Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1864 Page 1
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V^s. XXIII. v WASHINGTON. D. C.. WEDNESDAY. JUNE 1. 1864. N2. 8,513. auction sales. riJTCRB DAT*. J J. o. M-GUIRE & CO , Auctioneer*. LARGB 8ALP. OF VACANT LOTS BKINGING B hA? VV JUf Ptti. J. ' ?- ? " va.i a i". ? v' r rf .? TO T B * P T V I > CE N t OR P tt A NASYLt? VI On FRTi AY A? rERNOON, Jaoe id ?*?'? o ?l*j fttth* Auciion Bnoms.?? shall ?*-'? ( *?!: tt_n,,,_ fit Vincent'" Orphan A-ylaro. the foil iw:ng valu *?otVs Yl\ Vm'o Square Vo.!9. fronthi* ?o?^ther W fseti iach?j on Twenty-fifth etree. west, ba tween Fand G streets north Lot 13 P<.u*r?6i. front.og fi3 fwt 9 inches on Twentysecotdetreet, between New *ork avenue Ud north D * reet*. , a Lot M. Sinare *a?t o? Scua-e No. 37. front;of 157 iMt 4 inches on Newark arenae. aal ?2! fwtJ iaafee*, on Virginia avenu? .bet*<?en Twentieth and Tw?n*y Lot I. ? |OH*e 23. fronting 1 "3 f*?t 11 inflhes on Ifortb Estreet between Nineteenth and Twentl_ eth streets went. running through to New York ATfOB' LoU 13 and 14, 18, 29 and .*?, in Square No. 197 fronting respectively on Sixteenth street weit, be tween L and M streets north. North M between Fifteenth and Sixteenth street*west, and Fifteenth rtreet west, between north L aiufctf street*. Leta No* 2. 3, ii, 12,13.14. 15/To and 19, in Square fll, fr"nUng respectively on cortb Fourteenth and Fift" enth-.treeta west. Rhode Is lan4 avenue. between Fourteenth an-1 Fiftcentlj rtraet* west, and Fourteenth street, between H ?na Rhode Island avenue. , _ , _ Lots Nos,3, If. 14. isaud 16,inl^otri, frMtini Cspectively on north N street, bet ween Sixth ana ?enth streets west. Seventh street west,between N ijd 0 ftrieU north. %q<1 O *tr??t norta, between Si^h and Seventh street* west. Lotsi. 4, t>. 31. 24 and *\ ?n 9<pa-e No. .33, front ing i e*pt :tl\e'y on South E street, between First ana .5econd st^ee's ea?t, and Second street east be tween south D and 8 streets. _ Lot No. 4. In Sgnare 958, fronting_on Tea.a street east, between H an-! I streets north. . . Terms: One third in cash; the remainder in sii and twelve month*, with interest, secured by a deed cf trust on the premise* ^ . .. . . Conrryancee end revenue a.amps at the east of ike pircbtnr. . Plate of the property may be wn at our counting tons*. xayjiiJd J. 0. McQUIRH & CO., Aucti, DY i O. M-sGUIRB A CO.7Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE 0P~VAt.U A BL B IMPROVED " PHOPUKTY *T THE CORNER OF T VEf.?TII STREET WI^T AND MASSACHUSETTS AVE NT? E On P \TCR0AY \FTF.RNOON. June 4. at0o'dk, <?n the premi-es, by virtue of a decree of the Su preme Court of the District of Colum "?ia, sitting in . baneery, pasted in certain eau*?*. \ Nos. 2I'? ani 211 in equity.) wb-reiu James Mortimer Smith and Resal e Martha, his wife, are complainants, and Eugene, George. Maria. Louisa. Rosalie, and Nich olas B Va*s*ndt, minor children of George 0. Van**ndt. debased, and Arie'taL. Vanaandt. mi nor child of Jo-eph A. Vac andt. deceased, heirs at -aw of Maria Wood Yantandt ant Ntch ?'as B. Va:i laidt. dee'd. are defendan t*. I shall sell Lot num. ber thr?e ,3) in J^hn I'avliison's division of Lot ?umbered T" o (2) >a ?qcar? number three hnwlro<l axa fifteen (3IA,) s tuated at the corner of Twelfth str*?f wrnt and Uassanb'asett*av^, containing 4HU3S'Q'lare feet, more or less, and improved by a Mibstautiftl and well arranged Frame Dwelling H < use, containing nine rooms. TJ-e (trounds are hsnlsoinoly laid out with fruit and tiowf rs. a? d the whole property is very desira ble as a res den ?. Alr-i, Lot No 4. in Daridi-n's stib-division of the went part of s?id square, fronting twenty tive feet on the ea*t -ide o: Twelfth street west, between Mass* cbueetts avenue and north M street, and rccnicg ba:k t ne hundred 'eet one inoh. Terms : One-third rash; the remainder in slTand twelve mottbg, with interest, secured by thepur ^h?ser's notes with approved Msrety. On the ;ati i nation of the sale by the court, and payment in full of the puijhase money, the trustee will con vey the titles in fee simple. * If the terms of sale art- not complied with wihtin flv? days therfster. the trustees reserve the right to re spI 1 tbe pronerty, at the risk and nost of the defaulting purchaser, on one week s notioe in the Jgvenic* ftar Conveyances and stamps at tbe cost of the pur chaser. T110S. J. FISHES. Trustee. my.23 d J. C. MoGUIRB & 00., Aucts. J^Y J. C. McGCIRE 4 CO., Auctioneers. chancery ? at.r op "two fb\mk norsE3 AND LOTS US FIFTH STREET WEST. BE TWEEN N AND 0 STREETS NORTH. Pnr-iuant to a decree of the 8uprym? Court ofthe District of Columbia, ."it'ing in Equity, ma<ieani entered in the cause. No. 213, wherein Martha Barnes. James and Thomas Goodin. G?oree. Rib ?*r". and Martiia Owns are coinplainant s, an I M -?ry Jarboe. Kxeeutrix of the ast will an l testament ?f Elizabeth Goodin, dtcease-J, defendant, I shall crccee-J to sell, on the premises, on the Sth day of J*.ne nt-it. ^t n o'clock in the afternoon, all the es t&te, right, title, intcrast, cla!m and demand wbich the s*i<l E.izabeth hel? or hai at thetim? of her def,th, or, in, snd to part of Lot sixteen, (W.> Lot >?r> nti-?n, (17,) an.1 part of Lot eighteen, < 18,) in ?i<juare rNi.i in ths p!ao of th"! city of Washing ton. t.-getiii r with thr in:proveuiontsthereon,con sistii g <,f tw-- frame hounes in ?.>od condition. Tbe property is situated on Fifth street west, be ?