Newspaper of Evening Star, June 10, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 10, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WAUACH. I41tw and Proprietor. WllHIIdTO V CITY t rmiPAT jpm? io. im?. HTUADINB MATTBB OH BTERY PAGB 111 OUTBID! FOB INTERBSTIN& TBLB BRAPHIO AND OTHIft MATT IS. EXTRA. Official War Bulletin. FROM QBANT'S ARMT. NO FIGUTINO YE9TEHDAY. HUNTIR'B VICTORY AT STAUNTON. IT WAS MORE COMF1,STB THAN FIRST RE PORTED. TWENTY GUNS CAPTURED. Washington, June 10, 7 a. m. To Major General Dix : Owing to the break in the telegraph lines, no despatches were received yesterday from tne army ot the Potomac. Despatches have arrived this morning with dates to nine o'clock last night. There was no firing on Wednesday except by pickets. Arrangements had been effected by which the killed and wounded between the Une? were gathered in. There were no move menu yesterday. A deserter who came into onr lines reports that Hunter's victory near Staunton was much more complete than the Richmond papers re. ported. He says that Hunter took 20 cannon, many prisoners, and a large quantity of stores. Tbs defeated force was recently a part of Breckinridge's command. Oen. Hunter's report has not yet been re oelvtd. Edwih M. St a. n ton, Secretary of War. DO DIES OF OFFICERS BROUGHT UP. The bodies of the following deceased officers were brought np from tho White House on board thesteamor Emiiie, which arrived here last night: Col. H. B. McKeen, a 1st Pa ; Major v"11/**? ?* Y-; V?pt W W- Ballard, 8Ut N. l.: (Japt. Samuel Darrah, 10th Vt ? !,? Charles I)e Mott, 1st N. J. artillery; Lieut! James <J. W illiamson, 23d Pa.; Lieut. F M Wooter. 122d N. Y.; Lieut. .Tames Johnson,-2 ii Pa.; Lieut. J Burke, b 1st N. Y.; Lieut. D. H. Wilson, let Pa. cav.; and Lieut. Charles F. Monroe, frill Maine. The K me lie also brought up the 9th New York regiment, their term of service hnvine expired. B WOUNDED BROUGHT UP TO ALEXANDRIA. The steamers Mary Washington and Thos A. morgan, which arrived at Alexandria yes wK^yVTbroughl UP 150 wounded from the wnite House. Oue hundred and seventy-five stragglers were taiten from these vessels and turned over to the Provost Marshal. ARRIVAL OF A PRIZ*. The steamer King Philip, Capt. Frank arrived at the Navy ^.ard last evening, brinz uvg op the 8. hooner Malinda, captured on the 3dmst, at Piney Point, by Marshal McPhail's force,?the particulars of which we gave yes terday. 6 3 Tub Wkbklt Stab for this week, well filled with ail the latest war new?, together with a large amount of miscellaneous reading matter for all classes, is now upon the Star office couater and read y for sale. I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM KENTUCKY. Communication between Frankfort and Louisville Interrupted. fh^?S3*7ILLiK' T,un* ? ?A train from Frank Louisville, said to contain the State ^u? h*re early this evening, is,save i^n captured 'aDd 18 8UPP?8ed '4 *ave Telegraphic communication with Frankfort ^ V^,n Interrupted most of the afternoon. ??othinsr reliable can be ascertained to-night. The military authorities, from the limited information attainable, conclude that the facts of the recent guerrilla movements have been greatly exaggerated. FROM TI1E SHENANDOAH. The Enemy Destroys the Bridge Across th River?Gen1! Hunter Occupies ?Breckinridge Leaves lmbo deu's Command in the Valley. llABRisncBO, SHB9TANOOAH Vallet, June Y esterday afternoon the enemy attempted to check our advance by making a stand at a creek situated at a point four miles from this place. Small arms, with artillery, were used on both sides. For a short time the affair was quite spirited. We eventually drove the ene mv back, crossed the creek, and moved on to this place. One section of MfCienahan's bat tery is reported to have been opposed to us. In falling back the enemy destroyed tne bridge over North river, near Monnt Crawford. Our F^wUl neceteaiiiy be delayed until we re build it. There is every iudication that we can take s?taunton without experiencing much of an engagement. . General Averill is reported to bs at or near Jackson River, in the neighborhood of the ter minus of tho Virginia Central Railroad. lie u 10 **> progressing finely. 1 We have authentic Information that, in with drawing his division, Breckinridge took with Uim to Lee all regular rebel forces in tn? valley except Imboden's command. At last accounts tnere was only a provost guard of regular troop* at Staunton. Militia forces were mau Bing the fortifications. The rebels have from eight to ten pieces of artillery in position at Staunton. It is lig ht. Intended lor field ser ?ICS. Since this, on Sunday last, General Hunter occupied Staunton. News from the SoBth. The Richmond Examiner of Tuesday, June rth, says; * "Last n'ght the enemy abandoned our left Pa? of our centre apparently in great ?*n, *'arl7 followed them ten miles, capturing sixty prisoners, who say that Grant has gone to the White House, because his men ^he impression here is that Grant is making his way tor the James river to cross over to the south side." The Examiner, in a financial article savs ?? "For the first time the Confederate Treasury has no money. It is In a state of constipation All the salaries are unpaid except Mr. Mom. mitger, the Secretary." Abb Pisageked.?'There is an ?? Irrepressible conflict" between the Cleveland candidates for President and Vice President. Gen. Fremont ia opposed to the confiscation of the property of rebels, while Gen. Cochrane regard* con fiscation as a '?laudable service'of an estab lished and essential rule of civilized war." How is this disagreement between the two great Clevelanders to be reconciled 1 ffT* CHIKIOUY, THAT CBLE couverted ( (tnadian Priest, who Lro"?ht wo? than six hundred fami thT Hii I i?%tr?!nen T.r1m t.h? errors of Rome to BATrf ??1th4.w?l lee tare 8AB Rev mJ 11? elock, io the Church of Tboae wL,hIV\nL '^rf^0*0- Bridge street. Ber Dr SnnH^i "Mress last Stbbath at the SkS; SSfc'srLaSi""*- K"2!tc' ?>rner of lJth and H eo^eLeln^TUE^ tBfUSLTS^Si and IKS' JiZlon cans*. 8in*le admission l.i cent* Season tiikit? CyfBt'0n'*"ee*U- *amil'*?"?tiSkStifl. ' rr5=?FmrrivAL and fair at .aUvn IL5 HALL .Tlx 1 r>r ?v.. O.f. _.t8l'4aD ,?i ?n? nccMinn. low riano.kir ly furoiibed. i? from J f . Mllis's music st.IrV Adml?loo, ifl cents. Season Tieksts, one p?r tt -?* Familr Season Tickets, f 1. ?if ?4 -rw Ay.8WAJ> SODA FOUNTAIN FOB SALE, ?? F*'teo* running order. For particulars in quire atthe corner of Montgomery and Dunbar toastro?ts Georgetown. D 0. iel>3t* JULLP STRAWS. " : v? TD JULTP STRAWS. M". 