Newspaper of Evening Star, June 18, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 18, 1864 Page 2
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IBB EVENING STAR w. D. WAUAOH. KlUr and I?reprleter. WASHINGTON CITY t SATURDAY JUNE 19, 1964. BCTRBADINO MATTBR ON BVBRY PAG1 8BB OUTBIDS FOB INTBR1STINQ T1LJ OEAPHIO AND OTH1E MATT MB. Kkturn or Prwidhnt Lincoln Pres ident Lincoln returned to thle city yesterday afternoon at one o'clock, In a special train, from hit visit to tbe fair at Philadelphia. Mri. Lincoln left Philadelphia yesterday morning for New York, where she will re main lor several days. Thb S*v*NTY-rivn Million Loan.?Secre tary Chase yesterday announced Ills decision in relation to the bids for the $75,000,000 loan. The Secretary has accepted *41,393,200, at a prrm nm of four per cent, and over. All bids below tliat have been rejected. It is under stood that Secretary Ubaae will start for New York in a day or two, to negotiate for the resi due of the loan. TELEGRAPHIC) NE WS. PROM KENTUCKY. Lovibvillk, June 17 ?The Rebel Colonels Chenowitb, Charlton, Morgan, and a member of John Morgan's staff, came into Lexington yesterday with Gen. Hobson, under a flag of trace, designing to treat with with Gen. Bur bridge for the exchange of prisoners captured in the recent raid. Burbridge refused to re cognize the flag, and arrested the rebels as prisoners, and ordered Hobson to the command cf bis division. About 150 mounted men of Jesse's gang crossed the Louisville and Frankfort railroad early this morning, at Smithfleld. They were subsequently heard of at Shelby villa en route to Tftylorsville. Cn Friday, the 10th, Col. Weatherford, of the 13th Kentucky cavalry, evacuated Burksville, and, on the following Wednesday, Bennett's gang took possession of the poet and gave the town up to pillage. Frem Charleston. Nkw York, June 18.?The steamer Fulton, ircm Port Royal on the 15th, has arrived. The rebels opened Are from Sullivan and James Islands on the 7th, which was replied to by onr guns. No damage was sustained by us. At night one gun of Fort Putnam opened on a rebel steamer bound from Charleston to Frct Sumter with troops and supplies. 9Be was disabled, run aground, and at night demolished by our guns. New Hampshire on the abolition of Slavery Concord, June 16.?The House of Represen tatives, to-day, by a Tote of 163yeas against 103 nays, adopted a resolution requesting the rep- i resentatn es of this S .ate in Congress to do all in their power to secure the passage in Con- j gresa of the proposed amendment to the Con stitution abolishing slavery in the United States. The Philadelphia Fair. Philadelphia, June 17.?The vote on the sword at our Sanitary Fair now stands as fol lews : Meade, 2.107; Hancock, 1,392; McClellan, 1M>. Total, U,K70. The fair building continues to be daily crowded from 10 a. m. to 10 p. m., and will probably be kept up until the 25th instant. LATEST NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. Richmond papers of the 15th inst., received in New York, contain the following: From Gen. Lee's Army, fCorrespondence Richmond Enquirer.] Abut of N ortbkbn Virginia, near Gaines' Mills, June 14 ? Grant is again in motion on our right, and our generals are making proper movements to meet him. He commenced re- ' tiring from our front last night, but tbe move- | inert was not discovered until this morning, wben our line of battle was advanced, and it : was discovered that the enemy were cone. ; Grant commenced crossing at Long%Bridge with Infantry, artillery and cavalry this morn- j inr, alter a leeble resistance on the part of the ' forces there stationed. Grant is therefore across ! the Chickahominv, and it cannot be long be- : fore a collision occurs. It is quite true that Grant has been taking ! up and burning the York River Railroad, which indicates that Grant either Intends to cross to the south side, or be intends taking the James river as a baae. This morning troops are landing from trans ports near Malvern Hill. It is impossible yet to say where onr lines are likely to be estab lished. Grant has, by this movement, secured possession of Malvern Hill. The breastworks which Grant has left were all of the most ; formidable character, and were six lines deep, i No collision of any magnitude has yet 9SCUrr?d, ? but before to-morrow'# OUfl shall I expect another battle. There was an engagement this morning near Ridley's shop, on the Charles City road, about fifteen miles below Richmond, between the encmy'B forces, consisting of infantry, artil lery, and cavalry, and a body of onr cavalry. Our cavalry, however, owing to the superior ity of the enemy's numbers, were forced back. The enemy is also said to be moving up the RiTer road. Grant has gotten no nearer Rich mond by this move. He has, however, reached the south side of the Chickahominy. Tbe War in Mississippi. [From tbe Richmond Lxaminer, June 11.1 The War Department received last evening ft>e following dispatch, announcing a splendid victory by Forrest; Baldwin, June 11, (via Mobile, June 12.)? Gen. S. Cooper?The battle of Tischamingo Creek, fought yesterday by Maj. Gen. Forrest, is one of the most signal victories of tbe war for the forces engaged. The secured results on the field so far are 900 prisoners, 12 piece* of artillery, 15c' wagons, moetlv loaded, and more still coming in. The rout was complete. Our forces are in close and vigorous pursuit Our loss so far will not exceed 400 in killed anb weunded. Too much praise cannot be awarded the gallant*Forrest and his brave command. S. D. Lkb, Maj. Gen. A previous dispatch from Gen. Lee states that Gen. Forrest attacked the enemy at 10 a. m., six mile- we8t 0f Baldwin, and fought Z p. m., gaining a complete victory. The lurce of the enemy was estimated at 10,000. The enemy bad already been driven ten miles. Okalona, (via Mobile,) Monday, June 13.? dm. 8. Copper?Gen. Forrest reports from Sel 111a, on the 11th, that he has scattered tbe forces of the enemy, and was still pursuing them. The loes of tbe enemy so far amounts to 2,000 billed and wounded, and l,ooo prisoners, 20 pieces of artillery, and 250 wagons and ambu lance*. Tbe rout is complete. S. D. Lke, Maj. Gen. fY"S=?BT D1YINK PERMISSION. REV. H. C. IL_3 CUfllING will in the M. P. Church, Georgetown, on SUNDAY, the 19th inst., at li ?'clock a. m. and 8 p. m. The public are invited to attend^ It* ST PAUL'S M. E. MISSION.-Sunday li O School to morrow from 8 to lo.H a. to., at the mTiui. Cbai?d, corner of Sixth and N street., .preaching at U a. m. byjR*v. W Pmtttmam, and at 5 p. m.tij Rev. Ii. H. NiDAL, D. D. Tae public are invited. It* ry^-THE RKV. THO.-v BOWMAN, D. D..PRB8 jl5 ider t of Anbury University. and Chaplain t?. the S-i at of the I nited States, will jprencn the t ? o * -1 ** (Y3=?THJ? MEMBERS tr NBW JBKUSALBM 1J.J3 LODGE No. y, or P. A. A. M., ar?* request edto meet at the Hall of liirani Lodge No. 1U, on next MONDAY ?V KNING. 