#?n N and O streets nurth. T rm? <-a?h All conveyances to b^ prepared un der th? airrction of th^ soliciMr in the cause, at tte fipen'e of the purchaser. Revenuo stamps to ai*o pxid for by tbe purchaser. If tb? terms of sa'.e are not complied with within days therearter, th? executrix reserves the i ight to re-sell ibe property, at theri?kaud cost o: tii? .'efaultio? purchaser, on one week's notice .a the Nutiunai Intelligeueer. M *RY JARBOB. Exeeutrix rf Elizabeth Goodin, dec^aaed. T. M Biocnt. Solicitor. my.i^d J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Auets. b YJ C. McGUIRE h CO., Auctioneers. TKDSTV.E'S SALE OF HOr?E AND TOT ON NINTH STREET WEST, BETWEEN 0 AND P STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to a deed ;n tru?t made and executed ly Ricb&rd \. Hyde, of Washinston City, to the subscriber t-< secure a certain debt therein men *;< n? 1, I shi*.!! proceed to sell, at public auction, on the ^eventhday of Juns ne^t. at 6 o'clock, p. m ,. on the cromUes, "all that piece or parcel of ground tnd prein:se? situated, lying, and beiuitin the-aid City *>f Washington, anl District of Col tmb:a. and ituovn and designated as Lot numbered t-n tiC) in Crnttenden's subdivision of Si^are r.ambcred three liundrcl and niasty ei^ht (3J8,) frcnticg twent: -.2*1) feet ^n Ninth strejt west, be ".wten O and P street* north. and running back with that width to a pub'i j alley, together with all aud nnr-'lar. the improvements, privileges, heredita ment* snd sppurtenanees to tee sa'ne belonging, or n any wise app'*rtaining.'' Tetnis: Or.e bait of the purcba'e mon?y ca?h, the bsiacca in three and six mouths, with inter est. The d-ferr^d pajments to be secured by a d?ed in ti i*.t oil the premises. All ccnrerances inc uding revenue stamps at the expense o* the purchaser lit the tsrirs are not complied with within five .lavs a.'tar tie cay of sale, the propert* will be re-sold, at .he risk and cost of the 'iefaulting purchaser, after five dass notice in the Ivco ni Star. CHAP. P WANNALL Trust*. roy.S-eoki* J. C. McGUIRE A. 00 , Aucts. |^Y J. C. McGUIRE A. CO., Auctioneers. i OCR YALUA BLR LOTS, IN J ACKSON HALL ALLEY, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, Jane 6 o'clock, on the premise*, we shall sell. Lots No 37, J8, 'JJ, ?iiJ 1". in sub division of Reservation No 1<>, fronting each JSfeet on the sn foot alley on street in the rear of Jackson Hall, running back about liv> feet to an %fley. Tbeee Lots are admirably located for th? purpo se* of a Livery Stable or for a Manufactory, and we invite special attention to the sale. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by U?ed of trust on the premises Conveyances at the cost of tbe purchaser. my 27 d J. O. McGCIRK A CO. Ancti. WAL1 OF CONDEMNED SrOBES. Wil DirARTMMT, CaVAtBT BORSiU, 1 Ojfict oj Chit/ Ouaitermasttr. J , fvishimxlon, 3Iny 27, 1364. \ Will be sold, at Public Auction on WEDNE3 DA Y, lha 8th day of June, 1?64, at the Cavalry De pot, Gitsboro'D. C." ? large lot of Quartermas ter's Ptcre?, condemned as unfit for the pabile ser vice, consisting in part of? Stoves and Store Furniture, Knives Forks, Ac., IWete* Buckets, Wagon Saddles, Curry Combs and Brushes. Paddies Bridles,and Wftips, Files and Rasps, F'.aclsnr.ths' and Carpenters' Tools, Brooms. Shovels Forks, and Rakes, Lanterns, Picks,and Leather Cuttings, Srrap Iron. Horse Shoes. Rope, Empty Barrel*. Ac.. &e.. Ac. Saie to eommen<-e at ten (10)o'clock, a. m. Term* : Ca.'h in Government funds. Fi* e de.5 s w 11 be allowed after the day ol sale to r*moTe the articles from the depot. For further information apgJy to Captain H. A. Dupny. Assistant Quartermaster and Depot Quar termaster. Cavalry Bureau. Giesboro', D. O. By Command of Major General Auger, Coin rvending Depot of Washingt in JAMES A. KKIN, lEy.?S-t'l Lt. Col, k. C Q. M., Cav. Bureau ^CCTiON ? ALB OF CON DEMM BP HORSES. Wi* D*F1*TMK*T. OlVALaT Bcxiap, I OfH0? or Chiif QnaBTiaMAsm.-. < Washington. D. C., April 25, ls64 \ Will be told at public auction, to the highest bid Cer, at the times and places named below, via - Newport, Penna , Thaesday, May 5th. Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday, May 9th, Aitoona. Penna., Tbur?day,May 12th, M iffiin, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, heading, Penna., Thursday, May J6th, Lebanon. Penna.. Thursday. Jane ?d, Nortbcmber'.and, Penna.. TB'ira>lar, June Dth. Scrantcn, Penna..Thursday, June 16th. WlMiamsaort. Penna , Thursday, June OT. One Hun<fre?l ? 1??0) horses at Gettysburg, and Two Hundred ard Fifty (290; at each of tbaotner places. Ibe*? horses have been condemned as unfit for the cavalry servn-e of the United States Army. For road and farm purpose* many good bargain* may be had. Horses will be sold singly. Sale* begin at in a m , and continue daily until a l are add. Term*: cash, in United State* Treasury note* only. JAsiKS A. BKIN, ap K tjeJQ Lt Ool. and C. Q. M Cavalry Bureau. F* NITED~fcTATE3_M ABSHAL S SALB. In virtue of t*o writs of Fieri Facia* l**ued from the Cl??k's office of the Circuit Court of tbe L'igtnct of Oolumbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public aale, for cash, at the front of the Court House door, of aaid county. on MON DAY. the f th day of June next. 1&4, at 12 o'clock H., all de tecdant s right, title, cla.m, and interest in and to Lota No. 1. 2. and 3, in Square No. ?>. being the undivided third part of aaid Lots, seised and leviei ttuo as the pr?p?rtjf ef William Douglass, and wiU resold to satisfy judicial No.JW and J9;1, to Octo ber term W6f), in favor of Wm.G. W. White and Br< ther, n?e of James R. Smith, us? of Henry DuiiiaM. ? WM. SELDEN, my.U-dtd* late U. 8. Marshal. D. 0. TBI IIBRCHANT'B AND BANKER'S ALMA I *'*?>?