0' JULIP 8TbAW8 r?c? red t-< dar For sale low. ?0 W BOTKLKR \ wj5, te 1,0 al8, l'F* " ? bet. 9tb and iota hU WOOD FOR BALI - About cords of Wo kI T\ Oak sad Plae. about three miles from wiX' ^ofifv;.b'^ ^^nd^:^hAn?r^r ?Ffo? K^.'.T^VVkl:w ,"rca' jgUTTKR AND 1008. 110 Tab* I'lmi tit* Tcfk BtTTTKa 36 Barrel Frfili BOOS, la Wore. Freeh lota arriving daily. For Sal* by ? p. m. duteow * ?*o . jel '-61* 450 Eighth street. P MAYOR'S OKPIOB, Jww? ?. 19M ROPOSALS will be received ?t the Ma*or'4 Office up to IIo'clock on the 13th last., for grating Q street,D?rth, between 14th aud loth streets west PrcvD'tli will state the price per euMe >ardfor grading j t OA RN KR, Acting Commissioner of the Second Ward. SAMUEL ROWB. . . JAM1M TOWLK*. . " *"'?* Assistant Commission n. PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. or th? I*t?biob. 1 U. ?. Patevt Opfici, June 8. 1**4. { SOT furnishing snch stationery m may if? F?<015'M by thia Bureau daring the Ssca1 year endive June ?. i*?. will be received until 12 0 clock M. of Tuesday. the 12th day of Jul?, in>?. ?r Ji?n^ br satisfactory testimonial* Oiabillt) to fulal a contract will not be cou'Hered, ana contracts wilt only be a??r led to msuufsr Mciea* M **? i*Jers in the nereral classes of ar onbelrklnd furnie^ miust be of the beat quality pr '?P?*1. b? ?'*ned by the iniividual or nrm making ?t. All articles required under a contract must be delivered without delay. A failure or refusal of V*0. furnish proper article will be deemed just cause for abrogating the contract. Articles sot nirael in the ache.lule, if required, %P* fur?d*hed at the lowest market prices, and the right is reserved of ordering a creator or less quantity of each article contracted for, as the public service may require. Bonds, with approved security, must?e given br the individual or Arm obtainiog a contract. Should a contractor refuse or neglect to funish. wh?n re quired, any article or articles mentioned in tho contract, the s*me may bo purchased in open ?" *1. ^ 1 *#rp*ter price has been pai-1 there for than is upt cified in the contract, the difference may be charged to the contractor in his next quar terly account. H Schedules, specifying as near as can be done, the amount, quality, and description of the articles re quired. can be had on applicati -n at this offlce. Proposal* r ast be addressed to the Oomrnis bionnr of Patents, and endorsed Stationery " WB-hwiw vN0 ?^Y to Da. BROTHERS & ?4?Af and be cured. They have given their particular attention to th<? treatment ani cure of all forms of "Disease." particularly that of a private character, for twenty years. This is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the UiBtrict, ana n&ve savch! thousands from a dig graceful and horrible death IIow important it is, then, for those unfortunates who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cured before it is late; thus preventing exposuro of themselves ana family. Office and residence 179 south B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. Je9-lm* F?,F. SALK-Two of Phelan's BILLIARD TA 1 BLiS, nearly now. Will be sold cheap. Anply to or address CHARLES RIDGKLY, Upper Mirl Pero, Mq. _____ j?8-3t* 500 2a?k8 ??Pi.rLNBi^D.9AK W??D FOR i- a ? i- ube sold on the ground or de livered in W ashmgton in quantities to suit par vnYST' ai ' d 'f*? ,0} of. SOAFFOLOfNO rUL,l>.3. Also. Pasturage for horses, at ??r rAclCin,be".'''? b.y calling at my farm, ou * ?tb Street road, 8 miles from Washington Ji? T. J. BROWN. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGE3I. CARRIAGES I i On hand. a large lot of New and Second-hand CARRIAGES, consisting in part of KOCKAWAY'S ?*tension and halt topij I BOAT WA\i()^c,aC., &C, f Repairing promptly attended to. ROUT. H. GRAHAM, Coachmaker, | 1*8 St* 374 D, and 477 Eighth street. ?Jfe p!a?0?. mgBfa | ?"?v four Rfin NEARLY NEW PTANOS. n ,, , Great Barg*ius. Call early. JOHN F. ELLIS. ?? nt* i> I'j*no and Music Store, ?>iiD Feonsylrania avenue. between 9th and street;. *jp^28 NEW PIANOS new in store. JeS-St D & U- W- SMITH'S AMERICAN ORGAN. ^#Adiff?r?nt indentions originated and twintv v. r.A?er,can ingenuity during the t.a-t years, few are more surprising than the rr w! 'o musical instruments, cspeciall y in HARV?nkTnMQ ' k??,5i,?'is " RKKi ORGANS" MS au,l MELODKONS. Kur.p-an the Or^in?Df f ^V1" 5 have been satisge l with r^???Tr* r *?f A1?"11'!? and Pleyel, although neither of those instruments afford much r*?il m^fltVnii iVine' nol*ith8t*nding the makers have multiplied stops and sets of reeds, and by come-' cost, to an extraordinary decree. The American Organ, made by S. D. & H. W Smith ?ithernofrt5beym8wb^iy challenge comparison vritli <itner or tliem, whether as regards variety power ?nd sweetness ot tone,or cost pjwer made b? thp bost manufa?; ?rfnM?i? l.1R.cou? jy ftr? constructed on the same ? i. the air through the reeds by an (-xhaustivo bellown, instead of fore int. n 'm J?iWerfif1 pr'ssure. and the American Organ differs from its competitors ruainly in three points: 1st, the great care and in inanu'*ctnre; 2d. in the SKilful voicing, giving as many different qu?lities ^are of ree*fs; an<13<l,in theuso ?ha-IIS \ox- which adds materially to the power of the instrument without detriment to 1 -,CHiT anJ 8wet't'je"S. Any person possessing a ''?f can readily appreciate this improve ?rT k? iVi* while in operation on a mantel l*,!' Hn-d tl!'.*n on a. lar*,? empty bor or btrrel, iL.a?!0rv,nf^t8,T?ftly "^creased power and rich ness when in the latter position. In these three points?and they are certainly material ones?is superiority claimed by the Araj Organs of Messrs. S. D. A H. W. Smiti riran lfc ?--J-:? v. ? " . cMITH ov.<r M--.rea'i '.nstruments of other makers. The Messrs. Smith being the most experienced Reed sni^r" "? Boston(having established them sjlves in 1^,2) and having at least equal facilities with any other makers, have always kept them selves familiar with all improvements and inven ? f.T d*P*rtui"t, and they confidently ZTJ&y V",CAN ?RG/Jis" to be unequalled pur,ty; fiw?etne?* and power of tone, ?m^fc -.n?vT^?*D?vi f producing varied expression, 2S i forte," tremolo and the swell, 4U which change of stops mav be r?nd? th? American Orgav. In skillful fSt-Je\P2b}9$f a8 much delicacy of expression n? *ai? t.'ie^Pensive Harmoniums ?? Ji ?? r thirteen registers, and sfflfcjtettss'ifif ft?srin "?'?mitF. i ^^^mand in England for Smith's American Organ is steadily increasing, and ia an irrefraga ble proof that it triumphantly stands the test"of competition in their own market with the most celebrated European instruments. JOHN t. ELLIS. 