Newspaper of Evening Star, June 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 2, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUHKMLNTS TO NIGHT. FOKD'ft Thkatbu.?Mr Ford announces U1I3 m positively the last night of the performance of ?? The Naiad Hren," tbe spectacular drama, which has had a most successful ran, and is in all respects worth witnessing. To-morrow night a new comedy will be produced. Obovku'p Thbatkr.?'The opera of ?? Don Juan" isannouuced for to-night, and as this is the only time of Its representation there will no doubt be a fall house. Hermanns, Madame Johannsen. M ile Frederic!, M'lle Canissa, HabeJtnan, Steinecke.and all of the performers will appear in this opera. CapiTkbbi rv.?The bill of song, dance and Ethiopian eccentricity announced for to-night is one of the Lest of th'< season. Not only ar^? the regular rerfo: tr.ers good, but Mr. L?a ha? engaged a number of stars, as Marietta Ravel and John Mulligan, who appear nightly. Faibs and Festival.?.?The ladies of St John's School, Georgetown, are holding a fair at the Sunday school room of the church. At Ascension Church the ladies commenced a fair and festival las' night. At Odd Fellows* Hall, the ladie? of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Church are doing their duty m the festival and fair way. At Island Hall (Seventh Ward) a most de iigfctful fair, lor the benefit of the Seventh PTeabyterian Church, is in progress. At Wesley Chapel also there is also a fair for ?tie benefit of that church. Tbe infants at St. Ann's Asylum aslt the favors of the public also for their benefit. At all of the above placet much enjoyment ?nay be had, arid so many being on hand the public have a fall choice. Livv CoraT.?A special meeting of the Levy Court was held yesterday in the Alder* man's chamber (City Hall) when the final report of the a?? ??ora was made. The report .^how* the appraised amount of real and per sonal property, on which there is assessed a 1 tax ot thirty-five cents on tbe hundred dollarr lor Use current year in the county to be ?4.138,750, of which there is In the 1st School dietftct, #ilf<T8S5: 3d district. ?4?5,9l?; 3d dis trict, *610,985 75; 4th district, S7fr4,070.7.j- 5th j district #*30,31?; 6th distriot, 7th ! district, J#5T5,10I. This report shows an in- I crease cf nearly fifty per cent over last year; the tc'r.I amount being 92,*214,000. Tfc* President (N. Sargent, Esq.,) laid before the court an ordinance to prevent bathing in Piney Branch, F.aatern Branch, Bock Creelr, 1 Ac., which was referred. Mr. Thomas offered a resolution authorizing ( the collector of taxes to make an abatement 011 1 taxes paid before July loth of ten per cent., before Aujrust lutfi of five per cent., and pro viding that 110 abatement shall be made there after, unless by special resolution, which was adopted. Mr. Larner moved that the vote by which the rate of taxaUouAvas fixed at thirty five hundred dollars be reconsidered. Lo?t. On motion of Mr. Bo wen, a resolution was idopted instructing the committee before Con ferees to nse their influence in favor of the im mediate passage of a law authorizing the court ?to levy a tax ou *he assessable property of th* county sufficient to raise their proportion of direct tcx, imposed by Congress by the act of Augusts, i-?i, and also to ask Congress to in corporate in said law a provision apportioning said tax between the cities of Washington and Georgetown, and the county, according to the assessment made last prior to the passage of <he art of August 5th. 1HJ1. A number of appropriations w ere made for the repair of reads. Mr. purr from t-he committee on improve, menu, reported favorably on resolution intro duced by Mr. Thomas, in relation to tbe open ing of a road from Tenallytown Pike to Rock I'reek, by I>r. Hnsey's, Bowen's, aud Kervan, and recommended that a survey be ordered. Mr. Burr offered a resolution which was adepted. infracting the Committee before Con gress to use their influence in favor of the pas >ag* of the bill now before the DistrictCommit tee of the Senate, relatidg to taxiuguuoccupied jrrocr.d in certaia cemeteries; relating to the appointment of a county surveyor; extendiu" the r? quired for surveying; plotting and J nwuls; tbe killing of dogs whose owners neglect or refuse to pay taxes therein* cod granting power to the court to graduate the fees for licenses t<* taverns and retail deal- I ers. Istsction Ghant*p?Yesterday Judge sitting in equity, granted a preliminary injunction in the ca?e of Needham and others proprietors of the steamer Young America) aga.sst the Potomac Ferry Company, (propri etors of the 1 ulron aod Thomas Collyer) com manding the latter c >mpany from obstructing or imp?amg the ingress or egress to the Sev enth street wharf. This suit grows out of the "steamboat block originated a: the time the new company pl&C'-d their boat? on the line between h*re tnd Alexandria; aud the question came up on \ moUon by Messrs. Reverdy Johnson and J. M. Fraalerfor the orators for an in junction. Messrs. J. H Bradley and Charles B. James ? .appeared for the defendants. The wharf ai question wa.- occupied by three parties?the complainants, (proprietors of the \oung America, t the Washington. Alexandria tmd Mt. \ ernon Co., pawners of the Collyer,) tnd Vi tl. Raj)ley, (owner of the Mary F. Rap iey,4?in common the three boats which were hi cn the line between this city and Alexan dria. using the wharf; but about the 15th of narch the new company being about to statftt tnelr purchased the(;ollyer, aud the inter 's' cf her owners in the wharf?the complain ajst? a: the time having purchased a lease on the wnarf When the new line was opened there was considerable rivalry between them, <rd the wharf was blockaded by the new com l*asy who claimed the right to the wharf, and Uenc* the matter eot into court. This block ade continued until a few weeks since, when ?h9 Government being In want of boats re OK-vec tnem Judge Olm, in his opinion granting the in ? auction, says: Seventh street is a highway and the Potomac ^ a highway. The public have a right of *ay from Seven'h street to the river, and the complainants es carriers of passengers and ireight have a right to approach the shore at the foot of seventh street to receive such pas -erger and freight, and neither the defendants or tr.ei. lessors have a right to block up or ob -tract the landing at the foot of such highway. At moat they could only be entitled to a reason able wharfage. Moved their ?