Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. Oi WALLACH, Editor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: SATURDAY JUKE 4, 1864. EXTRA. OFFICIAI-, BULLET IN. Great Battle on theChickahominv, REPORT FROM GENERAL GRA.JIT. A GREAT FIGHT YESTERDAY. THE ASSAULT MADE BY GRANT. TI!E REBELS DRIVEN INTO THEIR EN TRENCHMENTS. M R TROOPS WITHIN FIFTY YARDS OF THEM. The Secretary of War this morning trans initted tbe following to den. Di* at New York Washington, J une 4?10 p. u. To Mcjor General Dix, New York : Despatches from General Grants head quarters, dated three o'clock yesterday after roon, have just been received. No operations took place on Thursday. Yesterday morning, at half-paat four o'clock, General Grant made an assault on the enemy's lines, ol which he makes the following report: ??We assaulted at 4.30 a. m. this morning, driv ing the enemy within his entrenchments at all points, but without gaining any decisive ad vantage. Our troops now occupy a position close to the enemy?some places witbin fifty yards?and are remaining. Our loss was net wvere, nor do I suppose the enemy to have lost heavily. We captured over three hundred prisoners, mostly from Breckinridge." Another later official report (not from Gene ral Grant) estimates the number of our silled and wounded at about three thousand. The lollowing officers are among the killed : Colo r.el Haskell, of the 36th Wisconsin: Colonel Porter, Sth New York Heavy Artillery; Colo nel Morris, f>6th New York. Among the wounded are General R. O. Ty ler. seriously, will probably lose a foot; Col, McMabon, lG4th New York; Col. Byrnes, 2Sth .Massachusetts, probably mortally; Colonel Brooks, 53d Pennsylvania. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary ot War. FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. ?TERRIFIC CANNONADING HEARD THERE DURING THE ENTIRE DAY OF THURS DAY , AND UNTIL LATE IN THE NIGHT. OUR PASSAGE OF THE CHICKAHOMINY DIS PUTED BY THE REBELS. THEY ARE DRIVEN INTO THE SW\MP3 WITH LOSS. X'ENSE VOLUMES OF SMOKE SEEN ARISING FROM THE DIRECTION OF RICHMOND. A CONFLAGRATION SUPPOSED TO BE GOING ON THERE. XEE REPORTED TO RE SICK. AND IN RICH MOND. TUF RICHMOND AND YORK RAILROAD BE ING RAPIDLY REPAIRED. JcC. The steamer Connecticut, which left the W hite House at 6 a. m. yesterday, arrived here this morning, brinriug up eight hundred and sevety-nine sick and wounded, induing sixty two officers. These wounded are mostly of the cavalry corps. There were quite a number cf rebel wounded on board, among whom was Colonel C. B. Christian, of the 49th Virginia tavalry, who was shot in the shoulder. Terrific cannonading was heard during the entire day of Thursday at the White House, ?which continued until a late hour in the night, and was resumed again at daylight yesterday morning. A bearer of dispatches from General Grant to Secretary Stanton, who ceme in from the jrontto the White House reported that our forces attempted to cross the Chlekahominy l?u t the passage was disputed by the rebels,' | when a desperate flpht ensued. Our lorcessuc- 1 ceeded in driving the rebels across the Chicka- 1 hominy swamps, with considerable loss to them ; in killed, wounded, and prisoners. On Thursday great clouds of smoke could ! *e seen arising in the direction of Richmond, | and it was bellevec. at the White House that a disastrous conflagration was m progress at the rebel capital. The rebel prisoners at the White House and tho-e brought up on the Connecticut, speak ~\*ry discouragiugly of their cause, and say hat they have no doubt we will be able to :tke Richmond, but that we will have to walk over many dead bodies. Several of the rebel wounded on theConnec cut say that Lee has been taken sick and ?one Lack to Richmond, leaving the army under ccmmand of Gen. Ewell Eight hundred rebel prisoners have already reached the White House, and others are on the way down. A contraband camp has been established at the W hue House, which already contains about 3.U0 contrabands, and they continue to come iu in droves. The Richmond and York Railroad is being rapidly repaired. The bridge over the Pa munkey was completed on Thursday. Loco motives and cars have arrived on barges from Alexandria, and theflr*tengine to ruuover the J ad is a new one, named the Lieut. General <?rant. Repair shops for the army are being erected at tae White House, and the place looks like a city of business. Gen. Abercombie is in com mand of the post, and has general supervision *?1 the landing of troops, Ac. Capt. Pitkin is 1 ost quartermaster, and the Sanitary and a hr.stian Commission are there in full force "With a large amount of hospital supplies of every kind. The third division of the fifth 3 osed of a portion of the Pennsylvania Re serves and two regimentsof New York troops, arrived at the White House on Thursday on their way home, their t?rm of service having expired. Gen. Grant's brother spent Thursday night c n board the Connecticut, and on Friday morn* tng started for tbe front to join his brother. A i.umber of wounded of the second and ninth amy corps were reaching the White liouse when the Connecticnt left. Hospital tents, with accommodations for three or fonr thousand patients, have been erected there. Dr. Baker, of the British Army, came up on the Connecticut, and assisted* in caring for the wounded. Among the wounded brought up on the'Con* r.ectlcut were Col. Ent, 6th Pa. Reserves; Col. fM Clair Milholland, *l?th Pa. cavalry, sbot i the groin; Capt. H. Wlndsin, Aid-de camp to Gen. Torbert; First Lieut. J. J. Christlancy, Aid-de-camp in Gen. Custer's staff; Capt. A. E Tower, 6th Mich, cavalry, sick; Capt. A J Leach, 1st New York Dragoons; Capt. W. l Hull, 2d New York cavalry. Capt. J. R. />; e..cer, 3d Maryland cavalry, sick. KT? VESTIVALi Official War Biiletin. Ro Furthrr I)p?pD?chf* from ?en Grant. Latest ?uws from Sherman. Washington, June G?10 p. m. To Mojc.r General IHj. A(v Tori:: A despatch dated yesterday, at 7.30 p. m.,ha?, this ever.iDjr, beer, received from General Sher mai . He reports on Wednesday, June 1, MePher son n>ove?i up trom Dallas to the point in front of the enemy at fc'evr Hope Church. On Thur*day. Jure 2, Schofield nnd Hooker hav ing been shilted to the extreme left, pushed for v.ard towards Marietta: at the sr.rae time StonemaD's and Garrard's cavalry were sent to Altocna Pass, which they reaeheri and hold possession of. These movements, the despatch says, hiv? secured that pass, which was considered a for midable one. Movements are reported by the despatch as in progress, which are not proper now for pub lication. Nothing has been heard from General Gnat since his despatch at seven o'clock yesterday morning. Telegraphic ccmmunicaticn has been de layed by a violent storm on the Peninsula yesterday evening and last night, and cannot be established before some time to-morrow. