Newspaper of Evening Star, 28 Haziran 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 28 Haziran 1864 Page 4
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THE EVENING KTA R t icrllrit lMBir Oriiki. Cobs Dim ?A Ytnke# girl Modi oa the following To Itp gallon* of cold ?wr, add Mt anart of sounn corn aod two qnana of ?alaase*. Pnt nil ln*o a keg. Shakewell,ud la two or three dart it will be fit for n?e. Hung tight. It may be flavored with fwncfl af spruce or Innot. The c >rn will to Mtt five or tlx brewings. If it hecomea soar, add more moluwn and water It ia a cheap and simple beer, and ia called good. Oijio?r Bkbb.?Take of ginger b?niead or ?liced. one aad a Half ounce; cream of tartar, one ounce loaf sugar, on* pound; one lemon, allied, pnt them into a pan, an d pour tlx quarte ?f boiling water upon them. When nearly cold, pnt in a little yeaat, and etlr It for about a annate Let it atand till neat day, thee strain and bottle it. It ie flt to drink in three days, lot will not keep good longer than a fortnight. The corks ebon id be tied down, and the bottle* flared upright in a cool plac? Pm Mian.?Heat to a strong froth the Whirrs of three eggs, and mix them with six gallons of water; sixteen quarts of atralned honey, and tbe yellow rind of twodosen lemons, pared very thin. Boil all together during three ^nartera of au hour, aklmminar It well. Then putintoa tub. and when lukewarm add three tabl??poonafnlla of the beattreeh yeast. Cover It, end leave It to lerment *' hen it baa done working, transfer it to a barrel, with the lemon peal In the bottom Let 1 atand aix month*, hen bottle it.?Gtrmantown TeUyraph. POLICB KrroKTR ?Firit rrecinct.?Conrad Miller, aasault and battery; dismissed. Second Prmnct.? Ann McCoy, loafing with aoldiera. dls-miased. Emily Foster, disorderly; *8. Armstrong Lewis, do ; f I. Third Precinct?Lewis Myers, disorderly: W. H. Custard, do.; dismissed Lizzie Harris, do.; do. Harriet A. Dorsey. do ; 0-2.50. Hereon Dorsey, do.; *3.74. Lizzv Harris, do.; ft.44. Jnne I^ee, do : f?.l5. Ann Dove, drunk; dismissed. Ellen Conner, do : do W. Nokes, assault; do. Seth Lunaford, drunk; do. John Itavls. sleeping in tb?> street; workhouse. Fourth Internet ? Ann DOTe, drunk; work house. Elizabeth I-ewane, do. and disorderly; do. F. Cook, do.: dismissed Feilx Graham, do.: 93. James Holland, drunk; workhouse. J W. Sewell, do.; ?2. Michael Kite, do.; dis missed. Pat Folen. do.; 81 60. At-rtA I'rennc.t ?.losepn Harris, fighting 91. W. H Stocks, do.: locked up, Oeorge Pinket, Thomas Graham, and J. Hawkins, disorderly; do. S Averill, drunk" military. D. Harring ton, viola;ing cow law. PI. Geo. DiPi. grand larc?ny; dismissed Henry Powrll, do.; for hearing. Ri>b?rt Schwartz, threats; ball for peaie. John Kinney, drnnk; military. Tenth J'rrorff ?Jeremiah Lane, Edward Jackscn, Wm. Keen, disorderly; 92 each. Pat Dudy, do : Si. Veuton Stewart, do.; *2. Anna B ai.chard, drunx: dismissed Charles Cum berland, Frederick Jnrkaon, disorderly; do. Anne Hoy land, do ; ?.V Frank Ford, Ann Nole, Mrs McN'shauf, F (J Vanderheyden, do.; ile fe?reo. John Tayler, do.; 91. Wm. Jones, do.; dismissed. Wra. Lomax, do . ?2. JohnFlan l#*n. L. O. Waters, do.; military. Timothy Flab*rty. allowing a hose to run at large; si. Am e Boylard, threa'a; ball for peace. F. O. Viid?rh-yden. drnnk and diaorderly: ?2. Pat Pranron, drnnk: dismissed. Mary J. Stock ton. do ; workhouse Richard Sonea, deaerter; mili ary. Henrietta Johnson, Alice Co&tz, proa'ltntion; workhonse. TBS CNDiRSlGNED. Citizens of Washington kaviua used the REMEDY OF 0. KEEN AM Wo. 519 I ?treet, between 6th and 7th streets for the cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism, have a? hesitation in saying that we are satisfied it ia ?neof great value to all *rtlicted with this most painful disease. We therefore cheerfully racoui* aaand it. WM C. MAG EE, E. bet. I2th and 13th, M *RY NKW TON. 4?b, b#t. O and H, MAHGARKT A. MITCHELL. GRaPE H 1'KDLE. I. bet. 19th and 29'h, BOBFRT WARHEN.7th. bet. R and L. Tbe ?hove medicine can be procured at J?>S W. NAIRN A hfcO'S. corner 9th ?treet and Penn. avenne, and full particulars can be learned In re la U on thereto. Price fl per bottle. Je 15-wo2w* W & 00D MOULDINGS! WOOD M0ULDING8! WOOD MOULDINGS! TNITE-D STATES WOOD M tULDIHG MILL, Nos. '24 and 'iti South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always en band, a large stock of the above article*, ma le of the very be*t material. Orders tilled at the ?horte*t notioe. Freight paid to Washington, free of charge. ESLER A UROTHER?, Je 17 1m Proprietors._ Gray's Patent Molded Collars, Are anirersallr pronounced the neatest and best Elting eoliars extant. ^ The upper edx? presents a perfect curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on thetnaideof the tarn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH IN81DI AS OUT8IDE. and therefore perfectly free and Mi? to the oeck. The Garotte Collar ha* a smooth and evenly fin tahed edge on beth These Collars are not simply flat pieces of paper eat in the firm of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDSBAPKD TO FIT THE NECK. Tb?y are made in "Novelty." (or tarn-down etyl?;> in every half siae from 12 t* 17 inches, and in " Kureka.1' <or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 inches; aad packed in " aolid aiaes" in neat blue car to m. aan^inina K*1 each; also in smaller ones of ten ?MD-tbe latter a very b*ady package for travelera army and navy oiilrera. SrivtKy COLLAR is damped ??GRAY 8 PATENT MOLDED COLLAE." Sold by all dealers in meu'a furnishing goods. The trade Kupplied by WALL. STEPHENS A CO., apl4-3m 32*2 Pa. avenue, Washington, Allow me to call yocr attention to bi) really haul orne stock of MILL1 NKKT and FANCY GOODS which h-ive^ rst arrived and ready for yonr io?vection.^ . eaL ?tate without boai-ling that I have t'-e h?nd*omeKt stock of FLOW ERS ever lmp<>rte<l, wl ich, looking at them, will convince; Englith Straw Bonn?-ts fr'-m to .$15x and tboHe Waotifnl Pamillas, a* white as the driven snow; a Ine ntork of Back Cumbs and new stylea of F?n?. Having been for so many y*ars in the wholesale Vu*ine?M in New York, render m? fa<'ilitieN to offer wu any good* in my line bevood competition. M'ME PRINCE, my 23-1 ui* 22 Market Space. P MUSICAL. ROF. E?PUTA Would respectfully inferm the public that he in bow prepared to jfive lesions In Vval aud lnntruuieulal Munic. UavingUmK retired fiou. nis other proffasional business, he in now able to devote the whole of tiia time to Instruction in munic to all tho?e who may fee piraeed to patronise him Prof. Enpnta's method Ia tbe same a? i? taught in Europe?that is whila be make* good performer* of hi* pupil* he makes food niuMciauf of theni aUo; no that any one who nay receive instructions from hiiu juay acquire tb?t knowledge of music as will maka them com ?ete nt for t?acKer? or professionnl tauwici ms. Prof. Esyuta is uow sormibg cla*?