-it*AttTKUg.?Oft Tuesday the i pel ce cf the Fifth'Ward, pth precinct,) re- ' ^ nt>ed their quarters from the station house ->c r> street south, between 1st and 2d streets '-st, to the flue building just completed for the aster;, section ef the city, on south D stree', i-rtwefn 5th and 6th east. Thi3 is the first building erect, d for the police by tUe Corpor ate authorities, and it suits the purposes admi rably. We have already given a full descrip. ion f it. Sergea-it Milstead has charge of the ?:a!.c>n It if pro .able that the Sixth Ward, j ?th pieciuci) will move their quarters in a few ! >'up> to tht same building 1 ax?noi k a Raft.?On Tuesday, while the - "tuner Georgia was coming up to this city ^ro*f l^?r' a raft was discovered otr Beile Plain, uhi.h had a signal fiyiug. The ?earner appr<>actied the raft and took threfrom ? ree of ours>ldiers, who stated that they were <; fp.nred ai,c had been taken to Fredericks ????. where ,'alier 0111 forces left) they had paroled ( tmong others) by a rebel "guer ii.a ,eader. They made their way to the ?'o ? c*na>, and constructed their raft and pushed thV^up"^01108 a rR5slng b?Rt " ' .and Do*rd of i er.rot'.Tatiit of IHttrict of Columbia. ' ' T.P U. .rA". V ''"T:D C ' M?lv ^ l-M. S The Beard ot Fnrollment of u'e Hi^trirtof olurabia will 1* in session at the office of the ?rc vo*t Marshal IMstrict of CJolnmbia! corSr f frcurteenih street and New York avenue laiiy Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock & rT' to c clctk p. xu , for the purpose of hearing * cf eKemptioii from draft for the followlcl aa?es, viz: * Aiiecage Non-residence; I'z>Bui:ab]eness of age; Karifesl phjsual disability; and Twi } eaxs' service during the prescn; war cither in the army or navy. < . <ecs are requested to furtishinformation ? to persons wno are not enrolled, or who are - \i. f to uvoid enrollment, as it is equally for interest of each person enrolled to place pit. the "Enrollment LtstM all persons liable o dv military duty, so that his own chance for araf: e-hali not be unjustly increased. Himiv A. StHsrrz, Caytain and Provost Marsnal -^-tf IMstrict of Columbia. SPECIAL NOTICES. I'C s c C?i< >o;ir v hi?kers sn<l raon?tacbe: If . c- ??Japanese Hair (?tain.'* No halrdre *i rtrid U It. Only one preparation ?/' r?- * tat_ral?'iafi{ cr brcwa. (?nlr ? cents " 8, r fppfi COO Pa avenue. Pole A^it. V: t. ?r (it, 1 Mi ? lii ^ iriAKRIKD, - :it' Ma*, t'?? Church ot tl.. A a* -,U? . - ItenVs M V-AT. W. l!f!V.\N.rf Bii tt K atk. ?'bus'*e. cf thelftt* Jtcaf^r* UlfcP rdj..r ^1. ) ,j jr?*%nt. et 11 o'* v. 1.., ft F. r*?:--L irf?atdau?l UrcfB R StV 9 cicrths. ? *. tultf rla^e-frtm Nc ^4 m" i'?t |t|f '<tk p tu. -. ?; ? ?t '! v, hT!PNARl> "thlt'e, enh i.d . v- iai *? a* 1 C'stharin* Oailaat ?*??: r;c4.j Municipal KImUob?Candidate*, fct. fV^5=>Ml'NCHArbKK TAB SECOND REDIV ' ' Wa-.HT?(<TtfS, Ju?*S 1, 1*41. I duor Star: In ronr issuw of to-day I notice * curd *t?ne<i by Jos. F Brown. the secretary of the Ga? light Co. and my competitor for the position of Alderman from the Third Ward. I W hoped that ? Munchausen" hart boon effectually silenced, but w he hu< again assailed we without provoca tion. I have no reoonrse but to give to the-public another loaf in the history of this notorious indi ?idaai. ' , Mr. Brown announces hironPlf&B th?44only r**u larly sheeted e&ndidnte for Alderman inth?? ward;" having- at a certaiu ? ard uniting bwn nominated "by a vote of nearly two to oue over my enm petitor," Ac The subjoined eitrart from the Htvvbtiran of that date. showing the mo le by which the nomination ?a:< tuadp, m all that is n?cess -ry to ronvince every candid nund that under the circa a stauces Mr. Brown's friends evinced mo<!"ration by being content with 7- votea. when, by the pro cess indicated in the last clause of extract*, they rould have had any amount of suffrage necessary to effect their pur pose. " Brown, .9; Shepherd. 13; Angus. 73; Moore 4.1; Lnrner. 52;Eberly, ti; Skirving, 72; Williams,63; Curtis IVfr. The following was then declared the Ward ticket For Alderman?Joseph F. Brown. For Common I'oiincilinen? Jo' W. Ad jus, Jamea Skirving, nn<1 W. B. Williams. For Asre~sor?H. B. Curti?. When the teller* were counting the rotes they tound eight tickets for Mr. Joseph F. Brown iuone batch." This fact thus stated taken in connection with the further fact, vii: that there were not seventy Third Ward voters present at the meeting in guestion, must cause a doubt in the minis of its citizen.- as to the genuineness of thisnomination. Tketicket nominated has never been announced by Mr. Brown or his friends. Mr. Brown in bis card states that he intends to "rof?''for Mr. Wallach. How is it that Jlr. Brown'a moat ardent supporters vehemently proclaim that he will tHPpon Mr. Semmea* The declaration of Mr Brown that he will cast bis vote for Mr. Wal lach, v hen considered in connection with tneas servations of his friends, renders his position snnirtrhai e?ul vocal, l! may b- taathe intends to voir for Mr. Wallach and .wirro" nis antagonist, in imitation of the course puraued by him in I860, when Mr. Brown voted an .pen ticket for Oolonel Berret, the nominee of hie (the Democratic.' party, while at the time, in fulfilment of a bargain made in order -ecure his own election without op sition, as Alderman from the Third Ward,he threw eighty votes of the Gas Company's employees for C?>1 Berret's opponent?thus securing for him the majority in the First Ward. Tliere are tome peo ple who, eocnizsnt of all tho circumstances, even at this late nay. in\ oluntarily smile when remind ed of 1h? tact that notwithstanding this act of p? rlidjr, this consistent Crown, having failed to defeat the man fi>r whom he voted, coolly ad dressed him a letter of congratulation a few daTa later, rejoicing in his success and in that of the party which he represented, viz : "the law and order." i e. the Democratic, party ' Mr. Brown says that he has ser-.rd seven year* in the councils, nod (to use his own words) that he has "never Bbused your confidence by usinx my official position to gratify private prejudices or personal^ an'moaities?tor given a vot? that v as not designed to advance your interests, indi vidually and collectively." If Mr. Brown had been writing to th? stockholders of the Gas Com pany, this language might have .'umtwh it the niT'.ornnr' of veracity. As it is, he must have a strange idea of the "enlightened constituency" whom he so feelingly addresses. He has probably forgotten the official communication o Mayor Wallach. dated January 12. 16 >3. from which it will lie perceived that up to that time the Gas Company had charted this city, and had b..-eu paid since IS"."