Newspaper of Evening Star, June 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 4, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMlTSfctoLNTS TO-NIGHT. Ford's Theater ?One of tbe mast popular actors who has ever appeared before the 'he ater eoing public of this city?Mr. 11 G Rog ers?talc.-* h benefit to-night at Ford's, and will appear as Dr Patgloss, in Coleman's comedy, 4'The heir at Law.'* The public h-re will iniss Mr Rogers' genial countenance much, and hi3 hosts of lri-nds will undoubtedly give him a rousirg benefit to-msht. O rover's Theater.?Mr.Grover announces this as tbe last night of the present operatic season, bnt it is really to be hop??d that he will endeavor to induce the operatic company to remain a week longer, for it ts certain no s-uch satisfactory performance? have ever be fore been given in this city Gounod's "Fanst," cue of thr gra^dist of operas, Is announce J for to- night. CAN rKuniitv.?A splendid bill by a large i umb?r of tl<e best singers, most graceful dan* i "it, (male and female) and mos amusin? de lineators of Ethiopian character is announced for to-i i?ht: and f'lose who d?sire fti?i after a hard week's work should not fail to visit this hall. Fairk, Festivals, JcC.?At Island Hall, the ladies of Seventh Presbyterian Church oiler a splendid assortment of fincy and useful ar ticles, and, also, all the delicacies of the season. There is a fine band of mnsic In attendance, and ample enjoyment for all. The fair and festival for tbe benefit of St. Ann's Infant Asylum will prwbably close to night The Sisfers of Charity deserve the fullest patronage in aid of their charitable efforts. The ladies connected with Capitol Hill Pres byterian Church have been also taking advan tage of the frnlt season, and continue their de lightful fair at Odd Fellows' Hall, 7th street. CATEGORIES I NDER THE AMENDED liEMIS try Law.?The mode of questioning under the new Registry Law by the Judges of Elec tion, will, under the requirements of that law, be probably abont as follows: Name ( Age.' Present residence! How long resident I Previous residence! When last voted I Where last voted ? Where last enrolled ? Where citizenship claimed ' (State, County, City, Ward.) The Registry Law.?Tbe Corporation At torney, Jos. H. Bradley, Esq., has given the following opinion in relation to the provisions of the registry law: Washington, 1st June, 1361. Jx. Wailach, Esq., Mayor, d-c.: Sir: 1 have, at your request, examined the joint resolution ot Congress amending the registry law ot this city. A careful reading of it shows that it is nothing more than a legalizing of votes which have heretofore been received under a very doubtful construction of the filth section of the charter cf 1~1k That section restricted the right of voting to those who had been residents of the city for one year next preceding the day of the election, and who had n returned on the books of the Corporatian during thr yar ending the 31 st of D'C'mb'r vext preceding th" day of the rl"tion as subject to a schtxd tar for that ye,jr." This j?int resolution provides two modes for the admission ot such electors as are not on the books of the Corporation bnt are otherwise qualified electors. First, on proof made oefore the commissioners themselves; second, on affidavits before a jus. tice of the peace. In either case the commissioners are to be satisfied of the right of the claimant; that he has resided here a year previous to the day he offers to vote, and Is otherwise qualified as an .elector. They may therefore interrogate him as to the nature of his residence, as well as its duration. Residence, in the sense in which it is used here, is exclusive. It must be his heme his fixed abode for the time being?not a so journing, while he claims his home, domicil or residence in some other place. If he has voted elsewhere during the year he has not been a resident here, or if he is liable to draft in some other place he is not a resident here, in the sense in which this law uses the term resident and residence. The commissioners being satisfied in this re spect as to his residence by examination of the claimant, and of some credible elector, and that he is otherwise qualified, must cause his name to be registered and receive his vote. It would be difficult to frame the form of an affidavit to suit each individual case. But that which I send herewith may, with such modi fixations as each separate case may require> produce uniformity in the reception of such votes. it follows the form Indicated in the law, still it is by no means conclusive, and in all cases v here affidavits are produced it is clearly within the power of the commissioners it they shall see fit, to swear tbe claimant and interro gate him till they are satisfied as to the bona. Jxde character of his residence. I am. Sir, yeur most obedient servant, J"8. H. Bradley, Attorney. I sdd, in my opinion under this law, no m in between the ages of eighteen and forty-five years who is not subject to military draft here I unless he comes within some disability or exception] is entitled to vete here. J- H. B., Attorney. District of Columbia, Washington count)/, to wit: On this day of , lb8?, before me, a justice of the Peace in and for said countv, personally appears ? and makes oath according to law, that he does now, and has for one year last past, resided in the City of v> ashington; that his residence is now on" street, and precinct of ward, and he h&th not had, nor has he claimed a resi dence in a-ay place o:ner than the City or w Mh in Eton during said jwriod: th*' the said 1 ity of W ashington has been during that time, and is now, his fixed abode and home; and further that he possesses all the other qualifi cations of ait elector in the City of Washing ton- , J. P. District of Columbia, Washinntdn County, to wit On this day of , 1^, before me a.Tus tice of the Peace, in and for said county, per sonally appeared , and makes oath ac cording to law, that he is not a candidate for any office, that he knows the said , and that he is now. and has been for one year past a resident of the city of Washington, and be has good reason to believe, and does believe, that all the statements ot the said , in ihe affidavit hereto annexed, are true. , J. P. Center Market.?The prices this moraine were:?* or 6 Kr" ? Ster.?18*231 '? ?eal ??---? .18*201 Beans, bntter, pr <Tt' ->5 Mutton, best chops. 2Ua25! white to*i5 Lamb per qr *l..v*2 Cabbage, per head ' > Z Pork, fresh,per lb. in*2i> Lettnee , corned..... is RaU.lishes, buncST" 6 iSacon.hams,uncut.. 22 Onions.? hams, sliced . -ST Large rock each * breasts 13*? Small rock, pr bch" an shoulder .?..12altf, Uaiibut, lb \ Si loles.? lO&lJ.SeaUas*... tS lard l.sa2'ilB!ue lish J; Chickens, pr pair. .?1.5ua2 tSha?1. per pair" prnos . 