Newspaper of Evening Star, June 7, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 7, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. CLOVLKSI^, THE MORMON> A Eemanrr . By Art emus W ard. CHAPTER I. THE MORMON 8 DEPARTURE The morning on 'which Reginald Gloverson was to leave Great Salt Lake City with a mate i tram, dawned beautifully. Reginald Gloverson was a young and thrifty M jrmon, with an interesting family of twenty joung and handsome wives. His unions had never been blessed with children. > As otten as once a yar he nsed to go to Omaha, In Nebraska, with a mule-train, lor foods; but altbon?ii he had performed the | r.i her perilous journey many times with entire safety, his heart was strangely sad on this particular morning, and filled with gloomy | forebodings. The time for his departure had arrived. Tho j high spirited mnles were at the door, impatient- j ly champing their bits. The Mormon stood sadly among his weeping wives. " Dearest ones," he said, "I am sineularly j sad at heart this moraine; but do not let this j depress you. The journey is a perilous one but?pshaw ! I hare always come back safely heretofore, and why should I fear Beside-, I know that every night, as I lay down on the ! bright starlight prairie, your bright faces will come to ice in my dreams, and make my slum bers 9Wfetand gently. You, Emily, withyour mild blue eyes; and you, Henrietta, with your splendid black hair; and you, Nelly, withyour hair so brightly, beanllfully golden; and yon, Mollie, with your cheeks so downy: and yon, Betsey, with your wine red lips?far more delicious. tnough, than any winp I ever tasted? and yon, Maria, with your winsome voice: and you, Susan, with your?with your?that is to say, Susan, with your and the other thirteen of yon. each so good and beautiful, will come to me In sweet dreams, will you not, Dearestists?" ??Our own," they lovingly chimed, "we will!" "And so farewell! cried Reginald. "Come to my arms, my own !" he said, "that is, as many of you as can do It conveniently at once, for I must away.-" He folded several of them to his throbbing breast, and drove sadly away. But he had not gone far when the trace of the i off-hind mule be ame unhitched. Dismount ing, he essayed to adjust the trace; but ere he had f&irlv commerced the task, a singularly refractory aninvil?snorted wildly, and kicked Reginald'fright.'ully in the stomach. He arose with difficulty and tottered feebly towards his mother's house, w hich was near by, tailing dead in her yard, with the remark, "Dear Mother. I've come home to die!" ?? ?o 1 see," she said: "where's the mnles 7" Alas 1 Reginald Gloverson could give no an swer. In vain the heart-stricken mother threw herself upon his inanimate form, crying, " Oh my son?my son ! only say where them mnles is, and then yon mayilie if yon want to!" In vain?in vain! Reginald had ras5ed on. | CHAPTER IT. Fi'NKRAL TRAPPINGS. The mules were never found. Reginald's heart-broken mother took the body home to her uniortunateson's widows. But tx'lore hrr arrival she discreetly sent ahoy to bnst tho news gently to the afflicted wives, which he did by informing them in a hoarse whisper, that their "old man had gone in." The wive? felt very badly indeed. "He was devoted to me,'' sobbed Emily. "And to me," said Maria. "Yes," said Emily, "he thought considerably j of j on, bnt not so much as he did of me.' "I say he did!" { "And I say he didn't!'" "He did!' "He didn't!" ??Dcn't l^vk 6 ?i#, with your t quint eyee!" ? * shake your red head at me.'" ? ?Sisters!" said the black-haired Henrietta, j cease this nnseemly wrangling. I, as Reg inald's til st wile, shall strew flowers on his * von vnV s-nitl Susan, "I, as his last ! wife, shall s'.re?? f??>w?rs on his grave. It'6/*y ' business to strew!' "You shan't, so there!" said Henrietta. "Yon bet I will," said Susan, with a tear- '0 snflnsed cheek. ??Well, as for me, saul the practical Betsey, t ?'1 ain't on the Strew, much, but 1 shall ride at 1 the head of the funeral procession." "Not if I've ever been introduced to myself, t yon wont," said thegolden-haired Nel!v:"that's i iny po.-ition. Yon bet your bonnet-strings it is!"' ; "Children," said Reginald s mother, "yen j must do some crying, you know, on the day of tlie funeral; and how many pocket-handker < hers will it take t? go Tound? Betsey, yon and j Nelly ought to make one do between j oy." ? "1 11 tear her eyes out ii she penetrates a sob on ray liandkercher!" said Nelly. %'-v. ? "Dear daughters-in-law." said Reginald's mother, "bow vn^-eemly is this angtr. Mules is five hundred iollars a span, and every tVf'n tucal mule my poor hoy had nas been gobbled up bv the red m;m. I knew when my Reginald staggered into the door-yard that he was on the Die, but if I'd only t'hunk to ask him about them mules ere bis gentle spirit took -would have been lonr thousand dollars in our pcckets, and no mistake! Excuse those real tears, but you've never lelt a parent's feelin's." ??It's aii oversight." sobbed Maria, "Don't blame n^!" chapter in. in sr. to dust. The funeral passed off in a very pleasant j manner, nothing occuringto mar the harmony ' ot th?- occasion. lly a happy thought ol Reg inald's mother the wives walked tothe grave ! twenty a-breast, which rendered that part of ! the ?ertroony thoroughly impartial. ? #*#** T1 at night the twenty wives, with heavy hearts, sought their respective cenches. Hut no Reginald occnpied those twenty respective vou. het?Reginald would nevermore linger all n'ght in blissful repose in those twenty respec tive conches?Reginald a head wonld never more press the twenty respective pillows of tfco e twenty respective couches?never, never more! In another house, not many leagues from the House of Mourning, a grey-haired woman was ?weeping passionately. "He diedi" she cried, "be dnid, without sigerfyin', jn any respect, where them mules went to!" CIIAPTBS IV. MARRIED AGAIN. Two years aresnpposed to elapse between the third and fourth chapters of this original Amer ican romance. A manly Mormon, one evening, as the sun was preparing to set among a select apartment of gold and crimson clouds in the western hori zon?although for that matter the snn has a right to "?et" where it wants to, and so, I may add. has a hen?a manly Mormon, I say, tap pf d gently at the door of the mansion of the late Reginald Gloverson. The door was opened by Mrs. Susan Glover son. ??Is this the house ol the widow Gloverson!" the Mormon asked. "It is,"' said Susan. ?