2uth inst., at 7.45. By r.rdt-r of tLe W. M. it* UltlAS IIURST. 8 c. /ifwj^NOTICB.?Colombia Institution roa tub JJsjf I*.-jT*rcTioa or tik Dbaf aso DfMii AM> 1111. BliHD, June 17, 1854. N< tire ih hereby given to the Subscribers of funds for the -iippnrt of this Institution, that a r t-nilit-rfthip competent to give two hundred votes ha* been roi >tituTe'i. a.- provided in the Con<titu tiow.and that m ir eeting will be held atthelnsti tut.ou bo the aid day of June, ui*tant. at 11 o'clock h n... for th<* p'irpo-e of adopting & p-rmunent or*ai'i*atior ?n<t electing officer* thereof. At said meeting it in pr po>?.'d to make the fol lowing alterations in the Constitution : 1. Add to the 6th Article the following proviso, vi/: " P??>vidfd that ?aid nine persons shall be coff.petent te gi** one third of tne entire vote of the Association. 2 Add to the %tn ArtV following word*, viz: *'Th?* President shall be e\ othcio Principal of the Institution." J , 3 Strike out of ths third claue* of the 11th Article tbe following words, viz "A Principal of the Institution and ' 4 Change the word " Styt?n, in Article 7, to ' eight," making the number ef Directors eight ip-t- ad of seven. _ , _ F.v crder tf the Board of Directors. iel8 3t AMOS KBNDALL. President. tY^FAlTANl) FB8TIVAL, at Odd Fellows' IL * llall for the benetttoftbeHomefor Priend itif'Women and Children, Wives. Ac.,of Wounded bnldlers. '?"tf iVS=-OBACBClll B< lf fAIB AND FB3TIVAL, [|9 At ISLAND HALL. Corner of Virginia Avenue and ?th 8tre?t The ladles of Orace Church. (Rev. Alfred Hoi* v i*ad Rector.) will open tbair Pair for the sale of i.-eful and fancy articles for the benei'of Grace ofu?ch on MONDAY neit, Jane 30. A large and j-pl. ndid collection of articles will be presenUd. euited to the ??a?nn, and caleu'ated to secure the litronsge of tbe friends n( the ehurch and poWie ITneralN. Season tickets, adalU, ?1^;t?,cUll ^rec ti cents. Je U-*w 17 OR 8 A LB?A good 90DA FOUNTAIN, la per F f'-rt running vrder, Afply at 844 Q Si.e??. jri T1 MULB8 FOR SALIC.?Two very large. young MULES. kind in any h?rn(w. ALFRED JONKS. Fee* Dea'er. 126 K at , bit wecr. 21st and Kd, or Jel8-St* 451 Center "NOTICl. , , ? n. STINEMETZ Desires to infor* hisi Cus t^mrra that he will continue hi> bu-tines* at the rid stand, No 83? Pa. ??mM. until hi* new store, now in course of rrection, next door to cor ?? mh 18-lw 336 Pa. aveaue. <HK STOCK OF A WHOLESALE DEALER IN WINES AND LIQUORS FOR .SALS. compri sing a choice selection of pure Wines and Imported Liauors. Champagnes, Ale*, Cigars. Canned Meats ana Fruits, with other Sutler Supplies, which witl be sold low for caah or approved paper, to c'ose up the business. Address "C. A. W.," Post Office Box No. 136. Je 18 lw? COR SALE?A new and very elegsntly finished T four spring IIOCKAWAY FAMILY CAR RTAGE, with shifting front and summer ?Up linings made by John R. Laurence A Co.. New Y rk. Worth eiirht hundred dollars; will be sold for seven hundred, the owner having no use for it. Apply to JOHN OGDEN. No. ?19 7th street, near L. [Intel.] Je 13 3tif SPECIAL NOTICE. 4 ST 9?H 8T. CHEAP GOODS. 9THST. Prime BROWN SUG AR, only 17 cents. Choice FAM'LV FLOUR. $10.80. Finest HAMS, 8HOULDKR8 anl BEEF. With large stock of Fresh Goods. 8 EYAN8* Je 18 2t* 4**T Ninth at., between D aad fe. T COPARTNERSHIP. HI undersigned having formed a copartnership and taken the store No. 394 Penn'a avenue, two door* below National Hotel, will conduct the Hat tersbusiness in its various branches, under the firiu of M. O. Gladmon A Co.. where a full assort mcnt of STRAW AND FELT HATS mutnow be found. B H. STINEMETZ, Jel8-lw M. O. GLADMON. \17HITE BAREGE MANTILLAS. BLACK BAREGK MANTILLAS, WHITE BAREGE CIRCULARS. BLACK BAREGE CIRCULARS LADIE8'MISSES, AND CHILDREN'S BLACK SILK SACOVES CIRCULARS AND MANTILLAS, A complete assortment at MAXWELL'S. S3* Penn. av.. je 18 6t between 9th and loth streets. WATER REGISTRAR S OFFICE. Juki is. 1854. The Mayor of Washington is this day informed by the Engineer of the Washington Aqueduct that "the supply of water front the Aqueduct is ample, if Judiciously applied,to keep the streets quite troe from dnst. They can not only be sprinkled, but showered, if necessary, ihree or four times each day. by means of private street plugs or carts, during the dry summer season." Public hotirc. therefore, is hereby given, that the restrictions heretofore imposed upon the use of hand hose for watering the streets are, for the present, removed. By direction of the Mayor. RANDOLPH COYLE, Water Registrar. Je 18-St | Intelligencer.1 Proposals for mail steamship service ? BET WE KM THE UNITED STATES AND BRAZIL. Post Offick D?rARTME*r. * Washington, June 17, 15*6-4.% In accordance with the provisions of the act of Congress, approved May 28,1864, which is in the words f ollowing, to wit: " A? act to authorize the establishment of ocean mail steamship service between the United States and Brazil." " Fe it enacted" by the Striae and H"use of Rtpre tentnnvts of the United States of .4 merira in Contr??.?.? assembled. That the Postmaster General be and he is hereby authorized to unite with the General Post Office Department of the Empire of Brazil, or such officer of the Government of Brazil as shall be authorized to act for that Government,in establish ing direct mail communication between the two countries by means of a menthly line of first class American sea going steamships, to be not less than two thouutnd tons burden each, and of sufficient number m perform twelve round trips or voyages per annum between a port of the United States, north ofthe Potomac river, and Rio d? Janeiro,in Brazil, touching at St. Thomas, in the West Indies, at Bahia.Pernamhuco.and such other Brazilian and Intermediate port or ports as shall be consiiered necessary and expedient: Provided, That the ex pense of the service shall be divided between the two Governments, and that the United States por tion thereof shall not exceed the sum of one hun dred and tifty thousand dollars for the performance of twelve round trip* per annum, to be paid out of any money appropriated for the service of the Tost Office Department. * Sec. 2. And be it.further enacted. That the Post master General be. and he is hereby, authorized to invito proposals for said mail steamship service by public advertisement for the period of sixty days in one or more newspapers published in the cities of Washington, Baltimore. Philadelphia, New York and Boston, respectively, and to con tract with the lowest responsible bidder for the same for a term of ten years, to commence from the day the first steainshi p of the proposed line sha'.l depart from the United States with the mails for Brazil-' Provided, That proposals for monthly trips? that is to say, for twelve round voyages per annum ont and back?are received and accepted ? by him within the limit as aforesaid, from a party or parties of undoubted responsibility, posseting