Newspaper of Evening Star, May 31, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated May 31, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMFSEMKNTH TO-NIGHT. , *'OBT>'8 Tiicatkk?This is announced as tbe last ni^ht of the r?*pr? dentation of tbe snectniar drama -The Naiad ? ?dVfc32S I full house mav be expected. as tho play is on* of the irnst popular and in teres tin J that Sat been 17, on the boards here for a lone while To-ur.orrow iijpbt Mr wane, conmwfw an engagem,,m comedian -sjesk, aswa SESSMXB!?'niZ??Tr%?r,% Lthiopeun ecc?ntrioi?t ?. e' danc,i Rnd ^SS^SSAJ!' ** .,.* ?il A* Dt?*?*J1 vAL.-At Island Hall tbe Church flsiami 9treeL Presbvterian delightful or A?rS Vhiv h"* ?a? of the most yssra z&sux&e- ^ isss'*w. c??S: con? 'TlS w'fSXS "LS" mencmg to-night s.reets, com ?o'ctSSra ??"?.*aE'?V.i!7tV1!?Tlw S,,t?r" or 24Ui and KMr^i til? Asylum, corn?r *?. sstm^! Thk SrM-Av Sc hool C'ei khr^ti.k w ! sater ^n^ifrlr, \ third divisions assembled it KA/?#Vor\d and arssrsssfl fiisr^i ,r,h^y;8ion"whi h consisted of T'nion ' WeTir iv^Jv'' ,"*<*"** and 150 p?pu,. Wrstorzi f repbytcrian. 1? teachers and 93 pn- 1 I reibvteriai?r* UU-r?h; New York" j tani^t 1' 'l,'r,ai,d 175 pupils; I'.Pdt ?.? . l**achers and 175 pupils- ana H >S5iJb!l?^r'Ft*aV Aesori^t|f1" Mission tb? \,.tr Vrt'rfr 151 ip i l*Pthc proCOTsiui: at , -ork .-Ti br? Presbyterian chnr 'i M- He Wle^T" Ky 1U '?? ,)r lNada1' ^ ai-. Hewlett and .there, and cond?ct?d tiv ??rctoes in acco. ance witb ,h. n", r;l n At tbta church, r- well a it all th m" n, the hj mn "We ior ? tc *1:12 tuz'-ivr " "M ?? me m 11, aver,.'" "Gjd ed tu-r;.->,t " nKr^' ? v,,, prayers Prom l?r. Gurley s . hnr h th- procession. consieHngoi the ?d ftiHi divisions' continual down >th ?rr-e% ai.d the 5*d division inarrhod in'ol?e\. J.t/ Vu:itr. cchurch, wh^ro aadrc*?? - wereoeJivered ty T:-;S. Mr. Suadorlaud .tad , liiiile. ana ether ceutiemcu. Th?!6cbooi~ com? - Jpostaft this diviiioii v/cre a'? foliov.'s: McKeu- 1 ?tree, 8* teachers, v. . pupils: FonrtU I'resbv iriiar, v.">i i>npil?; Cri^hsh I.ii therac., lw teavlicis, i"> pupils: V.S;r<* ?: I'.ipust. ttachfrrs, 1.5 pu)>iu; A'! tiiKlu? Protestant, l."> teach*rs, in pujuls. The 3d division moved to Wesley t 'hapel, ;iud yrtrt> atfd've>**d t* l?t*v. '.J. \ . Lp"ch, >ena:>. r Willcy and otbei's. The schools here were Fletcher and Providence Chapels As *"* " Cliapol, St. i>jy l of ?\vhich had a lull complement of t<?;-.ouers and ^cholorb. This celebratiou wis one of the most success ful that has taken place lor years, and all, chil dren. scholars and patrons. wer>' ranch de lighted One of the pleasantest teatures of th.> occasion wa.- the appearance of the iutauts' class (1exnale> "f the Fourth Presbyteri:m 4'hnicb. (Dr. Smith's,) numbering 35, each inemi-rer of which wore aa ?proa on which ?wao painted the coat-ot'-arms of the various Sta??- respectively. s*mmb- Wkim i\c- :s thi Sixth \i aki>.? In pursuance otapnbli?hedcallrequesttnsr the t voters ol the Sixth Ward favorable tj the elec- j Uon cf Mr. Johu H. Seinmea to the mayoralty to nuet at the Anarostia Engine House, about I ? ne hundred person? aa^erabled there last night, aEu:nb?-r of whom werere-ident" of rh"Second and Fifth WaTd-. j>Ir. '1 bomn- A. Tolston called the meeting to order, and JNIr. James Clem wa appointed thairiaHn. The following were elected a- permanent officers ?President. Mr. Wm. Marks: Secre tary. Mr. Joseph Arnold: Treasurer, Mr. Jas. jvakt. Kescluticns complitr.entary to Mr. Sommes v.ere adopted. Mr. T rf. ToUtou then offered the following, which was also parsed: WLereas Mr. .lohn H. Peake having refused ihe nomination for the Board ot Aldermen on the Serames ticket, and ha-- publicly aunonuced himeeil as an independent capdid;'e upon the Wallach ticket: B- i: Renlrtd, That the vote by which th?.> said ncminatiOii was aiade be, and i? hereby, r^ cciisidered. The Chair then announced its williagness to Teceive nominations tor Alderman, wheu jUe^sr?. (jj.orse A Bohrer, I^muel Gaddis, N?mi?.| Cross, and T. A. Tolston were nonii na'ed. Belcre proceeding to a baHot, Mr. Cl?meuts mo*ed tnat a committee of five be appointed 'o fake oader consideration thi^nattf-r of selecting a candidate; wbich was agreed to. The Cbair appointed Messrs. CletuenU, Tol teu. Pavie. Holioyd and Andrews, who, alter consul ation together, tvported the following: nfitlved, That inasmuch as several gentle men of unquestioned character and ability arc now before the public as candidates for the position of Alderman, we deeui ituon#ce^ary to express a preiereuce for either, leaving it to the choice of each voter 011 the day of election. JkM-lved further, Tiur we endorse the gentle, tnen heretofore chosen by 1 former meeting as candidate? for members of the Common Coun cil, namely. Messrs. TaJbri, Harold and Marks. . 4. Tbe resolutions wer*? ailopt^d, and tn>? uteef. mg adje nrned. ?B'M> LAR' KH . AM' Kkc'KIVISo SroI.KH MtMi.?Bobert Taliaferro, colored, was ar retted >esterd?v upoi a wirrant issued by Jn? tice Kinsev for receiving money sioleu from John U Springman, knowing it to ha stolen. Tbe arrest was made bv otticer Pendel. John Wrl?ht, O*o. Springman and Johu McNaney appeared as witnesses. From th* evidence i: appeared that Oc-o. bpringin^n, son of 'he loser of the money, btole it. and passed It to Wright, and through him to T&Iliferro. The money ?was in SftJO gold piei-es, and amounted to Si'.JO. None of the momty wa- recovered, but the J us tlee held Taliaferro to bad In *500 for court, lohn Wright was held to bail a? a witness, and Geo. Springman and John McNaney were vent to jail a> vi itsifkf>. Tallafc'rro and W right were each 17 jearo of age, Spnugiuiui !?? and jujfNfnfy . rt>rB*? WaspStatio*Casks.?Wm. (Ira bam. drunk and disorderly; locked up 5 hours. .Nathan Darling, assault and battery: bail for court Joseph Thomas, grand Jareeey; jail for a hearing. Annie Wil ier, witne3?, bail for court Parri. k Grady, grand larceny; for hearing John Wright, grand larceny; bail for toiirt. George Springman, do , do. Johu G. Hvan, drunk auu disorderly; dismissed. Geo. Chaae, sleeping in a wagon; 85.70. Barney Burns, hghtu g: disrai3sed. iVloirn Sullirau, ji*?auHacd batt^rv intent to kill; bail for court. John Cremer, si eping In a wagon; dismissed. ???orge Mi br, drunii. military. George I>vr a ill. ttgatlog: dismissed. U'o-iiuarttr? iV? vrt Martha! nri>l Ho*\rd of i Mnrltfaint <f District *f Ct&ttMufa, J Wa*kinrjU//>, J>. C'? May 2'i, l^til. ) The Btarci ol l.orollnient of the District ul <.k>lnmbia will t?e in session at the office of tbe Prevent Marshal District of Columbia, corner ?.