Newspaper of Evening Star, June 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 11, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. w. ?. WALLAI U, Bdiur and rr^riitor.J WASHINGTON OITY : SATURDAY JL'KB 11, 1*G?. ?TRI1DIN6 MATTER ON KVEKY PAGE EBB OCTIIDS rOK INTERESTING TBLB 6EAPHIC AND OTHBB MATTER. tKOM THE FRONT. GRANT'S NEW LINE OF MOVEMENT UPON RICHMOND. TCZZLEMENT OF THE ENEMY AS TO HIS INTENTIONS. SHERIDAN'S CAVALRY RAID. \ ~~ The steamer Connecticut, (Japt. Strauahan, wblih left the White Mouse at half put atz jesterday morning, arrived here last uight a1 10 o'clock, bringing up 675 wounded, among whom wpre 28 officers. She reporta all quiet at the front on Thurs day, wuh the exception of some heavy can nonac ing at night. Gen. Grant is carrying out the new move* scents upon Kuhmouil with characteristic ac tivity. Report says lhat the rebels have within a Jew days been considerably puzzled by Gt?n. Orant's moTtmroti. They think they aee rea fcon to believe that Grant propoaea to matte bis sew base of 6uppliea ou Jam*-s River at the same time they nonce that a strong line of en* trenchments la being constructed by ns at the IVhit* House, Indicating a purpose to hold that point. Nothing is now being landed at the White House except rein lorcements, and forage for the immediate use of the army. The quarter master a department baa been pla ed on board of transports, and the headquarters of the same, which was heretofore iu a shady grove near the White ITjnae is now on Doard a steamer. These transports are laying in the vtreaji under the protection of several gun- ; Doats. The railroad track which had been completed to within a mile or two of the army, has been torn up, and the r;.ili? and ties brought back to ?Ae White House, where they are being placed on barges. Seven hundred men were Brst en caged in repairing tbis road, and about the same number aideu in destroy lug it. When the Connecticut left the White Hoase ther were ?wi rebel prisoners there, including ?ix colonels and seven majors, nnder guard of the 7th Indiana colored regiment. The?e pri- i aonera co not like the idea of being guarded by i colored troops, and at times become insolent, ' but are toon quieted by the negroes, who tsig jilflcantly remind them ot Fort Pillow. The ?egtoes seem to take peculiar satisfaction in guarding these prisoners, and watch th>-m with jealous tare- Among these prisoners is a woman dressed in military clothes, who is said to have bad command of a brigade, with the title ot General. There were about 2.0*0 wounded remaining at the White House yesterdav morning, but as there were several hospital steamers in read iness, they are doubtless all on their way up to this city. The wounded brought up in the Connecticut were all very severe cases, and it was found necessary to move the boat along: at moderate tpeed, as the working of the engine when at full tpeed affected tbem uniavorably. One captain and lourteeu privates died on the up ward trip. Among these wounded there were ?sghty-flve with legs amputated, and twenty eeven with arms amputated. The tallowing is a partial list of the wound ed officers brought up on tbis boat: Mij E A. P. Rrewster, 23d Mass ; Capt C. P. Boswell, !??d N. Y.; <Japt. J.'S. Nesbith, 55th Pa.; Capt. A S Hardine, lft?d Ohio; Capt P. S. Blodgett, 30th Vt.. Capt. G Farr, l3rh N. H ; Capt. H. P. Woodbury, 23d Mass.; Capt. N. Shackford, 12th N II., ard Lient. Clark Smith, Aid de-camp cn Gen. Marundale's staff. Nothing has been heard from Sheridan, who <as we stated yesterday > has gone on an other cavalry rata. ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED. The steamers Winonah and City of Albany Slave arrived up from the White House, the first bringing up *299 wounded, and the latter H60. On the latter boat there were a number ot ?ick, among whom were some of the colored troops of Hurnside's corps. One or two of the colored bad been wonnded while on picket duty. Several officers (some sick) were also cn board, among them Col. Raymond and Itieat. G. F Gould, 2d New York mounted rifles; Lieut. H. M Bearce, 32d Maine; Lieut. .R R. Beachman, colored troops; Lieut. G. "W. Gibson, 17th Vermont; Lient. John C Whit man, 21th New Y'ork cavalry; Lieut. A. Pinder, fit*h Massachusetts. RETURNING DOME. The propeller New Jersey yesterday brought tip the 1st Rhode Island battery, who have served their term out?on their way home. "I his battery came out witfi about 13(i men, and several hundred men bave been attached to it curing its term, of whom only about 50 remain. MORB WOUNDED ARRIVED. The btesmer Monitor arrived at 3 o'clock this Morning from the White Honae with abont too wonndea from the late fights. By Fremont claims to be ??conservative" and "constitutional." yet we hav the fact that his supporters are Wendell Phillips, Parker Pils feurv, Stephen S Foster, and other " no Gov arnment" abolitionists. By The slaves in Kentucky are rapidly ??scyngling." WCarlotta Patti made S 10,000 by concerts, in thre?* months, in Germany. %jr A thousand Mormons have just arrived at New York on their way to Salt Lake. , fre^THE NEXT REGULAR MEETING OP IL3 the Board of Trustees of the Public Ivhools will be held on TUESDAY next, the 14th juatdiit. at 4}* o'clock, p. in )e 11 5t R. T MORSELL, Secretary. rf5?6UNDAY, AT 3 O'CLOCK, MRS. L. SMITH Uof '"ill *peak on tlie lower Capitol (round, ifor the last time,) under the influence of God, vho.-e *?)> are as much higher than man's as the heavens ?re higher thun earth. Subject:?"The e-lng* of the times." All are invited t>y God. It' 'THE MEMBER? OF THE WASHINGTON LITERARY AND DRAMATIC ASSOCI ... .JON are requested to meet on SUNDAY.June I;, at Sp, m., at their Hall, for the transaction of imi*Ttaut business. Bv order of the Association. It 8. WOLF, President. ?WASHINGTON CRICKET CLUB.-A meeting of th?f Club will he he'd on MON PAY. thei.lth instant, at the Resell Hons-, on J'enn. averue. between lnth and Wth streets, at 7% V in. Bui>iness important. By or4er. If RO. CRAW FORD, Secretary. lYl-r* there will be public religious lios service To MORKOW (Sahhalh)at li a. m. aiid HS. p.m., in the U. J*. Court Room, over the I'ost Oftire in Alexandria, under the auspices of the U f? Christian Commi^-ion. Conducted bv Jtev. Dr llooVer, of Boston, Mass. It" |Y-=a? TH E _L AD I KSOF TrlK ISLAND HALL II 7 I AIR will wait on customer* wishing to i. r. hase at private Kale < n MONDAY AFTKR s'OOfl. after t o'clock They otrnr a fine assort ment of ladie*' and childnn'* Clothing, gentle men's hli tper^. Smokin? Caps. Ac., xhe vo litr t>t the cilver tea set will close this (Saturday) < . eningat 1 ?, o*clock! ?CATHOLIC TOTAL ABSTI NENOH SOCI ETY * ill meet at the School Ro'>m of St. .. _;r:ck's Church corner F aud t th streets. TO jlUPROW (Sunday) AFTERNOON, at C o'clock. Puctttial attendanc,? of all the members and J-ieT.dkof ihe cau?e is requested. Readings from i ather Matthews' life will he given. I'.y re joest ?,f Cimmittoe. It* V XTII'ICATION MEETING. II? A MAS' MEETINflto ratify the nomina ? i"n of A lilt AH AM LINCOLN for President, and ANDREW JOIINMIN f r Vice President of the '('rji**?d 8tat> s. will i-e held on the south aide of the ( ('Bice ? u WEDNE.