Newspaper of Evening Star, June 22, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 22, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. D. WALLACH. Bitter and Preprieter. WA8HIHOTOH OITT I ffgPWMPAT JDWI 9% IW. ?^"BEADING MATT1B 05 1TBST PAG1 SBB OUTBID! FOB INTBB1STING TMLM O BAPHIO AMD OTHBB MATTBB. AN IMPORTANT OBDEB. The following important order hu been is. ?nM by General Augur: Headquariert D'partm'nt of Washington, ? Twenty-second Army Corps. June 20,18<M. J General Orders, JVb 51.?I. Hereafter no citi zen. comro Mloned officer or enlisted maa, will be arretted on the report of a Detectlv em p'oyfd by any officer subject to the jurisdiction ?f this Department, except In extreme cases, where there is no doubt of guilt and immedi ate action is needed, until the report has first been forwarded tor action at these Headquar ters. II. AH Officers serving in this Department, employing Detective*, will send, with as little delay as practicable, a list of those so employed to these Headguarters, specifying the authori 2 by whom) employed: and they are notified at they will he held responsible for improper action or ah use of authority on the part of their employes. By command of Major Gen. C U. Augur. J. H. Taylob, Chief of Staff, A. A. G. A SENTENCE FOR DESERTION. Patrick Hetry, a substitute, has been tried in this city by the court martial, of which Gen. Abercrombie was president, upon the charge of desertion, and sentenced "to forfeit all pay and allowance* now due, or to become due, to be confli-ed at hard labor on such public works as the commanding general may direct during the remainder of his tetaa of enlistment, with a 21-pound ball and chain attached to his right leg, and at the expiration of that time to bedis honorably discharged from the service and confined in the penitentiary for the period of live years." The penitentiary at Albany, N. Y , is designated as the place of confinement alter the discharge of the prisoner from servioe. GEN. J. C. ROBINSON. This gallant officer has so far recovered from the effects of his late amputation as to be able to ride out daily. He leaves for New York to morrow, a special car having been generously tendered him by W. P. Smith, Esq., of the Bal timore and Ohio railroad, and A. R. Machley, Esq., of the Gamden and Amboy. ?ST From Shillington, Odeon Building, we have an advance copy of Peterson'* Ladies' National Maga2ine tor July. Cafb Mat?'By Railroad Direct from Philn 4 Iphia ? Our readers are referred to the adver tisement of the West Jersey Railroad Co., in cur columns. NEW YORK STOCK MARKET. [By the People's Line?Office 511 Ninth street.] N*w York, June 20.?O. S. 1861, coupon 6's, 112*: IT. S. 5.20 s, 105*; Certificates of Indebt edness, 97; Gold, ; N. Y. Central, ltHJf: Erie, 117*; Hudson River, 144; Harlem, 280; Reading, 1MMichigan Central, 154*; Mich igan Southern, 101*; Illinois Central, 125; Cleveland and Pittsburg, 116; Galena and Chi cago, ; Cleveland and Toledo, 143; Chi cago and Rock Island, 117*; Milwaukle and Prairie du Chlen, ?; Pittsburg, Fort Wayne i and Chicago, ; Alton and Tena Haute, ! ?; Chicago and Northwestern, 55*; Q,ulck- j silver, W*. SrHPAY Travbl o* City Railroads.? ' When the city railroad company, last Sunday, ran their cars for passengers, the act wa3 greeted with almost universal satisfaction. Apart from the question itself that the work ing people of our great cities should not be de- : prived of the healthy recreation afforded by } Sunday travel on these city railroads, there was a special reason for the decision of the i company, so far as Washington is concerned. 9ur hospitals are crowded with the wonnded . soldiers of the Republic. Their relatives and : friends from a distance are here in naabers; I and Sunday is always a day when citizens,and i especially the gentlemen in the departments, : visit these noble heroes and snpply ?bam with j delicacies and necessaries. To this immense ? class the conveniences afforded by the cars i last Sabbath were beyond calculation. These cars were crowded from morning till night. The vote of the Senate, yesterday, practically I prohibiting all travel on the city railroads on any future Sunday will, therefore, occasion ! the bitterest disappointment: and we do not ; hesitate to express the opinion that every I Ha* oA' pmblic Olid T)f j VB pnliny i should induce the Senatn u> reconsider their 1 action on this subject. When we reflect how many thousands of poor people are deprived of the advantages or air and exercise in the working week days, and how, as we have said, in this immediate locality, hundreds can only visit the hospitals on Sunday, the chance to ride in the city cars is a pleasant way to discharge a solemn duty. As to Sunday travel, our own judgment was early expressed, and we have never had occasion to change it. We do not question the motives of those who oppose Sunday travel on these great local thoroughfares, though we cannot help think ing it has a somewhat fastidious look: but we are clear that our legislators could find a bet t?r way to show their reverence for the Sab bath than bv refusing to the wives and chil dren of our mechanics and workingmen the only chance for an unexceptionable pastime offered to them at the close of a week of con finement and labor.?Chronicle. BET'YaUandigham was bnrned in effigy by the students of Princeton College, on the night ?t June 17th. ?ST Marshal Pelissier's body was embalmed and taken to France. Mfe MASONIC.?A resumed communication of <Xjf 8t. John's Lodg??. No. 11. will b<> held THIS ( Wednesday) EVENING at 8 o'cloek, at M? sonic Hall, corner of D and 9th streets It W. MORRIS SMITH. Secretary. nr5=?A MEETING OF STOCKHOLDERS IN Odd Fellows'Hall. Hth st. ea<t, on THURS DAY, 23d instant. at 8 o'clock p. in., in the Com mittee Room of the bnilding, is requested. It* 11ENRY N. OBKR, Secretary. Ac. rv-^=-THB MEMBERS OP THE FENI AN SO L)s_3 clety. and ail those wishing to become mem bers, are requested to attend the regultr meeting, on TlllSi Wednesday) EVEN I JIG. at7i? o'clock, at Shepard's Hall, corner of 7th street an-i Louisiana f venue. H. O. C. MrCarty. Emi.. Stat** Centre for llinois, lately returned from Ireland, will addrets the meetin* on subjects of interest to the organi zation. Bv order of the Centre: It* . JAS BY AN, Secretary. rr5=* NOTICE TO COUNTY TAX PAYERS. J_5 The Levy Court ha* authorized a deduction oilO per cent, on the tax of 1SSJ until the loth of July . and 5 per cent, from that date to the 1st of Av*u?t, providing all arrearase* are paid. The County Collector will attend at the ofllce (City Hall i on TUESDAY!) and SATURDAYS from 10 a. in. until 2 p. m , commencing Saturday. 