Newspaper of Evening Star, June 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 15, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLACHi WlUr mad Pr?prlet*r< WASHINGTON CITY: WED.1EIOAY JUNE 14, ISMi WRBADINO MATTBB ON BVEBY PAGE MM OUTSIDE fOR INTEBBSTING TELE ?BAPHIO AND OTHBB MATT1B. FROM TIIB WniTB HOUSE. The hospital steamer Connecticut, Stranahan commanding, Assistant Sarzeon T. B. Hood in charge, arrived here last night from the White House, which place she left on Mon day evening at o'clock. About fitty guerrillas made their appearance on Sunday on the Pamunky, a short distance below the White House, but d acovering one of our gunboats near at hand, tbev skedaddled W ithout making any aggressive demonstration. When the Connecticut left the White House all was quiet at the front, with the exception of the usual skirmishing with the enemy. Thiaateamer brought up l,l2~>sick and wound ed fortv-nine of -^bom were^fficera. Among the wounded office." brought up on the Con necticut are the followr. :,g: Col. W. A. Ltlnch, 1'2d N. Y.; Lieut. Col. W. Martin, 58th Pa.; Capt. J. Plnm, 6!st N. Y.; Capt. J. D. Mabie, 3d N. Y-; Capt S. S Metzger, 55th Pa.; Capt. Sherpard, llth N. H ; Capt. H. F. Alone, 170th N. Y-; Capt. H. F. Harvey, 145th Pa.; Capt. C. H Ellis, 31st Me. The followingeick officers were also on board this steamer: Capt. R. P. Johnson, A. Q,. M. 1th division, ad corps, Capt. J. J. Fitto, C. S. 1st division, 6ih corps; Assistant Sorgeon T. A. Downs, 50th Pa.; Assistant Surgeon C. H. Pegg, Sth N. Y. artillery; Assistant Surgeon A. Mitcbell, 9th Me.; Chaplain N. R. Richardson, 35th Mass.; Chaplain H. L. Howard, 59th Mass.; Capt. W. H. Chaddock, 112th N. Y., and Capt. D. Gillett, 12Cth N. Y. The hospital steamer Monitor, Surgeon W. A. Smith, 47th New York, in charge, which left the White House yesterday morning, ar rived here this morning at 1 o'clock. She brought up one hundred and fifty-four aick and wounded, among whom were the follow ing officers: Capt. S. B. Prior, 6th Ohio caval ry; Capt. F. A. Munson, 5th N. Y. cavalry; Capt. W. W. Messenier, 13th Pa. cavalry; Lieut F. Colllster, 2d N. Y. cavalry; Qilbert Trice, 3d N. J., and Lieut. S. W. Locke, 8th N. J. artillery. There were but few wounded remaining at the White House when the Monitor left, and the State of Maine had arrived there and was engaged in taking them on board. All of the rebel prisoners have been sent to Point Lookout, with the exception of about fifty, who were brought in from the front on Sunday. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM MEMPHIS. -Defeat of General Sturgis?Destruction of his Ammunition and Artillery. Mbmphis, June 13.?The expedition under General Sturgis, which lett Memphis June 1st, is returning. We learn from an officer that they met a large tor:e of rebels at Guntown, said to be ten thousand infantrv and cavalry, under command of Forrest, Lee and Roddy. The force attacked them suddenly, and a most deeperatf fight ensued, resulting in the defeat of General Sturgis, with the loss of his wagon and ammunition trains. This last was the most severe less, as Sturgis ran out of am munition and was obliged to destroy and aban don his artillery. Many of his infantry were captured; the exact number is net known. General Sturgis* forces consisted of 3,000 cavalry and 5,000 infantry. This large rebel force is supposed to ibe en route to General Sherman's rear, to in terfere with his communications. :L Action of New York Supervisors in Regard to Ealistmeata. New York, Jnne 14.?The supervisors have resolved to proceed immediately with the en listments, and have authorized a new loan of *'.4,000,1100. A of Collector Barney was run over to day by an omnibus and killed. OFF1C 1AL. Dkpastmknt or Stats, Washington, June 14, 1B64. It has been officially announced to this part men t that hostilities between Denmark and the German Powers would be resumed on the 12th of this mouth, unless postponed by the proceedings of the Conference at London, and that in such case the blockade of the Prussian ports of the Baltic, as well as that of the porta ol the Dutches of Schieswig and Holstein, which have been raised from the 12th ultimo, will go into force again immediately after the expiration of the term fixed upon for the dura tion ot the suspension of arms. Neutral ships, nowever, which should essay, after the resumption of hostilities, to enter one of the ports again blockaded, would not be captured, unless a preliminary notice of the re-ebtabliBhment of the blockade had been first made to them in the ordinary way by the ves selsof the blockading squadron. fYWp?PAIB AND FESTIVAL, at Odd Fellows' Hall for the benefit oftheHome for Friend less Worn, n and Children, Wives, &c.,of Wounded Soldiers. Jo 15-tf NOTICE.- MOUNT VERNON BUILDING ASSOCIATION le ai.ncat meeting of Stockholder" will be held at Potoiuac Hall, corner of Maryland avenue and llth htrn't. on FRIDAY HVKN ING. th>^17th inst. at 8 o'clock, when au election will be held for of ficers to serve the ensuing year. Stockholders filing to attend Riibject themselves to a fine of ^5 rents |je!5-3t?) CHAS. WILSON, Sec y. GRACE CilUBCn FAIR AND FESTIVAL, At ISLAND HALL. Jor n?r of Virginia Av> nue and 6th Street The ladies of Grace Church. ( Rev. Alfred IIo! mead Rector.) will open their Fair for the sale of useful and fancy articles, for th>- benefit of Grace Church. on MONDAY next. June 2n. A large and Splendid collection of article* will be presented, suited to the season, a aft calculated to secure the patronage of the friends of the church and public generally. Season tickets, adults, 5 > cents: chil dren. 26 cents. je li-2w NOTICE TO 8UTLERS. Sutlers wishing to charter vessels for James River or its tributaries can have them furnished by inquiring of J AMES H.i JOHNSON, foot of Eleventh ?tieet, Riley's* Wharf je 15-lw ^TEAMER BALTIMORE HAS ARRIVED fr?ra l> New York, and is now discharging at foot of High street Consignees will please attend to re iroving their goods immediately. This 8teamer siils for New Y'ork on Friday incrningat7 o'clock. je r5-2t MORGAN A RHINEHART BRICKS' BRICK? TO BUILDERS AND CONTRACTORS. Ha*ir.g taken the Brick Yard formerly conducted '>y Jo! t Van Kiswlck A Bro., we are now ready to furnish llRICK of good quality and at fair rates. J PUSEY & CO.. je 15 eo3t* Corner South Capitol and N sts. ('OLD v sTCCRRENCY FOR SALE.-A Table of 1 undoubted and valuable information, showing the gradual depreciation monthly, from January. June. 17#1, when# KM gold became equivalent to currency. Enclose f], to Box lltOPost Office. Baltimore, Md. je L'.-3t* Medic\l purveyor s ofki ce W.isiiin'jton. D. C., June 15, IStJ-i. All dea'ersin this city and Georgetown, who wish to sell to the Medical Purveying Department, are requested to .