306 Peuusvlvania avenne, be tween9th and 10th streets, is the sols agent for these in-truments; and at his rooms cair always t>? found a complete stock. je8-3t O',.? MUTUAL FRI?NI>. By Charles Dickens. *.o cents. centsCr BUke Letters to a Western Cousin. 75 Banting's Letters on Corpulence. 75 cents. *0 Book i?f Rubbles. S2. Couhjn Phillis. A tale. 25 cents. Rebel Khyines. Jl. Holly's Carpenters' and Joiners' Hand Book Co Cents. Bushnell's Work and Play. 51.7:>. Seven Stories, with Basement and Attie. By Ik Marvel. $1.75 Massie's Mission to America. ?2.25 Herbert Spencer s First Principles. ?J. Man and Nature. By George P. Marsh. <1.51. Tuckrrman's America and Her Commentator?=. ?2 6". Hazard on the Will. ?2. je9 FRANCK TAYLOR. NOTICE OF REMOVAL.?WM. B. LEWIS &. Co., Auctioneers, having removed to No 307 Pennsylvania avenue, between 9th and loth streets, will, a* usual, g!*e their attention to the general Auction and Commission business, and eolicit con signments of furniture, groceries, dry goods, boots and shoes, books, stationery, and merchandise generally. Regular sales at the store on TUES DAYS. THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS. Cash advahces made when required. W. B. LEWIS tc CO., Auctioneers, je 8-6t No. 30* l'a av., bet.9th and 10th sts. f|',_ FOR SALE ~ "~ ? .WO HUNDRED barrels prime WHITE CORN, Price ?7.6i per barrel, if taken at once. ' Also, forty tons of WHEAT STRAW, baled last mipuva"^.cover since. 150 LAMBS, HORSES, BEKVES and PRESH COWS. /??.?? ? WM. D. BOWIE. Jr je9-61 Collington P.Q,t PrinceOeorceVCoM Md. ne* assortment of Steinway tc Sons' been received. Also- ?? . one seven-octave four round corner 0T&r*kSfl^t strung Hal let tc Davis Piano for 1275 Onc?T^^n six-octave Nunnsdc thfl Music 8V>ro#0f T, w o. METZEROTT. Je8 Corner Pa. avenue and nth street. THE LATEST STYLES o? T R A W HAT CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD & CO.'S, 324 Pa. av.,bet. 9th and lo*h sts. RUMMER FASHIONS! " ^ ~ . ELEGANT DESIGNS I Ladles of Washington, don't omit to read this Just received, at Madame WURT EN BERG '8 Dress and Cloak Making Establishment, from M'me De Moreat'a Emporium of Fashion, the latest styles and fashions of Patterns for 8ummer, in great va riety, for all kiads ef Indies' and children's wear. Cloaks and Dresses made. Also, Cutting and Fit ting done at the shortest notice, at M'ME WURTENBERG'S Dress and Oloak Making Establishment. mr~. No. 460 Pa. ar., oet. 43$ and 3d sts. 9* fhow Rooms up stairs. je 7 eo3t* A LLOW ME TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO r?ally handsome stock of MlLLI-^^N NIRY and FANCY GOODS which haveffi) t jr.!!rrI,r!1^ read* for yoar inspection. L*nH " at* T,thout tilat 1 bave the .Stock of FLOWERS ever imported, ?tra? L??klD? thein, will convince; Euglish b?a?if?M?n'1f, frnm J8*50 t0. *nd those fi nest or L #"n white u the drWen snow;" Havin* ll'/n f Combs and new styles of F?ns. busine's iu n?w v*? .n,*ny.Tears in the wholesale *ou ant ork,. render my facilities to offer *n> *co<**a my line beyond fomMtitinn. ? ? aa Market Space. 486 PICTURE FRAMES. . A beautiful assortment ofOiH m*A n..v /vV T.r? Ji?" p EDP08 AL8 TOR L O 4 If . TftiitVBT Di7&rtk?t. June i,ISH To en?ore the greatest poaaible vigor in WieepMA ttooa of the armies new moving against tt?e iaaar gente. under brave and skilful Ge&eralft, upon a rut theater of operations, exi?endlture? iMve been increased beyond receipt* from revenue and ordi nary subscription* to National Loan. Sealed offer* will theref<^e be received at this De part men t under the act of March 3d, US ?i, until noon of Wednesday, the 15th of June,18 V4, for bond* of the United States to the amount of Seventy-fire Mi ll ona of Dollar*, bearing an annual interest of six per pen turn, payable semi-annually In coin on the first days of July and January fcach year, and re deemable after the 30th of June, Wil. Kach offer must be for fifty or one hundred dollar*, or Hnie multiple of one hundred dollars, and most etat? the sum. including premium, offered for each hundred dollars in bonds, or for fifty, when the offer ia for more than fifty. Two per rent, of the princi pal?excluding premium?of the whole amount of fered must be deposited, as guaranty for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or with th* Assistant Treasurer at New York, Boston, Phila delphia, or 8t. Lonis; or with the designated Depositary at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincin nati, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, or Buffalo; or with any National Banking Association author ised to receive deposits which may consent to transact the business without charge. Certifi cates in duplicate of deposits will be issued to deposi tors by the officer or association receiving them; the originals of which must be forwarded with the offers to the Department. All deposits should be m^de in time for advice of offers with certificates to reach Washington not later than the morning of June 16th. No offer not accompanied by its proper certi ficate of deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Registered Bonds issued will be of the denominations of $50, ? 100, $60>\ and fl.OOi. Registered Bonds of #5,0UU and $ 10,003 will also be issued if required. . All offers received will be opened on Wednesday, the 16th of June by the Secretary or one of the Ask! stant Secretaries, and notice of acceptance or declination will be immediately given to the respec tive offerers; and, in case of acceptance, bonds of the descriptions and denominations preferred will bo sent to the subscribers at the oost of the De partment, on final payment of instalment*. The original deposit of two per cent, will be reckoned in the last instalment paid by successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be accepted. The amount of accepted offers must be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to tcl under this notice on advice of ac ceptance of offer, or as follows: One-third on or before the 20tli; one-third on or before the 25th; and the balance, including the premium and orig inal two per cent, deposit, on or before the 30th of June. Interest to the let of July on the se veral deposits will be paid in coin on the 30th of June, and interest on bonds will begin July 1,18>|. Offers under this notice should be endorsed "Offer for Loan," nnd addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not con sidered advantageous is reserved to the Govern ment. S. P. CHASE, Je4 td Secretary of the Treasury. ; not H'ss man 5 poanili per ! 