Newspaper of Evening Star, June 24, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 24, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-NIGHT. Obover h Thbatik -The viaitora hare for nlghta paat bwn so well pleased with the per. lonnaace ef the dramatization of Lord Byron's ??Mazeppa," that Mr. Sinn does well to keep it jet be to re the public. Miae Eat* Vance is a splendid delineator of the part, and to-night she will nde aronnd the auditorium on a plat, iorm erected for the purpoee and in full view of the entire audience. Fobd'b Theater.?'"The Forty Thieves," dramatized Irom one of the moat interesting of the talea of the Arabian nlghta, was performed Jast night for the Brat time and was immensely euccessf ul, the characters being all well cast. In all plays "I this character gorgeon9 scenerv and views, splendid costumes and fine music are nece.ewy ad juncts, and certainly the paint era and muaicians have done nil that could be required cf them in this matter. CAWTKRBrar ?Never a week passes with, out aume novelty being produced at Canter bury Hall, and the hill of this week i? long and -varied by new songs and dances, Ethiopian acts, tigbtrope performances. Ac., and a new local and sensation drama. Marietta Ravel's engagement Is still continued. Gbace Church Fair ?It is rarely the priv ilege ol any one to visit a more delightful fair and festival than that now in progress at Island Hall, uncer the auspices of the pretty and agreeable ladies of Grace Church. The re Jreshment tables are loaded with good things, and tfce disp'ayof articles of use and ornament is of such a character, as to quality aud quan tity, as to pb-ase the taste of the most fastidions. 3t is just the place where to spend these sultry evenings. Tun Fair for the benefit of a home for friendless women and children also presents numerous features of interest, and Odd Fel lows' Hall is crowded nightly. Drop in to* aiight and aid the cause. Tub Bbowh-Wilby Cask ?In the Circuit Court yesterday, the case of Emily F. Wiley against Marshal Brown was continued before kludge Wylie: H'm. Slad'-. (colored,) sworn.?Testified to having lived in the Brown family for years, and to Tillotson keeping company with Mrs. .Brown. On one occasion Mrs. B. said that if Tillotson did not treat her better she would Jeave him. Mrs. Brown also said that Tillot son treated her daughter (Emily) as well as it bad been his own. Witness recollects that when the boys (Tillotson and Marshal Brown) "were going to school in Alexandria, that they usually came up about once a month. To the Jbest of witness's knowledge Tillotson did not rmake the acquaintance of Mrs. Brown until she lived in the B street house. Mrs. Wheeler, ?worn, and testified that Mrs. Brown told her hat Emily was the child of Dr. Miller, of Baltimore. Justice H'm. Thomson, recalled.?Witness said that in his testimony of yesterday he stated that he had collected a bill from Elizabeth 'Phillips or Read, when she lived on the south side of B street, when he should have stated it was on the north side. Geo. W. Donn.? Witness, about the years 153.3, '6-7, Ac., was a member of the firms of Donn <fc iBro., and BohlerA Donn, and witness referred to the books, and exhibited entrees of goods m>ld to Col. Larned, aud delivered at Mrs. .Brown's; among other articles was a cradle. John ?uiA,(colored.)?Witness was frequently at Mrs. Brown's house, on B street, aud had seen Tillotson Brown there, but he does not , think that Tillotson visited Mrs. Brown until ! after Qeorgiana's death. ? Mrs. Eliiabrth Ruby, sworn.?Witness was in j the Brown family for over thirty years. When j the boys went to school they'had but little | TOOLey. When Tillotson was very ill, in 1345 j or r?i6, he stated that he was not the father of Emily or any other ehild. On another occa- I sion Mrs. Wiley's children came to see him, and witness told him bis grand children were there, when he said, "They are not my grand j children, bnt Emily Wiley's children." On crosa-examination, witneas suited that the Brown family were much opposed to his Jceeping company with Mrs. Brown, and bis father, Jesse Brown, said If he did not quit such company, he would cut him off. Kemegius Buret, sworn.?Witness was doing some work at Mrs. Brown's m 1348 or 1347, and beard Mrs. Brown say that Mr. Brown was *ot the father of Emily. John R. Grimes ? Witness beard Mrs. Brown say that 6he took that name tndependentof Mr. 3*rown. Tn* E>rollment Bill Amended? Three Hundred Dollar Clause stricken out.?The bill amendatory of the Enrollment Act was passed Jest night in the evening session of the Senate, by a vote cf 24 to 7, and is as follows: Be it enacted, tfc., That so much of the act en titled " An act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for otner purposes," ap proved March three, eighteen hundred and sixty-three, and the acts amendatory thereof, as authorizes the discbarge of any drafted per son from liability or military service by reason ol the payment of three hundred dollars for the .procuration of a substitute, or otherwise, be, and the same is hereby repealed: Provided, That nothing contained in this a^t shell be con strued to alter the provisions of existing laws relittive to persons actually furnishing substi tutes. Sec. 2. That in calls for drafts hereafter made under the act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and the acts in ad dition to oi ameadatory thereof, the same may be made tor auch term of time as the President snail direct, not exceeding one year. Sec 3. That the number of "men furnished 3rym any district for the service of the United States beyond and above its quota on calls iieretofere made, and the term of service of *uch men shall be considered and allowed to said district in calls hereal er made. Sea. 4. That no person drafted on future calls, or who shall volunteer to fill the same, shall be liable to be again drafted until the ex isting enrollment shall be exhausted. The Annual Examination ok thb Public Schools.? The written examination of the public schools of this city was continued to day by the examination of the folio ving Inter* mediate Schools, viz .?First District, Female, .Miss Lowe teacher, by Mr. Wilson; Male, Mrs. ZRodier teacher, by Mr. Brown. Second Dis trict, Female, Misa Billing teacher, by Mr. _Rhees; Male, Mrs. Myers teacher, bv Mr. "Wright. Third District Female, Miss Elvans teacher, by Mr Davis: Male. Miss Mass teach er, by Mr Ferguson. Yourth District, Female. Mrs McCutcfcen teacher, by Mr. Ellis; Male, .Miss Heed teacher, by Mr. Holmead The examination of these schools concludes the written examinations, and the oral exami nations of all the schools (except Primary No. 1, Third District, which was examined to-day by Dr. Walsh,) will be commenced on Monday next. Wholesale House Stealing.?Recently quite a number of government horses were *'Olen from this city, and our detectives have been on the alert. Detective McDevitt last week proceeded to Baltimore and securing the assistance of W. H. Cassell, of the Baltimore detective corps, came out on the Washington road, and about Ave miles this side of Balti more they arrested John