Newspaper of Evening Star, June 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated June 30, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS AMUSEMENTS TO-NIGHT. Ford * Tmatib.-For the first time her*. ?'The Three Guardsmen," draraitizwd from Dumaa' great work, will be performed, and the cut will include Miss ?n?an ^nin aad ill the members of Mr. Ford's popuUr company ^To morrow night there will be ? varied entertain 5en*W that excellent (tentwman and capital business man, Mr. H. ^,a> lord, will ba thr recipient of a b*nefi . G so van's Thbat?*-?Mr. C. D. Hess, the ?popular treasurer drover's Theater, will uike a benefit to night, and all the m??*rsi of the company, and the star actress MiS3 Kn-te Varte. hare folunteered for the occasion. ?? Dick Turpi"" wil1 be performed agaiu, and Ka#e Vance will again ride the trained horse ?'lio? Jna? " A brilliant comedietta will com mence the entertainment. Mr. Hees is in every -way deserving ef a splendid benefit. i :A?TKi:r.i'RT?The new sensation drama, Sickiran,'' is still the card here, and it has proren a very successful one. But its per lorrnance does not do away with the regular concert ball entertainment, which has ever been so popular with amusement-seekers at the capital. SA^roRP-Sanford's inimitable Ethiopian Opera Tronpe is still giving concerts to full and delighted houses at Odd Fellows Hall. iSanford has opered an entire new budget or comicalities on his present visit, aud all lovers of genuine fun and sentiment should go and hear him and his tronpe. G r. at?i> G kb* an Festival.?Th is afternoqn and evening the German Soldiers'Relief As sociation v. ill give a festival for the benefit of r?ick and wonnded soldiers at Veytn 7th street Park In the evening there will be a grand di=nlsvof fireworks. Many of our mostprom inentGerman citizens are concerned in this ? festival. . Giack Cbprch Fair is still in successful oDer uiou at Island Hall, and Its attractiveness -wanes not. The display of fancy and useful articles is superb indeed, and all are dispensed ?with as cheaply as possible, and with a grace lor which the Island ladies are famous. Public Si-bool Examinations.?'The ex amination ol the public schools was continued yeF#male Intermediate, First District, taught by Miss A. K. Lowe, is neld in a one-story and a bait building, on the southeast corner of G and 11th streets The school room is a large airy one, well lighted and ventilated, but is somewhat out of repair, and needs the atten tion of the plasterer and white-waslier. This school is one of the largest in the city, and has a good reputation, and there was consequently a large attendance of teachers of other schools and the relatives and friends of the pupils, -who manifested a deep interest in the exami nation. Miss Lowe has her school well divi ded into three classes, which were very thor onghlv examined by Messrs. Wilson and Brown in reading, writing, spelling, composi tion, dictation, grammar, geography, history, and mental and practical arithmetic, in all of which the scholars showed creditable progress. The class in geography, which was subjected to lengthy examination by Mr. Wilson, acquitted itself espscially well. A large globe was placed immediately in front of the scholars, upon which Mr W. illustrated his questions. The first and second c lasses in reading read to gether. in order to save time. The reading was -very good, and the pronunciation ot words by the scholars usually correct. As some of the scholars ot these classes took their seats after readn.g a versa aach. the examinersexpr^eu.1 their approbation by such remarks as "Good," i'Verv good." The writing books of the scholars shew good improvement, and the compositions were also good. The answers to the questions proposed at the written examinations were opened and submitted to the scrutiny of those present. The questions were mainly correct, and were very neatly written. Pro* Daniel, who wa3 present, has trained the pupils well in vocal music, as shown by the exercises. ??I Love the Brooks, the Trees and Flowers," as sung by Miss Bettie Dunn, who was joined in the chorus by the whole school, is worthy of special mention. There are sixty scholars on the rolls of this school, fifty-four of whom were present, the others being detained by sickness. There were eleven transfers to a higher school