# Fourteenth street and New York avenue, da.;> (Sundays excepted) from 11 o clock a. uf. to S c clock p tj., for the purpose of hearing cases cf exemption from draft for the following easier, viz: Alienage. Nto-residence ? I csuitablenees of age. Manifest physical disability: apd Tvrojtau' aervb e c" urine the present war, either in tl?? arm / or navy. Citizsnaare requested to fun.i?h in formation as te persons who are act enrolled, or wh>?are tryingto avoid enrollraent, as it is equally foe tbe interest of each f?erson enrolled to ptaee upon the "KutoUineu:" all persons linhle to dr milr>ar> duty. ?-> th^t hie own chance tur draft Shall cot be uriustly increased PtMtv A. S? Hi:gT/, l apth.n aii'i Provost Marsuai iv*s District ol Columbia. SPECIAL, JK OTIOES. >fiai is h^*? it tlicrtfj lm?k? us pay for these leak* 1* A W??r?., C3 2. *._ a fimTH SiRirT 8rm.Ru P?.??0o,,"?Y?nn.OM' *AD Nails/4tc. sJSkj?'?"?s^?srl'Vf.35i,Lr"a* j Colgate's okst Soap. Th;s celebrated Toilet Soap, in each universal made from the choicest materials, is mud and emollient in its nature, fragrantly ecent ea, and extremely beneficial in its action a port the ' FulA. For hale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealere- jatSeoly nfEtVl' r^'J.VS3, K"V has bpl'a ?PPo'nt^d A?rent ?L . P[eatPennsylvania route, vie* K. ?. Nor ton, to take effect on the 2Sth of ftiarch. Mr. Wil Kins hRp been connected with the Office, at the dnr??l??K 8l,tAfitrefet and Pennsylvania avenue, during the vast two years, and is thoroughly con versant with the business of the route 1a ail its te,lnTta' A1 \ ?Potions for infoAnationu tickets. Ac., most be address^ to B J Wilkins ^roa! Pf nu?ylv?nia Route. Sixth street ami I encsylvania avenue. Kd. 8. Yocwo . General Passenger Agent. *p 6 Great Pennsylvania Route. Brow*'8 Bronchial Teochis. Tliese Lozenges are prepared from a highly t?oDsmA?thTpen?r *1,eT'*ting Broncdial Alec i.,??'?? thm5* uott?ene8B, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or Soreness of the Throat. u ' *uu wni k~a P.vthc*P?&rl* an* Vocalists ?8!J*?* them beneficial 1= clearing the voice or,8inffin,T>and relieving the throat unusual exertion of the vocal organs, aEtnAM.*?0* ** adaptation to affection* which disturb the^>rgane of speech. mh39-d&wtf Haib Dtb I Hai* Dt* II Batehelor'a celebrated Hpir Of* u t}* btst in the Sfl-" mw* only h9Tml^*t trmt and rtliabU Dye know This sptendid Hair Dye ia perfect?changee ?csty or Gray Hair instantly to a Glossy lilnrk or Natvral JBrcmn, without injuring the h?" or ataioing the skin, leaving the hair aolt and beautiful; imparts fre^li vitality frequently re storing itn pristine color, and rectifies the 111 effects of?adI>yee. The Genuine is sigr.ed William A biTOHKLoa. all ethers are mere iiaitations, and should be avoided. SoM by a!i druggists. Ac. Fac lor, Z!?.1 liarc!*r ?treet. New York. Batcbelor's 1 ToiletOream for dreasfn?tha hair. Jy 7-eoly j r?5^*',^rTi !,T'ri *'i,Sar~coated Female Regulating i J'' therf/y / - -/ m vse. They operate .?V'/lHy \ ana run'' ''if. and being sutsar 'oo'rf create tio I nanseacri D the most delicate atomach. A trial o. Wii, P'0*" their superiorly over all ?,??? K '">T- i'oId b>S. C. Ford, corner llt.i st*> . and Pa avenue.Washingtun.andHenry iK, IwihiiiiriK. ?%6-ly D E?- ? S OF THK N>RVOUS, SfMISAL. FaTKiRT >.r <r?i KTSTlHSr-wwandreliat.le treatment? in i?.|Hjr;i oi the Hovsrd As.-ociation?Ment by -,L. ''' Letter ev-velope1", fre? r,f pbprfo, i<< -<j h, J. SkiIHu Houghton, Howard As. a riy i i?. * . So ith Ninth *lree!.. t'Li adplphia 1 * rah 29-3rj S"?F' "*Ti KfiRflticisjEtigEfi.-Ur Kand'egpe r-..c u? }-rrlt &tnjno! n* rrientsx, fvt ,ss '/ ' 's.,spe?dtly nnrl efftctvally. Itsefiect^ truly iua/ical. A trial of the Specific wil, con\inc?< r}.?. m?. r t>Reptical of its raerite I nr.? ?] j, i,ox. hold by ,>.C. Ford, corner nth strre i ' d p? jivetiue, Washington, and Henry Uona. Alexandria, Ja6-ly H ??* . btj DToOoniiBriBaik-4T.Godfreyt *n English Specific of sixty-five yeart,' ?t?ruiiiff, *!ii euri- Gcttorrlt<fn in six days. No chv.f^ , j diet required. Prict? #l per bottle. Sold M ?. *Vrd, coriser nth grr^t and l'.i avenue, n&*j o.nud H*-iirvCuok. Alexandria. Jft?5-ly * ... De< iiiTv. Sa^iaAi. WbambbS, et- , fM n J>? ( a f v ( da who h<is really earni himself '?r? "f ?fhsrs. and wjli tell you nothing but thb ?*{?. A-idress. witu Htami.. o . ,, , .Kr>.T*F.L?li TaiVFH r-i*.r 2 b\ ? lv Lr.e.k Bv>x. M.,^toc. Maas. 11 -r CF.r* V? i ajd r.Kt?T Hair Ore is the A/< ki d - .Vrf r l s or IVii.tu, ihi: ? Upimrn'.* llair D*e, 60 Ct rl- t hoi. The be?t iu use. Try it. S.iM by S V l ord, corner 11th sin-et *ud Pern, avcude, " sj-h.ngion; and lleur> Uuofc, Alexandrin a? lv Skcbet Di^ba^es. Sn^ariiin's Hift i? the no.Jt eert^D, safe and e(!ectuai remedy?indeed, the only vegetable retn e .y ever discovered. Cures ia two to four davs at.rt recent cases-n twenty-fonr hours Nc inineriR no I s sam, no mercury. Ou!y t^n pi!!s to be taken. It i* tlie soldier's hope, and - friend to those who do not wsut to be exposed. M?le naekaseK female, 1^3. ? ? w . Hanoi:Trim's Ibc nn f H'tb Juices? A positive and permauetjtcitre for Syphilis.fcrofuiaXieerH, Sores topot*.. Tetter", Ac. Price 91, or six bottles for ?6 Bt'id bv S. C. Ford. See a^'ertisemetit, ta5 HIED May :;!:-t.ai3oVloefc. AMBROSE youn?. tt cLild o! I??-iiiand Jane f-rillin, agi-i fc! months. In this city, on theSlst inst., SAM'LC. H.000 in the l.'lb j e?r r-f Li? age. Tver pleasant, social, k:uJ. W?i he. so earlj oallcd a> . All will ? ver keep In mind Mesnorieg of tUU sad. ^ad day. L AIM L5- WANTING UlUi-SES FITTED AND J i- tfjeu the nio?t fa^hior.iMe manner wfll enll at .'{TiM I street, between Ittb and 14th, on the following mornines: M<.n-ia> , Xut-Hiaye, Wcdncs d.iya and Tl.uri-da-, =>. tny 2^ iw" CH)R BALK?A light, no top ISOAD WAGON, D;i l si.nbery A A an Dnsen makers. New York. Has be-n rv.ionly fun r months; in perfect order. Prici Siii'i To 1h- s t-i. at DCEE'S stable, E sfrett. near nth, i J7iy ?a ;:t OEMORKST'S N. \ . 1 iJ.UHT RATKD N KWS. A verkly lourc-ii of praphic illuHtratiotib? News, Muaie. rash tons nn>i General Ltteratare. The tii?"del National I'.ii lily N-;ji>"r of Atnf-ric:i 'n it^- i;io*1 cc ;nj>rr hensive s-:i;.-e. Price 10c. Sold everywhere. my 2^ 31 itJ* NINTH TR K KtT /ft ? iOI >? A M I L V <i ltOCKRlKS. / 1'rime zjo?k1f r<-li.ili'ii; for le:.s tl<an wholesale price- Guo'i- delivered free anywhere. S. EVANS. mvtii 3t* l1-i ftth St., between i> and E. TM1E CLEVE1 AND CONVENTION; F. S. Cou ? si:!i;ti(.n; The Strikers and tlt?ir liigi.ts; AVi.n^fcijV Dich^ Movement: War in Kurope, atnl '?;her exciting fiibjeetf. in PKMORKST'S ILLI S TKATED SrWS of this week. Splendid and graphic War Views, all in tint: Portraits of i5ut '* r, (irant. Hancock, Mi-.ide. Cilmore, Burnside, and_ Hi werd, ?