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary ol War. Ceops is Baltixorb County,?The pros pect of a good crop m Baltimore county the present season is equal to any that we have had lor many years. The promise for a giass i crop could not be better. Wheat about medi um, corn never stood better, as it appears that every grain planted has grown. The promise i of a fruit crop of all kinds is good, injured some what by the late heavy rains. Strawberries are abundant; in fact, vegetation will give an extriordinary yield, the sayings of all croa kers ] to the contrary notwithstanding,? Towtontown | American. Union Rbpublica* National Convkn tion.?This convention will assemble at the Front Street Theater, in this city, on Tuesday next. A number ol the delegates have already arrived, while many others have passed through the city to 6pend a few days in Wash ington.? Baltimore Sun, to-day. N9~Colonel Dahlgren's alleged order, photo graphed, has reached this country through the London Photograph Journal, and furnished, it is said, "by the kindness of an American friend." The fac simil>? bears no date, and the name is not correctly spelled?proof, in part, that it is a forgery. mr=-COLCMBIA TYPOGRAPHIC AL SOCIE I L ? TY.?A stated meeting will be held THIS EVENING, at 8 o'elock, in the Council Chamber, City Hall. A large attendance is desired, as im portant business will l>e eonsidered. ]t* J. C. PROCTOR. Rec. Sec. ?STIVAL AT THE CHURCH OK THE LL.5 ASCENSION. H Street, between tftli and loth. The ladies of thisChureh have determined to continue tbeir Strawberry Festival in the Lecture Room, THIS (Saturday) EVENING, commencing at five o'clock. It* WESLEY CHAPEL? Rev. l?r. J. T. Peck. " of California, will preach a* Wesley Chapel MORROW MORN IN 4, and the Rev. Or. Pe arm, of Oregon, in the evening. It* rv-^=>8T PAUL'S M. E MISSION .?Sunday IL? School TO MORROW MORNING, from <i to l"}t o'clock, at the Mission Chapel, corner Sixth and N streets. Preaching at night bv Rev. J. Lanah.w. The public are invited. It* ry-3=?SUNDAY. P. M. AT THREE O'CLOCK. 1x3 Mrs. L. Smith will speak on the lower Capi tolground. under the intiiu-nce of the Most High God. who desires to make us a heaven on earth, a p.'iradise below, and to establish a new order of things among mankind. It* LADIRS OF EAST WASHINGTON CHURCH will hold a STRAWBERRY at the hall of the Anacostia Engine House, on K street south, near 8th street east, commencingTUESDAY. June7th. and continuing through the week. The proceeds are to be applied to the liquidation of the debt on the Church. Sea son tickets SO cents; single admittance 15 cents, je 4-4t* |Y~=?THE 13TH STREET PRESBYTERIAN I L ? CHURCH having undergone a thorough re pair, will be opened TO MORROW. (Sunday) June Mb. for Divine service, at .'i?2 o'clock p.m. The Rev. Henry Hiohi.and Garnet will be installed pastor r.f said Church; the Rev. Dr. Hai.sev Ditn kisg. of Baltimore, conducting the installation ceremonies. Rev Dr. SrsnKRi.Asn will preach the installation sermon, and Rev. Dr. Smith the address to the congregation. The friends of the Church and the public generally are invited. It* rv~=?TEMPERANCE MEETING SUNDAY AP TERNOON, commencing at 4 o'clock, at the M usic Stand in the Capitol Grounds. Good speak ing may be expected. The public are earnestly invited to attend. je3-2t* (Y"5=?MECHANIC'S BUILDING ASSOCIATION. II ? Members and other friends wishing to loin this Association Are_ respectfully requested to take notice of the following arrangement, viz : In consequence of the large numbe** ot mem bers, the Association has been compelled to rent a larger room for assemblage. The meetings take place hereafter as follows : 1. Every second Wednesday in each month. 2. In the large room, upstairs, at the Oerman Ball. Any person wishing to obtain shares are re spectfully reque.-ted to attend the next regular meeting. June 8th, at o'clock p. m. Shares are to be obtained on paying the small premium, as fellows: June meeting?4" cents extra premitirr per share. July do titi do do do Augustdo 80 do do do In the next meeting ti e fifth month's dues will be received. _ 965are taken already. J JOUVENAL, je 3 3t* Secretary. fv-==? Wa.shimc.tov. June 1st. TiftT ILj? WE. THE UNDERSIGNED, GROCERY MERCHANTS of Washington do hereby agree to close our respective places of business at 8o'c!ock, commencing June 1st and ending September 31st, 18dl BENJ. BE ALL. BROWNING & KEATING, SIOUSSA A ENNIS, SAMUEL BACON A CO., S. II. BACON. N. C. McKNEW A CO.. WM HENRY UPI'ERMAN A CO., JAMES E. THOMPSON. GEO tc THOS. PARKER & CO., JOHN II SEMMES A CO.. ED. HALL, <i>er Thos. L. Hume,I WILLIAM BRYAN, () vVAX'S CO AM A PF.RRIE, , F. J. BARTLETT. A. H. YOUNG A CO., G. E. KENNEDY, B. F. MORSELL. BARBOUR. SEMMES ft CO., , ^ E. E. WHITE. , ;e.l-2f ?STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL.?The ladies of the Ninth street Methodist Protestant Jhurch will hold a Festival for the benefit of the church at the Union League Rooms, Sth ??roet, near E, commencing on TUESDAY EVEN IN', next, and continuing during the week. Every ef fort will be made to make this festival worthy the patronage of the public. Je 2-3t* fY7==?THE LADIES OF ST PAUL'S ENGLISH IL3 LUTHERAN CHURCH will hold a Straw Ferry Festival in the lecture room of the Church, corner of 11th and II streets, commencing TU 153 DAY. June 7tb. and continue four nights, for the benefit of theBuddaj School and Home Mission cause. Single admission 15 cents. Season tickets, one person, 50 cents. Family serson tickets f l. ie 2-3t* nT5=?UNI0N STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL U-3 FOR THE CAPITOL I1ILL PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH, At ODD FELLOWS' HALL, 7/A strut, commencing June 1st, closiug June 1-th, with Grand Promenade Concert. Admission 1? cents; season tickets St cents. Tickets for concert an cents. my 31 lw * ff?