?, (under a opposed verbal contract! ? Kn . Til "' ' ? r 1? * m< nt and citizens were paying respectively 23 and '.7 cents per hundred feet. In all probability this evanhan of our city's interests would have con tibucd to charge at these rates, had not Mayor Wal'sch, with his usual care for the interest of our citizens, detected this grog* overcharge and called attention to it. Is Mr. Brown advancing his constituents inter ests when he us?s his position as a city legislator t<> icercase the price of jias to consumers, in which effort he expects to succeed during the present w.-ek ? Did Mr. Brown advance the interest of h:seon .-titu< n<>, when he spent s 'veral thousand dollars ol' the ward funds on the "II street sewer," to benefit his property on the square in which he re side*?and then niur the bill to cover up his traces. Fi r full particulars see National Intelligencer of .1 vi l v 9t h. ls./> Did not Mr. Brow n's "private prejudices" pre vent the Citv Councils from doing honor to our glorious General Grant on his first visit here, when he prevented th<-_ passage of a resolution of wel ronie to 11;at distinguished officer, by moving an adjournment ?f the Board fif Aldermen while the subjeet was under consideration, thereby prevent ing their adoption, and this because the resolu tions was introduced by uie? It v. ere idle to attempt to reeapitulat" the con stant and innnmerableTergiversstions of this un principled and aspiring man. False to friends, as well a- foes; unscrupulous in the means to be ap plied to obiain any favorite otject? ever prefer in- falsehood to truth?constautly making public infi rests subserv ient to his private ends; it is to be hoped that tho day of retribution has come?that the mask of hypocrisy is at length to be drawn aside, and this embodiment of deceit exposed to the public gaze in all the hideous deformity of his tiHtur.(U< ALEX. R. gllKf'HKRD. r*^5F=?INDtl'F.NDENT CANDIDATE, [TS^ 8EC0.NB WARD. For Common Cocvnoti ? ie2 3t* GRAFTON POWEM.f TIlli'D WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET 10r matciiTcuard wallach. t0B ALIKJ08EF1I f. brown. I or. Common Coi n^ii.? THOM\8 A. STEPHENS, NOBLE D LAKNER, ? JAMES SKIRVING. For. ,e -j-te WILLIAM B. DOWNING. nr. 03" THIBD WARD UNCONDITIONAL UMoN TICKET. > or Mayor? RICHARD WALLACll. Fe.p. Aldebmax? ALEXANDER R. SOEPHIRD, Kon Common Corxru.? THOMAS A. STEPHENS. NOBLE D LARNER, JAM-S SKIRVING. For A>sbs8or? e 2-te WILLIAM B. DOWNING. 'SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UftlOH TICKET. Fok Ma\on? JOHN II. SEMMES. Fua AlkkumaS? PETER M. PF,ARSON. For Councm.? WM. T WALKER. MOSES T. PARKER. CHARLES F. BARNES. For Assessor? PETER HEPBURN. Je2 ot* BJ ckoo"??Va'SOS "0KKI Fob mayurTcHA.RD WALLACH. FO? ALL'*jOliN B. TURTON. FOR COMM^^ RMLLJ, FOK II tsios roflfjte r^oONDlTION A.L pp^TiRST ward c^eT ^ For. WaT?joUN E. 8RMMB3. FOR F.MMEK30N. foa CoMM(^c0\WtiIN('3. J H Wa^MOND fcBt'oNJj;XON TICKET. f'f.R MaTC*yciiaRD VTALLACli. Foa ALl'Wy^^gQKLL BARR US" INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE secosTT WAF.U. F. P. ALrsr-MAK? bi iC-?.?* GEORGE T RArB. EDITOR ?fAR:-PIra-? announce ttM.H. I J? F ANN TNG as an tnf'en.r.dent candidate for ('? : r:.c l C -t'"- t". S.ctr;i \Vsrd at the ensuing e.<e* !. ' a; ?r' ' I MANY VOTERS. SECOND HARD UNCONDIT ION AL UNION TICKET. JOHNH SEMMES AGEORGE T F.AUB Xros C < NC i ? P. UltCbD. THOS W MILLER MICHAEL C(K-MB^ . ? > ... * ;Ch:^ A Intel.t Q~j=?70 Tl! L \ c * ,IiiIKD > '.a'- ? '-!'? e fii m the city, and with eitT j - j t t i -Act'.-l l-j th- Uncondi y. r.1 . Union rr -> h r:- etirr a-=err.b!ed, as their e'.ectici t >t;.^ Ik-ara ot Aldermen, ear ? t-t> : t i- f.>r mjr competitor. td rtxndidnti Ji, . r a? i , U'urd, solumuly h t-4 t%at '? M fh hi ra Lad haee received t' ^ i t'S? i-e. ic, Tiy Ear ,? ?culd net be b< fcreyou t da>. T . ? vu. . I U-u.-n. jio prel .rerice ?? r." ? : a* th 1 r..*et:? - i.-. f? v, r of ar.y one for the Miy; ralty, tlisi,;. the a- vt-rriejids ot ea(?h of the cavj '. t - vtr p-e; participated in the r n n?- tor t e - rm(.r. dtuMle-s, m> name . t'. h.?zt?ei :.^r A^deruiaa in >^th the tickets l'f. b-#o frequently . . - .. ? *? ? ? ? - ,ed * r - [ akt,t>oi Mhh?J ^fuera1y ! t. r. -'aatv?r, ?r.'? ic ? r-*i? 1 ? r?:?r?,cvt v v-eve. ji him c:. Monday j Ft s r. c< -B^ itjre yoar I represented ! c;.r V e?-~ ir, t e C :y C . '. ar.d yur av ?e<l i >t-. r ' 'jf w*ir u my c tPc's! r- i'tlon to ! gr?:. fi1nt: 'it <T / an'tno-ititf, *. vot* tajl *it Mt tt- advance I ) our in4.- .-eite proanerity, iod; vicaally a: d col ? . I. r. e'.er. d', I j i rsue, mail o? r?a!ars. t-..- Mk-'Jt w?4* kn.--i' ; that t. s- d..i- r?n 1 o *. J""'. ft rJcc c tl c- aj' at. i i. uixent ;j . " i ;. , .1^1 F BROWN. grjp*THIRD ^ARD INDEPENDENT UN I OK for Mayor? JOHN H. SEMMBS. For Alofrm as ? ? ? JOStPn BUY AN. Fog COMMON CWNOIL? LAMBK&T TRBE. A C. hICHARDS, FRANK MoGHAN. For Ao3BS?OR? H. B. CURTI8. [Y"5=THIRD ward independent UNION* I>3 ? . TICKBT. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. FOR ALMJBJfAH? JH8KPH P BROWN. Fv s Common Cocsoil? A C -RICHARDS, L. TRKE, ? . F. McGHAN. For Assessor? H. B. CCRTI8. my 31te* WE HAVE BEEN REQUESTED TO STATE _ _ that Mr. N D. L A "N KR in not r candidate for the Board of Aldermen from tbe Third Ward, but is a candidate for re-electio-a to the Board ef Common Council from said Ward. mr 24 te third wabd^n^kpbn^tTcnion For Mayor? JOHN H. 8EMME3, For Aldkhman? ?, _ A. R. SHEPHERD. Fc?. Common OorNctt A. C. RICHARDS. L. TREE. _ . F. McGHAN. For A3sbssor? _____ H. B CURTIS. mr31-te* COT ffXJ^THIBD' WARD?JUA* ELECTION.-Tl* Aj unconditional Union toter* ot the Third Ward will rapport the following ticket at the ay proachingmuniclpgl election,Vl?; ?* bScHARd WALLACE, ox LJoseph t. Brown, lo,?mw THOMAS A. STEPHi JOHN W. SIMB. IPHkNB, fV5=-THIRD YfA&O?JUNE ELECTION.? !L_5 unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following tieket at the June election: Fo* Matob? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Aadbrman? ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. Jo* Common Codnoil? N. D. LARNER, JOB W ANGUS, JOHN W. 81 MS. ap 23-te nTS=?TO THE VOTERS OF THE THIRD WARD. IJkJ* Having this day seen my name upon tbe Semmes ticket an a candidate for Alderman of the Third Ward. and desirous ol having- my position distinctly understood, I have to say that I support Richard Wallach for re-election. ALEX. R. SHEPHERD. May 1854. [ my 31-5t] ff5=?TO THE THIRD WARD VOTERS.?The ?1^5 undersigned takes this method of inform ing his friends. and especially the voters of the Third Ward, that he is not a candidate for the Board of Common Council upon either of the tickets in the field. wishes it understood, how ever. that he is a friend and supporter of Mr. Wal lach for the majoraUy. my 31 te JOB W. ANGUS. FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION ?Jul TICKET. ForMatob? JOHN H. 8EMMES. For Alderman? JAMES KNGLISH For Com von Council? W W MOORE. ELIJAH EDMONSTON. G M. WIGHT [Intel., Repub , Chron. A Con. Union. J my 16 te FOURTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FoR mat?rTcHAKD WALLACH. I or Aldrrman- pBppKR For Common Cor*cu.? AS BURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOI.LANSBEE, my 12 MICHAEL LARNER. OT rr^THE UNION NOW AND FOREVER II 3 THE R or; HE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BE FOI.D. MECHANICS' AND WORKINGMBS'S' TICKET. For Alderman of the Fifth Ward, ROBERT W. EDMONDS. jcl-tt* UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. Fob Mayor? ? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? CHA8. I. CANFIELD. For Common Council? WM. P. PERGUSON, JAMES B. DAVIS, J. B. WARD. For Assessor? # B. F. DYER. mar6-3w* |V^=?FIFTH WARD INDBPENDENT UNION ITg TICKET. For Mayor? JOHN H. SEMMES. For. Aloirman? SAMUEL STRONG. Fop. Common Cocncn.? THOMPSON VAN RESWICK, WM. F. WALLACE, JOHN W. MEAD. For Assbksor? my28-Iw* NICHOLAS WAYSON. _ g^=?8lXTH WARD UNION TICKET^ Fop Mayor?* JOHN H. SEMMES. For Common Cockoil? WILLIAM T ALBERT. JOHN E. HERRELL. io l it* HENRY E. MARKS, rSF?PIXTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION fcj TICKET. For Mayor? a RICHARD WALLACE. For Alderman? JOHN H. PEAKE. my K-t** PV<R=?SIXTH WARD.? Mr. Editor: Pleaec an 1X? nounce Mr. GEORGE A. BOHRKR an in dependent candidate for the Board of Aldermen. my 28-61* rTs=?SIXTH WARD UNCONDITIONAh UNION 113^ TICKET.. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For'? DONALD McCATHRAN. For Common Corvcit.? GEOROE R. RUFF. BENNETT SWAIN. my a-' 7f THOMAS B. MARCH. rVHK=- SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL IL5 UNION CANDIDA TE. FOll RE ELECTION. For As.-kssor P K T E R I1EPBU R V . my 30-1? * rr^^SEYENTH~W AR D Uj? INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UNION TICKET. For MAYOR JOHN H. SEMMES. Tor Alderman? PET BR M. PEARSON. For Cocbcilmkn? " WILLIAM T WALKER, MOSES T PARK BR. CHARLES F. BARNES. For Assessor? je l-4t* PETER HEPBURN. fVz=- SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL LL2 UNION TICKET. For Mayor? ?. ? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Aldfrmab? CROSBY B. NOYES. For Common Cocnoil? H. W. HAMILTON, otho BOS WELL, my 2P-te JOHN II D. RICHARDS. SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For. May('..-in u SEMME3 AlDEi?k#BR M. PEARSON. For Commos Counoil? JOHN G. DUDLEY, W, T.WALKER, \ OAO. WRIGHT. Fo?. Assessor John H. BIRD. my OCT icr ciND">,TE ?P 29 te J?HN H' &EM^S CARRIAGES, / CHAISES, CABS. Ac. Ju.-t received a very larte and splendid assort ment of CHILDREN'S CARRIAGES. CHAISES, CABS, AO., which w* arc running oft nt remarkably low priaPs. BONT7. & GRIrMTII, my tC-iTv :it>9 7th rt.. bet. I and K. (Alex. Gazette and Journal.) musical. ROF. ESPUTA Would respectfully inferm the fiublic thnt he isnow prepared to give lesson* Jgfj n Vocal and Instrumental Muhic, Iiavingt?? retired from his other professional business, he is now able to devote the whole of his time to instruction in music to all those who way fce pleased to patronize him. Prof. Esputa's method la the same a* is taught in Europe?that is, while be makes/(ood performers of his pupil* he make* good musicians of then, also; so that any one who may receive instructions from him may acquire tliti knowledge of music as will inaka them com petent for teachers or professional musicians. Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who desire to enter must apply early, as the number is limited. > For terms apply to Prof. JOHN E8PUTA, No. 012 8th street east. Navy Yord.. N B. The cars pass Prof. Esputa's residenceeve ry six minutes during the day. my 27-lm* I DWELL A HENDERSON, ? No. 3<?7 D Street, nkar Niktji, Respectfully inform their friends and the public generally.that tbe> have now in etore a well se WA*Ll"PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, v Ud= tLey are prepared to sell at the lowest cash prictf Work done at short notice iu the city or country by txperienced workmen. Remer. Vsi the place. No. 3b7 D street, near 9th, Frarvkiii. H;.ll Building. ap21-tf r J HE I BERG ER.^3UCCEbS6R TO H F. * ? crrnm^Mf/T^v -II MERCHANT TAILOR, Km Ksf -ro:*m Ho>i <lAte Brown's.1 iff _ . 3t>* >ivao-h??venue. 27 t: Was^in-iTon, D. C. WANTS. W UTWNTED-r-A HOUSE either partiy furnished ?>f ULfuruiftb. d. Addrese D.,9UrOfio<. The be^t of reference* given. if 2-3t* A MAN WANTED, that understands mtkins I'opi Apply t# JAIfRS PALT. 173 BrMj* 'trwt, Georgetown, D. C. Apply immidiit'ly, Oood irtce^ gireo. Je2-3t* WANTED~Two flr*t-cl&? PLUMBERS. At?o. tiro smart BOYS, b-tween '5 and W years, to learn tb?- trade. None others n?ed apply. It* ' TliOS. THOMPSON. ANT ED-A JOURNEYMAN BARBER. To a vv steady man good wages and constant em plojment given. Apply on let street west, one door from Penn. avenue. ?. ? ?r 2t* WM. E. PARRAWAY. WANTED?A WAITER at the Gosling Hoase. To nne who understands hin business $20 per month will be given the whole year round. In quire at the Restaurant, 247 Penn. avenue, be tween 12th and 13tli sts. It* rANTED?An*honest whit*1 or colored woman, for plain COOK lNt? in au eatiue house; wore I gM; service nos required on the Sabbath. Also, a white HOY, 12 to 15 rears of age, in a small atore. Inquire at No 152 New York avenue, between litfaand lath eta. j* 2-at* WANTED?A smart and intelligent BOY. from lite K yearn old, who is well acquainted in the business pa t of the city and Georgetown. and is willing to make himself generally ns?ful. Good references required. Apply at FELLHEIMER S Wholesale Millinery Store, 53$ 7th street, up stairs, between La avenue and D at. je 2-2t* WANTED-A CAX8 BAKER. Apply at 4?9 v * llth street. Je l-3t* WANTBD-A SEAMSTRESS. Apply at the Kb * v bitt House. ? je 1 3t* WANTED?An experienced WASHER. Also, three colored WAITERS. Apply at the Clar endon Hotel. . ? ie l-2t* WANTED-A white GIRL, a- nurse, at 404 ? 12th street, between I and K. Good refer ences required je 13t* WANTED?At T.Russell's Restaurant, No. 27 7 Penn.avenue,two ASSISTANTS in the kitch en. immediately. je l 3t_ WANTED?A good COOK; also. s WAITER, and young MAN to attend to a bar. Apply atft!4 llth street, near the avenue. jel-.'tt* WANTED?A GIRL to do general housework in a small family. Apply to J. CHAPM AN, 14th street, between P and tj. je l-?t* W"ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A healthy woman, with a good breast of milk, to NURSE an in fant four months old. One that hafi lost her child preferred. Please cull at 331 llth st. je l ot* WANTED IMMKDIATKLYT?At Andrew J. JOYCE'S Coach Factory, two HELPKRS for Smith Shep._ my 31-Jt ANTED?At Metropolitan Hotel, tuo IRON ERS, three SCRUiJBLR.