Newspaper of Evening Star, June 1, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 1, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR ? > W. D. WAi.l.A' H, Kdlt?r kri) Proprietor. WABHIHtJTO!? OITT I WEPKkSDAT JCME 1, 1964. iTBIiDINtt MATTIK Oi* IVERY PAGE ?BE OlTTglDE ?OK INTERESTING TELE GRAPHIC Ah D OTb KB MATT IS. EXTRA. OFFICIAL BULLETIN. LATEST FROM SHERMAN. THB ENEMY ATTACK AND ARK REPULSED. SHIRMAN-S LE T WING REACHED THE RAILROAD NEAR MARIETTA. EVERYTHING PROGRESSING FAVORABLY. Waahikotoh, Jan* 1?7.30 a. m. T# Mtjtr Qtnrral Dim : We hare no intelligence this a. m. from Gen. Grant later than yesterday at 6 a. m. An official dispatch received bereatl o'clock Ifcii morning, dated yesterday?31st?at Kings* too, reports that Major Hopkins, of General ?U ueman's at* IT, came frt m the fr. nttbis even ing, and says the rebels attacked at ? 30 this morning, and at 10 o'clock the atfair was over, the enemy repulsed, and onr left reached the railroad near Marietta. To accomplish this object bad been for several days the purpose Of Gen. Sherman's movements. Additional forces are reaching him, and ample supplies. Epwi* M. Stawtow, Secretary of War. A DISAPPOINTMENT AND FAILURE. The Bolters' Convention bae nominated Fre mout for President, and John Cochrane for Vice President. This is a weak ticket and disappoints tne just expectations of that large class of patriots who lo ked to the Convention for a muih stronger combination, namely: Vallan digham ior Preeideuand Howard, the pro* clemation forger, for Vice President. They argue that if indignation against military ar rests is reckoned upon to carry the Bolter icket, victims should be placed In nomination inetead of mere sympathisers. iST Wm. Knabe, the piano manufacturer, ?who died in Baltimore recently, left charitable beqnetta to the amount of several thousand dollars His ^ntire estate is valued at f 125,(X<?, Thb Sac&aTARY of Wab has had many de fenders, even it he has b en "the best abused man of tbe *?r." But the only def*nce he r.8< de is a plain statement of the work he has done and is doing. From the New York Times we quote the following suggestive paragraphs: ? Secretary Stanton h s been ihe best abused man of the war Many of the disasters have b?en fathered upon him, and very tew of the victorc?s have b^en put to his credit by the estimation. Without discussing the exact value of his services to the country, it is worth wLileto consider occasionally one grand fact w hu b is almost forgotten by the public, aad > et which must reaouud in history especially to the ciedit ot his a iministratiou. We mean the wonderful orgamia'ion by which our im mense armies are kept constantly supplied with food, clothing, ammunition, and weap ons. "We had in the Secretary's dispatch, re ceived on Tuesday, a brief record of a single week's administration under the War Depart ment. Witbin eight days after the great battle of Spott?yl\ania Court House several thous and?probably some twenty.Ave thousand? veteran troops were forwarded to G-n. Grant, and during the tame time rations sufficient for his whole immense army were supplied him. Twenty thousand sick and wounded were transported from the field of battle to the W uhingtoo hospitals and placed under surgi cal care Ov?r eight thousand prisoners were conveyed from the field to prison depot?, and a vast amount of artillery and weapons, won from the enemy, were brongnt away. Severtl tbovas4 fresh cavalry horses were forwarded to the Army of the Potom *c; and many thous ands of reinforcements, wi'h arms and ample supplies, were sent to the other armies in the held During the same week a fresh army of thirty thousand men was mustered into ser vice, clotted, armed, equipped, and trans ported to their respective po-l'ions. ??We submit that no military department, not even Napoleon's, when he commanded the reecurces of most of Europe, ever showed a better week's work. "Now, wherever individually the credit of tals masterly organ izaton may lie, historically it will be ascribed to the War Department. History will bhow that during a great war millions of men were armed, equipped, fed, aad transported with a silent regularity and promptness to which only the longest experi ence in military organization can usually attain; and for this the nation has reason to be devoutly thankful." From Gbjt**a.l Hcstkb p (Jo** awo.?The Wheeling Intelligencer of Friday states that General Hunter's army is no longer at Cedar Creek. Everything calculated to impede its progress was sent tq the rear, and only one wagou to a regiment was allowed. General llantf-r has issued a general order stating that the army was t > live upon the country through which it passed, and, if necessary horses and mules were to b~ butchered for m*-at *^"The New York paper- say money is so easy thnt loans are now made on miscella neous eecoriti?e which a short time ago were regarded with disfavor. rrjp- ATTENTION COACH-M A K IRS. - The \Jo( rpgula' monthly roie'ir.if of the Journey anr fVarhavalters An-ocmtiim will be held on WEDNESDAY K V KM Ml, June l.-t, nt7*o'clk, at t'.ruokt. an'n Dlraoniro, 5 1 llth ?treet, near Penr avenue Non-membersare respectfully in vited tc com- forward and Join u*. F. f KANE. 8"? ry V THE L ADIES OF *T. JOHN'S SUNDAY Lk-*? School, Georgetown, will hold a Fe?tieal for the ?ale of Useful ?nd Fancr ArJi les and Rt f'ee*jment?. it: the new Sunday School room. on 2d street adjoining the church, commencing on WEDfrEfDA* KVKNISG. June 1st. at O'clock. The ladies solicit th? klnl patreuage of their friend?. Ad"*?i*tnn<-e J c?nta jel-3t rrW 8T1. A *|'KKRV AND F?0*KK KKtTI V AI. - Th.- !a ti** of the Church of tiie A oensl< nwlll hold a Strawberry and Flow-r F*stivtl in the baseme< t of the Church, on H street, be tween 0ih and I to s'reet*. to c?ntinun for thr -e days, coalescing on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the I*t of June, at 7 o'clock. The room ii no* b-ieg elegantly decorated with b?