McNamara on sus picion of having a stolen horse. McNamara -was taken to Baltimore and brought to this city, together with the horse, which he statea c?mo into his possession by a swap. The borse is held by the detectives lor identifica tion. Oband Labcehy.? Last night, about 12 o'clock, two boys, 14 and 16 years of age, visited lancy house No. 540 1st 6treet. and while there or.e of them picked the pocket of Martha Mil ler, one of the women, of 8113 >9. Officers -Lynch and McEllresh were notified of the robbery, and recovered the money aud arrested the <wo boys. Justice (Jiberson held one to bail u>r court and dismissed the other. They are children of respectable parents, who are >er much distressed. Ft be ?Yesterday, about 11 o'clock a. m., officer HessieT, passing the corner of Delaware avenue and H street, noticed a smoke issuing irom 'he back part of Samuel Cassidy's restau rant. The col< red cook bad fallen asleep in the kitcben, and the ceiling above his head was a *heet of flame. They succeeded in confining the flames to the building until the steam eu K>ne Kucker arrived aud extinguished the fire. The dai&?ce will not exceed a hundred dollars. T he fire was accidental. The AUHAL Accident? Funeral Obsequies. The Kev Mr. Brown, will preach on next sabbath Morning, in the ?tb street (Island,) PreebyU-rian Church? a funeral sermon, per t lnlng to the death of those who lost their lives lo this sad catastrophe. Mrs.Tippet and Mlsa Adnms were teachers in the Sabbatn School of Mild Church. Committed to the Old Capitol John Y. Fairfax, one of Kinchelow's gang, who was captured n?-ar Alexandria by Capt. Lusk, of the 1st Michigan cavtlry, arrived here ye?t*r ?'av under a strong guard. He is reported to be a desperate character, and Col. Ingrahatn committed him to the Old Capitol. Mebsrb. Viti Bbothik*. of Philadelphia, bh v determined to clo-e out the fine Bronzes i> niaming from sale of jesterday, on to raor n w (Saturday) evening, at 7# o'clock, with out r> serve, at tbe sal a rooms of James O. McOaire A Co Among those yet to be aold 'pf y be tonnd two splendM, large flgareaof p?.r^r'be <?reat and CbaW-a 11th, Oommbaa act* Corte?, and many handsome, smaller yroupes and nng!e figures. Persons in wvtt r>t neb and el rant mantel or parler ornaaent, b*r?-rew an opportunity to obtain tfiem at iuvr price*. Arl^TfV tw Owiroitoww- Canal.? Ths water U low and boau ars arriving slowly la consequence. The receipts of coal at tfcedocks were by the H amp* hi re & Baltimore Co.. 109 tons; Central, 330.15; Castleman. 107.1: Ajaerican 7iS7.aO; Uav berland. 549.54; Borden, 450.4t; New Hope, 109.5; Consolidation, 108 7. Boat Peter Hiues arrived with wood to market. Twenty-four boats departed light. Accidskt.?Yeeterday while the gunners fang were shifting a (tun at the experimental battery, Navy Yard, it slipped and fell on the foot ot Wm Kneeiand, mashing two of the toes badly. His wounds were dressed by Dr. McKim. " Police Appoistmbwt.?Yesterday, the Board of Police Commissioners appointed Sylvester H. Ola?lmon a patrolman in the Third Precinct, (Georgetown) rice W. T. Rob inson, dismissed. SPECIAL. NOTIO ES. TMrrRH Brsatb?Among all the disagreeable Con?eqnenre* that follow fast the decay of the teeth. mb impure breath must be the moot unpleas ant ard mortifying to its possessor,as it is the most inexcusable and offensive in society How often its possessor experiences a distant coldness shown him even from the best of friends, or rerhaps the one most fondly cherished, from this source. Tou are Igncrant of the cense yoursalf. the subject is s? delicate?your roost intimate friend will not mention it. Why not remove this one gr?at bar rier to ynitf health. beauty andhapvinus *t once, by using that lastly popular Dentifrise.frasrant f o/o dont. the nK'flt convenient pleanant ana efficacious gem f?r the toilet the world has ever produced. 8old by druggists everywhere. It* ICK Cream! lot Creak! The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he has always on naftd s fresh supply of the choicest flavors Ick Crkam, which he is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, hotels, pic nies, parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms. Jos SeaAFFTKi.n'8 Steam IceCream Manufactory. No. 3?66th st.,bet. G and H. Wholesale and retail. Je 23-Im1* Corns. JtrwioKs. B*n If ails, btc. Cornsare the universal torment of mankind. To be relieved of these terrible evils, call on Dr. White snd submit to his manipulations. Tou are sure to get relief without experiencing pain. Of fice. 424 Pennsylvania avenne. (Lane k Tucker's building, between 4)i and 6th streets. Ne charge for consultation. Je 21 tf Bore Throat, Cough. Cold, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re sult in serious Pulmonary, Bronchial'and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. Brown's Bronchial Trocfik3 are compounded so as- to reach directly the seat of the disease, and give almost instant relief. Je 21 lm,r MARRIED, On Thursday. 24th instant in the Dumbarton ?Jl?St.5lv,?i,f!Lar#h- br R?v H C. MtDaniel, HENRV PA^NE. to ANNA MARIA TYSON, all of Geergetown, D. C. * DIED, In this city, on the 23d instant, Mrs. MARY E. DYER, aged 46 years, widow of the late Robert W. Dyer, and daughter of the late Commodore Ste phen Cassin. U. 8. Navy. The funeral will take place from St. Patrick's Chnrch. at9o'clock a. m. on Saturday, the 25th insi The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. Suddenly, on the morning of the 24th instant, MARY ANN BRUSH, in the 60th year of her age, ?wife of Abner Brush. Her funeral will take place from her late resi dence. No. 527 K street, near 4th. on Sunday, the 26th, at ifjp. m. The friends of the family are in vited to attend without further notice. * rr-RY DONOVAN'S BLACKBERRY CORDIAL 1 Price, 51 per bottle. For sale by all Drug gist* je 23-tit PACIFIC R. R. REPORTS FOR SALE.?One set, minus the first volume. Address "G. W. M.." Box 599. Georgetown, D. C., stating what will be given for them. je 23 3t* R~03EW60D PIANO FOR SALE.?A handsome rosewood 7-octave Piano for saleata^^l^^ sacrifice on account of the family leavingiDBM leaving the citjr. Also, a Furnished House'? *?? for rent. Inquire at 400 16th street, between I and K sis. Je 23-3t* 170R SALE.?1 splendid Rosewood BILLIARD r TABLE?slate bed?in complete order, will be sold a bargain. Inquire! at 324 Pa. avenue.up stairs, between i the houis of 4 and 7 o dockp, m. Je 22-3t* PLEASURE BOATS.?To let,by the day or hour two fast sailing PLEASURE BOATS, at aXS. the 11th street wharf Apply at the Sail^RHfr Loft near the wharf, of BARNES <fc 80N. je 20 2w* F IRE WORKS! FIREWORKS II The largest assortment in the city. FLAGS 1 FLAGSM of all kinds. LANTERNS! LANTERNS!! for illuminations, &c. Roman Candles. Exhibition Pieces, 8croll Wheels, Fire Crackers, 8ky Sockets, Pulling Crackers. Pin Wheels, Torpedoes, Triangles, Flatillas, Vertical Wheels, Chinese Bombs, Saxon Wheels, Fire Balloons, China Flyers, Toy Cannons, Flying Pigeons. Cracker Pistols, Serpents, Torpedo and Cracker Pis GrasN Hoppers tols combined?a new Flower-Pots, artidle. Blue Lights, Transparent Lanterns, Bengola Lights. Toy