Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUPEMKNTS TO-NIOHT. Fobb'hTh batkr.?To the admirers of Shaks peare's ability as a comedy author unusual inducements are offered to-night to Tisit Ford's Theater, lor the immortal bard's earliest pro ductions??? Two Gentlemen of Verona" and ??Comedy of Errors"?will be produced. This is the first time our theater-goers have had an opportunity of witnessing both theee comedies on the same night. Mr. J. S. Clarke and Miss Susan Denin will personate prominent char acters. Gbovbb'8 Thiatk.-" Mazeppa" was per ?formed last night to a delighted crowd of vis itors. Miss Kite Vance, who does " Mazep pa," has a fine figure and a good appearance, and is withal a tearless rider, enabling her to admirably sustain ^the character. The other -parts oi the play are admirably cast, and In clude all the prominent perlormersof Mr.Gro ver's fine Washington and Philadelphia com panies. Cantbbbttby.?A new local drama, "The Bushwhackers of the Potomac," was for the first time performed last night, and with such success as to warrant its repetition every night this week. Besides this MarWia Ravel, will appear in her graceful acta upon the tight-rope, and the entire troupeol Ethiopians, comedians, ?dancers, Ac., will also appear. F aibs amd Fbbtivaib.?The Fair and Festi val oi Grace Church (Rev. Mr. Holmead's,) held at Island Hall, opened delightfully last night. We cannot begin to enumerate all the specialities of interest, but must call attention to the attractive fancy tables presided over so agreeably by Mrs. Hannah Hoi mead and Miss ..Lottie Martin, and which have among the host of desirable articles a block quilt of silk of singular beauty, and also some chairs, block patu-rn velvet and silk, that attract general admiration. Next is the Wheel of Fortune, where Mrs. Lewis Thomas turns out rich to the lucky ones. Next Is the tempting acob's Well, with Its delicious beverage for thirsty folk, dispensed by Mrs. Yeatman; aad in apropos neighborhood to the well is the bounteously furnished refreshment table, pre sided over by Mrs. Gordon, aided by Miss Turner, and by Mrs. Gordon's interesting Sun day Softool class. Ths Ice cream saloon in ccnnectioa with the table, is a dellclously cosy Tetreat for courting couples; and lor married couples as well. Aud then comes the delight ful flower stand, presided over by Miss Eliza Jiorsey, Mrs. Downes, Miss Nannie Gordon, and Miss Eliza Abell. The exquisite moss baskets, boquets, Ac., Ac., here, we believe, are prepared by Mrs. Downes, and they are In constant demand. Here, too, is to be seen an exceedingly rich and valuable collection ot agates, (presented by Mr. Singleton,)and which will be a great prize to the fortunate winner. But we have not space to-day to enumerate further, and we adviBe all to go and see for themselves. At Odd Fellows' Hall, the interesting fair lor the benefit ol the Home for Friendless Women and CMldren, is still in the full tide of suc cessful operation, we are glad to say. The display ol articles here is exceedingly varied and tempting, and the visitor will be sure of finding something to his or her liking. Tub Wilky-Bkown Cask ?In the Circuit ?Jourt yesterday before J udge Wy lie, iu the case ot Emily F. Wiley ri Marshall Hrown, and Jesse B" Haw, Administrators of the estate of Tillotson P. Brown, deceased: Caleb S. and Btnj. HalloweU were sworn, and tes liied to the Messrs. Brown attending their school in Alexandria, in '33, 4 and 5, and to the impossibility of the scholars being absent with out the knowledge of the teachers. Th?? depositions of Anbury McGan and Mrs. IVIcGan. were offered by the defense to contra dict Mrs. Brown's testimony,a large portion of which was ruled out. Or Samuel Clark sworn.?Witness formerly had an office on 11th street, and recollects an old lady named Brush, living near by. Wli nt s? never knew of lewd women occupying looms in Mrs. Brush's bouse. if McL. Criyyt.?Witness has resided on 11th street since 1-V5, and recollects the house occu pied by Mrs. Brush. Thinks Mrs. Hodgson Jived opposite to Mrs. Brush. Bid not know that any lewd women roouied iu Mrs. Brush's. V. Mauytinan, sworn?Witness has resided on 11th street since 1831, and was well ac quainted with Mrs. Brush, who lived nearly opposite to him. Witness has seen women arout the bouse, but did not know that any iewd women roomed there. Has seen TiltyK son Brown, but he does not recollect seeing him about the bouse referred to. Mr Browning.?Did Mrs. Brush rent a por tion of her house to ladies ! Mr. Bradley objected, on the ground that the question shonld refer to the up-stairs rooms. The Court overruled the objection aud the counsel took exceptions. Mr. Havytman continued. Mrs. Brush rented a portion of her house to ladies, aud told wit ness so, and he saw them about the house. AKFAIB8 IN Gbobgktown.? Cutting and Stabbwtq Cate.?Saturday night, the vicinity of the notorious Twenty Buildings, near 4th and .Market streets, was enlivened by a free fight about 18 o'clock. 'The parties concerned were Michael Caton and Charles Frizzell. Both parties were armed with pocket-knivee, and Frizzell was badly stabbed in the back and Ca ton slightly in the shoulder. The fight began about a horse trade. Both parties were ar rested, and Frizzell being unable to stand a trial, both were held to bail for boarinf on ednrsday next. Canal. The receipts of coal, since our last report, were: By the Cumberland C. A I Co., 539.36 tons; New Hope, 11 l.S>: American, 5-11.47, Uonsolidation, "22?>. 15; Central, 440.46; Borden, 111.18; Midland, 110.16; G. W. Plant, 105 3. The departures were twenty-six boats, all light except the B. F. Roman, which carried a cargo ol Ash and salt to Edward's Ferry and inter mediate landings. l\/rt of Georgetown?Entered.?Schooner Me chanic, Philips, Philadelphia. Cleared ? {Schooners Kate, Owens, Md. Point; Sarah Ellen, Wheeler, St. Marys; D. C. Higgins, Grant, N. Y.; J. Slurman, Bank, Providence; Virginia, Collier, Salisbury; D Mc Queen, Raynor, Pope s Creek: Ocean Bird, Lankford, Newtown: J - Sparks, Inman, Provi dence; Kate, Handust, Boston; E. A. Cum ?mings, Whlrlow, Norwich; C. Hadden, Forbes, New Haven; Aimira, Frazier, Havre DeGrace; Virginia, Snyder, N. Y ; sloopS. Myers, Anna dale, St. Marys; barge E. Adel, Mann, Bryant s Point. ThbScnday Cars.?The experiment of run- j ning the cars on Sunday, entered upon last Sabbath, gave general satisfaction, so far as , we can learn, accemmodaung many church- j goers residing at a distance from church, (as j often happens in this city of magnificent dis- i tances,) and also affording facilities to those having occasion to visit the hospitals, and also I the large number desirous of visiting the rural . cemeteries. How largely the cars were used by church-goers was shown by the number of j passengers having prayer books, bibles, Ac., in j their bands. The Sunday street ?ar may well | be termed the poor man's Sunday carriage. Dipobderly Conduct and Using Ihdbcbnt lAHOfAGK.