during the month of January, and ten for the present month. The school room was tastefully decorated vnh the national flag aud evergreens, and pre sented a neat and pleasing appearance. Second District.?Secondary (female) School Ko. 1, held in thebasemnet of the Assembly's Cbarch, corner of 5th and 1 streets, was ex amined yesterday afternoon by Mr. Miller, la the presence of ' we are glad to note) quite & large number ot the parents and friends of the scholars?a larger number than we have yet seen at any of the Second District schoq; exam inations. Particular attention had been paid io the decoration of the school-room for the oc casion. a large flag being displayed behind the teacher's desk, with a number of smaller ones in different parts of the room. Conspicuously displaved was the motto of the school, "We live to learn," with a large heart in evergreen banging below It, and numerous wreaths of the same on the wall, this school numbers 33 scholars, of whom 43 were present, and is in charge cf Miss Jane Thomas. The examining trustee pretty thoroughly examined the three classes, in orthography, punctuation, arithme tic, geography, tables, ic., and right well did they acquit themselves, although there was some little backwardness on the part of some of the scholars, and a few wrong answers were given. The recitation of the tables in concert was well done, as well as the ciphering and dictation exercises on the blackboard; indeed some of the girls could not bs surpassed on the blackboard. The geography class were, in addition to answering t&e questions propounded, required to draw small maps on the black-board and give the relative position cf places, resulting in the drawing ot several maps in admirable manner indeed. The arithmetic class also worked out theirproblems on the black-board, and the for mation of the figures and neatness of the work va> noticeable. The dictation exercises, the ciphering, and also the drawing of a globe on the beard by Miss Kate Grant surprised all present by their excellence. (' attention appears to have been paid to *c>cal music, and during the exercises the scholais sang several pieces with fine effect. Thii school wa= formerly taught by Miss At ton. who was obliged \o relinquish it on ac count of sickness, and in February last Miss 'Thomas took charge, bringing some of her ""holies (from No. 3.) Miss Thomas deserves ^.reai credit for the fine appearance of the school, which was highly complimented by Mr. S|iller at the close of the exercises. Thirt Jjistrict.?Secondary School, No. 4, JMiss Catharine 3Iorphy teacher, was exam ined in the morning by Mr. HiU. Miss Mor phy has had a number ot years'experience as a teacher and therefore it was to be expected hat her 'examination would be a good one. Ihere are 60 puolls on the roll, of whom jj ?were present. Miss Morphy has had a draw back t? contend with from the fact that the first class in her sohoel this year was the first class In the Primary School last year, and therefore she deserves the more credit for the attainments of her pupils. There are three schools in the TOutn occupied by Miss Morphy?the old mar toi house, corner 3d and A streets?and she has a general supervision over the order and de portment of the entire number, and therefore much attention which her immediate pupils should have received was necessarily divided among all present in the room. The deport ment of all the scholars throughout the entire day was excellent, and so far as the examina tion was concerned, the reading, spelling and mental arithmetic ot the pupils oi both divi si ns of the second class is pronounced very good. The other cla?ses, nrst. third and fourth, a ;0 conducted themselves so well as to elicit the praise ol the examining trustee. The sub * beard of the third district have ever consid ered Miss Morpby's school one of the best in their charge, and the examination of vesterday undoubtedly sustained thena in that decision Secondary No. 3, Miss Kate Sanderson, was eramin?d in the afternoon by Mr. Hitz. Mr. Ferguson was present a portion ol the after noon. The school room is a pleasant one, at the corner of 2d and K streets, and yesterday w:u tastefully decorated with wreaths of flow ers and evergreens. There are 53 pupils on the Toll, of whom 50 were present, the others being detained by sickness. The deportment