Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1864 Page 1
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??? XXIII, N2. 8.514. WASHINGTON. I). C.. THURSDAY. JUNE 2. 1X64. auction sales VTTDRI BAM. ni j. c. licGUlKK 4 OO , Auctioneer* jaFGB SALE OF mSTWll^a|f?? TO THE ST VI*CK>TO>PHAN A**kusi. Or, rm ay ?rrE?' f,"r,"f,?y?auaK! ?Vle TttAct Lot*. x 10. fronting together '"wn j sp"1 0 ?t/r*Vro!p!in# 03 feet 9 inches ?n and oortADi re?t J of re N<> g, f nti?, w t.^1 tAAsJi^nn New York avenue, anl 11. /*e* ? *7nt iNaueVa frentinc 1*3 feet 11 Inches on W^rtliVslrcet. between Nineteenth and T*l"tlk *h running throng to New York i* and 14 13. 29 and Jt\ in Square No. 197 frosting respectively on Sixteenth atre?t tVeen L aod M (.treats north North M b^w#e? pTrteenth and Sixteenth strataweit.and FirUenlB SeTt west, between north L and * ?tr?et? l/ota N? 2, 14. 13.16 and 19, inBtoeW *11. fronting respectively on HUbode x?. Fourteenth and Fifteenth *treet*we*t yiei^^nth Mod avenue. between a.rf F.rt^nrn rtreets wept, and Fourteenth atree., betw N and 0 streets north, and Oetreet north, betwee Sixth and Seventh atresia weat. v *.??? Lot? 2, 4. 6. 27. 24, and 30. L^^&een Virit in# respective r on South ?.?r,?, \ ,*riwt be and SecVnd -tree** ea"t. and Second street eesi xn?tvoul*i Tentb 8tr#et east, between H and I.aireets nor ? ^n(|#r jB Term* : One third in ea?h, the d b. k<jeMi and twelve montba. with interest, aecurea ?T?a??g ?fOo^ESfiXS** .tamp, at the <wrtof w tTeVoperly ma, be awn at onr counting ^jPTild J. C. McGUIRE A 00.. Amta. B^.JUATmTgcTkE A CO.. Auctioneers. ^HOp'KTT^TW^BS.ROT^SKm" STREET WS?T AND MASSACHUSETTS A?E? Saturday afternoon .June?.ateo'oik, ra the premiss, b? Tirtue of * decree of the 8a preme ?ourt of the District of Ool?m.'l}*:8l^(,n?nd chancery. p?Rsed in certain eau<ws. (Nor 210 ana ?1 in equity) wherein James Mortimer Smith and Rosalie Martha, his wife, are c?m?l*,a*n5?1{,1*ri, Bug?-ne, Oeor*e. Maria, Lonisa. Roaftlie. and Nich olas B Vanxanit, minor children of George 0. Vjui*sn<it, debased, and Arietta L. V ansandt. mi nor child of Jeseph A Vanzandt. deeeMed. heirs at liw of Maria Wotd Yansandt andI Nicholas B Van ?ai dt deed. are defender t*. I shall sell Lot num ber three (.H) in Jebn Davidson's divieion of Lot numbered two (2) in Square number three hundred and fifteen (318,) * tuated at the corner of Twelfth Street west and Massachusetts avenue, containing 4XKBS square feet, more or leas, ana improved by a substantia and well arranged Frame Dwelling House, containing nine rooms. The * rounds are handsomely laid out with Trait f n.i flowers, ai d the whole property is yery desira ^'aUk>*Lo9 No?4?in Davidson's sub division of the west rart of s%id square, fronting twenty five feet on the east side of Twelfth street west, between Massachusetts avenue and north M street, ana running back one hundred 'eet one inch. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in six ana twelve months, with interest, secured by the pur chaser's notes with approved surety. On the ? ati fication of the sale by the conrt. and payment in full of the purchase money, the trustee will con vey th? title* in fee simple If the terms of sale are not complied with wihtln five days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to resell the property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, on os( week's notice in the ?v?ningStar ^ . , .. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur ehaeer THOB J. FlflHll, Trustee. mvJ3 d J. C. MoGUlKB k. CO., Aucts. pHfj. C. McGCIKE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF TWO FRAME HOUSES A?<D LOTS <>N FIFTH SlREET WEST, BE TWEEN N AND 0 STREETS NORTH.* Pursuant to ad?cr*e of the Supreme Court oftae District of Columbia, hitting in Equity, made and entered in the cans'". No 213. _wh<>rein Martha fiernea, James and Thorns Goodin, George, R^b ert and Martha Oweas are complainant*, an l Mary Jarboe. executrix of the last will and te*t*m*nt of Elizabeth Ooodin, deceased, defendant, I shall Jroteed to sell, on the premises, on the 6th day of une next, at 6 o'clock in ibe afternoon, all the e* late, right, title, interest, cls'm and demand which the said EJzabeth hela or bad at the time of her death, of. in, and to part of Lot sixteen, (IS,) Lot rev nteen, (17, > and part of Lot eighteen. (13.) in square ?*', in the p'an of the city of Washing ton. t?.geth*r with the improvements thereon, eon tir-tii g of two frame h"uwi in good condition. The property is situated on Fifth street weat, be ween N and O streets north. Terms r#sh A i ? onveyances to be prepared an der the direction of the solicitor in the cause, at the expence of the purchaser. Revenue stamps to be also paid for by the purchaser. 11 the terms of sale are not complied with within live days thereafter, the executrix reserves the right to re sell the property, at the risk and cost ?f the defaulting purchaser, on one week's notice in the National Intelligencer. Ry JARBOg Executrix ef Elizabeth Qoodin, deceased. T. M Slocst. Solicitor. piT*2S-d J. ^McGUTREA C0.,Aucta. J^Y'jTC McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY CH ANCERY SALE OF TWENTY SKY EN VALT *BLE LOTS IN SQUARE NO. i*2, ON THE HIGH bROOND BKTWRBS M TREIT AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE, AND 10TH AND 17TH STREETS ^ , By authority of a decree of the SupremeCourt of this District paaaed in a cause wherein Riggs A Co. are eompiainante, and the wid >w and heirs of the late Thomas Smith are defendants, I shall sell to the highest bidder, on the premise*, on the loth day of June next at5o'clock in the afternoon, the residue of the Lot* in Square No. 182, fronting on Seventeenth and M streets and Rhode Island ave nue, (except that beautifal portion, constituting the southwest corner of HO feet square owjed by 6 W Riggs. Esq ) The portion of the square in tended to be sold, and which must be so d has been divided int lots of about 20 feet front each, with suitable alleys. Ac., and ia a part of the high itr.'und between Sixteenth and Seventeenth streets ard M street and Rhode Island avenue, A plat can be seen at the Auction Rooms of J. C. McGuixe A Co. The terms a? prescribed by the deiree are: One f"crtb of the purchase money in cash . and the res idue in six, twelve and eighteen months, to be se cured by the purchaser's bonds, with surety, anl a . Hen on the premises, bearing interest from the day < t,A?f conveyancing, bonda, Ac , and stamps at the | purchaser's expense. ... ? If the t?