Newspaper of Evening Star, June 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 8, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMtBEMENTfi TO-NIGHT. G novas > 'I hkater. ? ? Fidelio," Beet .loren s only op-ra, will be performed here to uight. Madame JoUannsen having selected it lor her benefit nigh.. The same cast, em bracing Hermanns, Hi mirier, Hableman, Stei. necke Graflo, and the benefkiare, -which se cured the highest laudations in northern cities "while performing in this cpera, will appear here to night. Ford'p Theater.?" The Comedy of Errors" baa been perlormed for two nights at Ford's, and to crowded houses: and all who nave wit nessed the performance pronounce it one of the most entertaining that has talten place here in the comedy line in a long while. Clarke is splendid and creates shouts of laughter. A petite comedy will also be performed. Gastiebcrt.-TWj is the last week of the danseuse and tigh-rope performer, Ma?"iert i K--.^ el; an announcement the habitues cf Canterbury will bear with regret. The bill for to-night i.?r a i-plendid on?, and all of Man ager Lea's Are company will appear* Fairs a.nd Festivals.?At Dr. Sunder land's Church l>j street, there will beaStra* berv Festival ev? ry night this week. The Ladies or West Washington Mission are holding a Festivul at the Church, corner of 2"th and R streets. At Island Hall, the Ladies of Tth, street Pres byterian Church successfully continue their in viting Fair and Festival, and the interest in it seems unabated There was a very large at tendance there last night, and the "enjoyment was great. It will be continued all the week. At Anacostia Engine House Hall, a Fair, con ducted by the ladies of East Washington M. E. Church, is in progress. They have a lavish display of all the fruits and delicacies of the season. At the Lutheran Church, comer of lltb and H streets, a Fair and Festival lor the benefit of the Sunday School and Home Mission cause is in progress The Ladies of the Methodist Protestant Church, Ninth street at Union League Rooms, are holding a very successful Festival. Last evening there was a large number of ladies and gentlemen present and besides the many good things the palare dispensed, a fine little speech was made by little Miss Lazenby. (6 years old) known as the "Child Orator." She will sp?ik again to-night. Those Mho would spend a pleasant evening, and get the worth of their money, should not tail to attend and besides they wtll thereby aid a good cause. The Peace Democracy in Cockcil?senator ilauhbitry the Big Dog of the Democratic Tan yard?Senator Saulsbury tells hoi" he used to }Tjy. e long time ago?Senator Saulsbury used to sing psalms a long time ago?"' Ttoas mid right on Judea's Plain,'1 a favorite hymn of Salisbury s when he was a babe?He still lores ?The manly gin-cock-tail may tnpplant the maternal milk, but ever vriU he cling to that > yvxr,. the burden of which is Pkace ?Mr. Thos. /?'. Florence takes the stand?The Democracy hire 1 a project in riew"?He unfold* th" project A pa'hfndrr cat nnd'r the meal?Mr. Thomas B. Fkrence of the Ft ace Democracy, warmly en dorses John C. Fremont?John C. Fremont a '?poveiful champion"' and "r? shining light" in the opinion of Mr. T. B. Florence of the I'eace Femocracy?The Peace Democracy in council n?$?mbled greet the name of John C. Fremont vi'h "vociferous applause"?A Qwer Atfair altogether. An adjourned meeting of th* "Xational Xieir.ocrntic Association" was held last night iii Parker's Hall, and was called to order a Jittle alter eight o'clock by the president, Cbas. Mason, ex-Commissioner of Patents. In the of the regular secretaries, Mr. Wm. Fly nr. vras requested to act as secretary pro t *771 ? At tne opening ot the meeting there w^re about seventy five persons present, but the number was subsequently swelled to nearly Some 75 new members signed the consti tution, among whom were Thomas Thoraley. John J. Mullov, Wm. M.Morgan, Randolph Coyle, John D. Clark, Charles H. Utermehle, aud other well-known citizens. After the r.ew members had signed the Con stitution, Mr. Thomas B. Florence 6aid he noticed in the hall one of the greatest cham pions of Constitutional liberty in the Senate of ifce United States. A man who did not fear upon all occasions to express his sentiments. [Applause.] He referred to the honoraole {Senator from Delaware, Mr. Saulsbury. Loud cheers were given for" Mr. Siulsbary, and after the applause had subsided he took the stand, and started out by saying that he could not adtires- the assembly as his "fellow cui^.ens," for this is a day when a white man bas no rights in this District?all is reserved lor the nigger, and by saying fellow-citizens it would be implying the nigger was such algo. But he could address them as ?'gentlemen." & title which this Administration could not take away from them. [Applause.] The speaker then proceeded to quote from Milton's "Paradise Lost." and said, unlike one of that author's heroes, his (Saulsbnry's) YOice was tfor war. [Applause ] It is for peace. {Renewed applause.] The speaker then begged pardon for what, he was about to say; but he could not lielp referring to the time when he at Jus mother's knee learned the prayer, "Our CFather who art in Heaven," and the next thing he learned was the hymn commencing"'Twas midnight on Judea's Plain," and from them he learned that there should be " Peace on Earth; good will to man." That is what the Demo crats ol the present day believe, and their cry is peace, peace; and they appeal for the cessa tion of a strife which is striking down brethren in the land. [Applause.] This platform is not popular here, where the corrupt Adminis tration has full sway, [applause,] nor in New "York where shoddy arid contracts rule. The speaker had but one platform, and that was an immediate and unconditional cessation of this most ungodly war. [Loud applause ] He talked thus plainly because he talked to men who bad a deep interest in this country, and Le would have them know his true sentiments. {Applause.] The Iiemocratic party never was, and never can be anything but a Union party, and because it is a Union party it is a peace party. The speaker then proceeded to tell how the country had been built up, and claimed all the bonorfor the democracy, which he said had '?raised the torchlight of liberty upon every r ountain top," and kept it brightly burning. Hut m an evil hour, after our country had jrrowu mighty, the public brain became crazed, . certain politicians desired power aud their nicions desired contracts; and a corrupt party tame into power, [applause,] and the conse quence is bro'.her has raised bis hand a -ainst brother: and now, when 1,1/00 of our brethren are dj iug or being killed daily, a man sits jo king at the other end ot the avenue, and rules this mighty nation?a man who never had the ltret instinct of statesmanship. [Loud ap plause.] The speaker said he had opposed secession ai d disunion because it would bring ruin and desolation upoii this happy land, and would bring menrning to otherwise happy homes. But when it was said let us go to fighting to keep this Union together, he was opposed to it. | Applause.] The Union cannot be