Newspaper of Evening Star, 30 Haziran 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 30 Haziran 1864 Page 2
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TOE EVENING STAB. W. Dm WALLACH, MlMr aad Pr?pri?tor WABHI1TOTON CITY: THURSDAY 30, 18?4, NEW YORK STOCK N1MIT. rBy tbe People's Lin#?Offlce 511 Ninth street.] Nit York, Jane 30 -U. S. 1881, con poo ?'s, 110*; U. 8 $.90 b, 101 v; Certificates ot lndebt tdiw, W*; N. Y. Central, 134 v Erie, 114*; Had ton Hirer, 138* ; Harlem, *70; Reading, 1?V: Michigan Central, 138#; Michigan South ?rn, 96*; Illinois Central, 131X' Cleveland and Pittsburg. 112V: Cleveland and Toledo, 1*9tf; Chicago and Hock Island, llSJf; Milwaukleand GOVERNMENT f?T*AM!H>AT dOlfM?I0A TION WITH THE ARMIES 0* JAMBS ? BJVER. We learn from a circular by Capt P. P. Pitkin, A. Q.- M. at CIV Point, utider date Of June 27, that the daiV mail and way freight line between the on James river and Washington, established by Brig. Gen. Rufua Ingslls, Chief Quartermaster or'the armies operating agai*?t Richmond, in orders No. 2, on the ttth -'nst., consists aow of the steamers ;hland i-igh^ Keyport, John A. Warner, and Charlotte V anderbailt, and the following schedule has been adopted aad will be punctu ally observed: Leave Washington at 2 o'clock p. m. daily, arrive at Fortress Monroe at or before 9a.m. the following day. Leave Fortress Monroe at 10 o'clock a. m. daily; arrive at City Point at 4 o'clock p. m. Leave City Point at 5 ocleck p. m.; arrive at Bermuda Hundred at 5.15 p. m. Leave Bermuda Hundred at 9 o'clock a. m. dally. Leave City Point at M> o'clock a. oa. daily. These boats will touch at Fortress Monroe and Alexandria, to deliver and receive mails, and arrive at Washington at or before 10 o'clock a. m. tha following day. There will be a provost guard, under an of ficer, on bonrd these boats to preserve erder, examine passes, and to prevent Improper per sons snd property from being taken on board. The officer referred to will have the right, un der the orders of the provost Marshal General of the Army of the Potomac, to examine passes of all persons who present themselves for pas sage, and to eject any one who is not author ized to make the trip. A SPIRITED LITTLE NAVAL AFFAIR. U. S. Stka.mkb Victoria, off Wilmington, A" C., June luth, 1H>1.?Editor Star .?We arrived here on the 2Vth day of April, and since that time we have chased seven blockade runners, and succeeded ia running one of them, a large iron side wheel steamer (English built) on the ahore, where she now lays, a warning to all evil doors. This occurred on the night of the 2d of June, between twelve and one o'clock. We fired several shots at her, and soma of them bursting over her, caased the pilot to baoome a little nervous, and he ran tbe ship on the bar, within a mile and a half of two of the rebel shore batteries, and within easy range ot Forts Fisher and Caswell; but this did not scare the little Vlo boys. She was boarded by Acting 3d Assisast Engineer Thomas Hiaellne and Acting Master Mate Wm. Moedey, who cap tured the rebel crew and officers, and succeeded in getting them safely off, but through very dangerous circumstances, for by thiatlmeit was daylight, and blowing a freah breeze. It was no easy job to keep tbe boats with the prisoners together, as they made several at tempts to escape to the beach, but a few well directed pistol shots caused them to see the propriety of keeping company with us. AH this time the rebels were blazing on our boats from four batteries, and as we watched them from the deck it seemed that only a miracle would save the two brave officers and the yonng tars, but they are now with U6. ready for the next one of them that gets in our way. An Officer on board U. S. Steamer Victoria, and an oid reader of The Star. ARRIVAL OF WOUNDED. About ten o'clock this morning the steamer City of Albany arrived from City Point with 947 wounded, the most of them being slight caaes. Among them are CaptAine B. F. Tay lor, sid Md ; B. B. Schuck, 4Sth Pa.; C. D. Car penter, 36th Wis.; nnd Lieutenants S. Blandia. S6th Mass., and A. V. Bedell, 2d N. Y. Mounted Rifles. Many of these Wounded Went dowh'ln the Albany only a week since as conscripts and drafted men. This load was In charge of Surgeon Jos. S. Smith of this city. The Lizzie Baker, Capt. Donohue, arrived about an hour later with 3)4 wounded in charge of Assistant Surgeon J. S. Ely, among whom is Lieut Joseph W. Yocum, 116th Pa., all of whom are slight cases. These men have been wounded within the last four or five days, mostly en picket and in the rifle-pits. W. E. Dostbw, Esq , has opened an office for the practice ot law, on 15th street, above Higgs St Co.'s Bank, and his talents united with industry and energy, will no doubt speedily secure lor him a good practice. Mr. Doster is well and ^vorably known to our citizens, he having for a long wbi'e very acceptably filled the office of Provost Marshal o; this city. B^Tbe Baltimore Ame.ncan takes strong rrour o againat the re-election of Henry Win ter Dr v's to Congrer-s, charging upoa him per sistent efforts to embarrass the Administration in the conduct of the war; persistant endeavors to Involve us in a war with France, and gener al deriiection to the interest of hia constituents. Statiowrry Cowteact.?The contract for supplying the War Department and all its bu reaus with stationery for the next fiscal year has been awarded to the present contractors, Messrs. Blanchard & Mohun, of thia city. ULSTER'S GREAT RAID. Burning of the Virginia Military Iasti? tute sad Governor Letcher's Residence? The Char loitsville nnd Lynchburg Rail* road Destroyed?Oar Losses Slight. (Correspondence Cincinnati Gazette.] Mkadow Blcvp, Va , June 2.5, via Gauley. June 5>6 ? Hunter s army reached Lexington June lith; found it occupied by infantry anu artillery. After fighting a few hours tbe rebels left. We burned tbe Virginia Military Insti tute and Governor Letcher's house. Capt. Blaser'a scouts captured seven canal boat* containing six cannon, nine thousand ronnds of ammunition, and a large amount of commissary stores. Gen. Duffie having cut the Charlottesville and Lynchburg Kail road at Amherat, we marched by way of Buchanan and Liberty to Lynchburg. At Liberty we tore up the road for several miles, burning a bridge 100 fset long. Five miles from LynchbaTg we found the rebels in strong position, and attacked them June 17, driving them two miles, when night closed in. Imring tbe night, heavy