ample ability to furnish the steamships required for the service,and offering good and sufficient sureties for the faithful performance of such con tract: And provided, further. That such proposals shall be accepted by the Government of Brazil, and that distinct and separate contracts with each Gov ernment, containing similar provi?ions, shall be executed by such accepted bidder or bidders; each Government to be responsible only for its propor tion of the subsidy to be paid for the service. "Sec. Z. Anil or tl further enacted. That any c#n tract which the Postmaster Genernl may execute UDder the authority of this act shall go into effect cfi or beforp the first day of September, one thous and eight nundred and sixty-five; and sha'l in addition to the usual stipulations of ocean mail steamship contracts, provide that the steamships offered f?r the service ?hall be constructed of the best material* ar.4 alter the most approved mo del, with all the iao'tern improvements aM??t''d for -ea-going steamships of the first class, ana shall, before their approval and acceptance by the Postmaster General, tie subject to inspection and ?nrrey by an experienced ua'-^l constructor, to be detailed for that purpose by ti.'c Secretary of the Navy,whose report -hall be made to the Postmaster G< neral: that the two Governments shall be enti tled to have transported, free of expense, on each and every steamer, a mail agent to take charge of and arrange the mail matter, to whom suitable ac commodations for that purpose shall be assigned; that in case of failure from any cause to perforui anv of the regular monthly voyages stipulated for in the contract, a pro rata deduction shall be made from the compensation on account of such omitted voyage or voyages; that suitable fines and perm' tien may be imposed for delays and irregularities in the regular performance of the service accord ing to contract; and that the Postmaster General shall have the power to determine the contract at any time, in ca?e of it" being underlet or assigned to any other party. "Sec. 4. And be it further ena'ted, That the mail steamships employed in the service authorized by this act shall be exempt from all port charges and custom-house dues at the port of depart ure and ar rival in the United States. Provided, That a sim ilar immunity from port charges and custom-house dues is granted by the Government of Brazil. " Approved Mar 28.18^4." PROPOSALS Will be received at the Post Office Department, in the city of Washington, until 3 o'clock p m.of SATURDA Y. the first day of October. IS-U, for Con veying the mails of the United States by a monthly .line of first-class American sea going steamships of not less than two thousand tons burden each, and of sufficient number to perform twelve round voy ages per annum between a port of the United States north of the Potomac river and Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, touching at St. Thomas, in the West In dies, and at Bahia and Pernatnbueo, in Brazil, for a contract term of ten years, to commence on or before the 1st oay of September, 1-Joo, and to date from the day the first steamship of auch line shall leave the United States with the mails for Brazil. Bidders must designate the United States port of departure and arrival, and may-, at their option, propose to embrace additional intermediate ports at which the steamships shall touch on their out ward or homeward passages, to deliver and receive mails. Each bid should name the time proposed to be occupied in performing the passage-, each way. be tween the Lnited States port of departure and ar rival and Rio de Janeiro, and should be aceompa nied by a map or diagram of the route, showing thf intermediate ports at which the steamships are to call to deliver and rcceive mails. Schedules of the sailing da>s, stating the proposed days and hour* of departure from each port, as well as the proposed days and hours of arrival, should also accompany each bid, sU'-li schedules, however, to be anbject to the approval of the Post Departments . ot the respective countries, and to alt-ration by said Departments from time to time, as the inter ests of the proposed interna'ional postal service may require. The st. aniships offered for this service must be American s'eamer* of the first class and before acceptance will be subject to inspection and sur vey by an experienced naval constructor to be de tailed for that purpose by the Secretary of the Navy. ... Proposals niKst conform in all respects to the provisions and requirements of the aforesaid act, approved May 2Pth, 1864, and must be properly guarantied, with a satisfactory testimonial that the guarantors are men of property, and abun dantly able to make good their guarantee. The bidder's name and residence, and the name of each member of the fi rm, when a company offers, should be distinctly stated iu the proposal. The at ceptsnce or noli acceptance of the bids will be determine! by the Postmaster General as soon nit practicable after the time limited for reception; but no proposal can be accepted by this Department unless the bidder is also accepted by the Government of B?zil, as provided fur in the aforesaid act And in case of such joint acceptance distinct and separate contracts are to be executed by the accepted bidder or bidders with ea h ?>v ernment. containing similar prov.s'pns. each Go*n ernment to be responsille only for its proportion o< the subsidy to be paid for the service. Proposals should be sent, under seal. to the 1- irst Assistant post master General, "Foreign Desk, with the wurds" Mail Proposal*"-K For ten Mnh w rittei. on the fare of the address; and tney should be dispat-hed in time to be received by^or before I the first day of October nex t, which will be the last 1 day for receiving prooo?als under this ad vertne | ment. M. BLAIR. Postmaster General. Note ?This Department is not advised tHat any d? 6mte action has yet been taken by the Govern ment rf Hradl in respect to the establishment of the pre posed steamship service ">etween the two ct untries but it is pr? bable that by the 1st of Oc tober next, the limit fl*ed for the reception of p>oposalu under this advertisement, Certain infor mation on ti at sublet will have been receired. Wh?n rtceired, it willbe made public. je l?-w9w _ M. B._ inn fWWY FEET OF HEMLOCK JOIST and SCANTLING. WHITE PINK WEAThBRBOAR >ING and FLOORING, now ka in? leaded afid lor sale. H N EA8BY. j# ?T St* ? street nr>rth,56th street we?t._ an mSroWant* A*HAWKER'S ALMA Uf.UHl TAl Li's, T LOST AND FOUND. LOST.?On Thursday, the >th inst., one black COW. A hbetal reward will be given if re turned to T. LKTY. 433 Eighth street, between G and n. It* F>PND?Thismoraine, a POCKET BOOK con taining a small imo uf money and sundry pa pen. the Owner oan procure the same by calling at 807 I street, prorinf property aad paring charges. j? Ii-3t* LOST.?This mornine on the carriage ?t?p in front of Mr. Massie's house. 