restored, ai d the Constitution cannot be preserved by var. [Applause ] Let the Democracy of the country therefore now raise the standard of opposition, and iry aloud "PeaceI" "Peace!" * Peace!" [Tremendous applause.] If any one thought the Constitution could be pre served by a vigorous war, that one had r$ad the Constitution and understood it in a differ ent manner than the speaker did. He did not t>el;e> e any such thing could be accomplished, ai.d therefore he counselled peace. [Renewed jipplause.] Mr Thos. B. Florence then took the floor, and said tbe meeting had been called for the purpose mainly of considering the expediency ct sending delegates to Chicago. It was now too late to proceed to the election of delegates, and be hoped that by the next meeting others vould imitate the example of those now pres ent and cotre up to the i ood work. It was therefore advisable to adjourn, because at a subsequent meeting there would be more pres. mt to participate in the delegate election. There was no necessity for a hurried election, lor it was very possible the convention would be postponed beyond the tth of July. At least if the convention did meet i'. would most like'y adioum and postpone the nomination. He ba4 heard that the Democratic members 11 tbe House and Senate had a project in view to use all means to unite all the elements ot opposition against this corrupt crowd at tne c tht r end ol the aveune, [applause,] and it did rot matter what a man s political antecedents bad been: and if the convention were post poned tbe |>emocracy?no, the Conservative men?might unite upon some one who could unite not only the Democratic? no, the Con seryatire?interest bat all the elements of the opposition. [Applause.] Resiles.a postpone ment of the nomination until September would oe beneficial in more ways than one. He be lieved the contest ought to be shart, sharp, de cisive and successful, [applause,] and if the members of Congress?the Conservative mem bers?did their duty they would at once rec ommend such a postponement of the Chicago Convention. Tte spet.k-"' congratulated the meeting upon s-uib a large attendance of men, who a twelve month ago would not have dared to come up to a meeting 'ike this. HethanWedGodljr tnat mich of ema: cipa'wn, [applause.] A year a o t*e sentiments uttered here to-night would lihve been considered treasonable and subject ' d 'he author to ignominious imprisonment; b t than* God we hare aprece lent for it in the action ?f one who was formerly an acknowl edged powerful champion of :he party now in Towet, {applause] who has in a le'.ter recently ?written! said wtia* tiofman ol the Democratic Conservative partv ->?onld have dared say. He (the &{,eag-r) bopi d this letter as a precedent Wt nld loose the tougucs and pens of thos* here totorebouid tyranny. [LouJ applause.] The man referred to bad been a bright and fctuning ligtn in the now dominant party, but thank God he had seen the error of his ways and turned from his false Gods, [applause.] The speaker said he referred to John O. Fre mont, [Long and vociferous applause.] Mr. Florence concluded by saying that he en dorsed all that Senator Saulsbury had said and was in favor of peace, and hoped the meeting would also endorse the sentiments ottered. [Loud applause ] Mr. John H. Ballman was elected janitor of the ball, which was ordered to be kept open each night from 8 to 10 o'clock, and the meeting after the transaction of some routine business adjourned. The proceedings were altogether of a very queer and fishy character, the copperhead sen timents of Senator Saulsbury, and the enthu siastic endorsement of Fremont, by another speaker, being received with equal applause The iadirations of the meeting point to the formation of a ticket with Fremont for the Presidency, and Saulsbury for Vice President. ForRTH WaiidStation Capks.?Amos Der ring, larceny: military. W. H. Stoiger, grand larceny; jail for court. Virginia Moore, sus picion ot larceny; Fanny Forrest, do.; dis missed. Lewis Thomas, vagrancy; do. Mary Kenney, keeping a vicious dog; do. Maurice Connor, disorderly; military. Hannah Kelley. grand larceny; C. Finnigan, drank; C. Rooney, do.; .lohn Hunt,do.: dismissed. Andrew Jack son, fighting; S1.5S. Jno. O'Donald, drunk; ?l.5c. Chas. Lyle, drnnk and disorderly; dis missed. Owen Daniels, drnnk; do. L. F. Showers, drnnk and disorderly; do. W. Kelly, drunk; do. R. Farley, do.; do. Ed. Dolen, do.; do. Mary Jane Hall, indecent language: $1.5*. Martin Doyle, drunk; dismissed. John Mld dleton, sleeping in the street; do. Timothy Riley and John Cokely, lighting; locked up 3 hours. Elizabeth A. Byers, disorderly; dis missed. George Rollins, grand larceny; for hearing. Barney Flannegan, vagrancy; do. John Doe, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Daniel Griffith, disorderly; sent to the Fifth Ward police. Caleb Drew, drnnk; 81.56. Francis Andrews, desertion; military. Caro line Reed, keeping a bawdy house; for hearing. Martin Bran nan, disorderly; 8I.5S. John F. Gainer, drunk: dismissed. Geo. Colbert, dis orderly; SI 5t. Geo. Dacey, do.; ?1.50. Ed. Adams, throwing stones; 81.5S. John E.Wil liams, drunk and disorderly: dismissed. D. W. Merrell, disorderly; 81.5*. Mary Mer rell, disorderly; dismissed. Samuel Lomax, throwing stones; 61.58. Georee Piles, drunk; 81.59. Frank Maynard, flighting; 83.5-. (Catharine Thomas, drunk and profanity; M. Kenney, allowing a viciousdog to run at large: dismissed. Caroline Bryan, drunk and disor derly; Snsau Lammond, do ; workhouse. .Tno. Wiliiams, vagrancy; almshouse. Frank May nard, disorderly and threats; bail for peace. Ames Jones, burglary; dismissed. Jno. John son, larceny; do. Mary Douglass, assault and battery; do. Frank Heok, drunk and disor derly; military. Jeanet Murphy, prostitution; workhouse. Amelia Dorsey, do.; do. John Williams and Thos. Henry, disorderly; 8>.5s each. Robert Rodmon, running a wagon against a man: iail for court. John Johnson, assault and battery: do. T. O'Donnell, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. John Johnson, disorderly; 9~>. 11. Wm. Wenner, John Hurley and B. McCarty, do. and drunk: dismissed: B. Murphy, illegal voting: bail tor hearing. Jno. Curry, "disorderly; dismissed. James Kean, drunk: do. Real Ertatf. Sales.?By Green Sc Williams, subdivision lot til, in square 045, to James Tay lor, for C cents per foot; lot 3, square 1,219, on Penn avenue, between 12th and 13th streets east, to David Rawlings, for 6# cents per foot; lot s square on 11th street east, between A and B streets south, to W. M. L. Cripps, for 11 cents per foot: two-story and attic frame dwell ing, with brick back building and lot, on D street north, between 6th and 7th west, to Dr. F. Schole for 83,000; two-story brick house on a lot on lease ground rent, on f-th street, be tween X and O sts. north, to H. R. Maryman for 8700. Fatal Accident.?About 6 o'clock yester day apernoon, as Henry Hoff man, Company H, 5th Maryland veterans, was walking across the railroad a little north of the depot, he was struck by an engine passing, and the wheels passiDg over his thigh3 nearly severed his legs from the body. He died in about thir'y min utes. The deceased