=?FLORAL AND FRUIT FESTIVAL ?The lljt 8isters in charge of the 8t. Ann's Infant Asylum, corner of 21th and K streets, near the Circle beg to announce a GRAND FLORAL AND FRUIT FESTIV AL.commencing TUESDAY, May 31st. and continuing during the week. As this Institution i* a new undertaking in this city, and attended with ;jreat expense, and is now in great need, they feel confidence in making this appeal to the generosity of the public, and hope they will attend. .. . . Supper tickets, 50 cents. Admission to room. 10 cents Open from 2 to 1*? o'clock p. m. my 28-7t* ir^^FBSTlVAL AND FAIR AT ISLAND II? HALL.?The ladies of the Sevmth street PrSshyterian Cburch will *?stijal at the above Hall, commencing MONDAY, May 3?. One of the best Bands of Music in the city has been engaged fer the occasion. Tbe Piano, kind ly furnished, is from J F. Bllis s music store. Admission, 15 cents. Season Tickets, one per son. 6i? cents. Family Season Tickets, pi. my 27-'-W rklSSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The partnership heretofore existing unfer tile firm of Howard A Rouse, in the livery and sale stable business is. this day dissolved by mutual consent All debts due the firm will be paid to J. C.^oward, who will settle all the fllJune 2,1864. Ije4-3t*l J. T. ROUSE. P1 ROPO8AL8 WILL BIRE0BIVBD BT THE - underslgaed at the Mayor's Office until It 1 o'clock M. Monday, the 13th instant, for grading I and paving a gutter eighteen feet wide in the cen . ter of 9th street east, from D street south to tbe Eastern Branch. . , , Bidders will state the price per square yard for paving aad per euble yard for grading. EICI1AKD WALLACH. Msyor. W. A. FLETCHER. Commissioner riixtn Ward. WM. P. BROWN, James m. DALioN. je 4-eoti ^Assistant Commissioners. rOR 8AL5 ip???P7T,to second-hand BIL LIARD TABLES Inquire at Carroll Hall. C street, near corner of 12th. je j.|W? SALE-A handsome PIANO-FO BTE, Hi octaves, overstrung bass, four rr.und_*?^^ crners. Ac. nearly n"w. Inquire ntHM No 534 H street, between ?>th aal 7th. *?? mi 1 b?t weeu the hours of 1" au-i 2. ,?.* ?* pr. OPOSALS FOP. LOAN Treischt Dkkaktmekt. J'in" .1. ISM To ensure the greatest p6*-ible vigor i: ? "t > ope - i - tions of the armies now moving against t Jif? insur gents. under brave anl skilful Generals. upon a vast theater of operation*, erp-udi tares havebe'i increased bevonrt receip'-. frun revenue and orli nary subscriptions to the National Loan. Sealed offers will there' re be receive 1 .it this De partment under the .act of March 31. isri, until noon <>f Wednesday. tiie 16th oi" June.1**4. for bonds of the United States to the amount i-f Seventy-five Mil liens of Dollars.-bearing- e.u annual inter r^t of six pe* centum, payable semi-annually in voin on the first days of July an.l January each year, an I re deemable after the.Wh of June, 18*1. K:ich offer must be for fifty or one Hundred dollar-:, or some multiple of one hundred dollars, and must strife the sum, including premium, oiiere*! for each hundred dollar- in bonds, or for fifty, when the offei is for more than fifty. Two per cent, of the princi pal?excluding premium?of the whole amount of fered must be guaranty for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasnret of the United States at Washington, or with tue Assistant Treasurer at New York. Boston. Phila delphia. or St. Louis; or with the designated Depositary at Baltimore. Pittsburgh. Cincin nati. Louisville. Chicago. Detroit, or Buffalo; or with any National Banking Association author ized to receive deposits which may connect to transact the business without eharg-*. C'Tti r cates induplicateof deposits will bedssued to dep!..>i tors by the officer or association receiving them; the originals of which must be forwarded with the offer to the Department. All deposits should be made in time for advice of offers with certificates to roach Washington not later than the morning of June 15th. No offer not accompanied by its proper certi ficate of deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Registered Bonds issued will be of the denominations of Soil, $100, $M'J, and $1,00). Registered Bonds of $3.l"J0 and $10,001 will also be issued if required. All offers received will be opened on Wednesday, the Llth of June by the Secretary or one of the Assi slant Secretaries, and notice of acceptance or declination will be immediately given to the respec tive offerers; and. in case of acceptance bonds of the descriptions and denominations preferred will bo sent to the subscribers at the cost of the De partment. on final payment of instalments. The original deposit of two per cent, will be reckoned in the last instalment paid bv successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be accepted. The amount of accepted offers innst be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to act under this notice on advice of ac ceptance of offer, or as follows: One-third on or before the 20th; one-third ou or before the 25th; and the balance, including the premium and orig inal two per cent, deposit, on or before the 30th of Jrne. Interest to the 1st of July on the several deposits will be paid in coin on the 3l>th of June, and interest on bonds will begin July 1. ISfit. Offers under this notice should be endorser! "Offer for Loan." and addressed to the Secretary of the Trea.