Newspaper of Evening Star, June 24, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 24, 1864 Page 1
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" ? 1 ' ? WASHINGTON. O. C.. FRIDAY. JUNE 24. 1864. N*. 3,533; J ... _ ===== XXIII. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL* MU8I0 J CANTERBURY HALL.) AND HAL LJCANTRRBURY HALL.f THRATIB L0DUU*4 avhui, N?r Conn cj Smk Snt*, Rtar of National and Uttroroittan Emit. ??0*01 Lai ? -..Proprietor W. 1. Caiatiooh? . Stage Mmur. LARGE AND l!NTnUSIA8TIG AUDIENCES Nightly attest, by their Deaf?aing Plaudite, their intelligent appreciation of the BLEOANT AND RECHERCHE ENTERTAIN MENTS PRESENTED BY THIS TRULY GIGANTIC ASSEMBLAGE OF GENIUS, ENTIRELY NEW AND SPLENDID BILL I To-night, presenting the Beauti.'al, Graceful and Daring Artiste, M LLE MARIETTA RAVEL, In her novel and magnificent act npon the Tight Rope, entitled DAUGHTER OF THE REGIMENT, In which she appears without the aid of a Balance Pole, executes the Manuel of Arm*, Firea Gons. Extinguishes 12 Lighted Candles at One Shot, and accomplishing many otber Difficult and Admirable Feats, hitherto unattempted by any other Performer. 1 j The Charming Floral Ballet, LE3 AMOURS DE FIGARO! In which M'LLE RAVEL,and the great Parisian Dancer, M0N8. BAPTISTIN ?Will a?pe*r, supported by the RONZAN I ,*>RAND BALLET TROUPE. A WEEK OF FUN. LAUGH AND BE MERRY. A BILL OF BURLESQUES. The Pu?ny Burlesque, entitled THE DEMON LOVER OB, SATAN IN TROUBLE. Peter 8tiggins~. ?Billy West. Rent of characters by Messrs. DOUGHERTY, WILLIAM*. DE FORREST, amd Miss NAOMI POKTRK. Also, the laughable Negro Farce of THE WIDOWS VICTIM on, THE COUNTRYMAN IN TROUBLE. J01IN MULLIGAN In his Great Character of PETER PIPER PEPPER PODGE. To be followed by A SCHOOL FOR YOUNG STUDENTS, In which Messrs. MULLIGAN. WEST. DOUGH ERTY, WILLIAMS, and others appear. HEIGHT OF IMPUDENCE, MULLIGAN AND WEST. JOHN MULLIGAN, The Prince of Ethiopian Comedians, BILLY WEST, The Great Song and Dance Darkey. WILLIAMS & DOUGHERTY, In New Ethiopian Songs and Dances. W. B. CAVANAUGH, In New and Original Comic Songs. J.DeFORREST, The Talented Actor, Ac., Ac. Will be produced for the first time on MONDAY EVENING, June27th. The greatest Moral, Local, Sensation Drama ever witnessed in Washington, entitled BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC 1 Everything connected with this Life Drama has Veen prepared in the most magnificent style, and it will be presented with NEW AND ELEGANT LOCAL SCENERY, FAMILIAR SCENES IN WASHINGTON. LIKE LIKE REPRESENTATIONS. All of which have been minutely copied by the artist from careful observation, and are therefor* accurate eopiesof Washington city and its sur roundings. and cannot fail to strike the beholder as being exact counterparts of the original. The Costumes hare been made similar to those worn by the parties to be represented, and in some esses have been, through strategy, procured from the persons themselves, thereby showing a de termination to render the characters ersily recog nized by all, thus making the plot still more ef fective. The Machinery and Appointments are also com plete in the minutest act ail. and everything has tefn done which ingenuity and enterprise could devise, to make this play what it purports to be. a faithful representation of Life in the Capital. A full synopsis of incidents, scenery and cast of char acters will appear shortly. Remember next Monday, June 27th, the BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! ANNOUNCEMENT. An engagement has been effected with the cel ebrated ST. GEORGE SISTERS. Whose astonishingrevelations in Spiritualism has pu?zlt<d the world and created the greatest excite ment |p New York. Philadelphia, Boston and Tties. wheie their performances have re I highest encomiums from the press and IP pronounee their exhibitions far more |<raa than those of the renowned DAVENPORT BROTHERS. Due notice of their first appearance will be gives. FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY AFTERNOON AT TWO COLOUR. Ladies u eeata; Children 15 cent* Admission ? ? -? ..... fit 9 Orchestra ?-t ? ? Private Beies, holding six persona | 00 Doors open at 7 e'doek; Performance to eoa meoce at 8 o'clock. WOOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS! UNITED STATES WOOD MOULDING MILL, Nos. 44 and 26 South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always on band, a large stoek of the above articles, made of the very best material. Orders filled at the shortest notioe. Freight paid to Washington, free of charge. ESLER A BROTHERS, JeJTlm Proprietors* FRENCH FIREBOARD PRINTS. Just received,* choice selection of the above, at J. MAKKRiTER 8. No. 4*6 7th street. Eight deera above Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms ca*h| a# 39-lcalf* LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING- IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, THURSDAY, JUNK 33, 1864* OFFICIALLY PUBLISHED IN THE PAPER HAVING THE LARGEST CIRCULATION. Free Deliver* of Letters by Curriers at the residences of owaers may be secured by observing the following Rules: 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and number of the house. 