-end to this office, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed lii-t of the articl*-s they may be prepared to furnish, at short notice, with the i r:ce of each attached to the <?m? C. 8U~" TUERLAND. je 15 tf Surg. U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. H S "DOORS ? . . AND BLINDS, hereu r-- c.iistanlly choice article of SASH DOoRS. AND BLINDS of R>>?hhi Manufactory of *uperior style and ? ? rkman-hip which we arc of leiint; at low price*. respectfully in, it- build, rs and others to Call *ii d examine i ur stock *?f fiiciU. FENWJi K A STEWART, Office?west -ide of Seventh street, Mr 15 1m* nt C'tual Bridge. PBOPOKALS WILL BB RECEIVED BY THB Undersigned at the Mayor's Office until HON DAY. 20th June. Mtit, for the purpose of constract irg a Culvert in North Carolina avenue, across T I.ird street east, according to the plan and speci Bcst on in theCitv Surveyor's Office. Bidder- will state the price pe<- cubic feet for the stcne was ?nry, ger lineal feet for brick culvert, per square feet lor the flooring, which shall in clude the proper sleepers, ties, and excavation aud tilling required. The Commissioner of the Ward > ;!i explain all that has to b* done. RICHARD W A I.LAC U Mayor, je is (Intelligencer.) T11K IA DERS1GN KD. Citizens of Washington, I hs vine used the REMEDY OF C. KEEN AN, No. 519 ! street, between Cth and 7th streets, for the cure of Iniianimaturv Rheumatism, have Bo hesitation in aayiog that ?e are satisfied it is ?pe of great value to all alliicted with this most pmnfu! disease. We therefore cheerfully rocosn meud it WM. <? MAC KE, E. bet. 12th and 13th, MARY NEWTON. Ith. bet. G aud II, M4KOARVT A MITCHELL. GRACE Itl HDLE. I. bet. I'.U'i and 30-W, HOBERT WARREN. 7th. bet. K and L. Tke above medicine can h<- procured at JOS. W. NAIRN A BRO.'S. corner 9th street and Ponn. ^ venue, and full particulars can be learned in re lation thereto. Price f 1 per bottle, je 15-eo2w? LI.OW ME TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO my really handsome stock of MILLI-^^R MRY and TANCY GOODS which havo^U runt arrived and ready for your inspection. I can state without boasting that I have tso handsomest sP.,Ji of FLOWERS ever imwirtod, wl.ich, looking at them, will convince; English >'raw Bonnets from fM.5>) to ?15X and those beautiful Pamillas. as white ai the driven snow; a line stock of Back Combs and new styles of Pans. ? living been for ao many year* in the wholesale ba-tne** in New York, render nav facilities to offer > u aa> goods in my line ^K?HffTN0K? DR /^niLDREN'3 WARDROBE \ffl> LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. S M MEYENP.KRG. , (UteS.iVT.Mcrfnlwr*) Market Space, between Seventh and Eighth sta.. ~ wP0W * Ter7 lar?e and superior stock of HOMB MADE GIRL8' AND BOYSV SUITS. BLOUsBS, INFANTS'CLOTHES of every description hand somely embroidered and plain. _ ? _ Also, a large stock of MilX MANTILLAS, GOWNS, SHAWLS CHEMISES, and a general stock of DRESS GOODS EMBROIDERIES. Ac., Ac. Ladies have charge of this department. _ > H&~ One price will be asked .without deviation; "?rk'id *'? 6"'SSWb?rg. <8 Market Space, under Avenue House. Je H-3t between Seventh and Eighth streets. F~ OR SAbE?A light BAROUCHE. Apply at 344 7th street, between M and N sts Je 14-3t* GEO. MILLBR. PEBRINE'8 NEW TOPOGRAPHICAL WAR MAP OF THE SOUTHERN STATES, with a Chronology of tha Great Rebellion; SO cents. Je 14 FRANCE TAYLOR. ESS MAKING. DRE8SBS CUT and BASTED in the most fash ionable manner, at 339 I, between 13th and 14th streets. Je 14-lw* L^l'R SALE?A very promising Black Hawk I MARE, six years old, sound, and gentle J in any harness. and good nnder the saddle. Will be aold a bargain if early application* ? is msde at RAIN EY'8 Union Stables, corner 6th and C sts, je 14 3t? EDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, Washimoto*. June 14,1R64. Merchants of Washington and Georgetown de airoua of furnishing the Medical Purveying De Sartment of this city with such articles of Hospital tores and Furniture as may be required, are re quested to send in their proposals to this office at as earlv a time as practicable for examination. A schedule, as well as samples of articles required, can be seen on application at this office* .. _ ? C. SUTHERLAND. Je 14-6t Surgeon U. 8. A., Medjcal Purveyor, MILLINERY I MILLINERY!! MILLINERY!!! Miss M. J. PLATT having on hand large assortment of BONNETS. HATS, etc.,^D} etc., will dispose of the same at cost, in order to close the summer trade. Please call at her Show Rooms, No. 846 Penn. avenue, near 13th street, over the Telegraph Office. je 13-#t* TTENTION. LADIES! "READ, MARK. LEARN.'' - AND PAY ATTENTION ! PRINCB.onF street. Stamps, Flutes, Crimp1", Hems, Sews, Braids, and does all kindiTof work neatly, cheaply and promptly. Call ami see for yourselves. Remember the name? PRINCE. Je 13 lm JOMINI'8 LIFE OF NAPOLEON. Translated from the French, with notes by Major General Halleck, 4 vols, with atlas; 325. ' FRANCK TAYLOR. CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES! CARRIAGES I On hand, and constantly finishing up, a fine assortment of New and Second-hand light CAR RIAGES. such as BUGGIES, ROOKA WAYS. EX TENSIONS and HALF-TOPS, BOAT WAGONS. Ac., Ac. Call soon, as prices are raising. Repairing promptly attended to. * ROBT. H. GRAHAM, Coachmaker, e!3-3t? 374 D.and 47 7 Eighth street. OORROMBO COLLEGE, A* Baltimore Copntt, Md. Without interferingwith the usual annual course this Institution will be open for the reception of a select number of young gentlemen during the sum me* months. They will be under the charge of an educated gentleman, and in August courses of instruction will be given in Natuial Science and Natura' His tory and Horticulture by Prof. I. 8. HALDEMAX. Their instruction will be adapted to the age and understanding of the boys who may be admitted, and the confinement to stndy and instruction will not extend beyond two or three hours a day. Applications for admission to be addressed to Rev. E. Q. 8. WALDRON, near Pikesville, M%ry land. Je 13-5t? I TAKE NOTICE. HAVE JUST RECEIYBD 41 GROSS OF LUD LOW'S PATENT GLASS JARS and OLA8S COV ERS, and SPRATT'S IMPROVED PATENT SELF SEALING FRUIT CANS with GLASS COVERS, for Preserving Fruits. Vegetables, A c., in a per fectly fresh state. They require no Wax, Solder, or Cement, seal instantly, and are more easily sealed and opened than any other article ever in vented. Reliable direction:) for putting up all kinds of Fruits. Vegetables, Ac., will accompany the Jars. Samples of Fruits put up in these Jars last year can be seen at my store. 