reinforcements from Kichmond, under Early, arrived. Oa Satur day, after feeling tbe enemy's atrength, It was decided that they were too strong tor us, and by Right we withdrew, having taken two can non and sixty prisoners. The id Virgiala cav alry, on Saturday night, cut the railroad, ten miles east of Lynchburg. At Salem a party of rebels attacked CorliR's and Strauss' batteries ia a defile, drove off the men, cut the wheels, took off one hundred and twenty horses. We brought off five cannon, leaving seven that were ruined, together with seven caissons and carriages that were burned by tbe explosion of the former. Six men were killed and ten wounded of the Second JTir flnla cavalry. Our loss In the entire rabve in en t is probably six hundred killed, wounded and mlsaing. We have one hundred prisoners, seven cannon and six hundred horses cap tared, and have lived almost ent'rely off the countiy, and made the biggest raid on record. Among the killed is Adjutant Torrencs, 12th Ohio; wounded, Colonel John A. Turley, 91st Ohio, anu Llentcnant C. Roberts, of the Gen eral's staff. OCT r* T II K DRAFT Mvyoh's OfUCB.Cirv Hall, I WasiuSoton, June 2i?.18*>4.V The attention r?f ?.. r* ettizen of Washington Is called te th? fact that another draft is about to be had is tsi*cit> and all who ar? or suppose thorn m-1tm entitled U>? -xemption therefrom are earn estly entreated to i*ve tfietr n&mi-a forthwith fctriefcen from tbt? enruRmrat. > fry respectfully, jeSOSt _ RIOHAKS w ALL AC It. Mayor. rrrf NOTICE ?To Washington and lis the P*bh' ffneraHy ? Cnhol*Wln? and Cabinet Malng and R'-noTntinK ot?U description*. <1 one iti the I ? st ?t? learnt at theshortennotice. Old Curled bair Mat'reuse* rail bo made as aood an new at n M J LEE'ane* estaidiitbuwut. No. atj.'l, 0 utreet north, between 4>a and 6th strent west. je3"-lm* WM.J.LEx Washington anu (iEoRiiEidvrh ILs BAILR<>Al> COUP\NY.-W*BHi<r0T0!*, June 34. WW ?The annn*l wietine of the ato'-k holdsrs of this ronip*njr. for th* election of w?ven J>i ret tors lor tb? eiiauioic t??ar, will be held on WEDNESDAY, the l.Uh of the office ofthe CumpanT, corner of 15th str*?t and New York avenue. The poll* will be opened at 12 o'clock, m . and closed at 2 oVlock p. m. " OKO. 8 OIDEOlf. President. H. QjyAHN18TOCK.??e'ry. Jo t7-tfrr 13 ?POST OFFICE, Washikotov Cirr. D. C. June 21. ]-s64 _a aeeerdanee with the provisioas of the late s'^t c.f Congress requiring nubacribor* to par tb?ir onall pa titrations strictlr in sivanee. tbe voblicarerespectfitlly informed that the carrier' -willcall upon each subscriber on tho first day of July, ard on the ti rst dajr of each succeeding quar ter, for the anaonnt of postage due, ?nd unless promptl) paid, either to the carrier or at the post ?-free, th?- papers must be retained in the office or be treated as wtrsn?ients." a* required by law, fcnd be Charged fsr accordingly. 1? 3? 6t OFFICIAL. Headquarters Military Dittrict ef Washington^ ) Washington, D. C., Jane 99, 1W. ( General Order! No. 20.?The operation of Gen eral Order* No. 10, currt?a.t serjip tlfcae beadqu&rtera, la extended tofncjarie the city of Georgetown, D. C. /B3 By wder of Ool. M N. Wise Will, Military Governor. .. ' Thbo. JBoGowAW, A ant. Adj. tiNn. | Headquartert Military Dittrict of Washington, I i Washington, D. C., June*29, 1864. } Circular-?In conformity with General Or ! ders, Ko. 19 and 21), current aeries, of Head quadra Military District of Washington, 1 ke'pera ol hotels, saloons and restaurants, ? jfocera and provision dealers, are hereby noti fied to remove, at once, from their premises all ofihl'and refuse matter of every description, and deposit it In tide water, at either of the fol lowing points; In the Eastern Branch, at , Navy Tard Bridge; In the Potomac, at the "Sycamore,** between Lopg Bridge and thA Monument. This removal will be made daily, hereafter, and any failure to comply with these orders . will be deemed a military offense, punishable i by a closing up of the house.) At every private residence, also, there will be provided suitable boxes or barrels to receive the refuse matter of each day's production, which, by law, the city scavengers are required ? to remove daily. This will also be conveyed to the points before mentioned*, and cast into ; tide water. By order of Uol. M. N. Wisewell, Military Governor. Charl*8 M. Mbbeitt, Gapt. and A. Q,. M. CJUB8TITUTE8.?I win ptv the highestjnafket l ? price to runners bringin^m<m ta^my^ce. je30-3t* 446 8th st.. bet*. Pa. av. and Pst HE SUBSCRIBER HAS A BULL, which he will let to Cows Price ?2 T I JL WillCU UO W?I? MT7W V?'?ro ?. . .vv -V- flW VD i each. Apply to WM. DONOVAN, on 6thJkaEbH | street, bet. K and L, Island. je ? AMP CHIMNEY8. ~~ ' ~~~~J BOO DOZEN COAL OIL LAMP CHIMNEYS | ^ (JRl?ITg je3D-3t 369 7th street, between I and K. ? Flags i FLAGS!! j FLAGS lit , UNITED STATES FLAGS A" MRS. LOWE'S, 297 Penn. avenue, south side, I je SMt ? between 9th and 10th sta. SUBSTITUTES?StBSTITUTES. Wanted To-Day, 10 COLORED SUBSTITUTES. Forwhieh the highest price will be paid. Runner* bringing men will be liberally dealt with. G. H. CAS8IDT, I 446 Eighth street, between je SO 3t* Penn.avenue and D street. WA CARD. E Invite attention to the sales to-morrow, at 12 o'clock m., at Mr E. F. Corb?tt's Wood and Coal Yard. 12tb street, between E and F streets, of the I. EASE .OFFICE, SCALES. STABLE.and remain der of STOCK on hand, affording a fine opportu nity to engage in this business. Mr. Corbett has done an excellent business at . this place, and oaly tells because he is engaged in other busineis requiring-all his attention At the same time will be sold a tine Bay Horse, 8 years old, for single harness or the saddle, a large Brown Mnle ana an excellent Work Horse, and several Carts, Harness, Ac., Ac. It PROPOSALS FOR EXCAVATION AND STONE WORK. Sealed Proposals will be received? 