25th inst , and until 1st August. JAMES PILLING, J? 2?- fit* Collector. ATTENTION. KNIGHTS TBMI'LAR The members of WAfMNGToN and OO IBI A COMM \N DERI ESare requested to meet punctually at the Asylum, on .THURSDAY MORNING next, the 23d instant, at 0 o'clock, ia hill regalia, prepared to depart for Philacelphia in the 1JL^ o'clock n. m train. Sojourning Sir Knight-- are invited to accompa ny us. Those who are not provide with uniforms can W *upulled. JOHN F 811 ARRETTS. L. 1IOLTSLAN l>KR, Je 21 2t Recorders. rv-==?KAIR AND FESTIVAL, at Odd Fellows' liall for the benefit of the Home tor Friend ie-fi Women and Children, Wives, Ac.,el Wounded Soldiers. Je 15-tf rrS^GRACB CHUBCH FA1K AND FK8TIVAL, JJ? At ISLAND HALL, Corner of Virginia Avenue aad 6th Street. The ^adie^ ? f Grace Church, t Rev. Alfred Hoi mead Rector.) will open their Fair for the sale of n??>ful and fane* articles for the benefit of <Jrat? Church, on MOMDAY next. Jan*" !??.? A large and tplendid collection of artie.les will be praaented, ?uited to the seasou, aad calculated to secure the p?tron?ge of the fri' ol" the church and public C'lierally. beaten ticket.-, adult*, 5<iceats; chil dren, a ccnts. JeU-2w |?0K sZlE?At a sacrifice, a tevan-gsUoii SODA r VOUNTAlN for $2U. Inquire a; I'ARK HVRrT'S Conftctii.uery Store, on E ?trcet be tween and gth. Islaud. it* I?OR SALE ?1 Splendid R<sewood BILLIARD TABI.h -rlate bed ?in 'Ouipit-te * "?? ordir. will t e sold a barsain. Inquire^ ?t*^4 i'a. a? eiiue.m? siair?, between the bou * of ? ;:ud 7 o clock 1>, ui. ' je rr-jt* . 1BBMOVAI.. HAVE Removed uiy rlGAR and TOBACCO )?T('RE from 45'J 8th i%tre?t to i0'4 9ti street, be tween Pa. ar. and D street, ea>t side. 3 dinjrs north rf Penn. svenne. where I will he pl?ss(^| to see all rf my old customers and a- many new ones as may fa?or me with a call. Je 22 lw* JOHN THABP. JAMKS THARp; ~ DBALER IN TOBACCO ClOABS, PIPES. Ac., ZOU Vth st . above Pa. ave..e%Ht nidi, Washington. Tin attention of sutler* and pun ha**r.- general j% is called to his stack, which will hi found tj < mbrai^ a great variety of ev?ry article in bis ?i*:e rt bu?iness He would take this ocea?(on to "**u rr his t^en* A to tbe Washington public for tie pat image heretofore extended to him. I m ' Will b t 6{ ... s h i a t a:: r* ' PHUT P!?T ITFNCH YOKE SHIKTSmadeto order In the ?ery l?>t style*: gnarantlad to flt. PAMLLY <>lvIpromptly done on Wh< el?r A WiIhob's . 1.1' hine# MBS KLINE. , J1 ;w? I i\ u It., Vyt"**}! The whits house, LOOATBD OH PENNSYLVANIA avenue. Between the Ocean and Railroad. at ATLANTIC CITY. 18 NOW PREPARED TO RECEIVE TISlTOEg. The Proprietor, thankful for past libardl ?uPP?f?' pi edges himself to ?ytrt no effort that W?J cootrt* onte to the happiness of his pa>ron?, and secure for them the comforts of ? horn# ?t thjie**?lyji For information. addres-5 WM. WHITEH0178B,. Atlantic City. j*22-2w? rTOTHE GERMANS OP WA8HINOTON-1! Imve* I now secured the services of an e*c llent Uer nun Druggist, one who thoroughly understands the drug and prescription business. and is conver sant in the Gerrsao and English languages. Ger mans wishing their medicines carefully and accn r^.y eo.pouaded. wiUao well to g?e me^sall. P. 8.?To my other customers and the public generally, I need only My that I shall always keep as heretofore, a-weU selected stock of pure Drug* and Chemical*. which shall be dispeased in a care tal and skillful manner. _ ? - )e g-lw* J P. 8. T*HI8 IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That thesdbscri I ber h?s obtained from the Orphans' Cdurt of Washington eounty, in the District of Columbia, letters of adminiatration on the personal estate ef James Magee, late of Washington county, D. C., deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the 21st day of June next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estate. i? > 0h? u?d., m, t.?4 je 23-law3w* Administratrix. FOR SALE?A HORSE and WAGON. Also, two MARKET STANDS. Apply at No 36? E street, near lltb. je21-3t" THE PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN AND ITS J ANTECEDENTS, as developed by the report of Gen. McCtetlan and other published documents. By Gea. J. G. Barnard. 1 sol. and map: fl. . Je 21 FRANCK TAYLOB. gTRAYEB from the anbsoriber. ^The^fln^Vwill be lfberjl'y rewarded by return ing any of them to JOHN H. SNYDER. i? 21-St* Corner 22d sad M streets. U?OR-SAL* CHEAP-A P H O TOG RAP i; LERY. Inquire at Tort Bunker Hill. )w20-3t AP OP RICHMOND AND SURROUNDING ,, ?>"**? *h0W>Et rebeVRAN^KTrYLOB COPARTNERSHIP. ~ ~~ HE undersigned having formed a copartnership and taken the store No. 394 ??nn'a avenue, two doors below National Hotel, will conduct the Hat tersbttfiinesg in its varions brancbeg, under the firm of M. O. GUdmon A Co.. wh?w>a mil assort menUf STEAW AND "LT HATg^.a^^ jel8-lw M.O.GLADMON. j^BEWORKSl FIREWORKS!! Tlxe largest assortment ia the city. FLAGS! FLAGS!! of all kind#. a, LANTERNS! LANTERNS!! for illuminations, Ac. Roman Candles. Exhibition Pieces. Scroll Wheals, Fire Crackers, Sky Roekets, Pulling Crackers. Pin Wheels, * Torpedoes, 1 Triangles. Flotillas, Vertical Wheels, Chinese Bombs, Saxon Wheels, Fire Balloons, China Flyers. Toy Cannons, Flying Pigeons, Cracker Pistols, Serpents, Torpedo and Cracker Pis Grass Hoppers. tols combined-a new Flower-Pots, article. Blue Lights. Transparent Lanterns, Bengola Lights. Toy Drams. Mines, COME EVERYBODY! and get yeur supplies for the GLORIOUS FOURTH from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRE-WORKS DF.POT, 30*2 E STREET, NEAR FOURTEENTH. Depot for Boswell A Warner'a celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. gyTbe Trade supplied. je ?-3w B NOTICE. , , . H. STINEMETZ Desires to inform hi* <*n< toniers that he will continue his business at t&e old stand, No. 336 Pa. avenue, until his new ?tore, now in course of eroction, next door to cor ?r IM ?1U '?