Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1864 Page 1
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V?. XXIII. ; WASHINGTON. D. C.. SATURDAY. JUNE 11. 1864. >N2. 8.522 . l- ! AUCTION 8ALSK rOTDRK ?AT?> .. . |JT W.t, WALLS 60,, AaetionNfi t:R*AT8AL?or BORHBB, CARRIBOBS. BUG 'S IKS 11A KttKBH, GOOD #It,L AKi' LB ASS OFSTABL2B. Oh AO 18 BMW M OF. OFFIOBV iC KNITl'RE. IRON SAfC*** aT AUCTION^ AT Till WXTKNSIV Kg^MLXd OF TfgOlfA^ ?fewv M<wsai On T1 BSD AT MORNINttTTfrie SI. eommen em* WK o eloek we shall sell, Si* large and v*1q. able stack. ??fcr?cb!?^ THIRTY HEAL O* HGR8B8, ?- ? vi ~ . Including, . ^add?- h*4"' watch Id* Driving ud *Open Barouches* ? Pkaetnns. 7 Close Carries. r , W rapBuffiPs. 4 No- top Bowles, * M S.?gbs, W Saddles, 4 Ladies Paddle*. Sette Hi**)* ffarness. ?> S*ti? l.isbl DcuMe Harness, t^tt' BkokiUrsM!i, e Office Furniture. One tire proof ?afo. ? 11,90. The le?M, ennd trill, ftp., of om ofthe b#rt 8tt blee m the city and baring * leaae of ov*r two Tear* to run AL-?0, FUaek smith 8bop anl Tools an 1 Sbop to .tent, With other article* usually found in a Livery Sta ble The ab*Ve Steele embraces one of the large <t ?tecxs offered at Auction. and we especially call the attention oT purchaser^ to this sulfa* tbe whol atoak will be peremptorily sold without reaerre. ,<STd*C**b L. WAU ft CO., A&fo JY J. C. BIcOl'lKJS A uu? Auctioneer*. _rSTEE'S 5ALB OFTdltXE STORY BRlCR 7WBI.L1NO HOITSK ANI' LOT ON NINTH fT WEST. BITWKRH O A"*D PSTREETSNOkTH . On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. June 2H. at? o'clx, on tbe wretnlAf*. by virtue *Ta d?od?f trastditel S**t?iu>>er 23d. M6I. nud doly recorded hi Liber N Q. T. *0. 2aii UolM"# 1. ?t aeft.-and of th? Land Records of Washington county. P. C. I shall sell. Lot No. 9 in Crittenden 's sab division of Square 338, fronting in feet on Ninth street west. between O and P streets n?rtb, runningbae* ?4 f*et4 inches to a public alley and improved by a three story Brick Dwelling House containing two basement rooms, saloon parlor, wide ball, and three cham bers, with woodshed, ftc., in the rear. Term* cash. Conveyances at cost of the purchaser. TH 'MAS 8. BURR. Trustee je 6 dts J 0. MoGUIRB ft 00 . Aucte 8 BT THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown, KXECrTORT 8AI,B OF IMPROVED REAL ES TATE IN OBOK1ITOWN. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 15, at 6 o'clock. ] shall sell in front of the p'emiees all that pie e or parcel of ground being th^ ea?' half ofLot numbered eighty eight <^SIin Tbellkeli'e addition of Georgetown situated on 20. between Lingen and Warren streets,near Georgetown Col ^"he lot is 30 feet front, with a depth of 'SJfeet, improved by a convenient and well built Two btory Brick House, containin* s'x rooms and cellar, The hr.use Is lo- ated on high ground and in a very healthy neighborhood. Title perfect. Terms : One half cash, the balanc* in three and six months, secured by a deed of trust on the ?property. All conveyancing at cost of purchaser A. 60Dt?ARD, Executor. iefl-dts TnOMAS DOWUNO, Auat B Y J, C. Mc&UIKB ft CO., Auctioneers. rNRE?ERYKP PALE OF VALUABLE VACANT PKOPKKTY IN S^UAHE 447, FRONTINwOi SEVKMU STRKET WB8T AND NORTH N AND O STRUT*. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June Mth,at 60 clock, on tbe premises, we shall sell for account of 8t Vincent's Orphan Asylum, tbe following valuable Tacant Lo?s in Square No. <-47, vii : Lot V fronting 6" feet on 7th street west,be tween N and 0 streets north, and runnitg back litf feet to a i5 feet alley Lots It, is and W, fronting each fil fest on north O street.between Gth and 7th streets west,and running back 1^5 feet to a |o feet alley. Lot 3. frontingSl feet on north N street, between 61 b and 7th streets west, running back 1R5 faet to ?.V feet alley. The above will be divided into good sized Build ir g Lots. 1&r Titles all directly from the Government. Terms One th ird cash: the remainder in 6 an I 12 months, with interest, securedby a deed of trus on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of tbe pur cb*s?T*,' To prevent irresponsible bidding, a par isfst nf .*.11 on e?ch lot will be required at thj time of sale. >e f,-d J. C McOUIRE & CO., Ancts. Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct'r; Georgetown B IMPROVED PROPERTY IN GEORGETOWN AT AICTION. On THFRSDAY AFTERNOON, June 16, at C o clock p. ?n.. I will ??11 in (rout of the premises, tniddie nirt of L ts No 14 < and 41 in Beall'saddi tion to i-ieorgetown fronting 4<i ieet on the west aide 0 tM <>nt?(itnr>ry street inear Dnnbarton street, and rur,nine hack 121 fe-k, and is improved by a Ooo'i Twottory Brick House, AI.80. Eaet pp.rt of Lot No. li# in Beall's addition to Geor?.-??towii, fronting Jo feet on the south side of Danbarton fi - ~t n i n ~ f 1 1 1 is n<Br r street, and yunniEjf i.ack y? leet, and improv|d by a Brick StaMe. Terms: One-half -asli; balance iosix and twelve lEocths, Secured by a detd of trust on the prop* erty. Conveyancing and st&mps at the cost ol the pur chaser. bales positive. ie 7 d THOS. DOW LI NG, Auctioneer. WALE OF CON D KM NED IIAY Ckitf (jifarttrrrin.tti*1.* Ojfire. D'.pot Washington,! Wifhmeton. D <*,June7. lStTI. \ Will be sold at Public Anctior, at Alexandria, Ya ,. c MONDAY, Juno 13th, 1864, at 11 o'clock a. Jy- > . "a. ' ONE HUNDRED (VP) TONS OF HAY, eondeiuneda^ unfit for public "use. The nay will be sold in lots of ten (19) toi,s and upwards. . Successful bidders will bf reonired to remove their purchasts within five (fi)days from date of enle. Terms cash, in Government funds D. H. RUCKER, Brigadier General *nd Chief Quartermaster, e.l-t'l Depot of Washington. D. O JNITKD bTATBS MARSHAL 8~SALX'i In virtue of two writs of Fieri Facias issued front the Clerk'" office of the Circuit Court of the District of Columbia, and to me directed, I will expose to public sale, for cash, at the front of the Court Houee do*r, of said county. on MON DAY, the fcth day of June next. ISol, at 12 o'clock M., all de fendant's right, title, claim, and interest in and to Lot? No. ). 