Newspaper of Evening Star, 17 Haziran 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 17 Haziran 1864 Page 1
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H O I ? 1 * l Hr: ' , ? ? j1?*i ? 1 ' '? i4J V-?. XXIII. - 'WASHINGTON. I). C.. FRIDAY. JUNE 17. 1864. N2. 8,527. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY BALL. ?"IT L loiStSSSoii ?4 i?:t tA. - Loduiua nam, JVmt Or** Of btrtk Utrta, Htm tt JVaivmaimd Metropolitan html*. _ Gsaaos Lu .... -- ~.Proprietor IV. 1. Cajxtaoqi Stage Manager, ? i ? Be production, by particular request, for ONK WKIK ONLY, ONI WBKK ONLY, ONK WEEK ONLY, a GREATEST SPECTACULAR DRAMA GREATEST SPECTACULAR DRAMA GREATEST SPECTACULAR DRAMA ? f the present day, witnessed during the firit two weeks of its per formance bv upwards of TEN THOUSAND PERSONS. John P. P?ol> great Spectacular Drama. written expresssly far the Canterbury. entitled cudjojb cavj, CUDJ?'i< CAVE, " wy 5 cave. PITT OUDJO'S CAY*; CUDJO'S CAVE, ORTHB BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. BATTI.K CRY OP FREEDOM. BATTLE-CRY OP IRREDOM. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. NEW SCENERY AND APPOINTMENTS. A Village in Bart Tennessee. A Ravine in the Cumberland Mountains. Barber J itn 's Cellar. The Burning1 Mountains. ? . , . Waterfalls and Cliffs in the Cumberland MoflB* Machine by H. Walker. Appointments by Mr. SnlnTSlt. Music arranged by Joe Brabani. . The Burning Mountains and Rescue of Virginia Villars is one of the most awfully grand illustra tions ever presented to the public. EVERY NIGHT THIS WEEK, And on SATURDAY AKTERNOON st2 p.m., will be presented th* New Draina, drivmatUed expreiwiy for the Canterbury, by jonn F. Poole, Esu., eu CUDJO'fl CAVE, OR THE BATTLE CRY OF FREEDOM. POMP, a self-emancipated bond man J. DEFORREST Cndjo, a deformed negro and a fugi tive. but sonnd in heart.. ?.Billy West Penn Hspgood, a Quaker school master J. J. Dougherty C*rt Minnevick. a German boy, full of courage and of cunning W. B. Cavanagh Rev Mr. Villars, an aged clergy man, and blind__...... Mr. Toby, an old negro, and servant to Mr. Villars.. ? . ..John Mulligan Stackbridge) I.,..Mr. Lellert Withers : Tennessee Unionists {.. Mr. Happer ? rodd ? S f... McPherson Lvsander Sprowl. 1 I Silas RopesI Aug. Blythewood I I ?Mr. Williams Dan Pepperill ^ Secessionists ! M. 8ullivan Gad I -Wilson Derring I I Howard Davis J I Johnson Virginia Villars, the clergyman's daughte r. Jennie Forrest Mrs. Sprowl. a widow aa has lost her brother Lucy Clifton SYNOPSIS OF SCENERY AND INCIDENTS, SCENE 1.?The Fir?>t Mutteeings of the Storm in Tennessee?The Vigilance Committee ? Prepara tions to Hang the Schoolmaster?"What's the Use of Eddication?"? The Hanging interrupted by Ponsp? The First Blow fur Freedom?Tableau?The Lone Widder and her Hopeful Bon?A Bright Pros p- ct?in View?Niggers Cheap and Money Plenty? The "Wanderers on the Face of the .Arth"?Vil lar's House?The Schoolmaster Hunted Down? Southern Hospitality Illustrated?Toby and "de Defcii:'?8ila= Ropes in Pursuit of the Fugitive? My"teriou<? Disappearance of Penn Hapgood?Rage of the Man Hunters? Whipping a Free Nigger Carl Works a Miracle?Attack upon Villars?A Daughter's Devotion?Struggle with Silas Ropes? " Pomp, the Slave " No. Pomp, the Freeman!" ?Tableau?Exterior of Oudio's Cave?The Fugi tive finds a Friend?The Care a Refuge?Is it Gloomy7?Tbe House of Bondire is (4loomy? Is it Damp9?It is not with the Cruel Sweat of the Mare's Brow and Back?Is It Cold'J?The Hearts of our Tyrants are Colder?Mountain Pass?The Committee Still in Pursuit?Capture of penn?A Moment of Peril?Sudden Appearance of Pomp and Cudjo?One Wiped Out?Pomp's Swing for Life? Preservation of Penn?Grand Tableau?The Battle Crr of Freedom. SCENE J?The Retnrn into Danger?Penn Finds a Substitute, a Volunteer fcr Lysander?Stack bridge's Hat and Coat get Arrested?The Guard Heme?The Dark Hour Before Dawn?Carl a Con federate Soldier?The Drugged Liquor?Cudjo on Hand?A Willing Prisoner?Pump to the Rescue? The Triumph of the Bayonet?Escape of the Pris oners? Tableau?On the Mountain?Carl in the Hands of the Philistines?A Stroke for Liberty?A Phrenological Development? The Trust at the R' und Rock?Virginia in the Woed?Hop. * and Fears?A Dark Night and a Sad Road?Silas Ropes Still in Pursuit?His Desperate Resolve?'"Firs in the Mountain; Burn 'ein Out1'?The Mountain Forest on Fire?Perilous Position of Virginia? Saved l y the Desperate Heroism of Pomp?Thrill ing Tableau. I This scene, occupying the entire Tenarth of the stage, is one of the most magnificent and effective ever presented .1 BC EN E 3.?Inferior of Cudjo s Cave?Blythewoo.i a Prisoner?Master and Slave Change Places?The llonr of Vengeance?Blytliewood's Life Saved by Virginia? Attack Threatened?Treachery?Vir ginia's defense of the Cave?Death ?f BIythewood? Tableau?The Lone Widow's Idea of Confiscation? The Woman Wbippers?A Little Mistake?Cudjo After ??Provision^ '?Comes Off Well Loaded? Cudjo's Cave?LoTe making in the Wilderness? The Council of War?The Cave Discovered by Silas Ropes? Preparations for Defence?The Attack?A W arm Welcome to Cudjo's Cave?Grand Tableau ? The Runaway aud tbe Free Nigger?la Carl a Coward '*?Villars a Prisoner.?Virginia's Aupe&l to Si las?Her Heroic Resolve?Captius Sprowl Makes a Speech?The Mountain Torrent? Desperation of Virginia?Timely Appearance of Pomp?Cudjo's "Vengeance?Startling Death df Cudjo and Silas Rop s?The Last Attack?Defeat of the Secession ists?The Old Flag Floats Again in Tennessee Grand Tableau of Victory. Re-engagement of MLL* MARIETTA RAVEL, M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL. M'LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, the most wonderful TIGHT ROPE ARTISTE TIGHT ROPE ARTISTE in this country. She will also execute some beau tlfUl FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCES, FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCES. FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCES, FRENCH AND SPANISH DANCES, and sustain the principal characters in SEVERAL BECTIFUL BALLETS, y MONS BAPTISTAN, MONS. BAPTISTAN. iSD THI G SKA T COI'RT OF BEAUTY, COURT OF BEAUTY, of SIXTEEN LOVELY GIRLS. MULLIGAN, WEST WILLIAMS AND DOUGH ERTY. in a new oljo of NEORO ECCENTRICITIES. NEGRO DCCENTRICITIES. MISS ESTELLE