Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Haziran 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Haziran 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS ? MURBMKNT8 TO-NIGHT. Foaas Thbatbb ?<? Luck, or the Gentle ness of Natnre," will be performed to night Mr. J. 8. Clarke, the talented comedian, appearing in tbe prominent eharacter. This is ? new piny, bat It took to well upon its first representation la*t night, that It promises to be very successful. Tom Taylor's comedy of ??Babes in tbe Wood," will conclude tbe en* ItrtaitaPiL Uiotib'* Thbatbb?To-nlgbt, Miss Char lotte Thompson makes tier second appearance at Orover's, and appears as ?-Victorlue," in tbe "Working-Girl's Dream;" and this to be lollowed by "Tbe Ball in a China Stoop," a new comedy row successfully performing in New York Miss Thompson was received With much applause last nlgbt. Canterbury ? "Cndjo's Cave," will be performed ibis week only, and many other ar?- now b' in?r performed for the last time. AT arietta Ravel hat- heen engaged for the pres ent week yet, and will appear in new dances arid new tight r> pe acts. Tub Orb at Show, conducted by Dan Rice, "was op tied last night at tbe corner of Sixth sttreet and New York avenue, and ttie canopy was b | iteral jam, and by 8 o'clock it was al most impo.-sinle tor one to wedge bis way in. The p*ritrmante ihroughou: was admirable aiid elicited much applause. Fiik?The interesting lair at Island Hall by the ladies or the7tb street Presbyterian Church i Is rapidly drawing to a close, and we advise all who can to be present to-night. and procure aome of the aura live articles on sale, and which will be disposed of at a bargain. (iitiD Sbbbrads? Last evening a large number of ciiis^ns accompanied by the band JTm CUffboarne Barracks, assembled in front or the residence of Mayor Wallach, paying him the compliment of a serenade. Atter tbe per fcrmti.c# of several appropriate airs, calls were made for Mayor wallach, who in a few sat menu appeared and apologized for not mak ing a speet o, thanking them for the compliment -which was more flattering because he recog nised tbe faces of those who had an interest in the at airs oi the city. This was not the first time he bad received their approbation, and he hoped to merit it is the fatnre. Mr. Wallach agala returned his thanks and extended an In vitation for his friends to meet him around the table, which was immediately accepted, and some time was spent at nls hospitable table, many of the Mayor's friends tendered their congratulations presenting him several large and handsome boquets. Tbe company atter cheering the Mayor, pro ceeded to the residence of Asbury Lloyd, Esq., i'les dent of the Common Council, when after ?e v?-1 al airs bad been performed that gentleman made bis apprarance, and although laboring usder a severe cold made a neat little speech, return* d his thanks and advised them all to meet bim at the Llcbau House where he would conclude, and on the companv proceeding to that place they found that he was ready to meet them with a bountiful anpply of refresh ments The company then proceeded to the residence ?1 Alderman Kepptr, where several pieces were performed, but that gentleman was out of towu. I he band then proceeded (followed bv a Itr^e crowd) to the residence of Jos. F. Brown, Eeq., President of the new Board of Alder men, and Mr. Brown made bis appearance and thanked the serenaders for the attention thus shown him. He paid & high compliment to Mayor Wallach as a man and a municipal cfilc^r, and predicted that his coming adminis ira ion of tbe affairs of the city would redound t' 'he best interests of Washington. The Third Ward was also highly lauded for its loyalty and the int*rest Its people have ever taken In the city'* welfare. At the conclusion of Mr. Brown ? address the party were invited to the Metropolitan Restaurant, on Tenth street, where a splendid collation was spread, and all were invited 'o a feast of good things. lot Land then moved across the street, and strecarled Mr Thomas A. Stephens, Council man from the Third Ward, who responded in a t-w appropriate remarks; and thence the band moved to u e res idence of Mr. Jas Skiring, who appeared upon his porch and pledged bimselr to represent the ward to tbe best of hit ability. Tbey were then invited to tbe restau. rant of Mr. Lnrch, corner of ?th and E streets, where the entire ward delegation, Messrs. Jtrown. Lewis, Larner, Stephens and Sklrving cv-em iled, and the whole party partook of a handsome collation quickly prepared for them Here Aldermen Brown and Lewis were eaeh pYesetiled with a beautiful bouquet, the gifts ?f ladies of tbe ward. The t>and then played a number of patriotic a in aod at iwo o'clock the party separated in good order. SZRKKADB TO SBI'RBTARY Chasb? At 11 c clock last night, Jack Leland's brass band, ot Cleveland, attached to the 105th Ohio, sere naded Secretary Chase at his residence, corner oi 6'h and E streets, in this city; and the Sec retary having appeared to recognize the com pi imtnt. ai d been warmly greeted by the large crowd a tracted by the impromtu demonstra tion, responded as follows : e i am glad to meet you, fellow-citizens of Ohio W bile we are all eagerly longing for prosperous results of the gallant efforts now making for the suppression of the rebellion, I *ro so Millions that 1 prefer to wait for the happy consummation tor which 1 most de voutly pray, looking to Him alone who can give us 'he'victory, rather than make speeches tipcn what is transpiring. [A voice: "There's no bad news?"] ??There is no bad news All the news is good Everywhere there is hope; everywhere confidence. But, how can. we feel like talking when every message brings us tidings of some dear relative who has laid down his life upon the altar of bis country?our country. Unly a day or two ago a near and very dear relative of your speaker gave up bis life. His loss was a tr> ing one. it came home to me. But be was no dt-ar-r to me than others are to their rela tives For the present my heart is too full of sorrow and arxiety tor the rsault to admit of my epeaking, as I otherwise might, of th? war and other mauers. But 1 look with confidence lor success ?'My frierds from Ohio, we have reason to be j. rouil of our Slate, wb-n the gallant Grant, cur own gallant Sherman, and others are so T.i-Hiy leadintr, and so many of her sons so l>r vely fighting among'he hosts of freedom. }i|t glorious is the lecord < f Ohio in this struggle! How proud we should be of oar no ble Governor and of all onr people, when they are among the foremost of our defenders and supporters of the Unien, both at home and In the field. ? 