \MULL A PEUGH. ir INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOND~ W AKD. For. Ai.ppr.MAN? my SO te* GEORGE T RAT'l!. EDITOR .-?T AR Please announce W M. H. lot F ANN ING a*an independentcan iidatefor 1 Common C< ;n? il ? f Second ffi rd ut the en?uing i fleet ion. jo* I'.'i in' ? " j M?NY VOT KK'. fY^F-?TH!BD_WrARI>-/t'AR KLECTIOA -The t J5 nncondit oual Fuiou voters of tLio TliirJ Ward will support the l-llov. ui^ ticket at the aiK proaciiinc innnicipa' election, via: For Mayor BlCIIARo WALLACU. For ALDciiMAK? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Fo* CC'MMOH- CwrxoiL? NOBLE D. LARNKlt, TI10MA8 A. STEPHENH. JOHN W. SIMS. IV'?. APSKSSOit JAMK8 1' ( KKAN ap 23-tf Y*s*WK HAVE liEL'N KEQT'ESTEb TO feTATK !|l_9 tiiet Mr N*. P. I.ARNER i?not a candidate i for thff Board of AI'?erru a from the Third Ward. | hutina oandidat^ f< r rc ^lf ^tioi to tho Board of Common Council froai sa d W;trd. my m-tn |Y^F-TIIIIiD WARD?JCxVfi ELECTION.?The 'iL3 unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the followingtieket at the J?ntt election : loa Mayor? RICH AED WALLACH. | u!i ALI'tl'MA.V? ALEXANDER R. SUtPIIliliD. Fok Cot'Mo* Corrsf it ? N. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUF, JOHN Wr. 81Mb. ap fc-te rrg^FOLILTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION UL3 TICKET. For. Mayo*? JOHN H. FEMMES. iOR ALDKt:MAV ? JAMES ENGLIfcU. Fur. Common Corscri - W W MOORE, ELIJAH EDMONSTON. H. M. W IGHT. I Intel., Repnb.. Cliron A Con. Union. | Diy Jtf-te (V^S=? i OU R T H WARD UNC0NDIT1ONAI. 'J 3 rnros ticket. For. MATor.? RICHARD WALLACH. i'OU At.DISiiM A N? J NO. P. PEPPER. F- k Common Corwcn ? AS BURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOI.LANHP.EE. my 1? MICHAEL LARNER. err UNCONDITIONAL INION TICKET. I I FT 11 WARD. For Matoe? RICHARD WALLACH Fo? Am?khman? CHAS. I. CANFIKLD. koK Common Corson.? WM P, FERCUSON. JAMES B. DAY1P, J. B. WARD. For As.-rp.'op? Y. F. DYER. mart! Sw' fr rr-?*>FIFTH WARD INDEP3;NDKNT UNION ['5 TICKET. F is May'OR? JOHN 11. SKMMES. For Ai,d*k*ah? , SAMUEL STRONG. Foa Comm"N Cotncn.? THOMT'SON V AN RE^WWK WM. F. WALLACE, JOHN W. MEAD. K< i; A ? -K-M'K myd-lw NICHOLAS WAYSON. _ SIXTH WARD I NCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For Mive? R1CHAHD WALLACn ?<>% Aldpt van? .?OHN n PK/TKE. tay 2<j-te" fV~=?ST\ 'I H ^VAB D UN CON IiITION A I, UN ION U_3 TICKET. For Mayor? > RICHARD WALLACH. . F'JB. A LDI.RMAV DONALD McCATHRAN. f - K CoMMi>\ COrNOIL? ?. K(tRt! t. R. RUFF. BENNETT BW UN. m> 8"-7l ' THOMAS B. MARCH. IT#*SIXTH WARD,-Mr. Editor: Pleate art IL3 nounco Mr. GflORCF A. BOHRF.R an in de)i?no?n"t enndidate for'ttie Board of Aldermen, m y 28-?t* ' rrw SFVENTH W A B D -UNCONDITIONAL Lk? FNJON CANDIDATE. FY>K RF ELErTlON. For. Afsrssor. P E T i. R HEPBURN. 'w OT ??NTn^KS?00NI,.Tp,^L For. Mator? RICHARD WALLACH For Alsermab? l CROSBY S. NOYES , , Fo.; Common Cocncil? H. W. HAMILTON, OTH("? BOS WELL. my 30-tf JOHN H D. RICHARDS. SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UX 10 K TICKET. Foi. Match? JOHN H. 5RMMKS. FokAiokhman? P^T*R Mi PBARSON. Fuji COC*CTt!rtrES? WILLIAM T. WALKER. MOSER T. PaRKIR. CHARLES F.BARNRS. For A38ESSOR? , i my 27-ct3t* PRTER HKPRURN. or ax SUMTB^WABD^MOSDITWRiL Foi.MayoRoun h 81{MMKg > For Alfbrxan? PETKR M. r*ARSON. For Comuox Corspa? JOnN G. DUDLEY, W. T. waiker, GBO. WRIGHT. For Assbsso*? t JOHN ti. BIRD. my 18-I3f M t JOHN H. 6EMMtS. ap 2P t* CHAMPAGNE AND CLARKT WIKXS. / 4?, 1.onip?ortb'8 Sparklinv CATAWBA , CUAM PAGNK. ileidfirb A G<u ami C^ar'.hi do. Also, varicu* trades T A BLR CLARBT, TopeThf-r with an e-iten-Mve* ?to?k or fine OLD RYE tad BOURBON V/HI8KIH6. Id wood ar.d in bo'.ties. In stors tnd for ?a!e by BKNJ. BEALL, my 26 t% L&te Middietoa k Be-all, St?r> Fa, ar. 4 O'CLOCK P. m 1 FROM PORT ROYAL. NO CANNONADING HEARD FROM THE FRONT I P TO 11 