>i. i'roelamaMon Fi-recr; Muaie. Fashions, etc. !>. not lail to see thir valuable number. my 28-31" w o 0 D AND CO A L~ LTME, SAND Ac Jiiet received, l.u-u tons her-t Quality Anthracite C'-al. v. Lirh I am sellloi.- at $il per ton of 2^40 oouiids, delivered. 0 tout btst George Creek Cumberland C?al at j-'s per ton, rm of 1 iv? rt ' J"1 cords Pine, Oak snd H ckory Woo l at lowest market price. Also, Litr.e, Sand, Plaster. C.-men? and Hair. Persons wishing to lay in their wii ter ? . 1 had better call and esamin? my stock. VVM GCINAND. ^ an!, "or.ier of Iff st. east and B south, < St Yard snd Wliarf. foot of Itlist. enst. P musical! 1UO E.?Pl'I A Would respectfully inform the public that he is now prepared to eive lesions in \o*sl und Insfrumeiital Music, llnvingf retired trim cis other professional business, be it ncs able to devote the whole of Uix time to i net ruction iu music to all tho?e who m&> le pleased to patronize him. Prof. Esputa's method is the same as in taught in Europe?th^t is. while he m;.k?s good performers of his pupils be makes toon musicians of them also; so tbat any one who may receive instructions from him may acquire tint knowledge of music as will c.nks them com petent for teachers or urofescions! musicians. Prof. Espii*a is now forrainjr class-s and all who desire to entm must apply early, as tb? number is limited. .For terms app'yto Prof. JOHN KSPUTA, No. ;?J3 fttb street ea-t. Navy Yord. N. B. The ears jass l'rof. Esputa's residence eve ry j>ix minutes dnring the day. my 'U Im* Al. IX)M M K TO C ALL YO lTR A'rTCNT10N TO my really I.anil^ome slock ?<f NKRY and FANCY (iOOTS which haveCE) v:st arrived and ready for yunr inspection. 1 can stnto without li^a-tine that I have C e haadfomest stock of PLOWKRS ever impi.rted, " hich. looking at them, will convince; pastiefi StrjiW Bonnets froc. to #15. and tlio&e beautiful Paniilias. white ae> th(- driven snow; a fine atecl* of Rack Combs and newst?lesof Kan'-. Ila\ int: been for so man> yt-ars In the wholesale bnsincj in Ne.-. lo;k. render my facilitios to oiler >ou ar* good in ic-- liue beyond e?/mretif.i'--n. M'MK PB1NCK. ^riv '.?-Ira' y-} Market Space. PERKINS, STERNE & Co., t^O ISroadwnr, If, V,? EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. W r guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PUR*, For ?a!e by all first CiaiB tirocersand 0n??:sts everywhere. _ tab ,%-5n* ^ Bargains in millinery AND CHILDREN" SFANCY HA?S, AT THK NEW YORK ESTABLISHMENT. R<. 1 Mar. et Space, second door from ?th strt*t. Having a targe and extensive Stock of Goods, acd ccsiroi iof reducing it before the close of tho sr.iscc the prices will be marked down much below their original value. Ladies wi' now have the opportunity of pur chasing an tle^aut. atjlibli Bonnet for toe same price the> weald pa> for an inferior one .else * The' t-toci i? cc mpiete, with every ftcveltr Of the seise n._ v my 17-gw* 486 M0!luai ~ 486 Afewchi ce Engraving# acd Painting* for sale at i. !'ARKRI'.'ER'S, No. 4*6 7>b street, Kfgfct doc 's ab ve CMd PeMows'HalT. Termsc <o *?- Imif* U~ioSST"OF TDK LAWS 0? TH*I DISTRICT jfcoiwbM bvm ?aa?{ik?iIH, Dr. Lighlhill's Fourth Visit to Washiigtoa. DKAF NE?ft, CATARRH, and diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIE PASSAGES. Dr. LIGHT HILL.. from 34 St. Mark Place, New York, Anther of "A Popular Treatise on Deafness. ?? Letters on Catarrh," Will be in WASHINGTON, Ob MONDAY, Jane 6th, and can be consulted at the Ebbitt Hottsk tor oks wbik until Satnrdaj evening, June Uta, on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonials. WASHiKttTC'ir, D. C., March 5. i-61. 4 Db. Liohthiil? Dear Sir: I ttuke this oppor tunity to publicly express my gratitude for the wonderful cure of deafness you hare in so ebort a time effected in my case. 1 was deaf for about six years, and for the last few years so much so that I could not hear preaching or common conversation; but now since your invaluable services have been rendered, I can hear as well as ever. In conclusion, let me say that.the noises with which I have been troubled In my head for years, hive also disappeared. Very truly yours, James R. Mc Cathran, 10th street, between "E Rtd F. WAeuiKi.Torr, D. C7., March 4, 1^64. This is to certify, that hat ing been deal since the year 185?, and since that time gradually losing my hearing until 1 was unable to hear common conversation or public speaking. I applied to Dr. Lighthill, of New York, who, aftor a short and painless course of treat mt'iit, entirely restored my hearing. I hearti ly rpcommpsri Dr. Lighthui to the aeaf. FfiBI'BKICK RoiiECTfiOK, K**ideoce near Fort Saratoga. Wasuisgtok; 1?. i:., March 18&T. 1 ui' is to certify thai having been affected tor twenty years with deafness, ana having tried some ?t the most eminent doctors of cur city without any relief, 1 at last heard of Dr Lightbill aud put thyself under his care. His treatment was brief, and successful. I am now completely restored, and the cure is ap parently permanent 1 have all confidence in I)r. Lighthili's skill, and would advise all af file it *1 witli drafnes? to go and consult him at once. Joseph Whitney, K"sideuce near P and llthstreet. Kniaurkublr ( tire of Uealur?i. Frtm the R'v. Jotejh M. Cl-arke, Rcck>r of Si, J arty t' Church. Syeaccpk, February 20,1NM. 1 have b?en deaf in one ear, ever since I was in college, some twenty years ago. By the skill of Dr. Lighthill, it^ hearing was entirely restored, so that now I hear alike with both ears, and I find that I can use my voice with much more ease and comfort than before. JOPEPH M. CLASSIC. my ^-ecc.'w PIC NICS, &c. WUIRD GRAND AFTERNOON AND NIGHT I PIC -NIC of the ANDERSON CLTTB will " be fiver at %a?ffierV Washington City Gar den. Nov? York avenue, between 1st and % street*, on WEDSK8DAY, Jane ,-ith. l>* ;i fa* Tickets fifty eents. admitting a gentleman and ladies. For particulars nee future advertisement. in y :;]-2t* ___ TUi: HR8T ORAM' PIC-NIC OF TIIB^SEDG W IOK CLl'B will be jfiven at Lieftier'n Washington City Garden on T IJESDAY, May B1 -i 1-1- 1864. Tickets $ cents, a<lritit)ina a cu-pTA tieL'an and Indies. Dancing to commence at 3 p. ra. All are respectfully solicit,xl to attend, ray 30-2t" BOARDING. fl^ABLE BOARD.? 