hails trom Baltimore, where he leaves a family. His remains were taken to the Sanitary Home, from whence they will be interred. Second Ward * Station Capes.?Samuel Baxter, drunk; dismissed. John Jones do; military. Rody O'Brien, desertion: do. Huzh Swan, "disorderly; dismissed. Julia Thomp son, profanity;#2. Laura Davis, vulgar lan guage, do. John M. Wolf, do., do. Hugh Sloan, overcharging: costs 5& cents Martin Keith, drunk; 81. Fraternal Visit.?Last evening the divi pion of Sons of Temperance at Fihdley Hos pital, numbering nearly two hundred, accom panied by a band of music, marched from the hospital in lull regalia, to the hall of the Good Samaritan Division, to whom they paida fra ternal visit. Serenade.?Last evening the friends of the successful candidates for city councils in the First Ward?Messrs. Turton, Wilson, Kelly, Rheem and Doixohue? complimented them with a serenade. _ Speculating.?Charles Watkins, a soldier, was arrested this morning for selling Govern ment property, several articles of harness. Watkins was taken to Justice Giberson, wno turned him over to the military. Bea quarters Provost Marshal and Board of 1 Enrollment of District of Columbia, > Washington, D. C., May 2<>, 1861. ) The Board of Enrollment of the District of Colombia will be in session at the office of the Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth street and New York avenue, daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a. m. to 2 o clock p. m., for the purpose of hearing casee of exemption from draft for the following causes, viz: Alienage; Non-residence; Vnsuitableness of age: - Manifest permanent physical disability; and Two years'service during the present war, either in the army or navy. Citizens are requested to furnish information as to persons who are not enrolled, or who are trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that his own chance for draft shall not be unjustly Increased. J. 0. Putnam, Captain 1st regiment V. R. Corps, and acting Provost Marshal of the may 2G-tf District of Columbia. SPECIAL" notices. Two Dksirafi.e Brick Dwelling-houses ok 13th. between G and II Strskts.?Attention is called to the sale, under a deed of trust, of two very desirable brick dwelling houses situated on the west side of l'ith street, between G and H streets north , to take place at C o'clock, in front of the premi.-es, on "Wednesday afternoon, the 8th instant. The lots front each 2S feet on 1.1th street, and run back to a 2 ' foot paved alley. The houses are three stories, substantially built, and, in all respec ts, desirable reBiden'-es. Wm. H. Ward, Trustee, je 7-2t Jas. C. McGcirs A Co., Auctioneers. Notice.? To RetaiUrs of M<ntral Wn'er ft.?On and after Mondav. June 6. I8>t. my drivers are in structed to give fourteen (14) bottles Mineral Water. Porter, Ale, Ac., in half-pint bottles, for fifty (56 > cents. All bottles lost will be charged for at ten (10) cents each. Rii-sy A. Shin.n, Union Bottling Depot, 57 Green at., Georgetown, D. C. je 6 7t (Chronicle.) Do vor c?lor your whiskers and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hairdye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only 50 cents a box. 8. C. Fop.d, je 2-eoSm 290 Pa. avenue. Sole Agent. WiinmD to Curb ib Six Dath.?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an English Specific of sixty-flye years' itanding. will cure Gonorrhoea i? six days. No change of diet required. Prioe 81 per bottle. Sold by 8. C. ford, corner 11th street and Pa. ayenue, Washington, and Henry Cook. Alexandria, la 6-ly Nkstocs Dbbility, Sbmi?al Wbaxbbsb. etc.. Can Ei Cured by one who has really enred himself and hundreds of others, and will tell you nothing bat the truth- Address, witn stamp, ?dwabd H. Tratkb. mar S D&W,ly Lock Box. Boston. Mass. HARRIKD, At St. Aloysiae' Chureh.on the 7th of June,by tb- Bev. B A. McGuir-. GEO. A. R McNRIR to EMMA, tide-t daughter of H. N. Henning, Ksq., all ef this city. (l'hiiade'.phia Baltimore and Annapoiis, Md.. pa pers please copy.) On Tuesday evening, June 7th, at the Church of the Epiphany^ by Rei. Dr. Ball, HKNRY LOVE JOY to AUGUSTA F..daughter of W.T.Steiger, Esq ., all of this rity. On the 6th of Jnne.atthe parsonage of McK?-n dree Chapel, by Rev. J. Tnrush RICHARD B. NIXON to Miss ANNA R. UTERMOHLE, both of this city. " On June the First Baptist Church. by Rer. S. P Hill. JAMES PALMER to 11AKY WALTON 8t. JOHN, both of this city. PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY FOR SALE -Terms reasonable. Inquire at No. 311 7th street. Je 6-31* DILLON A IIALL. THE LATBST STYLES or TRAW HATS CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD k 00 '8, - . 4^0 Je ?-lm.if 3*24 P?. aT..het.?th and 10*h sts. [1MB I LIMB1 LIMK!?I am now prepared to deliver fresh burned POTOIUO LlfclK. pre pared from my aew Flams Kilo, without coming li contact with the fuel. 8 D CASTLSM AN, Ktna Lime Kiln, %? 17-ton P?. IT. and feocX Creek Bridge. Br. LUhtiiiH's Fourth f isit to Washington. DEAF NEU, CATARRH, and diseases of the EAR, THROAT, AND AIR PAS6AQES. Dr. LIGHTHILL, from 34 St. Mark Place, Ne-w York, Author of "A Popular Treatise on Deafaess, ??Letters on Catarrh," is cow in WASHINGTON, and can be consulted at tks Ebbitt Hovsb on DEAFNESS, CATARRH, and all the various diseases of the FAR, THROAT, AND AIR PASSAGES. Testimonial!* From the Rev. Fred. 8. Jewell, PrileiHi oi State Normal School, Albany, N> Y? This may certify that 1 have been, since 1841, subject to violent periodical attacks of catarrh, marked by a highly inflamed condition of the lining membranes of the cavities of the head, producing a most distressing species of head* ache tor days at a time, wholly incapacitating me from business, and during the paroxysms confining me to the bed. In 6ome instances the inflammation has extended to the teeth, occa sioning toothache ; to the threat, producing hoarseness and partial loss of voice ; and and twice it has so affected the left eye as to con fine me for a month or more to a darkened room. These attacks have been accompanied by strong febrile symptoms; by stoppage of the head, and, In the first stages, by watery discharges from the nose, subsequently becoming acrid and yellow, and towards the close of the attack becoming bloody and purulent. 