Newspaper of Evening Star, June 3, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 3, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMD8EMli.NT8| TO-NIGHT. Ueo'vku'b Thkatxk.?Von ViTabar's opera, ?'l'er Freisi-hutz," is auaotinrad for to-niznt. The entire grand opera, together with rhe cel ebrated ?? Incantation Scene,'' will be per foimed Carl Formes appears i" greit character, ?' Caspar, the Ringer" M'ileFred trici, M'lle Cautssa, Habeimann, Stetiieck-, Gratfo. at 0 the entire Carl Aucbutz company arc also in the cu;. i Forp'h Thkatkr ?Mr. Ford annonncps the luw comei y. ?* A Bnll in a China Shop," and als> th>- Irish Comedy, " tiis Lest Legs." with Mr B. G. Rogers, lea*- of Grover's Theater, as *? Felix O'Calighan." The first named play is a new one, but ha-- bten performed rao-t suc cessfully in London and N'ew Y^rk, and it ?Will no "doubt be liked here. CASTKiinxTB-v.?Marietta Ravel, on tfce tight Tip**, JUiiiliifcaii, V?ii!iara3. Westand others in J.thiopenn acts and comedy; a corps of pretty tirls in dances; sweet singers, fee., are upon I he bill- here ngh'ly, and offer entertainments unexcelled m :bo Concert Hall business. i aik> aki> F*?Tiv*iii.?At St John's Sun day school room, Georgetown, the ladies of thut church ar? holding a fair for the sale of fancy nd u<eiul articles, and they hive a least of good tilings In the basement of Ascension Chnrch On H s, b*-?\nen yth and loth, a Strawberry and Floral Festival is in progress The room is elegantly decorated, and ail things are invit ing. The ladles of Capitol Hill Presbyterian Chnrch, aiii?d by ladies from other Presbyte rian cbu;ches. are holding a most delightful Pair at Odd Fellows' Hall, Ttn street. The citizens of the island hive an opportu nity to sit a pood cause by attending the de light ui Festival at Island Hall qnder the aus pices of ;h. agreeable ladies of the 7th st. Pres byterian Church. The Wf-sl-y Chapel ladies are also doing their duty in the fair ana festival line, and ex tend an invitation to all who would pass an agreeable evening and aid a go-jd cause. The Festival and Fair for the benefit of St. Ann's Infant Asylum is alsoin successful ope ration. and the cause commends itself te all on account of tbe belple** condition of those the fair is intended to benefit; The Rkoistry Law.?The Corporation At torney, Jos. H. Bradley, Esq , has given the following opinion in relation to the provisions of the registry law: Washington, 1st June, 1HJI. jR Wallace, Esq., Mayor, d-c.. Sir: I have, at your request, examined the joint resolution of Congress amending the registry law ol this city. A c trefnl reading of it shows that it is nothing more than a legalizing of votes which have heretofore been received under a very doubtful coKStmction of the fifth section of the charter fcf 1-IV-*. That section restricted the right of ?voting to those who had been residents of the city for one year next preceding the day of the election, and who had "been returnedon the books t<f the Corp.,ration during th> y<aren'tino the 31 st of December n?rt jvecdinrj the day of the ejection as subject to a school tax for that year.'" This j?int resolution provides two modes for the admission of such electors as are not on the toooks of the Corporation but are otherwise qualified electors. h irst, on proof made o^fore the commissioners themselves: second, ou affidavits before a jus tice of the peace. In either case the commissioners are to be satisfied of the right of the claimant; that he lias re tiffed here a year previous to the day he effers to vote, and is otherwise qualified as an fleeter. They may therefore interrogate him as to the nature of his residence, as well as its duration Residence, in the sense in which il 1s used here, is exclusive. It must be his heme? his fixed abode for the time bem^ not a so journing, while he claims his home, domlctl, or residence in some other place. If he has voted elsewhere during the year he lias not been a resident here, or if he is liable to ?iralt in some other place he is not a resident Ihere, m the sense in which this law uses the term resident and residence. The commissioners being satisfied in this re spect as to his residence by examination of the claimant, and of some credible elector, and that lie is otherwise qualified, must cause his name 4o be registered and receive his vote. ? It would be difficult to frame the form of aa affidavit to auit each individual case. But that ?which I send herewith may, with sneh modi fications as each separate case may require, produce uniformity in the reception of such -vote*. It follows the form indicated in the law, still it is by no means conclusive, and in all cases ?where affidavits are produced it is clearly "within tbe power of the commissioners it they thall tee fit, to swear the claimant and interro gate him till they are satisfied as to the bona JiJe character of his residence. 1 am. sir, your most obedient servant, Jot*. H. Bradley, Attorney. I tdd. in my opinion under this law, no man between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years who is not subject to military draft here |unless he comes within some disability or exception] is entitled to vete here. J H. B., Attorney. Meeting of the National Democratic Asst. ciation. Last night a spec ial meeting of the National Democratic Association was heldinpursuance lo the following call, which appeared in the 4.' imstitsUional Union of yesterday: ^ mocratic National Association will . ^.nr8day evening, June -id, l??l, at ?Ight o'clock, at their Hall, Parker's Building. Penns> luania avenue, between 6th and Tth streets, opposite the Metropolitan Hotel, for the transaction ol important business " i he members of the different committees are requested to be punctual in attendance I ."Democrats and Conservative men, ?whether residents or sojourners in the city, -who desire to become members of the Associa tion, are invited to be present. - The zealous co-operation of every friend cf Constitutional liberty, in promoting the HJVtSrt"*8 tbe Association, is eamestlv e>o V V VH \KLKti Mason, l?r**deut John h . Ennis, John Andrew Wise i> t 5>rjow, ^m M. Walhng'.on, Secretaries^ This meeting was attended by abont fifty persons, among whom we noticed the Hon Amc* Kendall, Col. Florence, of the Constitu Jicnal I Hum, Col. 1) R. McNair, formerly an Collector hIiw0"**!