Newspaper of Evening Star, June 21, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 21, 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. have a queer way of effecting the removal of police commissioners out West. la Chicago Board of Police desired to get rid of an obnoxious member, and by the aid of aa unscrupulous woman, saeceedad in doing so by surprising 'he commissioner in a bed cham ber with said woman, baring him arrested on a State warrant, wherein he was charged with adulter?, and then confidently told that If be would resign the office of police commissioner thp> ^c&ikd&l would be hushed op &nd lie ihoi W not be prosecuted. Timid and frightened, the bargain was struck, but the papers bare got hold of It and are giving the matter an exten sive alring._ Prkwti^haiia.? Jeff Davis says that "the last tie is severed." He hasn't got his last ??tie" yet, and he won't be able to sever it when he does get it. The rebellion opened more tban three years ago. We trust that ere long It will be apened &eam for a post oAortera examination. /jen Butler's last letter is to Garrett Davis, of Kentucky. We don't like to see such a cus tomer walking into our Oarrett. ?yMany opposition papers in the West earnestly express the fear that Vallandigham's return will create dieoord at Ohicago, as he and his friends will strive to engraft thair ex treme anti-war views into the platform. tarjhe ladies of Rome, Ga., now occupied by Sherman's troops, are described as very i jretiy, generally shiftless, and altogether re bellious. *&~A New York journal states that there are no toss than twenty thousand rebel women in the boarding-houses of that city. ^"The Missouri high-Dutch papers are growling and imprecating at the nomination of Cochrane. IT'Seven divorces were granted by the New York Supreme Court recently, all.for adultery tVEISENFIELD to CO., Odeon Hall Clothing Rooms, (ESTABLISHED 1847,) CORJ*R PXSKSTtVASIA AVESCB iXD 4>a STRSIV, Beg leave to call the attention of the citizens and trailers of Washington to our very large aud ex tensive assortment of SPRING CLOTHING, w? say extensive, for, having the most unbounded facilities for manufacturing, and having a buyer always in market, ready to avail himself of all the rich and fashionable style* of goods that may be offered, we flatter ourselves that we can exhibit the | most fashionable and varied assortment of clothing ever offered in thif city. We enumerate in part BLACK CLOTH FROCK and DRESS COATS, running to the finest grades. Genuine Black French Doe Skin PANTS; Black Grenadine and other SILK VBSTS; from which may be selected a dress suit of the very finest ma terial, equal in finish and workmanship to the very est. and at much lower prices. Our assortment of CASSIMF.RE GOODS cannot be excelled in variety of colors and beauty of Styles, and all cut and made in the most fashion able manner. We name in part the English Walk ing Coat, the French Jacket, the Business Frock Coat, American Sack, and all other styles now in wear. A most splendid assortment of plain and fancy Cassimere Pants and Vests. We call themoEt especial attention of the ladies to our superb assortment of BOYS'CLOTHING, which for beauty of styles cannot be surpassed, if equalled in this city. We most respectfully ask an examination of those goods before purchasing alsewhere. In the line of MILITARY CLOTHING we have the most extensive assortment in this city, con sisting of Dress and Fatigue Coats; Infantry and Cavalry Jackets; light and dark Blue Pants, both plain and reinforced; shoulder Straps, Sword Belts, gashes, and in f*" everything pertaining to an O er's outfit. In the line of FURNISHING GOODS we have an elegant assortment of Cassimere Over Shirts, White and Brown Linen Shirts of all grades; Under Shirts, and Drawers, a full line; Military Gloves, Kid, Silk, Lile Thread and others. We most respectfully solicit the patronage of the public, who may rest assured of fair dealing and good articles. XNOLISH WALKING COATS, ENGLISH WALKING COATS, ENGLISH WALKING COATS, FRENCH WALKING JACKET, FKKNCit WALKING JACKET, FRENCH WALKING JACKET. FINE FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, n.-Mr, BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS. BLACK CASSIMERB PANTS, BLACK CASSIMERE PANTS, BLACK CASSIMERB PANTS, TESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, "VESTS OP ALL DESCRIPTIONS, VESTS OF ALL DESCRIPTIONS, FIVE FANCY CASSIMERB PANTS, JINK FANCY CASSIMERB PANTS. FINE FANCY CASSIMERB PANTS. MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY FROCK COATS, MILITARY FROCK COATS. MILITARY JACKETS, MILITARY JACKETS, MILITARY JACKETS, MILITARY PANTS AND VESTS, MILITARY PANTS AND VESTS, MILITARY PANTS AND VESTS, BOYS' CLOTHING, BOYS' CLOTHING, BOYS' CLOTHING, FIX LTNEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR J1S, SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR *1?, SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR $18, SIX LTNEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR SIX LINEN BOSOM SHIRTS FOR UNDER SHTRT8 AND DRAWS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAWS, UNDER SHIRTS AND DRAW8, KID GLOVES. KID GLOVES, KID GLOVES, NECKTIES AND SCARFS, NECXTIE8 AND SCARFS. NECKTIES AND SCARFS. WEISENFIELD & CO. ODEO.N HALL CLOTHING ROOMS, ESTABLISHED 1947. Corner street and Pennsylvania aveaue. ?ny 24-eolm Tlie National Bookstore Still Ahead. The subscriber having lately returned from the Boston, Philadelphia, and New York Spring Trade Bales, invite the attention of Sutlers, Peddlers, Dealers, and the public generally, to his large and splendid stock of BOOKS, STATIONERY, ASD FANCY ARTICLES, consisting in part of BOOK8. of all sizes, kinds and styles. BIB LEU, PRAYER BOOKS, PRESENTATION BOOKS. SCRAP BOOKS, BLANK BOOKS. PHOTOGRAPHIC ALBUMS in endless variety, all styles and prices. DIARIES. MEMORANDUM BOOKS. CAP, NOTE and LETTER PAPERS, of all styles and qualities, to suit the times. BiiV ELOPES, Plain, Fancy and Wedding, all sixes. PAPER NOVELS by the thousand er single one. PENKNIVES. RAZORS, SCISSORS, BRUSHES, COMBS SOAPS. COLOGNBS, PEkFUMERY.' CHESS, CHECKER, BACKGAMMON and CRIB BAtjK BOARD8. ' WRITING BBSK8, PORTFOLIOS, and WORK BOX E8 PLAYING CABDS, GAMES, GOLD PENS, PEN CILS, etc., etc. Of CARD PHOTOGRAPHS we offer the largest and prettiest assortment ever before offered in this market?over 5,?W varieties, plain and beau tifully colored. A large assortment of the 7 by 9 PHOTO GRAPHS, for framing. Also Something Entirely New-The Large CABT HET SIZE PoTOGBAPHS, for framing; beautiful goods. gent for Taber Sc. Co.'s Celebrated AMBRO TYPE8. All of which we offer at great inducements to the trade. Butlers. Peddlers, Ac., Ac. Give us a call, at WILLIAM F. RICHIITEIN'S national bookstore, 27S Pt?srLVi.