-rms of sale are not compliei with within five da^a from the day of sale, tae lot or lota will be re-seld at said Auction Rooms at the purchr fiers'coat and risk, after one week's notice in the National Intelligence w BEDIN<Trust,e my,26-3taw4d8 J. C. MottlllRK A 00. Auctfl. (UALsbt "CONDfilNED grain AMD GRAIN 55 SACKS. Will be aold at public auction, at Seventh street ?Wharf, in the (ity of Washington, D. C . SATUR DAY June 4.18?4 at 11 o'clock, a. m., about ( thrt-e thousand bushels of Oats and (38,'00) thlr y fcve thousand Grain Saeka, condemned as anHt for *'?HieceMfulC bidders will be required to remove their purehaaes within five (8) days from the day of Mkto . . Term.: Cash U Government ^"tj0KmjI> Brig. Gen. and OhlefQuartermaeter, nyJB-td Depot of Waahlngton, D. O. ^ALE 07 CONDEMNED STORES. Wia DirA?TM?*r. CaviLAT BomiitJ, ) Qfice of Chit/ Qnartermasltr, > Wathimgtoi, May 27, ldW-S Will be sold, at Pnblic Auction on WEDNeS DAT, the8th day of June, 1?64, at the Cavalry De pot,' Giesboro' D. C." a large lot of Quartermas ter's Stores, condemned aa uj-ifl". for the public ser vice, consietin* in part of? Stoves ana Stove Fu Knives Porks, Ac., Water Bueketa, Wagon Saddle*. Carry Qonbe and Brnshes, Saddles Bridles, tnd Whips, files and Raaps, blacksmiths' and Caapeatera' Tools, Brovms, Shovela Forks, and Rakes, Lanterns. Picks, ud Leather Ci Scrap Iron, Horse Shoea. Rope, Empty Barrels, Ac.. Ae.. A*. Bel* to eommenee at ten (10) o'elock, a. tn. Term* : Cash in Government funds. Plve days will be allowed after the day of sale to remove the artloles from the depot. For further information apply to Captain H. A. Dupay Assistant Quartermaster and D-pot Quar termaster, Cavalry Bureau. Giesboro'. D. O. By Command of Major General Auger, Com mending Depot of Washington ^ ^ my.2$-td Lt. Col. AC Q. M.. Cav. Bur?aJ "T action sale op condbmbbd horses. Wi> DlMlTMIir. OiViLtr Bomid, ? Ornoa or Oaiar QgAynnaernn, J Washington. D. C., April 25.1884.\ Will be sold at public auction, to tne highest bid der, at the times and plaoe* named below, via: Newport, Penna ,Thursday, May 8th. Gettysburg, Penna.. Monday. May 9th, ARoona, Penna., T hurt day .May lit h, M iffiin, Penna., Thursday, May 19th, Beading, Penna., Thursday, May ttth, Lebanon, Penna.. Thursday, Jnoe2d, Northumberland. Pen^a., Tnursday, June 9th. Scran ton, Penna, Thursday, June 16th. Wilhamsport, Penna , Thursday, June 23d. One Hundred ll<?) horse* at G?ttvsburg. and Two Hundred and Fifty ?t each of the other pUeea. These horses have been condemned as nnnt Tor the cavalry service of the United States Army. for road and farm purpoaeg many good bargnina mar be had. jsrvsli*:. ?w. <? ? ? iiii-., ap.K t}?20 Lt. Col and C Q. M Cavalry Bureau, I TNlf ED^bTATKH MARSHAL S SALS. In virtue of two writs of Fieri facias issued from the Clerk's o?ce of the Circuit Court of the DUtrict of Columbia, and to me directed. I wtll expose to public sale, for cash at the fronUf the Court House door, of said connty, on MON DAY. the 8th day of Jen* next ;v>4, at 12 o'elock Mjt all de fcodant s right, title, claim, and interest^in and to L< ts No. 1. 2. and J. in Senare No 90. being the undlvtled third part of said.Lota, aelted and levied ? pon as the property of William Douglass, and will he sold to satisfy Judicial No. ^ b?r term \K9, in favor of Wm.G. W. White and Bother, use of James R. SEL^EN ^7 Pi U> ikU IkU U. B. *AX8h*l. D. Q, AMOTION SALES. WTBR? PAtl. JgY J. o. *ceriRl ft CO., Auctioneers. DESIRAEIlILOT <m RIDGE STREET BETWEEN 4T1 ANl) TTH STREETS WEST. On FRIBAT Af WMOOS, June Si. at t o'clook, on the premlWs, wash*'' sell. L< t No. .*>, in Square Na. 513, froMing*'Teet j inches on Ridge street. betweea^jrth&MBSth ?tr< (J** went, running cack K'8 This LotA i^eaoti fully situated on ? high and eommaadiaf eurttlon. and is very desirable as a site for dvelKJUH. T?rmi: Oaa^Uird^cMh, the remainder in fonr and eigftt months, with interest, secured by a deed of truat an ate jrtMMa. . my 33-d |*ep j J g, McttUIRE A CO .Auete. gY J. G. McGUIRE * CO., Auctioneers, SUPSRIO* PARLOR AND CHAMBER FURNI TC>? AY PUBLIC SALB. OnBATBRuAY MORNINC-, June 4. en the first floor of the Auctii n Rooms, commencing at 10 o'clock, we shall mU, ?te Furniture of Hon. M. B. Field, Aseie'ant Secretary 0' the Treasury re . moTtp loUie More for convenience of sale. em bra eing? One fine suite of Parlor Furniture, iron frame, cushioned spring backs and seats, upholstered in green sitk reps, and consisting large Sofa, tw ? large A m, and four Ladies Chairs One hardsome Carved Bird's-eye Walnut Side board. with Marble-top, One Walnut Carved Etagere, One Bet tree, with mirror. 1 Oval Marble top Centre Table, 1 Found do Sofa Table, 1 superior polished Mahogany Extension Dining Table. 3 suites Solid Oak Chamber Furnitnre, two with Marble-top Bureaus and Washstends, and one with Wardrobe, 1 Painted Light Green Chamber suite. Marble-top Bnrean and Washstand, A number of Curl?d Hair and Husk Mattresses, Feather Pillows and Bolsters, Four Spiral Bonn* Underbeds. Two nearly new Brussels Carpets, Two nearly new Three ply Cbao-ber Oarpeti, Brussels Stair Carpet, Ball Oilcloth, ^ ? Toilet Ware,Cooking Tltenslls. Ac. All the above Furnitnre has been but a short time in use, and is of the b?st quality. je.l dta J. C. McGUiRE & CO., Auctjv B Y J. C. McGUIREA CO., Auctioneers. JAVA COFFEE, PORT WINE, AND OLD RYE WHISKEY AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MOBNING. Juoe 4th, in front of the Auction tooms. at 12 o'clock, we shall sell? 30 pockets of Java Coffee, 2dozep O'd Port Wine, 1 barrel XX Rye Whiskey, je.l-dts J. C. McGOlRE A CO.. Auctg. B Y 0. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. A VALUABLE LOT AT AUCTION AND A RARE CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. We will sell, on SATURDAY . June 4. at 6 p. m., on the premises, being Lot No. 9 in 8quare No. 460. Thie property fronts 2ft feet on 7th street (Is land,) west below Page's, between H and I street, south, running back V7 feet to a 2 > foot alley, Tltlegood. Sale without re se r?e. Terms cash. Je.l-4t* C. R L CROWN & CO., Aucts. B Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALE OF NINE VERY DESIRA BLE BUILDING LOTS ON HIW JER*B* AV., BETWEEN E AND F STREETS NORTH. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 7, at 6 o'clk, on the premises, we shall sell LotsNos. 12, 13 U. 16. 17, 18, 19, 21, and 22, In subdivision of tlquare No. 628. frontitg each tl feet 6 inches on the east aid* of New Jersey avenue, between E and F streets north and running back l&SfeetS inches to a fif teen feet alley, and containing each 2 &0 square feet. These Lots are in the immediate vicinity of the Railroad Depot, and on the great thoroughfare 'rom the Capitol and Depot to the northern and western part ot the rity. Terms: One third in cash, the remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest scoured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser, my.*'d J C. MoGUIRE A CO . Auots. B Y J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FOUR VALUABLE LOW IN JACKSON HALL ALLBY, AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 6th, at 6 o'clock, on the premise", we shall sell. Lots No 37, 38, S?. and In snb division of Reservation No in, fronting tack U feet on the Oil foot alley on street in the rear or Jackson Hall, running back about 100 feet to an alley. These Lots are admirably located for the purpo ses of a Livery Stable or for a Manufactory, and we Invite special attention to the sale. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. my.27 d J. 0. McGUIRK A CO. Auctf. Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. mbered 16 in square numbered 6: ?vem feet eight inches front of lot PqUftre. together witu the im said lot and part of lot, consisting B CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE REAL 13 TATE. By virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, da'ed t n the 21st of May, A. D 1BW. passed in a certain cause (No. 1,#)') pending in t&id court, betwern Joneph R. Cassin, trustee, complainant, and John Williams, defend ? nt?the undersigned trustee will, on FRIDAY, the 17th day of June, A. I). lSt>4, at six o'clock P. M., in front of the premises, procerd to sell ail that lot of ground situate in the city of Washing ton. and District of Columbia, known and desig nated as let numbered 16 in square numbered 6: also the east seveo feet eij^* ?1 * * numbered 15. ini provements on g _ of a large three story brick dwelling house, (being a vortim of the real estate of the late Commodore Stepbtn Cassin.) This property is situated on North K street, be tween 2t;th and 27th at eet9 west, fronting S7 feet and a inches on K street, and extending back with that unif-rm width, (57 feet 3 inches) 109 feet 10 inches to a public alley. The ti'ims of the sale are : One-third cash; the balance to be paid in two equal instalments, at six and twelve months from the day of sale- said bal ance to bear interest from the day of sale, and the pa? ment thereof to be secured b? the bonds of the turchaser or purchasers, with surety to be ap pro v*d by the trustee. If the terms of sale be not complied with within five days from the day of sale the trustee reserves the right to re-sell the property, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, by advertising such re sale three times in some one t more daily newspapers publish* d in the city of Washington. All conveyanclhg and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. R. H LASKEY. Trustee. my 26-jtawAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. gY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. 1KU8TFES' SALE of~VALUABLE REAL ES TATE-BRICK HOUSE AND LOT. By virtue of a decree of th? Supreme Court ofthe listiict of Columbia, sitting in Chancery, passed on the 9th day of May. A. D.,1364, wherein Edwin C. Morgan and Walter 8. Cox, Trustees, were com plainants. and Snsan G. Walker et a!., defendants, we will sell, the following described Real Estate and the improvei.ients thereon, namety, Lot No. 20, in Square No. one hundred and seventeen, (117,) and the improvement* thereon, consisting of a Brick Ownlling House on M street between 19th and 2?ith, in the City of Washington, Uistriot of Colombia,on the premises, MONDAY, 13th day of June, at 6 o'clock p m. The terms of sale will be,one-third cash, balance in 6 IS. ana 18 months, bearing interest, and se cured to the satisfaction of tho 1 rostees* purcha sers will havetne pnvTJe^e^^a^^pg all caeb, WALTER 8 COX J Trustees. my.?3awAds J. C MoGUIRB A 00, Aucts. P* GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaction?rs. CHANCBRY BALE OF~VALUABLE REAL ES TATE ON PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, sitting in E*aity, made and entired in the case No 226. wherein w. Henry Farrar, Edward Thomas Varrar, Jacob L. Bright, and Anna Eliiabet*. his wife, formerly Anna Elisabeth Farrar, and Frances Farrar by her ?eit friend are complainants and Joseph F. Kel ley, executor of the la?t will and testaaent of Matt Farrar, deceased defendant. I shall proceed to sell,on tbe premises, ou WEDNESDAY, the8th day of June next, at6 o'clock, p. m. all the es tate, right, title, intereet, claim, and demand of which llary FarTar died seized and possessel of, in and to a certain piece or pircell of land, hing, situate, and being in the city of Washington, and known and distinguishel on the plan of said city as Lot number twenty six. (V in Square or Reser vation A, together with the improvements there on. consisting of two frame houses and appurten ances. The said property i? situated on the south side of p?c";*lvania avenue betwe- n Third and Four and *? half streets west. ? T'r.m? One-third casb; and the residue in equal inetalmenta, payable respectively in three, six, nine, and twelve months, with interest. The de *'Tmfnte to be secured by a deed in trust on tne premiaea. canTe7ancing, including the price of revenue atampa, to be at the expense of the pur diMeUAnor? to prepared under direction of U6 Solictor in thf* caus?