-And how many is there of shel" inquired tl?e Mormon. ??There is about twenty of her, including me," courteously returned the lair Susan. "Can I tee her?" "You can!" "Madam," he softly said, addressing the twenty disconsolate widows, "I have seen part ol you before! And although I have already twenty-flve wives, whom I tenderly respect and care for. I can truly say that I never felt love's holy thrill till I saw thee! Be mine?be mine!" he enthusiastically cried, and we will show the world a striking illustration of the beauty and truth of the noble lines, only a good deal more so? " Twenty-one ^ouls -a i th a single thought. Twenty-one hearts that beat as one!"' They were united, they were! Gen tie reader, does not the moral ot this ro mance show that?does it not, in tact, show that however many there may be of a young widow woman, or rather does it not show that whatever number of persons one woman may consist of?well, never mind what it tkou t. Only this writing Mormon romance is confus ing to the intellect. You try it and see. 1 PRIZES CASHED N All legalized lotteries. Information riven. Circulars sent free, uid *11 orders promptly at tended to. Address JOSEPH BAT 8,11 Wall street, N.Y., ?p 28-im Port Office Box 4.364. i-iA TI.*H WANG, THE ORE AT CHINESE f?Jf.RAATfD GONORRHEA, GLEET, UjXVSic. Osi Box will perform i Curb.? Jly Ingredients are purely vegetable. It is pleasant to the taste, B.ia no bad odor, and may he carried in the vest pocket without fear of ?le'-^tiiin. Circulars free. Prioe jl a box. Sold by JOHN J. KROMER.anece*sorto.8.C.Ui)ham,40S Obe-tnut ?t., Philapelphis. and in W by ?. 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J Ail tppllcattoni (or leaves of absenoe or per* i mission to visit Washington mast be addressed to Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and mast specify the business for which the offlcer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject Will receive no attention. By order of the Secretary of War: E. D Towksbto, Assistant Adjutant Oeceral DENTISTRY. Att , DENTISTRY. LL Dental Operations performed in a thorough and scientific 1)R. MERRILL. < successor to Dr. W. P. McConnell) atfJESI 4?"2 Pa. avenno, between 3d and *Vi St.". Teeth extracted without pain by the use of Nitrous Oxide or Ether. Particular attention given to filling and preserv ingthe teeth. Children's teeth carefuily attended to. ATtifical teeth inserted in the most approved styles now adopted by the profession. my,23-lm* ^REAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Titik Extracted without Pvin with the Muhritt ef Oxygen. 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Contents?Lieutenant General Grant; On Salt petre; The Regeneration of Italy; Influence of the Military Element on our Character; The Military Power of Russia; Explosive Substitutes for Gun powder; Method of determining a plane of defile ment: Naval Staff Rank: A Battle Hymn; The Rapids; Notes on New Books; Editor's Special Department: Official Intelligence. je 3 FRANCE TAYLOR. FRENCH FIREBOARD PRINTS, Just received, a choice selection of the above, at J. M ARERITER'S, No. 486 7th street, ? Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash ap29-lmif* M 0 H 1 Y.I M08III MOM] VI M. K. WALSH A CO., LICENSED PA WNBROKERB, A Q Me. 28V 0 street, between fth and 10th its., Near tha Varieties. JJ2SL advaaj^d on Gold and Silver Watches Wjinonda, ^ad Gentlemen's Wearing Af lw?l.A?.Ae. ft U-4M vv? AcuuttByiTtDift tftniit. _ ^ e JT-if Wub in^toiie ,0> PROPOSALS ^NTHBACITE COAL FOB THIS NAVY. Navy D*^Abikkkt. } Bureau of Eqc;msm aso Rkoruittno,} JUT 24. 18t>*. \ Sealed Proposals for fnrnishin* Anthracite Coal for the Navy, to be delivered during the 9se?l Tear endiag.loth June, Wi, ill be received at this Bureau until 10 a. m., 18tb June, l;yVI. These proposals must be endorsed, " Pr^posa's for Anthracite Coal for Steamers," that they may be oistinguished from other business letter*. The offer must be for the delivery of 100,000 tons, of 2.240 pounds. The edal must be of the beat Buck Mountain or Black Beaih, or of a kind equal to them in all re 8i.ect8.for the purpose intended, which equality till be determined by a Board appointed by the Secretary of the Navy after the reception of the bids. The name of the coal proposed to be furnished must be stated in the offer. It is to be delivered in lumps of suitable size for naval steamers?clean, of uniform quality v select ed free from impurities, unmixed?of which the contractor will be required to furnish such evi dence as will be satisfactory, and be subject to such inspection as to quality and quantity as the De partment may direct. The coal must in all res pects be satisfactory to the inspector or inspec tors, to be appointed by the Bureau, who will have the right of peremptory rejection. The coal is to be delivered on board vessels, at such place in the port of Philadelphia as may be designated by the Bureau, and in such quantities and at such times as, in the opinion ofthe Bureau, the exigencies of the service may require: com mencing when the vessel is reported ready to re ceive cargo ; furnishing, if demanded, not less than 1,0(0 tons per day, to be distributed to each vessel, as may be directed, until the