1 rejoice that It devolves upon me, however ^umbiv. to contribute In this glorious strug gle Not only has Ohio contributed her full proportion of m< n, uow veterans, but she has *ent her thirty five thousand hundred days men. And who are these? Why, the very choiceat of her sons, her most precious offering. They are men very many of whom I know ?well. Tbey leave every walk of life, giving up the pleasantest homes aud the most luira tlve ptraults, not going to command, but to represent ber ui tbe rank and file. God bless Ohio and ber brave men in the field. God bless onr country. Let as pray to Him that he will gl\e her deliverance and secure to ua the permanent biasings of freedom." Gbahd Labokbt. ? Yesterday afternoon, f3er?eant Cronin arrested Margaret Haggerty iorthe larceny of several shawls, and cloth ing, the prop?rty of Ellen Long. The larceny was committed several weeks ago. The pris oner auu her *l#ter went to Ellen Long's hou*e while ihe -omplaiuant was absent, and when returned she met the t wo sisters leaving the home with the good* Fearing them, she lei th-m pass, and Immediately got a search warrant, searched the prisoner's bouse, bnt ?found rotbing. Jnstice Giberson heard the tvliHct, and held the prisoner to bail for court. t about a Woman?Randal Smith, col or ? wax arretted by officer Simondsfor as Haui' > g John Bowie with a razor. Smith has be? in the army at,d the woman with whom i\e 1 ved previously became familiar with Jio ?. ie. Smith beard of If, returned to the city, ?we t to Bowie s ranche on lltb street, and ln tic ated to Bowie that If be did not let bis wo tomi alone there would be somebody hurt, sh wing a rezcr by way of impressing the fact on lowie H>we was impressed, but the re si i was tbe arrest of Smith, who was fined SI Jcr disorderly conduct by Justice Clayton. Kxvpimo Dow* thb Dhbt?Mesirs. North t-Jge A lia*'l on are cer ainly doing tbe city ? it cb ?< rvlc- with their wa'er carts, whi jh are < ontinually passing and repassipg.and sprink < ,r r trih averue fn m the Caoitol to the Circle. They have now twelve carts lu service, aud it must be apparent to all. esneclally business men, that it would be of great advantage ir they wi nld <v>me forward with their coatrlba* tiona, and thus enable the firm to pltee mire csrts upon tbe roots, and thoa more effectually deep down the dust. Sfbkwadi To-bioht -We hear that the Orterburv folks intend to give Mayor Wal l"cb a serei ade ro ui?h>, through the medium I Of their excellent orchestra As the Canterbury I ? ople are proverb'al for ''oiag things ri.'ht, *nd as the orcbestra is led by one of toe best mus4ciac? iu the country, Mr. B rah am, 'hose who I t rp u *o in the neighborhood at the tiBLe will bear some good masic. Thb Natiobal ambaicaV Mkoical Aato rtATio* hhs just completed an Interesting sm> ??on in New York citv. Tbe delegates from tbU District were Drt. Richard C Crnggon, Noble Yonrr. D R. Hag J ?' Hiiey, Jas. M. Tonar, J. W. H. Lave ^7' Fiodoardo Howard, W. J. Duhamel. IVATT Takd ?On Saturday, Lfcxtt E. Hook* ?. who tuu for aome (la* put bcwa la oom msnd of Um Yankee, or tfea Potomao flotilla, took leave of hia officer* and men, preparatory to asauming commaad of the Oomnodore Read, to which he baa been ordered Lieut. Hooker bad mad# himself very popular among hia men, and In taking Inn or them expreaaed bla regret at parting, and the hope that hla sucoea aor would be aa well pleaaed with them aa he bad been, and aa he left the boat the boys gaTe him three hearty cheers Oapt Hooker left oa Sunday morning, and enteretf on bla duties aa Captain of the Reed, In plaoe ot Acting Maater W. H. Smith. Acting Master Joha E. Rockwell baa been ordered to the Yankee. Maater Rockwell baa been on duty In the South Atlantic Blockading bouadron for over two years p?at. The Leslie and King Phillip arrived thla morning from the lower river. Oharoi op Larckwy.?Yeaterday Dr. F. A. Hntton was arrested upon the complaint of Wm. Donoboe, who charred him witb stealing a guitar. Officer McColgan took him before Jnatioe Klnaey. Tbe instrument was recov ered from a pawn broker, where it was pawned for a email sum of money. The priaoner waa then released on ball for further hearing. Sacbkd Oowo*rt.?To-morrow evening a rrand sacred concert will be giren at the Fourth Presbyterian Ohnrch, when Rossini's stabat Mater will beaung entire by a larreand efficient choir, under tbe direction of Mra. O. Y. Kretecbmar, who will be aasiated by some of the be8t musical talent of the city. Thla will be a rare musical treat. 8al? op Rsal Estate.?Jas. O. McQ-nire A Co. aold, yesterday afternoon, an old brick bouae and tot on M atreet, between 19th and 20th atreeta, to Wm. H. Thompson, for *1.400 Lot on K atreet between 18th and 19th atreeta. to Mr. J. Williams, ior 38 centa per foot. Lot on 6th street, between I. and M atreeta, to H Walker, for 50 centa per foot. Ohaboep with Crbativo a IftrWAKOB.? Dr. Holmes waa arrested on Saturday by Offi cer McColran, on the charge of creating; a nuisance by embalming bodiealn bis establish ment, in tbe beart of the city. He rare securi ty tor bis appearance to-day. There are other nuisancea of the aort in the city to be looked after. Attempt at Burolary.?About 1 o'clock yesterday morning an attempt was made to break into the grocery store of Tames Moore, corner of Fifth and H streets north. The bur glara were alarmed by the moving of an in mate of the dwelling connected with the store, and skedaddled without forcing the door. Hea quarteri Provott Mar thai and Board of ) Enrollment of District of Columbia, > Watkington, D. C., June:), 1964. ) The Board of Enrollment of the Diatrict of Oolumbia will be in session at tbe office of the ProToet Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth atreet and New York avenue, daily (Sundaya excepted) from 11 o clock a. m to 2 o clock p. m., for the purpose of hearing case* of exemption from drait for the following canses, viz: Alienage; Non-residence; Unsnitableneas of age; Manifest permanent physical disability; and Two yeara' service during the present war, either in the army or navy. Citizens are requested to furtlah information aa to persons who are not enrolled, or who are trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that hia own chance for draft shall not be unjustly increased. J. O. PtrTWASf, Captain 1st regiment V. R. Corps, and Provost Marshal of the may 28-tf District of Columbia. SPECIAL. NOTICES. Gold-pi.atrd Jrwbi.rv?Beautiful Gold plated Jewelrv and Hlver-plated Teaspoons for one dollar at the One Dollar Jewelry Store, 438 Pa. avenue, nearest, Je9-eo3t* Do Ton cslor your whiskers and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation It colors a natural black or brown. Only 90 cents a bo*. 8. C. Ford, Je 2-eo3m 290 Pa. avenue, Sole Agent. Corks, Bunions, Bad Nails, Ac. Persons wishing immediate relief from these rouhlesome annoyances, should call at Da. WaiTa'a rooms. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between and 6th streets. Coloatb'b ohbt Soap. Thin celebrated Toilet Soap, in saoh universal demand, is made from the choicest materiala, la mild and emollient in Its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action npon tbe skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. JaSS-eoly Browk's Brohchial Trochbs. These Loienges are prepared from a highly esteemed recipe for alleviating Bronchial Affec tions. Asthma, Hoarseness, Coughs, Colds, and Irritation or 8oreness of the Throat. Public ?