2. and 3, in Square No. 9>\ being the undlvlied third part of saul Lots, seized and leviea npon *s the property of William Douglass.and will bo *old to satisfy judicial No. 293 and J99. to Octo her term Liv.t, in favor of Wm. G. W. White and Brother, use of James It. Smith, use of Henry 1/i uglaas. WM. SELDEN, my .13-dftds late U. S. Marshal. D. O. AjTTHK ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UN t;l tbe 2">th inst., same hour and place. WM. SELDEN. le 7 late U. 8,-Marshal, D. C |^Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., AucUoneers. 1RAME HOI SE AND" LOT ON MAuiSOJi STREET. FORMERLY OREGON ALLEY. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June lith.atr o'clock, on tbe premises, i(e ahall n<11 the souta half of Lot 42 in 8quare numbered 443, Tronting IS;., feet on Madison street, (a street running from MtoN streets north, between 6th and 7th streets v .-et.) running back >< 5 feet to a 15 feet alley, with ? 15 feet alley on the south side, and improved with a two story Frame Dwelling House coatain iug four rooms ?td a kitchen, and a Large Frame Stab e. , , Term*: One third in cash; the remainder in 3 and 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust ?n the premises . Conveyance# at the cost of Ike pureeaeer. je 9-d J . C. McGUI EE ft Cfl., Auct's. WALE"OF Ml7cELLANBor8 qcartermasL > TBRS' bTORES. Ckuf Quarter-master'.* Office, Depot of Washington, I Washisgtos. D. C.. June ?. 1K4. i Will be sold at Public Aucticn. at Government Warehouse, situat?d iu Square bounded by E and F. and Twenty tirst and Twenty second streets, in the city of Washington, D.C .cn WEDNESDAY, June li, l>>ol, at 10 o'clock am, a large lot of t le SDllowinj named Quartermssters* stores, con emi? . as unfit for public service, viz : Axes. Anvils, Brushes, bridles. Buckets Saddlet Blankets. Blacksmiths' Tools Horse ami Wagon C'tr^rs, Carpent rs' Tools. Portable Forge). Grind stones. Harness. Lanterns,Scrap leather, Paulias. Rope, Sto?es. Sadtles. Scales. Stable Fixtures, Iron Wire, and about 130,"0" pounds of Scrap-iron. Suecessfnl bidders will be required to remove the nrticiw within five (fi> day* from the dgy of sal*. Terms: Cash in Government funds D. H. BUCK.BR, Brig. Ge*. and Chief Quartermaster, )e 7-td Dspet of Washington, D 0. VCCTION SALX OF CONDBMKBD HORSES. W4* D*rAaTMK*T, OATtLiy Brsur, 1 Ornoa nrCmir QrABTaaMsaru, > Washington, V. C. April 23, ISM.S Will be sold at poblie auction, to the highest bid ??r at the tiroea andriUS named below, vii: Newport, Penna , Thursday, May 8th. Gettysburg. Penna.. Monday. May 9th, Altoooa. Penna., Thursday, May 12th, MiiHin, Penna., Thursday. May 19tb, Beading, Penna., Bfcarsdar, May 16th, Lebanon. Penda.. Thn rules'1 June-id, Northumberland. Penna., Thursday, June pth. gcranton, Pensa..Thursday, June loth. Williamsdort, Penna , Thorsdav, Jane TH. One Hundred < 10"! horses at Gettysburg, and Two Bnndred and Fifty (&>> at each of theother place*. These horses have been oondemned as nnSt for the cavalry service of the United State* Army. For road and farm purpose* many good bargains may he had. Horses will be eold singly. Sales begin at K> a. m., and continue daily until ?rEiE'eia, la V. 8. ?pTe^3Bn8?^#i^j,4 ?p.g-tjeao Lt. Col. an4 O Q.M Cavalry Bureag, ^ALB Of CONDEMNED H0RSE8 AND MULES (Ait/ Quartermaster * OJite. IMPot of n ^ WaHHiNGTf>?, D, C., JuneB, l*H. \ Will be 1 old at pnbli? a*?Uou,at the Corralk, ccnt'nr.d as for publit *?'?s : Cash in Govsj niaent funds. fcale to eoiumsnee at 15o clgc^a. ?tT(miSR> Brig Ge*. aui Chief Quartermaster, ; ?Ml f Depot of Washington, AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. B Y J. 0. McGUIRB A CO , Auctioneers. DESIRABLE LOT OPPOSITE TO? WK8TBRN j MAKRET, On MONDAY .AFrERNOON. Jnne IStb. at t>i o'clock ou the piemi'es. ?r* nrt ct Lot No 8. it Square No. 107. frontmg 20 fe^t on north K street between IV.h and !?>th sts. vest and nearly oppotit* tbe Western Maflivti junnin* baek a'wnit 90 feet to a pabtio alley. ' Ternia: One half cash. the remainder in- si* months. with interest, secured by a deed of trust op tbe premiees. conveyances at tbe cost of the purchaser. je.O-d (Sep 1 J 0. McGUIRE A CO . Aucts. |^Y J.C, McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. VALUABLE VACANtT.OTS ON NBW YORK iVliMMET*EENtiTti AND7THSTRBET3 WE!>1, AS* O 6TJ1 8TREKT WBdT, BETWEEN J. AND M WREE S NORTH. Oft MONDAY 'AFTERNOON. June 13th, at 6 o'c'ock. on the wawrll sell, the eastern part of Lot No. 7,4r SquareNo. 43fY, fVhtftlng 3i feet on tve norvli siie-of New York avenue, between Bixtb sad Seventh streets west, and running baflk 118 feet, to be divided into two Lota of 17" feet frost each. IMMEDIATELY AfTIR. Part of Lot No. 21, and the whole of Lot No. 22, in Sqnae No. 449. divided into five Lots, fronting each 16 feet 7 inches on the wsst side of Sixth street 1 weft, between L and M streets north, and running back-t 16 feet to a 29 foot alley. Terms: One-third cash, the remainder in aix. and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the cost of the pur chaser. d J.C. MoGUIRE A CO., Aaota. J^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE SALEOF A THREE* 81 OKY KRAMB HOUSE AND LOT ON MASS' ACHISBTT8 AVENUE BBI'WEEN FOURTH AND FIFTH STBEB1 8 NORTH AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 2d day of June. atSo'cIoca. p. m . we shall sell, ii fientof the premises, part of Lot 11 iD Square No. 516, with a nearly new built thr? t-story Frame House containing nine rooms, Theie is no better location in tbe city. my.28-1***' GREEN A WILLIAM?, Aucts. #yTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED ON account of the terms, until MONDA\, the 6th inst., same hour and place. Terms: One-half cash; balance in 6 ana 12 months for notes bearing- interest, secured l?y a deed of tru st. All conveyances an?l stnir.p-? at co?t of purchaser. Je3-d&?ls GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. K7-THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED TN account of th? rain until MONDAY , the Uthlnst., same hour and place. _ je7eo<J?fcda J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Anets. pjY J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF VACANT LOTS BE LONGING TO ST. VINCENT'S ORPHAN ASY LUM. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 14. at 6 o'clk, on the premises.commencing with the first nanaed, we shall sell, twenty-one desirable vacant Lots, in Square No, 211, fronting respectively on Four teenth street, west side, at the corner of Rho^e Is land avenue and on Rhode T*land ave"nue.between Fourteenth and Fifteenth streets These Lots are finely located in a healthy and fast improving part of tbe city, with tbe advantages of gas, Potomac water, and a city pa?s nger railroad. immediately ai tek. Lots 13 and 14 in Sqnare No. 197. frontingto^eth* er l< ?i feet 9 inches on Sixteen'h street, between L and M.and rnnnin* back to a 3<>-f0ot alley, and Lota & and 3?>. fronting together K* feet 9 inches en Fifteenth street, between L and M streets north, and running back to a 30-foot alley. The latter will be sub divided into small BuLd in sr Lots. ' _ These Lots all belong to St. Vincent's Orphan Asylum, the titles to which are directly from tbe Government. ... , ?' .' , Terms: One-third in cash; tne remainder in sn and twelve months, with Interest, secured by adeed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the purcha ser. ??"To prevent irresponsible bidding, a payment of 820 on each lot will be reqnirnd at time ot sale. .jo.r, a J. O. McGUIRE CO.. Aucta. pY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Awetjoneers. TWO HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS FRONTING ON HRSThTREET EAST. BKTWEEN L AND MSTBBETS SOUTH, AT AUCTION. On 11 ESDAY, the 14tb instant, we bhall offer for sale, on tfee premise s,at 6 o'clock p m ., the follow ing handsome Building Lota, viz : Lots and 12. in the subdivision of Square narta of No. "43 Lot lo fronts on said L street 24 foH B inches, running bach about 176 feet, to a 14-feet nl Ky And bavins an alley on "the south side 3 feet wide the entire d^pth. Lot 12 fronts on the same street, iitb a front of 24 feet 7 inches, running bak to the sa d 14 feet alley, and having an alley ? feet wide on the north side running tbe entire depth Lot It. lying between ssifi Irrfslitaud U,improved by a two story brick dwelling house, owned by Mf. A. Grinder , Tents: One thit;d cash, the balanee in si* and twelve morrths, with interest, A deed given and a deed ? f trust taken. Title Indisputable. C"st of c Lveyanees ami stamps to be paid by par. CbjeS4-?iAda GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. |>Y J. C. McGOIRB A CO..Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE OF THREE DESIRABLE DWELLING HOUSES AND LOTS ON TUB EAST SIDE OF SIXTH STREET WEST, BE TWEEN G AND II STREKTS NORTH On iHIRSDAY AFTEKNOON. Jnne 16th. at 6 o'clock, ou the'premises, we >hall sell Lots No. 15 and If, in 8<iua*e No 4-fronting together 50 feet on ?th street west, between G and H street! north, and runnir s tack ai feet to a wide public alley, improved by three very desirable I'fani; Dwelling Houses, with ba:k buildings, to be sold ' separately. , _ . . Terms : One half cash; the remainder in 3 and 6 months,with interest, secured byar4eedon the premises. . ,,, , Conveyances at tbe cost of the purchaser, je 9-7t J.C. McGPIEE A Co.. Auct's. , |>Y WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneers. GREAT BALES OF RARE AND VALUABLE BOORS. AUTOGRAFHB, ENGRAVINGS, PAINTINOS.Ac .Aa^AT AUCTION. WEDNESDAY EVENING. June 15, at7.'? o cIk, at Mr A. Hunter's Rooms over the Bankot Wash ington, we shall sell. all ol'Mr Hunter'* stock of Rare and Valuable Books. Magsaines. Law State Papers. Exploring Expeditions. Crimean Reports. Annual Debates ol Congress. Dictionaries. Miscel lai^eons. Religious Ac., with Coins. Curiosities, Autographs, Rare Plaster Busts. Paintings, wnong which a valuable Pisture of Jupiter, Ac., by Cor retgio. Also, Secretaries, Book Cases, Shelviug, TS*les' VriiVe' continued MONDAY ant WED NESDAY EVENINGS, until all are sold, as the rerpoR must be -vacated at an early day Catalogues of lots ready three days before each sale. Books can he seen at an* time, " e 9 dts |Chron. 1 W. B. LEWIS A CO.. Aucts. DY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE SALE OF CHOICE OLD WINES AND LIQUORS IN BOTTLES AND DEML JOHNS On THURSDAY MORNING. June 16. at m o'clk. at the Hc tel of Mr. James Casparis,opposite the Esat Capitol Park, we shall fell, withoat reserve, his extensive stock of flee Wines ai.d Liquors, some of it being reserved stock of the last twenty years. We name in part? Choice Brands of Madeira, Port, Sherry, Rhine antt Clarot Wines. Superior Old Monongahela, and Cabinet Whiskey, m>me bottled in U>40. Choice Brandy,Sunta Cruz and Jamaica Rum, Old Scotch Whiskey,imported inlS4l,Feach Brandy, Wild Cherry Brandy. Hungarian and California Wines, 01d Julep, Pars ley Bra?'lv. Champagne in quarts and pints, White Wine, Vinegar. 4e., Ac. One large French plate Mirror. Catalogues may be oltained at the Auction Rooms. je'^y C&hb' J- 0- McGUIRE A CO.. Anets. ? >Y THOMAS D0WL1NG, Auct; Georgetown. PFRF.MPTORY SALE OF VALUABLE AND DESIRABLE BUTLprNG LOTS IN GEORGL TOWN VT PUBLIC'AUCTION. On TUB'f0AT AFTERNOON, .June .'1st. l*>4,at 5 o'clock, 1 will front of the prtinises. Lots Si..J9 and 2 0 in BeaU's addition to Georgetown, froi tint l?) feet on W.