2. Head letters with the writer's fall address, in cluding street and number, and request answers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a town or city, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the postage stamp on the upper right hand corner, and leave space between the stamp and direction for poHt-marking without interfering with the writing. A request for the return of a letter to the writer if unclaimed within thirtv days, or less, written or firintedL, with the writers full address across the eft hand end of the envelope, face side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. LADIES' LIST. Ashley Eli/.'h A Ginessinger KM May Rosanna A Adams Har't R Griffith Alice Monnadia Miss.V Andrews Elii'h Gamer Sophia Merrill Annie Adams Clara Grin Ann McCabe Ana Aumers Miss L Gittings E'nAR Miller Maggie Baines Emma Gray Mrs Dysey Marshall Miss Bush Hattie Graham Laura McGeeMary Brown Marietta Gibson Miss Maddox Jenny Burke Alice Ghun Lizzie McCarty Mrs ' Bates Miss M Groshon MrsGeoMurphy Julia Brown Mrs J Gibson Eliza Morving Marg't Brirgs Mrs J H Hamilton HarVtMoonshower Frs Bebb Mr* M 3 Heath Ann W McSam Mrs C ?Ball Carrie Hail Mrs Mauda Nesbitt Miss MA Barnes Carrie J Haly Miss F'k 8 Nelson Mrs Bell Anna liowe Nannie Nemegzei Mrs F Bush Hattie Hughes Kate E Nolan Jennie Beale Aurelious Heard Kate Neely Mrs Ann Barnes Lizzie Hart Lou B NimmoMaryF Barnes Sarah F Hough Mri Olmstead MrsAJ Bowles MriDrR Hunt Mary Osgood Mrs Geo Brown Mrs T Hunter MrsGeo20smond Mrs A A Butts Mary A Harrod Mary O Neil .lane F Boyd Mary C Harris Martha Pye Mrs Edwd Bennett 8ue E Hyman Mary Fiona Mary A Bowen Sarah M Hildebrand Isa Pierce MrsDrJH Bolen i'atsey Hildreth MrsChParsons LydiaS Bullard Anna Howell Mrs M N Petticord CathA Baltimore Mary Hastings Mina Posey Kate W Benuet Mary Housinan M'yM Prather Miss Beattie Miss LHHagner Cora Parker Ann BabcocK Libbie liovy Miss Fr'k Poweli Marg't Brewster Mrs Hayaen MrsWG Peckhanj Sophia Maj E A P Howard Nettie Pinchar Mrs 8m Ball Mrs Howard Pheby Paznnalli Basilo Belfast Jennie HutchinsMrs SAl'erry Lizzey Burrell Lizzie Hoyner Marg't Queen Mrs T J Bovine Madame Hilern Mrs Quill Miss Tulla Bnrtcby Mary E Holcomb Mrs M Quigley Marg't Bodley Annie Homan Mrs BamRoach Mrs M A Bisbnrgh E'h H Hicks ElizabethRufftn Sarah BailyMarionF Homer Mrs L Rumphff 8ophia Brtnin Eliza llalstead Fan'eLRor Annie Berry Mary Howard Mrs J Bines Mary P Brewster Mrs Hood Surah Rize Nancy Maj A P Hill Hannah Robinson Dan D Bailey Mrs R 8 Humphrey EllenRumbaugh LA Boakee Millie A Hyers Mary Russell Hhoda Baker Fannie Hamlin Millie RuburackerMsH Boean Char'e A Hawes Viola M Russell Lizzie Baldwin Mary Howard Annie Robinson Musby Bischalf Miss A Hardy Delia Riley Margaret Bean Winnie Honnor Ellen Russell Annie Brown-Caroline Ifewkins Alivia Rndgers Mrs M Belfast Jane V HawkinsLaviniaKollins MrsN'n Brown Eliza Jewett Mrs T L Kamsriell MrsIII Bryan Eudora HJones Mary Rvan Ellen Batteusby Mrs Jones Elizabeth Rueker Louisa Bocney AnnaG Jones Annie RobinsonMrsAD Bull Mrs D M Jackson AmandaRyan Maggie Boyde Cafria'ireJohnson Maria Reilly Julia Coates Annie Johr son Sally Robberson Krs Conrs Mr? Eliot Jacobs Maggie AKoberson Maria Carr Mrs Jas B Johnson Mary Rose Ann Cburch Mrs R NJohnson Eliza Rounds Mary E Call Marg't A Johnson Eliza' Maria II Clark Eleanor Johnson Marjr BSykes Mrs L P Clark Sarah A Jerome Francis Scott Mrs F M Oourtney Mary JJordan Emma Sines Mrs E 31 Cbancey Mary I' Janney Anna Smith Sarah A Cakiley Jane Jordon Mrs Ed Sines Mrs EM Cannon Miss B Johnson Mrs L Sparks Miss A R Christian Mrs J Jordan Emma Scott Ann Cory Mrs Wm Jones Mary E Shroeves Mary Collins Mary Kelly Ellen Smith Callie Carney Mary Knight Laura Sweet Mrs WW Chandler Alibie Kalb Mrs Simpson Miss J Courtney MinH A Klotz Elizabeth Shiply Matilda Capson Julia O Knox Ann B Shearer Geo'ie C Coston Mrs M J Keech Katie Stinger Dor'yII Cburch Sarah 2 Kern Mary W SinclairMrs S'm Curtis Louisa Knltz Melissa Shutter Eliza Charnelin MillieKline Miss Elm Sweetland MsEA Catis Polly Kiem Mrs SmallwoodAnaC Carter Mrs E W King Celestia A Sawyer Eienora Coleruan Eliza Knight Lizzio Snider Mary A Cann Ss.rah B KirbyMaryJ . Sumner Miss CA Covey Jane Kirby Helen Stricken Mrs LE Clarke Mary Kahn Mrs St Johns Am'da Crier Miss S Lenz Maria 0 Seldon 8allie Cerutz Mrs Bap Lee Southland Ida Clarke Mrs Sam Lane 'Mrs ChaB Story Sarah Coleman Eliza Lee Sarah Smith Alice Carney Mary Lyle# Sarah Stewart Mrs S A Deurl Mrs Cnas Leigh Harriet Steward Mary Digge< MrsBLS Lonr Mrs H 8 Shrouder Corn'a Drew Mrs Lake Phebe Smith Mary Diggs Mary C Lincoln Mary Spillman Rebeca Dean Mary 8 Lawler Mrs Snutt Mrs Jas E DojleMrsL Lansing Fanny Seitz Pauline Dorsey Anna II Lasselle Mrs NPSpencer Mary Deneal Mrs Chs Little Fannie M Shepard Emma Dutton ClarenceLowry Mrs E Sneed Fred Dulaney Eliza Lamborn Virg'aSimons Cath Button ClarenceLenthall Mary Steward Selinda Davis Christi'naLawry Mrs LukeSwentman Mr* Dickens Kliza Loury Marg't Smith Lucy. Duglass Char J Luthrop Ket'r E Scrivener Yirg'a DriukardMrsMFI.athrop Esther Simpson Charl'e Davids Sarah Lecomnte Kate Sheperd Mary E Davis Isabel T Lyons Kate Smith Mary A Duvall Harriet Lewis Mary Train Maiatna Dutton Mattie Linen Mary Thair Miss A Dickson Fanny Lewis Mrs J R Trese Mrs Ch'n Doud Hannah Louis Elizabeth Twigle Miss J C Davis Mrs A G Laland Amelia Tnirman Ellen F Dorsey lit ster Leonard Ann Travis Phebe J Daly Jane Lusby Mrs Jag Taylor MrsLF Daly Mrf\Thos Low Annie C Thomas Mrs 8 T Dalian Maria I.ucas-JosephineThompson Min'e Eldridge FannieMcSalty Mary Turner Eliza A Ebersold Kun'a Moore Harriet Tuel Anna M Edgar Mary A Morris Mrs Turner M^s S R Engel Jennie Marks Mary TimbusVirginia Edwards Mrs B Mann Kate Turner W S F.deline Miss F May Miss S W Thomas Emily Fisk Mrs Jno II Maxwell Lottie Thomson Anna Foaris Mrs A B Mellon Francis Tratman Anna Foulke Mrs And Meyers Philan'aThompson Cath Fields Maude Mangum Char'e Van Cott Mrs T Fabers Mrs Ed AMory Mis J K* Vernon Louisa Fay Mrs Ed L Morriss Mrs M Whistler AnnaE Farnahn Carrie Merrill Eliza'h Woe Miss M V Fisher Mary A Martelle MatildaWatson Nellie E francis Mary A Markee Emma Webb Mrs Mary obee Mrs Ed A Mallory Melind Wall Annie Franklin JennieMuller Catli'e White Mrs Fletcher Jennie Meriill MissAWWolf Henrietta Freeman Eliza Meaimhaw Kate Whitney Mrs Fitzgerald MaryMathews MariaPWinkfield MrsC Fraister Mrs Miller Helen Welpley MrsCap Froman' Ida Merritt Mrs WmWatson Nellie B Fossitt Cath E Morton Ellen A Watson Nellie E Fetterman M'yRMcDaniel Julia Watson Nellie K Foley Lizzie A McConike MrsWWalters .Margt Gross Lucy McMane Maria WoolyMrsP Gross Charlotte McCabe Mrs E 8 WiddicombeM Gray Mrs H W McCarthy Mart Williams NelieE Groose Susan McKttriok Agie Williams Ellen Gill Bettie McKabe Saran