loading is completed. Proprsals will likewise be received for the deliv ery of 30.000 tons of the same quality of coal, to be delivered in the port of New York, on board ves sels. as at Philadelphia. In the case of failure to deliver the coal in proper quantity, of the proper quality, and at the proper time and place, the Bureau will reserve in the contract the right to purchase forthwith, at the contractor's risk and expense, that which may seem necessary to supply the deficiency. Any demurrage, or other charges to w.hich the Navy Department may be subjected from delay in the prompt delivery of the coal by the contractors, will be deducted from their bills. The price must be for the coal delivered on board vessels, on the terms and conditions above stated, at the contractor's risk and expense, and without extra charge of any kind. The offer, as required by law, must be accompa nied by a written guaranty, signed by one or more responsible persons, to the effect that they under take that the bidder or bidders will, if hisor their bid be accepted, enter into obligation, at'such time as mav l>e prescribed by the Bureau, with good and sufficient sureties, to furnish the supplies proposed. No proposition will be considered unless accom panied by such guarantee; aud the Department reserves the right to reject all the offers, if con sidered to be to the interest of the service to do so. Two or more sureties each in a sum equal to the' amount specified to lie paid. will be required to 6ign the contract, and their responsibility will ba certified by a T'nited States District Judge, United States District Attorney, Ctdlector, or Navy Agent. i As additions! and collateral security?twenty per cent, will be withheld from the amount of all pay ments, which reservation is not to be paid except by authority of the Secretary of the Navv, until the contract shall have been in all respects com plied with; and the remaining eighty per cent, or other amount that may be due upon each bill, will, when a proper certificate is furnished by the inspcctor, and the bill approved by the Bureau, be paid by such navy agents Hs the contractor may name, within ten days after the warrants for the same shall have been pass, t by the Secretary of the Treasury. It will be stipulated in thecontractthat if default le made in the delivers ofthe coal?in the quantity, or the quality, and at the place and time directed by the Bureau?then, and in that case, the con tractor and his sureties will forfeit and pay to tjie Lliited States, as liquidated damages, a sum of money not exceeding twice the contract price, which may be recovered from time to time, accord ins to the act or acts of Congress in that case pro vided. Bidders whose proposals shall be accepted, and none other, will be notified, and, as early as prac ticable. a contract will be transmitted to them, w hich they will be required to execute within ten days after its receipt at the I'oal Office or navy nj:enc? named by them. The form of otfer, guaranty, er?J certificate is herewith given ? FORM OF OFFER. iforwp), of .State of .hereby azree to furnish and deliver thon-andtons of anthracite coal for steamers' use, at .at the rate of per tori, of 2.240 pound';, amount ing to dollars, the whole in conformity with the provisions and terms of the advertisement of the "4th day of May, 1804, from the Navy Depart ment. asd hereunto appended. Should my (or our> oiferbe accepted, tior we)re eue~t to be informed at .and that the con tract may be forwarded to tor signatures aud certificate. < Plate, j (SignedJ A, B. {pate.. OF GUARANTY'. . \Ve.the tinder-izned, residents at . ia the State . Htid of , in the State 0! ?, hereby jointly and severally covenant with the United States, and guarantee that in case the fore going bid of be accepted, ? " ? ? - will, w!thta ten days after the receipt of the contr9Ctat ?, execute the same, with good and sufficient sureties, for the delivery of the anthracite coal proposed, in compliance with the terms of the advertisement ofthe of May. 18U, hereto appended, and uader which At was made; and in case the caid ?? shall fail to enter into the contract aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the saiii and that which may be ac cepted. _ Witness. (Signed) O. D. (Place.) ?. F. (Date.) . v. - T hereby certify that, to the be-.tmy knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors, and , are good aud sufficient. (Signed) O. H. To be signed by the United States District .lu.iyo. United States District Attorney, Collector, or Navy Agent. . tnyK-dtd ORDNANCE OFFICE, Wae Department, Washinotoh, May 25. 1814. Sealed Proposals will be receive 1 at this Office nntil TUK^D/? T, the 14th day of June, 1 A",4. for 8-inch Colu lb lad Shot and 8-inch Mortar Shell, to be delivered in the following quantities at thtj un dernamed Arsenals, viz : H-INCII QOLUMBIAD SHOT. At the Watertuwn Arsenal, Massachusetts, 4,'soo. At the Watervliet Arsenal, New York. 4J<oo. At the New York Arsenal, Governor's Island, New York, f<,(no. At the Alleghany Arsenal. Pittsburgh. l,fXK?. At the St. Louis Arsenals, Missouri. k ? 8-IN CII MORTAR SHELL. A. the New York Arsenal, Governor's Inland, New York.3h,CW>. At the Watervliet Arsenal. New York. B.000. These projectiles are to be ma le of the Eind of metal, aud inspected after the rules laid down in the Ordnance Manual, the tensile strength of the iron for eolunibiad shot to be not less than 25,ooo lbs per square inch, and for mortar shells not less than 14,<H'0 lbs per square inch. Drawings can be seen at any of the United States Arsenals. The projectiles are to be inspected at the foundry where cast, and are to be delivered at tb? Arsenals free of charge for handlingand transportation. Deliveries must be made atthorate of not less than one-tenth (1-lnth) of the whole amount con tracted for per week. The first delivery to be ma le on the 29th day of June, 1854. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. Separate proposals must be made for the shot and shell. Biddere will state explicitly the Arsenal or Ar senals where they propose to deliver, and the number of projectiles they propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular founders, or proprietors of works, who are known to this Department to be capable of executing the work proposed for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer shot or shell other than those cast in his own foundry, they will be re jected, and the contract rendered null and void. Bidders will enclose with their bids the written acknowledgments of their sureties over their own signatures Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution. Upon tb^award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bias, if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to " Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C, ' and endorsed " Proposals for 8-inch Columbiad Snot," and "Proposal* for 8-inch Mor tar Shells." GEORGE D. RAMSAY, my 26-td Brig*. Gen. Chief of Ordnance. QBAY'B PATENT MOLDED COLLARS Have now been before thepnblie for nearly a year They are universally pronounced the neatest an best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, fret from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on the inside of th? turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDB AS OUTSIDE, and therefore perfectly free and e??y to the peck, j The Garotte Collar ? smooth and evenly fin- j ished edge on both These Collars are not simply flat pieces of paper ent in the fera of a collar, but are MOLQKD AND SHAPED TO FIT THE NECK. Th,y are ma(le in ?Novelty," (or turp-down *tyl?;> >n every haH size from 12 to 17 inches, and in *ureka," (or Garette,) from 13 to 17 inches: and packed in ? <olid rtfeg? to BWt ^ containing io? each; j,, am4ller onef of ^ each?the latter a very handy package for travelers army and navy officers. fl^EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR " Bold 1,1! tain. 1. ?oi,. The trade supplied by "WALL, STEPHENS * CO . *?U'3P 1382 Pa. aveanp. Waafcw?w Sststsaissi Tieknor'e Life of Prescott; |2. * Genii*man; or, Etiquette and Elo f HCPCf I f nUNC8XJLYWR, - PROPOSALS. P ROPOSALS FOR FOR AOS. Chjbf Qn ?rtkrma8tkk'3 Orrios. | Wa3hihgtcui Dsfot. Deo. 8,1S3. Seeled Proposals are Invited by the undersigned for supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment, at Washington. D. C., Baltimore. M i.. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va., or either of these?plares, with Haf, Corn, Oat* and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of 6,000 | bushels of rorn or oats and 50 toa? of hay or straw, and upwards. i Bidders must state at which of the above-named ! points they pr"pese to make d<iiiveries, and the rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv j ered, the time when said deliveries shall be com j menced, and when to he completed. The price must be written out in words on the bids. Corn to be np in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of aoout three bushels each. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hay and j straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be stated in the proposale. All the articles offered under the bids herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for hh&ll have been 'slivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to accompany his | proposals with a guaranty, signed hy two respon sible persons that in case his bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient j sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertismentj and in case j the said bidder should fail to enter mte the con tract. they to make good the difference between . the offer of said bidderand the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract I may he awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be , ? shown by the official certificate of a U. S. District , Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other officer i under the United States Government or responsi- ; ' ble person known to this office j All bidders will be duly do lified of the accept- ; ' ance or rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H. Rucker. Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, p. C.. and should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon siirninir the contract. Blank forms of bids, suaran tees, aud bonds, may be obtained upon application at this Office. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County ani State) (Datd) ? 1. the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish ! and deliver to the United States, at the Quarter- i masters Department at , agreeably to the , terms of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. g, 1863, the following articles, viz : bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of So pounds bushels of Oats, in sacks, at ?? per bushel of 32 pounds tons of Baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000 pounds -?tons of Baled Straw, at per ton of ZfiV) pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , ISO?. and to be completed on or before the dBy of . 136?, and pledge myself to enter in?o a written contract with the United States, with good and approved securities, within the spac-e pf t*-n days alter being notified that my bid has be&n accepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier Ceneral D. H. RrCKKR, General D^pot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C. GUARANTY. We, the undersigned. residents of ??, in the County of , and State of , hereby. Jointly and severally, covenant with the.United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the same with good and sufficient sur*? ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, * to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December3. J&3, , under which the bid was made, and, in case the j said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ- } encfe between the offer by said and the next | lowest reipousible bidder, or the psrsou to whom j the contract may be awarded. Witness, , , , ,. . . ; Given under our hunds and seals this day of '**-? flea!:] I hereby certify that, to the best of ray knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and suflicient as sureties fur the amount for which thev offer to be security. ? . To be certified by the United states District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible pmy" Wuywp h D.ii.RUCKSR, dtcD-if Brigadier General and Q. M. PROPOSALS FOR LUM BEll. Chit t Qvart'.nnntUr's Ojk'.e- TiPot of Washing!in, t Washington, D. Q., Junoi;, s Sealed Proposal^ will be received at this office until Tfll'H^DAY, June ]fi. I3t">4. at 12 o'clock M, for delivery at thisdepot of lumber, of the follow ing amounts, kind and description, viz: SyojOO feet 4-4. or 1 inch Wliite I'ine Common Culling*, Ju'ijUXi I'eet ol which.4* to be from 12 to hi fe ?t long. 75,f#o feet S J, or 2 inch White Pine Common Cullings. lO'.COn feet 4-4. or 1 in*h Pine Relents, not les? than 12 inches wide, well seasoned and dressed on both sides. 2.V04*' feet '? inch White Pine Selects, well sea soned and dressed on both sides. 1MU* 0 feet 3x4 Hemlock Scantling. 16 feet long. 5i',0(j0feet 3x1 Scantling, IS feet long. jOJIxtfeet 3x5 Joist, l<i feet long, (hemlock.) 25,000 feet 3x5 Joi>t, 23 feet long. < hemlock.) 25,r(j0 feet 3x9 or !0 Joist, 11 feet long, (hemlock.) 3 o,(rto Plastering Laths .7o,(0<) first quality 18-inch sawed White Pine Shingles. 00o,0i.0 lirst quality 16-inch s^wed White Pine Shing!"s. .KVUt o lirst quality l6-in>?h s-iwed Spruce Pine Shingles. 200,0 -0 Grst quality lS-inch ?awed Cedar 8hing!es. Samples of Shingle- and l.aths proposed for will be required. All the above described to be good merchantable Lumber, su eetto the inspection of an inspector appointed on the part of the Government. Ail of the Liftnber to be delivered within twenty fiv- (2." i da.>-8 from date of contrac t. The ability of the bidder to fill the contract, should it be awarded to him. must be guaranteed by two responsible persons, whose signatures ara to be appended to the guaranty. The full namo and post office address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Bond ' in a sum equal to half the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor ami both of his fu&rautors, will be required of the successful idder upon signing the contract. The right to reject any or all bids that may be deemed too high is reserved by the Depot Quarter master. Proposals must be plainly endorsed on the en velope "Proposals for Lumber,V and addressed to the undersigned. D.H . RUCKER, Brig. Gen'l and Chief Quartermaster, jeff-td Depot of Washington. C' H1EF QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, J Deport or Washihgtoh,S Washington. D. C., January 4,1364. \ All dealers in Druss, Hardware, Lumber, Leather, Office Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re quested to send to thisoffice, on MONDAYof each week, a sealed proposal or list, in duplicate, of the articles they are prepared to furnish to this Depot at short notice, with tlie price of each marked in plain figures, so that, in case the exigencies of the service require it, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest price. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired to furnish thelirt punctually every Monday morning. D. H. RUCKER, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, Ja 6-tf Depot of Washington. 0. W. BOTSLS*. JXO. W. B0T1LM. c. W. BOTELER fc SON, IKPOBTBR8, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IK CHINA, GLASS. AND 0R00K1RY WAR*, TABLB 0UTL1BY, BILVBRPLATBB WARB, BBITTANIA WAR], BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN OHAMBBB 81TB, COAL OIL LAMPS, JAPANNBD WAITBBB, DOOR HATTl. VBATBBB DUSTBRS, BBUBHBB, wood WABB, AND H0U8BKBBPIN& ABTICLB8 6BNBBALLY. HTB0U8B8. BOTBLB, and BTBAMBOATB VUBNXBBBD AT SBOBT N0TI0B. 318, IRON ball, r^SrtSTLVANIA ANBNUB, ft 17-eo8m Between >th and loth ROot.?e ?.n. B00fIB(J va>t|) H. 0. WILBON ft CO., foot or so St, Wibt, WA8m(?*op, D, 0., Ktinfututn of booiing vblt, bbt and tabbbd shbath ING, BOOfINQ CBMBNT and LAMB BLACK, VBLT and QIMBNT, Wholesale and BetaU, Dealers supplied on the most liberal terns, factory?Boot of Sd street wsst. OBoo?161 MA street. Wtow Pa. avenne. sah Il-tei* C1""""""1 ULABlflU OID.Kil I offer lor sale at tho lowest market price, in quan tities to suit purchasers. Hotel keepers, sutlers and all others In want of a prime article of Cider are invited to call and ex amine this before purchasing eUewher^^ ^ Union Bottling Depot, ST Green sl.. Georne town. P.O. 0OCOA MATriNG#AT_PRIVATB SALB. We Vare Just received front the importers for Sri rate sale, ten thousand yards orCoeoa Matting, ifferent widths, at eur furniture warerooms, m the rear of our anction rooms. W. L. wall A CO.. Aoet'go and Commission Merchants, Math corner Pa. av. and 9th st TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY. J BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. " On and after Sundni, April 10th, WLNbJntins ?will be ran between Washington and New York and Washington and the We*t, as follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK, AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a m, 11.13 * m, S.20 p m, "OnPSundad,7t 5.9 P m for PHILADELPHIA,and PhilSdeiphia will take notiej. that the fi.JO p m train is the latest train daily for Pktlm ^TheTrain at 7.V? p m does ?W *??<> Philadtlrkia. and is for Ntte Yori rastmters exolustvtly, FOR BALTIMORE Leave Washington at 6.S" am, 7.30 am, 1113 * n*; 3.00 p m, 4.30 p m. 6.S0 p m, and a.