35 Pike, p,T bunch. . sca$i Butter, pr lb ........ .40*45,'Herring. p,r do*. r.'i-ti! liew apples, pr pk.. .?>a7? Perch, per bunch dried 8ua#l Lobster, per lb i* Pe->-hes, at _?.20a25 Sturgeon ,, P< - itoes. Irish, pk.. Si) Cattish, bunch . Cu umbers, per doa. 2S Rre, pr bushel..Si 75*1 ?i Jlcminy. perqt.._.. 10 Corn meal . *1 V??i'iai Turkeys, each J.ln.S 8hip Dried cherries,qt ... 2S| Brown stuff Jj.. gtr?wberri#s 1 faSHiShorts T. Yenison, per lb. ai'Corn.shelle 1.... ft s, Cieese, each. ?lal.52,Corn, in ear, ebl Jthubarb, per buuch 10 Oats.^ ? $ial Asparajrus ... 15 Fay, percwt.. .T*. *2 25 <?r?-en peas, per pk .-JOafti Straw si Cherries per qt 25 Clover ha> ....!. ?1.75 Circcit CorRT, Judge Wylie ?Yesterday tbe case of Newton Hairagt J. F. Kelly was called lor trial Action of trespass brought by tenant against the agent of landlord. Miss Allison Tented a dwelling, and in the course of tenancv rmarried the plaintiff. She being ia arrears for Teut made an arrangement with defendant, the iigentof '-he landlord, in the absence oi Her tins fcand for the sale of a portion of the furniture to satisfy the debt. The question was w is the consent of Mrs. Hair valid! The plaintifT sub mitted to a non-suit, Mr. Hine for plaintiff and Messrs. Bradley for defendaut. Frick and Hahn agt. George R. Adams The plaintiff's were sutlers, and defendant the keeper of a ftipply store in Fredericluburg. The plaintiff* sent down a quantity of cigars, and *tcra*? was requested at Mr. Adams' store which was refused; but subsequently the *< ods were stored there in the absence of de fendant and bis chief clerk, some arrangement being made with an under clerk The store wa, removed to Belle Plain after the defeat of -Pope, and it becoming necessary for Bnrnside 10 ^jacuate, and Adams'good:- were destroyed ^ ot~er*' the cigars being probably among , ' '^ourt instrn<;|ed the jury t bat if ? ,0,d or destroyed the goods they would find for defendant, because they w?re i^oi acting in the line of their duty but is tbev ihV.tJT Adams received the proceeds th-v d for theplainUll" Verdict t^rfla-i*. tiff. JVTj. Norris fc-r plaintiff, Mr. Woodward lor defendant. Valentine Wfthl?r ri. Thnmv Jenkin*. Ac tion to recover dama*-* f_>r th- of a valu able muiH alleged to h^ve b>en ^ot bjr def.?[i 1 aot which had trespassed on his pru!u'se3. Verdict for plain'iff" I)atn*vge<? P*J0J. fll-asrs. Hme and llill lor plaiutitf, and W. S. Oax for defendant. "We ark BEQV3fiTEr> to call attention to the pal.- bvoiderot the Chancery tlonrt ot that handsome property it the corner of Massachu setts avenue and Twelfth street west. typing the residence of the latp N. B. Van a mdt Fhe situation ot this property is on?> of the most de lightful in the citv for r. private residence, and the neighborhood is unexceptionable. Tnesale v ill take place on the premises this afternoon at t> o'clock. V" ' Attention PrK( haseus.?AttheKirkwaid House, corner of 12th street and Pennsylvania avenue, (near the Star Orice,) there is a news stand presided over bv Harnev Green one nf the best of lellows in that line of business. He his always m hand thelafest papers from New York and Philadelphia. He has also a line as sortmei/tof cigars and tobacco ana innumera ble rich Cartes de Tisite. It is worth ones while 10 visit his stand. Head juarters Military District of Washington,) Washington, D. C., June 4, l-tW. ) General Orders No. 14?The bars of all public houses, except hotels, in the cities of Wash ington and Georgetown will be kept closed during the day and night of Monday, June G, 1-G4, under penalty of confiscation of their en tire stocks and the revocation of their licenses. The Provost Marshal of the Military District of Washington is charged with the execution of this order. By order of Col. M. N. Wisewell, Military Governor. Thkodobk McGowaw, je 4-2t Assistant Adjutant General. Hea quarters Provost Marshal and Board of 1 Enrollment of District of Columbia, > Washington, D. C., May 2t>, 1^64. ) The Board of Enrollment of the District of Columbia will be in session at the office of the Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth street and New York avenue, daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a. m. to 2 o clock p. m., for the purpose of hearing cases of exemption from draft for the following causes, viz: Alienage; N on-residence; Unsuitableness of age: Manifest physical disability; and Two years'service during the present war, either in the army or navy. Citizens are requested to furbish information as to persons who are not enrolled, or wlioare trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that his own chance for draft shall not be unjustly increased. Hbnuy A. Schf.ktz, Captain and Provost Marsnal mayCfi-tf District of Columbia. SPECIAL NOTICES. Jkwbirt!! Jewei.hy! Silver plated Tea bpoons at the .Dollar Store, 43* I'v avenue, near street. It* Brady's Gymkasidm. 244 F street. A Caki> to t lit Public.?The un<l< rsigned 'levins it his duty to state to hi-- friends and the public the cause of the delay in Wilding and opening the ? lyuiiiasiuiu which, at the solicitation of many of the first citizens of Washington, hi- is nbout to establish?after several disappointments in pro curing lots in an eligible location. Finally, about some six weeks since I received the ?? refiisnl" of the upper portion of the building earner of !?th ami I> streets, from Job W. Angus and accepted hi otfer within the time specified; hat instead of drawing up the lease, as I repeatedly requested, he made all sort.s of excuses for not doing so; and after delaying me for over three weeks. />a?r>'jWy t? fn.-til tokfsr kiia*rttmenl with me. thus forfeiting his word 1 did not a?k a written "refusal." as ? si. pposed I was dealing with a man of business. who would keep his word. After this I applied to the Boaril of Council lor the lot on C street, between 4'_. and tith. belonging to the city. They passed a resolution authorizing the Mayor to lease it to me for a term of years, but when it was placed before the Board of Aldermen some of the old-r members, apparently not understanding the meaning of the n?rd Gymnasium, and evidently imagining it to be an immoral institution, used their influence against leasing the lot. My institute in Nev York is pa troni/.ed by a thousand of the most respectable and wealthy citizens, while in all 'the colleges and public schools it is a branch of instruction, and a most important one. Yet three or four old fogies refuse their vote to lease a lot for which I am willing to pay its full value, and erect thereon a building for tne accommodation of the public, and tbat would be an honor to the city. I am now pre pared to negotiate with anv party who desires to associate with me in the r*tr/iasf of a lot. and promise, the public and my friends the finest and best conducted Gymnasium in America by the 1st ot October. Abxer 8. Bradv. It* Prof, of Gymnastics. Do von c?lor your whiskers and moustache' If so, use the "Japanese Hair 8tain." No hair dye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only 00 cents a box. 8. C. Ford. le 2-eo3m 290 Pa. avenue. Sole Agent. MARRIED, On the 2d inst.. by Rev. H.N. Pipes, Mr, JOHN C GIBSON t" Miss FRANCES ROSS, both of this city. " DIED On the 3d inst . at 5 o'clock, of consumption, WILLIAM HENRY SMITH, in the 17th year of his age, son of William and Ann Smith. His funeral Mill take place this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from the residence of his parents. 