Newspaper of Evening Star, June 17, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 17, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. 1UC81HINT8 IO-NIttHT. Gkotib'r Tbuthu- Mis* Charlotte Thomp son to-nigbt takes a farewell benefit, appear ing as 4k Julia," in Knowles' play ot "The Hunchback." In this character Miss Thomp. f-on l.? unexcelled, as all will testify who have ever witnessed her fine rendition ol it. She is a deserving actress, and those who wonld re ward trne histrionic merit, shoald purchase a ticket for heT benefit to-night Fobb's Thbatkr.?Mr J. S. Clarke is meet ing with deserved success at Ford's, and as he appears to-night as "Major Wellington de Boots," and as "Toodles," two of his best and most amnsing cbaracteis, another full hoose may be expected. Whenever and wherever Clarke performs, the audience Is certain to laugh. and laughter is certainly conducive to good health. Ua?teb?uby.?Marietta Rarel is graceful in dance and the tight rope. John Mulligan and the rest of the Ethiops are exceedingly funny, and the ballet corps do their parts to perfection; and as all will appear to-night in a splendid bill, a visit to Canterbury Hall will be wMl repaid. Thb Gbkat Show.?Dan Rice's great show, at the corner of 6th street and New York av enue, is a big thing: and the trained animals? howi and ponies, dogs and monkeys, mules > and buffaloes, the comic mules, the blind horse, ic^ct,-are the admiration of the large crowds who nightly assemble under the canopy. These crowds are enormous, and in order to secure a eeat parties must fro early. Fairs ahd Fwtivaib.-At Odd Fellows' "Hall a fair is in progress for the benefit of a tome for the friendless. It is admirably con ducted, and the benevolent are invited to do all in tneir power in aid of the cause. At Island Hall the ladies of Grace Church ?will soon open their great festival, and from all the indications it will exceed in beauty and interest anything of the sort ever held in this city. Tbi Wilbt?Brown Cask,?Yesterday, after cur report of th? case ot Emily F.Wiley vs. Marshall Brown and J. B. Haw, Administra tor of the estate of Tilletsou P. Brown, de ceased, closed the testimony of fline Bell, colored, was continued, and she testified that Mr. Brown also slept with Mrs. Frown, on B street and New York avenue. Witness knew that Governor Moore, Mr. .McCarthy and others boarded at the house on the avenue, but did not know that John White boarded there. Witness knows that no one but Mr. Brown slept with Mrs. B., in the house on the avenue. Witness never saw Mr. John White on B street Mr. Brown used to give witness money to go to market with. Mr. Bradley asked if Mrs. Brown did not have a child in the bouse on B street. Mr. Brent objected, and asked what Mr. Bradley intended to prove. Mr. Bradley said he inter ded to prove that at j the time this witness testifies Mr. Brown was i sleeping with Mrs. Brown, that John White J was sleeping with her, and he acknowledged a child which Mrs. Brown had, as his own. The Court ruled the question as proper, and witness continued. She was questioned if she ? knew that there was a baby born to Mrs Brown, ; at the B street house, which lived nearly a year | aiid was buried from that bouse. She replied ! in the negative. Witness knows that Mr. and Mrs. McGhan j boarded at the house. Witness does not know that John White slept witn Mrs. Brown? ' .knows nothing about him Witness does not Tecollect a girl named Ellen Davis, whosropped i there at the time, bnt does rectollect Eliza Pier point. Witness recollects Mrs. Brewn goiag riway while she was living on Bstreet but did ; not know where she went?she took Miss .Emily with her. Witness has seen Col. Lamed at the house. He came to see a Mr. Bradford, j -who stopped at the house sometimes. Witcess does aot Tecollect that on the former trial that j the stated that she was present when the child Oeorgisua was born, nor does she recollect I that rbild. Witness does not recollect that she I told Mary Bowie that Dr. Miller,ot Baltimore, , ?was the father of Georgiana. Witness has often taken Miss Emily to Mr. Marshal Brown's house and also to the hotel,and witness knows that Miss Emily used to go to Mr. Brown's :farm. When Emily came back from school she went to learn a trade. Jacob Williams, colored.?Witness had been with Tillotson Brown's family three or four Tears, and was with him when he died. Wit ness has beard Mr. Brown introduce Mrs. Wiley as his daughter. On the Sunday pre vious to his death witness was in Mr Brown's loom, and Mr. B. called Mrs. B. and gave her the key, and she cot out some papers and bonds, af w which he told witness to call Emily, his daughter, and he gave her bonds, saying that that was enough to take care of her, if she took tare of it; he als? remarked that her mother <Mrs. B.) was provided for in case anything iiappened to him. On cross-examination witness said that at the time of the last trial he was out of the city, and that he is now In Mrs. Brown's employ. Mrs. PrincilJa Hodgton, a very old lady, yworn.?Witness knew a woman named Stahl, who occupied two rooms at Mrs. Brash's, un i 31th street, near Pennsylvania avenue, when ?he saw Mr. Tillotson Brown go there to see j JVIrs. Brown. Whenever witness went to Mrs. j Brush's, Mrs. Brown would leave and go up stairs Witness is over eighty years of age. Ou cross-examination, stated that she has j often seen Tillotson Brown go to the house: he was at the time going to school in Alexandria, atnd whenever he had holiday he was there, (at Mrs. Stahl's.) Mrs Elizabeth Murphy was sworn, and testi fied that she knew Mrs. Stahl, with whom a woman named "Mrs. Brown boarded, and she knows the Mrs. Brown living near the City Jlall as the same person. Witness about five ;years since met Tillotson Brown, who told her that he was married to the woman who was at Mrs. Stahl's. This was in 1>31. John Walker was about as common as dish-water about there. He used to bring a woman to the house, itnd after his wile found it out she gave Mrs. Brush a blowing up for renting a room to Walker. When Mrs. Stahl left she went to JSew York to ner husband. Mrs. Brown went to Baltimore when Mrs. Stahl lefL On croas-eiamination witness testified that she formerly worked for Mrs. Brush, and also .Mrs Weedeas, and saw Mrs. Brown once at the letter's place. Mrs. Brown went to Mrs. I>odd's when she had her baby. Witness never told any one that Tillotson Brown never had Anything to do with this woinin, (Mrs. B.) Jamrx L. Ma'tuxr* sworn.?Witness knew Til lotson Brown in l-'U. and has seen his writing and signature, and recognized the postscript to a letter and entry in a Testament as in the handwriting of Mr. Brown Witness hud a ? Yonrfcrsatlon witn Tillotson Br >wn someyears i-itce In relation to the sale of his interest in the hotel, wh?n he said he sold it so as to have no cufidulty after his death. if? X. S. Bop!tin sworn.?Witness identified certain signatures as those of T. P. Brown. The first time witness saw Mrs. Wiley was stUout twelve years since, when