Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAJR. vr. D. WALLACHt Editor lid Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: WEDNESDAY JUNE 8, 1S64. ?.TREADING MATT BR ON EVJRY PAGE 111 OUTSIDE FOR INTERESTING T1LJ GRAPHIC AND OTHER MATTER. EXTRA. Official Bollftin from Sfrretary Stanton. LATEST FROM GEM. GRAXT. ALL QUIET YE>TERDAY FORENOON. NO CASUALTIES REPORTED. LATEST F?OM SHERMAN'S ARMY. HI IS IN AN EXCELLENT POSITION. Wae Bipartmist, Washisotoh, } Wednesday, June S, lt*64?1'2 noon, To Major General Dix, Sew York : A dispatch from Gen. Grant, dated jester* day afternoon, 3:05 p. m., reports: "All has feeen very quiet to-day. No casualties re ported." A dispatch from General Sherman, dated at Acworth yeaterday evening, 6.30 p. m., says: ?1 have been to Altona Pass, and find it very admirable for oar purpose. It is the gate tfcrough the last or most eastern spur of the Alleghaniea. It now becomes as usetul to us ?a it was to the enemy, being easily defended from either direction. The roads hence (from Acworth) into Geor gia are large and good, and the country more cpeii." Details of the position of our troops and contemplated movements are given, but art not needed for public information. The despatch farther states that " the enemy is not la our immediate front, but his signals are seen cd Lost Mountain and Keneshaw." Dispatches from Gen. Canby, dated June 3d, tare been received, which report satisfactory progress iu the organization of his command. Edwih M. Staktow, Secretary of War. Official War Bulletin. Despatch from General Grant?Assault on Burnfcide Repulsed?Correspondence be tween Grant and Lee. Wa8:uh?ton, June 7?10.15 r. st. To Mojor General Dix, New York : Despatches frrm headquarters of the Army of the Pctomac, dated nine o'clock this morn ing, have been received. An assault wasm&de on Burnsideabout mid night, and successfully repulsed. In the pre ceding altt-rncou a one hundred picket of the enemy made a rush to find out what wa? the meaning of Hancock's advancing siege line, and nine of the party were captured, and the rest killed or driven back. Several letters have passed between General Grant and General Lee in respect to collecting the dead and wounded between the two armies. General Grant, in the closing letter, regrets that all his efforts "for alleviating the suffer ings of wounded men left on the battle-field have been rendered nugatory." Two rebel officers and six men sent out to eearoh for the wounded of their commands "were captured in consequence of the enemy jiot delivering General Lee's letter until after the hour he had ramed had expired. General Grant has notified General Lee that they were captured throunh a misunderstanding, and 'will not be held as prisoners, but will be re turned. No other military intelligence received. Edwijt M. ^tawton, Secretary of War. CHANGES AT THE HEADQUARTERS OF THE MILITARY GOVERNOR, Capt. Theodore McMurtrie bas been relieved trcm duty in Col. Ingraham's office, and as signed to duty as Acting Assistant Adjutant General in Col. Wei? well's office, relieving Capt. Beatty, of the Pennsylvania Reserves, v hose term of service bas expired. First Lieut. George B. Walbridge, of the Veteran Reserve Corps, has Wen assigned to duty in Col. Ingraham's office as assistant to the Provost Marshal, in place of Capt. McMur trie. relieved and assigned as above stated. CHANGE IN THE COMMAND OF FORREST HALL PRISON. Capt. D. W. C. James has been relieved from the command of Forrest Hall prison, and or dered to report to the Military Governor far instructions. Capt. W. A. McCartney, of the 'J2d regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, has been assigned to duty as commanding officer of Forrest Hall prison in place of Capt. James, relieved. Lieut. J H. Tall, ol the With New York vol unteers, has been relieved from duty at For Jiall prison, and ordered to report to his com manding officer in the field. MORE CONTRABANDS. This morning about six hundred contrabands t ached here from the White House on board cf Govertment propellers. They were re markably well clothed?in fact much better than a majority of the rebel prisoners which fall into our cands These contrabands were conveyed from the ?wharf to Freedmen's Village in four horse Government wagons, and the train (number Jag fifty wagons; attracted much attention as i: passed through the streets. N*w Mrsic.?From John F. Ellis, music teller, 30t> Pennsylvania avenue, we have the following new music, published by Lee A Walker, Philadelphia: "Freedom's Home and Flag," "Trefoil (Auickstep," by T. O'Neil; ?'Entre nous Lanclers," by Geo. Groscarth; ?'Carrie Lee." by Chas. Grobe: "Hiawatha," words bj Longfellow, music by Robt. Stu-pel. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM THE WEST. Guerrillas Active at Pine and Duvall's Bluffs. Arkansas?Shelby on a Raid to Missouri. Cairo, June b?The steamer Luminary* trom New Orleans, on the id, has arrived he brings no news ot importance. The steamer Belle of St. Louis, from Mem phis, on the 6th, has arrived with t>00 bales of cotton and 100 refugees. The steamer Kate Hart, from White river, reports the guerrillas active in th; neighbor. Hood of Pine and Duvall's Bluffs. They had recently captured seven of our pickets aud2U> mules,'near the latter place. The general opinion was that Joe Shelly had ?ttrted on a raid into Missouri. CALIFORNIA CHRISTIAN t'OMMIS. ftlON CONTRIBUTION. Philadelphia, June 8.?The treasurer of tne Pacific Christian Commission telegraphs that California's first contribution to the sol. diers through the Christian Commission has boms sent forward m a draft for ten thousand dollars in gold. NOTICE.?The colored ladies of Georjje town have opened a festival iu the Maaouic H?'.. On Washington street, opponite the Union Hotel, for their brethren in theneld. Admittance tea cents. To continue this week. It* |T^ COACH yO> HAKICRs You are hereby notified to at ?d.JO?ra?d meeting of the Association to t>? kola at (? or man Hull, nth street. f>ur doors 2?^.0*??Bi"a*V.n "^R-DAY EVENING, the Pta instant, at 8 o'clock. i*?-** FRANCIS P. KANE. See. |y?P" STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL. ?.Uh? '"dies of the 9th fctreet Methodist Protestan* Church, at the Cnion jLoegue Rooms, will be continued THIS AND TO MORROW EVENINGS, (Wednesday and Thurhd?r.) Little Cordelia Laxonby, the Child 8peaker, will deliver a speech to-night. Admission 10 cents. ieg-tt' IYtr? STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL. ~ II 5 First Presbyterian Church, 4.1* st'eet, Dr. Jsunderland. every evening this wee*. Jo7-:tt? llff THE LADIRV OF EAST WASHINGTON UJ M. E. CHURCH will held aSTR iWBERRY FkBTIVAI. at the hall of the Anacosti* Engine House, on K street south, near 8th street east, eommeacingTUEeDAi, June7th, au t continuing through the week. Tk? proceeds are to he applied to the liquidation of the debt on the Church. Sea son tickets 60 cents; single admittance 12 ceut.