Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAI. NEWS. 0 ' AMt'SB'IKXrB TO-fU&HlC n^ovEB'e Thba i kh??> Muvppj ' hvs \h#m wt^fcrtT-wn, an-J ?? JK<> kwooJ, or Pick Tur pin" h-en tntwtiia"**! at '-bis resort; anl Kate Vance will p<?rw? it? ?? luck Turpin," ana will ride the eel^hrated horse Dan Jnao, wl'o will ?pn e??l " Horn le Bess." Mtss Vane* will kr iwtmiiPd among others by the Isrorlie actor, Mr. J. K. Mortimer. FoSi-'s Tsbatkr ? ?The Eartv Thiev?u>," the gorgeous iairy spectacle wnich has b->#o a aourte o 1 delight to hundreds of visitors lor inai..> u rfbU paal. i? announced for to-uight &??iu. Thw howexer, is tae last time hn; ont* vt I'a representation, and therefore all who wou'd see ?' trust hurry up. Tbe play is su perbly gOttftl up. l'AMiiu?l)kv.?"ll-aii Hickman," or "The Ilusbv* (lackers oi the Potomac," tbe new local drstnann'* perf.?rmlbg ber* take* well, and the hit* made always elicit ftufh appfSnsp. The dancing too isexceedingly good, aud the &oi>g? are well sock. Gkac? DmjBtn Kaib, still ia progress It Island HhM continues to be n favonte r?-*ott wih thi s** who desire'to pass a peasant evs ring in rhe midst of loveliness. for certainly there is ap array of unsurpassed a'tracUou* nrour.d tie admirably arranged fades here, rot otieu touud iu a fair. A visit is sure to be enjoyed. Pi utic School Cokcbrt.?A concert of tbe Oec>rr?to? n Public Schools, will be given to nigh- at S*. John's Cbnrch, under the direction <?f Prof. Daniel. ScnAoT Ti **amtnati<w>e of the pnhuc 9J"0gl# were con tinued ?e?t*rn&y, a* tot laws Male Intermediate. Hrst District, taught by M n. M. ? Rodiet, was suhjected t i a rigid ex am-nntiou by Messrs.Br >wnanii rnstin.anl the questions propounded were generally ans arered rr mptiy and eorrectlv. The classes iu r -adiug, wntli g and cvpbermg show . 01 siderable pro |ms, Indicating tbat Mrs. R <dier's effort* to iiietrnc" her scholars in these thre ? important branches hare uot been in rain. Tne examin ation o' tbe cltsses in geography. grammar, ?and MMory was also quite aatislactorv. In mental arithmetic some of the schjlar-> were a little backward, but this can perhaps be ex plain- d t>j Hie fact that many of tbe scholar* in thi- ela*-s have oeen in the school only about six we- k^. having been transferred to It from a secondary school. The order was excellent There are 55 scholars upon the rolls 45 of whom were present yesterday. Eight have been transferred to higher school during the past year, mid several of Mrs. R's b-wt and most ad\anced scholars have beeu withdrawn witbm the past few weeks by tbeir parents, to fee put to business occupations. The choc! room, which is in tbe basement of Union Chapel, on yoth street, near Pennsylva nia avenue, was liund'omeiy decorated with tbe American flag. The rjo? is a larg!* one, but the ceiling is entirely too low, and 'he veo tilation is >ery bnd. In midsummer the heat is almost insuf erable, which renders it necess-iry to remove the window sashes in order to admit Iresh air. Secohd Dnln'ct?Iu consequence of th"? ab sence from ?he city wf the Trustee appointed toexamiic Miss M Y.Davis' school, (Primiry No 4,i corner of liifh and E stwts. th^ ex itni natlon w&j' postponed until to-morr.'W morn Mi^s Ellis* school, (Primary No. 4.) corner ot 5tb street ?ud Massachusetts avenue, wJl, we unders'st d, not be pubneiy ex-rained this year, in consequence ot tne indispo-i'ion of the teacher. Jhini Vistru'.?Secondary school IS'o 1, Mrs. <Jlaikr, tearher, was caTefnllv exanii?ed by Dr. V'aJsh Tb<?re are ? i pupils on the roll, of whom 56 wfre present: three of the absentees beitg sick, and one unaccounted lor. The school was examined in spelling, reading, writing, mental and i>iactual arithmetic, gt-ourapby, music, ice., and all evinced a iair degree oi scholarship, so far as b y hid studied. Mrs. Clarke's classification of the eckoiars is imgnlar, but this is owin^tothe ?fact tbftt some of the children are more ad Tai ced in some studies than in others, and are .consequent)} differently graded in different classes. Many pupils who are in the first class in spelling are in tbe second-class in reading; ai>a others who are in the third cla?s -in geography are in the lourth-cLiss of arith metic. Notwithstanding the fact that this school is -classed as Secondary, Mrs t7larke has no leas than yo pupils ont of ber 00 (une-half,) who ougnt to be in Primarv Schools Of the latter ahe has admitted 2< tbe past year, and to 1? of these she nas been compelled tj team their let ters. Thi<- ot course has been a disadvantage not only t? tbe tsacher but also to the pupils, but considering all this disadvantage Mrs Clarke's w hole examination was a very good one. Her pnpile read a<^ enunciate with care, and have a good knowle^te for punctuation. In ar>thiue ic they are rather slow, but sure; and while utook sometime to work out asutn, mentally or practically, the answers were generally < orrect. Thisalowness Is no fault of the teacher, for tome minds move more slug gtshij than o hers, and it Mrs Clarke had had as good material to operate upon as have many other teachers, her school wonld excel. In all other studies the auswers were ready and prompt Mrs. Clarke has done much bard woik the past year iu order to bring ber school Kp to the sia- dard it has attained.and has had to contend wifb, not only the difficulties above named, but also with sickness, and ttieref jre, considering ail, her ex imioation was a most creditable one And now for tbe school room. It is a dis grace to the district, except so tar a* the situa tion is concerned, which is In aqui>-t neighbor hood, on 11 tb street, south of Virginia avenue. Tbe building is an old one, illy ven'ilated, Ladiy lighted* of low cei icg, and totally una clapred to school purposes In summer u is too hot and in winter too c old, and if the health of the children is a con?ideration should be va cated at once. Mrs. Clarke has 25 applications lor eeats, and no vacancies. Secondary No. "2, Miss Lucy E. Moore t^acb tr, is iu a rather pleasant brick buildiug at the <soruer of :jd btreet and Pennsylvania avenue. The room is well ventilated, and altogether suitable tor a school room, except that beneath is a tiuner s shop. This is an improv'sa^ut, however, on last year, when th * blaoksoaith'a btirnnur was beard continually underneath Mist Moore has sixty pupils ou her roil, all ot whom were present except three, who ware necessanl> absent. Site lias eight applicants, ai d wili tran.-ler lonrtecn to~chools of a higher grade. Tlie ichool was subjected toaihorouzh ex au in:?nonln all i's branches bv Mr. Hitz, and Mif? Mocre, who I-an experienced teacher, mustba\e been grititled itli tbe expressions ot approbation that fe 1 from tbelipaot all wbo bad the pleasure of witnessing tb-* evsmiui tion The order was excellent. Tbe cop? books ot 111*' pupils were carefully examined, and out of yv not a blctor evidence of uncljanli uess w-'is discovered, but all wn? neatn-s?. 1 be chiro^raphy was exceedingly good, all the letters were well formed, and the copy was followed as closely as pos-ible. Iu seme of tbe boohs the ortnograpby was, to say tbe lea-t, peculiar, but this was no taoitot the t-ncfipr, lor she had evidently taken r?ain? t<j instruct her pupils in reference to bis study. Iii spelling, the thud class was fair; the same ola^s in aic stion. was good; and also in addition tucu*, and in mental aruometic. The leading ot the second class was tolerable, tbe .