* rtakrr* and Voralists Will And them beneficial la clearing the voiee before speaking or singing, and relieving the throat after any unusual exertion of the vocal organs, bavitiK a peculiar adaptation to affections which llstnrn the organs of speech. mh 29-d<fc wtf DIED At an early hour on the morning of the 13th instant. Mrs. ANN MACDANIKL. in the Ttith ?> nr of her age, widow of the late Ezekiel Mae daniel. Her funeral will take place from her late resi dence. near Glenwood Cemetery, to-morrow even ing. 15th inst., at 4 o'clock. Her friends aud ac quaintances are n-spectfully invi'ed to attend. [National Intelligencer please copy. On the 14th inst., J ANK KLI7. A, infant daughter of Bichard and Helen B. Henderson, aged 6 months and 26 days. 1 he friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral to-morrow afternoon at 4 o'clock,from 57 3 Maryland avenue, bet. 9th and VHh sts. * On the night of 13th inst.. WILLIAM RICH, after a lingering illness. llis friends are invited, without further notice, to attend hi" funeral, at 5 p ra to-morrow, the 13th inst., from his late residence, No. 296 H ?-treet. * On the 14th inst., ANNA ELIZA, aged 15 months and 9 days, youngest daughter of Wm. and Malin da Brown. The friends of the family are requested to at tend the funeral on to-morrow ( Wednesday) even ing. at 3 o'clock, from her parents' residence, 373 5d street east. * On the morningof the 14th instant, THADDEUS, son of John M. and Mary J. Sims, aged 6 months and 2 davs Notice of the funeral will be given in the morn ing papers. * On the 13th inst. at 4:15 p m, JOHN HARENESS, the only sou of Robert J. and Marion V. Humphry, 4 months and 18 days. * LI8T OF LETTERS REMAINING IN TH1 POST OFFICE. GEORGETOWN, D. 0., Jr*B 11,1*64. To obtain any of these letters, the applicant mast call for " advertised letters," give the date of this list, and par one cent for advertising. If not called for within one month, they will be sent to the Dead Letter Office. Place the postage stamp on the upper right-hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking without interfering witb the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer, if unclaimed witbin thirty days or less, written or printed with thu writer'o name, post office, and Ptate. acrfdn the left-band end of envelope, on the face side, will be complied with at the usual pre paid rate of DostagH, payable when the letter is delivered to the writer. LADIES' LIST. Bayley Miss L Kleneschmidt Mrs Brown Miss Lottie Keiley Mrs Margaret-4 Bulls Mrs H C King Mrs Mary C Butler Mi?h Cornelia Kierman Duma A Baker Miss Catherine Martin MrsTeresia Brinhlej Miss Helen Maryst Mi>-s Mary H Brown Mrs Rtfth Machaw Mrs Flora t'onlans Miss Mary MrGaffrev Catharine C'anberg Mrs Henry Nichols Mrs Susan Clements V ss Helen Peacock Mra A S Cov?*r Mrs Henry Southworth Mrs Sophia Duffer Mts Frederick Sheale Mrs Geo E l>o<i?t<n Mis* Josephine Smith Mrs G"o Davidson Mi?s Addie Beyers Mrs |ll*ab?th (joins Mis* Mary Shoemaker Miss Edith Gil son Mrs Kate Smith Miss Ann GibtsMiss Marion Taylor Mrs Anna Goodvin Mi?? Kmioa Webster MiaxMartha Ann Hurd Mrs Esther Werring Mrs M J Herd Mrs Vary L Williams MissJenaie 11 all Mrs Ditha Welch Mrs K P Uarason MrsAnnReb'ca-2 GEN'l i'KMIN 'H LIST Alexander Wm KndicotNSC't S Madi?ou James A lum* J no it Edmonton Uapt Mechlin J R P Aleport Jno J-I Jas Murry Frank Hankliaril W T Fraleigb E M Mag*? B -rnard Bo>d fcamuei tiruble Wm NeyTnomas Barton Gr?e*b?*ck WardNewcomblfls'r G Palter J do W GibbsLP O Bri-o WmB Broadhr*(ilit-n'j<+o*? A W O'rtullivan Ter'e Heijwr Geo Harris WwV-2 O'Learv Tiinot'y liUcSner KdwardHttl James pnteWra Brown A llarkeos ChatenPomeroyJos'b H Chapman Wm Knowl>-? ham'n hprankliu 0 <*'-j Churchman 6m IKing Alonro H S*?ayeaber?H'y Cr-a- Richard Lee?ts M?rk J Thompson Ja?A Cramer Martin OLoy Jno W 4 Oapt Craig Gj-o W-f L>nchJ W Ventoa Joshua Cbai fcel Elmer LenardJk*N Wise Joel Oopklin kli Lee Jam-Will Philip Coli.e C *>an?ei Webber Israel M Know James t Meens Lewis Webb John Illume* H Meagher Pafk t A'oodrt-4 B Dii?lni>(lSAri?T mils*^?..O.i It HENRT ADDIRON.P.m B CTTKK AND EGGS. If 0 Tubs prime New York BUT TEA, SP Parrels Freak KwS, it: Store. Freah lota arrlvlag daily. Far bale by D. X DCTrtOW 4 BIO., JM a^t* 4 AO PIO NICS, fee. yocii? UNITBD IN THB MILD AGAIN. TBI *!??* Oft AH D PIO irxo (u TOTTNG UNITBD OLOB k Jit wilt be given at LOTFLBR'S WASHINGTON OITT GARDBN, Oa THURSDAY, JUNB 16. ISM. Ticket*?to Cents: admitting i Gentleman lid Ladies. je 14-St' ^ GRAND PICNIC TO BB GIYEN OBBBN SPRING PAYILLION.Georgetown On THURSDAY, June 16, 1864. J The nndersipned take great pleasure iai informing their friends and the pnblio in genera that they will aiveaGrand Pie Nicat Green Spring Pavillion on Thursday. June >lth. Bvery arrange ment baa been perfected to afford to all an evening of entertainment rarelr met witb. Dancing to commence at 1 o'clock, and to continue until a sea sonable hour at night. No diseputable characters allowed upon the grounds. Omnibuses will leave the corner of High and Bridgeata. every 15 minute* for the grounds. The Holy Hill Band has been en gaged. Tickets fiOcts , admitting a gentleman and ladiea. Managers?Bd. M. MoQuillan and A. 8. Tate*. JelS-Jt* A GRAND PIO-NIO or THB BADDLB AND HARNBSS MAKERS' ASSOCIATION Of tli? District of Oolambia Will be held at the Seventh street Park, Oa MONDAY APTBRNOON AND BTHNING, Jnne 20th. Commencing at two o'elook, where every at ten - tion will be paid to the guests, and strict order will be preserved on the pr jmises by a police force. / A good Oo'illon Band has been engaged) for the occasion Ticket* 50 cents, admitting a geatlemin and ladiea. . - . Oommittee of Arrangements. L. Roland, . J. Sands, ?. For, J Hanley, G. Donohne, Wm. Marphy. T.H. McGrath, G. A. Seaaford. Jell-lw* ______ COLUMBIA GABDBN, V/ Corner of 121* *trM and Ok to owkim, FREE CONCERT EYERY NIGHT. Monday and Saturday's Concert commence at S o'clock, with a full Brass Band. The coolest Lager in the city always on hand. Je8-lm FIR8T GRAND APTBRNOON AND EVENING PICNIC ? or im INDEPENDENT SOCIALS. WASHINGTON PARK? SEVENTH STREE WEDNESDAY, June 15th, 1864. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. Committee of AnanKemenl*. R, B Reed. M. W. Leeae, W. H Osbonrn, 0. W. Brown, T.B.Clark, G. W. G.admaa. Je 7-8t* . atten A 4 lEET. LOST AND FOUND. $ 1 A REWARD.?Lost, on Saturday, 11th inst., '*!" one POCKET BOOK and $41 on 6th street, No. 496, near the horso market The ahov? re ward will be given by leaving it at Mr. DICKIN SON'S Restaurant, No. 496 6th street, opposite Cook's Livery Stables on 6th st. je 14-3t* fr C REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, Tuesdav June 8, a dark roan COW. about 4 years old. split in both ears; horns turn in. The above reward will be paid if (delivered at No. b4 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. Je 14-3t* _ WM. F. CROWLEY. ? | ft REWARD - Straved on the 13th inatant, a W * U middle sized mare MULE, between bay and a mouse coler. with shaved tail and mane, and the hair rubbed off by the collar on her shouldera. The above reward will be paid if returned to Shreeve's Livery Stable, on 7th street, Je 14 1 w* JOHN SHANNON. ^TRAYED OR STOLEN?Prom the owner on ^ Friday evening, June loth, a large red buffalo COW. almost ready to calve. Any one giving any information or bringing her to the owner, will re ceive a suitable reward. MICHAEL BYrNBS, 10th street, between B and C, Capitol Hill. Je 14-3t* | REWARD.?Lost on Saturday night, a RED COW, which strayed away. The above re ward will he paid for her return to John Parhnknp, on K street, (Island,) between 6th and 4Jn street. >e 13-3t |1/1 REWARD?Strayed orstolen, on Saturday, I " 9 1 th, a dark brinale or red CO W. with large horns. Ttie above reward will be paM if left at No 510 14th street, between D and Ohio av*nue. Je 13 3t* J. 0. SHAFER. 