O'CLOCK YESTERDAY. TRANSPORTS W AW ASSET AND PW\N DIS ABLED. Tne steamer Georgia, of Baltimore, which left Port Royal at eleven o'clock yesterday ar r \ed here to-day at one o'clock, having on board one knndred sick men. No cannonading was heard at Port Royal when the Georgia left, and if an engagement was in progress It was confined to musketry fighting. Port Royal had not been evacuated at 11 o'clock yesterday, although all the Government property and stores had been placed upon transports, which were ordered to clear the river by 9 o'clock this morning. Nothing was left at Port Royal which would retard the evacuation of the place when the authorities deemed it necessary. No boats had arrived there since Sunday noon. The Georgia met several vessels going up the river as she came dewn. bntthey would be ordered to return. The Government transports Wawasset and Swan, having become disabled, were towed from Port Royal to Baltimore for repairs. EVACUATION OF FREDERICKSBURG* THE TOWN OCCUPIED BY REBEL SCOUTING PARTIES. Parties who eame up in the steamer Geor gia. which arrived here to-day, report that i'redericksbnrg has been quite evacuated by our forces, and that it is in possession of rebel scouting parties or guerrillas. GEN. GRANT JOINED BY HIS BROTHER. Mr. O. Grant, of Galena, Illinois, left Wash ington on Saturday by the su atrer Keypor: to join Gen. Grant in the held. He is a plain, un pretending man like h.s brother, and lite his brother hides abundance of pluck under a quiet exterior. lie had the nerve to risk "a dozen raw" in hot^ weather, taking a quiet snack to that extent at the "List Chance" Restaurant, steamboat wharf, while waiting foj the boat to leave. The Reoimrv Bill.?By the Congressional proceedings, elsewhere, it will be seen thitthe Sei.a-e bill alteiing the registry lavr of the city of Wasnlngton has passed the tloutf as It cr-me from the Senate. CONG HESSIONAli. IXXVUlTH CONGRK88.-TIR8T 8HS8IOH. Tr??r>AY, Mav 31. Sknatb ?Mr l oot presented the credential* cl Mr E^xier, elected a Senator from Arttansa*: which were rend and laid on the tattle. Mr. Grimes called up the bill to incorporate the Newsboy*' Heine of this city and ft whs parsed. He also reported favorably on tne hill to suable the Superannuated Fund Society of j the Maryland Annua) Conference M P. Church ' to bold property in the District of Columbia, i and accept a devise under the will of the late j Win. Doughty. Mr. l?oolittle bailed up hid joint resolution j tendering the thanks oi Congress and for awarding a medal U- Lieut. Col. Bailey H? slated that this olllcer was an engineer on the I?*i Crosse Railroad before the war, and c;nw> out with the 1th Wisconsin regiment, and wiia now an acting engineer of the 1'Jth army corps, and had built the great dam across the Red river, which saved Com. Porter's fleet from destruction or being left in the hands of the rebels. Soon after coming east he had built Fort I tlx, in Maryland, and subsequently took charge of one of the most important fortifica tions at Washington. lie bad also, on being transferred with his. regiment to New Orleans, built there one of the largest fortifications erected during (be war: bat tne crowning act was that by which he had rescued Com. Porter's valuable lieet. The great dams across Red river had been l>uilt in from (Ight to ten days, after other* had de clared such a thing impracticable. With the ite^t lying in the shallow waters above, with the army short of provisions and loraee, it was decided if thio thing could not be done In ten days the army would have to leave. Then h was that this thing was undertaken and ?