9t!i street between EandF.a POOR IT BOOK, containing valuable nepers and about $16 in money. Bj delivery to Mr. MnsHie a suitable reward will be given. It* THOMAS B. KULFFU8. ? l-A REWARD?Lost a morocco leath?r Mllf - ^lU OR AN DUM POCKET-BOOK, tied with an iadia rubber strap, containing papers of no value to anybody but the owner. The above reward will be paid on delivering it at Room No. 2 Fed eral Block, corner 7th aad F eta. je Ift-at* TAKEN UP ESTRAY?On Friday. June 17. 1X64. a bay mare MULE, with shared tail and mane, ard hair rubbed oft by collar on the shoulder. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. Apply atseoond toll-gate. 7th street road. je 18-3t* LOST?-Ob the i7tb Inst., in going from George town to the Nary Yard, a FISHING ROD and CASE; the rod being a jointed one, in four pieces. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at EBB8, YATES it CO.'S Dry Good Store, corner 8th and I sts.. Navy Yard. je 18-St* ^JTRAYED AWAY from S street north, between f? 6th and 7th, on Tuesday, a small red COW, with white face and very la'ge horns; and white spots on the sides. $5 reward will be paid for her re turn to ROMAN PKLT3M0N,onS street, bet. 6th and 7th. Je 13-3t* WENT ASTRAY-Two bay MARES. one Vi t h inane trimmed, star in forehead. The other has a star on forehead, and the right hind foot hai a white i>pot on it, and is heavily foaled. $10 r? ward will be given by returning, corner loth and Boundary sts.. CHRISTOPHER MEYENBERG. je 18-3t^ REiWAR D.?8 tr a y ed_ or ?tolenon_Tuesd ay $10 14th, from Capitol Hill, two HOESBS, one an iron grey, about 7 years old,15 hands high.a small sear on the right aide of the neck; the other a bay. between IS and 16 hands high, 11 or 12 years old, slightly grey on the back; no other marks recollected. The above reward will be paid if re turned to me at the corner of C street north and 3d st. east. <lt?) THOS. LIDDELL. LOST?On Tuesday, the 8th inatant, a Yellow COW. white face, with large Horns. .51 o Re ward will be paid if returned. CHAS. HAYS, Je 17-.Tt* Blacksmith, Bladensburg Toll Gate, STOLEN FROM THB YEST POCKET OFJ.G, DOVE, from building on 16th street, between L and M, a SILVER WATCH, No. 69461. Lutz Broth era make. A reward of $10 will be paid for return of sams to Star Office, and no questions asked, Je 17-3t* OST?On the road between Deaf and Dumb Asy lum, Kendall Green, D. C.. and corner 5th and L H streets. a handsome ACCORDEON. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at "'Rose Cottage,'' first house west of Asylum, Kendall Green, or at 591 H street. je 17 2t" flfcpr REWARD?rOW LOST.-Oa or about the 27th day of May, a small red COW, with white spots in the fore quarters. Her horns turn downward, with the tops cut off. The above re ward will be paid for her return. WILLIAM LYNCH, Je 17-2t* cor. G and 22d sts. CfC REWARD.?Strayed away on the llth inst., sp?* a buffalo COW, with head, bac* and belly white; pale red on the sides. The above reward will be given if returned WM. BABINGTON. on corner of 1st street west and I street north, below St. Aloysi'JB Church. Je 16-3t* QOA RE WARD.?Lopt, in going front the Hop Av Restaurant on 7th street, between D and E streets, down 7th streat to the avenue, a roll of TREASURY NOTBS. amounting to The find er will receive the above reward and the thanks of the loser, by leaving it with J AME8 BELL. Clerk at the Ladies window, City Post Office. je 16-^t* fig"! REWARD?Strayed on the~13th instant, a ylU middle sized mare MULE, between bay and a mouse coler. with shaved tail and mane, and the hair rubbed off by the collar on her shoulders. The above reward will be paid if returned to Shreeve's Livery Stable, on 7th street, . ??A? Je 14 lw* JOHN SHANNON. fflk/rrv REWARD.?Stolen from the subscriber, living near Brookville. Montgomery coun ty. Md.. on Monday night, June 6th, iv GRAY HORSE, 7 years old, about 15 hands high, stylish, color dappled on rump, with longtail. I will give the above reward for the recovery of said horse or any information so that I may get him. JOHN STABLER, Brookville, Montgomery county, Md. The horse will be identified and the reword paid by SAMUEL RENNEY, oorner of 6th and C sts., Washington. Je 13-1 w* BOARDING. BOARDING.?For rent, with board, large front and back ROOMS, handsomely furnithed. Lo cation first class house, airy and commodious, to gentleman rooming together or permanent family boarders. Terms very moderate. A good table kept. Room for a few meal boarders, Apply at 395 13th st.. bet. F ard O sts. je 1, -4f Board with handsomely furnished ROOMS, for two or three gentlemen, or fami lies,?one single room. House commodious and airy, with apacious grounds. Terms moderate Apply southwest corner 21st and H streets, near Penn. ave. Je 16-2w* .ouse.) rpO THE RESIDENTS OF THE ISLAND. L. LbTiKUL. WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. No. 196 4H street, b'tmeen Band F street ?, Island, (Next door to Tenth District Station House.) Watches Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the most neatest style and warranted. Par ticular attention paid to repairing of watches, ( Also, A large assortment of Books Stationery and Fancy Goods constantly on hand. je 17-6t* ^ PIANOS. j^Econd-hand pianos now in store. yiii f? r fjo. ?? One for |80. One for lino. !??*?? One Upright for $90. One of Knab?& Co.'k Baltimore make, Jn fine order and tone. 7 octaves, and warranted, for 9260. One of Rosenkrantz fine PIANOS for tliii. These are bargains, and we advise you to call and see them. Also, fifteen fine PIANOS of Chickering & Sons, and a few of Hallett Davis A Co.?best mahers. Old Pianos in part payment. JOHN f. ELLlS, 306 Penn. avenue, je 17-3t bet. 9th and loth sts. THE UNDERSIGNED, Citizens of Washington, having us<?d the REMEDY OF C. KEENAN. No. 519 I street, between 6th and 7th streutu, for the cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism, have do hesitation in saying that we are satisfied it ia one of great value to all afflicted with this most painful disease. We therefore cheerfully recom mend it. WM. C. MAO EE. E. bet. 12th an l 13th, MARY NEWTON. 