~s and all who ' desire to eater must apply early, as the number ia limited. For t#rms apply to Prof. JOHN E3PUTA, No. SI .1 flth street east. Navy Yord. N. B. Tbe cars pa*s Prof. Esputa's residence ev? tf all minutes during the day. any B Im* T18H WANG, THE GRKlT CH1N&SB rtxhMH)\Jar GOMOKHHCEA.(iLkE7t hir. Oaa Box will ricaHnKM * Cuka, ? ' lugredieute are purely vegetable. It ia pleasant to the taste, ha* no ba<l odor, aud snay he rarried in the vest pocket without fear of detection. Circular* free. Price $1 a bo*. Sold by Jt'll N J K ROMER, successor to S. C. ITnham, 40*s Chentnut ?t.. PhilaPe^pbia. and in Wasnington by B. C. FORD, littb Pennsylvania avenue. Sent by ?ail. jaltveoly 1 HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE. T1 at the oubscrl 1 b. r i-a- obtained from the Orphans'Court of * i?h:agti u County, in the District of Colninbia, l"t' rs tektamentHr y ou th- personal rntate of Ma ry hey VVallace. late of Wanhiugitn City. D. deceased. All persons having claims against th? ?aid deceased, are bcrehv warned to ex hibit the a?' *'t" the vouchers thereof, ?? tbe subscriber, on or beft re the 4th day of Junp next; they may ?Ihcrwise bylaw beexdoded from *11 beneflt of the said ei tate. Given under my hand this 4th d-?y of June VV>4 FRANCEa H W. WALLACE, \m' Ksecutri*. 'I HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICE That the aubscrt * her h?s otitaiued rrom tlie <>rpban?' Court of W eblogton < oonty, in the District o ' Columbia lette s testamentary on the peraou?l estate of Wil liam Parson*, lat* of Georgetown. D C ., decAa?ed All pernoLS r.aving claims the said de eeased.are hereby warned to exhibit the name with the vouchers thereof, to the aubecriber on ? r before thet.-th <*ay o' May next; thev may other wise Hy law bt excluded trom all benetit of tha said ?rtate. ^ O iven under my band tbi* 28th day of May. l-si*. MaTHlAS V. DCCKEY, aay J'-law3w* Executor. r? HIS IS TO GIVE NuTIOg, That the mibucri ? e-r has obiaii evi from the Orphans' Court of Washington rountr. in tbe District of Columbia, latter* testamentary on the personal estate of Isaac Cvek barllett. latent Washington city. DC. deceased. All per ohs having claim* against fie ^ ^ . ? Wheat ml tbe said eatate. ?? > ?ivea ander mjr haad thia Stk day of MART ASH EAETLE?Vr* *-law3w? Exaeabl^, ? r r ig ul. Headquarter* Kxhiarylh strUt of > PfsiAts^on, P. C., June 35. ISM. J General Orders, No. W.-I. The streets and environs of the city cf Washington are in a tM flpby condition. To prewrw u e heai-h of military n?idfOti, and promote the recover; of lb m sick in hospitals, it ? j o? dered that each and every property-own**r. . or his tenant in possession, in lien of him. shall at once nave ?o much of ajy street, witnlu tbe | corporau limit* of the city, a* bounds bis prop el ty or residence, and any alley or passageway thereon or limiting it. aDd the grjiiiidi in bis pofrestion or ownership, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. Tb?' work of cleansing th? public grounds, and tbe atrfe'a contiguous, will be commenced at once, by tbe officer charged with the execu tion of this order. Upon its completion, ahonld the ocenpanta or ownera ot private property j nave fail, d in conipllnnoe, the officer so detailed will perform the work and assess the coat upon the ownera or tenanta II. Captain Cbarlee M. Merrttt, A. Q. M., is ' hereby temporarily relieved from dntv as Jud*e Advocate at the Central Gnardaonse, and ia charged with the execution of the pro. visions of tbeae erden. He will make ths necessary requisitions for laborers and trans portation without delay. By order of Col. M. N WUewell, Military Governor. Thiodobi McGowak, je 28-1 w Assistant Adjutant General. UtadquarUn Military District of Walking ton, ) Provoit Marshal'? Office., > Washington, D. C., Jnne 22, 1MM. \ Special Orders, JVo. 97.?f Extract.]? # ? * From and after this date, no liquors will be allowed to be sold in thia Military Die riet, in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, Within one entire block ur square of any hospital, barracks, camp, or where there are any troops or guards stationed. All licensee heretofore granted are hereby revoked, and liqnors found on any premises within the prescribed limits will be at once confiscated, and ibe owner will be liable to imprisonment. * ? ? By command of Col. M. N. Wiaewel), Mili tary Oovernor. T. Inorahau, je 23-1 w Colonel and Provoat Marahal. Office of Provost Marshal and Board of ) Enrollment of District qf Columbia,} Washington, D. C., June 21, 16<M. > For convenience ot Government employees only, the Hoard of Enrollment of the District of Columbia will bear cases of exemption on the ground of non-residence, at their office, corner of Eighteenth and I streets, from to 10 o'clock, daily. J. C. Putsam, Captain First Regiment V. R. C. j? 22 and Provost Marshal D. C. Bea quarters Provost Marshal and Board of ) Enrollment of District of Colunbia, S _ _ Washington, D. O., June 3, 1864. \ The Board of Enrollment of the District of Columbia will be in session at the office of the Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of f onrteentb street and New York avenue, daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a. m to 2 o clock p. m., for ?he purpose of hearing cases of exemption from drait for the following causes, via: Alienage: Non-residence; Unsuitablenessof age; Manifest permanent physical disability; and Two > ears'service during the present war, eltber In the army or navy. Citizens are requested to fnn.lsh In formation as to persona wbo are not enrolled, or who are trying to avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the interest of each person enrolled to place npon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that bis own chance for draft shall not be unjustly Increased. J. 0- PUTHAM, Captain 1st regiment V. R. Corps, and Provost Marshal of tbe may 26-tf District of Columbia. Wm- Department, Adjutant Ventral1! Ottoe, ( Washington March 17,11** I All applications for leaves of absence or per mlsoioa to visit Washington most be addressed to Major General Halleck, Chief of Stair, and must specify the business for which the officer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject will receive no attention. By ordsr of the Secretary ef War: E. D Townin, Assistant Adiutam General A DAMS EXPKKhS COMPANY. OFFICII 514 PA AVINU1, Washmston. D. 0, GKEAT ?8T Forwarded with SA*lCTV AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Company ba* agencies in the Principal Railway Towns in the NORTH. BAST, WKS1\ AND NORTH WEST. Its principal offices are WASHINGTON. D C.. NEW YORK, BOSTOB PHILADELPHIA. BALTIMORE, CIN CINNATI, st louis, Lonia VILLE.LEXINGTON. Connections are made at New York and Boston fv^ardins ^ tbe CAN ADAS and the BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship lint j I ERI'OOL. SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE andtheni-eby Knropoan expresses to all prominent 'otnmercial towns in Great Britain and the Conti nest. Collection of NOTES. DRAKT8, and BILLS mad* at all accessible parts of the United States. . C. C DDNN, Acent, WashiD"*'">. D O. pAPERHANG I N~G~sT7 I would most respectfully inform my enstomer* an'i tne public in general that I am now receiving jny jprin* stock of American and French PAPER HANOIM.S consisting of the finest Krench Gilt Papers, suitable for parlors, dining rooms, cham bers and bails. 