-peiiin/ good, aud in the principles of orthog raphy verj M^d; while iu mental and written nri buit lie >bi? class can b?- prououueed excal hnt. The lirst <?la-;s was rigidly examined in iiies'noies they bad pursned, and Mi*s Mo ire naay w ith certainty "defy cmpe'jtion;' for a b*>t er tiained or more Intelligent cla^s is sb1 demseen. In the g-ogrnphy ol this country, in the prli ciples ot ge?.grapby, and in reading and arr time tic (mental arid practical) th" p^. pi'eherear especially well trained; au 1 Mr. Hi'7. in rernarhs at tlu?eloseof tbeex*mm ai>i>u, did no m< re than his dury tvhen he pro nounce! 'lie kcbonl a superior one: and bis c?nsplin>eui lo Miss Moore was exceedingly well Uetrn vert flit** Mo?re has a fourth class, of smaller chMdien 'timi are u nally found In secoWlary schools wbo were also examined, aud slurred that thsy bad been well taught. ill U e conclusion of the examination, little Laam Ko hs< ti'd sang a irerman version of the soig, "When tie Swallows Homeward 1 ly." !?? a tli e voice aud with a good manner. Mr Hit/, at the elate, hUhlv huitled Mias i>Ioore t r the high atamiard of exceileuce to I ? kkh )-he b tii brought h-r school. h'nurth District. ? The Pemale Grammar School. 1 ourth District, Mrs. Margtret a.,r. idom teacher, wis examined yesterday by Messrs. Wight, Ellis, Wilviu, Martagtv, Hitz and MdlT, of the B' art! of Tru?t?*?s, (Me. Ilol Hiead being still quite ill, we regr-t to say,) and by Mr. Z. Rlcbarda. Mrs. Amtftm's ex aminations al w ays excltemuch ln'erest, and, as usual, her was crowded yes t-rday Mr M>erssOf the deornetjara tras tees, aud several ot tbe teacher* of ttw? fleorge. tov. n schools showe.1 their inter *st iu the atfair by coming all the way to be preteut, as did a latge numtier of our city teachers, together w lib metiers of tbe City Councils and a very larye repre>eutatk>n of tbo parents and friends of tbe pupils. 1 be ?chcol room, the upper onein the l'oarth D strict t*chool Building, is one of the best for s. r><<d pnrros^" ?n tbe city, being abaadantly ii^hteo irotn all tour side6 of th? rmm. and il e ? ftl>t?L ben g pitched at a snihcient henht Ic sdtnit of toier ble breaU^ug room. Ttte r a. jn lo' k? d ?ery ch> erfiil in on ye*ies**y de orti'ed wi'h l1ower> and the tia't >ual Uta? net. ai/rj tlt'e'i u nh bright e .ger ;aoes it pre *.rf?tert ju?t the li.vp-n?, "attractive apcariu^S a school-room should 'oonr tnlud. Thi" scIojI ich to see ins to be w II supplied school furiii uw, *>'.h tbe eiifH.i?M-Hi of bl^cka>%rd?, ot w Jiicfc ttwre >? a lam-ntaai^ want, and e-ip?. iialH of a ruled blvkh'fd -or -ntim- l^-*nn?i ^ VV e Trust tbr trusteed will see to tbi? at once TV examination ?!??? r^nrrhjtikly thorough, A U-> t lanu d ny the tMir h' r, and .?* vorul ?f (he tfUriu n.imln m eeemed ??? find an echilerv tlrf t xexrls* la putting the well-tratnc'd pd pHa to the full <eet or 'hefr J>o rer* and ac quirement*. Tbe class?* were of nearly uni lorit. excellence, (shoeing thnt ro uudq* dis crimination had w>-d made bv the teacher,) and ittbuuW bf wd farther that is those stidten requiring cli*e m??t?l n w?iT*b< th? cl'|*iW j were <*Mrprt*inely rood. In *?h?tcr?i * arUhrna- , tical prhMv-ms, and in tbe analysts of codapli i catcfl tenter cep, tha pnpil* thuiyrl a quickness j ol tboupht as ' readiueo* o( reply qoit ? hevnnd ' the mor* elurgish ta-ntai p'OTe???a of o'der j mil a?, as frequrtai'y and in ihe cot)T*?? o* ifep examinati >n. We thin it Mr> A miliar, especially excel* io tearhias: h<?r pupil io comjireh^nd, and la b? ??hie toex piai c'e.-irl*, :h-wuyaud wn??reforenf every- , tbiifc ?b?.y meet In the enures of st?i ty * Tbe rcnMca" portion of th^e* ttfs?* attracted irrncb attention, a?4 Prot. U-tnlel, wtio vis rresett, had ryorensftn to hln^a P>r his pupits. We btlieve there Is a close eon*'"#' for su purl oin* b-tweesi tn? mnsic cIim in ihl? school fcnd that of Mi*s Boxes', (Second District. y.M\? two b*mg admittedly Hh*-ad In theCiiy ^???tjools A fire Pjhirkerir p piano belong!u< to t*>e school, (purchased from tre proceed^ of Ooaea.-ti fjr tlie purpose,) ww in use y?*s'frd\v. Tl)e follow-iDe pieeee were idm nblr inne: ScBf Should Brea he; Shells <?r Ocean: Th? 1<< arest Spot; Dear IWo'her I've 1'vne t| )a?, {*abba'b Eve; America; Joys . That Wn've Tasted- Come Where My L>v? Lies: The Him ble; Fairy Trio: Meet Me by Mooitlight; StC"*?d S'ream: V hy Have &ly LoVfd Ones done; Sjtr SpeoKlrd lianner. Ccmpoei'icns as follows, read by the authors received tnerifed commundation fr6m th?ex ^niner":?Ann H*lley,?< Power of Association;' Julia Franklin, "LC7? ?f Coontry;" Mutie Gray, ??Education-." Raohei Oanett, "a"1?; Hannah .Tohnsoo. "Pow<?r of Merfidrf? At the conlnslon of the exaratnat-on, Mr. I Wight >ald he hid come prepared to expect much from this sohool, and he bad not oeen disappointed. Tbe examination just passed ? bowed that It maintained Its hleli ord*r if. indeed, it did not stead highertban ererb-for*. Mr. Wilson lotlowed In similar remarks com plimentary to tbe school and its accomplished teacher. Many of the visitors expressed them selves to the f ffcet that it was the b?st school examination they bad ever witnessed. Important Sales of Real Estate ? James (J. MrGolre & Co., Auctioneers, have made the f'-llnwing saitts: Sqatire No. 23*2 and improvements, on Four teenth >tr?et, i?ear the IiO"r Brid|t?*, khowQ as the residence of the late Major Howie, to J. M. Yonry, for f Small frame house on Maryland avenue, be tween Thirteenth-and-a-half and Fonrtt?entU etrcets, to William Evans, Jr., for *510. Similar house adjoining, to Thomas Robey, for ?.v>5. Old brick tavern profertv at the Long Bridge, to Conrad Faunee, for SI,''50. Lot on the south side of Pennsylvania avenue, near Third street, to John McDer-/ mott, for?l-U.per square foot. Small brick housn and lot on Ninth, berw??n O and I' streets, U D. S. 0'(/onneil, for 92,()W The District in Uonokess.?In the Senate y*s!erdav, Mr.drimes reported from the Com mitteeon the District of Columbia the bill to amend the act incorporating: tueCJaslieht Com pany of the cPy of Washington, and for oth^r purposes. It provides that from and 'ifterthe tir>t day of .Inlv, l-tJS, the company shsil not receive lexclustve of the excise tax collected for ht I'n^fd States) more than SJ'i c?nt9p??T hundred fcet for eas, subject to a discount not less than ten per cent., if paid at the office vvitb'n five days alter the rendition ol the bill. On motion of Mr Wilson, an amendment was ttdd*d, as follows: "And the Washington and Georgetown Railroad Company are authorized to charge two cents for each transfer ticket on said read or its branches." A Qnaitn OkkMas Festival, in aid of the fierman Keliel Association for Sick and "Wounded Soldiers, will be given to-morrow at the Seventh Street Park, commencing atone o'clock. Ther? will be addresses in German and hnglish; and music, singing and dancing, ard in the evening a rich display of fireworks, and gymnastic exercises by the Turner Asso ciation. Death or an Old Citizen.?Daniel Row land, Esq., died ot. Monday at his residence on the Island He had been confined to bis house for several wt?eks. For many years he had be?n a justice of the peace, and was much re. specUd, both as a maeistrate and as a private citu*n. He was hurled yesterday, fnneral services having been performed at St. Domi nlck's Church. Mr.Ulysse? B Wabd, formerly of the New York Herald, and recently one of the reporters of tbe Associated Press, aied at his residence in this city yesterday alter noon, after a short sick ness. Mr. Ward was a Washtnetonlau by birth, (the eon of V lyases Ward, Esq.,) and was mnch esteemed and beloved by a large circle of friends. -?? Correction.?Mr. James Crutchett reqae3ts us to say tbat the boy Larry Crutchett, men tioned in tbe 8tarot Satnrday, for throwing muriatic acid on the dress of a yoang lady named Ella Davis, is not a member of his family. He has but two sons, neither one of whom is named Larry, and they are both ab sent trom the city nr. C. says that there is no Crutcbett iu the United Stales who spells the name the same :.s be does? Crutchett. * SPECIAL NOTICES. Tnt Word "Soxono?T,?