of the j>upils throughout the long examination was ucellent, Indeed, and the teacher evidently has fPDod control over those entrusted to her care. Where all classes did so well it is impossible .to particularise. In spelling and reading and in the rules of orthography; in punctuation and the use of capital letters, thev cannot be excelled in any secondary school in the Dis inct; good as many of them are. The enunci ation of all the readers, with but one or two excc'pUans, was admirable and each syllable and wcrd could be heard distinctly in all por tions of the school room. The first class in this I study have gone entirely through the third .reader. The opinion was expressed that many |hi:d classes ox the intermediate schools were luferior to the second class here. In the ex amination in spelling the examiner did not i unfi le himself to the book, butga%e out mis ?eUar.eoufly a number ol hard words, and with tevr exceptions they were correctly spelled. Tl e exercises in dictation were also admira U !?* as to proper punctuation of sentences, ,%ti"v?ranhy and orthography, and in this the ?pviond clas* was equal to tne first. We ob t &i*0? (*? we b*Te at other schools,) f ?na. tb? |fjTj3 yrpre somewhat ahead of the ' Tlle c?py bocks of thoes classes are rr.ou is of n-atness, and great care has evident ly tx-ea taken to teach them to write well. In secgrnpfcy and written arithmetic, the aa lar'7^,*, ? riven, and the work as jprctrp>.y correctly done. ? There was bat one ?tudy i* wbicU the p*pAU : w?r* at all deficient, and that wfca mental arithmetic Even in this they did compara fj^Tweil but the questions were answered ^^rTndnotuntrequentlyincorrectly, This hare been owing to the fact that the pnpiU restless by reason of u?Jth of the examination. However, even 5? he atttSnoe^s of this class Miss Sander- ! son deserves credit. The fourth class so far as tt bad studied, was deaervin* of equal credit wtththe flr*t. At the closaof the examination Mr.Hiu addressed the pnpils, and expressed himself unusually well pleased. The only cause of regret he had was that the proficiency of to many of the punils would compel h m to make rnpil end teacher part, ns he would be compelled to transfer a very large number to schools ol the intermediate grade. _ Fcmrfh District?The Fourth District Gram mar School, John E . Thompson teacher, was examined yesterday by the sub-board of the lH&trict* by Mr. Z. Bich&rds* Mr. X. M Wilson, of the Second District Grammar School, and by other gentlemen present. The examination was held in the large and airy school-room of th < Female Grammar School of the District. Mr. Thompson's high reputa tion as a teacher, causes his examinations, as well as those of the l?male department of the same school {Mrs. Amidon's), to be largely at tended bv visitors from *11 parts ol the city, as was the case vesterday. Among those present were ilr. S. J* Thomson, ot the First District Grammar School; Mr. Wilson, 01 the Second do.: Mr. McCathran, of the TMra do., and many leading teachers of the female schools also, Mr. Z. Richards, Dr. Croggin, M. John E. Norris, Wm. Thompson, Esq., Mr. I. T. Cassell, Alderman Noyes, Mr. W.Galt, Mi F. Fillings, and many others interested in t?e cause ot the pnblic schools. In accordance with the expressed wish of the teacher, the examination was rigid, and admirably did the beys stand the test. We have witnessed many sharp examinations, but none where the questioning was so vlgilan* outside of the usual routine of questioning, and none where the answers were more satisfac tory. This was well demonstrated in the tests in written and mental .arithmetic, analysis of language, geography, Constitution and history of the United States, written spelling (in which the corps of examiners and visitors racked their brains to produce unfamiliar and oddly spelt woTds) and extemporized false syntax. Two of the scholars, F. Franklin, (11 years,) and Wm. Hart, received special mention in the course of the exercises for their proficiency. The answers (written) given to the questions propounded at the written examination were exhibited yeeterday. They were almost uni formly correct, and told well for the style of penmanship taught at this school. These boys will make good business men. This school, like others of the male grammar schools, has sull'ered much from the