-. __Je l-4t* nfy?TH? LADIK? OF WEST WASHINGTON 11.3 MINION will hold a FESTIVAL in the Vfeaveh.corner 2th and u streets, oomraeocing MONDAY. June ?:h, to continue through the vtek. AdaaitVance R> centt. )"6 0t* (Ys^THK LADIBfi OF 8T PAUL'S ENGLISH IL3 LUTHERAN CHURCH will hold a Straw berry Festival in the lecture room of the Church, corner of nth and H streets, commencing TUBS DA Y. June 7th, and continue fonr nights, for the benefit of the Sunday School and llomi Mission cause. Single admission 15 cents. Season tickets, one person, 60 cents. Family season tickets $1. je 2-8t* |Y3=?F18TIVAL AND FAIR AT ISLAND IL5 HALL.?The ladies of the Seventh street Presbyterian Church will hold their Festival at the above Hall, commencing MONDAY, Mar 3? One of the best Bands of Music in the city has been engaged fer the occasion. The Piano kind ly furnished, is from J F. Cilia's music store. Admission, 18 cents. Season Tickets, one oer ?on. 6" cents. Family Season Tickets, $1. ray 27 2w F( 'OR SALE-A fine STALLION. Canadian breed good saddle horse: perfectly sound; warranted to work in single or double harness. Inquire at ? No. *294 7th street west. It* ?Tor SALE?Two of Phelans BILLIARD TA r BLES, nearly new. Will be sold cheap. Aoply to or address CHARLES RIDGELY, Upper Marl I boro, Md. je 8-3t" ianos has just been received. Also., one seven-octave four round corner over PIANOS?Anew assortment of Steinway A Sons" Pi? one f*e^ strung Hallet A Davis Piano for $215. One' six-octave NunnsA Clark for ?1 to. at th* Music Store of W. G. MBTZRROTT, ie8 Corner Pa. avenue and 11th street. rnn CORDS OF PINE AND OAK WOOD FOR ?JUU SALE. Will We sold on the ground or de livered in Washington in quantities to suit pur chasers. Also, a large lot of SCAFFOLDING POLE8. Also. Pasturage for horses, at Si per month. Can be seen by calling at my farm, on the 7th street road, 8 miles from Washington. Je 8-St* T.J.BROWN. IVTOTICE -The firm of DORSEY A WOOD,Flour 11 and Grain dealers, located on High street, Georgetown, is this day dissolved by mutual con sent. All persons who hare claims against the late firm will please present them to our attorney, J. B. ADAMS, for adjustment, at bia office, 176 Seventh street, Washington, D. C. DORSEY A WOOD, Georgetown, D. C., June 3, 1854. je 8-eo3t* SALT. LIVERPOOL FINE AND GROUND ALUM, TURK'S ISLAND. SAINT UBBS, ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by _ I. THOS. DAVIS. Wholesale Dealer in Salt, je 8-lm* No. 83 Water street, Georgetown. CLARIFIED CIDER! K' CLARIFIED CIDER! CLARIFIED CIDER! I have just received large quantities of CLARI FIED CIDER, from Massachusetts, which I will sell at reasonable rates to all who may favor me with their orders. RILEY A. SUINN, Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green* street, Georgetown, D. C. je 8-lw {Chronicle.] CARRIAGES' CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES I On band, a large lot of New and Second-hand CARRIAGES.consistingin part of ROCKAWAYS, topand no-top BUGGIE8, extension and half tops, BOAT WAGONS, Ac., Ac. Repairing promptly attended to. ROBT. II. GRAHAM, Coaehmaker, 1e 8-3t* 374 D.and 47 7 Eighth street. rfShj PIANOS. idib HlVr 1 FOUR NEARLY NEW PIANOS. Great Bargains. Call early. JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and Music Store, 306 Pennsylvania avenue. between 9th and 1'ith streets. NEW PIANOS now in store. jeft-8t IVTOTICE OF REMOVAL.?WM. B. LEWIS A ICo.. Auctioneer*, having removed to No. 307 I'ennsyl\ ania avenue, between 9th and Kith streets, will, as usual, give their attention to the general Auction and Commission buainesa, &ud solicit con signments of furniture, groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, books, stationery, and merchandize generally Regular sales at the store on TUES DAYS. THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS. Cash advances made when required. W. I? LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers, je 8-6t No. 30"* Pa. av., bet.9th and 10th sts. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE. Tbatthesubscri ber has obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on thf personal estate of Ma ry Key Wallace. late of Washiiifftnn City. D. C., deceased. All persona having claims against the said deceased, are lierebv warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 4th day of June next; they may otherwise bylaw be excluded from all benefit of the said ertate. Given under my band this 4th dsv of June, 18*1. FRANCES R. W. WALLACE. je S-w3w* Executrix. IMPROVE YOUR EYE 'sight by the use of the eel-" ecrated Pf.BHLKand PtRiscopir Speot aoi.j.s,uni versally acknowledged as the best for Stkknoth ESI.VO axu Preserving the impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN A CO.. Opticians. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th sts., and 3*^ Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. FTELIt GLASSES. OPERA GLASSES. MICRO SCOPES. THERMOMETERS. STEREOSCOPES. PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. CARTES DE VISITE, Ac., in a great variety, and at the lowest prices. je 8 LYMAN'S PATENT 8ELF SEALING FRUIT JAR. We particnlarly invite the attention of those in tending to put up fruit to examine LYMAN S SELF SEALING FRUIT JARS, simple in con struction; they are more easily sealed or opened than any now in use Samples of berries and fruit put up in these Jars last vear '-an be seen a" our store. Full d irections accompany each Jar for putting lip all kinds of fruit, berries, Ac.. Ac. C. W. BOTELER A SON. Housefurnishing Store. 318 Penn. ave., between 9th and loth . je 3-6t (Chronicle.) SD. A H. W. SMITH'S AMERICAN ORGAN. . Among the different inventions originated and perfected by American ingenuity during the \ia~t twenty years, few are more surprising thau the improvement in musical instruments, especially in reed instruments, known as " REED ORGANS."' HARMONIUMS and MELODEONS. European taste has long seemed to ha\e been satisfied with the Organs of Alexandre and Pleyel, although neither of those instruments afford much real variety of tone, notwithstanding the makers have multiplied stops and sets of reeds, and by conse quence the cost, to an extraordinary degree. The American Organ, made by 8. D. A H. W. Smith. Boston, may safely challenge comparison with either of them, v^ether as regards variety, power and sweetness ot tone, or cost. All reed instruments made by the best manufac turers in this country are constructed on the same principle, viz: of /hawint the air through the reeds by an exhaustive bellow*, instead of forrint it through them by powerful pressure, and the "American Organ" differs from its competitors mainly in three points: 1st, the great care and thoroughness exercised in manufacture; 2d, in the skilful voicing, giving aa many different qualitie> of tone as there are sets of reeds; and 3d. in the use of a reverberating box, which adds materially to the power of the instrument without detriment to or table, and then on a large empty box or barrel, and observing its vastly increased power and rich ness when in the latter position. In these three points?and they are certainly material ones?is superiority claimed bv the Ame rican Organs of Messrs. 