Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1864 Page 2
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the evening star W D. ITALiilB. Editer a?d Pf>rirt?'1. WASHINGTON CITY I TMr J?a? 1864' i KTRSAIHNG MATTER ON JTKRY PAQ1 I OUTBID* FOB INTERKSTING TILS gSAPHIO AND 0TH1R MATT1R. THE BALTIStORE CONVENTION. If anj thing were wanting to Insure the re aomiaauon of President Lincoln next week by tw BnHimore Convention, by acclamation; it has certainly been supplied by the demonstra tion of the ut'.er weakness of the opposition o bin in the ranks of those professing to favor the stern prosecution of the war until the re beiliou be quelled, which is the conspicuous reonlt ot the mui or mob convention of mal content* Held last week in Cleveland, Ohio. There ">** ? question whether Fremont, as the representative of the malcontent interest, had no* spme thing like respectable popular strength remaining to be developed by some possible adverse culmination in military affairs. The Cleveland Convention, designed evidently to place ?lm in a position to avail himself of any such contingency, has, however, made it plain that bis political supporters number but two ?* three numerically weak odds and ends of effete factions?sticklers for giving the rebel lion the aid of constitutional and legal quirks in Its work of destroying the constitution and jaws; negro worshippers, who acknowledge no interests or rights under the Government save those of the blaek man; politicians, weary at heart on accountof being kept from the pab lio crib by the people, and exposed swindlers in dealings with the Government and army. That they prove to be ridiculously few in their ag flmgeu number:, and that they ars as weak mod purtle as few, is so very apparent in what occurred In their convention that tha Baltimore Union Convention cannot fall to act promptly upon the theory that the Union son t latent of the land is unanimously in favor of leaving the conduct of the Government in the bands now charged with that duty. from the front. HE.W i FIGHTING ON MONDAY. Dfcdl'EKATU ASSAULT ON OUTt LEFT. IT 13 REPELLED WITII HEAVY LO^ TO THE EN ESI Y. iCorrespoi: dence of the Philadelphia Inquirer ] HaAE<jUABfBP.S Abmv, Fiftkhn tbom Richmond, is m , May 30.?Yesterday, our fcrces occupied a very strong position, our right reeling on the Pamunkey and our left on Tolopotomy creek, being formed in a half circle. Along the entire line formidable earthworks aad been erected, and the line considered im pregnable. But this line was abandoned yes terday afternoon, and the army udvauced iu line of battle several miles in a northwesterly direction, toward the Virginia Central rail road. Our right, the sixth corps, rests on the Pa munfcey; then the second corj/t, and next the r.fth corps, forming the extreme left, the ninth corps being in reserve. i j* ? understood to hold a strong line from Hanover Court House to Atlee'sStation, ou the Virginia Central Railroad. It will be re marked from this formation of our own and ;fce enemy's lines, that Richmond is on oar left jlsn*, our line frontinz northeast. This morning skirmishing was quite brisk, bi*t it has ceased without bringing any results 3: is possible that the battle for Richmond may be fought here, but not at all probable. The army ^s nearly out of rations, and it mast hold its position a day or two for sup pilM, which are being brought up from White House. We copy the following from the New York Inbuilt of last evening . IlBAOQUABTEBS AltMr TUB POTOMAC, Va., Monday, May 50tb, 5 P. M.?Soon after despatching your special messenger this after noon to the White House, the enemy massed his forces in front of Warren's Corps and made a desperate assault upon our left. His ad vance, however, was arrested with heavy loss from our artillery and infantry fire. TLe Sixth and Second Corps have been ac tively engaged in skirmishing throughout the afternoon, In which we have had many wounded. The loss in the Fifth Corps is severe, but bears no proportion to the injury inflicted on the enemy. The rebel force still occupy their position, but a few hundred j arda on our front and from our left line, which i? but eight miles from Richmond. It does not yet oeem to be believed that Lee ?will force a battle here, yet v. e are ready for ; h?m if he so chooses. A citizen, who has mauag^d, alter two years' service in the rebel army, to escape fnrther military service, says that after Lee learned j that we were crossing the Paniunkev&t Old j Hanovertown, he hurried all his troops down co o?_jpo?>e us, but was a little too late, as was demonstrated by their cavalry repulse on ??aturday. He also asserts that Lee will have a united lorceof 125,000 men for the defense of Richmond, and yet thinks his troops will not light with thetr wonted tenacity, on account ot n growing lack of confidence in the success ot inetr cause. Our supply trains are beginning to reach camp to-night, and our boys, with exhausted rations, are replenishing their stores and tlieir determined spirits. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Important from James River. A REBEL IRON-CLAD ATTACKS OUR MONITORS. E I- DRIVEN UP THE RIVER. Rk^mci'A Hvshkbo. June 1.?At 3 o'clock ml* morning a Rebel iron-clad came down the James river and attacked our Monitors. Th-? engagement continued upwards of two hours with continuous and heavy cannonading. The Rebel iron clad was then driven up the river. Further results were not known when the Jchn A. Warner left at 10 a. m. THE WAR IN GEORGIA. Vlcl?riM* Progress of Our Army?At lanta Ours by Saturday sr Monday Nent?Caplnre of Rebel Prisoners. Cau tion. ele?Joe Johnston Still ?? Falling Back." PmilAMCLPBTA, June 1.?A special dispatch lo the Evening Telegraph, dated Cincinnati, June Is', says news has been received here direct from Kingston, Tenn., by telegraph, i which frays that Gen. Sherman arrived at Dal las l&3? Saturday, and pushed on reinforco loents to Mcpherson, who was to reach Atlan ta by neat Saturday, unless a heavy force of ti?e rebsi* were met on the way. A' last accounts he was at Sweetwater town, ?ud bad driven the rebels across Powder and Plu k*j*ck Creeks, and got possession of the (.?r.dge actoss the Chattahuochie, 12 miles from Atlanta. The main army, under Gen. Thomas, is ad vancing, and he occupied Marietta on Monday, iw;:? some 400 prisoners and a railroad train of ?ick and wounded rebels, with several cMi nor. and some email arms. It ie believed that Atlanta will be in our po? *estk>n by next Monday. It ie MUd that Gen. Johnston, with frag men?