^?AlSkTZ. je 18-lw 236 Pa. avenue. WH.IKBARSg?c^NSLLASjiANtIlli8 SILK SACQUE8. CIRCULARS AND MANTILLAS, A complete assortment at MAXWELL'S. SaSPenn. av.. jel8-6t between 9th and loth streets. HE STOCK OP A WHOLESALE DEALER IN WINES AND LIQUORS FOR SALE, compri sing a choice selection of pure Wines and Importea Liquors. Champagnes, Ales, Cigars. CanneaMeats and Fruits, with other Sutler Supplies, which will be sold low for cash or approved paper, to close up the hn^ineSB. Address "C. A. W., Post Office Box No. 136. ._ J? M-lw? FOR BALE?A new and very elegantly finished four-spring ROCKAWAx FAMILY CAR RIAGE, with shifting front and summer slip linings made by John R. Laurence A .Co., New York Worth eieht hundred dollars; will be sold for seven hundred, the owner having no use for it. A?l,f JOHN OGBEN^o.iia ri^HE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INFORMED 1 that the UNION HOTEL. George town, D. C., has recently changed hands, and is now open to the traveling commu nity. The hotel has been refurnished _ ... treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in theeity during the summer months will find the rooms large, airy and eoaaforUble. The Union Hotel is only 9? minutes' ride in thecals from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Board t2 per day. ^ 6'm S. B" C00PER'CARPENTER AND BUILDER Shop in tha rear of :J7ttKth street went, between M and ri streets north. Jobbing promptly attended R??UM" RKPEIGKKATOBS11 Just received a very large and complete assort ?_ nient of the celebrated BSwi 9 CONTINENTAL, ggj] and EXCELSIOR REFRiaKR?XORgi which are admitted to be ef the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the best qaality, which on trial and examinationJ?nnot fail to be appreciated by all. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, jiS 36ft 7th street, bet. I and K. MU8I0AL. 7 ROF. ESPUTA Would respectfully inferm the fiublic that he isnow prepared to five lessons n Voeal and Instrumental Music, Having} retired from his other professional business, he is new able to devote the whole of his time to instruction in musio to all those who may Be pleased to patronise him. Prof. Esputa'a method Is the same as is taught in Europe?that Is, while he makes good performers of his pupils he makes ?ooci musicians ef them also; so that any one who may reeeive instructions from him may acquire thct knowledge of music as will maks them com petent for teachers or professional musicians Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who desire to enter must apply early, as the number ia "fo^Urma apply to Prof. JOHN ESPUTA, No. 513 8th street east. Navy Yord. N. B. The cars pass Prof. Esputa's residence eve ry six minutes during the day. my 27-lm BILLIARD TABLES FOR SALE.?The Subsori ber has THREE FIRST CLA88 BILLIARD TABLE8. nearly new, which he will dispose of very low. Inquire at the Billiard room, corner of 11th street and Pennsylvania avenue. Je U-ti W~OOT> FOR SALE.?About 400 cords of Wood, Oak and Pine, about three miles from Wash inttton. on the railroad, and wlthia quarter of a mile of Rivea'" Slip," and near the turnpike. For wile ?ow. Apply toJ. W. VEITCH. Attorney.* Law. BladeasPurg, Md. TMPOBTANT TO BUfL SB8 BUTLERS~WILL FINE H. A. DOWNING A CO.'S concentrated o l a m TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEXB TRADE, It aella very rapidly, and Is the moat economical article of d* n for the officer's mess. It la prepared in one minute,and makes a most delicious SoapoT Chowder. It ia highly recommended by Arm Burgeons, The proflts are larga. H. A. DOWNING ft CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18th at.. New Tort. For sale by BARBOUR A SEMME8, Sola Ageata, 66 Louisiana AyBaaa, ael-ly Washington, P. C. QBAVXl B 0 0_FSj. m Wltl^? GRAVEL BOO F Sfl Office?161 22d street, below Pa. avtaue Orders mar be left at effice Mutual Insuraaca Compaay, 7th street and Louiuaaa avenue, or addrass ta Peat Office Box 534. ? All wort executed promptly and on the moat reasoliable terms, and warranted. Repairs made promptly. U-tW order, aad U thankful far psat favora and ho pea to solicit a share of tbalr aatroaags. reaa aTanae, b?tw?ts 19th aad 19th atr mkls kpz' tOST AMD FOUND. L08T.?0d Runway Evening h? Lsfsrette Square, GOLD SPECTACLES The tinder will 2*,?u??ir rewarded by leaving them with the TellerJ*_*i?ga_*. Q?. >e 2J-3t* I .08?r^?,W*,n,u?t?,k,n,'?llun?&iz,,,i redODW? wtili short horns, one crooked leaning #veB n*r ear, ^d having a collar on . Any one return. ?ng her to No . *11 H etreet, ?ear 6th. will be lib waUyr?ward?g iegSt' 1 08*?A pa if of GOLD S^RCTACLRS, between 1^ my book store an 1 the market A H sc?teh?d on the frame. *1 reward will be paid for their return. If they are offered-f?>r sale oar ties frill P1**?? l?o notice. ALFRED HUNTEft, Je 22*3t over Back of Wa*hmgton LOST ?Om Tueedav. the 21?t i?rt.. ?>? ?*h, H or l?'tb street*, a m?dinm si*. d MOURMNG PIN. with the in.tialsS. ? oil thoback. UU especially ?a*ue<fw it obtain* hvr of d^ce*?t'd friends. A. suitable reward witl bp paid irreturned to *204 11th streett near the avenue. _ je22-2t* HIRED> AND NOT RETURNED.-A man call ing himself Wilson. Weed a BAT" HORSE, white afar in forehead, little *prun* fr front legs dth?nd? high, *nd black shifting tirp Bl owT, ooot covered with patent leatier, square box. odd cosh ions, and harness, en Monday. Jun<v 2 th, about noon. A liberal reward Till be ptid for the return of any or all of the above. and also for the man. NAILOR A. RitO., je 22-3t* D etreet, near 14th. REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the 14th in?t., an iron grey COW, heavrwith calf; horns black at the end; bole in each ear Th?? be f'7*n If returned to CON RADSCHREWER. on 8th street west, between R and 8 street* north. je 2l-3t* IOST?Near the Baltimore Depot, Monday morn J in* early, a fine light brindle BULL DOG, who answers to the name of Frank. Any person leaving this dog at Capt. Camp's office,at the 8M diers Rest, at the abovenamea Depot, will receive a liberal reward. jell-St* rpAKE!f UP 1SSTRAY, on the 21st of June, a ? small red COW, with white breast and white horns; head and rirbt- fere foot tied together. The owner is requested to come forward prnvs ProC"tjs pay charges and take her away. JOHN K. KlTTER near Wilson's Lampblack factory, foot of 2?d street. jelfl-St* POCND-A BUNDL* OF NEWSPAPERS. Ac,, m. which the owner can bare by Droving property and paying expenses. R M. COMBS, je 20-3t* No. 613 8th street east. ?C REWARD^-Straredaway on the Uth inst.^ a buffalo COW .with head, back and belly white: wale red on the sides. She is just about to ral4^ ?e.*^?w?r??