FORREST UD MISS CARRIE GARDNER, in anew selection of SONGS OF THE HEART! A Beautiful Rallet. a Funny Negro Farce,a laugh able Pantomime, Wonderful Tight Rope Feats, and a Mammoth Budget of gongs. Dances, Banjo Solos, Burlesques, Ac., Ey the Largest and Moil T-xUnied Cotnpnnf in tht City. In active preparation, and will be 6hortly pro ftuted to tfce public, the THE GREATEST SENSATION DRAMA < ver presented to a Washington audience, entitled the BUSHWHACKERS of THE POTOMAC, with NEW AND ELEGANT SCENERY and effect! Introducing several WASHINGTON CELEBRITIES of the day. Tbe Drama is now in rehearsal, and will be pro duced in a . _ SUPERR MANNER, with a FULL CAST and all the NECESSARY APPOINT MENTS, gotten up at an expense of over TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS. And by fir superior to anything ever presented to the Washingtcn public, replete with Striking Tableaux! Comical Situations! Local Hits I And Patriotic Sentiment I Entirely devoid of Profanity and disgusting Vul garity?with a Beneficial Tendency, and a Moral Lesson to all. For synopsis of scenery, incidents, Ac . see T? e CaiTic. published at the Canterbury and circulated gratuitously throughout tbe city. Admission ? ?? ?...JO J6 Orchestra? _ #> Private Boxes, holding six persona > 00 Doors open at 7 o'clock; Performance to corn ice at 8 o'clock. family matinee Saturday afternoon family MATINEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON FAMILY MiTlNEE SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladle* J# cents: Children 10 cents 1/ID WELL 4 UKNUERSON, ? STRB1T, *SAa NiHTB, fZerallvh*ir the public fected a.5oJtment ofUf# aOW,? ,t0r# * W*U M Wall papers and window anAnm "" "??""" <? -5? 5."?..?. ^ ?!., .r FrV?Sl':&iMKiN0 MAPS. v.-OAST Survey Map of goatbeastem Yir?i-j.? Map of Eastern North Carolina;74. Coast Survey Map of Northern Aiabam* ._j Georgia: CO. , M<l Battle Field ef Chattanooga; 50. Map of Louisiana, Mississippi and AlaHma- to vsast Surrey Map of Northern Georgia; 30.' AlabJIif'y Southern Mississippi and ^ spot'Eastern Virginia; 25. ? ? Peckel Maps of tfce differ-ot States. a FRANCE TAYLOR, AMUSEMENTS. ruHD'S NEW THEATER) 1TB ?MW, aOTl FlWWtTUll Atmw, ( CONTINUED BRILLIANT SUCCESS OP THB FAVORITE comedian, MB. *. S. CLARKE; who will ?||W ?ysNINO, JUNE 17, in his celebrated character of MAJOR WELLINGTON DE BOOTS, in Stirling Covneta Admirable comedy of EVERYBODY'S FRIEND, * and as the never-tiring 1 ' TOODLIB. ' supported by Miss Alice Grsr and the Entire Com pany To morrow, last night of the greetylar of THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE, ahd fir^ night ef the standard drama Of {be GOLDEN FAB&EB, Jemmy Twitcher?? . .Mr. J. 8, Clarke In active preparation. *nd will skortly b" pr o tkiced, with a ffreat cast. Shnkspcomely the TWO GENTLEMEN affllMJU; al*o, the grand Oriental Bpectatle of the FORTY TUltVUS. ejoVER'l THEATER. PmilTLTilU AT..MBAM WlLLXMD'B HOTIL Lbohard G*ot*? l??rector Also of Grovrr's New Chestnut 8treet Theater, Philadelphia. THIS (FRIDAY) EVENING, JUNE 17, 1361, FABEWELL BENEFIT anC ^PEARANCj BUT ONE Miss Thompson will ppesent her unequal^ d im personation of JULIA in which character she Is the acknftwledaed su perior of all who have attempted the rendition of thin master piece of dramatic genius. . 1 , Julia? ? Charlotte Thompson ? 1 _____ TO MORROW, 8ATUBDAY EVENING, June 18, oositively the last night of po. mv i^THOMPSON, EDITH AND ZELDIA, awd _ STAGE STRUCK LAWYER. FORD'S NEW TUBATER, . TsfTll BtaSKT, BSTWIIJ S AMD F. SACRED GRAND CONCERT. 8UNDAY EVENING, JUNK 20, 18o4. MAD. CECILIA Y. KRETSCHMAR, Frima Donna Cathedral de St. Aloysius. \r Madame KTetsehmar has been lone and favor ably known te the citiiens of Washington To say that she ably and fully sustains the position which ?he occupies is but a faint oppression of the merit ahe deserves. As an artiste, she stands tirst in wink, and excellence; as a lady of moral worth, she has no superior. 4 M.THEODORE HABLBMANN, Tenore de Grazia, Anschutz's Grand Opera, New York. HERR JOSEPH HERMANNS. BnMo Profundo of Her Majesty's Royal Theater, London. ,. HERR 8. J. SIEPHANI, Prince of Pianist*,whose eminent services have been secured expressly for this mammoth produc tion of Sacred SoDg. ,; To speak of the trio who are to support Mad. Cecilia Kretachmar on this occasion would be a wa-ste of time. They are so world renowned that pen fails to accord to them d?j?criptive apprecia tion bestowed upon their fruitful talents by an idolizing public, who are more than ever ready to welcome them to the innermost recesses of ttu>ir musical soul. i This entertainment has bee* arranged and per fected by the friends of Ma lame Kretachinas as a grand compliment to her and the renowned artists who support her, proving to Messrs. Hermann* Mid Habelmann the cherished recollections con stquent upon their late brilliant engag#mpnt with our vartxulltnt manager, Mr. Grove*- . No labor will be spared to render it acceptable to the hooor ef all concerned. Most choice gems_of sacred composition have beeu selected, and will be civdn to satiate the highest anticipations of all who may fftror this festival with their presence Mr Ford has generously tendered the use of his beautiful temple of the drama that all may be ac commodate^ with seats at comfortable as may be desired. So unexpected was this mark of courtesy upon the part of Mr. Ford that, even at this early moment, the management beg leave to tender their hmtfeltthanls and gratitude in reciprocity of kindness. .. . ? The military and civil authorities, too, have,ten dered their c<w?eat aDd protection. Let them be assured the corapliment will not pass unrewarded. Madame Kretachmar further begsleave to leader to her numerous friends, who have so generously ai'Ved her in former expressions of favor, her sin cere thanks, together with her assurance that the approaching soirees,as announced, will bexendered far more brilliant than any former presentation^ Seats may be secured at the music store of W. G Metserott, corner of 11th street and Pennsylva nia avenue, and at the box office of the theater, on and after Friday morning, June 17. PRICES OF ADMISSION. Orchestra 75 cents | Dress Circle 50 cents Family Circle .25 cents I Reserved seats 25c. extra Tickets for sale at the Hotels. Je 16-at ~ DAM RICE'S GREAT SHOW. FOR ONE WEEK ONLY, COMMENCING MONDAY, JUNE 13. LOCATION-CORNER SIXTH STBEET AND NEW YORK AVENUE. * . I EVERY AFTERNOON AT 2 OCLOCK. EVERY EVENING AT 8 O'CLOCK. TRAINED HORSES AND PONIES, TRAINED DOGS AND MONKEYS, / TRAINED MULES AND BUFFALOES, Together with the Blind Talking Horse, EXCELSIOR, JR. The Comic Mules, PETE AND BARNEY, And Jlenry Cooke's TROUPE OF ACTING DOGS AND MONKEYS, From London and Paris. The whole under the personal supervision of MB. DAN RIO, Assisted by his yeung,beautifal and accomplished wife, MRS. DAN RICE, And the Eminent American Equerries, PROF. 8. Q. STOKES AND LADY. Admission to Pit.