*atiuful lowers, A c. The lvJles are pr-pa-'ng ererytninK that can te desiri-d t? make Hie affair ai a<reeahle a* poa a.ble. and the* will be haopv to see all who mar favor them with their presence je l-3t_ [TPUNION 8TRAWK8RRV FKSTH AL LU TOR TBI CAPITOL HILL PRESBYTERIAN CHCRCH. At ODD FKLLOWi' HALL. IU strtftf geaamencing June ?t. closing June 12th, with 9fM? Promenade Oneert, ? ?Je"Admissioa 1" cent*: reason ticket* 5 > cent*. Tloktta for ocncert ft' cents. my 31 1 ir' nr^OOLLECTOE'S OfPICIt. M*y #4 !??<>?. Lkj Notice in hereby givea to the purcha ers at HielaU Tax tele who have not obtained their cer tificate*. that they are now rea'iy for <1 'livery, aad should be attended to wi'So t f-ir her delay. WM. DIXON. Collect >r. nry?THg LADIE8 OF WESI.KY CiAPEL (corner ?th and F .treeta) lake plea'ura in anaounciiic U^at they will hold their anna-tl FLO RAL AND "TRAWRKKRV FESTIVAL in ths eKur??h. cummenrin* on tn? . ? ??L / ^ ? an' continaiug ????? er?4 days. The fren^, p?biic c invited 8ee?oo Tick eta, adatittiag Kentlaman and Is'y, ft cent*. m. 30-4t* I Intel. Chron. A P.epab copv.J ry^Fl.OR?l AND FRriT FE*rrv\L ?The ilitera in chargc of the -?t Ann'o Infant Asylata, ooraer of 24th and K str-et., near the Circle beg to announce a OltND AND FKUIT FEST 1 ? AL,commencing TC1HD\ r> Jiat, a -d continuiiig during the week. Aa this Institution la a ut-w uaderta'iing la thii eMy, and attended with great expense, and U now i? great need, they feel confldenc in making thi? aepeal t?. the guneroaity of the public, and hope th*y will attend. (Kipper ticket*. 5 centu Admi-s'on to room n cents Open from J l<> ^ o'clock p. in. my 28 7t* lY^'F'K'TIV AL AND FAIR AT ISLAND IL < HaLL - The I ad tea of t*?s Serenth Str ?t Prewhyterlau C. urc will holt their Fe?ti*al at the alK-ee Hall. Commencing M >MDAY, May 1'. One of the oeet Ba< <1? of Ma?ic io fie eit* has Wen er gaged fer tne nncaaion. The Pian<>. klnl ly furrished, la 'rom J e Kl,i*'? mua<e store. Aitnilfsloi. 15 cents. e**a?n Tickets, one per* 6< n, ft cent* Family Seaaon Tickets, tl. soy STEAMER ? A LT I MOR E H \8 AUKI T ID.? C firi?iee? will plea-e atterd t?' 'lit rtC^Ptlon of their gooda at CX1-4-. e 1 2t MORGAN k RUIN aHaur. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE SMEW AM DO AH. A Reconnaissance in Ferce?A Rebel ferce 4.000 Stren*. EdINBCRO, Shjnahdoah V allbt, May 30, 10 a. m.?The army made a reconnolssonce In force and found the enemy, lo?r thousand strong. in front of ns. We have had very little EliirmUbing np to this time. KHERNA1 REPORTED AT DALLAS. Louiavi i-L?, May 31 ?The Sunday'ay hattv nooga Garette says Sherman reached Dallas, Ga., on Friday laat, and made his headquar ters there. Municipal Election?Candidates, &c. [Y-5=?T0 THE VOTERS OK THE THIRD LL3 WARD. Purine my late absence from the city. And with out my Knowledge, I wan selected by the Uncondi tional Union men in meeting assembled, as their nominee for re election to the Hoard of Aldermen, bv a rote of nearly two to one for my competitor, (tnen ?snow>Mr. Shepherd, whose friends called the meeting, voted for their candidate, but being defeated, now repudiate its choice. 1 therefore regard myself, of course, as the only regularly select ed randidate for Alderman in the Ward, solemnly avering that if Mr. Shepherd had have received that nomination, my name would not be before you to-day. There was, I learn, no preference er Sre?sed at the meeting in favor of any one for the taroralty, though the active friends of each of the candidates were present and participated in the proceedings. For this reason, doubtless my name ha* been inserted for Alderman in both the tickets published in the Star. Having be-n frequently interrogated as to my preference for Mayor at the approaching election, 1 take this occasion to sav, a? I have always done, that I am the personal friend of both the deserving gentlemen who are aspirants for the office, and have been Agreeably associated with them m the city Government for several years past, but, as Mr. Wallach has dis charged the responsible duties of Mayor generally to my satisfaction, and is the present incumbent, I shall, therefore, cast my vote for him on Monday next. For Beven consecutive year* I have represented our Ward in the City Council, and never abused your confidence by uring my official position to gratify private prejudices or personal animosities, nor given a vote that was not designed to advance your interests atad prosperity, individually and col lectively. If re elected. I shall pursue, on all oc casions, the same course, well knowing that only by so doing can I hope to merit or receive the ap probation of an intelligent constituency. Junel,l*>4. (je l-4t] JOSEPH F. BROWN. THE UNION NOW AND FOREVER. RIGHTS OF TITE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO MECHANICS' AND WORKINGMENS'TICKET. For Alderman of the Fifth Ward. ROBERT W. EDMONDS. je l-?t? 0^=?8IXTH WARD UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Common CorNciL? WILLIAM T4LBRRT. JOHN K UERRELL, jel 4t? HENRY E. MARKS, nfs^TUIRD WARD INDEPENDENT UNION U3 TICKET. For Mayor? JOHN H. SEMMES. For Aldermak? JOSEPH BRYAN. Foa Commos Corse il? LAMBERT TREK. A C. RICHARDS. FRANK McGHAN. For Assessor? H. B. CURTIS. je l-4f rv^5=? SEVENTH-WARD LL5 IN UEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Alderman? PETSR M. PEARSON. Foa Coitbcilmbn? WILLIAM T. WALKER. moses t. Parker, CHAKLKS F. BARNES. For Asses or? je l it* PETER HEPBURN. nrS=?TO THE VOTERS OF THE THIRD WARD. lk_? Having this day seen my name upon tbe Stmmes ticket as a candidate for Alderman of the Third Ward, and ilesirous of having my position distinctly understood, I have to say that I support Richard Wallach for re-election. ALEX. R. SHEPHERD. May 81st, IBfil. [my 3l-5t] flTjj^TO THE THIRD WARD VOTERS.?The undersigned tales this method of inform ing hia friends, and especially the voters of the Third Ward, that he is not a canlidate for the Board of Common Coancil upoa either of the tickets in the field. I wish it understood, how ever. that I am a friend and supporter of Mr. Wal lach for the mayoralty. my 31 te job W. ANGUS. ox unconditional union ticket first ward. Tor Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Aldbrman? JOHN B. TURT0N. For Common Council jam ES KELLY, H. C. WILSON, JOHN A. RHEEM. For Assessor? my 16 te* THOMAS H. DONOHUE. rrvar*FIRST WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION For Mayor John Q. SEMMES. For Alderman? GEO W. EMMERSON. For Commos CorxciL? JOS. E. RAWLING8, J. ff.T&YDRR, PETER LAMMONB. my21-te* 05" INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOND~ WARD. For Aldxrmas? my 20-te* GEORGE T. RAUB. ry^=-S ECO N D ? A R D UNCONDITION AL LL5 UNION TICKET. For Mayob? JOHN H. SEMMES. Foa Alderman? GEORGE T. RAUB. For Common CorsciL? WM p. SHEDD. THOS. W. MILLER. MICHAEL COOMBS. my 31-6t* [Ohron A Intel.] THIRD WARD INDEPENDENT UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Alderman? JOSEPH F. BROWN. For Common Cocncil? A. C. RICHARDS, L. TREE. ? . F. McGHAN. 