*1 p m, except Sundays. _ On Sundays at7.?> * m. and 3 and 5.20 p tn. FOR ALL PARTS OF TUB WEST. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 8.20 p m daily, except Sunday. On Sunday, at 3 and ff.20 p m, only. FOR WASHINGTON AND THE SOUTH. Leave Baltimore at 3.43, 4.20. 7, 9 and 10 a m. and 3.:<0,4.45 and 7.50 p tn, daily, except 8unday. On Sunday, at 3.45 and 4.20 am and 3.S) P m.onlr FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a m, and 3 and 4.30p m, daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.30andr.BOp m go through to New York without change ofcars. Sleeping Car on 7.50 p m train. Berths in "k^P lng car can be secured until 5 pm, daily, at tne Ticket Office; after that hour they must he secured of the sleeping car conductor. The first and fourth trains from Washington stop at all way points. _ . For further information, tickets of every kind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington Station, or at the Ticket office. W P 8MITII. Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE. General Tfcket Agent. *P 11-tf I Cnlt?? H*W Liti. JAY COOKE A CO., 4(9 Fifteenth Street, Riceit* SoBsoairriosB rom thb new national loan authorized by act of March 3, loW, and known ftl TEN-FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern ment, after ten years, and payable foTty years from date in coin, bearing Interest at FI\E PER CENT A YEAR.payable on bonds not over fino annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS will be issued in fod, S100, 1500, and fl,"0n. The REGISTERED BONDS will be Issued In *50. fioo, $500,1l.oco, W 000, and $10,000. These are the only gold-bearing securities of th Government now precurable at par, and, yielding at preeent value of coin OVER BIGHT PER CENT PER ANNUM, offer a very desirable investment for large or small sums. We Buy and Sell, at market rates, government bonds, OF ALL issues, TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS, and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS. mh 29-tf Tat COOKE > CO. MP0RTANT TO SUTLERS SUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING Sc. CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It sells very rapidly, and is the most economical article of diet for the officer's mess. It is prepared in one minute,and makes a most delicious Soup or Chowder. It is highly recommended by Arm Surgeons. The profits are large, H. A. DOWNING & CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East ISth st., New York. For sale by BARBOUR tc SEMMES, Sole Agents, * t>3 Louisiana Avenue, lie My Washington. D IV EW YORK AND WASHINGTON BTS^^gflIp COMPANY, Tit Screw 8t??r?]alpg BALTIMORE, SAL VSR, EMPIRE, . JAMBS B, GREEK, ! AMD FAIRBANKS ?-a*ose the line of this company, leaving foot Wail street, New York, and foot High street, Georgetown, every Wednesday and Saturday. * MdRG AN A. RH1NRHART. Agts., i ft 28-8m Foot High st., Georgetown. WniTE VIRGIN WAX OP ANTILLES^ A new French Cosmetic for beautifying^ whitening, i and preserving the Complexion. It is the most i wofi'lerful compound of the age. There is neither chalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale in its ' composition, it being composed entirely of pure . Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities fer I preserving the ckin, making it soft, smooth, fair, ana transp'TO-.. It makes the old appear young, the homely, handsome; the handsome-more beau tiful, and the most beautiful divine. Price 23 and fiO C6Ctfl HUNT'S BLOOM OF ROSES, a most perfect color for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or injure the skin. Pric-e 25 cents and $1. HUNT'S COLRT TOILET POWDER, for whitening and preserving the pkin. Price 25 and 60 cent*. Manufactured by HUNT fc Co., 41 South Eighth street, Philadel Ehia. None genuine unless the name of " Hunt <fc 0 " is Mown on the bottles. For sale at A. CBOYEAU'S. 171 Baltimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. ENTWISLE, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania are., Washington D. C. apl-3m Gravel roofs? gravelroofsii H. C WILSON Sc CO,, successors to J. F. Walker Sc. Son, Washington, D. C. manufacturers of IM PROVfeD FIRE and WATER PROOF FELT, CE MENT and GRAVEL ROOFS. Office?161 22d street, below Pa. avenue. Orders may be left at office Mutual Insurance Company, 7th street and Louisiana avenue, or address to Post Office Box 834. All work executed promptly and on the most reasonable terms, and warranted. Repairs made promptly. mh ll-3m* HAPPINESS OR MISERY\?THAT IS THE QUESTION?The proprietors of the "PARI SIAN^ CABINET OF WONDERS, AN ATOMY, and MEDICINE," have determined?regardless of ex pense?to issue, free, (for the benefit of suffering humanity.) four, of their most instructive and in teresting Lectures on Marriage and itsuualiflca tions. Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, In digestion, Weakness, Depression, or ignorance of Physiology and Nature's Law These invaluable lectures have been the means of enlightening and saving thonsands.and will be forwarded free on the receipt of four stamps, by addressing Stcrttary Parisian Cabinet of Anatomy and Mtdicine, 563 Broadway. New York. <u 13-ly STAGE LINE.?From and after Wednesday, May ll,a DAILY LINE of Stages will rnn from the Pennsylvania House JlMtKSESX. on C street, Washington city, as ffl B rmM. follows: To Surrattsville,T.B., Beentewn,Bryan town, Hughsville, O. Hall, Chaptico, St. C. Bay, and Leonardtown. and return daily. The line to Piscataway, Duffield and Port Tobacco will run as heretofore, every Tuesday, Thursday and Satur day. Leave at 8 a. m. A. F. KIMMELL, Agent. Washington city, May 9,1864. my ?