-r.ry. The right to decline all offers not con sidered advantageous is reserved to the Govern ment. S. P. CHASE, je-l-td Secretary of the Treasury. The Government Loau o y ^^00,000,000. THIS LOAN IS AUTHORIZED by Act of Con gress of March 8th, 1364, which provides for its REDEMPTION IN COIN. at any period not less than ten or more than forty years from its date, at the pleasure of the Government. UNTIL ITS REDEMPTION, five per cent, in terest is to be paid semi-annually IN COIN. SUBSCRIPTIONS TO THE LOAN are recoived by the National Banks in United States notes or in snch currency or other funds as are taken bjr them on deposit at par. IT8 EXEMPTION FROM STATE OR LOCAL TAXATION adds from one to three per cent, per annum to its value. THE RATE OF INTEREST on this loan, al though but five per cent, in coin is as much great er in currency as the difference between the mar ket value of currency and gold. AS A RULE, the five per cent, specie securities of all solvent governments are always par or above, and currency now funded in the National Loan, will be worth it? face in gold, besides pay ing a regular and liberal percentage to the holder. THE AUTHORIZED AMOUNT of this loan is f200.0.0.<?0. The amount of subscriptions report ed to the Treasury at Washington, during April aDd May, has been over $60,000,000. Subscriptions will be received by the Treasurer <xf tht United Stales at Washington, and the Assist ant Treasurers at New York, Boston and Philadel phia. and by the FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF WASHINGTON, AND BY ALL NATIONAL BANKS which are depositaries of pnblic money, and all RESPECTABLE BANKS AND BANKERS throughout the country (acting aR agents of the National Depositary Banks,) will furnish further information on application, and AFFORD EVERY FACILITY TO SUBSCRIBERS, je 2-eo3t LOST AND FOUND. 10ST-A DIAMOND PIN, for a necktie. It is a set in black. The finder will be well rewarded by leaving it at the Star Cftice. It* IOi-T?In going tbrongh 12th and II streets, J nne J .'id. Florentine MOSAIC PIN. A reward of tl will be paid to the person delivering the same to 514 12tn street. je4-2t* CIA REWARD.?Strayed away last Tuesday, a ??? I * r brindle COW. with a white face and one round circle around both eyes. The above reward w ill be paid if brought on 16th street, between K and L streets. je3-2t* D. DONOVAN. CANARY BIRI) LOST From 4."?3 Mass. avenue, near 6th street. The finder will be handsomely rewarded by leaving it as above. je 3-2t* Cj C REWARD?Strayed away, on the 2d inst., a *T t* bay condemned HORSE. with loii" tail and mane. The above reward will lie given if returned to DAVID WELSH, on tith street. Island, between G anil H. je 3-3t* 10ST.?Wednesday, June 1, a small BROWN a MARK, fourteen hands high; had on a saddle and bridle: white stripe down her forehead. S>) r< ward will be given if returned to TH03. GEARY, Jackson Hall Alley Livery Stable. Je 3-3t* fifcQP: REWARD for a liver-colored SETTER DOG, white breast: is two yoars old It w ill be paid if brouitkt to the City Market, at the corner of 12th and fl streets west. je 3 3t* JOHN MOORK, Provision Dealer. CAME TO THE PREMISES OF THE SUB scribe-, on the 1st day of Juue, a light red COW, with white face and white belly, and had a calf last night. The owner will come forw*rd. prove properly, pay charges, and take her away. je 3 3t* JACOB TABS. Brightwood Park. AWATOH LOST.?A small op?n-faced GOLD WATCH, with GOLD CHAIN, was lost on Wednesday evening. June 1st. at the Georgetown Cemetery, or in the cars on Penn. avenue, or in the Capitol Oronnds. If left at 439 llth street, between GundH, the finder will be suitably re warded. Je3*3t* Cj 1 || REWARD.?Stolen from the arsenal gate J W yesterday about 12 o'clock a.m., a dark roan condemned H" mane and tail. The above reward will be given for any information that will lead to the recovery of the horse or the apprehension of the thief. JOHN I). KEHL. je 3 3t* No. 7? M street south. W~AS HIRED FROM MY STABLE On Friday, May 27th by a man by the name of Childs, and has not been returned yet, a BAY H0R8E, about U years old. star in his forehead; also, a cov ered Buggy and set of harness. The man is about 6 feet high, about 32 years old. heavy black side whiskers; also had on a pair of black cloth pants, blue military bioise, black felt hat, and is said to be a sutler at the Convalescent Camp. Alexandria, Ya. Any person giving information that will lead to the recovery of the horse, buggy and harness, or the apprehension of the thief, will be liberally rewarded by leaving the same with JOSEPH NA- I THAN. corner 12th and C sts. je 3 2t* ?OC REWARD. - Lost, last night, a yallow leather POCKET-BOOK, containing about and several due bills and other papers, be tween Kith and 17th streets, on Penn. avenue. The i^?"JSwlir(l wil1 be ^ at the Star Office. TH? PREMISES 0* THE SUB nn?V w;Vkn? the 301,1 instant, a large sorrel Baxen mane and tail: one of his \"tar in forehead and on the The owner will cone forward, prove prop "" K."J?g?T ETSJSii black mane and tail, no other marks, came on my premises. This is to give notice to the owner to come forward, prova property and take the horse away, after paying charge*, or I will cause him to be sold for expense of keeping. u " ""** roa m McNAMARA, J* 2-Str 624 Massachusetts avenue. O* 11| RlWaRD?For a MILK COW and HEIF ipltP EH, lost the ?th of May. 1864. Red COw, 4 years old, white face and little white on the back long slim tail, straight horns and white on the belly. Young red heifer. 12 months old.little horns and a whit* ring around its tail. Paid when de livered t'? North Capitol st., coruer af 0. Hoover's Slaughter House. j?l-4t* JOHN DOYLE. 