-OAY E\'KNiNG. June i)*>i, und? r the auspices of the Union League of A me rica. Ah'c sieaVe-? ? i'l a^-lre^s the meeting, and ai> t"?.r,riatt proceeding- be bad. All are invited to a'tend. KA^IOSVl f.XVI ITTVK CO* MITT K K , lion.M EDMUNDS, Hon. J W KOKNKY. Hod. (.RKKN ADAMS, W K. IRWIN. W.O STODDARD. I.EWIS C'-EPHANK, Rev. BYRON SUNDERLAND, Ucn. T> P holioway, J. S BROWN. <i E' JllftE * . XKLLOGG. Hen. JOSEPH II. BahRETT. Hon. CiEORG E W. McLEl.LAN, Hon. A W. RANDALL, Hon. YYM. P. DOLE. Hon. WM A. C?X>K. Hon. KDYV. A. R"LL1N3, Hon. A. C. RICHARDS. jell 'n WV FATHER CIIINiaUY. TaAT CBLK IL" brated converted Canadian Priest, who rSTa'ready brought more than Hundred fa ?i l-e* of hi* countrymen frrm the error* of lt>B- to the tight of the Gospel truth will leetiir ? 8AK r.ATH MORNING, at II o'clock, in the Chureh of Her. Mr Brown. Georgetown, Bridge str*-t. ?These who hear?l his address last Sahb?fh at ths R?-v. Dr. Sonde land'x Church, say that his lec tures are most interesting. je lu-2t" P nORSEB.?Bieellent PAS "" ? K{"\'"r 6 .J1 ^ ?J fcoraes.ow Rock Cre- k. nr*w??*r?'!*?nhsv"?!Kl*' month. Applr to ROUFE. 424 G street, between 6th " 7<b H> li ft' iv1 " WOOD-WOOD. ' A MI LIES in Georgetown can he * i d* 11 e I with aeasonedOAKand PINK W<K)D a ? s7f?r P ;w, ao.l fi s? for Oak C?ali on 1?'iyrrv ?>. ?cire ?f RICHARD PETTIT ?r J/M SfaEM FROM THE ARMYOFTRE POTOHAC. (t'orrespyndence philsdflphi* Inquirer.| IIKATQCA UTEFtP ARMY Of THK POTOMAC, Cent Ilnrbtr, .Tmie ?_NlgUL^eo<erdajr, the i Sth cctp# was withdrawn frdm tfce extreme right. aid. at 3 a. m . the 1* &?*; , 1 <lrtffii.,and the 4th division, (Jen.Gutter, tinder the immediate commandof theformn ??wal, wvrr ordtrcd down loikf left, wltn instruc i tions to drive the enemy over snmner s Hri?z?, I and the railroad cros?in?on the (Jhlckahomiay. Airiving at the point dt>siRn%ted at about 6 ! a *m , they deployed, and wlttiont difficulty ! drove the enemy across the river a* directed; the itih Massachusetts regiment forming the f-k :rmi-h line, anil helng the only one engaged, our c&suaitH-a were bat trilling. The erettiy was picketing this part of the river wish cavalry, hut bncl alsot wo regiments ' of infaotrT at the Railroad crossing, and a bripide at'Meadrtw Sti'ion, n mile or two near 1 er Richmond. Near the Railroad crossing tiey 1 hart a small earthwork, tnonntlhsr two Ran?, i and another ot thesame kind abjnt. half a mile above, from both of which occasional shots have been tired dnrinjr the day. JNCOME AND OTHER ANNUAL TAXES. Offir* Coll'.-tor uf Internal R*re*w, / Washisotoji. June 11. lrtM.t NoriCK is hereby siven that I am now pr?pi-ed to receive payment for the Ta*?s answed on In comes, Licenses. Billiard Tables. Silver PUte, Csrriages. See.. Ac . which are now duo and must be psi?on or before June 31st. 18H. Office Collector of Internal Revenue. Jell-6t* Office No. 4t>*?Tth street, n-ar K st. jyjAKURB FOB SAL*. Headquarter* Dtparf me+t of Washington, ) Ofiu i kief Quarter master, 14r* <t. nertr y Ynt>..J Washington, D- C., Juiie9 13't. V Will be sold at public auction on THURSDAY, June 11 o'clock, a. m at t.iis office. a lanes quantity of mauure accumulated at K jrt B k?r arrt *s the Eastern Branc-i; at Kort Bun*er Hill, north of this city, and at Fort Reno, Tenally town.D.C , Purchasers will be required to remove tha m* nure now accumulated without delav. aol to re move future accumulations onc? a w<-'-k __ EM AS M. OHIsiN K, Lieut. Colonel and Chief Qua termaster. Je.ll-td Department of Washington. " TAKE NOTICE. HAVE JUST RECEIVED 41 GROSS OF LUD LOW'S- PATENT GLASS JaRS and OLA'S COV ERS, and SPRATT'S IMPROV ED PATKNT SELR 8EALING FRl'IT CANS with GLASS COVER'", for Preserving Fruits, Vegetables, Ac.., in a per fectly fresh state. They require no Wax, Solder, or Cement, seal instantly, and are more easily sealed and opened than any other article ever in Reliable directions for putting up all kinds of Fruits Vegetable*. Ac., will accompany the Jars. Samples of Fruits put up in these Jars last year cat be seen at my Ptnre. 0. WOODWAKO Sole Ag^nt for District of Columbia, No. 3lH Pennsylvania avenue, je 11-St between 1 ?th and 11th st*. s PRAGUE'S AND PACIFIC PRINTS. We shall open to-day. THREE HUNDRED PIECB8 SPRAGUB'S AND PACIFIC CALICOES, very choice styles. A 1.80. pieces of medium and low price SUMMER DRESS GOODS, just received from New York auctions. Larg? t-toe* of BLEACHED AND BROWN COTTON 8IIEBT INOS AND SHIRTINGS, at low. price*. J, J, MAY A CO., 30"? Pennsylvania avenue, je 11 St between 9th and lib fit9. ANB* SWAN SODA FOUNTAIN FOB SALE, in perfect running '?rder. For particulars in quire at the corner or Montgomery and Dunbar ton streets Georgetown, D. C. J? If-St" JULIP~8TRAWsT~ JULIP STRAWS. I'D.'flO JULIP 8TRAW8 received to day. For sale low C. W. BOTBLER A 80N, No. 319, Iron Ha 1. Pa.av.. je IP 3t bet. 9th and loth sts. B UTTER AND EGGS. 150 Tubs p-ime New York BUTTE* 35 Barrels Fresh EG(;S, in Store. Fresh lots arriving daily. F'?r Sale bv D. E. DUTROW A BRO., Jel C-Ct* 4 50 Eighth street. OUR MUTUAL FRIKND By Charles Dickens. W5 ceuts. Nancy Blake Letters to a Western Cousin. 75 cents. Banting's Letters on Corpulence. 75 cents. Ye Book of Bubbles. *2. Cou?in Phillis. A tale. 25 cents. Rebel Rhymes. $1. .... Holly's Carpenters' and Joiners' Hand Book. GO Busbnell's Work and Play. $1.75. _ T1_ Seven Stories, ?ith Basement and Attic. By Ik Marvel. $1.75 . _ Massie's Mission to America. **.25 Herbert Pnencer's First Principles 12. Man and Nature. By George P. Marsh, Tuckerman's America and Her Commentators. W"' FRAXCK TAYLOR. WOOD FOR 8ALB.?Abont 4'io cords of Wood, Oak and Pine, about three mil<?s from W a<h ineton on the railroad, and within quarter of a mile of Rives'" Slip.''and near the turnpike. l>or t.ale low. Apply to J. W. >EITCH, Attorney at Law. Bladensnurg, lid. ie 9 1V0TICE OF REMOVAL.?WM. B LEWIS A 11 Co., Auctioneers, having removed to No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue, betwenn 9th and loth strec-ts, vill. as usual, give thoir attention to the general Auction and Commission business, and solicit con signments of furniture, groceries, dry ?oods, boots and shoes, books, stationery, and merchandize generally Regular sales at the store on TUEi DAYS THURSDAYS and SATURDAYS. Cash advances made when required. W B LBWIS A CO., Auctioneers, )e 8-6t Ko.'30'? Pa. av.. bet.9th and >0tk sts. Tfor sale WO HUNDRED barrels prime WHITE CORN. Price S7.5'per barrel, if taken at once. Also, forty tons of WHEAT STRA W, baled last August, and und??r cover since. I-?0 LAMBS, BOKSM. BEKVKS FRE3H C0W8., Jk je9-6t* Collington P.O., Prince George's Co., Md. PIANOS.?Am w assortment of 8teinway A Sous' Pianos has Just been received. Also.