Newspaper of Evening Star, June 16, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 16, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAB. W. D. WALLK H, Edltar aid Pr?pn*Ur. W A8HIV QTO V OITT : THFHSDAY JU9IK 16, |??4. READING MATTER ON EVERT P AG I 111 OUTBID! FOR INTERESTING TELE GRAPH 10 AMP OTH1R MATT1R. CONVALESCENTS TRANSFERRED, This morning one hundred and aeventy-aeven oonvaleacenta were taken from tbe hospitals in and near Washington, and sent to New York on board tbe steamer Ashland. The Ashland alio landed at Alexandria, and took on board a number from the hospital* of that place. ARRIYAL OF WOrSDED AT' ALEXANDRIA. Tbe hospital ateamar State of Maine, arrived at Alexandria yesterday from the White Home, with four hundred and nineteen sick and wounded. Theae wounded were diatributed throughout the Alexandria boapitala under charge of Dr. Beutly. Pbcpidsnt Lincoln ahd tub Philadbl fhia Faib ? Freaident Lincoln, having ac cepted an invitation to viait the great fair now being held in Philadelphia, left here this morn ing at 7 o'clock in a special train for that place, accompanied by Mra. Lincoln, tbe committee on behalf af tbe fair, and a number of ladiea and g' ntiemen, invited gueate. Upon (he arrival of the Freaident at Phila delphia a delegation of tbe Union League and citlaMM of that place will meethim at the depot and eacort him to the Continental Hotel, pass ing tbe Leagne rooms on the route. After resting and partaking of refreshments, be will be taken to the Fair grounds to view the grand exhibition. It is understood that Mr. Lincoln will return to this city on Friday, Mrs. Lincoln remain ing in Philadelphia until Saturday, when ahe will take a apesial train for New York, where she intends stopping a few days. VFrom Hudson Taylor, the Waahington agent for Scott AOo'i reprints of foreign mag azines^ we have the London Quarterly Review for April, and from Scott A Co., New York, we have the Edinburg Review for April; both good numbers. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. i GIN. GRANT S MEW MOVEMENT. Creasing the L'hickabeaainy?Pressing the Enemy on the Freut?The Army in a Strang Pesitien?Humors at a Fight Between Sheridan and Wade Hampten. (Correspondence Philadelphia Inquirer.] Jombs' Kbidok. Va., Monday morning, June 13.?By tbe leit Hank once more our army has been crossing here quietly for some hours. Our wounded and sick were all sent to White Souse yesterday Snch of our troops as could be moved from the front, started yesterday (Sunday) morning. Onr wagon trains had been packed the previous day, ready for the move. These preparatory movements always occupy a day or two, when the enemy are on our front, and it was not until last night that the completion of these preliminaries gave the signal for the troops to fall in for another move. A portion of the Eighteenth Corps and some other troops were tint withdrawn and moved to the rear. During the night the reat were quietly withdrawn. It is one ol the most difficult tasks to withdraw from the front of an enemy strongly entrenched with lines of battle as close as they were, in paaition, just to the left. Our withdrawal was effected so quiet ly as not to aroune their suapicion, and here we am croasing the Cbickahominy, a full and long day's march from Mechanicsville. Where we go we know not. All have learned to follow General Grant wherever be leada, and no questions asked. We crossed in two columns, our right here at Long Bridge, and our left lower down at Jonta! Bridge. The headquarters' trains left Cold Harbor on Sunday at 3 a. m., and we are now encamped here. Our next march la to bring us to Jamea river. So closely have we pressed the enemy, in our front for several days that they were unable to send off sufficient farces to bold these fords, and as we have a shorter line by twenty miles than anything they can take to Yeaeb our rear, we feel very secure in our position. White Oak Swamp now protects our right wing, and tbe Cbicka bominy in a few hours will cover our rear. The Richmond Dispatch of Saturday, June 11th, mentions a rumor brought into the citv of Wade Bampton having had a sharp fight with Sheridan's cavalry west of Richmond, where the Yankees were endeavoring to reach the canal locks on Jamea river. It claims that they bad obtained some success, but doe* not seem to attach much importance to th? state ment. GEM. SHERIDAN OS ANOTHER RAID. New York, June 15.? A despatch to the Timea aaya:?A acout who arrived at Wash ington to-night (Tuesday) from the trout, re ports that Sheridan's cavalry force, which started ont on Thursday last on an extended raid, had not been heard from when he left, but it was the impression in the army that he had reached Charlottesville, on his way to Lynchburg. Tbe rebel cavalry are not in a condition to seriously Impede his successful progress, and be will probably reach the latter poiat with little or no fighting on tbe way. From Lynchburg bis movements will remain A mystery, for the present at least. The World contains the following despatch on the same subject, dated Washington, June it:?Trare are rumors in town to-day that Gen. Sher dan has reached Gordonsville, on his way to join Gen. Hunter, and to destroy the Richmond and Lynchburg Kailroad, one of tbe principal av> nues i y which the rebel capital was supplied. It ia underatood that he will pay a visit to Charlottesville immediately, and accomplish all the damage possible to the railroads aud depots in bis pathway. He is accompanied by a large cavalry and artillery force, and is fully able to cope with any body of the enemy With whom be may fall in. It 'was suspected at the time General Sheridan started that he would pass around tbe sou h side of Rich mond and sever the railroad communication leading out of that ci'y, but this portion of the campaign has probably been entrusted to Gen. Kautz, nho has once before raided over that territory, and is therefore familiar with the ci nntiy Since Gen. Sheridan's destination has been disclosed, the importance of his move ment ia mride apparent. Gen Hunter's col umn la intended to act vigilantly and effec tively in tbe territory in which h?