<? complisbed by Lieut. Col. Barley, some 3,<kjo men being placed at his disposal and hundreds of teams. (?n Mr. Doolittle's motion, the resolution was referred to the Military Committee. Mr. Morrill called up the joint resolu'iou to provide lor the re-vision of the law* ot the Dia irict of Columbia, and it was passed. Mr. Carlisle, from the Committ'e on Public Lands, reported back the bill to grant lands to Wisconsin 10 aid in the construction of a ship ? aual from Green Buy to LaUe Michigan, with amendments. Mr. Davis submitted a resolution concerning (Sen. Butler. which was laid over. Mr. Richardson, from the Committee on the District of Columbia, reported back the bill to prohibit the running at large of horses, cattle, hogs, tec., in* the District, asking to be dis charged therefrom. Agreed to. HotJflE.?Mr. Dawes,of Massachusetts, cal led up Senate bill providing for the registration of voters In cases where their names have been omitted from the regular lists. Unless it shall be passed, many citizens would be deprived of tbe right to vote. Mr. Steele, of New York, spoke of the at tempt to usurp the business ol the Committee for the District of Columbia, instead of leaving that committee to first consider tbe subject berore it should be acted upon by the House. The people will not suffer by waiting till next Friday. ? Mr. Cox said the committee should be treat | ed With respect. Why this haste f Was it to j manufacture voters from members of the Loy al league and newly appointed Clerks, in or der to coutrol a doubtful election > Mr. Beuman. of Michigan, saw no disrespect to the committee. He could conceive of uo ne cessity for referring the bill to that committee. It should be pas.-ed now. Mr. frawes explained bis reasons for moving the reconsideration. It certainly was not out of disrespect to the committee. Mr. Steele, of N. Y., moved to lay the motion to reconsider on the able. This was disagreed to?yeas 50, nays 73. The liouee then reconsidered the vote, and finally the bill came up on its passage. Mr. James C. Allen moved that the bill be laid upon tbe table. This was disagreed to?yeas 4T, nays 42. The bill was then passed. The House proceeded to the consideration of tbe hill authorizing the President to construct a military railroad from the valley of the Ohio to East Tennessee, in such a manner as will best serve the iuteres's of the Government and insure a speedy completion of the same. The bill was passed. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. DISASTER AT SEA. Fohtkkss Mq>koe, May 30.?'Tbe 1 till an brig Nova Grazia, from Baltimore, in ballast, , b ur.d 'o New York, was run iato at 3 a. m. by an unkown three meat propeller when about one mile of!'Smith's Point Light, Chesapeake Bay. The en.ire rigging of the brig was car - ; ried away, and the captain, mate and pilot are missing. The crew were landed on Smith's Island. LOCAL NEWS. TtfH Mai.onk Kobbehy.?We mentioned ye^erday tbe arrest of ex-detective officer* Dugan and Ilogan, a man named Murphy, of tills city, and one Renney, of New York, and another party on charge of beiug concerned in the robbery ol Paymaster Malone of money amounting to abont &T0,000. ? "We learn ft:cm authority that the following i officers, beside Mr. Knees, were concerned in lerreting out this gigantic robbery and making the Important arreauMensrs. Smart and l^ewis, ol the Old Capitol force; Mr. Myrtle? independent police officer, Philadelphia; and Mr. Lee, of the Provost Marshal's office. It is cot proper at this stage ot the proceedings to eqter into full detail^ of the robbery, but it is only justice to Peymaster Malone and his ,son, and to 3 0ue<? Isaac Newton, Jr , to say ' ibst the developxcvnt? already made show their ^enthe innocence .f baviog arty participation whatever in the robbery. Folic* Second Precinct?K\ron Jcrdott, Charlea On art, Levis Bailer fishing oa Suttday; f 5 each, liable Johnson. larceny, dismissed Robert Williams disorderly; *3. also, aasanlt and battery; bail for court, W m. Sot ten and J as. Slbb, disorderly; *3. M. Car