Mr. B. told him that she was his daughter. Witness has ; heard Mr. Brown speak of Mrs. Wiley as his daughter, and also introduce her as such. On one occasion Tillotson Brown, in speaking of hie interests in the hotel, said ne wanted Mar t-ball to let him find bis alone. He also staged that he (T P. B:> had given his moaey to ?he -woman. On cross-examination, witness stated that .Mr. Brown, after having a difficulty with his brother, told him that he had torn up a will by which his property was to be left to Marshall's family. A Cap* OF Nbobo Tbstixony? Ckirq' of jvrjury ?Yesterday morning Justice Kinsey took up the ease ol Elizabeth Shorter, (colored) -who charges that Wm. F. Pruitt white, is the lather of an illegitimate child, which she gave birth to on the 3d day of November last. The case excited great interest from th? fact that it Is among the first where negro testimony has t>een used opou such a charge. The office o .11.slice Kinsey was crowded during the en ti e ? xamication. jv r. J H Bradley, Jr., appeared for the de Jei ? and W. P. Mr. Feudal for cjmpltinant. < ticer Johnson stated that he served the ?wan rant upon Wm. Pruitt but as his (Pruitt's) ?h!ld was Tying dead in the house, the officer allowed mm to go to the magistrate and answer "VT- ich he did last Tuesday, audit was post poned till the present time. EhzabftK Shnrtr-r, (a good-looking colored girl.) pworn.? Is in her eighteenth year, has known Pruitt two years and six months; first kiw him l* his house, where witness hired as a Tervant; siaid o?e week and left with the varl ? oid. After witness got well she returned. T * first night witness el^pc in Pruitt's store, on a sofa Mr*. Pruitt weui to bed. Mr Pruitt Celine in from the cars [street cars, on walcb be "W s a conductor? Ilep ] and sat on the sofa. W u*ss asked who was there? He said "It is ne List, Frank. I want to get into bed with yo . but don't want you to tell Lib; will yon!" vt .tness told him to go away- she was tired. H- persevered nnd g.,i in bed with her, and p it bis arms round witness neck, and bad illicit Interrourw wvh h.nh-w and after *rard?, Wh- n she was in the family way she went and " id him. be asked if it was his. Witness told JUa It was. He *aid if it wa? bis he would sustain the child. Ttie chl'd was bora a month l+fon Christmas. It was born at Mrs. McDu ?-!> ?/ The d"T i* was horn witn?<.% was at Mr. 1 ruitt'a. and Mr. Pruitt went ba:x horns with h*r on bis way to Cassin's drag star*. He lolri me tie had bo rao ?ey to civ* her, hut h? t ad a bedstead at Mr. ^our's which he would give her Witness a?ked what use wis a bedstead wi'hout a bed. That night wim -s* ? .m lak'-n ?ick, and gave birth to mis chil*.' W tnfks had no intercourse with any man r?nt 1 roi't Pruitt urged witness tn go aw ty fro* t is lioufee ?rb the child: nut witness told him it he wonld support the child sb? would go. If JM?t, she wonld star tlU the child was old ei ough <? wenn TMs wis Christmas. Wit res? Kfi Slewing Wltcp?;<" intended to leave on a Saturday, bat would not go till sb* saw him, and toft Sunday morning. On this Saturday, witness asked Prnitt whit ha meant by wanting to send her out of the house. He denied saying it, and went out and shnt the door. Mrs. Prnitt was gone to market. Sat urday night witness went to Mrs. McDuell'a to hire; told her what had occurred, and sbe would not hire her. Witness asked him before his wife about bis wanting to torn her away. He said yee be said so, because the milk was doing the child (Mrs. Proitt's)no good, (witness was the wet nurse,) and the expense was too great. Mrs. Pruitt told witness to say nothing, and go to bed. Sunday morning witness got np and dressed ber baby, then packed her trunk and pnt all her things In. She then took the baby and knocked at Mrs. Pruitt's door. Mrs. Prnitt got up and opened the door. Pruitt was in bed. Witness called him. Mrs. Pruitt told bim Lizzie wanted him. Witness asked him to look at the baby and at her, and remember what he had done to her. He looked at witneei and said ? Well." She said you promised to take care of tbs child and support it, and that witness should want for nothing. Witness then told bim If he didn't give money that day to support the child sbe would disgrace htm on the morrow. He turned to bis wife and said, ?Lib,doyon believe thatd?d blackb?h?" Sbe said, "Yes, Frank, I do; for the last three months you have acted as if you were afraid ol Liz." He jumped out of bed, went to the drawer, lookout a revolver, and slid, ?(J-od d?n you, I never intended to die a natural death, and 1 will blow your d?d brains out.' Mrs. Pruitt took the revolver out of his hands, and said, "Frank! a murder over my child!" and put the pistol In the drawer. Pruitt ran 10 witness, choked her and ran t^er up against the wall, and ordered her out of the house. Witness went down the steps with her baby in her arms Pruitt followed her out and or dered her out, and told her to get her trunk as snon as possible, or he wonld throw it out. Witness returned with a colored man in half an hour, and got her trnnk. Pruitt was sitting in the yard on a stool. Witness went up stairs with Mrs. Pruitt and got her trunk. She gave witness some money in her hand. Monday morning, between 7 and 8 o'clock, witness en tered complaint before Justlce Barnaclo against Pruitt. He would not issue upon it. Witness went to Justice Rowland about 3 o'clock p.m., and ha issued a warrant. On Monday night witness was arrested on a charge of stealing Mrs. Pruitt's money; was sent to jail Taesdav and stayed till Friday, and was discharged on ball. Mrs. Pruitt was sworn as witness against her. To the Justice:?It was three months after the night on the sola that I found myself with a child, and nin? months afterwards I rave birth to this child. To Mr. Bradley:?I am sure It was two years and-a-halt to this time since 1 went there 1 know Jane Thomas. Never told her anything about my sickness. Don't know any colored man named Davis. Father Maguire christened the child. I told him the father of the child was named Frank Pruitt, sometimes called William Pruitt. Mr. Bradley read a certiii .ate from Father Maguire, of St. Aloyslus Church, as follows: " From the book of Baptisms kept in this Church, 1 make the following extract-?De cember 2d, 1?63?Baptized Roslna Davis daughter of Wm. Davis and his wife, Elizabeth Shorter. Born November 2d, 1863. Sponsor Rosa Brown. B. A. Maouirb. S. J? Pastor. John Soter (white,)sworn.?Knows Elizabeth SUorter, about two years. She lived at Prult's honse, about four doors from mine, she has a fair character. I keep a grocery store. She came to my store to buy things for Mrs. Pruitt Never knew anything against her chastity or honesty. She bought her goods and left the store immediately alter getting them. Mrs. .S-ter sworn.?Corroborated ber hus band's statement. Complainant recalled.?Never told Mrs. McDuell that she had a child by any other man. R. Johvson sworn.?Testified that complain ant said in bis presence that Mr. Pruitt would never have any luck; that bis children