8. D. & H. W. Sm ith over the read instruments of other makers. Tim Messrs. Smith being the most experienced Reed Organ makers in Boston (having established them selves in 1892) and having at least equal facilities with any other makers, have always kept them selves familiar with all improvements and inven tions in their departinert, and they confidently a-sert their "American 0?<;ans" to be unequalled in voicing, and unsurpassed by any, at home or abroad, in purity, sweetness and power of tone. The contrivance for producing varied expression, such as the "treble forte," tremolo and the awell. and the ease with which change of stops maybe made, render the American Organ, in skillful hands, capable of as much delicacy of expression and variety of effect as the expensive Harmoniums of Alexandre with their thirteen registers, and while undoubtedly far superior in durability, is sold for less than half the cost. The demand in England for 8mith's American Organ is steadily increasing, and ia an irrefraga ble proof that it triumphantly stands the test of competition in their own market with the most celebrated European instruments. JOHN F. ELLIS, 306 Pennsylvania avenue, be tween_9th and loth streets, is the sole agent for these instruments; and at his rooms can always be found a complete stock. je 8-3t Do tot,I-eS*Finary suegeon. ~ , B JOHN B. McKEY, Member of the Royal College Edinburg, Scotland. All diseases gv of the Ilorse treated in most scientific man- r ner Charge moderate. Ofliee at Chapin^EZ*. A Matlock s,G street, near 7th street, Washing ton. D C. je 6-14t* NOTICE. ^-COPARTNERSHIP Heretofore existing under the name of the Excelsior City Express Company is this day dissolved by mutual consent. All out standing bills to be paid by W. M. Barry. W. M. BARRY. June 1st. 1864 GEO. W. KNok. The business will continue to be conducted by GEO. W. KNOX, office at the old stand, corner street and Pa. av. jeG u* " pAPER HANGINGS,_WIND0W SHADES. Ac. Just received a beautiful assortment of Wall Papers of every description. Also, a very large arm beautiful stock of Window Shades, Shade Fix tures and Trimmings Picture Cords, Tassels. Ac.. Ac., to which I respectfully call the attention of purchasers. I buy and sell my goods exclusively for cash, and defy competition. _r 4 ? L. F. CLARK, je < Ct* No. 948 Pa. av.. bet, lith and 13th. | JNITED STATES HOTEL U CAPE ISLAND, N. J, JOHN WEST. AARON MILLER, PROPRIETORS. Beg leave to call the attention 9f their friends |nd the public to the above magnificent A A Establishment, which will be open forVCSaV the reception of visitors on the 13th ofJjifjBX ? a ppaelou* Dining HaM and Parlors, It ?" ????ual number of large and well intbRooms, all handsomely furnished Th? P~fuVnitor? throughout. ? r*?* this Establishment will spare B0,f* U meet the wants of their JuM^'eitrona* hopin? liberally in the Appli^tionl^r ronms made to the subscriber*, ly Mtet to Cape Inland, will receive a prompt reply. ***? WEST A MILLER. . p R0P08ALS FOR LOAN. Trkashet Drpaktmknt, Jua? 3,13H. To enrnire the greatest possible vigor in the opera tiom of the armies now morin; against the insur gents, under brave and skilful Generals, upon a ?a?t theater of operations, expenditures hare been increased beyond receipt* from revenue aad ordi nary subscriptions to the National Loan. Sealed offers will therefore be received at this De partment under the act ef March 3d, 18>3. until noon of Wednesday, the 15th of June,18i?4. for bonds of the United States to the amount of Seventy-five Mil lions of Dollars, bearing an annual interest of six per centum, payable semi-annually in coin on the first days of July and January each year, and re deemable after the 30th of June, 1831. Each offer must be for fifty or one hundred dollars, or some multiple of one hundred dollars, and mun state the sum. including premium, offered for each hundred dollars in bonds, or for fifty, when the offer is for more than fifty. Two per cent, of the princi pal?excluding premium?of the whole amount of fered must be deposited, as guaranty for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasurer of the United 8tates at Washington, or with the Assistant Treasurer at New York. Boston, Phila delphia, or St. Louis.; or with the designated Depositary at Baltimore. Pittsburgh, Cincin nati, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, or Buffalo; or with any National Hanking Association author ized to receive deposits which may consent to ' transact the business without charge. Certifi cates in duplicate of deposits will be issued to deposi tors by the officer or association receiving them; the originals of which mnst be forwarded with the offers to the Department. All deposits should be made in time for advice of offers with certificates to reach Washington not later than the morning of June 15th. No offer not accompanied by its proper certi ficate of deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Registered Bonds issued will be of the denominations of fSO, flOO, fflOO, and $l,00>. Registered Bonds of $5,(00 and f 10,000 will also be issued if required. All offers received will be opened on Wednesday, the 15th of June by the Secretary or one of the Assistant Secretaries, and notice of acceptance or declination will be immediately given to the respec tive offerers; and, in case of acceptance, bonds of the descriptions and denominations preferred will be sent to the subscribers at the cost of the De partment, on final payment of instalments. The original deposit of two per cent, will be reckoned in the last instalment paid by successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be accepted. The amount of accepted offers must be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to act under this notice on advice of ac ceptance of offer, or as follows: One third on or before the 20th; one-third on or before the 2Tith; and the balance, including (be premium and orig inal two per cent, deposit, on or before the 30th of June. Interest to the 1st of July on the several deposits will be paid in coin on the 30th of June, and interest on bonds will begin July 1, 18S4. Offers under this notice Bhould be endorsed "Offer for Loan," and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not con sidered advantageous is reserved to the Govern ment. B. p. CHASE. je4td Secretary of the Treasury. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Departmknt op State, > is i> , Washington June 1,13*4 { ? Sealed Proposals for furnishing such Stationery as may be required by this Department during the fisca year ending June 30.18(1.5, will be received u c "c m- on Saturdav. the 2d of Julv next. Those unaccompanied hy satisfrctory testi monials of ability to fulfll the contract will not be considered, and contracts will only be Awarded to established manufacturers of, or dealers in the articles. All articles reqaired must be of the best qualitv of their kind, and not inferior to the samples which will be exhibited at the Department Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making- it, and must specify but one price for each and every article of the schedule or of th<* class bid for. The articles, when furnished, must correspond with the aamples or any of them, if desired, and ln no case be inferior in quality to the sample and they must be delivered withontdelay when ordered, and must be satisfactory to the Secretary ? and a failure so to comply with this stipulation will be deemed cause for the abrogation of the contract. Articles not named in the schedule are to be far nished at the option of the Department, at the lowest market prices, and the right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each article contracted for, ss the public service may require. Bonds, with approved security, must bu given by the person or firm obtaining the contract; and in the event of the refusal or neglect of the contractor to furnish any article or articles named in the con tract, on the order of the disbursing clerk, the same may be purchased in open market, and th.? difference in price paid therefor and the contract price shall be paid by the contractor, and be de ducted in the settlement of his account for the quarter during which such refusal or neglect mar occur. * * The subjoined schedule specifies,as nearly as can now be done, the amount, quality, and description of??cilPf the ?rtu-I#.? likely to be required. The bids will be canvassed for each of the three classes separately, and contracts for one or more ot the classes awarded, as may be deemed most ad vantageous to the Department. Proposals to be addressed to the Department of State, and endorsed "Proposals for Stationery." item. Class No. l.?Paper. 1. i'i reams white Laid Cap, heavy, ruled to pat tei n, per ream 2. 10 reams Cap, white, ruled to pattern, per ream 3. l'J reams Cap. white, ruled to pattern, extra superfine, per ream 4. 10 reams Consular Cap, white, and ruled to pattern, per reatn 5. 5 reams Consular Cap, white, double thick superfine, per ream C. "> reams Regal Cap, white, trimmed and ruled per ream 7. 2o reams Quarto Post, white, ruled, supe", per 9, 10 reams w hite Vellum Note, highly glazed hard calendered, per ream ft. reams Commercial Note Paper, lined, super extra, per ream l'\ 10 reams Flat Cap, white, unruled, per ream 11. 10 reams Envelope, yellow or buff, royal, ner ream 12. l'> reams large brow n Envelope, per ream U. 10 dozen sheets Patent Blotting, per dozen sheets Class No. 3.?Envelops.*. 1. 1/00Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed . I"'* by 5 inches, per M 2. 1, >00 Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed to order, y bj 4 inches, per M 3. .>1,1 muslin lined, lithographed, and printed to order, 1 by inches, per M I. 10 ',"0M adhesive Envelopes, white, heavy, lith ographed, and printed to order and pat terns, per M 10/00 adhesive Envelopes, large and small, white, letter and note, plain, per M. Intermediate sizes ordered not to be charged higher than bid for size next larger Ci.ass No. 3.?Pens, Pencil?, <fc. 1. ^ross Perry s, Gillott's . or other good me tallic Pens, per gross 2. .'Ufio Quills. No. 80, per M 3. Hi do/en Faber's, or other good. No. 1 to l,or graduated, per dozen 4. i uo/.en raber's,Ac., red and blue pencils, per dozen Claps No. 3?Continued.?Ink, Inkstands, 1F? fers, and Wax 1. | dozen Draper's Inkstands, per dozen. 2. ti dozen Maynard A Noyes's Ink, pints, per dozen 3. r, dozen Ink, vints, Arnold's per dozen 4. 3 dozen best French carmine Ink, ounce, per dozen j. t> M seal Wafers, best quality, red. No. 3, for office seal, per M 6. 2 pounds best red Wafers, common size, per pound 7. lu? pounds best extra super scarlet sealing Wa\, per peund Class No. 3?Continued ? Cutlery and Miscel laneous Articles. 1. 3 dozen Roger's or other Knives, four blades buck or pearl handles, per dozen -? 5 dozen Roger's ivory handle or Shaver's pat ent Erasers, per dozen 3. 1 dozen ivory Wafer Stamps, per dozen 4. 2 dozen office Shears, extra, per dozeu .i. 3 dozen office Scissors, per dozen 6. 25 dozen silk Taste, wide, per dozen 7. no dozen red Tape, assorted, per dozen s. 3dozen Paper Weights, assorted, per dozen 8. 3 dozen Green's ink Krasers and Paper Clean er, per dozen W. 5 pounds prepared India Rubber, per pound 11. 3 pounds Pounce, per pound 12. fli? pounds large Twine for packing, per pound 13. oo pounds Linen Twine, per pound H. 5" pounds best Ootton Twine, per pound 15. 3dozen Rulers, round or fiat, 30 inches long, per dozen , 1?. 5 pounds best quality Sponge, per pound 17. 10 pounds Gun Arabic, per pound 18. ? dozen Mucilage, small size glass jars, with brush and metallic tops, per dozen 19. so dozen Penholders, assorted, per dozen je 8-1aw4w ?EgH| F I A N O S ! ^9^ ' ?"?^PIANOS! PIANOS! PIANOS 1 WmW The largest assortment of the best makers In ??ir.c?lintry oa hand. Greatest variety to fr?in Easiest terms. Largest amount al n^ vfor ? Pianos in part payment for New. Second-band Pianos. n?V??f^,0JnB?A8S INSTRUMENTS WNf FLUTlf BANJ0S- ACCORDIONS, VIO anWoft^ GermM STRINGS for Guitars An>riSl!iC.\%inJhe MUSIC BUSINESS NEW MUSIC daily.ment carefully reP*ired b ?^in a I l'fr e? 'n articles can be sent ,re? . JNO. F. ELLIS, <e 3-?t 308 Pa- t?t. 9th and 10th its., on the north side. M?1 u?t[no| matting ' w,f"t instructions to Bell at private aal ?