number of older pupils taken away by their parents, in consequence of the abundant openings during the year for re munerative employment for them. We think this is a wretchedly mistaken and short-sighted policy on the part of the parents, but they do not seem to see it in that light. ? Th^re are 30 pupils on the roll at this school, ol whom 29 were present yesterday, one being absent on acconnt of sickness. Average at tendance up to the 1st inst., 41. Entrances during the year, 62; distinct en trances, 79; number held over from last year, 17; number regular attendance, 11; number gone to business, 21: suspended, 5; left the city, 5; left on account of sickness of self or family, 4; transferred to other schools 3; by removals and distance, '2; deaths, 3; transferred for incompe tency, 3; entered twice. C; last year's first class, none. ? At the close of the exercises, the school and teacher were very highly complimented by the examiners. The following schools will be examined to day : First District?Frimary No. 3. Mi?s Gleason acting teacher, by Mr. Tustin; No. 4, Miss Walker teacher, by Mr. Wilson. Second District?Male Intermediate, Mrs. Myers teacher, by Messrs. Miller and Rhees. Third District?Female Grammar, Miss M. E. Ramsay teacher, by Messrs. Walsh, Hitz, Ferguson, Brown, Wight, and Holmead. Fourth District?Primary No. 2, Miss S. Davis teacher, by Mr. Ellis; Secondary No. 1, Miss A. M. Adams teacher, by Mr. Murtagh. Appointments ik the Citt Post Ofpick.? The following letter-carriers have been ap pointed in the Washington City Post Office; Charles M. Miller, vice John R. Wright, re signed; H.M.Creidler, vice Thomas T. Parker, resigned, George H. Miller, vice James O. Bov. en, resigned; Charles N.Simms, additional from June 1; A. A. Davis, additional from June 1. Charles E. Frey, additional from June 1; W. A. Ridgelev, additional from Jane 1; W. B. Kealey, additional from Jnne 1?at $-*)0 per annum each, _ Appointed.?Postmaster General Blair has appointed David B. Parker as special agent, to assist A. H. Markland, Esq., special agent, with the mail service to and from the Army of the Potomac. _ Th* Great Salb op Oil Painting?, under the direction of Messrs. J. C. McGaire & Co., at their salesrooms, corner of 10th street and Pennsylvania avenue, commences this eve ning, at 7% o'clock, :md we would advise all in want of beautiful and lasting ornaments for their drawing-room, library or hall, to attend, as such an opportunity does not often occur. The pictures are put up in handsome gilt frames, guarantied to be of the first quality, and we understand that it is the purpose of the owner to sell absolutely every picture in this fine collection without regard to price. Bknepit op Mr. C. D. Hess.?This gentle man well known in connection with Grover's Washington and Philadelphia Theatres, will receive a benefit at G rover's Theater, this city, to-nipht, and will present an unusually at tractive bill. Tne last great success "Rook wood, or, Dick Tnrpln the Highwayman" will be given, with the young and beautiful Kate Vance as Dick Turpin on his steed "Don Juan" otherwise Bonnie Bess. The feats of this mag nificent animal last night were truiy astonish in?, bounding over the mountain paths, leap ing gaping abysses, jumping hedges and fences, Ac. President Lincoln accompanied by his Private Secretaries and little "Tad," occupied Manager Grover's private box, and apparently enjoyed the performance hugely. The Presi dential party remained until the conclusion of the performance. In addition to "Rookwood" to-night, there will be produced a charming Comedietta, in which thepopularyoungCome d>an. Mr. J. K. Mortimer, will appear as Mr. Tactic, a Stage-Struck Lawyer. Mr. Hess Is eminently deserving of a large audience, and we trust such & one will greet him to-night. A Cap.ix?We see that Joseph L. Savage declines to certify to his own character, but relers to those who have transacted business with him to speak on his behalf. We, the undersigned, residents of the city ot Washing ton take pleasure, voluntarily, to bear public testimony that we have long known Joseph h. Savage, "a hardware merchant, doing business en Pennsylvania avenue, in the city of Wash ington, for the last seventeen years. Mr. Sav ave is a native of this city. His father is among our most respectable and wealthy citizens; his