- which is fast becoming j a household word, is derived from the Greek and j composed of two words, Soto and (Mattes. "e?->zn" | translated rDe&B* to presT??* and " ixloates," the teeth. "Sozodont," a prvst-rver of the teeth. And ! it in true to it* name, l-'or hp?atifj?rf^ and pre j serving the teeth . hardening and Inriifiratinu tlie 1 Kut?i. and eorrectinij all impurities of the breath, ' it i" without a peer in tbe worn). Foil by Krusgists aud laucy Goods Dealers everywhere; Ice CuiAJi Ice Crk?m ! The nndersienrd beg- leave to inform the public that has aiw?ys on hand a fresh supply of tbe i choicest tia% ors Ice Gucam. \ which he is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, l>otelf?. pir nle*. parties, <-xctir-iouH,anu f.nnili^s. J at the shortest notice and th'? reasonable ' t rail. Jot* 8ch?FHBLt(V I ttfam Ice Cream Manufactor> . No. ?5(i f>tli G and II. Wholesale and retail. Je UMiu" MARRIED, On the 16th instant, at the 15th stre'-t Bipti-t Church. 1>? I>r. Gellett-, Mr. JOHN G. SMITH toMi?pL0t B. McVKV. i llichmond papers please coP*.l DIED. OnTuesda> afternoon, the ?stk in?t,, ULVS5E.-' 13., yountft rt bon ol tuc liev. Uijn^es Wutd, iu tue Uixt yeur of hU ane , The meaibt-r.- nnd friends of the faiuii) are re qnested to attend hi- fnneral fi<nn the roridence of bi4 Uiotb^r-in law. (Mrs. U?terh%> No. 40 I Uth Mreetfest, thin (Wi-dn??sdaj i ?fternoon, at five o'elwck . * ithout further notice. * I ?BORORTOWN ADVBR'M'FS conckut op voo il MUSIC Will. Usj be by the pupils of the Public I FVtiools of CuorpiUiSB. at the lecture r^ouj of tit. Jol.n'a Chnrcb. cerwr of \i nod P.>t ?oiac streets, , utder tin-direction<d VriA.J. H. Uni'iel.oQ *VJiD NKSDAY EVENINO, 25tn lost., c.oumeucic^; at ! fry., oVIocI' Adlin-ai'?n <i<?c,enti,. je '?-'$1 (Y^^NuTICE? LJCFNfiKS - All license* d.f (J^F tbe corporation ot Georretown on the 1*1 Of July next, mnM ba paid within len days of tbut d?te. otherwise they w ill be btrictly cutorM by tlioMetrop litan Police. ie 2 -e?>tJ> 10 WM LAIRD. Clerk_^ I'EOBt.fcTOWN CtiBluKAUON SluUK.-^ 'i'ho?e pt'iKoonwho inn> be di^p^sed to 'pur < i yr? Oe*<< *n Corporatioa . wliici l>ear? an int' reet of si* p<-i cent. p. r aunuiti, payable ?iu?rTeCly. can obt%ut tmlue by nvplyiiii; to V\'.>1. I.A IHD Clerk of said Corporation. _je ?<-dtUa / 'EORULTOWN TlXKS-An abatement "oftax " ' per cunt, v ill be ol vwt-d on the geucral t?x f..r the tuTent year, if pail on or befnn th<> 'ir-'t dajr ol Jn y rest. CllAS, D. WELCH. j? 2'-'tt_ ? Ool.wctur. S EltPOOL FIKK AND GHOUND ALUM, TrfR'f ISLsND. ftA^TTBE?, RvG'K SALT .for horses and cattle. P*rr r'ale by I TROM. DAVIS. Wholesale Dealer iJ snit, Je ? lna* No. ^*3 Water street, (ieor^etuyn. ?ToWINtTPHUMPTLV ATT UN DID To, by tbe ' I'otoiimc Tow Company"* bostn. ' Potoniae." "Oo*. Curtis" wii "IWI* H?*?ii *' apply to tUe Captaias *n beard, or to JOHN 8. DAVIDSON. myU- Watar street. Georgetown . 1 OTDK GEHMANSOr WASBINGTON-I have - now k cured the i>^rvice? of mr Hr.'Moiit <i<r man ru?rtf">t. one who thoroughly und rstunds th? druiraod prescription btialne**, and in Conv*?r eaut in the Oerwan and Kn?!i"b lxii^iiast-* Ger u an* w ithin# their uiedicines carefnUj a'ld accu rately tompounu-d, will no well *o *ivb ni? a i'all. ? ^ J'WirH P WUV^N. P. 8 ?To my oth^r en?to^7) (he pahlle ?eni rally. I n ed only s?* that I hIihII alw?ya*e?r tw l ere'ofore. a well aeleeted Mtock of pijr?- Dr'i^f and VI ernienl*. which t-ball be dispensed ftt a enre hil and ekiliful manner. |e*?-1w* ?!( ' J 9 j). > TD* PUBLIC ARE I1KKKKT INPORMIJ I that th? TNHiN HOT*' . Oe<?i?e a tftv n, D. C.. has recently ch?n?ed haadi?, w? and i? now open to the tra?' liu*.o?m?aa olt>. Th* hotel has been rafuioi*hed wile treme care and taete. Pi ru nr who nre ohii?c?dt J ri ii-Hin la 'lie city daring the mmunr rao?tas wni find the roomsTarije. airy aud eonifurhtMe., fh ? rW??B il' '?'! Is iiruy V mltinPpr rrfe In the ca. froin the Paltimort and Ohio Raiiroad Detx.t Board fz per day. K'C-lm' : ** i uiv ci'; ??I. ft *3 ami ?? ? w , 1 f Rock Creek, in excM-diugly betntiw, It is within twenty minutes' wJk, over a brick the vial ley * " vTT*rw*.j (iitUUir- ? ur. , u?' i c*. u.iba pavemi-jt tbt-e-fourt^ij of the distance, of the raiiioad '^treet cars running lr<jm Georgetown to Washington. Forsalubrity neighborhood, *c*t-ss t>< town nod city, and beaut> of situation, it is un-urpassed. ^pue notice will be given of thf day of Bale. In the mtantime any itiqi'r e? r% > V> Addreseed to me at Georgetown, or J.V. McG UIRE A Co.. ua&bingtou. ? Jeirito'iw W. JtfcUlN, POR trALE OR RENT-A largo -brick HOUSE ? on otb street, betwce'o fl aud J. PogfgHsLoti given at one*-. Inquire of Dr. BOu'AN. No. 4S5 MaBsaccuseftE av. near ith st. je 15-iw* rro RENT?An elegant HOCtsH. w;th Vrowti ? stone front, partially furnished, wl'b ?*!5 raud .'^rroTwireiits. centrally and-phwantly lo cated. No. 44 4 K street. uearthi- r.-? dene- oi Sec rotary Chase, t vet Iter ?ith U'e> uritk table. "? be premises i ot to be rente I for a boarding b' npe. For particulars fbnrtjire 'f Bon ft. K ??'?.n t,"> >r< n>|S1*s. or 0a?6. tfKUME >KLV, ^ street. Pos(ieg-,ion givea imaae'ralely. OmI 'I" ? t? ?n *????? iu???on uu wie ^MningioD o-aoca Vailroa<1. F'?r termnaod <t?Bcrip* H>a? k-fcp'f to M. BAN NGN', 32 Ft. Paul's st,. Baltimore, WJ. )?<Mre* ' F^OR SALE-A smsll brick H017SB eood mi?4 I<OT,< outlining luur rooms and. ?wotr kifc]n n. St'i-iited > u 4th street, beiwe'jn S an-1,0, Wor particular inquire atGrilB8' Bai1- Stare, *J49 l'a. *v ^near l?th St. Je 17-lm |^QH fciALE-A comfort a hie UUiOiv R*SI ? PFNCK, having ten rooms and a g>od cellar, well fnrtiifclied throughout, and in thorough re pair. wiU' ?at-. water, heating ra< fe, and **?.rT rrf"<!ern convenience Immediate p.-n?egsioo. The furniture ;ind r>rop irty Hi fee for $3 ?> fl. MITCHELL A *ON Real Estat* Brokers 8. a corner Pa. av. and 15th fet Je i ? eoSt (Uhropictc l rpHTRTY-PTVa HUNDRkIT DOLi.***?- Pm4 I aaie, STOCK. flXTlIRES. U00i)-W1M. ?nd ih'e? > earg* L i A?E of a w?-Ti fltt-*d up Restaur ?nt i o Pei>caylv?;>iaaTe&ue.( thirtoba tooaW.'n<iw ,a 8. K. comer P?, av. and 14th ftn?et, Je 10-eolm Wanhfcgt^'^' ROf?W? ^5"r REKf.? Comfortable aud w-U fwrniahad Hoorn* ?t 4AT? Kth street, (i and H ?U. Th? location U cne of the inoi?? d^ riirabU in t'.i# oitr. myJM-ti FOB KW*j aM> fcAi r, ETRHISliFO *oo?j_, rrSdiwTIr. ? sitffle rovu.B at 103, Uth alri tU betwe n (? a(Tl "? . ? ? je Ti it? i 1/OK BRNf1.