8eTfi>-ai persons enu be ac I comu.odated with TABliE BOARD, at 37*^0 rtr. ot, corner 1??. Also, a small ROOM t'> rent, with board. Bivi?l-:>t* qiWOOR TIIRBK G KNTLF.MKN can be accnm I roodat^-d -with plca'act ROOMS *ud BOARD at No. el Market street, Georgetown, between ."d and ?it)i. Terms f25 per month. my 31 :jt* rl',Al;LL BOARDERS.?A few gentii-men can be I accommodated with Table Board at No. iit'l F street, tn-tweeu l.':th and 14th sto. may 3u-3t" A- fL W~cI.KRKS tJAN hi: ACCOM MODAT Kb with Rooms and Board nt No. ~IK street, between 17th and :fcih street*. Terms moderate. my 30-Si* PLEASANT ROOMS WITH BOARD. fNT A PRF vate family, in a desirable part of Georgetown, N'i. Ill (lay street, between High and Congress streets. my 3u-."t* BOARDING - Se\ err.l gentlemen can be accom v odated with lirst-cass Board and pleasant Ilonuin in Georgetown. One tine largn rowm will be vacant on the first of June, suitable fur tbree gentlemen or a <-mall family. Apply at 21 "J Bridge st>eet, n? ar Frederick. my H*'-'itr 1 BOARD?Two bandcioruely furiiish?'fi ROO'lS i MiRi double and one "ingle room) to let. with BOARD, to gentlemen only. Appljr at l.?!* G st., between '.'1st and ?2d sts. my OABD AND BOOMS for four gentlemen, w bert 1) th" comforts (>f a borne ioay be t ryi.yed. Apply at 449 C street, between 1st and 2d. Cars near the d,.or. my2S-St* B GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS fp GKORGBTOWN, J?.'O..Mav24. iV?T~ 1 nr Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer clian's do hereby a^ree to close our respective places of business at 7% p m. from .fune 1st to jJSeptember 1st, ISM, except SATFRDaY, in or>ler 'to a fiord on r eiapioyeeb* a portion of time for re creaUon. w B1ALL K co W. 8 MAJTHKVrg, JOUN J. BOG FR. GEO RGB W OllME. T). JACK PON, W. B. HFRDLE, 1.KW18 BRi?OK!*, 1. T. MILBFRN. A ,T. RATCtrPFB A CO,, GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A C ' RBOLL, A. F. OPFTTT Sc CO.. W. H. 8HNEST, J. F. ^yF.lihY. MAYFlbLD ti. BROWN. ED WAR 9 H. BROtfN. fc^MOoT & BURROUGHS. *. 8. RO ENTfl AIj, FDW ARD MYERb. my '& V* H IGII STREET MARKET. No. 74 OrrostTK I^cepcct 8rRBKt, Gcur&rttrwn, I). ('? We, th<? nndersigued, beg leave to iufbrm the public that we have on hand a choico assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds, Poultry, Game, Ac P.vice wholesale and retail.. Applea and Potatoes by tho barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market priccs, _ my 3-lm* H. W. FISHER A GO. M ISS EDWARDS' NEW NOVEL. BARBA.BA'8 HISTORY, a Novel, by Amelia B. Edwards author of My Brother's Wife, Hand and Glove, te e. Price 60 cents. ju,t *ad PjfiLe i SOLOMONS. my2T- 33'3 Penn. avenue. fi\\ VLRV: IIOR&ES WANTED. *-> ? WAKDKPAETMrifT, Bcp.EAr, 1 Onftct of Chitf QunrtermasUr, > WASni-VCTOS, D. C., May 18th, 1S'>4.\ TlillEE TH0F8ANI)(3,O0O)HOR8E8 WANTED. One hondred and sisty-Dve (^165> dollar? per head will be paid for all . ^ CAVALRY HORSES delivered within tb? next tbirty (30) days at the Government stables at Giesboro , P. C. Said Lcrse? to be sound in all particalarf, not hss than fin, (flwr more than nine a) year * old; from fifteen to sixteen hauds hi^h. full i? flesh, oompaetly built, bridie wis*, and of biiefcamcieut for cavalry purpose*. , These speciboationf will be rtrieqr adhered to and ritfifliy enforced in evwy particular. Pay meet trade on 'YaMKS A*'iCKIN 0T<"r* Lieet. Col. and Cbiwf Ouartormaster. my lg-lm Cavalry Bureau. 'V'HE MERCHANTS AND BANKER'S ALMA w WANTS. WANTED-At Metropolitan HrM, two 1RON KW5. three SCRUBBERS. and two #ASH KHi. my Sl-3t* WAN T ED-TV o first -oiiu PA PER' H AN U E KS. ^ JOHN ALEXANDER. my 31-3t No *240 ftnn. a venae. W*?, T?^~A food second COOK , whit* woman, K street, cear 7th Good wages. my 31 3t W WaSH_WOMAN and a SCRUB 5 ?, ? Apply at the Ebbitt House. my 31-Si* UfiNTKD-A first-rlas7C0NFErTI0NERTAp "* P'T at No. 97 Bridge street. Georgetown D. C. (my 31-6t*] F FREUND. BOARDING WANTED?By a gentleman, for hU in a private familv; location uear the post Office Address' W. I.,5'Star Office. It* \\ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A good LABOR ** I NO MAN Also. four first-clasi WAITERS. Apply to T. POTENTINI. 279 Penn. avenue. be tween If th and 11th sts. It* HOUSE PAINTERS -WantedTtwo govd HOUiE HANDS. Highest wages given. M. T CABRERA CO.. rrvyjil-St* 59 La. av.. bet. 6th A 7th ate ANTED ?A WOMAN to assist in general housework, and to take care of a cn'ld 18 months old. Reference required. Apply to No. 431 Pth etrest, between F and G. my31-2t* %V'ANTED?By a young Englishman, just at rived in Washington, a SITUATION at* Bookkeeper, Clerk or Salesman, in s. fancy or dr> goods store. Address E B., Star Office. gy 31-St* ; W ANTED?A WAITER at the Gosling House. t ? To one who understands his business $20 per month will be given the whole year round. In quire at the Restaurant, 247 Penn. avenue, be tween 12th and 13th fits. my 31-2t* HANDS WANTBD.-Two aober, steady MEN wanted, to work at gravel roofing. Steady work and good wages given. Apply to H. C. WIL SON A CO., office 161 22d street, below Penn. av enue. mySl-2t' WANTED-Kivefirst cla? W AIT BRSand CAR \ KR8. None but white peop.e need apply, at the Eacle Rctanrant. No. 171 Penn. avenue, m ar 17th street. To proenre situation* call immedi ately; It* \JLT ANTED. AT ONCE-A CATERER for a firat ?? class house, already established. Dining room large enough for sixty persona. Situation unsurpassed. No one need apply without capital to carr> on the table, and bring the best reference. Addreta HOUSE, Star Office. my 3l-3t* fV*ANTRD-At the"United State* Hotel, two >? BLI.LBOYSand a FIREMAN,colored. None under 15 yt ars of age need apply. mv 30-2t* OARBkllS~W ANTKD AT THITnATI<>NAL. D Chairs new-i<ilo for 2 go'Kl hands. #10 and 20 per cent, on T Rt'ts paid. Apply this day. my G0-3t* ANV per.-on wishing to adopt a BOY. P weeks old. can do so *y inquiring st 529 '2th s*r>'?t. belov D street north. my WANTED-A good COOK two DIN'NO ROOM SERV ANTS, alw . a CHAMKERMAID. Noruj need apply nnlev; well recommended. Herndou House, corner !>ih and I'sts. my 3 -3t* %V* ANTED? A competent GIRL. to do the worfe ?? of a small fam:l>. Must eotnc well recom mended. Call at H>1 Pa. avenue, between 17th stid ISth sts._ my 3 '-3t* \\ A N T F. I >_ IMMK1 >IA T E L T - A g >'.d G T RL to vv do chrtmTv-rwork aud as ist with wa-hing and irr.nint To one who can com wi'hgoo're comm* th highest wag striven. Apply at N< 1 r?(? G si r< ;, in t 2 th and rny30-3i* VI/ \KTJD-* good COOK, and to do washing * mid irt njng. Oood wage.* paid, and a p^r msftMit MtuHtioo. Apply at No !?. Canal Re>!au rit f. Market xt^eet, vrfcrgetow n. D. C. r.iy .>'??,{* J. it. MERRET. VI ON KY WANTEI'. ? i wi>-h to 1-f rT.w from 1*1 ty i>lo.ono, t<> bo secured b> real cetE.te \ t: th ck jUc the amr.ut.t, R P. JACKSON, yS"-8t* No. 1 ?> Bridge st .Georgetown. U- TaTsTI I--A \> I (IT E M AN to drive a four l.orse team f.iad make himself generally; use ful. To h good wan g?