-.. ? -.25 cents. Box Beats - ? ?? ? ? -5'1 cents. Je 1-Vlw* .IMPROVE YOUR EYE by the use of the eel- . efcrated Pkbbi.b and PaRWCOriC 3fMTA<ft^u??i versally acknowledged as the Vest for gr?i?GTH 1N? P**skrviho the lmp^ed Eye^aht. scientifically and correctly suited, by * RAM KLIN *44Ve!u?W& avenue^, bet. lit* and 13th sts., field7/itITe2 ! Iwpe8?Vh^ometem?ot^^5EJ PHOTOGRAPH ALBIM8, CABTEB DE VISITJs, Ac., in a great variety, anu at the lowee. pru-ei. je 8 fca NEW ATTRACTION. ;i rint'tUH lltt sure to Til Mrnt# I HAVE OpIhED THE largest, fittest, and chbapmbt, BOOT AMD BROS STORE la the city of Waldington, with a very extern!T? GENT^1 ANb* O^B TOW?AND^ffi'EB, t vomser~ fcodT Ho, ill rtH street, Intelligencer Block, * ?d doer ebove'p^SeetjWejit side, A ?e?t variety of MILITARY BOOTH. ?olS-eoeB TT LI AM BRADLEYBEGS TO WFORM HIS 1LL1AA Kli, th.t ho has am hand a letweea leUaidlWl LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE WASHMfiTOlV CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, JUMB 16, 1S?4. OfFICIALL* PUBLISHED IN TITS PAP1B HAYING TH1 LARGEST UIROULATION. fcT Free Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residence* of owaers may be secured by observing the following Rules: , 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of the house. 2. Head letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street aad number, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in ft town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Plaee the postage stamp on the upper right band corner, aad leave space between the stamp and direction for post-marking with ont interfering with the writing. A request for the return of, ft letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirty days, or less, written or printed, with the writer's full address across the left hand end of the envelope, fftw side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. g; . T ? ''I LADIES' LIST. Allen Anna Fletcher Annie O'Brien Rebecca Adams Mrs L V Forney May C Olmscead MrsSH Anderson Han- Ferguson HattieO'Brien Mrs nah A Fanner Mary J OberMrsFrances AndersonGinnieFitzpatrick JoanPeters MissSaide AttridgeMrs AJ Fora MrsJosian Peirce Miss A J M Fletcher MrsCapPlug Catherine Adams Clara FraBierLaviniaBPftrshurstSa'h L AbellsMrsFrank Kory Eleanor Postin MrsPeter Anderson Mary ForsbergMrsG PutnamMrsJasB A Jams MeliMsA Gray Miss R W Pervis Emily Andrews Mias M Gardner Francesi'urlett Emma J ArlingtoLt'arrie H Palmer Mollie ' O M GrantSarah Porter Jennie C Asliley Lizzy A Gold Mary Parish Ginnie A Amos Augusta EGreen AugustaAP&rker Maria II Adams Clara Grey Mary W Perkins MishWA Aubries Amelia Gates Mary A Parker Teresa BukheadMitsA AGriffing Jos'e-2 Price Mrs DrKE Prawn Mrs M Graham ElizaG Purcell Martha Brunner Mrs JasGordon Mrs EI Peck Mollie {urks Fanny Gilbert Mrs X F PatersonMihMA urns Mary GrifRngJosVS Quirk Ellen Burns CatharineGar^eil Emma Quill Julia Ball Charlotte GodfreyBlizab'hQuirck Miss RW BrowtiMrs Brad-Gaskell Emma Quew Mary E Ifj B Gohun Ellen Quin Mary Burke Eliza tiibson Cornelia Rees Ella BrookaMrsAlb't Oillen Mrs J C Rongera Emma Brown Caroline Gibbin Mary Rest Mary Jurch Mary A Goram Lydia Rice Eliza rown Mary J Gray Emma Reed Mrs Jno Bliss Chas 8 Gaines Sarah A Rov Lucy Brown Fanny GoffMrsFE RobertsGust&vin Brown Qar ne-2.Hall Arriecie-2 Bobbin-Mrs Brown Mrs S W Heareon Julia H Richards'nMrsA Bowie HettieD Holmeftd MrsAlfReynolds Ellen Bartholow Fan'yliill Julia#! RumbaughLy?l A Bet/.el Elizabetbllolt Mrs WattieReiiihailKeb'n A Brooke Kmma Hunt Emma Ridgely Mrs L L Bishop MrsChE Holmes Emma Robins Mrs Jus Bridges Mary A Ily rcJleMrsCHL Rui-ell Julia Babroek Harriet Hiimpton Annie lto<lgers Jerem 'h N Hoffman Car'ne Ramsburg K Em Beakley Milly Hamilton Louis&Ilobinson Miss ii Baker Lillie Hendricks Mas J Itemmey Mrs LM Bennett Lizzie D Reblnson Delia Bocoek Phebe HildrethMrsCW ReganMrsHugh Bradford Jane Haskell Julia B Redmon Nancy Berry Miss M M Heoder Mary A Roe Anna Baker Emily F llamond Mrs J EKogers Mary BewenMrsSll llardey Mary A Rude Rosy Blfti'dell Mary Hazel ton Miss IIRonds Augusta BamburgerMarylloward Fanny Rcdley Rosetta Baker Clara C Hftrtwell Emma Slopes AugustaA BrphomVirginiaHoward Laura ESmith Julian Belmont Fanuy Hanson Hattie HwitzerMrrsG Byihgton Sarah Hammell Mary Smith Sarah Barnard Mrs Holconio Mrs C Smith Miss Dely Burch fcarah A Wilson SmithMrs El'a'n Breman Mary A Howard LouisaESmith Lydia M Blair Mary J HillHellenM Stone Julia Benedict May A Hartnead Ellen Shaw Mrs Benj Brist<r Mary F liarkncs Ann Scaggs Sallie-2 Betters Mrs Hughes May M Stearns Mary B Burke Cath Hollins Mrs gimmes Laura BreksLydiaA Hunt Mrs M J Stearns Lizzie R Burnett Mary A Howard Jane E Strain Nancy J 2 Iarclay Ratie R Hanson PriscillnSnead Payette C utterbaughJenHarper Sarah Steele Nellie Borden Maria House Mary Smith Molly Barber Juaeph'e Harris Martha Swift Sophia Brown Mary Henry Mrs II A Bniithsou Mrs W Burley Barbara Heren Margaret 1> Burk Mary A Hill Mrs Simpson Hellen Bautn Fanny HngiliMrB JnoIISnerror Georgie Bernati Mir? F Johnson MrsL DSimpson Mary J Bell Ann Johnson Celia Bummers Louise Baker Mrs BerryJ ackaon Annie Spencer Mrs Geo Brown Harriet Jones (Mara Sanders Louisa 8 BraudiaMrs Judeon Fanny CSpeiaer Maria Baker Mary A Jacobs LicieH Surdam .Miss CM Burke Lavinia Jackton Jennie St Clair Frank BaileyMartha Johnson AmeliaShaeffer Mtvry Ui land Mary JacobsMargaret Simpson Mary .I Burke Agnes E J<?rdan Mrs Win 8t Clair Mrs R-2 Ho wen Xliztbetb Johnson.Mrs WKSulli\ an Mis Ab Cane Kate Jurand Susan Si in maker Mai y Crok Leila M Jones Emma Stewart Sarah Ca=eDiau