_^mI>or^rs, with COO rolls J, 4. and 6 quarter Cocoa Htttino. *00 rolls 4 and ? quarter White in?Ch,iv.?r of superior quality. Uneck Matting, All of which we offer at low prices to suit, at our Garniture Wardroom* our Auction Rooms. W C. WALL A no Auctioneer, and Commission Merchant.. JeMOt tOhronieie. T,*ad9Ul*t* hi til 4 O'CLOCK P. M. Official Bulletin by Seiretary Stanton. A VICTORV Br GEN. HUNTER, NEAR STAUN TON t THE REBEL GENERAL W E. JONES KILLED ! HUNTER IN POS?E8SION OF STAUNTON! XVar Department, Wabhington Citv, > Wednesday, June 6,186i?1.30 p. m. ^ To Major General Dix, New York: A dispatch from Mr. Dana, at General Grant's Leadquarters, dated last night at 5.30 p. m., an nounces a victory by General Hunter over the rebels beyond StauHton, and that the rebel General Jones was killed on the battle-Held. The dispatch is as follows: " Richmond Examiner of to-day speaks of the defeat of Gen. W. E. Jones by Gen. Hnnter, twelve miles beyond Staunton, Virginia. Gen. Jones was killed on the field. His suc cessor retired to Waynesboro', and now holds the mountains between Charlottesville aud Staunton. The paper further states that no hospital stores were captured by Hunter." Another dispatch announces that our forces occupy Staunton. Hunter's victory, and that our troops occupy Staunton, is confirmed by the following dis patch, just received from Gen. Butler: " All quiet on my line. Richmond papers of June 7th give intelligence of a fight at Mount Crawford between Gen. Hunter and Gen. Jones, in which Hunter was victorious, and Jones, rebel commander, was killed. Staun ton was afterwards occupied by the Union forces. The fighting was on Sunday. Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. FROM THE FRONT-CANNONADING HKARD LAST EVENING. The steamer Cossack nas arrived, bringing up the 2d Rhode Island regimeHt, whose term of service had expired When the Cossack left yesterday (1 p. m.) heavy firing was going on at the front, but it was not known whether it was anything more than an artillery duel. Some parties who came in from near the front stat^ that tnere was some heavy musketry going on on our extreme left. REINFORCEMENTS FOR GENERAL GRANT, The Government i6 very active in forward ing reinforcements to General Grant from this city. The steamers Iolas and Hooker left here this morning with several regiments of one hundred days' men, including the U3d Ohio. The Three Hundred Dollar Exemption Clause.?'The President sent to Congress to day a message enclosing a communication from the Secretary of War, recommending a re peal of the three hundred dollar exemption clause in the enrollment bill. OONGHESSIONALi. XXXVIIITH CONGRE93.?riRBT 8*S8lON. Wednesday, June 9. Mr. Davis rose to a question of privilege, and read a letter lrom Gen. Benj. F. Butler, addressed to himself, dated headquarters in the field, .Tune 3, 1S<>4, as follows: Sir: I have read j-our resolution of inquiry. You can do me no greater tavor than to have every act of my political life, whicD began on the first Tuesday of November, ls{9, and ended on the 15th day of April, 1S61, most thoroughly scrutinized. I will thank yon also to have every act of my official lite, which began as brigadier general of the Massachusetts militia April l(i, 1-61, and will end when this war does, if not sooner subjected to the like exam ination. I have ne favors to ask, and but one act of justice?that the inquisition may not be ex parte; that is, one sided. Your obedient ser vant, Ben-i. F. Butler. Mr. Davis said this letter was In terms such as any man conscious of his innocence would use. The terms of the letter were calculated to increase his estimation of Gen. Butler, as they make an appearance of prima facie evi dence in his favor. Gen. Butler may be in nocent of the charges contained in his (Mr. Davie) resolution. He had no personal preju dice against that General, and if he was in nocent, be would be gratified to find it so, as he would of any one else; and he thought every man should have the opportunity to prove his innocence. General Butler has of course read the reso lution and writes his letter in view of its char acter. The resolution calls for a committee of three to be appointed by the Chair to investi gate, and with power to send for persons and papers. He understood General Butler there fore to have accepted the gaugejustin the form it has been tendered. As a Senator and a man he felt perfectly competent to do Gen'l Butler justice, according to the truth of his case. He therefore hoped the Senate wonld at once pass the resolution without debate, and authorize proceedings with matter in the manner desig nated. At the request of Mr. Harris, Mr. Divis re - frained from pressing his resolution at the mo ment. Mr. Trumbull, from the Committee on the Judiciary, reported back the bill in relation to the fees and emoluments of the Marshal, Attor ney, and Clerk of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia, and for other purposes, with an amendment as a substitute. Mr. Powell moved to suspend all prior or ders and take up the bill to prevent officers of the army and navy, and other persons engaged in the U. S. service, from interfering in elec tions. The motion was rejected. House.?Mr. Cox, from the Committee on the Rules, reported an amendment to the same, namely: To admit ex-members to the floor of the House, provided that such persons sub scribe to a statement, to be filed with the Speaker, that they have no interest, either directly or indirectly, in the prosecution of any claim or bill before Congress: and that they will not use their influence to further the inter est of any one before Congress. After a conversation between various mem ters, the new rule was laid on the table. The Senate's amendments to the Internal Revenue bill were ordered to be printed and committed to the Committee of Ways and Means. The House resumed the consideration of the bankrupt law. Several gentlemen expressed themselves in favor of the bill, and one only (Mr. Cravens) against it. Mr. Jencks, of Rhode Island, who reported the bill, made a few remarks, urging its pass age, and moved the previous question. Mr. Steele, of New Jersey, moved to lay the bill on the table, and the motion was disagreed to?yeas 49, nays (55. The bill was not further acted on, because it bad not been engrossed. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. NATIONAL REPUBLICAN CONVEN TION. Baltimore, June The Convention reas sembled at ten o'clock, President Dennison in the chair. Prayer was offered by the Rev. Mr. Gladdis, delegate from Hamilton county, Ohio. The hall was, if possible, more crowded than yesterday, everv nook and corner being occu pied to its utmost capacity. The President called for reports from com mittees. The committee on the order of business, by its chairman, Day, of Connecticut, reported the rules to control the Convention in the transac tion of its business; which were read, amended and adopted. Mr. King, of New York, chairman of the committee oi credentials, reported, that after p atient 1 y in vestigati ng the c laims o f every State, the Missouri radicals were admitted, and the Arkansas delegation admitted to seats, without permission to vote. The South Carolina dele, gation were not admitted. The delegates from the District of Columbia were admitted to seats, without the right to vote. The report of the minority was presented by Mr. Stevenson, of West Virginia. The report of the majority was concurred in, except so far as it excluded delegates tromVir ginia, Arkansas, and the territories of Colo rado, Nevada, and Nebraska, from the right of voting. The portion of the majority report so far as related to the uncontested delegation was adopted. Mr. King, chairman of the committee, moved to amend the report so far as related to the Missouri Delegation, known as the Uncondi tional Union Delegation, "that they be admitted with the radical delegation, and where the two delegations agree they cast the vote or the State, and where they do not agree the State should not vote." An exciting debate ensued on this amend ment. Mr. Breckinridge moved to amend the amend, ment so that instead of silencing the vote of Missouri when the two delegations are unable S agree that the vote of the State be divided. e proceeded to address the Convention on his motion. Mr. Cnstis, ot New York, earnestly advoca ted the majority report, and asked the Conven tion to settle on it for all, by admitting the radical delegation After farther debate tbe previous question was called for, and the Convention proceeded to vote on the amend, ment offered by Dr Breckinridge, to admit both delegations and to divide the vote of the State between them. Tbe amendment was rejected. Tho Convention then voted on the main question of Mr. King's amendment to the ma jority report, to admit both delegations, with authority to vote where they can agree. and where they should not agree the vote of the State should not be cast. Th? was also rejected. The question then recurred on the adoption of the majority report. A call for a vote by States was made; and the vote resulted in the unanimous admission of tiie Radicals, only four votes in the negative being given; three from Pennsylvania and one from Kentucky. Ayes 440, nays 4. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] New York, June 8.?V. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 113K; U. S. 5.90 s, 106 V; Certificates of Indebt edness, C8; Gold, 193*; N. Y. Central, 131 )f: Erie, 111#: Hudson River, 146*; Harlem, 4^5; Reading, FWtf; Michigan Central, 143tf; Mich igan Southern, WX; Illinois Central, 123Jf; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 112: Galena and Chi. cago, 157X: Cleveland and Toledo, 111X; Chi cago and Rock Ieland, 112*; Milwaukieand Prairie du Chien, 116: Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 63; Alton and Ten a Haute, 63 J*; Quicksilver, 74 jf. LOCAL NEWS. Retebhing Home.?The steamer Cossack arrived about noon to-day, bringing up the 2d Rhode Island regiment, whose term ot ser vice expired Monday. This regiment came out in June, 1861, and was for a short time en camped near Gales' Woods, after which they encamped on the Seventh street road, and built Fort Slocum. They came out with fall ranks, 1,010 officers and men, and have since received numerous recruits, conscripts, <fce., and during the time over two thousand have been in the ranks, and out of the entire number there are about 250 remaining, the other having been killed, wounded and discharged. After the regiment started for home seven of them were killed or wounded, having been picked off by rebel sharpshooters. About 100 re-enlisted men were left behind. This regiment has been at tached to the 4th brigade, 2d division, 6th corps, and is now under command of Major Jenks, (Lt. Col. Reed being at home in Rhode Island, having been wounded in the Wilderness.) Their tattered and torn flags evidence the many hard-fought battles they have encaged in. But three of the original officers are now with the regiment. They expect to leave for home to night. Affairs in Georgetown? The Coal.heaven Strike.?The various coal companies were with out laborers at their docks all day yesterday; the laborers having struck for higher wages the day before. The agents immediately sent to tbe various contraband quarters, and ob tained new gangs to work for the same wages the strikers refused??1.50 per day. The gangs are not as numerous as required, but will be reinforced to-day. This morning some of the old gangs went to the docks and proposed to go to work again, but were peremptorily or dered away by the agents. 7he Canal is full of boats for about two miles above the aqueduct, all laden with coal. I'ortof (Jetrrtjetovm.?Entered?Schr. R. Mason, Cook, of New York, merchandise. Cleared? SchrB. St. Mary, Norton, for Baltimore: Joseph Marsh, Leeds, Hudson; M. P. Ivery, Lagere, Nanjemoy: Planter, Hopkins, Accomac: E. .lohnson, Falin, Baltimore; Farmer, Bedwell, do: Courier, ??, Dighxm; Cambell, Saul, Boston: Filler, Anderson, Dighton; Angeline Van Cleaf, Lemon, Jersey City: M. A. Pred more, Weaver, Providence; Sarah Lavinia, Parker, New Haven; Ross Winans, Cade, Bal timore: barges George aad Martha, Dentley, Pohick: R. Lacy Smith, Virginia. Mayor Wallach'8 Speech.?By the pub lished remarks of Mayor Wailach on Monday night he is incorrectly reported to say that there was not a man who supported his oppo nent who was not either a copperhead or who believed the destiny of the negro was para mount to that of the white man. What he did say was that Mr. Semmes was supported by "those who desired the division and destruction of the Union that slavery might be perpetuated, and by those who sought to preserve U., Union for the use and benetit of the negro alone." And ot course he did not in tend to be understood that all who supported Mr. Semmes were of these two classes. Accident to M'llb Marietta Ravei..? Last night during this lady's performance up on the tight rope at the Canterbury, some of the pulley ropes with which the main rope is secured gave way, and Miss Ravel fell heavily upon tbe stage, a distance of fifteen feet in juring herself slightly. She was carried off tbe stage in an insensible state, but soon re coveted and amid the vociferous cheers of the audience, among whom the greatest excite ment prevailed for a few minutes, she appeared before the curtain. We understand that she has so far recovered as to be able to again ap pear in her perilous feats to-night. Fourth Ward Station Cases.?John Cakely, disorderly; locked up. Owen Thomal ty, drunk; military. James Marshall, do.;$1.5?. T. W. Lesley, drunk and disorderly; military. Jno. Douglass, disorderly; 92.53. Jas. Riley, vagrancy; dismissed. Col. Porter.?The remains of the late Col. P. A. Porter, 8th N. Y. heavy artillery, arrived here this morning. The body will be sent home to Niagara county, N. Y. State of the Thermometer.