<>?fi&SWutlOM AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. |?Y GREEN i WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VALUABLE REALESTATE SALROF A THRKK I^ORY FRAME AND LOt ON MASSACHU SETTS AVENUE BETWEEN FOURTH AND FIFTH STREETS NORTH AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 2d day of June. at 6 o'clock, **n- IT ft?ntof the premises, part ?? Square No. 516, witk a nearly new built turee-storr Frame House containing nine rooms. There ie no better location in the city. ? Term* cash, _ my26 A 6REEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneer". V It R rI - LrADJ/S PR?PERT Y ON NORTH D WEST aVaUGTION . AND 7TU8TREKra OnTHURPItAY.the Jddarof June, at6 o'clk, i ? "5"1 >n front of the premises, west part of Lot 4, in Square 157, with the improvements, "".ft* of 2 pJtor7 ??ic Frame Houm, with a Brick back Building, containing eisht convenient and well arranged rooms. Terms: Oce third cash, the balance in six and twelve months, for notes bearing interest, a deed d and deed i f trust taken. <e All conTeyanoiE* and stamps at the <?ost of the purchaser. my 25-d GREEN & WILLIAMS. Ancts. j' M'. GUI RE & CO., Auctioneers. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 27th, at <ttt' 0 clock .on the premise*, we snail sell lots No. 25, 2o. ana 27, in W lltbereer a subdivision of square No 441. front mg togi>ther 75 feet on Seventh street west! ??rn?r ?* north T street, and running back 128 feet on r street, to a 15 foot all>y. These lots are immediately opposite the City Pas senger Railroad Company's Depot and stables, and are considered rbMraole for business purposes. rerms : One-third in cash; the remainder in six snn twHve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at ihe cost o! the purchaser. my 23-d I Rep J J. C. McGUIRE Sc. CO., Auct-?. #?/'THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IN ?r^u?/e cf lhe r*>". '>'itil THURSDAY AF 1 r.RNOON . June 2d,s?m?* hour stfLpis^e. mv 23-d I Rep.] J. O. McOUl^fc CO.. Ancts. ! ^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Gfor^etowu ; SIiL?5r'JE,BUn*I>IN^0TS. FRAME BUILD !&??,< ^T. 0F CARPENTER'S TuOLS, LOT ?OPL. 8E\E1<AL HUNDRED CORDS OF OAK AND PINE WOOD. AO Ac AT AUCTIO\ On THURSDAY"aFTERN(X)&, June 2<^ at 4 o clock p m.. I will sell on the premises, on the f?rner *'*.**,*'"1 Market streets, Georgetown. ~ .r* e splendid Huildicg Lots, each fronting z3 feet 4 inches on 1> iret .street, with a depth of 96 feet on UtTPftt,. Terms : One third caah; balance in six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust on the prcp eity. Conveyancing aud stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. . . A' so. Two 1 rime Buildings, to l^e removed. * Several hundred cor?s of Oak and Pine Wood. Let Carpenter's Tools. l arge lot of excellent Rope, double and single blrcks * Lot of Iron, Sec., io. Terms cash my:7 d [Intel ] THOS. DOWIJTNO. Auct. PJY J - C. McGUIRE ?t CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALE 0~F~NINE VERY DE3IRA BLE Bl 1LD1NO LOTS ON NEW JEUsKV *V B1TWEENE AND F8TREBTS NORTH On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, J une 7, at G o'clk on the premises, we shall sell LotsNo- 12,1.5 H, h' 17. 18. 19. 21, and 22, in subdivision of Equare No 628. fruntiLg each 22 feet 6 iuehes on tho eaHt kIiN of New Jersey avenue. b-tw-en E and F struts north and running back 126 feet 3 inches to a fif teen teetailey, and conUinii^ each ? s:o square feet. These Lota are in the immediate vicinity of the Railroad Depot, acd on the great thoroughfare 'rom the Caeitol and Depot to the northern and western fart ot the city. Terms. One third in cash, the remain Jer in six twelve, and eighteen months, with interest secured by a deed o? trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cr st of tlie purchaser. my 3" d J. C. McGUIRE A CO . Aucts. 1FY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. IMPROVED REAL~ESTATE SALE. ! In pnrs'isr ce of a decree of the Supreme Court of the Di.-'.iriet of Columbia, rendered in special term, on the 16th day of May. 1So4, in acaase in chanc-?rv' No. 4S, in which Samuel V. Stilling*. Elizabeth E. Angel, and JrhnT. Angel are complainants, aad Sar*n V Hamilton. Laura A. Stillings, George S. Johnson, El en M. Mmith, Laura X. 8!iiith. J>,neph 11. i'ljtiiti Ann E. Smith, Mar y Smith, and Aluma Smith are defendants. w<?, the nnd?irsifii9>l C):ii mi?s:0ners. nan e 1 and appointed ia said decree, will fell, upon the premises, hereinafter described! by Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at 6 o'clk, p m., on tlit- Third day of June, li&f, the following property, to wit: Part ofSqa-ire number?d y n\ in Washington City, beginni; g for the sam- a' a. point on the south lin>' of said Square, on L street smith, at the distalice of 7i> f?-et fr&m tbesouth?ast corner of said S'>tare. and running thence w? <t 25 f??<*t. north 75 feet. ea?t 25 feet, south 75 fret to tne ve ginr.irg, containing a two ->tory attic and ba?e ?i ent Brick House; and also, part of Lot Nn. 2, ia the ssu'.e Square, beginning for the sir^d pa>-t on south L strp?-t, 101 feet from the BOutiieast corner of said S'liia'e. and running thence north 75 feet thence wejt 3? feet. tbenc? south 78 fe#t. to sou'h L ?tre??t, east with said street20 feet to the beginning, containing a one-story-and a half and basement frame Kou?e, upon fie following t^r-ns to-wit: Ore-third cash, or within ten days alter sale. one-1hird at six months, and the other third at iweiva months from the da> of sale, with inter est Iron day of sale, the purchaser to g;ve n->t?s . for ihe deferred payments, secured by a dee l of trust upon the property, and the purchaser to p*y for stamps ard all conveyancing; and in ca;? of non-ccicpliance W;th the terms o;' sale, lha proi?, erty to be r? said at the risk of the pur< has. r JttllN n. PEAKB, R M. 00MB4, J \MKS RHODE.4, JAVKJ 11. JONES, E. 0. SANDBRSOPf. . , Commissi.^ners. wy 24/oAd? GREEN A. WILLIAMS. Auct*. JJY J. C. McGCIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY BALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS On TUK^DAY AFTERNOON. June 7th, at h?!f ! Sast-tJve o ck '-k, on the premises, by virtus of a ecife of the Supreme Court of th?sl?istrict ofCol nmbia made in a cause (No. 9^. in equity.) where in Julius M. Grander is complainant, and Adele Dr-ujfiaK and others are defpDriantA, paw-ed May 6. i 1861, * e shall sell the wholt* of Squaro No &il di vided'"'to desirable Bnildiog Lots, fronting re spet-.Uvelv on north I street New Jersey avenue, an I First ?trtetwe^t>*ll having fine alley facilities in the rear. This square is lo.