1 am al?" in receipt of a large assortment of Gilt Cornice. Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Tassels, All persons wishing to purchase will do well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I have the largest assortment of the above good* in the city. JOHN ALEXANDER, my 9-pp?m [Intnl.] No. 240 Pa. avenue JOSEPH REYNOLDS JL CO, PLUMBERS, GaS, ASD STEAM FITTERS. Wo. 500 Nistu Stbsst, near avenue. Have Just received and will constantly keep on hand, the largest and best assortment in the city of Chandeliers, Brackets. Drop Lights, Portables. Glass Globes, mica and other Shades, and all arti cles in this line, from the best establishments in New Yorh, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold oo the most reasonable terms Also, RANGES. FURNACES, and fire-Board Stores. We are prepared to tarnish the best RANGE In nse anywhere, on very reasonable terras Hotels. Restaurants. 4c.. are invited to call We do all kinds of GAS and STEAM fittings PVyi'iyj *Bd Cheap, as also ?voevthing in the PLUMBING line In the most satisfactory manner Call and see our Bathing Tubs, fountains Water Closets. Wasb stands, Basins. Ac., Ac., at No. 300 Ninth street, pear Pennsylvania avenue, the largest establishment in the elty. f? 2-eotf PERKINS, STERNE & Co., I!1? Bread wa>, N. Y., EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PURE. for sale by all flrst-elass Grocsrs and Druggists everywhere. mb 30-Jm* WHITE VIRGIN WAX Of ANTILLE8?A new French Cosmetic for beautifying. whitening 5?d freserving the Comnlexion. It is tbe most ful eum?Kinn<' ?f ?e age. There is neither ^iempth, or tale in its w Ll composed entirely of pure eres*erv^?Th"^e ?"r*M^inary qnalitiei far and^ransp?*L *ki?; ?t soft, smooth, fair. ^?, Itmakesthe old appear yonag, ?ifni ^13 7k M"'*onie; the handsome, more bean ?iit ? ?0,t b???tiful divine WiceaTand HUNT'S BLOOMtif RodES for the cheeks or lips,4oV, .o?w^!h ? thf Mkin. Pnw* 2fi cooU|i HUNT'sro^RT TOILET POWDfcR. for "u?ning?d .rj^rvinl tb<? Kh in Price 'a and 80 cents ^ k? HUNT 4 Co.. 41 South El?h?h street Phil^el phia None geneine unless the name nl' " nine A C?? " Is blown on tbe bottle.011?'?' j""?1 *? CROTKAE'S. 171 Baltimore str??t sod W B. E?3twISI E. corner Tw,lf^ .r'1?""; Pennsylvania ave., Washisgton D. 0. apl-3m PAPKRHA1I6I A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, DINING ROQMR, HALLS, AMO CHAMBERS, Also, ?,000 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS fLOOB OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are unrivalled in this city, eoraprl ing la part ths famous Gowqua brand for parlo Oil Cloths from S to It feet wide, adapted to dial rooms, halls, &?. Al?g? WINDOW SHADES, ?BASS CORNICES. PASLOB MATS, *"e? hung hp skillful workmen, and all orde *r*"?uT atteaded to. Hive as a sail aad sa psreent. _ ' BIffLE ft f ALOONEB'S l*.M?nkilr?t, hetweea I street aad Mass, a venae. Fa *0 B. ;F. err I jj.h "u'snse If ,' % ?j Jt ?hiagtsa, .u. TRAVELERS' DIRECTORY Boapi may. ? RAILROAD PROM PHILADELPHIA FROM WALNUT STKBST PIER, f&r t 111 At 6 a m.. accommodation daw at 1 )* a. a. At 10 m. m.. ?* jiri-nn due at p. m. At 4)6 a. m.. expreesdoe at 8 p. m. Returning, leave Cape May? 6 a m express due at?J* a. n>. 11.45 accommodation due at *)i p. m. 6." p. m eipr<-es dueatB\ p. m. Through without chance of cart or baggage. New cars, and everything first-elaM. ? ? 3m J. VAN RENSSELAEB.Sapt. BAUHinitl ?IHU OHIO KAILHHA U On and after Sunday. Jan* 19th, 1864, Dailr Trains will be rnn betweoc Washington and New York and Washington and the We*t. ax followa ? FOR PHILADELPHIA, NEW YORK AND BOSTON. Lear* Waxhington at 7 an a.m., 11.10 a. no., and 8.3 p m. daily, exeep* Sunday. On Sunday at *.30 p. m only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA Leave Washington at 3 p. m. dally, except Sun day. Passengers will note that thin train runs an far as Philadelphia only. FOR NEW YORK. 1 e&ve Washington daily at 6.39 p.m. TAtJ train is/or Ntxo York passengers exclusively, FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m., 11.15 a. ra.,3p. m . 4.45 p. m,, 7.20 p. m , and 8.3ft p. m.,except Bun day. On Sunday at 7.90 a. m., S p. m., and 8 90 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington atfi.S? a. m. and 3,4.45and 8.30 p. m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday at 3 and 8 3P p. m Tickets sold to all points WIST, and tafgags thecktd through FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.45 p. m, daily, except Sunday. >'o train for Annapolis on SnndAy. Trains leaving Washington at 7.3" a. m. and 6.3" p. m. go through to New York without change Cf ran Sleeping cars on 6.3n and 8.3^ p. m. trains. Berths Can be secured nnttl Bp. m. daily at the ticket of fice. after that hour they must be secured of the sleeping car condnctor. The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The S p m. train stops only at Bladenstmrg, Beltgville, Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Relay House daily, except Sunday. On 8unday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. Passengers will please observe that the S p.m. train rur>? only a- Jar as fhiladtlph'a daily, exrrpt Svni ay. On Sunday it runs to Balttmnrionly. Also, that the 6.30 p. m train takes Neie York passengers only. For further information, tickets of any kind, Ac., apply to GEO. S. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington. or at the Tirket Office W. P. SMITH. Maxtor of Transportation. L M. COLE, General Ticket Agent. jo 30 tf ^jjRRAT PENNSYLVANIA ROUTE TO THS NORTHWEST AND SO VTHWBS T. ON AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 1ATF1 traina will leave Baltimore from the North Cal vert Station as follows: Past Mail at .? 10 A. M. Harrishnrg Accommodation 3.00 P. M. Lightning Express ?.?..