1. For the excavation, 2. For the blue stone work required in the erection of the Cavalry Baptist Church to be built at the southeast corner of 8th street west and H atreet north. The plans aad specifications of Messrs. Cluss A Kammerkneber, architects, can be seen, and will be explained, at tbeir office, 130 2>1 street west, between D and E streets north. No one need apply who cannot enter at once npon the work. The bids will be addressed to" Hob. Amos Ken dall, Chairman of the Building Committee," and must be deposited in the city post office on or be fore noon of WEDNESDAY, July 6th,or they may be delivered at 6 u'clock p. m. of the same day at the audience room of old Trinity Church; 5th st., between D and E, when they will be opened by the Committee, and the contract awarded as soon as t^acticable thereafter. JeSO-lW FURNITURE. CARPETS! CARPETSM OIL CLOTHS, 'MATTINGS, MATTINGS. The Cheapest Store in the District to furniBh your house complete is 369 SEVENTH STREET, Between I and K Streets, where you can geteverything in the HOUSE FURNISHING LINE. such an FURNITURE, CARPETS. OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS, COTTAGE SUITES. MIRRORS, HAT RACK8, REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS, FEATHER BEDS. BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS, MATTRESSES, BLANKETS, 4c., Ac. K/" Terms. Cash. A discount of 10 percent, allowed on all bills of $60 and upwards. TONTZ & GRIFFITH, 369 7th street, bet. I and K sts., Je 30 6t Sign of the High Awning. RICKS! BRICKS! BRICKS*-500,000 well ' made, well bnrnt BRICKS for sale. J. PU8EY A CO., Successors to J. Van Riswick A Bro.. je 29-lw - Corner Sonth Capitol and N streets. |\JOTICE.?Personsdesirous of having any JOB 1* RING Cone in the Brick line, by feavingtheir orders at ANDERSON'S Rookit?re, 44t?7th stree* opposite tbe Post Office, addressed to W. S. DANTE, Bricklayer, will be promptly attended to. Jetft-lw* PIAN08.-*We have received this day, 4 Pianos <>f Steinway A Sons, and 5 of Haines Brothers, also, several M?lodeons, which ?S^MI we offer for sale at the lowest factory "II ?I I prices. Several second hand Pianos upon easy terms. As Pianoa ar? ndvancingln price, we advise per sons in search of a reliable Instrument, to call and examine onr assortment. W. G. METZEROTT, je2a c rn< r 11th and Pa. avenue. \Veterinary surgbon.?Dr. j. b. McKay, Member of the Royal V. 8. College, % B ? flt'lUWCI "? v. w, Edinburg. All diseases of the harse treat ed in the most scientific manner. Town' and country practice attended to. Charges mod erate. Office at J.C.HOWARD'S, G street, be tween 6th and 7th. je2T2w* CARRIAGES. ~ CARRIAGES. _ CARRIAGES. On hand a large lot of new and second-hand light CARRIAGES, consisting in part of Top and No- I top Buggies. Rockaways, Boat and Jersey Wagons, j Extension and Half-tops, Ac.. Ac. ?^Repairing'promptly attended to, ROBT. H. GRAHAM,Coachmaker, Je 28-St* 374 D street, and 47T 8th street. Attention i attention u-Caii at the Dry Goods store of JULIUS 8YCEL. Uate Jaeoo GreentreeJto make your purchase ^'No lath risk" in bleached or unbleached Cotton Dress Goods, Hoop Skirts, Ladies' and Childrens' Silk Coats and Mantillas and Fancy Goods Call early at JULIUS SYCEL, je 27-lw* 421 7th st., bet. G and H streets. jflREWORKS! FIREWORKS!! v ? ? The largest assortment in the city. FLAGS! FLAGS!! of all kinds. t,LANT*EBNSl LANTERNS!! for illuminations, Ac. Roman Candles, Exhibition Pieces, Scroll Wheels, Fire Crackers, Sky Rockets, Pulling Crackers. Pin Wheela, ? Torpedoes, Triangle*, Flotillas, Vertical Wheels, Chinese Bombs, Saxon Wheals, Fire Balloons, China Flyers, ?<? Toy Cannons, Flying Pigeons, Cracker Pistols, Berpenta, Torpedo and Cracker Pi?- , Grass Hoppers tols combined?a new Flower-Pots, article, Blue Lights, ' Transparent Lanterns, Bengola Lights, Toy Drams. . Mines, ' , ? V i ? ?l- ?? ? ? i I COME EVERYBODY! and gat your supplies for the GLORIOUS FOURTH from the great NATIONAL FLAG AND FIRE-WORK8 DEPOT,v SOS E BTROT'T, NEAR FOURTEENTH. Dfc^ot for Boswell A Warner'a celebrated COLORIFIC FOR COLORING THE HAIR. Th? Trade supplied. )e U-2w TH1 LATEST ?TYLE3 ? ^ op * R * W H A T 8 ?tr CHA8.JL. LOCKWOOD A CO '8, a2 1m Jf |8?4 9th and 10*h eta ESTABLISHED 1S50. , ISAAC RKBZBBEG A SON 1^0,000 to Joan in aU sumH on Watchea, Jawelry. Dfamnnds, Silver Ware, Ladies' and Gents' A Wearing Apparel, and fer the purpose ofl^a enlarging our hur.neM we have erected al 9 yarehpuhe. an* wa low atake loaavooMerehan dise, Furniture A c? at our old astchtished stand, PROPOSALS FOB LOAN. TMASn^BaPABTMirr.'amSS, 1964. gealed Offers will be retired ?ttti? Department, unda* the act of March V^53, until ?f Pi NEBDAY, the ?th of 1864. for tw** nitedB tates.toU? amofcntof thirty-thre?mil the LDiiea etaies. vo um ??p?ouk " The bonds trfll bearS?annual .internet of fix centum, mtable M*Pannually in coin on tie I dart Of 1?1t4? Jinnary of each year, and rode sfei.?# most state thete^includinethe oreirfori^f fered for each hundred dollari in bonds, or ?yr fifty when the ofTer ?#?* more than nfly. two per eentof the princrpal. exelud.n, .i?2K of {he whole amount offered ^st be deposrtea^as ingtonorwiththe Assistant Treasurer at New tion authorized to."ceive de^m^ j^ich may consent to transact the bu?M ? wjthout charge^, Duplicate certifies of depo H: w,ll be issued to sssitfsstftff should be made in time fer *4vlJ?er,^( n>,n. certificates to reach Washington not later than by6 its? proper^certHleate* of* dopo'sU wm'bTcon Registered Bonds of 15,0 *J and jlO,(XWWiU also be| rnade^by the*1Be<^^ry'to the li i? 1?est o case of acceptance, the bon^of tb* drtcripii^* and denominations preferred will be seat to thy subscribers at the cost of the Department, on final payment of instalments. The original deposit of two per cent, will be reckoned in the last '^stal mentpaid by auc4Wsfnl offerers, and will be im mediately returneoto those whose otters may not Of accepted offers must be deposited with the Treasurer or other officer or association authorized to act under this notice on advice of acceptance of offer, or as follows : OM^hird on or before the 10th: one-third on or before the lotn.> and the balance, including the premiu myidor i g inal two per cent, deposit, on or J* "Lfth th^dato Jnlr Interest on bonds will begin with the aate of deposit. Parties prefer ring may pay th<^ccrued interest from date of bond, JmIt 1% to date of de offers under this notice should be endorsed "Offer for Loan," and addressed to the Secretary of the TN("olf'r'?m b. emnMm* ?t ?In* r?U> of pre mium thu tour per ceot-^ * NOTICE TO OFFERERS RECEIVING DEPOS ITS UNDER THIS ADVERTISEMENT. The preliminary certificate of deposit of two per cent, must not be credited upon your accounts current, as it is to be included in the final deposit. Je^t^?