1 have tried medicines of almost every kind; external ap plications to the head, such as camphor, gin ger, hot bandages, and fomentations of hot vinegar; snuffs of some half a dozen kinds, and other catarrhal preparations, together with in ternal remedies, such as alteratives, cathartics and emetics. These have produced no change in the occurrence or character of the disease, and, in most cases, with little or no temporary relief. I had comp, at length, to believe the disease to be practically beyond either cure or material alleviation. Under these circumstances I was led some five months ago, to make a trial of Dr. Light hill's treatment. His method at once approved itself to my judgment, as simple, philosophi cal, and likely to be effective. Notwithstand ing the disadvantages under which he labored, in dealing with a disease of such long stand ing. aggravated by nervous debility and dys pepsia, and constantly induced by the acci dents of my professional labor, I found the treatment reaching the diseas? as it had never been reached before, and producing such a modification and alleviation of its character as I had supposed imoosslDie. I chronicle ttie results thus. Although 1 have been situated several times, so that I should formerly have believed a severe attack of my catarrh inevita ble, I have escaped thus far; the symptoms of threatened attack have been very light, and have yielded to the remedies employed by I>r. Lighthill, without need of recourse to the old hot fermentations, or emetics: and the dischar ges from the head have resumed the original and natural condition. I count upon a com plete cure. That I have been able, however, to obtain so material a relief is to me a cause of gratitude. In that alone, I am repaid for whatever the treatment may have cost me. I make this statement unsolicited, as a means of acknowledging mv obligations to Dr. Light hill's method of treating catarrh, and with a view to aid any who may have suffered from that disease, in forming a jus: opinion ot its merits, and its probable utility in their own ease. Fp.sdk. S. .Tewell, Prof State Normal School. Albany, N. Y., March 11, lstH. Catarrh Cured. From Rev. R. P. Rut sell, Lynn, Mots. I have been much troubled with Catarrh of the' worst type for some twenty years. It gradually grew worse, producing cough and hoarseness, destroying the sense of smell, and breaking down my general health to such a degree as to compel me to resign my pastorate, and suspend public speaking. I made diligent use of the useful remedies, such as snuffs of different kinds, nitrate of silver, tar water, olive tar, and inhalations, but without anv salutary effects. Last sum mer I heard of Dr. LighthilPs successful mode of treating catarrh, visited him, and put my self under his treatment. I began immediate 1 ? to improve, and this improvement ha3 gone on to the present time. My catarrh has gradu ally melted away, ray cough has disappeared, my voice has become natural, and I am once more able to preach the blessed Gospel. Let me advise all troubled with catarrhal difficul ties to apply to Dr. Lighthill. p. R. Russell, Lynn, Mass., Feb. 1.1^2- my 3<)-eo2w PIC NICsT &c. A Third grand afternoon and niirHT PIC- NIC of the ANDERSON CLUB Will be eiven at tin* Washington City Garden, on New York avenue, tiet. 1st and 2<i nts.. on WLD NE8DAY EVENING, June 8, 1*>4. , Tickets cents, admitting a gentleman ana In dies, Doors open nt 2 o'clock; dancing tocom mence at 3 o'clock. ie s-'it* COLUMBIA GARDEN. t Corner ot 12th strcJ an ! O\'o avtnu>. FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. Monday and Saturday 's Concert commence at 3 o'clocfc. with a full Bra?s Band. The coolest Lnger in the city a! ways on hand. je 3-1 m* First grand afternoon and evening PIC NIC OF THE ? HIDDEN HAND ASSOCIATION, at SEVENTH STREET PARK. WEDNESDAY. June 3. Committee of Arrangemtnts. G. Wickes, M. H. Dev. G. Correll. C.E.Thompson. John H. Thompson, , . , ? , Dancing to commence at 4 o cioc* p. m je , -,t J/IRST GRAND AFTERNOON^AND EVENING 01 THS INDEPENDENT SOCIALS. WASHINGTON PARK, SEVENTH STREEl WEDNESDAY, June 15th. Idol. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of A* a**emeltf. R. B Reed, M. W. Lees^. W. H. Osbourn, 0. W, Brown, T.E.Clark,, G.W. Gtadinan. Je 7-3t* PERSONAL. H 0L1.ANDF.RS. ATTENTION I CALL FOR A LEGATEE. JOSEPH J AN8EN. born in the K:ngd..m ot the Netherlands, and who left about tea years ago for North America, or in case of his death his legitimate child or children, are called upon to furnish written evidence of their existence .and residence, at the office of the notary. A. PERK at Hilversum. province Noord. Holland, and arron dissement Amsterdam, in order to receive, at the specified time, a legacy left by HENDRIK JAN SEN, during his lif-j a mason at Hilvet*uni. In case within three years of the present call bo r?atis factorv tidings or announcement arrives or take-, l>'ace,'tlie legacy will lapse in favor of other rela tives indicated in the testament. Hilveroum, Jan, 59, je J-lt BOARDING. T B COUNTRY BOARD CAN BE OBTAINED NEAR Georgetown by applying at the Star Office. It* ABLE BOftRD can heliad at-No. 4.>7 Second _ street. Capitol Hill, lour doori south fj"jm Pennsylvania avenue. je a-3t rfTHREE FURNISHRD ROOMS WITH BOARD 1 for rent. Al>o, several Tabie Boarders can be accommodated ntNo. lb'2 G street, between 2'th and 2ist st-. Only gentlemen need apply. jea-3t~ OARD. WITH HANDSOMELY FCRMISHED ROOMS, for two or threo gentlemen.or fami lies,?one single room. House commodious anl airy, with spacious grounds Terras moderate. Apply southwest corner 21st and H street, near Penn. ave. je7-3t* PARTY OF GENTLEMEN, or gentlemen and their wives, without children or servants, who can furnish their own rooms, can get BOARD in the country, an hour's distance from Washington. The roomi- are large aad airy; the focatit n beau tiful: plenty of fruit and vegetables, and tine sta ble for horses, and pasture. A line addressed to MRS WILSON, (by responsible parties.) Bladi?ns burg. Prince George's Co., Mi., will meet with immediate attention. je 7-St FIH^T-CLASS BOARDING at 350 K street. Franklin Row. A few seats for Table Board ers. 3? 6 3t* IVIOORE'8 MAGIC SODA FOUNT 18 NOW ivl ready to dispense pure and cold Soda Water to his yery oumorom Pat*ons MOORE'S West End Drag Store, my ln-gw 11S Pa avenue wsst WE HAVE J VST RECEH ED FROM EUB-JPE a large lot of thefiuest Italia* Violin |>L Strings that have erer been broughtto thisjPM country. Also .one very fine old Stainer V i? lin and several others of a superior qualitr. The Strings are all manufactured to our order, in pres ence of one of our firm, of the best matenal during tHe winter season, ana are warranted te be true mj 31 Corner c filth street and Pa. avenue. 1*7AN'TED IMMEDIATELY?900 LADIIS to W Kmbrolder on Muslin, Linen and Cambrle. To good, hands con.Unt work wd^ good wajn. Fate at Office w WANTS. (H>OD COOK WAITED .?Apply at No. 509 H ?tre?t, one doer from 7th. je a-3t? liTANTED-A good, fancy- BAKER. Entire at " U. H. RIDENOl'R'8 Confectionery, 304 Pa. avenue. it* ANTED? By a young girl, h SITUATION a " chambermaid or nurt>e. Apply at corner lUt andH. je 3 3t? \\rANTED-A small HOUSE, or three nnfur " niihed Rooms. Persons having the above will find a tenant by inquiring at the corner of 6th and south B ??it*. It* WANTED?By a young woman, a SITUATION as Cook; is willing to make herself generally useful. Can be seen at the Star Office to morrow (Thursday) morning, at It o'clock. It* WANTED-Two ROOMS, with BOARD, for two gentlemen and their wives. A private family preferred: and not ovet twenty minutes' walk from the Treasury. Address "C. J..'" Star Office, stating terms, location, Ac. jeH-4t* ? A N T E D^SEOOND HAND FURNITURE. ' AUo. MIRRORS. CAttPE TS. BEDS. BED DING. anil HOUSE FURNISHING! GO 3DS of every description. R. BUCHLY, 428 7th street. je8 ff between Gand H.east side. W~ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At SOT E street, between 2d and 3d, a PUPP Y, not over a week old. ' je 7 -2t* WANTED-One good WHEELWRIGHT Ap ply at the corner of 3d street east and Mary land avenue, Capitol Hill. None but a goodjrorlc raan ne^d apply. je"-3t* WANTED?A young MAN, well recommended, to act as clerk in an ice cream and confection ery store, An experienced hand preferred. Ap ply to B. W. COBURN. 