#,3n p. m, THE 6.30 A. M. TRAIN PROM WASHINGTON connects with the9.20 a. m. train from Baltim>>ro ffr Pittcburg and the West,and fur Blmira. Buff alo. Rochrster, Dunkirk. Canandaigua, and Ni agara Falls, and for New York eity. THE 3.?0 P M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connect* with the 9.3" p. m. train from Haiti more for Elmiraand the North and Pittsburg and the West. SLEEPING CARS ON NIGHT TRAINS. Soldi * Tickbts at GarsavMLsr Ritas, ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON BUN DAY. LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. 95F"Tot tickets and any information apply at the office of the Great Pennsylvania Route, corner Prnn avenue and 6th street, under National Hotel, Washington. J. N. DUBARRY, Superintendent N. 0 R. R. E. J WII.KINS, Pass and Ticket Agent, cor. 6th st and Je9-tf Penn. avenue. Olltii Itstsi 10-40 Loss. JAY COOKE A CO., 4(1 Fifteenth Street, Eioarro StrPBOiTpriopH roa th? HEW NATIONAL L. O A N authorised by aet of March 8. 1864, and Known ft* TMM-tUHTY BONDS, being redeemable at the pleasure of the Govern meat, after ten years, and payable forty years froix. ?tela In coin, bearing interest at FIVE PBR OBNI A YEAR, payable on fit. ads no over $lt*> annually and on large bonds semi-annually. IN 001N. The COUPON BONDS will be Issued in l&i.SWo 90i?. and f l^ The REGISTERED BONDS will be Issued in 50, tMm, 81.?hh), St 00(>. and Slu.tMO. These are tbe only gold-Bearing securities of Government now procurable at par, and. yielding at present value ofoom UVBH BIGHT PBR CENT PBR ANNUM, offer a very desirable Investment or large or small sums We Bay and Sell, at market rates, GOVERNMENT BONDS, Or ALL ISSUES. TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESH and COIN. and pay the nigiiest prices for QUARTBRMASTBR'S CBRT1FICATE OH BOO* mbvw-a JAY counts * co. 0. w. BOTBLBS JKO W.10T II C. W. MOTELER ft SOU, IVFORTSBB, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS IK OHINA, 61 ABB, AND CROCKERY WARE. TABLE CUTLERY. SILVER-PLATEE WARE, BBITTANIA WARE. BLOOK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER SETS, OOAL OIL LAMPB, JAPANNED WA1TBR8, DOOR MATT8. FBATHER DUSTERS. BBUSBEB, WOOD WARE, AND HOUSES BEP1N6 ARTICLES GENERALLY. HOUSBS. HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS FURNISHED AT SHORT NOTICE. SIB, IRON HALL, P*K?SYLVANIA ANENUE. fe n-eogm between Wh and 10th fftAlOlB MOHUN.l I* aagOIS. MOMUS MOHUN * SON, Buooassoaa to J. T. Lmii, LUMBER DEALERS, CSm*4. Between \1Xh mud UlA Streets, Washington, D. 0. The andersigned having purchased the Lnmbe Yard of Mr. Jno. T. Lenman, are aow prepared tc furnish Lumber of all hind* at the market rate*. They desire to eall attention to their large gtoah which consists in part of tbe following kinds: A bent 100.000 feet Walnut, all thiehneeees, 100,000 feet % Poplar, prima, " Oah and Ash, various sties, 1,000,000 feat Scantling and Joist, all lengths* l^oujM> " White Fine Callings, MD,oon " " Flooring, Also a Urga fttftatity ef ftll other kinds of Ltuahar ah 18 Sm MOHUB A BOM |HPORTANT TO SUTLBES BUTLERS WILL FIND Br A. BOW MING A CO.'S CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADB, It sells very rapidly, and Is the most eoonomleai article of d! Ji for tbe officer's mess. It is prepared la one minute, and makes a most delicions Soap or Chowder. It ts highly recommended bp Arm Surgeons. Tbe profits are large. H. A. DOWNING A CO., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill Bast I8tb st? New York. For sale by BARPOUR A BEMMES, Sole Agents. 63 Louisiana Avonne. ? Washington. D. 0. ROOFlae FELTI soofiae Flittii H. 0. WILSON A CO., Foot OF ttn ??. Was*. WassiagpoB. D. 0., ?OOFlSe FELT, SET AMD tsltiasaajsa. ?uSMS'" "I Whuisaii Ml SataU. Fastorr?Foot of 0d street wast r?t. he ton Pa aveaae a; if t A 6 PROPOSALS TAVIOMBRY Watt D?pa*tm?*t. June 1,1*4. 8?aled Propceala will he reeei?<?4 si the office of the Secretary of the Navy nat.l 3o?cloek P. ? of Thursday, the 30th instant. for fumiahing ?11 the^stationery thatmay he required by the K?t* Department end th > severalBureaus Iroia th? letter date to Ju y 1, isis A,,1..lbT. VUe,#f '?'?iehed man* he of the heat tntlity. delivered without deUty when ordered, and to *?? iatiafaetion .of *b? heed of the office for which they ere required. If it he "*<iujred ?eeh bidder for stationery "!? i vli", w,t* proposal a sample of eaca article hid for. No bid will be considered which does not fully e?Du<rni to the advertisement, and in which e ?cu and every article is not bid for, and in which more i then one price ia named for any on* article, i Honda in ?ufificient amount, with two or more approved sureties, for the faithful execution of the contract, will be required of the person or per sons contracting The authorized name* of the I sureties that will be given. aa alao satisfactory tes timonials to fulfil the contract, mutt accompany | the bid: otherwise it will not be considered, i The Department reserves to ita.;lf the right of i ordering a greater or lea* quantity of each and every article contracted for, aa the public aervice may require. Shou d any article bo required not enumerated ib the con ract, it ia to be furnished at the loweat ; market priee, according to ita quality. ! .The 'aw of 3d March, 18^3. provides that "no | bids baviag nominal or fictitious prices shall be I considered." The aubjoined schedule specifies, aa nearly a I can now be done, the amount, quality, and de ! arription of each of the articles likely to be re ' quired. _ , Schedule. 30 reams Regulation Paper, per sample, per ream flo do do do do engraved heading, per ream 40 reams heavy, white laid, D?spatch Cap, stop ruled, per ream 40reama heavy, white laid. Despatch Cap, stop ruled. engraved heading, par ream reams Foolscap, white or blue, ruled, per ream -4-? do engrave! heading, per ream 75 resms extra superfine, blue or white, laid or wove Letter Paper, per ream 78 ream* extra ?up-rfin?*, blue or white, laid or wove. Letter Paper, engraved healing, per ream 2f> reams beat Note Paper, thick, per ream 10 do do do do engraved heading, per ream 15 reama beat Not* Paper, medium, per ream 15 do . do do do engraved head ins, per ream 2D reamsOopyingor Tissue Paper, 21* by 26 inched, per ream lu reams Manilla Paper, 38 by 36 inches, flat e ream reams best buff or white Envelope Paper, royal flat, per ream 150 vards Tracing Cloth, per aqnare yard 5 roll* Tracing Haper, per roll 60 sheet* Oil Paper, per sheec 3 reams Blotting Paper, royal, per ream fit- quires paten' Blotting Boartfs, per quire 150 sheets Elephant Drawing Paper, per sheet 75 sheets double Elephant Drawing Paper, per sheet .?0 sheets Antiquarian Drawing Paper, per sheet, 30.000 best bufl or white Envelopes, Government pattern, official sire, punttd eta-op. per l.'W SO,<00best bufl or white Envelopes, Government |>attern, official size, en*raved stamp, per 5/0O best buff or white Envelopes, Government pattern, unstamp. per 1,0 0 best buff or white Envelopes, letter size, printed stamp, per 1,000 ln,0>0 brRt huff or white Envelopes, letter size, tn Kravtd stamp, Der 1.000 5,00 best white official Envelopes, engraved stamp, lojfl by inches, per l,i?0 10 000 best whiteofficial Knvelopes, engravedstamp, 9 by 6 inches, per 1,1*0 10,000 bes' whiteofficial Envelopes, engraved stamp, 9 by 5 inches, per 1 ,'tW ft,oro best white official Envelopes, engraved*tatnp. lo>i by 4K inchea, per 1.V0 6,000 best^ream laid Envelopes, letter aia?, per 5,000 best cream laid Envelopes.note size, per 1 ,<*?'