-ated on the high ground north of the Capitol, in the i-nmediate vi< inity of St. Aloysics Cnurch and the National Prlntitig Oftlae, and ia in every respect desirable for private resi dences. Terms; One half cash; the remainler in three and six muntbs. with interest, secured to tho s.i'is faction of the Trustees; on the rati8> ation of the sales by the court and payment of the pur-:h&se money.the Tnistees will convey the property in fee to the ptircha?er?. If the terms of sale are not complied with in five days after the sale, the Trustees may re-sell the property so in default at the risk ani expanse of the purchaser, on one week's notice in the Na tional Intelligencer. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. W. D DAVIDGE.) - tu js j ?hher!< traste*'i mySV?oAds J. C. McOUIRl & QO.. Ancts J. 0. McGUIRE ic CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT i LOTS ADJOINING THE CITY, ATT II BOOR N1R OF 7TH AND BOUNDARY STBEBTS On WEDN13PAY AFTRRNOON,'J A."iVat 6 ' o clock, on the premises, by virl?? of a decree of 1 ^to?n,E?Ini,\Ciurt of th/ ?i?trict of Columbia, sitting m chancery, parsed on the srth day of April 19bl. in a certain cau-e wherein George M. Miller is complainant aud alien Mtllpr et al arc defend ants, (No. 146.11 we shall sell, part of a tract of land belonging to the estate of the Ute Charles Miller, n on ting on Seventh street west, on the east and west sites, ani on Boundary street, dUided into good sized Building Lets, plats cf which may be oh'ained of?ither of the Trustees or the Auction eers prior to the sale, or on the premiaei at the time of sale. .These Lots are Just outside of the Corporation tAxis" cons,?<,u6nt'5r *re not liable for city Terms : One third in cash: the remainder in six ^V.l*e,and eighteen montha, with interest, tort which the purchaser roust gife notea secured to the satisfaction of tte Tmst.-e.s. The purchasers to hav* tke option of paying all in ca-ih. cb??rY,M,CiD* an<J ftl lh? of the pur tve'dav.VhS,8 ?r,,* eAr*'r 0t S0?"511?'1 with *!tl?in of re-?el*i?^ eKVer' ^'Trustees reserve the right faultlnl n*,-5ttbe r,*k and "P"n?e of the de Nition^nuju".^ ore wet^ notiec *n WIO.A BOHRER, J 5 ??&'2BeAN- I Traatees. mv -? aVd. AiTB09 BRADLRY.S ^y.^eoAds J. 0. McGUiBE A CO.. Aucts. gALBOF CONDEMNED ORAIN AND GRAIN Whatf Infhe rH??'f D*Vo'atHATrRt DAY Jnoe 4,1?4 at H o clSek a m 8?AHR, three thousand bushels of Oat? ana * llVIW&i??0 *"*?' r Terms: Cash In Government funds. Brig. Gen. aad Oki?f Kyjb-td Depot of WatiklBftea, D. o. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIO J CANTERBURY HALL, I AND HAL L(CANTERBURY HALL,\THEAT1R LCVI3IUrA ATK50X, Nw Corntr (J Sixth Street. Bear of National and Metropolitan Honlt. 6ioi6i Lil ? .Proprietor W.I. CutiTiroF ?StageManner. MORE NOVELTY 1 MORE NOVELTY! MORE NOVELTY! New Attractions. A New Bill. New Attractions. O A New Bill, r. New Attractions. A New Bill. ' * MORE FUN ! MOKE FUN ! MORE FUN ! TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce A. A N*g-o Burlesque A Laughable Fare A Negro Burles'/m TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TO NIGHT. T11E FLYING MILI.ERITE. THE FLYING MILLERITE, THE FLYING MILLERITE. Billy West as Jake Naomi Porter as Pete Billy West as Jak--> ]X Naomi Porter as Pet" Billy West as Jake Naomi Porter a* Pete ? in. THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIKS. On, THE DKVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. Ok 111E DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. THE MANAGER S ASSISTANT, THE MANAGKR'S ASSISTANT, the manager ? assistant. Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan a? Toby T C&vanagh as Manager * Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Or, TORY'S MISHAPS. Ob, TOBY S MTSHAPS. OR, TOBY S MISHAPS. Second week of M'LLE MARIETTA. RAVEL, , M'LLK MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL. The gr*at Tli" gri'at Tight-Rope IS Tight-Kopa Performer. Performer. M ILE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, MARIETTA RAVEL, Who will also appear in TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, TWO SPLENDID DALLE l>. TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, Dances, Beautiful Tableau*, Horo Dances, H Beautitnl Tableaux, Solo Djir.'-es, Beautiful Tableaux, Supported bv MONS. BAPTISTAN, ' MoNS BAPTISTAN, .MoNS. BAPTISTAN, AN'D THE RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. RONZANI BALLET TKOIPE, RONZANIBALLET TROUPE. (Irace and Beauty Each a Solo Danser. ?e (irnce and Bvauty B Each a Solo Dar.s.t) ,s Grace and B'-e'jty Ene.h a Solo Dans.>eus of JH XTYEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIRS. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, W. B. William.-. J. J. Dougherty, W. B. Williams, TJ J. J. Dougherty, W. 15. Wi:liams, J. J. Dougherty. BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST. 1N NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS. New Songs, New Burlesques, New Song-, R New Burlesques, New Eoijum. New Barlesuat*. NEW BANJO SOLO-', NEW BANJO SOLOS, N EW BANJO SOLOS, MISS CARRIE G ARDNER. MISS CARRIE G \RDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER. Miss Naomi Porter, Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Y Miss Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forrest. MI 88 ESTEI.LE FORREST. MISS ESTEL1.E FORREST. MI.