would die, and perhaps his wife too. That the child F PruiU8ten bj Fatlier Ma?llire? William S'-rpt.Jat. Johnton sworn.?I went to a bouse with Mr. Pruitt, Sergt. Skippon, and R. John son, alter Elizabeth Shorter. She was not tl.ere. Went to another house and found her. I demanded the money she was charged with stealing. She denied having it. I searched her, and a handkerchief fell on the floor; it con tained silver. On the other side found another handkerchief containing a fifty dollar note and some small notes. She said Mrs. Pruitt gave It to her. She accused Mr. Pruitt of being the father of her child. Mr. Pruitt flew In a pas sion, and I had to prevent them coming to gether. Officer J. F. King, sworn.?Was present at Justice Rowland's office when the complain ant asked a warrant No warrant was issued. Mr. Rowland told her to come next day. She made a statement charging Mr. Pruitt with being the father of this child. Hrhinda Evan* sworn.?Lives at Mr. Pruitt's. Was sitting with the complainant and talking :ib#nt the child. I asked her who was the fa ther. She said I didn't know him. I remarked that she had as well tell me. She said his name was Mr. Davis: that he was engaged to be married: was a white man, and lives In the city. She told me before that his name was Mr. Davis. She said the child's name was Rosa Davis. J. L. McDwM, (white,) sworn?Complainant came to my house on a Saturday night my ?wife was out. She said Mr. Pruitt has hurt her feelings, and asked to stay with witness. Said she would stay with me without pay, rather than with Pruitt for pay. I asked her what Pruitt had done. She said he as good as turned her out. My wife returned and com plainant stated the same to her. John Ilunter, (white,) sworn.?Lives near McLlueirs. Have seen complainant go in an alley with colored men several times: and also into a house of ill-fame nearly opposite, both ol which are reputed to be used for improper puiposes. Have never seen the complainant do anything Improper In the alley; but have seen others. Have seen women living In fami lies going into the honse referred to. They were colored, and of bad repute. K'v. B A. Maguir', sworn.?Is the pastor of St Aloysius Church. It is customary to keep a record of baptisms In the church. The cer tificate shown is an exact oopy I made from the record a few days ago No such name as Wm. Prnitt or Francis Pruitt was given at the time. I cannot identify the mother or child at this time, there are so many that call for baptism. Jane Thomas (colored), sworn.?Know Mr. Pruitt and Lizzie Shorter. I sent her to Mr. Pruitt's to get employment. She was in the lamily way when she went to Mr. Pruitt's, and that child died. She went home from Mr. Pruitt's sick with smallpox, and the child was born afer. I know from the statement of Nel ly Mitchell and her daughter that the child died. She was not in the family way when I recommended her, but I discovered it soon after 6be went there. I am on good terms with Lizzie Shorter;spoke to her when I came into the office. Mrs. Martha McDuell (white), sworn.?Lizzie Shorter lived with me about two months after having lived with Mr. Pruitt. I asked her about the father of the child?it was born at mv house. She would not say who was the father. 1 remarked that maybe she did not know. She said there was only two men that ever knew her, and the father of her first was named Cooper. She said she had been con fined before. Comp'ainant recalled by Mr. Bradley.?"The child is a girl." Mr. Bradley?Wm. F. Pruit Is a singular name to give a girl! .fustic? Kinsey remarked that she stated dis tinctly in the presence of several gentlemen that she told Father Magulre that the father's name was Wm. Pruitt sometimes called Frank and he might name the child William or Francis as be choose. The counsel agreed to submit the case with out argument. Justice Kinsey.?I have listened patiently several hours to the evidence, and as the coun sel have consumed my time, 1 shall not ela borate, but come directly to a verdict and honorably acquit Wm. F. Pruit of all charges against bim Mr. Pruitt immediately bad"the girl arrested for perjury. Justice Kinsey demanded ?200 bail for her further hearing. It will be remembered that on the 3d of May this tirl, Elizabeth Shorter, was brought np. before Justice Thompson, charged with the' larceny of #12o in coin from the house of Mr. Prnitt When sbe was searched, on being ar retted, So7.i5 In silver and notes was found upon her person, which she said Mrs. Prnitt gave her, but Mn. Pruitt testified that she had given ber no money but S3, the amount of wages due her. Artistic Triumph.? A remarkable and skilllul operation, performed upon a person some fifteen years of age, and who haa never articulated a syllable distinctly In consequence of a congenital Jltture of the palate, has just been accomplished by Dr. Loom Is, dentist of this I city. The operation is of such a nature aa to obviate the defect of speech, enabling the patient to speak with perfect ease and clearness. The appliance is such as also to give a perfect syim etry of contour to the face, which upon one side was a sunken malformation. The opera tion evinces the greatest professional skill, and is of inestimable benefit to the patient. PaTEWT Oabb 8*ttlkd.?Some time since ? Judge Olin granted a preliminary injunction, on motion of J. U. Clayton, enjoining Thomas Meushaw from infringing the patent of Saanel R. Sylvester for as improved soda water fountain, and yesterday Mr. Mewltw proposed a settlement by paying the oosts and the usual license, tor using the invention, which was u by the plaiAUf, and the euit dis m 1*0*4. T*? 8?v*irrr-Frv? Millioh Loak ?The opening of the bids for the seventy-fl ve million loan was concluded yesterday, ten hear* h?T ing been ocoupied in opening and recording them. There were six hundred and flfty-one sealed proposals, and the amonnt bid for is about ninety millions. The bids averaged abont the same as those on Wednesday, and but. few offers were made belew par. The following are among the highest bidders: Home Insurance Company, New York, 826,000, ranging from 1 to 3 per cent, premium; Third National Bank, Cincinnati, S 100,000 at 6 per oent.; Second National Bank, Chicago, ?*25,000 at 6# per cent.; Merchant's Bank, New Bedford, Mass., 3160,000 at four thirty to fire fifty-five; Atlantic Saving Bank, New York, *100,000 at from 6 to 6 ninety.five; Tenth National Bank, New York, f50O,0e0at fronr3 one-fiftieth to5 twenty -seven-hundredths;Rev enne Bank, Boston, t67&,000 at from 5% to 0K; Boyleton Stank, Mass., ?100,000 at from 5 to National Bank, New York, 86,800,000 at from I# to 2?, and 8100,000 at 5 per cent; Boston National Bank, 8220,000 at from 4 to 5; Savings Bank of Baltimore, 8^00,000 at 5 if: First Na tional Bank of Troy, 875,000 at 6 twenty-two hundredths to 7 eleven hundredths; Fourth National Bank, Cincinnati, 870,000 at 8; First National Bank, Boston, $235,000 at 5 to 5 fif teen-hundredths; Bank of Commerce, New York, 8500,000 at 5; Bowery Savings Bank, 8500,000 at 5 and one-fiftieth; New York Na tional Exchange Bank. 8100,000 at from 3 and one-twentieth to 5#; First National Bank, Philadelphia, about 81,315,000 at from 3 to 5 If; Farmers and Mechanics 'Bank of Philadelphia, $700,000 at from 3 to 5; Mechanics' Bank of New York, 8614,000 at 1 and four-hnndredths; First National Bank, Baltimore, $400, 00 at from5jf to 6J(; First National Bank of Jersey City, 8200,000 at from 5 to 6 and flfteen-hun dredths; First National Bank of Washington, W. S. Huntington cashier, 81,000,000 at 4; Cen tral Bank, New York, $2,500,000 at from % to six-fourths. The following Washington bids were among those opened yesterday:?Major A. Hn-d, 8500 at ? per cent, premium. W. H. Proctor, 80?