? beat r.nvelopes, card size, per l.oui l,i?"0 patpnt cloth-lined Envelopes, 8V by 4 inches, per 1.0si 1,000 patent cloth-liaed Envelopes. 6 by 4 inchea. per 1,000 l.'O1 patent cloth-lined Envelopes, 5V by3<? in ches. per l,o<0 i gross Steel Pens, on cards or in boxes, r the De partment to have the liberty of selecting from all the diflerent kinda manufactured > per grosa t' dozen pen holders, of the various kinds manu factured. per dozen 11 dozen Pen Holders, gutta percha. per dozen 24 Gold Pens, large aize. with silver exteusion holders,best manufacture p?r p>-n 40 quarts Mayuard t Noyes'slu in bottles, per quart ? quarts best London copying Ink,?er quart 24 ounce bottles Guyott & Co., superfine Carmine, per bottle l.oor Quills, No. Sn, opaque or clarified, per l.noo 20i Swan Quills, per l.OOii 75 dozen Bed Tape, assorted numbers, per dozen 12 dozen Silk Tast- or Braid, per dozen. 5 dozen drawing Thumb Tacks, per dozen <j dozen Penknives, Rodgers's best, buck or pearl handles, 4 blades, per dozen 4 dozen Erasers, large size, ivory handles, in cases, Rodger's, per dozen. I dozen pairs of Shears, best quality, 8 inch blade, per dozen 1 dozen pairs of Shears, best quality, 6 inch blade, per dozen 1 dozen paira < f Scissors, best quality, per dozen 6 Jouu Glass lnkftands, metallic spring covers, per d?zen H dozen 9 inrh Ivory Folders, per dor.en 3<; dozen black lead Pencils, Faber'a beat, assorted Nos per dozen '0 dozen hentilrawing Lead Pencils, per dozen lodi.zen Faber's Artist's Pencils per dozen 12dizen best Fiber's red and blue Pencils, per dozen 3 <*o7eii snble Brushes, assorted, per dozen 3dozen camel bsir Brushes, assorted, per dozen 2 dozen Letter Clips, per dozen 2 dozen stick* beat India Ink. p>T dozen 7 dozen Rubber Bands, assorted sizes, per dozen 30 pounds extra superfine scarlet Sealing Waz, per pound 10 pr.ur.4ri best quality Wafers, per poind 0 p< uiids ??uni Arsbic, pulverize*!. per pound 6 do/en prepared Mucilage and Brunh, lar^e, per dozen 6 dozen prepared Mucilago and Brush, small, p??r (fni'-'i ? JO ounces office Spongs, per nan*e 6 dozen ela^8 or China Spouge Ou ps, per dozen 1: pounds best heinp Twine, per pound 10 pounds best linen Twine, per pouui quarts black Sand, is r quart 6 dozen best prepared or virgin India Rubber, per dozen IS four-quire Blank Books, indexed, per quire 12 tbr> e quire Blank Books, indexed, per quire 6 dozen cup Cop) ing Books, indexed per quire 0 dozen letter Copying Books, indoxeel, per quire ie7 1aw4w IRUP0SAL8 TOR PORTER. ,s Mkdicil Pdrvcvoe's Opficb, WasuigGTOa D. C.. June 22.1864. Manufacturers and dealers in th;s article who winh to supply tt-e Purveying Department of this city, in large quantities at short notice, are re quested to send writteu proposals to tne office at early a dale as pr? .cic?hle, for exa>ninati"n. Porter to be of best qual ity, in pint bof.les, well corked and wi ed, and packed in barrels of six to eight dozen each. C. SUTHERLAND. Sun?. C. 8. A., Je 23-6t Medical Purveyor. pROPOSALS FOB WOOD AND COAL. Post Offick Dkfaktmkkt. June 17,1R64. Proposals will be received by the un dersigned till 12 o clock M.,on KKIDAV, July 1, lor furnishing, for the use of this Department, 4 0 tons (2.V40 lbs. to the ton,) best Baltimore Company's White Ash Coal, to tons best Red Ash Coal. same size, and 20" cords best seasoned Oak Wood. Satisfactory arrangements must be mtde to se cure to the Government full weight and measure. The wood must be corded and measured upon the premises, and one-fourth sawed into three,and the remainder into two pieces, and all piled away in the cellar. Parties supplying the Wood will be at liberty to deliver it at such time during the fall and winter as may best auit their conve -ience. provided se curity be given for the faithful fulfilment of the contract. The undersigned reaervea the right to reject any or all bids, if the interests of the Department seem to reqnire it. No bid will be entertained unless aatiafactory evidence san be given of the reliability and loyal ty of the parties. Fampleaof coal, auch aa ia desired, can be seen by calling upon the underaigned. Payment will br promptly made. The proposals should be addressed to tho under aigned, and endorsed "Proposals for Wood and and Coal." or for either one as the case may. JAMES 8 HALLOWELL. Disbursing Clera, Jel7 td Post Office Department. f"|i . PROPOSALS FOR MEAT. J BE Undersigned will receive sealed proposals until 3 p w of Wednesday, the 29th inst., for aup ^lying the Washington Asylum with all tue m.*at Hat may be required at the iustitntion for the yotr ending the 3otb June. 805. Bidders wtll state the price p?r pound for fresh and salt beef, for pork, lamb, veal, shoulders mid dlings, ban,s, ard sausages, making separate bids for tne meat r< quired tor the use of the Intendant. The meats required for the use of the Asylum to be free from hone. All meats to be furnished at such times, and in such quantities as may be required by the Intend ait, and. if not in accordance with contract, may be rejected by him. W. G 11. NEWMAN, JOBM McDKVITT, WM. SLATEB. Commissioners Washington Asylum, je y td [Intelligencer.] MEDICAL PURVEYOR'S OFFICE, W A8HINUTOB, It. C , June 15, 1064. All dea'ersln this city and Georgetown, who wish to i-e;l to ih? Medical Purveying Department, are requested to send to this office, on tbe MON DAY of each week, a st aled list of tbe articles they may be prepared to furniah at thort notice, with the price of eaeh attached to the same. C. SUTHERLAND, Je 1ft-tf Surg. U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor, O CURE. NO PAY l-Go to Da. BROTHERS k OKAY and be cured. They have given their particular attention to the treatment aad cure of all forms of "Disease," particularly that of N a private character, for twenty years. Thia <a the oldest established Botanic Medical Office ia the District, and have saved thousands from a du Saeefal aad horrible death How important it is, aa, for those aafortnnates who have brought iiaiH upon themselves, to he cured before it ia too laiej^tbus preventing exposure of theraeel vee, Off re and residence 1T9 south B street, Ialaad, apposite Smithsonian. Je* m* 'ViStfol'Vftwi.. PROPOSALS. ) PROPOSALS FOR BL IN KITS. Oddiaicb Orrim, War DirtRTMiir, I Wash-melon, V. C., Juue 24, WU \ Sbalid Pbopmai f> Til' reeeived at thin offiro ? nlil 4 o'clock p. m , n FRIDAY, Jnly li, WS4, f?r the delivery at the N-w York ageucy, No. AH Worth street. Hew York, of FIFTY THOr8AN D CAVALRY BLANKBTS. The Blanket* mailt be of the following descrip tjtiB.Tii: of pnre wool, close woven. ??f a tout yarns, Gentian bine, with as orange border three fnehas wide ?nd three leches from the edge, *od the let ter* C S., six inches high, orange color, io the center of the blanket. Baeh blanket tnust be 7.t inches Ion* by 67 inched wide, and of the weight of 3.1875Jbs. or. say 3 3-16 lbs., on which a variation of 0. 