Newspaper of Evening Star, June 29, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 29, 1864 Page 4
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D" .... LOOK HOSPITAL. OFFICB No. T SOUTH FREDERICK STRBBT THE ONLT PHYSICIAN ADVERTISING, flu discovered th? moat Certain. Speedy, ul Bffectual Remedy la tbe world for DI8BASR8 OP IMPRUDEWCR. Rrlitf in Hour* t No TrylUngt Pereone Rained by Ignorant Pretender*, or by Deadly Poison. Mercury. should apply immediately. A CUBE WARRANTED OR NO CHARQK IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. Weakness of the Back. Involuntary Discharges, Strictures. Affections of the Kidney, and Bladder, Impotency, General Debility, Nervousness, Dys vensy Languor. Low Spirits. Confusion of Idea.. Palpitation of the Heart, Timidity, Trembling, Dimness ofSight or Giddiness, Disease of the Head, Ibroat, Nose, or Skin. Affection* of the Liver, nn|?, Stomach or Bowela-theae Terrible Diaor dera arising from Solitary Habits of Youtb^-tbe KtOitT and solitary practises more fatal to their victims than the song of Syrens to the marineraaf Blyaaaa, blighting their moat brilliant hopes or anticipations, rendering marriage, Ac., impoan ble* YOU NO MEN Especially, wbo hare beeome tbe yletimB ftf Soli tary Viee.tbat d read fa 1 and destructive habit which earnallv aweeps to an untimely grave thousands of Yonng Men of the most exalted talent and brilliMt intellect, who might otherwise hare entranced lis tening Senatea with the thandera of eloquence or waked to exUcy tbe living lyre, may call witb fall confidence TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. These are some of the sad and melancholy effect* produced by early habits of youth, via : Weakness of the Back and Limbs. Pain in the Head. Dimness of 8i*ht. Loss of Muscular Power. Palpitation of the Heart, Dyspepsia, Nervous Irritability. De rangement of the Digestive Functions, General Debility. Symptoms of Consumption, Ac. MiKTALiTr.?The fearful effects on the mind ara much to be dreaded?Loss of Memory. Confusion of Ideas, Depression of Suirits K?il Foreboding*, Aversion to Society, Self-distrust, Lot* of Soli Marritd Pit font, or younr m?n contemplating marriage, awnre of Physical Weakness, Organic Debility, Wasting of tbe Organs, Deformities, Ac,?. should apply immediately. He who places him?elf under the care of Dr. J. may religiously confide in his honor as a gen tleman. and confidently rely upon bis skill as a Physician. ORGANIC WEAKNESS. IMPOTENCY IMPEDI MENTS TO MARRIAGE By Dr. Johnston's marvelous treatment. Weak ness of the Organs is speedily cured, and full vigoy restored. Thousands of the most nervous,MDb tated and impotent, who had lost all hope, have been immediately relieved. . ?... All impediments to marriage,Physical or Mental Disqualifications, Loss of Procreative Power, Ner 'Toui Irritability, Tremblings, and Weakness, or Exhaustion of the most fearful kind, speedily cured. DR. JOHNSON, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons, Lon don, Graduate from one of the moat eminent Col leges in the United States, and the greater part of whose life has been spent in the hospitals of Lon don, Paria.Pbiladelpniaand elsewhere.heseifeeted some of the moat astonishing cures that wera ever known; many troubled with ringing in the head and ears when asleep,great alarmed at sudden sounds, nashfulness. witb frequent blushing, attended sometimes with derangement of mind, were cured immediately. YOUNO MEN who have injured themselves by a certain practice indulged in when alone?a habit frequently learnecL from evil companions, or at school, the effects of which are nightly felt, even when asleep, and, if not cured, renders marriage impossible, and de stroys both mind and body, should apply immedi ately. What a pity that a young man, the boa* of hid country and darling of his parents, should be snatched from all the prospects and enjoyments of life by tbe consequence of deviation from the path of nature and indulging in a certain secret habit. Sucb persons must, before contemplating MARRIAGE reflect that a sound mind and body ara the mort necessary requisites to promote connubial happi ness indeed. Without these the Journey through life beeomea a weary pilgrimage4 the praapect hourly darkens to the view: the miad neeomes shadowed witb despair and filled with tbe melan choly reflections that the happiness of another is blighted with our own. DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. When the misguided and imprudent votary Of pleaaure finds he has imbibed the seeds of this pain* Jul disease, it often happens that an ill-timed sense of shame or dread of discovery deters him from ap plying to those wbe, from education and respecta bility can alone befriend him. He falls into the hands of ignorant and designing pretenders, who, incapable of curing, filch his pecuniary substance; keep bim trifling month after month, or as long an the smallest fee can be obtained, and in deapair leave him with ruined health to sigb over his gall ing disappointment; or, bv the use of that deadly poison. Mercxrv. hasten tne constitutional symp toms of this terrible disease, such as Affections o? tbe Head. Throat, Nose. Skin. ete?, progressing with frightful rapidity until death puts an end to bis dreadful sufferings by sending htm to that un discovered country from whose bourne no traveler returns. OFFICE 7 SOUTH FREDERICK STREET, left hand side going from Baltimore street, a few doors from the corner. Fail not to observe name and number. ?yNo letters receiyed unless post-paid and con taining a stamp to be used on the repiy. Persons writing should state age, and send portion ot ad vertisement describing symptoms. The Dr.'s Diploma hanm i* hit Qfirt. INDORSEMENT OF THE PRESS. Tbe many thousand cured at this establishment within the last twenty year*, and the numerous important Surgical Operations performed by Dr. Johnston, witnessed by the reporter! of "The Sun " and many other papers, notices of which have ap peared again ana again before the public, besides his standing as a gentleman of character and re sponsibility, is a sufficient guarantee to the af flicted. SKIN DISEASES SPEEDILY CURED. ja 29-ly gECRET DISEASES I SECRET DISEASES SAMARITAN'S GIFT SAMARITAN'S OIFTI THE MOST CERTAIN REMEDY EVER USED "Yea, A Positive Cure" for OONORH(EA, GLEET, STRICTURES, <*e Contains no Mineral, no Balsam, no Mercury. Only Ten Pills to be Taken to Effect a Cm* They are entirely vegetable, having no smell no? any unpleasant taste, aud will not in any way la Jure the stomach or bowels of the most delicate. Cures in from two to four days, and recent case* In "twenty-four hours." Prepared