4 O'CLOCK F. M. THT SITUATION. The engagement of yesterday announced in the official dispatch published in to-day's Ftar, may be regarded as the third of t?ie series of heavy battles which arr- to determine the fate of Richmond. Grant, since crossing the Pa munkey, has been gradually drawing his lines nearer to the city's fortifications, aud in so doing has twice been heavily and unsuccess fully attacked by Lee. Ou both those occa sions the rebel effort was to drive Grant from positions the command of which enabled him to advance his lines still further, and in each the result was the repulse of the rebels and the failure of their efforts. On this occasion Grant made the attack, and had driven the rebels out of the open field. The entrenchments into which he states he has driven the enemy back, are, we hear from other sources?parties coming up on the boat bringing the official in formation?their line constructed in the Chick ahominy swamps. If our forces are able to hold their position within fifty yards of them, it is, it strikes us, quite safe to trust Grant to drive the rebels from them in very brief time. So far success has invariably crowned his strategy and energy when so situated. The Engagement on Tuesday last. GENERAL GRANT DRIVES THE ENEMY AND HOLDS THE GROUND. ALSO, HOLDS THE REBEL KILLED AND WOUNDED AND 300 PRISONERS. Advices from the army of the Potomac, dated June-Jd, in the morning, are to the effect that in our cavalry engagement on Tuesday we drove the enemy from their position on the IVl?chanicsville road and inflicted much dam age upon them. On the right wing the enemy with a strong force of cavalry and infantry advanced to retake the ground, but were forced to retire in hot haste, our guns pouring heavy volleys into their ranks. The rebel attack in the afternoon on the 6th corps was handsomely repulsed. They were driven about a mile, leaving their dead and wounded in our possession. Rickett's division took over 500 prisoners Our loss was cot severe. A like unsuccessful attempt was made upon Gen. Warren. The rebels lost heavily. Across the Tolopotomy Gen. Hancock was attacked on his left, but not in force; the ob ject cf the enemy evidently being to feel our position. We afterwards felt theirs, and found it well defended. It appears from the accounts that in every case of attack we got the advantage. ARRIVAL OF MORE WOUNDED. The steamer State of Maine arrived about 10 o'clock this morning, bringing up four hun dred and twenty wounded from the late bat tles before Richmond. The news brought up by the Connecticut as to heavy firing, &c., is confirmed by the State of Maine Among the wounded is John A. Huff of Co. E, 5th Michigan Cavalry who shot the Rebel General Jeb Stuart. Huff and his comrades state that their regiment was ordered to change their position and as they were about moving an officer was seen in front of the line giving orders when he asked the Colonel permission to "stop his gab," and obtaining it he immedi ately loaded his piece and dropped him. Mr. Huff is an excellent shot and was formerly in Berdan's sharpshooters, in which regiment he made many such good shots. The officer was subsequently ascertained to be Jeb Stuart Among the prisoners now at White House, brought in on Thursday, are two females, one a Sergeant in a Cavalry company, and the other a Lientenant, who were both in uniform (male attire.) The latter is said to be a remark ably fine looking wonfen, and when taken had command of a battery which was giving us not a iittle trouble. C APTURE OF A BLOCKADE RUNNER. The Navy Department has received infor mation of the capture, off Wilmington, of the steamer Caledonia, whilst attempting to run the blockade. The Caledonia is aside-wheel steamer, with long and high paddle-boxes. She has three smoke stacks, two forward, and one alt, with hay frames fore and aft, and has a straight stem. She is built like a river steamer and is at present painted a light lead color. The Caledonia is of 317 tons burthen, with a crew of 3? men- She was built and registered at Quebec in ISfio, and was owned by A. Keitts, Jr., of Halifax, who acts as agent at (.{.ueenstown for the Confederates. LATEST FROM FORTRESS MONROE. By a party from Fortress Monroe yesterday afternoon we learn that heavy firing was heard in front yesterday. Reinforcements were being rapidly pushed forward, ten large transports going upon Thursday, and a like number yes terday morning. The report of the capture of Fitzhugli Lee and 500 of his men was discredited at the fort yesterday. FROM THE RAPPAHANNOCK. The gunboat Commodore Reed arrived yes terday afternoon from the mouth of the Rappa hannock. All the stores belonging to the Gov ernment at Port Royal have been removed, and the transports containing the last of them were convoyed down the stream by the gunboats on Wednesday night, and on the following morn ing the blockade was again placed at the mouth of the Rappahannock. KILLED. CaptWm. Brevoort, 1st Michigan cavalry, was instantly killed in the skirmishing line near Whith House, Va., by a bullet through the head on the evening of the 1st instant. An officer present says he was gallantly cheering his men on at the time. He had been in up wards of sixty engagements. CONGRESSIONAL. iXXVIIlTH 00NGRE8B.?FIRST SESSION. Saturday, June 4. Senate ?Mr. Grimes presented a memorial from the Levy Court of Washington county, D. C., praying the passage of a bill author izing them to lay a direci tax upon the people of the county to meet the portion of the Gov ernment tax under the act of Congress of August, 1^01; and he also introduced a bill in accordance with the memorial, which were referred to the Committee on the District of Columbia. Mr. Grimes also introduced a bill to amend the act of May 17,1^62, incorporating the Wash ington and Georgetown railroad Company, which was referred to the District Committee. Mr. Sumner presented a memorial from 90,UG0 men and women of the United States praying the passage of an act of immediate emancipa tion. The consideration of the Internal revenue bill was resumed. Mr. Harris offered an amendment to the 103d section whieh imposes a duty on express busi ness of 2* per cent, on gross receipts by adding the words "the amount paid for transportation to any railroad company or corporation shall be deducted from the amount of gross receipts upon which the duty is to be charged under the provisions of this section." He said that as the railroad and steamboat companies were to pay 2 K per cent, on their receipts, which would include the freight of the expresses, there would thus be a double tax levied, which he thought manifestly un just. The amendment was agreed to. Hocse.?The despatch of Secretary Stanton> published in our first edition, was read. . Mr. Garfield made some personal explana tions regarding what he said last night ibout the ban krnpt law. and with reference to his colleague, Judge Spalding. Mr. Jenkes also made a personal explana tion, involving tne merits of the bill. Mr South, ot Kentucky, moved that wUen the House adjourn' to day it be till Monrtiv next. This vti disagreed to by u large ma.