1,0K> sheets Blotting Paper, pel 44 Blank Books, demi size, full I H Blauk Books, folio size, full PROPOSALS FOR STATIONERY. Chief Quartermaster's Qfflre. Depot of Washington ) n Washington. June to. !Xi4 < ? f p vi rOSil3 will be received at this oOlce untij I rid ay. June 24, 1(W4, at 12 o'clock in , for fur nishing tationery (or this Depot for six (0) mon thg from July , I8d4. as per annexed Sahadulo. All articleH rauflt be of the very oeat qua^itr, frarop es of which (of paper, one quire, of envel opes one package) must accompany each bi t. fiacn bid oft' must furnish, with kis ptodovhJ Ve, , bid for. an! but one marked thereon *h'cU ,nuBt ^ distinctly epTnaiblenb?dd4.iU ^ R"'"",ed t0 th# I**"*'* *Ach P*op<;Jal Blast be signed bvthe individual or firm making it; and the ability to fulfill the contract, if awarded, must be certified by the per son or persons proposed as safeties. Should any articles be required which are not enumerated in the Schedule, they are to be fur nished at the lowest market price The Dei>9t Quartermaster reserves to himself lrei^1Sl ot "faring. from time to rime, a greater ?ract#-d for"! each and every article con iT/lv* ? ? J*1? pnblic service nAy require VX subsequent to the dat* of the a ' 8 J? !.an f articles not be delivered within a reasonable time nfi?r being ordered he also reserves the right to purchase the said article ?n ?r" ?"rket?al V1? risk and expense of the per !ln wTii^ iV contracting to furnish the same th? f, n'lr!A i,f88Mi. <:l'le w hether the terms of the contract have been complied with, an'! re serves the power to annul the contract upon uuv failure to comply with its terms P UUy ?v. o * * approved security are to be given bv the person or persons contracting, and, iifca-^ of failure to supply the articles o'dered. the Tou tiactor and his sureties shall be liable to tlie for feiture specified in such bond tome lor sKS{?Sif?!,&Saw??',?b" Schedule ok 40 renT,t le "th?nJV,rappir!" Pap,,r? 21x33 inches. not lP iJhan pound - per reara, per ream 30 reams buff Envelope Paper, 24x32 in she,, not o, J u*? 3= P,f!nl?ds p^r ream, per ream 2-1 reams white Folio Post Paper, ruled, per r?aii 1 0 reams white Foolscap Paper, rXl,Pnot"l?s than 12 pounds per renm, per team 1 reams Law C ap Paper, ruled, not lesn than 12 pounds per ream, per ream 2<v reams white Letter Paper, ruled, not Ipsa than J pounds per ream, per ream rtains white Commercial Note Paper, ruled, .ni5L-i'l*f.* A1? 6 Pounds per ream, per ivhh er sheet boun I, perquire i/ji I)? . bound, per quire I <i itlank Books, crown cap size, bound in cloth. per q ui-re lift Blank Books, cap size, half boun'!. perquire j it") Memorandum Books, full sue, per : if Timc^Books, demi size, bound in cloth, per i 50 Time Books, small quarto size, bound inclo'h, ' _per dozen j 8 0 Ti me Books, small oitavo size.bound in leather, per dozen ? 2f,(X? white Official Envelopes, No. 12, very thick, ' S0'Pr?^r m' Envelopes, No. 10, very thi;k, BH),(?j0^lyte Official Envelope-, 8x4 inche s, very j 100,000 white Letter Envelopes, 5iix3>i inches, very thick, p<?r M ' 12 Ar"?l?l V Fluid, in ?uart an I pint bottle*, pi?r dozen bottles 12 dozen Maynardfc Noyes'or otfeer Black Ink, in bottlc^a^ 110 half-pint bottlee, par dozen 12dC7.?n, Arnolds Copying Ink, in quart and piut bottles, per dozen bottles II dozen Lawrence's Copying Ink, in quirt and i P'^t hottles, per dozen bottles ?tl dozen David 's Carmine Ink. glass bottles a?d stoppers, per dozen bottles dczen Fabers or other black Lead Pencils, No?. 2 and 3. beat quality, per dozen ?4 8 or other red and blue Pencil0,per 21 dozen g|a?s InkstankP, assorted.per dozen Si ?r0ti8 'A ' L" assorted, per gro?S .i?t gross '? ther Steel Pens, asaorted, per gross 12 ozen ^n tta p^rcba Pen IIoMers, per dozen 4-j dozen other Pen Holders, eelecied kindn, per dozen 12 dozen ti n Paper Folders, per dozen 2j pounds red pealing Wax, 20 sticks to the pound, best quality, per pound 10 pounds white India Rubber, ID pieces to the pound, p< r pound ](>? dozen pieces Red Tape, Nofl. 17 and 2J, per dozen loo dozen spools Red Rape, Xoa 17 and 21, per spool 12dozen glass jars Mucilage and Brushes, large hize. per dozen. 24 dozen glass jars Mucilage and Brushes, small hize. per dozen 2i Letter Copying Books, 500,7;0, and I/O) pages each, per dozen 1,0 *) sheets Abstract Paper, ruled to pattern, per sheet 500 sheets Return PnpeT, ruled and printed to pat tern, per sheet Creams of Bill Paper, ruled to pattern, per ream 4 noz?>ii ivory Paper Folders, per dozen 4 dozen Erasers, ivory or wood handles, per dozen bdezen guttapercha Kulerx, 16 inches long, per dozen D. H. RCCKER, Brig. (Jen. and Chief Quartermaster, jo lM3t Depot of Washington. JMtAimprove vour ? ^^sight by the use of the cel.WS^^^SI ecrated Pkbbi.k and Pbrisoopic Speotaci.e.s. uni rersally acknowledged as the best for Htkiski;tii kn.'*v?. *s Pkssbkviiiu the impaired Evesi^ht. scientifically and correctly suited, by FRANKEiN \ CO., Opticians. 244 Pennsylvania avenue bet. 12th and 13th st^,, and 5?5,P^nJ?2J!^n.i5 avenue, under the National. FIELD GLA88E9, OPERA OLA3SKB MICRO |COPE8. THERMOMETER?. STKRE69COPE8, PnOTOORAPH ALBUM8. CARTKS DE VISITBi & c. in a great variety, and at the lowest prices. je 8 * LYMAN'S PATENT 8ELI SEALING FRUIT JAR. We particularly invite the attention of those in tending to put up fruit to examine L7MAN 8 81LF-SEALIKG FRUIT JAR8, simple in con struction; thev are more easily sealed or op?ed than any now in use. Samples of berries and fruit put np in Jars ? Y,*'ar can fc? seen a*, our store. ,,H?n^^jr^tlo?/afCompany each Jar for putting upall kind* of fruit, berries, Ac., Ac. C. W. BOTELER A SON, ,,a? Housefurnishing Store, ..a ?? 19 Penn- ave., between 9th and lOUi. * s'gt (Chronicle.) ? AtiiiisM'vai,,NNVKB AtcM' SAINT UBE8. " For sale by<^CK 8ALT. for horses and cattlo. I. TH08. DAVIS. < o i > *.* ?o w Waaler in Salt, Je B-lm wo. B3 Water street, Georgetown. CLARIFIED CIDBRt CLARIFIED CIDRRI ... _ . ... CLARIFIED CID1R! v,v^c,,^Dri?iT<,<,wlir?f T" an tit ie? ef CLARf FIED CIDER, from MassacfcuseUs, which I will ?ell at reasonable rates to alt who m?f f?vor me with their orders. U'LKV A. 8IIINN Union Bottling Depo't. , . , GT Gr<-? n*street. Georgetown, D. C. >?8-lw [Chronicle.] 