VWil?on Annie M Guild Mrs Geo AMcComin Mrs M Walker Lucy A Grimes Helen MMcGrann Mrs Wise Harriet 4r rimfield MaryLMcDaniel Mrs A Winfield Mrs W Goodly Eliza D McDaniel Ann Young Annette Gaskeil Emma McDugal MrsC Young Mary Gaston Kate Mindun Sarah A GENTLEMEN'S LIST Abbott Rev A D Althouse GeoH Atwood Nath Atwood Allen Alexander H Actor Nath Armitage 8 W AyersHKW Atwood Nathan AtochaJudgeAA Adams II L Aaronson U B Andrews A1 E Adams Harry Adatns Robert Awable Capt Ashley Jas B Aylmer Robt R Aided Capt A S Avery 8ergt J C Atkins Ratby Abott Rev A D Alien Samuel B Ates Steoch Adamson A C Andrews L B Anderson Sin Allen Capt C 3 Anderson Isic Arnold Taos H Anderson C Atocha Judge Anderson Hon Austin Lt Col Ashton Joseph T F Austin Dexter Allen J II Alley Wm T Austin DW Arth Jacob Alley WmT2 Altaun Dan T Abraham L Andres Win W Abbott Edson AyersLevi Abram W.T Aloord X 8 Anderson Maj Ayer.l Wm 2 ArinstrongCapt Allen Michel Averill Wm 8 t W Avery M S Andrews W H Austin Geo W Brown Alfred Brady Lt Geo K BlnntJosE Boardman AlfredBender Maj Geo Beack John T Burns Abraham-Brussells H B Brockett CaptLC Butts A B Baedeker Ha Barros Levi P Birdsall AusburnBarter Henry L Brallier Levi Benway Aaron Baldwin Capt H Brownson LtLJ 2 Brown A R Busching Ilenrj Burton Lester W Braun Adolph Bishop Henry Brown Leama Bradshaw Aron Boediker H A Bachelder L E Brownfield Dr B Bird Henry Bergin Martin Brownell Benj FBillings H?-nryMBurK Martin Bartholomew Bouney W B Batts Mr .Hon B W. Byrns Hugh Brown Mr Boatwlck Aros Barnes Hi' Briggs Phil S Bullit CutGbert Bryant John Buric P A Bowliuc Rev C DBickford J C Brown Robt H Brown Calvin Bracken Lt J C Badger Rufus Brown Chas 0 BortonJnoT2 Bundy Robert Blakeslee HonCT Barney Jos F Browning RH Bauer C A Brisbin Col Jas SBurke Richard Badger Chas A Bowling Jos H Barbour R N BarrCB Beckner David Bum Ruben Brown C Bucker Capt J R Richard Mr Bowers Conrad Birkholder JacobBarnes Saml Bailey Chas II Barclay John D Bell Sam V Barrett Daniel Burton J B Brooking Thos Bevins David Byron Jas BaufiU Tnos Brown DO BrittonDrJD Brown 8 A Billinjrs Henry W Batsford Capt J Brown Col T M BuekJ Bock way CyptJW Burns Thos 0 Bnel(jtbe^zer Bovee Jas M Branch Thoi P BurrowcsEdwertBryant John W Booth W D Baker Epbrain HBnrter Justus Benedict Eli Bradley John Bartlett E 2 Bennen Jag Benedict CaptEDBryan J H Bentley JS Bid well John Bell Edward Bowen EN ^ _ BeardsleeCaptFEBlaokwell John BallengerFrancisBacon J as W Brannock F Bell Capt J M Beall Goo K Bear* Jan D Brigs Geo 8 Brown John Brewster Geo 3 Burr Jos Burch WH Belles Wm 0 BoyleJWm Brown W R ___ ______ Boyd Wm H Burgess John II Black Wm 8 Baker J M Bristol Warren Benner Wm Bailey Wm F Bowman Wm Bikely Wm J Baskin W C Britney Wm Barber Wm Burr G F Brown John L Blare Geo Bowen CaptJnoJBoaghle_W II Bri'Tvn Geo Brew John W Bradbury Cnpt 3 Briggs Isaac D Brooks Geo W 2 Brand Jacob Burroughs G F Barrett Geo 1) Bnrridge Jc Co Caldwell A II Coughey A II Camp A L Cagley Aaron Clark B G Bates Jap N Brown Jas W ? O Carter H N CbildsHH Cole Henry V Colton H V Caspare Henry Bonrey Walter Brishave Dr W II Booker Win O Bensen Sergt W Bruce John T Cohn M Custen M Carney Michl Collins Mr Cemens Nic Coombr&Bunbjr Coleman Henry Conwell N 9 Carr B F Cox Benl Coetell Chas Chamberlain C E P Crawford Chas CongerC Y Clemmons C Conlin C O Cushon Chas Carver C P Cheeney D E Chesnut D-2 Cox David Cassel I) 0 Crosby Eben Canold E Conners Edw Cumminss E A Cunier Enoch Grocker E F Clark E J Cushing Edw Clark EK Cockin F Crosby Frank Carlo Francis Chamberlin F Chappel Frank Chase F W Currie Geo Conred G#o Clark Geo W Chase Geo Cram Geo W Cooke H W Cooper Henry Danwar And Danforth A n Dickens A 31 Davis Albt S Dickinmn A B Durgin Ben Dohnston Cbas Davenport Cap ColeuianJ M Crittenden J D CornwellJ 8 Coleman J T Carter Jas Cathel J R Crock well J N Coulson Jno Collins J F Corwell Jno Carroll Jno B Coleman J B Caldwell J S Coursey J E Clancy J F Cuddy Jno Calian Jno Courie J W CasperJos Chapman J B Choflar J Collins Jno Carter Jno C Cruse Jos Crist J B Clarke Jos B Clark Jno C Cox Jas Clark J B Coleman L G C'.leLt Clawson L Y Calkin Luther Chenowetb N S Conlen Owen Cox Oliver Collins P McD 2 Chandler P L Cross R W Uaverly Robt Ca'houn R M Cook Richd ChewR F Crnttenden 8 Cochren 8 W Constantine Sis Cairns 8 A Cambers 8 P ? Clark 8 B Carroll Thoe Corning Thos Cheney Thos P CohenT Corwin Thos Crellen Thos Conway Thos Clark Wm Codney Win Cnrbart Win Carter W N Colton Walter Colegate W P Campbell W E Collins W P Cameron W A Collins Wm Cunningham Lt Camp Wm Closs L Caviletr M M 13 Decker Geo Darley Henry Dittrich Hugh Dreier Henry Durant Dr H J Conat W 8 Coals W ? Drew Mr Diver Michl Don glass Oscar Dalton Richd R Dtvpt M-2 Donohn Con Devin C W Daggett Chas R Durham Jos Doty Cornelius DolbeekJas Danna JudithW Dinine R, M C DeWolf CaptJF Dalley Richd 3 DraneyJasG Day 8 H Deniston CapJF Day Silas Duglass Israel Dexter 8 K Drewry C W Durges Chus Dawdd David Davit- David P Denis Panl II Deshan Jos Durgen I,tJM-2 Demerritt H J Dougherty Jos _ Devitt tc Co J E Day Theo w. ..... Doors Wm C Duncans RevSR Duryea 8eymore DuvaU Saml Denue Saml W Dnnn Thos W 3 DeKalb Thos Dennis Cap EW Dagott Lt L H Dicey Caiii EC Durev L Col Delanaylrancis DeColbert LeC Dearborn DrG8 Denison L L Bndrow Geo W Dow L Davis Geo Dnlton Mr Davis Geo B Daloy Mr Domheim G JS ElmoreHonAE2 Eldred JosG Edwards A J Eyler John Eicbstadt A H EbersoleJ W Elliott B 9 Ellerbecc Capt Ei* stein Jfc Co Enton Chas J Edgar Capt Evans H Elton Fredk Ellis Jas H Engle Jas Elmer J B Eisenberg J A Elin Rev Jno . Edwards Wm L Everts T C-2 Esters Capt L 8 Earley Thos Dudley Wm W Dunshee W Domer Wm Dob son Wm DouglaasCapWII Duffy Wm If Emery Lowell M Epinger Mr Eddy Nathan Emerson Robt P Enrnhart Rich Kaline 8ylvanius Ehvood 8aml Elgas Saml FdwardsGfO H Eckert L " Ellen "Thos Edgerton H G Epineuel L F Earl Wm H FoyAlbertP Feagam Garret Fogg A J Foster ColGP 2 Fuller ArthorN Freel Hugh Fosdick lienj FamumLtHA French Cpt C M Fitch HE