* ot his disorganized army, has crossed me Chattahoochie, ana is falling back to Athens, eait from Marietta about 50 miles. Polk, with an army of all sorts of men, most ly conscripts and Pemberton* bovs, is retreat ing to Macon on the Central Georgia road. Re-election sf Senator Anthony. i Newport, R I., June i ?llenry B. Anthony was to-day re-elected United States Senator tor six years from the 4th of March next. The ' vcte v a* again* t 87 for George 11. Brown, l*n.ocr4t, T HB C?P*B A ?Gro ver's Theater was crowded la*: night with one of the most fashionable houses of the season, and the performances were greeted with continuous applause, as they veil deserved, both from the general effective ness cf the Company and the excellence of the i&divldual performers. In all the leading r?-<juUKrs for the successful rendition of lead, mgeperas the Company now atGrover's is undoubtedly superior to any that has ever l?fore visited this city. To l>on Juah will be performed with Lt ain-iratxe cast. ?7-Froir. jTfchillington.Odeon Building we i*Av? a- ad*a>cecopy ol Frank Leslie's Lady's Csgati:.* Icr /or?. THE IC1NE or THE IMrEWDlWG BATTLE> Tbe situation of both the oppoelar armies la Virginia is aucb, fit the advices, t a. & battle may be considered imminent. In new of this fact a brief topographical description of the battle-field may not be anintereeting. Both armies are now in Hanover conaty. with the North Anna on theoorth and the Ohiekahomjny on the south. Dee's army, aa is auuounced in diepatcbes from General Grant, is on the Mechanicsrille road south of the Tolopo tomv river, one of the tributaries of the pamnnkt-y. and between that stream and H&we'e shop, with his right resting oh Shady Grove. The fcnrface of Hanover county is hilly, and the soil sandy, bat there are few natural im pediments to the operations of an army. Han over Court House, the county seat, is memor able a* the scene of Patrick Henry's early career, and as the birthplace of Henry Clay. The object of Lee will be to preserve the rebel capital from the advance of General Grant, and for this reason he has selected a field which covers all the highways leading into Richmond. General Grant seems inclined to give hi3 enemy no opportunity to move northward, and therefore has ordered the destruction of the bridges over Little and the North Anna ; rivers. Lee's left?assuming that he faeess to the south?is protected by the Chlckahomlny. The road from Hanovertown crosses this stream at Mechanicaville, which is on a turnpike five miles northwest of Richmond. There is an other road just in the rear of this which also leads to the rebel capital. In moving down these roads Gen. Grant will encounter the lines of Lee's army, and the situation is so con tracted that there is little probability of another I flank movement being successful. If the Chickahominy is intended by Lee as the last line of defense, the position has been well chosen. The stream itself is peculiarly adapted to the defensive warfare. The river is a small one, and flows sluggishly. It divides itself into a half dozen streamlets, running into and out of each other at random. These water i courses occupy a space about seventy yards in ' width. Immense trees grow up out of the j water, and the entire stream is covered by a thick woods. It is a remarkable instance of a river running through and watering a long strip of woods. From each side of the woodland a flat sur face extends for about half a mile. This is I nrarly always overflowed, and becomes an im passible morass. It is only when the water in the river is very low that men can safely walk upon the ground bordering it. On tbese fiat surfaces there is not a solitary tree. They ars bare, and anything moving upon them can easily be discerned. From the borders of these plains, huge hills, in some cases, two or three hundred feet high, abruptly rise. They are covered with thick woods, and are so steep that wagons cannot be hauled directly up their face. I The few roads go down them diagonally to ? the bridges, across the swamp and river. This t t'nickahomlnv valley, one of the strongest in America, is the outer defense of Richmond. Frem the tops of the hills on the one side, across theswamp'to the bill-top3 on the othur side, the distance varies from a mile to a mile and a half. The ordinary twelve-pound rilled Napoleon gun" can just about throw a shell from one hill-top to the other. From "the Fred* erie-ksburg railroad crossing down to New Jiridpe, a distance of eieht miles, the Confed erate works are all along the bills on its sonthern border. or Fie ial. Dki ARTUBNT OV STATE, ( Washington, June 1,1S61. $ it has been officially announced to this De partment that, in consequence of the suspen sion of hostilities brought about by the Con ference now sitticg in London, the blockade of the ports of Cammin, Swinemnnde, Wolgast, Griefswaide, Sfralsund, Barth, Danzig, and Pillau, and of the ports and Inlets in the Duch ies of Schleswig and Holstein, was ordered to be raised on the 12th ultimo. "NOTICE.?The regular monthly meeting LIS_, c.f the JOURNEYMEN HOUSE PAINTERS