-S ESTELLE l'ORRKST. * l'ir?t week ot the side splitting Farce, entitled THE FLYING MILLERITE! OR,THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES ! Jacob Rillr Wr:,t ..rlV" 'Miss Naomi Por'er Old Squintum^ J. J. Doip'hftrty Mr. Pillsarlic ? I. DePorre-t Mrs. Bquintum H. W. Williams Louisa MI as Emma Schell JOHN MULLIGAN. in his Laughable Character of TORY TURTLE in the funny Afterpiece of THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OF SONGS, SONGS, SONGS, SONGS, DANCES, DANCES. DANCE?. DANCES, EXTRAVAGANZAS, EXTRAVAGANZAS, fee. Jcc. See. Embracing the Ktrc-ngth of the ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GBEAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, numbering oTer Fifty Performers. * Change in the Olio Department Each Night, ^ Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Ad ml s.?I on ?~? 25 Orchestra .. ? &i Private Boxes, holding six persons g 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock. FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies Sfl cents; Children 10 cents. In preparation, and will shortly bo produced, A NEW SENSATION DRAMA! ?written expressly for this establishment, by a popular Drroat;*r, an?l founded upon incidents which bav* transpired within the city. Due no. tie* of its tir-t ^presentation nill be given, AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S MEW THEATER, TBBTH gTBBBT. ABOVE PlHHSTLVASIA ITIIM. TIIECOOLEST iSD BE8T VENTILATED PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. THIS EVENING. Jure 1st, la^t night but one of the gorgeous spectacle of the * NAIAD QUEEN. which will most positively be withdrawn after THURSDAY NIGHT. F^day?First night of the last new Comedy, en titled A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP, aD<i first appearance here of the favorite comedian, MB. B. G. ROGERS. Nm.-A mutual arrangement has been made betwien the favorite comedian, MR. J. S. CUBKE, and the Manager, tn postpone the production of fHAKSPEAREg COMEDY OK ERRORS nntil MONDAY, JuneiSth. in order to render it more effectively, with the ad dition of several POPULAR FAVORITES IN THE CAST, DROVER'S THEATER. PE3N3TLTAS! A AT., SB AB WlLLABD'8 HoTBL. LbosabdGrotbb. .. ??......Director THE COOI.FST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 100 WINDOWS. ICE WATER FOR THE A UDIENCE > CLOSING OP THE GRAND OPERA. ? WEDNESDAY, June 1. E?IGA<' EMES'T EXTRAORDINARY, FOR TWO NIGHTS ONLY, CARL FORMES, CABL FORMES. THE RENOWNED BASSO I'ROFUNDO. CARD.-To give additional celat to the finalf of liis sea.-on of Grand Opera. Mr. Grover has secured for tl e closing representations the above celebra ted Basso Proi'undo. He tenders his congratula tions to the patrons of Grand Opera in this city upon the great brilliancy which has attended these two seasons, each ef the greatest length and suc cess ever known in Washington. In evidence of his appreciation of this very gr<>at patronage, he ha? at immense expense, secured IIERR FORMES, thus offering in JUNTA COMPANY. THE TWO OREAT BASSOS OF THE WORLD, each of which have constituted the chief star of the two Italian Opera Companies of the present f*<*asoD. KERR CARL FORMES will make his appearand Til 1S< Wednesday) EVENING. June 1. 1861. as originally written expressly for him by F. Von Flotow. MARTHA! Grand Opera entire in four acts. Carl Formes as - Pluukett The part originally written for bim by Von Flo low, and sung many hundred of times in all European Opera Houses of repute. ?? M. Frni.7 nimmnr a* Lionel M.Graffoas Lord Tristam Madam Bortha JohaiiB=en a- Lady Harriet Hignora Fre<Vrici as Nancy CARL ANSC1JUTZ Conductor of the Opera THURSDAY, sa .Toserh Herman^, the sr*at, Basso Profundo.Tas "Leporello," in Mozart s 0, DON JUAN. M. Steinecke having suflicieatly recovered, the Opera will positively be given Thursday. Kridav?FAUST, last time. ^aturdav?FIDELIO. last night positively. MONDAY. JuneO. MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON and the Philadelphia lJramat?e Company. GEORGETOWN~ADVER'MTS nji GEORGETOWN, D. C.. May -24, 1?64 I HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chant do hereby agree to elbse our respective places of business at 7,1* p. m. from June 1st to September 1st, ISM, except SATURDAY, in order to aRord our employees a portion of time for re creation. 0 w BFALL k co W. S MATTHEWS, JOHN J. BOO IK. GEORGE W. ORME, D. JACKSON. W. R. HURDLE, LEWIS BROOKS, P. T. M1LBURN. A. J. RATCLIFKE .V. CO., OEORGE UPPER*!AN, T. A. C < RROLL. A. P. OFFUTT & CO., W. H. ERNEST, .T. P. KELLY. MAYFr*LD k BROWN, KDWARD II. BROWN. SMOUT fc BT'RROUOnS, K. S. ROSENTHAL, KDWARD MYERS. my 25 3w* H IGH STREET MARKET. No. 7 4 Oppositk Prospect Street, Georgttoicn, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leaTe to Inform the public that we l>ave on hand a choice assortment of Fresh Meats of all kinds. Poultry, Game, See Eifgs wholesale and retail._ Apples and Potatoes l.y the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. ? my3-lm' n. W. FISHER A CO. PASTURAGE FOR HORSES.?Fine pasturage on Rock Creek, with a responsible per- ?JV-_ son. where hor?<-s will receive tho '?-?f ?' f tent ion and care. Appl y to Mitchell House *-* **? Stable^, 13th street, corner of E. my 8^-t>t* pOTA TOES! POTATOES! J,OTO bushels prim" POT ATOES for family use. SEED POTATOES of different varieties for late June I'lantiug. For sale by .T. P. BARTHOLOW, 7th street, near the canal, Agricultural atid Hardware Warehouse. my 27-cost Allow me to call your attention to my really handsome stock of MILLI-^^tfV NKRY and FANCY GOODS which haveA) just arrived and ready for yonr inspection. I can fctate without boast ins that I have tee handsomest stock of FLOWERS ever imported, which, looking at them, will convince; English Straw Bonnets from to $15, and those beautiful Pamillas. as white as the driven snow; a fine stock of Back Com lis aud new styles of Fans. Having been for so many y<ars in the wholesale business in New York . render my facilities to offer you any goods in my line bevond competition. M'ME PRINCE, my 23-lm* tfii Market Space. Bargains in millinery AND CHILDREN' SFANCY HATS, AT TUB NEW YORK ESTABLISHMENT, No. 4 Market Space, second door from Oth street. Having a large and extensive Stock of Goods, and desirous of reducing it before the close of the season, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. Ladies will now have the opportunity of pur chasing an elegant, stylish Bonnet for the same price they v. mild pay for an inferior one else * ^lie0stock is complete, with every novelty of the season. my 17-2w* CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON SIX PER CENT. WATER STOCK. The subscribers have ?n sale Corporation of Washington Six Per Cent. Quarterly Water Stock, in sums of one hundred dollars or upwards. The entire amount of this stock is limited to !P15ri,fHtO, for which the revenue from water rents (now amounting to about ?? 