-0' Representatives, Ex ?JMrt'aS?"tV1'""8"" Hoover, Col. wnSJZ. WE !'wWRSSSUB eptaklng, but it was not Intended that Inv ^ ?Irenes would be made. Th- rcom wn.L ^ an early day be formally opened, wh^n It dressee wonld be made An in atl" *i*en lor ail persons wiahlng to jo^th - WM ctatiou to sign the constitntion J ' as*0" eri -neiit as it has heretofore axistert ?f sti'ntion ot the Unitefl <5tU?^??nndtfr the ? veiy American citizen ail the nghu'and" 10 ?*ileges which are guarantied to hnn by ih!t ,n" atrument, and to oppose to the utmost7.f i p,an8 a4d PurPOses of all tho.e who ?vT?Vl y way ende,vorinc tOoyerthrdw tha^ Constijution, or to abrogate any of tts provisw.n kr*P M therein contemplated. Wim ,K.i through the ballot-box, ic accordance wfthThl constitutions and laws of the respect, A is free preference ainon* the candidat^J ** ?entrd to his choice at the prebiden'i-d eie in November next.'' tion In answer to a question the Chair st*f<?? .w *ny qualified voter in any oM*f ^ !d lhat ?territories was el.g.ble to memb.-rshm ?idaSd epportuaity beln? giv?n, aboat twP'a"d,.,ln peraous signed the Constitution. Some ifss&ssssrr00 ?- I On Documents?Messrs Fnller H?im. McNair, Fltahugh Cyle, and Anderson T' Executive Committee-Mesar#. Bicser, Hoover. Riddle. Je linn. Randolph Coyle, CaaseUd^, i Ten re and Purdv. ' Mr. Tbrmas B- Florence said he und?rstonri it was enstomary for this As<o atlon to ??n i d^legat## to Cbicago, ana hethoug .tsom-th.alr atom d be done in the matter. Hew old th-re e move tne appointment of 15 dele* t-s to ?l e CoDveatioo. to assemble at Chi :ago on the 4th ot July i eat. Mr. John F. Earns suggested that the mai ler I* o>*r until ne.U 2Honda/ night when in nil probability Ui- r? would be a larger crowd ui .v^cdsucf. This uuestion bid always di vided ?b? Democratic Jackson Association and it might preyr a source of contention here. Mr. Floretfpe said tie'merely made tli* sug. ? est ion in ordvr to elicit an expression of opin ion. He wa* very willing that the subject I should lie owr Mr Ennts -aid that Pine* he had made the motion tor Monday night the fact had been brought to his attention that Monday night was the night of the municipal election. He wo a Id therefore suggest Tuesday. I Ex Marsha] J D. Hoover, (theTreasurer of i the Association) suggested that the members might want to ro to Baltimore on Tuesday to help aotnniate I.incoln. (Laughter.) Mr Florence said the association had hnt little to do so far as Mr. Idncoln's nomination w s concerned; but they had a great deal to do ! I to defeat bun after he was nominated. I Tuesday evening next was therefore fixed | 1 as the time for the next meeting when the question ef electing delegates will be consid- i ered. Mr. Jas. F. Haliday said he did not see as many familiar faces at this meeting as he ! could have desired. There were not enough ! Dfmocrats took the Constitutional Union, which was the only organ in this city that expressed their sentiments. He (Mr. H ) was satisfied that a large majority of the people of Wash, ington were with tb** Association notwithstand ing all the office holders were located here. He was satisfied a very large and respectable clab could be organized, and that it could make its influence felt in the coming campaign. There being no business now before the as sociation, Mr. Florence stated that be saw a gentleman present who was favorably known to fame, and moved he be invited to a seat upon the platform. He referred to Hon. Amos Ken dall. Mr Kendall was then invited to the platform, and he said that he felt honored by the atten tion thus shown him. He would aid the caase in which the association was engaged with all the talents vouchsafed to him in his old age, and with some of his means. . The Chair stated that after this week the hall would be lighted up each night, and that there would be documents and papers there for the information of Democrats. The meeting then adjourned. The Festival at Islaitd Hall by the la dies of the ?th street Presbyterian church con? tirues to be amazingly popular, a fact due to the tact with which it is managed, and the great number of objects of interest connected with the Fair. For one thing the Fair room is perfectly ra diant with pretty girl*.' We don't believe they all belong to tbe 7th street church ! We don't believe any one church ever had so many pretty girls of its o-Wn ! We believe that by some enterprising feat of managership the very pick of the ?th ward (so celebrated for hand some women) has b?en collected at this fair room in one dazzling blaze of beauty. The voting continues to go bravely on for the mayoralty-silver pitcher, the Seventh Ward candidate being al.ead last evening. But the adherents of the other candidate threaten to come in with a rnsii at the clo?(V after the tashion of the (trant voters at the New York fair. The polls will be closed at Id o'clock to morrow, Saturday, evening, at which time the Ditcher will be awarded to the successful candidate through their committee. The contest for tbe silver service appears to be ciose between the three editorial candidates. Sale of tub Smithsonian Hav Cboi\? Saturday the luxuriant crop of grass stand ing on the Smithsonian grounds was sold to the highest bidder. The number of bidders in attendance was larger than usual, and the bidding proportion ably lively. The successful bidder was Mr. Ryder, at about ?710 for the grass standing The crop is to be cut and hauled by the pur chaser. and the price would appear to be very high : but, at the present price of hay, Mr. R. will undoubtedly make a fair profit. ' A Mtpp in thk Cami-.?Wednesday night about 12 o'clock a terrible disturbance occnrred in the Camp on C. near H>th streets, in the First Ward. Women and whiskey were in some way connected with it. Sergeant Hurley and officer Clements of the police, went in among the riotous crowd, and arrested Ellen Green; Pat Keenan, Thomas Scott and Wm. Deniag ton, who were locked up until morning, when each wa& fined ?3. Thibd Ward Station Casks?Edw O'Neal, drunk and disorderly ; military. Oeo. Vettie, riding on the pavement; 9'2. James Meldrum, assault and battery; bail for peace Peter Hyde, parroting, dismissed ; also as a su-pi cious character ; held to bail for good beha vior. Sbcohd Ward Station Casbs.?Jos. Jones, violating city ordinance; 58 cts. Mrs. E.Ben net, grand larceny; dismissed. Fanny Wits low, drunk: *'2. Peter Donnelly, assault and battery; dismissed. John Win, sleeping in tbe street; do. Lewis Chapman, do.; 81.58. Fanny Wellington, drunk; $2. Rea quarters Provost Marshal and Board of Enrollment of District of Columbia, Washington, D. C., May 26, ISM. The Board of Enrollment of the District of Columbia will