Frayser Collier Franklin AdjJP Fimcane Mat Fisher D A Fremont J C Fowler Orland Flagler Cpt DW Fanning Ja=0 FlickingerRvDKFriddle Jno W Fanchett Dr T Fister John Fitch Edwin Ferguson Jno Ferris E F Ferree Jon L Foster L Fetlera L E Frnnkel Maier Fox Moses T Fry Mathew Fegan Peter Fry Robt Frayzier R A French Lt 8 W Fethon 8 Fa?r Mai E W Franklin Isaiah Foster Tbos G FisliblattDrKF-2France Jno Fitzgerald Ed-2 Fairfax Dr J Foster Fisher A Fisher Jas J French Geo F'arnum Geo U Ferris G F Greenfield A Godfrey Albah Gordon A T Gannett A W Green Benj Ford Jno Friel Jno O Goodenoiigh H T-2 Glansor Jno Good ridge J H Gangwer J D Flynn Wm Forbes Willis Fry Win J Frarer Wm F Faltin W H Gardner Cha? K Gannon Joseph Graves Dr Chas Glover Jas A Gray Caleb Gedney Joseph Griffin Cor H Grngan Joseph Gardner Chas E Gardner Jas F Gray D M C Grady Danl Gallaher K A-2 Garden Em Griffin E F Garnat Rev H Goodridee G H Gray Col Geo Good Lt G 8 Greely Geo M Gray G W Garad Geo (Joss Rev Geo Gibbs Hon Ceo Goell Geo F Glinec H M Gadney Joseph Graham John Greenawalt Jno Grotemot J (ioodwin B J P Gurnell W 8-2 Gross Philip D Greenwood B M Grant Rady Greene R G Graham Rich GardnerCaptR S Giegbry S F Gordon 8cott Goodman S H Gault Sam R Gutick Thos Giles &. Taylor Gray W E 3 Gists Wm Gorden W A Goodall W P Gessler W H Gibson W H Gilbert Wm Gnrney Hon W 8 Gooldy Ac Whit tier Gundy Wm Garit Jno E Gregory Leml Gait Jobn-2 Gowan Mich-3 Gulick Mr Gost M T Ganzales M D GaskiRs Rev M Grady Mat Grave Orvill Garvey Pat GallagherLtPH Greenleaf W B XI Hoffman Wm H nerbertF DorseyHollowbushCapt HakesC'pt WH-2liames Frank JR2 llill W II HoughtonF'kn JHunt John L Harmon Wm-2 HessTer FrancisJ Harp J D Hintz Fredrick Hill James Hand Dr Geo C Hough John Hakesley Geo WHeise Joseph Harmon Geo HoynsJohney Holland Lt G N Holmes John A Boliuan G M-2 Herbert J K Huffaker G 8 Hall Joseph N Hill John Hoyt Mose9 Haggard Wm Hurley Wm Harvey Wm H Harbison W S Hieneeht Wm Hallman Wm Heim & Fon A _ Hastings Abn'rCHamilton Geo Howard ColA D Hohnman H Hill Alfred 8 Hall Albert Horton Abram Hoffman Adam Herd Benjamin Heagle B J Hengemukla B Hopper Chris Hilton Charlie Halsted Clark IlarmanConr'dHlIally Jas M Howard Lt C 0 lief ley John Hayward H nyWIIester Michael Holden II M HonkinsIIisIIon Harner Henry A Mr Hnlburd H R-2 Hackett Michael IleagleChapl'nHHeughe Major Haswell Ilenry BHyatt N B Hamilton IlenryHolts Nelson Hayden TliramWHoldenOsc'r B-2 Haskell llenryWHall Pearl K Hankey HiramS Hamilton P'lmr Hibbard Randall Haskell Robt B Hildreth Cbas Harris Joshua HazardRolandG Harveyl'a) m'tr Hutchlns Hon J Hitt Robert R C D Hoban James H Herbert Sam'l M Hays Chas llarle Joseph Hyatt 8 IloilidayHonC Kllorney John Hindman Sam'l J Uiggins David Halcomb Judsonllall Samuel Herfurt Chas Harnill Capt 8 R Rabble Stephen Harrison Rev TJ Hopkins Q P Hoit William P Howard Enoch Howard Isaac Hitching EP Harvey Jas HermansE Hataway Jas Harrington EDCIIorle Joseph Hunt E F Harrison Jas IlumphreyEcljr-2Hickey Jos A Hunan EC llarty CaptJnoDHolmes Wm 0 B Hewes E M Howard J D Harte Wm C HannaFrancis Hartman J llagn&IlWm Harrington Fr'kHoward Jno Hamilton W C UallFrancis Harris J DMD IlainsWashing'n I-J IndermanrJerTiJackson E W Johnson Martin iDgalls J LucianJohnston Wm HJones Mitchell Inglehart Mar- Johnycake 1-3 James Robt P shall Jeseph Joshua CJones R A Ingraham Dr 8 Jaqueas Col JasFJennings Robt Ives Stephen Johnson Jno M Johnston Robt Ivans Wm Johnson Jas JonesRuss Johnson Aaron Johnson Hon J BJones R M Jennings CH Jordan Jno J Jewell Thos B Jones C T Jackson Isaac James Watkins Jacobi Carl JohnstonLtColJ Jones Vn L Johnson Emil A JeffersWmJ Jordan EW-2 Jones Jno A Jewell Rev WT-2 Kleicheun Aug Kello Kelly AW " " Kimel Andrew Kellog M Kenny A 8 Killam Babel Kitchen B M __ Geo D-SKelly Michael Ke in ball Geo Kemmell O Kisel Henry Kelly Patrick Kinsey Hiram-2 Kreiger Peter KelleyJohn KingHonPresd't Kiefer Jno JacobKnox Capt R T-2 Kelley James Kelsey Robt Kuegele Corn'Is Kennedy Lt J B Killam Robt Kyes David Knnwles RevJasKing Lt Rufus Keppel David 0-2 Krawser Sam'lM Kepler Cb Ed Kerns John ? KneelandThosM Ka< hle Corwel King John R Ken Thos B Knight Cyrus Knight Yard'y JKeene Thos P Kelsey Wm K Krile Capt W H Kilber Dr W Kelby Geo W Kirby Cbatman Knowles F H Kocher Daniel KimblerJC Keane Francis Knight Jas KirtisGeo Knapp Maj J M KiszbyG Knight M LovejoyAlanson Lord A E Laughery A Lindsay Alfred Loveland A M Lam Sergt B Lee Bradley Lee B D Lawrence Col Libby Chas A Lewis Chas Loo mis C M Lee Chas A Lofferty D L Lacy Danl8 Leavy Dennis Long Daniel Lufkin Danl M Lake D J LanderJaa Lewis John R Long John Lavender J H Longan JnoL Lowry John Lansing J 8 Levy Joseph Linxon Jaa D Lewis Jno 8 Lester Jos L Lambert Jno Lambert J A Lafonton J Leib Jos Ling J W Lesher Jos L Lee John LeetJohn B Lorary Owen M Leary Peter Landon R B Li rich Robt Lord RobtS LanRH tucas Saml ew is Saml A Lookerman T 6 Lacy Thos LevyThoe Lane Thos LeKerna Tbos Lee Thos LooekerauuiTG Loyd Thos Lesher Thos Leavy Wesley Leu gee Wm a Landvoigh D W Lroa Lock "Lawrence W A Lane E l' Lewis 4 Br<k Laoomber Wm Loriii* Leti Lone Wm Lodge LU Ludlow Wm Latfarop Melven Loomis Wru N Lyons ? Large Ehenezer Little Frank W Langlev F Little Frank M Louber Geo L Mayo A H Metcalf And Moore A L-3 Lambert M Lacy Mark 8 Lathrop M M Megan Jas-2 McGay J&s McKae Maj M Lancy Wm II Lane Z Maiaby N R Mullen Pat , ? Murjphy Philip Middleton Alex McD&niels CptJ McKonzie P McAvoy Jas" McCleary J J Mitchell Asa Munroe A II McMannon A Moore ADR Miirtin BenJ F Miller Capt A Meyer Chas M?rey Chas M^airC D McPhersonCh-2 Mankey Capt J Meredith CpCM Morton J no II MsigrafrChas Mo^an J II B Muller C McKea Jas M Mortimer Lt C McLacghlan C McGuire David McKelvie P J . Mannix Philip Mrlntire Jno McGuire Peter MeDenttJ&s MoLarney P Morey Capt Jno Malone Pat Miller Jno Mullen P D Monro Jas B Morton Percy Morton Jno Mills Dr R N Manchester J 8 McCormiek R MontagueColR Martin Robt MrOall S Millard Squire Miller Sam Malony Jno M Maurer Juo