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 75 in the shade. w ANTED-A CANVASSER: paid l.r the week. Inquire 54>a Louisiana avenue. It' L \JLT AJJTED?At the Gosling House, No. 247 Pa. '? avenue, between 12th and 13th sts.. a GIRL to make herself useful in the kitchen and to assist in washing and ironing. je 3-2t Bright yellow woman foe hire-to go iii the cojintry or to go traveling, to nur.->e or to do housework Can irive tie best references. Apply at No. 47O I2th street. It' \vFa~NTED?By a young lady, a SITUATION .s * v writer in an office, for five or six hours in the day. or would do copying at home. Address 319 12th street. Also, by a younsr lady, a situation to attend a fancy store. A<idres< as ahor". ms 2t" OST?Yesterday afternoon, a small SILVER i SPUR. 1 am willing to pay the double value of it. on its delivery in the Quartermaster's Office, No. 233 G street, between 17th and isth streets. .ie 8-2t* JOHN BoSA. $."T REWARD?Strayed from the subscriber, nu thetjth, light red COW. with horns; white face; very large teats, and hard to milk . .1 AS. BRADSHAW. jeS-4t* Prospect street, Nq. 61, C?eorgete-*-n. ?OR SALE?The good-will, stoi'.k and tools of a BLACKSMITH SHOP in the first Ward. Ap ply at WM, CHASE'S Provision Store, next door to the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 2?th at. west. je 8 4f STOLEN FROM THE I8LAND ON' SUNDAY night. 5th inst..a gray MARE twelve and a half hands high, long tail. Whoever gives any information of her recovery, or by leaving her at MICHAEL C REGAN'S. corn?r of 4;* street and Va. av., will receive Slu reward. je8-2t* ALIGHT RED COW. WITH A WHITE FACE two hi?h horns, came to the enclosure. May 33th. 1864. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay advertisement, and t*ke her away. Inquire at Ing'.e-iie, cne half mile north of Carver Barr:t ;ks. _ je8-3t* ERNEST BURGDORF. F< si. JJORSES! H0R8ES! HOR3E31 Was Difaetxint. Gaval*t Bttrhao, Onficettf Chief Qwtrtermeuter, Washington June 8.1364. Sealed Proposals will be received at this ?nice until 12 o'clock x Monday, June 20th, 1861,for two thousand (2,OHO) Cavalry Horses, to be delivered at the Government Stables at Giesboro Depot, near Washington city, within forty (41) days from data of contract. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, well broken, fnll in flesh, from fifteen (15' to sixteen (16) hands high, from five (5) to nine (9) years old, in good condition, and well adapted in every way to cavalry purposes. These specification! will be strut ly adhered to and rttidlv en fort ed in every particular. No bid will be entertained unless accompanied by a guaranty for its faithful performance. ?^Should any United States officer guarantee the proposal of a bidder who should prove to be irresponsible, his name will be reported to the Secretary of War with a recommendation that such officer be dismissed the service. All bidders and guarantors will bf held to the strict est accountability, and ivery failure to comply with terms of contract, or to make the contract when awara td, will be followed by prosecution to the full extant of the law Form of bid and guaranty can be had on appli cation to this office. Successful bidders will be prepared to enter Into written contracts, with good and sufficient securi ty. immediately on the acceptance of their bids. The oath of allegiance must accompany each bid. The undersigned reserves the right to reject all bids deemed unreasonable. Bids for one hundred 100) Horses and upwards will be entertained. Bids for the entire number of Horses required are lovited. , ? Payment will be promptly made on completion of contract. Ao Mores will be reteit ed , Proposals must be endorsed Proposals for Cav alry Hoi sea." aad addressed to Li?ut Col. James A. Ekin. Chii?f Quartermaster. Cavalry Bureau, WAnV*0* her'infor mat i on will be M-oniptly given, ?n application. personally or by le?"f' w. . JAMESA. EKIN, Lient. 0????nel and Chief Quartermaster, ?^Furc>i?*e in the open n,ark.-,s will oe con- . tinned at Giesboro Depot ???' th? uSuwl" i awarded. Payment made in certi?catee cflndeM- I edness for seven horses or more ie 8 td | BY W. L, WALL ft CO.. Auctioneers. At the Horae Baxaer <?-La. a? BALK Or r}OR8M,CAKR I AG *9 HARNESS, *e. On SATURDAY MORNING, Jane 11. comivMr ingat 10 o'clock, we will n?U at the Auw, *i Louisiana avenne, between 9th and mh street*. rom?ri.^**QVirTT HOMES. Including A Pair of Very Stylish Gray Ma'ch Bobtail Horaee,7 and Syeara o.d, and kind io harass* and found. ALSO. Other Horses;* description at sal*. ALSO. A Larse Asaortment of Desirable New and 6ec-j 4 Hand Carriages, Wagons. Harn?ss. Ac. Terms cish, le ? WM L WALL A CO . Anef gY J . C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON MADISON STREET, FORMERLY ORKGON ALLEY. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 15th, at 7 o'clock, on the premises, we shall the ? uta baif of Lot 42 in Square nutnW^i 44S fran'in* 1J! feet on Madison street. <a street running f*om M to N streete north, l>etween 6th and 7th streets west.) running back 1< 5 feat to a 15 feet a.ley, wita aJ3f'-et ailey on the south ? de, and >? *4 with a two story Frame l>we?line llo :*?co iti o ing four rooms atd a kitchen, and a Large Frame ^Tenii: One-third in caili; the remainder in ", and 6 niontha, with interest, secured b? a dead of tru?t on the premises . _S??d"""""j c.mVu,'i-!ke''? B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. SHINGLE- AND LUMBER AT PTBLIC AUG TION To b* sold without reserve. on FRIDAY MOR\ ING. June l'th, at 11 o'clock, at Easb>'s I.umtrr Yard, near Middlaton A Co.'a Dock, foot of T v?n ty-R'xth street and D. Washington, D. C.. No ( Shlrgles, pine aad cedar. 370 .'O ; No 2 thing-a. 110.0*0. Also, 30,000 feet of Tine Culling*. fui* property is to be ?-?ld without reserve, to ci'tee a cargo; and will be put up in Iota toauit purchasers. For farther particulars, iaquire of W. L. WALL. A 00.. Auets. Or JOHN FAFRELL, Comtniaaion Merchant. Commercial Bailding, Loni?iana avenue, betweea Ninth and Tenth street*. Washington, D. C. Je 3 3t . B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer#. VALUABLE RIAL E8TATE*ALE AT AUCTION OF A TWO ST<?RY FRAME HOfTOK AND LOT ON NORTH M STREET. BETWEEN t4lH AND 3?rH STREETS. On Tr ESDAY. the Uth dar of June, at 6'? o'cloek, in the afternoon, we shall sell, in front of the premises, l.jt 3 in Square No 24, fronting Wfeetl inches on North M street, between S4th and Slth street* west acd extendine b.tck I"0 fe?t toaVfeet alley , communicating bysi.