*iA Avksub, between Eleventh and Twelfth streets, Washington, D. C. H. B.?Another supply of Rich?tein'a New Guid Book to Washington, at wholesale and retail, my H-eolm ~ [ABUT COLLINS Jt 00J PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AMD FOBTBB. laaaow reeaivtag large quantities of DRAUGHT ?i.i Ml FOBTBB from this eeiekrated Brewery ?hieh I am preyared to furnish on abort notice to all persons who will favor me with their orders. BstisttbcttoB iQinntW* Orders givea to my drivers will ha yremftly aV HeM to. goads delivered la all nrti of Waihlagtoa aad Georgetown, free of eharae. t :?Cksk?n deMtwry. BILBY A. SBTim, Ageol. tfnum Botthmt D**ot, IT Gsaea St., , D. O. MJ julLLINKRT 1 MI 1.1. WIRT'I MtLUNKttY !f! was? O V f, 1 C 1 A L . Ilea quarter t J'rovotl Mar thai emd Board of ) Enrollment of Dittrict of Cciumbxa, > Wat Kington, D. C.t Jane;?, 1904. ) Thp Board of Enrollment of the District of Colombia will be in eeeaion at the office of tbe | Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth street and Now York avenue, i daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a. m. 1 to 3 o clock p. m., for the purpose of bearing cases of exemption from dr&lt for the following causes, viz: Alienage; Non-residence*, I Unsuitableness of age; Manifest permanent physical disability and Two years' service during the present war, 1 either in the army or navy. Citizens are requested to furnish information as to persona who are sot enrolled, or who are trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable tc do military duty, so that his own chance for draft shall not be unjustly increased. J. U. Ptttham, Captain 1st regiment V. R. Corps, and Provost Marshal of the may 26-tf District of Columbia. War Department, Adjutant General's Offlet, Wat Kington, March 17, l-M. All applications for leaves of absence or per mission to visit Washington must be addressed to Major General H&lleck, Chief of Staff, and > must specify the business for which the officer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of Wat on this subject will receive no attention. By order of the Secretary ef War: E. D Towkbsitd, Assistant Adjutant General. DENTISTE7. A DENTISTRY. LL Dental Operations performed in a thorough and scientific mnuuer, by 1)R. MERRILL.j (successor to Dr. W. P. McConnfM) atj 4t?2 Pa. avenue, between 3d and Bis. Teeth extracted without pain by the use of Nitrous Oxide or Ether. Particular attention given tn filling and preserv ing the teeth. Children's teeth carefully attended to. Artifical teeth inserted in th$ most approved stylen now adopted By the profession. rayZMm* QREAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Teeth Extracted without Pvin with tie Mukrite of Oxygen. 1 would sdvlse all persons having teeth to ex tract to call at Dr. LEWIE'S office, and have them taken out by this newr and harmless process. Also call and' examine tbe Doctor's new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you oncesve the great improvement in his teeth you will have them in no other style than this new and valuable one. No. 242.Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. nov!3 8. R. LEWIE, M. P., Dentist. M. TEETH. ? LOOMI8, M. D , the Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at- . tends personally at his office in thisJ city. Many persons can wear these' teeth who cannot wear others, and bo person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office can be accommodated with any style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, stroagest, and most perfect denture that art can produce, tbe MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warianted. Booms in this city?No 33* Pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 10th streets. Also, 90T Arch st? Philadelphia. mar4-ly TRAVELERS* DIRECTORY. BALTIMORE AND OHIO RAILROAD. On and after Ssnday, June 19tb, 1864, Daily Trains will be run between Washington and New York and Washington and the West, as follows : FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND ?< BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.3) a. m., 11.15 a. m., and 8.31 p. m. daily, except 8unday. On Sunday at 8 JO p. m. only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington at 3 p. m. daily, except Sun 'dajr. Passengers will note that this train runs as far as Pbiladel phia onl y. FOR NE W YORK. Leave Washington daily at*?.30 p. m. This train is for New York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m., 11.15 a. m.,3p. m.. 4.45p. m.,7itip.m? and 8.J' p. m.,except Sun day. On Sunday at 7.30 a. m.,3 p. m., and 8.30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.31 a. m, snd 3,4.45 and 8.30 p. m. daily,except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 ana 8 3t? p. m Tickets seld to all points WEST, and baggage checked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6J3U a. m. and 4.45 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Sunday. Trains leaving Washington at 7.31 a. m. and fi.3t) p.m. go through to New York without change Of cars. Sleeping earn on 6 3" and 8.3^ p. m. trains. Berths can be secured until 5 p. m. daily at the ticket of fice. After that hour they must be secured of tho sleeping car cobduetor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The 3 p. m. train stops only at Bladensburg, Beltsville. Laurel. Annapolis Junction snd Relay House daily, except Sunday. On Sunday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will please observe that the 3 p.m. train runs only as far as Philadelphia daily, t.rrepl Sunday. On Sunday it runs to Balltm<rreonly. Also, tbat the 6.30 p. m. train takes New York passengers onlv. For further information, tie.kets of any Ifind, Ac., apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, agent at Wash ing ton . or at tbe Ticket Office. W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation. L. M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. je 2o-tf G HEAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TO TBE NOR THWEST AND SO VTHWE* T. ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER I5TH trains will leave Baltimore from the North Cal vert Station as follows: Past MaU at* ?; ? 9 20 A. M. Harrisburg Accommodation3."Q P. M. Lightning Express-?. 9.30 P. M. THE 6.30 A. 51. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.20 a. m. train from Baltimore for Pittsburg and tbe West.and for Elmira. Buff alo, Rochester, Dunkirk, Canandaigua, and Ni agara Falls, and for New York city. THE 5.20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.3" p. to. train from Balti more for Elmira and the North and Pittsburg and the West. SLEEPING CAR8 ON NIGHT TRAINS. EOLTUVRet' TlCKKTS AT GOVHRSMSK* KATB3, ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. ?S^For tickets and any information apply at the office of the Great Pennsylvania Routs, corner Penn. avenue and tfthstreet, under National Hotel, Washington. J. N. DUBARRY, Superintendent N. C. R. R. E. J. WILKINS, Pass and Ticket Agent, cor. 6th at. and Je 9-tf Penn. avenue. Gray's 3?atent Molded Collars, Are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, Area bom tbe angles noticed in all other collars. Ths cravat causes no packers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE AS OUTBIDS, and therefore perfectly free and easy to the neek. Tbe Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both sidtt. These Collars sre not simplyjlat pieces of paper cut in the ferm of a collar, bat are MOLDED ANDSHAPED TO FIT THE NEOK. They are made In " Novelty," (or turn-down style;) in every half sise from lats r? inches, and In " Eureka," (or Garotte,) from is to Winches; snd packed in " solid sises" in neat bine cartons, confining 100 each; also in smaller ones of ten aach?the latter a very handy package for travelers army and navy officers. ?y EVERY COLLAR is stamped '?GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED COLLAR," Bold by all dealers in man's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS A CO., api4-3m 322 Pa. avenue, Washington, R.F?I8HUTOB8. Just received a very large and complete assort ?B*-, raent or tbe celebrated H>m m MONITOR. Hi and EXCELSIOR RBpRIQRRAT0B8 which are admitted to be of the most approved pattern*, and workmanship of the nest aaality, tea 3897th street, bet. I and,k. PROPOSALS. pEOPOBALS IOB VOBAGB. CHIKF QUARTBRJSASTBK'SOrriOB, I Wjshinotom Dsrov. Dee. 8,18S3. ( Sealed Proposals are invited by the undersigned for supplyingthe U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment. at Washington. D. 0., Baitimore. Md.. Alexandria, and fort Monroe, Va., or either of these places, with Hay, Corn, Oats and 8traw. Bids will be received for the delivery of 5,000 bushel* of corn or oats and 50 tons of hay or straw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which tney will make deliveries thereat, the quantity ef each article proposed to be deliv ered. the time when said deliveries shall be com menced, and when to be completed. The price most be written oat in words on the ids. Corn to be up in rood stout sacks, of ahont two bushels each. Oats in like sacks of about three bitFbelaeach. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hay and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oata, eorn, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be stated in the proposals. Alt the articles offered under the bids herein In vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, aa the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for shall have be*? 'slivered and accepted. The bidaer will be required to aeeompany hia proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in ease his bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days thereafter, execnte the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertismentj and in case the said bidder should fail to enter inte the con tract. they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of a U. 8. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other offieer nnder the United States Government or responsi ble person known to this office. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposal*. The full name and P. O., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals mttst be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H, Sucker. Chief Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C., and should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the eon tract, sighed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. Blank forms or bids, guarantees, and bondB.may be obtained upon application at this Office. FORM OF PROPOSAL. fTown, County and State) ?? (Date) I, the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish ana deliver to the United States, at the Quarter master's Department at , agreeably to the terms of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. 8, 1863, the following articles, viz : bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of 66 pounds bushels of Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of 32 pounds tons of Baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000 pounds tens of Baled Straw, at per ton of 2,000 pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , 1S6-, and to be completed on ot before the day of , 186?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with tne United 8tates, with good and approved securities, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Ruckkk, General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. 0. GUARANTY. -We, the undersigned, residents of ,'ln the County of , and State of , hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten daya after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the same with good and sufficient sure ties. in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8,1863, under which the bid was made, and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract m aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, , . Given under our hands and seals this ? day of ,186?. [Seal.l [Seal.] I hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl edge and belief, tne above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for the amount for which they offer to be security. ?