4 O'CLOCK P. NL FROM THE PROMT. SUSR1DAN OF? ON A ORB AT RAIDING EX PEDITION. THE RKBBL8 REPULSED WITH GREAT LOSS IN THEIK ATTACK ON SUNDAY NIGHT. DESTRUCTION OF BOWLING QRKBN, CONSTERNATION IN RICHMOND OYXR THE CAPTURE t)F STAUNTON BY HUNTER. The mail steamer Lizzie Baker bu arrived from tbe White House, which place she left yesterday afternoon at3\ o'clock. Parties who left the front yesterday morn Ins:, and who came up on the Baker,state that there ! has been no general engagement for several | days, although there is constant artillery du elling going on between the two armies. j Sheridan started on a cavalry raid early Thursday morning, in the direction of Bottom Bridge, tor the purpose, it was supposed, of advancing up the Chickahominy. Sheridan took with him a large terce of cavalry, and will doubless hit the rebels hard in some quarter. The night attack of Sunday by the rebels was a sharp one, and the enemy tou&ht with despe ration, but were repulsed with great loss. They marched confidently up to the mouths of our cannon, and were mowed down by hun dreds. The indications are that General Grant is cutting out a new job of work, calculated to still further bother the enemy as to his plans. Guerrillas have made their appearance on the road leadinglrom Old Church to the White House, and on Wednesday last th'-y captured several of our ambulances. A captain in a New Jerser Cavalry regiment states that information of the burning of Bow ling Green, the County seat of Caroline coun ty, by our forces, has been received at thsfront. It appears that a train of ours was fired upon from the bouses while passing through the place, when the cavalry in charge of this train took the citizens and placed them in twoljou?es standing away from the town, after which the town was set on fire and completely destroyed. A rebel citizen, who left Richmond on Tues day last and came into our lines, reports that the defeat ot the rebel Gen Jones and the cap ture of Staunton by Gen. Hunter has caused great uneasiness amcnj; the citizens of that place. Bnsinees in Richmond is at a stand still, most of the stores being closed. Many of the citizens not liable to military duty arefiee ing from the place, and there are no soldiers tbtre except those guarding the military pris ons. Every one stems disheartened, and a perfect gloom hangs over the place. There are about three thousand of our wounded at the White Honse, but several hos gital boats were there taking them on board, ome three hundred rebel prlaoness are also there. The Baker brought up the bodies of Major J. H. Converse, ?Connecticut; Major R. B < Jran dall, 6th Vermont; and Adjutant Wra. Wildey, 6Tth Pennsylvania. FURTHER FROM THE FRONT. The steamer George Weeraes, which Jeft the W hite House at 4 a. m. yw?torday, arrived tr re at 1-2 o'clock to-day, bringing up 321 wounded. These wounded are mostly of thd Gth corps, five of whom are officers. They are mostly slight cases, only six of them requiring to be moved on stretctiers. Reports Irom the front are to the effect that Grant is slowly swinging around to the left, ?which has occasioned mere or less fighting in that direction. Lee has made several attempts to break our lines, in all of whl.h he has been foiled. On Tuesday night be made i? desperate attempt, but was handsomely repulsed. There is considerable cannonading ni?htlv, commencing about five o'clock and continuing until morning. Yesterday about noon a lnrions cannonade was commenced in the direction et Bnrnside's Corps, but it probably was only an artillery duel. Headquarters is so near the Rebel line that frequently a shell comes ilying almost into their very midst A CONTRACTOR 8BNTENCED. Samuel S. Smoot, a contrac tor for supplies for the Army, having failed to comply with articles of agreement entered with Capt. Ja?. A. Ekin, Chief (iuartermaster. Cavalry Bu reau, has been tried by a general court-martial, held in this city, upon the charge of " wilful neglect of duty, in violation ot the act of Con gress approved July 17, l!r62." The court hav ing found the accused guilty, he has been di rected to pay to the United States a fine of g10,000, and be confined at Fort Delaware until such flue is paid, provided such imprison ment shall not exceed three years. REBEL SURGBON3 TO DE RELEASED. The Commissary General of Prisoners has directed that Surgeon John M. Gaines, lQth Virginia; Surgeon A. J. Brown, and Assistant Surgeon Henry Skiff, 10th Louisiana, all of the rebel army, now confined in the Old Capitol, be forwarded to General Butler, at Fortress Monroe, and by him sent beyond our lino* and unconditionally released. CONGRESSIONAL. Friday, June 10. Sekatk.?The reading of the journal of yes terday being proceeded with, Mr. Davis re marked that it did not state the facts as they real ly occurred in regard to die resolutions offered by him on seouring peace to the people of the United States, in stating that they having been objected to were not received. He said the gen tleman from Iowa (Mr. Grimes,) bad stated the circumstances yesterday exactly as they oc curred. He did not, however, care enongh about the matter to move a correction of the journal. Mr. Shermaa presented apetition from wool gTowers of Ohio, praying an increase of the duty on wool, which was referred to the Com mittee on Finance. Mr. Sumner presented a petition from the yearly meeting of the Society of Progressive Friends, at Cheater, Pa., praying the passage of a law by Congress for the total abolition of Slavery. Referred to the Committee on Sla very. On motion of Mr. Sprague, the memorial of of Margaret A. Lawne, praying compensation for property destroyed by the United States forces In the District of Columbia, was taken from the files, and referred to the Committee on Claims. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee on Claims, reported adversely on the bill lor the relief of Mary Throckmorton, for compensation lor six slaves freed in the District of Columbia, and on his motion, the bill was indefinitely post poned. Mr. Lane, of Kansas, offered the following, which was laid on the table and ordered to be printed: Whereas, the President of the United States by proclamation of the 1st of January, 1^81, did, among other things, proclaim and declare that the '-people of Arkansas" are this day in rebellion against the United States; and where as, the loyal people of the State of Arkansas have since that time, by a free and untramelled vote, organized and have in operation a State Government, upon a free basis and republican in form; and whereas, pending tbe organization of said Government, the President of ths United States, did, by proclamation of the 8th day of December, 18?L invite, among others, the people of Arkansas tq, organize a loyal State Government upon a tree basis; and whereas the President of the United States approved said organization in the State of Arkansas, and officially recognized the same: Tlierefore? Resolvtd, That so much of tbe proclamation or proclamations of the President ol the