ter and R. A. I>cuglas, do.; SI each. E. Ste vens, disorderly bo*se; 85. Third Precinct.? Win. Hall, throwing atones; S15d. Kobert Chamberllu, do.: *1.45. Jobn Qleaaon, assault and battery; jail for court. Gassaway Watert, violating city law; dis missed Win. Oude, selling goods by sample; !?20.tW. J no. Flinn, fighting. $2.11. James Glancy, do.; F1.15 P. Von Essen, nuisance; dismissed. Patrick Connor, disorderly: *1.56. Timothy WelBb. assault; bail for peace John Thompson, disorderly; flU?6. Amanda Walker, do.; SI 44. Jane Gaskins. do.; ?3.44. Timothy Welsh, do.; frt.56. Alfred Pope, nuisance; *o.6'3. Geo. boras, drnnk and disorderly; $2.56. Fovrfft Precinct.? John Doyle, drunk; milita ry. Jas. McHally, do.- dismissed. Jesse Fos ter, last driving: *5.G0. Sarah Brown, peddling unlicensed; dismissed. Eliza Dari-. keeping bawdy house; bail for court. Ann Dew is and Mary*E. Jores, prostitution; S3 each. Ha^k Nelson, John Ford, disorderly; S3 eacb. Adam Fay. Jacob Hamlin, do.: $2 each. Fifth I'recinct.?Catharine King, profanity; Oliver Nelson, drnnk; John Hollenbeck, W. T Dant, W P. Barnett, M. Sullivan, drunk and disorderly; Caroline Williams, Mary Jones and Kate Ford, disorderly; S*2 each. Solomon Quinn, do; SI-50. R. Fitzgerald, Chas. Smith and Catherine Seward, drnnk and disorderly; dismissed Sixth Precinct.?Jeremiah Lynch and John Connor, violating cow law: S2 each. Fred'k Alinbrook, violating hack law; SI- Simon Baxter, grand larceny; for trial. Thos. J. Lord, firing pistol la a street; SI. Pasquala Hasina and James Pike, assault and battery; jail for court. Jos. Connor, fighting; SI. Ann Brown, drnnk; workhoase. Tenth Precinct.?Wm. Brown, grand larceny; jail for court. Sarah Williams, drnnk; dis missed. M. Farrell, John T. Miller, disorder ly: military. Jas. White, assault and battery; dismissed. Tub Policb Salb.?Yesterday morning W. L. Wall, auctioneer, began the sale of the un claimed goods remaining In the store-room of the Property Clerk of the Metropolitan Police, at the headquarters on 10th, near D street. These articles have been accumulating since the police was organized, and required con siderable room for storage. From the number of articles it will require a day or two to clese the sale. An idea of the variety may be obtained from ttie following summary: Articles of gold and silver ware, about 20 lots. Watches of silver, composition and brass, 25. Gnn6. pistols, ic., a curious col lection comprising nearly every pattern man ufactured in the 19th century, over 1<J-? lots. Swords, stilettoes, bowie knives, a collection almost as curious as that of guns, pistols, &?., romprisin* a nnmber of finely finished weap. ons; beside many e'd and worn out and 6ome ' thtt were borne made for immediate use, 103 lo?. 1 he remainder may be called a miscellaneous . collection, and justifies the application of the Curiosity Shop as the title of the Property Clerk's store-room. In it may be found station ery, dry goods, clothlnr, billiard balls, soaps, military equipments, groceries, wines, glass, and earthenware, and a variety of odds and ends to which names have been given in order to designate hem in the catalogue. The great quantity of unclaimed goods offered for sale proves clearly that our police have done their fiuty faithfully, when it is recollected that the poods identified and already returned to th# owners by the police was immense. The lots sold aretho-e for which no owner could be found, and which by act of Congress are sold after being retained a certain length of time. ' _ i Gkanx* Laeckhv.?Susan Williams and W. Johnson, colored, were arrested la^t nigm by officers O'Cennell and McElfresh, for robbing John Hotvnrd. colored, of f\.'3. Howard had just returned from the fishinc shore, and got drnnk. He looked for a friend's house to sleep, bnt his fTiend bad moved. He went round on ? 