1 or Assessor? H. B. CCRTI8. my 31 te* rr !Y-s=?THIRD WARD INDEPENDENT ONION Jot ? ? TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Alderman? ^ ? A H. SHEPHERD. For Common Gocnpii ? A. C. KICHARDS, L. TREK. F. McGHAN. For Assessor ? H. B. CURTIS. my 31-te* rv-^?THlRD WARD-/U2VK ELECTION-The aJ unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ficket at the ap proach ingtnanici pal election, vis : ?* "*R%HARd WALLACH. Fob Aldbbma*? JOSEPH F. BROWN, Foa Commob Cwcnctl? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, J'JHN W. SIMS. Foa Assbbhob JAMES P cKEAN ap JS-tf 11% ? WE HAVE BEEN REQUESTED TO STATE '>Jv, that Mr. N. D. LAIN ER is not a candidate for the Roarl of Aldermen from the Third Ward, out is a candidate for re-electio i to the Board of COQimon Council from said Ward. my 24-te (ry=?THIRD WARD?JUNE ELECTION.- The "^conditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support tbe following ticket at the June ?lection : __ FobMatob? * * RICHARD WALLACH. Foa Aldbbma*? * bt: . ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. Foa Commob Cockcil? ' F. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. 81*8.' t> g.t, FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION Fob Matob? JOHN H. SEMMES, Fob Aldbbmab? JAMES ENGLISH. foa Commom CocaoiL- _ W W MttORE. ELIJAH EDMOM8TON. G M. WIGHT [Intel., R?pub , Chron. & Con. Union.] my 18 te KT ' ? " UUTft&fe?* D"I0,,iL For Mayor iohaju) walla(jh Foa Alobb^-- pBppBE 'oaCo^/^nioTD, JOSEPH FO LA.NHB my 1J MICHAEL LARNER U^pUNCONDIT^OHAL^UNfON TICKET. Foa Matob? ^ m . RICHARD WALLACH. Foa Aldbbmab ? CHAS. I. OANFIPLD. Fob Commob Oopboil? IVLJL V*RGU8'?(I. ..J?*"'" ?. DYER. mavt-tw* r-y?8IXTH WAE?1^NOONDITION AL UNION Fob Matob? RICH \HD WaLLAOH Foa Aldbkma?? "? JuHN H. PEAKS. m,* f fy-^?FIFTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION Lk3 TICKET. ? For Mato*~ JOHN H. SEMME? For Aldirm am? 8AMUEL STRONG. For Comho* Cocucil? TBOtfPSON VAN RE3WICK. WM. F. WALLACE, JOHN W. MEAD. ForAssbssob? my 28-lw* NICHOLAS WATSON. Q^=?SIXTH W ARDjCN^ONDIT ION AL UNION ForMati.r~chard wallach I op. Alpk||^^'ALI) McCATHRAN. FOKCOM^-M BKriricfi onilN, myS)-7t* THOMAS B. MARCH. nfS^SIXTH WARD.?Mr. Editor: Please an ILJjj nounce Mr. GEORGE A. BOHRER an in dependent candidate for the Board of Aldermen, my S8;6t* is C i SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL LL? UNION CANDIDATE. FOR RM ELECTION. For Assessor PETER HEPBURN. my 30-lw* SBVBNTH WABD UNCONDITIONAL IXJT UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Foe Alderma*? CR08BY S. NOTES For Oomxow Cocscil? _ H W. HAMILTON. OTHO BOSWELL, my 20-te JOHN H D. RICHARDS. ry-==? SEVENTH WABD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For Matop-hn F?*AldEPKTBB M. PEARSON. For Commo? Cocncil? JOHN G. DUDLEY, W. T. WALKER, GEO. WRIGHT. Vor Assessor? JOHN H. BIRD. my 1?-ISt* rrg=? INDEPENDENT UNION OANDIDATI IJl ? FOR MAYOR, _ A JOHN H. SEMMES. *p 29 te I N BEN. G. ROGERS. .iATE Stage Manager and Comedian of Grover's Theater, ana now after three years' service ungen erously thrust out, asks the favor and support of the public for his FAREWELL BENEFIT. at Ferd'a New Theater. SATURDAY EVENING, June 4th. A fine Comedy and exciting Drama. Bee bills of the day. je l-2t* MADAME AHOLIAB wishes to inform her friends that she is prepared to read to all who wish to give her a call, the present and fu ture; point out the future husband and wife. She is an impressed medium, and can be consulted on business of importance. All confidential. House No. 827 B street, between 6th and 7th. second floor, Inland. jel-lw* J REMOVAL. " OTICE TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDEN ERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSELS. The office for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different government corrals in the Depart meniof Washington has been-T^tnoved from the corner of F and 10th streets to tne corner of E and 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania avenue, on 12tb street. The planting season being over, now is the proper time for farmers ami gardeners to lay in and haul a supply of manure for top dressings and fall use. Large quanaities of well rotted manure on hand and for sale at low rates. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freights and dispatch given. Apply to E. HEDGE, Agent. Office?N. E. corner 12th and E street*. Jtl-Sw 1 block from Pa. av., on 12th st. ORDNANCE OFFICE, War Department. Washington. D C., May 31. ISM. The following contracts have b?en awarded for Cavalrt Accouterments, under the advertisement from this Department dated May l.the bids for which were opened May 24. IS'A : new tork ap.->:nal. Wm. Kinsey A Co . 5.0W sets. &7 i. Wm. Kinsey A Co..fl.OU sets, #7..V., Wm. Kinsey A Co., 5,000 sets. ?7.!?'. Wm. Kinsey A Co.. 5.0(K? sets ?7.:?4. John J. Pittman. lo.OOO sets, 17.04, ST. LOCI8 ArSEKAL. J. B. 8ickles A Co., 6,000 sets, f8.15. ALLEGHANY ARSENAL. Emerson Gaylord. lo,omsets, J7.90. GEORGE D RAM8AY. It Brigadier General Chief of Ordnance. ORDNANCE 0FHCE, Wai Dkp*rtmknt, _. , ,, , Washington. May 31. 1854. The following contracts have been aw arded for 8-inch Columbiad Shell, under the advertisement from this Department dated May 4, 1*64, the bids fur which were opened May 25th : NEW YORK AKSESAL. T. Terry,, il? cents per pound. fcjavery A Co.,8,0nu, Aii cents per pound. Bejtfert, McManus A Co., lo.noo, cents per pound. Peyfert. McManus A Co., 4,000, 4 ceuts per pound. Seyfert, McManus &, Co., 1,coo, 3 35-loj cents i?er pound. ALLEGHANY ARSENAL. Savery A Co., saw. 4\ cents per pound. Smith, Park A Co., 10,0 0. 