-(?n ltd atr^-t.4 doorx iKWtta of 1, I one of two neatly furoii-rinl front KJNJMii, ?r?i aiw sec; nd teors. Voansf geatiemen only ap P'y. ' . ' ? ~Jc 2>-:4t* rf QTt SAT.K?A fine RtJ^INRa'< in the Sutlerin^ c?-partiT'#n?; t.*-" of the city. Ifo hnw>bn? InqMireat *2/?S Pa .v.,between Pant II o cbjcV. or T^b*?<4h? flf 'his *i?ek. 1^ C*OR "SAI H KHAmK HurtU) kad J l OT.on D Ktrint? n*-ar 14th. 1Iou?i> Jnrit 8o i3he<l A Ko?tt It eation. and w^tcr convnni?rrt, a i j.iy on the vroiawea* to J M filbL^ 1??^ A partiallr furnisbod RO^)M, on ? ' iZ r,44'r uf ' him) V tre!>l-i; eui' r.Vle ft r an cif?ic?; for. a Paymaster <?r Dent'nt; only two square* f/oiu Pchn, vTc-nue. A|>iuv. 7>ri the premlheii. .. it* L^OR HENT-A vi.ry ^i?Bhl? RRIOK t>tT8LL ? ING, rontainitJtr six nj -ma, ?itnHl^d o?i ".'Otb ?trpet h??twe?i! u art?i P s^e^t* Awply t" WAL TER LINIilKS. on the premises. To a perfjiaricnt 1 f?nht<t tpp re nt will t>? 29 J^OR l!ENT?0n<? URTC'K liOl'SK, font kitting (? " rooms, situated ori P street. n Atii aad ftbftB. north. Apply to T. HOLMD'48, on ?h" cr>.TPyr 'Oi aiij P bt?. The betit of riftr?;nfnj Will le required biajj-2t* Ij'OB F X LK?Two HO(jK OASE8. sey^ral rare I PLA8TKR meiw *t?rNTi;H'S r"?,f Arl?i qnarian Bookstore, ovpr bank of Washin^t?>o. which {rreat stock o' B okn and Corioftitiei* now reosovi a to opposite GromV Tb?>at-r. J" g' ?t- AL?RKD IfUNTBR. HOI-f K FOR RENT-Ni-a,- th? corner\>f 23i awl I. Apply at cornerofK ?id'.wth ?t< 'I'HRFE J-OOM9 F?)R RRNf-lMce J2' per M n onth payable in a4TaBW. at No. Ktreet. between U and H. >?3-3t* ?|>0 LKT-fhe SKGAR ?TAN? in the'United ? yatr" Hot?l, P#nm?yliania ai?Bue. Je 28 ?t* ?. TlrHEE>URWISHED R K>MS FOR BENT, ON I KleTenth street, between (i ani Fl. N<? 4 11. First cla-s boarding housenwt-door. R(K?M (? by ?? ) FOR RENT KOR~/VFKW months. Suitabla for atofagy. fair, Ac, AppiT ?t no, <!4 Pa. aTenae, before 9 a. in. or after 3 p.m. Jo28-3t* LX>R REN T?Part of a FURN I dH K D HOUS K at ? a Tvr) low price, to a rood tenant, consisting of parlor, diniDg-rnom, kitihen. two large bed rooms, two a'tic rooms, for the summer Apjily at 41 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. jo 28-St Fv0R8ALE?WITH IMM?Df ATE"POSSE^^ION. Th?< three story BRICji H(?U?1E. (and l.ot.' No. 539. 9th street. Island, between D end H streets. It contains nin? rotais, and is in all ra sper's a d^cirable residence and oropcrtv. Apply toff.D. WALLACH.8tar Offic-. > V tf HAN DSCMRLY f URN I8R Bi) ROOMS TO RENT.? A nice Bed Rnom with pri v'4ege ot' usirg a kitchen, very suitable for afna.ll family. Also, a large handsome Parlor, on reasonable tt-rnm Location excellent, heiujr midway between the dppartments. Apply at, No. 334 G tween lyth and.'3th. j? as at? L OK SALE?A RESTAURANT, with a lea^?* of I hveyears. Rent fJ6 per ni . nth. Reason f..r selling, the proprintor goiug Wwit luqniro 10th atrret, adjoining Fork's Thea'or. 1e Z7-?.r r|'0 RKNT-A GBOLl'RT AXD LIQUOR .STO,?K, -1 doing a good bu.siness a!| present. Th? rt'aPonrf for reltlng the own-r k-A^ ing the city. Inqaireon thi prenuseo, No. 394, corner 9th aiid I trtreet Je ^7-4t* . J I/GR SALE?The 8TOUK and"p*XTUR'E857r"? Grorery Store, doing a gmod hnsiaes^. ou the Island The proprietor intending to change his business is the only reason for otfi ring it for r.-.le. For particulaacall at f?99 7ib strati. b>f. Vir ? gir-ia avenue and 1> st.. Ir!?.nd. jo^-'t" F'OR RENT?One large ROOBtTzs^ySS feet, Weill j calculated for :i shop or-iti.rerrio.Ti Also . x?v . oral other K00M8, we?l ralcciatfd Tor lawyer's, doctor'a or agency offices Likewise, a amall1 STOREROOM, ?i bv 20 feet. Inquire yf A. f.Kt.M i MEI.L, No. 363 O street north,between 4?s aud I 6tb streets. j?2T :5t ] F'ORRKNT-^ HAHBOIImrg-Xtd (|...! bleeis-rnom BRJCK HuUSKS, on 4i< aireel, i Isliind, No. 170 and ItiH, boVweetjn Virginia ave- ^ ?-nueand E street south. To permanent tenants ' the rent will be moderate. Inquire ? n the prem I i-e-. precisely between 9 aud lu o'clock iu tbo I mornini^ ? j |^*01i RENT?A new three-story CIOK IlOUfcE, i containing eleven rooms ani all modern lin- i vroveinents. Tho bonne is situated ou Maryland avenue, between 4?a und ('.th c-trcels. No. 5l<?. Pos scssion given iuamedintely. For further particu lars apply a? No 4t?(j Pa. avenue, between 3d and ?I.1! sta., north side. je 27 3t" I BURNISHED OB CNFURJNISRED P.OO>H~fb let, on auf-ommodating terms; 35G H street, corner <'f 14th 't. Apply immt'diati ly. je 25 lw* fcH R RENTFour "or"fit* well FURNISHED ? ROOHc, together with one large parlor oo 2d ?oor, together or separittely. R.-nt moderate to good tenants. Apply al9t:<4 H street, bvtWi-eti lC'th and 2 Ih streets t.. Z't-'tt L^OR RENT?Several BOOMS in No. *, 4^Ht. ? These rooms are well furniihed, and have ail tbe modern improvement*. Tbo lower part of the houfe. together with the rear building, wi'l be rented separately. This part will afford ample farilities lor acccpamodati&g forty table boarders Jh . 4-lw' \ ERV VALUABLE PROPERTY IN THE REAR . OF THE NATIONAL HOTEL.?Wo offer at Private Sale Lot No ?. in ?qnare No. 490. fronting 56 feet 4 inches on north 0 street, between 4'? aid <5th street west, and running hack about ltfl fe?t to a 31' foot wide public alley, with a Brick building. Ions and favorably known as the "Washington rath House." The central location of this valn&hle property renders it very desirable for busineM purpixiet, and we invite the particular attention of cayitaiiflts aud businessmen to the sale je 24-6t J AS. 0. McGUIRK A CO For rent-a barrik shop and^fTv" TUBES, with a good run of ens torn. Acply at No. 49 Bridge street, near Washington ?t ,?jeor?r town. Will be ret ted on account of changing business. jeM-6t' jP?OR SALE.- A three story BRICK HOC^K. con 1 taining six rooms, situated on a corner lot 121 feet front by inn fe?-t deep on Ipt street east, be t**eii I aqd li street? north, will be sold reason aoiy for ca'.h. Apply ?.n tbe premises, je23-4w" fni RNISH ED ROOMS KOR RENT -^Roo^lr" ? ^LKle/lr '? K>?ts. suitable for offices, with br without board, at 43^ G street, between 7th and M." ats. The house contains bath room, water and S&1)- *'ftpje poardcifl can also be accommodated, i v 2S-lw* fl^OR SALE.?A neat frame HOUSE of sir rooms, No. 4ttd K street north, between '?th and l>'th Btroets west, (near Northern Liberty Market,) re paired throughout. Persons wishing a residence in a besltry and good neighborhood, good *vater, near to-pmrket. chv ears and the public buildings VrMI pba'e call aDd see it. Possession given at time of vurcbase. Title inifi^put^Vile. Inqntreof J. ?. KELLEY, on 8th St., near I st. jf: 23-lw* FBURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT ?To gentlo meo only. 506 9th i-treet, one door from Pa. avenue. je 22-tf. / 1 L T ~P~T 0 N~ V> uN TUL USIGHTS Oi GEORGETOWN, FOU SAL*. 1 nvail r,-.vsfdf of this mode of answering the nmaerous inquiries that have 1 .-.en ma^le whether this beautiful residt-nce of the late Col. EUet i.s for Fa'e'! It will be sold under a decree of the Supreme CYurtof this District (rendered necesrary iu.ocin sequrtire of the minority of vwo of his remaining three children, and of their minority) about the end of the ensuing month of July. For the information r f those *vho may tj"t be (aciiliaT with Clifton, bnt who may d> sir? ai altraafiyo sul urban residence, combining the advantages of city ana country life. I state that it is situated in the center of our Heights, and contains about forty-five acres of Unil. hig-ily improved, and planted. within the tftst siv or seven vr-ars, wjr.h the choicest fruit andijruamental trees, haviniran excellent dwelling nousj of nine or ten over?wi"s .potta^e deta.'lied. Irrte >?arn. slablee. and other appropriate oat building-, with good fences, nearly ail of tb?