^jg^ one seven-octave four round corner over-^^n^M strung*Hall<-t A Davis Piano for $275. One"* *?? six octave NunnsA Clark for $r>^,,at th? Music Store of W. G. METZEROTT Je8 ^ Corner Pa. avenue and lltli street. SCMMKB ?ATHWEGANI DE8IGS9, Ladies of WaHbin^ton. don't oinit to rnad th'fl, Just received, at Madame WURTEN BEliG S Dposh and 01??ak Making Establishment, from M ino Vr moreRt'b Kmporiuin of Faihion, the latent styles and fjtshionH of Pattern* for Summer, in great va riety, for all kinds of ladies' and children's w^ar. Cloaks and Dresses made. Al^o, Gutting and Fit ?'?? "Uke ?,"a!MlKQWCRT RN P.ERO >8 Dress and Cloak Making Establishment. No. 4?0 Pa av., bet. 4* and 3<1 sts^ ???" Show Rooms up stairs. ,1e 7-eo.? ^ THE LATEST STYLES 11 or ? ^ TRAW HATS ^ CHAS L. LOCK WOOD A CO '8. . Je2-lm.if 3'J4 I'a. av., bet. 9th aftd lyb sts. 486 OVAL PICTURK FRAMES. A beautiful assortment of Gilt and .Dark Oval Pictures; also, a va#iety ofCarte de VUite Framea, at J. MAKKRlTBR'S, 4*67th street. Bight doors above Odd Fellows Hall. Terms ca^i ap 29-lmif* fLARIYIED CIDEK! CLARIFIED CIDER! . CLARIFIED CIDER! 1 bavp Inst received large quantities of CLARI FIED CIDER, from Massachusetts, which I will sell at reasonable rates to all who mav favor me with their orders. RILEY A. 8HINN, _ Union Bottling Depot. 57 Green* street. Georgetown, D. C. Je fi-lw tChronicle.l MA"IN9' matting i MiTT,su' MATTING AT PRIVATE 8ALK. We have Just received from the importers, with instructions to sell at private salf ?. rolls f,4. and ? quarter Cocoa Matting, jt*t rolls 4 and 6 quarter W hite and Qheca Matting, of snperior qnality. All of which we offer at low prices, in quantities to suit, at our Fnrniture Ware_rooms in rear of our Auction Rooma. W L. w all ft CO.. Auctioneers and Commission Merchants. South corner Pa. av. ami 9tU st. y.irt | Chronicle JJEFBI6IRAT0M! REFR1GER \T0R8!! Jnft received ? very large anl complete assort m?*nt of the oelebrated uilJ IP CONTIN KNTaL, monitor Mi IXC1LSI0B weFg|flKaAT0R9, which are almitt?d to be of tnem^tapproved patterns, and workmanship of the best qaality, wbiel. on trial and ?1 '"A'oVbb?'-ra 'gr1'" """???,?' .T^i 6""i ll?k. 486 ?i?vo_?s.. 4gg A few choice Engravings and Paintings for sale ?t J. MARKRITIR'R, Mo. 4^6 7th strMt. Bight doors ah to Odd Follows Hall. Terms cash no2^-'mif" 486 ??? ?? TWT? ??A?M JSfi French (Hit, Hwiss Carvod Wood and Amerloaa Composition Pard Vjaaoos, In variety, at J, ""ItrfMli, 4^6 7th street. Bight doors above Odd Follows* Hal Tfrcis '?ask. g 3 laif pROrOSALS FOR LOAN. Trbamtrt D*P*BT*?!tT. June S, 1854. Toetvrure thegreatest-passible vigor in th? opera tions of the nnnies now attiring agtinst the insur gents, under brave ant skilful General, ixpoa * vast theater of operation#, expenditures h?*c bwa increased beyond reoeip'* from revenue aad ordi nary subscriptions to the National Loan. Sealed offer* will therefore be received at this De partment under the act of March 3d, IS >3. until noon of Wednesday, the '3th of June,18i4, for boftdR of the United States to the amount of Seventy-five Mil lions of Dollars, bearing an annual interest ofaix per centum, payable semi annually in coin on the first days of July and January each year, and re deemable after the 30th ef June, 1SS1. Each offer must be for fifty or one hundred dollars, or some multiple of onjt* hun lreil 'loll.wj. and must state the sum, including prem i ?Hn ,'ofFered for each hundred dollars in bon^s, or for fifty, when the olTer is for more than fifty. Two per cent, of the princi pal? excluding premium? of the whole amount of fered must be deposited, a? guaranty for payment of subscription if accepted, with the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, or with the Assistant Treasurer at New Vork, Boston. Phila delphia. or 8t. Louis; or -with the designated Depositary at Baltimore, Pittsburgh, Cincin nati, Louisville, Chicago, Detroit, or Buffalo; or with any National Hanking Association author ised to receive deposits which may consent to transact the business without charge. Certifi cates in duplicate of deposits will be issued to deposi tors by the officer or association receiving them; the originalsofwhich mnst be forwarded with theoffera to the Department. All deposits should be made in time for advice of oilers with certificates to reach Washington not later than the morning of June l:?th. No offer not accompanied by its proper certi ficate of deposit will be considered. The Coupon and Registered Bonds issned will b? of the denominations of JfiU, $!(?), f.V)>, and $1,00'. Registered Bonds of fo,000 and flO.W will also be issued if required. All offers received will be opened on Wednesday, the 15th of June by the Secretary or one of the Assistant Secretaries, and notice of acceptance or declination will be immediately given to the respec tive offerers; and. in case of acceptance, bonds of the descriptions and denominations preferred will be sent to the subscribers at the cost of the De partment, on final payment of instalments. The original deposit of two per cent, will be reckoned in the last instalment paid by successful offerers, and will be immediately returned to those whose offers may not be accepted. The amount of accepted offers must be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to tct under this notice on advice of ac ceptance of offer, or as follows: One-third on or before the 2flth; one-third on or before the 25th; and the balance, including the premium and orig inal two per cent, deposit, on op before the 3uth of June. Interest to the 1st of Jnly on the several deposits will be paid in coin on the 30th of June, and interest on bonds will begin Jul)*!, 18S4. Offers under this notite should be endorsed "Offer for Loan," and addressed to the Secretary of the Treasury. The right to decline all offers not con sidered advantageous is reserved to the Govern ment. S. P. CHASE, Je 4 td Secretary of the Treasury. LOST AND FOUND L( OST-A SURGICAL POCKET CASK. A liber i al reward awaits the finder at 4*5 E street, between i th and sth sts. Je 11 31' Cft) HSWARD. ? Lost, On 8atucday, a wire ? CHICK EN BASKKT. in going from 7th to 15th street. The above reward will be paid if left at Mrs. BEACH'S stand. Centre Market je 11-31* STRAYED OR STOLEN?From the'eorner^nf ?5 19th and L streets, a red COW, with white feet and six teats. Sbe is fresh after calfiog. A re ward of $5 will bo paid for her delivery on the cor ner of 19th and L Btreets. Sne has a white fac>*. 