be in session at tbe office of the Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth street and .New York avenue, daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a.m. to 2 o clock p m., for the purpose of hearing cases of exemption from draft for the following causes, viz: Alienage; Non-residence; UnsuitabieneBs of aze; Manifest physical disability; and Two years' service during the present war, either in the army or navy Citizens are requested to furnish information as to persons who are not enrolled, or who are trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that his own chance for draft shall not be un justly increased. Hbkry A. Schehtz, Captain and Provost Marshal may 26-tf District of Columbia. MARRIED, In Washington city. on Tuesday. Mav.'dst, at the Church of the Asaembl), by Rev T. Hanks McFalls. THOM AS W. BEVAN. of Baltimore, and KATE BEBOEANT. of this city. On the evening of the I'd inst., at the residence of tne bride s cousin. P. L.Troxell, 3*7 Ninth street, by Rev. J G Butler. Mr PETER HARR. of Baltimore, to Miss ADELAIDE L . daughter of Thomas JB. Schleijrh. Esa.. of Hagerstown, M>1. * In Washington. June 2d. by Rev. W. M. D. Ryan, EDWIN B. WARING, of Georgetown. D C., to Miss MARTHA J GREENE, of Montgomery couct>.Md. ( Baltimore Bun please copy.1 DIED On the 2d instant. JAMES MURRAY, youngest child Of Patrick and Mary Murrsy, aged 14 months. His funeral will tike place to morrow (Satur day > afternoon at 2 o'clock, from the residence of his parents. No. 138 24th street, between Penn. avenue and L street. * ] THE COPARTNERSHIP HIRETOFORB Ex isting between H. Xilowski and A. Kloczew ski. under the firm of H. Xilowski A Co., has, by mutual consent, been dissolved thiB 2d day of June. J8*?4. All persons indebted to the firm, and all those bavini: any claim against the same, are respectfully requested to settle their accounts within 3" days from date. je 2-3t* C K ! '? ICE!! I C EH! The undersigned having permanently established himself at the foot of litU street, offers to the peo rle of Washington the purest quality of Boston resh Pond left Persons using large auantifies w ill be furnished at extreme!r low rates. Fami lies supplied daily at prices heretofore unknown in this city. Orders sunt to me at Gunnell's Wharf will be answered promptly and regularly. mySl-lw* T. T. EOWLBR. jyjoURNING GOODS OFfHE BEST QUALITY. Our stock of MOURNING GOODS of the very best fabricsis complete, and we are selling them at former prices, although we could not replace them to-day. ; We would advise ladies who have Black Goods to buy to call and supply themselves at their earli eet convenience, as the next importation will cost a great deal more money. Our stock now embraces almost every desirable article imported this sea son, and they w^re purehased by us at the late large sales in New York far below the cost of im portation. and we ar0 not asking a.- much for them they would cost at this time All goods marked in plain figures at the lowest cash price. One price only. W M.SHUSTERJr BRO , ury 3i-d.tttf No. 3g. opposite Centre Market. A NOTICE. LL PERSONS Indebted to the undersigned will please call and settle their accounts. my 8"-eo6t MURRAY A SKMMK3. jVOTICEOF DISSOLUTION. The co-partnership heretofore existing between the ut.dersigui-d, utd<r the name of K. M.LIN THICUM A CO., ha* been dissolved by the retire ment of Etward M. Linthicum. Chas. A. Buckey and John Marburg. Jr.. having purchased the en tire intereft of said Linthicum in the eoncsrn. will collect the debts due to the late firm and 6ettie all claims ai;alu-t the same. E. M. LINTHICUM, O. A. BUCK BY; JOHN MARBL'RY Jr Georgetown. D C , May, 1364, ' " THE UNDER8IGN?d7haVINGAS^00I \TED for that pnrpose under the name or BUCK ICY A MARBI RY. will continue the Hardware Banner, at the old stand of E M. Linthicum A Oo corner ?f High and RVidge streets." and respe?tfuiiT w,. licit a continuance of the pa'.rooage so liberally extended for maty years to the late firm mySl-lw BrCKBY A MARBURT I ABIES W ANTING DRESSES FITTED AND * l-Hj>ted in t l." most fashionable manuer will call at 339 I st-eet, between 11th and 14th, or the following roc mi eg*: Mondays, T.;?<>l?yg. Wedne*. T* )*? t C 2? 1** * Mnnicipil Klcclion?Candidates &c. ?fK .ZP1 HLR 7*2 S.v ?.ri to Voters of abstained from all VHfinttifUtt. and rand ? no oflMtnve? altnuwis ? hatever to my competitor. A. f ?i-V f - Hio communication '* filIV*1 ,with tht* vi^-t Had mut rnn !f?P.i "TV"!?' al-nee. *mi in thetnest uiuen. tletnaiil) ?nd billingsg&te language. This wi<, of f.aiirr.I0 4v*porV"l: he is inr?p*b!e of nMtn^ Vhl V? V *'"* "n invariable law of irViJi &r'-lhS "tr<*!n ,n*'{ l?rt*ke or the charae ' Is.?* '? fountain; and where. ,s in this case. tilth* J'iimii Vl" ',th,,r wi" e-iuntly /?!??Jot-J 1 not follow his pernicious example, 21? the temptation and abundant the l OT?r wrrrtt* into tho political arena, to the diJjrtist of all honorable m*n: but simply content myself with pronnun?hi? ev?ry ?-?,?/? ?,s, ac"?**tionii against m? to-be mmm malicious and cow r ?? hissinrTiot. from the livid lips <d the damned. and known by himself to be suth when he wrote them. June 3 JOSEPH P. BROWN. g^jr-MUNCHAUSEN THE SECOND RKDIF Wa SHTXGTOX, Jim* ] 1854 Fditor Star: fn your issue of to dav I notice a n^rlfh^S^ F Brown, the fe.-r.-Ury oAhe ?f in >*n(1 competitor f?r the position ?LJll$XImtxltrom the Third Ward. I h?Thoped that Munchausen had[been effectually silenced but as he has again assailed me without provoca ?v have no recourse but to to life oublic another leaf in the history of th? notorlou^inii Mr. Brown announces himself aa the "only rem Jarlv selected candidate for Alderman in the wi*"' having at a certain ward mecTing been nomTnaVd ?-4 TI'Mf " mil* ^ two to one over mv rom fiv.-f .Puhjoined extract from the KeruMiran of that date, showing the mode by which the nomination was made, is all that is nectar v to convince everj" candid mind that under thecircum Mnnct-8 Mr. Brown's friends evinced modsratton by being content with 7-4 votes, when br the nro Ce8nlv "if1!. in ,a8t clause of extract* tLey effect thJir pun^iTc*raount of suffrage necea*ar f to " Brown .9: Sbi-pherd, 43; Angus. 78; Moore 4.1 ? CurtUi-i 1 4,5 8kirvinS. 7* William,.tai The following was then declared the Ward ticket For Alderman?Joseph F. Brown For Comrcon Councilmen?Job W. Augus, James Skirving, and W. B. Williams s ' ?'