< is now en gaged. His mission is understood to be not only th- capture of Charlottesville aud Lynch burg, but the complete and thorough destrnc ti< n of the railroads connecting tbem with Gordonsville. With Gen. Sheridau's assist ance he may be enabled to penetrate still far ther into tbe country, and effect the capture of Danville. ffT/AlK AND FESTIVAL AT ODD FEL ULW L0W9' HA'1. For THE HEN EKTT OK THE HOME OF THtf FR1 RVDLESS-The la die of thii> Fair rail tbe atteation ot the benevolent citizens of Washington to com* forward and aid them in this worthy raune. TbisUom* is organ ized f< r the benefit of the wives, mother* aud friends of our brave soldier*. who, reaching thin city in search of tn? ir friends, are often unable to obtain lodging" The ladies respertfullv invite al> to take an interest in thja benevolent enter prise. They have an abundance of line artMsx, delicious strawberries aiid cream, and fine music in attendance. It* fT-P" A (.HAND BEAR AND DOG FIGHT Uof is to come .>U in a short time, between two legated dog*, a Virginia blood hound and a Russian wolf doe, property of Mr. John Hcnrv, and alsrjteblack bear the property of Mr. Nxthann Many tb< nsand dollars has chained bunds already, iiil great spt-rt umy be anticipated. Further notice of the fi^ht will be givi-n in due time. 1 It* nrjf^EAIH AND FESTIVAL, at Odd Fellows' lk.3 Hall for the benefit of the Home for Friend 'e*? Wom n and Children, Wive>, Ac.,of Wounded Soldiers. je J5-tf ffS2* NOTICE? Mill NT YKKNOX BUILDING IkJ? ASSOCIATION. i he anni a' nu tting of Stockholders will he held at Potomac Hall corner of Maryland avenue aird li th Street on KKI DA Y K* EN I NG. t'le 17th InM. at .Ho clock, when tin election will be held for of ?c.^r* *?' ***rve the enMiiug year. Stockholders f*i ? ng to a't. ud ?? b|et t t'leuis'-h . - to a tine of Ji cento _ |Je15-3t*} CHAS. WILSON, Sec y. ?CEACICIlIRCII PA I-i AND FESTIVAL, _ , At ISLAND liALL. Cor hi r of ' irgliua A\. n e ;,nd ?th Street The lad i> a of Grace Church. (R v. Alfred itol raead hector.) will o?en tbeir Fair for the sale of useful and fancy articles for the Lent-fit of Grace I'hurch. I n MONDa* nest. June 20. A large and "-plendid collection of articles win be prn?< nted, suited to the ?f|win, a"d calculated to secure the patronage of the friends of the church aud p.iVlic grovrnUt. Seasyn ticket*, adults. Jic?iit?: -hil itrep. js centg. Je it -j* L OR 8ALE-A splendi ? young HORSE, p> -feetl? 1 rrn^SSXimHi gentle, su table a family. a|?o * j Haroes , and one Citizen Saldle snd bridle Tck.^n Dr 6REGION'S S'a bles, on D. betwatm nfr and nth ats. je_ 1 .>t? THE DRAFT.? Aiiena %nd persons ov*r 11 and under JO yearn will Bad it to 'heir inter.-* to -^1*41 No J?tb k*r^tt vaut' Luvf ? mptwn p^pera correctly proTHe i -oti a?ed at a fair price. JOUND O! \RR >? M 3t Attaroey at Law and Not .r p? Via. "AL?-A UANAt M \ Kii a. tstioca.^ ? ii?ed, carrying ahout tn.?. *UjigMe f;.r the futier tra'ie: .r? Tt.ER S TKNT g*x I'hil vhia Miilt FK ! FF8, inut thn thinrf r ^hkM^ur** !><?et*. tit*, fo bltla K,*TO*lAC f>U\0, K ? DAYTON 4O s^.utfc Washicct4>a irtr?n- Ate^n' <ria, or L McK*J(7II. Cnif'n sfr?e t.-iife-n /*: T"e a?il Duke. NEW BOOKS! NEW BOOKS!! Darkneaa and Dirliilit. Br Mr*. Mttr ? Holme*; price 115". Hotspur, a Talc of the Old Pitck Manor. By M. T. Walworth; price 91.50. Cotton's Atlas of the Union, a Mr; price (3. Seven Stories with Basement and Attic. Mr Tko Marvel; price $1.75. My Care Life in Yicksburg; price 91. For sale by PIIILP A SOLOMONS. je 16-3t IB Pa. wiiaa. - FROM CAPK COD TO DIXIB. By J. M. Mackie, ?1.50. Denise, by the author of " Mademoiselle Mori," 2 rola fl.S". j Lamb's Tales from Shakspeare, green and gold, I #1 25. ? Halsted'a Caucuses of l^, f ] History of the Rebellion, its Authors and Cauies, by Hon. Joibna R.Giddings. $3. Cohan's Atlas or the Union, "? Manuel of Gunnery Instructions forUnited States I Navy,*l. Ptiilman on the Steam Engine Mendelaaohn'i Letters from 1*33 to I 4 , *1.50. i Jo 16 ? FRANCK TAYLOR. NOTIOB TO 8UTLBRS. i SUTLERS WISHING TO.OHASTBR VHS3EL3 for James River or its tributaries, can hare - them furnished br Inquiring of JAMES H.?29fc> JOHNSON, foot of Eleventh itieet, Riley's i Wharf. j? 15-iw ^TEAMER BALTIMORE HAS ARRIVED frmn : J- New )ork,and is now discharging at foot of High street. Consignees will please attend to re moving their goodf immediately. This Steamer sails for New York on Friday morning at 7 o'eloek. jel5-2t MORGAN A RHINEHART. ! nRICES! BRICKS^ " I*, TO. BUILDERS AND CONTRACTOR?. , navingtaken the Brick Yard formerly conducted byJehnvan Klswick & Bro., we are now ready to i furnish BRICK of good quality and at fair r*te*. ! ' J. PUSEY & CO., Je 13-eo3t* Corner South Capit<-1 and N sta. S P F f-JOM) vs. CURRENCY FOR 8ALI.-A Table of * ? undoubted and valuable information, showing depreciation monthlr. from January, 1<77,to June. 1781, when $10! gold became equivalent tojfrJ.MJ" currency Enclose |1, to Box 1140 Past Office. Baltimore. Md. ljt-gt* ]\f1 EPICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE. t" ... j , , WasHiNttToif, O. C , June 15, 130#. All dea'erstn this city and Georgetown, who wish to sell to the Medical PurveyinifTlepartTient, are requested to send to this office, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed list of the articles they may be prepared to furnish, at ahort notice, with the price of each attached to the ?am?. ? - C. SUTHERLAND. J* 13-tf Surg. U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. ASH. " DOORS, . n ? ? x BLIND8. Receiving constantly a choice article of SASH, DOORS, AND BLINDS of Boston Manufactory, o^ superior style and workmanship which we are of fering at low prices. We respectfully invite builders and others to call and examine our stock of goods. FENWICK A STEWART, , . Office?west side of Seventh street. ? lm at Canal Bridge. ROPO8AL8 WILL BE RECEIVED BY THB n.Tl*ned Mayor's Office until MON DAY,20th June, lfW, for the purpose of construct Tifi Ja 5nllfrt Nor'h. Carolina avenue, across Third street east according to the plan an<i speci fication in theCitv Surveyor's Office. Bidders will state the price per cubic feet for the stone masonry, ger lineal feet for brick culvert, per square feet for the flooring, which shall in clude the proper sleepers, ties, and excavation and tilling required. The Commissioner of the Ward will explain all tbat ha? to be done. RICHARD WALLACH. Mayor. 3e 15 <_Intelligencer.) CHILDREN'S WARDROBE AND V LADIES UNDERGARMENTS. 8. M MEYENBERG. ? (Late S. & W. Meyenberg ) 4? Market Space, between Seventh and Eighth st< ,.*?as now a very large.and superior stock of H()M E AND BOYS SUITS. BLOUSES, INFANTS CLOTHES of every description hand somely embroidered and plain. Also. K large stock of silk MANTILLAS. GOWNS, DEMISES, and a general stock of DRESS GOODS EMCBOIDERIES. 4o? Ac. Lanien have chares of this department. "One price will be asked without deviation; every article marked with plain figures. ,o? W .o 8 if MEYENBERG. 