|or itr. 1 h? House rei-mned the consideration of tbe Tariff Bill. _ TfiI.EGRAPHiC NEWS. IROM THE WEST. FORREST AT CORINTH. MISSISSIPPI. HIS MEN DESERTING IN LABfrK NUMBERS GEN. CANBY PREPARING For OFFENSIVE OPERATIONS. Cairo, June 3.?The steamer Alice I>ean from Mempfcis for Cincinnati, has passed up with six hundred bales of cotton. It is reported that the steamer Hellraan was fired into at Island No. 25, while on her way to Memphis. The result is not ascertained. The bod}'of Paymaster Wircans, drowned at Mound city, was recovered tisday. Forrest is reported at Corinth, Mississippi. A large number of his men are deserting. It is reported that Forrest intends making a raid on Sherman's rear. General Canby, at Natchez, is organizing his forces for offensive operations. THE DISASTER AT MOFND CITY. Cairo, June 3, midnight.?Three safes were to-day recovered from the wrecti of the naval wharf boat, burned at Mound City. One of them, Paymaster Dunn's, contained ?166,000 in good condition, except being somewhat dampened by water. One of them containing funds to the amount of several thousand dollars failed to preserve the contents, except the booke which were in tact, with the exception of the covers, which were somewhat charred. Admiral Porter attributes the conflagration to a stroke of lightning. Paymaster Boggs remains in a critical con dition. Should he recover it is feared he will lose one of his hands. New Yerk Stock List?First Beard. [By the People's Line.] IT. S. coupon fl's, 1881, 113; U. S. 5.?0's, 100; Certificates of Indebtedness, !>-)? Oola, 19?X; N. Y. Central, 132K; Erie, 111*; Hudson, ll?X; Harlem, 285; Reading, 139; Michigan Central, 143*; Michigan Southern, 93*; Illinois Central, 127 V; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112^; Oaleni and Chicago, 133\; Cleveland and Toledo, 140 Jf; Chicago and Kock Island, 111 : Milwankie and Prairie du Chien, 6-#; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, R5y: Alton and Teria Haute, 65; Chicago and Northwestern, 51*; Quicksilver, 71 j(. LOCAL NEWS. The Hospital Stkamkh Conxbcticct.? The steamer Connecticut, now being used as a hospital boat by the Government, Is three hun dred and sixteen feet long, with a width ot sixty-twe feet. Her engines are 1,300 horse power, and she was built by Sneedeu, Law rence & Co., of New York, and is owned by S. H.Powell A Co. She is the fastest running steamer on these waters, and is capable of car rying fifteen hundred sick and wounded sol diers. The Connecticut contains fifty-five state rooms, and is one of the handsomest steamers in the service of the Government. She is commanded by Capt. Wm. P. A. Stran ahaii, who is respected by all who know him. Capt. S. is ably assisted by Messrs. Perry, Rose, and Hush, pilots; chief engineer E. Clop per, and J. N. Knight, steward, who are ot experienced qualifications and are admired in all their social relations. The medical and hospital departments of the Connec ticut are under the skillful management of AssistantSnrgeon T. B. Hood, U. S. V., who on account of the manner in which his duties are attended to, is deserving of great praise. The hospital steward, Mr. W. P. Fleming, U. S. V., is an obliging and efiieient officer, who leaves nothing undone to add to the comfort of the unfortunate patients under his charga. Larceny Arrests.? Amos Derring was arrested yesterday for stealing carpenter's tools from S. English. Derring is a soldier and ad mitted that he took a square, which the owner recovered,and Derring was turned over to the military, by Roundsman Kelley. W. H. Stieger was arrested by officer Pendle for stealing clothes from N. Grossmayer. The clothes were recovered, and Justice Giberson sent the prisoner to jail for court. Virginia Moore and Fanny Forrest were arrested by Roundsman Kelley on suspicion of robbing a clothes line of the house in which they were employed, No proof against them they were dismissed. Han nah Kelly alias McCarty, was arrested as the accomplice of Maria Dillon for robbing the house of Patrick Lang. Roundsman Kelley found her in Goat Hall, Swampoodle, a crib for women of doubt nl reputation. She gave up the stolen dress and Justice Giberson sent her with Maria Dillon to jail for court. Grand Larceny.?Yesterday morning Ira Fnnsburg, 50th New!|York Engineers, com plained to officers Harbin and Walling that he had been robbed of 8500 the previous night, and that his suspicions rested on a fellow sol dier named Mortimer Searl. A search war rant was therefore procured, and the officers went to the quarters and after a search found the money, which had been placed in a cap cover and hid near by. Fansburgh's box had been broken open with a hatchet, and robbed ot the money. While the officers were engaged in the search, Searl informed them where the money was. and others testified that he had told them a week since that he could make that amount. The officers thereupon arrested him, and he was sent to jail lor court by Jus tice Cull. Stonik<; a Church.?A number of little col ored boys and a few white ones who congre gate in the vicinity of Louisiana avenue and 4X street have been annoying the neighbors by their mischievous pranks for some time past. Yesterday they stoned Dr. Sunderland's church and broke several costly glasses in the upper windows. The case was reported to the police and a special watchman has been set to detect the guilty ones whose parents or guardians will be required to pay all costs. Removed.?Capt. N. Darling, chief of the Capitol police, ha? been removed aud Capt. H. A. Newlan, of N. H., lately a clerk in the Census Bureau, who lost an arm in the Mexi can war, has been appointed to the position. Election Day.?By reference to our adver tising colums it will be seen that Superintend ent Webb has issued such orders as will se cure the best order at the polls on. Monday. State of the Thbrmometbr.