-Vesterdav morning, two females, named Jennie Harris and Nellie Mlllward, j were beiore Justice Clayton, on a cnarge of disorderly conduct, and were each fined *5. j A party present, named William O. As belli & I antler, gave some offense to the girls, and a lew moments afterwards, while Ashell was passing the Ktrby House, Jennie Harris put her head ont of the window and used an indecent and ODDrobrious epithet toward the former, and ne h^r again arrested and lined for using indecent language. Swond Ward Station Case*?Thomas Barren drunk; dismissed. Jane Harris and lSell> Millwood, disorderly: S5 each. Jane Harris, do.; S'i. Ellen Murphy, do.; SI. John Bi'sy, assault and battery; dismissed. Thos. Keboe, grand larceny; do. Frank Ingalls, do.; iall for court. Isaac Thomas, disorderly; dis iTi'-ed. Robt. Waliaa. drunk and disorderly; 91 Henry Besbin, disorderly; 75 cents costs. L<ucy Mimwood, assault: #1. John O'Connor, disoiderly; dismissed. Mary Blake and Alice Randolph, turned over to military. Jas. Nay ior, disorderly; dismissed. Knights Tkmplab.?The two Commande Ties of Knights Templar, of this city, on the invitation of St. Joan's Commaudery, ot Phil adelphia, will spend St. John's day with their brethren ol that city, and visit the great fair now being held there on Thursday night next. The celebrated band (Jack Leeland's) of the 15 th Ohio has generously volunteered to ac c< mpany them. We understand that the Bal i.more Templars go with them. "Trot Link," and not "Tboct Like."?W* intended to sav yesterday that the colored man Crocker was drowned at 6th street wharf while flying with trot-lines. The typo, how ever, thought it must be trout lines, and so amended It. We must, however, respectfully Teject the amendment, as we can hardly expect the public to beiievs that trout-fishing is car ried on successfully at our wharves. Exwcimte Works ov Abt at Public Auction.?Messrs. Yiti Brothers, of Philadel phia, have now arranged on exhibition at the at lesroum of James C. McGuire A Co., corner of loth and D streets, a magnificent assortment of French bronze figures, busts, groups o? his torical and mythological designs, Ac., of recent importation, and selected expressly tor this market. 1 he tale will take place on Thursday miming, Jnns 2Jd, at II o'clock, aud we would advise all who are fond of art to call and ex amine these trnly chaste and beautiful works cf aru designed ?xprwsly for the parlor, li ?wary or hall. ' t "MA7.JCVTA."?'ThU remarkably beautiful and effective equeatrian spectacle attracted a ?ery targe and entbasiaatic audl*oc-? at O row's Theater last night. Lovely Kate Vance has already taken *be citv by storm, or at leant cap'ivated all the young men and maidens too, who were .present last night at Grover's Theater. She is young, beautiful, and rides with a fearlessness and grace tftit has never been equalled. Her horse, "Don Jnaris a charmingly trained and exantslre. ly handsome animal, and received bis eh tre of the applause. At the close of the performance he accompanied Mies Vance to the front ot the curtain, and nodded his acknowledgements to the audience. "Mazeppa' has made & great bit, and will doubtless run the entire week to full bouses. Those who cannot attend early should secure their seats during the day. SPECIAL NOTICES. Corns, Bcmojjs. Bad Nails, etc. Cornsare the universal tormentof mankind. To be relieved of these tervible evils, call on Dr. White and submit to his manipulations. You are sure to net relief without experiencing pain. Of fice. 424 Pennsylvania avenue (Lane & Tucker's building, between 4>? and 6th streets. No charge for consultation. Je21-tf Soke Thkoat, Cough, Cold. and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, rp milt in *eri<>ns Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. Brown's Bronchial Troches ?re compounded so as to reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost instant relief. Je21 lm,r A New Perfume for th? Handkerchief, Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus," Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Bleoming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." A most exquisite, dalicate and frarrant perfume, distilled from the rare and beauUtul flower from which it takes its name. Manufactured onljr by Phai.on !c Son, N. Y. hewarb of counterfeits. Ase for Phai.on's?Takb no Other. je 16-3m Sold by druggists generally. MARRIED, In Georgetown, on the 16th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Bowers. Mr. OTIS G. SOPIELD. of Wells boro. Pa . to Miss MOLLI* E. KLINE, of Hagers town. Md. [Hagerstown papers please copy | On the 16th instant, at Trinity ChuTCh. George town. D. C.,br Rev. Father Charli?r, Mr. JE1' "WARD NOLEN to Mrs. MARY BURNS. * DIED, On theanth Jyne,MARY CATHERINE, beloved daughter of Thomas and Marv J. Downey, a^ed 1 month and 22 days. Dearest Mary thou art gone, From sin and sorrow free. Those eyes in death are closed, That often gazed on me. Funeral on Tuesday, at 4 o'clock. The friends of the family are requested to attend the funeral. * PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, 4c. e pnb A pieas A THE ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB Respectfully inform their friends and the pnb lic generally that thev intend giving their SECOND GRAND PIC-NIC At the SEVENTH STREET PARK, On WEDNESDAY, JULY 6TH.18;t. The proceeds of this Pic-nic will be appropri ated to assist in erecting the monument to be placed over the remains of those unfortunate fe males who lost their lives by the recent explosion at the Washington Arsenal ' The members of this Club appeal to the public to aid them in their efforts to perpetuate the mem ory of those -who when living, were their compan ions and friends. By order of the Committee. It* SFOR GLYMONT. TEAMF.R PHBNIX. Captain Stackpol-, will leave foot of 7th street every SUN DAY MORNING at JOo'clock during the **ason, for the above Summer' Resort. The above steamer can he chartered to private farties during the week, by applying to Captain tackpole, or 394 Pennsylvania avenue, upstairs. je 20-lm j^EMEMBER THE HIAWATHA BOYS. The Members of the Hiawatha Club, take pleas ure in announcing their FIFTH ANNUAL PIC NIC at THE WASHINGTON PARK. 7THSTREET On THURSDAY EVENING, June 23d, 18M. The Holy Hill band has been engaged for the oc casion. A good Police force has been engaged to preserve strict order. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of Committee. Dancing to commence at 2 o'clock. jeia-St* IRST GRAND EXCURSION DOWN TIIE POTOMAC TO GLYMONT! By permission of the War Department, the com modious STEAMER PHENIX will make the FIRST EXCURSION! THIS SEASON TO GLYMONT. af r fording the passengers a fine view of Alexandria, Fort Washington, Mount Yemen, Fleet of Guard Boats, and other interesting scenes on the river. The steamer has been put in complete order, and ?will leave the wharf at the foot of 7th street on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. 