48 Market Space, under Avenue House. je 14 3t betweeu Seventh and Eighth streets. OR SALE-A light BAROUCHE^ Apply at !*4 4 7th street, between M and N sts i* GEO. MILLER. ?NEW TOPOGRAPHICAL WAR MAP OF THE SOUTHERN STATES, with a I'nronology of the Great Rebellion; 50 cents. FRANCK TAYLOR. [)R158S MAKIN G~ DRESSES CUT and BASTED in the most fash ionable manner, at 339 I, between 13th and nth streets. je 14 lw? II* ?ALK_A very promising Bfack Hawk MARK, six years old, sound, and gen?Ie j in any harness. and good under the saddle. ? ill be geld a bargain if early application is msde at RAINEY'S Union Staoles, corner 6th and C sts. . 14-St* MEDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, w ? rnr ^"HIKOTOn, June 14,1864. merchants of Washington and Georgetown de xtrous of furnishing the Medical Purveying De Sartment of this city with such articles of Hospital tores and furniture as may be required, are re quested to send in their proposals to this office at as early a time as practicable for examination. A schedule, as well as samples of articles required, can be seen on application at this office* C. SUTHERLAND, jfc 14*6t Surgeon Jj. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. MILLINERY! MILLINERY !! MILLINERvfl Miss M. J. PLATT having on hand a large assortment of BONNETS, HATS, etc.,, etc.. will dispose of the same at coit, in or ler? _ to clo*e the sunimer trade. Please call at her Show Rooms, No. i24H Penn. avenue, n?>ar IJra street, over the Telegraph Oflice. je 13-6t* ATTENTION. LADIES! "READ. MARK. LEARN. ' AND PAY ATTENTION ! PRINCE, on F "treet. Stumps, Flutes. Crimp*, Hems, 8ew*. ftrai<1*, and does all kinds of work neatlv, cheaply and promptly. Call and see for yourselves. Remember the name? PRINCE. je 13-lm JOMINI'S LIFE OF NAPOLEON. Translated from the French, with notes by Major General Halleck, 4 vols, with atlas; 825. FRANCK TAYLOR. BORROMEO COLLEGE, . Bai.ttmob* CorsTr.Mi. Without interfering with the usual annual course this Institution will be open for the reception of a select number of young gentlemen during the sum mer months. They will be nnder the charge of an educated gentleman, and in August courses of instruction will be given in Natuial Science and Natural His tory and Horticulture by Prof. 1.8. HALDEMAN Their instruction will be adapted to the age and understanding of the boys who may be admitted, and the confinement to study and instruction will not extend beyond two or three hours a lay. Applications for admission to be addressed to Pev. E. y. S. WALI'RON, near Pikesville. Mary land^ je* T? FOR SALE t WO HUNDRED barrels prime WHITE CORN, Price $7.5" per barrel, it" taken at once. Also, forty tons of WHEAT STRAW, baled 'a*t August, and under cover since. 150 LAMBS. HORSES, BEEVES and FRESH COWS. WM. D. BOWIE Jit, je 9-fit* Collington P.O., Prince Georga's Co., Ml. R 00FING FELT! ROOFING CEMENT THOMA8 FA HEY, Corneu 10th St. Wkst and the Ci5Ai., ? . , Wijshmqton, D. C., Being the only agent in this city for Roofing Felt and Rooting Cement from an oid established firm, can afford to sell the above articles at the very lowest prices. Roofers and those engaged in the business are requested to call and see for themselves, having a large stock of the above named articles al ways on hand. my 30-1 m Ij^OR SALE?Several very elegantly finished French COUPEES. Also, a number . of BRETTS or OPEN BAROUCHES forragg2t four persons inside. * ~ These Carriages are finished in the most superb manner, and would sutt either lur pyivateuse or for public conveyances. ; MULLING LP. A. HUNTER. Corner of Howard and Franklin streets, jay 121m* Baltimore FI?E, HEAI>Y-:>1AL?E CLOTHING. AT BAR & BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER E AND SEVENTH STREETS. Fersons desiring good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving their measures, can g?t fitted in our establishment in garment* made of THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATEST DESIGNS. \ i We have now a vtry large stock of SPRING and SUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, AND BLACK DOESKIN PANTS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles. Amo~ A FINE STOCK 0# BOYS' CLOTHING, and an immense stock - of GENTS' FURNISHING GOODS. K^BueineM cWaed on Saturday until evening JeTlm* yiLLOW ME TO CALL YOUR ATTENTION TO ** my really handsome stock of MILL1-^I\ J*iRY and FANCY GOODS which have^Ey V _ *rT'*?d and ready for your inspection. +K. * c*n s'.ate without Soastnjr that I h&ire t' ? handaoir.e*t stock of FLOW cR8 ever imp>rted, St Loo5tiag fct them, will convince; English 7PMft? from ?/>-? \6 ftt, and those eT^.A.i ^ white ?a the driven sno*; a fine stock of Back Cembsjud new styles of '] Haying taen fi r ?o many year* ia the who'.nale busmcas ?n N? w York, render my flv-dlitlet'tc offer 1 jrOj -%ny goo3? :n my line heyind com??tW??n.! M'ME piBWo^ t y tl lm* LOOP AND FOUND. CfTUYFB OBSTUMN-A BAT HOME. 1SS hand* bigli, hadon >t the time a MeClellan saddle.jAatMaforaiaUon concerning him may be " ???wiNMinirM i>vuvci uiu? uim ttllf U left at tkil ofte*. if f?On Monday, 13th, a dark red T, 1on( slim horns. Whoever wMretaralier ar give information shall b? t? warried br w. O.ATERY 7th street, abora the Toll fUate. ? lei*?* ? fr REWARD. ?Straye* or stolen, dn Sahday last.a black and white CALK about 1) months old. The flede* wilt revive the above reward br bringing it at No. 366 21st, between G a(w H eta. Je 16-2t* ? C REWARD.?Strayed away on the Uth inst., qP*'a buffalo COW. with head, bact and belly whit*: pale red. on the sid?s. The above reward trill be git en if returned WSf. BABfNOTON, on corner Of 'It street West and I street north, below St. Aloyaiua Church Je 15-3t* L~08T? 8ince Bandar last, a gray elate colored Scotch terrier DOG, aboutfour years old. Any i one givingairy Information or bringing him to the owner will receive a suitable reward 8. DE VILLIER3. It* 330 8th street, corner of L. C*(>A WE WARD.?Lost. In going from the Hup O ?.\1 Restaurant on 7th stream, between D and K streets, dowajrth street to the avenue, a roll of TREASURY NOTk 8. amounting to f'.