-???. To be certified by the United State* District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under the United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office. . . D. H. BUCRBR, dec 9-tf Brigadier General and Q. M. PROPOSALS FUlTSTATIONEBY. . Dfpartmbxt ok titk Interior, f U. H. Patent Okfich. June 8,1S54. \ Proposals for :"iirnislnni; such stationery as may be required by this Bureau during the 9scal year ending June SO, will be r**ceived until 12 o'clock m. of Tuesday, the 12th day of JuIy.lSrVi. Thoseunaccon?aai?lby satiafactarv testimonials of ability to faiul a contract will n?tee considered, and contracts will only be awarded to manufac turers of, or dealers in the several classes of ar ticles. All articles furnished mast be of th# best quality of their kind. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it. All articles required under a contract must be delivered without delay. A failure or refusal of the contractor to furbish proper articles will be deemed Just cause for abrogating the contract. Articles not named in the schedule, if repaired, are to be furnished at the lowest market prices, and the right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each article contracted for, as the public aervioe may require. . , Bonds, with approved security, must be given by the individual or firm obtaining a contract. Should a contractor refuse or neglect to funish, when re quired,any article or articles mentioned in the contract, the ssme may be purchased in open market, and if a greater price has l>een paid there for than is specified in.the contract, the difference may be charged to the contractor in his next quar terly account. Schedules, specifying as near u fttn lie done, the amount, quality, and description of the articles re quired, can be had on application at this office. Proposal* must be addressed to the Coramia* sioner of Patents, and endorsed Stationery." je 20-3t ? Unit** fltalti 10-40 Lea a. JAT COOKE A CO., 4*9 riltiatlk Street, BlOSITB SUBSOUFTIOBS FOB TBI NEW NATIONAL LOAN Mthoriied by act of March S, 1864, and knows M TEN -FORTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern ment, after ten yeara, and payable forty yeara from date in eoin, bearing Interest at TIYB PBB CENT A YBAB, payable on bond* not ov^r f 100 annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. The COUPON BONDS will be Issued in 960,9100, 9000, and fl ^00. The BEGI8TBRED BONDS will be loaned in 50, 9100,9500,91,000.91.000, and 910,000. Theae are the only gold-bearing securities of Government now procurable at par, and, yielding at present value of coin OVBB BIGHT PBB OBNT PBB ANNUM, offer n very desirable Investment tor large or small sums. We Buy and Bell, at market rates, GOVERNMENT BONDS, OF ALL1S3VMS, TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS and COIN, and pay the highest prices for QU ABTBBMABTBB'B CERTIFICATE OH BO KB. mh 29-tt JAT COOIl * CO. DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, OFFICE 914 PA. AYBNUB, Washington, D. ft eBIiT^5?lkraKa.4&D WMT MERCHANDISE, MONEY, JEWBLRY, VALU ABLES, NOTES, STOCKS, BONDS, ic? Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the eoinjtrjr. This Company A V A A*Av* * vai | Connections are made at New York and Boston, and thence by European expresses to all prominent commercial towns m Great Britain and the Conti 'collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS made aa accessible parts of the United States. O. 0. DUNN. Afent. 486^ bvAL P1CTUIB FBAME& Jog Maqftment of Gilt and Dark Oval Pictures, *'??<a variety of Carte de Vjeite Frames, ?' /?MARKRITER'S, 486 7th street, ?inmiiui doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms cash ,??. - apSHmif* 486 CORD ABB TAS8EL8. AOg c"d"" T*rma fcaah. an M-lmif* 486 OB TI!F? 486 PROPOSALS. pmOPOSALf FOB STATIONERY. CKiif Quarter master's OJtrt, J&rpot of Washington, I Washington,inrnt M,!?>4. { "??^?dPpoposals wjllbe received At tVii* office P?1' *?day, June 24. IS64, at 12o'?locl ra . for fur Is 1,15er* f(,r thii Depot for nix (5) months from July l, J864. as per annex.4 Schedule. * ,art7,*?.niu9t t>e of the very best quality, samples of which (of paper, ono quire. of envel opes. one package) must accompany each bid. Each bidder moat furnish, with kit* proposal, but one samph of the article bid for. and but one marked'theret *rt'c*e? wh?ch must be distinctly wiu *>e awarded to the lowest re sponsible bidoer. Jath proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it; and the ability to fulfill the contract, if awarded, must be certified by the per eon or persona proposed as sureties. Should *py articles be required which are not enumerated in the Schedule, they are to be fur at the lowest market price. ?V ? Quartermaster reserves to himself ine right orordering. from time to time, a greater ? r *.52 5nan*l*y?f *ach and every article coj uli tor, as the public service may require, within six months subsequent to the date of the contract, and. should any articles not be delivered within a reasonable time after being ordered, he also reserves the right to purchase the said article in open market, at the risk and expense of the per tiP ?,r,,??"<>?," contracting to furnish the same, lie win, in all cases, decide whether the terms of the contract have been complied with, and re MrT08 tnc power to Annul tho contract upon any failure to comply with its terms. Bonds with approved security are to be given by the person or persons contracting, and, in case of failure to supply the articles ordered, the con tractor and his sureties shall be liable to the for feitnre specified in such bond. P,r^p0^lpJ?.H?tbeJl(,dlvs',ed to "Brigadier Gen e?^L i?' RtCKER, Chief Quartermaster, Depot of Washington. D. C?"s?I to be plainly marked "Proposals for Stationery." Schedule of Arttclms. 40 reams Manilla Wrapping Paper, 24X.13 inches. not less than fio pounds per ream, per ream 30 reams buff Envelope Paper, 34x32 inshes, not less than ?t pounds per ream, per roam 20 reams white Folio Post Pap??r, ruled. per ream 1(0reams white Foolscap Paper, ruled, not less than 12 pounds per renm. per ream in reams Law Cap Paper, ruled, not less than 12 pounds per ream, per ream 2"0 reams white Letter Paper, ruled, not less than 9 poundsi per ream, per ream 500 reams white Commercial Note Paper, ruled, . 10t '?ss than 5 pounds per ream, per ream 1.0W sheets Blotting Paper, per sheet 2. 