-m new. It is ?tirroundt>>l by tbe splendid residences ot Tudor Plane, of Gen. Hail-'ck, Mrs Boyce. Mrt< Rarbrr. E. M. Lint hi - cum. Esq., and others, ai d adieiroi on I'm north the groprda attached to the residences of Mrs. Libthicum and Mrs Boyci;. and U el-?<ited. eom n.anding a view of all ot them. ?v*el- as of the picturesque valley ol Rock fclreek, "f 'Va-h ingl'-n the Heights ot Arlington.and thePoitfumc river. Tb?. view of the City of V^ss'jini' >n acri??s kuHAAIN - + ' k-' '< i HOW is TOUR CHANCM. ;' *w *ale, a wary d?at*ahl* Httte i.- ti H V A 1 M . : containing aWnt 3b ivriae of Und ia a geotl atAie of - cnlti*ati<>8 A*** wrii *Atered,si?-iAted ?>i VAirfax c?nnty V?.; nrijoiniriy Arlington K?rn?, 4 mile* distAntfrom ft ??hirirton pit* an 1 inN 20 minutes walk to Ge' rartawn ?>*rkct Apply ?<? jhhk h. tcckbr, ! ft tishiiietoB eity, No. 141 aonih H si.,: ?e 17-eoflt* Island. I^R^ALE-A-large iLnd *eJ!-bfcut thr*estory r BRICK BOl Slcrw fb ba? hui'dinff, M". t J I W street west, between P. and C ImmediAte u'.xeu Apply to OH ARl.K* H. LANK. Ave Mil-, ? ? ' ? ?' - L iL KENT?1? tcnUeiuctj, ifcu ?uri???ii-d r CHAMBERS, T.. I. TeF, flit* IwjJlhy near th?? State Dapartinn*? mid L.iJATttte ? Par*, 4">f? New Vopk and forty y*i'U ev?t - of 'be t*0rfw ?-ara r\i:>ni*,s it?cb the 0*pltol to Georirctowu. RvUt Inw. )e a tf F^HiR RKNT?A Itr^ STORK; gooiM^tion (or eonfectionery in iwcrw? ssdoon. Inq lire at i. tbe *torr. ,t1-Q I stree)., iqe*L. - i jeti-lm AVANTS. w WANTED- A good FOREMAN, in n R'lkerv, Apply nt the #t?* Office. je 2J-1t* ANTED?A sober aotire WaTTBR to take cbsrei- of tbedinlfri;rimm. One who ;">as e* ppjif-nre h> a rnKtnuriuit preferred. Apply afrthe. | rauiuiore Depot Kefrv>biuent ttvims. jo VV A^TED.-^Ar^rpwMSbi# WHT NURSE. with , t^ut child. Inquire nt 117 Prid^e t-lwet, Georgetown, D.C. heferencfr required and trood Mde^pjfid. ? ' it* VV a respeetaWe mtrried woman, a T , cll.ATlON as wetnurse. Apply At No. 4"*4 sti^H north, bttarecn 2dand 3d eta. west, Eng lish Hi 1. je?-2t* WANTED ?By a respectable Woman a Sl'fuX^ Tl Ufil as cook; uo objection to asaistin-Wash ing and ironiuc, or cook In a restaurant. PleMP call at 431 E street, 2<1 dour Iroui 7th street. Fancy gtore. ' U* YJkT ANTED?A stout, active B<)Y, to ?8f>ist in my ?? bo< ksture, which i? uow in eouri>t> of remoTnl to opposite 0rover's Theater, between 13th and 14th streets. Books bought and aold.*a u?n*l. AT.FKED HPNTER, je g>-3t* Over the Bank of Waahingtoq. \V ANTED?A <1IHL fat ?ekier#l housework. ' * Inquire at FRANKLIN'S, 244 Petin ave nneT between 12th aud nth sts. "Je 4H it* V%? ANTED IMMEDIATELV-A lir?t claw OOL V*! 0R15D COOK. Apply at 38'J ? street, near Urover'tj Theater. Je21-Jt* WJ ANTED?Bv a respec'.aMe younr girl, a 81T *? nurse or ta 4o ?h?tnberwork And awint in washing and ironing. Callat 3->0 luth st? bet. li and M. je WISHT'O BORROW ?HOO.-Oood Security or ? deed of trust 'will be iriven, if required. Call at No. 547, E street, between 9tli audi th, Navy Yard^ . , jejK 3t^ W" AN TED?At the United States Hotel,'a MAN to assist in the bar Ant make himself *en<?r ally.useful in the hotel. Also, two colored Bell Boyp. je 2S-2t* M)At'11 MAN WX?iTE1>?None need -apjHv who > cannot bring natistactory tesl.inmniaN of char acter and competency. Apply between 9 and 12 ? .Vlocte, to J. DENT. 4^0 l.Ultai. je^s-iw' \A7 ANTED?A white MAN a? bead waitor, a|s?., ?? a white woman ns chauibermai11 nb'd two c>l- | ornd men i\n oyste r opcnero. Inquire at the Mitch* 11 House, comer iith niwl^E i? _ \\r ANTEI^?A\i nil., to do housework iu a faon ? ? ily consistinu of two persons f>nlv. A.wr man preferred. To one well recommenced aB"oi bonru-atid pav wilt hit tfiven. Inquire at MADAM W rr.TEN 4?iti I'a. Avt-nu?; between and .Sd f>tt. . .. _ _^ H0( SK iS"A.NTED.?Want^iv'by a permAnr nt tenant, an Tcfuruished H'jii- e. ni a pVasnnt location,in Wasliifi<^foa ot.Georgetown. Ismily -nialT: no cMTdren. All answers to this mu^l p> ? itivi ly staTr- term. Which must not be ov<>r'per month. Address "IS. V. B"x. Itt.1.:,. W?sliinit lon V. 0. , WANTED- A stvad5 WOHaN. Wiio in a li>?t ** ela-sc?ok,to so five miles in the ecuntry. The liitfh< .?>? waee^ ijiven to one who suits. Al^o, a (? H A M B K H M A T D tow aan atnt iron. One who uTidtr^taucls her basiDess, irone others need apply. Arp'y 444 5th et., 6et?tb?j Aredao and D strf't. x \\T ANTED.-A jjf.od giicon.l ?:OOK and a v,-sret.v f* hie c<,k at43t? fc-Lreet. eearltb. j?27:!t* \\7 ANTED ? A reliable Prr.tefitant WHITE VV WOMAN, to tsfeersre of child 3 ? Boom ?>?, Kb tilt Ho.ul^c. . \irANTED? A VOCT1I fr. ni 16 to is y ftr-oTHKe W to learu the DriijrBusiue?+. Mus'cocie well recommeudod. Tuqiuie of J. R. MA.fQR, cijrner 7tii and H streets. .10 ^ -3t fde^R V AI NT E li- ? WANT KD two good BOL'HE II A^DS. Hiirheftwa^s ei^en. M. T. PAHKER \ CO.. je 27-3t* 69. LonisiAna >r.? bet, mhaud ~i h. ANTED IM,MBDlATiiLY-1?<? sood ;col or^d' WMTIR?. A'so. cue 1CK ( Rf-AM MAKER. Apply at No. ltiti I'oun9>liaaiaavenue, between 3d and streets . OT;.ur.wo jetf-at' F 81 M0N8. X\J AN TED? A good w?iitaor colored JorUNEY f* MAN BARHHH. to work from 7 a m. to 7 p. ra. Apply at No. Uii 7th stret-t, belwoeu R and ?, between 7 and 9 f -m- ? _ v je 27 ft* K. K ARTELL. ANTED?A GIRL or middle a-j-'d WOMAN to do general honswwurk for a kiuaII fAmily. No cuo need apply uuluu w? ll recouirneuded. Ap ply immediately at 1^*1 lotlistreet, between DauJ E streei a. ^ WANTED- LittloliOLiSK w ith fir-it do?r tuita blo for miliiperv thop, or roota on -ccond flflor, cr if pipeible Irttt^ storg. well located. In quire at DEM"NuE0T'8 Ilutnftn Hair 8iore.cor ner D c.nd 10th streetj, near tha avenue, je 27-6t* ANTED?Olio hundred IIOKSEri to pastur.?, in Princw Oeorge's county, Md. Price Sd per month torBiugl* borie, by the qnantity <5 per month. Inquire of J. BEASLBY, o'Z Lcui?i^tia cvenue, Washin^t-on. j.}27-aw- .MRS. M. M. 8CUAAFF. 11/ANTKi.1 -COL'NTRY JvESIDBNCE or COUN* ? ? TRY BOARD. T.ocafion and "omforts of tho frreatest iinpo?ti?ncfl. Terms secondary c<insid? r ation. Will rent whole or part of hout'.'. or boay 1 ?with the family Number? m%n. wife,four chil dren, and two Servant,-.. Addww PostOffiC". **< * 47a. Wfcabitntioo, P. C. Je 27 3^ HOl'SE WAM'ED?In a central location, * itil about 1 or )2 rooms Will buy lesso ar.d tur nititn'. Apply to W. L WALL tc Co., Auction and Commission Mereliauts, south corner Penn. ave nue and yth street. _ _ j'L"? WANTED?1,000 LADLED to eoine an I buy the same uuaiber <;f Eaabroiderad Yok-iS and Fleevea, B^nd^ and WTapp^rs. Wis have reduced the pr'ue one? fourth, and now offer then, cheaper tbnn ever. PRINCE, je 21 tf 3*1 F st., opposite Patent Office. V771f(iOD miANlTK cLTTE113 WANTED at iv the Che-tout Street Bridge. Wasesfaptl day. 1'ay c very 11. 