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 77 in the shade, and 92 in the sun. PLEASANT ROOMS AND BOARD can be had at 92 Penn. avenue, between 21st and 22d sts., at reasonable terms. je 4-3t* f|V>R KENT?In house No. 484 11th street, be tween E and F. a ROOM 2:> feet front by JO deep, with three large windows. Will not b? rented for a lodging room. je 4 3t* STRAYED OR STOLEN On the 2d inst., & black HORSE, blind in the left eye. left hind foot ?white. The tinder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at CHAS. DICE'S, on B street south. between 12th and 13th sts. east. It* tig fT REWARD ?Lost,on the 23d of May. a reddish tuJiJ COW, with two high horns and very poor. The above reward will be paid if brought to the corner of 6th and I streets. je 4-3t* P. SHAFER. WILL BE SOLD A BARGAIN?THE NEW JERSEY RESTAURANT, on F street, be tween 21st and 22d. The house contains five rooms, with stoek aud fixtures; all for Inquire at 193 Ijtreet. je4-St* For sale-two printing pressks. one en tirely new, and the other very little used: will be sold cheap for cash. Apply at 179 nouth B street, between 9th and 10th, opposite Smithsonian Institute. Je t-St' l/URNISHED ROOMS TO RENT, to gentlemen. I with or without board, in a large, pleasaut house, possessing the advantages of a citv and country residence. Cars pas# the door. Terms moderate. Apply immediately at the corner of 14th aud 3 streets. je 4-3t FOR RENT ? A RARE CHANCE.- A new FRAME HOUSE containing? rooms, situated in the First Ward, now one of the best locations In that Ward for a restaurant and tavern. Inquire at No. 447 13th street, between 8 and F streets, at 1 o'clock. je 4 lw* 170R RJSNT-A large BRICK WAREHOUSE and r STABLE, containing four Btalls, on north B street, between 6th and 7th. Possession given im mediately. Inquire of GRAY & WILLIAMS, At torneys-at-Law, No. 434 Penn. avenue, between 4!* ?nd 6th?t?. je 4-3t* TAKEN UP ESTHAY, on the 18th of May, a 1 black and white BUFFALO COW. The owner Is requestea to come forward, K0I1erl?13?Rert>,j charges, and take her away. W. RILEY, on the road to TeaaUytowu, about a mile from George town. !? j* AiA REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on the 1st $10 of June, a red ?OW. with a whit* head and the above rewardVrom JOHN 8HKA. between 4* and 3d streets, on H street. Island. Je *-3t LOST?On Penn. avenue, on the evening of the list inrtant, an ENVELOPE containing a dis charge a sum of money and other papers valuable nwner only. The property of Louis Wel.b. If the finder wifi leav? tne oapers at 4>? street, no questions will be aftta. It* 33^TUE *leOTION ON MT>ND*y ORDERS TO METROPOLITAN POLICE P.firt gf S-tpr'mt' n!rm 4f Pel iff, J?nf r>1 , ORnKB No V*l.?i^TfrrnI ._Tl,n U, n'llljv'ir"1 V"1""" it >- iii? ,i?,T,r; ntr r *ordi. of OOUlMpi fun t\i,-,. in t Officer*. of the force.v v ? Mom of tfu-a P lu,.V,U<' " *!' *???? >* I IK ' "IHC (ill .such iK'UUKUt a- the proaching election dav. and tie wHob CM,, ,,.;; w uA'i '1 /'"in* honor to the Police ?,nU ,, ft . .ontol?g?l voter; on that .1uy L.t?t *ent t? . ma '1- i.vut-d from thoffice wn* -neb that i>v .? tl.afc the tU> ??S fr,-,- In.,:, ili^.rd ?0V * l?-instuijjuish.-.i fri.m ?nv ?r,Jinary ,i?% Tt> | '.i, r lji V' and >oui ' ? I u ctlM toll. "?""o# Genual Oiu>tr. N. rr.nn- -Ti election will take place on Mouda* ne\.| rlw >t:uiljiiiii the Sii|>erinleiuicut iedct(Tniii.?.i i ', I!! nothing undone t!u?t will ins,. ?. " ^ V f'Ti * protect all voter* iu the cxerci.-* . ft! ? ir <? . ? ??il iy.eii>. And with this t i< ?. vorj ?iI" ^ that of vour entire force i* ???it. the ml "i ed lust year and now repoat.-d Tuli > H lo?'t - I*t Every member of the force, on (),,? f election. must he in full uniform the w |,..h u' aoy Policeman refusing or neglvctiii<: t?w,?ir portion of his uniform will If report* 4 to tbifli*" * 2d. No ait-mberof the forcc mg-t :ak. am' the election, turther thai, to depo-.te his o\> ? , . and any member found di^fri l*i tin tfeket* * iitii t ott s lor any candidate. Or doing anv otU. r * ?? indicating a bias towa"d one or the other >4 |t,M parties t?* the election contest, of which mat . any tendency to inrtuence the result, will he trv?i. i ?- havuij \ iolated the Rules and Regulation* ki. mien the Judges of Election shnll have g therr decision in any case, that decision. a? f ir ?, th*1 Foiire are concerned, is dual, and they will tsW immediate care that there is uo o!-t.-w-le offrred ?<> ??titer *r?ns desirine to vote. When :i citizen has deposited his vote, or it Iih? been decided that he is not entitled to h vote, the Police Officer will re quire him to move on. and no l.icltcriiu; ar ouarrel iiik in tjie polllin* place must be for au inst?nt tolerated The Judge* of Kb ction mu#t in all ch.-,-,) be protected from insult. 4th. The line of voters will be kept always free from obstruction, and any attempt to break the lin< w-ill U- met at an) hazard by the tiromnt arrest oi the party or parties making the ittcmpt f'th. Drunken and disorderly pcrsou>* must b<* promptly taken to tbe statirm-liCuse of the precinct 6th. Persons having concealed weapons inu?t be arrested and dealt with accord ins to law ^th. The SerKeants will immediately report an> outl.reak to headquarter*, and bv calling ofttthe reserves and sending to neighboring precincts do ever) thing in their power to restore order. Nth. The men placed on re?er\e must remain in the station-hops*ready lor duty, and any aWnc ? therefrom without mi order or permission tv leave w!il. reported as a violation ot duty. The Superintendent deems it unni-reoMry to re mind officers that it i? their duty to be polite coot and prompt; to forbear an long as the tircum atances of the caM? will warrant. and then to act in such a way as to demonstrate that they are neither trilling theroselvea nor to be trifled with A strict adnerance to this >i4vice is all that is needed to in sure order and give to the city and citizens pro tection from outrage of every kind. The whoh* aval la he fore-- is so detailed and arrang?