18,000 per annum) is pledged, in addition to the faith of the city, making one of the best secured stocks in th? country. JAMES C. MoGUIRE A CO., rovO eolm Auction and Commission Merchants pA^PERHANGINGS I would most respectfully inform my customers and the public in general that I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER HANGINGS, consisting of the finest French Gilt Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and halls. % I am also in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Tassels. All persons wishing to purchase will do well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above goods in thecity. JOHN ALEXANDER, niy9-eo2m [Intel.1 No. 240 Pa. avenue. ISLAND.DRY GOODS STORE. T. T. WITHER.?.1 fs. F. RTBEX. WITHERS A RYNEX, Dealers in FANCY AND STAPLE DRY GOODS, 599 Seventh Street, Out Doer South af Maryland Avtnut, Island, *Next to 0. BoswellV Drug Store, myUeo2w? Washington, P. C. ?AVALRY HORSES VI ANTED. WAP. DEPART*KXT, Ca VJkl.RY BORBAtT, ) qf t'iiir.f <)uartmmisUr% J WmHiK^To*. D c.. May 18th, 18n4.\ TI1KKE THOUSAND(3,000)HORSES WANTED. One hundred and sixty-live 11165)dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY nORSES , delivered within the next thirty (30) day? at the Government stables at Giesboro , D. C- , Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (5) nor more tkan nine >9) yfars old; from Ofteen to sixteen hands high. f*?l in nesn, compactly built, bridle wise, and of sue^uBcient for cavalry purposes. . ? , .. . . . These specifications will_b? 'ekim, Ueut. Col. and and rigidly enforced in every partienir. Payment made on A. orw. my 1! lm Official War Bulletins Important from ge.vl grant. ADVANCBON RICHMOND?CHEERING NEWS. WARREN 3 CORPS WITHIN SEVEN MILES OF THE REBEL CAPITAL. GRANT FOLLOWING LEE UP. LATEST NEWS PROM GENERAL SHERMAN. Washington, May 31, lw>l. To Major General Dix, Xew York: We have despatches from General Graut down to four o'clock yesterday afternoon. There seemed, the despatch Bays, to be some propped of the enemy making a stand north of the Chickahominy. His forces were on tbe Mechamcsville road, sonth of the Tolopotomy creek, and between that stream and Hawes' shop, his right rest ing on Sbady Grove. Dispositions fcr an attack were being made by General Grant. Wilson's cavalry had been ordered to destroy the railroad bridge over the Little river and Sonth Anna, and break np both routes from these rivers to two miles southwest of Hawes' shop, where the head quarters of onr army afe established. There are. as yet, no telegraphic lines of communi cation with Washington. A despatch lrora General Sherman, dated yesterday, tbe ">Oth, 11 a. m., reports changes in the position oi the armies. Some slight en gagement had occurred subsequent to the affiir o 1 Saturday. No intelligence from any other quarter has been received by this department. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Washington, May 31?5.30 p. m. To Major General Dix, New York : A despatch fiom General Grant, dated 0 o'ciock this morning, at Hawes' shop, has just been received. It is as follows: " Tbe enemy came over on our left last even in? and attacked. They were easily repulsed and with very considerable slaughter. ??To relieve Gen. Warren, who was on the left, speedily, Gen. Meade ordered an attack by tbe balance, of our lines. Gen. Hancock was tbe only one who received the order in time to make the attack before dark. He drove the enemy from his entrenched skirmish line and still holds it. I have no report of our losses, but suppose them to be light." Other official despatches?not from General Grant?were received at the same time, and give more details. They are as follows, the first being dated yesterday, the 3uth May, s o'clock, p. m.: ??In the course of the afternoon, Warren had pushed down on our lelt until bis flank divi sion, under Crawford, reached a point abreast of Shady Grove Church. Crawford having got detached from the rest of the corps, wa< at tacked ami crowded back a little. The enemy then threw a force which appears to have con sisted of Ewel's corps, upon Warren's lelt, at tempting to turn it, but was repulsed The engagement was short, sharp, and decisive Warren holds his ground, at a distance of seven miles from Richmond. He reports that he has taken a considerable number of prison ers, and that there are many rebel dead on the field. Of his losses he has not yet made a re port. His last despatch says that the enemy ure moving troops to his left apparently to cover tbe approach to Richmond in that direction. Oil o?