^Ard wiU be ff'Tpn if returned to WM. BABINGTON, on corner of 1st street w?st and I street north, below St. Aloysius Church je 20-St* CA?*E T&Xi1? SUBSCRIBER. on 19th of Jane", two COWS, one dark red with a white face, and wide horns.and one red and white cow. The owner will please eome forward, prove property pay charges, and take them away. , ?. CHARLES FRANCIS HAMILTON. je20 3t Piney Branch road, back of the race track. CiOA RE WARD.?Lost, in going from the Hop Restaurant on 7th street, between D and E 8lre9t .to the avenu?, a roll of TREASURY NOThS. amountingto 895. The find er will reoeive the abeve reward and the thanks of the loser, by leaving it with J AMES BEbL. Clerk at the Ladies window. City Post Office. je l?-fit* BOARDING. BOARDING .?Mr. E. Jacob h*s taken the house Ny. 2<>-? I street, formerly occupied by Mr. G. an?art. The apartments are richly Furnished and suitable for Members of Con t,'res? or officers in the army who wish to fiDd themselves perfectly at j *?? X^ey will find first-class French board, ana Mr. Jacob will take special care that the ser vice ofthe table will receive his particular atten tloB- Je 21-lw* IJOAEDING?A few first class BOARDERS can he ?_* accommodated with Rooms and Board on or after the 1st of July next, at No. 426 20th street, southeast cor, of F. je 20-2w? IJANDSOME ROOMS, WITH BOARD, AT 27.? Vermont avenue, between H and I sts.,?the lastnotuia. A few Table Boarders can be accom modated. je 20-eo3t? P?HS0NS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH BOARD and LODOIN(i at f.5 per week, for $1 per day.) at the Philadelphia House, No. 51T New ?ew Jersey avenue, near Baltimore Depot. Jp20 lm? D. H. NICHOLS. Proprietor. ROARD w;rn HANDSOMELY FURNISHED KUOMBjfor two or three' gentlemen, or fami lies,?one single room. House commodious and airv, with spacious grounds. Terras moderate Apply southwest corner 21st and II streets, n-'ar P(>Dn ? w- je l(5-2w* PIC NICS, EXCURSIONS, &c. (ZJRAND PIC-NIC. ~ * PIC-NIC GERMAN BENEPICIAL*0SOCIETY AND PT - n v. v. u ? JOSEPH'S SOCIETY. ?& will be held in ttm JUENEMAN'S PLEASURE GARDEN,iA (on Capitol Hill,) ? .. ON THE 11T1I Of JULY NEXT, ?r. tje benefit of the Orphan Asylums. ? cents- for a Gentleman and Lady, je22->t THE COMMITTEE, Sron Vt Li l JlUin i . TiiAM?K PHiNIX, Captain St&ckpol*. will i??y?fpotof 7th streer every BUN DAY MORNING at 10 o'clock during the season, for the above Summer? Resort. The above steamer can be chartered to private S?.r)l88 ^nn*,^e?lreek-,1'' applying to Captain ^ j* W^lm'01" Pennsylvania avenue, upstairs. REMEMBER THE HIAWATHA BOYS. The Members of the Hiawatha Club, take pleat ure in announcing th?r FIFTH ANNUAL PIO-NIC JfE THE WASHINGTON PARK, 7TH8TRiSt On THURSDAY EVENING, June 23d, I8G4. The Holy Hill band has been engaged for the oc casion. A good Police force has~beea engaged to preserve strict order. Tickets Fifty Cents, admitting a gentleman and ladies. By order of Committee. Dancing to commence at 2 o'clock je l8-5t* piRST GRAND ~ EXCURSION DOWN THE POTOMAC TO G L Y M O N T I By permissioni of the War Department, the com modious 8TEAMKR PHENIXwill jraa make the FIRST EXCURSION THIS SEASON TO GLYMONT, fording the passengers a fine view of Alexandria. Fort Washington, Mount Vernan, Fleet of Guarj Boats, and other interesting scenes on the river The steamer has been put in complete order, and will leave the. wharf at the foot of 7th street on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. Zld iLVtLnt t two o'clork. ' A BAND OF MUSIC will be in attendance. ? Dancing on the boat a*d*tthe PaviUon. The boat will return art a B^agonable hour, giving all a chance of enjoying themselves at Glyinout. REFRESHMENTS AND SUPPER can be obtained on board of the boat and at fil*. mont, at a reasonable price. v TICKETS For the Excursion, ONE DOLLAR. K^'Wo Passes will be required. je 18-it* /COLUMBIA GARDEN. ^ OBrjMr?fJ*A street and Ohio aven**. FREE CONCERT EVERY NIGUT. Monday and Saturday's Concert commence at 3 ' ? cj?c4%"with a full Brass Band. The coolest Lagar in the city always on hand. JeS-lm* 42TEAMER EMPIRE HAS ARRIVED?Con Ki?pees will please attend to the rect-ption of their g. ods at once. This steamer sails for New York"**? Thursday, June 23,18M, at 12 m. ie 21-?t MORGAN A RIIINEHA^T. U? CAPE MAY. JIAWEST JERSEY AtOa. m., accommodation due at in'. a m Atl? a. m., expressdue at V* p. m. At a. m., express due at 8 p m. Returning, leave Cape May? 6 a. m. express due ai 8)3 a. m. 11.45 accommodation,due at 4'< p. m. ?.H> p. m. express due at 8^ p.^m. Thr?y?gh without ?hange of oars or baggage. N*w cars, and everythingirst-class. J*g>-3m J. VAN RENSSELAER, Sop*t. PROPOSALS FOR MEAT. HE Lndersiuneti will receive sealed aronosala nintj mikof Wednesday, the 2?th inst., for sup plyingthe Washington Asylum with all ttie meat that may be required at the institatioa for the yesr ending the 80tb June. 18d6. Bidders will state the price pgr pound for fresh and salt beef, for pork, lamb, veal, shoulders, mid v'ilt1- hams, and sausages, making separate bids ??, _ me?t reamred for the use of the Intendant Tbe meats required for the use of the Asylam to be free from bone. ' All meats to be furnished atsnch times and fa Sr* llef " may re<,u^ by the Wnd art, and. if not in accordance with contract mar be rejected by him. W. G. H. NEWMAN JOHM MODEVITT. , , WM. SLATER, ' TENTgf! TINTS!) Sutler's Tents made and for sale by BARNBS a BON. Sail Makers. 1 String-* that have ever be?a brought to thiilH fWW'tr';- Also, one very/as aid 8Uia?r Vi? JUi Hn. and several others of n superior quality. Tba BfrfBf* are all manufactured to anr order. In prer the Mnme IJore of W G. METZEROTT *1 Corapr of 11th st;eet a?t Pa, >v9Ba?. 5 OtTliOOK P. H THE STORY OP THE RAID OF MOSE BY AT WINCHESTER & FABHI CATION THROUGHOUT. Despatch from General Stahl Branding the Story as a Falsehood. The following telegram has been received by the War Department from General Stahl, dated Jnne 2*2, at Martinsburg: ? ?There is no trnth in the statement la the Philadelphia Inquirer of the *21st instant, in re lation to a raid of Mosebj. Winchester Is aot occupied by the enemy, nor are the telegraph wires cnt between this place and Harper's Ferry. 