23d instant, t. two o'clock. A BAND OF MUSIC will be in attendance. Dancing on the boat and at the Pavilion. The boat will return at aseasonable hour, giving all a chance of enjoying themselves at Glymoot. REFRESHMENTS AND SUPPER can be obtained on board of the boat and at Gly mont, at a reasonable price. TICKETS For the Excursion, ONE DOLLAR. F t&~ No Passes will be required. je 18-4t* COLUMBIA GARDEN. Vy Corner of 12/A street and Ohio avenue. FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGHT. Monday and Saturday's Concert commence at .1 o'clock, with a full Brass Band. The coolest Lnger in the city always on band. je 8-lm* OR SALE-A good SODA FOUNTAIN, in per^ feet running order. Apply at 944 G street. je 18 3t? . WHITE BAREGE MANTILLAS. BLACK BAREGE MANTILLAS, WHITE BAREGE CIRCULARS, BLACK BAREGE CIRCULARS, LADIES" MISSES. AND CHILDREN'S BLACK SILK SACOUIS. CIRCULARS AND MANTILLAS, A complete assortment at MAXWELL S. 39? Penn. av.. )e 18-6t between 9th and 10th streets. WATER REGISTRAR 8 OFFICE?" June 13,1864. The Mayor of Washington is this day informed by the Engineer of the Washington Aqueduct that "the supply of water from the Aqueduct is ample, if judiciously applied, to keep the streets quite lree from dnst. They can not only be sprinkled, but showered, if necessary, ihree or four times each day, by means of private street plugs or carts, during the dry summer season." Public holue, therefore, is hereby given, that the restrictions heretofore imposed upon the use of hand hose for watering the streets are, for the present, removed. By direction of the Mayor. RANDOLPH COYLE, Water Registrar. Je 18-3t I Intelligencer.] fl^HE STOCK OK A WHOLESALE DEALER IN 1 WINES AND LIQUORS FOR SALE, compri sing a choice selection ofpure Wines and Imported Licuors. Champagnes,"Ales, Cigars. CannedM'-ats ana Fruits, witn other Sutler Supplies, which will be sold low for caah or approved paper, to c'ose up the business. Address "G. A. W.," I'ost Office Box No. 13t>. je 18-lw* L^OR BALE?A new and very elegantly finished ? four-spring ROCK AWAY FAMILY CAR RIAGE. with shifting front and summer slip linings made by John R. Laurence A Co., New Yirk. Worth eiuht hundred dollars; will be sold for seven hundred. the owner having no use for it. Apply to JOHN OGDEN. No. 519 7th street, near L. [Intel.] Je 18-3tif SPECIAL NOTICE. ST. CHEAP GOODS. 9TH ST. Prime BROWN SUGAR, only 17 cents. Choice FAMILY FLOUR, StO.W. Finest HAM8. 8HOULDER8 anl BEEF. With large stock of Fresh Goods. 8. FVANB> je 18 2t* 4P7 Ninth St., between D aad E. ^BE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED that the ~ 1 that the UNION HOTEL, George-1^4 wM^e? UNION HOTEL, George town, D. 0., has recently changed hands, and is now open to the traveling commn nity. The hotel has been refirnished treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in the city during the summer months will find the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The Union H? tel is only 30 minutes' ride in the car* from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Board *2 per day. Je6-lm* 486 FAPERHANGINQfl. A selected and varied stock of Fine, Medium and Sight doors above Odd fallows' Hail. Terms caah apM-lmif* NOTICE TO SUTLERS. ' UTL1RS WISHING TO "BARTER VESSELS for James Hive? or it* triboUries, can have a tbem fa related by in aai:ring of JAMES B Eleventh stjeot, Riley* FOB BENT AND SALE ROOMS FOR R?NT, for gentlemen only. No. 5^9 Md. av., bet. 10th and 11th sts Je 2l-3t* CTABUKO ?o REW *-8tabfwg Mrln homer ^ Apply at Union Hotel. Georgetown. je21-3t* IrORBKNl-lc a private family, a FURNISHED ROOM, (front,) on second story, with bf-'ak l?* JOT gentlemen. Pleasant locality. c?rs pa??inc the door. Address A. P. P., P. O. Box 4i3. It* FOR RKNT-A furnished front USD ROOM, for one or two gentlemen Also, front basement, suitable for an office. Apply at No. 34? loth st., between I. and M. jt 2t 3V_ F^OR SALE?A corner LOT, 241-? by 75 feet, near the War Department Must be sold. ana will g? cheap for cash. Inquire at No. 4*3 17th street weht. je 21-3t* P^URNIFHED HOUSE FOR RFTnT^A two stoTy Brick Honse, with Furniture, for rent. Pos session given July 1. Apply on the premises. No. 352 O. second door above 11th street, be'ween the hours of 4 and 6 o'clock m. je2t-eo3t* FfOR RENT.?A small STORK on Pennsylvania avenue, between 3d and 4La street. No. 415. Possession can be given immediately without pay ing for the good will. It would also suit for an Of fice. _____ je 21 3t* l^URNISHED OR UNFURNISHED ROOM8 can. J. be had at tie corner of 14th and H streets, No. 330. Please call immediately. j?20-3t* FOR RENT- Two ROOMS, one suitable for a store, on the first tioor. Apply on 14th street, between B and T. fje2o-3t*] MRS ADaMSON. A FEW NICELY FURNISHED ROOMS TO LET, with or without bo?rd. at reasonable rates, and pleasantest location in the city, 367 Maryland avetue. |je2o-ift*] E COLE. FOR RENT?PARLOR and BEDROOM, connect ing, suitable for gentlemen or gentleman and lady. Inquire at 37 o E 6treet, between 9th and 10th. je 20-it* FOR RENT?Five unfurnished ROOMS, suitable for housekeeping, in a very pleasant location; 'within a few minutes walk of the War and Navy Departments. Apply at 571 corner E aud 17th streets. ja >'-2t* iifOR SALE?A BRICK HOUSE and LOT. situa ted in the most healthy location and Splendid view of the railroad. Persons wishing to hwy a good residence would do well to rail on E street north, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, je 20-lw* TO LET AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?One of the finest FURNISHED RES IDENCES in the First Ward, containing about 17 rooms. To be rented till the 1st of October, but not to he used as a boarding or lodging house. Inquire of JAS. F, HaLIDAY, Real Estate Bro ker,5 5 11th street, near Pa. avenue. j" 20-tf FURNIBHED HOUSE FOR RENT ? For rent, until the 1st or lMh of October next a com pletely furnished. two-story and basement BRICK HOUSE. with addition. The location is excellent, and there is a large yard with grass and fruit trees attached. To a careful party, the rent will be moderate. Reference required. Apply between the hours of 5 and 8 p.m.. at the house No. 327 9th street, between L and M. je 20-3t* l^OR SALE?The one half interest or the whole r in the leasehold for a term of years, Furni ture and Fixtures of a RESTAURANT in a central location and doing an excellent business. This is * rare chance for one wishing to engage in the business, as the purchase can be obtained at a very moderate price on account of the partner having business in a distant portion of the country re quiring his presence, Information can be had at No. 66 Louisiana avenue, Washington, D. C. Je 2?-3t* TO RENT?Two neatly !furnished CHAMBERS, 429 13th street, between G and H. Price %!2 and *15. Je 18-3t* TO LET?A small HOUSE of five rooms, in a private street. Possession given for a small bonus. Apply soon, at 43 7th st., nrar S je lS-.St* I^OR RENT?Well fnrnished ROOMS in a private JT family. Inquire at 339 21st street, near tho avenue. je 18-lw f^OR RENT?An unfurnished brick HOUSE, con taining 8 rooms, near the Treasury Depart ment, Rent moderate to a good tenant. Immedi ate possession given. Inquire at the Star Office. je lrf-3t* |/OR RENT.?The three-story D WELLING r HOUSE. No. 51(1 E street north, between 2d and 3d west, with three story bac? building, and the usual conveniences of a first class residence, Possession given immediately. Appyto CHAS BRADLEY. Patriotic Bank. (Int.