Ills Sarah _ Sykes Agnes Cole Eliza Johnson Hftsy Seigler Lydia Clark Cath E Jones Susanna Skidmore Miss G Chew Adeline Jftckgon Annie Scott Jane Clark Mrs M 8 Jones Mrs Stiles Mrs E W GlinchMiesCary JacksonMrsOl-2 Stewart Martha Chawplin Tii- Johnson Mary ASuiith MrsWmll phrua Johnsone EmmiStock Mary Carrall Ellen JohnsonMarc'ls Schmidt Mrs L Cornwell Mrs J JJones Rachel L 8atford Susan E Grossman Kate JohnstonMarthaStaleyMrsChPB Carman Nancy Jones Julia Sheppard Emma Carter Jennie Kennit/ Maria 8Smith Sr'hLou'e Collins Mrs Q Klitsoh Madam Slater Maggie Clifford Mary B King Nancy Scell Sarah Chappell Eliza Kent Mary Taylor Mary L Colemaii Mary Knahe Clara Thomas Cecilia Clinton Mrs J B Kelly Ellen Tipit Jane Carney Mary KelseyMissClintTurner Julia A Carrell Miss C A Kelly fcoiihia Tingle Delia M CarltonMlasMaj Kenealy Marg't Tincker Frances Slabaugh Mrs E Kregan Emily Tusco Martha arrell Mrs M J Kenard Mia.a VCTingle Olivia 81ancey Mary P Kennard Jennie Thomas MrsWm ampbelEmmaJ Kernsn Leah G Taylor Margaret Cornwall Mrs J JKing Mrs Robt Thayne Mary C Carl Georganna Livingston Tierny Bridget Curtis Jane Luce Ellen Taylor Rebecca Crawley Mra Tli Lanmer AugustaTownsendCar ne CodellMrsWmW Lewis Mrs A H TuruerKI i/.ab't h CoonerTfary Larland Amelia Turner Eliza ClementbMTilly LawrenceMrsJS TevisMrs Doshu Cornelius Virg'a D Uscher Hallie A Camel Mra LawrenceAug'taVanAntwerpSah CHin Nancy Lee Louisa B V?ug!i Mrs M M Collins Mary A Littles Mary Vail Nancy P CofTners Louisa Lonce Mary YincentSar*hA-2 Curran Ada Lewis Mary YangantMrsN W Connell MrsRbt Lauler Mrs Wall Annie Clark Mrs L Leagh Msggie Ward Mnry Cook C*tb Leonard Mary West Belle Chandler JrnnieLenard Mrs Wood JosieS ClarkMitsLuilAMoon Mrs JB1 y WoodMrsWilson Caston Martha MeKiben MrsDC V Church Sarah Maul Mrs Win White Fanny Cross Olivia MarteB Lottie White Emma Coe SftlliH E Miller Miss A F Warner Emma E Davis Elizabeth Mahon MrsChWWinters Mrs MA Dodge Mrs II Middletou MaryWarren Lizzie J Dowd Sidney Moulton Laura Wellmore Ella Dicke Maggie MervinMaryH Wilmouth Mary Dean Ann Mackall Louisa Warren Luaie J Duhan Cath Morsell Cecilia Washington B'e Dooaldfron SarahMurray Fauny Warden Annie E Durgee Julia MontagueColaV Wilder Mary DeBftrrow Mrs MulfordMrsCC-3Webster Minnie Draper Susanah Martin Jane F Wilson MrsNath Druel Mrs Cbas Martin Fanny Washington Mrs Dovglfts Sarah Merrill Miss SE Jos Daniel Emma MontgomeryMrsWilson Sarah E Duvail Mollie F Winter Mrs T D Daly Mary Matson Ada Willard Alice L Douglas Maria MalvinMaryH Walker Nettie Datis Mary C McKeeMrsGeoWWhitakerMrsCA Davis Mary A MeNeal Lvdia Watkins Minta Dickson Suaan McQuinu Mrs JGWoodbury Mrs DonthehonC'eA McQueen Mrs J as Gen D P Davis Mrs II 8 McDonald Hele.uWilsou Ada DelangavyMadGMcManaa Sarah Williams MrsCL DeVaughnLizzieMcNew Kate WestMargaretta Doolittie Mrs McLeod Miss EHWilberhnm 8'hE Davis MaryS McQnin Lncy Wallace Miss Boyle Michael Mo?>re Caroline Warder Amelia! igga Mary C Marlow Mary J WrightMrsJas Everts Eliza M Mann Mrs Col Wheatley Car'ne Ellis Mias MnyuardMrs Walson NellyE-7 Edwards Susan Martin Fanny Witmer Barbara Kvans Mary Merger Sarah Wynne MrsThos Eastman M L H McPeek Lizzie WnitingHarriet Foulk M R Mouchaat Isabel Webster Miss Fisk MrajC B Nicholson Mary J Varnold MisLidel French MraE J Noad Mary ToungMrsThR-2 Fogg Isabella Nanagall MarthaZiiumerman E'h FitUiMrbNels'nANievergal Marth 1 - I GENTLEMEN'S LIST Jk. Alexander Cbas Anderson DrD F Anderson JuoW Abraham A Alyea Geo W AydelottCapt Albert Allen 2 Andrus J B 2 John B W Algire Asa Ayers J E AjelSignorLuige Ankeny A T Allen J C-3 Abbott Legrand Avery Buel Anderson JosG-2 Allen Nathan W Anderson Benj Andrews JudC Atkinson 0 R Altnian Cbas Allen Jas Allen Timothy Ash Christian Audrich Joseph Alexander Wm Alvard Lt C A , j, 1 S BogwelT Allen T Baker Geo F ' BafrettJasW Besrt Andon BriggsGeo Baaford Joseph liaker Andrew Briner U W Bailey Joseph B Blaud Asa P BeardsleyCaptH Berry John Pell Alfred Bftyliss Benry M Brihton Dr J B Jlnrger A Maletim H 8 Bowers Joseph Bridges Albert Berry Henry Brixky John M Sramhall Bart M Bingham J as B Botsford J 8 ram so n Ben i Burton J W Belles John M "Brown Ben R BlackfergtJnoP Boston Jacob Be all Chas A BrandtJacob Brtssay J E Kroflbeard dint Brown J C Brooks Moses Browne Chfta K Blftnd John Besam Martin Buck Cbaa E Bursk Joseph Barry ML Bates Chas U Bell Joseph H Boothe Nelson Burnham Cos W BrownCftpUosM Bernard N M BakerCaJvinB-J?nrnay o?n G Brown Overton bJu Hon Ca*pe? B#al 1 /no W Bush Peter Butler CH Brown J wy Barber Pftt BrodigarC Barna J?sJ BowdriabR* Brown Calvin Brown John Bennett Richard Brown Chas 0 BreenJohn BftrrrCftptBS Bone Casimere BrtrwnJas Burgers Chas H Browne John Brown Bavid 2 Bo wen Saffay BrennerBaaielB Bailey Leonard Beachy David S BuswellLuciusA Barrett Daniel Babb Leonard P B urn bam E J Burton Lester N Beavy Edward Band Lewis Bye JCMortemor Baxter Math 0 Bixbv fidnoa Bromily M Buckley Edw Burnbam M P B'own JWhrlr Barry Michael Banghton Sei gt Revans F^nnk T EG BiddleJohn Bortel Emory 8 Raker Jno E Hangman Lt E W Bancroft J L Baker Fraak Bates Jobs A Bowen Fred T Bryan JasH BotherFDChristBrosnah&n John Boal ic Co G W Bealty Jacob Bardsley Geo W Butler Ja? L Blackman Sergt Reary Joseph 8 DG2 BickelJas BreenridgeG W Balington Jas N Crosby Br ? H Cavier A L Clark A B Creamer A 8 , Chick Albert' O Cornell C C Cerwan Hugh Collins H K Cobb Uarmen Curtis Lt II K Bnrke Richard Bunn Ruben Boswell Robert Bennett Saml W Beonstein 8 Biaoceraan 8 Boman Rev T Boyd Q M Sergt Thomas Bean Tarlton L BeanAryVictor-2 Beachy U M Rrowa W Brown Wilhelm Bodge Win P Beahn Win Brown Wm Bowen Wm-! Baldwin Wallace Bueknatn W R Bromscome Jos Bartlett Wm R Bartholomew WH Crooks John Chase Leslie 11 Curtis Leroy Crawford L??rojr Oleary Michael Coppes Any Clinton Cap H PConway Pat CronerChasA Cooley H F Carney Mich Carr Brothers 2 Campbell John Chrysler CoLMIl ChandlerCL CavuthersJS Crouse Mar Carpenter Chas Carroll Cap JW Cohnhe'im Max Craptey Jidv? Colliar John II ChesIeyNed Chapman C Cavanagh John Corbin Nat Cave Chan 8 Clements J II Cbambaugh C Collett J 8 Corser Chas W Cancigp John Cutting Chas W Comings Jos Charl Capt C Comsiock J R Carpenter CS Cherry John Campbell David Carter Joseph ContTtfBD Dayid Colson John Chase Bavid Cone El bar t ... Craven