>5. The find er will receive the Above reward and'the thanks of the loser, by leaving it with J AMBBBEbL. Clerk at the Ladies window, Qity Poet Office. Jo lft-at* |1A REWARD.?Strayed or stolen on Tuesday, tj? 1 U 14th, from Capitol Hill, two HORSES, one an iron grey, about 7 years o?d. 15 hands high,a small scar on the right side eftke neck; the other a bay, between 15 and 16 hands high. 11 or i2 years old, slightly grey on the tack; po other marks recollected. The abote reward will be paid if re turned to me at the comer of C sTeet north and 3d st. ea?t. (lt*> THOS. LIDDELL. TAKEN UP ASTRAY?On friday. Jane 11th, 13*4. a sorrel HORSE, blind in one eye, about 12 years of age. The owner can have him by call ing at 36 Bridge gfc, Georgetown. P. 0. je 15-3t* CIA RE WARP .?Lost, strayed or stolen, a big <5 I U bay H0R8E. white star in his forehead, hair rnbbed off his hind feet. A reward of $m will be paid to whoever wfll brine htm to JOHN Df LAN Y, out Capitol street to P. Je* pAMK TO THE PRBMfsfToF^rmt: V' MAN,near the Little Falls Bridge, one multy COW and C*LF. red, with white back and belly, white in forehead, aome white about legs; no ear mark. The owner can come forward, prove prop erty ,_pay charges and take her away. Je 15-3t* ttC REWARD?Strayed from the subscriber, ?!??# Friday evening. June loth, a dark brindle COW. with norns ana white face, about five years old. The above reward will be paid by leaving her at No. r? Dstreet, between 12tn and 13th. Island. Je 15 3t* W C. PBURY. : LOST?Laat night, the Uth inst., on 0 street, be tween North Capitol street and Delaware ave., a black morocco POOKET-BOOK, containing a sum of money. A liberal reward will be given if returned. MRS. WESTHORP, C st., betw. North Oapitol st. and je 15-2t* Delaware avenua. GjfT REWARD ?Strayed or stolon, from off the Ocommons near Camp Barry, a medium-sized COW, with white flanks, white belly, star in face; small, crooked ho?n?. Any person bringing the same cow, or any information of her whereabouts, I I will be kindly received by CHARLES HAYS. Blacksmith, Jel.V3t^_ Near Camp Barry. Maryland avenue. & | A REWARD.?Lost on Saturday. 11th inst., f?lu one POCKET BOOK and f4l on 6th street. No. 496, near the horse market The a^ove re ward will be given by leaving it at Mr. DICKIN SON'S Restaurant, No 496 6th street, opposite Cook^s Livery Stables on 6th st. je 14-3t* ?C REW ARD.?Strayed from the subscriber, Tuesdav. June 8, a dark ro*n COW, about 4 years old. spilt in both ears; horns turn in. The above reward will be paid if delivered at No. ?4 Bridge street, Georgetown, D. 0. je'14-31* WM. f. CROWLEY. ft 1 ft REWARD-Strayed on the 13th instant, a middle sized mare MULE, between bay and a mouse coler. with shaved tail and mane, and the hairrulibed ofl'by thecollaron her shoulders. Tfie above reward will be paid if returned to Shreeve's Livery Stable, on 7th street, Je 14 lw? JOHN SHANNON. STRAYED OR STOLEN?From the owner on Friday evening, June 10th, a large red buffalo COW, almost ready to calve. Any one giving any information or bringing her to the owner, will re ceive a suitable reward. MICHAEL BYRNES, 10th street, between B and C, Capitol Hill. Je 14-3t* ? S/ j REWARD.?Stolen from the subscriber, living near Brook ville. Montgomery coun ty. Md.. on Monday night, June 6th. a GR\Y HOBSE, 7 years old. about 15 hands high, stylish, color dappled on rump, with long tail. I will give the above reward for the recovery of said horse or any information so that I may get him. JOHN STABLER, Brookville, Montgomery county, Md. The bora* will be identified and the reword paid by SAMUEL RENNEY, corner of 6th aud Csts., Washington. . Je 13-lw* STRAYED FROM THE NAVY-YARD HILL two bay HORaiRS?one a small horse, with his hind legs a little sore above the hoofs; the other was a condemned horse, with his left hind l?g very sore. Ten dollars reward will be given by EuWD. HUNT if returned to 453 K street, four doors from the Navy-Yard market. Je 10-6t* BOARDING. BOARDING.?Choice ROOM8 on 'second floor front to let with Board in a pleasant locality. Apply at 407 3d St., above Pa. av. Je 16-2t* Board with handsomely furnished R00M8 for two or three gentlemen, or fami lies,?one single room. House commodious and air), with spacious grounds. Terms moderate. Apply southwest corner 21st and H streets, near Penn. ave. je 16-2w* npWO VERT DB3IRABLB SECOND STORY 1 Rooms, with board, can be obtained in a pri vate family by applying at No. 34^ New York av enue, between axh and 1th streets. References required. Jej4-3t* AVOUNG MANi single) WISHES DAY BOARD in a private family or small boarding-house, with ainner at noon. Best references given. Lo cation within three or foursquares of Willard's Hotel. Address A. B., U06 Penn. avenue, between 14th and 15th at*. je 14-3t* PERSONAL. ANY information concerning th?* wherea bouts of JOHN GORMLEY, will be gratefully received at No. 43 Jefferson street. He l?ft home Monday evening at three o'clock,and wa?last seen on Pennsylvania avenue, near Eleventh street, at eight o'clock the same evening apparently very sick. Any information received concerning him, will be liberally rewarded. Je 15-3t* MARGARET GOBMLEV. WOOD FOR 8ALE.?About 4"0 cords of Wool, Oak and Pine, about three miles from Wash ington, on the railroad, and within quarter of a mile of Rives'" Slip," and near the turnpike. For *a)e low. Apply to J. W. VElTCH, Attorney at Law.Bladenflourg, Md. Je9-2w* HE PUBLIC "ARE HEREBY INFORMED that the UNION HOTEL, George-* - - town, D. C., has recently changed hands,! and is now open to the traveling comran-, nity. The hotel has been refurnished t - - treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in tLe city during the laramrr months will fintJ the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The Union lit tel is only 3" minutes' ride in the cais from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Board |2 per day. je ti-lin* FORMED ?ml witr^v 17NITED STATES HOTEL. > cap_e Island, n. j. r fri tMl JOHN WEST. AARON MILLER, ri PR(>MUKToM. Beg leave to rail the attention of their frienda and the public to the above magnifeentj r.'-tabligBment, whieh will be open fori the reception of vimtoraou the ljth ofj June. Besides aspacion* Dfning Ha'l and contains an unu*ual' number of large and well ventilated Bed Rooms, all handsomely furnished with new furniture throughout. The Proprietors of this Establishment will spare no care or expense to meet the wants of their guests, thereby hofing to ?hare liberally in the public pat. onage. ? ? i Application for rooms made to the subscribers, by letter to Cape Island, will receive a prompt r'e3-iiw WE8T A MILLER. N REMOVAL. OTIOSTO TARMMK8. MARKET GARDEN ER? AND CAPTAIN8 OF VESSELS. The office for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different forernnient corrals in the Depart ment vl Wnahington has been removed from the corner of V ana loth street* to the corner of E and Kith streets, one block froin Penmtylvania avenue, on I2tb stm-t. The planting season being over, now is tha proper time lor farmers anil gardeners to lay in and haul a supply of manure for top dressings and failure. Large quanaities of well rotted manure on hand and for sale at low rates. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freights and dlapatok given, i Apply to ^ E. HEDGE, Agent, Office?N. E. corner 12th and E straets, Jel-6w 1 block from Pa. av.. on 12th st. Refrigeratorsi ' REFRIGERATORS!! Just received a rerylarg# and complete assort ?_ mfut or the celebrated D <=??'?'"""? M0KII0B, @9 SXCELB,0R RRPMflKllATrtR?, which are admitted to be of the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best qaality, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. 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Tbht is the old' st eetaMisbed Botanic Medieikl ?fBco in the Dirtrict. and have saved thouaanda 'roaa a die araceful and horrible n^ath H?w important i; ia... then lor those unf^itnnatea who *>a** hroueht 'disease *po* tb*meH*e?, kefore til* too late; thus preventing exposate <5f ttaanaelvea residence I7Ba6uth Bntreet, n-tpr-Kl'e Smithsonian. JeO i^n 4 O'CLOCK P. ML LATEVT FROM THE PRONT! GRANT'S ARMY ALL SOUTH OF TI1E JAMBS BIVER. FIGHTING IN FRONT Of PETERSBURG YES TERDAY MORNING. GRANT PROBABLY ATTACKING PETERS BCRG TO-DAY. SHERMAN PROGRESSING FINELY UPON ATLANTA. We have information from the immediate front up to yesterday morning, when Grant's whole force had successfully crossed the James river, the first crossing having taken place at 1 o'clock on Tuesday. ^ At the time onr informant left, Grant's ad .vance were on the march in the direction of Petersburg, where Gen: Kautz's command of cavalry were then sharplv engaged In the im mediate outskirts of the town. Their opera, tions were distinctly visible from Gen. But ler's headquarters, which were but four miles from Petersburg. As the second edition of to-day's Star goes to press, highly satisfactory information of the progress of Sherman towards Atlanta, reaches this city. "We, as yet, do not know the particu lars, lurtber than that he is knocking the opposing rebel army right and left. NEWS OF POLK'S DEATH CONFIRMED, The news of the death of General (Bishop) Polk, killed on the day before yesterday near Kenesaw, Ga., is confirmed by a dispatch from Gen. Sherman, just received. IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTH ? " . Hunter Captures Lexington, Vm ?Crook, with 8,000 Men, at Amherst Court Hou?e, only IS Miles from Lynchburg?He De stroys the Rridge over the Tye River. The Petersburg Kxprta newspaper of mys tery has a telegram sent to Extra Billy Smith trom Lynchburg, stating that Hunter entered Lexington on the 11th. They estimate Hunt er's strength at 16,000. his advance was resisted by General McConsland. The Richmond Knquirer of the 13th has of ficial intelligence that Oroek, with 8,000 men, was at Amherst Court House, only 12 miles from Lynchburg. They had destroyed the bridge over the Tye river. Lynchburg is defended (as the Enquirrr says) by a much larger force than it had ex pected, aided by militia. FROM THE WHITE HOUSE. The oteamer City of Albany, which left the White House yesterday morning, arrive* here to-day at half.past 11 o'clock. She brought np elghty.flve condemned horses and mules. Also a number of colts and fine beef cattle captured from the rebels by a raiding party. The White House has doubtless been evacua ted by this time, as all the Government prop erty that would prove of any service to the army has been forwarded to the James River and all that remained at the White House when the Albany left, was about five hundred armv wagons, and a small quantity of forage. ?T<^ptuP,tkin* S!?lef Quartermaster, left the White Hoase on Tuesday on board the John Brooks, taking with him the harbor master and nearly all of the men connected with his de. partment. Capt. Pitkin has gone to a point on the James river, for the purpose of establish, ing bis headquarters, and forwarding stores to the army. There is not a sick or wounded man at the White House, and all the hospital tents have been taken down and removed. The only tents remaining there are those of the Sanitary and Christian Commissions, but they have sent all their hospital stores away. All unserviceable Government property is being loaded in transports for the purpose of being sent to Washington. When the Albany left the White House there were a sufficient number of transports in readiness to remove e?veryu?ing from tbe place. The steamer Cossack, whieh left the White House about the same time the Albany did, also arrived here to-day. she brought up one hundred sick soldiers, mostly of Rhode Island cavalry regiments, the remnant of a Massa chusetts regiment, whose term of service expired, and seventy-six condemned mules. THE PATRIOTIC OFFERING OF TH1 OT Our readers who saw the passage through this city of Gen. Burnslde's corps will remem ber the Indian battalion embraced in it, a body of active robust young men. They were vol unteers from the Otto was of Michigan, and constituted the 1st Michigan Sharpshooters. In the fight in the Wilderness this regiment was deployed as skirmishers, and made sad havoc in the rebel ranks, especially among their officers. One of the most noted of the Ottowas was a chief named Mo-ke-we naw, or as bette r known to his neighbors in Michigan, Daniel Mo-ke.we.naw. He was very popular with the tribe, and was the prin cipal in enlisting tne band. He was very skil ful in the use of the rifle, and his men say that in the first fight in the Wilderness, he killed not less than thirty-two rebels, a number of them officers. Towards the close of the fight a rebel sharpshooter selected Daniel as a mark a very prominent one by the bye, be stand ing six feet four inches in his moccasins, and proportionately large in frame. The rebel fired and the ball took effect in Daniels' hand, and he being unable to reload his rifle, left the field. He went to Fredericksburg with the wounded, and from thence came to Washington. It was decided by the surgeons that a portion of the wounded hand must be amputated. The operation was performed, but death ensued. The body was taken in charge by Hon. Mr. Driggs, of Mic&i San, who had it embalmed by Dr. Thomas lolmes and placed in a handsome coffin, with a plate, upon which was inscribed the name of the chief, the cause of his death, the date and name of the battle in which it was received. The body was then placed in charge of an officer and carried to Bear River, Mich , to be interred by his relative* living there TnE NEW LOAN. The opening of the bids for the new loan was resumed at the Treasury Department this afternoon, and the number is so great that it is doubtful whether the