Magraw J a* McGrath David MunayJno R Monger DB McMurdyJno Mott Daniel McNabb Jas Moore Dan D Merrick JnoA Morgan E&Sons Moore Jno Majo Capt S S Merritt S r Martin ? Martin Fred Marsh Dr F ? Moulton F Marsh Frank McCanney F Moses Geo S W Miller Geo Moore Jas Mead Jas Moore Lt Merchant L D Millard Loomifl Menier L A Miller L L Mumyer L MaynardllonGL Meeker Louis Mott Geo M Macomber L S Malcom G MafTett& Co Msndeville II B Mnrden Mr McMechen H W Myer M J Morton B 0 Markle M Msfon H 0 Merril M L MerrymanLtJH MarkgrafTM Morton Jno McAvoy Mich Miller Dr J ? McCraeken M Mcllwain J MeClare Mich McKerncanJas Moran Jas Morris Cpt J A Mingel Mnthias Murphy Nick ? Marsh Spencer Morgan Sam Maxwell Th'n Maglanghlin T Murray T J McRobertsonT M Malonev T B Miller TH Miller Tobias Mulloy Thos Merserean T T-2 Mullen M Mr Dun can Wm McDowell Wesly Matehell W E McClure W V Meres W T Mellen W P Merkel Wn Marburv W A Mackey Wm Mitchell RevWB Mann Col W D Moore Wm Masch Wilhelm Moore W W IV NewtonCba* F 2 Neallv It B Naylor HonCha Neill Rev E D NewbertCbs N Neil Capt Fred Noies Chas Null David R Or<?oU Albert Ockert August Outman David Orsay Henry Osborn Isaac O'Bryan Jas W O'Hagin Jan O'Brien John Nusbaum G Nolan Mich O-Q O'Biien Jas Oflett Jno Orsinger Jno Olney L D O'Neil M O'Daily Mich O'Brien Mich-? O'Brien Dr P P Page D F Phipps Lt E P Plumb E E Porter E J Powers E A Palmer A C 3 Fatten A L Parry A H Parkman B A Page B P Peters Bigelow Wynkorf * Plot* Capt C C l'lotz Fillslmrg C W Pritchard C D Peters C 2 Plunimer C H-2 Paine Geo Parker CH Page C W Paul Geo W Parker Lt C Packard G T Phillips GenCB PankerH PowersColCJ-2 Prince Harry Phipps Chas L Nichols Nimon Lt W B Nagle W W Newman Win Nye Zach O'Bourk Th->s Ostremder" Wm Osgood W F O'GradyLtWLD Oliver W A Owens W 8 Quail Capt Quegley Hon A PurringtonJ M Patterson Jno Paono Jos PhilllDS Dr Jas PokeJno Parker Capt E B Pugh Jos Phelps L B Pierce JasJ? Percival Capt F Putnane Frank Pearson G l'latt G PiccupGeo-2 Park Jno Pate J J Paso Jno I'lumkett M H Polen Peter Pierson R H Page C G Parmouth C Phillip C L Parker CH Prentiss C A Pinks C H-2 Pensell C C Parks Capt Paine Dick A Porter David Russell Alfred Rougers An^-2 Keiths Antone Buss Benton-2 RorkeA Bryant Reifs Benj Rollins O Rei'l C E Kickitfon C W Reed Chas Patten ColGW-2 Paine 8 A Picking 8 N Parker lion 8 C l'alsgrove 8 D Parker 8urg Prich Wm Pierce Willard Porter MM W V Partridge W Phillips Wm W Plowman Wm R Parkinson W J Patterson W H Phelps Wiu Parsons W J Retnond C LenoxRiley John Rt-ynoIdsCA Russell Jas A-3 Philipse" Jno Parker J P-3 Parker Jas Peten Jas Porter J E Powers J os Praoter Jno Plowman Jesse l'atton Jas Patterson J C B Riehter Henry Ricketta M Rogers Capt H CReedserg Myron RaymomlHonHJRyan Mich'lWin Root H J Roberts Mich'l Rubella Jose G Raynolds Maj Rodgers Com J Rowen Michael Kirhardson J 11 Richardson Rev Richardson Jo'h N 8 RenauffJas Rodice P Lonis RamseyHonJaeBRfan Ronis P Ribbock Dr R Russell ('has Kiggbey Caiit RoUgersLt I) R Reid David P RyderJohn J Robinson John Rose John L Rock John RichardsonDLMRush Jolin Fees David Rnmsy Dr Robinson Lt D R< senthal E RausoherIdw Reed Edcar ? Rheam F A Riley Frank Robitoz Geo RossGe" Rogers Henry Stratton Allen Kwnn Alex Smith Austin Sacos* Adolph Strong Alex Ftordard A 0 Sbroitt Aug Strauss A G StefTes Anton ftaten A Bur Siegen A S Smith Bud F Strattons B Syfords Dr B F Seymour B 8 Stark Benj Sherrill Chs II Sbanley Chas Spencer Dr C ?i>aldinjr C II Skinner Chas A Snow Chancy A Sanhian Chas 11 Smith Chas Reeder Sam'l Haymer Sam'1-2 Rinehart Sam'l Hiolty 8aml W Russell Sam'l Robatson Thos R lt^ady Thaddcus Reid Joseph RhaU.n IgnatinsRoss Wm T Ricks Kephard Rea Wm M Reed John H Roche Jas L Riggs J H Redtield Lucas Relgea Levi T Roul Maneil Ross M II S Sisson Geo Shaw Geo W Sloan Geo W SykesGeo E Sttbbins II N Smith f< arry H Stuart Harry Sheldon H II Bmith Lt H O Starks Henry Smith Henry H Smytbe Ilarry Sager II F Shmidt F1 Skeelin* II F Schooly H N Scott Henry Sweeny Hugh Sheldon H H Skolding H F Russel 1 Maj Wm 2 Ricols Wm II Richmond Wm Reynolds Wm-3 Richardson W A Kagina Wm Russell Cap W'n Steel J as Smith J H Stork Leonard Stiles Levi Stone Merritt II Snyder Mathi&j Steek Dr M Stilles Ma&ore Smith M<jses B Shoemaker Mr Sinallwood M Stone Miles K Spencer N ? Screen Noah Starkweather Lt N G Simmonda 0 R Swartz Otto Sweet P H Sinclair Peter Spaldint; Henry SearB Richd Seely J Henry Somers tc Price Sheridan Jas Steams M R SeybertJnoD Styles R W SutherlandBurg Steavens Jno P Shelton Richd M Chas Sumner Jas Sanders Richd R Smith D F Seegarden JC-2 Stevens 8imon Smallwoed D Southerland J Saloman F Speed Danl SteinbergerCol JShafer Saml B Swifts Edwd _ Strantemnul^rJ SpragueCapTB-3 Skinner EdwdR Streider Juo H Sharp E B Sheefcy Edwd Swann Wm Sharp Bzekiel SafTord Morgan Shelby Ernaiua Seidel Fredk ShedayJas Slade Frank L Sargent Frank Sunderland G Smith Capt G Smilhson Geo Simpson Geo Smith Geo ? Stitr-ler Geo Sutton G 8 Smith Geo ? Shelmire GeoW Smith G II Savery J C Snyder Jacob Sheahn Jere Seymour Jno StautTer John ?Sutherland J F Simpson Jack Sheerley Jas G Soule Jno P Smith J W 8 Shertz John Steinbance K Bmith Jas Smith Dr J E-2 Soiwe Julien Smith J D Stakes J F Shreve Joth E Smith F Smith Jas M Snyder Thos Semines Thos F Sulivan Timothy Sullivan Thos Spurgeon T C Shoemaker T P Segat Francis Shea Timothy Schimond T L-2 Sutton W F Btimpson Wm Sutton Wm Slagee Wm A Stilwell W T Summers Wm W 8wift Wm Smelt Wm-3 Sumner Wm Southard Wm H Sprague Wm E Stuart WAN Talcot And A Thompson A N ThonipsonAllan Turner Geo Tucker B W Ten Geo W Thomas Benj>2 Talbott B M Thurston D A Tolman D 8 Terry David Taylor E X Town Edw Thomas Lt E C T TownsendGeoM Thorn J M Thiatleton MajG Thompson M Transon M M Towne Mich A Turk Capt O G Taylor Orel ton Townsend P M Thornton R 8 Tharin R 8 Thompson Smith Thompson Lt Col H ? Tolman H B Truman Henry Tyler H C Thompson Jas Taylor Capt J T Tree Bam Thatcher Jno C TilghmanThos Thompson Lt ? Taylor Capt Jas Tree