^mmm LOST AND FOUND. FOUND ASTRAY-Onthe 28th inst.. one blazed faced, light bay MARE. The owner will pie i?e come forward, prove property, pay charges, and ? ..La }\f?T ftU'ftV A ?Y . uivA 1 ? Je??3t* 422 Massachusetts avenue. CTRAYED AWAYHLAST APRIL, FROM THE ^ subscriber, two BAY HORSES?one marked I C." on shoulder; bad a sore on hind leg; no shoes on; and one fore foot split. The other had scratches ;?si !Si*Alib"'" Ml."1,rt witn tne owner. jjo. 453 K street, near le 30-lw* > NavT Yard Market. STRAYED-AWXY-On 19th, a medium size red COW, with short horns, one leaning over ner right ear, and bavinsa collar <>n. Any one return ing her to No. .r?41, H street, near 6th, w?ll be lib erally rewarded. Je29 3t ?TRAYED OR STOLEN-On the 23d infant, a Sorrel noRSE, long white mark on the face, cut in the left fore knee will be given :if re turned to JOHN CLARK, on South F street, bet. 2d and 3d. ^ ^ 2t . I Ci A ME TO 8PRING HILL V ABM. On the 29th J inst., axed and white COW. with wide hornj. Near Georgetown. The owner can come for wara, prove property, pay charges, and take h^a^ay. ?r-RE^WARD.?Lost on last Thursday, the 23d ?lP?> instant, a black, horny COW, hip-Jointed on the left side. The above reward will no given by delivering her to J AMES DAC Y, corner of L streets. No. 303. ?O REWARD?LOST-Yesterday afternoon be 35 O tween 18th street, Washington, and Iligb st. Georgetown, the sum of EIGHTEEN DOLLARS. AND FIFTY FIVE CENTS, contained in a small leather wallet. The above rew?rd and thanks of the owner will be given if left at the Star Office, je 29-3t* STRAYED OR STOLEN'.?On the 28th of June, two COWS, one a red buffalo, with a cropped tail, the other a yellow, horned tow, with white spotted face and a whit?- stripe dowi her back. The finder will be liberally rewarded by bringing them to 4th street, between M and N streets, No. lao.or any information that can be given. je 2ft-3t STRAYeITFROM THE SUBSCRIBER, JUNK 28th. a big. vellow COW, with small,round, short horns; short tail; and is a fresh milk cow; when left she had a rope tied around her horns. The finder will be suitably rewarded by taking ner back to NICHOLAS BURNS, No. 575 First and .Second streets, Pennsylvania avenue, Capitol Hill. la 29-5t rpAKEN UP ESTRAY-A red and white COW. J. The owner will come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take her away. Apply to ED WARD FEWHES. tlset house abore Green Spring. on the River Road. Georgetown. Je2&-3t? <?? C REWARD will be paid for the return of a $.7 SMALL 15LACK AND TAN TERRIER DOG, which strayd from home on Monday morning, June 27th. His cars were closely cut. tail long; he has a small scar on his right hip. The above re ward will be paid if he is returned to 37 4 Eighth street, near Northern Market House. Je 2><-St AME TO THE SUBSCRIBER at L eesborough, Montgomery county, Md.. on the Washington and Brookeville turnpike,eight miles from Wash ington. June25th, two red COW8. one large, with long horns, and about seven years old; the other small, with long horns, a slit in her left ear, and the top cut off the right ear and horn, and about thirteen years old. The owner or owners are re quested to come forward, prove property, pay charges, and take them away. Je2s-:U* JAS. M. HALPIN. STRA YKn FROM TBI SIT B80RIRER. ? red and white COW. medium size: straight horns; good sized bag, two front teats the largest. Five do! iara reward will be paid for her return to No. l.>^ njeVet^ C,eor"etoWD- WM. ROBINSON. BOARDING. EIGHT OR TEN GENTLEMEN can be accom modated with TABLE BOAill> by immediate application at No. 377 13th street, between N.-w York avenue an<1 I street. Al-o, Furnished Rooms to let. Terms moderate. je A~~N EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY.?Desirable Rooms, with Board, for gentleman and_ w? te, or single gentlemen, can be obtained at Bridge street. Georgetown. This is a deligntiul locality, overlooking the Potomac, with a view ot the Virginia and Maryland heights in the distance, and within a short distance of the terminus of the railroad. Je .'tO-at* BOARD.?First-class Boarding House for Offi cers, Clerks in the Departments, or gentlemen and their wives. JLocation very nne;tonly^two squares from the War Department, and one from Penn. avenue. House very cool. Bath-room in ?house, with hot and cold water. TertnR: Booms with Board, from f.ifi to $125 per month. Apply on the premises, at No. 183 G street, second door above 19th. A few Table Boarders taken. Je 29-3t* TABLE BOARD AT ?5 A WEEK st 1 34 Penn sylvania avenue, between 19th and 20th streets. And July lit & desirable room. je 2fl-lw * BOARDING-A few first class BOARDERS can be accommodated with Rooms and Board on or after the 1st of July next, at No. 4U6 20th street, southeast opr. of V. | Je 20-2w _ nERSONS CAN BE ACCOMMODATED WITH Y BOARD and LODGING at f5 per week, (or fl ier day,) at the PhiladelphiaHouse, No. 51T New few Jersey avenue, near Baltimore Depot. Je 20-lm j>. U NICHOLS. Proprietor. I STOVE AND KINDLING WOOD, Hickory, Oak and Pine, sawed and split to any length and size; also, cord length. Lowes^j^SHBeFpp08' Office, Pa-. ??.. betw. 3d and lli sts. Je20-lm Mill and Wharf. st.. at Canal Bridge. I EUGENE SUE.?Paula Monti. 50c; Therese Dul j noyer 5>c;La Concaratcha, 6 >c: Le Comman deurde Malte, ? c; Le Morne an Dfable, 6>c; La Bonne aventnre, 5-c; Mibh Mary on L Instrutrice^ fr?c; Comedies Sociales, 4'?c; Latreaumoat, 6'c;" I/Avarice. 4r'C.; La Luxure, 40c; L'Envie, 6>?: La Colwe, 40c; L'Argueil, *?. FRANCk TAYLOR^ TRY DONOVAN'S BLACKBERRY CORDIAL. Price, tl per bottle. Fet sale by all Drug gisf. 1''?-? 0 T I C E . Office of Commissioners of Improvements, t , Qtv Hill, June28, 18> 1.\ In compliance wlthaq ordinance of the Corpo raUon. entitled "An act for the removal of offal. Flops, Ac.." the .public are hereby noti8ed that all kitchen offal wHf,t># removed from their respee tire dwellings once a day until the 1st October nett, and all honseiwepers are ^ereby notified to place vessels sufficient to contaio- such offal, and easily bandied, in the rear ot their several prem ises. when accessible to the garbage carts, and when not accessible in the rear, theni it a place most convenient. F. R. DORSETT, Commiseioner First Ward; JAS. W. SPALDING, Commissioner Seooad Ward: t JOHN T. GARNER, Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLASS Commissioner Fourth Ward; ! WM. H. HAMILTON. ' ... Commissioner Fifth Ward; W A. FLETCHER. Commissioner Sixth Ward; Y.U ? JAS. H. BIRCH, Commissioner Seventh Ward. N.'B. All offal of other kinds will be promptly removed by notifying the Commissioners of the same. |e ?