Drams. Mines. COME EYERYBODYl and get your supplies for the GLORIOUS FOURTH from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRE-WORKS DEPOT, 302 E STREET, NEAR FOURTEENTH. Depot for Boswell & Warner's celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. <y The Trade supplied . Je 18-2w FINE, READY-MADE CLOTHING, AT BAR A BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER B AND SEVENTH 8TREBT8, Persons desiring good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving their measures, can get fitted in our establishment in garments made sf THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATE8T DESIGNS. We have now a very large atock of SPRING and SUMMER 8UIT8, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS. AND BLACK DOESKIN PANTS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles. Also? A FINE STOCK OF BOYS' CLOTHING, and an immense stock of GENTB' FURNISHING GOODS. ?EBusiness closed on Saturday until evening Je7-lm* . AMES THARP, DEALER IN J TOBACCO CIGAR8, PIPES, Ac., 502 9th st., above Pa. ave.,east side, Washington, The attention of sutlers and purchasers general ly is called to hiB stock, which will be found to embrace a great variety of every article in his line of business. He would take this occasion to return his thanks to the Washington public for the patronage heretofore extended to him. Je22 1m* rpOTHE GERM ANS OF WASHINGTON-I have a now secured the services of an excellent Ger man Uruggist, one who thoroughly understands the drug and prescription business, and is conver sant in the German and English languages. Ger mans wishing their medicines carefully and accu rately compounded, will do well to give me a sail. JOSEPH P. SULLIVAN. P. S.-To my other customers and the public generally. I need only say that I shall always keep as heretofore, a well selected stock of pure Drugs and Chemicals, which shall be dispensed in s care ful and skillful manner. JeZi-lw* J. P.8. BD1CAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, Wabbingtoh, June 14, 1864. Merchants of Washington and Georgetown de sirous of furnishing the Medical Purveying De partment of this city with such articles of Hospital Stores and Furniture as may be required, are re ine*ted to send in their proposals to this office at as early a time as practicable for examination. A schedule, as well as samples of articles required, csn be seen on application at this office* ? G.SUTHERLAND. Je 14-tt Surgeon U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. D? .VETERINARY SURGEON. R JOHN B. McKEY, Member ?f the Royal Edlnbnrg, Scotland. A11 diseases , of the Horse treat?4 in most scientific man ft JF* "oderate. Offioe at CHapin' & Matlrok s, G street, near 7th street, Washing ton. P. C. Je ?-l4t* 4fl6 486 ?A Mi*&?mSSr s- wkh&l-1* - 4b ?? ou r.uuwi eji. T.TO, DM. FOB RENT AND SALE. TO MNT?A thrMdtorT BSfCK HOP??7w"ii furnished Rant moderate For particulars inquire at Barber Shop, 574 Seventh street, Island. frM 31* FOR RENT?Four or fire nice BOOMS fur rent together or separately. Rent moderate to go id tenant* Apply to 130 Pa. avenue, between 19th and*thsts. JeJ4-3t* ^^OTICE?Furnished and unfurnished ROOMS for rent at No. 154 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. T7th and I8tb street*. Also, Fashionable DRKSS MAKING to order. j?2?-3t* Afcrmkiikd boom to lbtTfortwo single gentlemen. Inquire First Ward Bowl ing Saloon, H street, between 21st and 22d streets. Je a?-8t? |?0R RBKT?A small HOUSE. partly furnished, ? on Mh street east, near the Navy Yard. To a careful tenant tbe rent will be moderate. One of the be?lthiest locations in the city. Address "X Y Z.'J city^o?t Office. J? J4 3t* TO RENT?Two fine ROOMS, communicating or separate, on second floor, to gentlemen-. Those desiring s<mething superior to prevailing style bere, new furniture, spring beds, perfect neatness, call at 563 9th st. south City cars ruu near. Je 24-3t* FOR RENT?8everal ROOM8 in No. 9, 4&st. These rooms are well furnished, and have atl the modern improvement*. The lower part of the house together with the rear huilding, will be rented separately. This part will afford ampl? facilities for accommodating forty table boarders. Je 34-lw* \TERV VALUABLE PROPERTY TN THEREAR OF THE NATIONAL HOTEL.?We offer at Private Sale Lot No. 6, in Square No. 490. fronting K6 feet 4 inches on nortb C street..between 4?* aid 6tb street west, and running back about 128 feet to a foot wide public alley, with a Brick building, long and favorably known as the "Washington Bath House." The central location of this valuable property renders it very desirable for business purposes, and we invite tbe particular attention of capitalists and business men to tbe sale Je 24-6t J AS. C. McGUIRE k CO. HOUSE FOR SALB.-A frame HOUSE with 7 rooms, near Navy-Yard Market. Inquire at No. 460 D street, between 3d and 4th st*.. Capitol Hill. Je ?-3t? FOR SALE?A BE8TAURANT, with a lease of five years. Rent $26 per month. Reasous for selling, the proprietor going West. Inquire 452 10th street, adjoining Ford's Theater. Je 23-31* FOR RENT?A BARBER SHOP AND FIX TUBES, with a good run of custom. Anply at No. 49 Bridge street, near Washington st..George town. Will be rented on account of chaugiug business^ Jeii-fit * FOR RENT?A ROOM on the first floor and a ROOM on the second floor. Also, two gentle men oan be accommodated with neatly furnished room. Apply for three days, C street north, be tween Sd andJth streets, Capitol Hill. Je 23 3t* FOR. SALE.-A three story BRICK HOUSE. corT taining six rooms, situated on a corner lot 121 feet front by 1"0 feet deep on 1st street east, be tween I and K streets north, will V* sold reason ably forcash. Apply on the premises. je23-lw* Furnished rooms for rent.-Rooms sin gle or in suits, suitable for offices, with or without board, at 432 G street, between 7th and 8th sts. The house contains bath room, water sod gas. Table boarders can also be accommodated, je 23-1 w* FOB RENT-Anew threestory BRICK HOUSE, with basement and attic: gas throughout the house, water in yard; immediate vicinity of De partments. Boarding or lodging housekeepers neet not apply. Inquire of JOSEPH A MOCK BEE. 214 B street, or 400 6th street, between G *"3 H. Je 23-3t* FOR SALE.?A neat frame HOUSE of six rooms. No. 403 K street north, between 9th and N>th fitraets west, (near Northern Liberty Market.) re paired throughout. Persons wishing a residence in a healthy and good neighborhood, good water, near t? market, city cars and the public buildings will please call and see it. Possession given at tiire of purchase. Title indisputable. Inquire of J. F. KELLEY, on 8th at., near I st. je 23-lw* Furnished booms for rent-two large and pleasant ROOMS at No. 41 Louisiana av , Tiet. 6th and 7th sts. je 22-3t Furnished rooms for rent -to geutl^ men only. 506 9th street, oue door from Pa areinie je 22-tf. C'OR RENT?On very reasonable terms, three ? handsomely furnished and very desirable ROOMS Inquire at No. 537* H street between bth and 7th streets. je 22-3t* FOR RENT -Four fine FURNISHED ROOMS~on the corner of 13th and G streets. No. 431. N. B. Also, wanted a good woman to wa*h,i-ron and do general housework. A Genu an preferred. Je 22-3t* I7LEOANT FURNTTURB FOR 8ALB~AND -l-J HOUSE FOR RENT.?Possession given im mediately. The house is large and commodious!, and the location most desirable. Apply to K, F. PAGE, Auctioneer and Commission Merchant. 