0. WOODWARD, Sole Agent for District of Columbia, ~No. 31^ Pennsylvania avenue, je ll-3t between b th and 11th sts. J" AY~COOKE & CO., 1 BANKERS. NO. 432 FIFTEENTH STREET. , Washibgto^ June 11,1364. We shall bid for a portion of the" UNITED8TATES6 PERCENT.BONDS OF 1881 proposals for which will be opened by the Secre tary of the Treasury on Wednesday next, the 15th instant, as per his advertisement. . We shall be pleased to communicate with and include the bids of any of our friends and cus tomers who may desire an interest in the loan, whether they fix the rate or prefer to share pro rata In our proposals. Applications must reach us as early as 10 o'clock a. m.. on the 15th instant. je 11 tl4th JAY COOKE A CO. T? FOR SALE WO HUNDRED barrels prime WHITE CORN, Price 37.5" per barrel, if taken at onc<?. Also, forty tons of WHEAT STRAW, baled last August, and nnder cover since. 1-50 LAMBS, HORSES. BEEVES and FRESH COWS. WM D BOWIE Jr Je9-6t* Collington P.O., PrinceGeorgefo Co.,*Ml. R OOFING FELT! ROOFING CEMENT _ , THOMA8 "FAHEY, Cornir I'.th St. Wkst asd the Cabal, Washington, D. C., only agent in this city for Roofing Felt ana .Hoofing Cement from an old established firm, can afford to sell the above articles at the very lowest prices. Rooftrs and those engaged in the business are requested to call and see for themselves, having a large stock of the above named articles always on hand. my 30-lm t'OR SALE?Several very elegantly finished A French COUPEE8. Also, a number, ~ of BRETTSor OPEN BAROUCHES fori four persona inside. - These Carriages are finished in the most superb manner, and would sntt either for pyivate use or for public conveyances. MULLINGER A HUNTER. Corner of Howard and Franklin streets, _my 12-lm* Baltimore WOOD FOR SALE.?About 4'w> cords of Wood, Oak and Pine, about three miles from Wash ington, on the railroad, and within quarter of a nine of Hives' " Slip.'' and near the turnpike. For ;ale low Apply to J. W. VEITCH, Attorney at Law. Bladensnurg, Md. je9-2w* Refrigerators ! " REFRIGERATORS !! Just received a very large and complete assort glBy- ment of the celebrated ?_ ?31 CONTINENTAL, H Wfil MONITOR, tyS*!) and EXCELSIOR REFRIGERATORS, which are admitted to be of the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best qaalitv, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Je 3 369 7th street, bet. I and K. E HAVE JUST RECEIVED FROM EUROPE a large lot of the finest Italian Violin ]Bb Strings that have ever been brought to thisiflflB country. Also, one very fine old Stainer Vie-JS* lin. and several others of a superior quality. The Strings are all manufactured to our order, in pres ence of one of our firm, of the best material during the winter season, and are warranted to be true and of great strength. Wholesale and retail at the Music Store of W. G. MET7.EROTT. my 31 Corner of 11th street and Pa. avenue. THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED that the UNION HOTEL, George- f town, D. C.. has recently changed hands,' and if now open to the traveling commu nity. The hotel has been refurnished v^tn ex treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in the city during the summer months will nud the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The I nion Hotel is only 3<> minutes' ride in thecals ironi the Baltimore and Ohio K&i'roai Depot Board ?2 per day. je 6-1 m* 1TNITED STATB8 HOTEL, ~~ CAPE ISHND. N. J. JOHN WEST, AARON MILLER, _ , PROPRI8TOR3. Beg leave to call the attention of their friends and the public to the above magnificent J Establishment, which will be open fori the reception of visitors on the 15th of J June. Besides a spacious Dining Ha'l and contains an unusual number of large and well ventilated Bed Rooms, all handsomely furnished with new furniture throughout. The Proprietors of this Establishment will spare no care or expense t? meet the wants of tneir guest*, thereby hoping to share liberally in the public patronage. Application for room* made to the subscribers, by letter to Cape Island, will receive a prompt e3-?w WEST A MILLER. J REMOVAL. OTICE TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDEN ERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSBL8. The office for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different government corrals in the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the corner of F and 10th streets to the corner of E and 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania avenue, on 12th street. The planting season being over, now ia the proper time for farmers and gardeners to lay in and haul a supply of manure tor top dressings and failure. Large qnaaaitiea of well rotted manure on baud and for sale at low rates. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freights and dispatch given. Apply to E. HEDGE, Agent, Office? N. E. corner 12th and B streets, je l-6w 1 block frona Pa. av.. on 12th at. C~ CLARIFIED CIDER! CLARIFIED CIDERt CLARIFIED CIDBR! 1 have Juat received large quantities of CLARI FIED CIDER, from Massachusetts, which I will sell at reasonable rate* to all who may favor me with their orders. RTLBY A. 8HINN, Union Bottling Depot. ?7 Greene street, Georgetown, D. C. e B-lw Chronicle 1 486 notos"- 486 A few choice Engravings and Paintings for aala at J. MARKRITER'3. No. 486 7th streat. Eight doors ah ee Odd FeUows'Hail. Turns twb a? TJ laif* ir menus tl/al ilJ&i N LOST AND FOUND. TAKEN UP ASTRAY-Ou Friday. Jsoe 11th. Wv4. a sorrel HORSE, blin 1 in one eye,about 12 year* of age. The owner can have him by call in| at 86 Bridge ?t., fteorgetuwn. P. C. Je 15-3** 01 A REWARD.?Lost, strayed or stolsn. a big V J xJ bay HORSE,white star in his forehead, hair rubbed off hi# hint feet. A reward of $W will be paid to whoever wfli brine him to JOHN DE- i LAN Y. out Capitol street to P. J* lV3t* pAME TO THE PREMISES UP Wtt. GILL Vv HAN,near the Little Palls Bridge, one rouloy COW and CALF. red, with white back and belly, white in fsrahead, some white about legs; no ear mark. The owner can come forward, prove prop erty, psy charges and take her away. Je 15-31* fflj C REW ARD?Strayed from the subscriber, Friday evening. June 10th, a dark brindle COW, with horns ana white face, about Are years old. The above reward will be paid by tearing her at No. f<TD street, between 12ta and 13th, Island. Je 15 3t* W C. DRCRT. LOST?Last night, the 14th inst., on C street, be tween North Capitol street and Delaware are., a black morocco POCKET-BOOK, containing a sum of money. A liberal reward will be given if returned. MRS. WESTHORP. C st., betw. North Capitol st. and je 15-2t* Delaware avenue. C fT REWARD.?Lost, on Monday evening, about O*J nine o'clock, on the corner of 7th street and Penn. arenne, a black SPANIEL SLUT, about four months old, with white feet and breast, tail cropped. Whoever will bring the same to WM. MUNN'S Photograph Gallery,corner of ISth street and Penn. avenue, or SSI 7th street, will receive the above reward. It* 5 REWARD?Strayed or stolen, from off the commons near Camp Barry, a medium-siaed COW, with whit? flanks, white belly, star in face; small, crooked horns. Any person bringing the same cow, or any information of her whereabouts, will be kindly received by CHARLES HATS, Blacksmith, Je 15-3t* Near Csmp Barry. Maryland avenue. 