5. ("00?s. demi size, full bound, per quire ^Blan k Bo o k s, folio size, full hound, per quire 1*0 Blnnk Books, crown cap size, bound in cloth, per quire JO? Blank Books, cap size, half bound, per quire *00 octavo Memorandum Books, full size, per dozen 50 Time Books, demi size, bound in cloth, per dozen 50 Time Books, small quarto size, bound in clo'h, per dozen 200 Tibop Books, small octavo size,bound in leather, per dozen jn.OTOwhite Official Envelopes, No. 12, very thick, per M 60,000 white Official Envelopes, No. 10, yery thick, per M 100,000 white Official Envelopes, 8x4 inches, yery thick, per M 100,000 white Letter Envelopes, 53ix3)i inches, very thick, per M 12 dozen Arnold's Writing Fluid, in quart and pint bottles, per dozen bottles 12 dozen Maynard A Noyes' or other Black Ink, in quart, pint, and half pint bottles, per dozen bottles 12 dozen Arnold's Copying Ink, in quart and pint bo'tles, per dozen bottles 12 dozen Lawrence's Copying Ink, in quart and pint bottles, per dozen bottles 24 dozen David's Carmine Ink, glass bottles and stoppers, per dozen bottles 96 dozen Fabers or other black Lead Pencils, Nos. 2 and 3, best quality, per dozen 24 dozen Paber's or other red and blue Pencils,per dozen 24 dozen glass Inkstanks, assorted, per dosen 1"0 gross Oillett's 8teel Pens, assorted, per gross 20<i gross other Steel Pens, assorted, per gross 12 dozen gutta percha Pen H?lderi, per dozen 48 dozen other Pen Holders, selected kinds, per dozen 12 dozen tin Paper Folders, per doaen 25 pounds red Healing Wax, 20 sticas to the pound, best quality, per pound 10 pounds white India Rubber, 40 pieces to the pound, per pound 100 dozen pieces Red Tape, Nos. 17 and 23, per dozen inu dozen spools Red Rape, Nos. 17 and 23, per spool 12 dozen glass jars Mucilage and Brushes, large size, per dozen 24 dozen glass jars Mucilage and Brushes, small size, per dozen 24 Letter Copying Books, 500,700, and 1,000 pages each, per dozen 1,000 sheets Abstract Paper, ruled to pattern, per sheet 500 sheets Return Paper, ruled and printed to pat tern, per sheet 6 reams of Bill Paper, ruled to pattern, per ream 4 dozen ivory Paper Folders, per dozen 4 dozen Erasers, ivory or wood handles, per dozen <>dozen guttapercha Rulers, 16 inches long, per dozen D. H. RUCKER, Brig. Gen. and Chief Quartermaster, Je 10-13t Depot of Washington. PROPOSALS FOR WOOD AND COAL. Post Office Department, June 17,1364. ^ Sealed Proposals will be received by the un dersigned titl 12 o'clock M.. on FRIDAY, July 1, for furnishing, for the use of this Department, 4i0 tons (2.240 lbs. to the ton,) best Baltimore Company's White Ash Coal, to toiu, b?st Ked Ash Coal. same site, and 200 cords best seasoned Oak Wood. Satisfactory arrangements must be made to se cure to the Government full weight and measure. The wood must be corded and measured upon the premises, and one-fourth sawed intlp three, and the remainder into two pieces, and all piled away in the cellar. Parties supplying the Wood willbe at liberty to deliver it at such time during the fall and winter as may best suit their convenience, provided se curity be given for the faithful fulfilment of the contract. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all bids, if the interests of the Department seein to require it. No bid will be entertained unless satisfactory evidence can be given of the reliability and loyal ty of the parties. Samples of coal, such as is desired, can be seen by calling upon the undersigned. Payment will be promptly made. The proposals should be addressed to the n$der- 1 signed, and endorsed "Proposals for Wood and ' and Coal," or for either one as the case may. JAMES S. IIALLOWELL, Disbursing Clerk, Jei7 td Post Office Department. QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, Deport or Washington, Washington, D. C., January 4,1364. All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather, Office Furniture, Harness, and Saddlery, are re quested to send to tbisoffice.on WON DAY of each week, a sealed proposal or list, tn duplicate, of the articles they are prepared to furnish to this Depot at short notice, with the price of each marked in plain figures, so that, in case the exigencies of the service require it, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest price. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will be re quired to furnish the list punctually every Monday morning. D. fi. SUCKER, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, Ja5|lf Depot of Washington. ?AVALRY HORSES WANTED. War Department, Cavalry Bcrkau, ? OJiu af Ch it/ Quarter matter, S Washington, D. C.. May 18th, 1864.S THREE THOUSAND (3,000) HOR8E8 WANTED. One hundred and sixty-live (1165) dollars per head will be paid for all CAVALRY HORSES delivered within the next thirty (30) days at the Government stables gt Giesboro', D. C. Said horses to be sound in all particulars, not less than five (fi) nor more than nine <9) years old; from fifteen to sixteen hands high, full in flesh, compactly built, bridle wise, and or size sufficient for cavalry purposes. These specifications will be strictly adhered to and rigidly enforced in every particular. Payment made on delivery of seven (7) and over. James a. ekin, Lieut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, my 18-lm Cavalry Bureau. YORK AND WASHINGTON STEAMSHIP COMPANY, The Screw Steamship* BALTIMORE, SALV&R, 1MPIK1, J AMIS B. GREEN, AMD FAIRBANKS aomyoaa the line of this company, leaving foot Wall street, Hew York, and foot High strati, *"~Si?Sa ftlUM Foot High St., Georgetown. FAFEHUANOINGIi A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, blNING ROOMS, HALLS, AMD CHAMBERS. Also, 6,000 YARDS OANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are nnrivalled in this city, compri ing in part the famous GowQua brand for parlo Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wide, adapted to dini rooms, halls, ice. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOR MATS, Paper hung by skillful workmen, and all orda promptly attended to. Give us a call and sa from 10 to 10 per cent. ! RIFFLE & FALCONER'S No. 348 7th street, between I street and a> g-eo Masa. avenue. NEW ATTRACTION. 'I N" A rim*?UiS SfeM Ittri la 7th UrnU I HATE OPENED THN 1JLR&SST, riNMST, AND 0HMAPM8T, BOOT AND SHOE STORE ?nJth*jBtty of Washington, with a vary axtoaHy* IfAEIBS'. MIMES', CHI1 Pf?SS??tyU?d fiyftr.%? eft *MtTl PROPOSALS. J^TATIONEHY., Nat* Dki'ahtmkkt, June 2.1951. Separate Sealed Proposals will be received at the office of tbe Secretary of tb<- Navy until 3 o'clock p. m. of Thursday, the 30th instant, for furnishing ail the stationary that may he required by the Navy Department and the several Bureaus Irona the fatter date to July 1. 