-ou waees will be given. ip!yati?5 I.ouisian-a avenue, t>etv>een 6th !imt Tt'n utreetf>, of C. N. P. my ^i0-'(t* Ui ANTED?At'fcrod wages, a good VEGETA BLE <_OOK. itiquire st E street cesr 7t! . m y i'- :;t * \jij AK'l ED?A good GIRL to do plain cooking. ** ApplyatJ. BROWN'S Rifctauranl. corner uf !!. htvef t aiid Pf hna. av. myJft-St* ANTED?A smalTliOUSE. or a few 1lit) JM8. in aliealtliy l< rutior, Heferences exchanged. Iiiiraire at M. B. BRADY'S Gallery, Penn. avenue. my 28 lw" YA.'* NTiri7^A~<TT^i COOK. W ASH K Rand I RON - ?* KR, (a white woman) to whom liberal wages will be gi.en. Apjjy to VrM. li. HOPE, t't't E fctreet. rn y 28-31* \\j ANTED?T?? <-r three BOOMS, for a gentie ?f Tiii;a and wife, where they ean lia\e their hrettkfa-t s.erveii, or cooked bv th< :: oki, servant. Must be in a centra! location, an 1 well furnished. Address HARRISON". Star Office. ray2iv3t " BOAKD WANTED. i:i Georgetow n, by a young man of quiet habits, in Government employ. Boant permanent. A plea-ant room, w ith bath, oa front floor, in private faniilv preferred. Address TOWNSEND JONES, Washington. D. C. mjr28-5t* \\J ANTED?A WOMAN who can come well rac vv ommended, to do washing and ironing. Ap ply at 49t> H street, corner of 8th. my27-eo3t W'ANTED TO RENT?Aamall T NKURNISHED HOUSE, in a respectable neighborhood, by a family of twt; person*, w ithout children. Part of a houfce would betaken, if suitable. Addresses. M. M.n Star Office, stating location and terras, my 2.v lw * 'ANTED ? Ten or fifteen WASHERS and IRONEI1S, at the City Laundry, on 1-ttU street, near C. Also, one gof>d ceiored BOY, frons 1?- to 20 years. E. HOTCHKISS, Manager, my ?>'-2wr WANTED TMMEDIAThTV-200 LADIES to *? Embroider on Muslin, Linen ard Cambric. To good hand-> constant work and good wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Mcchine Stitchiug Depot, 3S1 B" street, opposit Patent Offico fe iff Mrchir-e Stitching Depot, 3S1 f street, opposite for r7? t\t\l\ LAUIKS WANTED TO CALL AT DU,'MIU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3** 1 F street., opposite Patont Office, and get their Stamp ing, St!tcnir:?, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince'rt, who is the only practical hand in the rity. Be nur? you go to P street, opposite Patent Office. i?ib 4 tVANTED" ? 1 LUTING! FLUTING I WANTED, Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. ."{$1 F street, oppo site Patent Office. Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Depot. my 3 LOST AND FOUND. <jj? K REWARD.?Strayed c r stolen, ou WYdueg da*. 55th in*-t..ared COW', nice horns, oue of iier ears split; star in forehead The above re ward will he paid if returned to CIIAS. McCAR Tl!\, No. "1 A street south, between 2d an 13d, Capitol Hill. my 31-3t* IOST-May 30tb, a POCKET-BOOK, containing .J one ?"i Treasury note, one?.' Treasury note, and two >>1 notes, and small change; also, some vnlu:ible papers, which are of no use to any one but the owner. A reward of w ill be given, de livered at the Star Office. If THOMAB 1'ISHER. 170i and E sts._ IOST?On the 2lth inst.. near the Soldiers' Rs -J treat. ?t Baltimore^ Ohio li. depot, a LEATH ER > ALICE brass bound, hole inside, near the top, no name on outside. The Valice contained a Descriptive List, a suit of citiaen's clothes, and < ther valuables, belonging to ALEXANDER BAR N1E. Quartermaster Sergean' 14th N. Y. 8. M. ( Brooklyn! regiment. The finder will be rewarded by leaving it ?t ttar Office. It* fit C REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 27th tP*# inst., a durk bay U. S. condemned HORSE, no particular msrks about him The above reward wiii be given if returned to UEO BARBER, oppo site Navy Yard Market. my .HO-.'it Cj C REWARD.?Strayed or Htoleu, on tho i!7th inst..a light sorrel MARE, about four years old. abort tail, co shoes on front feet. The above rewaru will be given if returned to PHILIP HI HN, Navy Yard House, corner fth and L streets. mySKJt* If'ST?On May 29th, between corner of l?th and J Lsis..ancl esley Chapel, a fine gold BRACE LET A suitable reward will be given by leaving it *t MOULDEN A BROWN'S wood and coal office, S t* corner 12th and C sts , or Mr. DAWES' Drug Store, corner 1 th and L sts. my Sf'-3t* (>AMF. TO TIIE PREMISES OF TTIK SUB scriber, ou the l.sth inst., a aorrel HORSE, white face, branded I. C. on the left fore shoulder. The owner will come forward, prove property, pay charges, end take him away. J \COB FISHER, on tbf Baltimore turnpike, between Beltsville aud Blsdeosbur". my .'at-St" REWARD ?Stolen from the farm of R. <{. U Bowling, Prince George o county, Md., on fridav, the 27th inst.. at night a fine <iapple grey HtiRSE.neur 1G liandshigh,w?ll ina le,stylish and good looking Had a luinpoii the inside of his left front k-g near the shoulder. The above reward will be paid lor any information by which the horse nhall be recovered. J.O. COOK, my 30-31' Corner B and 7th sts.. Island. | OST-On Wednt-day the 25th inst., a red COW, Ij w hite faee, straight ?>orn*. ^-5 reward will be given i| returned to uENRY BUSHER. corner of North Capitol and H streets. my & 3t* IOST?About three or four weeks ago aiuiall i Mosaic BREASTPIN, between !2th street and the Public Gardens. A liberal reward will be paid If lt-ft at Semkins'Jewelry Store, on Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, my ?-3t* J ru V *T ^ 411 jft u to v/ i u>>^ ? <> > vmv brass on born. The above reward will be paid for hi r delivery at the above place. my CE-St" W ILLIAM BABINGTON. ^TRAYED?On the 2."4 instant, a sma'l spotted 1^ COW, with a white fice and red jaws, and a r<?pe around her boras w hen ahe left. Five dollars w ill be paid it left at the Bailroad House, corncr uf 7th and Boundary st-?. my at* 8TEPHKN 8QMEltf. STOLEN FROM THE SUBSCRIBER On Tuesday Eitrht. the 24th instant, a sorrel HORHE. with r Hasei. mace and tail, about 12 years old, one of l is hind feet white, blate face, scar on his ??aek. ,?6" will be given for the recovery of the horse and tUear-vrehei-sion of the thief, or ?2 ? for the horse. ALFRED V. ROBINSON, Near T a Hi) K-lti"* Princo cou&ty, Ml,. FOR RENT AND SALE. tfURNISHRD ROOM PGR RENT?To a gentle r man or gentleman and wife. at No. 443 1th strict, bftwN'u F and G. my 31 St* THE HOU8EN0 50* L ?wt, between 7th iii-l 8th, is 'or rent, furnished or unfumi?h?wl. Ap ply at No. 3 4 H airyet. nesr K. my31-3f fpOH REN ?Two pleasant ROOMS. furnished; suitable for housekeeping for two Per#?ns! Apply to Room No. 4b General Land Office. my 31-3t* 1H* LKT?At No. 335 fth street, between K and 1 L neatly furnished ROOUS, for gentlemen only. Inquire at Room No. lb General Land Of fice. ?ay 31-3t TO LKT-A neatly turnisbed FRONT ROOM, suitable for two gentlemen. at 3SS 1'tb street, between L and M. Meals furnished in neighbor hood. my 3t*3t FOR RENT-A fine, four-story, mas.ic front BRICK HOUSE, corner Mans, avenue and lPth street Gas an?J water throughout, and bath room. Inquire of J. W. DRANK. 