work will be completed to-day. Tbe bids opened to*day ranged about tbe same as those of yesterday, and the aver age premium is four and five per cent. FOR CHARLES CITY LANDING. The steamer Highland Light, with the army mail and passengers for the front, which left here this morning at ten o'clock, cleared for Charles ,City Landing;, on the James river, instead o 1 the White House as heretofore. Yallakdigham and Ganu.?A telegraphic dispatch states that Yallandigham, who has returned to Ohio, will essay to speak at Day ton to-day. We take it for granted that the Government will not permit the traitorous Yallandigham gang to proceed with their mischievous insur rectionary projects. ? REBEL NEWS. Sheridan's Movements?Rebel Reports From the Valley. We have late Richmond papers with the fol lowing ntwe: Tbe Richmond Dispatch of June 11th says : An official dispatch received yesterday Btates that Sheridan's forces encamped on Thursday night at New Market, in Spotsylvania county, about 5 miles from Childsbury, and 10 miles sontb of Spotsylvania Court House. We have good authority for stating that Gen. Hampton was between them and Gordonsville. A citizen of Caroline County, who arrived in this city yesterday, states that Sheridan's command is about 8,000 strong, with to pieces of artillery, and that they moved in three columns. A rumor was In circulation yesterday that Hampton bad surprised the enemy's oampand put them to rout, but this lacks confirmation. ?The Dispatch also says: ?< We have received some further intelligence from the Valley. Crook and AvorUl joined Hunter on Wednesday at Stannton, at which time a portion of their forces were on the Greenville and Middlebrook road. On the tame day at 3 o'clock p. m., 500 cavalry made a dimonstration on the Greenville and Staun ton road, and were repulsed by Gen. Imboden. Tbe enemy retreated to Stannton, burning the Fifherville depot on the route. '? u Mpnpe, with a force of 4,ooo, waa reported moving down the valley to reinforce Hunter. J he enemy b*v? ne oapplles, but subset off eourtry. They w*ve doubtless awarf of the rtOfcBOM of the radon into which they have penetrated. ud will ttrip the inhabitants of everything they paeaess. ?*A dispatch from the Mountain (lap says on r troops aro in flue spirits and anxious to measure strength \nih tXic ecemy. Thf Yan kee cavalry made another advance on Thurs dav, bat were easily repulsed by Imboden's lnlantry." Pnmcn Osor?>b'? Affairs.?Pursuant to a call of tbe Democratic Central Committee, the County Convention assembled to nominate four delegates to represent Prince George's county in the Baltimore convention to assemble on tbe 15th of June, for the purpose of considering tbe propriety of sending delegates to represent Maryland in tbe Chicago National Convention. Tbe Convention organized by calling Wm. H. Dangerfleld to the chair and appointing Fran cis A. Ward secretary. Oden Bowie, John D. Bowling, Samuel B. Haace and P. R. Veiteh were elected delegates, and John Hvatt, Rich ard Woo ten, Geo W. Morton and Dr. F. Sass cer alternates.?Marlboro' Gazette, 15tk. CONGRESSIONAL. Thurp?ay, Jnne 16. Senate.?Mr. Wade offered the following, which was adopted: Resolved, That the Committee oa Finance be instructed to inquire in what manner the en graving and printing ot tbe fractional curren cy, bonds, notes and other government securities are conducted in the Treas ury building; what safe-guards have been adopted for the protection ol tbe public interests and to secure the integrity of tbe said issue of notes and bonds and for the safety of the dies and plates used in printing tbe tame; what expenditures have been made for tbe purchase or machinery and for labor and material; what alterations have been made In tbe Treasury building for the accommoda tion of said work and tbe cost of the same, as well as their effect upon tbe stability and con venience of the bnildinf, from what appro priations the said expenditures have been made; and that tbe said committee have power to send for persons and papers. Houbk.?Mr. Alley called np the joint reso lution authorizing the Postmaster General to extend for one year the present contract with tbe Overland Mail Company; wbich was passed. Mr. Pendleton, of Ohio, made a report from the conference committee on legislative and judicial appropriation bill. The bill increases the pay of tbe Metropolitan Police of this city and Georgetown flfty per cent., to be paid pro portionately by Washington and Georgetown. Tbe House non-concurred in the report of the Cemmittee, and subsequently receded from its disagreement with tbe Senate amendments, except the one relative to an Increase of the Treasurer of the United States, and on that asked for another Committee on Conference. Tbe House then resumed tbe consideration of tbe Internal Revenue Bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.) New York, June 15.?U. 8. 1981, coupon 6's, 1 l J i%; U. S. 5.20 s, 105 Certificates of Indebt edness, 97 Gold, 197^; N. Y. Central, 131 Erie, 112X; Hudson River, 144; Harlem, 285; Reading, 130^'; Michigan Central, 147?; Mich igan Southern, 97; Illinois Central, 119fc; Cleveland and Pittsburg,! 12Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 151; Chi cago and Rock Island, 115^; Milwauliie and Prairie du Chien, ft? Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 114X; Alton and Ten a Haute, ; Chicago and Northwestern, ?; Quick - sllver, 73%. Blockade Runner Captured. Philadelphia, June 16.?The British steam er Donegal arrived here this morning a prize to the U. S. steamship Metacomet. She was captured June 6th off Florida. She had on board 40,00<> pounds gunpowder and other am munitions of war. She is about 1,000 tons. Santa Anna Gene te Mexico. New Yonx, Jnne 16.?The steamer Eagle, from Havana on the 11th, has arrived. Mex ican advices state that a frigate was sent to Havana to convey Santa Anna to Mexico. There is considerable distress at Monterey. Tbe President in Philadelphia. Philadelphia, June 16.?The President has arrived at the Continental Hotel, and will visit the lair this afternoon. LOCAL NEWS. ThiWilit-Bbows Case.?This case,which involves tbe right of the plaintiff, Emily F. Wiley, to a share of the estate of Tillottson P. Brown, deceased, one of tbe proprietors of tbe Metropolitan (late Brown's) Hotel, is still on trial in the Circuit Court before Judge Wylie. The plaintiff claims to be a child and heir of ssid T. P. Brown, and this claim is contested by Marshall Brown and Jesse B. Haw, the ad ministrator* of the estate. The first Witness called this morning was? Jane Bell, (colored,) who