* je 18-3t A RARE CHANCE.?For sale, in the citv of Al exandria, a HOTEL and BOARDING-tlOUSE now doing a splendid business. The reasons for selling out are that the proprietor is compelled to go North. To a good man this is a splendid chance, as license is being granted to all respectable per sons. For further particulars inquire at Steam boat Hotel, foot of King street, Alexandria, or ad dress for one week '?/. M. T.," care of Harvey Waxne, Alexandria, Ya. je l?-3t* FOR SALE?A small brick HOUSE and good sized LOT, containing four rooms and summer kitchen. Situated on 4th street, between N and 0. For particulars inquire at GIBBS' Hair Stere, 242 Pa. av., near 13th st. je 17-lm 1/OR SALE-A MOULDING MACHINE and F TENON MACHINE. Must be disposed of by 1st of July, and will be sold very cheap for cash. Can be seen at corner Maryland avenue and >!th St., Capitol Hill. [je 17-lw*J B. L. NEVIUS. FOR RENT-A STORE AND DWELLING, on the corner of I and 22d streets, containing six large rooms. If desired the dwelling can be rented separate. Apply at the corner of Pa. avenue and 22d st je 17-St* JJ 0 T E L FOR BALE. A RARE CHANCE! A RARE CHANCE! THE SIMP80N HOUSE. Mr. KEYWORTH, of this firm. (Cla?ett tc, Keyworth.) will dispose of his interest in this pop ular HOTEL AND RESTAURANT. It has ten excellent Chambers, a fine Parlor, nice Kitchen, etc. The rent is onlv 113 per month, with a lease of two years and a half to run. The Bar is second to none in the city. The continued ill-health of Mr. Keyworth compels him to dispose of his in terest in the hotel. For further information ap ply on the premises. jel7-lw* URNISHED ROOMS TO LET, No. 41 "TPenn'a avenue, between 3d and 4.4 sts. je lC-6t* F>OR SALE OR RENT-A large brick HOUSE on 6th street, between H and I. Possession Sivenatonce. Inquire of Dr. BOG AN, No. 455 I a s sachusetts av., near 6t h st. j e 15-2w* FURNISHED ROOMS-In one of the healthiest and pleasantest parts of the city, facing south, with privilege of bath and aqueduct. AUo, an OFFICE in the basement story. Inquire at 492 E street, between Mh and 6th. je 16-eo3t* H0U8E ANDLOT~FOR SALE, near the cor ner of 14th and U streets; cottage built; just finished; all nicely painted inside and out; water near the door. Inquire on theipremises. je 15-6t* JOHN M. HILL. FOR RENT?To gentlemen, two neatly furnished CHAMBERS, in a very pleasant and healthy location, near the State Department and Lafayette Park, 460 New York avenue, and forty yards east of the horse cars running from the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. Je 9-tf E^OB SALE?100 ACRES OF LAND at Belts i ville. 100 acres at Contee's, 50 acres at Laurel, 300 acreg at Savage, 1C0 at Annapolis Junction, loo acres at Jessop's Cut, 160 at Hanover Switch, 46 acres near Elkridge Landing, 60 acres 'Vi mile from Baltimore. All on the Washington Branch Bailroad. For terms and description, apply to M. BANNON, 32 St. Paul's st., Baltimore, Md. Je 9-lm* 't'OR RENT?A large STORE; good location for -F confectionery or ice cream saloon. Inquire at the store, JIO I street west. jeti-Jm ROOMS FOR RENT.?Comfortable and well furnished Rooms at 450 12th street, between G and H sts. The location ii one of the most de sirable in the citar. my 24-tf F^OR SALE.?1?,00?? cash will purcTyme the stock, fixtures and furniture (with sik years lease at a nominal rent)of a FIRST-CLASS HOTEL, in Washington D. C., containing forty rooms. This establishment is conducted on the European plan, and is thoroughly stocked and fnrnished with every modern convenience. Location the best in Washing ton. with an extensive paying patronage. Call or address MITCHELL St SON, Real Estate Brokers. 8. E. corner Penn. ave. and 15th st., my 23-lm Washington, D. C PHOTOGRAPH AND AMBROTYPE GALLERY FOR RENT. For rent, one of the largest and bestlocated Gal leries in Washington, with all the modern im provements. None hut first-class artists of high reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare chonce for a good energetic operator with some capital. Apply on the premises to P. J. BELLEW k CO., 510 7th street. 3 doors south of ij_ , Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash, first month in advance. Je 6-tf TO RENT-An elegant HOUSE, with brown Jl atone front, partially furnished, with all mod ern'improvements, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 444 E street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding b?nse. For parti<ml&rs inquire of Hou D. IT SOMES on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, No. 27 4>* street. Possession given immediately. 16 8 tl TO LET?A handsomely furnished HOUSE, in the First Ward The whole, or in suites Pos session given the 1st of July. Inquire at Star Of fice, or address Mr. EVER, Georgetown Post Of* fice. Also, four large PARLORS, for Government office^ myM-lm* rjM) THE RESIDENTS OF THE ISLAND L. LEMKUL. WATCHMAKER and jeweler. No. 1?D siren, betwun Band Farms, island. (Next door to Tenth District 8tation House.) Matches Clocks and Jewelry repaired in the most neatest style and warranted. Par ticular attention paid to repairing of watches, Ai so, A large assortment of Books, Stationery and Funcy Goods constantly on hand. je 17-6t* ]\f EDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, ATA, . . . Washihgtoh, I>. C., Jnne 15,1864, All dealers in this city and Georgetown, who wiak to sell to the Medical Purveying Department are requested to send to this office, on the MONDAYof each week, a sealed list of the articles tbey may be prepared to furnish, at ahort notiee, with tne price of each attached to the same. I ? o ? 0- WTlftTRLAND, jp 15-tf 8nrg. L . 8. A., Medical Purveyor. BILLIARD TABLES kOR^ALE.-The gubs^f. ber has THRKE FIRST CLASS oul>scrl BILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, which be will dispose of very low. Inquire at the Billiard room corner of lliii street and Pennsylvaniaa?qaa?. je 14-tf WOOD FORSALE.-Abont 400 cord* ef Wood, Oak and Pine, about thr?e miles fross Wmh Affair*?*, ?; 1 WANTS. ANTED-OneiM-two OANTA9BER3. lM?ir? at the Segar Store. 54j? La. avenue. ?t iETANTBD-A competent DRUG CLERK. Ref T* ereitce* rrquired. Apply at the corner (>[W and Pennsylvania avenue. 1? ?' 31 VVXtTTKl) IMMEDIATELY?At the Ruhr. ?4T IT i??. avesue,two go?d? first-clase WAITERS. It* . . - 1*7 ANTED-A SITUATION as firrt-r#t? ,??