1875, or 3-lf>tba of a lb., may be allowed. They must be single and not in fair*, and oe packed in esse* of me hundred blankets each. They are to be inspected at the factory where made, bnt mast be delivered at the New York Agency free of any charge to the United States for transportation or handling and none will bo accepted or paid for except such as pawn th? inspec tion or and are approved by the United States In spector. Deliveries most be made as follows. vi?: one t? nth of the nnmber contracted for per week, com mencing within on* month from the date of the contract. Failure to deliver at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the quantity due at that time. No bid will be considerod that does not come from a manufacturer of blankets or reg ular dealer in such goods GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany hi* proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon 8I-i, p"r*?ne, that in case his bid is accepted ho will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and stfficient sureties, in a sum *-qnal to tha whole amount of the contract, to deliver the ar il- P/?PO**d.ln conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in ea?* the said bidder should fail to enter into the contrae?. they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or tho person to whom the contract may beaw~,.ded. The responsibility of the guarant or* must V- shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Conrt, or ot the United States District Attorney. Bonds, in a sum equal to one-tenth of theamount of the contract, signed by the contractor and both of bisguarant->rs,will be required of the saccesafal bidder or bidders upon signing of the contract. FORM OF GUARANT Y. We, the nnderRigrud, residents of , in the county of , and State of , hereby Jointly and severally covenant with the United States and fnarantee, in case the foregoing hid of e accepted. that he or tbey will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and safficient sureties, in a sum equal to one-tenth the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed in conformity to th< terms of the advertisement, dated June 24. ISM. under which the kid was made; and in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to maki good the difference between the offer of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Given under our hands and seals thi* ?day of .136-. [Seal.] j Witness. f*"1' | To this guaranty must be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Kach party obtaining * contract will be obliged to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for th? faith'ul execution of the same. Upon th? award being made, successful bidders willbenotified and furnished with forms of con- j tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any account. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gen eral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C.."and will be endorsed "Proposal# for Blankets." GEO. D. BAMS AY, Brigadier General, JelB-eotd Cnief of Ordnance Proposals res foragi. Oh iii? QVAaTia*A*Taa'? Or no*. I _ , . _ Wa?bi*oto? Dbfot b?e. 8. MB. f Sealed Proposals are invited b> the undersigned for supplying the U. 8. Quartermaster's De partment, at Washington. D. 0.. Baltimore. Md.. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va.t or either of thew pl*e?s, with Bay. Corn, Oats and 8traw. Bids will be received for the delivery of f.ono bushels of corn or oata and flu tons of hay or atraw, and upwards. Bidders must state at which of the above-named points they propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which iney will make .1*-Iveries thereat, the qaanWty ef each article proposed to be deliv ered, the time when said deliveries shall be com menced. and when to be completed. , The price must be written out is words on the ' ids. i Corn to be np in good stout aaeks, of about I two bushels each. Oafs in like sacks of about three onshels each. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment. The hay and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to he delivered meet be stated in tbe proposals. All tbe articlee offered under the bids herein in vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as thn interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for shall have beep 'slivered and accepted. The bidaer willbe required to accompany hia proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in case nis bid is accepted he or they will, within ten days th-reafter, execut* the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of tbe con tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this aavertisment: and in case the said bidder shonld fail to enter Inte the eon tract, tbey to make good the difference between tbe offer of sai'f bidderand the next lowest respon sible bidd? , or the person to whom tbe contract may be awarded. Tne responsibility of the guarantors mast be showu by the official certificate of a D. 8. District Attorney. Collector of Customs or any other officer under tbe United States Government or responsi ble periion known to tbisofflc*. All bidders will be duly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. O., address of each bidder must he leiribly written in tbe proposal Proposals must b? addressed to Hri* Gen. D. H, Rucker. Ct""f ./epot Quartermaster. Washington, D. C.,and ebonlif he plainly marked "Proposals for Fora*e." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. signed by the contractor and both of his fuarantors. will be required of the successful bid er or bidders upon signing the contract. Blank forms or bids, guarantees, and be obtained npon application at tbi* Office. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town. County and State) ?? , Date I I, the subscriber, do hereby propose to famish and deliver t? ?he United States. at. the Quarter master's T apartment at , agreeably to the terms of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated W?Mhiugton Depot. T>*c. i. I86J. the following articles vis: ? bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of 6f> pounds bushels of Oats, in sacks, at per bushel of 32 pounds tons of Baled Hag. at per ton of 1,000 pounds tons of Baled Straw, at per ton of J,00f' pounds. Delivery to commence on or before the day of , lhft- , and to be completed on or before the -? day of , 186?, and pledge myself to enter into a written contract with the United States, with good and approved securities, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier General D.fl.RtJOKia, General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. O. GUARANTY We, tha undersigned, residents of , in toe County of , and State of , hereby, jointly and severally, Co Tenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after tbe acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the same with good and sufficient sure ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of ad vertisement dated Decembers, ISftS, under which the bid was made, and. in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and tbe next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom tbe contract may be awarded. Witness, Given under our hands and seals this day of , Wft?. I Seal. I [Seal | 1 hereby certify that, to the best of my knowl edge and belief, tne above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for the ainonnt for which they offer to be security. ?, To be certified by tbe Uulted States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer under tbe United States Government, or respon sible person known to this office. D R ROOK BR, dcc9-tf Brigadier General and Q. M. pROPOSALS FOR FUEL. The undersigned will reeeive sealed proposals until Wednesday, tbe I ith day of July. I*>4, for? One hundred < l<v) tons of best quality White Ash Coal, eg* site. The Coal must be elear of dust and free from slate, 2240 lbs to the ton. Filly (fO) corvsof the best Oak Wowd;aod Twenty-five(25) cords best quality of Pine, All of the above to be delivered, weighed and measured at tbe Asylum by the -list day of July. W. G. 11. NKWMAN, JOHN McDKVITT, WM. t?L AT KK, je 24-td Commissioners Washington Asylum. CHIKF QUARTKRMAlSTPR'H OFKICK, ) bsroaT o# Washiboto*,} Wa**l?K(ws O. January 4, icM \ AH dealers in Druas. Hardware. Lumber. Leather, Office furniture Hemes- and Saddlery are re ? quested to M*?d to thinofHce,on MONDAYofeach ; week, a sealed proposj.1 or list, <* Jupltntu, ol the ! articlesthey are un-i.Kr? d t?. fnruish Uithi* Depot at short notice, aitb the price of each marked in plain figures, so that, hi case the exigencies of the service reuu're it, the article or article* can be obtained without delay. and at the lowest price Dealers wishing to **!? to this Depot will b? re quired to furnish the list punctually every Monday i morning D. H. KPCRKK, Brigadier General and Chief Quartermaster, ! Depot of Washington. I Q1AV1L R 0_?_F. 81 11 GRAV1L ROOFSII Jwec?*noni to J. t. W&lfc?r ^ C ffimjiuf&Atur*? of IM lbl 2*d street, below Pa. avraue Ord?r? ?nay be left at offiee Mnteal Insurance Comp*ji?( lJ* and Louisiana avdbae, or s4dr?as to > Poet Office Box A34. All work executed promptly ao4 ?? tDe mogt | re?eo?i*Me teams, and warranted^ Repairs nad? ) promptly. mh U-3m* FIB. JOHNSON, U BALTIMORB LOOK HOSPITAL OPIICB No. T SOUTH FRBDIRIOR RTRRBT THE ONLY PHYSICIAN A DVf RTISIS^ Has discovered tbe moat Certain, Speady. .,_i Efiectual Kem?dy Ik the world for DISEASES OP IMPRTTDl'OW. Rtlitf in Sir Hour* I Nn Tr fling t Persona Rained by Ignorant Pretenders. or Vr Deadly Poleon. Mtrcury. should apply immediately. A CURE WARRAN TED OR NO CHARGE IN FROM ONE TO TWO It A YS Weakness of the Bark, Involnntary Discharges, Strictures. Affection'of the Kidneys and Bladder, Iropo?ency. General Debility, N-rvnusnesa Dra per* v Languor, Low Spirit*. Confusion of tde*s. Palpitation of the Heart. Timiiity. TreinMlne, Dimm-ssofSightorGiddiness. Disease of the Head, Throat. Now. or Skin, Affection* of the Liver, Lnngs, Stomaeh or Bowels?these T?rrihle Dtanr ders arisipj from Solitary Habits of Yoath?tbo n it ok a r and solitary practice* mor? fata! to their victims than the song of Syrens to the <narioer? ef BItmwh. blighting their most brilliant hope* or anticipations, rendering marriage, Ac., iaapomi b1*' YOUNG MEN Especially, who have bee?me the ?letimn of Soli tary Vie*.that dreadful and destructive habit which anrnallv sweeps to an nntimrlt crave thnnsand?of Tonne Men of the moat exalte** latent and brilliant intellect, who m'aht otherwise hare entranced lis tening SetiaU-a with the thunder* of eloquence or waked to extacy the living lyre, may eall with fall confidence. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the *ad and melancholy effect* produced by early habits of yonth. via: WeaVaeaa of the Back aud Limb*. Pain ia the Head f>imowa of Sight. Loss of Mnseular Power. Palpitation of the Heart. Dyspepsia, Nervous Irritability. D? ran*em? Dt of the B-gestive Functions. General Debility.8?mptoms of Consumption, Ac Mbwtimtt.?The fearfnl eft?ct* on the triod ara much to be dreaded?Loss of Memo'v. Confusioa of Idea*. Depression of Spirit* Bvil Forebodings, Aversion to Society, Self distrust. Love of Soli toie, fluidity, RRtAOB. Watrvi Pnftm*. or young men contemplating marriage. aware of Physical Weakness, Organic Debility Wasting of the Organs, Deformities, Ac., should apptv immediately. He w*>o places himself under the care of Dr. J. mar religiously confido in his honor ao a gen tleman, and confidently rely upon his skill aa a Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNESS. IMPOTRNCY IMPEDI MENTS TO MARRIAGK By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment Weak* ness of the Org?n? in speedily cured and full vigor restored Thousands of the most nervous, debili. tated and impotent, who had lost all hope, hava been immediately relieved. All impediments to marriage.Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loss of Procreative Power Ner Tf'Uii Irritability, Tremblings and Weakness or Exbsuation of the most fearful kind, speedily cur.^d. v fll DR. JOHNSON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons. Lon don, (Traduate fr..m one of the most eminent Col leges in the I nited States and the creator nrt of * hose life has been spent in the hospitals of Lon don. Paris.Pbiladelpniaand elsewhere .has effected some oT the most astonishing cures that were ever known: many troubled with ringing in the head and ears when asleep great alarm-d at sudden sounds, bashfu'ness, witb frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement of mind, were cured immediate'y. YOUNG MEN who have injured themselves hy a certain practica indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learned from evil companions, or at school, the effec's of which ar? nightly felt, even whea asleep, and. if not cured renders marriage impossible, and de both mind and body, ahquld apply immadi 4 What a pity that a young man. the hope of hia conntry and darling of his parents, should b? ff# v 11 from all the prospects and entoyments of life ny the conseanenee of deviation from the path of Tiatnre and indulnina in a certain secret habit, hocn persons must, before contemplating MARRIAGK reflect that a sound mind and body ar?