B Cochrane J T Ceogan Edwd Chicbwson J Clifford E A Covode Hon J Church I r E Coleman J T Colbert Edw Chapman J B Cross E P Cantel J B Chamberlyn E Collin* Jacob Cornwall E II Cnnfield J M Cummings E A Cloare Jacob Cutbnsh Prank Cnrley Cap J L Collins Lt F E Camming* Jos Cahn P Clark Oscar Coe 0 W Colman Perry Campbell Peter Creagh Peter Cavileer Peter Collins P McD Chandler Oapt R Campbell Jesse Carpenters M Cohen Joseph CharlesSD Crofnt 8eth P Cook S 8 Clogtnn Syl Chapin S P Covell 8yl*'s2 Cartwright Capt Clayton Can T Collins Lt T E Conner Thos Coil Wm Christopher F ACreamer John Cobell F B Casey Cap J K Carlo Francis Clark John B Carpenter LtftS ClappJohn Co l lard Geo W Corns tock J R. Crawford Cp OHCIauso Jacob Carmell G C Clark John T Cesbam Geo W Caswell W F Colton Walter II Banforth Asa II Becker George Dickinson AlfredDade God fried Dickinson A C Delongrage G Oampton Jacob Creick W R Coles W A Creasey Wm 2 Cropper Win Copley W H Coflister W II Cnstie W II Culver Dr W A Clark Wesley Drew J B Duff James C Driggs I,alloy C DeCambefort A Dykes George 8 DeCabbert Le BhsI row Alonzo Dudley llenn 'n Darwin A G Daton Charles David &. Co Doyle C Delano C Darius General Davis Henry K Dodd Henry W Daly J corato Boyle Martin Bodge o A Boock OH P Duggin Richard Dowtinc Christ rBavisou John Dennison Jas W Bownes Rob t8 Dean Chas W Delano Charles Dean Chas W Davis Cbas A Douglass Cha? Dickinson Jos Druvis James Bcakina John J Dubois J H Denson John Dougherty ClarkDavison John Dutch Charles Dickson J Javis Bunn Wm M Darling David R Devauhn Joih B Bonne Wm G Duffiela David C Dougherty John Dickens Win T P DadeKrskenC Dunham Josiah Douglas Wm Denney S Davis 8 Lt Bean Thomas Bain Thomas Dunso Thomas Brew Thomas Doores Wm C Dfinster Geo E Daly Jery K Etfgerton H G Douglas U H Eichftadt A H Esterbrook A L Kldes Jno A Edwards Benj-2 Edwards J W Ely Ben M Egan Bernard Eldridge Chas Ellsworth E A Egley j E Ewing Jno D Elder Jas Edgerton Justin P-2 Earl Jos B Eldridge Levi H Edmonds J Cush-Edmunds Martin ing Emerson Hobt P Eisanhaner EdwEslerbrook JasEKIIiott S B Elliott E E Ellis Jno H Elder Wm C Ellenhrook Fr Evans Jno Eel y Will H EngelhartFrankElliott J H Flagg Cact A 8 Farnum John G Frost John P Fauck Aloert Fortune Alfred Fi ri( A J Flanagan B C Forster Charles Fioven Cbas H Frazel Chas W Fisher Christian Faulkner J C Flemin Jas 2 Fergtison Jas Freeman J B Fisher Jos Froxell Jacob Fen wick Jas of Philip Fowler J L Foster Danl IS 4 Friedline David Fan Maj E W Friday John Fitr.w illiains F MKraiser Jos Fish< r Frank W Fendle John Fletcher G W Finn Jas Ferauson Geo Fuss John Foster Geo L 2 Flynn John M Finkbiner HenryFolt* J its M Fillmore Horace French John Fermandez J M Fuhr Jacob Fell W R II O GurneyLtColA Gray Geo Fox John Foster M C Ffrres M'-lchorG Frinour Robt Fox Richard Fym i<-rs Saml Fay Tlios Fitch Thos B2 Flynn Tbos FlfmiMg Capt JEFinegan Thos W Jich Wiggo Fan Win W H Fisher Col Wm French Will 8 Francis Hon WM Finton Win Ferenson Wit For bush W D Fletcher W Gurowski A Gettier A J Graham A E II (iallsgher C Gay Chas Goslee C F G ra ffi n C H (iruhline Dr Georgia D E Grady Danl Garst D W-2 Gramus H A Craves H W Gardner Henry Giines H M Gruber Mon> J Gordon Jno B Graham J B GiebnerCapt JT Glascott Robt GrafF Mai Getchell M D (irifhth M J Garner M-3 Gorrit Musco Green Fetes(col'd Gardner Peter Girley Robt Graham Jas Garrison J no R Gardner Jas F Godwin Jno 8 OradwoLUDrey-Galway Jas Guyler Col J Garretson Jas GoverJno H Gayrand I Godard Jno H Gilpatrick J L Glum Jno B Greer Jas Green L JF? HuntingtonACAHooug Tl B fuss Gererd B M Gnirol E Gleason Edwd Gantt Gen E W Geirtling F Green Kerd Grant Geo Greenleaf Geo Hedges Anth llopkin Austin Iluches Ambe Hall Andw J Hennelly A Ilaynes B P Gates Br R B Gardner Robt Geronld 8gt 8 L (tambia 8 P Graham 8 R Gedde? T A Gamble Capt T T Gotber Thos Gray Wm-2 Graham Wm II Gapen Wm Gamble Col Wm Griinshaw Hon Wm-2 Hundheim L Hubbard Lewis Hatch Br H P Ualmstead&Co Harrison T B Messrs Ilawson L D Ilarshaw Lt H B Hogan L B Hookey H M Hall Bros Ac Co Uiggins Col B L Hobmann H Hanbey B T Hunt Hiram L Holliday ColCK Ball Howard H Hartley C W llmnble Chas Hibhard Chas Holmes Clias II Hitzelberger C Hall Chas Horsey John Hasell John Hunter Jno W Hegland J Harris J W Hardee John HaleCbauncyD Harper Jas lloiner Chas II HnnnecuttJW Hart Banl Capt Holdredge J H Hmier Dennis Henkel John Hodge Dr Hoffman M N Hamilton Lt M Hunt Mr Happ Nich Hatsen N W Holbridge Hill Osmer Halley Patk Hall Pearl II Hamil Robt ISolman 8aml Hamil Oapt 8 R Herman 8 Holden Stephen Hunwin 8 K Ila/.elton BrBW Harrison Jas Hosmer CaptJR Harris Solon Harrington B Huntington Lt Edwd B neald Edwin Harri* Egbert Huggins Edwin Hallock F M-4 Hill F A Hannandel F Hough Frank Humphrey Geo llitit-B Geo W Harney Geo H Hastings Hubbs Geo Holbrook G F Harris Hon G N Hileard Henry Ililliard U 8 Jones Alfred Jordon Cbas T Jones C T Jobeas Banl Jones Edward Iddins Fredk Johnson Hiram J e Her son Jos Jackman Jno G Johnson J F Huntress J Hutchinson J HomansJ 8 Harding Saml H*nry John Hicks Jno H Hatch J II Hall Br Jas C Hudson Jno Hall J N Harp J D Hills Jas M Howel John P Hess Jno R Haynes Jas P Hall J N Hawk John Holmes L K Hopkins L H f JL?aM Joyce Lieut Jewett L T Johcson Lewie Jordan L C Jones M M Jones Noah Hartony 8 Henney Thos Hill Quincy Holmes Ths M B Harley T R Hall R Hutchs Wm Hayne Walter Holmes Win 8 Hoffman Wm Uiggins Sterling Howard W E nasson Wm H Habstead W Hubbell Wm W Herbert Wm Hendricks W H i Hanson G Hamilton Wm C Hubbell Wm W B Jackson Saml Jillison Saml Joy Thos W Jewett Thoe Jones Thos 8 Johnson Wm JohneonRevNR Joy Wm P-2 Johnson Perry Johnson Walt T Johnson Rev JenningsW Jones Richd W Jacks Dr Wm Jennings CptJR Judab Roberswn Jonas Wm Jones J W Jones Robt Jones Cyt Willn r Johns Jos Kirs Albert E Knox A Ker A A Kidder Byr A-2 Kline Benj Kirkbride Bam Krebbs Capt Knapp Chs P Ker Chas Kendal Chas Kineaid Br Knox David M Kneeher Banl Ky?s Bavid & Korbler Geo Kester Geo B Knox G W-2 Kane Hiram B KeenKinan Hen Klick Jno Keys Jas B Karns M Kellogg Mr Kenne <Tr P C-2 Kottman Henry Kenna Paul ~ Robt "" t Kile Saml Ket Saml Kneeland ThosB Kay Thompson Kendler Wo Kelogher Wm H Knhns Joa-2 Kelly John Keatting Joha Kendrick JnoF KrahlJno-3 t Kennedy CptET KnowlesCptJA Kent