^l,UPr, Kor Asre<-sor?H. B. Curtis. When the tellers were counting the vote* thev ba"eh ? tickets for Mr. Joseph F. Brown in one r T.hJ" stated taken in connexion with the further fart, viz: that there were not rtkrenty Third Ward voters prerfWit at the meeting in qiiestfon. mu-t cause a doubt id th<? minds of its citizen* as to the {reiiuineru'H* of this norninM ti<>n. Tb?? tii^ket nominated has never been announced bv Mr. Brown or lus friends. Mr. Brown in bis card states that he intends to SrR!r' ^ ?n*ch. HowisitthatMr. Brown's kL - -nr fopnerters vehemently proclaim that mJ ^??P1T>e8}' The declaration of Mr Brow n that he will cast his vote for Mr. Wal lach when considered in connection with theas servatjons of his friends, renders his position sc-.Hnchnt <?*"! vocal It may ietoat he int.-ad- to 1 Mt1 for Mr. Wjdlach and support nis antagonist, in L w m'P u ~V co.u"e Pursued by him in IWi, rJ^.? thPlw V? r u n ?I^n ticket for Colonel B rret, the nominee of his (the Democratic) party, while at the same time, 111 fulfilment of a bargain made in order secure his own election without op aition. a? Alderman from the Zhird Ward .he threw f1,8i iiolrr.* Company's employees for vol. Uerrov s opponent^-thus securing for him the lnajority in the First W ard. There are some peo ple who, cognizant of all the. circumstances, even ,c\!#te,daJ-'.nvoiuntaj-iiy smile w!ien remind. *" i 1 the fact that notwithstHiiding this act of perfidy, this consistent Brown, bavins failed to defeat the man for whom he voted, coolly ad dres-ed him a letter of congratulation a few davs later, rt-ioicing in his snccese and in that of the party which he represented^ vl? : "the law and order ? e. the Democratic party! ? rE" ?row n that he has served seven years in toe councils, and (to nse his own words) that he has " never abused your confidence by using my official position to gratify private preiudices or personal an'mosities-nor eiven a vote that w as not dequeued to advance your interests, indi vidual! > and collectively." If Mr. Brown had been writing to the stockholders of the Gas Com pany. this language might have had xomewhai the avvfamnr* 01 rpartly. As it is. he must have a strange idea of the " enligtitened constituency" #v^JT??T linsly addressee. He has probably ^ej??ei1' communication o Mayor l vfj ' ll,P1'1 12. IS 3. from which it Will be perceived that up to that time the Gas Company had charged this city, and had been ?El R r a,8uPP':8ed verbal contract) Ij* j l? rates for all gas furnished the corporation, ;a*l.,n ?}tHr?e 'never having reduced nf V ? cy, 80 \Vt it was paying at the rate of 3c cents per hundred, while the G'lvern Hr ?nl? citizens were paying respectively 26 and 27 cents per hundred feet, iij all probability this "! ",,r e,ty'" interests would have con aa ?? es ?j's Is Mr Brown advancing his constituents inter h,s P?"tion as a city legislator iRBe Pric* ot gas to conenmers. in which weekf exp<'cts u' succeed during the present iJid Mr. Brown advance the interest of hiscon stituents.whenhe spent several thousand dollars ? pi ?va on the " H street sewer," to benefit his property on the square in which he re ? r n *? en,at,tT the hill to co\ e.r uu his tracks Juh 9thPKw': ne<" National Intelligencer of ?1A)f^tr,??r'>_?r,'wf}'a ''private prejudices" pre tent the City Councils from >toiu|r hou?r to our gic#rionn General Grnnt on his flrKt visit here, wh?n he prevented the ptuiKa^e of a resolution of wel conie to that distinguished officer, hy moving an adjonrnment of the Board ef Aldermen while the subn-ct was ondej consideration, thereby prevent ing their ,adoption, and this because the resolu tions ?as introduced by me? It were idle to attempt to recapitulate the con stant and innumerable tergiversations of this un principled and a.-piring man. False to friends, as w,(: j \ esi; ""scrupulous in the tneans to be ap plied to obtain any favorite object?ever pr^f?r ing falsehood to truth?constantly making pulilic interests sobservientto his private ends; it is to be hoped that the day of retribution has come?that the mask of hypocrisy is at length to be drawn aside, and this embodiment of deceit exposed to the public gitze in all the hideous deformity of his nature. (.'It) ALKX. R. HllEI'tiFRD. rr5="T0 THE VOTBRS OF THE THIRD Ik3 WARD. During my late absence from the city, and with out my knowledge, I ?as selected by the Uncondi tional Union men in meeting assembled, as their nominee for re-election to the Board of Aldermen, by a vote of nearly two to one for my competitor' (then as now) Mr. Shepherd, whose friends called' the meeting, voted for their candidate, but bein? defeated, now repudiate its choice. 1 therefore regard myself, of course,as theo?/y regu/arlu sfhrt td tand v I rite for Alderman in the Ward, solemnly avering that if Mr. Shepherd had have received that nomination, my name w ould not be before you to day There was. I learn, no preference ex pressed at the meeting in favor of any one for the Mayoralty, though the active friends of each of the candidates were present and participated in the proceed lugs. For this reason, doubtless, my name has been inserted for Alderman in both the tickets published in the Star. Having been frequently interrogated as to my preference for Mayor at the approaching election, 1 take this occasion to sav as I have always done, that I am the persona/ rrlena of both th<- deserving gentlemen who are aspirants for the office, and have been agreeably associated with them in the city Government for several years past, but. as Mr. Wallach has dis charged the responsible duties of Mayor generally to iny satisfaction, and is the present incumbent next e orP' ca,,t ln> v?te for him on Monday For seven consecutive years I have represented our W arfl in the^City Council, and never abu^d your confidence by using my official position to gratify private rrtiuduts or personal animosities nor given a vote tligt was not designed to advance > our interests and prosperity, individually and col lectively If re elected, I shall pursue, on all oc casion*, the same rourse, well ku?wmg that onlv by so doing can I ho?? to merit or receive the an probation of an intelligent constituency Juneltlhd4. |je 1 -4tJ JOSEPH F BROWN. nrg=?TO THB VOTERS OF THE THIRD WJUU)". uos Uaring this day seen my name upon the Femmea ticket as a candidate for Alderman of the Third Ward, and desirous of having my position distinctly understood, I have to say that I support Richard WaJlach for re-election. UF ^?condit,ona,.?b,oN TICKET " For Matok? RICHARD WALLACH. Tor Albirman? JOHN B. TUBTON. Fop. Commok Codncii.? i-u J AM Kg KKIjLT, H. C. WILSON, JOHN A. RHEiM For A8SI8HOR? myl6?e* THOMAS^H. DONOHUB. HTS5*FIRST WARD UNCONDlTIONXL~UNToN Lf ?r> TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Aldrrmam? GEO. W EMMERSON For Common Council? JOS. K RAWLINGS. J. H. SNYDER. ' PETER LAMMbND. For Assbssob? mr?