Wm Taylor ?F Tufford Isaiah Temple Hon Wm TownsendCptEGTenigt John Thumbert W H Tailor-Fred TownleyJas Tolman W A Tale Francis Trainer J W Thornton W II Toulkrcd G M Thompson Jno Thompson W TrangeJnoC Thompson Wm Ting G W Town Geo Tarlton Geo W Ullphus Capt Ubri Geo-2 Vo?t Augustua Vail k Baksr Van Ripon B Van Reypen C GVassor John Vase David G VantykeJno Vintz Dan H Thorp Capt T H TreadweU W A XJ-V Veech Capt D H Vincent Jos 2 Vail Eddy Vails Jas Vincent F Z Vogelabengen L Vickery H W Vanaicles M VanPattenCaptJVan Slyck P H Van Zandt R W Van am an Capt L Williams A B Wingate Amos Walton A-3 Wicks Alex Wardener B Wilson B F Walea C H Weed C A Ward C Watson C G Wisna C H Wainwright Lt Willson L D G A Williams T H Wheeler G M C Walltera Long WilsonGeoF Welch LJ Walbridge G R Weatcott M Warden H M Woodworth M Weir H B Webster M Weeks Capt H P Wise Mr Wilier'.a HA Wigg Mr ? WilkinsonHonWWooster Capt M ? Walker Henry Wilders MajC N ^?H<> H Wing Cor Waldron H C Washington 0 Warrington R Wendell Dr D 0 Wermuth Jno Wendells Df A Williams J M Williams David Wilier Joel Wilkie Lt ? Watson Jno, _ Walton Hon ?P WentwoKh J H White 1 J Wilaon Job H Whitehouae Cpt Wjlkiuon Capt Williams MajF Wilson Jas Warner F Waters Jaa C Warner H C Wilaon Jno G Whitney & Fob- Wataoa Jno B ter Wheeler Rev J WatkinsRev GT Willard J H __ Wright Lt Geo WithersbM J M Weimer F E WatkiosG WooleyJD? Welham Thos WilsonCnptGL Waters Jno G Webb Wm Williimeon DrG Walker J W White Wm G W WiUiama J H Wh ite Corp W J H-2 Wright St May nard WhitehooeePW Will Phillip Whitney R P Weeden Robt Wilkin F A Washburn B WhIAr Fallaee L A Way Sidney Walker B F Woodson Hon 8 Walker T Wilaon Prof T 8 Woodard T J Wheeler Dr G A Whittleiey Capt White W B-2 Weill Capt O W J E West Ma) W A WainwrightLtG Wbite Isaac Weed Wm 8 A Wright Joa Wood W H Williamson O S WilaMajJas Walker CaotWH Williamson G WoodJnoC WoodardWm W-J WestJaeob Wearer W W V Wilcox Geo R WerdigConrad Watson Dr W M Wilson Geo N Weeks Jerry Wilson W J Watson Geo H Wright J Whitmere W C WilliamsGH Ward J no Wivel Wm A WhittingtonG WWroe J N Wagner Wm Wiser Geo H WullJno Wsrdell Wm WatkinsGeoH WightLtJ-2 Whittlesey WG Wyinanfieo W Wright Jos A Y-Z Young IIC Young Wm Zimmermacher Young Harvey '/ariiost C F /.eigler Martin-2 Young Bey M Yaog Christop'r Zatigan Thoa NAVAL LETTERS. BcbrAUida 3 Stmr Huron fi BtPhasMcDuirall Barque Acorn 5 Barge J 8 Heck- Schr A1 Mason St'nir Argo 2 shien.H Str Maria ?ch Margt Ann Str GeuHowsrd 4B<;h H B Nntcalf Boh Sarah Ann Soh A D Hart 3 Bchr Moonlight Str Aaron S<-h BNIlawkinrtS-'hr Noouitn BtmTug AdriaticBrh J Hincklui Bchr Ridgewood Bchr Active Bg-e Ifenriettan Tropt JohnRtin Brig A zoo 2 Bch A llemon Bchr John Buck Trans. Burwich Str Cha^ Hough- alew Gunbt Burnside ton Schr King Gold BecGenBurnsideSch OceanlleraldBrig Biogrand gtmshipBariyan Stmr A FHaw BchJofcnlUwlett SchrDB Bavles Btmr Gov Hicks Str J 8 Rockwell Btmbt Beverly Sch Jamestown Brig Rolerson Bareo Beaton Bch F W JohnsonBrig Roberson SchrWYBurdin 2Stmr New JerseyCutter Reliance Btmr Dudly BuckGunbt Jessip Schr Jacob Ray Stmr J Brooks 2 City of Jersey mond Sch Danl Brown Sch Wm 0 Irish Bchr Richmond Btmr Cityof BatliBarge Col T P Brig Robemon Btmr Rebecca Knox 2 Barge Reindeer Barton Sch B Hidden Gunboat Keno Sch Bunnette BareeMaryKauf Prop Rsritan Bch Broad Field man Brig Raleerson BargeC Barnes Bch Kansftl Gunboat Reno Brig J LBucknanSch SarahLouisa48chr Bingold Btm Ttig Lily Brig Alice Lee 2 Schr Richmond Brondmc Sch Damartine 2 Schr Riple Btm Tug S BayenBarqne Bam- Str Stepping Gunbt Samuel plighter Stones Brewster Barque Jude Schr Louis F Stmr Gov Chase2 Luiukson Smith Stmr Stephen Largne Lizzie Bchr J Sparks Cloud 6 BchrAlimaOdlin BtDiamondState Btmr TB Cahill 3Str Tug May Str Swan Sch Clarissa 4 Qtieen-2 Bchr G B Smith Sch ? Cohen Mary Ann SchrTuanSparck Barge Chieftain Str North Point Barge 8telle Barge J T Cole Schr J Paine Ttransport Btar Bch J P Cake Str Prometheus Bchr Bophronia S'mbtColumbus 2StrGenPutnam 2 St 8 RSpaulding Stmr Claytnont Str Planter Str 8 Seymore BttnspCoriuopol-Schr Pinter Bchr 8 P Ritnoit itan Bchr J Parsons BrigQrM8*et Bch J&D CrnmerSchr Palmer Bchr Southerner Braue ChampionScbr Jan A Par- Str Strrlight U B OunbtCham- sons-2 Schr Saphronia berlain SchrBoa Nymph Gunboat Silver Bch Celestia Schr B Nicker- BoatGimStevens Brig Cannia 2 son-2 St 8 K Bpaulding Btmr Commerce Schr Norman-3 BtQ B Bpaulding Sch J H Day Barge Norfolk. Boat Sherman Stmr Daylight Bars Nonpareils Str Sentinel Bge Geo DarisonStr New Jersey 2 USGonboatTodd Bge J II Davis Str Naiad Str Chas Thomas U S Btmr DetroitStr New Hamp- Bchr Transit-2 Sch Diadem shire Brig A Taylor Btmr Diamond 5 Baik AnnNaully SchJ Tredmore2 Btmr Dictaton 1 TptWestern Me USRev8trTiger2 Stmr Don tropols Brig Tangent 3 StmrDupont Schr llellenMar SchEUen9Terry2 Btmr DeMoloy 6 Str Mount BrgAbnerTaylor U B Gnbt DrivenBchr Jas Maish Schr Ida Dela Bch Julia ElizeS Bchr Marcinar Tarre Brig G W Wood- Mauson Schr James <fc ruff Baton Schr Morsena Thomas Baique S P Ely Munson Bteamtug Tiger Stmr Elrid SchrMarylLMif- Str Tiger SchED Enndicott flin Canolb't Urvilla Sch Eldorado SchrMufflin TransptStrUtica Sch E A Elliot Str D H Mout Transpt StVictor Stmr Emily Tgbt Jas Murry 4Str Varina Sfh Ellon Brijr Milwaukie38chr Angelina Btmr Ft Jack&onSis Minnie Vancleaf Brig Frontier Str J B Mollison Schr Rachael 8tmbtFarmen2 BargeMaryMoy- Yanaman Sch Fleetwood er Str Geo Weems-3 Gnnbt Fargo Str Matilda Schr H T Wood Sch Joseph &. Bchr Maryland BtrjNew World Franklin BargeM'ryMillerShip Watter Barge N A Fish HospitalUoatMa- Witch Sch Saml Fish tilda3 Tugboat Jas A Bch F French TptWestern Me- Wright Barge Fettillock tropolis Bteamtug J P Bge A G rovers Jr 38ch rfl BNu tcalf 2 W h ipple u 8 Stmr State of8tr Maasachu Eng 8t Wenonah Georgia 2 setts 2 Hos bt Wyoming Stmr Jas Guy SchrMary&Pris- Rev Str Wawy E Gunsen cilia anda-2 Bch Grach GridleBrig Ella Maria Boat Wm T War Fell titltra Brig Maria J^ove ner Bch Bailie Gag 2 Bchr Moonlight Transport war - Btmsp Henry 8 B< bJaneMcGhin rineck Gault Bohr Marsrina Barge Wilcox Stmr Jas Gand Munson Str Wenoah Bch Ilannible It 8AYLES J. BOWEN, Postmaster. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S NEW THEATER, TlKfH 8TKK1T, ABOTBPXHIBTLTAKIl ATKIUI. THIS(FRIDAY) EVENING, JCNB2I, Second night of the gorgeous FABLE OF THE ORIENT, Dramatized from the famous Arabian Nights, en titled FORTY THIEVES, With GORGEOUS ORIENTAL 8CENERY, ENCHANTED VIEWS, SPLENDID COSTUMES, and EXQUISITE MUSIC. MISS SUSAN DENIS as MORGIANA, Supported by the Unequalled D ramatic Company. The piece concludes with the Resplendent Scene, by Mr. C. Getz, THE HOME OF THE VAIRIES, and the CASCADES OF THE SILVER LAKE. GROVER'S THEATER. PimreTLTAHIA AT..RKAB WlLLARO'S HOTIL. WM. E. SINN Temporaiy Lessee and Manager INCREASING AND GENUINE SUCCESS OP THE THRILLING ORIENTAL SPECTACULAR PA GEANT. With the young, beautiful Equestrienne, MISS KATE YANCE, in her FEATS OF RECKLESS DARING. The charming and talented Equestrienne will ap pear to-nighx, together with her charger, DON JUAN, educated by the celefbrated trainer, Mr. Wm. R. Deer, in scenes of thrilling prospect and awful sublimity, riding, whilst lashed to. to the bare back of the fearless animal, on the brinks of precipices overhanging rocky ravines,and, gallop ing, will perform the circuit of the immense audi torium, on a platform erected AROUND THE PARQUETTE CIRCLE I THIS EVENING, W. n. Miller's dramatisation of LordByron's KPt A Or. THE WILD HORSE 6? TARTARY _ In active preparation. ROCKWOOD; OR, DIOK TURPIN AND TOM KING. ??7"Due notice will be given of the re api earance of Mr. J. K. MORTIMER. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS NOTICE ? LICENSES.? All licenses due Lk? the corporation of Georgetown on the 1st of July next, must be paid within ten days of that date, otherwise they will be strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. je 21-eotJylO WM. LAIRD, Clerk. GEORGETOWN TAXBS-An abatement of six \T per cent, will be allowed on the general tax for the current year, if paid on or before the first day of July next. CHAS, D. WELCH, je20-llt* Collector. S "LIVERPOOL FINE ANP GROUND ALUM, TURK'S ISLAND. SAINT UBB8, ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by I. TH08. DAVIS. Wholesale Dealer in Salt, je8-lm" No. 83 Water street, Georgetown. Captains oa board, or to ' JOHN B. DAVIDSON, By 13- Water strewt, Georgetown. rpo THX RESIDENTS OF THE ISLAND WA TCHMjLKER^ND JXitRLRR. No. 196 4* strut, bthattn R and F str mi. Island, (Next door to Tenth District Station House.) WatcheaJClocks and Jewelry repaired in the mosf rfatest style and warranted. Par ticular attention paid to repairing of watchee. | f Also, A large assortment of Books, Stationery and Fancy Goods constantly oa hand. )e 17-6t & R 0 0 F I N G FILT! ROOFINGC1M1MT THOMAS FAHBY, ? Coaxi* 10th 8t.W*?t i*D?? Ca*ai, Being the only jJJjnUifthis eitj and Roofing Cement from aa old. established firm, eu afford to 0tU the iboto article? ?t the very lcw.?' ud those engaged in the bnsiaeaa are requested t?eaH and S^^or themselves, having a fwVe.t^ckoftheabove named articles always on hand, - TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. [ASSOCIATED PRESS DESPATCHES ] FROM WHITE HOUSE. Rebel Cavalry Attauli-Attempt it Cap* ture Sheridan's Train*. [Despatch to the Chronicle. 1 Whits Hocpk, Va , Jane 21.?The enemy made a persistent though not Terjr desperate attempt to capture the wagon trains at this point, belonging to Sheridan's cavalry oorps. About o'clock yesterday morning, they drove In our pickets with disaoxsted caralry, when a heavy skirmish line wa< thrown out to meet them, which, with the aid of our bat teries, ettectually checked their advance and designs. About 9 o'clock they opened with ar tillery, when the trains were ordered across the railroad bridge over the Pauiunkey, on the road leading to West Point. There were b? tween GW> and wagons, loaded with stores and ammunition, which, with the cattle, were all safely crossed without the least d isorder or accident While waiting to cross, one oi the sanitary wagons was struck with a shell and demolished, though fortunately without per sonal injury >o any one. From a prisoner we learned the attacking party to be Hampton's cavalry, accompanied r?y four batteries. They Kept up a brisk lire fcxra the latter for fire or atx hours, but the ac curacy of range from our gunboats and bat teries prevented their taking position to ac complish much damage, and, chagrined at their tailt re. they sullenly withdrew; but not a mo rrunt too soon for their security, as our cavalry, wmch had been momentarily efcpected, now b gaii to arrive. it is supposed they intend to harass, If pos sible, oor trains, when they move across totae Jaires. Onr cavalry this m<>rn!ng stared in pursuit of the attacking party, bnt it j* not likely they will succeed In overtaking them. 'FoRTRkM Mokrok, June 2-J.?The steamer Idas arrived this morning early, from the WbiteHfcoee, where she leit at 10 o'clock yes terday morning. She reports that at 6 a. m. on the 2ith iavt, Gens. Fitxbugh Lee and Hampton made an at tack by charging on our forces entrenched at the "White House, and In command of General Abercrombie, which charge was repulsed and the enemy driven back. At the same time our gnnboats Commodore Morse, CapL Babcock, and two others, opened a heavy nre, shelling the enemy. At 7 o'clock, the enemy having succeeded in planting a battery of three guns in range, re turned the Are upon our gunboats and land fbrces. This artillery duel was kept up until 12 o'clock noon, when the Commodore Morse threw a shell that exploded a caisson in the enemy's battery, causing great confusion among their men, and thereupon they retired, taking their guns with them. Our lots was only three wounded, one mor tally. At 3 o'clock p. m., 20th, General Sheridan's idvance guard arrived at the White House, and at five o'clock the General arrived