by a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, one of the mosj eminent Doctors and Chemista of the present day. ao KXPOSORB, *0 TROUBLE, KO CHAXQK WBATIVI&, Let tbose who have despaired of getting cure^, or wbo have been gorged with Balsam Copavia, *r Mercury, try the SAMARITAN'S GIFT. Sent by mail in a plain envelope. Price?Male packages, $2. Female 93. BLOOD I BLOOD 11 BLOOD 11 SCROFULA, ULCER*, SORES, SPOTO TETTERS, SCALES, BOILS, SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, rfo. SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JU1CM Is offered the publie as a positive eure. SYPHILIS OR VENEREAL DISEASES, the BA MARITAN'S ROOT AND HKRB JUICE, is tfc? most potent, certain and effectual remedy eve? prescribed; it reaches and eradicates every partiela of the venereal poison, so that the cure is thorough and permanent. Take then of this purifying reme dy and be healed, and do not transmit to your pot frit, th.t tor r~r. Although you may be pronounced incurable, tba SAMARITAN'S ROOT AND HERB JUICES will remove every vestige of impurities from th* system, as well as all tbe bad effects of Mercury. FEMALES I FEMALES II In many affections with which numbers of Pa males suffer, the ROOT AND HERB JUICES i? most happily adapted, in Ulcerated Uterus, ia whites, in bearing down. Falling af the Wem?> Debility, and for all complaints incident to the sex. Sent by express. Price fl a bottle, or ? bottle* for 90. _ , SAMARITAN'S CHANCRE WASH. Price 25 centa. Full directions. DESMOND A CO., Box 141 Philadelphia Port Office. Bold by S. CALYERT FORD, eornar ef 11th an4 Pa. avenue. HENRY COOK, Alexandria. may ft-tf ?? 'RIESEM AR?Protected by Royal Letters Pat> X ent of England, and secured by tbe seals of tba Eeole de Pharmacia de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine. Yitnna. Triesmar Nb. 1 is the effectual remedy for Relas ation, Spermatorrhoea, and Exhaustion of the Sys tem. Triesmar No. s has entirely superseded the nauaeoususe of Copavia, Cubebs. Ac. Triesmar 8o. S is the infallible remedy for all Impurities and ?condary Symptoms, thus obviating the use af mercury and all other deleterious ingredients. Each preparation is in tbe form of a most agreo able Losenge. Secured from effects of climate and cbaages of atmosphere, in tin cases, at f3 each, or four Is eases in one for (9. and in $27 eases, thai saving $9. Divided in separate doses as adminis tered oy Valpeau, Sallemaude, Roux, Ac., *8. Wholesale and retail by Dr. BARROW, No. 1M Bleeeker street. New York. _ To be bad also of 8. 0. FORD. No. ?90 Pa. ava, corner 11th street. mar P3bs* Yr o N F I D E N T IAL. , ^ OUNG MEN who have injured themselves bp certain secret habits which unfit them for busineaa, pleaaure, or the duties of married life; also middla aaed or old men. who, from the follies of yenth oy other causes, feel a debility in advance of thair Tears before placing themselves under the treat ment ofwyoSe, should first read "THE SBCrK FRIEND." Married Ladies will learn something of importance by perusing "The Secret Friend." Sent to any addraas, in a sealed envelope en r*> eaint of Tea Cents Address ceipt Da. 0HA8. A. STEWART A CO.. de 14-ly Boston. " BfilUT COLL IBB A OO.B PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB AND P0R1 Iamaow riaaOlng Urge gaaatitftea of 91AVM? All aad PORTER froan this celebrated Braa jrhiefc I am prepared to farniah oa skertaotiee allporaoaawho will laveraiewiu their ordarc. glvea to nty drivers will he premptly ta. Goods delivered la an paiHof Waahlagtoa a QUA aa dsMaary, RILEY A. aura. Pmim Mm\m? *7 < ?? 6e**watowa? fi, fe. THE EVENING STAR rwu X Policb Rbfobtc ? Pint Prceinet? James PrShanon, malicious mischief; dismissed. A*amd Prreinct?W. Wilpenson- fa*t riding; 96 John Charles, do ; do. John F Jones, and Thomas Jones, do.; do. Samuel Ralney, do^ 95 5W. Robert Hewitt, haying stolen property: (UrinlMPil. Third Prtcinct.?Ann Parkbnrst, disorderly; 99 45 Thorn a* Wellington, Charles Johnson, ? Charles Donaldson, do.; dismissed. Susan Monlden, PrisciUa Thompson. do.; 95.71 each. Thomas Monlden, do ; 92 15. Edward Beatty, do.; 95.75. James Boyle, do.: 92.45. Ann Pow era. and Margaret Hogan, do.;91.45eacb. Jno McDermott, bouse breaking; dismissed. Sum" Monlden, selling liqnor unlicensed; 9*0.50. Priscllla Thompson, threats; bail for peace. Wn. S. Jones, nuisance: 920 and cos*- Ueo. Philips, assault, bail for court. Adolphns Staling, lighting; f5.50. Jacob S*x>hton, grand larceny: dismissed. JobnH. Doyle,drunk aj " disorderly; workhouse. Fourth rrennct-*Robe* Henry, grand ceny; bail for court. reterGrubb, drunk; 92. Anthony S. Sutton, vagrancy; workhouse. Siftk I^recinct.?Charles Orm, assault and battery; dismissed. John Brannigan, drunk and disorderly* military. Catherine Ford, Carrie Williams, Eli2a Brown, do.; ?5 each. John Race, do.; lock np 12 hours. Ttntk Precinct.?Catharine Kehoe, selling li qnor to soldiers; 920. Richard Johnson, do.; 00. C. Dezler, malicious mischief; Catharine JfcCenlch, larceny: Sarah Thomas, nuisance; dismissed. B. B. Crockett, do.; 95. Mrs. Mc "Vay, assault; bail for peace. Carter Smith, deserter; military. William Underwood and Lucy A. Crockett, threats, ball for peace. BWOOWD Ward Stattow Casks?Samuel Mack, bathing in the canal; locked np. Albert Foster, do.; do. Valentine flreenleaf, do ; do. Thomas Green, do.; do. George King, drunk and disorderly: military. Wm. Pendler. sell ing liquor to soldiers: dismissed. Wm. Miller, malieions mischief: do. Thomas Prttry. cruel ty to animals; 95. John Began, disorderly;94. Lewis Rawlings, do.; do. James Phillips, drunk and disorderly; dismissed. Dan Rice, drunk: 92. Thomas' Harrison, witness; dis missed John Tnlty, disorderly; 92. M. Kel ly, do.; do. W. Haben, suspicion of robbery; dismissed. Kate Mullen, do : do. Mrs. Brown, do.; do, J?ncy Stanwood, do.; do. Maria Gill more, do.; do. Fred Cohen, insulting a lady; ?1?. Fourth Watd Statiow Casis.?George Washington, assault and battery; jail for court. Wm. Brown, do.: dismissed. Samuel Humes, drunk: do. John Wood, assault and battery; do. Anna Butler, vagrancy; do. George H. Attwood, drunk: do. Anne Neanby and Mar tha Jones, disorderly; do. Sarah Beekman, do. nnd drunk; 91 58." Jacob Steyens, obtain irtg money under talse pretences; held lor a hearing. SUMMER RESORTS. THE WHITE HOUSE, LOOATsn oa PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between the Ocean and Railroad, at ATLANTIC CITY. IB NOW PREPARED TO RECEIVE VISITORS. The Proprietor, thankful forpast liberal support, pledges himself to spare no effort that will contri bute to the happiness of his patrons, and secure for them the comforts of a home at the sea side. For information, address WM. WHITEHOUSE, Atlantic City. je 22-2w* ITMITED STATES HOTEL, ~ U cape Island, n. j, JOHN WEST. aaron MILLER, _ PBOPRIITOS8. Beg leave to call the attention of their friends and the public to the above magnificent A A Establishment, whieb will be open forWCafeV the reception of visitors on the 10th ofJjyflLE June. Besides a spacious Dining Hall and Parlors, it contains an unusual number of large and well ventilated Bed Rooms, all handsomely furnished With new furniture throughout." The Proprietors of this Establishment will spare bo care or expense te meet the wants of their guests, thereby hoping to share liberally In the ynblic patronage. Application for rooms made to the subscribers, by letter to Cape Island, will receive a prompt M^?w WEST A MILLER. PERSONAL. DENTISTRY. G HDR. J. H. THOMPSON AS Removed from No. 274 north F to 512 H Street, one door west of 7th st. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. m. je23-lm* TO THE POOR AND UNFORTUNATE.-Con sultation gratis from 11 to 12 m. Medicines without charge. DR. BECHTINQER, Formerly Surgeon in charge in the Austrian and Italian army, informs tbe public of Washington that he has Just arrived from Paris, and devotes his attention to the treatment of all kinds of dis eases. Particular attention to females and private diseases. He converses in English, French, Ger man, Spanish and Italian languages. His diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe hsng in bis office, Pesn. avenue. 502, near 3d street. Office bours, 9 to 11 a. m.; 4 to 6 p. m. Je 7-3w QUERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping? Whe is tbe only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, Ac., and who is the only person in the District that does Fluting for ladies dresses? erpRINCE, 3?1 F STREET, ?where ladies can select from 25,ffl0 choice patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get AMY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for so.nno ladles is proof thathe knows his business. Ladies Who do not want their goods spoiled, bat stamped as they should be. go to the only person in the city Who does good wors. FLUTINO! FLITTING I FLUTING! The only mar km* in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere, my 9-tf 97*381 F street, opposite Patent Offio?. QREAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. Tutk Exxraritd xoiihout Fvin with tk* Mvkriti of Oxygtm. 1 would advise all persons haying teeth to ax tract to cail at Dr, LEWIE'S office, and have them taken oat by this newi and harmless process. Also call and' examine the Doctor's new aod im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you once see the great Improvement in his teeth you will have them in no other style than this new and valuable one. No. 242. Pa. avenue, between ISth and l?tb streets. novM S. R. LEW11, M. P., Dentist. M TEETH. . LOOMIS, M. D .the Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLATE TEETH, at tends personally at his office in this! city Many persons can wear these' teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who cannot wear these. Persons calling at my office can fee accommodated wi\h any style and price of Teeth they may desire, bnt to those who are particular and wish the purest, cleanest, strongest, and most perfeet denture that art can produce, the MINERAL PLATE will be more fully warranted. Booms in this city?No 339 Pennsylvania avenue between 9th and mth streets. Also, 90T Arch st? Philadelphia. mari-ly '? TI1E UNDERSIGNED. Citizens of Washington having used the REMEDY OF C. KEENAK No. 519 I street, between 6th and 7th streets for the cure of Inflammatory Rheumatism, have bo hesitation in saying that we are satisfied it is one ef great value to all afflicted with this most painful disease. We therefore cheerfully recom mend it. WM. C. MAGF.R, E. bet. 12th and 13th, MARY NEW TON. 4th, bet. G and H, MARGARET A. MITCHELL, GRACE HURDLE, I, bet. 19th and 20th. ROBERT WARREN.7th. bet. K and L. The above medicine can be procured at JOS. W. NAIRN A BBO.'S, corner 9th street and Penn. avenue, and full nartrculars can be learned in re lation tnereto. Price ll per bottle. Je 15 eo2w* P MUSICAL. ROF. ESPUTA Would respectfully inferm public that he is now prepared to give lessons 1 in Vo?al and Instrumental Music. Having! retired from bis other professional business,' ? he is now able to devote the whole of his time to instruction in music to all those who may ke teased to patronise him. Prof. Esputa's method tha same as is taught in Europe?that is, while he makes good performers of hispnpils he makes good musicians nf them also; so tnat any one who Bay receive instructions from him may acquire that knowledge of music as will maks them com petent for teachers or professional musicians. Prof. Esputa is now forming classes and all who 4esire to enter must apply early, as the number is limited. _ For terms apply to Px.f, JOHN ESPUTA, No. 913 8th street east. Navy Yord. N. B. The cars pass Prof. Batata's residence eve ry six minutes during the day. my 271m* RAVEL BOOP8I , " Q R_A ? 1 L fcOOPBII H. 0 WILSON A 00,, successors to J. F. Walker A Bon, Washington, D. 0 manufactuwrs otlM CBOVkD FIREaad WATER PROOF FELT, CE ENT and GRAVEL ROOFS. Office?161 ad street, below Pa. avenue Orders may be left at office Mutual Insurance Company, Tth street and Louisiana avenue, or address to Post Office Box &34. All work executed promptly aad^MTthe most reasonable teams, and warranted. Repairs made yromptljr. mh ii-Sra* MKDIC1N E," have determined?regardless of ex Jense?to,(for the benefit of suffering umanlty.) four of their most instructive and in teresting Lectures on Marriage and its aualiflca tions. Nervous Debility, Premature Decline, In digestion, Weakness. Depression, or ignoranee of Physiology and Nature's Law Thee? invaluable lectures have been the means of enlightening and aaving thousands.and will be forwarded freeontSe receipt ef four stamps, by addressing Sterttar* Cahnut 1 of-* MUUtmt, 50? Broadway. New York t? |<.tv >T'HB PENINSULAR CAMPAIGN AND ifl OFFICIAL. Htsdquariers Military District of I i Washington, D. C., June23, IBM. \ General Orders, No. 19.? I. Tne streets and environs of the city t< Washington ?wta ? negated and HUAr condition. To preserve j the health of manary re* i dents, and promote the ncoTtrj ?' thoee sick in boipUali, it ia ordered tha? each and every property-owner. . or his tenant in possession, in lieu of hitt, ehall at once pave *o mncb of aay street, within the corporate limits of the city, aebounds his prop ?rty reeidenoe, and aoy aUey or passageway j il^reon or limiting it. and the grounds in hie j /?ot-seesion or ownership, thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. The work of cleansing the public grounds, and the streets contiguous, will he commenced at once, by the officer charged with the execu? tion of this order. Upon its completion, should the occnpants or owners of private property have failed in compliance, the officer so detailed will perform the work and assess the coet upon the owners or tenants. II. Captain Charles M. Merritt, A. Q. M., is hereby temporarily relieved from daty as Judge Advocate at the Central Guardhouse, and is charged with the execution of the pro visions of these orders. He will make the necessary requisitions for laborers and trans portation without delay. By order of Col. M. N. Wise well, Military Governor. Thsodof.b McGowajt, je 28-lw Assistant Adjutant GeneraL Headquarter* Military District of Washington, ) Provoft Marshal's Office, > Washington, D. C., J une 22, 18SI. ) Special Orders, No. 97.?