502 7th street, under Odd Fellows' Hall. je 22 tf FOR SALE?The STOCK and FIXTURES of a *"F0C?,ry Store, doing a good business, on the Island. The proprietor intending to change his business, is the only reason for offering it for sale. For particulars, call at 599 Seventh st.- between Virginia avenue and D Bts., Island. )e 22-3t* HOUSE FOR RENT-A Brick Dwelling bouse, partially furnished, containing 8 rooms, of convenient size, suitable for a small family. Sat isfactory references required. For information apply at Grocery 8tore of P. WHITE <fc CO , cor ner 13th and F sts. je 22-3t* FOR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for a couple of gentlemen or a small family, with privilege of cooking. This is a comfortable house, in a desirable neighborhood, only two squares from the Patent and Post Offices and 7th street railroad. Inquire before 10 a. m. or after 5 o'clock p. m., at No. 4t?6 G st., near5th, je22-3t* C?O mVn""OTKL KOR SA1.E?United Hall, No. 499 11th street, a few doors above the Avenue, containing an elegant bar. kit chen. and dining room, twelve well furnished rooms: also, a large hall, which could be used as a billiard room, or made into sleeping rooms. Best reasons given for selling. Inquire at the premi ses. je 22-1 w* FOR RENT?The laage(basement)SALOON, un der the Central Hotel, if applied for at once. It is one of the best places in the city for busine-<% and decidedly the_ coolest. The saloon is hand somely fitted up with every convenience requisite for a first-class saloon: with marble til# floor and heavy marble-top counters. Apply at tthe Hotel, S. W. corner Penn. avenue and 6th street. je 22-4f FOR SALE?A FARM of 100 acres ot superior land, 8 miles from Georgetown and 2h miles from the canal; 60 acres in cultivation/and the balance in very heavy pine wood. Improved by a small frame house and orchard*. Wood eneu'gh can be sold off the farm to pay double the arnouut of purchase money. F. MACE, Agent for the Sale of Maryland Lands, Je 22-1 w* 517 Seventh street. CLIFTON. ON THE HEIGHTS OF GEORGETOWN, FOR SAL*. I avail myself of this mode of answering the numerous inquiries that have been toade whether this beautiful residence of the late Col. Ellet is for sale? 11 will be sold under a decree of the Supreme Court of this District (rendered necessary in con ? sequence of the minority of two of his remaining three children, and because of their minority) about the end of the ensuing month of July. For the information cf those who may uot be familiar with Clifton, but who may desire an attractive suburban residence, combining the advantages of city and country life, I state that it is situated in the center of our Heights, and contains about forty-five acres of land, highly improved, and planted, within the last six or seven years, with the choicest fruit and ornamental trees, having an excellent dwelling house of nine or ten rooms, an overseer's cottage detached, large barn, stables, ? and other appropriate out buildings, with good fences, nearly all of them new. It is surrounded by the splendid residences ot Tudor Place, of Gen. Halleck, Mrs. Boyce, Mrs. Barber, E. M. Linthi cum, Esq.. and others, ard adjoins on the north the grounds attached to the residences of Sirs. Linthicum and Mrs. Boyce. and is elevated, com manding a view of all of them, as well as of the picturesque valley of Rock Creek, the city of Wash ington,the Heights of Arlington,and the Potomac river. The view of the city of Washington, across tbe. valley of Rock Creek, is exceedingly beautiful. It is within twenty minutes'walk, over a brick pavement three-fourtbs of the distance, of the railroad street cars running from Georgetown to Washington. For salubrity, neighborhood,access to town and city, and beauty of situation, it is unsurpassed. Due notice will be given of the day of sale. In tbe meantime any inquiries cat be addressed to me at Georgetown, or J. C. McGUlRE A Co.. Washington. Je 22-ee2w . W. REDIN. FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, for gentle men only. No. 5*?9 Maryland avenue, between 10th and 11th streets. je 21 6t* FOR SALl-A BRICK HOUSE and LOT, situa ted in the most healthy location and splendid view of the railroad. Persons wishing to buy a good residence would do well to call on E street nortb, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill. Je 20-lw* _ TO LET AND IMMEDIATE POSSESSION GIVEN?Oneof the finest FURNISHED RES IDENCES in the First Ward, containing about 17 rooms. To be rented till the 1st of October, but not to be used as a boarding or lodging house. Inquire of JA8. F, HALIDAY, Real Estate Bro ker,?> 5 11th street near Pa. avenue. je 20-tf FOR SALE-A comfortable BRICK REST DKNCB. having ten rooms and a good cellar, well furnished throughout, and in thorough re pair, with gas^ water, heating range, aud everv modern convenience immediate possession. The furniture and property in fee for $9,5'X>. MITCHELL A SON, Real Estate Brokers. 8. E. corner Pa. av. and 15th st. Je 2f) eo5t jChronicle.l F'OR RENT?Well furuished ROOMS in a private family. Inquire at 339 21st street, near the avenue. Je 18-lw I^OR 8ALE?A small brick H0U8B and good , sited LOT, containing four rooms and summer kitchen. Situated on 4th street, between N and O. For particulars inquire at GIBBS' Hair Stere, 242 Pa. av., near 13th st. je 17-im F~ "OR SALE OR RENT-A large brick HOUSE on 6th street, between H and I. Possession given atonce. Inquire of Dr. BOGAN. No. 455 Massachusetts av., near 6th st. je 15-2w* P>R RENT?To gentlemen, two neatly furnished CHAMBERS, in a very pleasant and healthy location, near tbe State Department and Lafayette Park, 460 New York avenue, and forty yards east of tbe borse cars running from the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. Je >-tf F'OR SALE?lOO ACRES OF LAND at Belts ville, 100 acres at Oontee's, CO acres at Laurel, 900 acres at 8avage, ISO at Annapolis Junction, ino acres at Jestop's Out, i60 at Hanover Switch, 46 acres near Elkridge Landing, M acres % mil* from Baltimore. All on tho Washington Branch Railroad. Fortormsand dosorlpMoa. apoly to M. BaNNON, 32 St. Paul's at.. Baltimore, M4. <e >-!?* FOB RENT?A large STORE; ceo4 location for confectionery or ioe cream saloon. Inquire at the store. 410 I street weat, Je*-1? QREAT bargain.^ chancs For mtto, a vert desirable little farm, containing about 39 acres of land in a *oo< ?tat* of eultivstfon. and well watered,sitnatH in fairfax oonty. adjoining Arlington Farm, 4*"* diiUul from Washington city and only 2?i minutes ?& t. <j<"t.lo.? ??>?,>, '"IVoW Washington city, Wo. 141 sontb B St., Je 17-eo6t* Island. To RENT-an elegant HOUSE, with krown ?tone front, partialis furnt^bed, with all mod ern improvement*, centrally "and pl?a*antly lo cated. No. 444 k street, near the residence qt Sec retary Chase, together #hh large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding h?nse. For particular! inquire of Hon P. e somes on the premises, or Capt. okoros ELY, no. 27 4>j street. Possession given immediately. 