POCIBTY will be held at Temperance Hall oil FRIDAY EVENING. June .3d, at 7!j o'clock. Ev ery member is requested to be punctoal in attend ance. By order. P.HICKEY, Pres t. .1 G5>. V. 31 u I'.fBEY. Rec Sec. ,ie 2-2t rre"STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL.?The ladies 11 vf of the Ninth street Methodist Pro tea tint Church wi'l hold a Festival for the benefit of the church at the Cnion League Rooms, 9'h street near E, commeneing on TUESDAY EVENING next, and continuing daring the week, a very ef fort will be aiade to make this festival worthy the patronage of the pubiic. je 2-3t* IVS=?THE LADIE8 Ok 8T PAUL'S ENGLISH 1L3 LUTHERAN CHURCH will hold a Straw berry Festival in the lecture room of the C'hurcu, corner of 11th and II streets, commencing TUES DAY. Juno 7lh. and continue four nights, for the benefit of the Sudday fjchool and Home Mission cause. Single admission 15 cents. Season ticket*, or.e person, 30 cents. Fsniily serson ticket* fl. je 2-8t* *-=?=? KNIGIITS TEMPLAR. ATTENTION.?A }J( special meeting of Washington Comman<I erv. No. 1, wiU he held at the Asylum SATURDAY EVENING, the ?h instant, for the purpose of considrring matters relating to the contemplated visit of the Sir Knights to Philadelphia A full attendance is requested. All sojourning Knights are also invited to be present. to 2-2t* JOHN F. 81IARRETTS. Recorder,_ *^?KNIGHT8 TEMPLAR. ATTENTION !? 1 j The members of Washington and Columbia Commanderies are requested to meet at their Asy lum at 7',? o'clock THIS EVENING, in fvllregaUa, to receive the Grand Master of Templar", repre sentatives from the Grand Encampment of i S.. it 'id representatives from the Graud Coimnandery of Ohio. Br .Her f. It Recorders. 'THE LADIES OF ST. JOHN'S SUNDAY |l_3 School. Georgetown, will hold a Festival torthe sale of Useful and Fancy AUiclt-a aud Re freshments, in the new Sunday School room, on 21 street, adjoining the church, commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING, Jane 1st. at 0 o'clock. The ladies solicit th?v kind patronage of their friends. Admittance 10 c?*nts. ie I-3t STRAWBERRY AND FLOWER FESTI LL5 VAL.-The ladies of the Church of the As cension will hold a Strawberry and Flower Festival in the basement of the Church, on H street, be tween 9thandl' th streets, to continue for three days, commencing on WEDNESDAY EVENING, the 1st of June, at 7 o'clock. The room is now being elegantly decorated with beautiful flowers, fir. The ladies are preparing everything that cau be desired to make tne affair as agreeable as pos sible, and they will be happy to see all who may favor theoi with their presence. je 1 .3t r^5=?UNION STRAWBERRY ECSTIVAL TOK TUE CAPITOL niLL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7Ih strut, commencing June 1st, closing June 12th, with Grand Promenade Concert. _ ^'Admission 10 cents; seasou tickets 5"lccnts. Tickets for concert 8" cents. my 31 lw* rr55?THE LADIES OF WESLEY CHAPEL Uof (corner 5tb and F f-treets) take pleasure in announcing that they will hold their annual FLO RAL AND STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL in the basement of said ehurch, commencing on the EVENING of the 31st inst , end continuing sev eral days. The friends and public are cordially invite*!. Season Tickets, admitting gentleman j?ad ladjr. 5*t cents. my ^0-lt* [Intel, t'liron. A Repnb. copy J fTl5=? FLORAL AND FRUIT F E.ST IV AL.-T he LL *t Siaters in charge of the 8t. Ann'n Infant As>liim. corner of 2ltu and K street*, near the Circie bee to announce a GRAND FLORAL AND FRUIT FESTIVAL. rommench;r TUESDAY. May iilst, and continuing during t^ week. As this Institution is a new undertaking In this city, and attended w'tli great expense, and Is no* in ereat need, they feel confidence in,making this appeal to the generosity of the pub-ic, Hk'i hope they will attend. . . Supper tickets. cent*. Admission to room. 10 cent*. Open from - to loo'clock p. m. n-vS^-ft* nr5=?PESTlVAL AND FAIR AT. ISLAND |Jof 1IALL?The ladi'S rf the Seventh street Presbyterian Church will hold their Festival a: the above Hail, commencing MONDAY, MsySV One of the best Bands of Mnsic in the city har been engaged fer tne occasion. The Piano, kina ly furnished. is from J t. Ellis's music store. Admission, 15 cents. Season Tickets. < ae pri son. 60 cents. Famiiy Scaaoa Ticieta,$l, ni> 17-2w ERSONS WISHING TO OBTAIN PAVING STONE can obtain mforr-jkMon Mr. SAM UEL DU V ALL, corner of I and S?th streets, Firs* Ward. - >e*2V THE LATEST SI iXES , TRAW'HATS CHA3. L. LOCKWC>OD A CO.'S je?-lni if . 324 Pa.av,,bet. -jta ana lu'n st-.^ ACK FOR SALE.?An Open Carrfage In g-?oU oVder, together with S HOttMS and J|| * aU tbf applitncH fc-r rur?n.Dff, nil! be sold ressi i-atie, as the owner wants to *( into ether bus-tess. A.?f.y u> s. A, MITCHELL. IIth street stand, cr ?f TILP S Res tauraiit, 7tb aai N <????. - UTFAMER B a LTIMCib: HAS ARRIVKD - CT Consignees aiii pifcs?e att?nl K to the rrcettjca of their gocda <,ne"i-;t MOP.GAN ft RHINKHART. REMOVAL OTICE TO FARMERS. MARKET CARDEN EKS AM CAPTAIN^ Of VESSELS. Ther fr et 'i - the ?&!? of Manars deilseralie frc ai t-^e alr'erer.t t^verna-'-st eerr?.lsin the Uepact i-iui of Waehfngt?r> >:ss fceec removed frc m the corter cf f *i.d lirth atreets to the cf E atd l^tn Str?btfc.cuie bic.ji freai Peu^yivania avt^ci-^. 03 m', ?4-' f. The p.aut.a.' a Wiug tow is the pt-cper t. fcr faroaeri and gardss*rg to isr la \rd ha-- s wipt>iy c. raanitre for tf.p dressings aad fa.i ti-" Larg<} flB.aaaltlsaef w?ll retted Eacurc ca har.4 and f r sa.p at lew rates. V'?d-Veasels for New Yori Good t?igbtn hid dUpa'.o- K.'ea App.y to lilDGrK, Agont. ??i E. ecrnsr m? and B atr??U, lbi:oktrrmP? *f,caitVhst. The Government Loan 0 r .