1* 11 2t* JOHN OAVEN. ? OST?At the Fair Room of Union Hotsl, in rgetown.on the eveningof theCth.asinull Medallion liRACEl ET of Lava, set in gold. Tiie finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 36 1st street, corner of Potoinac, in Georg town, D. C. je li st* WTRAYED?On tne night of the 9th inst.. from r?7 i'"diciary Square lot. an iron gray two year old COLT. A liberal reward will be iciven to any one who will return him v> Judiciary Square Hospital. ?r t? f>r-J F. THOMPSON, 3?J7 9th street,corner of Mass. avenue. ' ? Jell-3t* k 1STRICT OK COLUMBIA. Coivrv ok"wash ?' mgton, 1" toil;?! hereby certify that Herman G Lorch, of Washington city, brought before me the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county. tliis 1'th dav of June. 18>4. a dark iron fray COLT, about 2'i years old. having a white tail and a white spot on her for ehead, the said colt being found and taken up by the servant of the said Herman G. Lorch as astray. Given under my hand. W. THOMPSON, J. P. The owner of the said colt is requested to prove property. pay charges, and take it away. Je 11 3f HERMAN Q. LORCH. LOST?On Tuesday, the 8th inst., a red OOW, with white face; large horns. f."> reward will be given if returned to JOHN CL'DMBRE. Ilav's Blacksmith Shop, near Bladensbulg Toll Gate. Je 10 St* I OST?On Monday, the tith inxtunt, either on 4th street. I street, or Mass. avenue, a ROLL OF MONEY coutaining sixty dollars. j?5 reward will be given if left at Mr. SHAFFER'S, corner ?ith and I streets. Je 10-3t* \\7 H. M.?Lost, on Wednesday evening, Jane . 8.1Sn4.asiuall HAND TRUNK, marked W. H. M. ''between the depot and 13th st. west. A suitable reward will be paid if returned tn Bhi g?ge Express Office, in Marble Alley, opposite the National Iiot*l. > Jn in-at* REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 7th inst ,a middle sized spotted red and white SPRINER. cocked horns. 8ne was on the point of having a calf. I know she hasa calf now where eversheis. Whoever returns her to her owner. RICHARD MoCAWLEY, comer ot 9th and II sts.. Island, will receive the anove reward. ,1e 1 i-.'it* r|>AK EN UP TRESPASSING ON MY PREM1SE8 1 on Friday morning, the l"th Inst., two small sow SllOATS; one a yellow and the other a black and white spotted. The owner is requested to come forward, pay damages, aud take them away. JOSEPH S. TUCKER, 4*G E st. south, je 10-3t* bet. 6th ami 7th, Navy Yard. STRAYED FROM THE NAVY YARD HILL two bay HORSES?one a small horse, with his hind legs a little sore above the hoofs; the other was a condemned horse, with histeft hind leg very sore. Ten dollars reward will he given by EuWD. HUNT if returned to 453 K street, four doors from the Navy-Yard market. je lO-fit* CTRAYED OR STOLEN-A BLACK MARE. * BUGGY and HARNESS. The mare is six((>) years old, black except one hind foot which is white. The harness and buggy is old. Any in formation of tbetn left at this office or at P. C BOYLE'S, D street, near 7th, will be well reward ed^ Je 10-2t* FO T-On Monday last, an ENVELOPE contain J iugscme private papers, among which were two passes and an order on Col. J. W. Forney for one hundred and lif y dollars, payment of which has been stopped. A liberal reward will be paid for their return to the Tribune Room*, 14th St., opposite Willarda'Hotel. je l(i-3t* ffijREWARD.?Strayed or stolen from thecom mons on Wednesday night, 1st of June,' a red COW, with white face, short horns, white down her back . about three vears old, gives milk. She has five teats; gives milk out of four. I will give the above rrward if returned to me at the corner of l?-th and N streets north. je 10-W ___ D. N'AILOR. LOST?On the 7th instant, a br.indle and wh-itt* BULL TERRIER BITCH, re^l morocco collar, small sized, for whicd a handsomt reward will be paid by leaving her at Adams Express Co.'s Sta bles. B street, near 2d. ^ je 9-3t* ^TRAYED OR STOLEN. from the subscriber, on Fridav, the 2/th ult.. a small sorrel MARE, four years o'a; short ta 1. ?5 reward will oe given if returned to PHI LIP HUHN, corner 4th street east and L street south. Je 9-fit* C REWARD,?Strayed away from the commons iiigr 7th and K Btreets east, on Wednesday niorniDg.dth inst..a small, light red COW, ready to calve within a day or two. Tli? above reward will be paid for her return to FREDEHICK RIDKR, near 7th and K streets ea?t. je 9-3t* CjfT REWARD?8trayed from the subfcrlber, on the 6th, light red OOW, with horns; white face; very large teats and hard to milk. JAB. BRADSHAW, je 8-4t* Prospect street, No. 64. Georgetown. NO CURE. NO PAY??Go to Dk. BROTHERS & GRAY and be cured. They have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure of all forms of "Disease," particularly that of a private character, for twenty years. This is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis fraceful and horrible death How important it is, hen, for those unfortunates who have brought disease npon themselves, to be cured before it is too late; thus preventing exposure of themselves and family. Office and residence 179 south B street, Island, opposite Smithsonian. je 9-lm* A LLOW ME TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO /V my really handsone stock of MILLI-^A NERY and FANCY GOODS which have?D Inst arrived and r*ady for roar inspection. [ can state without boasting that I have t'-e handsomest stock of VLOWIR8 ever imported, ybioh, looking at them, will convince; English ntraw Bonnets from $8.60 to $15. and thOM j^autiful Pamillas, as white as the driven snow; ft n.'.f el?' Back Combs and new style* of Fan*, been for so many years in tne wholesale n York, render m? facilities to offer you any goods in my line beyond competition. M'MB PRINCE, mygMm* ,j.j Mkrketap&c# j^YMAN* PAT8*?'} ?ALlNQ FRUIT JAR. We particularly invite the attention ?j>ndinx to put up fruit to examine LYMAH a. ^?LF SbaLIKQ FRUIT JARS, simple in con rtrnction; tney are more easily sealed or opined op all kind* of "u,g w BOTELER * SON, llouaefaraishlag Store. ? ?a Venn between Sth aad loth. C3tt 3,BPe 4. O'CLOCK P. M. War Bulletin. LATEST FROM GRANT. ATTACK ll'ON FKTKR-1H R?i BY GENERAL KAl'TZ. HE PENETRATES THE TOWN AND CAP Tl 1U* FUllTJ* PRISONERS AND A PIECE OK ARTI1.LCRT. JOIIN MORGAN I>EKEATE1> TN KKNTUCKY THE REI1EI. GENERAL TAYLOR DEFEATED ON THE ATOHAFALAYA RIVER. WAr. I>F.rArTMKWT, Wabhisotox Oitt, ) Sstordny, Jane tl, l?