1e8-tf Photograph an? ambrotypegallbrv FOR BUNT. Kor rentjCine of the largest and bestlocated Gal leries rn wa?hinjcton, with aft the modern im provenTente. None but HTst-class artists of high reputation in the art need apply. This is a rare ehonce for a good energetre operator with some 00.. 510 7th street. 3 doors south of Odd Fellows' Hall. Terms ca?b. flrst month in wlvance )e 6-tf t'o LET?a handsomely furnished HOUSE, in 1 the First W&rd The whole, or in suites. Pen session given the 1st of July. Inquire at Star Of fice, or address Mr. EVER. Georgetown Post Of fice. Also, foar large PARLORS, for Government offices. my 28-1 m* THIRTT FI?1 HUNDRED dollars'? For i sale, 8t0ctc. FIXTURES. GOOD-WILL and three years' LEASE of a well fitted up Restaurant ad Pennsylvania avenue,(thirteen rooms,> now in active, paying operation. . _ , MiTCHEl,l A. SON, Real Estate Brokers. 8^e. corncr Penna. av. and lMh street, ielo-eolm Washington. i). C. o"00Mi_F0R RENT?Comfortable and well jft- furnished Rooms at 4 50 12th street, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sirable in the city. my21-tf r BRICK HOUSE, with back building, na ltl 2d street west, between B and C sts. Immediate possession given. Apply to CHARLES H. LANK, 424 Fa. avenue. Je7-eotf WANTS. WANTED-Two good WASHERS. Apply atth* Star Office. je21 It* WANTED?a good DREAD BAKER. Inquire immediately at No. 449 Maryland avenue, between i>z and 6th *t*. Je 211t^_ WANTKD?Tw6 good hands for DRESSMA KING, at 337 D street, between 9th and 10th, ? WANTKD?a WOMAN to cook, wash and iron German or ish preferred, Apply at 491 Maryland avenneJ je 24-3t A~^goodc*ook~W A NT KDat No. 30? H street, one door from 7th street. Apply immedi ately. ?-?f WANTED-FOUR WAITERS. Apply at the European Hotel, corner Pennsylvania avenue and 11th street. None but competent Waiters ueed apply. fle 24 2t TIDV CfiLORED WOMAN WISHES A SIT UATION to travel. (ioo<! recommendations. Inquire at No. 433 12th street, between F and G streets 11/ANTED? A SERVANT in a small family of ii three, ow that can Cook. wash, and Iron. Call at 500 E street, between 2d and :id streets. je 24-2t* WANTED?An experienc?d CHAMBERMAID, and also a good GIRL to wash and iron. apply at No. 580, corner 3th stree-t and Pennsyl vania avenue. je 24-3t B~~ARBER8 AND WIG-MAKERS WANTED IM mediately-Wages 825 per week Inquire at DEMONG EOT '8 Hair Store, eorner of D and 10th streets. >w 24 3t ANTED?By a lady, a SITUATION as cook; would like to bo allowed the use of the pjfn0 and parlor on Satnrdays. Apply in Limerick Alley, far MISS MAGOFFIN. It* WANTED IMMEDIATELY- For ? gener u housework, a GERMAN GIRL. None but such apply, at 36* ioth street, between g and H, np stairs. _ ie WANTED?Two or three unfurnished ROOMS, for a small family, suitable for housekeeping. Address "F. B. h., 8tar Office, etatiag locality and terms. je n-3t AN TED-To rent, a large ROOM, or two con necting roo us suitable for an office; located between F street and Penn. avenue-, and betwe.n 7th and 9th streets west. Address 8. s., Lock box 63 Post Office. j*2*'21 WANTED?A Journeyman BARBER; to a steady man that understands his business, good wages and constant employment given. ap ply First street west, one door from l'a. avenue, je 24-2t* n . i. f Ait at aw anted TO HIRE?a good German or Eng lish WOMAN to conk and assist in washing and ironing for a small family. None but a nrst rate cook need apply. No. 41 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7tn st.*. je 24- 3t ffitcffk bonu8 ?will he eriven for possession of a email unfurnished RESIDENCE. in any respectable section of this city or George l?TEN DOLLARS REWARD will be given for any information that will secure the object. Please address Box 337 Washington Post Office. je 24-3t* WANTED?Five good PLASTERERS. A poly on 7th street, near D. je 23 3t* ANTED?a catkrkr at house No. 432 G street, between 7th and 8th. The best of re ferences required. je 23 3t* WANTED-a good SERVANT GIRL for gen 11 eral housework. Apply 475 D street, north east corner of 2d. je 23-3t W_XNTED?a smart white girl to tak.- care of a child. Apply immediately at 370 f street north, between 8tn and ifth. je23-3t* ANTED?a~WOMAN, to Cook. Wash, and Iron. Apply at No. 420 New York avenue, between 13th and 14th. . je 23-3t* llfis^ed IMMEDIATELY. ? A gaod steady it BAR TENDER. Inquire at Can*! Restau rant, No. s, Market street, Georgetown .. d C. _ je 23-3t* WANTED.?At No. 511 E street, between 2d and 3d, a first class SERVANT to cook, wash and iron. None but those competent need apply. Je 23-2t* - WANTED.?a SITUATION fora girl of 16 to do light work. A Good home more looked for than wages. Inquire of Mrs- Kilian, 5<99 i street neur 12tli. *** 3t WANTED?a good COOK. WASIIER and IRON V? eh for a small family?one who will go a short distance in the country during the warm mouths. Apply at 420 New York avenue, between 13th and 1-lth streets. Je 22-3t* W ANTED?a competent MAN, to rep*ir stoves. None but those thoroughly acquainted in all its branches, need apjily. To a*man that will suit, a first-class situation is openA _ Je 81b ley a GUY, 322 d street. ANTED TWO WHITE HELPS?Oue as Cook, and to assist in the Wnshing, the other as Chambermaid, for a family in Georgetown. Applv to DR. THOMPSON. 512 11 street, between in and 12 a. m., or 2 and 5 p. m. ,1e 23-3t* W ANTED?a WHITE GIRL, to do the general housework, and who is a good washer and ironer, for a small family without children. Good wages will be eiven to a competent person^ A set tled one would hav*' the preference. Inquire at F. DBSFOSSE's, French Baker, 307 19th street,near the avenue, from ^0 to 2 o^clock. je 23-2t* an TED-a good WOM AN to assist in cj'oking. Good wa^eh will be given. Call at strat TON'S Restaurant, corner Penna. av. and 6th /t., np stairs. ; WANTED?By a respectable young man, a SIT UATION as Clerk in a Grocery Store. Well recommended. Had a long experience at the busi ness. Address box 31. Star office. je 22-3t* v*?