'id street, near the Avenue, and laid down in an alley and fell asleep. The accused awoke him. and a girl told birn she saw Johnson with his hand in Howard's pocket. This morning the girl denied that she said so, aud Justice Giber son having no proof of guilt, dismissed the case. Skki>ai>i>lei?.?This morning the Sergeant of the 9th Prec inct Police, made the lollo wing report;?" On the 28:h instant, officer Harrison procured a warrant for the arrest of Mrs. Jane Smith, on 7th street east, between G and I streets, charged with keeping a bawdy hou<e. Witnesses were summoned, and all parties present except her counsel, in consequence of which the if ial was postponed until Monday, the 3oth lest. The day ol trial came, she (Mr?. Jane Smith) was fonnd to be non erf. Officer Harri-un proceeded to her house, which he found vacated, she having skedaddled." No doubt the citizens of the Sixth Ward are de lighted with the riddance. Ctiaecjb ov Horfk Stealing.?On Monday, Wm. Brown, asnppo^ed deserter, was arrested by officer Garrett on the charge of stealing a horse belonging to a Mr. Smale. Brown caught tbp horse on thepommons, and sold it to a man named Herbert, from whom Dr Boyd, who had charge of the animal, recovered it; and Her bei t procured a warrant for the arrest of Brown, and he was taken in custody, carried before Justice Bos well aud committed to jail. Wounded Opvickkp.?The following officers have reported at Dr. AntiselPs office since our last: Capt. Jas. J. Gould, 1st K. I. cavaly, or dered to Annapolis;Capt. Wallace A, Putnam. 5tttb Mass.;Capt. Lewis E. Monroe, 50th Mass.: Lieut. Col. Rogers: Capt. E. T. Tiers, 15Tth Pa. Statk op tub Tn SKHOMHTun.?At Frank lin A, Co.'s, opticians, No. 214 Pennsylvania avenue, the thejmometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock ?:? in the shade, and 107 in the snn. RL'?fi.Nni?.?John C. Clary has resigned his position as a clerk in the Washington city post office. WAKTKD IMMEDIATELY.?At Anlr.w J JoVOIS'S Coach I'actory. two HELPERS for Smith Shop. mjr 31-St F^OUR BOOMS to rent, on the second floor; also. f.,ur FURNISHKD ROOMS. Appy at So. 2*O i'i'd street, between O and H streets. It* ^TI.AMEK REBECCA CIA DK HAS ARRIVED. Consignees will please attend to the reception of their goods at once. Q2UB MORGAN A. RHLNEUART. my S1-2t AgentJ. RARE CHANC* -for exchange. h BRICK DWELLING HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, yard, Ac., in a central part of the city, rent per month. I will exchange this house for a smaller one. If suitable. Address Box 40, Star office, for one week. my Sl-eo3t* a FOUND?Near the Baltimore and Washington ' Depot, a GREY HORSE, (estray.) Had no shoes on. Iirs the letters fl. C. on his Hank. The owner will come forward, prove property, pay charges and take hiin away. JAS BK ANN AN, uiy 31St* Baltimore D>?pot LOST?On Monday, between 4 and 5 o'clock,? gPM OF MONEY, amounting to near jtfJU. Tn lussing from Missouri avenue, through 4'a street, to Pennsylvania avenue The tinder will be lib erally rewarded by leaving it at McKNEWA CO.'S, successor to Murry A rteinme?.4rt5 Pennsylvania avenue, or with tiAMUEi. P. RELL, U. S. Patent Office It* I O E^ ICE!! I C E !! f The undersigned having permanently established himself at the foot of lltn street, offers to tho Iso lde of Washington the purest quality of Boston Fresh Pond lew. Persons nsing large niantities ' will be furnished at extremely low rates. Fami lies supplied daily at prices heretofore unknown in this city. Orders sent ton.eatOunnell s Wharf will be answered promptly and'regularly. my31r'lw* T. T. FOWLKK. M APS. ~~ "* >0AST Surrey Map of Southeastern Virginia; 53. T.loydV Map of Rentupky;^). Map of Eastern North Carolina; 75. Coast Survey Map of Northern Alabama and Georgia; flo. Battle Field of Chattanooga; 59. Map