4th. bet. G and H, MARGARET A. MITCHELL. GRACE HURDLE. I. bet. 19th and 2U?.h. ROBERT WARREN, 7th, bet. K and L. The above medicine can be procured at JOS W. NAIRN A BRO.'S, corner 9tn street and Penn. avenue, and full particulars can be learned in re lation thereto. Pricefl per bottk*. je 15 coJw* edical1?ukveyor s office, Washington. D. C., June IS, ItHM. All dealers in this city and Georgetown, who wish to sell to the Medical Purveying Department, are requested to send to this office, on the MON DAY of each week a sealed list of the articles they may be prepared to furnish, at ehort notice, with the price of each attached to the same. C. SUTHERLAND, je 15-Jtf Surg. U. S. A., Medical Purveyor. Billiard tablesTor"'SALE^TheTubs. ri her lias THRKK FIRST CLASS BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, which be will dispose of very low. Inquire at the Billiard room corner of Uth street and Penn-ylvaniaavenue. Je 14-tf WOOD~FOR 8 ALBT?About 400 cords of Wood, Oak and Pine, about three miles from Wash ington on the railroad. and within quarter of a mill of Rives' " Slip," and near the turnpike. For f-ale low. Apply to J. W. VEITCH, Attorney at Law, Bladensburg, Md. Je9-2w* BE PUBLIC-ARE HEREBY INFORMED that the UNION HOTEL, George f town, D. C., has recently changed hands,' and is now open to the traveling commu-. nity. The hotel has been refurnished with ex treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in the city durint; the summer months will find the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The Union Hotel is only SO minutes' ride in thecals from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Board %~l per day. jeft-lm* kj NOTICE TO SUTLERS. Sutlers wishing to ouajube vessels M f..r James River or its tributaries, can have a them furnished by inquiring of J AMES " JOHNSON, foot of Eleventh atieet, Riley Wharf. jo \j. jw JNCOME AND OTHER ANNUAL TAXES. Office CollctOT of Internal Revenue, / Warhihotoi, June 11. 1854.? NotiCK is hereby given that 1 am now prepared to receive payment for the Taxes assessed on In comes, Licenses, Billiard Tables, Silver Plate, Carriages. Ac , Ac., which are now due and niu-t be paid on or before June 3lst, 1464. Office hours fi om 9 a. m to 4 p. m. LEWIS CLEPHANE, Collector of laternal Revenue, je 11 <t* Office No. 40"* 7th street, aear F st. D, VETERINARY SUBGEON. ? , R. JOHN B. McKEY, Member of the Royal College, Edinburg. Scotland .All diseaaea^ of the Horse treated in most scientific man ner Charge moderate. Office at Ghapin4 ? Matlock'b.G street, near 7th atreet, Washing ton, D a | | Je 6-l4t* THE DRAFT.?Aliens and persons over 45 and under 2i years will find it to their interest to call at No 5Q4 12th atreet west to have their ex emption pspera correctly prepared and authenti cated at a fair price. jroUM D. CLARK, Je 16 St Attorney at Law and Notary Poolic. IpOR SALB-A CANAL BARGE, achooner r 1 aged, carrying aboot 75 tons, suitable for the Sutler trade: one SUTLER'S TE#lT, alx Phil adelphia built BKlFFg, jnst the thing for pleasure boat*. Alao, 20 bbla POTOMAC SHAD. B A. DAYTON, 40 south Washington street. Alexan rtr!a, or L. MoKKSZIB, Union street* b^twet^n Prince ?nd Puke. je3t* I 1 w B 0 0 K 8 | H NBW BOOK Sit Darkness and Daylight. By Mrs. Mary B Holmes; ^BouJari a Tale of the Old Duteh Manor. By M, T. Walworth: prloe 91.W.. Co'tun'a Atlas of the Uoio?. aew; price |3. Sevm Stories with Basement aad Attle. By Ik* Marvel: price |t 75 . My Cave Life in Ylekahurg; prlaall Forealehy I HU?r A S0L0M0V3. * 14 ifi5i 532 r*. N 4 O'UIiOOK P. M FORT DARLING. The Republican'! story yesterday of the cap ture of ? ort Darling has not only bo confirma tion, but military authorities here do not seem to anticipate that Grant will attempt to take it by assault, involving, as that would, a fearful loss of life. It occupies a formidable position on a height where its guns rake the open wheat field lead ing up to it in every direction, landward, and its water approaches are quite as susceptible of defence as experience has proved. If Grant deems its reduction a thing to be desired, he can undoubtedly reduce it, bnt he will cer tainly not assail it by storm. NO NEWS. If no news is good news, we may believe, as we certainly do, that everything is progressing well at the front, though nothing has been received from that quarter. No farther particulars confirmatory or our occupation of Petersburg has been received, but there is no doubt that from the command ing position gained by Smith, we are in a posi tion to occupy it at any moment that may be deemed desirable. FROM TH* POTOMAC FLOTILLA?A SUCCESS FUL RAID. The Iieslie arrived this morning from the lower river, and report* that some of the sea men of the flotilla and a body of colored troops have for a week past been on a raid in a quarter where it was reported there were a number of guerillas and blockade runners and thus far the expedition has been very suc cessful, capturing a large lot of cattle, horses, and some twenty.flve or thirty prisoners, among whom are some who have hitherto given us much trouble running off contra bands, Ac. The expedition is still at work, and promises Important results. A large num ber of contrabands, some of whom had been run off from Maryland have already been re covered. NAVAL CAPTURE. On the morning of the 1st of May the schr Fox, tender to the U. S. steam-sloop San Ja cinto, in lat. 26 deg. 05 min. north, and long. 83 deg. SO min. west, boarded and took posses sion of the sloop Oscar, from St. Marks, hound to Havana, wish 03 bales of cotton. She had no papers, and the captain said they were thrown overboard. The Oscar has been sent to Key West. CERTIFICATES OF DISCHARGE. By direction of Major General Auger, com manding Department of Washington, all cer tificates of disability for discharge, heretofore sent direct to the Adjutant General of the army, will hereafter be forwarded to Capt. H. W. Smith, A. A. G., Discharge Ofl^er, Depart ment of Washington. William N Tuttle, an estimable citizen of Baltimore, and one of the publishers of the Baltimore Clipper, died yesterday in that city, in the 55th year of his age. CONGRESSIONAL. Satubday, June 18. Senate ?Mr. Collamer from the Committee on Post Offices and Post Koads, reported and called up the House joint resolution to autnorize the Postmaster General to extend the contract with the overland Mail Company. Itisreport ed with an amendment, fixing the schedule time not to exceed sixteen days for eight months of the year, and twenty days for the remaining four months. The bill was under consideration when our report closed, and various amendments had been adopted. Hocbb.?The House passed the bill reported by Mr. Alley, from the Committee on the Post Office and Post Roads, establishing a large number of new post routes. The Speaker announced the first business to be on the passage of the bill providing for the adjudication of claims for losses sub tained in consequence of military movements. The proceedings on the bill were interrupted by Mr. Schenck, who made a report from the Committee on Conference on the disagreeing amendments to the bill increasing the pay of soldiers. All privates are to receive the same rate of pay. The report was concurred in. The House passed the bill for the appoint ment of commissioners for the adjustment of claims. The House resumed the consideration of the Senate bill to incorporate the Metropolitan (street) Bailway Company. The question pending was on agreeing to the recommenda tion of the Committee for the District of Co lumbia, striking out the words "provided no regulation shall be made excluding any person from the cars on account of color." The question having been taken, the proviso was not stricken out?yeas 60, nays 75. Mr. James C.Allen moved that the bill lie upon the table, which was decided in the ueg atire. The bill Wa* p?Weed?yeas ?3, nays 46. The House went into Committee of the Whole on the state of the Union on the Senate's amend ments to the Indian appropriation bill. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [By the People's Lane?Office 511 Ninth street.] Kbw Yoke, June IS.?U. S. 1861, coupon 6's, 112*-, V. S. 5.20's, 105*; Certificates of Indebt edness, 97*; Gold, 195*; N. Y. Central, 131*: Erie, 112*; Hudson River, 142*; Harlem, 260; Beading, 128*; Michigan Central, 143*; Mich 8an Southern, 98(g"; Illinois Central, 11-^; leveland and Pittsburg, 112: Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 147*; Chi cago and Bock Island, 113*; Mllwaukie and Prairie da Chien, 07*; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne and Chicago, 112*; Alton and Tena Haute, 63: Chicago and Northwestern, Si\, Quick silver, 73*: Fire in the Watervleit Arsenal. Ai.banY, June 17.?A fire occurred in the blacksmith shop of the Watervleft Arsenal early this morbing, and for a time, owing to the hesitation of the men to go near the fire through fear of an explosion, the main build ings were in danger of destruction but the speedy arrival of three steam engines from Troy kept the conflagration within the building where It originated, and the lose is compara- j tively trifling. LOCAL NEWS. Further of the Explosion. MOKB OK TUE BODIES RECOGNIZED?l'KKPABA T10K8 FOB INTERMENT Yesterday evening after the Jary of Inquest had returned their verdict, the remains were gathered up separately, and enveloped in a blanket, and placed in boxes, and carried to a frame building near by?fifteen charred bodies, all in a row, the other two of the seveuteeu having been identified and taken away. It has been utterly impossible as yet to obtain the names of all who were killed outright, but the following are certainly known to be among the victims, viz:?Elizabeth Branegan, resided on E street south, between 4* and 6th; Julia McCuln, 4* street, near F; Bridget Dunn, Cap itol Hill: Lizzie Brohler and Eliza Lacy, E street, between 4* and 6th. All of the above have been recognized by their friends, who identified articles of clothing, shoes,ornaments, Ac., yet remaining upon the charred* bodies. These, together with the bodies of Johanna Connor and Margaret Horan, which were re cognized last night and taken to their late homes, make in all seven that have thus far been recoenized. Maggie Yonson, who resided on 7th street, between F and G, Island, aud Ellen Eoche are among the dead, but it is impossible to identity them. Miss Bache, who was taken to the Arsenal Hospital yesterday died this morning from the effects of the injuries received. Numerous friends and relatives of defeased, this morning visited the Arsenal and strove to identify the remains of loved ones, but were unsuccessful except so far as above stated, and they were obliged to turn sorrowfully away. A large number of those who were employed in the building where the explosion ocourred, but who escaped unharmed, except- by fright, also visited the arsenal grounds this morning. To-day all werk was suspended at the Arsenal, out of respect to the memories of the deceased, except on the part of a lew of the carpenters and painters under the direction of Mr. McGinis, who are engaged in preparing the coffins. The coffins are of poplar, and are neatly stained, and srill be uniform In appearance, all ot them to be lined with mnelin and trimmed with white satin and gimp. The handles, screws, tacks, Ac., are to be silver-mounted, and the coffin-plates will oe also of plated sli ver. Early this morning a mating of the employees connected with the Arsenal was held. On motion of Mr. Birch. Mr John Dudley was upanimon-ly chosen chairman, and Mr. William H.ToppIn waaappointed secreur*. W' on taking the rh?ur; fcrieflj" *tMed the object of tbe meeting. which was to take some Action concerning the recent explosion Be auggeeted that a committee he appointed from tbe various workshops to make arrange, menta regard tar the mli<*rUon of fnnds, and to superintend the barial ol the victims of the late disaster. On motion, the following gentlemen were appointed from the different departments, to act as a coihmlUee to make all the necessary arrangement*: Clerks, Mr. F. White; saddlery department, Mr. Hickman; machinists, Mr. John Stahl; biacksmithing, Mr. Jas. Kiar, carpenters, Mr. G. Oollison; tinners, Mr. J. Birch; painters, Mr. Barry; armorers, Mr. F. Reilly; laborers, Mr. Isdell. On motion, Rttolred, That every man con nected with the Arsenal contribute one day's pay to defray expenses; which waa uiAni monsly agreed to. The committee took a recess, *and on reas sembling, Mr. White, chairman, reported the following: Messrs. Reilly, Birch and Isdett a committee to select a site in the Congressional Burying Ground for the interment of the young ladies who lost their lives. Messrs. King, St&hl and Collison to proenre hearses, appoint pall-hearers, and conduct the funeral procession. Messrs. Hickman and Barry to visit the fam ilies of the deceased and acquaint them with tbe action taken by the different departments cctacernlng the late calamity. Also, to make arrangements for their attendance at the fu neral. On motion, tbe report of the committee was unanimously adopted. Mr. Dudley suggested the propriety of some action being taken by the various departments to have a suitable monument erected to the memory of those who lost their lives in tbe Government employment. He had no doubt bnt the clerks in the different departments and citizens generally would contribute generous ly to such a noble object. On motion, as a mark of respect to the mem ory of the deceased young ladies, all labor be suspended to-day. The meeting adjourned to meet to-morrow afternoon at ? o'clock, to attend the funeral. The committee above appointed at once went to work energetically, and have perfected the arrangements for the funeral, which leaves the Arsenal at 3 o'clock precisely and moves up Four-and-a-half street, and thence along Pennsylvania avenue to the Congressional Cemetery, where a lot has been procured in the new portion near the brick wall on the west 6ide. It is expected that all the hands employed at the Arsenal will attend the fu neral, and all worklngmen and mechanics on the public works of the city are requested to attend. Mr. John Dudley has been selected as chief marshal for tbe occasion, and ail the arrange ments will be under his control and direction. In addition to the list of victims elsewhere named, killed by the explosion, we hear of the following as also dead, viz: Margaret Johnson, Susan Harris, Emma J. Baird, Emily Collins, Mary Burroughs (supposed), Lizzie Lloyd, and Ada Webster. Aa effort will be made at once to raise funds for tbe erection of a