9th street, between G and II. next to Fourth Presbyterian Church. my 31 3t* FOR RENT?One of the STORES now being fit ted up under the Medical College, on F street, near I2tb. Thia ia a central, noied and excellent stand for almost any kind of business. Apply to Dr. JAMES E. MORGAN, corner Maryland ave nue and 12th street. my 31-tf Rooms to let-a suite of furnished BOOMS to let. from the 1st of June, at No. 424 isth street, between New Tork avonue and H street. Also, two very superior OFFICE ROOMS, near the Ranking House of Riggs A Co. B>y31-eo3t* _ Tbree desirable building lots for SALE in Square 47R, fronting on 5th street ant the corner of P, in a rapidly improving neighbor hood. The undersigned will sell one. two, or three very desirable Building Lot* in 8quare 47*. fronting on Oth and the corner of P streets. Each lot is large enough to be subdivided into four or five building lots. A plat of the lots can be seen at mr store. The lots will be sold upon reasonable terms. The three lots contain upwards of twentT-one thou sand feet of ground. A rare chance is offered for an investment in this property. Aprty to E E. WHIT*. No. 63 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets, opposite Bank of Washington. my 31-St FOR RF.NT?One or two neatly furnished or un furni-hed ROOMS, on 23d street, four doors south of I. my ."iO-St STOREROOM FOR RENT?In building No. if>0 D street north, between 6th and 7th streets. Inquire on the premises. my 3Q-3t* Restaurant for sale; only ?is?; ha* 5 rooms in the house. Kent 510. Inqune 4f>2 10th street, between D and E. niy |7H?B RENT?Two furnished ROOMSon tirU floor, r with gas and bath house, for gentlemen only; No. 414 7th street, between G and H. m>:w-3t* / < HEAT BARGAIN?FO K SALE?Fixtun s and good will of a JEWELRY 8TORE,verv cheap. For particulars inquire at ^hiB office, my .'i -Jt' F'OR SALE?On accomraoiating terms, a Urge FOUR STORY Bl'ILDINGon Ustreet,between 12tli and I'lth. Inquire on tli? premises, inv V-?-t? FORWENT?In a private family, two haudBowe 1> furnished BOOMS; together or separated. Inquire at 27 0 H street, newr 18th. my 30 3* URN IS* U ED~ BOOMS TO KENT. to gentlemen only, delightfu'ly situated on the Heights of Georgetown. Inquire at the Star Office, my".> Sc* R\Nl?S(?MELY~FURNISH E D PARLORS AND BED ROOMS TO RENT, to gentlemen, wit^i ci.t hoard. Location, first-class. Inquire at 40(> 16tl street, near Lafayette Square. my 30-3t' ?/OR KENT?Two connecting ROOMS, front and rear. fin second floor, the situation mo?t desi rable. being cirectly opposite the public garden, on Missouri avenue, between and 6th streets, Isi> 24: Call for three days._ my 30--It* TBN ISHEI)HOl>E FOB KENT ?For r.-nt, * 8' furnished House lor the term of three inouth-. 1>( given immediately. Apply ?t No. i'i nii-ylvania avenue, between -1-t and 22d wtreets. ami w?t' r in the house. my .kl Ji* |>OK SALE Ol: RENT?A large Brick HOUSE ..-"i r 11 i < h strict. Georgetown. in complete or.b-r. suitable i"r a tavern, boarding hou?. Ac. For particular.-, address Bu\ ft". ??{, "tar Office, riy lw* '|xO LEASE. VOK \ TERM OF YEA"RS?The I LOT situated at the corner of 1st and tr l erick streets, Georgetown, beiog suitable '' i" the wood and coal business. it P. JACKSON, my SKit* No. 1 ?*'> Bridge tft. SALE?A 1-irirain: an excellent opportunity ? for a mni> ?if business; a DINING SALOON and BAB. sifualt d on Jlth street, between <1 street and N<v York avenue. Di=p?ised nf solely on account <?1 dissolutimi of partnership. Enquire on the preini-en. iu>* ?* ITMjjt HALE?The three storv Brick HOUSE ?m filh street, between't and H streets, \<t. Three BED BOOMS for rent, with a basement llOOM. suitable for an oflice, on E street. l>et Wfe- a Sth ami !?tli street". m y 3 Kit * I^OirSALE?The pood will and fixtures of GROCEBY AND LIQUOR STORE, situated on the corner of Congress and Water street, George town. Apply on the premises. _ Toy SO-'Jt1* II. BKAiMjE i? F^ORRENT?Tivo handsome PAKLORS, connect eit by folding doors; No 3H>, corner of 1* .inil 11th streets. . .... Also. For Sale?A fine blooded riding and drivir.^ MABE,.ri years old, to be seen at the stable of C11A PIN A MATLOCK. G, between6th and 7th streets, my 3 '-3t" TO RENT ? Two pleasant ROOMS, at t>? E street, between and 4th. my 2.S 3t F~^0R BENT?PARLOR and CHAMBERS on the liri?t floor, with the u-e of the kitchen, at 339, corner of 18th and Ksts. Terms moderate. my5M-3t VrERY"DE5IBABLE ROOMS FOR RENT. ?t 4.1<? E street north, near 7tli west. PosaotiMon given first of June. my'28-31* EH)R"RKNT?'Two handsomely furnishe.l ROOMS, r at No. 339 I 6treet, between 12th and lttli. my 2E-3l^ I~?OR~RENT-To a sma'l family, without chil dren, part of the COTTAG E No. 3.? 1 6th street, corner Ma-s-. avenue. my 2v--t' FOR SALE-Three FRAME HOUSES on the Island, two 6 rooms each and one < room-. For further particulars inquire No. 31'? G street north, between 12tli and nth street.-. my P it' rpU RENT-Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS. .1 suitable for housekeeping, 4-2t> N street, a few steps from 14th streetcars. Rent S2?>. Apply after fi ve o;clock p. m. my rjio LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in 1 the First Ward The whole, or in suites. Pos session given the 1st of July. Inquire at Star Ol fice, or adilreKB Mr. KVEK, CSeor^etov n lr<#ht Of tice. Also, four large PARLORS, tor Government oft'ioc*. mySj-lm* EASE?HOUSE on G street, near the War lie partment, years' lease, containing four rooms and a store. Ruitable for a grocery, bakery, or restaurant. Inquire at No. it? '2 Penn avenue, between 11th and 12th sts., at the Shoe store, my 28 .'it* f^OR SALE?On Maryland aveuue, near Sth st., a three-story BBIUK HOUSE, containing 11 rooms; balcony in front. Will be sold low and on easv terms, if immediate application be ma le to F MACE. Real Estate Broker and Agent for the Salctd Maryland Farms, .>17 7th street. m23-6t* ROOMS TO LET ?A large PARLOR and two adjoining rooms on the ground floor; also a ha> ana cellar if desirable. The rooms are all furnished, and situated in No. ai* North B street, < apitel Hill. Rented for forty live doiiar per month, to a permanent tenant. my* FOR SALE?A three-story and basement BRICK. HOUSE,containing eight large rooms, situ ated on 10th street between N and O sts.. No. 304; also, a small FRAME HOUSE situated on 8th st., between M and N streets, containing six rooms, No 5J*4 Possession given. Also, three sina i FRAME HOUSES situated on Gth street, bet ween F and G sts.. Island. Apply to I) HAUPTMAN, 512 11th st., near Pa. av. iuvtN-7..