Geo w Li Lillibtege Alfr Lambert Hen U Loomis L A Luke Capt A M Lukes Jas T Leonard L Lewis Arthur LangleyJnoP Lenzberg M Love AT Linnell Jas 8 * *" Lushbangh B F Liverpool Jas Leonard KeyC-2 Lamont Lt Jo Lease Christian Lewis Jno LaingCW LibbeyJnoS L?e Dr Chas A Leland Jas W Lamb Bany Lilefried Jno Lewis CptBavid Lama Jas LegrandEraatus Long Jacob M Loring E B Lee Jas Linnev S Lane Jacob Laton Gee Lord Jas P LafontaneGab Lohman L Leonard Geo A Ludden Levi Lotbrop Milling Lawler P J Langin Robt , iotruige S C A ittellTA Co Law lor Thoj-2 Leonard T'J Long T W J Lamb Wm-2 Lawen W Lyon Warren Lishn Wm H LovlandProfWA Morton B H Moffat Hector MulloB A C Marshall A B Mo hoard Capt A Moo res H J 6 a Marti* HE Moore A & Morrill H A McOorry H Muzzey tt Mon roe ?? Merle Mr Murybjr M ? MoirA Melchetr Lt H 8 Maynard A M Miliar H Martin A B Mensch Henry Montgomery MaiMason Hank Middleton A Moore Albert Mason B V Muler Col O Magtua Chas Morse C C Meade Lt C G Marlord Chas Morse C F Martin C 1 McGann David McCurdy D Mathias Danl Moore Dr Merrick I) C Malane Danl Megenty D Mack Henry Mprtnn Howard MeDeull Jas . McCortnirk Jas McGeoken R T Morrill Lt J A McGoyDrRB Ma rah by Nath McOlain O A McCracken O McCann Pat S5?tufR,5"PF McMath R K McCullough J McAffea Jno Murray Jas MrGan Rrv J MrCabe J no MeGaughey J McAdam J G Movrer J M Maiion Maj J 0 Miller J no H Morgan J m> Miller I L Miller Jas N Miller Hon 3 Marr Sylvester Madison9 M Madden RevS W Mickey Tbos J Mongan Cbaq Mustin Thos Mav Thos McCormick T McDermott T Marner Thos Morgan Thos MarburyW A MechaelesDrEM Middleton DrJVMearir w Marshall E A Merrill Jno Murphy Edwd Martin J 0 McClellan ? B Millisack J W Morton E Mayo jas H MerriamDrKC-2 Marvin J B Millard B McCallan J M Mitchtell^Fdwd McKelry Jno McCartnell / McKee JO Monroe E H McGowan F McGruder F G Mitchell f A Martin Lt F Medley Geo McQuin G S McNeal G H McDanels 8 W Maulsby Dr G McCotter II McCormick II Moses Horace Moore Miles in Mar sal W J Murrah Wm Marmadnke W Molleras Win McQuillan W R Markwood Lt W Mare n tn More Wm Mercer WPG McConnickCptJ McLean Wm S Moss Jno K Mohr Jacob Munn Cpt J S Mack J O Morgan L 0 Moore M Mulligan Wm McClay Wm Mitchell W J McFarland WLP Morgan HonWS Merkel W H McLaughlinCaptMiller Wni M A McRigne M Maltujaji M pr North Geo F Mu Man W H Morris W P McClery M 3 Neal A 0-2 Nichols A A Nycum And C Nugen A Newman BBS NobleConwayW Norris Jas L Najlor Cbas H NaylorJnoT NoastineDJ NewellJno Nevitt Edw K Nolen Jas N ichols Ernest A Nichols J II Newman Geo W O-Q O'ResganCorn'sO'Keiff Jno G'Keiff Edmond Odell Jno-2 Orr Edwin-2 Owens James Oliver Henry O'Connor Jas Osmer Irwin D OddifLA O'Donavan J . _ Niswanger Hy NickleHowardWNoian M M Nelson Holmes Nerril Oscar F Nichols II Navarre Samuel NevilsJnoS Nichols Thos Nace Wm H Newton Wm H Norris Wm F Norris Wm Nye WF O'Xeil Peter O'Moore Thos Orr Thos Orr Wm Owens Wm Olegreth Mr I? Pinkerton AlleuPixley Howell Piard Jaraes D PortvrAJ PhllbroofcHn'yBPage Jno 0 Price A J Phillips Htenry Pugh Joseph Palmer DAar'nH Plats Joseph Pierce James T Patterson A H PhillipsJamesB Price J 8 Pettit Jno D Pitkin Lucius Pinkins Jno Phinney Jno Powell Jno M Paul Mathew Paxton John Peckin Maurice Parish J W Power James E _ . Parker James , Porter Francis BPhinney Isoo W Parson Sam! 5J PluggeFred'k Perkins Joseph Pierce Samuel Phillipps F F Pearsons Jas P Porter Geo W Palmer J W-2 Palmer Geo M Porter J D Palmer Maj CeoPickerell Jno F Perry Wm Piatt George Perry Henry D Proctor Wm H B Richards A Rawlins Jno A Peed AD ReilyJasR Rose Lt Alex Redding Jno-2 Randall A Rogers Jos 8 Rockwell A F Reynolds J M-2 l'ane D J Pfeiffer Dr Proyn David J Peet Edward B Perkins E P Peter* Edward Peck Fred'k O Prescott Orrv'eC PappenbergRobt Pentleton R'd F Pollard r 8 I'aney Thomas Peake W P-2 Basbach J A Ryder Jas M Ryan Jno P Russel Jas B Roane J J Richardson J RobinsonCapAE Remer J M-2 Richter Chas RyanJohn-2 Rnssell Col Rector Danford Robertson Dr-2 Ramsey Dr Russell Edw B Robinson E C Redington E D Randolph E F Ready Edwd Ramsey F B Richmond G 8 _ Riddlemostr GWRemmington Read Geo, Capt Jere Royce Gibbert C Robinson J B Rshter Henry Reed Jno H Rutherford 11 JV S Smith Maj A J Pmith Henry Stiles Amos Smith Hiram Shippee A E Stewart II H Stocker MajAA2 Sheldon H II Shell A Seoper H R Sawyer A Shipman H W Storm A J Stiles H Sac ford B Stone H II Sanborn Dr CII2 Stranaban J E Ross John P Rt-ames Jno W Louis Rice 2 Rodeers L F Reynolds MicUl Ruppert Math Robinson Nich RichardsonCorplRahn Philip ?Jos Roby R 8 ReebleJohn Robinson Renbn RodgersComJ Reiss S Reilly Capt T P Ready Tli&d 3-3 Rice Wm Beese Wm W Rowe Wm N Rannles Wm Sense C D 1 Shubarth C D Scooley C W Sam m*l s C F Steel (.'harles Stark Chas E Schillock D G Surface Dan Spencer D L Spalding E W Smith E Sharp E B Stevenson Brig Gen E D Smith E W Smith Rev E G Snyder Lt E B Stores E W Swann Edward Shelton F Smith Frank Sbwragar E Springer Rev I Smith Fred Smiser George Skilton G 8 S Sbaid George Shivery George Show Jacob G Sneer George Shaw John W S? hryver Geo W Straight .1 B Richarl Mao J C Ragins Wm Robinson Wm Rader Wm Rader Wm R Rucker Maj W P Spooner L A Sabine L Spratige Levi Sargent Martin 8pottswood jkjr Bweenev M Steymeir Mr 2 Sweet M W Steve as 31 Silvervail M Stinens M D Sloan R L Scarboro R S 8ande ?R R bide^y^obert Stevens Mat R Smith Richard Sieber Mr Simons Sol R Spenc?r 8S Stevens S F Shook Sheridan Stiebisan 8 Spencer Sam A Sexton Jesse Sharnton J H Switzer John Sanborn Jno J Schafer Jacob Stager John Sterling John Scrivener Rev J Slater Israel 2 Sanborn J K Staples Ivory Small wood J E Sinan John Slerwey Jotin Shorter Jas A Solomern Jacob Sartain Sain F Shea John Spires John E Suow Joseph L Shay John R Smith Jameg II Swauk J W Sears Capt J 0 Smith John H Sims John R Smcad J C Stamp Joseph Stillwell Dr T Stigging Thos Street Thos 8tevens Tho J Shean Tim ? Smith T W Staley F J Sword T 8 gmallwood Thos Smoke Wm Slack Wm 8tone W T Speers W H Stoddard W G Simpson W A Silvery Wm SeakesLtColWB Tic* J A L Tailton Louis A Thomas Lewis Taylor Oliver 8how George Smart John Smith Griflin Smith J B Smith Geo W Slaight Capt JC T TuttleAlvinN Terry Gen 2 Trail Allen 'ihomas Geo Thornton Benj Tobin Geo ThomasB Thompson G T . TncherChasM Towle Henry W Thayer Percy B Thomas CF Tavlor H Willis