-l?wtm ^OKI RE'S WORKS.?La Bohemlenne, *25o,; Ber n trandet Ratron, 25e.: Japhet,2.V-Gnstave III, 2f.c.; Le Mariage enfantin, 2Sc.: Pbilibert Marie, Bc.;Le p'us beau Jourde la vie, 25c ; Le Yieux ari, 26c.; Les Oontes de la Beine de Navarre, 2f>c ; La Camaraderie, tffe.; Le Moulin de inv-lle Bc.;LesMalheurs d'un amant beureau, *5c.; La ame de PiQHC,>???; L* Herltiere, 25c.; and many others. Just Imported. . Je25 FR*N0K TAYLOK. EXTRA. I ? ? . ? ? ?? SECRETARY CHASE HAS RESIGNED. Bon/ Salmon. P. Chaae, Secretary of ttx? Treasury, has resigned. The Secretary's resignation bas taken the public by surprise. We have no information corcermng the grounds of the proceeding; but we are satisfied that it indicates no want ef confidence in the success of the financial poll* cy.whUh Mr. Chase originated with such dis tinguished ability, and no indifferent to the < successes ot the administration and the coun try. * 1 | We regret that Mr. Ob we bas not found :t consistent with his convenience to continue to ? . * the end in the place he has filled so ably and so satisfactorily. .All regrets, however natural, will disappear in the satisfaction with which the accession ol. hie successor will be hailed* if it be true as we have heard, that the Hon. David Tod, the late able, loyal and energetic Union Governor of Ohio, has been nominated by the President to preside in the Treasury Department. 5 O'CLOCK P. M. THE CHANGE IN THE TREASURY DEPART MENT. There is no longer a doubt of the nomination of the Hon. David Tod, of Ohio, to be Secre. tary of the Treasury, vice Hon. S. P. Chase, resigned. It is this afternoon currently stated that the cause of tbe resignation of Mr. Chase was a difference with the President relative to cer tain appointments of his subordinates. GOV. TOD'S NOMINATION. Tbe nomination of ex-Oov. Tod to be Sec retary ef the Treasury vice Hon. Salmon P. Chase, was referred to the appropriate com mittee immediately on being received at the Senate this forenoon. It is evident that it will not be acted upon to-day. FROM JAMES RIVER-SHERIDAN'S COM MAND ALL ACROSS. The U. S. steamer Cossack, Capt. Swasey, arrived here at 1 o'clock, from Douthart's Landing, on the James river, which point she left yesterday at y o'clock. The last of Sheri dan's force crooed at Douthart's Landing early yesterday morning. The statements published of his losses have been very much exaggerated, and it is believed that future ac counts will show that he has not sustained three-fourths of the losses heretofore asserted. The Cossack brought up a numbjr of con demned horses and mules, which were un loaded at Giesboro'. IMPORTANT ORDER. It is understood that the Provost Marshal General bas issued an order prohibiting par ties from recruiting in this District for other States. An order has also been issued requiring all soldiers reinlistmg in the Veteran Reserve Corps to be credited to the State from which they originally enlisted, and not to such States as they choose to elect. They are, however, allowed to select tbe district of their State to Which they desire to be credited. REBEL OFFICERS. The following rebel officers of Beauregard's command, and who were oaptured at Peters burg, arrived here this morning on board of a steamer from Point Lookout:?Capt. Henry Bylst, Capt. J. L. Mulvaney, Lieut. J. C. Clemens, and Lieut. A. B. White, of the 27th South Carolina, and Lieut. John Blain, of the 16th North Carolina. ACTING PROVOST MARSHAL OF THE DIS TRICT OF COLUMBIA. Capt. J. C. Putnam, Provost Marshal of the District of Columbia, being very 111, by direc tion of the War Department Lieut. Col. D. C. Poole, of the 18th regiment Veteran Reserve Corns, has been temporarily assigned to duty as Provost Marshal of this District. Thb Sbbbion?The resignation of Secretary Chase renders it certain that the current ses sion of Congress will not adjourn this week. There is no telling just now when it will end. CONGRESSIONAL. Thursday, June 30. Sew ate.?A joint resolution proposing an ad journment of Congress on Satnrday, the 20th ot July, was offered, but its consideration being objected to, it lies on the table. The Senate resumed consideration of the bill to reimburse Pennsylvania for calling out the militia. It wasjyesterday amended by making the bill applicable to til forces called out last summer to repel the invasion ot Pennsylvania and Maryland. At 11X o'clock a message was received from the President, and on motion the Senate went into Executive session, in which it still re mained at lx o'clock. House.?On motion of Mr. Washburne, of Illinois, the Honse took up and passed the Senate bill to aid the construction of the inter national telegraph line, whicn was passed with an amendment prohibiting the company from making any terms for the transmission of newspaper dispatches different from those ac corded to the public. Much miscellaneous business was transact ed, but none of especial public importance. The bill heretofore reported from the select committee for tbe construction of a new rail road between Washington and New York, was, on motion, re-committed to the select committee. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Gold. [Special Dispatch to the Star.] Nbw York, June 30, 2 p. sr.?Gold 24?. LOCAL NEWS. The Draft.?Efforts are now being made by Mayor Wallach to obtain substitutes for those parties subject to the dratt in this city. Arrangements have been made by the Mayor with Col. E. M. Greene, ot the Chief Quarter master's Department, by which substitutes will be likely to be obtained, and which in sures to the substitutes all the bounties and premiums without deduction. Persons desir ing to avail themselves of this arrangement can do so by depositing $300 with the Mayor and leaving their names. Thb Murder or 'James Sahderron.?Cor oner Woodward yesterday held an inquest over the body ol James Sanderson, who was killed beyond the Eastern Branch, as stated in the Star of yesterdav. Testimony elicited showed that deceased returned to bis house about 9 o'clock, and asked his sister if she had no light. She said she had no matches. He gave her a match and she lit the candle. Tbe sister looked out ot the door and saw two men coming in the house. She had been laying on the be j, and her dress was unh ooked. As tbe men came in one door the sister passed out the other to fasten her dress. She looked in and saw the two men clinch her brother. She ran for Mr. Talbert, but before she got there she thought Mr. Talbert was too old to afford as sistance, and she ran for Mr. Thos. Burkley. Mr. Burkley came at once to the house of de ceased, and found him in a dying condition. Burkley