<ai?*p. m. J To Major General Dir., New York: Official reports from the headquarters of the Army of the Potomac, down to 5 o'clock yes terday evening, detail no movements of lm? poitance A dispatch from General Sherman, dated yesterday, states that our cavalry yesterday, (Thursday, Dtb,) developed the poslion of tha enemy In a line along the hills from Kenesaw to L03t Mountain, and we are no w marching by the roads towards Kenesaw. A dispatch from Gen. Butler, dated this morning at 1 o'clock, reports "all quiet along our lines. Yesterday Qen. Kantz charged the enemy's works at Petersburg, ahd carried them, penetrating the town, bat not being suppoited by Qen. Gillmore, who had with drawn his forces without a conflict. General Kant/ was obliged to withdraw without far ther eflect. Gen. Kautz captured 40 prisoners and cne piece of artillery, which he bronght away with him." A dispatch from Gen. Canby, dated Vicks burg, June 4, states that, "Gen. Emory reports tha* an nttempt ny Taylor's force to cross the Atchafalaya bad been frustrated, the troops that had crossed dispersed, and'a large quanti ty of commiEsary stores and clothing cap. tured General Burbrldge, commanding in Ken tucky, in a despatch dated yesterday, at Lex ington, reports that "after concentrating a force at the month of Heaver Creek, on Big Sandy I moved epainst Morgan's force in Virginia west as far as Gladrsville. Morgan, with 2,6(i0 men, moved into Kentucky, via Whites burg. I pursued, and by marching ninety miles in twenty-four honrs, came npon him at Mt. Sterling yesterday morning, and defeated him. " By stealing fresh horses he reached Lex ingtcn at two o'clock this a.m. Out forces h? Id the fort, and the rebels did but little dam ape. He left here at seven u. m. for Versailles. I start iu pursuit with a fresh force this morn ing." No official report has yet been rec ei ved from Gen. Hunter. , Edwin M.Stanton, Secretary of War. A? liLOCKADK RI NNJR CAPTURED AFTER A DESPERATE RESISTANCE. Acting Vol. Lieut. W. B. Eaton, commanding the U.S. steamer Admiral, writing from on beard that vessel, off Velasco, Texas, under date of May 2rth, informs the Navy Depart ment of the capture of the blockade runner Is abel, on the niprht of the 2Sth ultimo, while at tempting to run into the port of Galveston The Isabel is a steamer of much notoriety, having made upwards of twenty successful trips between Havana and the ports of Mobile and Galveston. The chase between the Admi ral and the Isabel was an arduous one. The night being dark, it was with great difficulty the Isabel could be kept in sight, and bercom mander handled her with great skill and des perate courage, not surrendering until he had received two broadsides at short range, every shot hitting his vessel, and lire from the small arms of the Admiral literally driving the men from the wheel. One of the Isabel's crew was badly wounded, and it was found neces sary to amputate his left arm and three fingers of bis right hand. The Isabel is one of the three steamers which ran out from Galveston on the night of the 30th of April last. She had a cargo of powder, arms, Prussian caps and medicines. Daring the chase she t hrew the powder overboard. CAPTURE OF A SCHOONER. This morning, the schooner Protector, of this ci'y, owned by W. W. I.ucas and M. Grissett, (the latter being captain,) was seized by the schooner Adolpb Hugel, Acting Master Nick erson, off Alexandria, for having a cargo not corresponding with the manifest, and also some llqnor. The stheoner was bound to the White House with a cargo of sutlers' stores. There were eleven men on board, among whom were several ot the owners of the goodB. She was towed up to the tfth street wharf this forenoon. CONGRESSIONAL. ? Saturday, June 11. Senate.?Mr. Foster, from the Committee on Claims, reported a bill to amend the act grant ing pensions, with amendments, lie stated that among others It would cover the case of relief tor the widows and children of the col ored soldiers massacred at Port Pillow. Mr. Trumbull introdnced a bill in fetation to the circuit courts of the United States; which was referred to the Judiciary Committee. [The bill provides that in case of division of opinion between the judges in any matter which cannot bv law be certified to the supreme court, the opinion of the presiding judge shall pre vail, and be the judgment ot the circuit court ] On motion of Mr. Lane, of Kansas, a resolu tion was adopted requesting the President to lurnish the Senate copies of correspondence, orders and documents on file la the Depart ment in regatd to the organization of the free State Government of Arkansas. Mr Lane also submitted an additional sec tion to the joint resolution ottered by him yes tirday relative to recognizing the new State Government of Arkansas, a* follows, and it was ordered to be printed with the other sec tions: . " The joint resolution shall be in force from and alter the acceptance of its provisions by the people of said State, and proclamation of the same by the President of the United States." Hocsb.?The House concurred in the Senate amendments to the bill providing homes for friendless women and children Mr. Cox offered a resolution that the House? the Senate concurring?adjourn tine die on Thursday, the 23d instant, at noon, and the resolution was passed. Mr. Dawes, o> Massachusetts, made a report in the Missouri contested election case?Price contesting the seat of McClurg. Thfc Commit tee, he said, lollowed the precedent set in the case of Bruce and Loan, and therefore asked that the subject be laid upon the table. This was agreed to. .... ? Mr. Hoiman offered a resolution to pay mile age, per diem to Messrs. Birch and Price, un successful contestants of the seats of Messrs. Kii g ana McClurg, of Missouri. On motion ot Mr. Mal*orv, the name of Mr. McHeury. Who had unsuccessfully contested the seat ot Mr. Yeaman, of Kentucky, was in cluded. The resolution was agreed to?three majority. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. fBy the People's Line?Offloe 511 Ninth street.] Nbw Yokk, June II.?U. S. 1881, coupon 6's, 113*,; U.S S.VO s, 105$; Certificates of Indebt edness, Gold, 1?T V; N. Y. Central, 132*; Erie, 1I2K; Hudson River, ?; Harlem, ?85; Beading, 131: Michigan Central, 144X? Mich igan Southern, 96*; Illinois Central, 120*; Cleveland and Pittsburg,113: Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 148; Chi cago and Bock Island, 115Milwaukle and Prairie dn Chien,79; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 115$; Alton and Ten* Haute, ?5X; Ch'cago and Northwestern, 04*; Quick silver, 75* . TUB FIGHT AT STAUNTON. Hunter'* Victory a Complete Oae. Philadkipbia, June 11.?The Herald't letter from Staunton, ot the 6th, says Hunter's vic tory whs entire, driving the enenav, who is rapidly retreating towards the Blue Ridge. One ba?tery of six guns was captured, besides other cannon of heavy calibre. A million dol lars worth of stores and many priseners were captured, and much railroad property de stroyed. . The Reported Capture ef she Water Witch. Nbw Yokk, Jane It.?The correspondentsi of the Tribune and Timet repastIthe story ot the capture of the Water ***?*? JS JVidaa a con piete surprise, not a gua ***** ared oa ?4:iu-T tide. LOOAL NEWS. OitLinreATjaa tub M all- A bill wa<? p\*sed in me House of Representative* on Wednes day wbi b, we are informed, requires the cor pojste authorities of the city of Washington tu open> street weefr'from the Canal to M*inw avenue, under the direction ot ttte OommU tlotpr of PutiMe Buildings, iu accordance sritn the plan sppfoved in Mav, '8-j-i, by J;im?? Monroe, President of the United State*. We were not aware that President Monroe ev?r approved any a?fh innovation on the plan of the Mall, but were under the impression that the passages through the Mull were restricted to tbe/owr now open. The Mall was designed for an ample park, and not to be cot up into entail squares, which, after t*?ing so reduced, will, by the passion for ?'improvement," b>? converted into building lots, and the parte gradually obliterated. The ?ew thoroughfare which it is now proposed to cut through the Mall, on the line ot Sixth street. Is only one hundred and thirty-one yards from the great thoroughfare of Seventh street, and, so tar trom encroaching farther on that beautiful ff atnre of the city plan, the Mall, it is a pity that either the Smithsonian bnildiogs or the unsightly Armory were allowed to be placed on it. Ths eastern portion, which it is pro posed to divide in two by a 6treet, had better be kept intact as a parade ground or champ de mars, the Armory having already beeu placed on the south side of it.?Intelligencer. Chntbr Mabeet.?The prices this morning were:?For Beef, best cuts, pr lb, W next .20*75 salt.^ j8 dried. 18*2.1 veal_ 18*20 If ntton, best eh ops. 20a. 25 La?b, per ?r *1.60?2 Pork, fresh, per lk. .18*20 Pine apples, each,.. 25 Gotiseberiies, per qt 15 Spinnarh, per pk 40 ^abbaee sprouts....4.1*M lteets., l.h -.lOa'M Be*ns, butter, pr ?t. 23 ? . white 10*13 Cabbage, per head ?in*25 corned... 15 Lettuce ..,. 5 Bacon,hams.uncut., 22' Radclishes, bunch... 5 hams, sliced , ai' Onions . 5 breasts ?13*20: Large rock, each f2.50*3 shoulder .?.Small rock, pr bch.. 50 ioles?_.....10*1? Halibut,lb 25 lard ls*2i'Se* l>*ss . II Chickens, pr pair.>*2' Blue fish 1J ?W.prdox 3.r> Butter, pr lb 40*45 New apples, pr pk. 75a?l dried ..8Qa$1 Peaches, qt ..20*25 Potatoes. Irish, pk.. 150 Cucumbers, per doz. 25 Ilomiuy, per qt.. 10 Turkeys, each $3..^ Dried cherries, qt .. 25 ftrawberries 30a35 enison per lb Si Geese, e*ch flal.82 Shad, per pair ?40g75 Pike, per bunch. . ..50ail Herring. per doz....l5*:?) Perch, per bunch .. 50B '0 Lobster,per lb...? 1] Sturgeon 15 Catfish, bunch 25 Rye, pr bushel..$1.75*1.HO Corn meal --$1.7i>al.75 Ship stuff.. ? H5??l Brown stuff.. 60 Shorts 81 Corn, shelled $1.70 Rhubarb, per bunch 10 Corn, in e*r, tbl.... Asparagus 10*250ats_ $1*1.20 Green pf*as. per pk .40*70 Bay, perewt f2 X Cherries, per qt. 20*30;Straw fl.50a2 C>mlines, do7...... 60'Clover h*y...... ? 1.75 ? Police Reports ? Firtt Precinct.? J. H. Smith, assault and battery; for hearing. Third Precinct.? K. G Benh&in, drunk; dis missed. Fourth Precinct.?'Thomas Gorman and Mary Uonnan, assault; hail lor peace. John Thomp son, drnnk and disorderly; military. Isaac Williams, selling unlicensed; dismissed. Also, for threats; ball for peace. Fyih Precinct.?James Lyons and Patrick Healy, drunk and disorderly; #1.58. Patrick Keney, William Connor, drunk: do. Hannah Jackson, Mary Willet, Louisa Mason, drunk and disorderly: 82. Jas. Gihbs, fighting; *1.58. John Thompson, drunk; do. J. Montgomery, do.; Isaac Wright, sleeping in street; J. H. L*^i Ben. Scrobald, J. W. Cortell," disorderly; dis missed. Sixth I'recinct.?Isaiah Lowe and David Bow en. disorderly; $3 each. Rich'd Williams and Jane Williams, grand larceny: jail for court, .lames Barr, assault and battery; dismissed. John McMahon, suspicious character, mili tary. Tenth Precinct.?Bridget McCarthy, assault and battery: bail for peace?for disorderly con duct; fined RG. Jno. Keefe, drunk: dismissed. Mary Jane Johnson, prostitution; Slti. Eliza beth Butler, nuisance; 92. John Holly, disor derly; *4. C.W. Winfield, assault and oattery; bail for peace. Emma Jane Reardon, drunk and disorderly; ?12.58. C. F. Daily, grand larceny: dismissed. Wm. Mason, disorderly; Jfci. Rebecca Mason, do.; do. Tbb Gold Case.?In the Circuit Court (Judge Wylie,) the case of J. W. Thompson ft Bro. agt. Riggs k Keick<vffer is on trial. This is an action to recover an amount of gold ard silver coin deposited by the plaintiffs in the banking-house of the defendants since the suspension ot specie payments, which the lat ter refnse to pay in kind, tendering in lieu thereof legal tender notes; assuming that un der the law of July 11th, lt?62, they are not obliged to pay com for coin. This morning the plaintiff offered to show that it was the custom in other banks to pay out coin for coin deposited, but this offer was refused as irrel evant. A tender of the amount in legal tender was also made this morning, but was refused by the plaintiff's. Messrs. J. H. Bradley and N. Wilson for plaintiffs, and W. D. Davidge and W. S. Cox for defendants. Filling the Canal with Slops.?This morning. Samuel Taylor, colored, was arrest ed by officer Pendel tor throwing two wagon loads ot slops into the canal. Taylor plead that he was employed at the Armorv Hospital to carry away the slops, and that he was or dered by Capt. Cowen to throw it in the canal. J ustice Giberson fined him 9*2.58. His state, ment was corroborated by an officer from the hospital, who stated that it was done ignorant ly. Mayor Wallach ordered the dismissal of the case, and the Seventh Ward Commissioner will designate such a place for the deposite of the slops as will not cause a violation of law. and will save the inmates of the hospital from enduring the stench that