* v. JOSEPH F. KELLEY T. M. Bi orw, ffluo?1 MmJT dece,w*d my.^8-eodAds GREEK A WU.LIAMB, Ancts. ^ARRIAGES AND HARNESS FOR BALE Just received and for sale, of the ver* i.u.t styles, six Shifting Top. six ?lein Top *2*i?B and five Hp.Top BI&G1ES; I i w i ?k* / - u ?... n i dd t in no . u ? v m'_f VI u i I 1WBIT8 I Light One-Horse CARRIAGES and two! ^Thirty sets Sinele and twenty aeta Doable HAR NESS, acme extra fine. Also on hand, a number of Beoond-hand CAR - RIA?EB ' , ?a THOMAS YOUNG, an23-lm No. 409 Pennsylvania avenue. UILlFa&D TABLES FOE BALE ?The Bubsorl D ber has three ftrst clase Billiard Tabiee. nearly new which he will dispose of vary low. la?otre rt tWl Bmi"d room WW! 0* Uth ^rjet and AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUBIO ) OANTERBTTRY HALL,I AND__. HAL LiOANTIRBCRY HALL.{ THEATER Louisiana Atiiqi, Ntmr Cornet <J StxtA Strut, R*ar of Sattonmlmd Mttropcliian HoUlt. G?oio? LlA ?... Proyrietoi W. X. Cahatacoh^.?^.... .Stage Manager SORE NOVELTY! ORE NOVELTY I ORE NOVELTY J New Attractions. A N?w Hi!). New Attractions. O A New Bill. New Attractions. A New Bill. MORE FUN 1 MORE FUN I MORI FUN I TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES TWO NEW PIECES A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce A. A Negro Burlesque A Laughable Farce A Negro Burlesque TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. TO-NIGHT. THE FLYING MILLERITE, THE FLYING MILLERITE, THE FLYING MILLERITE. Billy West as Jake Naomi Porter as Pete Billy W eft as Jake JS Na-'ini PorW as Pete Billy West as Jake Naomi Porter as Pete Ob, THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES. Or, THE DEVIL AMONG THE DARKTE3. Ob, THE DEVIL AMONG THE BARRIES. THE MANAGER S ASSISTANT, THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT, the manager s a*sii*tant. Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan as Toby T Cavanagh as Manager Mulligan as Toby Cavanagh as Manager Oh, TOBY'S MISHAPS. Or, TOBY'S MISHAPS. Or, TOBY'S MISHAPS. Second week of m lle marietta ravel, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAIVEL, The grpat The great Tight Rope ?2 Tight-Rope Performer. Performer. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RATCL, Who will also appear in TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, TWO SPLENDID BALLET*, TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, Solo Dances, Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dances H Beautiful Tableaux, Solo Dances, Beautiful Tableaux, Supported by MONS. BAPTIST\N, MONS BAPTISTAN, MONS. BAPTI8TAN, AND T1IB RONZANI BALLET TROUPE, RONZANI BA? LET TROUPE, ronzani ballet troupe, Grace and Beauty Each a *olo Danseuse Grace and Beauty H Each a Solo Danseeus Grace and Beauty Each a Solo Daa.'eeus of 81 XT* EN LOVELY YOUNG LADI ICS, SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. SIXTEEN LOVELY YOUNG LADIES. JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, JOHN MULLIGAN, W. B. Williams, J.J.Dougherty, W.B.Williams, U J.J.Dougherty, W. B. Williams, BILLY w J. J. Dougherty, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, w NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, NEW ACTS, New Songs, New Burlesques, New Songs, B New Burlesques, New Songs, New Burlesques, NEW BANJO SO'/OS, NEW BANJO SOLOS. NEW BANJO SOLOS, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, MISS CAKRIE GARDNER, MISS CARRIE GARDNER, Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forr?st, Miss Naomi Porter, Y Mis? Jenny Forrest, Miss Naomi Porter, Miss Jenny Forrest, MISS ESTELLE FORHEST. MISS F.STELLE FORREST. MISS EStELLE FORREST. First week of the side splitting Farce, entitled THE FLYING MILLERITE I OR.TH* DEVIL AMONG THE DARKIES! Jacob..... ? ..Billy West Pete. . Miss Naomi Por'er Old Squintum? J.J Dough?rty Mr. Pillgarlic ..._ J. De'orrest Mrs. Sqnintum H. W. Williams Louisa Miss Emma Schell JOHN MULLIGAN in bis Laughable Character of, TOBY TURTLE in the funny Afterpiece of THE MANAGER'S ASSISTANT f TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS, TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. TWO MAGNIFICENT BALLETS. A DELIGHTFUL OLIO OF SONGS, SONGS. SONGS, SONGS, DANCES. DANCES, DANCES, DANCES, EXTRAVAGANZAS, EXTRAVAGANZAS. Ae. Ac. &0. Embracing the strength of the ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY. ENTIRE GBEAT VARIETY COMPANY, ENTIRE GREAT VARIETY COMPANY, numbering over Fifty Performers. Change in tbe Oflo Department Eaclftjight, Change in the Olio Department Each Night. Admlwrioa-? ~? 10 55 Orchestra........ ?? tO Private Boxes, holding six persona I 00 Doors open at 7 ?'dock; Performance to com mence at 8 e'clock. FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladies 2ft casta; Children 10 eenta. In preparation, and will shortly be produced, A NEW SENSATION DRAMA ! written expressly for thit establishment, by a papular Dramatist, and founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city. Due no. tict of its firbt repreB?nt<ktio# if ill flT?a, AMUSEMENTS. OROVKR'I THEATER. PbHRHTLVAJIIA AV., HUB WlLLABD'S HOTIL. Lbobabd Uiotii.., ....Director TBI COOLEST THEATER IN AMERICA. VEN TILATED BY OVER 10O WINDOWS. ICE WA TEh. FOR THE AUDIENCE! D THIS (Thursday) EVENING, June 2,19?l, First and only time of DON JUAN, DON JUAN, Grand Opera'by Mozart. H EHR JOSEPH HERMANN8. The grand Basso Piofnndo. Three Prima Donne: MADAM JOHANN8EN, MLLE FREDERIOI. AND M'LLE CANl^EA ? M. HABELMANN, M. 8T1INECKE. First and only time in Washington of the Opera entire Moiart's Grand Opera in three acts, DON JUAN. Herr Hermanns as ... Leporello M. Steinecke as. ? , .Don Jnaa M. Habelmann as ? ~ .Ottavia M Bimmer as ...Masetta Mad. Johannsen as Denna Anna M 'lie Frederici as ............... .Donna Elvira Mile CaDiasa as Zerliue Herr Urcha as ConUhur CARL ANSCHUTZ Conductor of the Opera TOMORROW, FRIDAY, June 3, La9t appearance ot CAUL FORMES, the renowned Basso Profundo, in CASi'ER, in Von Weber's grand master-piec*. DER FREIfCHO i'Z, which attra< ted in Boston the largest bouses of the seaton. SATURDAY, June 4, last night of Grand Opera JOSEPH HERMANNS, the celebrated Basso Profundo, in h.s great lyTic characterization. MEFHISTOPHELES, tN FAUST. MONDAY. June ??. MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON and the Dramatic Company. tOKU'ft NEW THEATER, TiSTH BtMIT, ABOVB PBHB8VLVilli ATBWT7B THE COOLEST and BEST VENTILATED PLACE OF PUBLIC AMUSEMENT IN THE CITY. thiS Evening, June 2. last night of the gorgeous spectacle of the NAIaD QUEEN, which will most positively be withdrawn afier THURSDAY NIGHT. To morrow?First night of the last new Comedy, entitled A BULL IN A CHINA SHOP. and first appearance here of the favorite comedian, MR. B. G. ROGERS. in the Irish Comedy of HIS LAST LEGS. N?tb.?A mutnal arrangement has been made between the favorite tomeaian, MR. J. 8. CLvRKE, and the Manager, to postpone the production of fUAKSPEARE'8 COMEDY OF ERRORS until MONDAY. Junefith. in order to render it more effectively, with the ad dition of several POPULAR FAVORITES IN THE CAST, "boarding. Board CAN BE OBTAINED in a private fam ily in the country, four miles from George town. Gentlemen preferred. Apply at 8tar Of fice. Je 2-2t* F'OUR OR FIVE SINGLE OENT1-EMEN can be accommodated with *ood board and pleasant rooms by immediate application at No. 377 13th street, between New York avenue and I street. Also, Table Boarders wanted. Je 2-3t* BOARDING.?Rooms for rent, with board, large, airy, and comfortably furnished To more than two gentlemen occupying the same room a deduction in price wiil be made. An excellent table is provided, and good attendance. A few table boarders taken. Apply 395 IStn street, bet. F ard G streets. je l-2t* '?'ABLE BOARD.?Several persons can be ac I commodate*! with TABLE BOARD, at 372 C street, corner 4}?. Also, a small ROOM to rent, with board. my 31-3t* TWO OR THREE GENTLEMEN can be accom modated with pleasant RooMs and BOARD at . No. bl Market street, Georgetown, between 3d and 4th. Terms 125 per month. my3l-3t* GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS TGEORGETOWN, D. C . May 24, 1*64 HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective place# of business at 7S p m. from June 1st to September 1st, \SM, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. ^ . G. W. BEALL A CO , W 8 MATTHEWS. JOHN J. BOGUE, GEORGE W ORME, D. JACKSON, W R. HURDLE, LEWIS BR-?OKS, F. T. MILBURN. A. J. KATOLIFFE A CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. 0 ' RR'?LL, A. F. OFFUTT ?fc CO., W. H. ERNEST, J. F. KELLY, MAYFIt-LD * BROWN, EDWARi) H. BROWN. SMOuT A BU RROUGHS, *. 8. RO ENTHAL, EDWARD MYERS. my 23 3w* H IGH STREET MARKET, No. 74 Oppositb Prospkot Street, Georgeioien, D. C. We, the undersigned, beg leave to Inform the public that we have on hand a choice assortment of Fre*h Meats of all kinds. Poultry* Game, Ac Eggs wholesale and retail. Apples and Potatoes by the barrel. Canned Fruits of all kinds at market prices. oiy3-lm* H. W. FISHER A CO. PASTURAGE FOR HORSES?Fine pasturage on Rock Creek, with a responsible per-1 sot), where horses will receive the best at tention and care. Apply to MitchelIHon.se4 Stables, 13th street, corner ot E my 3')-6t* Allow me to call your attention to iny really handsome stock of NERY and FANCY GOODS which have^U" Just arrived and ready for your inspection. I can state without boasting that I have ti e handsomest stock of FL0W1SK8 ever imported, wlich, looking at them, will convince; English Straw Bonnets from $8.50 to 915x and those beautiful Pamillas, as white as the driven snow; a fine stock of Back Combs and new styles of Fans. Having been for so many years in the wholesale business in New York, render my facilities to offer you any goodd in my line beyond competition. M'ME PRINCE, my 23-lm* '22 Market Space. Bargains 12* millinery AND CHILDREN' BFANCY HATS, AT TP* NEW YORK ESTABLISHMENT, No. 4 Market Space, second door from 9th street. Having ft large and extensive Stock of Goods, and desirons of reducing it before the close of the season, the prices will be marked down much below their original value. ^ Ladies will now have the opportunity of pur chasing an elegant, stylish Bonnet for the same price they would pay for an inferior one else W^he stock is complete, with every novejty of the season. my I7-2w* QUERYf?Who has the largest assortment of pattern for 8tamping ? Who is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery ? Who has the guest stock of Embroideries, Braids, Ac., and who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? ?STPRINCE, 381 F STREET, where ladies can select from 26,000 choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having, stamped for 80,000 ladies is proof thathe knows his business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as they should be, go to the only person in the city who does good work. FLUTING I FLUTING 1 FLUTING! The only mackint in town now in operation. Flu tine done as good as in new York