said the deceased drew two or three breaths and he was dead. He was cut on the left side of his r eck, about three inches long and two inches deep. Tbe jury found that de ceased came to his death by the hands of the two men who came to Ills honee with him, and the jury further believe that the two men were Oscar More and Walter Finest. The jury also find the deceased was very poor, and had no money. Anticipatiso the DaarT.?Quite a num ber of persons of this District, in anticipation of a dratt, have been locking up substitutes iduring the past tew weeks, and the trade in them wi'htn a lew days past has been quite brit-k. The officers at tbe Provost Marshal's Office, besides examining tbe applicants for exemption, are kept busy hi examining: per sons offered as substitutes, and within the past week have received over 200, 17 ot whom were put lp on the first three days of this week. Mast of them are contraband'! from Virginia, who are not subject ? to the draft. The price being paid is Irom 9*50 to ?50'.*. ' 1 ' * Arrest of a FuoiTfTB.-L.Mt nigbt, Officer Killer, ol the Second Ward, arretted Wm. Handley Bad Geo. Fontaine on ampicien of the robbery of a m*a a few nights before on a staeet In the Second Ward. This morning the vltDfiMt wero not to be found, with a single exception, and Serg't Tait sent the prisoners to SBBerintendeat Webb, as auspicious cbarac tarn. As soob as they were taken Into the room one of tne detectives identified Fontaine ae Angnstas Lafontaine, who wa* tried by court-martial for desertion, found entity, and sentenced to be (hot to death. The sentence ?was to hare been executed three days ago, but Lafontaine escaped from FortMcHenry, where he was confined. He at once delivered te the military authorities. Lafontaine is <juite a young man, rather good looking, aad is a na tive of Washingtoo, where his mother and; brothers reside. Policb Kbpobt* ? First Precinct.? Walter Font, murder, jail fbr father hearing. ' Third Precinct.?Robert QUI more, J. Moore, drunk and dfaorfleMy, dismissed. Fourth Precinct.?'Tim Frawley, assault and battery; dismissed. Richard Archer, grand larceny; ball for court. Alfred Lee, John Fisher, Christ Braanon, Wm. Parker, Colom bus Parker, disorderly; 92 each. Sixth Precinct.?Samml Dean, nuisance: 92. J. H. Crogin, disorderly: workhoose. Jean. O'Brien, sleeping in the street, military. Tentk Prrdnct.?Aaron Smith, disorderly; fS. J. N. Smith, thieata, dismissed. W. Herman, do.; bail for peace. Patrick Downey, violating the cow law; 83. ? I Colored Good Sam abit Airs.?To-day, the Grand Lodge of Maryland, Virginia and the District, of the order (colored) of Good Sa maritans and Daughters of Samaria, are hav ing their annual celebration. Tbe procr-aion is accompanied by a band, and namb^rs about one hundred colored men in regalia and about twenty-five colorrd women In carriages. After marching through the avenne and principal streets, they proceeded to Zion We?ley Charch, in the First ward, where appropriate services were held. A new banner, Just pre eited to the lodge, and twa large national flags were carried in the procession. The procession was accompanied by a large crowd, and through out good order waa maintained. Marriaoe 1<ICB!ISB8.?Within the month closing to-day, the Clerk of the Court (Mr. Me'ga) has issued 130 marriage licenses, of which 30 were to colored couples. Pretty good for tbe hot month of June! One of these was Issued to a soldier and h*?? wife who had lost their original certificate of marriage; he being In hospital about to have a second amputation performed, which it was feared mlgnt prove fatal, and she being desir ous of having some means to enable her to draw his pay, should he die, a new license was pro cured, and they were married over again. Fourth Ward Stahoh Cases?William Grant, suspicion of grand larceny; dismissed. John Reever, swindling; do. Wm. Branson, suspicion of stealing; jail for hearing. John James, supposed to have stolen lead in posses sion; dismissed. John Wilkinson, Wm. Rob ineon, James Wilkinson, Albert MatUngly, grand larceny; John Bnckley, do.; jail for court. Letta Ford, disorderly: 95.5$. John Keefe, drunk; James Balton, do.; and dis orderly; Jacob Andrew and Daniel Burns, sleeping in a waeon; dismissed. James Kelly, Thos. Boarland, do.; do. Annie Butler, sleep ing in an omnibus; do. m | Jail for Corrt.?Yesterday, officer Lynch arrested John Buckler upon suspicion of rob bing soldier named Wm. R. Keeler, of Fort Meigs, of about 919. Keeler appeared and gave evidence against Bnckley, and Justice Olberson sent the prisoner to jail for court. Buckley baa been several times before the J us tice recently and was dismissed. Thii time the dismissal not being announced, Buckley imitated sudden sickness, dreadful cramp", and be groaned like a dying calf. But it only served to hasten his departure to jail. The Dedication of thk Third District School House.?The dedication of the Third District school house, at the corner of 8th street fast, and Pennsylvania avenue, which la now completed, has been postponed from Saturday nntil Monday, the Fourth of July, at 4 o'clock. The City Councils are expected to attend, as well as other dignitaries, and it is alao con templated to have the Third District schools present in a body. Arrkbt on Charge of Murder.?Yester day about 12 o'clock m., officer CUne, of the first precinct police, arrested Walter Fnrst, a soldier, on suspicion ot being connected with tbe murder of James Sanderson. The prisoner was taken before Justice Cull, who sent him to jail for further hearing. We hear that an other soldier, supposed to be the accomplice of Fnrst, has been arrested and is also held for a bearing. Orimikal Court, Judge Fither.?This morn ing, Elizabeth Hoffman and Matilda May, in dicted for keeping a bawdy-bouse near the corner of 8th and D streets, submitted their ca ?s, when the first was fined 9300, and the latter, who was the housekeeper, $&?. The petty jnrors were discharged until Tues day. SbcondW ard Statiob Cases.?W m. Henly, suspicion of robbery; sent to superintendent. Jame6 Brown, disorderly; dismissed. George Fontaine, suspicion of robbery; sent to super intendent. Eliza Posey, disorderly; ?L58. Maria Fox, do.; 81.58. Statbofthb Thermometer.?At Frank lin A Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania e venue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o clock, 78 In the shade. I K MB. MAY. SUTLER, does not call for bis _ Wa?on within