4V cents per pound ' . j. george D. HA>18ay, It _ Brigadier General Chief of Ordnance. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY, " t> i Departmmt. June 1. 1<W4, Proposals will be received at tois Department, until i2 o clock on Tuesday, the 2ath of June iust., for supplying theStationerj described in the ache dule be'ow, lor the fiscal year commencing the lit day of July next. The Stationery must be of the best qualitv. Samples must accompany each bid The succes-ful bidder will be required to "Ive bond, with approved sureties, for the faith'ul'ful filment of his contract, and the Department will reserve the right to order the articles a* it may deem proper, and to increase or diminish the quan tities below stated. Articles not named in the schedule belnv are to be furnished at the option ol the Department at the lowest market prices. Paper made of linen stock. 10 reams Despatch Cap. weighing In pound* 100 reams Foolscap, ruled or plain, weighing 14 pounds ? 2(0 reams Quarto Post, ruled or plain, weighing 10 pounds. ? * 600 reams quarto Post, ruled or plain, headed as per pattern, weighing 10 pounds 100 reams Note Paper, r iled or plain 150 reams Note Paper, ruled or plain, hea led as per pattern. 20 reams Copying Paper. lo reams Blotting Paper. loo dozen Blotting Boards. 3*> reams Envelope Paper, buff or yellow, royal. 13^ reams Manilla Wrapping Paper, -uper royal 20,000 Envelopes, official .-izes. plain 150,009 Envelopes, official sizes, extra heaw, headed as per pattern. 90,(jW? Envelopes, letter sizes, extra heavy, headed as per pattern. 7'0 fross Metallic Pen-. B',000 Quills, No. jO. 25odozen Fabir's Black Lead Pencils. 10 dozen Blue and Red Pencils. 15" dozen Penholders. 2" dozen Erasers. Ivory handles. 34' dozen Rodders' oi Wo-"tcnliolui's lour blade Pen Knives. 3 dozen Scissors. 2 dozen Shears. 40dozen Maynard A Noyes' Black Ink. quarts. 20 dozen Mayi.ard A Noyes'Black Ink. pints. . 5" dozen French Carmine. 21 dozen Inkstands, Draper's, Whitneyor eauad quality pounds Sealing Wax. scarlet, I 20 pounds India Rubber, prepared 20 dozen Silk Tape, assorted colors 50 dozen rolls Red Tape. Vfi pounds Linen Twine. 20dozen large iars Muci'a^0, with Rr-ush* 6 dozen 4uart bottles Mucilage 6 dozen Blank Boo!>s. 1(mi dozen packs VisitingCaris. 3dozen Pen Racks. 6 dozen Rulers. ~ 2!' gross India Rubber Ban is. 3dozen Memorandum Books 6 dozen h<>xes Notarial Seals. 6 dozen Notarial Wafers 2dozen Hort Tolios. 1 df.zen boxes Eyelets. 20dozen Letter Fil>*s. 12doZfU Writing Fluid 3 dozen Letter Clip*. 5 pounds Sponge. 2 dozen Gold Pens and Holler* 2U0 yards Tracing Linen. ?? dozen Spoogy Cups. ^ 6 dozen Pi?per Weighto. je 1 ?<. 1-^, 22. .'?. STEAMER REBECCA CLYDC HAS AttKlVtD. Consignees will please attend to ? the reception of their goods at once. MORGAN 4 RHINEHART, niy 31 2t Agent?. 10 E! I 0 E I ! I C E ! ! ! Thennderslgned having permanently established himself at the foot of Utn street, offers to ti<? peo >1e of Washington the purest quality of Bostcn _:resh Pond Ice. Persons using large iainitios will be furnished at extremely low rates, Fami lies supplied daily at prices heretofore cak -own in this city. Orders sent tc me at GunaelL'a Wnarf will be answered promptly and regularly. my SI ? lw* T. T. gQWLEK. MOURNING GOODS OF THE BEST QUALITV, Our stock of MOURNING GOODS cf the very best fabric* is complete, and we are seilir g theia at former prices, although wt. cculd not replace them to day. We would advise ladies who have Blacic Gcoda to buy to call and supply themselves at their earli est convenience. as the next importation will ccst *,?r?*tdeal more money. Our stock now embraces almost every desirable article imported thissei son. and they w?re purchased by us at the late large sales in hew York far below the cost of im portatioa, and we are not asking as much for them M they would cost at this time All goods marked in plain figures #i-the lowest cash price. 0n*,Pri$fi?nlTi: 7L M 8HUSTHR A BRO , my 31 dStlf No. 3S. opposite Centre Market, A_ NOTICl" LL PERSONS Indebted to the undersigned wi 1 please call and settle their accounts mr?>-eo?t MURRAY It HEMMB*. ?HAMPAGNE AND CLARET WINS3. L"D^wort^,i 8t?rkllng CATAWBA 0HAU Beidsich A bo. an* C^ar'R* H-*l4?iek -to. also, various grades TARL* CLARMT, Together with an estensive ?to-k of fine OLO TiYEao* BoDRBON WHI.^KIBH lB wo\4 in bottles. In st?re and for b* BE * J. B1ALL, ?yN ?t Late MidAletoa & Sea 1, 38> fa ( 4 O'CLOCK P. M. WHEREABOUTS OF 3HERMAN. The despatch of Secretary Stanton to Gen'l Iiix to-day, (published in oar 1st Edition,) con tains the gratifying intelligence that Sherman after some sharp fighting repulsed the enemy and has reached the railroad, near Marietta. This point (Marietta) is only 20 miles north west of Atlanta, on tbe Western and Atlantic tailroao. Srd is ille Capital 6f Cobb county, Georgia. It is the highest point upon the rail road. Atlanta, Georgia, now apparently almost within the grasp of Sherman, is a point almost of more importance to the rebels tnan Rich mond itself, it being the center of a number of the most important railroads oi the Confed eracy, and the great center also of rebel manu facturing operations. LATE SOUTHERN NEWS. We have before us the Richmond Examiner of the 2Sth of May. It states the total number of prisoners consigned to the Libby since the first battle of Manassas, in July, 1881, to have been something oyer 97,000: also, that bakers in Richmond now charge f 1.25 per loaf for bread. The Examiner says:?" Grant is reported to have crossed the Famunkey at Hanovertown and to be moving down probably for the point known as Piping Tree in New Kent county, some fifteen or sixteen miles from Richmond. Of the movements of Lee It would not be prudent to speak, but the reader may be well assured that he has his eye upon his adversa ry and will be prepared for him Whenever and wherever hemay show himself. Lee has never yet been surprised or outgeneraled, and it is not likely that he will be in this instauce. So far the armies have only been maneuvering, but the battle will likely come off in a