5th street, near N. His friends and those of th? fam ily. are respectfully invited to attend, without further notice. * On the morning of the 4th inst., at 2J~ o'clock, after a brief illness, SOPHIA P. OSBORNK. lftte ot Newark, N J., beloved w ife of Charles H. Fol well, in the -i5th year of her asfe. Her remains will be taken this evening to New ark. f<>r interment. On the morning of the 4th inst., after a painful illness of six months, which he bore with Chris tian fortitude. Mr. JOHN 8M1TH, native of Wa terford, Ireland, aged 70 years. Ilis friends and relatives are requested tn attend hi? funeral at 2 o'clock. Sunday evening, from his residence, corner 3d and C streets north. Capitol Hill. To proceed to St. Alovsing Church, where services will be offered up for tfie repose of nis soul. * . On the 3d of June, CHARLES EDGAR, infant son of Charles and Samantha Leach, aged six months. . . The tuneral to take place at its grandfather s residence. Sunday evening at2o'elock, No. 5?*4 11th street. Island. WANTS. % V ANTED?^A WOMAN for general housework W at 423 13tli street, above ti. Must, bew*ll recommended. ? tifANTED TO BORROW?? 1,200 for two years, \\ on the very best real estate security. Address Lock Box 15 l'ost Office. ie 4 w J ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A good GIRL, to ? do general housework for a small family. Apply at 219 Fayette street. Georgetown. It* \\r ANTED?By a young girl, a SIT 17 AT ION as * ? seamstress, in a private family Can cut and make ladies dresses. Address ANATE at the Star Office, Box 29. It* CI7ANTED?To SEW for one week, some one " who understands the operation, and can work upon Ladd & Webster's Sewing Machine. Apply at 44 7 Penn. avenue, near 3d street. je i-3t WANTED?On or before the 1st of July, by a small, genteel family, of Philadelphia, three I'NFUKNISHED B*>OM8, suitable for housekeep ing. Address "MYLINN.'" Box 100* Washing ton Post Office, stating location and rent, je 4 3t* n \\l ANTED?A middle aited WOMAN, to do gen " erai housework. Good wages will be given to a competent woman. Apply at No. La. ave nue. betw een tith and 7th sts. je 3 3t* WANTED?A GIRL to do plaiw cooking. Good wages given. Apply at J . BROWN 'ri Restau rant. corner L'ith street and Penn avenue. _ je S31* ANTED?A PLACE, by a respectable middle ** aged woman, to do light work or take care of a child. The beat of reference given. Please address Box 18 Star Office. je 3 2t* \\J ANTED?By a respectable English woman, a " SITUATION for general housework. Apply at E street, between 11th and 15th, from 3 to 5 o'clock p. m. je 3-3t W'ANTED?Three WAITERS from 8 to 11* ?? o'clock, at the Winter Garden, between loth and llth streets. Pa. avenue. Good wages paid. Je 3 2t" A SITUATION AS WET NURSE WaNTED. A respectable voung widow desireaa situation as wet nurse. The best~ret?reBce<< given Apply at 332 4th Btreet. corner of G. je 3 3t* WANTED?Two first claas COOKS. None need apply who bar* not had long experience. Also, wanted immediately, two good CHAMBER MAIDS. Apply at TAYLOR'S, corner C and 3d streets. je 3-2t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-By a gentlamaa in one of the Department*, w itn wife and child, two ROOMS, furnished, for housekeeping, or a nice room convenient to board. Addreas "0. f Star Office. je 3-2t* WXNT1D?A HOT'31, either partly ferniahed or uofurni?h?d. Address D , Star Offict. The best of references given. je 2-3t* MAN WANTED, that understands making Pop. Apply t* JAMES DALY, 173 Bridge Ftreet. Geor??t<>wn, D. C. Apply immediately. Good wages given. je-2-3t* VH/-ANTED?A Brst-class CONFECTION ER. Ap *? ply at No. 97 Bridge frtreet. Georjfet?'wn D. C. jmr315f| F TREUND. WANTlfD ? Ten or fifteen WASHfRS and IR0NERS. at the Citj Laundry, ? u Mth street, near C. Also, one good celored BOY. from 16 to tu years. jfi. HOTCHKISS, Manager. ray .H-rw* [VfONEY WANTED.-I wish to I .-row from 1"! J.1,'100 to 410.000, to l>e secured by real c-^'at ? * i rtli double the imrust. K. P JACKSON. 7.-: : r.* Ko, 155 Btiis-,ra. Municipal Election?Candidates, &c. n^yS-TOTHK VOT KR3 OF THE TillR?- WARD. The undersigned t-.kes thi- method 'n fTiriiiine hi> friends. and the voters nf the Tliiri AVnrd.thit be declines l^ing a cmlilat" f -r t J ' Hoard of Common Council upon either of the; >k?t3 in ti-e_tiejd. (jrj JOHN' W. gT't'-H. MR EDITOR Tn my C*rd to the Voter* of o~.M po?elv al stained from all personalities, an 1 Til l ? no offensive allusions whatever to my competitor. A. R Shepherd, or an* one el?e. His communication 0f yesterday i? till*-1 with the vilest an i most eon te: iptible pir^oiml abuse. and in the most ung.*n tlemanlv and billingsgate langjase. This, ol conrse. to l>e expected, because he is incapnol" ot using any other, it being an invariable law ot nature that thn stream must partake of th? charac teristic- of its fountain; and where, as in thi? cis". the one i? wholly corrupt, the other will be eqniM}' fllthv I'shall not follow his pernicious example, (however strong the temptation and abundant the li steria'> and drag our persmtnl qinrrrU into the political arena, to the disgust of all honorable men; but sininlv content myself with pronouncing every one of his accusations ag.iin t me to be unmiti rnvrt falsehoods. as reveng"fu1, malicious and cow ardly as ever fell. hissing hot* from the livid lips of the damned. and known by himself to, be suca when he wrote them. June 3 JOSEPH F. BROWN. rr^=*MUNCHAUSEN THE SECOND REDlV l]3 IVU3. WAsmKCTos, June 1.185*. hiitOT Stm: In your issue of to-day I notice a c*r<l signed by Jo?. F. Rrown. the secretary of the Ga* Light Co. and my competitor for the position of Alderman from the Third Ward. 1 had hoped that "Munchausen'" had been effectually silenced, but as he has again assailed mo without provoca tion. I have no recourse but to give to the public another leaf in the history .of this notorious* indi vidual. .. .. , Mr. Brown announces himself as the only regu; larljr selected candidate for Alderman in the ward: having at a certain wan! meeting been nominated "by a vote of nearly two to one over my com petitor." Ac. The subjoined extract from the Republican of that date, showing the mode by which the nomination was made, is all that is ivecessary to convince every candid mind that under the circum stances Mr. Brown's friends evinced migration bv being content with 7:? votea, when, by the pro cess indicated in the last clause of extracts, they could have had any amount of suffrage necessary to e^MlrtfIwi'f";Vh)epherd. ?; Angus.78: Moore 43; Larner. 