-st street. a depth of 12<t feet on Montgomery street. These lots will he oi\jdtd into f ur bulling lota, each fronting 30 fe't on the south side of We*t street with a depth of IWffK-t to a 10 fcst ?Hey from Montgomery street. ' _ i The south parts of i.ots 250 and 251, tront?ng & feet on the west aide of Green street, a^ove west street..with a depth of l2n feet.. A L8*3 Part of Lots No. l?! and Bean^ &<lditS^n 1o Georgetown, fronting 4<M"eet on the east side qf Oreen street, above Gay -t?ee*, with a depth of life lcet. Termaat-aie. ,4 ' All ooBveyauciSg ao<l itaruss at the cos?Of i.aa lintel.) THOB. POWMNG. Auet DT THOMAS DOWL1SG, AaeVr; Georgetow*. Rub S&all frameTbouse?i AND LOTS IN GEORGETOWN AT AUCTION. On TJITjR^PAY AFTERNOOB', June 16.1?*. at 6 o'e'bek p m , on the prwmiaea, I will yell, tbe no. thwart of tot Ko.R ?? Be alls addition to Geo?aetown. fronting ?*? f?et on Poplar at^eet, bj t??tu Montgomery and Monroe streets With a rtepthot iaa feet ana i?prove4 by Four good Frame Ut2Jtos One-third cash. balance In Six and twelye All ronveyanctaf and -rtamps a- -he cost of the purebaaar. *e.V-W TH0S. DOWLWe. Auct. AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. py THOMAS COWLING. Aact Georgetown. Al'MINFSTRATOR'S PALE 0? HOUSEHOLD ITFMTrjil, BOFSE COWS, WAGONS, FARMING UTEN8IL8, Ao ,Ac.,AT PUBLIC AUCTION On WEDNESDAY MORNING. June 15?h.l? Id o'clock, I w ill sell, at the residence of the late Jatces Britt, on the Heights of Georgetown. ad joining the Pitroal Cam p,? good assortment of Houst-boid Fnrn t'.re, 5 Cows and lCalf. 1 U rse.l Wagon. 7 Cart, lot Farming TTtei>sil?. lot _ Hat, 18 Hot Bed Sasb, and many articles not mentioned. Terms cash. RORT. BRTTT. Ad-ninistrator. 1? ir-?t THOS. DOWLING.Auctioneer^ J^^'JAS. C. McGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. building lot ?E.;!,;LER',T:T AVENUE. OPPOSIT* lot BaLTIMOKI ANTKOTTIO R'lLROAD DEPOT n? H> L' T\1U k'D rv a i1 a nn' n r**? ^. ... On WEDN?abAY *AJTTKRNOON^JSee ""thYi t 8}/ oMork on the premises. we shall sell Lot 'G," in 8)tb of Lot No. 1 Sq<nre No. 629, fronting Ji feet on the wc-t aide of New Jersey avenue, between D and E streets rorth,and running back 84 fret 9 irehe* tn a pnhlie alley, and containing 1,C71 square feet of ground. > Terms cash. Conveyances and stamp* at the cost of the pur chaser. je m-d |Rep] J. C. MoGUIBR A CO., Aucts. J?Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct., Georgetown. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE AND EFFECTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On FRJDAY MOBN1NG, Job* 17, fit lOo'elock, T will sell at the rc-sidrnce of Mrs. Rohrer, on Gr?en street, between Gsyand Dvnfcarton streets, a genera! assortment of Household Furniture, viz: Parlor Chairs and Sofa Bureaus. Beadstesds and Mattresses. Carpets. Mirrors and Tables. Wardrobe Waehst&nds, Ac. Parlor and Cook Stoves Crockery and Glassware. Kitchen Furniture and many articles not men tiored Je lo-dts THOS. DOWLING. Auctioneer. J^Y J. C. McGUIRl A CO., Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS AT THE CORNER OF II AND I9TH STREETS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 17, at half past six o'clock. on the premises. we shall sell, parts of LotsNoa. lo and 11, in Square No. 120, fronting on North H street, at the corner of Nineteenth street west, to be divided into building lots. Tbese Lots are finely located for private resi decees. on a quiet and pleasant street, but In lull view of Pennsylvania ave&ue. Terms cash. Conveyance* at the cost of the purchaser. j?.P-d JO. McGUlRE A CO., A nets. |^Y J. 0. McGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLE PROPERTY IN THE RIAR OF THE NATIONAL HOTEL AT PUBLIC AUC TION On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, June 17, at C : o'clk, on the premises, we shall sell. Lot No. 6. in Square No. 4!*>. fronting St> feet 4 inches on north C streot, between Four-and-a half and Si?th street west, and running baek about 128 feet to a 30 foot wide public alley, with a Brick Building, long and favor ably known as the1 Washington Bath House." The central location of this valuable property renders it terr dtslrable far business purposes, and we invit.-the particular attention of capital ists and business men to tne sale Term.* : One-half cash; the remainder in 0 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Cost of conveyances and revenue stamps to be paid by purchaser. d J. C. McGUlRE A CO.. Aucta. J?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWENTY VALUABLE" BUILDTNG LOTS ON NEW JERSEY AVENUE AT AUCTION. On THURSDAY, the 9th instant, at < o'clock, p. m . we shall sell in front of the premises? 2 Lots, each 2.1 feet front, being the south part of corner Lot 17, in Square C3, near the United States CoastSnrtev Office. 8 Lots in Squares 738 and 74", opposite the Old Blagden Plaee. and some lu Lots in said-Squares 733 and 7i? not frontingon the avenue. The first named two lots are but a few steps sonth of the Capitol, and the other lot'faroat convenient dii-tauces from both t'ie Cnpitol and Navy Yard. 1**e sale will herin with the flrRt named Iota Terras : One- third in cash; the -remainiwr in six and twelve months, with aotes bearing interest and secured by adeed of trust. Con^ evinces and stamps at cist or purchasers. jeS-dts GREENA WILLIAMS. Aucts. During,or immediately gfterthesaleoftheabove we shall sell, Lots Nos. 11,1C, and 23,in Square No. ??{ It being th* ?qnare next to the Coa^t Survey Oft re. Terras seme as above w ? je.7-dts GREEN A WILLLAM3. Auct*. KTTHE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL TUESDAY ne*t, theltth instant,atthes&me hour and place. je n-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. ?57" Plats of the Lots can bs seen at Blagden's Wharf by calling on Mr. Thompson Van Ri*wick at Green A Slemm's Lumber Yard. jelO- GREEN A WILLIAMB. Au;ts. BY J. C. McGUlRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE SALE AT Al'CTION ??K A TWO STORY -FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH M STREET, BETWEEN 31TH AND STREET*. , , ^ On TUESDAY', the llth day of June, at <5}a o'clock, in the afternoon, we shall sell, in front of the premises, I. it S in Square No 21, fronting 65 feet 9 inches on North M street, between L'4th and 26th streets west and extending Imck PO fett to a Si feet all0) , communicating by sice alleys each 15 feet wide, with 21th and 26th streets, with the two story Frame House tlicreon, continuing four rooms and a passage. 