-te* JAMES F. EDWARDS. 03" INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOyiT WARD. For Alderman? myao-te* GEORGE T. RAUB. n^?8*COND? WARD UNCONDITIONAL |l_3 UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Aldikman? GEORGE T. RAUB. For Commok Corn oil? WM. P. 8HEDD, TnOS. W. MILLER. * MICHAEL COOMBS. my 31 -6t* (Chron. & Intel. 1 1 INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. 03^ SECON? WARD. For Common OorssotL? je 2 3t* GRAFTON POWELL. rcr THIRD w ARDUNCON dition VL UN ION FOB Mayo^-ohard WALLACH. Fo* Ald?JMAM-h f bb0WN. FOR Commot-hCocnc,l STEPHENS, NOBLF. D JAMES SKIRVING. ^ ?\?R ASB, W?IlT,f*M R DOWNING. rr&=~ WE HAVE BEEN REUUESTED T > til ATE UJy that Mr. N. D. LARNER is not a candidate rarthe Board of Aldermen from the Third Ward, but is a candidate for re-election to the Board of Cw-.ocBCejjicii W*4il. uiy^-ts frTg " third WARD ITMCOXditional union LLS TJUJKI6T. F?*f AT?RIC11MP WALLACH. F?i AtP*AL*KXAXDSR It SHEPHERD. Fob Commos Cotncil? TItOMAS A. STEPHENS, NOBLE D LABNKR, 'AII-S SKIRVING. For Assbswor? jeJ-te WILLIAM B. DOWNING. third ward independent union LL3 TICKET. to* Mator? JOHN H 8BMMB8. For Ai.drrma*? JOSEPH BRYAN. Tom Common Comm.? LAMBKHT TREE A C KlOHARDS, FRANK McGHAN. ' For Asshssor? H. B CURTIS. i* 1-<t? rr5="TEIRO WAB1) INDEPENDENT CMOS U3 TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Aldervan? JOSEPH F. BROWN. Fob Common Council? A. C. RICHARDS, L. TREE. ' - F. McGIIAN. For Assessor? H. B. CL'RTTS. mr Si te* n^s^THIRD WARD INDEPENDENT ONION Li_J TICKET. For Mator? JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alpfrmam? A. R. SHEPHERD For Commow Gorwcn ? A. C. RICHARDS, L. TREE. F. McGHAN. For Assb.?kor? ? . , H. B. CURTIS. mr Site* |y%=?THIRD WARD?JL'iVJE ELECTION-The 'Ij unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support th? following Ticket at the Rp proaching municipal election, vis : ?* rIchard wallach. Fob Aldbrman? JOSEPH t. BROWN, Fob Common C?unoil? NOBLB D. LARNBR, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. SIMS. fY*g=?THIRD WARD?JI77V.E ELECTION.-Th* IL < unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the June ?lection: Fo* Mator? *?* RICHARD WALLACH. Fob r SHEPHERD. fOBCOMgOB^OC-C^R JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. SIMS. ap 23 te TO THE THIRD WARD VOTERS.?The undersigned takes this method of inform in* his friends, and especially the voters of the Third Ward, that hn is not a candidate for the Board of Common Council upon either of the tickets in the field. He wishes it Understood, how ever, that he is a friend and supporter of Mr. Wal lach for the mayoralty. my 31 te _ JOB W. ANGUS. >ff5r?FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION UJ3 TICKET. For Mayor? JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alderman? JAMES ENGLISH. For Common Counctil? W. W MOORE, ELIJAH EDMONSTON. G. M. WIGHT. _ [Intel., Repub., Chron. A Con. Union.] ry==? F 0 U R T IJ WARD UNCONDITIONAL ITj UNION TICKET. For Mator? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Aldkrman? JNO. P. PEPPER. Fom Common Council?* :ASBURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOLLANSBEE. my 12 MICH..KL LARNER. rv^5=?THE UNION NOW AND FOREVER TIlE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BE SOLD. MECHANICS' AND WORKINGMENS' TICKET. Fur AldTmanof the, Fifth Ward, ; hOBERT W. EDMONDS. je1-4t* 03" MooNW|;MmrtrcK?. FOB MatO*-cHARI) wallaCH. Fob ALt)E^H1A8? I. CANF1KLD. fOB COMMON OOOBOIt-Qrg(>N( JAMBS' B. DAY 18. J. B. WARD. Fob Assessor?dyeR. mav<5-8w" FIFTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION |J^3 TICKET. For Mabor? JOHN H. SEMMES. For Aldrrmaw? SAMUEL STRONG. For Common CounciL? THOMPSON VAN RBSWICK, WM. F. WALLACE, JOHN W. MEAD. For Assessor? my 28-lw* NICHOLA8 WAYSON. Q<Jj="8IXTH WARD UNION TICKET. For Mator? JOHN H. SEMMES. Fop. Common Cocncii? WILLIAM TALBERT, JOHN E. HERRELL, je l-4t* HENRY E. MARK8, f*=?8IXTH WARD unconditional UNION TICKET. For Mator? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Alderman? JOHN H. PEAKE. my 26-te* ft %> ? SIXTH WARD.?Mr. Editor: Please an IL? nounce Mr. QEORQB A. BOHRER an in dependent candidate for the Board of Aldermen. my 28-Ct* SIXTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION JJj TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACE. For DONALD McCATHRAN. For Common Council? GEOR(?E R. RUFF. BENNETT SWAIN, my 3~>-7t* THOMAS B. MARCH. SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL U N I O N TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Alderman? PETER M. PEARSON. For Council? WM. T. WALKER, MOSES T PARKER, CHARLES F. BARNES. Fur Assessor peter HEPBURN. je 2-3t* fyO=p? SEVENTH WARD unconditional 112 UNION CANDIDATE FOR RE ELECTION. For Assessor. PETER HEPBURN. my 30-lw* SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. ForAldermab? PETER M. PEARSON. For Coubcilmbn? . , WILLIAM T. WALKER. MOSES T. PARKER, CHARLES F. BARNES. For Assessor? je l-4t* PETER hepburtt in nr rv^=" SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL [?3 UNION TICKET. For MayoRi-chabd WALLACn For ALDBg^pY g ^oYES. F0BC0?mohn0oun0,aL-lt0n, otho bos well. my 2Me JOHN H P. RICHARDS. rV^>~8EVE?TH WARD unconditional [Tj D UNION TICKET. FobMato5ohn H. semmes. For Aldkrman^ ^ piARSON. Fob Common Cooncil? JOHN G. DUDLEY, f W. T. WALKER, geo. WRIGHT. fOR Assrs^sor^ ^ bird, my 16-I8t* ryS* INDEPENDENT UNION CANDIDATE* JOHNH*SEmiES. * rp ? te t jy E W gPAPE R F O K a A L E . The nndersigned. proprietors ef the BALTI MORE DAILY and WEEKLY CL1PPKR desir ous to retirefi om the arduous duties of conducting a Dailr Paper-are willing to sell the ENTIRE newspaper ESTABLISHMINT. The Materials consist of all thi rkjuisitbh for carrying on and publishing a Daily and Weekly Newspaper, consisting of a very splendid fast DOUBLE CYLINDER hoe PRESS. capable of printing3,600 sheets per hour, together with a (single cylinder FAST TAYLOR PR888, all in good order: Steam Engine, 2 Boilers, Ac. The BALTIMORE CLIPPER was established in 1839, nearly 2S years a*ro, by the undersigned,?is a popular pkoplr's papir,?has always been consid ered the UnioB 'pnp^r of Baltimore, and. in ener getic hand#, can be made one of the leading News pavers of the State. The particular attention of the Nttional Con vention for the nomination of candidates for President and Vice President of the United States, to Ik* held in Baltimore next month, is most re spectfully called to this advertisement. Satisfactory reasons will be given for wishing to dispose of the pap?r. Application can be nitde in person or bv letter. Address _ BULL A TUTTLE, Clipper Office, No. 134 Baltimore ?tr?pt? my 2S-eo3t Baltimore, Ma. ITOR SALE?Several very elegantly finished r French C0UPBE8. Also, a namber^JH*A of BRBTTSor OPEN BAROL CHBS for?8S3S? four persons inside. ? These Carriages are finished in the mow superb manner, and would sutt either f?r private ase or ?for public conveyances. MULLING BR A HUNTER. Corner of Howard an* Pr?oJUla J?et*_. PfUta* Miuncrt. P1 FOR REVT AND SALE. ijrOOM?, WITH OR WITnurT BOARD No. It i 't> 4th^sjreet, sifrovr r. T .. ?