62;Eberlv, 41; Skirving, 72; W illiams,?>3; ^ III* 11P The following was then declared the Ward ticket: For Alderman?Joseph F. Brown. For Common Councilinen?Job W. Augus. James Skirving, and W. B. Williams. For'Asressor?H. B. Curtis. ' When the tellers were counting the totes they found eight tickets for Mr. Joseph F. Brown iu one This fact thus stated taken in connection with the further fact, viz: that there were not seventy Third Ward voters present at the meeting in question, must cause a aoubt in the minds of its citizens as to the genuineness of this nomination. The ticket nominated has never been announced by Mr. Brown or his friends. . Mr. Brown in his card states that he intends to "?0/<"for Mr. Wallach. How is it that Mr. Brown s most ardent supporters vehemently proclaim that he will support Mr. SemmesV The declaration of Mr Brown that he will cast his vote for Mr. Wal lach. when considered in connection with tbeas servations of his friends, renders his position somarhat equivocal* It may be that he intends to vote for Mr. Wallach and support his antagonist, in imitation of the course pursued by him in I860, when Mr. Brown voted an open ticket for Colonel Berret, the nominee of bis (the Democratic1 party, while at the same time, in fulfilment of a bargain made in order secure his own election without op sition. as Alderman from the Third \S ard.he threw eight* votes of the Gas Company's employees for C,.l Berret's opponent?thus securing for hitn the maiority in the First Ward. There are some peo ple who. cognizant of all the circumstances, even at this late day. involuntarily smile when remin l ed of the fact that notwithstanding this act of p.-rfidy, this consistent Brown, having failed to defeat the man for whom he voted, coolly ad dressed him a letter of congratulation a few davs later, rejoicing in his success and in that of the partv which he represented, viz : "the law and order." ? e. the Democratic party! Mr. Brown saystbat he has served seven years in the councils, and (to use his own words) that he has "never abused your confidence by using my official position to gratify private prejudices or persona! animosities?cor given a vote .that was not designed to advance your interests, indi vidually and collectively." If Mr. Brown had been writing to the stockholders of the Gas Com pany. this language might have had somev>k*t the apptarnnce of verarity. As it is, he must have a strange idea of the "enligntened constituency'' \\ bom he so feelingly addresses. _ He has probably forgotten the official communication O' Mayor Wallach. dated January 12. 18*8, from which it will be perceived that up to that time the Gas Company had charged this city, and had been paid since 18*3, (under a supposed verbal contract) the old rates for all gas fnrnished the corporation, the "Secretary in charge'' never having reduced the price to the city; so that it was paying at the rate of 38 cents per hundred, while the Govern ment and citizens were paying respectively 26 and 27 cents per hundred feet. In all probability this evnrilinn of our city's interests would have con tinued to charge at these rates, had not Mayor Wallach, with his usual care for the interest of our citizens, detected this gross overcharge and called attention to it. , . , Is Mr. Brown advancing his constituents inter ests when he usts his position as a city legislator to increase the price ol gas to consumers, in wnicn effort he expects to succeed during tne present, W Did Mr. Brown advance tlie interest of his con stituents, when he spent several thousand dollars of the ward funds oil the " II street to benefit his property on the square in which he re side?- and then tilUr the bill to cover up his tracks. For full particulars see National Intelligencer ot July 9th. 1859. . Did not Mr. Brown s "private prejudices pre vent the City Councils from doing honor to our glorious General Giant on his first visit here, when he prevented the passage of a resolution of wel come to that distinguished officer, by moving an artiournment the Board ef Aldermen while the subject was under consideration, thereby prevent ing their adoption, and this because the resolu tions was introduced by me? It were idle to attempt to recapitulate the con stant and innumerable tergiversations ot this un principled and aspiring man. l alse to friends, as well as foes: unscrupulous in the means to be ap plied to obtain any favorite object?ever preferr ing falsehood to truth?constantly making public interests subservient to his private ends; it is to tie hoped that the day of retribution has come?that the mask of hypocrisy is at length to be drawn aside and this embodiment of deceit exposed to the public gaze in all tbe hide-ms defonn.U of his nature. (3tl ALt.\. I?. Mir.) nl.uu. rr^=*TO THE VOTERS OF THE THIRD 1L 3 WARD. . During my late absence from the city, and with out my knowledge, 1 was selected by the Uncondi tional Union men in meeting assembled, as tlieir nominee for re election to the Board ol Aldermen, by a vote of nearly two to one for my competitor, (then as now) Mr. Shepherd, whose friends called the meeting, voted for their candidate, but being defeated, now repudiate its choice. 1 therefore regard nivielf, of course, as the only regularly selerX ed~f.andnlate for Alderman in the Ward, solemnly avering that it Mr. Shepherd had have received that nomination, inv name would not be beloreyou to-day. There was. I learn, no preterence ex pressed at the meeting in favor ot any one tor the Mayoralty, though the active friends ot each of the candidates were present and participated in the proceedings. For this reason, doubtless, my name has been inserted for Alderman in both the tickets published iu the Star. Having been trequently interrogated as to my preference for Mayor at the approaching election, 1 tako this occasion to say, as I have always done, that I am the personal friend of both the deserving gentlemen who are aspirants for the office, ami have been agreeably associated with thuin in the city Government for several years past, but, as Mr, Wallach has dis charged the responsible duties of Mayor generally to my satisfaction, and is the present incumbent, I shall, therefore, cast ni) vote lor him on Monday ' For seven consecutive years I have represented our Ward in the City Council, and never abused vour confidence by using my official position to gratify private prejudices or personal animosities, nor given a vote that was not designed to advance vour interests and prosperity, individually and col lectively If re-elected. I shall pursue, on all oc casions, the same course, well knowing that only by so doing can I hope to merit or receive the ap probation of an intelligent constituency. J line 1. 