of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama; S'. Coa&fc Survey Map of Northern Georgia; 50. Cuast Survey Map of Southern Mississippi and Alabama; W. Mapot Eastern Virginia;25. Poiiet Maps of the different States. my St FRANCR TAYLOR. j^JOURNING GOODS OF THE BEST QUALITY. Our stock of MOURlTlNG GOODS of the very best fabric is complete, and we are fuelling them at former pricc-i, although we could not replace Ibem to-day. We would advise ladies who have Black Goods, to buy to call and supply tbeniselres a* their earli est convenience. as the next importation will cost a great (feat more money. Our stock now embraces almost every desirable article imported this sea son, and they were purchased by na at the late large sales in New York far below the cost of im portation. and we are not asking as much for them a* they would cost at this time. All goods marked in plain figures at tho lowest Onf^priee only. W. M. SHUSTKR A BRO., my ,'U dUtif No. 33, c ppcette Centre Market. ,0E"-N4N0??mS iy Wi? liBPAKTMBXT, WaenisoTOR, D. C., May ?>. ig? , The following contracts have been awarded fhn HORSE EQUIPMENTS, under the advertise?^ from this Department, dated May 4, the bids for which were opened May 2t>: ?rw TOHK ARSKNAL. i J. E. Condici, JP.non gets,f3270. Nichols, Sherman k Co., !,?*? sets, J. B. Tbaxter, .inOsets. #.11.00. J.W Covell,am sets, $32CO. Laccy, Meeker & Co., 5,0(0 gets f32.4.*> A'UIGIIASY ABSiSiL. W. J. tillmore 4 Co., &.OC0 bete, ,cv. St. LOT 18 A hha.N \L. P.. Tillson A Co., 1,no sets,<31.W, K. Tillson Si Co., l.iHXi set*, lai.Mj. ^ John Cress, wU. S'A. if GIO.'D. RAM3AT, It Brigaditr (tenerai. Chief of Ordnance, j:jand*omb goods AND L01T PRICES. Otir stork {? now fall in all the \ arious rienart ri>pr>tt>, ?nd Ladies should not fail to call and e* amidc onr stock of DRB?S GOODS, of the most desirable and seasonable styles, all of ? h.chw* are selling at New York prices for Cash. HEAVY IRISH LINKNP" AT (RH *nd ? CENTS. Wf would call tbe particular attention of g?n tlemen wishing to buy Heavy Irish Linens, for Shirts, to s case wf_ hare on band, which we are pelling at W-? and fij cents per yard, and a? they are not much higher than Cotton Goods of tb? hinr weight. they should be rpry desirable rood for the present season. All foods marked in plain figures at the Lowest Cash price. One price only. V W. M. SHUSTER A BROTHER, No. 3*?. opposite Centre Market, my 31-Stif between ?th and Hth aye.-is jyOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. The Co partnership heretofore existing between the undersigii?-d. under the mime of E. M.LIN THICUM A CO.. has been dissolved by the retire ment of B'ward M. Linthieuru. Cha.-. A. BicLe? and John Slarbury. Jr.. having purchased the en tire inlercnt of said Linthicura in the concera wLU collect the debts due to the late firm and settle iJ! cUliuunta* LINTHICCM. O.A. BUCK BY. JOHN MARBURY. Jr. Georgetown. D.C., May, 1864 THE CNDERSIGNBD, HAVING ASSOCIATED for that purpose under the name of Bl CKEY & MABBI'RY. will continue the Hardware Bu>i'ies* at the old stand of E M. Linthicnm A Oo., eor?er of High and Bridge street*, and respectfully so licit a continuance of the patronage so liberally extended for many years ?o the late Arm myai-lw BUCREY A MARBURY. |^V THOMAS DOWLING, Auct ; Georgetown. EXCELLENT HOUSEHOLD FURNITURR AND XVFECTS A T ADOTION. On THURSDAY, JaneS, at lOo'eloefc. I will fell, at No. 32 3d st'eet, between Market and Frederick street. Georgetown, the effects of ? Gentleman leaving the city, consisting of? Maboguiy Hair Cloth Chair* and Sofa. Mahogany Marble top Tablas, Mahogany Rocking and other Chain, walnut Sofa, Waabatand and Barean, Walr.ut Bedstead anA Mattreae, Cattage and other Bedroom *urnitnre. Oak extension and other Tables, Parlor. Cook, and other Stores. Cmckery and Glassware, Ac., Ac. Terms