or elsewhere. my 9-tf KT381 F street, opposite Patent Offiee. pAVALRY HORSES WANTED. Wab Difabtmbst. Cavalry Burbac, Ofitt of L'hxtJ Quirfrmnur, Washington, D. C., May 18th, 1884. THREE THOUSAND(3.000.HORSES WANTED One hundred and sixty-five (1166) dollars per head will be paid for(,^1VALRy q0RSES delivered within the next tbirtv (30) days at the Government stables at Giesboror, D. C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (6) nor more than nine 9) years old; from fifteen to sixteen hands high, full in flesh, compactly built, bridle wise, and or sise sufficient for rAV&lry purposes. These specifications will be strictly ftdhered to and rigidly enforced in every particular.' Payment made on delivsryj^seven <y^and over. Lieut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, my 18-1? ' Cavalry Bnrean. HH 0 F F A , , DBALER I? WATCH MATERIALS, TOOLS,. CRYSTALS, FILES, Ac., No. 337 Pennsylvania Avencb, opposite Metropolitan Hotel, mar 2-Jy Washington, D. C. r' ( SS4.\ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATES PBESS DISPATCHES.] FROM THE PENINSULA. Army of the Ptltmac at Mechanlcsville? Communication with the White H(Mt? Rebel Opinion of General Grant?Ene my's < avalry Rented by Sheridan?Tran quillity at General Butler's Headquar ters. Fobtbkas Monrob, May 31.?Gen. Grant's communication with the White House is com plete, and all works well. Major Wentx, superintendent of the Govem m> nt railroads, arrived here this moraine with enpines, oars, and material for building a rail road from West Point and the White House to Richmond, when it may be-required. Richmond papers of Monday, the 30th, have been received here. They have chanced their views with regard to the military ability of General Grant, t>nd say that they have been underrating him. They sav that he is smarter than they had dreamed of, and manifest some fears in regard to the safety of Gen. Lee, or rather as to bis success in repelling the Yankee army. A messenger from General Grant reports that on Monday morning our army had reached Mechanlcsville, with but little opposition. Sheridan bad rou'ed the enemy's cavalry at all points, and captured many prisoners. Heavy canonading was heard during Mon day in the direction of Mechanlcsville. Anothkb Dispatch. 4 O'clock P. M.?Steamer Thomas Powell arrived lrom Bermuda Hundred. All quiet to-day with Gen. Butler's forces. Steamer C. W. Thomas, from White House, arrived with bearer of dispatches from Gen. Grant. The highest hopes for success are entertained by those competent to judge. H-adquarters Virginia and Xorth Carolina, in the Held, May '2*2, 1004.?General Orders Ifo.Oti.? In "accordance with orders from the War De par'ment, and for sanitary reasons, no bodies will be disinterred in this department until the first of October. By order or Major Gen eral Butler. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Particulars of the Flank Movement?The Crossing of the Pamunkey?Cavalry Fight with Fitzhugh Lee. [Associated Press Correspondence.J Oli> Chcbch Tavbrn, Va, May 30, via Washington, .lune 1.?We have again flanked the enemy. Our forces were withdrawn to the noi th side of the North Anna river last Thurs day and Friday. General Sheridan, with Tor bett's and Gregg's divisions of cavalry, marched all night, and on Thursday morning the fords on the Pamunkey were in our possession. At Dabney's Ferry. Baiter's North Carolina brigade opposed our advance, and resisted us when we laid our pontoon bridge. Generals Custer's and Deems brigades drove the enfmy off to Hanover Court House, killing many aad capturing a large number of prisoners. The 6th corps was soon at our heels. Then came the '2d, 5th and 9th. Lee was doomed to disappointment, and his elaborate fortifications would not serve him. Grant was found on his right flank, and he must away to Richmond. On Saturday morning Gregg's division of cavalry was flred into near Hawes's Shop. Davies's brigade was in the advance. The woods seemed alive with the rebels, and soon began to resound with sharp volleys from our carbines. In a short time Davies's entire brigade'was fighting in earnest. Colonel Gregg was ordered to Daviea's support, and the re mainder of the division were hotly engaged. Fitzhugh Lee commanded the rebels in person, and bis cavalry corps were all fighting, as sisted by a brigade of mounted fire-eaters from South Carolina, commanded by Col. Butler. These men had just arrived from the seaboard, and they admit the warmth of the reception our troops gave them. Conspicuous In the battle were the ith, 13th and 16th Pennsylvania, the 1st New Jersey, 6th Ohio and 1st Massachusetts regiments. For a long time these men held Fitzbugh back, and all onr cavalrymen engaged behaved with distinguished bravery. We found the rebels strongly entrenched in this w^ods, with heavy guns In position, but with every ad vantage upon their side, they were badly beaten, and sent flying from the field in great confusion, leaving their dead and wounded in our hands, and over 100 prisoners. Gen. Gregg maintained the ur.equal contest from noon till two o'clock p. m., when Gen. Custer came up and formed bis squadrons into line and charged the enemy s works. Gen. Gregg's command advanced at the same time with a cheer. Manv a brave fellow fell in this daring assault, but the works were onrs and soon not an armed rebel could be tound for tfcree miles. The 13th and 16th Pennsylvania, and the 5th and 7th Michigan suflerea a heavy loss*. Too much credit cannot be given to this brigade, which fought with unprecedented calmness amid the storm of grape and canister. Our loss will amount to 360 killed and wounded and missing. The rebels used grape and canister plentifully. Our infantry were all up the same evening, and long strong lines of fortifications were erected, so that if Lee should attempt to cross our path we were prepared. He did not, how ever, and next