>0 at 1 per cent, premium. Allen Man, SSOOatS# per cent premium W M. Warner, $1,000 at 6U percent, premium. First National Bank of Washington. D. C-, 81,000,000 at 4 per cent, premium. John F. Reeve, 8500 at 10 per cent, premium. Benjamin Reese, 82,500 at 4 per cent, premium. S. B. Gregory, $1,500 at 5 per cent, premium. Wm. Adams, 81,600 at U< per cent, premium. J. N. Dickson, $250 at par. J. K. Wnelden, $500 at par. A. L. Carleton, *1,000 at 3 per cent, premium. Jennings Piggott, $1,000 at 8 per cent, premium. R. R. Hitt, 83,000 at 5% per cent, premium. Prof. W. Harkness, 8300, at 9# per cent, premium. F-xbmptiok Papers.?John D. Clark, Esq., Attorney at Law, and an old and experienced Magistrate here,is prepared to draw exemption papers for all who are not liable to military service. His office is No. 524 12th street, and parties applying to him may rest assured that their papers will be correctly drawn. See his advertisement elsewhere. Gbahd Affaie.?On Wednesday, the 7th inst., Mr. W. C. Burgher, one of the Foremen of the Government wheelwright shops, was made the happy recipient of a magnificent Gold Hunting-cased Watch. The watch was presented by G. G. Reynolds, Esq., in behalf of his fellow workmen. Mr. Burgher's speecn in reply was short and sweet. The purchase was made at the Jewelry store of H. O. Hood, No. 33b Penna. avenue. # SPECIAL NOTICES. Rare Books?Catalogcb Sal*.?The catalogue from No. 1.52 will be continued this evening, and next Tuesday and Wednesday evening, at 7}i o'clock, over Bank of Washington. Wm. B. Lewis <fc Co.. Auctioneers. At private sale a valuable Patent Bight. It ANbwPekfcmk fo* thb Handkerchief. Phalcn's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereua." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereua." A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perfume, distilled from the rare and beautiful (lower from which it takes its name. Manufactured only by Phalon A Son, N. Y. BBW ARB OF COCNTBBFEIT3. Ask fob Phalon's?Take no Otheb. jel6-3m Sold by druggists generally. Brown's Bronchial Troohks. . '* I have necer changed my mind respecting them from the first, excepting to think yet better of that ichich 1 began thinking well of." R<-v.Henrv WardBbbcher. " The Trothes are astaJF of life to me." Prof. Bdwaro North Pres. Hamilton College, Clinton, N. Y. " For Throat troubles they are specific." N. P Wittrs. " Too favorably knnirn to need command it ton." lion. Charles A. Phelps, Pres. Mass. Senate. " Contain no Opium nor anything injurious." Dr. A. A. Haves, Chemist, Boston. " An elegant combination for Coughs." Dr. G. P. Bigbi.ow. Boston. " 1 recommend their use to Public Speakers.'' Rev. E. H. Chapis. ?' Most salutary relief in Bronchitis." Rev. 8. Seigerikd, Morristown. Ohio. " Very beneficial trhen suffering from Colils." Rev 8. J. P. Andersobt, 8t. Louis. " Almost instant relief in the distressing labor of breathing peculiar to Asthma " Rev. A. C. Eggleston, New York. " They have suited my case eraclly, relitving my throat so that 1 could sing with ease..' T, Ducharms, Chorister French Parish Church, Montreal. As there are imitations be sure to obtaim the genuine. Je 16-tf Corns, Bdsiobb, Bad Nails. Ac. Persons wishing immediate relief from these roublesome annoyances, should call at Dr. White's rooms. No. 424 Pennsylvania avenue, between 4>4 and tjth streets. Thb ohrapbbt and best Haib Dtb in the Wobi.d ?Never Fades or Washes Out.?Upham's Hair Dye, 60 cents a box. The best in use. Try it. Sold by 8. C Ford, corner 11th street and Penn, avenue, Washington; and Henry Code, Alexandria. a6-lv T MARRIED) On Tuesday, May 31st, at the Church of the ?Epiplmny by Rev Dr. Hall. PARIS II. FOLSON, to EI.LA E LOWRY, grandaughter of the late Edward Holland. * . On the 16th inst., ?t Trinity Church, by Rev. R. J. Keeling, rector. WEBSTER ELMES. of Cincin nati. to ROSA E. 8. WHITE. DIED On themorningnf the 17th inst.,ISAAC BEERS, in the 71st year of his age. His funeral will take place from the residence of his son. corner of North Carolina avenue and 3d street east, to-morrow, (Saturday,) the ldth, at 4 o'clock. * On Friday morning. Jnne 17, JOHN W WIL SON, intant son of William and Margaret Wilson, aged 1 months and 7 days. Oh, Willie, thou hast left us. Thy presence is no more. But thou hast landed safely On Canaan's happy shore. Oh, when that joyful day shall come, And, Willie thou wilt meet us, Oh, may thy little hands be held At the gates of Leaven to greet us. The funeral will kike place from the residence, on l?th street, betireen D and E sts., Island, * Departed this life on the 14th inst., ELLA VIR GIN 1A, aged 5 years and 7 months, second daugh ter of Benjamin A. and Mary Prather. Little Nellie, angel Nellie, Brief the days that held thee here, Till thy soul, so pure aud st unless, 8ought another, better sphere Sought a home among the angels, , Where is neither grief nor tear. In thy hand was placed a flower. Of thy mother's love a token, When the silver cord was loosen'd. And the golden bowl was broken; For she loved her darling Nellie, , More than language could have spoken * In Oeorgetown, D. C., on Thursday, the 10th instant, ROBERT READ, in the 76th year of his age. Friends of the family are invited to attend tiis faneral on Saturday afternoon, the 18th instant* at half past 6 o'clock, from his late residence. No. S?0 Prospect street. * At the residence of her uncle. Joseph F. Smith, MIRANDA HUDDLESTON, aged 2) years and ten months. * At Providence. R. I.,on the evening of the l?th instant. ISAAC A. BnOWNELL, aged 43 years, t>on-in-law of Amnie B. Young of this city. * PIC NICS, &c. A GRAND PIO-NIO OP THB SADDLE AND HARNES8 MAKERS' ASSOCIATION Of the District of Columbia Will be held at the Seventh street Park, Om t MONDAY AFTERNOON AND EVENING, June 20th, Commencing at two o'clock, where every attea. tion will be paid to the guests, and strict order will be preserved on the premises by a police force. 1 A good CoMlIon Band has been engaged! for the occasion. Tickets 60 cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. CommUtu of Arrangements. L. Roland. #. Bands, F. fox, J. Hanley, G. Donobue, Wat. Marshy, T.H. McGrath, G. A. Sessford. Je 11-Hr* ' atten a COLUMBIA GARDEN, . V Corner gf ItU strntMnd Oku svmm. FREE OONCBRT EVERY NIGHT.