monument; and the com m'.ttee state that merchants in various sections of the city urge the erection of the monument as a proper undertaking. The committee have received sums of money for the purpose of de fraying expenses, and an anonymous sympa thizer contributed P50 in aid of the cause. IKCIDBHT8. Melissa Adams, killed, is the daughter of Edward C. Adams, huckster, Center Market. Mr. Adams and family have the general sym pathy of the community from the fact that this is the third child he has lost by violent deaths within a year or two, and singularly too, aa if in support of a popular superstition, in each case the disaster occurred on a Friday. The first was that ot a boy who accidentally shot himself on a gunning excursion; the next was that ol another boy run over by a coach and killed; and the third was that of the daughter Melissa who perished in tbe llames yesterday. Miss Gunnell is reported better to-day, and it is believed she will recover. Mrs. Scott, the widow lady who escaped badly burned from the laboratory, found her self bnried at tbe time of the explosion under the bodies of a half dozen of the girls, and never expected to emerge alive, bnt by great exertion, she managed to struggle free and escaped trom the building. Under the excite ment she was not aware that she was burned until she had reached the upper gate of the Arsenal grounds, when feeling a pain in her leg, she examined it and found it terribly blistered. Mr. John Dudley was badly burned about the hands and arms in his courageous attempts to extinguish the burning dress of one cf the sufferers. A young girl employed in the laboratory was yesterday morning dismissed for laughing and talking in the room, contrary to rules. She bewailed the fact of her dismissal to an elder. )y friend employed in the room, who tried to comfort her by saying that it would perhaps all turn out for the best, but with no thought that the events of the day would so soon make her words true. By an odd coincidence it was only yesterday morning that a letter had been received at the Arsenal acknowledging in grateful terms the receipt of 1170, contributed by the Washington Arsenal employes for the reli?f of the employes at the Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg, who suffered from some similar calamity not long ago. By another coincidence the despatch to the War Department announcing the explosion and fire at tbe Washington Arsenal was re ceived at the same moment with one announ cing a fire in the Watervleit Arsenal, N. Y. Orphahb'Court, Judge Puroell.?This morn ing, the first and final account of Mary H. Stone, administratrix of Aaron H. Stone, and fourth account and balance and distribution of the estate of Alexander Mclntyre by Mrs. Mary W. Mclntyre, were approved and passed. Letters testamentary were issued to Hudson Taylor, executor of the estate el Eleazer Linds ley. Thb Baltimore Suw's report of the Arsenal disaster, in its Washington corresp<ftidence, reads amazingly like the Star's special report of the same on yesterday. Statbopthb Thbemojietbe.?At Frank lin &. Co-'s, opticians, No. '244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 75 In the shade; 82 in the sun. A BARB CHANCB.?For sale, in the eityof Al exandria, a HOTEL and BOABDING-HOU8E dijw doing a splendid business. The reasons for selling out are that the proprietor is compelled to go North. To a good man this is a ftplondia chance, as license is being granted to all respectable per sons. For further_particulars inquire at Steam boat Hotel, foot of Bine street, Alexandria. or ad dress for one week "J. M. T.,'' care of Harvey Warne, Alexandria, Va. je ia-3t* RUMMER DRESS GOODS AT ' GREATLY REDUCED PRICES! J. J. MAY & CO. Will coaimence on Mond^f, June Sjth, to close cut the balance of their stock of ? SUMMER DRESS GOODS at very low prices. They have on hand of recent purchase a larfe stock of? PLAID AND EMBROIDERED SILK GRENA DINES, WORSTED GRENADINES, PLAID AND STRIPED TAFFETAS, PLAID, STRIPED AND BMBBOIDERED MO ZAMBIQUE3, PLAIN, PLAID AND STRIPED ALP ACQ A POP LINS, PLAIN AND FIGURED BAREGES. SOLID COLOR TAMART1NES, CRAPE MARJTS CIIALLY DE LAINS, FRENCH CHINTZ, JAC ONETS, 1 ORGANDIES, LAWNS, GINGHAMS, Ac. Allof which will be marked on Monday next 25 per cent under former prices. Tbe above goods are of fresh importation, nad are very choiee, both in styles and quality, haviag been selected expressly for the best city trade. MOURNING DRBSS GOODS, SUMMER FABRICS, will be included in the goods marked down, so will THLH SHAWLS and LAOE POINTS ani MANTLES. We expect to have a great demand for the above goods at the reduoed prices. Those who intend to * * go i?" should be quiek. about it, as we don't in tend it shall take all summer to dispose of them. J. J. MAY & COt, 30& Pennsylvania sveaae, 18-2t between 9th and 10th sts. WOOD MOULDINOS! WOOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOVLDINOS' UNITED 8TATE8 WOOD MOULDING Ml LI.. Nos. 34 and 26 South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always on band, a large stoek of the above articles, male ef the very best material. Orders tiled at the shortest aetioe. Freight paid te WesHagtea. freecharge. BS1,n * BROTHS**, . JcVMn proprietors. ptMWORKai PIREWOR$iH f The largest assortment iB ths (sty. FLAGS! FLAGS It of kind*. LANTERNS ! LANTERNS If far illuminations, Ac. Roman Caarfles. Exhibition Pieeee. Scroll WheeU, Fire Crackers, Sky Rooketa. Pulling Cracker# Pin Wheels, Torpedoes. Triangles, Flotillas. Vertical Wkwh, Chinese BnmHs, Smoo WhwJa, Fire Balloons, China Flyers, Tor Cannons, Flying Pigeons, Cracker Pistols, Serpenta, Torpedo and Oraoker Pis Grass Hoppers, tola cembiae4-a ww FlnwerPoU, article, Blue Lights. Transparent Laaterna. Bengola Lights, Toy Drtmn. Mine?. COME EVERYBODY I and ret roar snppHes for the GLORIOUS FOURTH from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRS WORKS DEPOT. 302 E STREET, NKAR FOURTEENTH. Depot for Boswell A Warner's celebratftd COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. *^"The Trade supplied. Je lA-2w WM. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctioneers. 8 xWJ.ftS??8' ?B7 OOOM.Ac . AT AUCTION sTJi. no?i i*n*21' 10 O'clock, at our Auction Store, 307 Penn. avenue, we ?bal\eell the stock of * Jobbing House, consisting of twsatr w'.rIMP Leghorn Bonnets. twenty-four doi?n Lngliih Braid, twenty-four dozen Florence Braid five dozen Mourning do. Large aasortnieut Hoop Skirta, Ave case* Men's and Boys' Straw H?UA Ac , a J*r*" lot of assorted Dry Goods, Fancy Gooda, 4c., Ac. Jel8 d W. B. LEWI8 A CO., AucU gY WM. B. LEWIS A_00., Auctioneers. NEW BOOKS, ^L,bJ^- STATIONERY, Ac., MONDAY EVENING next, June f. at 7?i o'cl'k. ?",r?07' Ii?- p*nn. avenue. we shalf eel) the stock of a Bookseller. conaiating of about seven hundred lota of Standard Books, In vari >ua styles of binding, aa Poetical Hist.