thirty days after date it will be sold at auction to the highest biduor. Je 3P-3t? W. II. & J. SNYDER. Substitutes '. SUBSTITUTES! Those liable to be drafted are informed that I can furnish SUBSTITUTES, and secure your release for three (3) year* without any trouble to those who decire to obtain thein. Apply to G. H. CA8SIDY, 446 8th street. je 3?i-3t* bet. Penn. avenue aud D street. tnn COTTAGE BEDSTEADS in store and for JUU sale at reduced prices. ALSO. 2.000 yards HEMP CARPETS, just received, on coramision, which will be sold low to close con signment. The attention of Dealers is called to the a Hove. BONTZ & GRIFFITH. je30-3t 309 7th street, between I and K ets. NITED ?A ODD FELLOWS1 HALL. Continued Success of * SANFORD'S TROUPE. (J lorious bill each Evening, Introduced by the best Singing and Instrumental Company in existence. Doors open at 7M'. Commence at 8. Admission 25 rents. Reserved Chairs..V) cents. MONDAY, July 4th, Afternoon Performance. je 3U-3t* PIANOS, PIANOS, MEL0DE0N3 ? And all kinds of ??? MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. lll%n The largest stock, variety of styles, deg^es of prices, of PIANOS, New and second hand at JOHN F. ELLIS' Piar.o 8tore, 306 I'enu'a avenue, between 9th and l)th streets. 40 Pianos to select from. je 3i-3t TLF.T THE BAND PLAY! HE TENTH GRAND PIC NIC of the UNITED GLEE CLUB, to be giv?n on the 4TH OF ~ JULY, at GREEN 8PRING PAVILION. The members of this Club pledge them-j selves to make this a day of enjoyment to all who will honor them with their presence. TICKETS ONE DOLLAR, admitting a gentle man and ladies. A sufficient police force will be in attendance to preserve good order. t Committee of Arr.mttments. F. Manning, W. Warner, W.H.Robertson, S. B. Fox, W. Sebsstin, W. T. Paul. Pic Nic to commence at 9 o'clock a. m. A celebrated Band will be in attendance. je SQ-3t? Dry goodb! DRY G00DS1! Ladies, call at the NEW STORE if you want to .ret your money's worth, with no advance on goods. [}ood Cotton at 25,28 and 30c.; full yard wide at 85c. Prints at 25, 26, 28 and 30c. Chintz pattern at R5c. Lawns at 25.28 and 31c. Hoop Skirts a* $1, ?1.25 and Si.5>. Silk Mantillas at $6. 98. $10 and 912. Good Black Silk at $1.26. $1.37 and $1 50. Cor sets at ?1.50 and 75. Mozambiques at 30, 35 and 38c. Shalie at S3, 35 and 37c. Cheap Towelina. Table Cloth, Diapering, Gloves, Hosiery of all kinds. The entire stock has been bought before the last rise, and will be sold without regard to present prices. All summer goods at laa? taan cost. Remember the place-BENJ. NEWMAN, 4 43 7th st., three doors above the Patent Omoe. i N. B.?A large lot of remnants of ^otton, I awns and Calico at half prices; 2,0/' 7*rds of Li ping in remnants very cheap. Je JO-lw J?Y W. L. WALL It CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROYEITPROPKKTY ON PENN i. SYLVANIA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT < O^S^EDNESDAY AFTERNOON, 29th Instant, kt5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises. Lot No. -.subdivision of Square 27, fronting 24 feet on the south side of Penn. avenue and run ning back to K street, between 24th. and ?th sts.. near the Circle, and improved by a two-story a-d basement Brick Dwelling, furnished with gas and water, and <n good repair. Possession given im ^Terms*'One half in cash; tb* remainder In 6 and IS months secured b* deed of trust on the premises, and bearing interest. je 23-d W. Li WALL A CO., Auota. ?7*THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED TO oo.. *?<?? j ,-rv. ? fit A Niw Piirm ron tii HuKiicmr. Pkalm't ''NightBiooming Oereus.** Phalon't "Night Blooaaing Cereus." Phalon't "Night Blooming Cerena." * PhnUm't "Night Blooming Cere**.'* Phalon't "Night Bleomln* Gereus " Phalon't "Might Bloomiag Cereal." Phalon't "Night Bloomiag Cerena.H A most exquisite,delist, and fragrant perfum*. d?sti led from the rare and beautiful dower from which it takea it* name. Manufactured oaljr by Phalob k 80*. N. Y. HWjtu or convTtarai?a. Ask roa Phai.oi's?T asb no oth*i> Je 16-3m Sold by drugguta aonerally. Br?**AToaataia oak ? Ovbib.?Dr Rut>i| eiBo cures Sim mat orr her a, Seminal WtaitmtM, potency, Last *f Pmttr. eu.,tp**d\l* and tioaumUa. 1U effects are truly magical. Atrial of the Speoiic will convince the moat akeptical of its merit*. Price 91 a box. Bold brbuO. Far*, corwer UU street and Pa. avenue, Washington. and Hearr Oook. Alexandria. JaUf D?. DnroKT 3 Bu*ar-coated Female Regulating Pills are tbe very but in ust. They operate srmiilv and tfettively. and being swar-toattd create so nausea upon the most delicate stomach. A trial 01 these Pills will yrovo their super?ritt fm *11 otheri. PrloeElabox. Bold by 8.0. Ford. corner 11th street and Pa. avenue, Washington, ana Henry Oook, Alexandria. Jftt-lv Wakiawtip *0 Cu kb m Bis DAra .?Dr. Godfrey's Antidote, an laglish Specific of slxty-Sya years' standing, changeol by 8.O. For-, Washington, and Henry Oook, Alexandria. }a Wr Corks, Bukjoks. Bid Nail?, eto. Cornsare the universal torment of mankind. To he relieved of these terrible evils, call on Dr. White and submit to his manipulations. Ton ars sure to get relief without experiencing pain. Of fice, 4M Pennsylvania avenue.(Lane tc Tucker'* building, between 4>4 and 6th streets. Ma charsr? for consultation. je 21-tC Soss Throat, Cough. Oolb, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re sult in serious Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. Brows 3 Brohchial Tboohm . , are compounded bo an to reach directly the seat of the disease, and five almost instant relief. je2Mm,r 1 Nbbtous D'BiLiry, Bbmibal Wbakbbbs. etc.. Can Bt Curtd by one who hM really cored k'niselr and hundreds 0/ others, and will tell you nothing but the truth. Address, witn atom p, Xdwabd H. Tbavbb, mar 9 Look Box. Boston. Mass. Bbobbt Dibbabbs. Samaritan's tixft is tba moat certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Curee in two to four days, and recentcaaes in twenty-four hours. No mineral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and tfriend to those who do not want to be exposed. Mala packages, fit; lemale, Samaritans Root and Herb Juxets? Apositive and germanent on re for Syphilia.Bcrofula.Ulcera, Sorea pota. Tetters, Ac. Price $1, or six bottles for #? Bold by 8. 