fe w days. Deserters from Grant's army sayjthat he does not intend to fight, but is going to lay siege to the city and try the spade and shovel as he did at Vicksburg. The Examiner admits the repulse received bj Fitzhugh Lee in his attack up Butler's en trenchments as follows: "We have some farther particulars of the affair in Charles City county, in which Gen. Fltzhngh Lee ventured a partial attack on a force of the enemy entrenched near the James river. The statements of the great strength of the enemy's fortifications are fully corrobo rated. They were strongly intrenched behind a line of fortifications stretching out from the river in the form of a horje shoe: before this ran a ditch seme ten or twelve feet deep and some fltteen to eighteen fe^t wide, and an abattis made intricate and impenetrable by the inter twining of wire with the limbs and branches of the felled trees. So formidable ar.d complete wre the fortifications that we are told bv an officer who participated in the affair, That it would have taken our men two hours to get into their works, had there even been not a man inside of them. t The force of the eremy. too. was consider ably larger than was tirst supposed. Besides their number entrenched there were six guu boati in the river playing upon our men all the time with grape and canister. Under the circumstances Gen. Fitzhugh Lee thought it unwise to make the sacrifice it would have cost to carry the position, and retired after an unsuccessful assault upon a portion of the wcriis. in which we had some 61' men killed and wounded. From the Trans*ftliisissippi. C'LT&TOS, La., May 21, via Scmmit, May Oo.?Barks has escaped from Alexandria by way of Simsport. A. J. Smith's corps has gone up to Natchez and Vicksburg. The balance of his army is in full retreat towards New Or leans. being now at Morjanza, on the west j bask of the river. Maj. Gen. L. Canby has arrived and assumed command, B'mk3 having gone to New Orleans. It is reported. uflM be lieved to be reliable, that Lieut. Gen. DickTay ' lor is crossing at Atchaialaya river, twelve i miles below, where Banks crossed. Banks' troops are reported on good authority to be very much demoralized. Within the last six days the batteries belong* ing to Scott's command, have fired into five Yankee transports, crippling three seriously, knocking out the steam pipe of one. and driv ing off the gunboat that came to her relief. The loss of life is not known. Three stopped at Cat Island for repairs. The forces In the district are rapidly increasing, and Uol. Scott is ready for any advance the enemy may make. Gen. tee's Army. [From the Richmond Examiner, May 2S.] Asmt op Nobthbkn Virginia, niab A*h laxp, May 27, 1*M, 12 m.?Both armies are certainly again on the move. Some of the enemy's prisoners who have just been brought in, say that Grant commenced the work of re crossing the the North Anna river yesterday, and that the move occupied all last night. About ten o'clock last night the enemy opened upon Jordon's division a fierce cannonading, and shortly afterwards assaulted his skir mishers, with a line of battle, but were re pulsed. This, of course, was a mere faint. There was some firing this morning between their rear guard and our skirmishers, but it has not amounted to anything. Grant is now moving rapidly around to our right with his whole force, and corresponding movements are on foot on our side to meet those ot Grant. A day or two will probably reveal to ns the new situation. Meanwhile we must bide our time. lvANHOB. Opera.?Manager Grover is reaping the le gitimate fruits of his outlay in money aud labor to afford first class operatic entertainments to the people of Washington. His house is crowded nightly by the elite of the city, and the public interest in these superior musical performances seems to have no visible abate ment, certainly the assemblage last night showed no falling off in numbers or brilliancy. To-n:ght the opera of Martha will be pro duced, and the world-renowned basso, Carl Forme?, will appear in the part of Plunkelt, written originally for him by Von Flotow. In other respects, also, the opera is admirably cast. >pw York Stock List?First Board. [Bv the People's Line.] U. S. coupon 6 s, 16&1, 113; U. S. 5.?0's, 100; Certificates of Indebtedness, (fe, Gold, ISO; N. Y. Central, 132*; Erie, 111&; Hudson, llttf; Harlem, 2S.J; Reading. 131'*; Michigan Central, 143: Michigan Southern, 96 <?", Illinois Central, 105%; Cleveland and Pittsburg, H3tf; Galen* and Chicago, 13-tf; Cleveland and Toledo, 15(1; ! Chicago and Hock Island, U2)?; Milwaukee i ai:d Prairie du Chien, 69,4'5 Quicksilver, 75**. OONGBCSSIONAL. XXXVIII** G0NGRE88.?FIRST 813SION. Wai'SKt-DAT, June 1. S*satk ?Mr. Sherman, from the Committee on Conference on the disagreeing votes of the two Houses on the National Bank bill, made a i report. He explained that there were only six points of difference between the Senate and House, the latter having generally agreed to the former's amendment. The most material amendment is to require all Banks East and West to redeem their currency at par In New Y>rk instead of allowing the western banks on? quarter of one per cent, discount on their note& redeemed in New York. Mr. Hale asked what was the difference as to taxation between the National and Sate banks in thi3 bill. Mr Sherman explained that in this bill the whele tax relates to the National banks, the State bank subject being left to the tax bill. The rates Imposed by this bill are 1 oer cent, on circulation, # per cent on depositee^ and 1 per ce?