360 D st. je7-3t? WANTED?A Catholic Ladr, having a portion ofher time disengaged, may hear of a per manent and profitable engagement. Apply at the 8tar Office. je 7-2t* WANTED?By a respectable and experienced fe male, a SITUATION as housekeeper; can at tend to a linen room, if required. If such does not offer ebe would travel with a ladv having a small faniily._ Address Box No. 1 Star Office, je 7 2t* WANTED?At tiS*6 north F street, between l?th Hnd 13th streets, an experienced colored COOK. None but those who thoroughly under stand their business and can brim good references need apply. " je 7-3t^ VITANTEl>?A HOUSEKEEPER, an American vv or Englishwoman; one who can give good references. One who can make dessert preferred. Call at No. 391 0 street, between 3d and je 7-3t* PERMANENT BOARD WANTED.?A gentle man, wife and sister desire. two connecting Rooms, with comfortable Board, in a pleasant lo cation, where there are no children and but few boarders. Address, stating location and lowest terms. "C. M. M.,r office of the Star. je7-3t* C* ITUiS WANTED?Apply at the Ebbitt Hou?e. \ J je (?-3f IJIT"ANTED?A Blacksmith's HELPER. Apply *v Hf No. 553 12tii street. je_CjSi* It. W. JOHNSON W ANTED?Two GIRLS for dining room. A poly ** at Pennsylvania House. .157 C street. Le twecn and 6th streets. je <?-.>t~ WANTED?By a respectable young man, a SIT UATION as clerk in a grocery store, lately come from England. Address H. E.. Star Office, je 6-3t* WANTED TORENT?An unfurnished HuU-E in h central location, with about ten room-; water and iras. Address "B 430 D street. Pos session any time tlii- month. je 6-eo'tt* N AMERJC AN~L ADYWISHES TO ENGAGE A kinds tit sowing. Address P. A. Star Oflice. The very be-t reference can be given. ie<i THVO FIRSl "CLASS BARBERS WANTED IM 1 i.,ediai?l>. at DKMONGEOT'S Human Hair Stoie, turner D and luth streets, neat tar avenue. je o \\ "ANTED-At !!? (I o -il i: 11. Hou.?e, a goo 1 \V AI tv TER; to such S_\? .i month wages will lie given tiie v hole y*-ar i *u mi. lii'iulre at t he R -staurant, Vil7 I'eiin. awiiui-. bet, lu't. an 1 13th sts. j.">-3t' \\7 AN7 El>?A young lna'i ( American or Gerinan) vv that 1 'rstand Cutting Meat to attend in a Grocerv and Prevision Store. Apply with refer enreto'K H. Bonta A Griffith s. 36ft7tfc street,near l. je? 3t* C'li PER WEEK.?Wanted immediately, three tjJ" HOSTLERS two CARRIAGE DRIVERS,one CARRIAGE WASHER. The highest wage- will I '? given ; . ? i stead> men. R CRUIT A SON, ie>f, Georgetown. VV" ANTED?B\ ? Northern lady, who thorough *? u understands her business, a.position a-> HOUSEKEEPER in a bach \or'- or widower's es tablishment ; one or two children not an objection. A.'! ires-"" Hou?eke?*j?er,?" Star office, slating when and where a:i int-rv.'ew caa be hel 1. ii-3'.' pa nnn ladiks wanted to call at OU,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3*1 9 (itreet, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing. Stitching. Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the eity. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh_4_ LOST AND FOUND. I03T?Onthe7*h instant, between ltth and 13th _i streets, a GOLD SIlAWL-PIN. The tinder, by returning it toNo. 363.corner Uth andH streets, will be liberally rewarded. le s-3t* ?C REWARD?Straved orstolen.a small,round bodied black HORSE, fore feet cramped. The above reward will be given if returned to JOHN HOLLY. T. B., Prinee George county, Maryland,__ [ je 8-3t* CAME-TO MY STABLE, on the 2d of June, a black HORSE. The owner w ill come forward, prove property, pav charges, and take him away, a'. No. 302 F St.. between 11th and 12th -td. Je7 3t* 1TaKEN"1'P ESTRAY?On the Z'.th of May. a red and white spotted COW. Tne owner is re 1 nested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her awav. WM. FALLEN, je7-3t* Washington On- Works, foot of st. IOST?Yesterday, in the street ears, or near the i corner of the Center Market, a dark Morocco PUR8E. containing S3' and some 75 o' 3-t cents. Tiie tin ler will please leave it at the Star Office, and receive a reward. je 7 3t* ?>1 A REWARD.?Strayed from my place, on the c> I " 7th street road, two MULES.about eight years old: one dark brown HORSE; mule nhod be tore; one light -oriel MARE, shod all round. A. C. SHOEMAKER, je7-2V near Second Tollgate. r|"i AK EN IP ESTRAY?Op the 1st of June, a bay J. MARE, with saddle aid bri lle. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, ani take her away. * JOHN W. LACKNKR. je 7-2tv D st. south, bet. 5th A 6th, east. AME~TO THE PREMISES OF THE SUB3CRI ber. on Thursday, the 2d ot June, a black and white COW. medium size, about six years old. The owner will please come forward, prove pro per: v. pav charges, and take her away, je 7-3t* PEIRCE SHOEMAKER. Rock Creek. ^TRAYE1) AWAY from 391 E street, a Slut O TERRIER, black, with tan spots over each eye and tan on loner part of the legs and brea-st; long ea -s. and a brag< e< liar on. Any one returning the same to the above number will receive alihera! rewar I. as it is Talued as belonging to a deceased re ative An-wers to the name of Pink. jeT-3t' IOST?Between Louisiana avenue and 12th street, j Penn avenue, a hlnck POCKET-BOOK, con tainina |C3: also, a Sutler's Pass; between the hours of 4 snd 5 p. m , the 6th inst. The finder will be satisfactorily rewarded by leaving the same at 2'J7 D street, between 12th and 13th. je 7 rr CAME TO MY PREMISES on Sunday. June 5. k?H. a light bay MULB. large size, (mare;) ha the appearance c-f being old. c>asiderabl> marked b> the harness.! please come for ward. prove property, pay charges aud take her away. Second Tollgate.7th street turnpike. D. C. jef 3t" JOHN H. McClIESNEY^ STRAYED FROM THE NAVY-YARD HILL O two ba> HORSES?one a iinall hor-e with his hind legs a little Fore above the hoofs; the other was a condemned borse with his left hind leg very sore. Ten dollars reward will be given by EuWD HUNT if returned to 453 K street, four^doors from the Nary-Yard market. 7-2t* (T. W LLlTiirY THE BUTLDING 340 E street, built upi-.n a l?ase having four years yet to run, together with abontf j i worth of toois. and stock, used in the business now carried on. A responsible party stands ready to give $72*' per year rent The present owner will not rent, a? he is about leaving the city. Apply on premises, 340 E street je71W 8"TBAYED OR STOLEN?From the premises of D- W MILLER, Clifton. Georgetown Heights, late Col. EHett's place, a fine large red COW, with white face and bell). and short h< rns? one of them curls over the eye. She is heavy with calf. Are ward Of fs will be given fur her return to the sub scriber. or such information as will lead tc her recovery. 