0 week s. CLAKK, McGKANN ,1 KENNEDY, je tV2w tjoutraciori, Philadelphia. WAN T E D-HECOND HAND PCRNITURE. Alko. MIIibORs, OAhPElS BEDS. BED DING. and UOUSEFl'RNf SUING GOODSofvvery description. It. BUCHLY 4tt* 7tb street, je 8-rf between G and H,east eld'*. EH AAA LADIK8 WANTED TO CALLAT Otl.tMMf PRINOE'8 8fampinB Depot, W ? street, oppoaitfl P?tent Office, And get their Stamp ln?, Stitcr.ine, Pinkiua and Embroidury dene. As there are other Richards in the field, ladirs better look out that they come to_ prince'*, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be yon (,'<> to F street, opposite Patent Office. mn 4 W^^iLUIINGl ~ FLUTING! . _ WANTED, Every lady In the District to know that I have, ?t considerAbto expense^ had baUta Terv elegant machine for Fluting or Crimpiug Dressea. &c. DrenHmakersand others Can ha > e any kind of eodds Crimped at short uotice. ia as aood style, and as cheap as in any other city. L.-vdTes, remember this iB the only niaohiae in towt. and done at the only place to yiit stamping done. 3!*l -F street, oppo site PatentOffice, 8t&iupin4j aud Machine JStitcb lair Depot. my 3 Ht W F IREW0UK8! FI REWORKS!! The largest ursoriment in the "CTtv. FLAGp-I ,FLAUii:: -?-.siJ 1.. moU of slMinds. LA^tBiaJ LANTEKKfeU . ^ for niamiBatifcn*.&c. ;-if- sbi'Jt -?_J1 A ^ /rfi ? t>! Roman Candlas, SirhibUirtn^Pieee?, Scroll VV heels, ?' '' FVre Crackers," Skv Rockets, :*i:- Pulling Crackers, Pin M'fceele, ?' 1 Toi^edoes, TrlanBl^ii; ,J Flotillas, Yc-rticai Wheels;, ? CUtne^^ n jial s, s Saxoc Wheels, ' -tire B?l'loons, China Flyer*, i'orOsiinont., Fiyinp Pigeons, - Cracker Pretoli, St-rpents, j > Torpedo and Cr?cker. Pis Grass Hoppers * tols combined?a new Flower-Pfts, '? ' 'tifti?tte, Blue Litrhts, - ! Trancpiirent Lanterns, Bcneola Lights. ??.! Tty Dramst Mllil'b, . I * ' . 1 ' t :? COME'EVERYBODY f and ge^ rour stippHes for the ?LORItirS FOrRTH L :"d .00 fr>MB*ke great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRB-W0RK3 DEPOT, 30C E STREET, NBAR FOT^RTFteNTH. Dep<>t for Boswtll ? Warner'b celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR, ,<y T>^ Tradf ttgpplied. je li-2* jnjr _ri_ i.mphoyb voiir eye vjr sinht by the une of the eel ebr?l*<l PKHKl-Kaiid P4ki?H'Fic ?PBdr*ct?9,uni versally Hckn-'??I-d?"d w t*?? bw' for SraKsoTH fi C(? . Optiniurt - 1 444 Fennvylvaaia ar?nw. bet. 12th and 13th st3., a*** Penrisytvanla sveimt. uftder the P1F.1.D GLARES. OI'EKA ?LA?S*?- ^MfOfg) ?0<'PEF. TMFHVOMKTKKS. WT**?Ol?COKll5, ? HOTOGaAPH Al.BrM8.CAfcmi DM-ViilTE. 4tC., In a4tt'*at variety, and at ihe lewest prices. Jfitj, ,_i_ : 1_ - ? | ptitai pyg k?w. Tti^QftRAPHtfiXc w,\n ? KAf-fT4-TTTE *?TTH*RN tsrATKv. with> Chrocoic-s y of the Great Re' ?UI?n' (!<insnt*. >414 F&ANCK TAYLO 4LfCTlON SAJLKh. >vtl? Mh iw first pt|?. tMH AFTf.ttWtM>3| tWI>TO.MORROW gT J. o. RcOriRl. k_C0.. ^elio^r.. KXTSNlKITI Of Fills T^HLDIV^lotB FBuNTIKtt TTH AM? 6TB BTtaftrg Wi* ?fA.?ir.v4"',i> *'???? On WXDNBdDAY, Jan* 2Ha. ve ib?r. tell, in ttogt of the premises. ?l4o'c'ock, p m..?*rt of (vtrrNu 44?. subdivided icto h&bdicm* L\U4 iii? Lot# reunl:i* to* ley?. This fr'-pertT '? *fc. **ed only one Miner* from the RailMa* Depot, o. 7th "tree , in a tferivic* and fast Improving ixir( of tbe cty Term;: Oae fmirtk etfhi balance in t. 11, 18, aid St months, for notes, bearing iotecani from date A deed givsn free of eost. Aid died of trust, at <f?r>*t t>f the purchaser, ttken. T t't ol-ar ^ Plat* of the Square nsiy be fmii it tbe Auetlea Jy'n-4 (Repl J. O. McGUIRE 4 CO.. Auets^ |?Y JAS. ?. McGUIRH 4 CO., A?ctinx>eer?, YBU8TBK'ff BALI Of nT??B flFUDlNO LOT? P^.lfrT 8Tb#: Iff WB8f AT TBI OOtiNBR OF V>TKKKT. OufcELNlK'DAY AFTKRNOOM. July nth. at <?)* o'ci** k. ou :he premises, by virtue o( a 'iewl <>f tr it, dated Hay ?tb, loST, ami <talv re>!u.-de? in ljbri J. A S , No. 1*3 MiOs jp. et s*a , We 'shall ?"el1 *11 f-f tot No 6 in *t:tiar* Ifo H38, rvntine feet on First west at the corner of ?.?m t ti D ijtreet ana rut unrig hark vo leet, subdivided into a fc'r IMflo and on* Lot ftixgo.' ' Terms oast, . C< nvey anr?* at the coat of tbe pu rcbater. A cash payci?--toffa? on each lot will require J at the time of sale. HORATIO N. GILRBRT.TruM** J*g-d ? J C. M GUI HE 4 CO. Ancts. |^Y ORE IN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneer*. TWOIIANDPOMK BUILDING LOTS IN ?QUARB H4B. FRONTING ON FIFTH AND SIXTH ?T*. EAST. HRTWKBN SOUTH A ANB B STKKKTS. On HBDNWHAY, 19th instant, we shall sell in Treat of tbe premises, at 6S o'clock p in., naif" Lf t 13 and 17 feet of Let 6. in Square JM*. One of theeelofs fronts 2?; feet Sinche*. on -Ith, and the other 17 feet two third inch on Ath street east, be tween south A and B street*. A handsome loca tion. and under substantial fence. Title rood. Terms rash. All conveyance, including revenuo stamp?, at XZ'r 'bRV? k WILMAM3, B" W. L. WALL 4 CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPBOVB1) PROPERTY ON PKNN BYLVANlA AVENUE AND THB C1KCLB AT AUCTION. _ ^ On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 2T.b instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of ta? pTVmise*. Loi No ?.subdivision of Sqnare 27. frontius24 feet on the so ath aide of Penn avenue and run ning hack to K street. between 24th and 25th sts.. near the Circle, and improved by a two-*t?ry a-d basement Brick Dwellins, furnished with pas aud water, and in good repair. Possession given im mediately. Terma* One half in daih: the remainder in 6 and 12 months secu ed by deed of truat on the piemiseo, and Leaving interest. je23-d w. L. WALL A CO , Anet*. B Y J. C. McOUIFE 4 CO., Auctioneers. BEAUTIFUL BUILDING LOT ON MASSACHU SETTS AVENUE. BETWEEN lOTU AND 11TH PTRKET^ W'lfT, AT PUHLIO SALE. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON.. June 23. at fi', o'clock, oti tlie premises, we shaM sell Lot No. 16, in Subdivision N0.S4S, fronting 25 fe?t 1 inch >n tbe pnblh sido of Massachusetts avenue, between |i tb and ilth street* wuat. and running back S3Te?t 4 inch* s. TiiiK in a choice bajlding lot. fronting ou a fine aytnne, with a public reservation in front, iu a healthy and beautiful part of tbe city tor a r?si dence. and possesses the advantage r.f fine pave<l alley i/ln the rear and the entire depth of the lot on tbe east wde. . , .... Terms: orr halt "a^h. the remainder in six and twehe inouinfi, with interest, socared by a deed on the preniis??8. , ConvejattceRattti'- cost r f the purchasers, ie 3-6t J. C. McOUlRK 4 CO., Aucts. BY W. L. WALL 4 CO.. Auctioneer*. gouthweft corner I'a av. ami 9th st. GKOCIIilKS, LIirOPf .CTfi ARS and TOBACCO, On THUR8DAY MORNING,' June 3(1, at 10 O'clock, T.-e will sell at the Auction Rooms? Chest* Tea. boxes 8peria and Adamantine Can 'dle* Barrel* CoflVe au.l >n ?: or do Uoxen CauniaFrnita awt M?*t? . . B.>xeP Brown. Yellow and (Wtile ?oai> B< Starch, Yea>t Powders, and Cheew Boxes Ginger and Cinnamon Cases Whisky. demijolina Brandy and hihk y SO boxe* Coffee Boxes Havana Tobacco and Cigars -; 1 2ft boxes prime Chewin? Tobacco 12 grf ?s Natural Leaf Tobacco OcfaTe* and quarters Brandy, Cases Janjftica RS?son'- XXX. Old Bonrhon and other brands Barrets Whisky, various hrandd : ? pipe Holland Gin 2"barrels Apple Br&ady , 50 cusesClaret Wcas*nQ'Mswaret Undershirts and Clothing A quantity of Small Stores tnd sutlers' Good?. TeTina cash. WM ^ WALL fc c0 kn?u ?