0. Ford. Bee advertisement. mi ding/ will cure Qonorrkaa in six inyt. age of diet r etui red. Price ?1 par bottle. Sold I.O. Ford, corner 11th street and Pa. avenue. pROPOSALS FOR 8TATIOriERV.. Depabtmbbt or Statb# * Washington June 1.1861, { Sealed Proposals for lumishing such Stationery as may be required by this Department during the fiscal year ending June 30. Ia05, will be received until 1J o'clock m. on Saturday, the 2d of July next. Those unaccompanied by aatisfrctory testi monials of ability to fulUl the contract will not be considered, and contracts will only be awarded to established manufacturers of, or dealers in, the articles. ... . . All articles required must he of the best quality of their kind, and not inferior to the samples, which will be exhibited at tbe Department. Each proposal must be signed by the individual or firm making it, and must specify but one price for each and every article of the schedule or of the class bid for. . , , . , The articles, when furnished, must correspond with the ?anipieB. or any of them* if desired, and in no case be inferior in quality to the 8amDie; and they must be delivered without delay when ordered, and must be satisfactory to the Secretary; and a failure so to comely with this stipulation will be deemed cause tor the abrogation of the ??Articies not named in the schedule are to be far nished at the option of the Department, at the lowest market prices, and the ripht is rtcerved of ordering s greater or less quantity of each article contracted for. as the public service may require. Bonds, with approved security, must be given by the person or firm obtaining the contract; and in the event of the refu sal or neglect of the contractor to furnish any article or articles named in the con tract, on the order of the disbursing clcrk. the same may be purchased in open market, and tu? difference in price paid therefor and the contract 8rice shall he paid by the contractor, and be de. ucted in the settlement of his account for the quarter during which auch refusal or neglect may occur The'suhjoined achedule spec;Bes,as nearly at can now be done, the amount, quality, and description of each o' the article; likely to be required. The bida will be canvassed for each of the three c1afi?ea teparately, and contracts for one or more of the classes awarded, as may he deemed mo6t ad vantageous to the Department. . Proposals to be addressed to the Department of State, and endorsed "Proposals for Stationery." it.m Class No. 1 .?Paper. 1 W reams wh'te Laid Cap, heavy, ruled to pat* tern, per ream 2 lO reams Cap, white, ruled to pattern, per ream ?' 10 reams Cap. white, ruled to pattern, extra superfine, per ream 4 10 reams Consular Cap, white, taa ruled to pattern, per ream ... .. . . 5 5 roams Consular Cap, white, double thick, superfine, per ream , . 6. 5 reams Regal Cap, white, trimmed and ruled, per ream 7. 20 reams Quarto Post, white, ruled, stipe-, per 8 10 reams* white Vellnm Note, highly glazed, hard calendered, per ream 9 25 reams Commercial Note Paper, lined, super extra, per ream in. io reams Flit Cap, white, unruled, per ream 11. lo reams Envelope, yellow or buff, royal, pet ream ? , 12. I" reams large brown Envelope, per ream 13. 10 dozen sheets Patent Blotting, per doze sheets CLA3R No. 3 ?Envelopes. 1 1 COO Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed " ' to order, V )* by 5 inches, per M 2 l <00Muslin Lined, lithographed, and printed ' to order, 9 by 4 inches, per M ? 500 muslin lined, lithographed, and printed to order, 1 by 6*? inches, per M 1 1<)\0Q0 auhesive Envelopes, white, heavy, lith ographed, and printed to order and pat terns, per M 5 10 <XW adhesive Envelopes, large end small, white, letter and note, plain, per M. Intermediate sizes ordered not to be charged higher than bid for size next larger Class No. 3.?Pens, Pencils, iTc. J. 20 gross Perry's, Gillott's , or other g od me tallic Prns.p rgro-s 2. 3,00<> Quills. No. 8n, per M 3. lOdozen Faber'a.or other good, No. 1 to 4, or graduated, per dozen ? 4. 5 dozen Faber's ,&c., red aud blue pencils, per dozen Class No. 3?Continued.?/nA-. Inkstands, IKa fers, and Wax 1. 4dozen Draper's Inastards. per dozen. 2. 6 dozen Maynard A Noyes's Ink, pints, per ? dozes 3. 6dozen Ink, pints. Arnnld'sper dozen 4. 3dozen best French carmine Ink, ounce, per dozen 5. 6 M seal Wafers, best quality, red, No. S, for office seal, per M 6. 2 pounds best red Wafers, common size, per pound 7. 100 pounds best extra super scarlet sealing Wax, per ponnd Class No. 3?Continued.?Cutlmry and Miscel laneous Articles. 1. S dozen Roger's or oth? r Kniveg, four blade*, buck or pearl handles, per dozen 2. 5 dozen Soger's ivory handle or Shaver's pat ent, per dozen S. 1 dozen ivory Wafer Stamps, per dozen 4. 2 dozen office Sh.ars, extra, p*r doeen b. 3 dozen office Senators, per dozen 4J. 25 dozen silk Taste, wide, per dozen 7. 50 dozen red Tane. assorted, per doeen ? 8. 3dozen Paper Weight*, assorted, peT dozen 9. 3 dozen Green's ina Erasers and Paper Clean er, per dozen 10. 5 pounds prepared India Rubber, per pound 11. 3 pounds Pounce, per pound | 12. 5H pounda large Twine for packing, per pound 13. pounds Linen Twine, per pound 14. f > pounda beat Cotton Twine, per pound 15. 3dozen Rulers, round or fiat,30 inches long, per dozen _ . MS. S pounda best quality Sponge, ?er poi^nd 17. 10 pounds Qum Arabic, per P*"'"' , {th 18. 4 dozen Mucilage, small *??' w,t" brush and raetaU'^tops, P" ! 19. 61 dozen Penholder#, assorted, per dozen j?8-1aw4w ? CTE* MKR ni tVlMORE HAS ARRIVED ? 8TCon"greeswin Pattern! tothe^Q* 'Th^rteimer^ifs tor New York, Sat -SH* UT^v nir 2d' ^ MOKOAK ARlllNEHART. ? torses forsale-deautikol PAIRDAP ?TL PLE GREYS.?I have one of the finest cv i>air of Horaee in this city; beught them in "-,1* Philadelphia, for my own family young, kind, gentle,and warranted. Can be seen and tried in harness, in the rear of my stor?. every day this week, from 9 to 12. JOHN F. ELLIS. Piano and Music Store, je 29-St 306 Pa. ave., betw. 9th and loth i*t?. tobheyakd COUNSELLOR AT LAW. 427 Fifteenth street, Je27-lm* ^^d^or^oJRiggB' Bank. r IMEt LIME I LIME I?I am now prepared t* L< deliver freah barned POTOMAO LTMK. pre pared from my new Flame Kiln, without coming in contact with the fuel. 8. D. CA8TLEMAN, Etna Lime Kiln, a? 9 to Eat aw. and iUwE Creek Bridge DLEASURE BOATS.?To let. by the day or honri ? two faat sailing PLEASURE HO ATS. at - the 11th street wnarf Apply at the Sail^Qh> Loft, near the wharf, of BARNEd A SON. je 30-2w* BUTTER I CHEESES EUG5 i I SO barrels freah Maryland WW, Jnit arvived, for sale. V. E. DUTROW A 8RO.. .?e27-<t* 40OSUl?Ue9W

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