would arise from the canal during the hot weather. Affairs m Georgetown.?Canal.?The re ceipts of coal continue to be frequent and heavy, and the hands at derricks are constantly employed. Since our last report the receipts were as follows: Central M. & M. Co., 516 -100 tons; Snow & Co., 10R tons; Borden Co., (*53 Si-100 tons; Consolidation Co., 233 29-100 tons: American Co., 425 38-100 tons; New Hope Co., 110 2-100; Cumberland C. ic. I. Co., 661 61-100 tons; Hieston ic Co.. 109 3-100 tons; Hampsh. and Bait. Co., 117 3-100 tons. The agents are shipping large quantities of coal, much of it to northern ports A large number of vessels have been freighted during the week, and others remain at the wharves to receive their cargoes. Fourth Ward Station Casus.? Emma Warner, Patrick Donegan, creating a nuisance; dismissed Jonathan Kowland, assault and battery; jail for court. Also, for threats; jail in default of bail. Abraham Kaufman, pass ing counterfeit money. Amos Galloway, lar ceny; for a hearing. "Jas. Sullivan, Jas. Hops, Horace Bill, drunk: ?5 each. George H. Buck ingham, vagrancy; dismissed. Chas. Jenkins, larceny; for a hearing. Depredations in Howaed County ?We are informed that the farmers in Howard Co., Maryland, have sustained sprious loss recently by their horses being spirited away. It is sup posed that the thieves take the horses across the Potomac into Virginia and dispose of them for Confederate army purposes. By reference to onr advertising colvmns it will be seen that large rewards are offered for the recovery of some of these stolen horses. Real Estate C. McGnire sold yesterday afternoon six lots on17tb street, between M and N streets, to F. S. Wilson, for 12 cents per foot. Lot at the corner of 17th street and Rhode Island avenue, to Jacob H. Frank, at 14 cents per foot. Lot at L street north, near 20th street, to J as. Carpenter, at 32X cents per foot. Appointed.?Mr. James W. Spalding has been appointed Commissioner of Improve ments for the Second Ward, vice Wm. Ruth erford removed. Mr. Spalding has resigned his position of assessor to enter upon the discharge of his new duties. Passing Counterfeit Money.?Abraham Kaufman was arrested yesterday by officer McColgan for passing an altered greenback on Joseph Capalta. The note w as a two altered to a fifty. The case was ruled for hearing this afternoon before Justice Giberson. State or the Theemombtbe.?At Frank lin k. Co.'s, opticians. No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 70 la the shade; 91 ia the sua. Orphans' Coubt.?Ia consequence of the indisposition of Judge PureeU this Court was not In session to-day. Mm Chablottb Thokp&on?Opinion* of the Press.?A sensation has teen created at the St Louis Theater. Never, since Matilda Heron played her first engagement in this city, have we wltaessed *0 much enthusiasm in a theater, as is now dieted by the unique per formances of Miss Charlotte Thompson. We are entirely unacquainted with the pest history thl* young lady, aor would our present purpose be served by know in* It tninntflj. 8he cam# here a perfect stranger, and ?he baa rapidly woa her way ia to public favor without the usual of advertising, which oommoaly preeedes such events. What she baa accomplished entirely to her intrinsic merit, appre ciative qualities ?f a St. Louis verdict of oar theater-going pabMe >?? et.dorsed >? more than one iastane^ ?y tue metropolitan aadiencee of the Ea^sue eir* to piae? it on record that ?ae bnlifaat sue wee of Charlotte Thorn J" JE1 tie followed by like /n^b True merit caanet remain bld?sa aad uuot furred foreyer. It may struggle * long tim. in obscurity, tot the ligbt which h cmti win fTffliMtljr dax/le the eyee of All bebotder* I,lke a smothered fir*. the flMN w||| jn t,m(l barst through all opposing obstructions nod sparkle aloft with tenfold and b-:llifwicv And aapaMton long pent up will sutxlnoevery obstacle, *0 will patient, plodding m-rlt, when recognised, triumph over all embarrns*m?nts and disarm envy. Wf do not know what dHBcuUiea !*!?* Thompson may bare had to past througn m her professional career, nor bow Ion* sho h\* been a devotee to the Drama. Hut wp do know that she is an artint? in the strictest and nioet comprehensive sense of that term, and thit ? ?? Idolizes her profession. To attair tbaeical lence which she has achieved must have r?n. enmed long years of toil ?nd study, which, without a love or art. would have o?ei? imv>. sible. Excellence in any brauch of art ta only at'ainable by laboa Natural talent ha* very little to do with perfection in anything. dire?. ly; it merely inspire* love, and tires 'he mind todare the achievmeutof seeming impossihili ties, which everyoi.e encounters on the road to true greatne.-s Oharlotte Thompson. what ever may have i>een her natural <|UHliQ?anoa? for the stage, must have labors immensely, and we are happy to state she is now reaping her reward in well-earned fame. A structure built npon such foundation i? not likely to fall Snch a palace of art ha* ail the elements of stability. We conceive that her lame will prove anything bnt ephemeral, sne has none ot the flashing qualities of a rocket or meteor; but is a star of the first ma^bltn.)<%?<.4 will move ateadily ouward in her orbit trwn the horizon where ahe now stands to the legtih In face and figure, Charlotte Thompson u b' anti'uil; and her features are radiantly ex. pressive of intellect. Nature has gtft-?d hsr with eye* which enthrall by their wondrous depth, and fascinate by their mild light. They aeeci, by their ailent language, to translate 'hs pure tableta of her aoul.?St. Louis JBrpwMftiti, March 6. 1*64. Mian Charlotte Thompeon will make her first appearance at Orover'a Theater on Mooday 1 evening next, June 13 th, In her original char acter of Little Unrrfoot, on which occasion our theater-going public may expect a rich treat. * FOE RF.XT-a 8T0RB BOOM with a large baa* ment, situated on 7th street, near the Northern Market, suitable for a tinner or gas fitter. Inquire of J08. F. KELLEY, Real Estate Broker, office .in 8th street, uetir the-corner of 1 north. jc II 3t" FOR RENT?And possesion given 1st of Jnlr.a two-story FRAMK HoUSB. with Urge ha*-* building. No. 51 11 street, between 71.1 and g'.h streets, Islnnl. For terms apply on the premise*, or at WM. K. RILEY & BRo > Dry Uo?ds tH re between 7th and Sth streets, oppo-ite Center Wir ket. J* IIHit I>bR 8 ALE ?IMMEDIATE POSSESSION - A a RKICK HOUSE, with eiifht rooms, central'jr located. Will be so d a bargain. #7t?i per year rent is now offered for this property. MITCH* LL A SON. S. K. corner Penna. sr. and sf. N. B ? Brick House with eight rooms for rent. i* 11. it s,A,L.Krr4*'fKfi.cHAKcs ?The ni je 1 l-:tt IT'ORSA..??A nana I- n A i> I li, ? t He UoUie r I !ood Will, Stuck and Fi\tures of a First-Cla""! CON FKCTIONERY ana ICE CREAM SALOON. located in the best part of Baltimore city; esta1' lit-hed and successfully carried on for 8 years; th? bouse is expresi-ly built tor the busine*-: the fix lures of the !