[Extract]? * * * From and after this date, no liquors will be allowed to be sold in this Military District, in the cities of Washington and Georgetown, within one entire block or square of any hospital, barracks, camp, or where there are any troops or guards stationed. All licenses heretofore granted are hereby revoked, and liqnors fonnd en any premises within the prescribed limits wHl be at once confiscated, and the owner will be liable to imprisonment. # # * Jiy command of Col. M. N. Wise well, Mili tary Governor. T. Ixqraham, je 23-lw Colonel and Provost Marshal. Office of J'rorost Marshal and Board of 1 Enrollment of District of Columbia, > Washington, D. C., June 21, 1SW. \ For convenience of Government employees only, the Board of Enrollment of the District or Columbia will hear cases of exemption on the gronnd of non-residence, at their office, corner of Eighteenth and I streets, from 7# to 10 o'clock, daily. J. C. PmrwA*, Captain First Regiment V. R. C. je 22 and Provost Marshal D. C. Eta The Board of Enrollment of the District of Colombia will be in session at the office of the Provost Marshal District of Columbia, corner of Fourteenth street and New York avenue, daily (Sundays excepted) from 11 o'clock a. m. to 2 o clock p. m., for the purpose of hearing cases of exemption from draft for the following causes, vis: Alienage: Non-residence; Vnsuitableness of age; Manifest permanent physical disability; and Two years' service during the preeent war, either In the army or navy. Citizens are requested to fuixishlnformatton as to persons who are not enrolled, or who are trvingto avoid enrollment, as it is equally for the Interest of each person enrolled to place upon the "Enrollment List" all persons liable to do military duty, so that bis own chance for draft shall not be unjustly Increased. J. C. Putkam, Captain 1st regiment V. R. Corps, and Provoet Marshal of the may 2?-tf District of Columbia. Wmr Department, Adjutant Otnoral's Office,) Washington, March 17,18M. J All applications ror leaves of absence or per mission to visit Washington must be addressed to Major General Halleck, Chief of Staff, and must specify the business for whioh the officer desires the permission. Telegrams addressed direct to the Secretary of War on this subject will receive no attention. By order of the Secretary ef War: E. D Towvsnro, Assistant Adjutant General. A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, A 0**10* 614 PA. AVENUE, Washington, D. 0, GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN, AND WEST ERN EXPRESS FORWARDERS. MERCHANDISE, MONEY. JEWELRY. VALU ABLES, NOTE8, STOCKS, BONDS, ie.. Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Company has agencies iu the Principal Railway Towns in ths NORTH, EAST, WEST, ANB NORTHWEST. Its principal offices are WASHINGTON, D. C., NEW YORK, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE, CIN CINNATI. ST. LOUI8, LOUIS TILL^, LEXINGTON. Connections are made at New York and Boston, with lines forwarding to the CANADAS and ths BRITISH PROVINCES and other steamship line to LIVERPOOL. SOUTHAMPTON and HAVRE and th?>nre by European expresses to all prominent commercial towns in Great Britain and the Conti neat. Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, and BILLS mads at all accessible parts of the United States. 0. C. DUNN, Agent, de 23 Washin^'"*. P. O. p, APERHANGINGS. I would most respectfully inform my customers and the public in generaPtnat I am now receiving my spring stock of American and French PAPER HANGlNGS. consisting of the finest French Gilt Tapers, suitable for parlors, dining room*. ??>??-? bers and halls. , . I am also in receipt of ? larsro assortment of Out Cornice, Gilt Window Shades and Picture Cord and Tassels. . ,,, . ,,. All persons wishing to purchase will do well to look for themselves before buying elsewhere, as I ""'"j&lif ALKXAN<iB.' " my 9-e'ogm [Intel.] No. 240 Pa. avenue. JOSEPH REYNOLDS A CO, PLUMBER.1, OAS, AND STEAM FITTERS^ No. 600 NiHTH Stbsst, near avenue. Have Just received, and will constantly keep on hand, the larirest and best assortment in the city of Chandeliers, Brackets. Drop Lights, Portables, Glass Globes, mica and other Bhaaes, and all arti eles in this line, from the best establishments in New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold oc the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, FURNACES, and Fire-Board Stoves. We are prepared to furnish the best BANGS in nse anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurant*, Ac., are invited to call. We do all kinas of GAS and STEAM fittings promptly and cheap, as also evesvthing in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Call and see our Bathing Tubs, Fountains Water Closets, Wash-stands, Basins, Ac.. Ac., at No. 300 Ninth street, near Pennsylvania avenue, the largest establishment tu the city. fe 2-eotf PERKINS. STERNE A Co., 180 Broadway, If. EXCLUSIVE DEALERS IN CALIFORNIA WINE. We guarantee them all to be ABSOLUTELY PUBB. For aale by all flrst-elaas Grocers and Druggists everywhere. ?h 30-3m* WHITS VIRGIN WAX OF ANTILLES?A new vv French Cosmetic for beautifying, whitening, and preserving thdT'omolexion. It ia the mesx wonderful compound of the age. There la neither chalk, powder, magnesia, bismuth, or tale ia its composition, it being composed entirely of pare Virgin Wax?hence its extraordinary qualities fer preserving the akin, making it soft, smooth, fair, and transy*ves?. It makes the old appear yonsg, the homet>, handsome; the handsome, more beau tiful, and the most beaatifal divine. Priee Si end ?h1$KT'B BLOOM OF BOSBS. a most perfect eolor for the cheeks or lips, does not wash off or injurs the akin. Prioe SB cents and SI. HUNT'S COURT TOILET POWDER, for whitening and preserving the skin. Price 2B and 60 cents. Manufactured by HUNT A Co., 41 South Eighth street, Philadel phia. Nene genuine unless the name of " Hunt A Co " is blown on the bottles. For sale at A. CROYKAU'S, 171 Baltimore street, Baltimore, and W. B. SNTW18LE, corner Twelfth street and Pennsylvania ave., Washington D. C. PAPERUANGlNei. A great variety of SNTIRSLY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, blNING BOOMS. _ HALLS, Ann CHAMBERS, Also, ?,000 YABDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CL0TH8, Obr Mattings are unrivalled in thia city, eompri Ing in part the faasonsGowqaa brand for parlo Oil Cloths from 3 to U feet wide, adapted to dlnl rooms, halls, Ac. Also? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PARLOB MATS, Paper hang by skillful workmen, and all orde promptly attended to. Give us a call and an from 10 to V per eent. RIFFLE A FALCONER'S Be. 118 7th street, between I street aal i p fia.B^&>.u0o??o. "Th&HANtSS ! toR?** "H Mssrcfohtan Hotel, (laie Brown's,) WW . ? SnSPeanasylvaateavenne. ? TWashiagtea, .0. TRAVELERS* DIRECTORY* By railroad pI/il'apblphia from WALNUT STBBET P1KR,fg;afrilM 13 VIA WWT JRRSBY At (t. b., accommodation due at 13)4 a. m. At? a. m.. express 4?? ?t 136 p. m. At 4)6 *. m., express due ftt 8 p. m. Batoning. le?v* Cape May? 6 ?. m express doe at?* ?- m? 11 4&accommodation -due at p. m? *?&Jfc Vffi" "SoJ?;"/ or BALTIMORE AND OHIO BAILlt#AP. On and after 9wd<Ut. Trains will b? ran between Washinjtfon and N*w York and Washington and the West, a* follows: FOR PHILADELPHIA, HEW YORK AND BOSTON. Leave Washington at 7.30 a. m., 11.15 A. m., And 8.31*. m. daily. except Sunday. On Sunday ftt 8 JO p. xn. only. FOR BALTIMORE AND PHILADELPHIA. Leave Washington ftt 3 p. m. daily, except Bun d?ass*ngers will note that this train mug m far as philadelphiftonly. FOR NEW YORK. Leave Washington dftily ftt 8.39 p. m. ... This train is for Nru> York passengers exclusively. FOR BALTIMORE. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m., 11.15 a. m.,3p. m..4.45p. m.,7.2up. m ,and 8.30 p.m.,excep?Sun d to Sunday at 7.30 a, m.. 3 p. m., and 8.30 p. m. FOR ALL PARTS OF THE WEST. Leave Washington at 6.3:t a. m. and 3,4.45and 8JO p m. daily, except Sunday. On Sunday ftt 3 and 8.30 p. m____ - . . Tickets sold to all points WE8T, and baggage checked through. FOR ANNAPOLIS. Leave Washington at 6.30 a. m. and 4.45 p. m. daily, except Sunday. No train for Annapolis on Band ay. Trains leaving Washington at 7.31 a. in. and 6.30 p.m. go through to Hew York without change <^RiI?mlii?c*rson6.30and8.3'>p. m. trains. Berths can be sewir?d untiUS p. m. dally at th. ticket of lice. After that hour they must be secured of tno sleeDin* car conductor. . ,, . 4 The first and fifth trains stop at all way points. The 3 p. in. train stops only at Bladenubnrg, Belt ??ill*. Laurel. Annapolis Junction and Belay House daily, except Sunday. t On Sunday it stops at all way points. PARTICULAR NOTICE. _ Passengers will pleas* observe that th* 3 ?. m. train run* only as .far as Philadelphia daily, **c*Pt Sunday. On Sunday it runs to Balltmorwmly. Also, that the 6.30 p. m. train takes New York passengers ^For further information, tickets of any kind, Ac apply to GEO. 8. KOONTZ, Agent at Wash ington. or at the Ticket Office. ... * W. P. SMITH, Master of Transportation L. M. COLD. General Ticket Agent. }o M IT qrRAtTpENNSYLVANIA ROUT* TO TH1 NORTHWEST AND SOVTHWB&T. nw AND AND AFTER NOVEMBER 1#TH trains will leave Baltimore from th* North Cal vert Station as follows: . ? Fast Mail at ???S Harrisbnrg Accommodation-?3.00 P. M. Lightning Express.?.. *? *? *?.*.?? V'SS agara Falls, and for New York city. THE 8.20 P. M. TRAIN FROM WASHINGTON connects with the 9.30 p. m. train ?'??? *?"'* more for Blmirftftnd the North ftnd Pittsburg ftnd the West. BLEEPING CAR8 ON NIGHT TRAINS. Soldibrs1 ^icxms A* Governm*!^ ONE THROUGH TRAIN ON SUNDAY, LOW FARE AND QUICK TIME. ?tJTFor tickets and ?ny information apply at th* office of the Great Pennsylvania Route, ^rusr Penn. avenue and Cthstreet.unterNtfioiul Hotel, Wa.hio.ton. 8oc?,nJ V.. J. WILKINS, Pass and Ticket Agent, cor. 6th st. and je 9-tf Penn. avenue, 0llU4 ftfttOV 10-4? Lull JAY COOKB a CO, 453 Fifteenth Btreet, RlOIIVI SUBBOAimOIB VOl TH1 HEW NATIONAL LOAN authorised by act of March 8, 1864, and known H TEN-FORTY BONDS, be log redeemable at th* pleasure of th* Govern ment, aft*r ten years, and payable forty y*ar? from data In coin, bearing Interest at FIVE PER CENT A YEAR, payable on bond* not over 1100 annually, and on large bonds semi-annually, IN COIN. Th* COUPON BONDS Will b* issued in >50, f 100, fffo, and II,ow. The REGISTERED BONDB will b* Issued in 50, 1100, JfiOO, f 1,W0. *? 000, and SW.OOO. These are th* only gold-bearing securities of Government now procurable at par, and, yielding at present value of coin OVER EIGHT PERCENT PBR ANNUM, offer a very deslrabl* investment or larg* or small rams. W? But and Sell, At market rat*?, QOVKttNMBJST BONDS, OW ALL ISSUES, TREASURY NOTES, CERTIFICATES OF INDEBTEDNESS., and COIN, ftnd pay the hlgheat prices for QUARTERMASTER'S CERTIFICATE CHECKS mn 29-tf "Tat cookk a co. 0. w. BoriLia. jao. w.?ot ?a V. W. MOTKLER A SON, 1KPOKTSBB, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL DEALERS t? CHINA, GLASS, AND CROCKERY WARE. TABLE OUTLEaY, BILVBR-FLATEB WAKE. BRITTANIA WARE, BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER SETS, COAL OIL LAMPS, I JAPANNED WAITERS, DOOR MATTB, FEATHER DUSTERS, BRUSHES, WOOD WARE, AND HOUSEKEEPING ARTICLES GENERALLY. gy HOUSES, HOTELS, AND STEAMBOATS FURNIBHED AT SHORT NOTICE. 318, IRON HALL, **K?SYLVANIA ANENUE, f? i7-*o0m between fth and 10th ruioil Konm.] [Faagois. ?oiui ? MOHUN A SON, BUCOTSSOM to J. T. Lull, 1.UR1BVR D E A L K R S, (fasai, Betuten l&A and lSift Smui, Washington, D. O, Th* ond*r*ign*4 having parcha**d th* Lnmb*r Yard of Mr. J no. T. Lenman, ar* now prepared to forniah Lumber of all kind* at th* market rates. They dertr* to oall attention to their larg* stock which eonaists in part of th* following kinds; Abrat 100.000 fe*t Walnut, all thi?knsMM, lOOjOOt f*et % Poplar, prim*, JOO.OOTI " Oak and Ash, ?arioas sls*s, 1,000^00 feet Seantling and Joist, all length*, 1,000,000 M Whit* Fin* Culling*, lOOjOOO M '* Flooring, Aiao, a larg* eaaatity *f all other kinds of Luikw mh 18 8m MOHUN A BON. important TO SUTLERS BUTLERS WILL FIND H. A. DOWNING A CO.Mi CONCENTRATED CLAM TO BE A MOST VALUABLE ARTICLE TO THEIR TRADE, It Mils vary rapidly, and is th* most *eonomlcal article of d!? for the officer's mess. It Is prepared in one minute, and makes a most delicious Soap or Chowder. It is highly recommended by Arm Burgeon*. The profit* are Iati*. fa H. A. DOWNINw & 00., Manufacturers of Concentrated Food No. Ill East 18th St., New York, For sale by BARBOUR A BEMME8, Sole Agent*, 65 Louisiana Avanu*, *e>-ly Washington, D. 0. Ro"i?e ""'.ooti.B nun h. o. nuw * oo.. foot op SSn Sv. WMt, WAsnaoToa, D. a. Mann Actum* of ROOFING FELT, DRY AMD TARRED UUBATH IMG. ROOFING OEMEMT and LAMP BLACK, VEIff AMD CEMENT, WholMal* and EMail. Foot of tit street w*rt. (MU>-1I1W r?t,hal*w Fa- >?