testified that she has been living with Mrs. Brown ever since Miss Emily (Mrs. Wiley) was an infant. When she first went to live with Mrs. Brown the lat. ter was living on tbe avenue, near depot. At that time she was keeping a boarding house and several members of Congress boarded there, among them Mr. Hardee, of Ky. Wit ness saw Mr. Tillotson Brown at this house and he appeared to be a husband to her. She has taken tbe child out of bed from them. Mr. Brown spoke'of Efally as his child and treated her as sucb. On cross-examination witness stated she did not remember bow long Mrs. Brown kept boarding-bouse, but It was during one session of Congress. Witness knows Mr. Tillottson Brown used to come to that bouse, and when he did come he slept with Mrs. Brown. When Mrs. B. moved to B street, Mr. Brown used to come nearly every night to the house, as he did on the avenue. Statb of the Thermometer.?At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, tbe theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock 79 In the shade; 101 in tbe sun. WINDOW SHABES. 4^6 Different colors and sizes Window Shades in store. Any required style or size Shade made to order, at J. MARKRITER'S, 4!?6 7th street. Eight doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash. ap 29-1 naif* 486 486 A few choiee Engravings and Painting* for sale at J. MARKRITER'S, No. 486 7th street. Eight doors ab ve Odd felloes' Hall. T arms cash ao W-lmif* The National Bookstore Still Ahead. The subscriber having lately returned from the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York Spring Trade Sales, invite the attention of Sutlers, Peddlers, Dealers, and the public generally, to his large and splendid stock of BOOKS, STATIONERY, ASD FANCY ARTICLES. consisting in part of BOOKS, of all sises, kinds and styles. BIBLES, PRAYER BOOKS, PRESENTATION BOOK8, SCRAP BOOKS. BLANK BOOKS, PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS in endless Tariety, all styles and prices. DIARIES. MEMORANDUM BOOKS. CAP, NOTE and LETTER PAPERS, of all styles and qualities, to suit the time''. ENVELOPES. Plain, Fancy and Wedding, all sites. PAPER NOVELS by the thousand or single ene. PENKNIVES, RAZORS, SCISSORS. BRU8HE3, COMBS, SOAPS. COLOGNES, PERFUMERY. CHESS, CHECKER, BACKGAMMON and CRIB BAGE boards. WRITING BK8KS, PORTFOLIOS, and WORK BOXES. PLATING CARDS, GAMES, GOLD PENS, PEN" CILS, etc., etc. Of CARD PHOTOGRAPHS we offer the largest and prettiest assortment ever before offered iu this market?over 6,000 varieties, plain and beau tifully colored. A large assortment of the 7 by 9 PHOTO GRAPHS, for framing. Also Something Entirely New?The Large CABI NET SIZE POTOGBAPHS, for framing; beautiful goods. g?-nt for Taber & Co.'s Celebrated AMBRO TYPES. All of which we offer at great inducements to the trade. Sutlers. Peddlers, A c., Ac. Give ns a call, at WILLIAM F. RH HSTKIS'S NATIONAL BOOKSTORE. 278 Pkssstlvimia AvKsnri, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, Washington, D. 0. N; B.?Another supply of Richstein's New Guid Book to Washington, at wholesale and retail. my H-eolm n ~ MUSICAL. r*OF. XSPUTA Would respectfully in farm the public that be isaow prepared to give lessons. Iflfc in Vo-al and Instrumental Music. HavingfcflM retired fion* bis other professional business. THr he is now able to devote the whole of his time to instruction In music to all tho?e who may te pleased to patronise him. ?rof, Ksputas method fs the same as is taught in Borope?that is. while be makes good performers of his pupils ?e makes good musicians of them also; so that say one who may receive instructions from him may aceuire tbtt knowledge of mnsic as will ssaks then com petent for teacher* or professional musicians. Pr#-f Espota *? now forming elaseee and all who 4eMrs to enter must apply early, as tbe number is "?(ir*Urriu apply to Prof. JOHN ESPUTA, No. ^NwSleAw*piM>sProf.Isputa'sresidenceeve . ry six ialnSfcee during the day. myaMnf AUCTION HAL,BR Y W. L. WALL ft OO, Aanioncera. At the Hth Dtiutr, 91* La ar DT W. L. WALL A 00.. Auc'teaovr,. I) Soutkwest corner Pa. ?mn? and 9th It ffcfnilTTO* MATTIM*. 4e,. #T AtfOTIrt*. ?a SATURDAY MORWINtt. f UW 1^% COV eW it ten o'clock ?? will aarll, r? oar A?ati,? Rwimi aa assortment of Pnrnh ure of p*raona d? cliato* housekeeping, inelnding m> Rolls 4 ud t quarter Frio* White and Check MatUac. i Tin&tculL je W WW. L. WALL ftCO.Aac'ts B ?AL? On SATURDAY MORN I NO, Jnne 13. cot?b,m. in? at 10 o'eluek, ?e will *? ! at the Rtttv, ?t Louisiana evmne, between 9th an<f lftth *S*e*ti, , comprising about? PIPTY HORSES, Including A Horse. Bugey. *"<1 Htrnim, Saddle. Br^U, Valise, Fia.ol nolster. Horse said to btsoond. tuo, Other Borate; a description at sale. ALSO. A Large Assortment of Desirable New and Sccani Hand Carriages W*?nn?, Harness. ftc. 1 aix m-nt-cut under Qermantown Carriage. Termacaah. Je >6 WM. L. WALL ft CO.. Aucts. IIY J. 0. McGCIBB ft CO.. Auctioneers, FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD KPPEOTS AT Al C riON. On SATURDAY MOKN1NG, Jnn? 18, at ten o'clock. In f ont of the Auction Room*, we a*a l ae'l the Pnrniturc and Effects of A family declining housekeeping, con-priding? Sofas. L* UDges. Divazis.and Parlor Cbaira, Marble tor Tables-WhaT ot. Cane-reat Ohalra. Window Carains, Bedateads. Bureaus. Washa'ands, Mattresses. Bolster* end Pillows, Blanketa Cr.mforte, Spraads, Carpeta. Oil OI? th. Matting, Extension Table. Dining Ufralrs, i Cooking and other Stoves, ftc., Ac. ALSO, , I 5 Barrela Old Rye Whisky. jV?d C"h' J. 0. MoOUIHB ft CO.. Aucts. OY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. HANDSOME BCILDINO~LOTS ON THE ISLAND On WEDNESDAY, the fid inatant, we ahall aell, on tfce prumiaea. at 6 o'clock p. m., the following haedtome Building LoU, via: Lota hoa. 1 And 0, in Square No. 326. No. 1 ha? a front on C street south of 67 feet, at the corner ot 11th street weet. LotNo.tJ haa a front on Virginia averue, at the corner of 12th atreet, of 11* r-et. Both of which Lou will be subdivie?d to auit pur chaaera. Lot 6 froota the Mall near tha Smith soman Institution? a beautiful location, also. 1V ,. Immediately after the sale ot the above, we ahall aell East part of Lot No 4. In Square No. M7, bating a front of 3>feet on Mrginia avmue, run ning back about lfofeet, between 3d auu 4X streets. Will be divided if deal red. Te ma: oBe third caah; balance in ail and twelve raonfha. for not** bearing interest A deed gi feu end deed of tru?t taken. . . All conveyance at coat of purchaser, including revenue stamps. Title indomitable. Twenty dollars will be requlw>4 of each pur chaser when the property la knocked off and if not ccmplied with it will be put up again and aoll to thj" ifr-d* VR?