-. an.l two WASH ?B8. my 31-St* WANTED?Two first-class PAPER HANGERS. JOHN ALEXANDER. my 31-3t No 240 Penn. avenue. WANTED?A good second COOK, white woman, at 43* E street, near 7th. Good wages. my 31 -3t* \\T ANTED?A WASH WOMAN and a SCRUB TV GIRL. Apply at the Ebbitt House. iny.';i-3t* VlTANTKIV-A first-class CONFECTIONI'R. Ap v? ply a* No. 07 Bridge atreet. Georgetown. D. C _ (my ni WM F.FREUND. HOUSE PAINTERS ?Wanted,two good HOUSE HANDS. CO.. my "l ot* 59 La. av., bet. 6th A 7th sts. Xl'ANTKL:?liv a young Englishman, lust ar >V rived in Washington, a SITUATION as Bookkeeper, Clerk or Salesman, in a fancy or dry goods store. Address E. 15., Star Office. my.'il-Ci* Ui AN IE it, AT ONCE?A CATEKEtt for a tirat class house, already established. Dining room large enough for sixty persons. Situation unsurpassed. No oi;e need apply without capital to carry on the table, and bring the best reference. Address HOUSE, Star Office. my 31 3t* ANY person Wishing to adopt a BOY, 6 weeks old, can do so by inquiring at 529 12th street, below D street'nortlu my .'{Q-lw* MONEY~WANTEl>. ? 1 wi-h to borrow from jj.) 0f)O to if 10.000, to be secured by real estate worth double the amount. ^ my 3"-8t* No. 155 Bridge st., Georgetown. '"ANTED?"a" small HOUSE, or a few R0JM8, in a healthy locution. References exchanged. Inquire at M. B. BRADY'S Gallery. 352 Penn. avenne. my 38-lw WANTED?Ten or fifteen WASHERS and IRONERS, at the City Laundry, on llth ?-treet. near C. Also, one good colored BO*, from 15 to 20 years. E. H0ICHKI8S, Mauager. my *n-2w* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 LADIES to Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good bauds conatant work and good wages given. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE S Stamping and Machine Stitching Depot, 3S1 V street, opposite Patent Office *e * rn LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT OO.lMJU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. 391 P street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the Held. ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 w^-??0,lcTIse, WANTED, ETery lady in the Di=trict to know that I have, a< considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, A.e. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of good# Crimped at short notice, in as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 391 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch ing Depot. 171 r 3 LOST AND FOUXp. LOST-At the Simpson House, r single stone DIAMOND RING, belonging to the proprie tor. A liberal reward will be given if returned to the proprietor of the Simpson tlo'ise. je 2 21' 10ST?On June 1st, a ?>mall ORDER BOOK. T'ua j finder will be suit.ibly rewarded by leaving it at EDWARD LILLY"'S Awning and Tent Factory, corner l.Si street and Penn. avenue. It* Afir REWARD,- L?st, last, ni^ht, a yellow t> leather POCKET-BOOK, containing *1SJ and a rcdl of papers, between l?th and 17th streets, on Penn. avenue. The above reward will be paid ir left at the Star Office. jt>2-3tr ? ."?OU N D?Upon the premise* known a-* the Me&de r House. F st.. betweea l^th and l!*tii, a HORSE. The owner i? requested to prove property, pay damage-- end charges and the aniiiial will be deliv er.d I It I R? K. SCOTT, Attorney. J^STRA Y?On or about the 20th day el' May, ]3t?t, j a small bay HORSE, about 12 or 13 years of age, black Ti sne and tail, no other marks, cam s on my premise*. This is to give notice to the owner to con.e forward, prove property and t*<e the horse aw ay, alter paving charges, or I w iil cause h:m to b. -Id for expense of koe^ McjjA>f ARA, ie 2-3** (,24 Massachusetts avenue. I08T OB STOLEN?John R. Elvans' CHECK, J No. 3,707, on RigssA Co., dated June 2. IS>1. payable to order of "drafts or bearer, ' for Twen t> six Hundred and? inetv-wx Dollars aud Nine ty nine Cents (?2,WM.W>. All parties are cautioned agaie^t r.egutiatiDg the same, a4* payment has b?en at'ipped. JOHN K. ELVANS, je 2 "it 1enn. avenue. fCbron. Repub. Intel. Con. Union. Times. Bait. Aioer. and Sun .'it. I fcjTRAYEI) OR STOLEN-On the 2?th ult a black NEWFOUNDLAND PUP, abiut3 tnontUsold. A reward will be given by leading hun at the sub scriber's, No. 7 1 Danbarton streot je i.3tT >VM. tl. r* U r?g. tJTRAYED OR STOLEN?On the lfth ultimo, a small BUFFALO COW, white, with black spots, left ear out and slit; stiff in lett liin t le-; bag and teats very small. reward will be given lor her return to 192 llth street ea?t. Navy Yard. Tf J6 J A M b.s I',. ((ILL. ^10 BEW ARD.?Lost, on Tuesday morning, ? v? >la> olst, between 15th and l<:v. streets and Penr.eylvauia avenue, a POCKET BOOK, con taining about 170 or over in Treasury notes. b*nk able notes, and some in sold, and other papers. The finder will receive the above reward if re turned to J. T CREED. 210 G street, between ISth and )9tb. First Ward. }* l-3t* REWARD?For a MILK OOWundllEIF ?1U Kti, lest tlie 29th of May. IStH. Red cow, 4 years old. white face and little white on the back, lougsltm tail, straight horns and white on the belly Young red heifer, li months old.little horns and a white ting around Its tail. Paid when de livered to North Capitol st., corner of O, Hoover's ^?UiB?t*'r U?UKe' JOHN'DOYLE. FOl'ND?Near the Baltimoro aud Washington Derot, a GREY HORSE, (estray.) Had no shoes on has the letters H.C.onhio ilae.k. The owner will come forward, P/ove property, pay charg? - and take faim away. J AS BRAN NAN, in? 31-3t* Baltimore Depot. C REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on Wednes *!p?> day. 2jth inBU.ared COW. nice horns, one of her . ars split; star In forehead. The above re ware! w i 11 be paid it ruturni?ti to Gum. MCCAR THY No, 87 A street south, between 2<i and Capitol Dili. ' my 31-at* PERSONAL. PERSONAL ?A young man of respectability (stranger in Waihine*.on> is desirous ot form ing the acquaintance ol gome pretty young lady, not over "0 years, with a view to matrimony, Ad <Wa, with carte de n ialte, CULA1ILIE WILLIS, Washington, P.*0. * It* JJaNDSOME GOODS AND LOW PRICES. Our stock is now full iu all the various depart ments ?nd Ladies should not fail to call ana ex amine our atock of DRESS OOOD8, ol the most desirable and seasonable styles, all of which we are telling at New York prices for Cash. HEAVY IRISH LINENS"AT 6''K andfr". CKNTd We would, call the particular attention of g?? tleraeu wishing to buy Heavy Irish LiBona, for Shirts, to s case we have on hand, which we ave selling at f.2V and 65 eeiita per yard, and Wi'iei are r.ct much higher than Cotton Ooods Of the same w?