with his command. Yesterday morning ('2lst) there was skir mishing among the pickets, and a general en gagement expected. General Getty arrived and relieved General Abercombie, who had been previously or dered to report to Washington for duty. During this siege General Abercrombie re ceived a dispatch from General Grant to hold his position at all hazards, till assistance ar rived, which, by the aid of th? gunboats, he succeeded in doing. Ger.eral Abercrombie arrived to-day, on his way for Washington, and will leave here to night, via Baltimore. Later. The artillery fire on both sides was kept up, gradually diminishing, until 4 p. m. The ene my's loss was comparatively heavy. Prisoners captured say the rebels mistook our gunboats for transports, and intended to cap ture onr troops at the White House before Gen eral Sheridan's command arrived. The enemy's evident intention was to destroy General Abercromble's command at White House, and thereby intercept General Sheri dan's sale arrival there. They were defeated. FROM THE FRONT AT PETERSBURG. ? Mortar Shells Thrown into the Camps sf the Enemy?Speedy Resumption of Active Hostilities Anticipated?Visit of Presi dent Lincoln to Gen. Grant. [Dispatch to the Chronicle] Near Petkrbbfro, June 20.?The rebels have been unusually active along our tntire lront since the lifting of the morning haze. All day the patter of their balls over our breast works has been continuous and monotonous. Dozens of men have fallen victims to the skill of their sharpshooters, while our marksmen are unable to retaliate as they might If the formation of the ground was not against them. Some are shot going for water, others fall on tbeir way to the front carrying victual* ??? officer Last night we planted some mortars on the left. Cannon shoot over the strong works of the enemy, and do no damage. Mortars, if properly poised, drop the shell immediately behind the works, and are more disastrous than a charge. Several shots were flred after dark, the burning luse describing a beautiful paiafcela, and marking the course of the Again quiet brooded over the two hosts. About midnight we were disturbed. Lee thought our left was leaving. He advanced his right, and drew forth a volley from the 5th corps. Forflve minutes the uproar was alarm ing, but it soon ceased when we proved our piesence. In the morning we had an inter esting artillery duel on the right by way of re creation. The rebels brought several batteries into play?one of 20-pounders, which they threw round shot and ehell far over the house where was headquarters of 2d division, Oth corps. This lasted an hour. The 2d corps will be relieved to-night. One division of colored troops will take the place of Birney's division. Two days of quiet. It cannot last much longer. Bloody times will come again. R. H. McBridk. Another Accoant. [Correspondence of the Associated Press.] Headquarters Army or the Potomac, June 22.?Artillery firing on the right, and picker skirmishing at various points along the line occupied the day yesterday, resulting in the wounding of a few men, but causing no change in position. A battery, stationed on an elevated piece of ground in front of Petersburg, kept annoying one of our batteries on the left for some time, when it opened in return, one of the shells ex ploding in the midst of the men at the rebel guns, and causing a cessation of filing on their part. Gen. Hancock is recovering trom his indis position, and expects to resume command of his corps in a few days. President Lincoln paid a visit to Gen. Grant at City Point yesterday. Colonel Baker, of the Third North Caroli na, and a dozen men were captured, and brought in yesterday by the Second Corps pickets. All the prisoners collected since the army has been in thiB neighborhood, have been sent to City Point for transfer Eastward. Philadelphia Sanitary Fair. Philadelphia, June 23.?The Central Sani tary Fair was crowded to excess this evening, among the attractions being the visit of the Knights Templars ef Washington. The vote on the sword stood, Meade 1,463 over Hancock, and McClellan 76 over Grant. The fair will nominally close Saturday night. Monday and Tuesday next it will be thrown open at a low price of admission to all the de partments. There is no doubt but that a million dollars will be raised and perhaps more lor the Sani tary Commission. The fair has been a decided success. New York Markets. New York, J nne 23.?Gold was two hundred and twenty at noon. Wool sales, to the extent of one hundred and fifty thousand pounds of Ohio fleece, were made to day at one dollar. Prices range now from ninety-five cents to one dollar. The market is excited and active. The bolder* of foreign exchange refuse to name a price. Arrival ef the Blew Ironsides. Pfiladelphia, June 23.?The New Iron sides arrived at Fert Mifflin last night. CONGRESSIONAL. Ik thk Skkatk yesterday? The House bill to repeal the fugitive slave bill came up as the special order. Mr. Saulsbnry moved the following as a sub stitute for the bill: That no person held to service or labor In one State under the laws thereof; escaping into another, shall, in consequence of any law or regulation, though be be discharged from such labor, but shall be delivered np on claim to the party to whom snch service or labor may be dne, and Congress shall pass all necessary and proper laws for the rendition of all such persons. This was rejected. The bill subsequently passed by a vote of 27 to 12. In the ever ing session? Mr. Grimes called up the House bill incor porating the Young Men's Christian Associa tion of Washington; which was passed. Also, House bill incorporating Colored Cath olic Male Benevolent Society of Washington. Passed. Thk Kkktuckt Raid.?Mr. John M. Clay, living near Lexington, Ky., lost CMOO worth of race horses by the Morgan raiders. Among them was the famous ? ?Skedaddle," for which he was offered recently at St- Louis 98,000,

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