1*?. . _ . All th? articles furnished must be of the best quality, delivered without delay wh->n ordered, and to the satisfaction of the head of the office ior which they are required. If it be required, each bidder for stationery must furnish with his proposal a sample of each article bid for. , . , ,, No bid will be considered which does not fullr conform to the advertisement, and in which even and every article is not bid for. and in which more than one price fs named for any one article. Bonds in sufficient amount, with two or more approved sureties, for the faithful execution of the contract, will be required of the person ?r per sons Contracting The authorized names of the sureties that will he given, as also satisfactory tes timonials to fulfil the contract, must accompany the bid: otherwise it will not be considered. The Department reserves to itself the right of ordering a greater or less quantity of each and every article contracted for, as the public service may require. Should any article be required not enumerated in the con ract, it is to be furnished at the lowest market price, according to its quality. The law of 3d Marqh, 1S-13. provides that "no bids haring nominal or fictitious prices shall be considered The subjoined schedule specifies, as nearly as can now be done, the amount, quality, and de scription of eacU of the articles likely to be re quired. SrAeduU. ?, AO reams Regulation Taper, per sample, per ream jut do do do do engraved heading, per ream 40 reams heavy, white laid, Despatch Cap, stop ruled, per ream , 40reams heavy, white laid. Despatch Cap, stop ruled, engraved heading, per ream 2n reams Foolscap, white or blue, ruled, per ream 20 do do do do engraved heading, per ream 75 reams extra super&ne, blue or white, laid or wore, Letter Paper, ner ream 5 reams extra superfine, blue or white, laid or wore. Letter Paper, engraved heading, per ? ream 2" reams best Note Paper, thick, per ream 20 do do do do engraved heading, per ream 15 reams best Note Paper, medium, per ream 15 do . do do do engraved head ing, per ream 20 reamsCopying or Tissue Paper, 21), by 26 inches, per ream 10 reams Manilla Paper, 38 by 36 inches, flat, per ream 20 reams best buff or white Envelope Paper, royal flat, per ream 150 yards Tracing Cloth, per squaro yard 5 rolls Tracing Paper, per roll 60 sheets Oil Paper, per sheet 3 reams Blotting Paper, royal, per roam 6<i quires patent Blotting Boards, per quire lfiO sheets Klephant Drawing Paper, per sheet 75 sheets double Elephant Drawing Paper, per sheet .TO sheets Antiquarian Drawing Paper, per sheet 30,000 best buff or white Envelopes, Government pattern, official size, printed stamp, per 1,00"J ?0,^00 best buff or white Envelopes, Government pattern, official size, engraved stamp, per 1.000 5.(00 best buff or white Envelopes, Government pattern. unstamp, per 1,0"0 10,000 l.est buff or white Envelopes, letter size, printfd stamp, per 1 ,ooo 10,000 best buff or white Envelopes, letter size, en graved stamp, per 1,000 5,(TO best white official Envelopes, engraved stamp, 1('X by6Ji inches, per l,Q(i0 10 C00 best white official Envelopes, engraved stamp, 9 by 6 inches, per 1,000 lo.ono best white official Envelopes, engraved stamp, 9 by 5 inches, per I,"U0 6,000 best white official Envelopes, engraved stamp, 10'i by 4}a inches, per 1,000 5,000 beRt cream laid Envelopes, letter size, per 1.000 5,000 best cream laid Envelopes, note size, per 1,000 1 ,ooo best Envelopes, card size, per 1,000 1,0C0 patent cloth-lined Envelopes, by 4 inches, per 1.000 1,000 ratent cloth-lined Envelopes, G by 4 inches, per * l,f00patent cloth lined Envelopes, 5}? by 3'* in ches, per 1,0(0 20 gross Steel Pens, on cards or in boxes, (the De partment to hRve the liberty of selecting from all the diflereut kinds manufactured > per gross 2<? dozen pen holders, of the various kinds manu factured. per dozen 12 dozen Pen Holders, gutta percha. per dozen 24 Gold Pens, large size, with silver extension holders, best manufacture per pen 40 quarts Maynard k. No yes's In in bottles, per quart 40 quarts best London copying Ink,oer quart 24 ounce bottles Guyott & Co., superfine Carmine, per bottle 1.(00 Quills, No. 80, opaque or clarified, per 1,0"Q 200 Swan Qnills, per l.doo 75 dozen Red Tape, assorted numbers, per dozen 12 dozen Silk Taate or Braid, per dor.en. 5 dozen drawing Thumb Tacks, per dozen 6 dozen Penknives, Rodgers's best, back or pearl handles, 4 blades, per dozen 4 dozen Erasers, large size, ivory handles, in cases, Rodf er's. per dozen. 1 dozen pairs of Shears, best quality, 8 inch blade, per dozen 1 dozen pairs of Shears, best quality, 6 inch blade, per dozen 1 dozen pairs of Scissors, best quality, per dozen 6 do*en Glass Inkstands, metallic spring covers, per dozen 3 dozen 9 inch Ivory Folders, per dozen 30 dozen black lead Pencils, Faber's best, assorted Nos., per dozen lO.dozeu best drawing Lead Pencil*, per dozen 10 dozen Faber's Artist's Pencils, per dozen 12 dozen best Faber's red and blue Pencils* p0T dozen 3 dozen.sable Brushes, assorted, per dozen 3dozen camel hair Brushes, assorted, per dozen 2 dozen Letter Clips, per dozen 2 dozen sticks best India Ink. per dozen 2<' dozen Rubber Bands, assorted sizes, per dosen SO pounds extra superfine scarlet Sealing Was, per pound Jo pounds best quality Wafers, per pound 10 pounds Gum Arabic, pulverized, per pound 6 dozen prepared Mucilage and Brush, large, per dozen C dozen prepared Mucilage and Brush, small, per dozen 50 ounces office Sponge, per ounse 6 dozen class or China Sponge Cups, per dozen 10 pounds best hemp Twine, per pound 10 pounds best linen Twine, per pound 5 quarts black Sand, per quart 0 dozen best prepared or virgin India Rubber, per dozen 12 four-quire Blank Books, indexed, per quire 12 three-quire Blank Books, indexed, per quire 6 dozen cap Copying Books, indexed, per quire 6 dozen letter Copying Books, indexed, per quire Je7-law4w pROPOBALS FOR FUEL. Quartermaster's Office, U. 8. M. C., ) Washington, May 18,18tf4.