-e alley* each IS teet wide, with 24th and 25th f.Ti? -ft., with the t^o story Frame House thereon, containing four rccms and a passage. 0 he location is b:gh an<l healthy and within a few minutes' w?!k of the Circi.'. in the Fi'st Ward, and the Fassenger K*ilw*> on Pennsylvania av enue, and affords a very eligible building lie. A pump of excellent water is convenient to the premises. Title perfect. Terms: One-half e.ishiand the remainder at 3 and 6 m ,ntbs for ? otes. hearing interest, and *? currd by a deed of trnst oa the premises. AT Cf nvr->anclng hul stamps at the cost of the purchaser. A d. posit of f 50 will be required at t he sals ieS-cAdi* J. C McGUIRE A Co., Auct's. B Y J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY BALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June 7th. at half past-Ave o'clock, on the premises, by Tittoe of a decide of the Supreme Court of the LtiPt'-ict of Col umbia. trade in acause (No. PS, in equity,) where in Julius M. Grander is comp'.aiuant, and Adele DoTgla? aad other- are defendants, pa--ed Mar d. 136-1. we shall sell the whole of Square No 561. di vide! ioto desirsble Buildirg Lot-, fronting re spectively on north 1 street New Jersey *v?mue. and Eirst street west.ail bavmgbne alloy facilities in the rear. This sqtare is located on the Mpb ground north of the Capitol, in the i umediat* vi, inity of St. Aloysins Cnurch and the Na'iona' Printing Office, and is in every respect desirable for private resi dences. Terms: One half cash: the remainder in three and hx months, with interest, secured to the satis faction of the Trus" ee-: on the ratification of the sales by the court and piiment of the purchase money, the Trustees wiii convey the property ia fee to the purcha*ers. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fl*? days after the sale, the Trustee* may re-aell tns property so ic default at the risk ani expanse of the purchaser, on one week's notice in the Na tional Intel, if er,cer. Conveyances and revenue stamp? at the colt of the purchaser. W. D DATIDGE.I THUS J rT4HER.< my 21 eoA J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aacte SS-THE AB"?VE SALE I~ IP >?TPONED UN til THURSDAY AFTEllNoON. June 11th. Bane hour and place. W D. DWID^iE. THOS J. FISH EH, Truateog. ie? d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucte. 8 T J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. _:UBTEE'S SALE OF HOUSE AND LOT ON NINTH STREET WEST, BETWEEN O AND? STREETS NORTH. Pursuant to a deed in trust made and executed by Richard A. Hyde, of Washington City, to the subscriber to secure a certain debt therein men tioned, I ahall preceed to sell, at public auctioa, on the Seventh day of Juna next, at 6 o'clock, p in., on the premises, "'all that piece or parcel if ground and premises, situated, lying, and being ia the said City of Washington, and District of Col umbia, and known and designated as Lot numbered ten (10) in Oruttenden's aub division of Square numbered three hundred and ninety eight (393,' fronting twenty (2*)) feet on Ninth atrest west, be tween O and P streets north, and running back with that width to a publie alley, together with all and singular, the improvements, privileges, heredita ments and appurtenances to the same belonging, or in asy wise appertaining." Terms: One bait of the purchase money easa, the balance in three and six months, with inter eat. The deferred payments to be secured by a deed in trust on the premises. All conveyances including revesue stamps at the expenae o" the purchaser. (It the terms are not complied with within five days after tte Cay of sale, the property will be re-aold. at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser, after five da} s notice in the Sven'ng 8tar. CHAS. P WANNALL Trustee. my.5-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE A C0.,Auete. ?y-TBB ABOVE SAI.E IS POSTPONED UNTIL TBURSDAY AFTERNOON Jane 16th. aams honr and plaee. CHAS P. W ANN ALL. Trustee. ,ie "-epAd* J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aneta |^Y W. L. WALL A CO., Aucticneeri GREAT SALE OF HORSES. CARRIAGES. BOG GIES. HARNESS, <H>OD WILL ANU LKA.SB OF STABLES. BLACKSMITH SHOP, OFFICE, FURNITURE.'IRoN SAFE, Ac., AT AUCTION, AT THE EXTENSIVE STABLES OF THOMAS ( LARK.ESQ .ON 14TH STRKET, BETWEEN THE AVENUE AND DSTREET. On TUESDAY MORNING, June 21. commen cing at 10 o'clock, we shall sell, his large aal valu able stock. embr?cing? THIRTY HEAD OF HORSES, Including. a-.u,})]? Match Horses, fine Driving and Saddle Hrrees, 5 Open Barouches, G Phaetons, 7 Close Carriages, 14 Top Buggies. 4 No-top Buggies, 14 Sieghs, 10 Saddlee, 4 Ladies Saddles 13 Setts Single Harness, 5SetisLight Double Harnefes, 6 Sett* Hack Harness, Office Furniture, One fire proof Safe. JLSO. The le*se, good will. Ac., of one of the best Bte bleain the city and having a lease of over two years to run. ALSO. Blacksmith Shop and Tools aad Shop to rent, \\ ith other article* usually Lund in a Livery Sta ble. The above stock embraces one of the larfert stocks offered at Auction and we especially call the attention of purchaser* to this rale as the wfcale stock will be peremptorily eold without reserve. Terms cash. je.8 d W. L. WALI. A C0.,Aucts. J J. MAY & CO., EXTENSIVE DEALERS tv FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC DRY GOODS! Have now on hand a full stock of SUMMER DRESS GOODS of every description, at prices lower than the same Quality of goods can be had in any other heuse in this city. MOURNING DRESS GOODS of every material now in use, on hand at very lew prices We oflfer GREAT BARGAINS in all kinds of FOREIGN AND D0ME8TI0 DRY GOODS, J . J. MAY A CO., 30? Pennsylvania avenue, je 7 2t batween 9th and I * 1 AA REWARD.?Was stolen from the stakl ^ 11M' of the subscriber, living ?aT Wile, in Howard county. Md., one BRIGHT Eh MORS*, about 8 years old. well foriiwB. a?? ?ood condition: has a *c?r some tw? l?ehe* len? St'weeo theright hlpand the root of the tall. atid neck pretty large; tail long aad ?11-n. ta* J^c^a^^iM'the^ark oVtlieCM^TejleMieBtstei large as the former, al^out 6 and i.fe'-k; has a scar on tfce edge of \ he ??" 1*V, where a wart bad been cot ea'|B|ftJ legf incUnefl toaweliif left stand;?? long la th<? atalW||. raw on the left ahoulder-biade. tnu? U. C. 8.,: aeary Tre^ldof'tJS for earh of the horses wlH be MaaciotUfiile, Howard Co., Mil

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