'I he location is high and healthy. and within a few minntes'walk ot the Circle, in the First Ward, and the Passenger Railway on Pennsylvania av enue, and aHorda * very eligible building eite. A pump..of excellent water is convenient to the premises. Title perfect. Terms: One-half eash:nnd the remainder at S ard 0 m ,'nthr-for rotes, bearing interest, ?nd se cured by a deed of trust on 1 he premises. All conveyancing an 1 stamps .it the cost of the purchaser. .... A deposit of $50 will be required at the sale. jeS-uAds J. C. MuG U1 RE A Co., Auct's. J^Y J. C. McGUlRE * CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY FALE oT~VALUABLE VACANT LOTS On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Jnne 7th. at half Sast-flve o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a ecrre of the Supreme Cofcrtof tbelMstrlctof Col noibia. made iB a cause (No. !N. in eeuity.) where in JuIiuhM. Granger is complainant, and Adcle De-nglM and others>are defendants, passed Ma; 0, 1864, we shall sell the whole of Square No _561,di vioed into desirable Building Lota, frontiug re spectively on north I street New Jersey avenue, and First street west,all havingfinealley facilities in the rear. This square is located on tb$ high ground north of the Capitol, in the itnwediatH vicinity of St. Aloysins Cnurch and the National Printing Office, and is in every respect desirable for private resi deuces. Terms: One balfea?h; the remainder ia three and six months, with interest, secured to UMsati4> faction of the Trustees; on the ratification of the sales by the court and payment of the purchase money, the Trustees will convey the property in fee to the purchasers. ' If the terms of sale are not Compiled with hi five da^s after the sale, the Trustees may re-sell the property bo in default at the risk anl expense of the purchaser, on one week's notice in the Na tional Intelligencer. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the colt oi the purchaser. DAVIDGB,! Xrvl6teM THO# J^MbHBR.^ * mySlto&ds J. C. MoGUlRl A 00.. Aucta KjTTHE ABOVE SALE IS P03TP0NED UN til THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June lfith. same hour snd place. W. D. BAVIDGE. THOS .J. FISHER, Trustees. je S-d J C. McGUlRE A CO., Aucta. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. CHANCBRY SALE oT~VALUABLE REAL IS TATB. ,fc By virtue of a decree of the supreme Court of tbe District of Columbia, dated cn the Jlst of May, A. D. 18C4, passed in a ceitain^cause (No. 1,80>) pending in ?aid court, between Joseph R. Cassin, trustee, complainant, and John Williams, defend ant? the nndeTsigned trustee will, on FRIDAY, the 17th day of June, A. D. ISM, at six o'clock P. , M., in front of the pvemisep. procetd to sell all A that lot of ground situate in the citjr of Washing- I ton, and District of Columbia, knowp and desig- | natid as lot numbered )6 in square numbered 6; alro the east seven feet eight inobae front ofiot nembered 15. in sale square, together with the Im provements on said lot and part of lot, consisting of a large three story brick dwelling house. (being a portion ot the Teal ?tate oi the late Commodore Stephku CashixiJ * This^ property ts sHtrated on Noith K street, be tw.'en Kth and S7th at eeta west, fronting 67 feet and 8 inches on & street, and extending back with that uniform width, (67 feet 3 inches) 109 feet 10 inches lo a public alley. ? The terms of the sale are: One-third cash; the balance to be paid in two equal instalments, at six i nd twelve months from the day of sale: said bal ance to beariDtflrest from the day of sale, and the pay meat theieof to be secured bp the bonds of the furcbaseror purchasers, with surety to be ap PJfTthebten?? of^alVbenot coinplied with within Ave dsys from the dsr of sale the trustee re^rvee the right to re-sell the property, at the risk and ceet of the dVaolttng purchsaer. by adv#rtiaing '?'yg'^KiY.ts&y m"frwiw&dB GBhZS I WILLI AMB, Auet*. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIO J CANTERBURY H ALL.f AND HAL L/CANTERBURY HALL.S THEATER LOUISIANA ATIIDI, fftmr Corntr of Sixth Street, Rear of National and Metropolitan Houls. 010MB Lll ?.? .Proprietor W. 1. Caxataugh .? Stage Manager. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M ILE MARIETTA RAVBL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLK MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, Who will appear in some new and startliag feats upon ihe TIGHT ROPE, TIGHT ROPE, TIGHT ROPE! TIGHT ROPE. Firit week of the Laughable Pantomime, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE, THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. First week of the beautiful Ballet, arranged by Mons, Baptistan, entitled, LA FATE AU VILLAGE, la fete au village. LA FETE AU VILLAGE, . la FETE AIT VILLAGE, ?la fete au vtllaoe, LA FETE AU VILLAGE, LA FETE AU VILLAGE In which M'lle Marietta RAVEL PAVEL RAVEL RAVEL RAVEL Will appear and execute several BEAUTIpUL SOLO DANCE3 Assisted by Mova BAPTISTAN, MONS. BAPTISTAN. MONS. BAPTISTAN, jtKD THE CBK.4T RONZANI BALLET TROUPE RONZANI BALLET TROUPE RONZANI BALLET TROUPE SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIE3. SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADTES. SIXT*EN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIK8. SIXTEEN BEAUTIFUL YOUNG LADIES. First week of the aide-splittinsrNegro Farce of THE OLD CLOCK, THE OLD CLOCK, TilB OLD CLOCK, THE OLD CLOCK. THE OLD CLOCK. BTLLY WEST, BILLY WEST, BILLY WEST, IS HI8 FUNNY CHAR ACTETl FUNNY CHARACTER FUNNY CHARACTER op SIMON, SIMON, SIMON. The great Ethiopian Trio, mullig an, wrpt ant? wtlltam? MULLIGAN, WEST AND WILL IA SIS, MULLIGAN, WEST AND WILLIAMS, NEW