>Y JAS. C. McGUlBE * CO.. Auctioneer*. EXCELLENT ANDXEARLY NBW HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS. On TnURHPAY MORNING. June Dth, at lj> o'clock, at house No. 318 F street, b 'tween 11th and 12th street's,v a shall Bell the Furniture and Effect* of a sentb 'nan about to remove from the city. We name, In part? _ ? Handsome Csrved Walnut Parlor Suite, com prising Medallion Sofa.Easy. Rocking,and^Pa,'lot Chairs, liDi9hed in green reps Carvd Walnut Chairs with cane seats; Canton Teapoys; RIarbie tr* Center and Sofa Tables; new Brusselri, Three, ply and Ingtain Carpets, Ru^a. Oilcloth^superioj Matting; entirely row Oak Dining rab'"*y*<l Cha;rs* Pat?nt Rofri?erat?r; Sideboard; vraiu i'rench China Dinner. Dessert and_Tea Ware Glars Ware, Castors. Table Cutlery' Watniit Bod (.toads. Bureau-). >Vushstands ana Wardrobes Pa'titci Cottar Suites, Wanlrobeg Mattr**|i5$* BolsteA'und ?fliows; C-oMnc and other Stoves Tosttb'-* wi^h a genertl assortment of kitCQSC requisites. je 27 J. C. McGUtBB & CO., AncLs. BMAYCK'8 OFFICB. J une 2.1.1S? Y VIRTUE OF AN ACT OF THE- CITY COUN cila and in itccordance therewith, I shall otfor fl>i f-ale, for cash, to the highest bidder, on Thursday the SlUh instant, in front of tbe City Hall.atth' hour of 12 B1., th'1 exclusive right and privilege ol using tbe several Corporation Scales until the I si day of July, IV/i. for the purpose of weisliinit Hay, fetraw, Fodder Oats in the Straw, *nU Live Stook, situated at the following p acta: No. 1. K trreet north, at it? intersection witb Ytlttvut av-rLue and K'th street went. No. 2. avenue, between 9i.h and K)tu streets west. . No. 3. Io (roat of Northern Market, at intersec tion of Nen Yvrk avenueand K street north. No. 4. Corner of Mar>is-aii avenue and 3d swecl east. f , _ No.*>. Id frentol'Anaeobtfa Enain? Hons*. In the vicinity of the dopotof the Balti more and Ohio ltniireart. ? No. 7. At the fooi of 11th Hreet west on the Po fumac river. .. ? No.\ A1 tbe foot of 3d Ftrei-teaston the Eastern The following is the tariff of rates which th( purchasers are entitled to receive: For every load of lav. fit raw, fodder, oata in the straw, weighing one thousand pc-iinde or less, 25 cents; over one thousand poui.ds.5 cen s; and for each and every bundle, bale, or packneo of tbe same, 10 cents; foi weighing live btock. two cents for crery hundred pOtlLluS. Ps-rtirs purchasing will be required to comply with all th" provinons of the aet approved 2)st bruar,. 1??, entitlod ' An act to establish puh lic ba \ hcales and for other purpose*." ja2.vdt2l' Kit HARD WALLACH. M^yor. |JY J. C. McGUIRB 4 CO., Auctioneer*. TRUHTErgSALBOF REAL ESTATE. OnlUESlTAY AlTERNOJN, Julv 60'clk at tte Auction Boooisof Jas. C MieGair* &C0-. bi virtue of a deed of tmst fVoni Joho P?trick, dat?d Febioary 2d 1863. a d duly recorded in Liber J. A fc .Nt-.??. folios 811. et. eeq., one of the Land Rec oil* iur WarhiKKton county. D. C., we shall wL U?e fetat lulft f Lot No. 9,1a bquar* No.65d. Ttr?a*c*sb. ,? . ^ Oo?.t of cenrerftnce* and *'*u>ps to be paid by the pmelifeer, JVM. H. ( Tra?eM je.|ft>*w&ds J C. McGL'lRB 4 UP.. A act* 1XD18 IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the sub 1 scriber has obta'mtd from the Orphans'CiHirl of Washington County, in the District of Coltun l ia. Inf ers G'eUm?i?tary on th* p-ir*onal e*tate ol Richard J. Oltinents, late of W%>tiingtoa City, V C.. deceased. - All per>ona havii x claim* agiiuf! the said deceased, are hereby waraeqeto exhibit the fame, villi the vouchers thereof, to th*> aub n.riber, on <>r before the4tbday of June nti< th'y mriy othtxwi ..<> bylaw be excluded from all tmefit cf tbe said estate. , Uivta under ?i> Laud thi*4fchda> of Ju>e,18J|, MALVINA R. CLEMENTS Je 11 tr3w* Execntnx. '1'nTe IS TO GI\ E NQTIUE. That the sub^CN I her bas-obtahied frotn flie Orphans'* Court _??! VVashiegton couu'y, in the District of Columbia, Utter* of administration on the personal estate of Jan e? Magee.;l*K\of WgshiagtoD eoflnty, I> C, deceased. All persons having cla'roi< ftifiinct the ssid deceased art hereby warned to exhibit the ssii e. w ith thevouchera thereof, to tbf subscrlbef, oi> 1 r before the 2li>t <iayofJJune nc\t; they may 1 therwhp by lab he excluded from all benefit of tbe raid estate. , five. umU-r ?,r Ua?.I je?2-1aw3y* Adiuinistratri <. fI'HIS 18 TO GIVE NOTICB. Thjttthe?ubscrK J bar has ootuined from the OrjihiuiB'Court- of Washington County, in the Pi*trietof C'dumtjin letters teMamentary on the peruopal eatatvof Ma ry Key Wallace, late of Washington City. D. C deceased. All persons having-claims a?aitt*ttfte s*id deceased, are hereby w^rued to exhil/it the frame, with tbe Touchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or tefl-re the 4tbda> of Juu? ocxt; thay oaey otf-^rwise bylaw be excluded frcm all benefit ojf theudd estate. -? ?? Given under my band this 4tb dar of J una. teSl. ^ FRANCES B. W. WALLACE, je 8-wSw* Executrix. A l-DUDON'B BIRDS OF NORTH AMBRtCA. *?? rpy*J octavo of text, aod im inecnihwiit lbl>o Tohjnrs of plates. ri?t*e 27 bv # binding. For sale?on* copy only *?>*? FRANCE TAYLOR the Ilth street wharf Apply at the Hull jggfc Loft r>ear tbe wharf, of BARNES 4 BUN, Je W-2w* AUtrrtiN saLes. PITLAK DAYI. |^Y W. 1". WALLA CO., Auctioneers. TftUSTBK* 8Al.K OP VAT.UARLWPROPHET!. .Hyvirtnwof a'd*cr?*e pasted 4n rh?n '?'rrrb No. tf.St.preme Court of the District efC?la>nbK, I shall offer for at public auction to thr higk e*t bidder, on W KDN K.-KA v. t V .\Vliat ?f Jnr?e. 1^4, at {> n'clock p. m.. ail of L"t* nu nWrfl eleven apd'tVirt(IV) in Square nu>u bcred tine bundled and sixty, f'H'M lying hoJ Mngiatheei'y or Wasbieg'en In theD^trTet of WIiibH*, front :n* on r.orth 0 ?tre<t, hetwo?n 1-. In nuti lit h litre, t* . The sale to take plate CiU th?' pre mis*-*. Terms of cash. conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser or rurOas-ra ? P*u-default of any pnrehaaer or pnrehaser* to it- rt soia a. the expense <?f th-; dvfanltin* rurcha tcr, npun c>t:(n three t!ay?' further notion ?ML?L L. PHILLIP*. TrusWe. rry lT-dts W l,. WAU A CO., AucU. ?^"TPE aPOVF S*le" T? rn?TP INWn' Tr? TIirWPDAV ?CTER!N* .-etof* hi (I ?ill be sold at the room* of Wra L V alt A Co. SAMUEI L PIllLLIPi Trqstee. JeM w. L. WALL \ CO., Ancta. n Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO , Atsitioneers. By direction rf the Vestry of St. John's' Parish, ?e shall sell i nTirRSl)* Y June ?l. at? o'clock) on thtr premises, all that rt of Lot ^o. 6, in Square No. -t?),fronting 2r feel b t incheson tho?ast side of Ifitji street ??*t, !>? Iweea H aud I elree|e north, and rur n1ng back fti ft et This lot if. situated in the' immediate vicinity oi President's Square, and is con?id?red a desirable buildln* site. Terms: One-third 1 n ci>l;; the remainder in nix ai d twelve no'D'h*. with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises Conveyances nt tb>- cost ?r the purchaser. jeg>7t J C. McOriRK A CO.. Auct*. V JAMES C. McGL'lRE A CJ., Auctioneers. B B DESIRABLE IMPROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 16TH AND K FTPEETS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. June *, at si* at.d-a-hftlfi>-clock p. m .on the premi??*. weahatl aell l.ot No. (5 and part of 19 in Square No. iss. cubdivided into four parta One ofth- lot* front in r '?L feet 2>? inchee <>n iU'h itreet. nmr K and improved by a MitMnntini two btory R-Lck Dw*U in? Houne, with bark building itabUnc. Ac.; ? nott er. adjoining- the ab?*e on the s.juth alio, with a front oft; feet t ine'ie* on wbich i? staMinc und other < uihuildiritfa, anotn- r Lot on th? nortn side of the h"U*e, h ?viojr h front <>? 2y feot I in<)b, and a lot at the corner of K and 1 ">th stree'l. haT inii a front of 51 fe?