# right an active conflict has b?"ii raging ever since dark, but has just closed. As soon the enemy attacked the lelt of Warren, Wright and Hancock were ordered to "pitch ia,"' but do not seem to have got ready untilafter night fall. No report has yet been received from them. The other despatch above referred to is dated at six o'clock this morning, and siares that in Hancock's attack last night Col. Brooks diove tne enemy ont of a strongly entrenched skirmish line and holds it. The losses are not reported, Burnside's whole corps got across Tolopotomy creek last evening, and is in ful connection with Warren's. Ihe left, of Han cock's rests upon this side of the creek. The 6th corps is upon Hancock's right, and threat ens the left flank of the enemy. Smith ought to arrive at Newcastle by noon, whence he can support Warren and Burnside if necessary. Sheridan, with Gregg and Toibett's divisions of cavalry, is on our left flank. Wilson ou our right and rear, for purposes reported in a for mer despatch. The country hereabout is thick ly wooded with pines, with feW openings. The indications this morning are that the enemy bas fallen back south of the Chickahominy.'' Nothing of later date has been received by this department. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War Washington, May 31?11.35 r. m. To Major General Dix, New York: The following despatch has been received lrom General Butler: ? " Yesterday, all day, heavy firing was heard in tbe direction of Mechanicsville. ?? Six refugees from Richmond report G rant on tbe Mechanicsville turnpike, fourteen miles from Richmond. "Yesterday they heard the firing, and that Grant was driving Lee. " A woman reports that a meeting was held yesterday, while she was in Richmond, to see whether the city shonld be surrendered or burned. The Mayor advocated surrender, and was put in Castle Thunder. "The enemy attacked my lines yesterday and wererepulsed. ??All tc-day they have been demonstrating against my works on Spring Hill, easterly side of tbe Appomattox, bnt are repulsed." Nothing further since my telegram of this evening from General Grant Edwin M. Stanton Secretary of War. THE CLEVELAND CONVENTION. J Fremont and Cochrane Nominated. Clkvbl an D, May 31.?TheCon vention opened to-day with three hundred to four hundred delegates. Ex-Gov. Johnson, of Pennsylvania, was chosen temporary chairman. He addressed the Convention, hoping that its proceedings wonld strike with a force and power worthy of the objects in view. Messrs. Brooks, of California, and Wolfe, of the District of Columbia, were chosen secre taries. A committee on permanent organization was appointed, Ezra C. Andrews, ot Maine, ct air man. " A ir otion for a committee on credentials was opposed, on the ground that many present were without credentials from any political organization. Mr. Garey, of Missouri, wanted a record to ebow tbat they were theie in spite of Lincoln and tbe devU. A permanent organization was subsequently made. President, Gen Cochrane, New York: Vice Presidents, H. T. Cheever, Mass.; W. G. Sneetben, Md.; A. G. Lloyd, of Pa., and others. Secretaries?S. Wolle, D. C., and James D. Owens, Pa. , .lchn Cochrane, on taking the chair, made a lengtby speech. A committee on resolutions was appointed, and the Convention took a re cess til! afternoon. . Resolutions were then adopted separately. The nomination of Fremont was made by ac clamation. General Cochrane, B. Gratz Brown, and General Butler were named for Vice President. Cochrane begged leave to retire from tne Con vention. Mr. Gilbert taking the chair, the question was pnt, and tfeenomination of General Coch rane was confirmed with bnt few voices in tne negative. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Oca SaiU't M*Tta?ati< Fobtr?? Modioi, Mav *).?It la no longer improper to tpeak of important moniMM tbat hare been profmnoit m thia department daring tbe past two days, aa they are now folly accomplished. A large portion of the troopa at Bermooa Hundred, under the command of Gen. Botler, ha e bat u transferred, und*r command of Gas Smith, to the Army of the Potomac. The troops were taken in land transports and with treat celerity, and were tent up the York river to "Whit* House, on the Pamunkey, wblcb *e the new base of supplies for (Jan. Grant's great army. Geas Ponn and Brooke paaeed ap Jesterday, afier abrief stay at this point. Ge*. Gilmore remain* with Gen. Bntltr at Bermuda Hundred; aleo, Gen. Amee and Wild. Gen Grant will cprtainly have no lack of snpplie*, if ( D? may judge from the immense stores to him from this point. SEW H A>11SU IB E UNION CONVEN TION. President Lincoln Knl?ri?4. Concobd, N. H., May 31.?Tbe New Hamp shire I'nion State Convention met to day, ea Governor Hale presiding Tbe following ?sn tlemen were chosen delegates to tit* Bajumere Convention: Anslow htearns, of Oonocrd; John B. Clark, of Manchester; ex-Governor Wm. Hale, of Hinsdale;Thomaa W. S&w/er,c* Dover. Resolutions were passed pledging the peopie of New Hampshire to snstain the Admlnistra tu 11 in crushing the rebellion, and recommend ing Abraham Lincoln for re-elec;io.i AiJ unanimously adopted. LATEST NEWS FROM THE I011H. Ger eral Lengstreet?Affairs at Richnionc, 1 he War in Northern Virginia and Georgia?Scarcity of Food, Ac., Ac. General Longstreet, according to the Ricf mcnd Whig, has so far recovered from the wound he received in tbe battle of the WUoer neps that be expects to take tbe field ic abet.; three weeks. Affairs in Rithncoii. The rebel Congress are discussing a moiica to adjourn on the 1st of June, but the Virginia members are strenuously opposing the adjouru men'. accusing members of cowardice, and insinuating a desire on tbe part of thoe? who favor the motion to get away from the beiea guered city. Brigadier General Winder has been rei.evec, by order of General Hrajrjr, from the command of Richmond, and ordered to report to General Beauregard, with heaaqnarters at Goldsboro*, N. C l be department of Richmond and Hen rico remains in full control of General Ran som. There is said to be much excitement in Rich mond on account of the approach of the Union army, and many persons are leaving the city. The military authorities,however,express grea-. confidence in the ability of Lee to frustrate all the plans of Gen. Grant The rebel government is impressing previ sions, and fathering as large a stock of sup plies into the city as possible. Flour is held at irom 8loo to *5<x> per barrel, and everything else is correspondingly high. The Richmond Examiner says Resides ihe resident population of Richmond, the number of people in the city has been increased by the addition of many sick and wounded in the hospitals and in private lodgings, anu the presence of large bodies of troops, creating an active demand tor all klnde of food, especially vegetables. It behooves every one, therefore, who has anything of the kind to spare t< ?