>t. en capital not Invested In the bond* cf the United States, and State taxation of the Bhares of the banks is permitted, in the hands of holders, to be paid at the place where a bank is located. The report was agreed to. Mr. Anthony reported from the- Commiape on Printing the House bill to amend the act relative to public printing; and it was passed. It permits the assistant secretaries of Depart ments to give orders for printing. Mr. Howard, from the Judiciary Committee, reported back the bill extending the jurisdic tion ct District courts, with a recommendation tbnt it do not pass. Mr Harlan, from the Committee on Public Lands, reported several bills, asking to be dis. charged therefrom, including one to exclude disloyal persons from the lands of the United States, and that it be referred to the Committee on the Judiciary. Agreed t?. On motion of Dir. Johnson, a resolution was adopted that the Secretary of War, as soon as he receives information from the armies in the fMd, communicate It to the Senate, if not in compatible with the public interest. The consideration of the Internal Reveaue bill was resumed. Mr. Wll?on offered an amendment Imposing a tax of one-half of oue per lent. upon the pro** amount of a<l sales of good*, wires, mer chandise, produce, livestock, salllncand steam fMieU of all descriptions, and other article* of commerce or trad?, whether f>r-lgn or don**. I tie, encludlnc coin and told andsllver unuw I ufactured, tad including real estate, whether such sales be judicial, public or private, ex empting: saies of personal property less thin one hundred dollars Mr. Wilfon said it was absolutely necas?ary to hare more money than the bill'would give us. It would give no more thin *200,(W>t?.?Joto wben we needed #350 (>00.000. His amendment would accomplish the purpose Horf?* ? Mr. Jenckes, of Rhode Island, from the Se'ect Committee on the subject, reported a bill to establish a uniform system of bank ruptcy throughout the United States. Mr. Jenckes entered into an explanation of the provisions of thJ bill. It dealt with bank rnptcy as a thoroughly practical question, and provided for both voluntary and involun tary bankruptcy. It brought the failing debtor and the creditor to a settlement on terms mu tually benetlcial to each. It discharged the honest debtor on the surrender of his property, and afforded protection to the cr-ditor ag>inst the fraudulent practices and reckless conduct of the debtor. Besides, it secures complete uniformity in the mode of proceedings. Mr. Spalding said the Select (Committee chal lenged a critical examination o* this bill. [Mr. Steele, of New York, offered a resolu tion which was not read, relative to sewerage and drainage in Washington, which was re ferred to the Committee for the District of Col umbia.] Mr. Holman. of Indiana, moved to postpone the bankrupt bill till the second Tuesday of December. This was disagreed to?yeas 53, nays 74. The subject went over till to-morrow. Mr. Davis, of New York, introduced a bill to amend the charter of the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company, which was referred to the Committee for the District of Columbia. The House concurred in the report of the Committee of Conference on the disagreeing amendments to the National Bank bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. ? LATEST FROM BANKS' COMMAND. STEAMER DISABLED BY GUERRILLAS ON RED RIVER. DEATH OF T. BUTLER KINO. TELEGRAPHIC COMMUNICATION INTER RUPTED BETWEEN MOBILE AND RICHMOND. THREATENED REBEL ATTACK ON BROWNS VILLE. TEXAS. Nkw York, June 1.?The steamer Cahawba, from New Orleans on the 25th ult., has arrived. The papers contain nothing of Banks' or Canby's movements. The steamer Shreveport has been disabled near Red river by guerrillas, who were subse quently shelled out by the gunboats. T. Butler *lng died in Georgia on the loth ultimo. Mobile papers mention that there is consid erable anxiety there in consequence of the in terruption of telegraphic communication with Richmond. The ship yards are very busy buHding ves sels, and the government works are benig strengthened. ConsiHerable watchfulness of slaves is kept up. Matamoras dates to the 13th of May state that 2,ih*i rebels are at Ringgold Barracks, design ing to attack Brownsville. MORE GUERRILLA ATROCITIES. Phii.apelpaia, June 1.?A telegram to Headquarters from Rolla, Missouri, dated the 13th, states that a train of Union refugees from Jacksonport, Arkansas, under an escort of 90 men of the Second Wisconsin cavalry was at tacked at Salem, Arkansas, by 300 guerrillas. The entire train was burned, and about SO men and some women killed. Cn Tuesday la6t ten men of a detachment of the 2d Wisconsin cavalry, while out on a scout rom Rolla, becoming separated from the main body, were surrounded by guerrillas and five killed. The others making their escape and re turning in larger force, found the bodies of those killed stripped and their throats cut. A gentleman just arrived from Little Rock, Arkansas, represents all quiet in that vicinity. Joe Shelby had left Brownsville about two week? ago with a force estimated from 1,500 to 3,0<0, for southwest Missouri. LATE EUROPEAN NEWS. Farthkr Point, June 1.?The steamship Nova Scotian, from Liverpool on the 19th and Greencastle on the 23th, has passed. A Copenhagen dispatch says the Prussians in Jutland have refused to pay for the neces saries of life during the armistice. The Danish journals demand the resumption of the block ade as a reprisal for this breach of armistice. DESTRUCTIVE FIRE. Fort Edward, N. Y., June 1.?A Are yes terday at Glen's Falls, destroyed Carpenter's Hotel, the Commercial Bank, and most of the business portion of the town. The loss is un known. LOCAL NEWS. Tub Nkw Registration L.vw ?The bill altering the registry law of the city of Wash ington finally passed the House yesterday with the Senate amendment. As a matter of very general interest at this time, we have taken pains to procure an accu rate copy, with the amendments, as passed. It is as follows: Be it resolved ly th' Senate and House of Rep. rcsentatives of the United Stat-s of America in Congress assembled, That in case any person who is a qualified voter in other respects shall oSer and claim the right to vote at any election held in the city of Washington, whose name is not registered, his name shall be registered by the commissioners of election upon the terms and conditions following, namely, he shall take an Oath as follows : You do solemnly swear that you will true answer make to such questions as shall be asked you touching your qualifications as an elector at this poll, so'help yon God; or an affirmation to the same effect, which oath or affrmation, if he be unable to understand the English language, may be in terpreted to him by one of the