1 f| REWARD.?Strayed from 5*0 0 street 1 if north, small BUFFALO COW, heavy in calf: left on the 1st of June; had a rope around her neck; light red, and a streak of white down the back, and white belly. Address or apply to JOHN BELL. Capitol Hill. je 13 3t? CjC REWARD.?Lost or stolen, oa Saturday night, a GRAY MAKE, nearly blind in the lefteyc, and is between 14 and 15 hands high. The above reward will be paid if left at No. 3T'j 13th street, corner of H. JelS Jf T. MANING. CAME TO TUB SU BSCRIBBR. on the F>th inst.. two COWS, one light red buffala. and one red and white horned cow. Also,on the I2th inst., one rad and white horned COW. The owner will please come forward, prove property, pay damages, and take them away. CHARLES P. HAMILTON, Pi ney Branch road, back of the Race Track. Je 13-3t^ IOST?On Sunday evening, on l"th street, be tween New York avenue and K street, a CORAL NECKLACE, one half made with coral linked with gold, and the other with cut coral. It ha<i two gold cla?ps, and two set with coral. It waa of consider ible value to the owner, being a family relic. The finder will obtain a suitable reward by leaving it at 341 F street, between 9ih and loth streets. je 13-2t* ffl'A REWARD.?Stolen from the subscriber, qjou living near Brook ville. Montgomery coun ty, Md.. on Monday night, June 6th, a GRAY ifOBSE. 7 years old, about 15 hands high, stvlish, color dappled on rump, with longtail. I will give the above reward for the recovery of said horse or "nl ?<>?'1 Brookville, Montgomery county, Md._ The horse will he identitied and the reword paid by SAMUEL RENNEY, corner of 6th and Csts., Washington. je 13-lw* L~0ST-A SURGICAL POCKET CASE. A liber al reward awaits the finder at 445 B street, between 7th and 8th sts. je ll-3t* CJ?l) REWARD. ? Lost, on Saturday, a wire CHICKEN BASKET, in going from 7th to 15th street. The above reward will be paid if left at Mrs. BEACH'S stand. Centre Market je U-3t* LOST?At the Fair Room of Union Hotel, in Ge rgetown.on the eveningof the9th,asmall Medallion BRACE1 BT of Lava, set in gold. The finder will be suitably rewarded by leaving the same at 36 1st street, corner of Potomac, in George town, D. C. je ll-3t* CJTRAYED?On the night of the 9th inst., from Judiciary Square lot, an iron gray two year old COLT. A liberal reward will be given to any one who will return him to Jndieiary Square Hospital, or to Dr. J. F. THOMPSON, 35T 9th street,corner of Maws, avenue. ? je ll-3t* DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cou.itt op Wash mJ' IHOTON. t* toil.?I hereby certify that Herman G. Lorch. of Washington city, brought before me * '? - ? ? e *.i? n :_ p1 G . Lu, V.I, V, - . w ? - ? . the subscriber, one of the Justices of the Peace in and for said county this lftth day of June. 1844. a dark iron pray COLT, about 2f? years old, having a white tail and a white spot on her for ehead, the said colt being found and taken up by the servant of the said Herman G. Lorch as astray. Given under my hand. W. THOMPSON, J. P. The owner of the said colt is requested to prove property, pay charges, and take it away. je H 3ti HERMAN G. LORCH. HILL I WO Day uuncBD?vu*> . ? ?ith his hind legs a little sore above the hoofa: the other was a condemned horse, with his left hiod leg very sore. Ten dollars reward will be given by BoWD. HUNT if returned to 453 K atreet, four doors from the Navy-Yard market. Je 10-6t* ^TRAYEP OR 8TOLBN. from the subscriber, on Friday,the J7th ult. a small sorrel MARE, four years o'd; short ta 1. $5 reward will be given if returned to PHILIP HUUN,corner 4th street east and L street south. Je 9-6t* tjTRAYKD FROM THE NAVY-YARD HILL two bay HORSBS-one a small horse, with hi* .. . . ' ><1.1 I *V,>. Vt n n fa ? fha ntha> boardino. Two TRBY DB8IRABLI SBOONB-8TOBY Rooms, with board, can be obtained in a pri vate family by applying at No. 34* New York av eaue. between 9th ana l'th streets. References required, Je ?4 3t* FOR RENT WITH BOARD-Large front and b?ck BOOMS; residence first-clans; location one of the most healthy and beautifal in Baltimore city. Address, with real name and reference, 11. B. W. C., Sun Office. je I3-3t* Board, with handsomely fhrnishbd ROOMS, for two or threa gentlemen, or fami lie*,?one single room. House commodious and airy, with spacious grounds. Terms moderate. Apply aoutbwest corner Slst and H street, near Penn ave. Je7-6t* JNCOMB AND OTHER ANNUAL TAXBS. Office ColU tor of Internal R*venue, f Washiwutob, June 11. 1854.( Notica ia hereby given that I am aow prepared to receive payment for the Tasea assessed on In comes. Licenses, Billiard Tables, Silver Plate, Carriages. Ac . Ac .which are now due and aubt be paidon or before June Slst, 1834. Offic* hours fjom 9a. m to 4 a. m. LEWIS CLBPHANB, Collector of Internal Revenue, Je ll-tt* Office No. 46" 7th street, aear F at. jw'?"" HATTING I M""Na7 MATTING AT PRITATB SALB. We have Jaat r^eived from tHe importera, with instructloBN~to sell at private sale? OK rolls t,4. and a auarter Oooaa Mating, fine rr>lU4 and ? ?aarter White aad Check Matting, of superior quality. All nf which ve offer at lav prloes. In qaaatitiee to suit, at our Furaitare Ware-ooias la rear of our Auotion Room*. W L. WALL A CO., Aactioaeera and Commission Merchants. South corner Pa. av. aad 9th st X. 7-Kt [Chronicle TOE LATEST MTTLBS ^ T B A W?' H A T ? ? CHAS. L I-ooiwood *90 *8, JeJ-lm.if Pa. ??, FOB RENT A&D 8ALB FOR RBNT-Twe ?