BT'DOET OF COMICALITIES, NBW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES, NEW BUDGET Of COMICALITIES. NEW BUDGET OF comicalities, NEW BUDGET OF COMICALITIES. The Favorite Son actresses, MISS EST EL LB FORREST, MISS E8TKLLE FORRK.ST, MISS ESTELLE F0RRE8T, AKD MISS CARRIE GARDNER MISS CARIUE GARDNER. MISS CARRIE GARDNER. The Famdtis Original ^ * CIRCLE OF iEAUTV AND CLUSTER OF GRACE, MISS JENNIE FORREST. MISS LILLY WILLIAMS. MISS KITTYiSCOTT. MISS MARY GARDNER. MISS MAGGIE WILSON, MISS NAOMI PORTER, MISS EMMA LAWTON, MISS VIC M. ROSS, MISS SAL LIE WERNER, MISS FANNY MAY. M'LLE VIOLA, MISS MOLLIE THOMSON. who will appear in a variety of SOLO DANCES. BALLETS, AC. To.sight and every night this 'week will be per formed the laughaMe Pantomime, entitled THE VILLAGE PEDAGOGUE. Master Up to Tricks W. B. Cavanaugh Mods. Steps . .?Mons. Baptist in K-boolma-Mer. ; II. W. Williams Mr. Easy. Billy West Mr. l'ride ? T. Murray Master Billings - 3. Burges Mnst?r Oummiiigs M'lle Viola Master Tickelet MisH Porter Mrs. Pride^_?. .. .Miss Wilson Airs. Step? - MIssC. Gardner Miss Ea?y Miss M, Gardner Scholars, Villagers, fee. The performance to conclude with the funny Ne gro Burletta, entitled TEE OLD CLOCK; HERE SHE GOES ANI) THERE SHE GOES. Simon ?. \y~-?~Billy West Rest of character*by the entire Company or La dies and Gentlemen. In addition to which the regular VARIETY PROGRAMME , of SONCS, DANCES, NEGRO ACTS. AC., AC., AC. In preparation, and will shortly be produced, A NEW SENSATION DRAMA! written expressly for this establishment, by a popular Dramatist, and founded upon incidents which have transpired within the city, entitled BEAU SICK MAN; or the BUSHWHACKER? of THE POTOMAC, ' with NEW AND ELEGANT SCENERY and effects Introducing several . ! WASHINGTON CELEBRITIES iii- .of the da? The Driiua is now in rehearsal, and will be pro duced in SUPERB STYLE, with ? FULL CAST and NECESSARY APPOINTMENTS, r gotten up an expense of over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS, J J 1 T" ' ; , ? (J p* ? J 1 And f?r superior to anything, ever produced! in Washington. Due notice will be given of its first representation . LOOK OUT FOR BEAU M and u. ? THE BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC J : ' I Tt, VI ?? ,r- - Admission?-?..? ....* Private Boxes, holding six persona??~?? ? 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to com mence at 8 o'clock, . | ?I - ?I I FAMILY MATINEE SATURDAY AFTEBJKWK ? f J' ' -1 ? i > i # AT tWO O'CLOCK. Ladies 28 ctnt*; CAiHren W cento. AMUSEMENTS. OROVER'S THEATER. P?K55TLT1*I1 IT., *?AB WlLLABD'8 Hot?L. Lzo>ari> UBOTn ..-Director Also ofOrovers New Chestnut Street Theater, Philadelphia. THIS (Saturday) EVENING, Jane 11,1?4, last night most positively of the (J rand Opera, BENEP1T OP JOSEPH HERMANNS SOUV ENIR NIGHT. The Director regrets that the continued severe illne*? of Madame Johann?en prerhnie* th? po*si bilitj of giving "Don Juan." He ha* selected in stead an immense bill, much the ereatest given during the ent>ra season, as presenting all the ar tists. except Johannsen, in a farewell. Especially he de?ireK to thank sincerely the patrons of Grand Opera in this city for their very large attendance during-a season which far exceeds any hitHecte given in Washington. It i? generally pre?umed that Grand German ^'pera will never fur many years present the same array of strength in Ameri ea, as it ha* the past mso?. Mr. Grover has In bored sedulously that the Opera should excel in detail and strength of east, and When, as in this instance, the serond daring nearly forty night? of Opera here,{sickness positively present* him from keeping bin announcements, lie feels that the pub lic will regard the circumstances with becoming indulgence. To-nieht the opening ^ltfction will be the (, and Opera, by Krentzer. (Opera entire,) A NIGHT IN GRENADA. Gomez ............_? M. Hebelmann Gabrielle.^... -..?? .. .VlleCanisfia Prince.. ? M.Rteinecke Ambrusio _..M . Graffj I'ere/. - .?. .Zinsheim VaVrin Hunmi' To be followed by the second and third acts of FAUST. M. Hliamer as?.. ? i.' ,... Tnnst Signora Prederici as Marguerite M'lleCanissa as Siebel V. Joseph Hermanns as.~?' Mephistouhiles Mad.La Roche as.... .....Martha To conclude with the "Robin A<iair"-sceae from LA DAME BLANCHE. llabehnann and the Chorus. MONDAY, June 13, 18S4, MISS CHARLOTTE THOMPSON, tbe distinguished Dramatic Star, will appoar in her incomparable assumption. LITTLE BAREFOOT AMD FANCHON, TIIE CRICKET. FORD'S HEW THEATER, TlKTH STEM*, ABOTB P*5?8TLTASI A AT150B, THIS EVENING, JUNE II LAST NIGHT of tlie eminent comedian. MR. J. 8. CLARKE in Shakspoare's COMEDY OP ERRORS. Received nightly with shouts of laughter arid applause. MISS ALICE GRAY AS ADRIANA CLARKE IN TWO HUMOROUS CHARACTERS. The performance will conclude with the thiiling drama of JONATHAN BRADFORD. CALEB SCRIMMAGE MR. J S. CLARKE MONDAY. first night of a new drama, played witi grett Micces< in New York, and adapted exiire.-?l\ for Mr. J. S. Clarke, by De WsTden, entitled LUCK. Will shortly be produced, THE KNIGHTS OF THE RTUXD TABLE. In active preparation. Shakspeare's brilliant comedy of the TWO GENTLEMEN OP VERONA. A GRAND SACRED CONCERT, /V at the FOURTH PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH. (9th street, between G and II.) will be given on tbe EVENING OP WEDNESDAY, the 15th iu<t.. w hen ROSSINI'S STAB AT MATER will be Kwng entire, by a lar?<? and efficient cboie. under tbe direction Mrs. C. Y. Kbetschm AK, A RARE TREAT. Tickets ?1 each. May be procured at alt the principal book and mu^>ic stores in the city. je 9 lw GEORGETOWN ADVEH'MTS GEORGETOWN, 1). G\, May U4,1*64 HE Undersigned Grocers and Dry Goods Mer chants do hereby agree to close our respective places of business at 7:i p. m. from June 1st to September iKt, 1864, except SATURDAY, in order to afford our employees a portion of time for re creation. ^ w BEALI ^ W. S MATTHEWS, JOHN J. BOUUE. GEORGE W. ORME, L\ JACKSON, W. R. HURDLE, LEWIS BROOKS, P. T. MI LBUHN, A. J. RATCLIKFE A CO., GEORGE UPPERMAN, T. A. CARROLL, A. P. OPFUTT H CO., W. H. ERNEST, J P. KELLY, MAYFIELD & BROWN, EDWARD n. BROWN. smoot & burroughs, E. S ROSENTHAL, EDWARD BIYERS. my25 1w? trOWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the I Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Hayen." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my 13- Water street, Georgetown. SPRING DEBILITVl! LANGUOR, LASSITUDE. ABI> THAT LOW STATE OK THE SYSTEM Peculiar to the 8PRING TIME OF YJ.'AR, are immediately relieved by the PERUVIAN SYRUP. Or Protected Solution of PROTOXIDE OF IRON, THE PERUVIAN SYRL'P supplies the blood with its vital principle, or LIFE ELEMENT. IRON. ? Infusing Strength Viuor and Nbw Lit* into all parts of the system. One of the most Distinguished Jurists in New England writes to a friend as follows : " I have tried tbe PERUVIAN SYRUP, and the result fully sustains your prediction. It has made a mew man of me; infused into my system new vigor and etiergy; I am no longer tremulous and debilitated as when you last saw me, but stronger, heartier, and with larger capacity for labor, men tal and physical, than at any time during the last tiye years." An eminentDivine of Boston says: " I have been using the PERUVIAN SYRUP for some time past; it gives ipe kew vigor, bcovaxct of SPIRITS, *1. ASTICIT1" Of JICSCI.E." Pamphlets free. J. P. DINSMORE, NOi 491 Broadway, New Vork. ? COUGHS! COLDS! CONSUMPTION! WJSTAR'S BALSAM OP WILD CUERRV. One of the Oldest and Most Reliable Reme dies in the World for Coi^A.-'. Colds, Whooping Couth, BronehUis, Thjfi cully of BrtHthtmr, Axtktna, Hoarseness, Here Throat, Croup, and tvery Affertion of THE THROAT, LUNGS AND CHJST. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry does not Dry up a Cougb and leave the seeds of Consumption in the system, but Liosena it, and clcant>es the Lungs of all impurities. None getiuiue unless signed "I. BUTTS,"' on the wrapper. REDOING'S RUSSIA SALVEI! A REAL PAIN EXTRACTOR. FORTY YEARS' EXPERIENCE Has fully established the superiority of this Salve over all other healing remedies. It reduces the mostangrv looking Swellings and Indamations as if by Magic; heals Old Sores. Wounds, Bikns, Scalds, Ac,, in a surprisingly short time. _ Only 2* cent* a Box. The above are old and veil established Remedies. For Sale by J P Dinsmohe, 491 Broadway, New York. S 'W Fowlc A Co., I** Tremont *t.. Bostoa. n,y gri'-SA W3m and by all Drug^rsts. n MUSICAL. !\ J ?l ROP. ESPUTA Would r???ectfally mf?fm the nublic that he ienow prepared to give lessen*, Wtj in Vocal and Instrumental Mustc. HavinglWj# retired front his other professional bnsiness.^HT* he is now able to devote the whole of tus time to instruction in music to all those who may fce pleased to patronize him. Prof. Esputa'a method is the same as is taught* in Europ^-that ia, while ke makes good performers of his pupils he make* good musicians of them also; so that any one who may receive ijtttfuftiftna from him may acqaire th?t knowledge of music aswillmaks them com petent for teaefcemor professixinal musicians. Prof. Esputa Is n?fw forming olaasea and all who desire to enter mvatApply early, aa the number i* KFor^tims JPflyto Prof JOHN ESPUTA, No. 413 8th street east, Naty Yo?d. N. B. Tbe cars pass Prof. Esputa*s residence rve jy TPiuutew daring the day. my jMra* :R SALE CHEAP?Two *e*m4-hand B[tlj _ LI ARD T ABLEB. Inquire at Oarroll Ilall, 6 ?treet, atar coraer of 12tli. J? 3->* F?L TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. f ASSOCIATED PRESS DISPATCHER) THE REBEL RUO I1TU liSTlH KV. the Rebels Wilbln Thirty Wife* of Ctn rlnuti -Thrlr Drprfditicai the Home? They Occupy Pnri?. Cyathtaaa, UforjtUwn nad WililunM?wa. Ciucihk^ti, .Inn* n.?Tb? wtois an now at Fa I mouth, on the Kentucky Central rulroad, and at Willtnmstown, on tht? turnpike, thirty miles from Cincinnati. A large rebel force m reported twelve miles east of Lexington, and another approaching from Richmond. The rebels are also reported between Grab Orchard and Stamford. They burned a larg* warehouse and water station at Cynthiana yesterday, and now have possession of Paris, Cynthiana. Georgetown and William?town. Lot ieviLL*, June t?.?Abont ?(*? rebel cav alry, supposed to be part of JoQn Morgan's force, entered Part*, Ky? l*st night, without resistance. Later. Lopwvillk, June i<i.?The ordnance train from Frankfort yesterday was attacked near Badad by Jenkins. Mr. Shanks, a Union mem berot the Kentucky Legislature, was killed iu au encounter. The railroad meu tiuidi the train has returned salely to Frankfort, as its engine was reversed immediately upon the attruk. and the cars proceeded toward that point .a car of armed soldiers, which proceeded np the read last night to leara the extent of the d sas'tr, has not returned, and we nave no telegraphic communication with Frankfort since yesterday afternoon. Cincinnati. June 10.?One of Morgans men, 1 cipturfd at Maysville, reports that the force hi Kentncky is under the Immediate command of (General Morgan. Colonel Alston, and Colonel Smith. The total force is abjut three thou sand, a large portion of them bting dismounted cavalry. 