commissioners or an interpreter sworn by a commissioner, which interpreter shall also interpret his an swer to the commissioners. If in bis answer on oath he shall state positively that he has resided in the city one year next preceding the day of said election, designating particularly the place of his resi dence, and that he possesses the other qualifl cations of an elector, and if, furthermore, some qualified Elector of the city, not a candidate for any office at that election, shall take an oath before said commissioners, which any one of them may administer, mat he is well acquainted with such applicant; that he Is, in tact, a resi dent in the city, and has been one year next previous to such election, and that he (qualified elector) has good reason to believe, and does believe that all the statements of such appli cant are true, the commissioners shall cause his name to be registered by their clerk, and shall then receive the vote of said applicant; or if safol applicant shall present the affidavit of h>mself and a qualified elector, duly certified by any justice of the peace in" and for the county of Washington. District of Columbia, which shall satisfy the commissioners fbat the appli cant has been a resident of the city one year next preceding the day of such election, and that he is otherwise a qualified elector, the commissioners may cause the applicant's name to be registered, as hereinbefore provided* and thev shall then receive his vote; and if said applicant or 6uch qualified elector shall, in said matter, wlllfnllv make anv faNe state ment, he shall be deemed guilty or perjury, and, oo conviction, be subject to the pains and penalties thereof. A Dhughtfui. E? i-bstainhbvt.? There was a large attendance last night at the Island Hall festival of the ladies of the 7th Street Presbvterian Church. The fine band of the Invalid Corps, stationed at Carver Barracks, was in attendance, and there was other good music, vocal and instrumental. The room was tastefully decorate*, and the various tables loaded down with attractive articles of use and ornament. We have not space to give any adequa'e idea oT the various interesting features of the room, but must not fail to mention the superb table of fancy arti cles presided over by the Wis. Fords, Mrs Gettinger, and the Misses Lei. A miniature camp scene, representing Grsnt's hetdqavr. ters, constructed hjr a soldier of company F, 27th Pennsylvania regimenC, stationed at the Arsenal, attract* much at'eotlon h-re; al?o, fine pictures of Washington and Martb* WVh Ington, wltharlchassortm-ntof fancy articles. Next c< mes the Interesting Sabbath s ih??ol table, presided over by Miss NorrU and W?s Davidson. A m?del secretary, a wonderfully ingenious piece of workmanship, b? Mr. J. B. #H?romond, attracts the eye of visitors at this Next is the plotnresqae "JacoVs Welt," where Miss Martin dispenses liquid 00Jla ?s to all comers, . J The " Tree of Fortnae," a novel and attrac tire arranrement, the fruit ?r which r by ?omc m ,tc process, ha, for &?' ??; onm~T for immnrmptit,, pr,? 2" ?- "*"cV?'s; r. isafissw ??; of the chnrcb> and Miss iCmma J Martin This too, bas i'a apecial reatures or Interest' o-Pofwhlrt of surer, /from H>oi's.i to be awarded to the editor getting the | irrrli ntmb-r of rote*, (is wnti.) We pr-.p;>s? to b* a candidate on thnt arrangement, and trustun conatlluenta will vot? early and vote often a fine eilver pitcher is up tor the lucky c\odi. date for mayor, who abtll get the' lar<?e?? number of ? cent vote. We .bill not graUfr ? Hr fonn>0lL* J f}atlnr 'be preaen' condition of the tally, hut refer them to the agreeable younr lady who baa charge or the ?allotiue b>olt \n admirably designed and finished vase or Ten. nes^ee marble, executed by Mr. Geo. Warner w t?> be seen her?. ? Next is the tempting confectionery and c\ir? etand of Mrs. S. W. K Handy; and on the other aide is the busy post office, with Misa Lizzie Allen as?f>oet*nl8treae. Oppoaita ia th* " turn-table," presided over by Mrs Otbo Bo? well, with ita conetant circle watching with genuine interest the gyrations of the vane or fortune. Last but not leaat is tbe refreshment tables so admirably conducted by Mrs L>oT\iphau and Mrs. Hutchinson. Delicious strawberries and ice cream are among the gold things dispensed here at moderate prices. It is worth a Tislt to the fair roora to taste these luxuries. GuardLahcctt.?Yesterday, jGeor^e Law eon, colored, was arrested by .sergeant Oroain upon a charge of robbing the house of Mr. Henry High, provision dealer. Lawson was employed by Mr. High to work about bis stable. Yesterday Mr. High was at market, and the remainder of the family went out of the bouse temporarily, locked the doors and left Lawson in the stable. Upon their return. Lawson was gone; the bouse had been entered by a window, and a number of valuable arti cles and a sum of monev stolen. Lawson is confined in the Fourth Ward Station, wben? he will be kept until the case is ready for trial. Accident.?Adam Muth, employed in the Independent Telegraph office, had his leg broken very severely this morning. He was ascending the atairs of the cellar attached to Mr. Adaraaon s, on flth street, when a barrel of wbisky, which was being lowered at tha time, slipped from ita bold, rolling upon him and badly fracturing both bones of his leg just above the ankle. Dr. John E. Smith was called in, who set the fracture and rendered all the service necessary to the poor man's relief. Marriagb Licbnskp ?The Clerk of the Court during the past month issued ir*> mar. riage licenses, of whom 34 were to black cou pies. Among the number waa a re-lssne of on* issued three years since and not used. This shows a considerable increase over the aait.e month last year and the year before?the num ber in May left* being 127, in May r-?>3 beii.r 146. 6 A Disobacefcl S< bnb.?This morning, de tectives Clarvoe and McDevitt saw a number of young men at the corn? r of Tenth and Penn sylvania avenue, who were engaged in urging two nepro boys (stout fellows) to fight. The detectives ran to the spot, arrested th? two pugilists and carried them to the Second Ward Station, where they were fined02each by Jus. tice Clayton. Rkai. Estate Salbs by J. C. McOcikk &, Co., yksterdav.?Two-story brirk house, with mastic front, on Louisiana avenue, near 6th Btreet, for 911,500; purchaser, Geo J. Johnson. Small frame dwelling house on E street, be. tween 10th and 20th, to James H?