>" V-2f 1:1 NFURNISHED ROOMS FOR KENT. mtaoit I* desirable location. Apply M>> H fltr^-t, be tween t'th snd 7th, J# 1 St* ROOMS FOR RKNTV?One KCRNHHKO ROOM, snitible for two ge'itl- men; three ROOMS on third floor: at No 471 ?th street, h"t?ee;? K tad F. (je S-St* j ROYAL K. M1 L. L r. K. L^O t li KM?Three or four UNFUR NIS H E B 1 bOOMS. kI">, 1 urni>hed Room*. term* m" !' erate.. Apply at No. *20 22d street. between G u4Hi j*3-St* CV>R "RENT ? FORMI&flED ROOM S, wit** or hf-urd, Also. one unfurnisned FRONT ROOM, on flr*t M?or; would he rented fo* an office: ?' 44CM2tn street. hef *??en G and H. A f?*w T*t>!e Boarders taken. ReferepaW required. ' tp2-2t* ? Land fob saleUr exchange, m Mara tboo, Jaclunr. Door and Junto counMes, W t? cent in. on reasonable terms. Applv H W. corner 21st and Hats. imy3-6t*l D. O. KNlOtlT. fj>OR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS at Ko. 5H H street, between 6th and 7th. Also, a ROOM on first floor. suitable fur an office, with sleeping apartment adjoining. ieSlw* FOR RENT^Three tNFURN IStf ED M> on 17th street. between R ami L: aultabl- tor a i-maJ! faiui'y. being in a quiet and pleasant loca tion. Apply as ab-jve je 3 .It* F^OR RENT?Within five minutes walk from the pepartraents. in the First Ward, a FRAME HOL^E. containing hve rooms. Apply to GEO. A. LANE, 175 K street, between 1-sth and 19th. 1? 3 2t * FOR SALE-A PORTABLE HOUSE. built for a Photograph Gallery; 34 feet loot and 12 feet ?wide, with a large nky-light. SuitaMe also for a sutler. Apply to JOHN 8. DUTROW. No 15 King street, Alexa^^ria, Va. je3 1w* JfOR SALE?The STOCK and LEA8E of a val uable Produce Store. in the heat location in the city. Termscash None nesd app'.y who wish to purchase on iu>> other terma. Tin* beat reasons given for railing; For particulars address Box 10 city post office. Je 3 St* ^JTORE ROOM FOR RENT?In buildina No 400 D street north, between 6th and 7th streets. Inquire on the premises je 2-?t* (TOR RENT?A new BRICK HOUSE, containing r five rooms, situated on the corner of nth and A streets. Capitol Hill, Also, the FURNITURE for sale. Apply at J. BROWN'S Restaurant, corner 13th street and Penn. avenue. Je2-lw* A. RARE CHANCE.?STORE FOR RENT AND A FIXTURES FOR SALE-corner Hitch and Prospect streets, Georgetown. Inquire at T. RO DIEK'S White House Restaurant, High street. je 2St* FOR RENT OR SALE. ? A new three story BRICK HOUSE on 4th street, near New York avenue. No. 192, for rent or sale. Apply at once, between the hours of 8 a. tn. and 2 p. m,, Room 47 Dead Letter Office. Post Office Department first tloor, right aisle. Rent $45 per month, in advance. _je 2-3t* OFFICES FOR RENT.-For rent, four large, well lighted and airy ROOMS, ?n the second Door. Apply on the premises to P.J. BELLEW A CO., alO 7th street, three doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Professional gentlemen and insurance agent* preferred. None tut persons of first-class repu tatloa in society need apply. Terms, cask first month, in advance. je 2-3t IHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR RENT. For rent, one of the largest and best located Gal leries in Washington, with all the modern im provements. None but first-class artists of high reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare choice for a good energetic operator with some capital. Apply on the premises to P. J. BELLEW A CO., 510 7th street. 3 doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall Terms cash. first TDonth in alvanee, 'je 2 :!t 0R~SALE?A PROPERTY yielding $9*1 retTt per annum, and w ithin one square of a city railway. Address Box 36 Star Office. je l'3t* ?"ORSALE-A BARBERSHOP^ or the good will and lease. Apply at No. 57 4 7th street, be een B street and Maryland avenne, Island. je l-3t* FOR RENT.?Two BRICK HOUSES on20thst west. Nop. 'JO'I and !207 , between L and M atsy each containing Seven rooms. Inquire at No. Iil7 aoth street. je 1 ?t* FOR SALE?The Good-will and Fixtures of a* RESTAURANT on street, No". 170, Inland Reaeon for selling is other butiuesx. Inquire on the premises. ... . l-3t* CX)R RENT-FOUR ROOMS; suitable for law r yers. doctors, or agency offices. Also.'a base ment 8T0RE ROOM; all situated on C street north. No. 3b3, between 4>? and flth sts. je l-3t* A. F. KIMMELL. OlT RENT?Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping. Also, two FUR NIHIED ROOMS, with the use of the kitchen. None but respectable persons need apply. Rent moderate. Apply on K street, between Connecti cut avenue and 18th street. No. 213. je l-3t* THE KNTiRE~8TOCK OF SEGAR8. TOBACCO. PIPES AND SNUFF for sale at low price, as the undersigned is going out of the business. Dealers and sutlers supplied cheap. ED. KOHN. 257 Pa. avenne, je 1 St* bet. 12th and 73th st?. D~ WELLING HOUSE FOR RENT.?The under signed has for rent a very convenient and de sirable Dwelling House in the neighborhood of the City Hall, beiug one of the best locations for a pro fessional man, and having an office room on the principal floor. Possession August 1st. and the furniture now in the house, which is well adapted to it, may be pur chased. Applicaty111 h"1 made at Office 490 II street, back of Patent Offi ce, at the hours-of 8 o'clock morning and 5 o'clock afternoon. je 1 tf JAMES TOWLES, Property Agent. FOR RENT-One of the STOKES now being fit ted up under the Medical College, on F street, near 12th. This is a central, noted and excellent stand for almost any kind of business. Apply to Dr. JAMES E. MORGAN, corner Maryland ave nue and 12th street. iny 31-tf FOR SALE?On accommodating terms, a large FOUR STORY BUII.DINGon Dstreet between 12th and 13th. Inquire on the premises, my 3 >-6t* I^ORSALK OR RE NT-A l.trge Brick HOUSE on .F High street, Georgetown, in complete order, suitable for a tavern, boarding house. Ac. For particulars, address Box No. 23, Star Office, my 3<>-lw* FOR SALE?Three FRAME HOUSES on the Island, two 6 rooms each and one 7 rooms. For further particulars inquire No. 316 G street north, between 12t.h and 13th streets. my 28-7t* fl^O LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in I the First Ward The whole, or in suites. Pos session given the 1st of July. Inquire at Star Of fice, or address Mr. EVER. Georgetown Post Of fice. Also, four large PARLORS, for Government office^ my28-lm* f^R SALE?On Maryland avenue, near 6th st., a three-story BRICK HOUSE, containing 11 rooms; balcony in front. Will be sold low and on easy terms, if immediate application be made to F. MACE, Real E-tate Broker and Agent for the Sal,c of Maryland Farms. 