>i#fct, they should be very deairable good for tb?- present s?asou. All poodB marked in plain figures at tae Lo ??. Caab rrioe. One rrlce rnl^ . BBOTiiEB. No f.i,roslU'C"r-\rf m? 31 atit between ?n'1 a're ' TOR RENT AND SALE. STORK BOOM FQREENT-U btiiidm* No. lOO D street north. botweert 6th au4 ,7ta etr.vt# Inquire on the premise* ' )?> <*' EH>R BKNT?One large BOOM. eul tabic for t?o ? persons, furnished: and two unfurnished. on firrt floor, communicating; en Missouri avenue, near cornel 6th street. jc g-eo3t* K'OB RENT?A nMr BRICK HOUSE containing * five rjomi, sitvated on the corner of r-th Mild A streets Capitol Hill. Alao.the FURNITURE for sale. Apply at J. BROWN'S Restaurant. corner 18th street and Peon. kTcnu*. je 2-1 v * A RARE CHANCR -STORE FOR Rl.NT AND FIXTURES FOR SALE?corner High f,n>l Prospect streets. Georgetown Imuirs at T. R(J DlEft'S White Ileus** Restaurant, High street. je 2 at* FFICE5 FOB RENT.?For rent, fcur large" well lighted and airy ROOM8, ?n the second tloor. Anplf on the premises to P.J RE1 LEW tc CO., 510 7th street, three door* south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Professional arentl^raen and insurance a*enti preferred. None lut persons of first class repu tation in society need apply. Terms, cask first month, in advance. Je 2-3t fT*0 RENT-Two pleasant ROOMS, at 4 97 B A street, between 3a and 4th. je l-2t* FOR RENT.?Four ROOMS to a small family at No >167 O street, bet. 13th and 13l,|stH. jel-2t* EH)R SALE?The STOCK and FIXTUBBi of a r Segar and Tobaoco Store, 603 Maryland ave nue, between 9th and 10th sts. Je t 2t* FOR SAL8-A. PBOPERTY yielding W rent per annum, and within one i-quaro of a city railway. Address Box 36 Star Office. je l-3t* tfOR SALE-A BARBER SHOP, or the (rood-will *? and lease. Apply at No. 574 7th street, be tween B street and Maryland avenue. Island je l-3t* FOR RENT.-Two BRICK HOUSES on ItHh st. west. Nos. 309 and 207, between L and M st?., each containing seven rooms. Inquire at No. 317 auh street. je l-4t? P^OR SALE?The Good-will and Fixtures of a RESTAURANT on iK street. No. 170, Island. Reason for selling If other businc-s. Inquire on the premises. je l-3t* RABE CHANCE !- FOR 8ALK-The entire Fur nitore, Beds. Bedding, Crockery, tec., of a we'l-furnlshed, mode-rn hnilt house, centrally and pleasantly located. Also, HOUSE for rent. Terms cssb. Inquire at No. 4 lb 12th stieet. je 1-i't* OR RBNT?FOUR ROOMS, suitable for law yers, doctors, or agency offices. Also.absse in-nt STORE 'ROOM; nil situated on C stree;. north. No. 363, between f-i and6tli sts. jo 1-St* A. F. KI^IELL. OR RENT?Throe UNFURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for housekeepius. Also. tv,o FUR NISHED ROOMS, with the u-e of the kltcheu. None but respectable persons need apply. Itent moderate. Apply on K street, between Oonneeti cut avenue and ISth street. No. 318. je_l 3i* riiHE ENTIRE STOCK OF SEGAR8. TOBACCO. PIPES AND SNUl-'F for sale at low price, a* the undersigned is going out of the business. Dealers and sutlers supplied cheap. ED. K'>HN, 257 Pa. avenue, je 1 3t* Det. 12th and 13th st=. _ Fv<flr~RENT?One BRICK HOUSE, containing H ven rooms and h ceilur, located in one of the n osf. ilelialitful and healthy parts of the city, on Hth street, (opposite Kinsman's Garden.) be tween Pan>i<i streets. The city cars run by tli ? door. and only six minutes from the Trea* ury Department. For particulars apply to JOHN CHAPMAN, on the premises. je l-2t* Dwelling housefor rent.?The un w sipned bji.s for rent a very convenient and de sirable Dwelling House in the neighborhood of the t'ii.y Hall, being "lie of the best locations for a pro ft'-ionftl man, and having an ollice room on the principal floor. Po"*e.??ir.n August Int. and the fnrnitnro now in the house, which i- well adapted V> it, may be pur chased. Application to be made at Ofliee 1^0 II street, back of Patent OfHce. nt the hours of 8 o'clock mominir <*nd ft o'clock afternoon. je 1 -tf JAMES T0WLE8. Property Agent. THE HOUSE No. SO?* h street, between 7th mil gth. is 'or rent, furnished or unfurnished'. Ap piy at No. 374 Mh street, near K. my 3i-3t" FOR REN '?Two pleasant ROOMS, furnisaed; suitable for hous'-kcepins for two personi Apply to Room So. 1?? General Land Office. my 31-3t* rpo LET?At No. 335 8th street, between K and 1 L neatly furnished ROOMS, for gentlemen only. Inquire at Room No. If* General Land Of tire. ray 31-3t* r|H) LET-A neutly lurniabed FRONT ROOM, 1 suitable for two gentlemen, at 352 1 >tb street, between L and M. Meals turnished in neighbor hood. my 31-.1t* OOMS TO LET.?A Suite of FURNISHED BOOMS to let, from the 1st of June, at No. 424 15th street, between New York av?nue and n street. Also, two very superior OFFICE ROOMS, roy 31-eo3t* FOR RENT?A fine, four-story, mastic front BR10K HOUSE, corner Mass. avenue and 10th street. Gasani water throughout, aud bath room. Innuire of J. W. DRANE, 9th street, between G and 11, next to Fourth Presbyterian Church. my 31-3t* FOR RENT?One of the STORES now beinK fit ted up under the Bledical College, on F street, near 12th. Thio is a central, noied and excellent stand for almost any kind of business. Apply to Dr. JAMES li. MORGAN, corner Maryland ave nue and 12th street. ? my 31-tf ARE" CUANOB ? For exchange, a BRICK I7WELLING HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, yard. A e., in a central part of the city, rent $12.30 per month. I will exchange this house for a smaller cn>\ if suitable. Address Box 40, Star ofliee. for one week. my M-eo3t* 'PUREE DESIRABLE BUILDING l.OTS FOR J- SALE in Square 178, fronting on 5th street and the corner ol P, in a rapidly improving neighbor hood. The undersigned will sell one, two. or throe very desirable Building Lots in Square 47S, fronting on Gth and the corner of P streets. Each lot is large enough to be subdivided into four or live building lots. A plat of the lots can be reen at mv store. The lots will be sold upon reasonable terms. The three lots contain upwards of twenty-one thou sand feet of ground. A rare chance i^. offered for an investment In this property Apply to E.E. WHITE. No. 63 Louisiana avenue, between Gth and 7tli streets, oppogito Rank of Wa-bington. my 31 3t FOR SALE?On accommodating terms, a large FOUR STORY BUILDING on Dstreet.between 12tli and 13th. Inquire on thw premises. my3)-6t* F^OK SALE OR RENT?A largo Brick HOUSE on High street, Georgetown, in complete o,der, suitable for ? tavern, boarding housex A ". For particulars, address Box No. 23. Star Ofli' **. in v 3' lv.' [POR SALE?Three 1 RAME HOUSES ou the F Island, two 6 rooms each and one 7 ro >m*. For'further pait-iculars inquire No. 316 G street north, between 12th and l.'Hh streets, my 28 7t* rpo LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in 1 the First Ward The whole, or in suite's. Pos Marion givt'ii tbe 1st ot July. Iaquirt; at Star Of Cee, or address Mr. EVER, Georgetown PostOl I (ic. Also, four largo PAllLOKS, fur Government | oft ccs. my 23-1 m* 1/OK S \LE?On Marylaud avenue, near 5th st., a three story BRICK HOUSE, containing 11 | rooms; Iwlcony in front. Will be sold low and on easy terms, if immediate application be made to F MACE. Real Estale Broker and Agent for the j S?ie of Maryland Farms. 