cash Fire good rooms for rent py.31 2t THOB. POWLING. Anet C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND H3USEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALK On TUE8 J A Y MORNING MavStst. at 1 'o'cioci. at the residence of J. tan Santroord, No. 155 F street between Wthand fr'th st-eets. v>eahall se I the furniture and effects comprising? French Plate Mirror. Piano Fort?, Mubnpanjr Hair Cloth corered Sofas, Ann and Par'or Chairs, Marble TopCentre, Sofa and other Tables.Rockors. Cane and Wood seat Chairs, Bookcases, Large Hobby Horse Damask and other Curtains. Shades, Paintingsand Engravings.Clocks, Velvet, F.rus seils, and other Osrp?ts, Marble Top *nd either Bureaus, Washstanda, Bedsteads. Wardrobes, Lonrge. Feather Red*, Bolate's and Pillow;, Hair. Crtton and Hn?k Mat trasses. Ilat Tree, Oil Cloth, Ftair Carpet#. Dining Table, Refrigerator, China, Glaas. and Crockery Ware, Silver Plated Tea Set, Ice Pitcher. Castor?. Spoons srvl Forka, China. Glass an* Crockery Ware. Parlor, Cooking ai l other Stores, Tubs. Buckets, 1 in Ware and Kitchen Fnroiture generally. Tern s Cash. _ tnyS5-d J. C. MeGUIRE A 00. IT^TBE APOVE PALE H POSTPONED IN consequence of the rain, until THURSDAY MOR XING. June 2d. sanx- hour. may ?.] MHii: IRE A CO.. Au-t* J HORSES! HORSES:: HOUSES!:! * UfT ARRIVED. Rod for sale. one bun- /TV i!rrd and twenty-five IIORS.I5S. Amorc them are several line Saddle iinrse^ and ecoil Draught Horses. Persona in need of such 1-orses will make eariy application, the y arc i,ot likely to tanail long. Can be ;-"cu *t the "Thre-'' Tuns" StabU-s. on M street eas't, belwean M an-3 V; . rny 3t?-n* &0R SALE? oOO.OOU White Pine Mil tJ '. T SIIIN(.LES. ll.N. EASP.T n?> 2S-:;t* D et?ei t rortli. "J-'-tli h?r? et ar D NOTICE?" ICK^ON A RING Have rom*?veil t'i :r W- ' andCosl Yard from tiie corner of V.-rai'-nt arem?. and I street, and are located on 16th street, be tween H and I sts. my2S-1w* CARRIAGES. CHAISES. CAHS. Ac. Ju'-t received a very large and splentid tuvo-'.' n?-iit of CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. CHAISES. C A RS, A <' . wbica we are riinninsofi at remarkably low pritP B0NT7. A GRIFFITH, nay 2u 2w 3B9 7tb St., bet. I aud K ! Alex. Garette and Journal.1 F7<0R >ALE?Two SHOW CASES. 7 feet ea' h. so t iron stand for same. Apply to W. S. THOMP SON. Drujj^ist. corner ISth street and New York Men lie. my 2.VU * xir~~ r-. ?? 486" PAPERHANGINGS. 486 A selected and varied .?'.tock of Fine. Medium and Low-priced Paperhanainifs. Rordera, statues, Ac., at J. MARKRITER S 4*67th atreet. Ei^ht doors above Odd Fellows' Hail. Terms cash ap29-lmif* I~PRIZES CASHED N All legalired lotteries. Information given. CircHl?rs sent free, aud all orders promptly at tended to. Address JOSEPH BAT 8.11 Wall street. N. Y.. ?p2S-lro Post Office Mo* 4 S2b 4 PICTURE COED AND TASSELS. Different pires and colors Picture Cord and Tas sels, Rings. Nails, Ae., at J. MARKRITER'S. 4?H7th streeh Eight doors above Odd Fellows' n?i. Terms cash. ap 29-1 mit* PROPOSALS IMiR FUEL. ? Quaktermastkr'* Oppici, U.S. M.C., ( WAtHisr.TOX.May 18. Dsm.i Sealed Proposals will be received at this oflScp until Wednohday, tbe 22d day of June. I&S4, at 2 o'cloek p. m., for supplying WOOD and COAL tr? the U. S. Marin".- at Washington. If. C., from Ut Julv . Pjjj-4. to Stith Jun?f. 13>>a. The Wood to be good merchantable oak. and to be delivered, piled, measured and inspected at. such points within t lie v/ulls of the .Murine Bar racks as may l>e de.