517 7th street, m 38-6t* OR 8ALE?A three-story and basement BRICK HOUSE, containing eight large rooms situ ated on 10th street between N andOsts.,No 304; also, a small FRAME HOUSE situated on 8th st., between M and N streets, containing six rooms, No. 2P4. Possession given. Also, three sina 1 FRAME HOUSES situated on flth street, between F and O sts.. Island. Apply to I) HAUl'TMAN, 512 11th St., near Ps. av^ mv 28-71* I^OR SALE-A Hne SUMMER RESORT, doing a smashing business. Reason, the proprietor is going to Europe. For particulars call at 10th street, between D and E. my 27-8t* CiOOD CHANCE FOR AN INDUSTRIOUS BUVlI I NESS MAN, WITH SOME CAPITAL.-for sale?A respectable and profitable BUSINESS, in running order, thriving and large profits. Rea son for selling. sickness. Inquire at WILLIAM WITTHEFT'S. No. 409 3d street, Capitol Hill, near Penn. avenue. my 27-8t* FOR SALE-A COUNTRY RESIDENCE; abont 23 acres- most tulubrious; eligibly situated. One small HOUSE, seven rooms; bath house, good stable, four acres woodland, copious supply of icy cold water; \% miles from Georgetown. Part cash, psrt on time. Apply t? WM. ANDERSON, Esq., Agent, 401 12th street, between IaodK; or to Mrs. FITZGERALD, 476 Penn. avenue, Wash ington. Dr. CECIL, Druggist, Georgetown. my 27,28je3.4.10,ll* ROOMS FOR RENT.?<Comfortable and well furoished Rooms at 440 12th street, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sir able in the city. ? my K-tf Tj^OR SALE.?18,000 cash will purchase tha stock, fixtures and furniture (with six years lease at a nominal rentlof a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in Washingtout D. C.. containing forty rooms. This establishment is conducted on the European plan, and is thoroughly stocked and furnished with every modem convenience. Location the best in Washing ton, with an extensive paying patronage. Call or address MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, 8. E. corner Penn. ave. and lAtkat., [ my 2.11m Washington. P.C F FOR SALE - A beautifully located BEIOK HOUSE, 18x32, e>ght rooms and passage; lot Z'1*' to an alley. Immediate possession?only v. 5,000 feet of Ground, fronting on Pa. avenue, for lease for ten years. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, my 17-im* 8. E. cor. P?. w. and Mtkat. FOB SALE?With immediate possession, a PROPERTY fronting/W feet on ?street, by 14<1 deep. Improvements, a large double-wing cot'age, 10 rooms; three email buildings in the rear; good fencing, garden, fruit trees, Ao.; for ^MITCHELL A 80N?Real Estate Brokers, my 16 1m* southeast cor. Fa. ay. and lath st. PIE BENT?A delightful RBlTDENCE, with Furniture, an Georgetown Heights, on the sqnare between Green and Montgomery street#, above Stoddard st. Fosseaklon given on the 10th of June next. For teraa, As., apply on the prem ises. ^ ?' ' ? my ? BOARDING. BOARDING.?Room* for rent, with board, large, airy, and comfortably furnished. To more than two gentlemen occupying the same room a deduction in price will be made. An excellent table is provided, and good attendance. A few table boarders taken. Apply 395 1Mb street, bet. F and G streets. Je 3-2t? BOARD can BE OBTAINED in a private fam ily in, fovx miles from George town. Gentlemen preferred. Apply at Star Of fice. ? ? je 2->t* C?OUB OR FIVE SINGLE GENTTJCM1N caa t* F accommodated with food board aad pleasant rooms by immediateapplieatiou at No. 377 13th street, between New York aveuaa and I ?treet.? WMted, 1 ? AUCTION {SAL?E>. *ther Awetie* Sales ?re #lr?t pnf?. Ttfll AftlRNyii* V<# fli-MtMKOW J. C. McGCIRK 4 CO , Asetiontrn. tA^T?r*L? "B^samo TO Til 19 PT. *IfoKNTO?PHAK A^Vi.ii u OnFK' AY .rfl^uNj.^VAH o"^ at th- Auction Ri-ora*. ?? shaH ?,|i for Mojnt ^ ?' Viuc.-nt * Orphan A?>1 im, it, foil .win* v?la able T?eaut Lut*. vis: Lgt?9abd l", in Pqnsr* N ..'9 trontlag tovether Yl wt 8 tncbe* on T*?Bt? ttfth Street we't a* tWeen P bd4 G streets north. ' lot 13. Sqokr?6'. f-oo in* 11 fe?t ? i*efc-? ,m Twenty-s?*<??d street, between Nur lorlc ?*i>nui> ?rd ror'h Df r?et*. Lot a. Square ea<l of Saua-e No. 87, froa'ins 157 Tbet4inche* nnNewYork avenue, ?o1 12 f?et I inches, on Ylrginla avenue,hetveen TwentietH ?q4 Tw nty fl*st ?treets west. L*>' X. Square 23. fr^itHni 1"* feet VI in*h?* o* North Kutreet. between Ntne-eenth and Tw?nt? t-th streets weft, roaiung through to New York ?VPDO? . Lot* 13 and It, 18, 29 and y, Square No. I<W froatiBg respectively on Sixteenth stre?t went, tweea l, and If ??reet? north. North M between Fifteenth and Pixtreuth strert* west, and Fifteenth street west, between north L and 4 street*. L<>te No* a. 3. I j, 12. 13. 14, 15. lti and 19. in Square *tL fronting re*rectiralv on ?*urth H. bateau Fourteenth and rift- enth streets went, Rho1e I* lard avet ne, between Fourteenth ana Fifteenth streets west, *nd Fourt-enth s'reet, between II end Rhode Island avenue Lot* Now 3. jo, 14, is aid Square 447, fronting Sespectively on north N street, be-wen Sixth aid eventh streets west, Seventh street west, betweea N and O street* Borth. and O street north, bet wee* Sixth and Seventh streets west I^ott 2. 4. 6, 2J, St. and an. <n Sg*?are No. 7SJ, front in* respective'? on South L street, betweon First and Seoond k tree's east. and Secoud atreet east be tween Mc uth D and I streets. Lot No. 4, in Square 958, fronting on Tenth street east, between H and I atreet* north. Terms; One third in cash; the remainder in ?i and twelve month*, with intereat, secured by adead of trust on t&e premises. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the oostaf the purchaser Plats of the property mar be Men atouroounUn* bouse. J. O. MoGUIRE A 00., Auotg. gY 6R11N A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. IMPROYED REAL ESTATE 8ALK. - In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, rendered in special tort*, on the 16th day of May, 1S64. In acause tn chancery. Mo. 48, in which Samuel Y. Stilling*, Elisabeth B. An?el, and John T. Angel are complainants. aod Sarah V. Hamilton. Laura ?. Stilling*, George 8. Johnson. Klien M Smith, Laura ?. Smith. Joseph II. 8iuith, Ann ?. Smith, Mary Smith, and Amma 8mith are defendants, we, the undersigned Com missioners, nan e 1 and appointed ia said decree, will sell, upon the premises. her?inatt*r described, by Public Auction, to the highest bidder, at 6 o'clk, p. in., on th? Third day of June. 1864, the following property, to wit: Pari ofSqaar* numbered ???. in Washington City, beginni< g for the same a' a point on the south line of aaid Square, cn L street south, aT the distance of It feet from the southeast corner of said Square, and running thence west 28 feet, north 7.5 feet, east55 feet, south 75 feet to the ?* ginning, containing a two-story attic and base ment Brick House; and also, part of Lot No. ], ia the same Sqnare. beginning roc the said part on . south L street. 101 feet from the southeast corner of said Square, and runnina thecce north 75 feet, thence we?t 3> feet, thence south'75 feet, to south L street, thence east with said street 20 feet to the beginning, containing a one story-and a half and basement Frame touse.Upon the following t*rais, to wit: One-tliinl cash, or within ten days afuw sal e. one-third at six mouths, and the other thlr4 at twelve months from the day of sala, with inter est from da>nisale, the to give n'?te? for ihe deferred payments, secured by a deed of trust upon thp property, ai.d the purchaser to par for stamp* a? d all conveyancing; and in case of non compliance with the tt-mx of sale,th? prop erty to be re-sold at the risk of the purr baser JOHN H. P1CAK*, - - J a \r*a' iut or s, Commissioaers. my 24-t^oAds GRli^KN A WILLIAMS. AucU. BY J- C. McGl'IKJ 4 CO., Auctioneers, DR?IRAHLJ{U)TomRIDGKSTH1CKT bkt wkib ? 4TH AND .ITH STKEKTS WKST On FRIDAY* AJTYEKNOON, June 3d. at t o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell. Lot No. ?i, in Squ?r? N i>. 513. frontingfeet 6 inches on Ridge street, between 4th and 5th streets west, runniug cack ins feet 8 Inches. This Lot is beautifully aituated on a high aa? efte ff'rd'^flfi'"'11011' *Dd Ver' de,ir4ble u ? Terms : One third ea*h. the remainlerin foar and eight months, with interest, secured by a dee4 of trust on the premises. myyi-d I Rep 1 J O.McQUIREA CO , AucU. J^Y J. C. McGUIRK & CO., Auotioneers. SUTKBIOR PARLOR AND CHAMBKR FURNI TI hJE AT PUBLIC SALI. On SATfRlJAY MORNING, June 4. on the first floor of the Auction Room*, commencing at M o'clock, we shall sell, the furniture of Hon M B field, Assistant Secretary of the Treasurr re moved to the store for conrenience of e?le. em bra flDK? One fine suite of Parlor Furnltura. iron frana. cushioned spring backs and seats, upholstered in green silk reps, and consisting ofone large n k * \wn Ur4f Arnl* ^ fonr ladies Chairs One Walnut Carved Eiagere. One Bat tree, with mirror, 1 Oval Marble top Centre Table, 1 Bound do 8ofa Table. 1 '"fable' poli*h<,d Mahogany Bxtension Dining 3 suites Solid Oak Chamber furniture, two wttfc A number of Curlsd Hair and Husk Mattress** feather Pillows and Bolsters, "auressea. Four Spiral 8prin? Under beds. Two nearlv new Brussels Carpeta, Two nearly new Threa ply Chamber Carpets Brussels Stair Carpet, Ball Oilcloth, Toilet Ware, Cooking Utensils. Ac. All the above Furniture has been bat a short time in use, and is of the best quality. je.l dts J. C. McOUIRU A CO.. Aueta ||Y J. C.MeGUIRR A CO., Auctioneers? :~ JAVA C01FBF, PORT-WINK, AND OLD RTI ? WHISKEY AT AUCTION. * On SATURDAY MOBNING, June 4th, in front of the Auction rooms, at 12 o'clock, we shall sell? 3(i pockets of Java Coflee, 2dozen O'd Port Wine. 1 barrel XX Rye Whiskey, je.l-ats J. C. McQUDtE A CO.. Aacta. BY W. L. W ALL A CO.. Auctioneers. At the Horse Baxaar. 98 La. av. SALB OF HORSESTCARRIAGES ft'r On ^SATURDAY MOUSING. Juns 4,'coonti eing at in o clock comprising about FIFTY HORSES, m*. tt Including, The Kossuth Chestnut Sorrel Colt, 3years old. and with great promise, A Bay Horse, Bockaway. and Harness A Chestnut Sorrel 7 year* old, good Family nor** . ?an'.1 """"d and rew no-top Butrr* and Harness A Dark Bay Horse 9 years ola, top Buggy and S?tg Harness. ALSO. A Six Esat superior Bockaway and Harness ALSO. Other Horses,a full description at sale.' ALSO, A large collection of New and Second hand Oar riagtf, Kock&wftys, Light Wagons, ico. ALSO, 1 Sulky and Sutler and Express Wagons, with which the sale will commence. . ALSO. Other Horses which are not yet entered. ' Terms cash. Je J WM. L. WALL A CO..Auct<i. WM. L. W ALL A CO., Auctioneers. "? "AEUALINaBAagJ,*P3R,ZI- '"O" In virtue of* decree issued from the Clerks Of flee of the Supreme Court of the District of Col nmbia, holding a Distript Court, and to me direct ed. I will sell, at Wm. L. Wall A Co '* Bazaar oa L-outeiana avenue, between 9th and lffth streets, ia the Oav of Washington D C.. on J-ATURDAY "?*t. 4th day of Jane instaat. 1861, commencing at 10 o}c1ock. a. m., for cash, the following prine goods to wit: S H nrses. ZT Sacks Wheat, 1 do Brand, < Boxes Tobacco. 1 C h eat of Tools Also, at 4 o'clock, jp. m.. on the same day at the foot of Sixth atrest Wharf on the Potomac river. 1 will sell 35 Canoes, their Taekle Ac., Ae, WABDH LAMON, U. 1. Marshal. D. O je.J-dAds per ^ M. L. a ALL A OO . Austa ^ ALB Of COND?^?^RafN AJBirGRALB auf t WiUlb.aoM.t?-?i Wlarf. in the elty of Washington, D. O : 8 AT OR DAY Jane 4, 1864 at 11 a'clook.a. m., about <J ?o? th?w?d busheis of Oats awl (36^00) tkir y M'iSSi0""' -??f? Successful bMden?Ut be required to remove thefrpufchase* wlthl* Ave (6) days from the dl* Itn my.* W*rif,0*,*55o^ _ bv o *? i.. cso^^co.:^: *9. This property fronts at feet o* 7th street < I? Iand ) west below Page's, betweea H and I atreet. Id (set to a toot alley. Tltl* good. Sai? without reserve. je!l-4t* * O. B t. CBOWN A 00.. Aueta. 'AlJ* ^ ^1" Auctioneers. \Zw PTnor Ol A FUBB1TURB DEALER AT 'BE BTOCI or "guCTION, n-?rr KB DAT MOBBING, Juae 1. coamenciag .t uaWMk, we will sell at Store No. 4d5. Teath ? between the Avenue and E street, thee*U*e> rtJS of a dealer having to give ap the hoaae, otm ilf^Tfrg and Plain Bureaus, yjjther Beds, Hair andBlftek Martrsaa??v fiu^ble-'uff Plain\Vil other Tables^ giaa, Loangea, Rackets aa<i ether Uk^r?. ttUV to a^merat*, alTef * soid. TeraSM*. K WV., 4MB,

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