1b>4. | je 1 It 1 JOSHPH F. BROWN. fY3=?TO THE VOTERS OF THE THIRD WARD. Having this day seen my name upon the Bemmes ticket as a candidato for Alderman of the Third Ward, and desirous of tiavins my position distinctly understood. I have to say that I support P.ich&rd WJU.ll to, "-jgggY SHEPHERD. May 31st, 1864. fmy 31-5t] kf TieKi1' For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Albbrman? JOHN B. TURTON. ForCommoh Councii.? JAMES KELLY, H. C. W1L80N, JOHN A. RHEEM. For Assessor? my 16le* THOMA8 H. DONOHUB. ^-=>PIRST WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION tY^=3'FlR?i " ^!CKBT. FOR M*y0joHN h. gSMMES. For Ald,qko_W. EMMER30N. For Commo*' ifeS-OND. , '?EDWiRBS KT INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. SECOND~ WARD. For Aldermak? my 20-te* GEORGE T. RAUB. O:^C0."AnS/iSBdP"B,'rtra H. SEMMES. f"" >UV?S0HN For Aldermak? GEORGE T. RAUB. For Common Oorscn? WM. P. 8UEDD. TH08. W. MILLER. MICHAEL 000MB8. my 31-6t* [Ohron. A Intel.] SECOND WARD^UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. ?0? MAroJfCHARB WALLACH, to. At0...?-gMLl BAM For Common cocfctt? ??? 8AMU1B W. OWEN, WM. PETTIBONB, rayin-eoSt* SAMUEL A. PKUGH. DT. nrS="INDEPENDENT CANDIDATE. ILS SECOND WARD, Foe Common CorFNOtL? jw ? /?' ?{j rf iiLii, m?=?TIITRD WARDUNCONDITIONAL UNION JJ? TICKET. Fop. M >.yor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman ? ALEXANDER R. Sn*PHERD. For Common rv xfiiL? ???? 4 TIloMA? A. STEPHENS, NOBLE D LARNFR. JAM-:8 SKIRVING. For Assessor? ,1ej-te WILLI AM B. DOWNING. XT THIRD WAR!> IN n E PEN DEN X UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H SEMMES. For Altjerv ar? J08Kpn BRYAN. For Common Copnctl? LAMBERT TREE. A C. KICHARDS. FRANK McGHAN. Fop. Assessor? , , H. B. CURTIS. 1-?t? rrB=?THIRD WARD UNCONDITION AL UNION LL? TICKKT. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? josepii f. brown. For Common Oorxm.? THOMAS A. STEPHENS, NOBLE D LARNER, JAMES SKIRVING. For Assessoe? ? je 2 te WILLIAM B. DOWNING. IT~=*THIRD WARD IN DEPENDENT UN ION LL^ TICKKT. For Mator? JOHN H. SF.MMKS. For Alderman? JOSEPH F. BROWN. For Common Council? A. C. RICHARDS. L. TREK, F. McGHAN. Fop. Assessor? n. B. CCRTI8. my 31-te* rv7s=*THIRD WARD INDEPENDENT UNION Uof TICKET. For MAYOR JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alderman? A. R. SHEPHERD. For Commox Counoh? A. C. RICHARDS. L. TREE. F. McGHAN. For Assessor? H. B. CURTIS. my 31-te.* Prgs-THIRD WARD -JUNE ELECTION? ' unconditional Union voters of the Thirl Ward will rapport the following ticket at the ap proaching municipal election, vn : Po* AbScHARD WALLACH. For Aldkrmai?h ? BR0WN| Fo* Common Cgunoil? NOBLE D. LARNER, THOMAS A. STEPHENS, JOHN W. SIM8. |Y~s=?THIRD WARD?./ UNE ELECTION.-The I LJ5 unconditional Union voters of the Third Ward will support the following ticket at the June election: Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH, For Alderman? ALEXANDER R. SHEPHERD. Fob Common Council? N. D. LARNER, JOB W. ANGUS, JOHN W. SIMS. ap 23 te (V*=?TO THE THIRD WARD VOTERS.?The lj.5 undersigned takes this method of inform ing his friends, and especially the voters of the Third Ward, that be is not a candidate for the Board of Common Council upon either of the tickets in the field. II" wishes it understood, how ever, that he is a friend and supporter of Mr. Wal lach for the mayoralty. my 31 te JOB W. ANGUS. ry^5=?WE HAVE BEEN REQUESTED TO STATE ? U? that Mr. N. D. LARNER is not a candidate for the Board of Aldermen froin the Third Ward, but is a candidate for re-electioa to the Board of Common Council from said Ward. my 14-1? lY#?FOURTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION LL3 TICKET. For Mayor? , JOHN H. SEMMES, For Alderman? JAMES ENGLISH. For Common Council? ? W. W MOORE, ELIJAH EDMONSTON. G. M. WIGHT. [Intel., Repub., Chron. Sc Con. Union.] my 16-te ry"^=? FOURTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL [JL5 UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? JNO. P. PEPPER. For Common Council? ASBURY LLOYD. JOSEPH FOLLAN9BEE, _myJ2 MICHAEL LARNER. THE UNION NOW AND FOREVER slTE RIGHTS OF THE PEOPLE ARE NOT TO BE HOLD. MECHANICS' AND WORKINGMENS' TICKET. For Aldrrmnn of the Fifth Ward, ROBERT W. EDMONDS. iel-lt* UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. FIFTH WARD. Fob Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. Fob Alderman? CHAS. I. CANFIKLD. For Common Council? WM. P. PERGU80N, JAMES B. DAVIS, J. B. WARD. Fob Assessor? B. F. DYER. may 6-8w* rr=?FIFTH WARD INDEPENDENT UNION ILJ TICKET. For MAYOR JOHN H. SEMMES. For Alderman? SAMUEL STRONG. For Common Council,? THOMPSON VAN RKSWICK, WM. F. WALLACE, JOHN W. MEAD. For Assessor? my 28-Iw* NICHOLAS WAYSON. Q^=?SIXTH WARD UNION TICKET. For Mayor John H. SEMMES. For Common Cocncii? WILLIAM TALBERT, JOHN E. HERRELL, jel-4t* HENRY E. MARKS, trr: r=F?SIXTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman? JOHN H. PEAKE. my 26-te* #vise=?SIXTH WARD.?Mr. Eiiitor: Please an ! JJj nounce Mr. GEORGE A. BOHRER an in dependent candidate for the Board of Aldermen. my 28-71* (V-Sp?SIXTU WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION [Tjj TICKET. For Mayor? RICHARD WALLACH. For Alderman DONALD McCATHRAN. Fob Common Council? GEORGE R. RUFF, BENNETT SWAIN. my3Q-7t* THOMAS B. MARCH. rV^=?SEVENTH WARD l[j? INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UNIO N TICKET. For MAYOR JOHN II. SEMMES. For. Alderman? PETER M. PEARSON. For Council? WM. T. WALKER, MOSES T. PARKER. CHARLES F. BARNES. Fob Assessor? PETER HEPBURN. je 2-3t* f?rg=? SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL LTs UNION CANDIDATE. FOR RE-ELECTION. For Assessor. PETER HEPBURN. my 30-lw* SEVENTH WARD INDEPENDENT ALWAYS LOYAL UNION TICKET. Fcm Mayor John H. SEMMES. ForAldebman? ? PETER M. PEARSON. For Codmcilmen? WILLTAM T. WALKER, MOSES T. PARKER. CHARLES F. BARNES. For A88KSEOB? je l-4t* PETER HEPBURN. trr ds: SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL D UNION TICKET. For Mayor? r0B RICHARD WALLACH. Foe AldeRMa*? CROSBY S. NOYES. Fob Common Council? H.W. HAMILTON, OTHO BOS WELL. JOHN H. D. RICHARDS. KT my 20-te JOHN "SEVENTH WARD UNCONDITIONAL UNION TICKET. Fo* Matokohn h BBilMBS W0* AlDS PETER M. PEARSON. ,0B COMMON COUNCIL)-dLEYi W. T. WALKER, GEO. WRIGHT. Foe Assessoe? h bird my l6.18t? EDITOR STAR:?Please announce WM. H. FANNING as an independent candidate for ?ffl?o?n* "iSiW MANY VOtTrT" CiNmD"* JOHN H. SEMMES. _>p 29 i% PERSONAL. My wife, oathabink drfbil, ?