United States, and so much of all laws of Congress as declare the people or State of Arkansas in re hellion be, and la hereby declared inoperative and void. And be il further remlvtd, Thtt the present organized Government in the State of Arkan sas be, and it is hereby recognised, upon the condition that slavery and involuntary servi tude shall never exist in said State, except as a punishment for crime. House.?Mr. Dawes, of Massachusetts, called up the Missouri contested election case?Sam'l Knox against F. P. Blair, the sitting member. After conversation between Messrs. Dawes, Ganson, and others, a motion was mad3 to postpone the subject until Friday next, but this^was disagreed to?yeas 57, nays, *2. The House then proceeded to the considera tion of the resolution reported from the Com mittee of Elections, namely, that Mr. Blair is not but that Mr. Samuel Knox it entitled to the * Mr. Dawes, of Mass., sustained this report, and ?, Mr. Brown, of Wis., opposed the resolution. [This subject will consume the entire ses slon of to day.] ' TELEGRAPHIC) NEWS. KEV HAMPSHIRE X'. S. KKlAToi. Co?cobd, June 1ft.?The Republican Legis lative caucus last night nominated A- H. Ori gin as successor to John P. Hals to the Senate. FBOH CALIFORNIA. Tit Prr?l4rat Liactla'i Rrwai* ???(??latkaiiMtioliT recflrM la Call* ferala?The Mnicaai atttcktai the Frfarl. Far Fbahomoc, Jane #.?The renomination of President Lincoln vu received with enthu siasm. There will be a mass meeting thta fre eing to ratify the semination. A cargo of Chinese goods was seized to-day, containingamarsied opium. Ma tit lan dates to the STth s'ate that the M?x lean* are about attacking several places held by the French. Several reg'mente of the church party hare gone orer to Jaares. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [By the People's Lane?Otloe 811 Ninth street.] Nbw Yobk, June jo.?p. s. 1881, coupon 6'a, 113 if; U. S 5 90 a, 1(?5X; Orttfloates of Indebt edness, <18; OflW, 197 w; N. Y. Central, 133?: Frie, 113^: Hudson River, 14<?; Harlem. ?*>; Reading, 134,S: Michigan Oentrai, 145#; Mich igan Southern, PR; Illinois Central, 131; Cleveland and IV: Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 14c if; Chi cago and Hock It-land, lift; Mil wangle an J Prairie dn Chlen, 71; Plttsbnre, Fort Wayne and Chicago. Alton and Tens Haute, ?0; Chicago and Northwestern, ?; (Quicksilver, ?t>. BODIES RECOVERED. PoroBKiKPPtE, Juno 10.?Foarteen bodies from the steamer Berkshire hare been found. GOLD. Nkw York, Jrfne 10.?Eleven o'clock.?Gold 96>X LOCAL NEWS. POLIOS Hbpobts?Pint Precinct.?R. Thoraa*, assault; locked up. D. Miller, creating nuis ance; lor trial. Second Precinct.?Lewis Cluskey,* sellin 5 whiskey to soldiers: $20. W. D. Beall, assault j and bat'ery; dismissed. Third Precinct -Wm. Ellis, throwing stones; locked up five hours. John Moulding, disor derly, Geo. Stone, do ; SO 45 each. Sam'l Wil son and Alfred G. Raman, throwing stones; S1.56. Geo. McCalli*on, drunk; dismissed. Fourth Precinct,?Peter Fahey, drunk; 3*2. G. Hawk, do.; workhouse. Sixth Precinct.?Wm. Wiemns, drunk; SI. Si las Kirk, do.; military. ,, Tenth 1'recinct.?Matilda Uyland, Susan Richardson, fighting; *3 each. Harriet Smith, grand larceny; dismissed. Albert Tolson, de sertion; military. I^ouisa Sanders, disorderly; Si. Catharine McCormick, assault; Matthew Little, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Lou isa Sanders, common drunkard* bail for pe;i.e. Seized cunsr. the Cojn-r?rATtos Act.? j Yesterday, the Marshal, uuder the instruc tions of the District Attorney, seized tne pro perty of Wm. A. Terry, alias W. H. Terret', under the provisions of the confiscation act ot July 171b, 1S62. Terretl was formerly an ofti ? cer of the U. S. Marine Corps, and at the | breaking out of the rebellion went South, and wss made a major. At the Umeour troop-* en tered Alexandria Uo was in command of th? rebel cavalry there. Tho property consist- of lot 37 in .square on N street, between anu 6th sireets, improved by a three story brick building. Convictep ofSklliwo Forced Passe* to Solt>ier?i.?Augustus Nagel, a cithsen, arrested at Alexandria, Va , for selling forged passes to sc Idlers, thereby aiding them to desert, has been tiled by a military commission hekl in tins city, and sentenced to be confined in au^U penitentiary as the proper authority may direct, for six months, and pay a iiae of Sl'.Ht. The sentence has been apDrovod, and the p^ni'en tiary at Albany, N. Y, deeiguated as the pia^ of confinement. Por.K B Api*oikt>ik?tr ?The regular mee% ing of the Board was held yes?erdav a* the rooms on Tenth stre*i. OfHcer D. M. Sylves ter's resignation was received and ajcepted. The following appointments were made:? Robt. J. Nicholson, vice J. O. Lusby, patrol man of'Id precint; Andrew C. Smith, vice P. T.JHcCliesney, 5th precinct; Wm. J. Grant, vice 1). M. Svlvester; aud J. W. Howard, vice Augustus Brown, yd pTecinct. * i Form* it Ward Station Cases.?Richard Burnett, vagTancy: locked np at his own re quest. John Trineas, assault aad battery, dis missed. John Simonds, levying black mail; military. John GibsoR, disorderly;**1.58. J. Wagoner, havine a Government horse in his possession; military. John Catou, assault luid batlery: jail lor court. Nelly Butler, drunk-,. West Adams, sleeping in a wagon; di-rfmssed. RSaleb ok Real Eptate?The following sales have been made by Jas. C. McGinn' fc Co : Small frame ho 11 so and lot on south H street. . near 6U1, to R. A. Phillips, for SI. 100. Small frame house on Fifth street, between 0 and P, to Chas. Ilall, for S740. Similar bouse, adjoiniug the above, to John Wagner, for ?755. * Mb. Clifiianz has called upon us to-day to say tliat the report of the proceedings of the Baltimore Convention, as published in t'ie Chronicle, was made jointly by himself and Mr. F. II. Smith, one of the Congressional re porters, and not exclusively by himself as might be inferred from our article of jester day. MARBIA'IB AT a MAOHTBATJ'i OprtCK.? Last night, a young couple, James L. Storer and Esther Pasamore, of Perry county, Ohio, called upon Justice Johnson to b* married at his oflice. The Justice could not perform the service himself, but sent to Rev. U. Ward, who promptly tied the matrimonial knot. Bail fob Court.?This morning, officer Grant, of the Fourth Ward, arrested Jonathan Roland for assault and battery 011 his wife, and for attempting to kill his brother-in-law. He waa taken before Justice Gibersmi, who held him to bail for court, and also to keep the p?ace. v Second Wabi> station Case-. ? Mary Hay res, disorderly; SI. Sarah I.ongston, threats; bail for peace. Mary Smith, drunk and fighting; Si. Isabella Riley, do.; S3. Daniel Frazler, drunk and disorderly: S.?. John Dougherty, do.; 82. John Brosnom, drunk; S1.C8.. Samuel Whittemore, do.; SI. Gotno it Strobr.?Notwithstanding the warm weather during the past nine days, the nnmber of persons applying for marriage licenses seems to be on the increase, sixty.nine having obtained licenses from the Clerk of the Court since the first of the month. Statbopthb Thbemombter.