<?200,000,000. THIS LOAN 18 AUTHORIZED by Act of Con gress ?f March 8th. MM. which f?r ^ REDEMPTION IN COIN, at any period not Un than ten or man than f^tv from Us date, at the pleasure of the Government. UNTIL ITS REDEMPTION. fire per cent, in terest is to be paid eemi annually IN COIN. SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE LOAN are recced by the National Banks in United States notes or | in such cmrreney or ether fund* as are taken by them on depo'it at par. ITS EXEMPTION FROM STATE OR LOCAL TAXATION adds from one to three per cent, per annum to its value. THF RATE OP INTEREST on this loan, al-' though but five per cent, in coin U a? much great er in currency a* the difference between the mar ket value of currency and gold. AS A RULE, the five per cent, specie securities of all solvent governments are always par or a^ove, and currency now funded in the National Loen, will be worth it* face in gold, ieaides pay ing a regular and liberal percentage to the holder. THE AUTHORIZED AMOUNT of this loan is f?00,0 0,r<y. The amount of subscriptions report ed to the Treasury at Washington, during April and May, has been oyer $60,000,000. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer of the United Staff at Washington, and the Ajjijt ant Treasurers at New York, Boston and Philadel phia, and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, AND BY ALL NATIONAL BANKS which are depositaries of public mone*. and all RESPECTABLE BANKS AND BANKERS throughout the country (acting as ageuts of the National Depositary Banks,) will furaish further information on application, and AFFORD EYERY FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS. jc 2-eo3t - PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR RKNT. For rent, one of the largest and l>est located Gal leries in Washington, with nil the modern im provements. None but first-class artists.of hign reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare chonce for a good energetic operator with eom<' A","ou,"f p.;"B'iM.?W 1 CO., Terms cash, first month in advance. jc 2 3t T^HE COPARTNERSHIP HERKTOFOJtK Ex isting between II. Xilowski %nd A. h.loczew ski, un4er the firm of H. Xil?>wiAi A Uo ha*, bv mutual consent, boen dissolve# -this 2d nay or June. 18 .4. All persons indebted to the fi-m, and all those bavins any claim ugainst the same, are respectfully requested to settle their accounts within 30 days from date. je 2-St C*OA REWARD ?Stolen from the farm of R. Q. Bowling. Prince George's county. M i., on Friday, the 27th inst.. at night, a fine dapple grey DORSE, near 16 hands high, well mate, stylish ?ind eood looking. Had a lump on the inside ol hi* left front lee nenrthe shoulder. The above roward will l>e paid for any information bv which the horse shall be recovered. J. C. COOK, te 2-2t* Corner B and 7th sta.. Island. BEN. G. ROGERS. i \TE StAee Manager and Comedian of Grover s Theater, and now after three years' service ungen erously thrust out, a?ks the lavor anl support of the P^iicforbiSKWl5l L BENEFIT, at Ferri'fl New Theater. SATUKD VX EVENING, 1th. A line Comedy and exciting Drama h=ee bill# of the day. J* *2* o RDNANCE OFFICE, War Dkp?rtiifvt, Washington. June 1. Sk \l*i? Proposals will be received at this office until FRIDAY, the tffh of June, at 4 o'clock p. m , for the delivery at the New York agency, No. io Worth street. New York, of 100,000 CURRY OOMBS. These Curry Combs are to be made in strict con formitv with the samples, which can be seeni at?this f.ftice.orat the New York agency, except that the handles are to be of birch, beech or hard maple. Thev are to be subject to inspection at the factory where made before being received by the Govern ment. None? are to be received or paid fur out such as are approved on inspection. Deliveries must be made ^t the rate of not less than 6,1*0 per week, or X,noo per day, commencing on the 16th day of Jnly, 1&>1. They are to be de li vered in boxes of 2*>eaeh. lailureto deliver at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the quantity due at that time. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers of the article.and such as are known to thisdepartment to be fully compe tent to execute in their own shops the work pro " Bidders will enclose with their bids the written acknowledgments of their sureties over tueir own 61 Each"party obtaining a contract will bo required to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for its faithful execution. . Upon the award being ma le, successful bidder* will be notified and furnished with forms of con trThe'depar>tment reserves the right to reject auy or *11 bids if not deemed satisfactory. . a. ProposftlH will be addressed to Briff. General GKORGE D. RAMSAY. Chief of Ordnance. Wasii incton, D. C.," and will be endorsed -Proposals for Cuiry Combs. ' ORORGE D raMSAY, je2-eotd Br^si Gen Chief of Ordnance. f C E 1 ICE!! 1 ICE!!! The undersigned having pernjantntly established himself at the foot of IIth street, o.Tera to the peo ple of Washington the purest quahty of Boston Fresh Fond Ice. Persons using large quantities will be furnir.hed at extremely low rat< s. l-ami lies supplied daily at prices heretofore unknown in this city. Orders sent to me at Gunnell's Wharf will be angered promptly and ^e"Iarly. my 31-lw* T. T. jy|OURNING GOODS OF THE BEST QUALITY. Our atock of MOURNING GOODS of the v?ry 1 bent fabric* is complete, and we are selling them at former prices, although we could not replace them to-day. ... , , _ . We would advise ladies who have Bla' k Good* to buv to call and supply themselves at their earli est convenience, as the uext iuiportstion will cost a great deal more money. Our stock now embraces almost every desirable article imported this sex son, and they wer- pureha^ed by us at the late large sales in New York far below the cost of im portation, and we are not asking as much for tUeiu as they would cost at this timo. All goods marked in plain figures at the lowest C OneTtfice only. W. M. SHUSTER A JJRO.. TUy ;<i-d3tif No. 3>. opposite Centre Market. NOTICE LL PERSONS Indebted to the undersigned WOOK AKB CO^IUS. SAND. Sc. Just received. l,Otf> tons best quality Anthracite Coal, which I am belliat 8 1 per ton of 2.210 pounds, delivered. 