-t 2 ii>rhn? on iiith street.nil rui iiin j lack lt>" feet?? incliw to .t IS foot alley. Thin valudhle pr' pertj is aituated on the second i=qnare north ??" l.aTavct't Sijnare, and in a very tine locat'ou for yirate re'ide-\c?*s Terma: One third caah: th* reiri?inder in six and twelve months, with .ntereet. seenrml by deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyances at tbe cost of the nurrhaaer. 5e 23-d J.VS.C. McOTIRE A, Anct's. Y JAME? C. Mr(4f7IRK A CO.. Auetionecri. GREAT PALE OP BLATANT OIL P WNTINGS. On THURSDAY an*: FRIDAY EVEN1NG8, J una 30th and July )f=t. ? .uniei.c ?t ?>. o'olm-k we sbsll sell e splendid eolUrtion of "tl paint'nira, which have been selentrtd i*ith ?re*t ca-e. ant on the inos* favorableocenVjoiyt, In Franc-.- ?ui G -r many, diirine the r*at year and imp rte 1 from Europw tb-1 prMJvrnt fu>amn by Jit, .L. A Tolman, comprnunic valnible oriidual pictare^, by emin'-nt living nrtj'ts ua'l Sue copies of >o.i!t-of the most ce'ebrMpd pictures by old ma'teris. Amou? the nbjects mtiv .be found groans and fiunreH, His-toric subjects, Corivrraiti. n ?! pieces, Arcbitectnral and street views in vario-'s European cities. Cattle pieot-s. including a &p??ndid cpv of Ri>>a B'.nbeur's picture in the LuxemlMinrK gal lery,) Marine Views G-aui^. Frnit. ani Flower pieces. Land.-wa'pt s, Aco., with a great variety of size and style, subject^ and Ruisli, the ? h >1? for?n iiitf hy far the (uie?t collection of oil paintuigaever f?Jiibi1(d inthiscity the psitliogs will be on exhibition. wi*h cata logueg, from Tuesday morning until thn time of FnTe. I^die^rnd gent'omeu arc rs?pectfull j invited ta Csll and examine them. Je 2^td JAMBS C McGPIftE & CO., Aunta. |J|Y JAB. C. McGUIRE A. CO., Auctioneer*. LEAfE ON GROUND, 8T0CK, AND Pr\rCR?3 OF A ?00D A^UOOAL > AHIJ blTUATKD 11* THK CENTER OF TUE CITY. AT ALC TION. On T HFPSDAT. July 1. nt 12o'clock' M . we shall sell the lease, stock on hand office s able.-seal-m, ?arir, tmriiess, Ac., of Ueo??(e E. M Cnrbett's Wo?)d and Coal Yard, situated on Tw^lftli str-efc west, between E atid F street* north now doin^ a successful btr-inenK. and po'.xl only because th* owner has made arrangements to embark in otho. business. Tnnni 002b je 27 ' J. C. McGlIRE Sc CO. Anctfi J^Y J. C. McGUlB? fc QQ.. Auctioaecrs. valttarli tmprovsp pnopitiTY at tiim CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWEI"TH STRPB^ M'E!?T. On fHIDAY AFTERNOON. July 1, at6>i o'clock, on the premises we shall i?ell the whol? or Square No. 32B, (on the Island,) subdivided into good "^'^J'ng, Lota, fronting rusp. ctively on Eleventh and Twelf'h streets west and Maryland avenue all running back to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building Bites in that section of tho city, and tbe sale is worthy the attention of persons who wisli fine building sites. Titlo indisputable. Terms: Oue-third cash; the remainder in sfxnnd twelve months, with interest, secured by % deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the costaf the A payment of ?J0 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. je2l-d J. C. McGUIRE St CO., Aucte. Y J. C. McGUIKE ?fc CO., Auctioneors. B LARGE DWELLING HOUSE ON 13TH 8TRK1T. BETWEEN K AND F STREETS, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. WITHOUT KhSLRVE, On FRIDAY AFTERNOON July I,at 6^o'd?efc. onthepremrw?",fhall sell t?9 South house of the ffiW of four-story and basement brick honaes situated on the east side of 13th street, between B RT>1 F streets north. The Bouse is larj,'*, contain ing some thirteen rooms, with water and gas on the premises. Terms: One half cash, the remain.ler in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on tbe premises. Conveyances at Ihecoit of the purchaser. Title indisputable. je?7- J AS. C. McGUIRE k CO.Aucts. gY J AS. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLB UNIMPROVED PROPEP.TV AT THE OOkNBR OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELFTH STREET Vest On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. July l5t, at o <rl"c!c. on the ptemises, we shall sell the whole offonnre No S3?,fon the Island JsnMivided into ] good Building Lots, fronting r?spocti%'ely on lltH j und 12th street* west and Maryland avenue, all j rtmmng bach to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building sites in that section of the city, and the sale i? | worthy tbe attention of persons who wish fino j, building sites. Title indisputable Terms: One third m cas>h; the remainder in ait 1 and twelve-mouths, with mtereii, evourrd by a | deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of the I purchaser. A payment of $A) on each lot will be required at the time of eale. ! ! je j.'3-d J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Ancts. , WALE OF CONDEMHED ?i CARTER MASTERS' ? ^ *TtiRE.S. Chitf Quartermaster's ? ffirc. Depo: nf V.Ta?rmtotj ^ ,, Wa.itiinntvH, June 2S, '( i WU1 bo sold at Public Auctn n at tiover"ia?*nt ! warehouse. N? 5, New York avenue. bf>tw^n ; Kienteenth and Nineteenth iu the citr of i Washington. D. C , on WEDNESuAY. JulyH HW ! n lot of Onartrriaa^ters' gton coudemutd a'^ un ' ; fit for issue, viz : j Ppsdes. PaTidcufTs, Lsntern | Oflice Chairs. Grindstones Ktovos. ? Stov?-pipe, Rrnon s, Coal ho^s j Me-s-pan?, Ruckets. Fcrap i*b,e?t fron. And a largi- lot of Carpenter's Topis. ( Ssle to commence at )l o'clock a.m. . 8ucces.?ful bidders will qo retired t** remove tbe artic'ea vitbin tive (5)daj - from date of sale. Texias cash, in Government funfo P. U. KUCKER, Br'gadier General, Cluef Ou*rt<?rma^ter, ( je^-td Dgpof of WashiDijtan. fY JA8. C, McGUIRE A~ CO., Auctioneers, EG ANT B0REW00D~CAsF ^'STglS WAV** i En^n?r.K5XSt1 UttNlTl RK A Nik 1IOL6E ! HOLD EFFECTS AT PI EL1C AtCflON. Ob TLI.PDAY MORNIN<i, J?lyMh. ?t loo dock j at the t esid* nc>* of Hon. L. K. G iiit-nieir. tich street, between L and M streets, we shall wit his Furniture sitfl Eiiectr-, comprising? Pisno, by "Steinw.ty t ton. in perfect order, aud hut little ir*ed.O?v?r GDQ ir>d] , In^k and LaceCurtnlrts, f;ilt Frame Mirrnrg Warb e *anev Tables. Whatnot, CanJL bu-h and Voodseat Chiiirs. L unge, Brissets Pari or arxl Slbfir Ctirp+*tn9 0?'ri?.Ffi, Rn.*g rrc?r?'z?? Clock. MaitK-1 #>fn?mnntn, H'iIdu* H*r ble-tf.p Siftehosrd, ExteHMoir Table 1Ouk Dininjr Cbsirs. China, Glass an#''r?>rkery W*?rv. illvrfr T'.sted Castors. Table Cntlery. nob UodaWa/t. AJari h tog Biirenn. Wa^hstan Is <>ak Cot Ug? Suite Parlor Sets. Hair an' Husk, Holbters muI Pt o?fl, <'?>??*!<(. fa htefide, Bureaus and Wb.<hstaAfi-, Cooktug aid Heating Stoves. Refriferalor,^toget?i?r wi^ a general assortment of hitcbeii Requisites, , . Terms cash. JcM J, 0 Mc<iUlRg k CO.. Aacj^. WOOD Mul'LDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS! 7 WOOD MOTLDISQSJ TNITU STATBS I I i propl) m iPLDiNu mill. . . / A Km. 94 and S6 South fifteenth ?>teet I ie? ? ? PHILADELPHIA, ' ? Always on hand, a largo stock of the abevs Articles, main of the very best material. Orders tiled ?t the shortest ontice. } Freight paid t? Washington, free of charge, ESLER A. WROTHKlli, je 17-lm Proprietors. , PIANOS OUR New 9tchiwa> & .K?n's PUmiob anf s?k eralether makers, have j?*t been r*c*?iT?*l._j^^. r ?^"Tb f'W pneT oetave H il!?tlo|B A Dgvi*. f and several, fhaf hsve^^T^ t-efn tiseo. At Ti,* prices Max n A HfcMiJin's CAKl NET ORG * M<*. at the Music Store ?f w o

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