-lm* ESTABLISHED iUaC HERZBERG A SON (20,000 to loan in all sums on Watches. Jewelry, Diamonds, Silver Ware, Ladies' and Gents' Wearing Apparel, and for the purpose ofl l enlarging our business, we have erected aV ? warehouse, and we now make loans on Merchan dise, Furniture &c? at our old established stand. No. 361 C st., betw. 4>? and 6th, rear of National Hotel. [mi?l-3m1 I. HERZBERG Sc. SON. JJASilY COLLINS * 00 J PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE AND FOE TEE, 1 am bow receiving large guaatitles of DRAUGHT *1.1 and PORTER tram this oelatrated Brewery, which I am prepared to furnish on short notice to all parsons who will favor mg with their orders. Satisfaction guarantied. Orders given to my driven will he promptly at Goods delivered la all parts of WMhlafftoa ?at Georgetown, free of charge. Terms -."Cask tn dtlivtry. RILEY A, BH1KN, Ageat, VstM BottUnt Dtpot. JT Green it,, ?>H Georgetown, P. O. VBAV0IB bohot.J (pbaboii a. aosva* MOHTJN * SON, BoccasBoaa to J. T. Laaaia, LUMBER DEALERS* Canal, Edtctm Hik and ISth Struts, Washiagton, 9. O. The undersigned haviag purchased the Lumber Yard of Mr. Jao. T. Lenman, are aow prepared to farnish Lumbar of all kiads at the market rates. They desire to oaU attention to their large stoek which oonsists in part of the followiag kinds: Atoat YtJtm feat Walnut, all tkiekns-es, 1(4,000 feet % Poplar, prima, |00,noo ?? Qakaad Ash.varloassis?, I,000,000 feat Scantling and Joist, all lengths, LOOO^OO '? White Piaa Callings, (00 noo '* " Flooring. Aiso.alasge gagatity af aU . MUHUi ? voile |\1. JOHNS TOM, If Baltimore Offjni Nn T mnTH Hu i ?dy la the world for DIBBABBB Or IMPBUDB!?g? Rtlitf ta Six Hourt! No Tr\Atnt f Tvtcnt Ruind ty lunar am Prstendtrf, or b? Dtadiv Poison Mercury, should apply tmmedtattly. A CVRB WARRANTED OR NO CHA ROM 1? _ *ROM ONE TO TWO DA YS. WiUMMof the Back, Involunv-ary Piinnaiw Strictures, Affections of tke Bidoeya and Bladla I uj potency. General Debility. NtrrouiDNi, pei?y Languor, Low Bpirlta, Conrnaiou of Idaaa Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, Trembling* Dlmneaa r f 6t*ht or Old din#**. Disease of tha * Throat Mom or Skin, Affeotiom of tha Liver Langs, Stomach or Bowala?thoaa Terrible Dtao?~ dera arising from Solitary Habit* of i'oath?Ua ??obit and solitary piactioea mora fatal to I hair ?ietima than the aong of Byrens to the mariner* ai B'.yacua, blight'ng their moat brilliant hopes c> anticipations, rendering marriage. *e., lmpo*rt bl#" IODNB MEN Especially, who have beooma the victims of Boi w tary Vice,that drealful and destructive habitwklcfe annually sweeps to an untlmeir fray* thousands o f Young Han of the moat exalted talent and hrtlllacV Intellect, who might otherwise haya eotrano?4 lla tsoing Senates with the thunders of eloqaenea waked to axitaoy the living lyre, mar eatf with faU confide net. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Theae ax a aome of tha aad and melancholy i lac ho produced by early kabita of yonth, vis: Weakaaca of tha Back and Limbs. Pain In tlia Head. Dioua?t of Sight, Loaa of Mnscular Power, Palpitation as tha Heart, Dytpepey, Nervous Irritability Da mage men t of tha Digestive Functions, Qaaartl De bility, Symptoms of Consumption, Ao. Mbxtalitt.?The fearful effect* on tha mind am much to ba dreaded?Loaa of Memory, Oonfuaic? oi'Idaaa, Depreaslon of Bpirlta. Bvll foreboding*, ?yeraioa to Society. Self-Distrust. Lore of BoB ""?n?m,'-*'uARRUeB. Married Pit font, or young men ooatamp/ marriage, aware of Physical Weakness, ic n.1 Debility, Wasting of the Orcans, Deform! tie., fco should apply immediately. He wha plaeea himself ander the care of . J , may religiously confide In his honor aa Bgenttesiaa ?nd oonfidently rely apon hia skill as a Phyaieian. ORG Art IO WBAEMBSB, 1HPOT1M0T IMPEDIMENTS +O MAURI AOS. By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak Bess of tha Organs la speedily oared and fall vigcr? restored. Thousands of tha moat neryona, debili tated and im potent, who had lost all hope, hare been immediately relieved. All impedimenta to marriage, Physical or MentrvS Disqualifications. Loaa of Prooreatiye Power, Ner vous Irritability.Trembliass,aad Weakaaaa.or Ba* kaaatloa of tha moat fearful kind, spe?4ily eared. DR. .'OHMBTOM. Member of the Royal College of Snrgeons, Lot' doa, Graduate from one of the most eminent 0?I ? leges In the United Btatea, and the gr?eter partoSf wnose life haa been spent la the hospitals of Lob doa,Paris, Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effected aome ef tbe most astonishing cart* that were ere:* known; many troubled with ringing in the h*a?l and ears when asleep,*reat alarmeA' at andden sounds, bashfulness. with frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement of axlnd ware cared immediately YOUNG MEN wbo have injured themselves by a oertai* pract>?\ indulged In when alone?a habit frsaneatly learaeA from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when aaleep. and lfnoH oared renders Baarrlaga impossible, and destroy* both mind and body, should apply immediately What a pity that a young man, the hope of hia eountry and darling of his parents, shoald b? matched from all the prospects and en;oymentB a! life by the consequenoe of deviation from the path of nature and indulging la a eertain secret kaM* Baeh persoas mast, before contemplating MARRIAGE. reflect that a sound mind and bods are the motl accessary requisites to promote oonnublal happi ness indeed, without these the Journey tkrougk life becomes a weary pilgrimage; the prospect hourly darkens to the view: the mind beoomea shadowed with despair and filled wlthfthe melan choly reflections that tha kappiaeaa of another is blighted with our o?a _ DISEASES Of IMP RUDE NIB. When the misguided aad imprudent votary c> aleasure finds he bm imbibed 11a9 seedsof thispain ful disease, It ofMa happens that an 111-tiniaa sens* of shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those who, from education and respecta bility, caa alone befriend kim. Ha falls Into tf# nands of ignorant and