5"0 toiiB be-^t George Creek Cumberland Coal at & per ton. run of injne. de livr'-ed. 6i*> cords I'iue. 0?k anil UicKory W ood at lowest market price. Also, Lime. Sand. Plaster. Cement and Hair. Persons wishing to lay in their winter fuel had better call and examine mvetoOk. IV M. Gt IN AN D, eo3t Yard, corner of 1st st. ea*t and B south, r.3t* Yard aad Wharf, foot of 4th st. ea"t. NOTICE OF DISSOLUTION. Tec. part prshi? heretofore existing between theuial^rsipTi^d, under the name of F.. M. I.IN 1HICI M A. CO.. ha>- been dissolved by the retire c'. El ward M. Linthicum. Chas. A, Buckey a^d John Marbury, Jr.. having purchased the en tire l.iterert ol biid Linttiicuir. in the concern, will c' lle t thede'ctB due to the late firm and settle all tls. - ^iilii-t the ?janie. 1 s * E. M. LINTHIOUM, C A. BUCKEY. JOHN MARBIRY. Jh. CfC-rgetc*r. D.C.,Maj THE UNDERSIGNED. HAVING ASSOCIATED for that parK-se under the name of BlOKbi & MAKBURY. will continue the Hardware Business at the rid stand of E M. Linthlcum A Oo., corner of H gh and Bridge streets, and respectfully so licit & continuances the patronage so liberally extended for m?:y years to the late firm , Bl'CKEY A MARBURY. rIMK.' LIME! LIMEl?I am now prepared to j deliver fresh burned POTOMAC LIME, .pre pared frets my new Flame Kilo, without coming In ccntact wltn the fuel. 8. D. CA8TLEMAN, Etna Lime Kiln, at- C-fiC. Pa. av. and Rock Creek Brldga F^OK SALE?Several very elegantly finished French COUPKES. Also, a niTuiUer -JgEmkg/ \ of BRETTSorOPEN BAROUCHES fvry^^K 1 four persons inside. . . , These Ce.rriages are finished n the- most superb manner, and would sutt either tor private uso or for public cctm*?jrf,'LINGKR k HTKCTR. Corner cf Howatd e.t.1 Franklin streets. my 12-im* Baltimore RO 0 i- IS (r FELT! K 0 O F I N G C E M EST! THOMAS FAHEY, Ct . I'TH St. WBiT ASt TH? C.AMAL. , . . bathiD. C., Bdi."jr f u. r a^ent in this city for Rooting Felt ftiiQ s.c-otiBg Oernent frost an old eit^bli^hed firm, cin afford tc ea.1 the at-ore articles at the very Icwest prices. _ Bcofers and tnose engaged in ti.e business are reqaeited tc catl an 1 swr V. r themselves, having a large st-. cil of tie atc ve zxs.^4 articit'S always ou han-4.. my ao-tra r f AI I/S WANTING. DRK-iSKP FITTED AND l_j hs?t -J i- th>; most t'MulcnaVl* manner will call at SS9 I ftreet, I HI. and 14th, or. the fol.ow n? tr.crnings M fi'tay- Tr.csdeoT. Wednes days fti-i Thursdays. ir.y K-lw* 4^6 " '',c ?E11 *? 486 t.r-3 "<*' "iSSHfe 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Important from the Front. Official Despatch from General Grant. SHERIDAN ATTACK? FITZHUGH LEE'S CAV ALRY AND CLINGMAN'S INFANTRY WITH BRILLIANT t?UCCE-?S. UT TERLY ROUTING THEM. SHERIDAN HOLDS POSSESSION OF THE GROUND TAKEN FROM THE REBELS! HE TAKES A NUMBER OF PRISONERS. THE ENEMY LEAVE THEIR DEAD AND WOUNDED IN OUR HANDS. BALDY SMITH JOINS GRANT AND 13 CLOSE UP TO WRIGHT'S COLUMN. THE ENEMY YESTERDAY MORNING MOVING \ HEAVY COLUMN IN THE SAME DIRECTION. . ORDERS GIVEN TO WARREN TO FALL ON THE ENEMY'S FLANK. THE ENEMY ROUTED IN A CAVALRY FIGHT NEAR HA50VKR COURT HOUSE ON TUESDAY EVENING. HEAVY ARTILLERY FIRING HEARD IN THAT DIRECTION YESTERDAY MORNING. THE REBEL COLONELS TERREL AND WILLIS KILLED IN MONDAY'S FIGHT. BURNSIDE'3 ADVANCE IN THE CENTER YESTERDAY MORNING WITHIN A MILE AND A HALF OF MECHANICSVILLE. A despatch from Gen. Grant's headquarters, dated yesterday June 1st, at 10 a. m., has been received by the War Department. It states that at "about 5 p.m. yesterday, Sheridan, per ceiving a force of rebel cavalry at Cold Har bor, ^which proved to be Fitz Lee's division,) attacked, and after a hard fight, routed it, to gether with Clingman's brigade of infantry, which came to Lee's support. ?Sheridan remained in possession of the place. He reported at dark that he had a con siderable number of prisoners, and that there were many rebel dead and wounded #n the field. He was ordered to hold the position, and at 10 p. m. the 6th Corps set out to occu py It. "We have not yet heard from Wright or Sheridan this morning, and do not know whether the former has got his troops to their destina'ion. Smith must be close upon Wright's column. "This morning the enemy was also moving ? a heavy column in the same direction. The order has just gone to Warren to fall upon their flank. "Wilson had a fight last evening near Han over Court House with Young's brigade of rebel cavalry. He routed Young, killing and capturing many: but there has been a good deal of artillery firing in that direction this morning. ?"Warren reported last night that in his fight of Monday afternoon near Bethesada Church, Colonel Tyrrell of the 13th Virginia, and Col. Willis commanding Pegram's brigade (rebs,) were killed. Colonel Christian ol the lPth Pennsylvania was wounded and captured, so was the Assistant Adjutant General of Ram sey's brigade?name not reported. Ten other commissioned officers wero captured and 70 privates. Sixty rebels were buried on the field. "In our centre, Burnside reports his ad vanced line as being this morning within a mile and a half of Meclianicsville." THE IMPORTANT RESULTS ALH1EV. ED BY GRANT ON MONDAY. THE ENEMY FORCED BACK TO THE FIRST LINE OF ENTRENCHMENTS ABOUT RICHMOND. FOUR THOUSAND PRISONER-' REPORTED TAKEN BY GRANT. The result ot the action ol Monday afternoon last was the advance of Grant's whole front line about lour miles, by which he held the battle-ground of the day, including Bethsheda Church on his right, and Cold Harbor on his left; the enemy's force with which he was en