#atly tarniahed ROOMS, it No. 315 Q atreet, M. Uth Md 13th. Je U it* POB BALB-A BARBBB8BOP. now doing a rood ??v A-**h at th* Nnrtheaat corner of 7th and L street*. Twrni moderate. J* 14-It* HENRY KBEN AR PORTT FIT I DOLLARS- FOR - dLTTTaTT r uii Cott**e PRINTING PRESS, platen 3x19 tnche*. suitable for hospital or trar aw. Aoply et_?967th street west, up stair*. J*14-St* I^OR RENT-A GEOCERY Mid LIQUOR ST 'KM * now doing a rood business. The reaaoa r <r ?eliircout, tbe o*n?rii about leaving the city IiniinoB the premise*, No. 394 corner of o .h end I street*. J*l4-Bt* FOR RENT?A STOBB, in a good location fot business, on the corner of Bridge and Green greets, Georgetown. Also, three FURNIS'TBD ROOMS. Inquire on the premises, of W. R FOW LS ?? Jell -St FOR RENT.?To a responsible party purchasing the furniture, which will be sold for $ 35 >, an eight room HOUSE in a pleasant and central loca tion. Any communication addressed to"P.O.Box 1039," will meet with prompt attention. Je 14-2t* EH)R BALE?A small FRAME HOUSE, contain * ing two rooms, 16x14. and a back kitchen. Also, tbe LOT on which it is built, fronting 15 f?et and running ba<*k 90 feet. For further informa tion apply to THOS. GRIFFIN, on D street, be tweep 2d and 3d. Limerick Alley. je 14-2t* TO LET, AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?One of the finest RESIDE *CBS In the First Ward, containing about seventeen rooms. To be rented till the 1st of October, bu? not to be ns*-d as a boarding or lodging house. Inquire of J AS. F. HALIDAY, Real Estate Broker, 615 uth street, near Pa. ar. tlnt.l Je I4-St* FOR RENT?Three very desirable ROOMS, handsomely furnished. Inquire at No. 537X H street, between 6th sad 7th. )e 13-3t* ROOMS FOR RENT?Furnished Roams can be had by applying at No 8 Louisiana are., bet. iX and 6th *t*. je 13 St* I70R RENT?Furnished or unfurnished, from 4 4 to 6 ROOMS, suited for houaeksepine. if de aired. Apply at 495 B street, between 3d and 4th. je 13-St* HOU8B AND LOT FOR BALE?On 4th street east, south of Pennsylvania avenue. Apply to G. F. GCLICK If not sold by July 1st, will be for rent. je 11 6t FOR SALE.?The LEASE of a small store on Penna. avenue suitable for any business. Ap ply to 54 0 Penna. avenue, between 1st and 2d st*. je 13-2t* f^OR RBNT?A HRTOK HOUSE, containing store r and tour rooms, in a good location, on 4*{ st , Island. Apply 409 7th street, between G and H. je U St* p^OR SALE?A BUILDING LOT.situated on N ?a street north, between Uth and 12th streets. ,V5 feet front, running back 1:'? feet, will be sold at public auction on next Thursday at* p m., June 16,1864. je 13-4t* |7?0R SALE?THE FURNITURE -AND GOOD r WILL of a house containing lft rooms. Can get a number of boarders if desirable. InquiiV second door from 4>* street, on P, near Arsenal Gate. je 11 Iw* FOR RENT?A new two-storjr BRICK HO US if, containing 5 rooms, and situated on the cor ner of 6th atreet ea?t and A street soutij. Apply at the corner of 13th street and Penn. avenne. Je lS-lw* J. BROWN. FOR RENT?A very handsome large B\CK ROOM, on second floor, suitable for a Paymas ter or office in a very desirable location. Apply on the premises, 246 Penn. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets, over Independent Telegraph Of fice. Je 13-St* FOR BALE-The I.SASB or a Market Garden and Dairy Farm, from now till the first dar of Octo bernext. There is a good crop now growing on t .ft place. Also, two Horses, three Cows, one Wason and Harness, two Plows and some farming tool* with about 20 or 30 loads of manure on the nlace; all for f350. The place joins the Oak Grove Dairy F?rm .and is opposite of tbe Columbian Uarmoay Cemetery, on the old Bladeusburg roa'l. Apply soon. Je 13-3t* JAMBS H. GLEASON. FOR RENT?Several nicely furnished ROOMS, No. 50 1 Uth street, between H and I. Refer ences required. Je lT3t' SEVERAL FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT. at No. 83 Penn. avenue, between *jiatand"M streets. Je II .It" AN UNFURNISHED RO?M TO LET in a beau tiful location, and very cheap; fronts two streets, and well ventilated. Inquire corner of "ith street east and South Carolina avenue, Capitol Bill. jell-3t* FOR RENT-A 8TORB BOOM with a large base ment, situated on 7th Btreet, near the Northern Market, suitable for a tinner or gas fitter. Inquire of JOB. F. KKLLEY, Real Estate Broker, office on 8th street, near the corner of I north. Jell-3t* A~RARE "CnANOE.-For sale, a B \K KRY, CONFECTIONERY and ICE CREAM SA LOON. Reason for selling, the proprietor has other business to attend to. Inquire on the prem ises, 83 Prince st. Alexandria, Va. J* ll-3t* FOR RENT-The STORE ROOM and CELLAR, No. 223 aouth aide of Penn. avenue, opposite Willard's Hotel. Apply to BARROW, McKELDBN ft Co., Bankers, corner La. avenue and 7th street. je 11-St* FOR RBNT-And possession given 1st of July, a two-story FRAME HOUSE, with large back building. No. 51 H atreet, between 7th and 8th streets, Island. For terms apply on the premisea, or at WM. R. RlLEY ft BRO. 8 Dry Goods Store, between 7th and 8th streets, opposite Center Mar ket. Je 11-6t For balk-immediate possession ?a BRICK HOUSE, with eight rooms,centrally located. Will be sold a bargain. $700 per year rent is now offered for this property. MITCHELL ft; SON. 8. E. corner Penna. av. and lsth st. N. B.?Brick House with eight rooms for rent. Je 11 3t FOR SALE-j! HARE CHANCE-The House Oeod Will. Stock and Fixtures of a First-Class CONFECTIONERY and ICE CREAM SALOON, located in the best ?art of Baltimore city; estab lished and successfully carried on for 8 years; the house is expressly built for the business* the fix tores of the store and furniture of the saloons are of the finest style and complete. This gives an opportunity to an energetic man to get in a 1 ucra tive and paying bu6inesa, such as is seldom offerst. For further particulars, addreas FR. 0. KINE MUND, Confectioner. Fayette street. Franklin Square. Baltimore. Md. je tl-4t* If OR 8ALE-A RESTAURANT AND STEAMED OYSTICR SALOON, in Alexandria, Va. It is the largest saloon in the city, situated on King street, a few doors trom the Tneater and Parker's Minstrels. It has connected with it a soda foun tain doing a large business. Also, an apparatus for manufacturing soda water. The establishment is well fitted up, and worth the attention of par ties wishing to purchat-e. Satisfactory reason* fiven for selling, to parties wishing to purchase, nquire of If A AC Z VAN REYKEN, No. 90 Princ* street, Alexandria. Va. je 11-lw* A LARGE FRONT CHAMBER. FURNISHED, FOR RENT?Will suit a couple of gentlemen. No. 359 7th Btreet, between I street and Massa chusetts avenue. Je l>-7t* tt^UADYSIDE" FOR RENT.?We are author ed lied to rent, to a good tenant, the oountry residence of Commodore Harwood, called "Shady side^" situated in the village of Bladeusburg. con taining twenty two acres of Land, a large Dwull ing House with modern improvements, and the ne cessary outbuildings. Bent payable monthly, for which proper security will be required. Je KMit_ J AS. C. MoGUIRK k. CO. P0R RENT?To gentlemen, two neatlv furnished CHAMBERS, in a very pleasant and healthy location, near the State Department and Lafayette Park, 460 New York avenue, awl forty yards east of the Horse cars running from the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. je 9-tf F 'OR BALB OR EXCHANGB-A FARM of fifty m. acres oi land in Montgomery county. Md.. ana seven miles from Georgetown; 20 acres in cultiva tion and the balance in wood. Improved by a com fortable log dwelling house, out-houses and or chards. F. MACE. Agent for the sale of Maryland Lands, Je9-lw* 517 7th street OR SALE?100 ACRES OF LAND at Belta a ville, 100 acrea at Contee'a, SO acrea at Laurel, 300 acres at Savage, 1&0 at Annanolla Junction, - " - ??? -? ?* F loo acres at Jest-op's Cut, <60 at Hanover Switch 46 acres near Elxrldge Landing, 60 acres % mile from Baltimore. All on the Washington Branch Bailroad. For terms and description, apply to M. BANNON, 32 St. Paul's at., Baltimore, Md. 1e 9-lm* FOR SALE-Two or more BUILDING LOTS. Mustbaaold. Terms reasonable. For further particulara inquire at No. 437 Seyenth atreet, Je 8-lw* SALE.