-enan, for *1,200. State of the Thermometer?At Fraiiit lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 214 Pennsylvania avenue, the tbeiinometer stood to-djty at l o'clock SO in the shade, and 109 in the sun F ^OR RENT.?Four ROOMS to a small faiuil) at No '2b1 i. stre et, brt. 13th and KSj-fcts. jel-i't' OR SAI E?The STOCK and FIX T I' R E 1 of a _ 8e#ar and Tobaaco Store. S(>3 Maryland a\e nue. between 9th and hith sts. je i 2t* FOR SALE?A BARBER SHOP, or the good-t? ill and lease. Apply at Mo. 574 7th afreet, be tween B street and Maryland avenue, Island )- 1-St* F^OR RENT.?Two BRICK HoLSES on 2"th west. No?. *209 ?nd *207. between L and M at each containing seven rooms. Inquire at No.21T > th street. je 1 It* frQJL SALE?The Gnod-will and Fixtures of 4 RESTAURANT on 4* street. No 17??. Inland. Reason for selling is other business. Inquire on the premises. je* Rare CHANCE l-FOR 8ALE-The7ntire Fir niture, Beds, Bedding. Crockery, Ac . of ? well-furniHhed, modern built bouse, centrally and pleasantly located. Also. HOl"SE for rent. Toriuii cash. Inquire at No. 44?? lifth atieet. jel-Jt FOR RENT?FOUR ROOMS, suitable for law yers, doctors, or agency offices. Also, a base ment STORE ROOM; all situated on C street north. No. 3to3, between 4>? and 6th st*. Je 1-3V; A. F KIMMELL. FOR RENT-Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS^ Also, FURNIaHFD ROOM with the u-i of the kitchen. None but respectable persons new! Apply. Rent moderate. Apply on E street, be tween Connecticut avenue and itfth street. No. je 13t* I^HE ENTIRE STOCK OF SKGARS, TOBACCO^ 1 PIPES AN1) Sli I FF for ^ale at low price, as the uidersigned ia going out ef the bu?inrts. Dealers and sutlers supplied ehpap. ED, KOHN.257 fa. avenue, if 1 3r bet. 12th and i.fth sts. FOR RENT-One BRICK HOUSE, containing seven rooms and a cellar, located in one of thtj nipst deii?httul and healthy parts of the city, ca 14tfl street, (opposite Kingman's Garden.) l?< tween P and Q streets. Thecitycars run hv th9 door, ar.d only sis minutes ride from th? Tre?v LFor Particulars apply to JOI!!i CHAPMAN, r-n the premmp?. je i-2t* J.C. McOUIRE^ CO,, Auctioneers. JAYA COFFKE. P0RT~WINB. AND OLD RYg ? C1 WHISKEVAT AUCTION. OnSATUKDAY MOANING, Juae 4th, iafront of the Auction :00ms. at I2o'elock, we f>hall Sell? 30 po tketa of Java Coltee, 2aozen O d Port Wine. ?> 1 barrel X\ Rye Whiskey, je.l-dts J. Q. MoGL* IRE ft. CO.. Aoota. WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. 8. W. corner Pa. ar. and 9th st. /% ? ?*?g0Of HAY~AT AUCTION. On FK1BAT. June3 c mmancinif at 2 o'clock, wa will sell, at Gunu -I's Wharf, fnot of Eievantti atreet, he cargo of theb?r*e Har-i?t A-ia con about one hund ad tun? of GOOD H AT. ?,,f above hay wi:l h? peremptorily sold and Will be aold in quantities to suii purchasers Terms cash. je 1 2t WM. L. WALL ACO. Auc ta. BY C. B. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneera. HOUSEHOLD ANDKItThf.N FURNITURi AT AUCTION. We will sell, on fRID .Y MORNING. June tha 3d, at 10o lock, at the resid uce of a <rsntleuiai OfcliciDK houseseeiinc, N >. .>33 I'th s'r^e.. In land. between 0 attest a> d Yir*ims avenue Taa attenhou of the Puolie are iuvittd to attend. 8aie without reserve. Terms cash Je 1 2t? C. R. J- CROWN A CO.. Auctn O. R. t CRoWN A CO , Auciioneers. A VALUABLE LOT ATTuOriON AND A RARg CHANCE FOR l?V8sTMK.?r. We will sell, on S A T L' R D A ? . J u .4? 4.at6p. tu , on the premises, being Lot No. 9 in Squarn No. 469. Thia proierty fronts 2n feet i'n 7th s're?t 1 Is land,) west below Pag-'e. between H aud I street, south, rui ning hack I t tret to a 2> foot alley. Title (i<od. Sale without reserve. Tetms cash. je.l-4t* 0. R L CROWN k CO., Aacta. B Y ff, I, WALL A CO., Auctioneers. THE KPFFCT8 0? AN MB CRF. AM 31L00X AND EATING HOUSE A I' AUCTION. On FRIlia k MOKNIN*,3J iosta t, at l?> >cJ?, we willaell. c 362 east ?>de o* llti, betw?ea h ai.d M strMta. the el ecta of a Stnsll Ice Cream 3* ?ooii, A c.. C"nsistin? of Kx ensi m Di iurf a>< I Sa otiB T?blrs, Chairs. Gl-iss aud Orockervwtrs. Lamps, Glasses and other Fixtures, 4 goai C*>,<s in* Stoves aud Cooklc-g Utensils Terms cash. je.l 2t W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctt B Y J C. McGUIRE A CO . Auctiot.eers 8rOCK OP JEWELRY, JEWELLER'S 1R*V 8A F R GLASS. COUNTER. 'Ho* CA^Kj, 8ION8.AO. AO, AT fUBl. t C fALK. Comm> uciug MONDAY vioKNING Jnn*6t't.?t 10 o'clock, at the store oft. Alt-bur#. No. 391, Perncylvania avenue below the National Hotel. *? shaM sell, t?e entir?- stock, cons^stin* <.f G"li and Silver Hunting a^d Op* n Kace Wa'Ohea Js?? sllry of all klnea In 8eu and Slns'e Silver Platel Ware. >po? na, Forka, Caatora, Spectaole?, Fancy ara> lea, ate , ete A I SO: 5 Plata G'a?a Silver p ated* rim, Coontcr, Show Cases, 1 lar?e Jeweller's Fire-proof 8a*ia of Herring't make, 1 Fine Regulator Clock. _ , ? Window Lights Shadea, Show Racks, Gaa tit tniea etc..etc. Tetms cash je 1 d J C MoGUIRE A PP.. Aa^u. J^Y JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. HAND#?* THREE STORY BRICK DWKl.L; INU H >U8B, HITil TWO STORY UAOlk BCIM'lNi*. AT PUBLIC SALB On MONDAY AF TERNO ?N. J uo?-Ta* 6 >Vl>e* , on tb#? p t*mi e*. w* ?h^il m-11 p^pt of Lot rfo I', inhquari No. 456, front in * r va th* *ou?i aide of f at.-eet north, betw??a - xtn aa^ ?<evsa * atresia w-st an- rannins bac* 9t ft et eS incH>s, with a two foot alley, to *>? used in romoriit w'ta tfce adjoiiiint properly, improved b> s liandsojja Ur^ito y brick rnuw, with wo nt"?F b?l ding, containing In all ?lo- /'.o-ntml t^* go. doe'lara that'?b be cnr.vert-d iuto.-?c-a lit! tbro?ich?at '1 a house with hrdranMn ?he itfl. The property l? lbs ?lslrd hoase e?at. I Six h?tr ?es 'Ooa hifeash; th ? r? ?aj ler In I x arttf twelve months, wl h interest, securel b> a dsed 4 trnat r? ?be ire" less. r mveyar-cs at th? eest of if parc*ia JlaxW po?.*ton A 00 . A^ctt.

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