*'!eh ? co. k. Inquire at the corner of F and 7 th ?U , confectionery store. j? 21-31 ANTED.?By a respectable woman._? SITUA TION >uiCoi.k or I,aundreM. Apply iu Lim erick Alley, between !M and 3d st?. 1_L WANTED?Bya res potable girl. a SITUATION as seamstress, chambermaid, or_ cook, in a respectable family Apply at No. 4*-? M*ry4?ttd avenue, between 4^3 and 6>h its,, for two aay?._i' HOU^E PAINTERS WANTED?Five good hand a atT. A BROWN'S PaintShop. No IS.Louis Una avenue, between 4Si and 6th street*. High est wiif? giveu. )e *' Jt WANTED-Several good"rURPBNTER*. to ? ? whom *ood wages will be f,,v?D- ,il H. WINl+ATE, Congress street. O?orgetown. be tween? and 9 p. m. je ai-3* kJCBSTlfUTK WANTED.?An eligible SubsU-, tnte wanted for the District: on; pot.subject to draft. Apply to THOMAS RU8SELL, 1194 E st., near 14th. * ? , A SITUATION WANTED BY A RESPECTA ble girl to do chamberwork and w , ' ing and ironing, or to cook for a sm?U family, ouire at second house next the corner ot loth n. on M st. WANTED?BODY SERVANT (colored J to wait on a wounded officer. He must he set'??and experienced. Only those who can bring the best of references need apply, northwest corner ?>r r and,18th sta. * *' lw Board wanted-a youns gentleman wishes to obtain a pleasant ROOM, with BOARD, in a private family, in Washington orjGeorgetown. Address, stating terms. &.C., Poet Office Box ?>o4. 1e 21-2t* ~~A~FRACTICAL FARMER TO TAKE CHARGE A of snd work a farm nine miles from Washing ton wanted. Also, a Farm Laborer. The highest prices will be paid. References required. Apply to No 43 Donbarton street, Georgetown, D. C. je 21-eo3t* \V ANTED-1,000 LADIES to come and buy vv the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrappers. We hare the price one-fourth, and now offer t^em cheaper than t?vpr r RIMvn? ie 21 tf 3^1 F st., opposite Patent Office. ANTED?BOARD, with RO?M, from the 1st July, for a gentleman and his wife, in a pri vate famllv. or where there are but few boarders, in a locality convenient to the Treasury Depart ment. Address A. J. B., 8tar office, or through the post office, care Comptroller of the Cur rency. Je It-?t II/ANT ED-A SERVANT GIRL as chamber W maid and nurse. Inquire 44S Ninth street, above F street, opposite Patent Office. Je 2>-3t ANTED?An acceptable SUB8ITUTE, for which a liberal price will be given. Apply at 334 Pennsylvania avenue. jea) 3i imr ANTED?Two good WAITERS, to whom good v\ wages will be given. Apply at 43", E street, near 7th. *>-Jt IITaNTKD.?An APPRENTICE wanted to learn 11 the Baking business at McKeldeu s bakery, No. 49b 7tli street. Apply immediately. [Jea>-3t WANTED?At the United States Hotel, a COL ORED MAN to take charge of the dining room. Good reconiQiend&tioDB required. Je 2**-2t* ? iffANTED-A COOK to do the work of three in W family. To a competent person the best waees will be given. Apply atWM.L. WALLS CO.'S, south corner Pa, avenue and 9th st. je 20 f|7 ANTED? A "good WOMAN (white) to assist YV with cooking. A c. Also one to wash dishes and make beds. Inquire at the Gosling House, 84T Penn. av., between 12ttk and_13th sts. t Je 2~.' 2t W"ANTED?"a~BOY."from"15 te 17 years of aire. Must come well recommended. No other need apply Inquire at the Jewelry Store, No. 2^0 Penn. avenue, between 11th and 12th ats. je Aftii 00D~(fR AN ITE~CUT TE R8 WANTED at 4-U the Chestnut Street Bridge. Wages fi per d'r- PWc'?i'iiT0Mo"?iNN * KgNNKDV, je 20-2w Contractors,-Philadelphia. SITUATION WANTED ?A young man. 21 years of age, who has been in the service of his country for three years, wishes a SITUATION in a store in the city. Address "Reserve," Georgetown P. 0? D. C. ?e 2"::rt! A RESPECTABLE STEADY WOMAN WISHES for a situation in a respectable family as Nurse and Seamstress or Chambermaid and Seam stress. Has good reference. Has no objection to town or country. Address, by letter, M. W., at this office. 20 21 WANTED?Two good MEN, who have a general knowledge of running and attending the machinery of a well regulated Pining: andRawing mill Applr at the corner of 13th and C streets, in "to SCTw"'"Vc. PRAPKB * CO. WANTED.-A white SERVANT in a family of four persons, to cook, wash and iron. ? a 532 Maryland avenue, between Sixth and Seventh streets. Je l?-3t_ WANTED?An experienced BOOK-KEEPER, middle-aged preferred. Ree0"}mendations required. Address Box 52S, Washington Po't Office. i J* 1"'3t? IX7ANTSD?A WOMAN to wash and iron, and W to do general housework in a small family. Inquire at No. 359 C street, between sts., next to bath house. je lo-3t ANTED?A young MAN as Clerk in Grocery Store One acquainted with the business, and can come well recommended, will hear of m good situation, by applying to Box 459, Ci ty Post Office. Je 18'3t WANTED TO RENT-A HOUSE in the coun try, not more than five miles from the city, or near a railroad station. Address Box 554 Washington Post Office, stating location apd terms. JeB>-5t WANTED TO LEASE?A HOUSE and STABLE, in or out of the city. No objection to a few Acres of Land. Address Box No. 2, Star Office. je!5-lw* WA N T E D-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Al?o MIRKOR8. CAKPKT8. BEDS. BED DING an<\H0U8EFURNI8H ING GOODS of every description R BUCHLY ^ 7th street je between Gand H.east sido. rn aaa LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3*1 f street, opposite Patent Offlws, and get their Stamp ing, Slitching, Pinking and Embroidery done. As there are other Richards id the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be sure you bo to F street, opposite patent Office. ^ ANTED. FLUTING 1 Every lady hi *h? Dlstrietto know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, &c. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goodi Crimped at Bhort notice. 1* as good style, and as cheap as in any other city. Ladies, remember this Is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3*1 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Maohine Stitch ing Depot. my3 PERSONAL. M RS. Tj. SMITH, an excellent Clairvoyant and Test Medium, 25*2 Fourth street, five doors above I street, examines diseases, heals by mag netism, sees your dead and living friends, tells character, gets names, reads the future, has great sympathy for the afflicted. Hours from in a. 8p. m. ' ? je 10-2w* TO THE POOR AND UNFORTUNATE.?Con sultation gratis from 11 to 12 m. Medicines without charge. DR. BECHTINGER, Formerly Surgeon in charge iu the Austrian and Italian army, informs the public of Washington that be has just arrived from Paris, and devotes his attention to the treatment of all kinds of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private diseases. He converses in English, French, Ger man. Spanish and Italian languages. His diplo* mas froin the most celebrated university of Europe hang in his office, Penn. avenue, 502, near 3d street. Office hours, 9 to 11 a. m.; 4 to 6 p. m. je 7-3w QUERY?-Who has the largest'assortment of pattern for Stamping? Whe is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, &.c., and who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? ?Sf PRINCE, 3S1 F STREET, where ladies can select from 26,tx>0 choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they ean get ANY PATTERN stamped. 