<l, that in a lew minutes at least one hundred men can be concentrated at any one point sufflcient to deal most effectively with and suppress any attempted outbreak You will be notified of these arrange ments. in detail, at this office. In addition to this, t le Superintendent has only to say, that he would warn every man to reniem ber that the character of the whole force depends upon his individual fidelity to duty on the day ot' elc'tion. If each membei will but hear in mind that hit every action uill be watched l?v m? n ai xious to report any failure on bis pai t to the end that it may be used for the injury ot the es tahlisfameut to which he belong-, he will lam persuaded, d<> all that lies in bis pow-r for the genera! public good, forgetful of all personal prejudices or predilections Noeh'ng is need el but determined adherence to duty and perfect im l?iirti?lity in its performance to insure -luiet on Monday next, aud wiu vdkien opinions tron, alt classes ot tha community. By order. ^ . B. WEBB. Saporin ten dent. PLw^?T AVhuOpUMODioUS FURNISHKi> ? liUUMs can be had by applying ;it No |' street, between 12th and lrtth. ? if .|1Afl REWARf) ? Was stolerTfrom niv bee! V Vda^'?"101} trldsy night, the 3d instant a pairtifPANtSand CJOAT; also 83ISin Treasury notes and papers ot no value to any one but the owner. The aiiove reward will be given for the return of the money and papers J. F. KING Constable WANTED?A SIT CATION by a respect, hie fe 5* , M Housekeeper in a private family, or in a liotel she is also competent to keen aceonn?* and attei,d_to a_linen room, if required. If such .... . iu a nutu loom, it requires, it such does Dot Offer, she would travel with a lady having ?/"?? Apply at Mrs. HOYMt U. next t! St. Matthew s Catholic Church, on lsth st if F?IRAJ -rjaken upestrayon the morning of -L* the .<d of June, a light bayHORSK. if,'j hands ;i1,mrk**diJ*r|th U,- ?? on 'lank and I. C. on th? shoulder, without shoes, supposed to be 6 or 7 yexrsold; in tolerable good order. The owner wiM cC?H).e? rV^r<1" ffVoye property and pav charges and take him away T. F EVANS ' No. S3 4tt st.. Georgetown, D. 0. F?iRooENTr0n0 !ar*e' nicely furnished PAR l. .L0K; and two large SLEEPING ROOMS al J2nimJL '"?ddi.tion with a BASEMENT, with con cSnltSf*8.n2r h.^k^pint. Location near the Capitol and witku half a square frem the citr j'e 4 n* nortb B street, Capitol Hill. W0*lJ'D "* RENTED FOR A P1RIODOK ."ii'tTf.6 months, to a careful tenant, withont HnrsB- T?'a F0RNI8H KD an-1 de'sirable Jilrii "in .he v,c'n,t.y the Patent Office. c?n Pleasantly locate-l. None other but * private family wishing to occupy same, and not sub let. or having hoarders, need apply. Possesion Jwo ueeks from date. Premises No 4 (?4 ?Eighth street west, Iwtween ?1 and H. Je4-tf GREEN i WILLIAM8. Auctioneers. BK^*i,0^J??iy)INOLOT ON VIRGINIA AVI - hV?bi THIRD AND FOCtt ANDA TION W THE "LAND. AT AUC mOn THURSDAY, the 9th instant, at 6 o'clock p. PJ" 'ell. in front of the premises. Lot ,0 in subdivision of Square 538. ' *???V One-half in cash, the remainder in aix fhe premises1011^ aecured by a deed of trust ou ?r^Ll conveyancing and revetue stamps at the cost of the pinchtser. d GREEN & WILLIAMS. AnaU. JJY GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneera. BUILDING LOTS FRONTING ON MRSTbTREST KA?T, BKTWFSN L AND M STREETS SOUTH, AT AUCTION . AN? On fUESDAY, the 14th instant, we shall offir for sate, on the 6 o'clock p m.,tl>e foliow lua handsome Building Lota, viz : c*?ts 12, in the subdivision of Square north ot><n743. Lot in fronts on f-aid L street S4 fe st ,5 inches, running back about 17B feet to a U-Ieet a! aY,'n"?n alley on the south side 8 feet wide the entire depth. Lot 12 fronts oa the sam? sti eet, with a front of M feet 7 inches, running back to the sa^d 14 feet a;ley, and having an alley 3 feet w Ide on the north side runting the entire depth Lo. 11, lying between said lotsIOand 12,improvei A (lrnrider0r> e* dweUing house, owced by Mr. Terms: Ope third cash, the balance in six and twelvemonths, with interest, A deed givtnand a deed if trust taken. Title indisputable. Ocstofc l veyances and stam?6tobepai-l by pur cnafiir. je.4-eo&ds GREEN St WILLIAMS, Aucta. |d|fe| PIANOS! ,nlT1 PIANOS! PIA~N0S! PIANOS! The largest assortment of the best makers in our country always o.i hand. Greatest variety to select troni Easiest terms. Largest amount a - loweil for Old Pianos in part payment for New. Ureat bargains in good 8econd-nand Pianos, Heavy stock of BRA8S INSTRUMENTS L?NS FI UTeS8' fiANJ0S. ACCORDEON.S, VIO Best Italian and German STRINGS for Guitars and Violins. Fvery article in the MUSIC BUSINESS. Any Musical Instrument carefully repaired. NEW MUSIC daily. Music, Strings, and all small articles can be seut by mail free of charge. JNO. F. ELLIS, 306 Pa. aT., bet. 9th and 10th sts , je 3-Ct on the north side. REFRIGERATORS! REFRIGERATORS!! Just received a very lar^e and complete assort Bb. inent of the celebrated m r.? monitor, lo and EXCELSIOR , ' A t REFRIGERATORS. whick are admitted to be of the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best qiality, which on trial and examination cannot fsil to be appreciated by all. BONTZ k. GRIFFITH, je 3 369 7th street, bet. I and fc. M EN OF CAPITAL! SPLENDID CHANCE FOR A PAYING IN VESTMENT.' WE OFFER F0RSALE 1*0 ACRES OF FfNE LAND, 3 miles from tiie city, at the low price of J55 per acre, i SQUARE OF GROUND on 7th street north, at only 33 cents per foot, k BLOCK OF TWO-STORY BRICK BUILDINGS, (3) at ft^FO, will rent at $45 per month. Everjr one of these are treat bargains. We havt a number ?f splendid FARMS and CITY LOTS for sale. HALL & BATON. . REAL ESTATE BROKERS. 3 2t* Corner ef 7th and,i- streets. ?j NOTICE rl.T The new and cheap DRY GOODS STORE of ACOB GREEN TREE you will find Calicoes at t< o 22 cents; bleached Cotton 5 per cent below the laltimore market price; a large stock of the boicest patterns Dress Goods: IS pieces leather olored Alpacas. Mozambiflues. Ac.; 40 dozen of he latest styles Hoop 8klrts, the cheapest in the ity. Havingmsnufactured.ofSi'konngh. at auc ion, a large lot of Ladies' and Children s Coats. I m now offering them at 15 per cent below the larket price. Just received the latest Parisian tyle of Grensdlne 6hawle. Conotautiy on hand large stock of Hosiery. Handkerchief, French forsets. Sun Umbrellas. Ac., Ac. An early call Is nolicit^d. JACOB GREENTREE. 421 7th St.. my ;7-eoQt* bttween G and H sts.

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