517 7th street. m2S 6t* ^ OK S ALE?A three story and basement BRICK HOUSE,containing eight large rooms, situ I ated on loth strict between N and Out?., No. 301; also, a small FRAME HOUSE situated on 8th Kt , between M and N streets, containing si v rooms. No 2^4. Pos-^ssion tiven. Also, three smal FRAME HOUSES situated on 6tb street, between F and G Rts., island. Apply to D. IIAUP1MAN, 512 lltli ?-t.. in ar Pa. sr. my 2a-7t' , OR SALE?The LEASE of a Store on Penn. av t r.ue. at a reas^iiablf price. 8took ofJ^EGARS gold if required. Apply to ED. K0HN.257 Per>u. 12th ? F E avenue.botween 12tn and 13th >t*. my 27-1 w* f.^OK SALE?A tine SUMMER RESORT, doiuS.a smashing busiacse. Reason, the proprietor is goiny to Europe. For particulars call at 4os,? loth street, between D and E. my .< -gt L,^0irSALE? Furnlturo and Good Will of a r BOARDTNG-HOUSE. containing l'? rooms nnd a number of boarders. Inquire second door from ih Btreet, on P etreet south, near Arsenal Gato niy27-lw* _ /HMO) OHANCB FOR AN INDUSTRIOUS' BUSI tj NESS MAN, WITH SOME CAPITAL.?For mIo?A respectable and profitable BUMNRSS, in ranning order, thriving and large profits. Rea* son for selling, sickness. Inquire at WILLIAM WITTHEFT c*. No. 409 3d street, Capitol UU1, near Penn. avenue. tny 27-8t* ?BURNISHED ROOMS TO RBNT?To gentlenion r only?No. 35B 7th street, between I aad Mass. avence. mygt-jt* O0MS FOR RENT.?Comfiu-table and woll-1 furnished Booms at 450 12tn street, between G and H st.s. The location iaone of the mott de sirable in the city. my^ tf I^OR SALE ?18,000 cH^h will jmrchaio th? stock, fixture s rnd furniture (with '' J lease at a nomitisl rent) of a FIR8T-CLASS 1101 EL. in Washington. D. C.. containins forty ruuin-. Ui? eetaidishinent is conductt-d on the.European T>|an, and in thoroughly stocked and furnished wU modern convenience. Location the best iu Wa-hiug toii, with an extensive paying ,rin*,"r?hv C.U or ..M?? ?w. 8 E P.f FOR SALE?A beautifull-y located BRICK HOUBF 1^x32, e'?bt room# and paMage, lot 37x#i) to aa alley. Immediate poesession-only ^'"ooo feet of Ground, fronting oa Pa. avenue, immedtat# poisf sslon. a rear; MITCHELL A SON, Real Sstate Brokers. n,y ift-im* southeast corTra. ay. and 15th at. F" -<oR BENT?A delightful RlblDENCB, with Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, oa the square between Green and Montgomery etreotg, above Stoddard ?t. Possession given on the 10th of June next. For terms, &o., app^y on the prom lies. ?>?? Towing promptly attended to by the Potomac Tow Coropany's boats, "PctoBuac." "Gov. C&rtin" aud " BeUe Harra.,, Apply to th? Cuttiti! ei> board i c. to vapta.n JOHN B DAVIDSON, . my 13- Watef ?tr??*t. Georgeto wn. AUCTION SALES. \VM. L. WAI.I. A "CO., . 8. W. corner Pa. av. uud ?ih et. r?r H>M Aictl>i Ultt ?w llrH m?. THIS AFTKRWOOW AJIP TO-MORROW ?Y THOMAS DOWLING. Auct T; OmpWvi sm AT ACOT10H. J, ;nt? 9d, kt ? o chi* v i win wii on Lb* pnnlMn.on lh* corner of First and Market streets, Goorg*to?rn. ti r?? splendid .Building Lots, each fronting fi feot 4 inch*a on Pint street, with a depth of 96 f??t om Market street. . . , Terms; One third cash; balanoe in tlx and turalT* incnths, secured bra deed of truat on the prop CTty. Conveyancing and stamp 1 at the coat ot th* pug chaaer. ALSO. Two Frame Buildings. to t?e nmoTM, Several hundred cords of Oak and Pin# Wood. Lot Carpenter's Toola. , Large lot of excellent Rope, double and aintl* blocks Lot of Iron, Ac., Ac. Terras caah myiT-d^ 1 Intel I THUS. DOWLING, Aoct. |^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Anctioueera. VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY OH NORTH D STREET.BETWBEN bTH AND 1 TH 8TREBTS WEST. AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the ad day of June, at 6 ?'elk. . p. n . we shall sell. in front of the premises, wem part of Lot 4, in 8?nare <67, with the improvements, which conalat of a food two- story and attic Praaae House, with a Brick back Building. containing eight convenient and. wellarrangod room*. Terms: One third caah, the balanee in si* a?4 twelve month*, for notea bearing interest, a dew gived and deed cf traat taken, , . ? All conveyancing and stamps at the ooatof tb* 5my^dr' GREEN A WILLIAMS. Anctt. gY GREEN A WILLI AM8~, Auctioneers. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE-8 ALB Of A THRBE STORY FRAME AND LOT ON MA89AOBg 8BTT8 AVBNUB BETWEEN FOURTH AB> PIFTHBTUEBT8 NORTH AT AUCTION? On THURSDAY, the *1 day ?(Jnn". ?*e<?HV??kr r. tn . wAhaU sell, le fient or the promisee, pari of Lot 11 in Square *0. fK, with a nearly new built three-story Frame Hnuee containing nine roow. There is no better location In tha city. Terma ?*ah- QRBEN A WILLIAMS, Auntfl. _ OY J." C. Uv-tiUIllIi A CO., Auctioneers. three dfsirari.b bFildinglots ;t the niRNEROF PKVF.XTH ANDT STEI... rS, AN D IMMEDIATELY OPPOSITE THL i?Ji\EMTH STREET RAILROAD DEPOT. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, May 37th, at 6* o'clock, on tho promises, we shall sell lots No. 26. 20 and 27. in Wilibergt r'ssnhdiviMon of square No. 4il. fronting together 7s feetoa Seventh street weet, at the corner of north T street, and running bach 12S feet on T street, to a 15foot allej. These lot" arc immediately opposite the City ?a? ernger Railroad Company'? Depot and stable.1*, and are considered desirable for business purposes. Tt rms: Oue-third in cfi*>li;the remainder inslg and twelve month--, with interest,act tired bv ?<l?M t; iruston the premises. Conveyances at the cos* ?\S5?rS5fi J. C. McGll&E * CO.. taeta. tfT^TITE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED IS c-n?p<5uence of the rain, until THURSDAY A F~ T ERNOON .June 2d, same lottr and r.lace. niv ?! ( Rc'.?.] J. C. McOL'IKE A CO.. Ao<-t?. r>l OARGOOFDAY AT AUCTION*. ,, . Ou FRIDAY, June3. c mnieueing at.2lo ?*?