^ Monday and Saturday's Concert coumsm t/l X o'clock, with a fill Brass Ban*. Tkt oeeleat Lager in thee'ty always on haad. JeA-lw* FOR BENT Atfl> 3A. LB. F)R RENT-Tkree very desirable ROOMS, hMdNmel} faraUbti). Ii^tin tt No. ?3Ttf II street, between 6th and Tta. Je 17-3t? ripO LET?Unfurnished ROOMS, Id one of the M. most pleasant and convenient locations in the city, 306 Delawite avenue, only onesiuare from city earn, two squares north of the Capitol - Jel7-3t* F~6fc RENT?A STORE AND DWELLINO, on the corner of 8 and 22d streets, containing aix large ro?m? If desired the dwelling can be rented Separate Apply at the corner of Pa. avenue aud 22d?t. >e 17-3t* FOR 8ALE-A small brick HOUSB and g^od sited LOT, containing four rooms and summer kltchea. Situated on 4th street, between N and 0 For particulars inquire at GIBBS' Hair 8t*re,242 Pa. ar., near I3th st. Je 17-ltn FCR SALE?Tke lei*e for finur years and six months of a private DWELLING, witk or withoat the furniture. Good location. Rent cheap. Inquire at Auction Store No. 307 Penn *yItania ar., of WM. B. LEWIS, Auct. je 17 at l^OR SALE?A MOULDING MACHINE and r TENON MACHINE. Must be disposed or by 1st of Jaly, and will be sold very cheap for cash. Dsn be seen at corner Maryland avenue a?d *th St., Capitol Hill [je!7-lw*} B. L. NEMUS. FOR RENT-A neatly furnished BEDROOM at No 3 Mum avenue, between 4!* and 6th sts.. Island, within a few steps of Pennsylvania avenue, and immediately opposite Armory Square, to * gentleman only. None others need apply. Rent $18 per month in advance. Je 17-3t FOR RENTT^TwcTsix-room briek H0USE9, hav ing been thoroughly repaired. The lower floor of each can be used a^ a store. Situated on 4'a st., Islaad, now one of the mest crowing business streets in the city. Inquire on the premises, No. 1704>i street, between Est. south and Ya. av., bet. 9and 10 q'clock 1n the morning. Je 17 3t* jj 0 T E L F O $ SALE. A RARE CHANCE! A RARE CHANCE! THE SIMPSON HOUSE. Mr KEYWORTH,'oTlhis Arm. <01anr?tl k. Reywortkjjrill dispose of his interest in this pop ular HOTEL AND RESTAURANT.. It has ten excellent Ohamtiers, a fine Parlor, nice Kitchen, etc. The rent is only $13 per monta. w!lb a teaw of two yew's and a half to run. The Bar is second to none in the city. The continued ill-health or Mr. Keyworth compels him to diep<>?e of hn-fn terest in the hetel. For further information ap ply on the premises. je 17-1W IPURNISH E iT ROOM S TO LET, No. *17 Pen a'a BfeDue* between 3d and 4Ja stn. Furnished rooms for rent?One Parlor and Bedroom, on northwest corner ?f 13th and F sts. Apply underneath, at P.WHITE ft CO /S Grocery Store. ' je 16-3t fjV>R RENT?Two communicating UNFUR NISHED ROOMS, on second floor ef house No. 469 2d st.. Capitol Hill, near St. Peter's Church. Will not be rented to families with children. je 16 2t* FOR RKNT.?Two very desirable PARLORS, communicating, on the second floor. Also, a BED ROOM on the third floor. Cars pass the door every five minutes. Terms moderate. Apply at No. 284 7th street, bet. M and N. je lti-jt* FOR BENT IN GEORGETOWN.?To one or two gentlemen,a large FURNISHED ROOM, with four windows. Good hoard in the vicinity. Ap ply between 4 ami 5 p. m. at No. 90 West street, Georgetown. D. C. _ Jejfr"?1 ,->OR SALE OR EXCHANGE, BY HALL A EA f TON, Real Estate Brokers, cornet ?f 7th and F streets. 600 acres of LAND in Wisconsin for im proved or unimproved property in tne District oi Columbia or Maryland. About $30 cash inthe trade. Je 16 31 KARE OHANCE FOR BUSIN ESS ? FOR SALE?A RESTAURANT, fine bar and twelve furnished rooms. Also, a fine hall, would make a good billiard room. Rent low. Good reasons given for selling. Call on the premises, 499 11th street. je lb-4t* OR RENT?A well-furnished FRONT ROOM on first floor, 455 12th street, between G and H. je 15-3t* F 1?OR SALE OR RENT?A large brick HOUSE on 6th street, between II and I. Possession gives at once. Inquire of Dr. BOG'AN, No. 4?it> Massachusetts ar.. near 6th st. Je 15-2w* OOM8 FOR RENT?From after the 20th inst., asuitof FURNISHED BOOMS. Also,OFFICE. No. 424 Fifteenth, between New York avenue ?ua H street. J0 IS-eojt* fT'OR SALE?The FIXTURES and GOOD WILL j of a Jewelry Store, on Pennsylvania avenue very cheap. For an enterprising man a splendid chance. For particulars inquire at this offiee. je 15-3t* - A HOUSE AND LOT FOR 8ALE, near the cor ner of 14th and U streets; cottage built; just finished; all nicely painted inside and out; water near the door. Inquire on theSyremises. je IS^it* JOHN M. HILL. OR RENT?Three handsomely furnished or unfurnished ROOMS, in a new Brick House, in one of the most heNtthy and pleasant locations in the city. Will be. rented singly or en suite, on immediate application am tne premises, corner of 3d and I streets. For gentle men on!y_. je 15-4t 17011 RENT?A GROCERY and LIQUOR 8TORE I* now doing a good business. The reason Tor eelllngout, the owner is about leaving w? ?o.'L Inquire on the premises, No. 394 corner of 9th and I streets. Je 14-5t* OOU8B AND LOT. FOR 8ALE-On 4th street H east, south of Tenwylvania avenue. Apply toG. F. GULICK. If not sold by July 1st. will be for rent. J? ^ 170R SALE-THE FURNITURE AND GOOD r WILL of a hocse containing 1" rooms. Can get a nnmber of boarders if desirable. Inquire second door from KY% street, on P. near Arsenal Gate. je 13-lw? OR RENT-A new two-story BRICK HOUSE, containing 5 rooms, and situated on the cor ner of 6th street east and A street south. Apply at the corner of 13th street and Penn. Je 13-lw* J.BROWN. FURNISHBD HOUSE FOR RENT.?A two-story BRICK HOUSE, with furniture, will be rented for three months, from July 1. Apply at 352 G, near 11th street, between the hours of 6 and 8 o'clock p.'^*. Je 13-eo3t* ORREnT ?From June 2.Tto 1st October or No veraber next, a FURNISHED BRICK HOUSE of ten rooms. Furniture plain, but nearly all new, with Piano and Sewing Machine. Location half a block from New York avenue and its Junction with Tenna. avenue. Inquire at this office for terms, je 13-eo.1t? FOR RENT?And possession given 1st of July, a two-story FRAME HOUSE, irith large back building. No. 51 H street, between 7th and 8th streets, Island. For terms apply on the premises, or at WM. R. RTLKY k BRO'S Dry Goods Store, between 7th and 8th streets, opposite Center Mar ket. Je ll-6t l/OR SALE-A RESTAURANT AND STEAMED .F OYSTER SALOON,in Alexandria. Ya. It is the largest saloon inthe city, situated on King street, a few doors trom the Theater and Parker's Minstrels. It has connected with it a soda foun tain doing a large business. Also, an apparatus for manufacturing soda water. The establishment is wall fitted up, and worth the attention of par ties wishing Co purchase. Satisfactory reasons fiven for selling, to parties wishing to purchase, nquire of ISAAC Z VAN REYKEN. No. 90 Princ* street, Alexandria, Ya. Je 11-lw 1 LARGE FRONT CHAMBER. FURNISHED, A FOR RENT?Will suit a couple of gentlemen. No. 35f? 7th street, betwean I street and Massa chusetts^ jenue^ Je 1'wt* FOR RENT?To gentlemen, two neatlnr/urnished CHAMBERS. Tn a very pleasant and healthy locatiou. near the 8tate Department and Lafayette Park. 460 New York avenue, and forty yards east of the horse cars running from the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. Je 9-tf FOR SAUE?100 ACRES OF LAND at Belts ville, HW acre* at Contee's, 60 acres at Laurel, 300 acres at Savage, 150 at Annapolis Junction, ion acres at Jessdp's Cat, 160 at Hanover Switch, 4fl acres near Eltaridgo Landing, ftO acres mile from Baltimore. All on the Washington Branch Railroad. For terms and description, apply to M. BANNON.82 St. Paul "a at., Baltimore, Md. Je ?