'Having stamped ForSO.iXX) ladles is proof that he knows his business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoiled, but stamped as they should be. go to the only person in the city who doeB good work. FLUTING 1 FLUTING! FLUTING! The only maeJtm* in town now in operation. Fluting done as good a?in new York or elsewhere, my 9-tf 3t*l F street, opposite Patent Office. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS fY"5r="NOTICE ? LICENSItS.? All licenses due Lk_5 the corporation of Georgetown on the' 1st ofjuly next, must be paid within ten d^ys of that date, otherwise they will be strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. . . je 21-eotJylO WM LAIRD, Cl>rk. /GEORGETOWN TAXES?An. abatement of six II per cent, will be allowed or the general tax for the current year, if paid oaor before the first day o/Jniynext. CHAS, D. WELCH, Jeao-nt" " Collector. &AINTUBE8. ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by ^ t. THOB. DAVtB. ' , ? , . ? ' Wholesale Dealer ia Salt, je 8-lm* No. 83 Water street, Georgetown, mtidsok. PT18- i Water straat, Georgetown. Dr. 'OJKVJUV&SF**. ?.r OoUw, Bdinb.rg^BooMao* AM di? oftk^r? * - ? ?er.,if AHlll-, .... ton,p. 0, * ?fr fiMlt* AUCTION SALES. Far dker Aactlta ItUi see first THIS AFTERWOOW AWP T0-WORKOW gY THOMAS DOWLING. Anct ; Georgetown PEREMPTORY SALE OP VALUABl.R AND DUlRABul BCIIjDINO LOTS IN GEORGE TOWN AT PUBLIC AUCTION. 'On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, June 21st, ]*$4, at * o'clock. I will Ml. io front of the premi**. Lota No. 9 9 and 2 ft in BeaH's addition to Georgtrvowu, fretting l>' f?ft on West street. wi*h a depth of l?n feet on Montgomery street. Thaw lota will be oivided into four bnildiig lota, each fronting 90 feet on the south s:de of West atrMt with a depth cf 110 feet to a 10 feat alley from Montgomery street. ALSO. The smith parts of Lots 250 and 351, frontinc 00 feet on the wast aide of Green street, above Weat ?treat, with a depth of IV feet. ?... ? ALSO. Part of Lota No. 13B and 138, in Beau's additisn ?o Georgetown, fronting 40 feet oa the ea*t side of Green street, above Gay street, with a depth of 10u fe??t. Term a at pale. All ocnveyaaciag and stamps at tka coat of tha purchaser. ie9d ilntel.) THOB. DOWLING, Anct. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. ONE FRAME HOUSE ON C4PITOL HILL AND ONE IN THE FIRST WARD, REAR THE GLASS HOD HE. AT AUOTION. On TUE8DAY, the ilat instant we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6S o'clock, west part of Lot No. 10. in Square No. 793. fronting oa south D, between 3d and 4th streets east, with the improTC uents, jrhicfc consist of a good two story Frame House. Also, at 6 o'clock same evening. we shall aell, on the premises, sooth hal* of Lot Square 88. Thia property fronts oa 21st. between north 0 and Water streets First W ard, with the Improvements, which conaist of a two atory Frame House. Terms cash. All conveyancing at purchaser's eoat, including revenna atampa. $100 on each will be required to ba paid down whan the property is knocked off. je 18 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aucta. (T J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anctioneera. P. BAT AND DE8I&ABLB BRIGS RESIDENCE FOR A SMALL FAMILY ON E 8TRBBT, BE TWEEN 2D AND 3D STREETS WEST. On TUESDAY AFTERbOON, June 31st, at 6? o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the weat half of Lot No, 2. in square No. 5tS, fronting 15 feet on the north tide of E street north. between 3d and 3d streets west and running back 100 feet to a 15 foot alley, with tha improvements, consisting of a handsome and well built three story and casement Brick Dwelling-Houae.containing nine rooms, the tame being No. 514, on said E street Terms: One-half cash; the remainder in six months, wKh interest,aecured by a deed of trust on the premises. Title perfect. Possession given October 1,1864. Je lt d J.C MoGUIRE A CO., Ancts. pY THOMAS DOWLING, Aact'r; Georgetown. HANDSOME BUILDING* LOT ON HEIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN AT AUCTION. I will sell at Public Auction on TUESDAY AF TEhNOON , June 21*t, at 6 o'clock, in front of the premisea. Lot No. 31, on the corner of Prospect snd Frederick streets, fronting 73 feet on Prospect street and 99 on Frederick street. Persons want ing a beautiful site, commanding a splendid view down the Potomac, will do well to attend this sale. Terms: One half caah; balance in six and twelve months. Conveyancing and atampa at tha 00at of the pur chaser. Title perfect. je!4 THQ3. DOWLING, Auctioneer. ^ALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES ANDMULES, Chief Quartermastsr,s Qjfiu, Depot of Washington,I Washington, D. 0., June 3, l.stM. { Will be told at publi 1 auction, at the Corrals, near the Observatory, in the city of Washington, D. C., on WEDNESDAY,June8,1864,and on WED NESDAY, June 22, 13 4, a lot of HORSES AND MULES, condemned as unfit for public service. Terma: Cash in Government fnnda. Bale to commence at 10 o'clock a. m D. H. RUCKER, Brig. Gea. and Chief Quartermaster, a 3-td Depot of Washington. p?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS ON P ST, NORTH. BETWEEN NIW JERSEY AVENUE AND FIFTH 8TREKT WEST. On WEDNESDAY the 22d instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p. m.. Lots 19 and3>, in subdivision of square fill, having a front each of 20 feet on P street, running back 135 feat to a So feet alley. Terms caah. All conveyance at cost of the purchaser, inclui iug stamps. ?>'will b* required paid down when the property is knocked off on each lot. And immediately after the above sale, we shall sell, in frent of tha premiaes. Lot No. 9, in square 523, having a fnont of 83 feet 10 inches on New Jer sey avenue, between north M and N streets. Thia lot is very handsomely situated, having an east front; in a commanding position. lerms; Half cash; balance in 6and 12months, for notes bearing interest. All conveyance, stamps, Ac., at oost of purchaser. 990 will be required when the property fa knocked off. Title indisputable je 16-d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aacts. B Y GREEN ft WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. HANDSOME BUILDING LOT8 ON THE ISLAND AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY, the 23d instant. we ahall sell, on the premises, at 6 o'clock p.m., the following handsome Building Lota, via: Lots Noa. 1 and 0, in 8quare No. 325. No. 1 has a front on C street south of 67 feet, at the corner of 11th street west. Lot No. 6 has a front on Virginia avenue, at the corner of 12th atreet, of 116 feet. Both of which Lota will he subdivided to suit pur chasers. Lot 6 fronts the Mall near tha Smith sonian Institution? a beautiful location. ALSO, Immediately after the sale of the above, wa shall sell Bast part of Lot No. 4, in Square No. 537, having a front of 32 feet on Virginia avenue, run ning back about if) feet, between 3d and 4'? streets, Will be divided if desired. Te ma: one third cash; balance in aix and twelve months, for sotts bearing intareat. A deed given and deed of trust taken. All conveyance at cost of purchaser, including revenue stamps. Title indisputable. Twenty dollars will be required of each pur chaser when the property is knocked off. and if not complied with it will be put up again and sold to the next highest bidder. je 16-d [Kep.l GREEN & WILLIAMS. Aucta. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CHANCERY SALE OF VALUABLE VACANT LOTS ADJOINING THE CITY, AT THE COR NER OF 7TH AND BOUNDARY STREETS. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, June 221. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme ?curt of the District of Columbia, sitting in chancery, passed on the 9th day of April, 1861, in a certain cause wherein George M. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller etalare defend ants, (No. 146,} we shall sell, part of a tract of land belonging to the estate of the late Charles Miller, ft onting on Seventh street west, on the east and west sices, and on Boundaiy street, divided into good sized Building Lots, plats of whioh may be obtained of either of the Trustees or the Anction eera prior to the sale, or on the premises at the time of sale. These Lots are just outside of the Corporation limfts and consequently are not liable for city taxes. Terms : One third in cash: tha remainder in six, twelve, and eighteen months, with interest, for which the purchaser must giva notaa secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchasers to have the option ef paying all in catth. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur chasers.. If the terms of Sale are not complied with within five days thereafter, the Trustees reserve the right of re-selling, at the risk and expense of the de faulting purchaser, on one week's notice in the National Intelligencer. GEO. A BOHRER, E.C MORGAN, " > Trustees, A. THOS BRADLEY.\ my.3Q-eo& ds J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Aucta. JgY WM. B. LEWIS A CO.. Auctioneers. GREAT BALES OF rIrB AND VALUABLE BOOKS, AUTOGRAPHS, ENGRAVINGS, PAINTINGS. Ae . AO., AT AUCTION. WEDNESDAY EVENING, June 16, at 7^ o'cla, at Mr. A. Hunter's Rooms, over the Bank of Wash ington, we shall sell, all of Mr Hunter's stock of Rare and Valuable Books, Magaiines, Law Stat* Papers. Exploring Expeditions. Crimean Rn ports. Annual Debates of Congress, Dictionaries, Miscel laneous, Religious. Ac., with Coins. Curiosities, Autographs, Bare Plaster Busts. Paintings. among which a valuable Picture of Jupiter, Ac., by Cor reggio. Also, Secretaries, Book Cases, Shelving, Tables, Ac., Ac. Sales will be continued TUESDAY anl WED NESDAY EVENINGS, until all are sold,M the rooms must be vacated at an early day Catalogues of 2<io lota ready three days before each sale. Books can he seen at anr time, je.9-tf [Chron ] W. B. LEWIS A CO., Aucta JJY J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE oF BUILDING LOTS ON H STREET NORTH. BETWEEN FIFTH AND SIXTH STREETS EAST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. June 23i, at 7 o'clock, on the premiaes, we shall sell Lots No. 1, 2 and 3, in Uhlnun'u subdivision of square No. 883, fronting each 17 feet 6 inches on H street north, at the coiner of Sixta street enst, and extending back 80 feet to an alley. . Also. Lot No. 6, to Laner's subdivision of square No 776, Hunting 17 feet 6 inches on north H street, between 3d and 4th streets east, and running back 85 feet to au alley. Terms cat-b. Conveyancing at the coat of the purchaser, Je3tl-d tEepJ J. 0. MoGUIRE A Co.. Aucta. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TWO-STORY AND ATTTG FRAME HOUSE WITH BRICK BACK BUILDING, AND LOT AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 34th inst., at< o'clock p m.,we shall aell in front of the premises, part Lot No. 38, in square No. MO, with the improvements, consist ing of a two stor> and attic frame house with brick b*ck building, containing eight good rooms. The above property iain a good neighborhood, making it a good investment for any one wiahina topo/ehase a private residence. Terms: One-half cash. balance in 6, 13 and 18 mouths, for notes bearing interest and secure' by a dead of treat on the premises. '? All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost ef tha aarcaaaer. Je *0-*r : ?BEEN k WILLIAMS, Aaeta. WILLIAM BE FORM HIE AUCTION SALES. ri'TUHB iAVI. W L. WALL A CO., Auctioneer* Southwest corner Pa. avenue and 9th at. BT GBOCEBIB8, LIQUORS .CIO A R8 asp TOBAOO# AT AUbTIOK, On Thursday morning. June 234. ?t w o'clock. we will aell at the Auction Room*? Chests Tea. boxeshperm aud Adamantine Dan dle*. Barrel* Coffee and boxes do. Boxes Cannsd Fraits and Meats. Boxes Brown, Yellow aad Caatile Soap. Boxea Starch, Vrwt Powdere, aad Cheeee. B( x?aGin^-ar and Cinnamon. Case* Whiskey demijohn# Brandy ana Whiskey. CO boxes Cofiee Boxes Havana Tobaooo and Oigtr*. 25 boiw Drime Chewing Tobacco, 12 gross Natural L??f Tobacco. Octaies and quarters Brandy, Case* Jamaica Rum. Gibson's XXX Old Bnarbnn and othar branda. Barrels Whitkey various branda. >, Pipe Holland Gin. S Barrel* Apple Brandy, .SO ra?en Caret. So cases Glassware. Un(ler*hirtsand Clothing. A quantity of Small Stores and Sutler'* Goods. Terms caah. je 30 WM. L. WALL ACOAuc'ts B YW L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. LAR61 LOT 07 LUMBXB. r00R8, FRAMR3, LOCKS, HINbXB. Ac.. AO.. AT AUCTION, fii lUtttsDAY AFTXRNOON, Juae 23d. at S o'clock p.m., we will sell on K street, between 1 th nnd 19'h . a large lot of new l.nnber. being the material of twelve new frame bouses, which bad ta t e taken down. Term* cash. Sale positive. JeSP St WM. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. B Y J C. McGUlRX A Co., Aueuooeers. Kl XGANT COLLECTION OF PRXNCH BRON71 P1GURE8, BUSTS. AND GROUPS OP HIS TORICAL AS WXLL AS MYTHOLOGICAL 5* HJl IMPORTATION of Mxsaas. VIT1 BROTHXR8. To be aold at Publia Auction oa THURSDAY MORNING. Jnne 23d. at M o'i lock, at our ft alee room, corner of Pennsylvania avenue and K'th at., aad will be read/ for examination en the day are ?ioua to aale. Among tbe yark>a* subjects will be found? Pabiua and 8cipio, Pater the Great and Charles the XII. Guttenberg and Gallileo Pandora and Psyche. Basts of Flora and Semmer, Warriors of Middle a?e?? Lonis XV, Taocredi. and Arran, Mousquetairs, Painting and Mnsie, Peace and War, Uolumbue and Cortex. With others a detail of whiob will be foanBin the catalognes. The above collection, per ateamer Bremen, waa selected by Messrs. Viti Brothers expressly for this market, and will be found upon examination to be well worthy of nublic attention. This is as pscial aa.?.and tbe flrat of the kind ever attempted in this ' Hy. Je 17-d J. C. ctiUIRX A CO., Auct'a. B Y J. C. McGUIBX A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTER'S SALX OF THRXX STORY BRICK DWELLING HOUSR AND LOT ON NINTH ST. WEVT. BETWEEN O AND PSTRKKTSNORTH. On TUXSDAY AFTBRNOON. June 2S. at 6 o'clk. on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trustdated September 23d. 1861, and duly recorded in Li her N. O.T. No. 2 and folios 1, et seq..and of the Laod Records of Washington county. D. C.. I shall sell. Lot No. 9 ia