*? we will aeil, at Gunn-l's Wharf, foot of Kiev ant* street, the cargo of tliebarae Harriet Ann con taining about one Ltindred ton? of tiOOD na. 1. The above hay will b? peremptorily sold:a?d will be sold in quantities to suit purchasers. Terms cash. WM f WALL_ACO. Ane'fr. fv? C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KIT Oil EN FURNITL KB AT AUCTION. . We will ?ell, or FR1D Y MORNTNG. June the ."id. at 10 o'lock. at the reaidonre of a Oentieiaan declining houFeUeepin*. No. 333 IPth atreet.ui land, between C etieet Md Virginia avenue. The at tention of tiie Pu olic are invite'l to at .en'l. Sale without referve. ?eTn'C"b- c. R. '? CROWN A CO.. Ai.cU m WM. L. WALL A 00., Ancuoneers. \ ERY SUPERIOR AND FAST TROTTING 4I0RSB BRANDY WINE AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, Jane 3d. at V* o'clock nv. wo wlli aell, at the Stables of John Hensley. Epi . on %tk Ftreot, between D and B streeta. the very enp^rlor and fnat Trottlug Horse Rr?ndvwlne_ warranted eotincl, and can trot in2.l^, is with on. a toiMn - Igji The above Horse is only sold because the own^f haa no ns? for him, an1 offera a rare orportmlty to obtain one of the fineH horse* in the cur tor either doubleor single team. Te^rms cash. w L WALL.* CO., Aaett^ ?>Y W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers THE BFPECT8 Of AN IOE CREAM SALOON AND EATING HOUSE AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY MORNING, 31 instant, at *"?'04*. we will aell. h o.?3?i'.i east side o! 11th between L and M streets, the effects of a small Ice Cream 8a ?loon. A C.. consisting of Extension Dining anl sa loon Tables, Chairs, Glass, and Orookerywgiy, L?:;ips, Glasses and other Fixtures, i good Cook* ing stoves and Cookiog Utensils. J?fat CB8h' W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. OYGRBBN A WILLI AMS, Auctioneers. IMPROVED RBaTTESTATE SALE. "* In pursuance of a c ecrcfl of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, rendered in special term, on tbe 16th day of May. 1861. In acanse in ohanoery. No. 4*\ in which Samuel \ . Btillings, Elizabeth B, Angel, and JohnT. Angol are complainants, avl Sarah V. Hamilton, Laura A. Stilling*. George 8. Johnson. BUen M. Smith. Laura ?.Smith. Joseph H. Smith. Ann E. Smith, Mary Smith, and Ben ma Smith are defendant*, we. the undersigned Com i>iiss!oners, nan et and appointed in said decree, will fell, upon the premis-os. hereinafter described, by Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at6o'olk, p in .onth* Third day of June, lU64,the following property, to wit: Part of Square numbersd ?"?6, in Washington City, beguinn g for the same a- a point on the south line of said Bquare. on L street south, at the distance of 7<i feet frem thesontheart corner of .'aid S.tnare,aud rnrning thence west 2S feet, north 75 feet, east 25 feet, south lo feet to the 0? ginuing, containing a two-story attic and basj> Jtieut Brick House; and also, part of Lot No. 3, in the Hime Square, beginning for the said part on south L street. 101 feet from the southeast cornet of -aid Square, and runuin* thence north 75 feet, thence we^t 2n feet, thence south 78 feet, to south I# street, then e east , with said street 20 feet to the beginning, containing a one-story-and-a- half and basement frame Houmn upon the following terms, to wit: One-third cash. or within tea days after sale, one-third at six months, and the other third at twelve months from the day of sale, with inter est fremdsy of sale, the purchaser to give notea fcr ih? deferred payments, secured by a deed of trus-t upon the property, acd the purchaser to par for stamps and all conveyancing; and in cas* of non-compliance with the terms1 of sai?. the prop* erty to Ve re sold at the risk of the^r^liaser. R. M. COMB1. JAMES RHODES. JAMBA II. JONES E.O. SANDERSON. Commissioners, my 2t-eoAds GRBEN A WILLIAMS. Auc's. B Y OREKN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING" LOT FRONTING ON NEW JKRSEY AVKNUE, BETWEEN M ANB N STREETS NORTH. AT AUCTION. On TUhtiDAV.the 7th instant, we shall sell, on the premises, at 6 o'clock, p ni , the following ba^dnsDie Building Lot, viz; Lot No- 9. in Sqnnre No. ?23, having a front of feet 1<> inches pr. New Jersey avenue, b* 03 feet 4 inchet deep, and yerr handsomely situated, . , . Terms: One hall cash, balance in six and twelve mbnthp. for notes bearitg interest; a deea g.ven and deed of trust taken. Ail conveyancing, including revenue stampo ei Co?olth, P^ch^r^^ ^ WILL!AMS, Aucts. |>Y J. 0. MCGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. auction sale ^chamber lESXyJL^R AT NO. 4'tl EIGHTH STREET, BETWfcHN D AND PEN NS>I.Y*BIA A\ Eh JK. On TO BID AY MORNING. June 7th. commen ciue at 10 o'clock, we shall roll the- ?ormt?re en tire pftheiecond acd tkird floor ind a*tic as abore% cc n&iblinfj of? . Recsttads, Bureaus, Wardrobes, Socking and other Chairs, Centre and Chamber Tables and Cover?, Mantle Clo< ks and Orninients. M&ttrtssea Feather Pillows, Bolsters, Sheet", Blankets Comforts, Pillow Cases,Sprea4?. Carpet' Oilcloth. Washstands, Tolfet Were. Stoves, Ac. JL/j-"tsCfc h' J- C. MCGUIRE A Co.. Auct#. WFjTcV McG LIRE * CO., Auctioneera. ktOOK OF JEWELRY7 JBWELLBR'S IMS SAFE (.LASS. COUNTER. SHU* CAbBi. I1UNS.AC..A0., AT PUBLIC8ALE. Conm.? ncint; MONDAY MORNING, June Sth.ftt 10 o'clock, at the store of L. wineburg, No.3?A. Pennsylvania avenuo. below the National Hotfl. we sLall sell, the entire sti ck, cou-sisting of ucli and Silver Hunting acd Open Fuee atohes. Jew elli x of al: Kinds iu Sets and Bin?'-1, Silver platei Ware f'yoi ns. Forks, Cantors Spectacle*. Fanev articles, etc , etc. ALSO, a. 5l*l?ite Glass Silver plated rim saow 1 large Jeweller * fire proof Sal* oi Ufrriag ? make, I Fine Regulator Clock. _ o.,v. Cm Fix Window Lights. Shade*. Show Rai>k . G tures. ete.,etc. Terms cash. } n ^eplRB A CO., Au.U ?)Y JAS. C. McOUIR|: A CO., AuLtlonwira. G;vT,aAu? tIIREX STORY BRICK DWELL WITH TWO STCttY BACK irriTT.VNO XT PCBLIC BALE. , nFu^ND&ll aF I'ERNOON, June v atCc riook. ^l^e^tesV we shall aell pait cJ Lot N< ? w Wi. frontif.g ? teet on the sojth street north, betwoeuHifcth a-1 Seveutfc SSlllSs'tesf Uo running b.cts M le.t l? ?^th a two foot alley, to be n'f-d in tctaaoa wKh ?i}l?j]ioin;ng property, ir.proved by a tkeee rto?y brick hoje, with rwo sterylr-^ baA ^n'lilinx. centainlpg in all nini roor t. ac l two The prtpcrtjr is the tuira h?u&e es?t t'S itta, tnc i ? num bered Ar ?? Ki. ?,_# Terms : One half cm:., ' ^ J % . twelve monthi, with interest, v. -1 vr trust cn ti-e p:e?i ises, C ipTeyacces at the ocst c. Vie pn. .aatar, f?V| ^ A 00 , A?W*.

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