gaged returning Into or immediately near the first line of fortifications of Richmond, that are in front ot the North and East branch of the Chickahommv. The engagement was brought about by reconnoisances in force on both sides. These eame Into collision first at Cold Harbor. Unofficial reports rat? our captures in that action at four thousand prisoners taken. We, apprehend that this figure is too high, judg ing from the forces actually engaged on both sidts, It can hardly be possible that yesterday passed without the occurrence of a considera ble battle fought after the last official dispatch from Grant's headquarters left the field at 10 a. m. It is thought at the department that while we have inflicted much heavier loss in killed, wounded and prisoners on tbe rebels, our own in the action above referred to did not reach a thousand all told. FROM PORT ROYAL-TROOPS BEING LAND ED THERE. The steamer Argo, which left Port Royal on Tuesday, arrived here this morningat half past one o'clock. Although all tbe government property and stores have been removed from there (as pre viously stated by us) troops were being landed there on Sundw and Monday, who would doubtless marc? verland to reinforce Genera! Grant, ^ Before the breaking out of the rebellion Port Roral hsd a population of six hundred inhabi tant^ hut it i3 stated that at the present time there are but eix white male citizens remaining in the place, the others having joined the rebel army or ran away from their homes on the ap proach of our forces. The females are general ly defiant and express themselves satisfied of the ultimate success of the rebel cause. -? GOVERNMENT" TRANSPORT AGROUND. The Government transport North Point, bound to the White House and loaded with cattle,>an aground yesterday morning whilst passing down the river, and now lies high and dry between Fort Washington and Rose Blufi". The .steamer Wenonah and several tugs were engaged for an hour or two yesterday afternoon in attempting to pull her off, but It was found impossible to move her. The cattle will be tak?s trom on board of her, when It is thou'ght the tug* will be able to get her pfl. k FLOATTNO HOSMTAL. The floating hospital New World has beea towed up the river, and now lies at anchor off Alexandria. All of her machinery has been removed, and the is atted op in tine style for hospital purpose?. It is understood that she will be s^nt to the White Houses and there used as & floating hospital. The New World was bailt in New York about twelve years ago, and used to run on the Hud son river between New Yorkand Albany. She was owned by the People's Line of steamers, and was known as the "floating palace," where meals were served upon the European plan, and was a great favorite with pleasure seek ers. She was one of the fastrst boats on the Hud son river, but her timbers became too weak to bear her machinery, wUich was found to be entirely too heavy, and it has consequently all been removed. The New World has three decks, with ac commodations for two thousand patients, and is over three hundred feet long. She has been entirely re-fitted, and is now one of the flnrat boats of the kind afloat. It required two tugs to bring her from New York to Alexandria, where she now lays safely at anchor. A CANARD EX'PLODHD. Secesh in Washington were circulating a re port yesterday that Lee had broken through Grant's lines and was in possession of the White Ho use. The falsity of the report is shown by the fact that at the time mentioned in these reports Baldy Smith was encamped near the White House, within easy communication with Burn side. Smith, in joining Grant, dil not proceed by water as stated in New York papers, but marched across the peninsula from James river. The junction between Smith and Grant has now been fully effected, and Lee has been ut terly loiled in the attempt to prevent the junc tion. WOUNDED TO BE SENT NORTH. The steamer Wenonah is engaged to-day in carrying wounded from the Sixth street wharf to the steamer West Metropolis, which is lying off Alexandria, unable to reach this city ow ing to her drawing too much water. These disabled men are those who are recovering from their wounds and are able to be removed. As soon as loaded the West Metropolis will sail for New York, where these men will be placed in hospital. FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. The steamer Utica: from the White House, arrived hero this morning with a few passen gers, which She unloaded at the Sixth street what!', and immediately returned to Alexan dria to coal. Sew York Stock List?First Board. [By the People's Line.] U.S. coupon 6's, 188!, 113*; U. S.5.?0's, 106; C ertificates of Indebtedness, 08, Gold, 190 V; N. Y. Central, 133*; Erie, 112*; Hudson. 113*; Harlem, 2S5; Reading, 139*; Michigan Central, 143*; Michigan Southern, 96*; Illinois Central, 12>*; Cleveland and Pittsburg, lia*: Galena and Chicago, 133*; Cleveland and Toledo, 14814; Chicago and Rock Island, 112';; Milwaukie ard Prairie dn Chien, 6?*; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 67*; Alton and Ten a Haute, 06; Chicago and Northwestern, Quicksilver, 76 if. " OOBGRE88IONAL. XXXVIIITE CONGRESS.