designing pretenders, who. Incapable of cur in?, filch his pecuniary substance, keep him trifling month after month, or as long as tke smallest fee can be obtained, aad in daspalx leave him with ruiaed health to si*h over his gall ing disappointment; or, by the use of that de&dJ'j poifCB, Mercury, hasten the constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease such as Affections of the Head, Throat, Nose, Skin. etc., progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts aa ead to his dreadful sufferings by sending hia to that ub discovered country r trhese boarne no traveler returns. OFflOB 7 80151 fl jRlDBRlOK BTRBBT. left haad side voing from Baltimore street, a few doors from 'tfle corner. Pall not to observe aama ?ad o^0ii>ar. ^"Mo letters received unless post-paid and aoa talniag a stamp to be used on the reply. PeraoB} writing should state age. and send portion of t? vertisenent describing symptoms. Tfii Dr.1* Diploma Aa~j ta *?? Ofi-'.y 1ND0RBBMBMT OP THB PRB8S. The many thousands cured at this instltatlosi within the last twenty years, and the aumeror? important Surgical Operatioaa performed by D.-? Johnston, witnessed by the reporters of "The Sua" aad many other papers, aotloee of wkioh have a?? rsared again and again before the publio bealdad la standing as a gentleman of character and re sponsibility, is a suScieat guarantee to tke af* SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. ja g-ly GECRET DISEASES 1 SECRET DISEASES k SAMARITAN'S GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFT I THE MOST CERTAIN EVER USBD, "Yes, A Positive Cure" for G0N0Sn(EAx GLEET, STRICTURES, ?fe Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. Only Ten PiUs to be Taken to Effect a Curt. They are entirely vegetable, having no smell no? any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the stomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent ca?e? In "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the mos* eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present da?, KO EXPOSURE. KO TR0CB1.K, KO CHANGE WDATSVSH. Let those who have despaired of getting curt*L, or who hare been gorged w ith B&lsam Copavia, ot Mercury , try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packasi-s, |2, Female 53. BLOOD 1 BLOOD II BLOOD If SCROFULA, ULCXRS, SORES, SPOTS TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, S YPII1LIS OR VENEREAL DISEASE3, etc. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JU1CEH Is offered the public as a positive cure BYPniLIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the SA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE, is th<v most potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every particle of the venereal poison, so that the cure is thorough ? and permanent. Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your poa torlt, 0,.t for aifcjngajjjgp i- "W ??. will remove every vestige of impurities from the system, &s well as all the bad effects of Mercury. FEMALES! FEMALES!! Bin many affections with which numbers of F?. males sufler, the ROOT AND HERB JUICES la most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, in y t.1*?8'ln bearing: down, Falling ?f the Wemb Debility, and for all complaints incident to the sex. Sent by express. Price $1 a bottle, or S bottle* for _ , SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price 25 cents. Fixll directions. I>ESM0ND & CO., Box 151 Philadelphia Port Office. Sold by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner of lltkanB' Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK, Alexandria. mayB-tf f?tRIE8EMAR?Protected by Royal Letters Pat A ent of England, and secured by the seals of tha Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and tke Imperial College of Medicine. Vienna. Xriesmar No. 1 ii the effectual remedy for Relax* ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Sys* tem, Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded tha nauseous use of Copavia, Cuoebs. Ac. Triesmar No. 3 is the infallible remedy for all Imparities and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating the use of mercury and another deleterious ingredients. Bach preparation is in the form of a most agree able Lozenge. Secured from effects of climate and' changes of atmosphere, in tin cases, at 53 each, or four |3 cases in one for 19, and in fZT cases, tho* saving f9. Divided in separate doses as ad minis* tered by Valpeau.'Sallemande, Rosx. Ac., Ac. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BA&BOW, No. 1M Bleccker street, New York. To be had also of S. C. FORD, No. 290 Pa. ava. corner 11th street. mar 9 3m* Y CONFIDENTIAL. OTJNG MEN who have injured themselves fry certain secret habits which nnfltthem for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middl0 aged or old men, who, from the follies of youth or other causes, feel a debilitv in advance of their years, before placing themselves nnder the treat ment of any one, should first read "THE SECRET FRIEND.'' Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on re ceipt of Ten Cents Address . Da. CHAS. A. STEWART A CO., de li-ly Boston. Ms ^ DAMS EXPRES8 COMPANY, - L OFFIOB 614 PA. AVE** _ WatA\?,uc^j.e. GREAT ERN, NORTnEP'v Ay^?ST ERN EXPRESS F0R^R^EHa A xpi ?ifrvrTfi^ offices are WA5|&IT Tr&i ilv 0-. NEW YORK, BOSTON BALTIMORB CIN CIJ,NATI ST. LOUIS. L0U1S VILLE, LEXINGTON. wSh rn" *re ?* New York and Bostoa, BRTTTSw to tl,e CANADAS and tha & t other steamship lina ^ MVERPoOL, SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRB. ana rnaaeebv European expresses to all prominent Dent?"0 'OWM in Great ft-itain and the OonU OoUection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS mada at all accessible parts of the United States. m M V. C-DuNN, Agent. Washi?a/'?n,D, u.

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