-The HOUSE, L5APH, FURNITURE and FIXTURES of an Bating House, tbe beat stand in the eity, will be sold cneap for cash, as the i>roprt^*r ia about changing hiabusiness. Apply immediately at 559 Maryland avenue, between 9th and 10th Bts., Island. Jeft lw* TO REKT-An elerant BOUSE, with brown stone front, partially furnished, with all mod ern improvement*, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 444 E street, near the reaidence ot Sec retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rente3rfor a boarding house, ror particulars Inquire of Hon D. M. POMES on the premises, or Capt. OEORGE ELT, No. 27 4.Hi street. Possession given immediately. te 8-tf f^OR RENT-A Urge STORK; t rood location for r confectionery er ice cream saloon. Inquire at the store, dlO 1 street west. JeS-lm FOR SALB.?19.00O cash will aurclMue th* ?took, fixtures and furniture (with aik yeara le**e at a nominal rent I of a FIRST-CLASS BOTHL, in Washington. D. C., containing forty room*. Thia establishment la conducted on tne European plan, and ia thoroughly stocked and furnished with every modern convenience. Location the best in Washing, ton, with an extensive paring patronage. Call ?r addrea* MITCHELL 4 SON, Real Estate Broker*. 8. B. corner Pena. ave. and 1Mb at., my 23 1m Washington. D. 0 >00*8 FOK_ RENT.-Comfortable and well nOOfcH FOK BENT.?Comfortable and well H furnished Room* at 450 12th street, betweea O and II sta. Th* location i* am of th* most de sirable in the city. my 24-tf FOR SALB ? A beautifully located EBIOK HOUSE, 13x32, e'?bt rooms and passage; let 3Tx9c to a^ *lley. Immediate ponaeaaio*?enly as its. 4 nod feet of Ground, fronting oa Fa. avenue, 'tflTCBEL^iTsON, Real Bstat* Broker*, if IT loa# , 8. B. eor Fft a? ?t. ? ?rv?v* u* Viawa, I ""^?sflriSs6ia mylT lm* . B. B. < ? OULD BB RBNTED FOR A PERIOD OF Vr three month a, te a careful tenant, wltho?4 amall children,a neatly FHRNISH BOand lesirable HOl>B. in the vicinity of the Patent Oflloe. s?a trally and plaaaantiy located. N*ae otrier bat a C-ivate family wiahiagteoccupy *em*.aal not *ab t, or' haviag boarder*, need apply. PnsaMwiaa given (n two week* from date. Freatlae* No. I ll B'ikth strwt EKt.betimeGand H7^ tf pHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPR GALLERY for rwtjOB* of the largest Mid be*tlocated Otf leriee in Washington, with h'l ths modern im proTFinnU. Noa* bit Irit-elwtrtlita of hig!> ntatoUon in the art need This ia a ran ekonea for a good energetic operator with aome OWIUl. CO., 910 7th atreet. 3 doora aeuth of Odd Fellows* U?ll. Term* eaih, flrft month in a*ltmoo _ 1? t tf |?H>B PALE-A two-atory HOUSE. with ??T SlfUI ? attached; now occapied a* a wholesale and re Uil* produce e?ore. in one of the best neighborhoods in the city, now doing a good business. Inquire on the premises, No. 369 1 street, one door from 11th. je3 lwj_ TO LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in the First Ward The whole, or in suites. Pos session given the lat of July. Inquire at Star Of fioe, or address Mr. XTRR. Georgetown Poet Of fice. Also, four large PARLORS, far Government offlcea. my B-lni* i?OR 8A1.E?With immediate possession. a r PBOPERTY fronting 06 feet on B atreet. by 140 deep. Improvements, a large double-wing cot'age, 10 rooma; three email buildings in the rear; good fencing, garden, fruit tree*, Ac.; for MITCH ELL ft 80N, Real Estate Brokera, my 16-lm* southeast cor. Pa. av. and 15t' *t. WANTS. \U ANTED-At the Ebbltt House, a CH AMBER TT MAID and a DI8H WASHER Je 14 It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A 8UBSTITCTK, to whom a good bonua will he paid. Inquire at the Star Office. je H-3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY?A 8HORVIAKKR. Apply at H TIBRNAN'B, corner of Penn, avenue una 6tb atreet east. je 14 lw* WANTED IMMEDIATELY ? Two first-class WAITERS. Apply to T. POTENTINI, 279 Pa. avenue, between loth and 11th ate. It* 1*7ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A WHT NURSE for a child fly? months old. Please call at 831 llth street. Je 14 3t* WANTED?A small UNFURNISHED BOOM, on or near Pennsylvania avenue. Must be easyef access, end rent moderate. Address G. W B., Bo? 11?3 P. O. Je 14 2t* WANTED?An induatrioua, intelligent YOUNG LADY, who can entertain company and make herself agreeable. To auch a one a g<od home and liberal compensation is offered, by addressing Mrs, HENRY, Star Office. Washington, D. C. je <4 3t* WANTED-A SERVANT GIRL that can do general house work in a small family. Ap ply between 6 and 8 o'clock in the evening oorner of 6th H'reet east and South Carolina avenue, Cap itol Hill. ie 14-3t* WANTED?By a respectable Young Woman, a SITUATION to do plain sewing or light chamberwork Wages not so much an object a? a good home. Call at 353 E street, between llth and 12th streets. Je 14-2t* 3 Employment wanted-a yonth of u year*, who reads and writes, desires EMPLOYM RNT. He ia quiet, well behaved, and will prove attentive to business. Please address Box No. ?, Star office, and he will call. Je 14-3t A PARISIAN LADY. A SUPERIOR TEACHER of French and Music, and a thorough English scholar, desires a Situation as govfrness, (city or country ) or private pupils References to first claa* families. Address No. 421 llth ft., Wash In gtojn, D^ C_ Je M-2t* C^IRLS W A N T E D.-Apply at the Ebbitt V House. Je 13 Iw* ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A WOMAN, tVdo kitchen work, at No. 261 F street, (south aide) bet en 13?h awtTlth sts. Je 13 St* WANTFI).?Two, or three UNKUKNIWHKD ROOMS for a geutleman. his wife an 1 one child. Address " B. B.'- Star Office, stiting terms, location, etc.. J? lfl-l w* WANTED?A steady young MAN, that ik capa ble of taking charge of a s?-t of bo<.ka for a small business. One without a family preferred Apply on 3d atreet, between M and N streets. Je 13 3t* K. H. LAMHELL. WANTED TO BUY?A light, strong. s*.