-lm* ' TO~REET-An elegant HOUSE, with brown stone front, partially furnished, with all mod ern Improvements, centrally and piensautly lo cated, No. 444 B street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding house. For particulars inquire of Hon D, *. 80MES on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, No 27 4H street. Possession given immediately. le *-tf rSVHIRTY-FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS.?For I sale, STOCK. FIXTURES. GOOD-WILL and three years' LEAbE of a well fitted up Restaurant on Pennsylvania avenue,(thirteen rooms,! now in 8?U MIiCll KLI!'& 'SONi Real Estate Brokers, 8. E. corner Penna. av. and 15th street, j# lo-eolm (i Washington, D. C. OR SALE?A large aud well-bnilt three-story WRTCK HOUf?E, with bask buHdlng, No. 171 2d street west, between B and C sts. Immediate possession given. Apply to CHARLES H. LAN IS, 424 Pa. avenue. , je7-eotf 17?0R RENT-A large STORE; gr>od location for r confectionery or icecream saloon. Inquire at the store, 3lO I street weat. J*t>-?m OR" 8ALE?1*,000 cash will purchase the stock fixture* and furniture (wRh elk years lease at a nominal rent) of a FIR8TCLA88 HOTEL, in Washington. D. C.. containing forty rooms. This establishment is conducted on tnP European plan, and is thoroughly stocked and furnushed with every modern convenience. Location the best in Washing - Real Estate Brokers, 8. E. corner Penn. aye. and 15th at., my 23 1m Washington. D. C i^OR SALE ?A beautifully located BBICR r HOUSE, 18x32, eight room* and pasaage; lot 37x90 to an alley. Immediate possession?only *liTodO feet of Ground, frontiagon Pa. avenue, f0'^J!SS#K??, Baal Estate Broken, mv 17-lm* 8. E. cor. Pa. av. and Igth st. TO LET?a' handsomely furnished bODSR. in the First Ward. Tbe wfcole, or ia suites. Pos session given the 1st of July. Isgaire at Star Of fice, or addreaa Mr. BYBB, Georgetown Post Of fice. Aton. four large PARLORS, lor Government office*. my a-im* n In-the .art need apply. ohonee for a good energetic bp*r*tofr with some . i Tern?acaah,firstmoathll> *df??K?a ; )?6 tf DOOMS ?0?_ RKNT,-Oo?K??ts?t4,aa4 wetl 9 aa4 H sU. Tfca l#<?tlam U?M K<k?J?0* (frablaio tte.citf, d WAlfTS. V17ANTED-A rood COOK at tl^ THw Drtjp Rm tanrant. 493 10th street. White preferred. w mSi,!sK2KS!a,s?.s and ironing. Address Box Wo. 1. Star Office. it A GIRL WANTED?At the Gosling House. No. ? 847 Pennsylvania at emu e. between 12th and 13th street*. j?17-2t? WAN TED-By a rM pec table youth's years of *?e. ? SITUATION in a Grocery Btnre. B;*t r^ferfncfUfiTon. Addrtw Box 28,8Ur Office; It WANTED-A Whita WOMAN, to cook, wash and iron for a email family, living a short distance in the country. Best references required. Apply at 392 4th at., between D and E. je i7-3t* ll/ANTED IMMEDIATKLV ? An ICK CREAM ? ? MAKER and two good WAITERS. Apply to T. POTENTINI, 279 Pennsylvania av? between llth and 11th streets. U* WANTED^By a German ?irl,a SITUATION as ? ? chambermaid and plain newer, or child a nurse. Apply at 33a K street, between 13th and 14th. It* WANTED?A rood COOK: also. a OIRL to do chamberwork ano assist in the housework. Situation permanent. Apply at 392 I *?*eet, Ivtween 12th and 13th. Je 1? -t WANTED?A good bread.pie and rake BAKER, immediately, at J. T. SCRIVENER'S. 39 Fayette street, between 1st and ad streets, George town. je 17->t WANTED.?Three good WHEELWRIGHTS. Apply at corner Maryland avenue and Third street east, Capitol Hill. je 16-3t* ANTED.?A white WOMAN to do Chamber work, wash and iron. Apply IT 1 Penna. av enue. between 17th and l.Hth streets?Eagle Restau rant. Je lrt-St" w rANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two good Jour neymen BARBERS. Apply at 497 7th St., between D and S. ? ? ? je lfi-3t* G. C. Q. BAUR. ANTED TO RENT?A HOUSE in the conn try, not more than five miles from the city, or near a railroad atateioo. AddreM Box #i?4 Washington Post Office, stating location and terms. J?16-5t* ANTED IMMEDIATELY. ? A competent GIRL to do the work in a small familv Good wages will be paid to one well qualified and recom mended. Apply at No. 164 Pennsylvania avenue, between 17th and^mh streets. je lS-3t* WANTED?A colored WOMAN to cook for _ family. None but a good one need apply. Good wage* and steady employment given Apply to JOB. SHAFFIELD. Confectioner, 3*6 6th at. between G and H stg. je W-St WANTED?By two young genMemen, a nicely furnished ROOM, with Board, in Georgetown, in a pleasant location, within a few minutes' walk of the cars. Please address "A. D. K.,"Office of Internal Revenue, Washington, D. C. Best of reference given, ,e I" ANTED IMMEDIATELY?Two MKN COOKS, to go to the array. Apply at 500 H at. je!5 3t ANTED?A whit* SERVANT in a private family, to Cook, Wash and Iron None need apply but first class. Call at 511 E street, bet. 2d and 3d. _ J el5-3t^_ WANTED TO LEASE?A HOUSE and STABLE, in or out of the city. No objection to a few . Acres of Land. Address Box No. 2, Star Office. Jel5-lw* I WANTED?A small FURNI8IIED HOUSE for v v the summer months The best care will be taken of the Housp and Furniture Best of refer ence given. Address " W. If B.,n box 259, P. 0. je lS-at* \\TANTED IMMEDIATELY?Three more good ft HANDS at Dressmaking. To competent dressmakers constant employment and epod pay is iron ran tied. Apply at M'me WLRTENBKR't 8 t>ress and Cloak making Establishment, 4 60_Penn. a?enue, at once. je 15-3t* ANTED IMMEDIATELY-A SHOEMAKER. Apply at H TIERNAN'S, corner of Penn. avenue and 6th street east. je 14-lw* ri I R L S W ANTE D.?Apply at the Ebbitt ? House. jelS-lw* ANTED.?Two, or three UNFURNISHED R00M8 for a gentleman, his wife and one child. Address " B. B." Star Office, stating terms, location, etc., je 13-1 w ANTED TO PURCHASE?A well-built brick DWELLING HOUSE, in a good neighbor hood, between 6th and 15th streets, north of Penn. avenue, worth $4,00' to $6.0"O. Cash if an object. Address, for one week, stating locotion and price, L. M , Box 31?i City Post Office. je 13-6t* \*7XN T E D-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. W AUo, MIRBORS. CARPETS. BEDS, BED DING, and H0C^Bf,LTRNT8HINOGOOD9ofeiTery description. R. BUCHLY. 42*" 7th street, je 8-tf between G and H,east side. ca nnn ladies wanted to call at OU.UUU PRINCE S Stamping Depot. 