1 respectfully request that the reporter ot the Inquwer be hold responsible lor publishing such falsehoods." FROM OTTY POINT. The mail steamer, Thomas Powell, arrived here about noon to-day from City Point, bring, ing up the mail, passengers, and a few die* charged troops. She reports that considerable fighting has been going on in the direction of Petersburg since Monday, and that when she left City Point, at 11 o'clock yesterday morning, heavy canonading was heard there. Passengers report that the siege of Fort Dar ling commenced on Monday afternoon at four o'clock. We have no confirmation of this re ported commencement of siege operations at Fort Darling. Fifty more rebel prisoners had just been brought in from the front to City Point as the Powell left the dock. Owing to the fact that only two corps?the 6th and 9th?have succeeded In erecting their hospital tents, there is mucb suffering among our wounded; but the authorities are using every exertion to remedy this evil as speedily as possible. The road from the front to City Point is a very rough one at present, and the jolting of the ambulances is not at all pleasant for our wounded. As the Powell came up the Potomac she passed the steamer Exchange, aground, near Kettle Bottom Shoals. Tugs have gone to her assistance, and as she is light, they will doubt less be able to pull her off. The hospital steamer State of Maine reached here this morning at 9 o'clock from City Point, bringing up four hundred wounded, ot which number seventy were officers. A large major ity of them were stretcher cases, and many of the patients had either an arm or a leg off. Three died on the upward trip. Among the officers brought up on the State of Maine werethe following:?Lt. Ool. John Savage, 36th Wis.; Maj. H. M. Brown, 36th Wis ; Maj. B. H. Foster, 14?th Penn.; Maj. E. T. Romell, 2d U. S. sharpshooters; Maj. T. T. Hamilton, 110th Penn.; Maj. F. Williams, 81st Penn.; Capt. C. Linton, 140th Penn.; Capt. Dawson, 2d N. Y. heavy artillery; Capt. J. Clark, 2d N. Y.; Capt. Gillen 9!ith Penn.; Capt. P A. Wright, 57th New York; and Lt. Hick man, 1st Md. DESTRUCTION OK A REBEL DISTILLERY. The following has been received at the Navy : Department: Flag-ship N. A. B., Jam's River, June 20, 1S64 ("apt. Smith reports under date of June 11, that he ordered a boat to be sent on the alter, noon of the ?th of June from the "Mattabesett" with an officer and lo men to destroy a distil lery on the creek near Edenton, a resort for the guerrillas who intest that neighborhood to the great discomfiture of many good Union citizens residing there. The boilers were cut, brick foundations destroyed, wash tubs broken up, 5 barrels of whiskey stove in and still worms removed. S. P. Lkh, A. R. Admiral. Hon. Gideon Welles, Sec'y of the Navy. Gold.?This morning gold was reported as ?having adranced to 235 in Washington, and some excitement was created thereby. By dili gent inquiry we have learned that that price was merely speculative, and no sales were matte at that figure. But Banking Houses In this city did make sales at , and a proper quotation before oue o'clock would be un doubtedly 225. Thpre is no cause for this rise, and it has un doubtedly been effected by the stock-jobbers to bring discredit on the gold bill. It will un doubtedly tumble as rapidly as it has gone up, and those inclined to purchase at present high prices had better '-stand from under." JUATKR?J.M r. M.?A iImjhlUJi juat received from New York states that gold has fallen already to 210. Thus our opinion above ex pressed is already being verified. REBEL NEWS. Their Story of the Fighting Before Peters burg?They Admit "Severe Casualties'1 on Their Side?A Son of the Rebel Gen. Pegram Wounded. We have Ihe Richmond Enquirer of the lHth, which says: The interruption of communication with Pe tersburg by the advance of the enemy up the railroad on Thursday from Bermuda Hundred shut us off Irom any positive intelligence con cerning events before Petersburg on that day. The Enquirar. has the following from the Petersburg Express, which gives the rebel ac count of the engagement on Thursday : The cannonading commenced on the City Point road at an early hour in the morning, and was followed by heavy skirmishing, which continued during the forenoon. In the after noon a furious assault was made upon Gen. Hoke's front, whose divisiop occupied a posi tion facing batteries from 9 to 12, inclusive, and constituting a most important situation. The enemy came up In three lines of battle, and made three charges, but were each time repulsed by a heavy fire which biased from our lines and sent the vandals back in confu sion. Our men occupied entrenchments which the enemy had hastily thrown up luring Wednesday night. On our right, in the vicinity of Col. Avery's farm bouse, there was heavy firing during the greater portion of the day, but late la the af ternoon lt became quite severe, the enemy at tempting to carry works by assault. This por tion of the line was occupied in the morning chiefly hv our militia forces, where we regret to hear several severe casualties occurred. As Boon as the regu lar troops could be brought up and placed In position, the militia were re lieved, and Gen. Bushrod Johnson's division occnpied the breastworks, along with the Ma con (Ga.) Light Artillery and other batteries. Here, as stated above, the work grew quite hot as the day advanced, the enemy having massed certainly two divisions, lt not more, in our front. Late in the afternoon a charge was made, but the enemy were handsomely re pulsed. In the last charge the enemy came within l(i0 yards of rour fortifications, but the fire was so terrific that they baited, broke ranks and retreated in great confusion, seeking shel ter in a ravine, about 100 yards from our lines. Here a large portion of a Yankee brigade being exposed to an enfilading artillery fire from our ghns, and not daring to show their heads for fear of being toppled over by our musketeers, surrendered to the 64 th Georgia regiment. These prisoners number over 400. They say they were fearfully cut up. The Enquirer gives quite a list of casual ties, among whom Is Capt. Pegram, son of the rebel Gen. Pegram. FROM MOBILE. 