1 A REWARD.?Lost, on Saturday, 11th inst., J "F one POCKET BOOK and $41 on 6th street. No. 496, near the horse market The abov? re ward will be given by leaving it at Mr. DICKIN SON'S Restaurant, No. 496 6th street, opposite Cook's Livery Stables on 6th st. je 14-3t* 5 REWARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, Tuesdav. June 8, a dark ro*n COW,.about 4 years old. split in both ears; horns turn in. The above reward will be paid if delivered at No. 84 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. C. Je 14-3t* WM. F. CROWLEY. G? 1 A REWARD-Strayed on the 13th instant, a <J?1U middle sized mare MULE, lietween bay and a mouse coler. with shaved tail and mane, and the hair rubbed off by the collar on her shoulders. The above reward will be paid if returned to Shreeve's Livery Stable, on 7th street, Je 14-Iw* JOHN SHANNON. ^TRAYED OR STOLEN?From the owner on Friday evening. June 10th, a large red buffalo COW. almost ready to calve. Any one giving any information or bringing her to the owner, will re ceive a suitable reward. MICHAEL BYRNS3, 10th street, between B and C, Capitol Hill. Je 14-3t* EJ JT REWARD.?Lost on Saturday night, a RED JP*J COW, which strayed away. The above re ward will be paid for her return to John Parhnkop, on K street, (Island,) between 6th and 4,'a street. Je 13 3t 01 A REWARD?Strayedorstolen.onSaturday, wll'l th, a dark brindle or red COW. with large liorns. Tbe above reward will be paid if left at No. 510 14th street, between D and Ohio av?nue. je 13 3t* J. C. SHAFER. C< | A REWARD?Strayed from 5*0 C street t? 1 " north, small BUFFALO COW, heavy in calf; left on the 1st of June; had a rope around her neck; light red, and a streak of white down the back, and white belly. Addresfe or apply to JOHN BELL, Capitol Hill. Je 13 3t* Cj jr REWARD.?Lost or stolen, on Saturday night, a GRAY MAKE, nearly blind in the lefteye, and is between 14 and45 hands high. The above reward will be paid if left at No. 37'2 13th street, corner of H. jeI3-3t* T. MANING. CAME TO THE SUBSCRIBER, on the l"th inst., two COWS, one light red huffala. and one red and white horned cow. Also, on the 12th inst., one red^rnd white horned COW. The owner will please come forward, prove property, pay damages. and take them away. CHARLES F. HAMILTON, Pi itey Branch road, back of the Race Track. Je 13-3t* ?!? A REWARD ?Stolen from the subscriber, qjJtJlr living near Brookville, Montgomery coun ty, Md.. on Monday night, June fith, a GRAY HORSE, 7 years old, about l.r> hands high, stylish, color dappled on rump, with longtail. I will give the above reward for the recovery of said horse or any information so that I may get him. JOHN 8TABLER. Brookville, Montg6irtefy GGIinty, M'l. The horse will be identified and the reword paid by SAMUEL RENNEY, corner of 6th and C sts., Washington. Jel3-lw* STRAYED FROM THE NAVY YARD HILL two bay HORSES?one a small horse, with his hind legs a little sore above the hoofs; the other was a condemned horse, with his left hind leg very sore. Ten dollars reward will be given by EDWD. nUNT if returned to 4 53 K street, four doors from the Navy-Yard market. je 10-6t* ^TRAYED OR STOLEN, from the subscriber, on Friday,the 27th alt., a small sorrel MARB, four years old; short tail. $5 reward will be given if returned to PHILIP HUHN, corner 4th street east and L street south. Je 9-6t* BOARDING. TWO VERY DESIRABLE SECOND STORY Rooms, with board, can be obtained in a pri vate family by applyirg at No. 348 New York av enue, between 9th and l<ith streets. References required. Je U-3t* FOR RENT WITH BOARD?Large front and back ROOMS; residence first-class; location one of the most healthy and beautiful in Baltimore citv. Address, with real name and reference, M. Ji. W. C., Sun Office. je 13-3t* PERSONAL. ANY INFORMATION concerning the wherea bouts of JOHN GORMLEV. will be gratefully received at No. 43 Jefferson street. He left home Monday evening at three o'clock, and was last seen on Pennsylvania avenue, jwnr Klerenth street, at eight o'clock the same evening apparently very sick. Any information received concerning hiui, will be liberally rewarded. Je 15 3t* MARGARET GORMLEY. f GEORGE KNIGHT. De based - Pursuant to " f an act of Parliament, made and passed in the 22d and 23d years of the reign of Her present Majesty Oueen Victoria, entitled "An act to further amend the law of property and to relieve trustees," notice is hereby given that all creditors and other persons having any debt, claim or demand against or upon the estate of George Knight, formerly of South ampton, in the county of Southampton, in Eng land, wine merchant, but late of the city of Wash ington. in the District of Columbia, in the United States of America, gentleman, i who died on the 7th day of April, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-three, at ?Washington aforesaid, and whose will was proved by William Woodgate Allen, of Church street, Stoke. Newington, in the county of Middlesex, in England, grocer, one of the execu tors named in the said will, on the 19th day of May, one thousand eight hundred and sixty-four, in the principal registry of Her Majesty's Court of Pro bate in England.) are hereby required to send in I particulars thereof to the said Willia n Woodgate i Allen at the offices of the undersigned, on or be fore the 1st day of August next, after which time the said William Woodgate Allen will proceed to distribute the assets among the parties entitled thereto, having regard to the claims of whicn he shall then have received notice. Dated this twenty-sixth day of May. one thou sand eight hundred and sixty four PONTICHX A WEST. No. ?") St. Andrew's Court, Holborn, London, 8o li- itci to the said William Woodaate Allen. Je 15 l?w2w gALE i AT ALEXANDRIA, VA., OF CON DEMNED HORSES AND MOLES. Chief Quartermaster's O&re Depot Washineton.t _ , Wa.ihrnttnn. D C . June 15. I8<U. \ Hill be sold at Public Auction, at Aieiindria, ^ a THURSDAY. June 23,1?64, at 11 o clock a. m., a lot ot HORSES AND MULES, condemed ss utiB' for pub'ic Service. Terms cash, in Government funds. D. H. RUCKER. Brigadier General and Chief Uuarterinaster, je 15-td Depot of Washington, D. C |^Y J. C. McGUIRB A CO.. Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT ON NORTH G 8TREET. BE TWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND lfiT SPRSET W B8T On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Jnne IS, at 6H o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No 14, in Square No. 624. fronting 16 feet on north G street, between Nortt Cipito! str-et and 1st st. west, and running back 175 feet3 inches to a 3" fjjt alley. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder In six, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. je lS-d J. C McGUIKE A Co., Auct's. |^Y J. 0. MoGUIKE A CO., Auctioneers, ADMINISTRATORS SALE OF ABOUT ON? THOUSAND CORDS OF FELLED OAK HICK ORY AND PINE WOOD, NEAR THE CITY. On TUA8DAY MORNING. 12o'cl< ck, at th e Auction Rooms of Jtunes C. McGuire & Co.. corner loth and D streets. Washington, 9 C , I shall sell about one thousand cords of felled Oak, Hickory and Pine Wood, on the farm of the lata Captain Car berry, on the 7th street turnpike, aod distant about four and a half miles from th? city. The wood to be corded and removed within 93 da> s from the day of sale. Terms cash. RICHARD LAY, Administrator, je 18-d J.O. MoGUIREACQ .Anctt. 1VO CURE. NO PAY !-Go to Da. BR0THER8 lx| ft GRAY and be cured. They have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure of all forms of "Disease," particularly that of a private character, for twenty years. This is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis graceful and horrible death How important it is, then, for those unfortunates who have brouaht disease upon themselves, to be cured before it is too late; thus preventing exposure of themselves and family. _ Office and residence 1T9 south B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. Je9-lm* gCTTER AND EGGS. 150 ?w * or<t 35 Barrel* Fre?h EOG8. in Store. Fresh lots arriving daily. Pfr Sale by D. E DUTROW A BRO , * <S0 <i'r EXTRA. 3X P. M. Official War Bulletin. OFFICIAL RIPORT OF THB MOYBMBNT OF GENERAL GRANT TO THB SOUTH SIDE OF JAMES RIVER?IT IS EFFECTHD WITH GREAT CELERITY. AND WITHOUT LOSS. GOOD NEWS FROM SHERMAN-REBEL BRI GADR &URROUNDED-RSBEL GEN. POLK KILLED. * Washimutob, Jane 15?7. a. m. To Major General Dix, Ntvo York : The movement of the Army of the Potomac to the south side of Richmond, across the Chlckahimony river and James river, has pro gressed far enough to admit of the publication of some generalfacts without danger of prema ture disclosure. After several days' preliminary prepara tions, the movement commenced Sunday night. The ISth corps, under command of Gen. Smith, marched to the White House, and there embarked on transports for Bermuda Landing. Wright's corps and Burnside's moved to Jones' Bridge, where they crossed the Chickahominy, and marched thence to Charles City, on the James river. Hancock's and Warren's corps crossed the Chickahominy at Long Bridge, and marched thence to Wilcox's, on the James river. The James river was to be crossed by the army at Powhattan Point. A dispatch from Gen. Grant, dated Monday evening, half-past 5 o'clock, headquarters, Wilcox's Landing, says that the advance of our troops had reached that place, and would commence crossing the James river to-morrow (Tuesday), and that Smith's corps would commence arriving at City Point that night; that no lighting was reported during the move ment, except a little cavalry skirmishing yes terday. Tuesday p. m., at one o'clock, General Grant was at Bermuda Landing. In a dispatch lrom him, dated there, of that date, he says: Our forces will commence crossing James river to-day. The enemy show no signs of yet having brought troops to the south side of Kichmond. ? Our movement from Cold Harbor to the James river has been made with great celerity, and so far without loss or accident. An official despatch, dated at Gen. Butler's headquarters, 2.20 p. m., says that Smith's corps was coming in, 5.000 having already landed. A despatch from Gen. Sherman's head quarters, dated at 3 o'clock yesterday after noon, near Kenesowa, states that the General Is in front, advancing his lines on Keneso wa. Another unofficial dispatch dated at 9 o'clock last night reports some advance to-day, that Thomas has gained ground, and that one rebel brigade is nearly surrounded. It further states that the rebel General Polk was killed to-day and his body sent to Marietta. In another part of General Sherman's East Mississippi divison, our forces have not met with the success that has attended competent commanders. General Washburne at Memphis reports that the expedition consisting of 3,000 cavalry, 5,000 infantry, and 16 pieces of artillery, sent out Xrom there under command of Gen. Sturgis, en countered a large Rebel force on the loth Inst, under command of Forrest at Guntown, on the railroad running south from Corinth, and after a severe fight, in which our loss in killed and wounded was heavy, our troops were worsted, that at the latest accounts Sturgis was at Colliersville retreating toward Mem phis. He further states that with the troops that had lately arrived Memphis is safe. General Sherman having received news of Sturgis's defeat reports that he has already made arrangements to repair the disaster and placed Gen. A. J. Smith in command, who will resume the offensive immediately. No other military intelligence has been re. ceived by this Department since my last tele gram. Edwin M. Stakton. Secretary of War. LOCAL NEWS. Washikotok Retail, Pricks, furnished by reliable Merchants:?Flonr?Welch's Family, per bbl., 812; other brands, do., f 10.50: Extra, ?!>.50A1G: Super, ?S.a0; per sack, ?'i.75a3 25; per lb., 5a6 cents; Corn meal, per bushel, 81.75; Coffee?Mocha, per lb., 60 cents; Java, 60; Rio, 50; burnt, 60; and gronnd, 20, 30a60; Teas Green, per lb., ?1.35*2; Black Sialyl); Sugars? Granulated, per lb.< 30c.; Pulverized, 30c.; Crushed, 30c.; Brown, I8a2i>c.; Rice, per lb., 12^ C4 Bacon?Hams, per lb., 22a25c.; Sides, 10c.; Shoulders, 15c.; Cheese, per lb., 25c.; do. Pine Apple, 25c.; Candles?Sperm, per lb.; 60c.: Adamantine, 30c.; Tallow, 20c.; Soap, per lb., 12al5c.; Tobacco, per lb., 75a?l.25; Fish?Mack erel, per bbl., S?.50al8.; per lb., 12#c.; Cod., lb., 9c.; Herring, per doz., 25c.