-anted?An OFFICE CLRRK and BAR tv KEEPER at the Central Hotel, southwest corner of Pennsylvania avenue and Sixth street. Good reference will be required. Je 22-,'lt w r ANTED? An honest healthy WOMAN with a ? ? fresh breast of milk, to nurse an infant three or four times a day. If she lives near us the child can be sent to her house. Call at No. 534 h. at., bet. 6th and 7th ? j"* HOUSE WANTED?In a central location, with about 10 or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture Apply to h . L wall a Co., Auction and Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue and 9th street. ^ WANTED-A good, steady GIRL, to do the general housework of a small famyy. One that will suit will find a ftood home good wages and prompt pay, by applying at the Star Office, Box No 31. jg -1 WANTED?BODY 8ERVANT (colored! to wait on a wounded officer. He must be active and experienced. Only those who can bring the best of references need apply, northwest corner of r and 18th st?j__ je \lk] ANTED?1,000 LADIES to come and buy vf the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrappera. We have reduced the price one-fourth, and now offer them cheaper tliA.ii ever * hlkua, je 21 tf * 381 F st., opposite Patent Office. WANTED?a WET NURSE, with a full breast h of milk, for an infant under two months old. Apply at 46 Danbarton street, Georgetown, D. 0. je 20-eo3t* A i\ GOOD GRANITE CUTTERS WANTED at 4u the Chestnut Street Bridge. Wages f3 per r"ctar4i:?mwcbb?n!? * kensbdy Je 20-2w Contractors, Philadelphia. ANTED?Two good MEN, wbo have a goneral knowledge of running and attending the machinery of a well regulated planing anci rawing mill Apply at the corner uf 13th and o thi: c^ywof w?",bin?ton' D*N c draper a CO. ?7xn T x D?SECOND HAND fukniturb. W AlV mirhor8, CAKPET8. BEDS. BED DING an<\ h0u8efu iln I8H IN g GOODS of every description. R- BUCHLV 42?7th street je g tf between Gt and h ,^a?t side* mere are oiaer , v ta ali look out that tk?f oome to Prinee'a, who u ttte only practical hand in tka rity. Be sure you go to F street. opposite pe**?toaoa. m" 4_ THE LATEST bttbsb tka w** H a t 8 ohab. l. lookwoo* fc 00 '8, jet im.if Fa.?T.,ket.h^ and i?h fti^ AUCTION SAL.** Par ether Aaetlaft Sales m? fin'* '??*_ THIg AFTgRWOOW All?TO.inOV ,tow BT J. O. MCODiBI A M , iuotlOBtnt. CHAKCIBY SAL* OrTALPABLE FHOPKEfT ENT OfAcE *0RTH' OPPOSITE TUB PAT 0?> FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Jane M, at* o'e'oek, on the premises, by virtue ?r a decree of tile Hu preroe Conrt t>f the PVtrier of C^m nt. sifTus in chancery, p?wd In ae*r>atn c?w,?k'r>l? ffm, V , Georgian! a 0. and Eveline O. M*c3tll nr-, comrlainaut?. ana Emiiy Ma-Gill and Wiort*I4 S MscGillard Richard Buti are d?fem*??it?.?No. m acuity.) p?*k?1 Mar 16. JSW, I shall sell the w?nt t art of Lot No 14, In Una?* No. 455, fronting 21 net on north <+ street, between fith *n<f 7th street* * est, running back that width to the re?r *f the lot, together with 'he in provtrments, cnrsisUng of a two *tor? Rrich Rack Building. Terms: Cne-half in cash; th? remainder in snc twelve months, with interest. secured by the purchaser's notes with approved endorsement If the torsi* of 'ale ar? not complied with within five days thereafter, the trustee reserves the right to re sail on ona week's notice in the Natiotaf In tcConveyance? and stamps at tba oost of the par chaser VM, W. MacCJILI., Trust* 14-d J. C. McGUIRE A C0.,Aueta. P? GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers TWO-STORY AND ATTTO FRAME HOUSE WITH BKIOK RACK HUILD1NG, *?*!> LOT ON ISTH STKKET, BKTWEEN N^RTH U AND I STREETS, AT AUCTION On FRIDAY, the 24th inst., at 6 o'clock ? m.,wa shall sell in front of the premises. part Let No. 7t, in square No. 8ft", with the improvements, con?i?t ing of a tvo stor? and at'ic frame houee with bnok back building, containing eight pnod room*. The a bo re property isio a good neighborhood, making it a (food investment for any ona wlsking to purchase a private residence. Terms: Una half .:a*h. balance in 6, li and 18 moutba. for note? bearing interest and secured by a deed of trust on tha premise*. AH conveyancing ana revenue stamp* at the cost of tba purtnaser. Ja?0-a QKEEN A WILLIAMS. Auctt. |^T J. 0. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. LARGE SALE OF~"BUILPINa L0T8. On FRIDAY AprERNOON. June 24th, at o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell tha whole of Square lh3. fronting respectively on I8tb and 19th streets west, and north Rand 8 streets, the whole subdivided into 04 desirable Building Lots running back to alleys. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder in fi aad 12 months.with interest, secured by a dead of trust on tha premises Coat of eoaveyHnoas at the expense of purchaser, ?y A payaent of on each lot will be required at tba sale. Je 18-d j Bep.l J. 0. McGUIKE A 00.. A cots. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS', Auctioneers. FOUR HANDSOME BUILDING LOTS FRONT ING ON NORTH E.BETWEBN FIK8T AND SECOND STREETS WEST. AT AUCTION. On FRIDAY, the 34th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises. ?t 6 o'clock p. m., the fol lowing Huilmng Lots in Kibbey'a subdivision of Square S71. being Lots Nos. 22, 23, 26 and 27, in said Square, each having a front on north X atrast of IS feei and contain 2,70c square feat. On t?oof *aid lotH there are brick foundations. All run back to a wide alley. The above described property is bf autifully aita ate'l and handsome building sites Terms: One-third in cash; balance in 6, 12 and 18 months, for notes bearing internet from day of sale. A deed given an 1 a deed of trust taken. All conve>ancing, including stampg, at coat of purchaser. fioo wiil be required on each lot when knocked oir Title indispntab'e. je 18-d GRE1N A WILLIAMS. Aucts. J?Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctlonws. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF~TOT ON NORTH I ST., BETWEEN ?TH AND 7TII STREETS EAST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Jnne 24th, at 6 o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust, dated April 4th, 18G0, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 192. folios 345, et*eq.,one of the land records for Washington County. U. C., I shall sell, the most eastern fifty four feat from front to rear of Lot numbered thirteen, (13,1 in Square numbered eight hundred and fifty-eight, (S58.) fronting on north I street, between Sixth and Sev enth streets east, and running ba;k to a 9) foot al Terms: one-half cash, the remainder in six months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. THOS. J. FISH ER, Trustee. my.24-2awAda J 0. McGUIRE A CO., Auct* B Y J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. B CATALOGUE SALE OF VAL^AHLB COLLEC TION OF MILITARY,SCIENTIFIC. AND MIS CELLANEOUS BOOKS. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS, June 23d and 24th, we shall sell,commencing at half-past seven o'clock each day at our Auction Rooms, the Library of the late Gen. J. G. Totten, Chief Engi neer U. 8 Army, corqprising over one thousand Volumes of rare and Valuable Military, Scientific, and Miscellaneous Works. Terms cash Catalogues may be obtained on application to the Auctioneers. Capt, W. G. TEMPLE. U. 8. N Exeeutor. Je.lO-eod J. 0. MoGUIRE A Oo.. Aucts. |^Y WM. B. LEWIS A 00., Auctioneers. STOCK OF BOOK8^STATIONERY, Ae., AT TH UR8DAY, FRIDAY AN D SATURDAY EVEN INGS next, at our stare, No. 3"7 Pa. avenua, be tween 9th and loth sts.. at o'clock, we shall sell the whole stock of a Took and Fancy Store,among which are 8<*i vol. of New Books, some 200 Photo graphic Albums, different styles, lots of Stati nury find fancy poods, splendid lot of Engravings Framed, Paintings, Ac. je 22 4t tChron) W B. LEWI8 A CO., Aucts. Y WM. L. WALL A CO., Auets. At the Horse Bazaar, 99 La. avenue. BALE OF DORSES. CARRIAGES HARNESS. Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING next, June K. com mencing at io o'clock, we will seiiatthe Bazaar and Repository, comprising about? FIFTY HORSES, Including'. A pair of very Stylish Mares, kinl in Harness Top Buggy and Harness sold for the want of use. Other Horses, a description at sale. ALSO, A large assortment of desirable new and second band Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Ao. Terms cash. Je 22 IChron] W. L WALL A CO., Aucts. |^Y JAMES C. McGUIRE A CJ., Auctioneers. DESIRABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 16TH AND K STREETS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July r. at six and-a-half o'clock p.m., on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 18 and part of 19 in Square No. 185, subdivided into four parts Oneofthe lots front ing 22 feet 2.1; inches on 16*h street. neirK.and improved by a substantial two story Brick Dwell ing House, with back building. Stabling, Ac.; another, adjoining the above oa the south sile, with & front of 2t> feet 2 inches, on which is stabling and other outbuildings; another Lot on the north feide of the house, having a front of 29 feet 1 inch, and a lot al the corner of K and lfith streets, hav ing a front of 51 feet 2 inches on 16th street, all runnine back 106 feet 6 inches to a 15 foot alley. This valuable property is situated on the second square north of Lafayetfe Square, and in a very fine location for private re?ideaces. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. je 2."{-d J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct's. Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. B BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOT ON MASSACHU SETTS AVENUE. BETWEEN 10TH AND 11TH STREETS WKST. AT PUbLIC SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. June 29. atC'i o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 15, in Subdivision No.SiS. fronting 25 feat 1 inch on the south side of Massachusetts avenue, between l th and 11th streets west, and running back 89 feet 4 inches. This is A choice building lot. fronting on a fine avenue, with a public reservation in front, in a healthy ana beautiful part of the city tor a resi dence and posse.ises the advantage of fine paved alleys*in the rear and the entire depth of the lot on the east side. Terms: one-half cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. ,ie ^3-6t J. 0. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. j^Y JA8. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXCELLENT FURNITURE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS AT PUBLIC SALE On WEDNESDAY' MORNING, June 29th. at 10 o'clock, at the re?*iden<-e of Nathan Ric\ E^q.. No. 40' F street, between 6th and 7th. we shall sell the Furniture and EfiVftts. comprising? Excellent Parlor Suite ?ofas, Arm and Side Chairs, Ottomans and Foot-stools to match, Hair-cloth Sofas and Chairs, Marble top and Fancy Tables, What not. Cane-beat and other Chairs. Lounge, Quartette Tables. Rockers, Paintings, Engravings, Vases, and Mantel Orna ments. Brussels, Ingrain, and other Carpets, Oil Cloth, Matting. Ruks, Dining Table, Refrigerator. Sideboard, China. Glass, and Crockery Ware, Silver-plated Castors, Waiters, Table Cutlery, Bedstead^. Bureaus. Wardrobes, WaBbstanas, Toilet. S?ts. Looking Glasses, Excellent Ilair and Husk Mattresses, Feather Beds, Bolsters, and Pillows, Blankets. Comforts, Spreads, Bed and Table Linen, Towels, Ac., Cooking and otDT Stoves, Together with the usual assortment of Kitchen requisites. Terms cash. . Je 2'l-6t JAME8 C. McGUIRE A 00., Auets. pY J AS. C. MoGL'IRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELFTH 8TREET WEST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. July 1st, at o'clock, on the premises, we shall salll tna whole of Square No 326, (on the Ialand.l subdivided into good Building Lots, fronting respectively on lith and 12th streets west and Maryland avenue, all running back to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building sites in that section of the city, and tb? sale. ** worthy tha attention of persons who wish nue building sites. Title indisputable. . . . Terms: Ona third in cash; the remw*?er ini sit and twelve months, with Interest, seoured by a dead of trust an the premisna. . ... . . .. All conveyances aad stamps ?t th? oast of the **4 payment of 130 on eaek lot till ri|uif?d at l*&4 f.C.MeftnwIfr w ,Auct', AUCTION SAliifiS. KITI'IIIS OA VS. J C M0GWRE ft 00.. Auctionsgrs. BUILDING LOT 0* NORTH Q 8TEFET, BE T?EIN NORTH OAPITOL AND 1ST STREET On SATURDAY AFTERNOON. Jans 19, at <tt ,. rlock. on the premises, we shall (ell part of Lot fir. U, la Square No <24. fronting is >?t on north O between Norts O*prtH street and 1st St. w?s1, K?*' running back 176 feel^fisches to a 90 foot Term#; Cos-third cash; the remainder in all. and fweiee months, with lota rait, eeefcred by a deed of truat on the premises. _ . OoBf^TUM at the cost of the purchaser. ]? iH J. 0 McGUIRE A Oo.t Auet'a. %r TH* ABOVE 8ALB 18 UNAVOIDABLY postpones unti") SATURDAY, Jane ^Ith, same ' Je 18*d 1 J. 0. M?OUlRE A CO.. Asot*. JJY J. C. McGUlBE ft CU., AiaUoMtn. TRUSTEE'S 8ALEOP~R*AL ESTATE OORNE* OB PKNN8VLVANIA AVENUE AND 13TB FTREBT BAST. __ On SATURDAY1 AfTEWtfON. June 2Sth.atdS o clock, nn the prem.s?s. tT f'rtnf of a d?fd at trust dated M*rck 31,18*4 a?d doly recorded ia Liber No.51, folio* He ttfj.Mf of the land raa ordsfor Washington cnuoty, ?. D.. I shall se 1 Lot No. 1. in s^aare south of nqtmre Na. 1 J'19, situated at the corn?r of Pennsylvania avenue and 13th ?tree: east Terms. One half eanfc; balance hi three aad six months, secured by deed of t net. W> to be paid on tha around at tbe tin* of sale. And tie trus t*e reserv*? the right to resell, after foar inner tions in the Evening 8tai, at taa risk of defaulting purchaser in tha cost of the sale, not being con plied with in Ave day* <*?T of sals. Conveyances aii*?t?a?? at cost of Mrrhai?r. GEO O.B MTTOHBLV, Trustee. Je 14*d J.O MoGUIRE A 00. A not* pT J, C. McOUIRE ft CO., Auctioneer*. V A LUABLE LE A?EHoTd,RU IT-DINOS, STOOK AND TOOLS AT PUBLIC SALE! Oa MONDAY AKTERNOON June71 at -5!?io'olk, on tha premise*, we Khali sell, the Lease (whicti ban four years to ran,) together with the impreve ments consisting of a Brick Butldin* with StaM?a in the rear, used as a horrfs-hoeins establishment, with the Stock ard Tools. Na. 340 B frtrest, be tween Twelfth and Thirteenth streets. The rutin building on H street is 27 feet 8 inches by f?et. the let i8 fa?t by IW feet 9 inches. The premises front in full view of Pennsylvania avenne and are desirable tor any manufacturing business. Asaa li.vestment it wiU pay well. T70 per month beiag offered for it on a Lease; but as the owner it abaut to leave the city he prefers to salt. Terma cash. J<Z1 d J.O. MoGUIRE* OO .Aaata. JJY W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers U. 8. MARSnAL's'sALE OP 15 CANOES AND PLAT BOA18. In virtue of an order of sale inaaed from tha Clerk's Office of the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia. hoIdiDg a District Court, and to ma directed, I will public sale for cash, at tha foo' of Sixth street wharf, on the Potomac river, on MONDAY, the 27th day of June inftt., at 5 o 'elk. P.m. 15 Canoes and Flat boats, tackle, Ac.. Ac. WARD H. LAMON, U. 8. Marshal, D. C. je 21-dAds W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts 1 Cbron.] |?Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TWO VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON 20TH STREET, BETWEEN NORTH M AND N 8TS.. AT AI CTION. Or MONDAY the 27th instant, atfto'olk, p.m., we shall sell, in front of the premises. Lots 16 and 17. in sub-division of Square No. 90. These Lota have each a front of feet 3 inches on 2oth street. Terms : One half cash; balance in six and ttralva months for notes bearing interest. A dead given and a<?eed of trust taken. All conveyancing and stamps at the cost of tha purchaser. $20 will be required of eaeta purchaser when tha property is trocked ofT, or it will be put up train and sold to the next hiahest bidder. Je SI eoAda GRKEN A WILLIAMS, Ancta. gY J. C. MoGUIRE ft 00., Auotioneera, TRUSTEE'S SALE 0F~THREE STORY RRICK DWELLING HOn8B AND LOT ON NINTH ST. WEST, BBTWEEN O AND P STREETS NORTH. On TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Jane 28. at 6 o'clk, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust da taa September 23d 1561, and duly recorded in Liber-N. C.T. No. 2 ana folios 1, et sea., and of tha LanA Records of Washington count-.D. G.". I shall sell. Lot No. Sin Crittenden'* su'u-division of Square S98, fronting 21) faeton Ninth street west, between O and P streets north, running beak 94 feet 4 inches to a public alley and improved by a three story Brick Dwelling House containing two basement rooms, saloon parlor, wide hall, and threa cham bers. with woodshed, Ac., in the rear. Terms cash. Oonveyaneefl At cost of the purchaser. THuMAsT BURR, Trnstea1 je.Adts J. 0. MoGUIRE A 00 . Aaeta. |^V WM. B. LEWIS k CO.. Auctioneers; GREAT BALES OF RARE AND YALUASLM HOOKS, AUTOGRAPHS, ENGRAVINGS, PAlNTINGS.ftc , Ao . AT AUCTION. WEDNESDAY EVENING, June U,at7?o'?lg. at Mr. A. Hunter's Rooms, over the Bank of Wash ington, we shall Mil, all of Mr Hunter's stock of Rare and Valuable Books. Magaaines, Law Stat* Papers. Exploring Expeditions. Crimean Reoorta, Annual Debate* of Congress, Dictionaries, Miscel laneous, Religious Ac., with Coins. Curiosities, Autographs, Rare Plaster Busts, Paintings, among which a valuable Picture of Jupiter, Ac., by Oor reggio. Also, Secretaries, Book Cases, Shelving, Tables, Ac., Ac. ' Sales will be continued TUESDAY and WED NiSDAY EVENINGS, untU all are Sold, M thg rooms must be vacated at an early day Catalogues of 2"<j lota ready three days before! each sale. Books can he seen at any time, Je.9 tf [Chron ] W. B. LEWIS A CO., Auctg B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneer!. AUCTION BALE OF HOUSEHOLD FURNI TUBE ON D STREET, BETWEEN 18TH AN* 13K STREETS, SOUTH SIDE OF PEMIA. AVENUE. On MONDAY, the 26th instant,at 10 o'clock a. oa. w shall tieli, at the residence of a gentleman de clining housekeeping, vie: Sofas. CI airs, TabUs and Pier G'asses. Book Case, Wardrobes. Dressing Bureau. Bedsteads. Wash Stands and ornaments. Mattresfrcs and other Bedding. Carpet. Crockery and Ulass Ware. Cook, Air Tight and other Stoves. A lot Kitchen requisites; and many other Articles too numerous to enumerate, je 22 GREEN A WILLIAMS. Ancta. The house is for rent on moderafa terms. Pos session given immediately. Inquire on tha prem ises. G ft W, B Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF NINE BUILDING LOTS ON 1ST STKBET WEST AT THE CORNER OF SOUTH D 8TREET. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July T7th, at 6?i o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of tr 'St, dated May 7th, 1857, and duly recorded in Libel J. A. 8 No. 133 folios 22 et seq , we shall ?ell all of Lot No 6 in Square No 638, fronting 140 feet on First street west, at the comer of south D btreet. ana running bars feet, subdivided into * lots 15x80 nnd one Lot 20x80. Terms cash. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser. A :ash payment of $2" on each lot will oe required at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILBERT, Trustee. Je ?Hi J 0. MaGCIBE A CO. Auct?. J^Y J, 0. MOGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. EXTENSIVE 8ALE OF~FlNK BUILDING'LGTE FRONTING 7TH AND tiTH 8TRK1T8 WK3T. AND RHODE ISLAND AVENUE AND 8 8TKEBTNORTH, On WEDNESDAY, June 29th, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock, p m , p?*t of Square No. 442, subdivided into handsome Build ing Lot* running to a'leys. This property is situ ated only one square from the Railroad Depot, on 7th street, in a thriving and fast improving part of the c'ty. Terms: One fourth cash; balance in 6 12, 18, and 24 months, for notes, bearing interest from date. A deed given free of cost, and dead of trust, at cost of the purchaser, taken. Title cl>?ar Plats of the Square may be saen at the Auction B? onis. je 22-d [R?Pl J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. By direction of the Vestry of St. John's Parish, we shall sell on THURSDAY. June 30, at7 o'clock, on the premises, nil that purt of Lot No. S, in Square No. 200,fronting 2S feet 8*4 inches on the east Hide of 16th street west, between H and I streets north, and running back 60 feet. This lot is situated in the immediate vicinity of President's Square, and ib considered a desirable building site. Terms : One-third in cash; the remainder in aix and twelve months, with interest, secured by * deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost the purchaser. je 23 7t J. C McGUIRK A CO.. Aucta. |^Y W. L. WALL A CO.. Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED~PROPKRTY ON PENN SYLVANIA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT AUCTION. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. 29th instant, at 6 o'clock, we will sell, in front of tbe premises. Lot No. ?.subdivision of Square 27, frontincM feet on the south aide of Penn. avenue and run ning back to K street, between 24th and 26tb sta.. near the Circle, and improved by a two-story a-d baaement Brick Dwelling, furnished with ga* and water, and in good repair. Possession given isa mediately. , . ? _ Terms- One half in cash; the remainder In C and 12 months secured by deed of trust on thn premise,. and bearin^inierest^ ^ CQ Aa^ JJY W L. WALLA CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtue of a decree pasaed in Chancery cease No 6a, Supreme Court o' the District of Oolumbln, I shall oPer for sale, at public auction, te the highest bidder,on WEDNESDAY, the 23d day mf June. 1664 at 6 o'clock p. m.. all of Lota unmbemi eleven. (11,> twelve. ?12.? and thirteen, (1S.1 ia fquare numbered nine hundred and sixty. (#}>,) lymc and being in the city ef Washington, in the Distric' of Columbia, fronting on north G street, between l'th and 11th streets east. The salet? tske place on tbe premises. Terms of sale rash. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. Up' n default of any purchaser or purchasers t? gmply witn the terms of ?1?. the property will ^ reseld at the expense of the defaulting purchaa .upon giving three da?s' further noti :e. SAMUEI.L PHILLIPS, TrnsUe. tny 17-dtds W. L. WALL A 00., Aucts. __ the ABOVE SALE 18 POHTPONEE TO WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 29th iu sal at b c'doe*. sad will he sold at the auction rooms of H' i W VniJ 4 C?. SaMUEI" !?. PHILLIPS Trustee ;c 5 W, t. ?. C0.k AucVJ.

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