* fP0R SALE?The LEASE of a Stnre on Penn. av enue, at a reasonable priee. Stock of 8K(iAJ*a sold if required. Apply to ED. K0HN, -57 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th sts. m y 27-1 w l.-'OR SALE?A fine RUMMER RESORT, doing a 1/ smashing business. Reason, the proprietor is going to Europe. For particulars call at |nth street, between D and E. my 27-8t* I70R SALE?Furniture and Good Will of a r BOARDING HOUSE, containing 10 rooms and a number of boarders. Inquire second door from 4,'? street, on P street south, near Arsenal Gate _my 27j;iw r^OOD CHANCE FOB AN INDUSTRIOUS BUSI (l NESS MAN, WITH SOME CAPITAL-For sale?A respectable and profitable BUSINES.n in running order, thriving and large P^ntf. Kea pon for helling, eicknesfi. Inquirei at WILLI AH WITTHEFT'S, No. 41i9 3d street, Capitol Mm, near Penn. avenue. aiy 27-ot ^ FBURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT?To geutleiuqn only- No. 35S>7th street, between I and Mass. avenue. royg'-'t" SEVERAL COOL. PLEASANT BOOMS on the first floor for rent, in a central and convenient location. No. 4?9 10th street, between Penn. avenue and C street. my2vot ' ROOMS FOR RENT.?Comfortable and wtdl . furnished Rooms at 450 Tith street, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sirable in th* city. '"r F^OR SAl.Er-l^.OOO ca?h will purchase th<> st R'k ti\Areo and furniture (with six ye*r4 lease at a nominal rent) of a FI1181' C lass 110 fKL. in W ashington. D. C-. contaimrig forty rooms. Thi* establishment is conducte<t on the European plan, and is thoroughly stocked and furnished w ith every modern convenience. Location the best in W ashiug ton. with an extensive Call or address MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers. S. E. corner Penu.ave. and 15th st.. my 23-lm Washington. D. O FOR BENT?During the summer, a Fl'RNISHED HOl^E. delightnilly locate<l; No. 14S Wasi ington atreet. Cieorgetown, containing 12 rooms. Refer nces required. my 19-eodt V0R SALE ? A beautifully located BRICK r HOUSE, 18x02. e'gfct rooms and passage; lot S?*9ti to an alley. Immediate possession?only 83 .CO. ? 5,tiOO feet of Ground, fronting on Pa. avenue, for lease for ten years. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 17-lm' fi K. cor Pa. av and tSthst. F 'OR SALE?With immediate possession, a ? PROPERTY fronting 66 feet on Jt street, by 140 deep. Improvements, a large double-wing cot'age. 10 rooms; three small buildings in the rear; good fencing, garden, fruit trees, Ac.; for (4)0 ' MITCHELL & SON. Real Estate Brokers, ^yrlfe-lin* sontheastcor. Pa. and ifith st. IPOR RENT?A delightful HES1DENCK, i^th r Furniture, or Oeorgetown Heights, on the square between G.een and Montgouier) streets, abote Stoddard st ?Possession given on the 10th of Juna ant. For tertrF, Ac., *pfl> on theprem Ism. ur & AUCTION SALES. Far at her Aartm Sale* eeo lint r>|?. THIS ArTtRWoON afipto?mokrow pv J. o. McGUIRE 4 00,.Auctioneers PEREMPTORY CASH SALE OFSMALL FRAMI UOlhJt AND LOT ON EJ?BBBT BKTWEEM 1?TH AND 40TU STREETS WlgT. OnTCMf'AT AFTERNOON. ??> on t e premtaes, we shall eell, tbe canteen part of Lot_H?. S, in 8qaft*e |fo. 12 i. frmtini tWttv on E rtrwl north, kxtwno Ntaeteeoth end Tti? tieth streets west, running back P7feet, nod im provod bj a two story Frame Drfelliug House. ooft taining four rooms. Terms cub, p>y.2c d J_C McQCTRl A CO., A?rtn. ^ V GREKN A WILLIAM?, Auctioneer*. VALUABLE BUtLDir?7TLOT ON PEN N8YLTA NIA ATBNUB AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY . the Jlst insta-it at 6 o'clock,p. m we shall Mil, In front or the prerr.isea. Lot S, la Square l.? 19 Thid Lot bu ft front of 6t> feot 10 ta c?m on Pennsylvania avenue, and la between l?th ftL<1 13th streets east. Terms : Oce hal? cash, balance in six and twelva months.for note* bearing interest; a feed fir*a and deed of trait taken. my J5-d GREEN A WILLI AMS, Auctc. PYJ. C. McOi IllE A CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME RESIDENCE ON LOUISIANA AV., NEAR THE CITY HALL. AT PUBLIC ACO On??UESDAY AFTERNOON. May 31. at ?? o'clock, on the premises, we skatl sail, Eton** and Lot. Mo. 34, Louisiana ftvenue, between Four ttd a half and Sixth streets, a large and well arranged FOUR 8T0RY BROWN FRONT DWELLING HOUSE. with large and well arranged Oflioei. with PriraVe Entrance, handsome Parlors, and Chambers, fla il" bed in tbe best manner, with all the modern im provement*, ? tine deep lot, with brick wall aronnd. Tbe location and arrangement of this propwty render it very desirable to Professional Gentlemea. Terms of sale: one half cash, the remainder in six months, with latt-rest secured bp a deed of trust on the premisea. Immediate possession giren. my.O-d J. 0. McGUIRE A Co., Aucta. 11 Y J C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. VALUABLE BEAL E8TATI5 ON E STREET, NEAR THE POST OFFICE DEPARTMENT, AT PUULIO AUCTION. On TUESDAY, May 31st. at 6o'clock,?. m.. on the premises, we tbail se'l, all that raeftut Lot sit catcd ou tko ci rth fido of E street north, being the oa*trr"y part of 1 ot No. 2, in Square 416, lying between tho lino of tbe face of th- easterly wal1 of a balck house, for many yeara occupied by Wo.' Linton. Esq., ar.d tbe^re>t?rlylineof Lot No. l,in said Square, being 55 feet 5 Inchev more or le*.*, in width, snd running back 87 feet 6 inches to a ten feet alley way. A part of a brick stable ftt the rear parses with tbe lfttid. The ceifcbborbood of this property to the Patent Post Office Departments makes it a desirable location for a private residence or for office purpo KcS. Terms : All rash or one tliirS cash; balance in si* ami nine smooth*, v. ith interest, atd aooured on the property. Title vcqno'tinEshle. Costof conveiance, inchnlhis; revenue stamp*, to be pnid by tbe purchaser. iny.lS-eo&da J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. AlrW UCflON SALE OF STOLEN AND OTHER PROPERTY, Which has remained iu tho custody of the Metro politan Police for the District ofColatebia for ? period of more than .s:\ mouths. A Sale ?t Public Auction, to the hiehest bidder, for cash, nf Prep-rty taten bv the 6I?1 rnpolitsa Polio- consi'tiojr of Jewelry, Clotliin*. Guns. Pis tols. Swords. Kcivt-s. Traiik^, Sitchels, Stddlery, BootK.Hbi ea, Musical I ustruincuta ^in-s Liquors, iV<: . will take flare at tb? *?'roperty Rrkotnt of tue Polfee Deparhi.est. No I Tenth ntr-iet we?t, on M<?N UA Y. tbe .i.'ih tlify of May, lffcl, at 10 o'clock, t. n. ? This sale, snthorir.ed by Act of Congress, of July K, will IHg,continued from day t?. daj uati! tb? ertjclet rf ina'-pine in the rustoiiy of tb? Pr p^rty Cb r* core tLan six tnc'tjtbf. asup^icnsU-dinacat al^gue j repartd, (and wjiicb tuay be oenn at Lis oflice.) shall be s Id. Terms: current, fond. A 1 persons who have lont Mou^ynnd Property by tbeft or otherwise which may be ( mbrftCftd i. tb? catalogue, are hereby notifle 1 to c%H and itentjrv tbe paiue prior to the day ol sale or they will 1om? al' claim thereto, A catalogue of arti' les to b-5 soldcau t>e examind at the Prcptsrty Room ab ive inferred to. GEOUCK R. m.RHICK, my.2S- t Property Clerk ? >Y' J. C McGUIKK (jo.. Auctioneers. IV FURNITURE AND HOrsEHOLD EFFECTS AT Pl'ULIC riAI.E. On WEDNESDAV MORNING, Jnoe M. nk 10 o'c'ock, at tbe residence of Judce Underwo<>d. No. 2lststre?t, between H and I streets. w? sjs'l fell, tbe Furni'ure and tftects cnmpris,ag ? Ilft:.r Cloth Sofa*. Arm and EasyChairff, Rosewood Marble-top Table Wuatnot. ? 