Crittenden's sub division of 8quare 39R, fronting SO feet ou Ninth street west, betweea Oand P streets north, running hack 94 feet 4 inches to a public alley and improved by a three story Brick Dwelling House containing two basement rooms, saloon parlor, widt hall, and three cham bers. with woodshed, Ac., in the rear. Terms cash. _ Conveyances at cost of the purchaser. THoMAS 8. BURR. Trustea' Je.6 dts J. C. MoGUIRX A CO . Ancle. B Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. U. ?. MARSHAL'S SALB OP SCHOONXR INDIAN AND CARGO. In virtue of a decree issued from tbe Clark's Of fice of the Supreme Court of the District of Col umbia, holding a District Court, and to me direct ed, I will ax pose to public sale, for tbefoot of Sixth street Wbarf.on the Potomac river, ia tha the City of Washington. D C.,on FRIDAY, tbe 24th day of June. 1364, commencing at 11 o'clock a m.? Tbe SCHOONXR INDIAN, her Tackle, Apparel. and Furniture. ALSO. IS Piffs: a lot of Chickens, 1 bag of Salt; 1 barrel of Vlonr, 1 Ham: a lot of Cigars, Lot of Beef; Mackerel and Sugar, 2Compasses- Sextants, Lot of Charts: 2 Spyglasses. Lot of Soap; lot of Brooms, 1 small Glass. Also, immediately after tha sale of tha above, I will sell? Tbe SCHOONXR MALINDA, her Tackla Apnaret and Furniture,for cash, and 1 barrel Whisky. WABDH. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal. D C. Je 18-d per WM. L. WALL A CO . Aucta. B Y J. 0. McGUIBB A CO.,Auctioneers. FUBNITURB AND XFFBCTS OF A FAMILT DXCLINING HOUSEKEEPING. On FRIDAY MORNING, June i th, at the,resi dence of I. B. Bloss, E*q., corner iSth and I a'?.? we aball sell tbe Furniture and Elfects, compria lug? Xxcellent Rosewood Case Piano Forte, Mahogany Parlor Chairs. Rockers, Marble-top Center and other Tables, Oane and Wood seat Chairs, Three ply aad otber Carpets, Brussels Stair Carpet, Rods and Eyes, Bedsteads, Bureaus. Waahstands, Wardrobes, Hair and other Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Window Shades, Mahogany Dininp Tables. Refrigerator, China. Glaaa and Crockery Ware, Cooking and otherStoves. Terms easb. je 18-d J. C. McGUIBB A Co.. Auct's. B Y GRXXN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer. FOUR HAND80MX BUILDING LOT8 FRONT ING ON NORTH B.BSTWBXN FIKST AND SECOND STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, tbe 24th instant, we shall sell, itt front of tha premises, at d o'clock p. m., the fol lowing Building Lots in Kibbey's subdivision of Square 671, being Lots Nos. 23, 23, 26 and 27, in said Square, each having a front on north E street of th feei and oontain 2.700 square feet. On two of said, lots there are brick foundations. All run back to a wide alley. The above described property is beautifully sita ate<l and handsome building sites Terms: One-third in cash; balance in S, 12 and 18 montha, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing, including stamps, at cost of purchaser. 8100 will be reqoirad on each lot when knockad oft. Title indisputable. je 18-d GRXXN A WILLIAMS, Aucta. B Y J. 0. MoGUlKB A CO.. Auctioneers. BUILDING LOT ON NORTH G STREET. BE TWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1ST STREET WEST On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 18, at 6* o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No. 14, in 8quare No. 824. fronting 18 feet on north. G street, between North Capitol street and 1st St. west, and running back ITS feet 3 inches to a So- foot alley. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six. and twelve months, with interest, secured by a dead of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. je 16-d J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Auct'a. ?y THX; ABOVE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY postponed until SATURDAY, June 2ith, same hour and place. Je 18-d J. C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Aucta. Y J. 0. MoGUlKB A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTER'S SALX OF RKAL ESTATE CORNER OF PENNSYLVANIA AVENUB AND 13TB STREET EAST. On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. June 2>th,at6*4 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed or trust dated Msrch 31,1864, and duly recorded in Liber No. 31. folios 12 at seq.. one of the land rec ords for Washington county, D. D., I shall sell Lot No. 1, in square aoutb of square No. 1,019, aituated at the corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th street east _ . , , ... , . Terms: One-half caah: balance m three and six months, secured by deed of t ust. $60 to be paid on tha ground at tbe time of aale. And tae true* tee reserves the right to resell, after four inser tions in tbe Evening Stai, at the risk of defaulting purchaser in the cost of the sale, not being coa? ilied with in five days after the day of sale. Conveyances and stamps at eost of purchaser. GEO. 0. B MITCHELL. Trustee. Je 14-d J. 0. MoGUIRX A 00. A nets. BP Y J. 0. McGUIRX A CO., Auctioneer!. LARGB SALE OfIbUILDING- LOTS. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. June 24th, at o'clock, on tha premises, we shall t>ell the whoia of Square 133. fronting respectively on 18th and 19th streets wext, and north R and S streets, tha whole subdivided into 64 desirable Building Lots running back to alleya. Terms : One-third In caah; the remainder in 8 nnd 12 months,wlth interest, secured by a dead of trust on the premises. Coat of conveyances at tha expense of purchaser. tSTA payment of on each lot will be required at tbe sale. Je 18-d IBsp.l J. 0. MoGUIRX A CO.. Aucta. JJY GBBXN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A BRICK H0U8B FOR 8ALK. On THU R8DAY. tha?4th instant, on the previ ses at 6 o'clock p. m., will be aold at publio auc tion, part of Lot numbered 22, in Sqaare 367. im proved by a three-story Brick House eontalnin*S rooms. Possession 1st July. This property is sit uated on Kith street west, between N and 0 north. Terms; One third cash; balance ia S an 12 months, with interest, aeenfad by a deed or wast aa the premiaea. fetamps and conveyances at tha expense of par C iVtermsof eale are not complied with in B Bays the property will ba resold at the expense of tha Purchaser after 6 day. notion _ je |M GRXXN A WILLIAMS, Aact'a, Prof. *8 PUT A Wonld^respectfully inferos tha retired from his other profeaaional business, he is saw able to deyote the whole of bis Use ta instruction in nasto to ail those who may Ba A. LI? aa. M aa *- ? pleased to patroxus# him. Proi. liftU'i methM fs the saaaa as is taught in Kurope? that is. while he makes aood performers of his pupils he make* good musicians eftbem also; so that any one who may reeetve instructions from him may acsnir# that knowiedfe of mnsic as will maks them com petent for teachers or professional knusiaians , rrof. Staaato Is aow Arming clasps and all wha dMire U aktar mnat apply early, as the number ?a if.P Theirns fihf.Bspata's rsatdaaee rr ns ^'aatos durng the Isy mjTl api^y t? Pref /OHN B8PU|A. Pa. f X ? i aM' rsaidafef eaa

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