son. Joseph L., also bears a high character as a citizen and man of business, and we have undoubted confidence In his veracity. Richakd Wallacu, Mayor, Wm. Forsyth, City Surveyor, Sam'l E. Dougla88, Register, Sibley A Guy, Morgan A Rhlnehart, John'Purdy, J. L. Walker, Blanchard A Mohan, Perry A Brother, Jos. W. Nairn A Bro., A. P. Hoover. Wm. E. Spalding, Thos. Donoho. Jas. Skirving. W. B. Todd, liinton A Teel, King A Burchell, George H. Plant, Edw. C. Dyer, Franck Taylor, Wm Orme, Sam'l Lewis, Alex. R. Shepherd. Washington, June2J?, 1&61. SPECIAL NOTICES. Dfcay or thk thith arisen from various causes, liut principally it may be attributed to early neg lect, ill health, or the indiscriminate use of to^tii powders containiu? mineral er deleterious acids, which jrive a momentary whiteness tc the teeth, while they corrode the enamel. The extreme prevalence of this lasd cause is too well known te need comment. To this fact, indeed, principally to be attributed the Ion# Botanical research wnioti terminated iu the greatest discovery ever given to the world for the preservation of the teelh and and purifying the breath, "Frarrant Sozo rfOJI/." Suld ly drusg'sts everywhere. It * * ? 1 " ? | i ? ? Dl-SASXBfF Tit* NEBVCC*. SfcVINAL, URISABY ijilfWrmrr mm iellat?le lumtnieiil ?in Report* of the Howard Association?Sent by tnail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 Scuth Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. je 3u 3tn Ice Cream Ice Cream! The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he has always oo hand a fresh supply of the choicest flavors Ice Crfav, which he is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, hotels, pic nics. parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms. Jos. 8ohaffteld'6 Steam Ice Cream Manufactory. No. 3?6 6th st ,bet. G and U. Wholesale and retail. Je 23-imw Do roc cslor your whiskers and moustache? If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation It colors a natural black or brown. Only 50 cents a box. ? 8. C. ford, je 2-eoSm 390 Fa. arenas, 8oIe Agent. Colo ATI's ojit Soap. TfcU celebrated Toiidt Soap, in mich tinlrersal demand. Is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in Its nature, fragrantly sceat *4. a&d extremely beneficial ia iu action upon the skin, t or sale br all Drugguta a&l Fancy Ooeda Dealers. )a?-eolr married, f?n2*ni3k?f,AK!l' Rer.T. B. McValla, ?nmSTuBiTyA]^TI,^of Baltimore,Md.. to Mi* ADDIS E.nU(JUKLT,of WMhiuftoa,!), C. * * i**1* 29*a J?ne. *t M>? parsonage, ^ Holme art, Mr. JOHN CRUP PER to Miss ELIZABETH C. OA WOOD. ? r? instant. Brigadier Genera! JOS. P. AYLOR. OnnnniK*afy General of Subsistence U. . A., aged 69 tears. . ? His fnend? and those of the family are invited to attend his funeral, from hi* late residence. No. 363 II Ptreet, at 4 p. m. on Friday. July let, with out further notice. Or the afternoon of theWh instant, LOUI8S ANNETTE. second daughter of Armmrd and Ho norine Jardine, aged fire years and seventeen day*. The friends of the family are invited to attend tlie funeral at the rt-sidenee of her parents, on Pri day morning, at 1ft o'clock. * On the 30th Of June. JTTLtAN GRANT WIS*.in fant sou of John H. and Elizabeth Jane Wise, aged t<-n mouths and Ffteeu days. Hi* funeral will take place from the residence of his parents. No 699. Npw Jersey avenue. on the 1st nay of J nlv, at 3 o'clock, p. m.. when tbe friends of the family are invited to attend without further notice. * June?rth. stfi o'clock a. m,. ELIZABETH PEP PER, darghter of Patrick and Rose Ann Pepper, aeed 1 year and lftmonths. Her funeral twill tako plac? from her late resi'Vence ?n D street, between 3d and 4?? streets. Island. The friends and acquaintances are invited to attend her' funeral to-morrow evening at Vi o'el'k. July let * On the morning of the 3 th instant, at Half-r?^?t elsht o'clock. MARY H ANN A H. second daii?ht.?r of William and Elizabeth Nottingham. sged 4 r^ar-; and fi months. The relatives and friends of the family are re quested to Attend the funeral on Friday afternoon, at half past threy o'clock, from the residence of h?r parents. No. 6S*1 corner Third street east and K Hreet south. ' ' * jn Georgetown. on thoSSth instant, VIRGINIA Q >y?EN, (colored) ae?d OS years. IIi-irrjpnds are in-vited to attend h^r funeral No. 11 Sevwh street. Georgetown, at 4 o'clock Thtirs day afteN00n,9n*hinJt. * Obitttar.?Killed in battle on Saturday, June the 18th. win. stormine the works before Peters burg. A a., J,^'JES H. COLB, aged 28 years and ij months, of l>ait?ry iit 2d Pennsylvania heavy ar tillery. The deceased wa???ei0Tp,-i by an who knew him? he was a gallant anar^thful soldier, as well as a dutiful and afreetion?o ?on and brother He leaves a mother and three sis?