3?1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look oat that they come to Prince's, who istne only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F ?treet, opposite Patent Office. nin 4 Every lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expemse, bad built a veryelegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakers and othera can have any kind of goods Crimped at ahort notice, in aa food style, and a* cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember tan is t"he only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3?1 F atreet, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Maohine Btitch lng Depot. mr3* \\TANTED IMMEDIATELY?200 I<ADIB8 to IT Embroider on Muslin, Linen and Cambrie. To good bands constant work and food waaes iriven. Ladies applying will please bring samples of work. Apply at WM. PRINCE'S Stamping and Machine Btitohing Depot, 381 F street, opposite Patent Offl ce "18 PERSONAL. 1VJ0TICE.?All persons are hereby notified not to 1^1 harbor ot trust Ann Ford on my account, as I shall pay no debts of her contracting after this date. FRANK FORD. June 14.1364. je 17-2t* ANY INFORMATION concerning the wherea bouts of JOHN GORMLEY, will be gratefully received at No. 43 Jefferson street. He l?-ft home Monday evening at three o'clock, and was last seen on Pennsylvania avenue, near Eleventh street, at eight o'clock the same evening apparently very sick. Any information received concerning him, will be liberally rewarded. je 18 3t? MARGARET GORMLEY. MR8. L. SMITH, an excellent Clairvoyant and Test Medium, 252 Fourth street, five doors above I street, examines diseases, heals by mag netism, sees your dead and living friends, tells character, gets Barnes, reads the future, has great sympathy for the afllicted. Hours from 1" a. m. to 8 p.m. je lU-2w* TO THE POOR AND UNFORTUNATE.?Con sultation gratis from 11 to 12 m. Medicines without charge.^ UECHTINGER, Formerly Surgeon in charge in the Austrian and Italian army. informs the public of Washington that lie has Just arrived from Paris, and devotes his attention to the treatment of all kinds of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private diseases. He converses in English, French, Ger man, Spanish and Italian languages. His diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe hang in his office, Penn. avenue, 502, near 3d street. Office Hours, 9 to 11 a. m.; 4 to 6 p. m. je 7-3w PERKINS, STERNE & Co., 190 Broadway, N. Y., EXCLUBIVl DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABBOLUTELT PUB1. For sale by all first-class Grocers and Draggiats everywhere. mh 30-3m? FINE, READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT BAR k BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER X AND SEVENTH STREETS. Persons desiring good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving their measures, can get fitted in oar establishment in garments made of THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATEST DESIGNS. We have now a very large stock of SPRING and SUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, AND BLACK DOESKIN PANTS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles, Albo? A FINE STOCK OF BOYS' CLOTHING, and an immense stock of GXNTS' FURNISHING GOODS. ?7"Business closed on Saturday until evening ' Je7-lm* g 0 0 F I N G 0F0KfYy CEMENT TH0MA8 FAHEY, Coins* 10th St. Wist and thh Cahal, Washington, D. C., Belnc the only agent in this city for Roofing Felt and Roofing Cement from an old established firm, can afford to sell the above articles at the very lowest prices. Roofers and thoae engaged m the boaineaa are requested to call and see for themselves, having a large stock of the ahare named article* always on hand. my 30-1u> m FOR SALE I WO RUN DEED barrei. prime WRITE CORN, fu. 0. BJWIB.Ja, AUCTION SALES. Ft >tfcw UtlU? toltiiM first y>y. THIS APTERMOOa AMP TO-MORROW PT GRKRH A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. CHANC1RY sals ok valuable rial mm tat?. . 8* of a decree of the Supreme Comrt of the District of Columbia, d?'*4 on the Slat of Mtfi A. D 1864. passed in * certain eauae purring in eaid court, betwe-n Joa?ph R. Ca*?in, truftee, eonpltiDut, and John Willierae.defknd ant? the undarsign?d traatee will. on FEtEAY, tke I7th dat of June, A. D lfW4,atsix o'clock P. W., in front of the premlaee. proceed to sell AH that lot of ground aituate in tke city of Washing ton. ami Birtrict or Columbia, known and desig nated as let numbered 16 In aqnare numbered ?: aleo the east seven feet eight inckea front of lot numbered 13, ia mid square. together with the Im provements on saidJotand part of lot. oonsiating of a large three story brick dwelling houes. < being ? portion of the real eetate of thft lftte Commodore Stephen Cassin.) Tnia property ia aituated on North K atreet, be tween a th and 27th ateeta weat. fronting W feet and 8 inrhea on K atreet, and extending back with that unifjrm width. <57 feat 8 inchea) 109 feet 19 inchea to a public aller. The terms of the sale are : One third sa*h; thft balance to be paid in two equal iaatalments. at six and twelve months from the day of Rale- aald bal ance to bear Interest from the day of sale, and the pat ment thereof to be secured by the bond* of thft purchaaer or purchftaera, with surety to be ap proved br the trustee. If the terms of sale be not complied with within fire daya from tne day ol sale the trustee reaervsft tbe right to re sell the property, ftt tke risk aad cost or the defaulting purchaser, by advertiaing fuch re sale three timea in some one or more dally newspapers publiahe4 in the city of Waahingten. All conveyancing and stamps nt fhe coat of thft purchaser. R. H LA?KKV. Trnatftft. my 26-3tawAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. j?Y cTMoOUIRB A CO., Auctioneers. VERY VALUABLl PROPERTY IN THK RIAK OP THE NATIONAL HOTEL AT PUBLIC AUC TION On KRIDAY AFTERNOON June 17. at 6^ o'olk, on the premises, we akftll sell. Lot No. A, in Square No. 490. fronting S6 feet 4 inchea on north 0 street, between Four-and-a half a?d Siith atreet west, and running back about 128 fe?t to ft 3D foot wde public alley, with a Brick ttallding. lona and favor ably known as the ''Washington Bath House." The central location of thia valuable nropftrtr renders it very deairable for business purposes, and we invite the particular attention ofcapital ista and buafneaa men to the Rftlft. Terms : One-half cash; the remainder in 6 months, with interest, aecured by ft deed of trust on tkft premises. Coat of eonveyftnofts and reveaue stamps to bft **Je4loydl>mrCh*W>. O. McGUIRE A CO.. Ancta. |^Y J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auctlone?ra. VERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOT8 AT THE Corner ok h and 19th streets. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 17, at half past aix o'clock. on the premises, we shall sell, parts of Lots Nos. In and II. in Square No. 130 fronting oa North H street, at the corner of Nineteentk street west, to be divided into building lots. Then? Lota are finely located for private resi dences. on a quiet and pleasant street, but in full view of Pennsylvania avenue. Terms cash. Conveyances ftt the cost of the purchaser, je 9-d J. C. McGUlRE A CO.. Aucf. i V GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. IV THREE DESIRABLE BUILDING LOTS ON THK ISLAND AT AUCTION On FRIDAY, the 17th instant, at 6 o'clock a m.. we shall sell in front of the premises part of Lot* 7. >< and 9. in Square No. 538 This property fronts on south F, and is hetwe?n 3d and4?? streets wast. ' Persona desirous of purchasing building lots in this section of the city would do well to attend thft sale, a' the property will be sold without reserve. Terror : One half cash; balance in six and twelve months for notes beasicg interest. A deed giv?n and a deed of trust taken. will be required of each purchaser when the property is knocked off. A warrantee deed given. Je 14-dAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucts. BY W. L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers. Southwest corner Pa. avenue and 9th St. FURNITURE MATTING. Ac.. AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING. June 18. con men clng at ten o'clock, we will sell, at our Auction Rooms an assortment of Furniture of persona d* dining housekeeping, including ino Rolls 4 and 6 quarter Prime White And Check M atting. Terms cash. Je lfi WM. L. W.ALL ACO.Auc'ts Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. At the Horse Bazaar, 91* La. a? B BALE OF HORSES.CARRIAGES, Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING, June 18,commenc ing at 10 o'clock, we will sell at the Bazaar, M Louisiana avenue, between 9th and 10th streets, comprising *^0llpjjTy HORSES, Including; A Horse, Buggy, and Harness, Saddle. Bridle, Valise, Pistol Holster. Horse aaid to beaoand. ALSO. Other Horses;a description At sals. ALSO. A Large Assortment of Desirable New and Second Hand Carriages. Wagons, Harness, Ac. 1 six scat-cut under Germ&ntown Carriage. Terms cask. je 16 WM. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. |^Y J. O. McGUIRE A CO,, Auctioneers. FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY MORNING, June 18, ftt tea o'clock, in front of the Auction Ron ma, we ahall eell ths Furniture and Effects of ? family deoliaia# housekeeping, comprising? Sofas. Lounges. Divans, and Parlor Chaira, Marble top Tables-Whatnot, Cane-feat Chairs, Window Curtains, Bedsteads, Bureaus, WashatftudH, Mattraaaea. Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets. Comforts. Spreads. Carpeta. Oil Cloth. Matting, Extension Table. Dining Chairs, Cooking and other Stoves, Ac., Ac. ALSO, 5 Barrels Old Rye Whisky. Terms cash. Je ls-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aueta. J. 0. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. W BUILDING LOT ON NORTH G STREET. BE TWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1ST 8TRBKT WEST. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 18, ftt 6>S o'clock on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No 14, in Square No. 624. fronting 16 feet on north G atreet, between North Capitol atreet and 1st St. west, and running bftck 176 feetSinches to aSO foot alley. Terms: One-third eaah; the remainder la six. and twelve montha, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances ftt the cost of the purchaser. Je 15-d J. C MeOUIRK A Co., Auct'a. pVJ. C. MoGUIRE A 00., Auctioneers. TRB8TEB'8 8ALEOF~REAL ESTATE CORN EH OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE AND 13TH STREET EA8T. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 25th, ftt o'clock, on the premiges, by virtue of a deed of trust dated March 31, 1864 and duly recorded in Liber No. 31. folios 12 et seq.. one of the land rec ords for Washington county, D. D.. I shall sell Lot No. 1. in square south of square No. l.?19, situated at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th Btr6dt Terms: One half cash: balance in three and six months, secured by deed of t ust. $50 to be paid on thft ground at tbe time of sale. And tie trus tee reserve a the right to resell, after four inser tion a in the Evening Stai, ftt tke risk of defaulting pnrohaasr in the cost of the eale, not being com* plied with in five days after the day of hale. Conveyances and stamns at cost of purchaser. GEO. C. B MIT0HEL1, Trustee. Je 14-d J. 0 MOGUIRE A CO. Auota. JJV J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, TWO VALUABLE BuTTdING LOTS ON 12TH 61 BEET BETWEEN MAS8ACHUFKTT8 AVE UE AND NORTH M STREET, AN DONS ON VERMONT ANENUE, NEAR L STREET. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 18th. at C o'clock, or the premiaea, we shall sell Lot No. 12, la subdivision of square No. 316. fronting 15 feet on 12th street west, between Massachusetts avenue and Lorth M street, running back loo feet 1 inch. Also, part ?f Lot No. 4. in same square, fronting 21 feet on Uth street, and running back ftbontff feet to an alley. Also. Lot No.'6, in sqnare No. 214. fronting 25 feet 8 inches on Vermont avenue, between L and M streets north, and running back to a 30 foot Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in alx and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Cost of conveyancing and stamps to be paid br the purchaser. . _ Je 13-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.'Auct's. |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. HAND80ME BtJILDINO LOTS ON THE ISLAND AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the fid instant, we shall sell, on tbe premises, ftt ft o'clock p. m., the following handsome Building Lots, viz: Lots Noa. 1 and 6, in 8quare No. S28. No. 1 hAS ft front on C street south of 67 feet, ftt the corner ot 11th street west. Lot No. 6 has a front on Virginia ave- ue, at the corner of 12th street, of 1M Tret Both of which Lots will be subdivided to suit pur chasers. Lot 6 fronts the Ma'l near ths Smith sonian Institution?a beautiful location. ALPO, Immediately after the kale ot the shall Mil East part of Lot No 4. in Square No. 537. b&TiDtr a front of S2 feet on Virginia avenue, run nlng back about |*i feet, between 3d ana 4H streets, W ill be divided if desired Te ms: one third ensh; balance in six and twslv* months, for notes bearing interest Adeed girea and deed of tnut taken. . , All conveyance ?t cost of purshftser, including revenue stamps. Title indixputftkle. , . . Tw?ntr dollars wiU he,required of each Mir ehaser when the property Is knocked off and if net complied with it will be put np again and sell t* tt1e IftV VfiTl GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aftsts. P Y WM B LEWIS A CO.. Auctionsftra. W?DNT*^AY*\'ENCClfiG. June .? Mr A. Hnnter*a Rooms, over t*?e Bank of waak icstoii, we shall aell, all of Mr Banter's stftok *f Rare and Yftluabls Books, Maga*inea Law flute Papers. Expiring Expeditions Orimean Reports, Annual Debates of Congreaa, Dictionaries, Ml _??! la< eons, Religious Ac., wita Coina Oarlaai^ea, Autographs, Rarft Plaster Burta. Paintings, tat which ft valuable Pi-itnreof Jupitjr. Ae.^ky Cor regftie. Also, EeereUrias. Bo?* Oaaes, Sheiviftg, SaVes'wi?li'be'coatirued TUESDAY anl WEB N>SDAY EVENING^, ??tu ftU ??Ul.ftS thft rtK rs oa?u<t be vacated ftt ftn early <tay CatftlegnM of to loit ready tft'eft dara be fare ?aeh ftftle. Books e*a be seen at any ti?r, JeVtT(Nrorl

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