1-aee Curtains. Cornice, Reception Chai".<. Rrnssels, inerain ar?l otlier Cari>et?, Hat rack. Oil Cloth, Ru?*. Looking (I acses C ock. Shades, Lining Tables Cane Peat Chairs. Sideboard. Refrigerator, Crockery and (?la?M?rare. Cntlory, lSedstr?C?. liureaus. WasLstands, Cottase Sett. Wardrobes Mattresses, Roisters and Pillows, Toilet Sett*. Comforts. Blankets. Cooking and other Stoves, Together with tho us.uftl assortment of Kltchf-a requisites. Term? cash. ?y The Honse is for rent, enquire of Mr. Drary, Pennsylvania avi nue, between Twenty-first and Twenty second streets. my 2T d J. C. McWtIRE A CO.. Auctfl. P> Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aactioneere. HORSE. WAGON, AND HARNESS A V AUCTION. On TUT RSDAY MORN ING. June 2d, at 10 o'cl-:, a. m., st the Horse Market., onSittli street near the Canal, we shall sell a good faii.iiv Horse cov ered Wft^'oo and Tarness in good order, the flnrwn isfaidtobe a good family or work animal, free from fault and warranted sound in every respect. Title indisputable. Terms cash. my.Sl-2t GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auet*. \\ Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. VERY grPERTOR AND FA3T TROTTING II0RS1 BRANDY WINE AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY. June 3d. at 12 o'clock m., we will sell, at tbe Stables of John Ileusley. Esq., on feth street, be'wt-en D and E streets, tbe very suoenor anf) fast Tro'tiua Horse Braudvwine, warrft ted sound, and can trot in 2.10, and is without ft blem ish . The above Horse is orly sold because tbe owner has no niie for him. and offers a rare opportunity to obtain one of the finest horses in the city for either double or single team. Terms cask. my 3! W. L. WALL. A CO., Aticte, |>Y J. C. McGL'iRl A CO., Auctioneers, DESIRABLE LOT o* RIDG E STREET LET WEEN 4TH AND OTU STREETS WE.ST, Cu FRIDAY AF? E"-NOON. Jun?Sd at e o'clock, on tbe premises, w* shall sell, Lr t No. yt. in N 1.513, fronting 6-? feet B inches on Ridge street, betweea 4th and 5th streets west, running cack 1W< fe?t s inclies This Lot is beanfifnlly situated on ft high aad commanding position, and is very detiribia aj a site for dwellings Term* : One third ca?h, tb# remainder in four and eicht. months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on be premises. my 3" d (Rep ] J C. McGI'tRE A CO .Aunts, DT C. J. WHITBAJiK A CO., ! ' Awtionerrf and Commhsi'm Merchant*, Penna, avenue, between 13th and 1S'~ sts., oppo fci?> Grover e Theater. SALE OF FANCY GOODS. On WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 1st. co n m-. ncius at 7.' j o'cl jck, at the Auction Stor^, :>05 PentisylvanBft avenue, between 13th a'd iS1--Htreeta LARGE SPECIAL SALE Of .">00 sup?-rinr and eleg?n'lv b >nnd PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS F^OOK8.?l.OfV' volumes, new and choice > ditioua. Note Paper. Envelopes, Ac. ALSO. A splendid invoice of JEWELRY, consisting of Sets Guard Chain*, Riuts. Bracelets, Ac, com prising a line of fresh and desirable Goc-dt from well known Manufacturers of Philadelphia ?nd New York, nnd made expressly for city retail tr'.tJe. Terma cftsh my 30-3t. |JY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctionecra. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF NINE VERY DK*I R A* BLE BUILDING LOTS ON NEW JERs?* 4V.. BETWEEN F. ANn V STREETS NORTH On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 7, ftt 6 o'clk. on the premises, we sti&llsell LotsNos. 12,13 14, t?, 17,18,19,21, and28. in subdivision of Square 62S._frontiig each 22 feet 6 inches on thn aid* of New Jersey avenue, batw?en E and r streets north and running back IK feet S ioaaes to ft fif teen feet alley, ftnd containing each 8 8^0 square feet. These Lot* are in the immediate vicioitv of tbe Ruilruad Depot, and ?u the great thoron*hf?rft !row tbe Capito! and Depot to tbe northern and western part ot the eity. , Terms One third ia cash, tbe remainder in etx, twelve, and eighteen months, with interesteeourad by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the ecst C,r^JnluFc???sr? my.jjo-d ? J.C. McGUIRE A CO . Anets. r> V GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer*. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE RE 1L ES TATE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. In pursuance of ft decree ot the Supreme Ueart of the District of Colambift. sitting in Equity, made and entered in the rasa No rUi. wfterein W. Henry 1 srrar. Edward Thoniaa Farrar, Jacob L. BriKfcr. md Anna Eliaabete. his wife, formerly Am.a Elixaloth Farrar, and Prances F&rrftr by her Deit friend are complainants and Joaeph F. h*l ley, executor of tlie la?t will and tesiftaeat of Mary FarrrT, do eased defea 'ant. I shall proeeed ? to eel!,on tbe premises. 00 WEDNESDAY, theFth dayo1 June next, at 6 o'elock. p. m. ftll the es tate. risrht, title interest, claim, and dentftad of which Mary Farrar died selxed and tosseasel of, in and to a certain piece or p*r?*ll of laud,ltlng ' situats, and bting in the city of Washington, and known and disticguishet on the plan of said city as Lot number twtrty six. (2n in Square or Reser vation A, together with the Improvements ttere on c insisting of two frame bouses and appurito ""The'said propertj i? situated on the booth aide oH Pentfy raciaavenuebetwe- uT'nird andfour ftnl-. a half streets west. Terms : One-third ca?h: and th<$ residue ic equal irftalments. payable respectively in three an, nine, atd twelve nontba, with latere t. The de ferred payments to be secured by ft ueed ia trust, on tbe premises The cost rf c?ereyaneing. ircluding the prio^ of revenue stare pa, to be at the exwenee of the pari ebssee aad tb? ennveyivnees t<- be prepared under; dirtclion of tse Solidtti' in the rau?? JOSEPH F. KKLLHV Etecntor oT fcary Farrar, decs&aed. T. M. DLOtar, gel eit?r. ill).:4--ifrdAd!" L-luA A WIL'.IAMt, AucU.

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