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 214 Pennsylvania avenne, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 70 In the shade; 8.3 in the sun. SEVEltAL PLEA9ANT ROOM8 KOR RK S T Withor without hoard, at 4^9 K street, be tween 3d and 4th ?t9. jo 10 3t* AQ1TIKT. PRIVATE FAMILY HAS TWO FURNISHED ROOMS to let, with or without board, fn a pleasant part of Georgetown, No. 114 (iRy street, netween Hit;h mid Consrre^s. je 10 3t* FRAMB I10C8E FtWt bALE-fn a beautiful locality, on 8th street, Navr Yard Hill. For particulars inquire of RE7.1N N. PDMPHHKY, on K street east, between 11th and l?th. Je 10 .St* OR SALE-Two New York HUGUIKS. latest style. Also, four sets of li?ht HARNESS. Can be seen at stable corner of O and 0th streets froiua to 0 p. in. Addreas for particulars " D. V. n." jc nw f 08T?On Tuesday, the 8th Inst., a re?l 00W, l_< with white face; lar?e horn*. SA reward will be given if returned to JOHN CTDMERE, Jfa> n Klar-kstnith Shop, near Bladensbuig Toll Gate. Je IO-3t* Board, with handsomely furnished ROOMS, for two or three gentlemen, or fmni liea,?one single room. House coinmodioim an t airy, with spacious grouuds. Terms moderate. Apply southwestcorner 2Ut and H street, near Penn. are. /. )e 7-6tT T'llIUTY Fit* HCNDRKU DOLLAR^.? Fur I sale.STOCK, *I\TURES. GOOD WIl Lanl three years' LEASE of a well filled up Restaurant on Pennsylvania arenas, (thirteen rooina,! uow in active, paying operation. . ? , MixCnRLL k 8ON, Real Estate Rrokern. 8. K. corner Peuna. kt. and 16th street, je IP-eolm Washington, D, O. OARDINft^-Twolarge, alry.well FCRNISHBO ROOMS for rent, to gentlemen. Also, a email ROOM. To permanent boarJers. more than two occupying the name apartment, a reduction iu J trice will be m?de. To those not requiring show, ?ut comfort, tue utmost attention will b* paid. Apply at No. 394 lHth ?t .bet. fc' and G sti. jelo it* ARE CHAN CIS FOR PRINTERS.?A small capital wiH buy a good Job Office, which is bringing in a regular income of ftear $A) per ?tenth for use of a very amaH portion of material, witbont any labor. An energetic man can make it par ?*jn? P>'t month easy, with very littla labor. 1 will satisfy anyone that the above is correct and no humbug, and give my reasons for selling, by addre'singtstatinir where an interview can be ha-tj "Printer.'' ^tar Office. je l>3t* Having ABorT one hc.vdre? acresov superior upland White Oak Timber, measuring from six to twenty inehesin diameter, and having made arrangements with George Page, of Wash ington city, for aawinc the same, I am er??ared to receive orders for PLANK or SCANTLING, fill deliver at tbe mill, Georgetown, or Washington city. D.O., as early as the eomiiur October. Per son R in want of ih> above will correspond with O. 7.. MrXOABTBR. Rookville. Md. It* OHAD^BIDE" FOE RENT.-We are auther Ized to rent, to a good taB*aW.the eo^n'^y 8^^$saK?S4a!5^tiaB.' 'mouUdy, forwhUOlpro,*, -ecurity ^JT,U,re<1' JAS. C. MoOl^IRK & OO. SK.1^0 T?i8,**0r!** SBOtTB* A (944 bttMam. puii* * f>j. The aineunt Invested can r?adtl* b* UmnTku cash At ijij tiras. Addresa Bet-J? Star 08c?. K W *5t INVITO. MoQPlRl ft 00.. tncHoown. TnrirwasALiTor rkm, mstatk On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, J alv sth. at 6 o Ylk at tbe Auction loom* of Jm. 0 MoGaire virtue of ? iw< of trust from John I* ?trick, d?t*t Pebrnary 2d W63 nod dnly recorded in Lther J A 8 .No. ?*. folio* r>l. #t. eee., one of Up Land R??. orde f?r Washington county. D C., we shall ? the east baJf of Lot No. 9. in Seuare No. SaJ. Terms cash. Cost of conveyance* and i inw t-> He imj t r the purchaser. *M. H. H ARD * _ ' J AS. V DAVI3.{ TruH.*es Je.lft-Sawftds ? J. C. MoGUIRF, ft 00.. Aneto Y GRBEN & WILLIAMS. Aoction??i7 ONB FINB 81THN-0CTAVK ROSEWOOD C A*? PIANO, HOUSEHOLD IUHNITURkV ir AUOTION. " *r On 8ATURDAY the 11th infant, at P o'cln-k ft m.,*? ahall sell. In front of our An- ion Room.' corner Seventh and D streets, a Large Lot ot Furniture. Twenty cases of Navy Tobacco, an! a'l kin in of Men's and Boys' Clothing. je 10-d ti REBN ft WILLI AMP. Anote. jpTYlAS. C. McGUIRE ft CO.. AudtU^^ SMALL AND DF8IRABLB BUILDING- LOT ON NKW JRRSKY AVENUE, OPPOSITE TRR R ALT IVORS AND OHIO RAILftOAD I) SPOT On WEDNKbDAY AFTERNOON, June LHh, at ( S o'clock, on the premises. we shall Mil Lot 'G;' in Sub of Lot No. 1, S^usre No. (29, fronting 2' fe?t on the west Bide of New Jersey avenue, between I) and E streets rortli.and running back ??? fret i inches to a public alley, and containing 1,671 ?qua? i fe*?t of ground. Terms cs?h. Conveyances and stamp* at the cost of the pur rhawr. Je lo-d (Rep) J. O. McGUIRB ft 00., Aucts. IV IlOUf KI10LD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FRIDAY MORNING, June 17, at lOo'clock, I will sell at the residence of Mrs. Rofcrer, t>u Green street, between Gay and Dtmbsrton streets, a general assortaentof Household Furniture, vir; Parlor Chairs and Sofa Bureaus, Beadsteads and Msttre?se-. Carpets. Mirrors and Tables. Wardrobe. Wathstacds, Ac. Parlor snd Cook Stoves Crockery and Glass ware. Kitchen Furniture and many articles not uien? tiored. je 10-dts THOS. DOWLINC. Auctioneer. f THOMAS DOWLINO, Auct., Georgetown. B Y THOMAS DOWLING, Aact.: Georgetown. ADMINISTRATOR 8 SALE OF UOU8LJQOLI) FURB1TURB. HOUSE. COWS, WAGONS. FARMING UTENSILS, fto , A.C., AT PI BLIO AUCTION. On WR DM ESP AY MORNING, June 15th. 1*1. at 10 o'clock , I w iH soil, at the resident of the l*t* Janes Britt, en ths Heights . t'Georgetown, ad joining tbe Signal Gamp, a stood assortment of Household Furn'ture, 5 Cows 1 Cslx.l 1L rse. 1 Wagon. 1 Cart, lot Farming I'lensil*. lot U??,H Ilot Be<l Sash, snd ninuy article- not mentioned. Term* cash, URITT. Administrator. j? 10-lt TH08. DOWLING, Auctioneer. B Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. SAL* OFA BUILDIHG LOT ON DSTREKT RK TWEEN THIRD AND FOUR AND A HALF PTRKET8 ON THE ISLAND. AT AUCTION On THI'RSDAY, the pth instant, at 6 o'clnok p. in., we shall tell, in front of the premise*, Lot 2u. in subdivision of Square VW. Terms: Ooe half in casb. th? remainder In six and twelve months, secured by a deed of trust ou the premises. All cot-vej sneio? and revet us stamps at the cost of the purchaser. je.4 d GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Aucts. r/TH>: A BOY K BALK TS POSTPONED ON scconnt of tbe rain until SATURDAY. the 11 th in stant. sHme hour snd place j?.in rt GREEN A WILLI AM8^ Auct B Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OU LOT ON P QTftKKT BK* TWEEN 14TH AND 1.3111 ST RESTS W K8T On TDESDAY AFTERNOON. July Bib. 18*^4. at ?; o'clock, at tbe Auction Ro* isaof'??