-ignsted by the Commanai^i; Marine Oftieer, free of expa nse t.. the United States. The Coal to be beat white a?h anthcacite ecj; coal, free from dust, and to weigh 2.2t'; lbs. to the ton; to be weighed, inspected au-1 delivers! at such points witnin the wan.s of the Marine R*r racks as may be designated by the Commanding Marine Oftieer. free of expense to the United States : and both Wood and Coal t? be furnished at such times and in su'h ijuantities hs tbe said Commanding Marine Otiicer may require. Payments will be made upon too quarterly re?cu sitions of the commanding officer, stating the quantities required for the uso of his command, agreeably to regu tat ions. A Guaranty, to be signed by two responsible per sons, whofe responsibility must be certified to fcy the U. S. District Judse. U. S. District Attorney. or U. S. Collector, must ?*oompan7each proposal, otherwise it will nnt be considered. To be indorsed "Proposals for Fuel." and ad dressed to tbe undersigned. W. B SLACK, my 20-l?w4w Mainr and This is to give notice that the m:b seriber has obtained from the Orphans' Court, of Washington County, in the District of Columbia letters of administration <?u the personal ertate of Barbara Williams, late of Georgetown, D. ceased. All pe rsons having claims asjain'ttbe said deceased are hereby warned t<> exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 2tth day of May nest; they may other wise bv law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. ? Given under my band this 24th day of Mar, 1*54. CHRISTIANA SIMPSON, my 24"* Adminiscratris. THIS I.*TO GIVE NOTICE, That the suiiacri her litut obtained Jroiatha Orphans' Court <? Washington county.In tho District of Colu>ni :a letters of administration ft. t. a. on the person a! es tate of Jaiues Rntt.Tateof Washington city, I). O,, deceased. All persons Laving'claim-; acainst the said deceased ape hereby warned to exhibit tht* same, with the vouchers th&rcof, tt> the subscriber, on or before th? 17th day of May next: they may otherw ise l>y law be excimded, from all beiu-tit of tbe said estate. Given under my band this 17th day of May, A. D. loot. ROBERT RRITT. my g'-law^w? Administrator c. t. g. JOSEPH BXYNOLDB tc CO, PLUMBERS, OAS, AND STS AM FITTERS, No. 000 Ntavs Stbiet, near avenue, Hare just received, and will csnstantly keep on ^and, the largest and beet assortment in the city of Chandeliers, Brackets. Drop lights, Portablea, Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti etoain thialine, from the best establishment* in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be fold oa the most reasonable terms. Also, RANG 18, FURNACES, and Fire-Board Stores. We are prepared to furnish tbe beat RANG! in ose anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels. Restaurants, Ac., are inrited to call. We do all kinds of GA8 and STEAM fitting* promptly and cheap, as alsa ererrthins in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call and gee our Bathing Tab*, Fountain* Water Closets. Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ac., at No.600 Ninth street,near Peansylrauiaareoue,tholargest establishment In tbe city. fa 2-eotf ^bl'ERY??Who has the largest aasortment cf *3%/ pattern for Stamping V Whe ie the only prac tical person that Stamps'' Who Ua* the largest number of hand* at Embroidery V Who hat the ficert stock of Embroideries, Braid*. Ac., and who is the only person in the District that d&e?- Fluting for ladies dresses ? ?SrpRINCE, 381 r STREET, where ladies can'select from 2S,t?*? choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for (ladies is proof tnathe knows his business. Ladies who do not Want their goods spoiled, tut stsmp>a as they should be. go to tbe only person in the city who does good wore. JLUT1NG! FLUTING ! FLUTING! TlJe only markint in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere. m> >-tf C^UBI F street, opposite Patent Office. ??0 WINDOW SHADES. i Different colors and sires Window Shades in .store. Any required sty le or sise Shaat ni?<ie {order, at J. MARKRITER'S. *???'Tjh street Eight dcor* aboreOdd Fellows Term? cash, sprMm-i

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