*w*. rpflE MERCHANT'S AND BANKER'S ALMA PB0P08ALS. pROPOfiALa TOR STATIONERY. Binmm or Stat*, l ? . , _ , Washiiotow. Jane 1,1864 ( Sealed Proposal* for fnrm*hinf such Stationery as may be required by this Department during the fiscal year ending Jane St. M*5, will be received until 1J o'clock m. on Saturday. the 2d of July ?ext. Those unaccompanied by satisfrctory testi monials of ability to fulfll the contract will not be CZF v?-e'v v mnd contracts will only be awarded to established manufacturers of, or dealers in, the articles. All articles repaired must be of the best quality or their kind, and not inferior to the samples, which will be exhibited at the Department. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify but one price for each and every article of the schedule or of the class bid for. The articles, when furnished, must correspond with the samples, or any of them, if desired, and in no case be inferiorin quality to the sample; and they must be de.jvered without delay when ordered, and must be eatisfactory to the Secretary: and a failure so to comply with this stipulation will be deemed cauas for the abrogation of the contract. Articles not named ia the schedule are to be fur nished at the option of the Department, at thn lowest market prices and the right is reserved of ordering a greater or less quantity of each article contracted for. as the public service may require Bonds, with approved security, must be given by the person or firm obtaining the contract; and in the event of the refusal or neglect of the contractor to furnish any articleor articles named in the con tract, on the order of the disbursing clerk, the same may be purchased in open market, and the difference in price paid therefor and the contract price shall be paid by the contractor, and be de ducted in the settlejnent of his account for the quarter during which such refusal or neglect may oecur. The subjoined sehedale.specifies,as nearly as can bow be done, the amount, quality, and description of each of the articles likely to he required The bids will be canvassed for each of the three classes separately, an<l contracts Tor one or more of the classes awarded, as may be deemed moat ad vantageous to the Department. Proposal* to be addr^wd to the Department of State, and endorsed 'Proposals for Stationery " item CbA*W?*--I'ar,er< 1. 10 reams white laid Cap, heavy, ruled to pat tern, per ream ^ 2. 10 reams Cap, white, ruled to pattern, per ream 3. 10 reams Cap, white, ruled to pattern, extra superbne. per ream 4. jo reams Consular Cap, white, and ruled to pattern. p?r ream 5. 5reams Consular Cap. white, double thick. superfine.per ream 6. 6 reams Regal Cap, white, trimmed and ruled. per ream 7. 20 reamB Quarto Post, white, ruled, sape*, per ream 8. 10 reams white Vellum Note, highly glazed, hard calendered, per ream 9. 25 reams Commercial Note Paper, lined, super extra, per ream in. io reams Flat Cap, white, unruled, per ream 11. 10 reams Envelope, yellow or buff, royal, per ream 12. 10 ream* large brown Envelope, per ream 13. 10 dozen sheets Patent Blotting, per doze sheets Class No. 3.?Envelopes. 1. 1,(00 Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed to order, lo}^ by 5 inehes, per M 2. 1,000 Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed to order, 9 by 4 inches, per M 3. 200 muslin lined, lithographed, and printed to order,1 by 6% inches, per M 4. lO^OO adhesive Envelopes, white, heavy, lith ographed, and printed to order and pat terns, per M 6. 10,000 adhesive Knvelopes, large and small, white, letter and note, plain, per M. Intermediate sizes ordered not to be charged hither than bid for size next larger Clabb No. 3.?Pens, Pencils, <tc. 1. 20 gross Perry's, Gillott's , or other g od me tallic Pens, per gross 2. 3,0M Quills, No. 80, per M 3. 10dozen Faber's.or other good. No. 1 to 4, or graduated, per dozen 4. 3 dozen Faber's.&c., red and blue pencils, per dozen Class No. 3? Continued.?Ink, Inkstands, Wa fen, and Wax 1. 4 dozen Draper's Inkstands. per dozen. 2. 6 dozen Maynard A. Noyes's Ink, pints, per dozen 3. 6 dozen Ink, pints. Arnold's per dozen 4. 3dozen best French carmine Ink, ounce, per doxen 5. 6 M Beal Wafers, best quality, red, No. 3, for office seal, jer M 6. 2 pounds best red Wafers, common size, per pound 7. 100 pounds best extra saper scarlet sealing Wax, per pound Class No. 3?Continued.?Cutlery and Miscel? lantous Articles. 1. 3 dozen Roger's or othsr Knives, four blades, buck or pearl handles, per dozen 2. 6 dozen Roger's ivory handle or Shaver's pat ent Kraseri, per dozen 3. 1 dozen ivory Wafer Stamps, per dozen 4. 2 dozen office Shears, extra, per dozen 6. 3 dozen office 8cissors, per dozen 6. 25 dozen silk Taste, wide, per dozen 7. 60 dozen red Tape, assorted, per dozen 8. 3dozen Paper Weights, assorted, per dozen 9. 3 dozen Green's ink Erasers and Paper Clean er, per dozen 10. 8 pounds prepared India Rubber, per pound 11.3 pounds Pounce, per pound 12. ff> pounds large Twine for packing, per pound 13. 60 pounds Linen Twine, per pound 14. 5i pounds best Cotton Twine, per pound 15. 3 dozen Rulers, round or fl&t,30 inches Ions, per dozen 16. 5 pounds best quality Sponge, per pound 17. 10 pounds Gum Arabic, per pound * 18. 4 dozen Mucilage, small size glass Jars, with brash and metallic tops, per dozen 19. fio dozen Penholders, assorted, per dozen je 8-law4w PROPOSALS FOR PORTER. Medical Pdbvktob's OrtTCB, ( Washihgtob, D. C.. June 22.1864.S Manufacturers and dealers in this article who wish to supply the Purveying Department of this city, in large quantities at snort notice, aro re quested to send written proposals to the office at ai early a date as practicable, for examination. Porter to be of best quality, in pint bottles, well corked and wired, and pacw-d in barrels of six to eight dozen each. C. SUTHERLAND. 8nrg. U. 8. A., Je 23-6t Medical Purveyor. PROPO8AL8 FOR WOOD AND COAL. PostOrpiOE Depahtmknt. June 17,1KS4. ; 8*aled Proposals will be received by the un dersigned till 13 o'clock M..on FRIDAY, July 1, I. finishing, for the use of this Department, ? 