*s left my bed and board without my consent, and I hereby request her to return duriac the next 24 honre; otherwise I will consider mrself as di-. ?orced from her, aud waru all persons not t? credit her on my account. je 4 8t? ADAM PEUBEL. TVfOORE'S "MAGIC SODA FOUNT IS NOW ate ready to dispense pure and cold Soda Water to bis very numerous pat'ons, MOORE'S West End Drn* Store, my lO-jw US Pa avenue w<*st T~Hi_MERCHANT^8 AND BANKERS ALMA I FOR RKXT A.N'0 SAL,B. GROCERY AND MOTOR STORK F.>R?J ? in! ltuU.>K for rent, at No. 7t'i sir R ,?R SALE BlKl ilUUMi ffirrnii;. Hi ftO.-J-V' between L and M. . _? je 4-U* WM_80ritL7*._ i^OR SALE?The three-story and basement HrifV ? HOr-K. No. 3 # I, c^rnor of Thirteenth an 1 I streets. c<?iit?;ninsf nin? room*. l'u$??ma>" water in bi-i-mirt find uh- throughout. Pi ssession civen ?nd furniture sold if desired. je ) l? * PV)R RENT? A BRICK-HOU8B on 4* st'eet Island, jmtaininK six rooms, haviug mst been thoroughl vand handsomely repaired It i* a'so oii one of the most growing business streets in the City. The lower tioor ran lie u?e(l a* a store In quire at No. 457 13th street, between Band F sts., at 1 o'clock. je 4-3t* 00VS. WITH OR WITHOUT B0ART>7 N^. i.'irt 4th street, above I. _ je 3-jt* ITNFURNISHED ROOMS FOR,RENT, in * in^Tt ! desirable location. Apply 525 Ii street, be tween 6th and 7th. .ie t 3t* EM>R RENT ?A large pleasant ROOM, with I HOARD, at 4v)S? ? street, between 2d ami .'it streets. ia.VSt* L^OR'SALE.?A RESTAURANT. aj\e**e for ? five years. Rent #25 per tvv?tn. Inquire at No. 55 Louisana avenue,or at No. 452 }i,itti .-/u'&et, adjoining Ford's Theat^f. " je ' t* Rooms for Rent.?One furnHUkd room, suitable 4r>r fw-o gentleman; three ROOMS ori third floor; No. 47 1 9th street, between E and [je 3-3t* ] ROYAL E. MILLER. KpOR RENT?Three or four UNFURNISHED 1. ROOMS: also. Furnished Rooms. Terms mod' erate. Apply at No. 2 J0 .^d street, between G and H. je3 3t* II?OR RENT-FURNI8HED ROOMS, w!t?l or *'*"?ut board. Also, one unfurnisned FRONT BOOM. on first flaor; would be rented for an office; at 44B 12th street, between G and H. A few Table Boarders taken. References required. je2-2t'r LAND FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE, in Mara thon, Jackson Door and Junan counties. Wis consin, on reasonable terms. Apply S. W. corner 21st and Hsts. |my3-6t*] D. O. KNIGHT. I^OR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS at No. 511 x H street, between 6th and 7th. Also, a ROOM on first floor, suitable for an office, with sleeping apartment adjoining. j?3-lw* FOR RENT?Three UNFURNISHED ROOMS, on 17th street, between K and L; suitable for a small family, being in a quiet and pleasant loca tion. Apply as above. ie 3 3t* IPOR RENT?Within five minutes walk from the r Departments, in the First Ward, a FRAME HOUSE, containing five rooms. Apply to GEO. A. LANE, 17 5 K street, between 13th and 19th. Je3 2t* FOR SALE-A PORTABLE HOUSE, built for a Photograph Gallery; 24 feet long and 12 feet wide, v itb a large sky-light. Suitable also for a sutler. Apply to JOHN 8. DDTROW, No 15 King street, Alexandria, Va. je3-lw* F-'OR RENT7?Handsomely F1 RNISHED P A R LOR and CHAMBER, on the first floor, with the use of the kitchen. Also, other furnished rooms, at 339, corner of 18th and K streets. Terms moderate. je8-3t* F^ORHBALE-The LEASEHOLD of a Store, with Fixtures, and two rooms up stairs with a fin* vard attached. The location is one of the beHt in Washington. For particulars call'>n CHARLES WALTER, 397 D street, opposite City Hall. je_3-3t^ FOR 8ALK?The !*TOCK and LEASE of a val uable Produce Store, in the best location in the city. Terms casti. None need apply who wish to purchase on any other terms The best reasons given for selling. For particulars address Box 10 city post office. .ie 3 3t* CTORlTROOM FOR RENT?In l.uiUins No. 400 k? D street north, between tith and 7th streets. Inquire on the premises . . je 2-41' FOR RENT?One large ROOM, suitable for two persons, furnished: and two unfurnished, on first floor, communicating; on Missouri avenue, near eornei 6th street. je 2-eo3t* |y<ORrRENT?~A new BRICK HOUSE, containing a five rooms, situated on the corner of tith and A streets. Capitol Hill. Also, the FURNITURE for sale. Apply at J.BROWN'S Restaurant, corner 13th street and Penn. avenue. je2-1 w* A_RARE CHANCE -STORE FOR RENT AND FIXTURES FOR SALE-crner High and Prospect streets. Georgetown. Inquire at T. RO DIKK'S White House Restaurant, High street. je 2 3t* FOR RENT OR SALE.-A new three-story BRICK HOUSE on 4th street, near New York avenue. No. 192, for rent or sale. Apply at once, between the hours of 8 a. m. and 2 p. m,. Room 47 Dead Letter Office. Post Uffiee Department, first floor, right aisle. Rent f-15 per month, in advance, je 2-3t* OFFICES FOR RBNT.-For rent, four large, well lighted and airy ROOMS, on the second floor. Apply on the premises to P.J. BELLEW A CO., olO 7th street, three doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Professional gentlemen and insurance agents preferred. None but persons of first-class repu tation in society need apply. Terms, cask first month, in advance, je 2-3t PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR RENT. For rent, one of the largest and best located Gal leries in Washington, with all the modern im provements. None but first-class artists of high reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare chonce for a good energetic operator with some capital. Apply on the premises to P. J. BELLEW A; CO., 510 7th street. 3 doors south of Odd Fellows Hall. Terms cash, first month in advance. je 2-3t IrOR RENT.?Two BRICK HOUSES on 2Uth st. west. Nos. 209 and 207 , between Land Msts^ each containing seven rooms. Inquire at No. 217^ ai'th street. je lit* DWELLING HOUSE FOR RENT -The under signed has for rent a very convenient and de sirable Dwelling House in the neighborhood of the City Ilall, being one of the best locations for a pro fessional man, and having an office room ou the principal floor. Possession August 1st. and the furniture now in the house, which is well adapted to it, may be pur chased. Application to be made at Office 490 II street, back of Patent Office, at the hours of 8 o'clock morning and 5 o'clock afternoon. je 1-tf JAMES TOWLES. Property Agent ROOMS TO LET?A Suite of FURNISHED ROOMS to let, from the 1st of June, at No. 424 15th street, between New York av?nue and II street. Also, two very superior OFFICE UUUM3, id > 31-eo3t* FOR RENT?One of the STORES now being fit ted up under the Medical College, on F street, near 12th. This is a central, noted and excellent stand for almost any kind