1 They entered the State at pound dap. A scouting party, under Everett, was sent ahead to pick np horses for the dismounted men. They passed through Hazel Oreen, Owing ville, and Flemingsbnrg. and took MaysvOle without any resistance, r6bbing the citizens of money and other valuables. The farms of the Union men were stripped of horses, while those of the rebel citizens were protected Everett left Maysville on Wednesday, for onnt Sterling, at which place it was though: organ's men were concentrating, with the Intention ot attacking Lexington. The position ot attairs in the central partt>f the State, to*dr\y. is not known as communica tion is broken win Lexington. It is said that the in'ention of the rebels is to destroy all the railroads, if possible, and make their exit through central Kentucky and Mid dle Tennessee. The Kentucky Central Railroad i? being re paired and trains will run to Cynthiana to morrow Oen'l Holson left Covington, to-day, to open communication with I^exington Cincinnati, .June General Burbridge, who has been following the rebels since thev left Pound Gap, came up with them yesterday at Mount Sterling, and whipped them hand somely. A portion of Morgan's command en tered Lexington at two o'clock this morning, burned the Kentucky Central railroad depor, robbed a number ot stores, and lett at ten o'clk in the direction ot Georgetown and Frankfort. Burbridge is following them. DEPARTMENT OF THE SOUTH. From Charleston Harbor. Pvew York, June 10.?The steamer Aragobas arrived from Port Royal on the 7th, with three hundred passengers, including Gen. Gordon and s tad. A blockade runner steamer attempted to oome out on the night of the Cth and grounded, and was completely knocked to pieces. Admiral Dahlgreu arrived at Hilton Head on the !)th. The report?d capture of the naval tug boat Columbine with thirty colored troops on board up St. John's liiver, Florida, is continued. The boat was up the St. John's on areconnois sance. At Howe Lending, 15 miles above Pil atka. a rebel field battery was brought down to the shore and made an attack. Almost the first shot struck tbe Columbines rudder, and disabled iu The boat then uritted ashore, when the r*bele came down two hundred strong .'>nd captured her. She was command ed by Acting Master Sanborn, and had a crew of thirty or forty men and four officers. FROM SEW ORLEANS. The Mississippi Blockaded. New York, .Tune 10?The steamer George Washington, from Ne,w Orleans on the 4th, has arrived. The blockade of the Mississippi at Green vlTle is confirmed. The steamers Henry Ames, Mississippi, Olive i Branch and others ate lying above Greenville, waiting thorooult of an "engagement which has been gong en tor two davs between the batte ries and the gunboats. Hat little, if any. im pression appears to have been made upon the bat:eries. t Guerrillas are again committing outrage? iu Louisiana. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Firing in the Direction of Petersburg. Forthess Monroe, June p.?We have no regtilar communication between this place an.i the White House. The mail steamers are running regularly between Washington and the White House; consequently we can obtain but little news from Gen. Grant's amy. i o'clock p. M ?The steamer John A. War ner, Captain Cone, arrived fram Bermuda Hundred, and reports all quiet with Geaeial Butler's forces, except a little firing heard ic the direction ol Petersburg this morning. No intelligence from General Grant's army, and no firing heard in that direction for thr-^e days. Sanitary Fair in Philadelphia. PHir.AT?ELi HtA, June 10.?The Sanitary Fair is decidedly crowded to-day. At Mi o'clock the vote lor the sword stood as follows :?Hancock, 41Meade, :J32; Grant, 26; McCb llan, 21; Sher man, 1; Warren, 1. ANOTHER ACCorNT. Philadelphia, J nne 1?.?The Sanitary Fair has been crowded to excess all day. At the close this evening the sword vote stood as fol lows Hancock, T0.1; Meade, G!9; Grant, Mcdellan, 50: Sherman, 4; and some few scat tering. The receipts have been much larger than was anticipated, as much as fl.'io having taken in at one table. Financial Matters. New York, June 10.?At a meeting ol the associated banks to-day, a resolution todep>s:t ?25,000,?00 with the sub-treasury, and receive six per cent, certificates, was lost for waubof a unanimous vote?thirty-six voting in favor of and fourteen against it. This will not pre vent the affirmative banks from depositing money: and it is probable this will be done, while"some of the negative banks may yet sign the agreement. The Union Nominations?Rejoicings in Tennessee. Nashville, June 10 The nominations of the Baltimore Convention were received with much enthusiasm: salutes were fired, and. "Andy'' Johnson made an eloquent national speech at the St. Cloud Hotel, amid great ap plause. lyThe Liverpool Times of May 2$ says that Joe Coburn, the oppouentot Jem Mace arrived at Liverpool on Thursday, the 2ii:h of May, and looks all over a fighting man, t. e. he is an athlete, and is evidently one who can stana training. He is most geutlAnauly in his de meanor. During his stay in Liverpool he wtil remain at the Universal Hotel, Waterloo road. Mace had been telegraphed to, and will prob ably meet Coburn in Liverpool. ?"Intwool the Cape Verde Islands the famine is so distressing that the people eat the bark and roots of trees, and even vermin of every kind is eagerly sought for ana greedily devoured. ttf Lovell, the renegade New .York Etree* commissioner, who accepted a rebel General's commission at the opening of the war, ar.d commanded at New Orleans, now occupies a subordinate position in Joe Johnstnn's army. ?7*ln the districts of China ravaged by th* rebels, the surviving population feed on :ne emaciated bodies of the dead for want of other food. t&~ A Troy, New York, Ju?y has indicted Gen Dix and military officers at Albany lor arresting two citizen* who ware alleged to have defrauded recruits of bounty money. tar Perhaps the South Anna will toc.i t-e crossed. But Anna will not be crossed in lave. Loui&villt Journal. W&" The mortality *l **a< among emigrants coming to this country, it unusually great this season. ay Why should not Dr. Watts's Poems be read by youth? Because they cannot hymn morality .?Punch. m^-A. Wallace Tbaxter,Esq.,tornjany years Associate Editor of the Boston Saturday Ene ulng Gazette, is dead. A little boy of Johnstown, Pa., named McDowell, died a few days ago from eating locust blossoms. gy- The Burgundy vintage promises well igain. tff A picture in the cathedral in Mexico is valued at fdurteen millions of dollars.

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