>toru and furniture of trie nalo ns arc of the finest style and complete. This gives aa opportunity to sn energetic man to get in a liters tive and paying business such as is selaom offer* 1 For furtner particular-, a Id res-. PR. ? KIMK Ml'ND, Confectioner, Fayette street, FranU:.! Square, Baltimore. Md. ie II 4t' IPOR SALE?A RESTAFRANT AND STEAM K!? I OYSTER SALOON. in Alexandria, V* It i? the largest saloon in the city, situated <n Kjoj street, a few doors from the Theater an 1 Parker'* Minstrels. It ha-connected with it a soda'foun tain doing; a large business. AJso, an apparat'u fur miinut'acturin^ soda water. The establishment is well fitted up. and worth the attentloO of pa: tits wishing to purchase. Hatihfaotorjr reason* given for selling, to partief wishins to purcha* inquire cf ItAAC 7. VAN REYKKN. No. ?*t? Prince street. Alexandria. ?a. je 11 !?? J AY COOKE A CO.. ., BANKERS, NO. 452 FIFTEENTH STREET. Washib.. ! on, June 11 1KI We shall bid for a p?irtion of tae UNITED eTATF.86 PERCENT. BONDS OF \+Sl proposals for which will be opened by the Seen* tary of the Treasury on Wednesday next, the lith instant, as per his advertisement. We shall be pleased to communicate with and include the bins of any of our friends and cu* toiners who may desire- sn interest in the loan whether they fix the rate or prefer to share pr? rata in our proposals. Applications must reach us as oar y as P o'clock a. ni. on the 15th instant. Je 11 114th JAY COOKE A CO jy|OURNINO GOODS. BOMBAZINEB, ALPACAS. Blaek CRAPE, MARKT7. Black TAM&RTINE, Black WORSTED, GRENADINE, Black CHALLY. Black BIRAGE. Black and 6 4 MOUSELAIN, Black TAMESE, Black LAWNS. MOURNING SILKS. MOURNING SHAWLS. We offer the akove goods in larse or small qain titles, lower than they can be bought in this mar ket. J.J.MAYA CO., )e ll-?t 30W Pa. av.. bet. 9th aad Iftth sU BY J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. BRICK DWELLING HOUSE AND LOT ON TH K WEST SIDE OF tiTH uTKKET, BETWEEN G AND H fTREE rs On TUFRSl AY AFTERNOON, June 16th( atfiv o'clock, on the pr-mises we s^atl sell, th- sou a half of Lot No 24. in Square No. 454 fronting J3-. feet on Sixth street, between G and H st eats north, and running back Ii9 feet 4 inches to nji foot public alley, improved by a two atorr and attic lirick House, with Bac* Building, co> tv-in< 8rooms. Also, a two story Frame Dwei ing H .u?e, containing four rooms, froiiti">g on the alley. Terms : One fourth in cash; th? remainder In six. twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, secured by adevd of trust on the premises. Conveyances at cost of the purchaser Je 11 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO .Anqta t PA D Chrnn.) |JV J. C. MoGUlRE A CO., Auctioneer* STOCK ofgroceribTandstoke fixturmj AT PCBLI- AIjCTION. On WEDNESDAY MORNING, June l.' 1) o'clock, at the Store of Leroy Edwards, Est. cor nepof liith and M atreet?. we shall sell, withoat reserve, his stook of Groceries and Liqnors, ooji prising? Teas, Coffees, Sugars Light pressed Cavendish and other Chawing To bacco. 60'den Syrup. Candles, Soap. Coal Oil. Matches Blacking. Starch. Spices, Cigars. brushes Brooms Buckets, Rope, Creokery and Glaaaw tre. Small lot of Brandy, Rom and Whisker. Fairbanks' Platform and Counter Scales, 4e., Terma cash lell-d [Rep] JAB. C McGUIRE A CO.^Aucti |^Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers UNITED STATES MARSHAL'S SALE 0Y SCHOONER INDIAN AND CARGO. In virtue of a decree i*surd from the Clerk's Of flee of the Supreme Court of the Di?trict o* Ool umbia. holding a Distric' Court, and to me direct ed, 1 will expose to Publid Sale for eash, at the foot of "ixtk atr#et Wharf on the Pot "nac rieer, in the city of Wasbiniiton. D 0., oa THUKSD IV the 10th day of June, I364.C jmuienotng at 11 o'clock a, m. 1 he Sahooner INDIAN, her Tackle, Apparel, and Furniture. ALSO li Pigs: a lot of Chickens 1 bag of Salt; 1 barie 1 of Flour. 1 Hair ; a lotof Cigars. Lot of Beef. Mackerel and Sugar. 2 Compasses; 2 eeitabts. Lot of Charts; 2 Spyglasses, Lot of ? ap; lotof Broom^ t 1 small Glass. WARD H.LAMON, United Sta'e< Marshall D. 0 J? 11 td W L. WALL A CO , Aucu FOR SALE?Two New York BUGGIES, latest stylo. Also, four sets of light 1MRNK-8 Can be seen at stable corner of (Tand fth atreeU from 3 to 6 p. m. Addreas lor particulars " D. F H^ lojt* RARE CHANCE FOR PRINTERS.-A amall capital will buy a good Job Office, which it brinjm g in a regular income of near $tf> per month for use of a ve^y small portion of watenal, without any labor. An enere>-tic man can maKe it pay #2*0 p?r month easy with very little labor. I will satisfy anyone that the above is correct an4 no humbug, and give my reasons for selling, by addressing fstatins where an interview can behad) ''Printer,-' frtar Office- je 1 -St* Hating about one hundred acresof superior upland White Oak Timber, measuring from six to twenty Inches in diaiaeter, and having n ade arrangements with George Page, of Wash ington city, for aawing the same, I am prppsred t<> receive orderafor PLANK or SC iNTLlNG. Will deliver at the mill, Georgetown, or Washington city, D. 0., as early aa the coaling October. Per sons in want of the above will correspond with 0. 2. MUNCASTER, Rockville. Md 1T_ IV REMOVAL. llOTIOE TO PARJUCKS. MARKET OARDBN ERS AND CAPTAINS OP VESSELS. The offloe for the sale of Manurx del i verable from the different government corrals m the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the corner of P and 10th streets to the corner of E and 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania aviaae, on 12th street. . . , The planting aeason being over, now is the proper time for farmers and gardeners to lav ii and haul a supply of manure tor rap dressings aad fall use. Large ?uaaaitiesof well rotted manure on hand and r r aale at tow rate*. V anted-Vessel* for New York. Good freight* snd dispatch given. *P#&BDGt. A-Mlt " OCee-N. E. corner IRh and E streets, Jel-tar I Mock from Pa. av.. oa 12th at. WILLIAM EJUkDLEY EEGSTO INPORM BIS fViMds and the r>hHe thM he husi hanH a variety of largeand heaatiful stvle of Monumenta, Hegd Stones and all klads of Marble worked te ?rdee, and Is thaakfhl for paM favors and hapeslo J

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