of business. Apply to Dr. JAMES E. MORGAN, corner Maryland ave nue and 12th 6treet. my 31-tf RARE CHANCB -For exchange. a~l?RICK DWELLING-HOUSE, containing 8 rooms, yard in a central part of the city, rent $12.90 per month. I will exchange this house for a smaller one, if suitable. Address Box 40, Star office, for ore week. my 21-eo3t* TtH'R SALE?On accommodating terms, a large r FOUR-STORY BUILDING on D ween 12th and 13th. Inquire on the premises, my 3i-Ht" F^OR SALE OR RENT?A large Brick HO US E on High street, Georgetown, in complete order, suitable for a tavern, boarding house. &c. For particulars, address Box No. 23, Star Office. my FOR SALE-Three FRAME HOUSES on the Island, two 6 rooms each and one 7 rooms. For further particulars inquire No. 316 G street north, between 12th and Kith streets, my 28-7t* TO LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in the First Ward The whole, or in suites. Pos session given the 1st of July. Inquire at Star Of fice, or address Mr. EYER, Georgetown Post Of fice. Also, four large PARLORS, for Government offices. my 28-lm* CH)R SALE?A three-story and basement BRICK ? HOUSE,containing eight large rooms, situ ated on 10th street between N andOsts.,No. 304; also, a small FRAME HOUSE situated on 8th st., between M and N streets, containing six rooms, No. 2*4. Possession given. Also, three sma 1 FRAME HOUSES situated on 6th street, between F and G sts.. Island. Apply to D. IIAUPTMAN, 512 11th st., near Pa. av. mv 28-7t* I^OR SALE-A fine SUMMER RESORT, doing a JT smashingbusiness. Reason, the proprietor is going to Europe. For particulars call at 46"?j^ loth street, between D and E. my 17-8t* G OOD CHANCE FOR AN INDUSTRIOUS BUSI NESS MAN, WITH 80MB CAPITAL.-For sale?A respectable and profitable BUSINESS, in running oruer, thriving and large profits. Rea son for selling, sickness. Inquire at WILLIAM WITTHEFT'S. No. 409 3d street, Capitol Hill, near Penn. avenue. <nyZ7-8t* F^OR SALE?A COUNTRY RESIDENCE; about 23 acres; most salubrious; eligibly situated. One small HOUSE, seven rooms: bath house, good stable, four acres woodland, copious supply of icy cold vfater; 1}? miles from Georgetown. Part cash, part on time. Apply te WM. ANDERSON, Esq., Agent. 401 12th street, betveen I and K; or to Mrs. FITZGERALD, 476 Penn. avenue, Wash ington. Dr. CECIL, Druggist, Georgetown, my 27,28je3,4.10,ll* R00M8 FOR RENT.-Comfortable and well furnished Rooms at 450 12th street, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sirable in the city. my 24-tf 17OR SALE ?18,000 cash will purchase the r stock, fix tares and furniture (with six years lease at a nominal rent)ofa FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in Washington. D. C-. containing forty rooms. This establishment is conducted on the European plan, and is thoroughly stocked and furnished with every modern convenience. Location the best in Washing ton. with an extensive Call or address MITCHELL i SON, Real Estate Brokers, S. E. corner Penn. ave. and 16th st., my 23 1m Washington. 1?. 0 FOR RENT?Duringthe summer, a FURNISHED HOUSE, delightfully located; No. 143 Wash Jngton street, Georgetown, containing 12rooms. Refer nces required. my !9-eo6t FOR SALE ?A beautifully located BRICK HOUSE, 18x32, eight rooms ahd passage; lot 37x90 to ao alley. Immediate possession?only 93.000. 5,000 feet of Ground, fronting on Pa. a-rrane, for lease for ten years. MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Brokers. my 17-lm* 8. B. cor. Pa. ar and 13th st. FOR 8ALE?With immediate possession * PROPERTY fronting 66 feet on 1 street bv 140 deep. Improvements, a large donble-wmi eot4age, 10 rooms; three small buildings in the rear; good fencing, garden, fruit trees: Ac.; for Cfi (WjA ?* ' ' w MITCHELL ft SON, Real Estate Broker*. my 16-lm* southeast cor. Pa. av. and Uth st rpo LET?For the summer, a first-class HOUSE,' 1 completely furnished, in the First Ward. Ap ply at Cottage Market. 309 I street, my 13 eotf f^OR RENT-A delightful RESIDENCE, with a. Furniture, on Georgetown Heights, on the square between Green and Montgomery streets, above Stoddard st. Possession given on the 10th r.f .Tnr? Fcrt?rra?, ftc.. apply pctb?rr*n iM$, mr f AUCTION 8ALEvJ. For ether Awrtioii *nle? ?ee first pnge. T HIS A PTE A*W TO. BORROW f^V J. C. M'GCIRK * CO. Auctioneers. CUANC/RV balk OF~YA' UA?L? IMPROVED PJWZiKlV ?T r it* OoKNEt <?K T ?ELFTH NUE W*ST AKD MA8*ACUU?ETT8 aVK* Ot SATURDAY AFTFRNO )N, June4. ntdnVk, od the premise*, h% Tirtn* ?.f a decree of toe flu preroe Court of the District of Oolam ?>*. sitting ia cbaticerr, p?fst*i in c-r'a'u r?u?-?, < N?e 2l" and 111 in ?quitv.) wb-r<-ni James Mortimer HcniTh ami Wosalie Martha. hi* wife, are Complainants. and Ev*,-ne, G. orae. Mad*. Louisa. K^aali?. and Nich ols* B. Vanittidt, minor cb:ldr*n of George C Vnnt?n<1t. debased, and Arietta L. Vanitadl. mi nor child ot Joseph A. Vac randt, deceased . hsir* *t l*w of Maria Wood Vamandt ana Nirh >'%? B Van caudt, dec VI. are defenda' to, I shall s*|l liot num ber three <3> in Jehu l^avidsoaV division of Lot numbered two >3) In Square number three hundred era flrteeutSJB.) s tua?ed at the corner of Twelfth street west and Massacfcusett*avenue, containing 4,o03V square feet, more or less, and improved by a substantial and weil arrcnged Frame Dwelling House, containing nine room*. The sroundsare hanlsomelv laid out with fruit and flowers, a? d the wool* property is very de*ir% ble as a re* dence. Also, Lot No 4. in Davidson'a sub -division of th# west part of said square, fronting t?rent> nVe feet on tbe fMt side of Twelfth street west, between Massachusetts avenue and north M street, and running back one hundred feet one inch. Terms : One-third cash; the remainder in sii and twelve months, with interest, secured by the pur chaser's notes with approved surety On the i ati fication of the sale br the court and payment ia full of the purchase rrouey. the trustee will con vey the titles in fee simple. If the term* or sale are not complied with wihtia Ave days thereafter, the trustees reserve the right to re-sell the prooerty, at the risk and eoat of the defaulting purchaser, on on* week's notice in the Evening Star. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tbe dot chaeer. THOS. J. FI8HEB. Trustee mv.a-d J. O. MoGUIlf A bo.. Aucts. J7 ^ 0. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. A VALUABLE LOT ATATCTION AND ARA&K ? CHANCE FOR INVESTMENT. We will sell, on SATURDAY . June 4. at 6 p. m . tbe ?remlse?. be in* Lot No. 9 in Square No. 469 This property fronts 26 feet on 7th street (Is land.) west, below Page's, between B ami I street, south, running back 1<3 feet to a 2 > foot alley. Title good. Sale without reserve. Terms cash. je.Mt* C. R L. CROWN & CO., Aucts. JJY GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. IMPROVED REAlTE8TATE SALE. In pursuance of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District of Colombia, rendered in special term, on the 16th da? of May. 1804, in acause ia chancer* No. 4S. in which Samuel V. Stillings, Elisabeth E Angel, and John T. Angel are complainants, and SaraH V Hamilton. Laura A. Stillincs. George 8. Johnson. EHen M. Smith, I.aura T. Smith, Joseph H. Smith. Ann E. Smith, Mary Smith, and Emma Smith are defendants, we. the undsrsifned Com missioners. nan el and appointed in said decree, will sell, upon the premises, hereinafter described by Public Auction, to tbe highest bidder atfio'clk p. m., on th? Third dayof June. 1864,the following property to wit: Pari of Square numbered 9 6 in Washington City, beRinnirg for the same a' a point on the s'utb line of said Square, on L street south, af the distance of 7H feet from tbe southeast corner of said Square, and running thence west 25 feet, north 75 feet, east 25 feet, south 75 feet to the So ginning, containing a two-story attic and base ment Brick House; and also, part of Lot No 2 ia the same Square, beginning for the said part on south L street, 101 feet from the southeast corner of said Square, and running thence north 75 feet thence west 20 feet, thence south 76 feet, to south L street, therce ea*t with said street 20 feet to the beginning, containing a one-story, and a- half and basement Frame 4ou?e, upon the following terms to wit: One-third cash, or within ten days after sale, one-third at six months, and the other third at twelve months from the day of sale, with inter est from day of sale, the purchaser to give notes for the deferred payments, secured by a deed of trust upon the property, and the purchaser to oar for 6tamps and all conveyancing; and in case of non-compliance with the terms of sale, the prop* erty to be re-sold at the risk of the purchaser JOHN H PEAKS, R. M. COMBS, JAMES RHODES, JAMES II. JONES. E. 0. SANDERSON. . ? ? Commissioners. my 24 eoA ds GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucts. ...If';1,18 AROVESALE IS POSTPONED UNTIb n * i same hour and place. l>y order of the Cnimiii.sMonerP. -1f' *-'1 G REEX A WILLIAMS. Aucts. W. B. LEWIS A* CO., Auctioneers. FURNITURE WAGONS. HORSES. HARN1BS . Mnvntv \c iAT AUCTION. MON DA\ next, June 6th, at in o'clock, we shall re l 'n fr"Bt of ftore, No <27 7th street, a Urae lot of g. od Furniture and *ther goods. Also. tw? hn* Young Horses; one Two Horse Wagon, throo n*s.?1tb Harness complete; one Single Cov DoubkfHafnees c^mplet^ C?rri??e Je3 2t [Chron.1 W B LEWIS A Co., Anct's. J. C. McGUIRE Jt CO., Auctioneers. stock of /KWELRY. jewellers IR?N firtva jti"4?8' P^yTER- SHOW CASES. SIGNS, Ac ..Ac.,AT PUBLlb 8 ALE. Commencing MONDAY MORNING, June 6th. at 10 o clock, at the store ofL. Wineburg No 394 we^hl^l sin VT0Dff' bei?\the National Hotel* n' t^?entlr? "tock, consisting of Golcf ellrx of ^i 1d ?P?naWatches. Jew W*?? ti'.v'W Sing'e, Silver Plated articles^ etc" etc? CMt0"' SpectKle'' F'ac* 6PCasesGl*f8 Silver P,ate<i "m, Counter, Show 1 Umtake',eWeller * Fire Proof of Herring1* 1 Fine Regulator Clock, Window Lights. 8hades, 8how Racks, Gas Fix tures, etc..etc. Terms cash. 1 d C. McGUIRE St CO.. Aucts Jj NITED bTATES MARSHAL'S SALE. TJ,r^e,.0f tS? wrlts ofFieri Facias issued from niStr?I f n ? ct- of the Circuit Court of the ? Columbia, and to me directed, I will n? puy,c f?r cash, at the front of the .0?n.rt House door, of said county, on MONDAY, tha 6th day of June next. 1864. at 12 o'clock M? allde 1 ?*laN?8 ?lgo ' !i ,e' ?laLm. and interest in and to Lots No. 1,2. and 3, in Square No. 9<i, being tha undivided third part of said Lots, seized and levied upon as the property of William Douglass, and will be sold to satisfy judicial No. 298 and 299. to Octo berterm 1869, in favor of Wm. G. W White and use of J?me8 K- use of Henrjr Douglass WM. 8ELDEN " _ mr.lS-dAds late U. 8. Marshal. D b. WM. L WALL A CO., Auctioneers, THE STOCK OF AA^^ITCR* DEALER AT 0? TUESDAY MORNING. June 7, commencing * i-lock, we wil] sell at Store No. 4"?.?. Tenth street, between the Avenue and E street, the entire si sting-* de*ler havi?>g to *ive up the house, coa I?res- ing and Plain Bureaus, Marble top bideboard. Cottage French and other Bedsteads, BoUteVsandt>mow"d 8hUCk Mattre,Bea. Mai ble-top. Plain and other Tables, Sofas, Lounges, Rockers and other Chairs (n^.i?rTWar?' Q!af,s*&re. Hardware. Ac.' mtD a variety of other goods unnecessary to enTe?m?ctsh ? * h WiU be ?er?mPtorilyVoldL -ie.Zd * W L. WALL A CO., Aucta. GRtEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ^ ALU A BLE REAL EST ATE SALEOF A THR w H?? Ati&gNSS??5?NAffiftR0TVB AND On THBR8DAY th.M d.TofJu?? o'tlott, PeH, ij fient of the premises, pari th. J' } Square nearly new built inree-story Frame House containing nine rooms. There is no better location in the city. lerms cash. my.26 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. *^"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED O* account of the terms, until MONDAY, the 6th inst., same hour and place. Terms: One-half cash; balance in 6 and 12 months' for notes bearing interest, secured by a deed of trust. All conveyances and stamps at cost of nurchnor je3-dAds GREEN j WILLIAJlS^ Aucb? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, T W ^N?W J K R S A V V M r 1 * S r L0TS OW On THr MDivtw. .AT. A DOT ION. On IHl KS1JAY, the 9th instant, at 5 o'clock ? m . we shall sell in front of the preinisoa? *" 2 Lots each 25 feet front, bei/g the .^h part of Coanset8u?vJ; OfflwUar?693' n6M the Dnit^ States Blagd'sn'piaft^.Vnd ?om#Bd ^ Old the av?inuS."id ***"** 738 and 740 not Anting oa The first named two lots are bntifw.^.. . ., of the Capitol and the other lotS lard. aDC0S itoo boa ti. capitoi ???.?i.u. and twelve months . remainder ia aia and secured by a deed of trtj^t beario? ">tereet? BbaseM.yance3 at the cost of the for je.j-dts GREEN & WILLIAMS, Aucts. 15 Y TH0MA8 DOWLING, A act; Georgetown. SPLENDID HOUSEHOLD FURNITUR1 AND n,, wvn^Sf^OTS AT AUOTtON. r ^i??,DN.BB1)ay MORNING, June 8, at 10 o'elfe L oo* 4^* residence of Mrs. Vincent Tartar* No. 22T Bridge, above Frederick street Gw^L* !.?*n'the rnmitnr* and Effects oo?priaiaS?^ 4KfeS!*?~".n4 G?ld d ahaganyMixror Front Wardrobe, iilk. velvet, and Lace Curtains JarKl?-to? lnd i ware. a frniR Cftia, t J*1* or reat; eneeire ofF. W. n Ihe Uw<6th ??"??TWashingtoa, or ^ej d flnt^l.) THOS. DOWLINH. Anct. kXTILLIAM BRADLEY BEGS TO INFORM nra ? /rleP,d8 *nd the public that he ha? on hand ? iriety of large and beautiful style of Monument* ead Stones and all kinds of Marble wo-KS ell rder. and is thankful for past favors and ho?< )lic'f asWeofthoIr W^Vg? ?"n ar^nl0 itTMBiMMimkahh *" iah *

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