Turder Samuel Thatcher Chas Tuller GWhitingTuttle Sidney Thompson Lt C Thomas Jas K Troth Samuel Thomas E W TenconsJohn ThomaB Sam Tripp E J Townsend Isaac. Tessey Joseph Thompson F Thompson Jno LTill Wm R Thornton FrnnkTibbaU John G Taylor Zachary Tapp Frednia Tinen, JeremiahTairCaptWilmor Taylor Franklin Thurston Rev JRTaylor Wm Thompson Geo Tabaer G Taylor Wm B I'M-ehsel Mr Yolkesburgh V Towlman J Throwls John TJ-V Vrazie Thos Van Thomas Wm Thompson Wm Von Walde Wm Watkins Abel B WellsCapt G W-2Wright Lemuel Welch Alonzo BWindelUeo W Weldf Major Williams A J Washington GeoWard Msn-cus L Williams Alex'r Wood Geo M WebsterACamp Welch A F WashburnGeoM bell WeemysAle^'r Wright Geo R Winter Mathiaa Wakeman Al'zo Williams Henry Ward Milton C-3 Watson Hen C West Martin V B Wiggang Alford WilliamsUar'yRWest N A "Whitely A J Worder Henry 8Walters Nathan Wren Asa WitmerHarryC Weber Otto Woodley Albert Wain Harry Wallice Oliver Wadkint A T WeaverLt UiramWatt Robt F WebstorBF Wilson Jno G Warren R Wicks Chas P WheelockJnoW Wartield Robt W Watson Cba*-2 Wooding JasC Winterrode R White Cbas E Walter JobannesWilliams RobtJ Watson Chas G Walbridge Jno Williams Robt Wood C H ?Weirick Jno Williams Maj 8K Williams ChasHWilliams Jno Watson Sam'lH White Chas Wadenback Jul'sWilliams Sam'l Willett Cbas F Williams Isaac WalluceStryk >A WeisbCristoph'rWedersheim JnoWilcox Sam'l M Williams Chas lnt*r Illinoig Wells Solomon WieseiiSeldit Oo^Vilday Jno W WilliamsSamTH Wion David Wilson Jas J WoodbridgeScth Westfall D D Wallace Hon JnoWhite Stephen P "Wahan Rev Dr Wellington J B Wildm Smith WilesDH Wilson Jas W Wilson Thos-2 Wilder David M Whalen Jos Williams Thos Woodvine_D G Williams Jno H Wells Tbos 0 WilRon Jno Waddle Thos Wellings Lt J H Wallace ThosB Wilbur J T Woods T S Walden Elijah WormanJDudleyWalkerThomp'E Watson Edward WoodruffCaptJ Wei^kenbacky Wells EO Carl White Wm WitakerEM Wert Jacob-* White Wallace B Walton HenEP Wright S'rt JasBWilkfnson Win Walker FV Wagner Jno WatsonColWmH Wigg^rman Fr'kWkite Jno Wallace Wm White F A Wood J?s Wheleu Win waltz Fred'k WessJnoV Wilber Wm-2 ilsoM Geo N Wade Lt Ool J F Williams W H-2 " Williams ReT ^ Wm W Weinberg Levy Whipple Wm Wilson Jas Y-Z Young Abner Yetter Arthuell Zieret Thomas MISCELLANE0r8.?President National Medica ?College; Pastor of the Methodist Church (colored); ^Editor of the Washington Enquirer; Central otlice Army and Navy Purchasing Agency; Commanding Officer Co ; The Peopled Convention in Cleve land, May 81,1*64; Seymour; Island No. 285. It SAYLE8 J. BOWEN, Postmaster. Williams Dick Watt David Wolcott Dr w.isoaueo ? Wliliams Geo D Waltz Geo P Wolf Jno P Wilco* G T i Wtaver Geo J York Judson Whipple Jas C Yermes?'a8 Peter M MATTING! MATTING AT PRIYATB 8AL?. We have Juat received from the importers, with instructions to sell at private aal? 50> rolls 2,4, and * quartw Cocoa Matting, euu roUs ^and 6 ??arter W>ite and Qkeck Matttn*. of nv#rior quality. All of which w# offer at low prices, in quantities AneUoseers and Comuisaioa Merchants, 4 * Bo,^ *h at. je 7-Wt IChroniclt. MATTING I THE raiSIDIKT'S VISIT TO FHILA *ELrBlA. The President afod suite, with tne Philadel phia Fair Committee, arrived at Philadelphia yesterday at half-peel U o'clock, making the trip in four hours and a half. At the Relay Hoqm a salute was fired, and at BalUmsi*,' Havre de Grace, riewark, Wilmington and Chester, and other stations, large crowd* gar? the President fen enthusiastic reeentfrm. At Wttauagten Governor Cannon &ad staff joined the party and went on to Philadelphia. Tie reception wajfxhagulfii eut The President and Mrs. Lincoln reached the fair at quartsr-poat :4 e'eioc*. They west down Eighteenth street In a barouche, drawn toy two:#ray hotaes. Their eon was the only person accomptoytll them la the carriage. All around the si# of the square by which the President entered, the street whs rendered al most impassable by the crowd that extended back to tbe doom and steps of the housee and other stand-points tax observation. T*t ctla tibgulshed visitor passed into the enclosure, escorted by the KxpctltlTe Committee, and surrounded friends, and moved on towards Union aTenue. There was a swaying mass of humanity already filling the avenue, and, at the words, ??Mx. Lincoln is there,''from other parts of tlys house there was a pressure towards Union avenue that rendered ft impas sable. The President slowlv made his way until be reached the entrance to the horticultural de partment. As to passed In. the crowa pressed uo?n the barricade, overwhelmed the door beeper, and rushed tumultuouslv into tbe hor ticultural department. Not less than 15,000 people were presslug towards our next Prtt idtnt at one moment. After Mr. Lincoln bad taken a little rest, he tkb conducted through the fair, spending two hours in so doing, and shaking hands to an exr wnt that must hare been extremely fhtlguing. He preference to the ladies who thus hon ored Mm. He dwelt longest in th* Delaware ai.d Kew Jersey department of the fair, both, of which states hare doue nobly for tbe geA efal Muse. It was aftefseven o'cloetr wtM be returned to tbe supper room. Present at the table were Hon. Edward Everett, Gen. Lewis Wallace* ex-Goy. Cannon, of Delaware, the Mayor and. both presidents of the council*. Mr. Thomas Webster gave, in a bumber, tbe ?? health of the President," which was drank In the heartiesc sincerity by all present. Tne President said, in acknowledgment, ?< JC suppose that this toast is intended to opeu the way for me to sav something. War, at best, la terrible, and this of ours, in its msgattade and. duration, is one of tbe most terrible the world, has ever known. It has disarranged business totally in many places, and perhaps in all.' IC bas destroyed property, destroyed Jfte, and. ruined homes. It has produced a national debt and a degree of taxation unprecedented hvi the history of this country. It bas carried, mourning among us until the heavens may bo said to be bnng in black-and yet it contents. It bas bad accompaniments not before known in tbe history of the world. 