*. C. McGtiire ft. Co? by virtne of a deed of trust from Charl"? K Ryerson, dated June J&tb, lfiSS, *nd duly reoord<>t in Liber J. A. 8., No. 9. folios 194. at. stq . on? of the Lend {Records fc-.r Washington cf'tinty, D. 0 , we shall sell, the weft half of Lot No. 8, in Drury'* sub-div!f."ion of SquHre No. 2W, fronting 2!'? feet on north P street, between 14th and 15th streets west, and running back lflu feet to a 10-foot alley. Terms cash. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. WM. II. WAKD.(T . JAB. Y. DAVIS.S Trustees 9awftd? J. 0. McGUIRK ft CO . Auct*. B Y J. C. McGt IIIE ft CO., Aucticneers. POSITIVE PAT/F OF VACANT LOT AT TIIK CORNER OF EIGHTH 6TRIET WEiT AND R STREET NORTII. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. 6^, o'clock.on the premises, we shall sell, part of Lot No 2, in Sinaro No 419. frnntinr 25 feet on 9tl? street west, at the corner of north R street, an 1 running back 10ft feet on north R street. Terms: One-balfin casb; the remainder in six. months. With interest, secured by a lee.! of truxt on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. ,H6-d [Bep.] J. 0. McGUIRB ft Oo? Aucts. KTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED IX consequence Cif the rain, until TUISDAY, AF TERNOON, Jute 14th. same hour and place. jeB d tRep.1 J.C. McOUIRE ft CO.. Auctn. |^Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. CATALOGUE gALE oF VALr A RLE COLLEC TION OF MILITARY,SCIENTIFIC, AND MIS CELLANEOUS BOOKS. .On THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS. June Kki and 34th. we chall sell,commencing at half pa^t seven o'clock each day at our Auction Rooms, the Library of the late Gen. J. G. Totton, Chief Engi r'er U 8 Army, comprising over one thousand VolnmeB of rare and Valuable Military, Scientific, an<5 Missellateous Works. Terms ctsh. Catalogues mar be obtained on application to the Auctioneers. Capt. W. G. TEMPLE. U 8. N. Executor. _Je.lO-eod J. C. McGUlRE ft Co.. Aucts ??Y 3. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY IN THE RBAR OF T11E NATIONAL HOTEL AT PUBLIC AUC TION On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 17,at 6V- o'clk. on 1be premises, we shall sell. Lot No. fi. inSqua'e No. ?yo. fronting 5fi feet 11nches on north C stree', between Four-and a half and Siit'a street w??<, and running back about 123 feet to a 30 foot wide public alley, with a Brie1* Building, long and favor ably known an the Washington Bath Home." The central location of this valuable propartv renders it very dsslrable for busins>s purpo?ss, and we invite the particular attentiou of capital if'8 and baslnfJR8 men to tbe sale. Tm ins : Ore half cash; the remainder in 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru~t on the premises. Co?t of conveyances aud revenue stamps to b-) paid by purchaser. je.lo d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO. Aucts. n Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TOR SALE AT PUBLIC AUCTION, ON THU ?-JOTH INSTANT. AT 6 O'CLOCK P M , We shall sell in front of tbe premises the follow ing named property K even (111 Lots ot Ground on Georgia avenue, near the Navy Yard, Washing ton. D. C. to wit : Square P9U. Lots 11 aud 12. corner of Twelfth an-1 routh I streets Two lots; 11-47 feet front on Twelfth ?tre*t by 7"> feet no flouth I utreet ; 12?47:eet front on Twelfth street, by >5 feet de?p. Square 1?20, Lota 14,15.1% 17. and 18, Twelfth street east, between south G and south I street? Five Lots; 16. in, 17, and IK?H feet K inche-i front, by 3)4 feet 9 inches; 14-41 ftet 2 inches front by 2i?a feet 9 inches. Square l.t>23. Lots 1 and 3. south L street, between Twelfth street east and Thirteenth street east; Lots 11 and 12,south K street, between Twelfth street east and Thirteenth street east. Four Lot*; l?^ofeet front on Thirteenth street, by 95 feet on south L street; 3??0 feet 3 inches front on south L street, by l'? feet 6 inches; 11?GO fset 3 inches front on south K street, bv Z02 feet * inches; 12?62 feet fronton south K street bv K2 feet 6 inches. All these lots open on alley ways in the rear. To be sold separately. Terms : Three-quarters rash; balance in 6 and li months, secured by a deed of trust on the premise-. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of purchaser. je lo eod GREEN ft WILLTAM8, Auct*. !Y REMOVAL. ilOTICE TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDEN ERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSELS. The office for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different government corrals in the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the corner of F and lftth streets to the corner of K an?l 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania avenue, on 12th street. The planting season being over, now is the proper time for farmers and gardeners to isr in and haul a supply of manure lor top dresstnf* ana ftll use. Larae auanaities of well rotted manura on band and for rale at low rates. _ . .. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freight and dispatch given. Apply to^ Office?N. B. corner 12th and B Jel 5w 1 block from Pa. ar.. en 12th st IZIDWBLL ft HENDERSON. ?iipt IV No. 367 D Stbebt.kfar Nistr, Respectfully Inform their friends and the publ!? generally that they have now in store a well se lected assortment of __ , WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, which they are prepared to sell at the lowest casa * Work done at abort notice in the city or conntry by experienced workmen. . . Remember the place. No. 367 D street, near franklin Hall Building. ?P2' " B HAVE JUST BBCEIVHD FROM EUBJ^ a large lot ef the finest Italian > lotin BW String* that have ever been brought to this ug| country. Also, one very finitnld 8talner } 1* Hn, and aeveral others 0/?Iftperlor Strings are all manufactured to eur ?fd^.r\ j?pr,^ - enceofone of oar firm, of the bsst material dur u* tbe winter season, and v* ' retSil at the Mu^e's^ore^f4*'''* W SIbBTMBOTT,1 ' my31 8 Corn^e of ilthstreetand Pa. av.nue._ WINDOW 8HABE3. ^gg 12 7th street. ?jUt torrfSjSr.0" Termi cash.

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