< Pealed Proposals will be received at this office nntil Wednesday, the 22d day of June, lSt>4, at 2 o'clock p. m., for supplying WOOD and COAL to the U. S. Marines at Washington, D. C., from 1st Julv. 1864, to ?ith June, 11J05. The Wood to be good merchantable oak, and to be delivered, piled, measured and inspected at such points within the walls of the Marine Bar racks as may be designated by the Commanding Marine Officer, free of expense to the United States. The Coal to be best white ash anthracite egg coal, free from dust, and to weigh 2,240 lbs. to the ton; to be weighed, inspected and delivered at such points within the walls of the Marine Bar racks as may be designated by the Commanding Marine Officer, free of expense to the United States ; and both Wood and Coal te be furnished at such times and in such quantities as the said Commanding Marine Officer may require. Payments will be made upon tne quarterly requi sitions of the commanding officer, stating the quantities required for the use of his command, agreeably to regulations. A guaranty, to be signed by two responsible per sons, whoFe responsibility must be certified to by the U. S. District Judge, U. 8. District Attorney, or U. S. Collector, must accompany each proposal, otherwise it will not be considered. To be indorsed "Proposals for Fuel," and ad dressed to the undersigned. W, B, SLACK, my 20-law4w Major and Quartermaster. TISH WANG, THE GREAT CHINESE ,KEM.EDY for GONOKRH(EA,OLEET. Etc. One Box will pkrfokm a Cork.? Ingredients are purely vegetable. It is ? pleasant te the taste, has no bad odor, and maybe carried in the vest pocket without fear of detection. Circulars free. Prieeflabox. Sold by JOHN J. KROMER, successor to 8. C. Upham,40s Chestnut st., Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORD, 296 Pennsylvania avenue. Sent by mail. jal6-eoly >00flM9 MM1| H. 0. WILSON * 00.. toOf Of 33d St. Wim. Wab*i*oto?, D. 0.. Manufacture rs of I00I1H8 FELT, DBY AMD TAR11D SHEATH ING. ROOFING CEMENT and LAMP BLACK, FELT AMP QBMMNT, Wholesale aad Be tail. Dealer! supplied on tke moat liberal tens*. Factory?Foot of Bd street west. Ofloe?161 at reet. below Pa. avenue. mh ll-3n? QLABIFIEDOIDBH, * * ? ' ? ? a ? ? _ hilaAMA I I offer for Bale at the lowest market prioe, in quan tities to init purchaser*. ^ ^ Hotel keepers,so tiers aad all others In want of ? prime article of Cider are,invited to oal] and ex amine this before purchasing eUewhere. ^ ttlLJsY ?. WHIN If, Union Bottling Depot, 47 Green st? Georgetown. D. O. MAPS. ? OAST Survey Map of Southeastern Virginia; so ?lap of Eastern North Carolina; 75. oast Survey Map of Northern Alabama and Georgia: 60. Battle Field of Chattanooga; 50. Map of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama; 30. Coast Survey Map of Northern Georgia; 60. .p??t Survey Map of Southern Mississippi and Alabama; 60. Map of Eastern Virginia; 26. Pocket Maps of the different States. my 31 FRANOK TAYLOR. PIANOS.?Anew assortment of Stein way* Bona Pianos has just been received. Also? one seven-octave four round-corner ?Tpr K^H strung Hal let A Davis Plana for fZ75. OneH'BT* S&YiT je a Corner Pa. avenue and llth street. TH* UBROHAMTt A?? BAJfKlE'8 ALMA omn No. TPOUTE ? ?lD^t RI OK18 TI ? 1V THM OMLJ PHYSICIAN ADTKRT18M9, Bu discovered the''??? Certain, Needy and Bfla J <* S?* How* ? Wo TVUmc f % * c'"lvsNSi%^sofls^r'" W?Un?M of thf Strictures. Affections of t?e Kidneya and Bi?-iJ!/ In potency. General Debility, M unm rw (Wr. Uoinor, Low Spirits, Oonfuaion of ti?il Pupitation of the Djirt, Timidity, Trsmbiuj I Dimneasrf Sight or Giddineaa.Disaaaeof the H?aT Throat. Nose or Bkin, Affsetious of U? LivS' ?' Laogs.Btoraach or Bowels? those Terrible DUoii / ders arising from Solitary Habits of Youth-tfci ?iobit and solitary piectioea mora fatal totk?U victims than the song of Byrens to tke mariners ?? llyMcs. blighting tneir most brilliant hops* c. autloipatiena, rendering marriage. 4.0., imposa fcl#* YOUNG MEN Especially, who kave keoome tha Wtlms or Borw tary Yloe.tkat draeiful and destructive habit whi?h annually sweeps to aa untimely crave thousand* m Young Man of the moat exalted talent and krilllaai Intellect, who might otherwise have antranoed li?! ten ing Senates with ths thunder* of . waked to axstaey tha living lyre, may eau with n! > confident* TAKE PARTICULAR. NOTICE. fu | a' ?j.ea?rv 0wft,csta?.^.?????'-8** I mash to be dreaded?Loss of Memory, Oonr-uiaa of Ideas, Depression of Spirits. *vil Foreboding* Ayarsion to Bodetr. Balr-Distrwt. bora of fall, tude. Timidity. Ao. MARRIAGE. Married Persons, or young mm ooetetnp/ \tli [ marriage, aware of Physical Weakness. 3f \%u I Debility, Wasting of the Organs, Deformities, k< ft akould ay air . mmedlataly. - W He whe plaees himself under the eare of . t, W may religiously oouflde ink la honor aeagentlumta ? and confidently rely apon bis skill as a Fkyaiolaa. OR?A* 10 WBAKNI88. IMPOT1NOY IMfBD1MCHT8 io MARRIAGE. Bp Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak ness of the Organs is speedily eared and full vim restored. Thousands of tbe most nervous, debTu tated and Impotent, who had lost ail hope, ksvt been immediately relieved, All impediments to marriage, Physical or Mental Dl*t?i allocations, Loss of Proereative Powsr, Nsj vous Irritability,Tremblings,and Weakness.or ib. haastlon of the most fearful kind, gpeedily cured. DR. JOHNSTON. Member of the Royal College of Burgeons, ban* ? don, Graduate from one of the most eminent Ool< \ leges in the United States, and the greater uartoi / whose life has been spent in the hoapitnls or Loe* don,Paris,Philadelphia and elsewhere, has effeetel some ef the most astonishing cures that ware eve) known; many troubled with ringing in the heel and ears when asleep .great alarmed at sudden sounds, bashfulneaa. wttn freoneal blushing, attended sometimes with derangement of mind were cured immediately. ,ar Mj?? aitnout these the Journey through a wean pilgrimage; the prospectAl >ni to ths view: the mind beoameC W h despair and filled withfthe melao* I who have Injured themselves oy a certain practice Indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, tka affects ct which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and if aol cured renders marriage impossible, and destrcyf both mind and body, should apply immediately. What a pity that a young man, the hope of hH country and darling of his parents, should kg snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments af life by the consequence of deviation from the patfc of nature and Indulging in a certain secret habit. Buck persona must^before oonumplating reflect that a sound mind and body are tke! mod necessary requisites to promote oonnabla! happi ness indeed, without these the Journey through life beoomes a " * " hourly darkens shadowed with < ckoly reflections that the happiness or another.'J P blighted with our own _ DISEASES OF IMP RWDEN9E. When the misguided and imprudent