1 mean tbe Sani tary and Christian Commissions, with their labors for the relief of the soldiers, and tha volunteer refreshment saloons, understood bet ter by those who hear me than by myself. [Applause.] And these fairs, begun at Chicago* next held at Boston, Cincinnati, and other cities. The motive and object that lie at the bottom of them are worthy of the most that we can do for the soldier who goes to tight the battles of hi* country. From the fair and tender hand o? woman much, very much, is done for the sol dier, and is continually reminding him of the care and thought lor him at home. Tha knowledge that he is not forgotten is grateful to the heart. [Applause.) Another view of these institutions is worthy of thought. They are voluntary contributions, giving proof that tbe national resources are not all exhausted, and that the national patriotism will sustain us through alL ??It is a pertinent question, when is this war to end 7 I do not wish to name a day when It will end, lest the end shoald not come at the given time. We accepted this war. We did' not begin it. [Deafening cheers. 1 We accept ed it for an object, aud when that otyect U ac complished the war will end; and I hope to God i* never will end till that object Is accom plished. [Great applause.1 We are going through with our task, so lar as I am con cerned, If It takes three years longer. I have not been in the habit of making predictions. I am almost tempted now to hazard one. " I will say that Grant is this evening in & position, with Meade and Hancock, of Penn sylvania, from whence he can never be dis lodged by the enemy until Richmond Is taken. If I shall discever that Grant mdy be greatly facilitated in the capture of Richmond by rapidly ponring to him a large number of armed men, at tbe briefest notice, will you go I [Cries of 'Yes ! yes !*j Will you march on with nim I [Cries ot ?Yes ! yee !'] Then I shall call upon you when it is necessary." [Laughterand applause, during which the President retired from the etagej Gen. Lew. Wallace and Hon. EdwaTd Ev erett also responded to toasts; and at the con clusion of the speech of the latter, ex-Goy. Pol lock, on behalf of tbe medal committee of the fair, now presented to Mr. Lincoln a silver medal, struck at the United States Mint for the express purpose of a gift ot the ladies. The President accepted the present as an additional token of the loyalty of tbe ladles ot Philadel phia, which, he said, was so well established es to need no further evidence. The President subsequently visited the Union. League rooms and other places of interest, and gave a few words of cheer in answer to re peated calls. The President Will return to Washington to I day. ARMY OF THE POTOMAC* The Crossing of James River?Fighting in tlie Direction of Petersburg?Lee'sFerce in Motion. [Correspondence of the Associated Press.) Headquarters Army ok tub Potomac, June 13?Evening.?The Army ot the Potomac took up its line of march for theChickahominy at 3 p. m. Sunday. The 5th corps took tbe ad vance on the middle road, by way of Provi dence Court House. The 2d corps took the western road, while the 0th and 6th corps took the road leading to Jones' Bridge. Tne 18th embarked on transports at the White House. The advance halted for the night near tha Chickahominy, which stream they crossed to day without opposition. No signs of the enemy were to be seen, with the exception of a few cavalry pickets, who fled at our approach. The 5th corps took the road leading to Haxalls, and the 2d corps reached Charles City Court House at 6 o'clock in the evening. The Gth and 9th crossed at Jones' Bridge, at a point about two miles lower down than Long Bridge, and are now close by. The change ot base has been very suc cessfully made, with the utmost order, and without the loss of a mau or wagon, so far as your correspondent couldhear. It is said that the enemy left their works in our late front almost as soon us we did, taking tbe road to Richmond. White House will now be evaenated as soou as the supplies there are all shipped on the transports. The growing crops hfere are look ing very fine, and our horsea to-night are "Hy ing in clover." It is expected that we will start for James river at an early hour in tbe morning, and dur ing the day open communication with General Butler. The weather is fine, the roads good, and the army In the best of spirits. Captain Bartlett ot tbe 1st Maine cayalry, Was killed a few days ago by a shell. 1 TwBLvn o'clock, midnight?The army is now moving towards tbe river for the purpose of crossing. General Grant and staff started for General Butler's command. ? This morning a few guerrillas were caught and brought in. Another Account. [Associated Press Correspondence.] Fobtbbss Monko*, June 15?p. m.?The Eteamer Jonn A. Warner,Xrom Bermuda Land ing, arrived this evening at 8 o'clock. Two army corps crossed to the south side of James river last night. Other portions of the army were also crossing at various points. There was fighting this morning in the di rection of Petersburg. Result not learned. Gens. Grant and Butler were in consultation during yesterday. Gen. Gillmore has not been relieved, as was rumored. 1 be steamer Express arrived this morning from Fort Walthall, with sick soldiers for Hampton Hospital. Movement of Lee's Army. Bermuda Humdrbd, June 15?8 a. m.? Clouds of dust can be seen rising from tbe turnpike road, indicating tbe advance of a por tion of Lee's army from Richmond towards Petersburg. Two corps of onr army have gone in the same direction. Illinois Democratic Convention?Vallan digham to be Pretected. Chicago, June ltt.?The Illinois Democratic Convention met at Springfield yesterday, and nominated delegates to the Chioago Oonvtn a' dispatch, announcing the arriyal of Val landicham to Ohio, was received with great cheerinr, and resolutions were adopted pledg ing the convention to stand by Ohio in protect ing him. Mere abeut Morgan's Defeat?His Lata at rysthtaaa 1,000?Union Ferces in Clese Pursuit?Vallandighans Still at Dayton* CiHOiWATt. June 16.?Tbe Times' corres pondent at Flemingsburg, Ky., on the ltth, says the remnant of Morgan's command, num bering 700, passed through there on the morn ing of the isth. They admit a loss at nearly l,ooo atCynthiana. A Union force of 1,500, in pursuit, arrived In Flemingsburg six hours after they loft. Vallandigham ?? still at Dayton. All u re ported quiet there.

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