morning our newlymade breast works were abandoned, and the column moved on toward Richmond. On Monday, the 3i?th, Major Deoland had two squadrons of the l?th Pennsylvania cavalry on picket duty. He held the road leading from Cold Harbor to Old Church Tavern. About noon his pickets were driven in, and the enemy appeared in heavy force. Col. Deems sent the 0th and 6th New York regiments to reinforce Major Dfoland, when a heavy engagement ensued. John Auglin. quartermaster of the 17th Pennsylvania, was killed, while fighting in 'be skirmish line. Gen Merrittsocn arrived with his brigade, and a battery of brass Napoleons were trained on the rebels and opened fire. The6th Pa. was sent in on the left of the line, and charged the rebel flank. Here Capt. Seiper was wonnded and Lieutenant Martin killed. Gen. Custer next entered and a general charge was ordered, when the rebels were swept from our sight. They fled, leaving a large number of their dead and wounded on the field. Lieutenant Blunt of the 6ih New York, and Captain Tice of the 17th Pennsylvania, were wonnded. Fitzbugh Lee wta bafiled and foiled in bis efforts to stop onr communication with the "White House. Onr advance is now (Bpnday) near Mechan lcsville. On the left Warren was using his cannon freely all day. He drove in the rebel picket lines abont four miles. Lee's army occupy the trenches abont Mea dow and Bottom bridges. To day onr communication with the White House was opened. The Pamunkey ia full of transports and gunboata. We expect General Smith to join ns with his command in two dajs. General Hancock made one of his mighty efforts last night abont dark to relieve Warren who had been slightly pressed during the afternoon. Onr loss, so far, has been very trifling. _ ^ The siege of Richmond has began. THE CLEVELAHP COflYEWTIOW. The Freatont Platform?The P?r?T *? Called ??The Radical OemoeraM"?Twe Hnadred Delegates present?The veatien a Disappolatmeat. . Clbvbland,Ohio, M?y3l rJf The committee on credentials r'P?E^ Ohio, Illinois, New York, lowa, Missouri, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Wiscon sin TennMiM. Main?* Indiana, New Hainp sbire, Ne w Jersey, and the District of Columbia PLATVOR*. The committee on reiolntione reported a *2e^Federal Union shall be pre 8e2d?Tbat the Constitution and laws of the United States mnat be observed and obeyed. 3d, That the rebellion must be suppressed by force orarms and without compromise. 4th. That the rights of free speech and the press, and the habeas corpus be held invtotale save in districts where martial law ha* been P5th'"That the rebellion has destroyed slavery, and that the Federal Constitution should be amended to prohibit Its re-establishment and to secure to all men absolute equality before the law 6th That Integrity and economy are demand ed at all times in the administration of the Government, and that in time of war the want of them (? criminal. 7ih. That the right of asylum, except for crime and subject to law, is a recognised prin ciple of American liberty ; that any violation ol it cannot be overlooked, and must not go an rebuked. 0tl>. That the National policy, known aa the Monroe doctrine, baa become a recognized principle, and that the establishment of an an ti-Republican Government on this continent by anv foreign l'o*i>r cannot be tolerated. 9 b. That the prntitude and snpport of Ltxe> nation is due to !Im? uiikiul soldiers and <>trx est lender* of tre t'nion nrmy and dstt ttff their heroic schievciiHntR and deathless vak>r in deft nee of our imperilled country &ud civil liberty. lMh. Tbat (be one-term policy for the Presi dency, adopted by the people, U strengthened by force of the existing crisis, and ?boo Id be maintained by constituaonal amendment. 1Kb. That the Constitution should be so amended that the President and Vice President shall be elected by a direct rote of the people. 42th. Tbat the question of the reconstruction of tbe rebellion* .States belongs to the people, tbrongh their representatives in Congress, and not to the Executive. 13th. "1 hat the confiscation of !he lands of the Rebels, and tbeir distribution among the sol diers and settlers is & measure of justice. Tbe last resolution was not recommended, but reported for consideration. Mr. Gilbert announced tbe receipt of a letter from Wendell Phillips. Tbe letter was warm ly applauded. A letter lrom Lucius Robinson, Comptroller ot New York, was read, favoring tbe nomina tion of General Grant. Tbe resolutions were then adopted separate ly Colonel Moses moved tbat the Convention Frccedt? the nomination of candidates lor Pit fident and Vice President. Mr Ransom moved to reconsider, believing i woi;Id be better to wait unul after the BaKi m 'r? Convention. Colonel Mess moved tbat John O. Fremont b-? declared the nominee tor President. Mr. Ransom moved an amendment, that a romu atmg convention be held in Cleveland! on tbe first Wednesday in September. Lost, only nine voting in tbe affirmative. Mr. Powell, of Washington, moved to ad journ over to the Radical Convention at Balti more on the 6th of June. Decliired out ot or der. The nomination of Fremont was than made by acclamation. General Cochrane, B Orati BWWI will General Butler were named for Vioe Presi dent. * Mr. Cochrane asked leave to retire from the Convention. ? Mr. Gilbert taking tbe cbair, the question vis put, and the nomination of Gen. Cochrane was confirmed, with but few voices in the nega tive. A Committee was appointed to report a plan of organization and a name for the party. Mr. Sanger, a German, from Iowa, offered a resolution tbat members of this Convention, or any Convention arising tberefrom, and its Presidential Electors, pledge themselves not to accept office or contracts from the new Administration ; bnt tbat this pledge shall not exclude them from serving in the army Or navv. Mr Domers, of New \ork, spoke at length, favoring Gen Grant, and threatening