3* 7-3t* air REWARD WILL BF. GIVEN FOR THE *5)^) ret'irii of a black a-id tan couired RAT TER RIEB, *i:h acoljtron, with the subscriber'* name on jt. GEORGE KRAFT, e?i-3t* Coa-t Survey 0llice. REWARD?Strayed sway, Tuesday la^t, a BLACK COW, with white spot on her face, and half her tale wh'fe: she was in calf. The above reward will lie paid if brought on 21*t street, be tween M and N. THOMAS GLANCT: T"AKEN I'P AND ESTRAY.?Came to the prem ises of the subscriber, living on Half street south, between R and S.two HORSES, one a dark ba>, about six years old, about fifteen handa high; the other a light bay inare, about fifteen hands nigh, abald face, with four white feet. Tne owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay ???.tea, ???>j0?K BER0EN. CjCTA REWARD?Stolen from the subscriber, living near Potomac Cross Roads, Mont gomery County, Maryland. on Saturday evening, June6th. aSORREL STALLION, six yearsoH;one or two white hind feet; star in forehead, about or 16hands high: raees slow under the saddle, trots in harness. I will give the above reward for his recovery, or any information so that I may get him again (je 6-3f) J AM ICS R. NORTON. STRAYED OR 8TOLEN-On the 2d inst., a red, and white COW. giving mijk; about ten years old. Has seven red spots ou her rigat aide, ma nure stains on her hind quarters; her fcead an 1 neek have much the appearance of a steer; ttr*? holes midway in her horns. I will give $i for hef recovery as estray; f?t, if stolen, for the appre lien&ioii aud conviction of the* thief. JOHN G. STAFFORD. je6-3t* 4.HI aear N street, EJIRKDON SATURDAY*, MTT* 5StH, 4t>4. TO n a young man who gave the name of Ch<y>. V er non, ft SORREL MARE, nhout 8 years.?1!U ? hands liifth: and black painted buggy. ?t'+P*'1 red, mane by Pretschner, Wilmin*to"< Del The supposition is that they have been left at some oth"r Stable, in mistake. Infonrtatloo f ading tr ^, .r 'coveryoftho above nropL-rty will he rewarJec at the NatlomA! Hfctel S&bles, tith street , Je6 3t* VHA0* A. MCJU'Ui, Agefct. F FOR KENT AND SALE ^OprSALE-A BARBERSHOP. Inquire at tie Star Office. jttMM* TJANDSOMELY FURNISHED DOUBLB AND XI SINGL1 ROOK* for rent, 493 irth street, between H and I. )e 8- tt* FOR RENT?A small, unfurnished HOUSK. con taining seven roorcs, suitable for housekeep ing. within tire minutes' walk of the Navy Depart ment. Apply at 571 comer K?nd Uth >t. j- s 3t* FOR RENT?A few covi and ^lea-ant ROOM"*, in a cutivfnient and central location. 0<ily * fe* step-from the street cars No.-199 Tenth street, between Pa. avyaue and C street. le S 3t* FOR SALE?Two or mors BUILDING LOTS. Mast be sold Terms reasonable. for farther particulars inquire tst No 437 Seventh street. ,ie 8 lw* FURNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT.-For rent, ft Furnished House, until September Ut, at a very moderate rent. situated on Pennsylvania av., between 21st and 2'2d cts., No. t*5. Gas aud w*ter in the bottse. ' je 8-St* FOR SALE -A aew two stor> BRICK HOUSE, containing 6 rooms, w ith yood Ri-*d lotv and excellent water near the premises, situated within 5 minutes' walk of the PresidentV Housi-. For further information apply to ANTHONY BUCU LY, Undertaker, No. 301 Pa. avenue. je s ?t* l^OR SALE?A two-story BOUSE, with STABLE 1. attached; now occupied as a wholesale and re taill produce store, in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, now doin^ ? good business. Inquire on the premises, No. 3t>8 E street, on - door from 11th. jeS lw A BARE CHANCE?KOft SALE -The HOUSE. LEASE. FURNITURE and FIXTURES of an Eating House, the best stand in the city, will be sold cueap for cash, as the proprietor is about chancing his business. Apply immediately at559' Mary] tana avenue, between nth and 10th sts., Island. Je 3 lw* T~0 REET?An elegant HOL'SE, with brown stone fi-gnt, partially furnished, with a'.l mod em improvement*. centrally and pleasantly lo cated. No. 444 E street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase. together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding house. For particulars inquire of Hon D. E SOMES on the premises, or Capt. GEOKGE HLY. No. 27 t'e street Possession given immediately. _iejJ-tf ' FOR RENT-Tw . nicely furnished ROOMS, suit able for one or two geut'''men. can be had at No. 463 D street, between 2d and 3d Apply im mediately. Terms moderate. je ' .'if* FOR RENT?Three verj d.-siraMe ROOMS, handsomely furnished and centrally located Inquire at No 537'.. H street, between t?th and 7th sts. j? 7 3t* F~OR SALE-A BUILDING LOT o:i N street north, between Uth an 1 12tti streets, fronting 3."feet and running back 1'"' feet. Inquire* f J AS. KELEHER. 8th street, bet. D and E je 7-2'.' THEBEST CHAMBER IN a PRIVATE HO US tf. roomy, cool and clennly. No. 419 II street, be tween 11th and 12th. is offered for rent to c ne or two gentlemen. je 7 3t" F~OR SALE-A BARBER'S SHOP, with or with out tixtures. Apply at N >. 574 7th str?et. Island, between B street and Maryland arena-, je 7-3t* I l?rgp windows, suitable for a doctor, dentist or an* light business. Apply J. BARNE^ A' CO., 'JO'l I'a. a' e'ine, up sta rs je 7-3t* I?i >R !;ENT?A*smH 1! FURN i SUED HOUSE, con !a'.ni:ig seven rooms, w ith gas and water, on D. between 1-; and id streets. No. 494. Possession Mien immediate y. Best of city references re quire 1. )e7-3t* Cv>R S AI E, A~S ACRIFICV?STOCK and POS " SESSION ' * Grocery and Lienor Store in (icorgetown. Kent ?16 per monthj ?50u worth of s'^'-k for $4i?0 cash Apni j immediately to MITCH ELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers/S. E. corner Pa. avenue end UtL street. J ie7-6t* U RNI8I lKlHTiJf^El>KllENT.-For rent, a 1 FURNISHED HPf**7T ontainingeight rooms. Location d^?3i,?ab;^, fc_ a place of business or a pri \ nte family. I'o=ses-ion given immediately Ap ply fit No. "J-'it) 4tn street, between I and K. Fur nished Rodms can be obtained by applying at the tame place. je 7 3t* rndiNTSHKD HOUSE FOR RENT ?A neatly I furnished HOUSE will be rented, during the summer, to a', v without children. Bed aud table linen reserved The rent willbetakin in board a part of the time. Possession giv en imme diately. References required. Inquire at No 400 8th street, between G and H, one - tuare north cf the Patent Office. je 7-2t* I^OR RENT?A large STORE; c ?od location for confectionery c>r iceceam --i'o :ii. Inj' ir-a'. the i-tore. 310 I >ti eet w est. je ti-lm I"7*0RTaLE?A neVvrhi W, -on SEWING 1 MACHINE Apply at N ? 416 E str-et, be tween8th and 9th. je 6-3t* ' E N T L E M E N DESIRING NEWLY KI R. -1 niched and neat ROOMS or suits of ROOMS with a private famii> may apt)!} with reference, t* 417 13th street, between G and II jt- rt -it * STORE TO LET, 397 Pa. aieue, between 4^ andothsts. Good location foi urn business. Apply to FRANK AUDEMARS, 504 Pa. avenue, between 2d and 3d stg. je >'i-3t FOR RENT?From June to October 1st, 1834, a nicely furnished HOUSE, of eight rooms. Terms moderate. Location central and pleasant. BeBt referance required. Inquire at this office. je 6 3t* 'OR RENT?Two BRICK HOUSES. 6 rooms in 70B BENT ON AVENUE?One large FRON I' BOOM, second floor, nicely f rnished, w ith 3 ( FUI* llCtii J M. <? u va?aw>? ? v . each house, situated on P street, between 4th and 5th north. Good reference will be required. Api>lf?to THOMAS HOLL1DGE, comer 5th and P streets. jet?-3t* "l^URNISHED HOUSE FOR RENT, or house for JT rent and furniture for sale. The house is No. 8 4'j street It is on# of the very best and most commodious in the city, and i? furnished through out in northern style. For particulars inquire on the premises^; je 6 lw* F~OR~SALE-EU1LDIXGI LOTS FROM 890 API ECU LP.