-cood handed one horse SPRIISO WAGON One with cover preferred Alao. a HORSE and HAR NESS. Address P. O. Box 409, naming address and price. je 3-.1t* A~YOl'NG WOMAN WANTS A SITUATION as cook, washer and irnner for a small family. Inquire at 594 N street, between 6th and 7th sts. north. je 13-3t* WANTED?A WOMAN, to do general house work in a small, private family. German pre ferred. Good referencea required. Apply at 445 Massachusetts avenue, between 6th and 7th ats. Je-13-2t" WVnted-two womrn one to act as Cook, and the other as Dish wa?her. Good wages will be given. Call at Stratton's Restaurant, corner of 6th street, and Pennsylvania avenue, up stairs. Je.32t* ANTED TO PURCnASE-A well-built brick DWELLING HOUSE, in a good neighbor hood, between 6th and 15th streets, north of Pena. avenue, worth $4,001 to $6.0)0. Cash if an object. Address, for one week, stati' g locution and pric-t, L. M , Box 31>i City Post Office. je '3-ut* w WANTED? Bv a lady and gentleman having no family, two furnished ROOMS, fit to keep house, in the neighborhood of llth or 12th street. A good rent paid in advance, or references eiven. Address, stating rent and situation of place, to K. WATK1MB, Star Office. je 12Jt*_ WANTED?A good COOS. A respectable, In dustrious woman, who understands cooking and the attention requisite in the kitchen, and ia willing to engage in other household duties, will hear of a good place on application to No. 464 6th street, between D and E streets No one need apply without recommendations. A colored woman preferred. Je 1 *-2t* WANTED-A good COOK and second COOK. Alao, two good WAITERS, at good wages, by A. WURTH, 43* Est., near 7th. Jell 3t* WANTED?At 286 north F street, between l?th and 13th, two colored WAITRESSES. Also, a BOY to assist iu waiting and do housework None but those who nrderatand their buain<>*6 and can give good references need apply. Je ll-3t* YE/ANTED?A steady, settled WOMAN,as nurse, v v Apply to F. W. JON E8. Attorney-at-Law, 5th atreet west, between D and E. Je 10-6t YE/'ANTED? By two honest and indu?trioas * v young men. aged 18 and 21, 8ITUATIO as clerks with a Sutler. Would not object to goto the front. Address for one week JOHN W. SUT LER, Alexandria, Va. je P-lw* WA NT" E D?SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Alfo. MTRKOR8. CAkPRTS BEDS. BBO DING, and HOUSEFITRNISHINGGO>>DSofevery description. R. BUCHLY, 42" 7th street, Je 8-tf between G and H, east aide. tn nnn ladies wanted to call at DU.UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3*1 P atreet, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the fleld, ladies better look oat that they come to Princes, who ia the only practical hand in the city. Bo sure yon go to P atreet, opposite Patent Ofioe. ma 4 \E7ANTED IMMEDIATELY?SOO LADIR8 to v v Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambric. To good hands constant work and ^ood wages given. Ladiea applying will please bring samples of work. Applv at wDff. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine 8titching Depot, 391 P atreet, opposite Patent Office fill FINE, READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT BAR ft BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER 1 AND 8EYENTH STREETS. Persona deairing good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving * *ir measures, can get fitted in otir establishment m garments aiade of THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATEST DESIGNS. We hare now a vtry large atock of SPRING and BUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, AND BLACK DOESKIN PANTS, And a general assortment of YEBT8, of varied styles. Also? A FINE 8T0CK OP BOY8' CLOTHING, and an ixunense stock of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. Business closed on Saturday until eveniug leT-lm* |V1 OTICE OF &KM0VAL.-WM. B. LEWIS ft 1* Co., Auctioneers, having removed to Mo. 107 Pennsylvania avenu", between 9th and 10th streets, will, as usual, give their attention to the general Auction and Commission bunions, and tolicit con signments of furniture, groceries, dry eoods, boots and ahoea, books, stationery, and merccandixr generally. Regular saUs at tne store < n TUES DAYS. THURSDAYS and 8ATURDAY8. Cash advances made when required W. B LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneer*. Je 8-6t No. 30"* Pa av . bet.Pth and 10th sts. NO CURE. NO PAY I?Go to Da. BROTHERS ft GRAY and be cured. They have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure ef all forms of "Disease," particularly that of a private character, for twenty veara. This Is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office ia the District, and have aaved thousands from a dis graceful and horrible death How important it is, then, for those nnfortunatea who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cared before it is too letej^thae preventing oxpoeure of theaaeelvea *Officea?d residence 179 aouth B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. le Ha* Allow me to call your attention to my really handsome atock of HILLI-^k NKRY and PANt'Y GOODS which have^O lust arrived and ready for ynnr inspection. I caa state witH?at boas'ir* that I have t'? handsomest stock of HoM aR8 ever imported wl ich, looking at them, will convinoe; English Btraw Bonnets frrm to $U and thoao beautiful P ami Has, a* white as the driven snow: a fine atock of Back Oembs and new styles of Faa*. Having been for an many years ia the wholesale basineaa in New York,reader bit facilities to offer yon aay goods ia ay Use hevond compatJtioa. _ , . M'ME PRINOB. m?r ?-lwi* 39 Market Space. ANK - 8WAN SODA FOUNTAIN FOR SALE, la perfect runaiag order. Vor particulars ia 4?lra *t Mie ooraer of HastMMrir ?ad Due bar ? tccfrtmt" Orrrgrtoinr/W. C." Jfl" 51* AUCTION 8AUBH? r#r ether iutlca Sale* (m flrat THIS AFTKRNoo* ANVTO.HORMV BT '? 0. McGUIRE A 00 , iiotlwHfi. I'EBBMPTORY SALE OF VACANT LOTS TO 8T. Vla0BNT'8 0BPHAII A*#: o.^?kT^*SDiAT AfTlBNOOR.June 14, at ??'4k, ?. with the a ?"?'i.wl, twenty-oo? lesirable t^uI 1,0*4 (. rroDtlD? '?^UT^ IrrM" ' WMt Ri,j0' ?* ,b* wntf of ahoie I* IK5J' ?t*?V *n? on Rhode I Hind |t?ng. b^tnrJaa JonriM?tb??() Fifte-nth strw-t* Th??? Lota ere ?f tL'? *!?* ftn<1 improving pert of the c. y, with the advaptag* s of gas. PotuAM water, iod ft city p*> i nicer rtureti IMMBDIaTKLT iPTII ' ?*?"??? UV in Sq0*^,' "?- w. Wonting tigetk. erl 6 feet9 inches on Sixt*envh a'rAet. betwe.-a t ancl Mend running bees to % rMt ?n?. ..J *nrt *"'? fronting toother ioe fe*t 9 t ec he# en Fifteenth street, between L Mid M streets nartk and running beck to * ^'-"foot a'ler * The letter will be nub divided into eeaaU Build in g Lots These Lot# ell belong to Pt. ? iooerrt'a Orphaa Asyluro, the titles to which are directly from the Government. ; (>ne third in aash; the remairtor la atx and twelve month*, with interest, secured nj aleed oftrust on tbe premises. ^ Coum)?iicm end stem pa et the ooat of the gnroka ??To prevent Irresponsible bidding, e taraetl o? M1 on eech lot will he required et time of sale >??6 < JO. McGUIRE A OO . Ay ate ' |^Y GHKEN 4 WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. TTP handsome buiTding LOTS PRONTTNB ON HKSTfcTRBET JCAt?T, KETWRBN L Atf B M BTUITI SOUTH, AT AUCTION L *" On T t BSPA Y, the lrh instant, we ahal! offerer sale, on the pren,iY?,*t 6 o'clock p m., thefulivw lnu hatdf ome Building Lot*, *it: Lota !<* end 12, in the subdivision of Square north of No. 743 Lot jn fronts on said L street M fs?t1 inches, running back about ffg feet to a 14-feet U 1*T. And harm* an alley on th? eonth eide ? feet wide the entire d?ptb. Lot 12 fronts on the at<M street, with a front of 94 feet 7 tnehee, running baok to the SA'd 14 fee' a'ley. And having an alley ? fee0 ? .?J! ?"I nortb sidr running t*e entire depth Lotll, lying hetwem said 'otelfland IS. improve* A* Grinder"1^ dwelling beaae. owned by Mr. Terms: One third cash, tbe halAnee in ale aad twelvemonths with interest, A dead gives an* A deed < f rust taken, Title indlapatable. 