- per bbl, 97.50; But ter, per lb., 15c.; Lard, 18c.; Mustard, 50a00c.; Pepper, 4oa50c.; Ginger, 50c.; Allspice, 50c:, Mace, per oz., 12,^ c.; Starch, per lb., 12c.; Indi ge Blue, ?1.50.; Salt, Ground Alum, Sack, ?4; Fine ?5; Molasses, per gal.; ?lal.25, Syrup, ?1.50- Whiskey, per gal., ?1.40al: Oil?Kero sene, per gal., 80c.; Lard, ?1.50. Opbhiho of a New Church Buildiwo.?On Sunday last Ryland Chapel Methodist Church, coiner of D and 10th streets, was reopened to the public, with appropriate exercises. This charge is under the pastoral care of Rev. J. M. H. Lemon. The present handsome structure, which takes the place of the old building, is a model of neatness and convenience, and is an ornament to the Seventh Ward. These im provements were effected at a cost of ?10,024, and dnring the seryices on Sunday?which were conducted by Revs. Dr. Bowman, Chap lain of the Senate, in the morning, W. T. D. Clem in the afternoon, and John Lanahan at night?the entire amount was raised by collec tion and subscription, chiefly through the in strumentality of Mr. Clem. Chancbry Salb ok Vim? Buildino Lots.? Nearly the whole of that fine square of ground belonging to the estate of the late Stephen A. Douglas, lronting respectively on north I street, New Jersey avenue, north K street and 1st street west, subdivided into handsome building lets, will be sold at public auction to morrow afternoon at 5)( o'clock, on the prem ises, by Messrs. Davidge and Fisher, trustees, under an order of the chancery court. These lots are finely located for private residences, commanding an extensive view of the city. ClLAROB OF Disloyalty.?Last night Edw. Ly<W was arrested by Officer Selbold for shout ing for Jeff. Davis, inBultiog citizens in the streets, and behaving outrageously generally. Lyon is a soldier of the 14th U. S. infantry, had a furlough for a short time, and was about to return to the front. He plead in his defeuse that it was not disloyalty, but whisky, that caused him to behave as he did. Justice Gi berson ordered him to be delivered to the mil itary authorities. Gracb Church Fbhtival ?Remembering the delightful fairs and festivals heretofore given by Grace Church, (Episcopal,) the pub lic will see with pleasure the announcement that the ladies of this church will open a fair on Monday night next at Island Hall. We bear that they have no end of attractive fea tures for their fair; and the opening night will be looked for with high anticipations by young and old. IT*OR RENT?A wall-furnished FRONT ROOM on F first floor. 435 12th street, between G and H. je l5-3t* DY WM. B. LBWIS Sc. CO., Auctioneers. ORBAT BALES OF RARB AND VALUABLE BOOKS. AUTOGRAPHS.- ENGRAVINGS, PAlNTINGS.te &O , AT AUCTION. WBDNB^DAY EVENING, June 11, at7K o'eU, at Mr. A. Hunter's Rooms, over the Bank of Wash ington, we shall sell, all of Mr Hunter's stock of Rare and Valuable Books. Magaaiaes, Law State Papers. Exploring Expeditions. Crimean Be aorta. Annual Debates of Congress, Dictionaries, Miscel laneous, Religious Ac., with Colas. Curiosities, Autographs, Rare Plaater Busts, Pamtinea, among which a valuable Pi?ture of Jualter, &*.. by Cor resale. Alao, Secretaries,Book Caaes, Shelving, wiii&be continued MONDAY and WED NESDAY BVBNINGB, until all are sold,aa the rooms must be vacated at an early day Catalogues of >00 lots ready three days before eacb sale Books can be seen at anv time, jeVdU [Chron.l W. B. LI WIS A OO., Aucta. POSTPONED.?'Tfce above sals of Mr. Alfrsl Hunttr's stock of Bonk* iR postponed uotll TO MORROW (Thursday) EVENING, at TS o'clock, oo areennt of Rstifioation Me*tii>? 15 W R, IIWIS> <2Q.,A?c^ 4 O'CLOCK P. M. CONGRESSIONAL. Wbdvbrdat, June 15. Sew at*.?Mr. Trumbull, from the Judiciary Committee, to whom was referred the resolu tion of Mr. Davis, relative to Gens. Blair and Schenck having seats in the House, while it was admitted by the President that they bad military commissions, with a substitute there for offered by Mr. W ilson, adverse merely to Mr. Blair's case, made a report, accompanied by the following resolution"That when an of the United State?, whose resignation has been duty accepted, and taken effect, quali fies and enters upon the duties of another office, he is thereby out of the office previously held, and cannet bis restored to it without a new commission and qualification." The report was ordered to be printed Mr. Foster, from the Judiciary Committee, reported back the bill relating to civtl actions iu the District of Columbia, with a substitute therefor. [It renders all parties to suits or is sues in the District, and all persons interested, competent und compellable, to give evidence on behalf of either or any of the parties to such actions or proceedings. Provided, that no per son charged with any offence in the criminal proceeding, shall be required to give evidence against hinuelf, or her, or answer any ques tion tending to self-crimination. Nor shall husband or wile be competent or compellable to testify for or against each other in a crimi nal proceeding, or for adultery; nor shall the wife or husband be compellable to disclose any communication made by the one to the other during the marriage. Horss.?The discussion of the Constitution al amendment was resumed? Ms. Farnsworth, of Illinois, replied to the remarks ot his colleague (Ross,) last night, showing that the Democratic party were not the friends of the soldier as claimed. What was the course of the gentleman and his friends in regard to voting money and snpplies for the war T He thanked Qod that the manhood of the negro had been recognized at length by the nation. This they did when the uniform was placed upon them. Mr. Thayer, of Pennsylvania, followed. He characterized the sentiments of the gentleman from New York (Fernando Wood) that slavery is the best condition for the negro as demoraliz ing, Inhuman, unchristian and monstrous. Mr. Wood.?I reaffirm it. Mr. Thayer said be did not Intend to discuss a proposition so barbarous and unchristian, but to denounce it and leave it, as the record of the gentleman, to go down to posterity. Mr. Wood.?That's why I did it, and not for the fanatics ol this House. Mr. Thayer proceeded to show that there exists the right in the people to enlarge the powers of the Constitution in all things not in fringing upon the fundamental principles on which it is bas*d. He did not propose to amend the Constitution, but to allow the people an opportunity to do so. Mr. Mall'ory objected that the time lor such amendment was inopportune. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM TENNESSEE. WheelAr at Work on the Chattanooga Railrcad?The Rebel Army en the South Side ef the Chattahooche River?A Des perate Resistance to be Made te Sher man's Crossing. Louisville, June U.?Officers just arrived from the front report that on Friday last Wheeler, with a large force of cavalry, ap peared at (Jalhoun, on the railroad between Chattanooga and the army, and seized the cars loaded with.grain, but the train coming north was notified by telegraph, and stopped at Adairsville. General A.. P. Hovey was aboard, and collected some two hundred convalescents and formed in line of battle in front of the train, and moved forward cautiously. On his arrival at the town he found that the enemy had retreated, and the train moved at its usual speed toward Resaca. When about half way an enormous torpedo exploded, hurling the locomotive six feet from the track. Four cars immediately in the rear were torn to splinters. Fortunately the troops were in a rear car, and esoaped injury. Capt. Barlow, of Logan's staff, was bruised. The train passed on in the evening to Resaca. The same night Wheeler appeared again on the road below Calhoun, and tore up a con siderable portion of the track, but it has been repaired, and the trains are again running. A gentleman who left the front on the 9th says our cavalry on a reconnoisance to the front found only a light foree of rebel cavalry, which after a severe skirmish fell back and crossed the Chattahooche. Prisoners report the whole rebel army on the south side of the river, and determined to oppose the passage by our army to the last. The river is much swol len by the late heavy rains, and no serious en* gagement can ocour until the river falls. FROM EUROPE. The Danish Troubles. Nbw York, June 15.?The steamer Olympus, from Liverpool, with dates to the 1st instant, has arrived. The pirate Alabama left Cape Good Hope March 25, on a cruise. Orders h%ve been issued by the French Gov ernment to prevent certain vessels leaving, through representations by American minis ters that they were pirates. It is reported tbat the neutral Powers in conference proposed the dismemberment of Denmark, which was rejected by the Danes. The London Post believes that the Confer ence will fail, and warns the Germans that if the war is renewed England will assist Den mark. The Times hopes that the ill advised ac counts of Spain at the Chinca Islands will be disavowed. In the House of Commons Mr. Lindsay'* mo tion for the recognition of the rebels was post poned till June 17th. New York, Noon.?The steamship City of Wasnington is below. FROM WEST VIRGINIA. Gen. Hunter all Right?Ne Force in his Front. Philadelphia, June 15.?Aspeclal despatch to the New York Times, from headquarters at Staunton, dated the 13th, states that Hunter lett Staunton on Monday morning He destroyed over 83,000,000 worth of rebel property at Staunton, two cleth factories, a boot and shoe factory, and extensive foundries. Gen. Stahl was wounded in the shonlder at the battle of Piedmont, but continued in the fight after the wound was dressed. The expedition to Waynesboro had returned after destroying several bridges and the track. lmboden'8 command is thoroughly demor alized. There is no force in Hunter's front. 1,040 rebel prisoners, sentthrough BufialoGap, have arrived at Huttonsville, inside our picket line. GUERRILLA RAIDS IN KENTUCKY. Lou is vi l j.k, June 14.?The Frankfort and Lexington trains will resume their trips to morrow. The trains from here to Nashville run regu larly three dally, and have not been inter rupted. On the loth, 8o guerrillas made a raid into Princeton, Caldwell county, Ky., and were re pused with a loss of two killed and several wounded, bv twelve soldiers of the 35 th Ken tucky, and citizens of the place making a stand at the court bouse. On the 9th, a band of guerrillas plundered Fredonia, Caldwell county. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. rBy the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] Nbw York, June 15 ?U. S. 1801, coupon 6'a, 112#; U. S. 5.20 8, 105X; Certificates of Indebt edness, 97 Ji; Gold, 1?6#; N. Y. Central, 132*: Erie, 112#; Hudson River, 146; Harlem, 281; Reading, 131; Michigan Central, 140#; Mich igan Southern, 96#; Illinois Central, 120#; Cleveland and Pittsburg,113#: Galenaand Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 151#; -Chi cago and Rock Island, 116#; Milwaukie and Prairie du Chlen, 69; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 116; Alton and Terra Haute, 65#; Chicago and Northwestern, 54; Quick silver, 73# ? A GANG OF HORSE THIEVES. Louisville, June 14.?J. H. Wheeler tele graphs to General Carrington that Geo. Jesse was at New Castle last eve with 200 Rebels. The force is made up of desperate characters, hastily collected throughout the country. Jesse's men are on foot but are stealing all the horses In the neighborhood. The authori ties expect to capture the whole gang. LOCAL NEWS. Thb Know*-Wi let Cask.?Second Day.? The trial of the case ot Mrs. Emily F. Wiley agt. Marshal Brown and Jesse B. Haw was continued in the Circuit Court ( Judge Wylie) by calling Mr. James A. Clark, who testifi ed to the signa ture of Mr. T. P. Brown to oertaia papers ot tered by the plaintiff, but whtch were ebjeoted to by the defence, and were at.the tine with drawn. Winess also testified to Mr Brown havinc told him that Mrs. Wiley wis hit own child several years before he died. W. H. Dtmcansm, sworn.?Witness testified to a deed having been executed by W. Ooet Johnson to Mr. Brown, whioh was afterwards changed tg Emily Wiley. Witness Mho idjn. tilled a certain endorsement on a h*i *? ?v hand writing of Mr. Brown. " Mrt. BlitabftK Brown, sworn.?Witnes# u.s fl*d her maiden nam* waa Phillips ?be wa? horn in Cecil county, Maryland' .A resided in Baltimore part of her lit# ' _ Witness thint? she was 14 or 15 years o'? tTm? .ho0 ?r*tcame to Washington, and at th* i!?pp*d at Mrs. Stahl's, llth ?tr^ R^ufm *?4r,aoQaainted wltil Mrs SUfcl in Baltimore. Witness was introduced to T? t ?r?wn,.ih? th,nkB? iB January, i-tjJ" J^Mr. John Walker, and Mr. Brown vmti' her there afterwards, bnt not frequently ? eonld not sar he saw her every day our. I S?m day" WJtnJBM went from Mrs Statu ,2 Baltimore, and afterwards returned to W/ui I ^fton, and went toSuaan| Weeden a houw 0? 12th street, but did not remain there j0fi Witness went afterwards to Mrs. Dodd's.on the avenue, when she was confined Tfc?. child was named Emily F. Brovrn, and sii ? her marriage Emily F. Wiley. TiIIdupb P. Brown was the father of that child, fc Brown was rather private in his visits to Wu. ness, for he stood in dread of his father. Wr." ness heard Mr. Brown say this. Mr. Brows visited her off and on from the tim# first became acquainted with her 011.1 she moved to 1 street, when he took h. nome up with her. When witness u?^ on B street, Mr. Brown did not live with altogether. Witness was married to Mr. Browi by Rev. B. A. McGnire, at her house on Flft* street. Mr. Brown regarded himself as mar. ried to her before, hot on Father McOuireei. plaining that 6ne could not be received in ta? church unless she waa married, he willingly agreed that the marriage rites should b?* ?oi. emnized. Her daughter was educated at New ark, N. J. Mrs. Browa here identified certain letten written by herself, with postscripts by Mr. Brown. Mrs. Brown also testified to Browr giving Mrs. Wiley a number of deeds, Ac. Sh? | took the name of Brown at Mrs. Stahl's. M- ' Brown giving it to her with the nnderstan3. ing thai if she conducted herself properly, *? some day they would be married. On cross-examination witness stated that aft* knew a Col. Lnrjpd. Witness never passed h? the name of Eliza Reed. Witness, whea 9h? left Mrs. Weed en's, went to Mrs. Dodd's, haviir received a note stating that rooms had br7 prepared at the latter house. A servant too, _Mr. Da vldge.?W ho paid your board a-.Siuu f* r6Q0D 8 1 Mrs. B?I did. Mr. Davidge.