-FIRST 81S6ION. Thursday, June -2. .Sbnate.?Mr. McDougall offered a resolu tion that the Committee on Foreign Relations inquire what legislative action is necessary i? reg*ra twthe reciprocity treaty with Great Britain, and that the Committee inquire and report upon the commercial results thereof so far. The resolution was adopted. i-JS5P"?: T7The.took "I* tbe amended I arm Bill, with the understanding that to day shall be devoted to debate, and to-morrow the subject to be discussed in Ave mtuute speeches: and it was resolved* that the House to-day, at 1 *, take a recess nntll 7* o'clock. - TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. RLULL ATTACK UPON GEN. HANCOCK HANDSOMELY REPULSED. HANCOCK TAKE8 FROM FOUR TO FIVE HUN DRED PRISONERS. New York, June i.?A special dispatch to the New 'iork Tinn-t dated from Grant's army up to 10 a. m. Tuesday, says: Rebel papers admit a loss of 1.DQ0 killed and wounded in the cavalry fight on Saturday night. At midnight Monday, the Rebels attempted to drive Hancock, occupying the rifle-pits from which the rebels were successfully driven. The result was a failure and the rebels were repulsed and 4 or 500 prisoners taken. Lee hold* a strong position on the Ncrth bank of the Chickahominy. m FROM FORTRESS MONIUIE. REPORTED REREL ATROCITIES UPON THE NEGROES CAPTURED FROM GEN'L ?WILD'S COMMAND. r&OBABI. E RET A MATION Fortress Monroe, June 1.?An order has been issued by Major Gen. Butler requiring that nil the rebel prisoners capturi d by Gen. Wild In the recent engagements on Jaines River and iorwarded to Fortress Monroe and thence to.Point Lookout,shall be immediately returned to Gen. Wild's headquarters, for what purpose it is not known. Information has been received that the col ored troops captured from Gen. Wild's com mand, have been shot by the rebels. The wounded oflicers and soldiers in the Chesapeake and Hampton Hospitals, in charge of Ur. McC lellan, are doing extremely well. The weather Is very favorable. All the se verest cases are in this hospital, as those slightly wounded have been sent north. Lieut. Hun-, commanding Co. L, Howard's Light Battery of the 4th V. S. Artillery, was drowned in the York River on the night of the 30th of May by accidentally slipping overboard from the steamer conveying this battery to the White House. He was a brave and efficient officer. FROM PORT ROYAL. GEN FOSTER COMMANDING THE DJSP vHT MENT OF THE SOUTH. EXPEDITION INTO FLORIDA. NEWS FROM ATLANTA VIA PORT ROIaL. * ^ REPORTED RETREAT OF JOHNSTON TO AT LANTA. New York, June a.?The stearaer?F,ulton, from Port Royal May 30th, has arrived. She towed the steamer Neva from Port Roval to this port for repairs. The Palmetto Herald contains the following Major Gen. Foster has assumed command of the Department of the Soutn, Major General Hatch being appointed to the command of the district of Hilton Head. The convention of loyalists at Jacksonville had elected delegates to the Baltimore Con vention. An expedition into Florida by Gen. Birney had been unsuccesslul, owing to the disobedi ence of orders by a pilot. The steamer Boston get aground and was riddled by a rebel bat tery. Several men were killed anfP drowned, and the boat burned to prevent her fhHlng in to the hands or the rebels. Some 90 horses, many belonging to the 4th Massachusetts cav alry Were lost. The Boston formerly run be tween Bangor and Boston. The troops on board of her were safely transferred and the i xpedition returned. Fifteen negroes on Morgan's Island had been captured by a Rebel soontlng party. Three deserters from Savaaah arrived at Port Royal on the 97th nlto. They reported Johnston had retreated to within 4 miles of At lanta before Sherman, and the final battle weald tfike there. It vrnB reported a* Fill to* K?mmI 0n to? 59th bHb OdsBlJn wu (MturN MUtfStJola'iriwr, Florida, \>y ">-? rnkli with hft crew Ud ?ora? Nt?ior?? eetdten Twwaty mml of the Se>-ente*nth UotimiH' pickets wore captured near Jacksonville on theasth. Saints were fired from the fleet and battens* in Charleston harbor, and at HUton H>m upon the receipt of the news from Gen Grant*' army. There has been no fnrther movement u Charleston harbor. Fort Somter vai at. tprially damaged by the ia:e attack. A large portion of the parapet vrae demolished Admiral Dahlgren has made a complete la epection of the fleet. FROM NKWRE&N, N t\v VOBK, june 2.?The Hirald't le?t*r fro? Newborn, N. C., repose the explosion of four monster torpedoes on a railroad train, killing 50 soldiers and negroes and wounding ^ or M others. The torpedoes were to be placed in the Keuae river to complete the blockade aghast rebel rams. A signal station close by was blown to frag, ments. LOOAL NEWS. Thk Third V. S. Artilleb v.?Battery G ot the Third U.S. Artillery arrived here yester day from Port Royal on'board the steamer We nonah. The remainder of thie artillery raft ment hes been placed in charge of a pontooa train. Stat* op thi THicMOHrriB.-At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 8*4 Pennsylvania avenue, the tbeimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 72 In the shade. rW SALE?A large IC1 BOX. Inquire at 4#4 loth street. It* WANTED? Bra ?oun* woman, a SITUATION as chambermaid or as dining room ser Apply at No. 317 9th street. below p. if XVA,?.TJl?^B,r a middle-aeed woman, a 8if ? ? l ATIO?? as cook or to do central house work a small family. Address byi No. 14 Star Oflic^. WANTED?A good domestic CAKL UAKhfT. Good wages and steady employment A?cm at tlie corner of E and lltb sts. i? '-' tf NOERR A BRO. Druggist wantkd immediately. wh.? thoroughly understands the prescription bust ?<"<lua'nted with price-., Addrea* t-i.MUv, at this office. je8 2t* \*TANTED?By an American girlTa SITUATION 7* as chambermaid, or to do plain Kewing A ? Sly ?t 223 H street, near 16th, or a-i'lr?.>? 0 At*, tar Oflice. it ? 1 FOIt BENT OR SALE. ? A new th.'V-ntirf BaiCK HOUSE OH 4th Street, near N>w Hrk ? venue. No. 192, for rent or sale. Apply at once, bi-tween the hour* of Ra. m. and 2 p. m., Room 47 p- ad Letter Oflice. Post Oflice Department, fir^t floor, right aisle. Rent $4."> per month. in advance je 2-3t* Came TO THE PRKMISKS OF THE SClT pcriber, on the 30th instant, a large sorrel HOR8E, with tlaxen mane and tail; fan" ot h a hind feet w hite; small star in forehead aud on th* nose. The owner will ooine forward, prove ?rop erty. pttvehrrges, and take him awav. ROBRRT ^^TT, Georgetown Heights. je 2-3t* ??Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A good TWO STORY"BRICK HOUSB ON A LOT ON LEASE GR0U?D RENT AT AUC TION. On TUESDAY, the 7th instant, at fi o'clock. p. n>.. we shall sell in front of the premises, on 8tfc street. between N and O streets north.aGood Two story Brick House on rronrd rent, payable quar terly for ninety years. Leafces in Ward subdivision of frqaare &S9. Term" cash. je 2-d GREEN A WILLIAVB. Att<?t?. JJV GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO TWO-STORY BrTcE HOUSES AND LOTS AT AUCTION On MONDAY, the Gth day of Jane, at 6 o'clock, p* F-l!S {lonP ?l the premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No. 3, in bquare No. 14, about SB feet Ireat, running back dOfeetueep. more or less, on Twen ty sixth street, between M eid Pennsylvania are-" n?e. A good Brick wltk all the modern improve ments. Terms: One half cash, balance in si*, and twelve months, for notes bearing interest. Deed riven and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. je a d GREEN fc WILLIAMS. Ancta. |JY WM. L WALL A CO., Auctioneers, TBE STOCK OF A FURNITURE DEALBS AT On TUESDAY MORNING,/one 7, commencing at 10o'clock, we will sell at Store No. 4r*.i, Tenth street, between the Avenue ancyc street, tie entire sto- k of a dealer having to giveTip the house, con sisting? Drcs'inland Plain Bureaus, Marble top Sideboard, Cottage. Frenoh and other Bedstead-, Feather Bede. Hair and Shuck Mattreisei. Bolsters and Pillow*, Maible-top. Plain and other Tables. Sofas, Lounges. Rockers ;md nther Obair*. Crockeryware. Glassware, Hnrdwur", A c With a Tariety of other poods unnecessary to erumerate, sll of which will be peremptorily sold Terms cath. ic.2 d W L. WALL A CO.. Au"tS._ jj^Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. EXECUTOR'S SALEor VALUABLE IMPROYJD PROPERTY ON FOU8 ? AN B-A-UALF STREET BETWEEN MISSOURI AND PENNSYLVANIA AVENUES. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON 1-th instant, at 5 o'cl ock, we will eell in front of the premises, the southern part cf Lot 11 Square A, fronting M feet on F?ur-and-a-half stivet.and lunninic back73fe?t more or less, on a 2-? feet alley, and iwprcved br two two story Brick Dwellings, fronting on Four-and a half ?treet. and a Brick Stabie on the alley. Terms: One-third in cash; the t*'aic# in 6 12 and l? months, vi:h interest, secured by a deed of trnston the premises. All conve>?r.c;ii).'and stamps at the etoen*eof I-iirchs-er SARAH O TONOGIIL'E. .'AMLS O'DONOGHUS! PETER O'DONOGHUE! . Eisc ltors. ?ie ^ ? L. ^ ALL A CO.. Auct??. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, TRUSTER'S SALE OK~BAR FIXTURES. 8TAGK. and fixtvbm-&ti Cn ^ EDNE?DAY, theSth d?yof .lure. A D 1604, st 11 o'cloak, a m., we rhall sell, at ?'Metro politan nail,'- l>? viJin-j of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing Oftte the 9th day of March. A D., 1W4, and rec-rd- d In Liber N C 8, No. S5.ftiii? C>S to 03 one of the land reoorda ot the Dlsaiet ot Columbia, the following described property: The Bar and, i<ar Fixtures, two hundred and fifty Cbair*, S'age and StF^-e Scenery, Gas Fixtures,sod Chandeliers, one Piano Forte one larM and one small 8toy e, one Cloak. together with all tho rigat title and estate ot Gardner A Co., iu and to tiie same as assi^uees of a lease Terms cask. JOHN MICHEL, Trustee je 2-dtds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auats JJY WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer?. U. ?. MARllAL'S SAL? OF PRIZE, 0AN0E3 , . AND CARGOES. Jn virtue of a d?cree is'Uid from the C'erks Of fice of the Supremo Court of the District of Col umbia. holding a Eistrict Court, and to me direct ed. I will sell, at Wm, L. Wall A Co V Bazaar ?? Louisiana avenue, between 9Wi and 10th streets, la the City of Washington D C., on SATURDAY next. 4th day of June instant. 1964, commencing at W o'clock, a. ni., for cash, the fbllowi<tg prise gocde to wit S Horses, 27 Sacks \*luat, 1 do Brand, ? Boies Tobscc?, 1 Chest of Tools Also, at 4 o'clock, p. ni .. on the ?i*;ae dav at the foot ol Sixth strest Wharf in the PotCBe?2riy?r, I will eell? to Canoe*, their Tackle Ac., Ac, WARDH. LAMON, U.S. Marshal. D C )c.2-dAds per WM. L. WALL A CO , AuoU. IChron.i JJY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS NEAETHE CAPITOL AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDA Y, the bth instant, we shall self, on the premite* st 6 o'clock p m.? 81 x handiome Buildinc Lots, iu 8<(uare No. M7, it being the Sausao immediately north of the eaat Capitol ground; Lots 1 and {.which freuttha Capitol ground; Lots 14,15,3??, XI. and S. front ing on corth B, between De'awar* avenue and let street east, o&a of wbk-h is at the ccrner of 1st street. It is deemed unsecesfary to sty anvthingfurther in commendation cf the above described property, as It is well known to bo the moet beautiful and 4t sir aide building slier now for s*le in Washington. The sale will commence on l.ot No 2. Terms : One-thiro ca?h: the remainder in wt aaC twelve months, the purchaser to u<ve cotes rer the deferred payments, wearing interest irem dav m A deed glten and a deed rf truit taken. Ali conveyancing, including revenue staaiH.ftt. the coat of the purchaser. , jeS-d GREEN A WIBA1AMS, Aoc^. YW L WALLA CO.,Auctioneers, x W. li. the Bors# La B SALE OF HOR8K3, CARRIAGES, A P. On SATURDAY MOhMM?. Jun? 4, commM* emg it 10 o c:oo^|o?^ln^on . ? luc'ndlrg. The Kofsuth C?>e?luut Sorrst Celt, 3 years oH s** with great promise, A Bay Horse. Botkav ay.atd Harse^s 4 s A ei* neat snptrlor Rocks war and Harass ai*o. , , Other Horses,a fiiil deweriptien at?ae. A ?arge ceReetiofc of S^^L??^aefcnd ?^* ris(,e>, Rooiawars tight WagouS, Ae 1 Sulky eidS'-tier and Ex?i?as Wagons, wita ?a?Hs toe aaie will oammeoce^ ?th?r Hokam wfciAe are'not T#* eatored. *er?4?a?h. WJf L WAJjU A 0;} , Attc5g,

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