*?KEBN ft WILLIAM8. Aucts. |>Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. \ 1W0 HANDSOME BcTlDING LOTH ON P FT, NORTH. BETWEEN N KW JER-EY A V EN I K AND PIP1H STREiT WESr. On WEDNESDAY the 22d inatant. we shall B.-1!, in froBt of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p. m . Lot- I t and 2<, in subdivision of aqua-e S i, having a fro; t each of 20 f?et on P atreet, running bacx 135 fe ?t to a3f> feet alley. I Term* cusfa. All conveyance at coat of the purchaser, incln ' ira atampa. )|2n will b" required paid downwbra the property ia knocked off on eacti lot And immediately af er the above sale, we ahall Bell, in front of the premi sea. Lot No 9. in fiqiar* 523. baring a front of 83 feet 10 inchea on New J. r aer avenue, between north M and N street*. Tmi lot ia very handaomely aituated, hiiving an ea-t front; in a coHimmding position lenoa: Half cash; balance in 6 and 12 month*, for cotes bearing interest. , All conveyance, atamns. ftc., at cost of purchaser. $10 wi 1 be required wlien the property ia knooiel ?Te lid'* lnJ"PGREEN ft WILLIAMS. Attcta 1 |?T~WM. L. WALL k CO , Aoctioneera. TRUSTEE'S SALE OP VALUABLE AND IM PROVED REAL ESTATE O" CORNER OP VERMONT AVENUE AND NORTH N S1RKKT IN WASHINGTON CITY, D O. 4 Purauant to the proviaioi a of a deed or tru-t, dated Mar 23.1861. and recorded in Liber J A. 8., No. 219. folioa 116, ftc, of the Laid Records ..f Waabing'on County and the PiBtr.ct of Columbia, the ubacriber, aa Tmatee, will, on the <th davof July next, at 8ve o'ciock p m , offer ai Pub ic Aic tion. to the highest bidder, all that piece or parca! of ground lying in Washington County, in the Dii* trict of Columbia, and known as all that parcel j around lying in the Cit? of Washington, of ssi i District, being part of I.ot two, <2 ) iu Square two hundred and forty-three. (243, l begianiog at a aiaka on the build'ng li?e of Borth N street, on a lina with the weit side of N B. Smith's house, anl thence north along said line to Vermont avenue, thence aouth along eaid avenne to the origiaal corner (aouthweat) of aaid Lot, and thence eaat hardly on N stTeet forty feor (?4) teet to the plac? of b*ginning, containing twenty two hundred frtt i of ground, more or lese. .... Alao, all that piece or parcel of Land commencing j at the extreme north part of the above citid Lot, and running parallel with Vermont avenue flfWn teet thence east and parallel with the alley 'aa an l six-twelfths feet; then aouth and parallel wi h Vermont aventie twelve feet; thene? w??t an 1 par allel eith the alWy six feet; theice south and par allel with Vermont avenue twelve fe?t; and then:* rorth to the place of beginning of this latter oie-* o' ground, with the bwilUiDif* aod iinproveme ts rights and appurtenancea to the fame beloncinir Terms of sale: One third cash, the residue 12 notes at fi and 12 and 18 months, to be aecured by a deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyances aod stamps at c^Bt of ourchasers. In ca?e of non complian-e by nurchaser with -he terms of sale within fl?? day* a*t??r the day of ?* e, the Tmatee wi I reeell the premiae^ at the risk aa t J ctt of defaulting cuehaeer. ... .. A payment of fl<X) will be required ftom the par ckaaer at the lime of sale. 1 All enveyances to be prepared under ?upervtiion of the M. MATTHEWS. Trustse je 16 Stawt'ls jlnt ] W. L. WALL ft CO.. Auctr UY J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTBE'S SALE OP VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS. _ , In execution of a decree of the Supreme Court of the Dittrict of Columbia, aitting in e*uity pas^d in the cauae of Haifner et al vs. Randell et al., oa the 7tn ina'ant, toe subscriber, as Trustee, will 8?11. at Public Auction, on the premises, a* six o'clock p. m.. on MONDAY, the 1 Itb da* of Jal?, 18^4. the foiiowicg valuable Bl ILDING M)T^, situate in Square 141, in the Fiist Ward of naau ington city,viz: _ . . Lot No. IS, fronting1 fS feet 7 inches on H street, between 18th and 19ta streets, opposite the _pu0111 reservstion on the aouth aide of feuns>lvania ave cue, acd runniag back IkH feet Part of lot No. 15, fronting feet on II atreet, nesr it* intersection with Peanaylvama avanue. aid running back about 131 'ee^ with the improve- f m?nts, consisting of a brick office. Lot No. 19. fronting on 18th Btreet 52 feet, aul running back 150 feet 9 in'Jtes. t ? *: Ail that part of Lot No. B. adjoining Lot No. 19, fronting on 18th 37 fd* 16 inches, fcnd ran - ning back 134 feet 6 inches. ...... . * Also, all that part of Lot No. 14 lying ""medi ately in the rear of tfcat part of Lot No. I.4, U mentioned, which is now, and for many years hai been, incloeed and used a' * garden with the s^id j part of Lot No. 18, and Lot No. 1^-the said p'/trm of Lot No. 14 being 37 feet 6 inches by IS feet 3 'DTMa'property is in an agreeable aad improving part of the city, in view of the avenue and very well located for reBide'.cea .... . . The Lots will be subdivided, if desired, to suit purchaser a. On the following day, TU ESDAY, the l-'th diy ol July 1*64 in further execution oT said decrej tha subscriber will se the Auction Rooms or Jaj. C. McGuire ft Co., at six o'clock p. t, tha follow ing vacant Lots l?in? east of j ; _ Cota Nca. U, 12, 13, and 14, in Sqawa 9H, lyin< In one bod*, at the corner of north D aud L'th \ ?teSWfl.2.15. and 16, in Square.?? >?*? one body, at the corner of north C and llta stree.i 2^4," and JO, in Square ,?'v57'fr^?'ciQi: tosetber 2f9 feet on East Capitol street, at the cor nerof 15th itreet east. . front Lota Noa. 7 15,16. and 17. in Square 1,110. front irg on Eaat Capitol aud aouth A atreeta, hetweei 1Mb and 10th atreeta eaat . , t tfc# Lota Nos. 1 ard 2, iu Square 1 111. Win* at tfi? corner of aouth C and i'-'^h atreeta east Many of these are corner Lots, aituatea on wiHeat streets on high ground ?c decree are a< Tha te- ma of ri r prescribed by the aecrse ?r? ? Et!1!.?; ewwsr1 Vs*''AVttm.'Of '"A". I Conveyances and "tamps a- n R Tr?gte,., , J. 0. [ CALK OP CONDEMNED HORSES. WaaDar*?T?l??T,CaT4L*T BtJ*?*0. / Wa* VKTXtT***^ ChUf (Wtimraawj. \ ! Will be eold at P"h,lc ?k"ii>aY tai ^ ! bidder, at Gieaboro Depot or PK ? ? . un# '?tw ? i HTheae8horaea have I SrV^?^SS*T g?UbV^ -ay he ha,. | fe'KX'f.S.currea-r A ERIN, je 16 td Lt. Col andaJQ.V?av. ?nr?_au 486 OOR?_iNI> TA^ELS- 4^ DOOMS e'd EOOAla??.OPPl0i. R^^fKKIttween New York avenae .a* Ko. 4*1 Plfteeaw, je 13-eo3f H ftteet. ^ C

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