- Who gave yon the monev Mrs B.?That is not your business Mr. D.?You had no private fortune of vo?r own, had you? ' r Mrs. B.?That is not your business, M Davidge. ' *'? Mr. D?1 do not know about that, mada-ne Mrs. B.?I do not think it is. Witness continuedCol. Larned did nv visit her at Mrs. Dodd's. 00 The cross-examination was continued to ad journment, principally as to her livlne in *1' street, New York avenue, PennsyWania ?r nue, Ac. THIRD PAT. The case was continued to-day, ana Mr? Brown was upon the stand all of the motn n* and was subjected to a rigid cross examinaao. by the defence; the effort being to adduce te& timony giving to shew that Mrs. B wsi nc true to Mr. Tillotson P. Brown, but hid had intercourse with other men before and subsa. quest to the birth of Emily Browc, (now Mr. Wiley) and that she subsequently eave hirta to another child. The attorneys for the plaintiff objected, anl after some argument the court decided ;hat such testimony, as tending te prove the ilifp. timacy of Mrs. Wiley was Irrelevant at tka stage of the case. The cross-examination was then continued, and Mrs. Brown testified that wheu she cam' to Washington from Baltimore she remamec at Mrs. Stahl's from January until Septembe She became acquainted with Tillotson Brows a short time after she arrived here, and int short time she was allowed to assume Mr. B i name. Mrs. Stahl kept a respectable hoa?' The bouse on B street was a boarding-house, and gentlemen and their wives boarded there. In answer to a question by Mr. David***, witness said she conld not say positively whether the parties at the house were named or not. She never inquired into the matter, a* It was none of her business to do so. Witness never told any one that Tillottson Brown wa* not the father of Emily Wiley. Witness was cross-examined at length, and said that John White never visited her houst on B street frequently, but visited her hous* once or twice a season. Witness was never kept by White. By the plaintiff.?When witness receive! Mr. Brown's name be gave her a token?a ring. [The ring was exhibited.] By Mr. Davidge.?Witness has worn the ring off and on ever since he gave it to her; she wore it on the former trial. Mr. Davidge questioned the witness at con siderable length as to what portion of the time she bad worn the ring since he gave it to her. She believed she had certainly worn it more than half the time. The ring bears the names of T. P. Brown and E. Brown. Witness doea not remember that Col. Lamed met and had con versations with her when ahe was riding out with her child after her confinement. Mitt Carrie A*. Bell, sworn.?Witness recollec I Mr. Brown introducing Emily at her (witness1) brother's school, in Newark, N. J., as hi daughter, and his visiting her at the school subsequently. Witness also identified a num ber of letters as written by Emily and her (wit ness') brother. [The letters from Mr. Bell speak of Emily as Brown's daughter, and thou of the latter are addressed "Dear father.") Mrs. Brown was recalled, and identified the letters as having been received by her hut band. John Qeorge Cartlich sworn.?Witness ha> known Tillotson Brown since 1619. On occasion Mr. Brown told witness that John (meaning John Wiley) had asked for hii daughter, and said that he might as well let him have heT, or they would run off. Witness bad frequently heard' him speak of his daughter Emily. [This witness will be remembered as of the managerial firm of Cartlich A Brown, in th* palmy days of the little Adelphi Theater. Jno Wiley, who was the adopted son of CartUch. was then connected with the same theater.? R'P] m Rkiibl Prisoners Sbmt to Fort Dbla waee.?'This afternoon four hundred and twenty-four rebel prisoners, who ha\e beei; confined in the Old Capitol for some time past were sent to Fort Delaware on board the steamers Admiral Du Pont and North Point, under guard of a detachment of the 7th regi ment Veteran Reserve Corps, commanded by Capt. W. R. Morris. Among these prisoners were a number of officers, including colonetf. majors, captains, and lieutenants. While these prisoners were at the 6th sow wharf awaiting embarkation, one of them, (? tall, gawky-looking individual,) named John Dame, who was at one time a clerk in a dry goods house on the avenue, noticing a news paper reporter passing down the dock, sprang to nis feet, and pointing to the newspaper man, exclaimed, "Never mind, d?n vou, I Intend to punish you as soon as I am free, for publishing slurring remarks in connection with my cap ture." Dame splurged around with sundry pugilistic gestures, which attracted quite a crowd, but he was soon quieted by the sergear.' of the guard. Attrmptinu to Pass Buii.iox Baits N0TE8.?East night, a boy named Michael O'Brien, went to the circus, and offered a Bul lion Bank note in pay for a ticket. Officer Crown, of the Fourth Ward, being near, saw it, and arrested the boy and turned him over to officer Morris, who locked him up in the sta tion house. The boy had plenty of eoed money to pay for a ticket, but chose to offer the bad. both he obtained from the drawer of his em ployer. He has been bnt a short time in the United States, is but fourteen years old. and very intelligent. Justice Giberson dismissed him with a lecture. Rrlbabbd.? In the Prize Court to-day. rChief Justice Cartter,) the schooner Flight and cargo seized and sent here as a prize by the mortar schooner Adolph Hazel, for viola ting the revenue laws, having a carg) differing from the manifest, were ordered to be released St atk op thb Thrrmomrtbr.?At Franlf tin A Co.'s, opticians. No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 74 In the shade; l(i? in the sun. gY C. R. L. CROWN A CO., Auctioneers. BOR8K8, MULX8, WAGONS, CART*. BUGGIES AND bARNXSd AT ACOTIOM We will sell. TOMORROW MORNING. ?* re , at the Washington City Horse Mar*et,w ? street, near the cana'.a large number of tie**9' named stcck. Terms cash. . It" 0. R. b. CROWN k OQ..*aci!^ l>Y J. 0.MOGBIR1 ACQ..Auctioneers. DKSIRABLR 8UBURBAN PROP!HTY AT LIO AUCTION. m it ( On THUB8DAY AFTERNOON, M i o'clock, on .he premises, we ?hall sell this?r *a4 15, in Square numbered W, sltjiatea ner of notth L street and ath 'tree* .? r*t5 fc* feet 1 inch on north L street and inches on 8th street east, Improved by a o story and baaement brick dwelling m' st5.';sis.'? astettS"-' ... *Tto: One-third ln^** 12 and K months, with in*?""' deed of tout en the premls*

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