1 The Rebel Iron-clads Preparing to Attack O ir Fleet. A correspondent, writing from off Mobile on the 7th of June, says: Admiral Buchanan's rebel iron-clad ram Tenuessee and eight consorts are in full view from our fleet. Four of these smaller vessels are encased, to some extent with, iron, while the other four are wooden vessels, protected by bales of compressed cotton. There is no doubt that they all mount heavy guns, some of them being rifled. ? Within the past few weeks, their ptrton+el force has been augmented largely, both for staff and line duty; ao that the expedition is not lacking in determined officers. The flotilla is composed of the following ves sels : , Iron-Cladt. ? Tennessee, flagship; Gaines, Commander T. T. Hunter;Morgan, Command er T. H. McBlair, (Baltic, ; Name unknown, Wooden Yettels and Cotton Clods.?HuntsvtlW Lieut. Julian Meyers; Pontchartraln,Lieut. J. W. Dunnington; Selma, ; Tuscaloosa, Lieut. W. L. Maury. To oppose this formidable fleet. Admiral Farragut has fifteen wooden vessels, and not a single iron-clad. Farragut is not idle, and is proflttlng by his experience upon the Mississippi river. The vessels are b -ing put in the beet of order to re. celve the rebels. It is rumored that a monitor is on the way from the North to assist us. She must hurry np if she expects to do any ser vioe. - . . Commodore Palmer has sent to Admiral Potter, and fleet of iron-clads from the Missis sippi squadron will be is readiness at the mouth ot the Mississippi river to meet any of the rebel craft should they attempt to run by our fleet. FROM THE FRONT. [Anay Correspondence N. Y. Times, Jaae li>? 6 a. m ] No positive advantage has b?en obtained over the enemy during the last twenty -four hones. TtVfTf has mere or less fljrhtiag aloijr the ?whole line, charges and counter charges made. Ourrlaht and left tanv* beeu swan* in more than ?ne mMf\ while the reutre h.n? been ad vanced but little. Thaline rhi* morning, in stead of moving is the general rtireition from north to ?0Mk, no?w haMnfc general direction of northwest and southrwest; briefly, Peters bur* 1? hal' eorroonc^d bv an abattis of Yan kee bayonet*, wl%h*n ea?y range of the city. All w*a quiet la??nis?b*. no demonstration on either tide. There hat been no fighting this morning The Pytrrth Dwy?' Battle. [Army Cor. ol the Tribune?same date.] The fourth day of the battle of Petersburg ended last night We attacked three times yes terday?at 4 o'clock a. m., at noon, and at 4 o'clock p. m. Warrea joiaed on the I -ft. and swung aronnd with a skirmishing front hatf a mile at each advance, taking one Hne of works, and pr^ssin* op to another and rbe last. Han cack and Burneide, m the center. tound more opposition. The former has gained half a mile, the lattt-r more. The loss in the fast assault was particularly severe in Barlow's and Gibbons' divisions, and the 2d division of Burnslde. Mills' division of the 6th corps and Martin dale's division of the Irith corps swept np the river to within half a mile of the town. One more line and we have the town, which we now seml-circamvallate to its last defeases. CONGRESSIONAL. Wbi>N88Dat, June 22. Sbmatb.?Mr. Johnson presented a memorial signed by 600 Polanders and others, stating that some of their countrymen have enlisted in the army of the United States, and afterwards, on claim of the Russian Government, as deserters from Kussiaa ships, been delivered up. They pray, therefore, that proper steps may betaken to protect them from such ou trace. On motion of Mr. Morgan, ten thousand copies of the report of the Patent Office tor 1963, was ordered to be printed far the use of the Sena'e g Mr. Ramsay snbmltted a resolution that the Committee on Foreign Affairs consider and report upon the expediency of extending the provisions of the reciprocity treaty of 1854 with Great Britain, to Central British America, or the districts northwest of Minnesota, known as the Selkirk Settlement, and territory of the Hudson's Bay Company. Mr Nesmlth called up the bill to authorize negotiation with certain Indians in Middle Oregon for relinquishment of their right to lands, and it was passed. Mr. Sumner presented a petition from Hor ace Sprigg, formerly a slave in Washington, praying compensation for money expended in the purchase of his daughter. Mr. McDougall renewed the joint resolution which he endeavored to introduce heretofore, declaring the people of the United States can never regard any attempt of & foreign power to establish a monarchy in Mexieo in our near proximity, by force, with other than disfavor. &.c., with the view of having it laid on the ta ble. Objection was made, but Mr. McDougall contended that it was too late, the resolution having been read. He said it was the same re solution adopted by the Baltimore Convention on the subject, and he should call it up at the earliest day, to see if this Senate would sup port its declaration. By vote of tne Senate, the resolution was then received. Half a dozen Senators endeavored to get the iloor, with the view of getting up particular bills, when . Mr. Sumner, being recognized by the Chair, movid to take ap the House bill to repeal the fugitive slave law of 1&50, and all acts and parts of acts for the rendition of fugitive ??laves. The motion was rejected?yeas 16, nays *25. Mr. Powell moved to take up the bill to pre vent officers of the army and navy, and other persons engaged in the military and naval ser vice, from interfering in elections; which was agreed to. After several amendments offered by Mr. Powell, one of which permits the military to be brought to the polls if necessary to repel the enemies of the united States, and debate by Messrs. Johnson, Howe and others, the bill was passed?yeas 19, nays 13. Hofsb.?A resolution was agreed to, that the Senate concurring, the two Houses adjourn the sesMon on Thursday, the 30th Inst. Mr. Dawes, of Mass., from the Committee of Elections, made a report that Charles W. Car rigan Is not, but that M. Russell Thayer is, en titled to the seat (which he now occupies) as a Representative fram the Fifth Congressional District of Pennsylvania. The report was laid over for the present. Mr Dawes also mads a report on the Arkan sas election cases, to the effect that a commis sion be appointed by the President to Inquire and report as to the condition of the States de clared by the President to be in rebellion, and of snch as have taken measures to re-establisb civil government; and declaring tnat until such states establish governments republican in form, and prohibiting slavery therein, and are able to sustain themselves against violence they shall not be admitted to representation in either branch of Congress. Mr. Brown, of Wisconsin, made a minority report, which was not read. Mr. Cox moved to postpone the subject until December next, but the question was decided in the negative. On motion of Mr. Dawes, the subject was postponed until Saturday next. Mr. Scofleld of Va., from the Committee of Eltctions, reported that John Kline is not, but that Leonard Myers is, entitled to retain his seat as a representative from the Third Coa . pressional District of Pennsylvania. The re port was laid over for the present. The House resumed the consideration of the bill to amend the Pacific Railroad act. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM SHERIDAN'S COMMAND He Arrives at Fortress Monroe?He brings away a large number of Prisoners on his late Raid. Philadelphia, June 22.?'The Herald's cor respondent, who accompanied Sheridan, ar rived at Fortress Monroe on Monday. He left Gen. Custer's advance at Walkerton ana came in a boat to West Point. Sheridan left Hampton's front on Sunday night, the 12th, and was not pursued, leaving the most desperate wounded behind, and bring ing off large numbers ofc prisoners, who state that the enemy consisted of all Hampton's cav alry, including Fit* Lee's, Rosser's, Young's, Butler's, and Lomax's command. Rosser lost a leg in the fight. Major Darlington, llath Pennsylvania, wounded six weeks before, was brought away from Todd's Tavern. Sheridan passed through SpotUylvania on tlie 15th. Suspension of Civil Rule in Memphis. Cairo, June 21.?Gen. Washburne, com mander of the Department of West Tennessee, has declared, in answer to a communication of inquiry from Major Parks, that, owing to the disloyal character of the present city govern ment of Memphis, as well as Its utter inefficien cy in the management of affairs, he is com pelled to announce that, in the event of a re-election of the present Mayor, It is the in tention of the military authorities to take charge of the municipal department. The General expresses the hope that the citizens of Memphis, byelectlnga ticket friend ly to the Government "of the United States, he may be relieved from the duty of interfering, but expresses a determination that while he commands, there shall be no ho&tile govern ment within his jurisdiction. Delegation of Washingtonians in Phlla* delphia. Philadelphia, June 22.?Editor Star: The Washington Fire Commissioners and members of the City Councils of Washington are here busily engaged examining fire engines pre paratory to inaugurating the new fire depart, mentin Washington. LOCAL NEWS. The Wiley-Browh Cass.?The trial of the ense of John and Emily F. Wiley agt. Marshall Brown and Jesse B. Hawe, was resumed be fore Judge Wylie In the Circuit Court this morning. Wm. Dalian, (hackman, was recalled to show that Colonel Larned was intimate with Mrs. Brown in 1S35. Witness has been a hack man for many years,and while Mrs. Brown was at Mrs. Dodd's hacked her frequently, and on one oc casion Colonel Larned met her on the avenue, between 9ttt and 10th streets, and had some ' conversation with her. i George S. Gideon, sworn.?Witness opened a ; negotiation with Tillottson Brown for die pur chase of his interest in the hotel for Mr. Wal lach, and yrhiJe this negotiation was going on Tillottson told witness that he was not mar ried; that Emily was not his child; that Mir shall's children would get hts property, and that there was no use of higgling about the matter. Julia St&iru, colored, ?worn?Witness first knew Mrs. Brown near the railroad* on B street, and at the time saw a child there named Emily. Mrs. Brown told witness repeatedly that Mr. Brown whs not the father of Emily, and that Dr. MiH?r, of Baltimore, was the father. Mr. Brown was visiting the house at the time. On citoBS-examinatlon, witness atated that Mrs Brown told her that the father of the child Georgiasa, was Speaker White, aid witness afterwards saw White, who said that Georgians was his child, that it had a big month like him. fGeorgiana was the child that died.?R?p.\ Statu or tub thbbhoiibtm.??At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the thermometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, la the ahad?; 91 tn ?oa. A roRTKltrm t night, the Fonrfb WATflpnIk'imrrMWil ft party of five strollers two soldiers and a teamster, ?nd two women' ?or wandering about oa the commons. (}m' H. Tattle appeared to ha the barkeeper for the r5*7. ??d bad on hta person three bottles neaTly filled with Hquor, labeled "RatM.. enehe Jnu*in??Antgaor Tincture."and "New Jerwejr Tiightning.* The bar was courtseated the barkeeper was tamed over to the military Patrick Lilly, soltfter, was dismissed; Patrick I^ally, teamster, was fined ? !.&*; and Emms Carroll and Ellen Tattle, the two womeg were fined 97.1k* eauh, by Justice (Jiberson. ' Alien WomhiI is TaorHLa.?45?nc4, the Hoard of Enrollment hare been exfimtninr parties claiming exrmption, many persons in Government employ have claimed exemption on the ground of alienage, some from the Navy Yard, and at the latter place steps have been taken to secure the dismissal of all sach a? have olaimed exemption on this ground, and in consequence qnlte a fluttering has Nh>b cansed in the different eh ops. Some of these men bad taken the oath of allegiance required of all who work for tlxe Government. Fatal Aocidut. ? Yesterday afternoon, abont sx p. m., as some laborers were enr ?(jed In digging ?? trench R*r a eewer, In fst a treet west, near C street north, one of the bantu t fell in upon them. A laborer known only b y the name of Mike, was kMled outright, and an other named John Foley, was rrry badly iaj,ured. The body of the dead man was taken aw ay by his friends to be burled, and the injnred t man was removed to his residence to be pn jperlv attended to. IK TTTfFURNT#HRI> ROOM FOR RK5 ,'T-Ff.r 1 ?J" iwo aentlemea. Inquirt at 1110 * street. between Pth sod 9th. It* CfURN 1811 ED ROOMS FOR RENT.-To geutle L men only. ?06 nth. street, one do?r f r?ro P? RVf Pue' J ie 22-tf. F'OR RBNT?On yerv reasonable tern is, thre# .Jii5d"?ns*1Jr and very desirable KOOM8. Inqwlreat No.r>37?i H street between 6th and^tb streets. jet2-3t* FOR RKNT.-Feur fine KHRMTPHElTi iOOMS^ the corner of JSth and G street*. No . 4311. N B. Also, wanted a good woman to ? wash.lros and do general hwisewock. A German prelerred je 22-3t* HOUSE FOR RBNT-A Brick I>wel' Ing-hciT partially furnished, containing ff rooms of convenient sire, suitable for a mball ft ,mily 5.t isfactory references required. For f information apply at Grocery Wore of P. WHIT* . A CO 'o ' ner l.tth and F sts. ' . je a-Si* *R RKNT?FURN I&B?I> ROOMS. Tuitablefcr a couple of g*ntlen?