0' st of c n reyances and at Amps to be pAid by pnr chaser. )e.4-ef ft da OKBKN A WILLI A MH, Aaeta. fgY GKSEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers TWENTY VALUABLE^ BUILDING LOT? 9W NBW JEB8EY AVENLB AT AUOTIOJI. On THURSDAY, the 9th insUnt, at9 o'clook.p. m , we khall sell in front of the premises? 2 Lots, eaeh 2a feet front, being the s?>nth part af corner Lot 17, in Squarr 63S. near the United StAtag Coast Rnrve* Offlce. 8 Lota in Squaree 738 and 740, opposite the OM Biagdrn Plac.a. and some 10 Lots in said S^nsres 73S and 740 not fronting o? the avenne. The flrat named two iota are bat a few steps soath of the Capitol, and the other lot-Jare at eooveaieat diftanc?>i. from ho'h t e Capit al and Navy Yard. Tr e sale will begin with tbe flrat named lota Terms : One third in cash; the remainder in aim an^ twelve months, with notes bi-aring iutereot &Dd se?nred hy a deed of trust. CoDveyancee anil stamps at east of aurobi je.S-dt* GREEN ft WILLIAMS " During, or immediately after tbe sale of the abovg we *bali ae.l, Lota Nos. 11, 16, and 2d in Eiqaa'e No. ?!n itbeicethe Sqaare next to the Coast Barvag Onice. Termi same as above je.7 its GBKEN ft WILLIAMS. Aactg. ^fcTTBB ABOVB SALE H POSTPONED UNTIL Tl ESD A ^ next, the 14th instant, at the same hoar and place. j* 9-d OKRBN ft WILLIAMS, Aaeta. ??f Plata of tbe Lot? can bt seen at BhAgden'a Wharf by calling on Mr. Thompson Van Biawiok At O^etD ft &)emm> Lumber Yard, Je If- GKEBN A WILLIAMS. Aaeta J-JY J. 0. MoO-. llti^ft CO., Auctioneers. POSITIVE PALE or VACANT LOT AT TUB CoBNEKOP EIGHTH HTKIKT WUT AMBB STWkkT \ i >kT H OuTUUBt?DAY AFTERNOON. ?% o'clock on the premines, we snail sell, part of Lot No. 3, in Square No 4)9 fronting 2S reet on gtfc Mreet west &< the curoer of nor'h K street, an* running back l(<o fe?t on north R street. Tprtns: one ra'l in cash; th? remainder In atx months. wi;h interest, secured by a deed of trust oa the premise*. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the par chaser }t6 d [Rep.] J. C. McGUIRI ft Co., Aaotg, KTTHE ABOVE 8ALK IS POPTPONKD IB conM>q;ince i.t the rain, until TUESDAY, ??? TBRN(K)N .Juce 14th, same hour and place. Je 10 d [ R? p 1 J C. McOUIRK ft CO., Ancta PY J. C. MoGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE RBAL ESTATE HAL1 AT AU0T10B OF A TWO STORY FRAME HOUSB AND LOT ON NOR ? O M STRKET, BETWEEN 94TM AND 2A D STREETS. On TCESDAY.the llth dAy of June, at6S o'clook. In tbe Aft moon, we shall sell, in front of tha premise*, L >t 3 in Square No 24 fronting S6fe?t? inches on Norta M street, between 24th and nth streets west and extending back l"0 fe* t to a*) fact alle), commnnicaticA by sice alleys each 15 teat wide, with 24th and 25th streets. wi(h the tiro story grama House thereon, containing four rooms ana a passage. i he location ia bich and healthy, and withla a few minutes' walk of tha Circle, In the Eirgt Wart, and the Passenger Railway on Pennsylvania av etue, And afloras a very eligibla building ai a A pump of excellent WAter is convenient to tfea premises. Title perfect. Terms: One-hAir CAsb; And the remainder At t Ar d 6 m n:hs for otes, hearing interest, and se cured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyancing an J stamps at the cost of tha pu rcbaser. A deposit of $50 will be repaired at the aala je g-n&ds J. 0 McGuIBE ft Oo., jajgi. THOMaS DOWL1NG, Auct.; Georgetown. ADMINISTRATOR sTalk of HOUSBHOLB FURMTUBf, nnpFK COWS? WAGONS. AUCTION rTBNBILB 40 , fto., ATVuBLlV On WED n ESP AY MORNING, J ude 15th, 19(4. at in o clock, I w ill sell, at the residence of the lata Janes Butt, on the Heights of Georgetown, ad joining the Signal Camp, a good Assortment of Household Furn ture, 5 Cows and 1 Calf. 1 H-Tse I 5'air,^,n?AC,Vt? lpt p?rmlog Utensil*, lot Ha?,U Hot Bed Saah, and many articles not mentioned. Terms cash. ROBT. BRITT. Administrator. je 10-4t l*HOB. DOWLING. Auctioneer. gY GREEN ft WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. HOUSEHOLD AND KITCHEN FURNITURE JAV Ali CTION. On WEDNESDAY, th? 15th in*tant, At 10 o'clock. %? n?.** All cell, at the re8i<1ftne* of a gHntleim^a declining houaekeepiue, At No. 481 north B ha tween Third and fourth streets, an excellent ai sortment of Curnitare, via : Walnut Marble ton Bnreau* and Wa?h*tanda *' ?na Wardrobes. Jenny Lind and other Bedst: ada. Iron Hat tree. Hall Coalr?, gad Oil Cloth. Brussels a?d other Carpets, Coo* in# and other Stoves, Clocks, with a good lot ot Kitchen reqalattea Terms c?ah, ALSO, At the same time and p'ace, we shall aall, by or der of the Honorable Orphans' Court, about ou? hundr.d oun a* of Silver, auch aa forks, spoona Ac ,Ac. Terms cash. * NANNIE HAWS. AdminiatrsMx J, C. MoGUlBE ft CO., Auctioneers STOCK OF GROCERIES AND8T0RE FIXTURES AT PUBLIC AUCTION Ot> WE PN ESP AY MOBNING, June l?th,at It o clock, at the Store of Leroy Kdwards. S94, c?r ner ?f IStb and M streets, we shall sell, without reserve, his atook of Groserlea and Liquora, oaaa pristna Teas, Coffees. Pfgar* Light pressed Cavendish and other Chewing Tg bapeo, * Golden Syrup. Candles.Soap. Coal Oil, Mateoes Blacking. Starch, Spices, Cigars. rushes Brooius Buckets. Rope, Creckery ard Ulassware. Smai' lot of Braody, Burc and Whiskey. Fairbanks' Platform and Counter Scales, ftc.. Term a cash Je n-dJBep] JAS. 0 McOUlRB ft CO., Aactg. MISCELLANEOUS QC ARTER H AS TERS' fTORES. C%nf Ouartermrtrrer't Ojfic/t. Drpoi of Was km., ion I WasHhtotos, D. C . June 6 18^4 C Will be sold at Dublin Auction, at OoTgimat Warehouse, situat-d in Square bounded hy H aad F, and Twenty first and Twenty second s'r-et" ia the o ty of Washington D. C . on WEDN KSDAT June 15, 1364. At 10 o'cloe* a. m , a Urge lot of t ti following named Qn>irt-ruotstera' stor-a, coa C> a ned as unfit ft r public service, vis : Area. Anvil*, ?rushea, Bridlea Bucket^, 8*/1dta? Bla kets H!ac?nnitbs' Tools Hnr?? and W?<oa Covers, far rent rV Toola. Portable Forsei Grin*, stonaa. Barnese. Lantern*.Scrap leather Paullir Rope,gtoTes,8a1lle*.Scales Htahlt Pixt irea Iroa Wire *d^ about 1,?0,<X? aoends oi Scrap iron Snccessfnl Vidrterawlll be regnire# to remova the article* within five (6) days f:ons tba dAy af aala. Terms: Oath in Government funia, m , ^ D H ECOKBB, . _ Brig. Gas. And Ckief QaarteraiaaU*. 7 td Depot of Wa*Ml??t^a _D_0. LYMAN'S PATENT SELF SEALING FRUTT JAM. We particularly invite the attention of thoae {?. tending to put up fruit to examine LYMAN S SELF-SEALING FBUTT JAHS, simple In ooa structioa; they are more easily ssaled or op<aa4 than any now in uae .... . . 8amp'es of berries And fruit pat up in these Jam last year can te seen a our atora. Full directions acoompaay each Jar for putting ?nail kinds of fruit, berries. 4 c.. fte. P d. W. BOTELER ft SON, _ Housefurnishing 8tore. 81- Penn. ave., between 9th and iota. e8-Ct (Ohr-nicle.) c WOOD-WOOD. a AMTLIE8 in Georgetown can Keanpplled with ?oad aeasoaod OAK and PINE W(K)D. at 17 m for Fine, and> for Oak. Cash on deliver v. Ba quire of RICHARD PETTIT or J. M STAKE. e 11 Is* ' UASTUBABE FOR HORSES.-Excellent P AS ? TUBAWE for a h??adot borae*,oa RockOre?k. pear Waekiagt< n. Prioe Wr'r month Apply to MOW AkD ft BO USB. 452 G atreet. betwe?-u Ath rM 7th J j 'V3\

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