- the iao*% neceyary requisites to promoto conn .bial haepi nest indeed. Without these the Journev thro'?b life becomes a wearr pil?rima*e; the prospect hourly darkensto the yjew; the mind beeomea shadowed with d- spair and filled with the melan r,.ol1J,r"fl,-^t'nn* that the happiness of another ia blighted w'th our own. DISK A SES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and imprudent votary of pleasure finds be has imbibed the seeds of this pain ful rfiseaee it often happens that an ill tiin-d sens* or shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap PlvinK to those w??e. from education and respecta bility can alone befriend him. He falls into tha bands of Ignorant and designinr pretenders, who. incapable ..fearing, filch his pecuniary substance, aeep hi in trnlii.g month after month, or as long aa the smallest fee can be obtained, and in despair leavehim with ruined health to sigh o*>r hia gall ing disappointment; or. bv the use of that deadly poison Mercury .hasten the eoastitutional syrnp toms of this terrible disease, such as Auctions of rP* ote . progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to his dreadful suff. rmas by sending him to that un discovered country from whose bourne no traveler1 returns. OFFICE T SOUTH FREDERI 'K STREET, left hand Bide aoing from Baltimore street, a few doors from the corner. Pail not to observe name and numb r. letters receired unless post paid and eon tain in* a stamp to be used on the rep.v. Pemina writ in it should state* aco, and ^ e n d portion ot sd ?ertis^inrnt d^rrihin^ nvmpftomii, Thr Dr.'s Diploma hints IS kit Ogirt, INDORSEMENT OF THE PR ESI. -w????nT,thousand cured at this eHtabliahrnenC within the last twenty years, and the num?roa? important Surgical Operations pi;rf"rme?J by Dr Johntton. witnessed hy the reporters..f "The <uu ' and many otbe? oapera. notices ..f which have ao reared a<ain and again before the pithl?e, hesid'a is standing as a gentleman of character and re fi^cted * *ufllcient Cnarantee to the af SAIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CUltED. ja 29-ly ^ECKRT DISRATES I SKCRKIMji^ KASRflT ~~ SAMARITAN'S GIFT SAMARITAN'S GIFTI THE MOST CKHTAIN RKMKDV KV KB C8BD "Yes, A Positive Cure" for GONOBUOtA. GLEET, 8> KICT0KE8, 4o Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, qu Mercury Onlf Ten PH>$ to be Tak'ix to effect a Cure They are entirely vegetable, baviug oo smell uor any unpleasant taste, and will oot in any way ia Jure the ?tonn?ch or bowels of the must delicate Cures in rr?.ui two to four days, and recent c???a In "twenty-four hours " Prepared hy ? graduate of the University of Penusyl vauia, one ofthe most eminent Doctors and Chemists of the pr?*?nt day ? O KXPOSUBB.RO TROPBL P . BO CHHi-.I WHATIVgft! Let those who have despaired of getting cured, or who have been gorged with Bal*am Coparla. ar Mercury, try the ?????, w SAMARITAN*.* GIFT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages. S3. I'emale f3. HI.OUD I BLOOD It HLOODII 8CRVF LA, ULC'Bi, SORE.t. SPOTS TEITEttS, SCALES BOILS, SYPHILIS OR YEN It RE AL DISEASES. <2 a. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND UERH JUICE la offered the public as a positive cure feYPHlLlb OK VfcM JJHKAL UleKAaltS the HA MARITANS ROOT AND HKKB J DICE ia tha niost potent, certain and effectual remedy ever prescribed: it reaches aud eradicateaevery partiela ot the veitereal thattheenre iathorougb and permanent Take then of this purifying reme dy and he healed, and do not transmit t,, (?Dr p,,?. terity that for which rou may rep-nt in after years DO NOT DESPAIR! Altbougbi yon may be pronounce.] incurable, the SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HKRBJUIoAs will remove every vestige of impurities from th# system, as well as all the bad effects of Mercury. FKMaLKm PKMALKett In many affections with wnteh numbers of Fa males suffer, the ROOT AND UKhB JUICBS is most happily adapted in ('Icerated rterns, ia ?J^'.tee. id beariu* dow-n Falling ef the Wemb Debility, and foralleomplaintsinridenrtotbeaex. Sent bv exprer-s Price Si a bottle, or S bottle# for %b. SAMARITAN'S OUANCKE WASB, Price 2ft cents. Full directions DESMOND A CO.. Box 131 Philadelphia Port Office. Sold by 6. CALVERT FORD, corner et 11 tn ?a4 Pa. avenue HEN BY COOR. Alexandria. may ^tf r|'*RlKSEMAlir-Prolrcled by Royal Letters Kit 1 ent of hnglaed. and secured by the seals of the Ecole de Phwrm.cie de Pari a. and the Imperiaif of M?^1icin?? V{?nn^. Tries mar No. 1 is the effectual remedy lor Relax ation. Spermatorrhoea. and Exhaustion ofthe St a t?m. Triesmar No. 2 has entirely auperse<led the nauseous ose of Copavia. Cuhehs Ac Triesmar No. 3 is the infallible remedy for all (mpuritiea and Secondary Symptoms, thus obviatiuv the usenf mercury and all other deleterious ingredients Each preparation ia in the form ?>f ? must agrea* able Losenge Secured froiu effects of climate aud changes of atmosphere, in tin ca?*-a. at AX each, or four 1.1 cases in one for f9. audit. *27 caee.i. |ho? caving$0. Divided in separate desee a? adminis tered ny Yalpeau, Sallemande, R<>hx. dc.. Ac. Wholesale and retail by Dr BARROW. No 1*4 Bleecher street. New York To be had also ofS 0. FORD. No Pi ava. Corner tlth street. m?r?-xni* Y CONFIDENTIAL uLNG MEN who have injur-d tneujoeltea b? , certain secret habits which unfit them for business, pleasure, or the duties ?.f mirrie-i Itte, mtddla aged or old men, who. fr??u. the follies of ynutl. or other causes, feel a dehilitt in a" vauco uf tiaur years, before placing themselves under the tre?V ment of any one. should Irst read "TH B KCRHT FRIEND. Married Lilies will learn somethinc of importance by perusinir "1 he Secret Friend." Sent to any add??ea. in a sealed envelope on ra ceipt of Tan Cents Addreas Dc CHAR A. STEWART A OO.. de M-ly Boston, Ma*. K| ajmbt oollivb * ods PH1LADBLP0IA DBAUGHT ALB AMD POBTBB 1 iniotmalvug large qoaatttlaauf DRAUGHT ALB and POBTBB from this wlahrated Bravery which 1 am prepared to furnish oa short aotlae to all htmu who will favor ma with tteir ordara. BattcfMtioo tfuaraoUed Ordera given to my driven will ha premptly ' tasdad to Onoda daQverad la ail yarta ot Waahlagtaa ao? Georgetown, free of charge. TarxufiaiA an <Ulw*ry. B1LBT A SHUT*. Agaat, Baton Btuhmt Otyat. AT Oraaact., ? H ??w?atBwm, J>, ?, |

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