votary el nleasure finds he has imbibed the seedaof this pain ful disease, it often happens that an Ui-timed sense of shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those who, from education and reepeota Dility, can alone befriend him. He uHa into ths hands of Ignorant and designing pretenders, wko, incapable of curing, filch his pecuniary subs lance, keep him trifling month after month, or as long as the smallest fee can be obtained, and in deepalt leave him with ruined health to sigh over his gall- . Inn disappointment; or, by the nee of that deadly poison, Mercury, hasten the constitutional syufp* toms of this terrible disease such as Affections of the Head, Throat, Noee, Bkin, etc., progresMni with frightful rapidity until danth puts an end ta his dreadful sufferings by sending Am to that discovered country r -m whose bourne no travels* returns, _ OKIIOB T SOUTH vRBDBBIOK 8TRBBT, laCt hand side going from Baltimore street, a V? doors from the corner. Vail not to observe name and number. BT'No letters received unices post-paid and aon- ' taining a stamp to be need on the reply. Psrsozg writing should state age. and send portion of gd verttsement describing symptoms. 7Tu Dr.'* Diploma m kit CUks, INDOEBBMBNT 07 THB PHB88. Tha many thousands cured at this inJtitutloa < within the last twenty years, and the aumeroci Important Surgioal Operatiena performed by Dtk Johnston, witneased by the reportera of "The Bun'* and many other papera, notloes of which have a^ ?eared again aid again before the public besidcgM his standing as a gentleman of character and re- ^ sensibility. Is ? suAdent guarantee to the af* , * SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. ja P-ly gECRET DISEASES! SECRET DISEASED SAMARITAN'S GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFTt THE MOST CERTAIN REMEDY EVER USXJ> "Yes, A Positive Cure" for QONORH(EA, GLEET, STRICTURES, <6e Contains no Mineral, no Balnam, no Mercury. Only Ten PiUt to be Taken to Effect a Cure They are entirely vegetable, having no smell noy any unpleasant taste, and will not in any way in jure the stomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent cases in "twenty-fonr hours." Prepared by a graduate ofthe University of Pennsylvania, one of the mosl eminent Doctors and Chemists of the present day, MO KXPObCRB. NO TROUBLE, NO CHANGS WHATEVER, Let those wno have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Balsam Copavia, at Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Bent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packagea, 12. Female $3. BLOODI BLOOD! I BLOOD! I SCROFULA, ULCKRX, SORES, SPOTS TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, Ac. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICB Is offered the public as a positive eure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the SA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICE. >a the most potent, certain and effectual remedy eve? prescribed; it reachea anderadioatasevery particle of the venereal that the cure ia thorough and permanent. Take then of thiapurifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pos terity that for which yon may repent in after years DO NOT DESPAIR 1 Although you may be pronounced Incurable, the SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICB3 will remove every vestige of impuritiea from the system, as well as all the bad effects of Mercury. FEMALES! FEMALES! I In many affections with which numbers of Fe males suffer, the ROOT AND HERB JUICES is most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, in Whites, in bearing down, Falling ?f the Wemi> Debility, and for allcomplaintsincidenttothesez. Sent by express. Price 91 a bottle, or S bottle* f?r*5, SAMARITAN'S CHANCRB WASH. Price 25 cents. Full directions. DESMOND it CO., Box 161 Philadelphia Post Offlce. Sold by 8. CALVERT FORD, corner of 11th ac3 ?Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK. Alexandria. mayg-tf TRIESEMAR? Protected by Royal Letters Par ent of England, and secured by the seals of tb? Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and tha ImperiaJ College of Medicine, Vienna. Triesmar No. l is the effectual remedy for Relax* ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion ofthe Sys tem. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely superseded tbe nauseous use of Oopavia, Cubebu, Ac. Triesma? No. 3 is the infallible remedy for all Imparities an J Secondary Symptoms, thus obviating t^e use of mercury and all other deleterious ingredients. Baeh preparation is in the form of a most agree able Lozenge. Secured from effects of climate ana changes of atmosphere, in tin cases, at S3 each, o? four *3 eases in one for $9, and in $27 cases, thc4 saving $9. Divided in separate doses as adminis tered l>y Valpeau, Sallemaude, Row*. Ac.vAe. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW, no. 184 Bleecker street. New York. _ _ To be had also of S. 0. FORD, No. S90 Pa. ave. corner 11th street. mar 9-3a Y CONFIDENTIAL. . OUNG MEN who have injured themselves by certain secret habits which unfit tbem for business, pleasure, or the duties of married life; also middlo aged or old men, who, from the follies of yeytn or other causes, feel a debility in advance of theiv years, before placing themselves under_tne treat ment of any one, should first read' THE S*CR*/ FRIEND.'' Married Ladies will learn wmethia j of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend. Sent to any address, in a sealed envelope on re ceipt of Ten Cents. Address _ . nn Da. CHAS. A. STEWART * CO^ de 14-ly Boston. Mass. O ,UR MUTIAL FRIEND. By Charles DiekeM, ^ 25ceHts. Nancy Blake Letters to a Western Cousin. 73 cents. Banting's Letters on Corpulence. 75 cents. Ye Book of Bubbles. f2. Cousin Phillis. A tale. 26 cents. Rebel Rhymes. |l. Holly's Carpenters' and Joiners' Hand Book. 60 Cents. Bushnell's Work and Play, fl.75. Beven Stories, with Basement and Attic. By Ik Marvel. $1.73. Massie's Mission to America. 12.29. Herbert Spencer's First Principles. 92. Man and Nature. By George P. Marsh. $3.50. Tuckerman's America and Her Commentator?, f2.fl0. Harard on the Will. 92. Je9 FRANCE TAYLOR; 486 WINDOW SHADES. Different colors and aisea Window Shades in ?tore. Any required style or si*a Shade made to order, at J. MARKRITER'8, 4S6 7th street, Eight doora above Odd Fellows' Hall. Tarms cash, ap 29-lmlf*

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