*n or a small family nth privilege of cooking. This is a coinfe ruble house in a desirable neighborhood, anly two ?<inar? sfr im the Patent and Pest Offices and 7th st reet railro.T Inquire before 10 a. m. or after 5 o rcl> jck n m at Ho. 4t*b G st.. near fithT ?e ?Q nnn-BOTW, KO* f?Ar,*- rnfted Ball ??fIHIU No. 499 lith Btreo' . a few door, aheve the Avenne, containing an el< ?ant bar kit chen. and dining room, twelTe y .ell furnished rooms: also. a large hall, which cod Id ho u*.>d as a nilliara room, or made into sleepin, {rooms B?*s" reasons given for selling. Inqnira attheDremi" 8eH- je 22 1 w FOR RENT-The large (ba*enaen< ) SALOON"? der the Centsal Hotel, if appl led for at one it ts one of the b^-at place? in the c itv for hi,*,,,,../ and decidedly the eool. st. The : ^{,,on is hanl somely fitted up with every conve nience requifit* f<>r a first class oaluon; with mar' oletiletloor and h. svy n.arble-top counters. Ap, the Hotel. h. W. corner Penn. avenue ana 6t h street je 22 4t? ? FOR SAL*-a FARM of 100 I icres of siii >riur land, 8 mile*, from Gaorget.iwn and j', mil^ from the capal: 50 acre* in cu! tivation. ant tae bslance ?n very heavy pine wood , improved bv a small frame house and orcharc is. Wood enouth can he sold off the farm to pay < Jouble the amount of purchase money. F MACK Agent, for the Sale of M aryla'nd Lands. je 22-lw 31_ 7 Seventh street. FOR RENT-A rare chance f or one who wonR like to start a hotel or tay ern for country u well as town trade. A large hi ,-iek house contai" ing IS rooms, a very large dr ning room, parlors Ac., situated on Hieh street. ? leorgetnwn. It h? been thoroughly and handsom. -ly repaired through "I- ,Jr' a W?H. '.ecotnmended and permanent t'n nnt the rent will be moil.M ^te rnanir? of R MACKAIL, Jr^, No. Ail h streot betwe/n If and F street. Washington. ? ? C V. L. WaLL A CO.j J acts. BLACKSMITH 8HOP AT AUCTION On THURSDAY AJfTEF .NOON, Juoe JS at t ISSi'X Terms cash. Je5g d W.L. "WALL A Co.,Ancts. 0. B, L. CROWN, A' aetionesr. " We will sell, on FRIDA1' MORNING at 10 o'clock, at Riley's wl,?rf- 1 85kh' 2 Masts, a lot ef Brooms and GafU, lot of Blocki, At BO, 2 Bails in good order. Terms cash. Je 22 ?t* 0. R. r,. CROWN & Q0.. Aucta J^Y WM. B. LBWI8 A OO., Auctioneers. tween 9th and loth stw., at 7?- o'clock 'we *h*fr?ii the-whole stock of a Bw>k andVa^cy ,8tor?^mo^ whieh are 8f? vol of New Books some 2f?i Photo graphic Albums, different styles/lots of Stationery snd fancy goods, splendid lot of Bngraving! Flamed, paintings, A c. * je 22 4t [Chron) W. B; L*WIB A CO.. Ancts BY WM. L. WALL A CO., An?ts~ 1" At the Horse Baaaar, 9? La. avenaa, 8ALB OF HOB8XS.OARRIAOSS. HARNESS Ac On SATURDAY M <3 UN IN ft next, inne 15 com' mending at 10 o'cloek we will sell at the Biraar and Repository, ootnprlsm* about? FIFTY HORSBS, , - Inckiiinr? A pair of very Stylish Mares. >!ad In Harass^ Top Bugty and HameKS, sold for the want ofnss. Other Horses, a.d??erip?ion at sale. . AlBO, h^nd Car^.'wSL0' ?d second Terms oas^. Harness, Ae. je22 [Cbronl W. L WALL A CO.. Aacts J^Y GR1BN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. AViMU* SOOTH SIB* OF PKaNA. Y**th instant,at I0o?elock a m clin" ug ho^^VgTil^^ ?f * eeBtJem?n *> Bedsteads, Wash Staadsaad oruaments. Mattresses and other Bedding Carpet. Crockery and Glass Ware. ot*w Stoves A Jet Kitohen requisites; and many other articles too numerous to enumerate Ta?hou?. i. f?GR1*N t'WRLIAMS. Aucts. Tae house is for rent on moderare terms. Pos session given immediately. Inquire on the prera | G. A W, | J AS. 0. McGUIHE A CO., Auctioneers. TONSlTSTEXTk.wt BUILDING LOTS SOUTH I?STRKKT AT 1H? ??ttNKK 0F 6'4^el^k,ll!?XfV Ai,T**NOO?, July rth. at tr??t bT of > deed of Lib?i J a^s u V ,7-' an<t QBly recorded ia sell*11krS'oivJNocVB folios tt at i?q., we shall feet on Vih?., ? >n fcquare No 638. fronting i? street *n?i I.** eorn?r "?uth ? Terms cash. aJIW0" aVth* e?st ?< the purchaser, at thVu^JoTtll* ?0e*Cb lot wlU 16 n^n* i. a aoK^PS N- 6ILBBRT. Trustee !? je 22-d J 0. MaQDIttR A CO. AdctJ. . 0^ '? ?? McGUIM A CO., Auctioneers. ' *FROVT^wfi OF FIN* BUILDTVG^WTfl anu l?,?n7JHJ.ND ?>TH STRKVTS WEST, AV,NCB A"" i fr?^?^**8^.*' *? shall sell, L> front of the premises at 6 o'clock, p. ??., part of fna ?ihdivided Into handsome Build ing Lots running to atleyg. This ?ropertr 1a t>iUi t?STL?DJ;.??e 8^?r- from thp Railroad Depot, on the cUy * thriving and fast in f roving part of Terms; One fourth cash; balanee in (. li, is, and 24 months, for notes, searing interest from date. A deed given free ef eest, and dead ef trn?t, at oostof the purchaser, ttken. Title el*ar Plats of the S?na#e may be sa^n at the Aaction ' Booipb. je 22-d fBep] J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Aucts. ??Y ttRlUSN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers, 0F VALUABLR BUILD lain Ji.nK??_BJH 1- BtrWUlS 11TH AND 15TH STREETS W?ST, AT AUO'i'lOk. "I 8halY?u'iJI,8fI)Ay,t^e dfty *>'Jn'ynext. 1'64, i _L v^ fiJ" of the premises; at 6 o clock ' LSa th?Urlu^of * t*2.rt* of lh? Orakans' 0 urt of Mli?' ?8tJ, ratthed aad eoa ti?med by the Supreme Court ?f the District of (teUnnbia on tha day of May, HkiS, tke folloa ing described handsome building lot?, vii: Lot numbered four (<Oio ttquare numbered two land red and eighteen, (2l8.?it baring a front of 42 feet 7 lashes on norta 1. between I4tb and Uth streets west running back with a side a.ley to a 30 feet alley 142 feet 7 Inches. Terms : One half cash; balance W sii mosthi, the purchaser to give note for t .( deferr-d pay ment. bearing interest f omt-e day oT sale, and secured to the satisfaction of the Gnat ian. A!l conveyancing tnc'.uding revenue stamr'i"1 the com of the porchM-r Oi e hundred dollars will be requ'red paid d'?ws jiimu uouars wtu t>e requires pain o >-? hen the property is knocked off, and If the whole t-rms are not complied with in Ave days ef er ?a *? the Guar Han reserve* the right to resell the prop erty at the risk and cost of the def*ultieg pur chaser by advertising sach resale in the National I^eU^ncer^three times. MrsHeilZA ANN ?UANK Guardian ^ Jeg-vodAds GRKItN A WILLIAMS. Aa ts._ O R* 8 8 MAKING. " DRKKtB CUf aad bTsTID ia the most f?h ionabte to saner, at 33b I, between 13th aad 1Mb s tracts.

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