-Thirteen desirable LOTS in Square No. 3CT. Vermont avenue, between R and 8 streets; and eight de.sirab'e Lots in square north of Square No. 8X4, on Vermont avenue, between S and T streets, will be sold low and on easy terms. Apply to L. F. CLARK. No. 24"* Pennsylvania av.. bet. 12th and 13th sts. je ti-lw* I^IRBT-CLASS HOUSE FOR RENT, PARTLY FURNISHED.?The spacious ami mod-rn built HOUSE. No. *J37 Bridge street. Georgetown, for the snmmer months. Persons not desiring th? whole house can obtain suites of splendid and spa cious apartmeHts, furnished with baths, Ac. Ap ply on the premises, or to F. W. JONES, Esq., At toroeyat Law. BRICK STABLE and CARRIAGE HOUSE also for rent. Apy!,- immediately. before sale of Furniture. je 6-3t* HOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR RENT. For rent, one of the largest atd best located Gal leries in Washington, with all the modern im provements. None but first-clas3 artists of high reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare chonce for a good energetic operator with some capital. Apply on the premises to P. J. BELLEW k CO , 510 7th street. 3 doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash, firat month in advance. je6 tf A GROCERY AND LlyUOR STORK FOR SALE and HOUSE for rent, at No. tiSii 7th street, between L and M. je 4-6t' WM SCHUL7.E. FOR SALE?The three-story aud basement Brick HoL'eE, No. 371. corner of Thirteenth and I streets, c >!.ta:nius nine rooms. Potomac water in basement and gas th-oughout. Possession given and furniture sold if desired. je 4-lw* ILL BE SOLD A BARGAIN?THE NEW JERSEY RESTAURANT, on F street, be tween 21?t and 22d. The house contains five rooms, with stock and fixtures; all for $ikw. Inquire at 1951 stree^ le 4-6t* FOR RENT ? A RARE CHANCE.- A. now FRAME HOUSE containing 7 rooms, situated in the First Ward, now one of tne best locations iu that Ward for a restaurant aud tavern. Inquire at No. 457 13th street, between E and E street-, at 1 o'clock, je4-lw* W- OULD BE RENTED FOR A PERIOD OF three months, to a careful tenant, without i small children,a neatly FURNISHEDanddesirable HOUSE, in the vicinity cf the Patent Office, cen tral!) and pleasantly located. None other but a nr;\ ate family wi-hing to occupy same, and not sub let, or having boarders, need apply. Possession Jiven in tv. o weeks from date. Premises No. 404 iifhth. etrect west, between G and H. je 4 tf LAND F0R1jALE OR EXCI1 AN (i K, in Mara thon, Jackson Door and Juuan counties, Wis confln. cn reasonable terms. Apply 8. W. corner 21 stand H sts.^ [my 3j5t"J D. C. KNIGHT, 1?0R RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, at No. ">Tl . H street, between Oth and 7th. Also, a RoOM <>n first lloor. suitable for an office, with sleeping apartment adjoining. je3-lw* 4>OR 8ALK-A PORTABLE HOUSE, built for a Pnotograph Gallery; 24 feet long aud 12 feet wide, witb a large sky light. Suitable also for a sutler. Apply to JOHN 8. DUTROW. No 15 King street, A_lex?-'"lri?i. VV je3 lw^ FOR RENT?A new BRICK HOUSE, coataining fire roomn, situated on the corner of Sth and A streets, Capitol Hill. Alio, the FURNITURE for sale. Apply at J.BBOWN'S Restaurant, corner 13th street and Penn. avenue. je J-1 w* 'l^O LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in J. theFIrst Ward The whole, or in suites. 1 os session given the l?t of July. Inquire at Star Of fice, or address Mr. EVER. Georgetown Poatlff tire. Alto, four lar?e PARLORS, for Government offices. _ my 28-1 m* R'OOtoiT'FdR RENT.-Comrortable and well furnished Room?at450 12?h street, between G an<i H sts. Th*1 location one of the raost de sirable in the city^; "ILBL-L t*OR BALB~^i>,000 cash will purchase th^ iu Wa*hington. D. C , containing forty rooms. This establishment Is conducted on the European plan. Real Estate Brokers. 8. E. corner Penn. ave. and 13th St., Washington, D. C. my 23-lm ?OB" BALE - A beautifully located BRICK house, 18?M, eight rooms and pawage; lot 37x?P to aa alley. Immediate possession?only *Vo6o feet of Ground, fronting on Pa. irenue, for ^^VcHElJaReal Estate Brokers my 17-lm* 8. E. cor. Pa. av. and isth st. F~ OR SALE?With immediate possession, n PROPERTY frosting 6? feet on Mstreet, by 14C deep. Improvements, a Urge double-wing cot'age, 10 room*; three small buildings in the rear, good fenoing. garden, fruit trees, 4c.; tor **' MITCHELL & SON, Real Est?t* BiMters, my 16-lm* aoutheast cor. Pa. av. and 16th OR BENT-A delightful RESIDENCE, with Furniture, cn Geo?getown Height*, on the between Groen and Moctgomerr SV?d?rd st. Possession given oa the 10?h ? _ a. _ v ?kl. m? eon are above of June next. Kcr ter;a?, apply icpa n3* ? Uet, i ' i ?4 * AUCTION SALES. F#r ?ther AutUM lalti see flrit p?|*< THIS AFTERNOON AND TO-MORROW gf GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctiouaers. CHANCRRY SALE OF VAIUABLB RIAL BS , 1 A1 K ON PBNNSYLYANIA AVKNUB In pursuance of a decreed the Supreme Oinrt of the District of Colombia. sitting in Equity, made rbj entered in the east No 226. wherein W. Henry'wr, Edward Thorn** Farrar, Jacob L. Bright, ?nd A aim Elizabeth, Bis wife. formerly Ann* KlizaVeth Karrer, and Frances Farrar by her ?eit tiena *r? complainants and Jos*ph F. Rei ley. executor of the u?t will and testaaieat of Mary Farrar. d*?ea?ed defendant. I shall proceed to sell, on the pemises.ou WEDNESDAY, thetilh .'ay of June text, at 6 o'clock, p in., all the ee tste, right, title. interest. claim, and demand of which M*ry Farrar died seised and possessed of, in and to a certain piece or ptrOell of land. lying, situate. ah<1 being in the city of Waahingtoa, Ana known and distiruuishel on the plan of said city rs Lot number twenty six.iJo in Square or Reser vation A together with the improvementa there or.. consisting of two frame houses and appurtea apf-*. The (??aid property it situated on the south aide of Penr>H>'vania avenue betweenThird and Four and a half street* wost. Terms One-third cfv-b; aad the residue in equal instalment*, payable respectively ia three. six, nine, and twelve months; wit n interest The de ferred psynu nts to ho secured by a deed io trust on the premises The cost of conveyancing, irolading the price of revenue stamps, to be at the expense of the par chaser. and the convetances to l<e prepared under direction of tSe Solicitor in the cause JOSEPH F. KELLEY Executor of Mary Farrar, deceased. T. M. B1.0CBT, 8ol.eitor. my.28-eod4ds GRKBN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. Y J. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. B SMALL BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON THIRTEENTH STRBET WE*T HB TWEEN L 8TRBBT AND MASSACHUSETTS AYENUB. On WEDNESDAY AFTBRNOON. June 8th at ??* o'clock, on the premises, we shall seil subdivision D of Lot No. 26, Square No. 247, fronting SB feet on Thirteenth street, between L street and Massachu setts avenue, running back 214 ftet 4>i inches tj? ? r alley. Improved by a snug TWO STORY HKICK DWELLING HOUSE. with neat flower garden ia front The location ia eicellent. and the prop erty aery desirable aa a residence for a small fam Terns: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months with icterest, secured by a dead of trust. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser jefi St J. C.MoGUIBB A CO.. Aucts. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF BAR FIXTURES. STAGE. AN Ij STAGE SCENERY AND FIXTURES, AND l.KASK AT AUDI ION. Cn WEDNESDAY, the ?th day of Jane, A D., 1S6I, at J1 o'clock, a. ra., we shall sell, at "Metro yolitar Hall." In virtus of a deed of trust to the subscriber bearing date the 9th day of March, A. D., 1864 aedree rd'dinLiberN. C S , No. 36.folio 6) to6* one i i'the laud reccrds oi the Distriot of Columbia, the following described property : The Bar and Par Fixtures, two hundred and ftftr Chair', S age aLd Stage Scenery, Gas Fixtures,ant Chsndaliers. one Piano Forte, one large aud one small Stove, one Clock, together with alltheiight, title and estate of Gardner A Co., in and to the seme as assignees of a lease Terms cash. JOHN MICHEL, Trustee. ,ie 2-atds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Am*. l^Y J AS. C. McGUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. HANDSOME THREE iTORY BRICK DWELL ING HOUSE, WITH TWO STORY BaOK BUILDING, AT PUBLIC SALE. On MONDAY AF I'ERNOON, J une 6. at 6 o'clock , on the p etni?e?, we shall sell p*rt of Lot No 19. in Square No. 456, fronting 2> teet on the south side of F street north, between Sixth and Seventh streets we6t ano running bach ?>9 feet h1* inches, with a two foot alley, to be used in commou with the adjoining property, improved by a handsone tfcre- story brick house, with two story brick back building, containing in all nine rooms. ani two good cellars, that can be converted into offices, tias throughout ti e house with hydrant in the yard. The property is the third house eastof SrvthPtreet. and is numbered 4?. Terms : One half cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, wi'h interest, secured In a deed of trust on the preaises. C inveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Early possession given. je 1 d J. C. McGUIRB 8c CO., Aucts. ft^TUE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED IN ccsequ-r re of the rain until WEDNESDAY AF TEhNuON, June8tb, s*ms nnnr and p ace je.7-d J.G.HcatlKE AjuO . Aucts. jyYGREF.N A WILLIAMS^, Auctioneers. YERY Y ALUABLE BUILDING LOTS NEARTII1 CAPITOL AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 8th instant, we shall sell, on the prt-mUef at 6 o'clock p m.? b.s h?rdfoine Building Lots, in 8quare No. 687, it being the Square immediately north of the eaat Capitol ground; Lota 3 and (.which front the Capitol ground; Lots 14, ir>.2o, 21. and ?. front ing on north U. between Delaware avenue and 1st street eaat on* of which is at the corner of 1st street. It is deemed unnecessary to sty anything further in commendation of the above described property, as it is well known to be the most beautifaland J# siraMe building sites now for sale in Washington. The sale will commence ou Lot No 2. Terms : One thira ca*h; the remainder in six and twelve months, the purchaser to give notes for tho deferred pajments, bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of truft taken. All conveyancing, including revenue stamps, at the co?t of the purchaser. 2_i GREBN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. B Y J. 0. McGUIBE A 00., Auctioneers. STOCK OF JEWELRY, JBWELLER'S IRON SAFE GLASS. COUNTER, 8H0W CASES. SIGNS, Ac.. AC., AT PUBLIC SALE. Commencing MONDAY' MORNING. June 6th. tt 10 o'clock, at the store of L. Wineburg, No. 394, Pennsylvania avenue, below the National Hotel, we shall sell, the entire stock consisting of Gold and Silver Hunting and Open Face Watenss. Jew ellry of all kinds in Sets and Siujr'e. Silver Plated Ware. Fpocns, Forks, Castors, Spectacles, Fancy articles, etc., etc. ZLSO. 8 Plate Glass Silver plated rim, Counter, Show Ca.;e?, 1 larg? Jeweller's Fire proof Safe of Herring'* make, 1 Fine Regulator Clock, Window Lights. Shades, Show Racks. Ga* Fix tures. etc.,etc. Terms cash. . _ je.l-d J.C McGUIRB A 00., Aucts. THE ABOYE SALE IS POSTPONED UN til THURSDAY, 9th. fime hour and place. je.6-d J. C. McGUTRE A CO., Aucta. jTC. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. June IK at lo o'clock, st No. 441 Eleventh street, between G and H sts , we shall sell the Furniture and Effects of a gen tleman declining housekeeping comprising? Suierio: Rosewood Case Piano Forte, by IlMen krantz. Excellent Mahogany Hair Spring Seat Sofa. Ana and Parlor Chairs Marble top, Centre, and other Tables, Oak and A alnut Damask-covered Basy Chairs, Whatnot, Etagere. with Desi, Brussels and Ingrain Carpets, Window Shades, Rags, and Mat.-, Extensive Dining Table, Sileboarl, Cane Seat Chairs Lounge, China, Glass, and Crocker* Ware. Bronzed Iron Hat-Rack. Oil Cloth, Stair Carpets. Rods and Eyes. Solid Oak, Marbla-top Cottage Suite, Bedsteads, Bureaus, Washstaucs, Mattres'es. Bolsters, aud Pillows, Clocks, Vases Toilet Setts, Oooking, Radiator, and other 8toves. Together with many other articles essential to housekeeping. Terms cash. d J C. MoGCIKE A CO., Aucte, BT~W. I.. WALL A CO., Auctioneers 8( uthwest corner Pa. avenue and 9th at. GROCERIES, LIQUORP.CIGARS and T0BAC00 AT AClDTION. On THURSDAY MORNING. JuneP.atlOo'cIock, we will sell at the Auction Rooma? Barrel* White and Yellow Sugar. Chests Tea, boxes 8perm ana Adamantine Ota dle?. Barrels CofFee and boxes do, Boves Canned Frnits and Meats. Boxes Brown, Yel ow, and Castile Soap. Boxes Starch, Yeast Powders, and CheeM. 71 Gross Low* Brown Windsor soap. Boxes Ginger and Cinnamon Cases Whiskey, demijohns Brandy ana Whiskey. 7S cases Ostard. Dupuy and S O P. Brandy. iloxes Havana Tohaceo and Cig*rs. Cases Claret and Baskets Champagne. Octaves and quarters Brandy, Cases Jamair* Gibsons XXX.Old Bourbon and other brands. >i Fipp Holland Gin. Harreis Whir key, Various brands. Ti p Boots and Shoes. Drawers, Undershirts end Clothing. 3 Barrels Apule Brandy 5(i Packages Tumblers and Goblets. A quantity of Small Stores aud Sutler's Good*. Termp cash. Je r, <?t WM. L. WALL ACO. Autfta. B Y J. C. McGUIBE A CO.. Auetioceera. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF THREE STORY Bill OK DWELLING BOUSE AND LOT ON NINTH ST. WEST. BITWEEN O AND P STREETS NORTH. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June?2 *5f on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trortdswio Septemutr ad, 1*61, and duly recorded in C/T. No. 2 and folios 1, et sea., and oft|?* ?*?? Records of Washington county . D C. ' Lot No. 9 in Crittenden s 8ub-divlsU?o ?>f * SS?, fronting feet on Ninth street O and P ^treelE north, rucninrj^g* three storr to a pub'ic hllcy r,Ld lmproved ^T bssamaat Brick* Dwelling He use .1In* <'^rJeT^ , Trustee u??u ile? *"* ? *?-, C. ttottDlRB A CO., Ancttonaers. NEAT On' Squarel? fesit'oi south H ?t?et, be'wMD *nd fttb et rat west, and near ?th street, and running back faai J Inehe# to,a25 ft^t alley, improved by a ceattwostory rrame Dwelling Hcrse with kitchen bte*. Terms cash. Convuvarices u* the cost of the ?;:lekJ? Je.frd J C. McGUIRB k CO.. A not!. rlE MBR BAC, * "

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