tbe par ty with failure unless it waited for events and these candidates by a regular delegation from tbe people instead of an informal meet in e Germans especially are wild over Fremont'? nomination. Parker Pillsbury and Mr. S. S. Foster, tbe New England Abolitionist, and Messrs. Plumb and Goodeil, Abolitionists of New York, and Caspar Buts, of Missouri, have taken a conspicuous part in the Conven tion. Mr- S. J. Rea, of Philadelphia, endeavored to nrge tbe rule of voting by States, but was voted down Tbe assembly is generally with out credentials, and is self constituted, claim ing to be an unconditional people's party. A letter from Wendell Phillips was read, giving support to either Fremont or Butler. Tbis Administration hod sustained the rebel lion, and thought more of conciliating its foes than serving tbe country. It bad misused its tbiee weapons to put down the war?men, money and emancipation?and bad just done enougb to intimidate the rebels and not save tbe State. We shall have to continue the war in tbe Senate atter closing it on the field. There must be a thorough reorganization of Stages on tne basis of absolute equality?tbe blaiks admitted to citizenship, or we most hold Stares as territt ries under standing armies. He concluded by praising the high statesmanship and military ability of Gen. Fremont. Tbe Convention voted to call the new party ??The Radical Democracy." At no time has the Convention been very large or very Im pressive, and It adjourned without fulfilling tbe expectations ot its organizers. RUINED OR NOT ? "Gold is 190, and the property of the country will be destroyed," says Mr. Faintheart. ??Gold is going to 2oo, and I shall be broke," says Mr. Weakknees. "Iam mined! My bank balance is worth only fifty-five cents on the dollar,'' says Jir Nevertbink. Let us stop a moment, gentlemen, and look into this matter. Facts are better than fears, and principle is better than prejudice. Yoa are suffering? yes, suffering, there is no other word for it?under the delusion that the amoant of gold and silver coin in tbe sountry is an equivalent of its wealth. Now, do you know tbat the highest financial authorities have never estimated tbis amount at over two hun dred at d fifty millions, and it is probably much less, even In time of peace. But suppose we admit tbat it is three hundred millions; and now do von know tbat, according to tbe United States Census of 1&C0, tbe wealth of the coun try?its real snd personal property?was esti mated (rather too low than too bigb) at fifteen thcutand millions. If you will just take your pencil and cypher out tbe proportion that three bundred millions in specie bears to fifteen thousand millions of property, you will dis cover that it is?what 1 fifty per cent T No Twenty.five percent.! No!?but exactly !uw per cent.,?that is, tbe whole amount of specie in the country never was two par oent, or a filtieth part of the specie value of the property; and if, at any one time, the whole property of tbe country had been forced to sale for the specie in tbe country, it would not have brought two cents on the dollar ot its actual specie value. , Specie, or the currency that may stand for it, is only the convenient and recognized medium for making an exchange of products. It repre sents property in the market, property in transit, but never the fixed property of a nation. Money is the lubricator. It don't make values; it sim ply lubricates tbe machinery, and keep* tba wheels of commerce running smoothly. When too abundant, the wheels run too fast; and when scarce, there is too much friction. And now, Mr. Faintheart, can yon piek a flaw in our statement! Is it not absolute trothf But what shall we say to Mr. Weakknees, who is afraid of bankruptcy, and Mr. Nevertbink, wbo is only afraid of his bank-balanoe. If Mr. Weakknees is In debt, it is now easy to get out. Pay up while money is plenty, and bo happy. If a mortgage on your land will be due next year or any year provide tor it now while yon are getting high prices for everything yon sell Bnt Mr. Neverthink, you have-say a bank balance of *20,000. You are afraid, that gold is going up or paper going down abont out o? sight, and you wish to invest this balance in some productive property. Will yon buy a bouse worth only 910,000 in specie, and pay for it $18,000 in currency I Suppose yon wis* to sell that house alter the resumption of specie payments, it will bring yon only ?10,000, and yon will have lost exactly $8,000. Will that be a shrewd operation ? We think we can ??put you up" to something better?somsthing by which you can make your bank balance or currency not only worth its face in gold, bnt m premium besides. Invest in GovtrUMBC Bonds. Buy the HMO's. After the warleerer* they will be worth par in gold and soMtilac over?and they pay a liberal gold Interest ft mot tbe beginning. If they are not safs, then no property is safe. The sams spirit of anarchjr that would repudiate your property in the na tional debt would repudiate it in your fctwa. If the law will not protect you In one descrip tion of your property, it will net lu another, and your greatest safety as well as profit is in maintaining and strengthening the Govern, ment that maintains and supports tbe law. VA notary in one of the prOYtBCi&i towns of France istely forwarded to the Bank o? France a brick with a lOOOf. note glned on U, ?which has been paid, and will be kept in th# Bank Museum of Curiosities. It had bssn for mteen years glued on the wall of a peasant'* bouse, and considered as a pictorial curiosity by the min who found it, and wbo did not know Its vslne. ?7" The usually quiet town of Marrtsburg, pa., was the scene of quite an excitement a few days ago. An Indignant wifa having die covered her husband in bed with another wo man at Hsrr's Hotel, inflicted summary vfl geance upon her with a knife.

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