>?".?* it at once to this city. Picture of Richmond. [From the Richmond Examiner, May it t Grand, gloomy, peculiar, and nnrutlitd ~s tbe bosom of Jenovab, after a simooD. th.? city continued on yesterday to demonstrate placidity under the diffijuitiee inflicted en.:* paiience by th* powers that be. The stores re mained shut up. IVIale and female institution of learning, whose tutors could bear mu6Ke:f, remained closed. The lamilies of poor md. tiamen continued to mingle anathemas and tears with their borrowed crusts The markers . presented a miserable artay of ? something :o eat," and the extortioners, cut of the service, continued to swell their profits, and bless tt>e wisdom of those in authority. Vic?st>urp, bembarded in front and rear, cut off from a.i the world, 3iid languishing under her secret trials, presented no such sepul :hrai picture as Richmond does to-day. The people have grown sick of the wrongs inflicted upon .tu rn within the brief space of a few weeks, ana t>e sure that they will treasure them up. From the Army oi Northern Virfin:e. The Richmond papers contain the renew ing : ABHi.'.yp, 3Iay 2?th.?Advices from ti.e front ore tbat the enemy have recros?ed tee North Anna, and are again on the move, iu the direction, it is supposed, of our right The enemy are said to have made an efl'crt the morning to bum the bridge over the North Anna, on the Telegraph road, but were foiled. Theie was some skirmishing this morn;ag, and also some between iO and tc o'rJo ? ?a?t night. ;SECOND DI*> rAT' T.J Amiasd, May .1?.?'Jcr army .' mev.i^ rapidlv on lines almost parallel wita which Grant is following. \* ta o'cl -?:h to day a heavy lor :e ol the enemy appeared u~. Dan over Court House, r.i:u were pressing our cavalry back a: that point. Two prisoners have just been brought in belonging to the t"Ja Corps. Tfcey say thejr command receivea or ders yesterday to march to the Wh te Heuse. From Gecrgin. ATTASTA, May 2?.?Our actv&uce ^aur.etp with tbe enemy at New Hope, four miles ea.?i ol Dallas, at noon on Wednesday Hood's corps was first in the light; parts of two divi sions?Stevenson's and Hinutnan's?only we?a engaged. We had but one lineof battle, wh,ch the enemy charged twice, but were handsomely repulsed. A private note from Gen Johnston s headquarters at sunrise yesterday says tha; the afiair ol Wednesday afternoon was hanuscme. We are having a renewal this morning. Ber ing the day liring continued, but was evident: y receding lrom u=>, and a fe w guns have been heard this morning, apparently at a still great er distance. Gen. Cuinmmgs is severely wounded in the breast and arm. Gen. Reyn olds wounded slightly. [second r-:erAT0H.j Att.aSta, May *27.?Letters from tne pre?s reporter on the field say tbat the operations of yesterday were confined to skirmishing, and the enemy leeling for our positions. Ourngnt rests on the road from Acworth to Dallas, at-cct , three miles northeast from New Hope Ch&r^c, and extends from the latter point nearly wee:. Tbe movements of the enemy continue to ex tend towards our i ight, indicating a disposition to get near Etowah river and bridge. Faring ' was heard early this morning, but deo away soon. Affairs in Georgia. The Atlanta Confederacy sums up the rc;ce ments of Gen. Sherman in Georgia as follows "The impression is general now that John ston will hurl his lorces upon the enemy at some point between his present line of battie and the Etowah river, upon the result of which, with our knowledge ol that army srul its great commander, we are willing to state our hopes of independence/' From Georgia?Panic at Atlanta. XFrom the Richmond Examiner, May SW. I tlakta, May ?5, lrCI.?Westward arul eastward, to Columbus, the harmless people of Northern Georgia are crowding into thai city to await the impending struggle between our army and the Federal. The relief com mittee here are pouring ont everything tha*. can be obtained for their sustenance, and call now to the people of Georgia, Alabama, ana South Carolina to aid and help them. Imme diate, instant help, is needed in clothing for -women and children, bacon, salt meats, meal and corn. The Yankees are reported moving down to Dalton (Dallas) in force. > This morning some skirmishing tock j.a;e on our extreme left. The alarm in this city has in a great meactre subsided. Several days may elapse before a federal engagement takss place. WOOD AND C 0 A L . iAm*. SAND. A?. Just received, 1,000 tons be'it quality Antnrac;t? Coal, which I am selling at fil per ton of pounds, delivered. 5<!0 tons best Gcorce Cre<k Cumberland Coal at $3 per ton, run of mine, de livered. 5?K> cords I'ine. Oak nn 1 Hickory Wool 1 on*est market price. Also, Lime, Sand, Plaster. Cement and Hair. Persons wishing to lay in the: r winter fuel had better call and oxamin* my ?tc >. WM. OUINAXV. Yard, corner of 1st st. oast and B south, my26-eo3t* Yard and Whsrf. foot of >*< east. Rooime H. 0. WIMO" * 00., ?00* OV 33D ?*. w*?*. WABMTWOTOS. ? O.. Useefeeterers of ?ooviae FM.T. fjBa*JrE ?0, SOOFIHO OSX1HT and LAMF BLACK, FELT ARB OEMEMT, Wholesale ikt Rrielli Dealer* ss?pUed on the moat liberal tenag. fa?tory-?oo? of Sd street weat. 0M?-lbl 1M jtroet.below Fa. avsaue mk ll-am ? ^LAJUFiXD 01D11I "SVtif iSSi'ilKS-, MM o,. erlme article of Cldsr are lavitad teeallaad w amiae thia before ?ur?harn? etoevkeN.^^ Cafoa Bottling PepoM^rewi el ^

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