-rlcal, Travels, Novels and Miscellaneous S'-ock. Also, Photo graphic Albums. Blank Books, Letter, Note and Cap Paper, Ac., Ac. Books for examination at our stole on Monday J* 18 d W B. LEWIS A CO., Aucta. BT J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. LARGE SALE OF~BUILDING L0T8 On FRIDAY AFTERNOON.Jane Mth. at < o clock, on the premises, we shall sell the whoie ??Li?V,r? 183? anting respectively on 18th and 19th streets west, and north Rand 8 streets, the whole subdivided into 64 desirable Building Lota running hack to alleya. Terms. One-tbird in caah; the remainder in 8 and 12 months,with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises Coat of conve>a.nces at the expense o? purchaser A payment of J#; on each lot will be required at the sale. Je 18-d IBep.l J. 0. MoQUIKE A CO.. Anets. y^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. ? -?ABRICK HOUSE FOR SALE. On THORSDaY. the*4th instant, on the premi ere at 6 o'clock p. m., will be sold at public auc tIon, part of Lot numbered 22. in Square S67. im proved by a three story Brick House containing 8 rooms. Possession lat July. Thia property is sit uajad on lnth street weat, between N and O north Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 an li months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Btampa and conveyances at the axpense of pur chaser If terms of sale are not complied with in 5 days the property will be resold at the expense of the purchaser after 5 days notice in the Star JeJ?-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. AucTa. jjl GREEN A WILLI AMS. Auctioneers. ?lwr/M^5 CAPITOL HILL AND 81!m1 Vr?S. AtTucri?' HKiK IH" On TUESDAY , the 21st instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 634 o'clock, west part of j Lot No. 10, in Sqnare No. 793. fronting on south D, between 3d and 4th streets east, with the improve i *nich consist of a good two storr Frame Also, at 6 o'clock same evening, we shall eell, on the premises, south half of Lot 24. in Square 8* This property fronts on 21st. between north 0 and Water streets. First Ward, with the improvements. w?icn consist of a two story Frame House Terms cash. All conveyancing at purchaser's coat, including revenue stamps. $:nn on ea^h will be required to be paid down when the property Is knocked off i? 18 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta, JJY J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. t*F8TEE;8 BALE OF~BUILDING LOT ON I,BTW"N ? AN? ? By virtue of a deed of trust from Tko. Rice, ?f p ?"? . v'?'' and duly recorded in Liber H. C. T.. No.7, folios loeet seq.. one of the land records for W ashlngton count*, D.C.I shall sell ??.THURSDAY AKTEBNOOtf. July 7th, at & o clock, on the premises, Lot A, in J. T Lenman a subdivision of Lot J, in Square No. 277, fronting 16 het 11 inches on Vermont avenue, between Q and B etreeta north, and running back 111 f??t 61* )DCDM. Terms: Ore-half cash; the remainder in 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premisea. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaaer. HILLARY C 8 JAL DING, Trustee. Jejl8 eoAde J. 0. MoGClEB A CO.. Aucta, |^Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT ON NORTH G STREET. BE TWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1ST STREET On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June W, at 6^ o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No 14, in Square No. 624, fronting 16 feet on north G street, between North Capitol street and 1st st. west, and running back 176 feet 3 inches to a SO-foot alley. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six, and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premisea. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. J* l&-d J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Auct's. THE. ABOVE 8ALE 18 UNAVOIDABLY Sontponed until SATURDAY. June 2Sth, aame our and placa. Je IS d J. C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Auct*, B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, FURNITURE AND EFFECTS OF A FAMILT DECLINING HOUSEKEEPING. On FRI UAY MORNING, June 24th, at the resi dence of I. B. Bloss, Esq., corner isth and I s a , we shall sell the Furniture and Effects, compria lUg? Excellent Rosewood Case Piano Forte, Mahogany Parlor Chairs, Rockers, Marble-top Center and other Tables. Cane and Wood seat Chairs, Three ply and other Carpets, Brussels Stair Ca*pet, Rods and Eyea, Bedsteads,Bureaus. WashBtands, Wardrobes, Hair and otlier Ma. treses. Bolsters and Pillows. Window Shades, Mahogany Dining Tahlefl. Refrigerator, China. Glaaa and Crockery Ware, Cooking and other Stoves Terms caah. Je 18-d J. C. McGUIRE A Co.. Auct'a. |^Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. U.S. MARSHAL'S SALEOF SCHOONER I EDI AN AND CARGO. In virtue of a decree issued from the Clerk's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the District of Col umbia, holding a District Court, aud to me direct ed. I will ex pose to public sale, for caah. at tbe foot of Sixth street Wharf.on the Potomac river, in the the City of Washington, D C.,on FRIDAY, he 24tb day of June, 1864, commencing at 11 o'clock TLeSCHOONBR INDIAN, hey Tackla, Apparel, and Furniture. Also. 12 Piga; a lot of Chickens, 1 bag of Salt; 1 barrel of flour, 1 Ham: a lot of Cigars, Lot of Beef, Mackerel and Sugar, 2 Compasses- Sextants, Lot of Charts: 2 8pyglasses, Lot of Soap; lot of Brooms, 1 (mall Glass. Also, immediately after the sals of tha above, I will flt111 The SCHOONER MALINDA, h?r Tackle.Apparel and Furniture,for cash, and 1 barrel Whisky. WABDH. LAMONjU. 8. Marshal.D C. je 18-d ner WM. L. WALL A CO . Auots. J^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. FOUR HANDSOME BUILWNG LOTS FRONT ING ON NORTH E, ISETWBIN FIK8TAN D SECOND STREETS WEST. AT AUCTION On FRIDAY, the 24th instant, we xhall sell, in front of the premisea, at 6 o'clock p. m,, the fal lowing Building Lots in Kibbey's subdivision of Square 671 being Lots Nos. 22, 23. t? an t tquare, each having a front on nortt. E street of to feei and contain 2 7?'square feet. On lots there are brick foundations. All mn baci ta * The'a'bovVdescribed property is btautifully iitn ated and handsome buildiag sites Terms: One-third in casn; balanoe m 6,12 and 18 months, for notes hearing 'PVjfJf* t taSaf* of sale. A deed given a*1 it^Mt of All conveyancing, including stamps, at cost Pl#100wUi be required on each 1st when kneckfl ?% indUPGRREN A WILL- AMS^Austs^ i._d constantly finishing up, a tlaa On hana, ana * consisting in assortment of 1 BOCK A w'AVS. Top ang WmVTSST JERSEY WAGONS. ?v"4?A?I0N and HALF-TOPS. Ac., Ac--ft1**. EXTtN , , Grocery and Express WAGOM9, "?kuTiT wU ft aold nt M<** rates, to ele?e jut Per sons 1 nV mi t woold do well to purrka-early, as prices Coachmaker. Je IT .It* ST4 D.\nd 47 7 Eighth street._ TBE LATEST STYLES TBAW*fHATi ^ CHAB. h. LOOKW(?? A 00 *. i.if S?4 P?.ay.,bet.f?Ean???t*,t? laMm.K

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