0 tons <2,240 lbs. to the ton,) best Baltimore Company s White Ash Coal, ?0 tons best Red Ash Coal. same size, and o *^?rr ^est seasoned Oak Wood. Batisiactory arrangements must be made to se cure to the Government full weight and measure. The wood must be corded and measured upon the premises, and one-fourth sawed into three, Rnd the remainder into two pieces, and all piled away in the cellar. Parties supplying the Wood will be at liberty to deliver it at mch time during the fall and winter as may best suit their convenience, provided se curity be given for the faithful fulfilment of the contract. The undersigned reserves the right to reject any or all bids, if the interests of the Department seem to require it. No bid will be entertained unless satisfactory evidence can be given of the reliability aud loyal ty of the parties. B&mples of coal, such ai is desired, can be seen by calling upon the undersigned. Paymentwill be promptly made. The proposals should be addressed to the under signed, and endorsed "Proposals for Wood aud and Coal," or for either one as the case may. JAMES S HALLOWKLL, Disbursing Clerk, Je 17 td Post Office Department. T PROPOSALS FOR MEAT. HE Undersigned will reeeive sealed proposals until 3 p. m. of Wednesday, the29ih inst., for sup Slying the Washington Asylum with all the meat iiat may be required at the institution for the year ending the 3oth June, )8tt. Bidders will state the price per pound for fresh and salt beef, for pork Jamb, veal, shoulders, mid dlings, hams, and sausages, making separate bids for tne meat required for the use of the Intendant. The meats required for the use of the Asylum to be free from bone. All meats to be furnished at such times, and in sneh quantities as may be required by the Intend art, and, if not in accordance with contract, may jVm McDsvirr;"'' WM. SLATER, Commissioners Washington Asylum. Je 20 td [Intelligencer.] Medical purveyor's office, Wabrinutoit. D. C., Jnne IS, 1964. AH dealers in this city and Georgetown, who wish to sell to the Medical Purveying Department, aro requested to send to this office, on the MONDAY of each week, a sealed list of the articles they may be prepared io furnish, at short notice, with the price of each attached to the same. 0. SUTHERLAND, Je 16-tf Surg. U. 8. A., Medical Purveyor. Gray'H Patent Molded Coll urn, Are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect eorve, free from the angles noticed in all other oollars. The cravat causes no packers on the inside of the turn-down collar; they are as SMOOTH INSID1 48 OUT81DE, and therefor* perfectly free and easy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly On Ished edge on bulk tidts. These Collars are not simply flat pieees ef paper out in the of a collar, but aro MOLDED AND SHAPED TO FIT THE NEOK. They are made in "Novelty," (or turn-down style;) is every half site from II to 17 inches, and la " Eureka," (or Garotte,) from 13 to 17 inehes; and packed ia " solid sixes" in neat bine eartone, eon.aining 1<* oach; also in smaller ones of ten eteh?the latter a very handy package for travelers Amy end nary officers. g7*EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED OOLLAR." Bold by all dealere la men's furnishing toods. The trade supplied by WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 3S9 Fa. avenue, Washington, PROPOSALS. fARDNANCE OffICE. \J Wil Dbfaithbwt. Washiwotoi*. I). 0.. June M. IBM. PtiLir Proposals will be received by ??i? de partment until TCESDAY.July5th, at 4 p. m.. for the delivery at the New Turk Arsenal of 15/*? non-commissioned officers' gwords.and W,?0 Mu sicians' Swords, United States regulation pat tern. These Swodrs are to be made in strict ac cordance with the standard patterns to be seen at the New York Arsenal. They are to be subject to the usual inspection and proof at the manufactory where made. Deliveries must be made in lots of not less than one-fifteenth (l-15th) per week of the whole number contracted for. The first delivery to be made on tbe 2d day of July, 1864. , . Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. N o bids will be considered from parties other than refrainr manufacturers of swords, and such as are known to this Department to be competent to ex ecute in their own workshops the work proposed for. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition with a guaranty, signed by two re sponsible persons, that in case his bid is accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to one-tenth of the amount of the contract, to de liver the articles proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The rvsponsibilitv of the guarantors must be shown by ihe official certificate of the clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States Dis trict Attorney. Bonds in a sum equal to one-tenth of the amount of the contract, signed by the c*atractor and both of his guarantors, will he required of the success ful bidder or bidders upon signing the oontract. _ ^ FORM OF GUARANTY. We. the undersigned, residents of , in the county of , and State of , hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of ??? be accepted, that he or they will at once execute the contract for the same with good and Sufficient sureties, in a sura equal to One-tenth of the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles proposed in conformity to the terms of the adver tisement. dated June 14. 1864, under which the bid Tvas made; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract, as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the difference between the offer of the said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. S Given under our hands and seals /this day of , 136-. Witness: [Seal.l [Seal.] To this guaranty must be appended the official certiorate above mentioned. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged ;?,'Pjer into bond with approved sureties for its faithful execution. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of con tract and bonds. The Department reserves the right te reject any or all bids if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral George D. Ram nay. Chief of Ordnance, Wash ington, D. C and will be endorsed, "Proposals for Non-cemmissioned Officers' and Musicians' Swords." GEORGE D. RAMSAY. Brigadier General, Chief of Ordnance. je 17-eod6t p BOPOB ALB faK fO&AGB. Chibf Quartzrm aster's Orncn, l D , ^ ? Wabhihotob Daror, Dec. 8, M6S. f Sealed Proposals are invited by the undersigned for supplying the U. S. Quartermaster's De partment, at Washington. D. C., Baltimore. Md.. Alexandria, and Fort Monroe, Va., or either of thjff* places, with Hay. Corn, Oats and Straw. Bids will be received for the delivery of B.OoO bushels of corn or oats and 50 tons of hay or straw, and apwarda. Bidders must state at whieh of the above-named points tfcev propose to make deliveries, and the rates at which they will make deliveries thereat, the quanWty ef each article proposed to he deliv ?red, the time when said deliveries shall be oom meneed, and when te be completed. The price must be written out in words on the ids. Corn to be ap in good stout sacks, of about two bushels each. Oats in like sacks ofabout three Dushels each. The sacks to be furnished without extra charge to the Govenment, The hav and straw to be securely baled. The particular kind or description of oats, corn, hay or straw proposed to be delivered most be stated in the proposals. All the articles offered nnder the bids herein In vited will be subject to a rigid inspection by the Government Inspector before being accepted. Contracts will be awarded from time to time to the lowest responsible bidder, as the interest of the Government may require and payment will be made when the whole amout contracted for shall have bee* cslivered and accepted. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposals with a guaranty, signed by two respon sible persons that in case his bid is accepted he or they wiH, within ten days thereafter, execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties in a sum equal to the amount of the oon tract, to deliver the forage proposed in conformity with the terms of this advertisment: and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the oon tract, they to make good the difference between the offer or ?ai? bidder and the next lowest respon sible biddt , or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of a U. S. District Attorney, Collector of Customs or any other officer under the United States Government or responsi ble person known to this office. All bidders will be dnly notified of the accept ance or rejection of their proposals. The full name and P. 0., address of each bidder must be legibly written in the proposal. Proposals must be addressed to Brig. Gen. D. H. Rucker, Cb'ef I/epot Quartermaster, Washington, D. C..and should be plainly marked "Proposals for Forage." Bonds, in a sum equal to the amount of the eon tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the successful bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. Blank forms of bids, guarantees, and bonds, may be obtained upon application at this Offloe. FORM OF PROPOSAL. (Town, County and State) ?? (Date) I, the subscriber, do hereby propose to furnish and deliver to *he United States, at the Quarter master's r ipartment at , agreeably to the terms of your advertisement inviting proposals for forage, dated Washington Depot, Dec. S, 1863, the following articles, vis; bushels of Corn, in sacks, at per bushel of 56 pouude bushels of Oats, in saeks, at per bnshel of 32 pounds tonB of Baled Hay, at per ton of 2,000 pounds tons of Baled Straw, at per ton of 2,000 pounds. _ very to commence on or before the day of , lfetJ?, and to be completed on or before the day of , 186?, and pledge mjself to enter into a written contract with the United States, with good and approved Securities, within the space of ten days after being notified that my bid has been accepted. Your obedient servant. Brigadier General D. H. Rvcker, General Depot Quartermaster, Washington, D. 0. GUARANTY. We. the undersigned, residents of , in the County of , and State of , hereby, Jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will, within ten days after the acceptance of said bid, execute the con tract for the aame with good and sufficient sure ties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the forage proposed in conformity to the terms of advertisement dated December 8,1863, under which the bid was made, and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differ ence between the offer by said and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. Witness, Given under oar hands and seals this day of ?fisil I hereby certify that, to the bast of my knowl edge and belief, the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for the amount for which they offer to be security. ? To be certified by the United States District At torney, Collector of Customs, or any other officer nnder the United 8tates Government, or respon sible person known to this offiee. D. H. RUCK MR, dee 9-tf Brigadier General and Q. M. PROPOSALS FOR FUEL. The undersigned will receive sealed proposals until Wednesday, the 13th day of July, 18<i4, for? One hundred (l?i) tons of best quality White Ash Coal, egg size. The Coal must be clear of dust and free from slate, ZitO lbs to the ton. Fifty (50) cords of the best Oak Woed; and Twenty-fiTe(25) cords best quality of Pine. All of the above to be delivered, weighed and measured at the Asylum by the 31st day of July. W. G. H.'NEWMAN, JOHN McDKVITT, WM. SLATER, ' Je 24-td Commissioners Washington Asylum. I^HIKf QUARTERMASTER'S OFFICE, J ^ Diroator Wabhi*otob,> Weuktntton, D. C., January 4,ld64. \ All dealers in Drugs, Hardware, Lumber, Leather Office Furniture. Harness, and Saddlery, are re quested to send to thisoffice, on MONDAY of each ? sealed proposal or list, M duplttaie, of the articles they are prepared to furnish te this tiepot at short notice, with the price of each marked in plain figures, so that, in we the exigencies of the eervioe require it, the article or articles can be obtained without delay, and at the lowest price. Dealers wishing to sell to this Depot will he re JjSjjJWftmd* *.11* VBnetQftU??vur^klODd?7 N?*Cmu,vN0 f,-Go. t0??R- BROTHER8 * GRAY and be cured. They have given meir particular attention to the treatment and cure or all forms of "Disease," particularly that of aiBr,T*te.c^r?ter, for twenty years. This ia the oldest established Bo tame Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis graceful and horrible death_ How important it is, then, for those nnfortunates who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cured before it is too ;^yius preventing exposure ef themselves Office and' residence 178 south B street, Island, opposite Smithsonian. je &-!?? TISH WANG, THE ORE AT CHINESE KEMEDYJor OONOKKH(EA,G LEET, ,Jke. On a Box will raaroaa a Cum.-* Ingredients are purely vegetable. It is pleasant to the taste, has no bad odor, and _ - - carried in the vest pocket without tear of deteeti%n. Cirenlars free. Pries ~ Delfvi may he carried in the vest pocket without war of ?>*cti?j. Circulars free. Price* 1 a box. Hold by OHN J. KROM E R, successor to.8. C. Upham,408 hestnut st?Philadelphia, and in Washington by . O. FORD, 886 Pennsylvania avenue. Sent bp nU. JaM eol* .

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