-8i besides mnay friends to mourn his untimely R,8. he comforted dear mourners, for he w^io mat-seTCa |]ie fA\j ofa spar row, will net allow a soul t> ^a?s away unnoticed. [Eastern and Wilkesbarre PN^rg please copy.] * FOR RENT AND SALE. PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOJITto nvvr at No. 446 12th street. TO BENT-A FUBNIBTIBD ROOM for", -?;? gle gentlemen Apply at First Ward ?OTT.i,no Saloon. II street, between 21st and 22d. je TO LET-furntshed ROOM?, without b"~T Applv at No. 272 F street, corner of 13th. jo 30-1 w* TWO VACANT FURNTSREB BOOMS, with I board.and several table boarders accommo dated. at 391 E street north, between 9th and loth streets. je 30-3t* A QUIET PRIVATE FAMILY nave % pleasant FURNISHED PARLOR f?r rent, with or u ith ont l>oard. House No. 114 Gay street, between Congress and High. Georgetown, D. C. je 80 3t* FOR SALE?A complete MINERAL WATER MANUFACTORY AND BOTTLING E8TAB LISHMENT, enjoying a good custom. This is a good chance for a man of some capital. Inquire at tbe Star Office. je30-3t* F OB RENT?A new IlRTCK HOUSE, with five ? rooms, situateil on the corner of 14th and P.oundary streets north. The enrs stow in front of the door, and runs from thence to ail partsof tbe citv. For terms apply next d?or, to ^VILLI AM MURPHY. ,e 3'-3t? A LARGE FRONT ROOM, suitablefo two or three gentlemen, for rent, with or without board, at 44S I2th street, between C*MH. A few table boarders taken. ? References rajuirel. j? 3o-2t* ? H" OUSE8 FOR SALE.?For sate, four new?'ratne HOUSES. S rooms each, well finished; arater and eas; fine location. Also, a Brick, with K^nmn. All of which will be sold on the most accommo dating terms. Possession at once. Apply at No. 300. corner of 9tlijind Msts. Je3"s?* F~OESALE-The GOOD WILL and three rttrs and a half LEASE of a Plumbing and Gas?jt tin" Shop. Rent ?100 year. Location central. &>0 cash will purchase the P%^foJJtLL >S0N Real 8?tate Brokers, je S0-5t* S B corner Pa. av. and l ith st. OR SALE?A fine BRICK HOUSE in the First * Ward, 2?H12* feet, ten rooms. Will be sold for fii.V*). A >rreat bargain. Terms: One-quarter cash, and balance in rt. 12,13 and 24 months. MITCHBLL A SON, Real Estate Brokers, Southeast comer Pa av. aud 15th st. je 3t [Chron., Rep. & Con.] FJORREXT-A RAR1 CHANCE-A new FRAME BUILDING, situated on 22d street, between G and H streets; there are two stores in front, fitted ? !4.U? f?. , F 11JIU II l> t 1 Cfl3 , LUCID flic l"V n??*vo V up with counters and shelving, suitable for a grocery or restaurant, ?r both. There is also a five room Dwelling attached; the building could also bensed as a tavern Inquire on the premises, between Sand 10 o'clock in the morning, je 3"> 3t* FOR SALE-A BRICK HOUSE and LOT, situa ted in the most healthy location, and a splen did view. Persons wishingto buy a good residence would do well to call on E street north, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, near Juenemain's brew house. Possession given after one week. Inquire of J. I1ALIDAY, 513 11th street south, near I'enna. av. je 30-lw* FOR SALE.?A n?at frame HOUSE of six rooms. No. 403 K street north, between Oth and Itdh strsets west, (near Northern Liberty Market,) re raired throughout. Persons wishing a residenca n a healthy and good neighborhood, good water, n^ar t? market, city cars and tbe public buildings will please call and see it. Possession given at time of purchase. Title indisputable. Inquire of J. F. KELLEY, on 8th st., near I st. je .^i-lw* Furnished ROOMS.?A suite of ROOMS or fcintjle rooms at 463,12th street, between Gand II. Je23-3t*_ F 'OR RENT.?On 23d street. 4 doors south of I. m. oneof two neatlv furnished front ROOMS, first and ft eond tioor.i. Yuuug geutlamen onlv need ap ply. je 29 3t* FOR SALE CHEAP-A FRAME HOUSE and LOT,on Ustreet, near 14th. House just fin ished. A tood location, and water convenient. Apply on the premises, to je 29-4t? J. M HILL. FOR RENT?A partially furnished ROOM, on tlieN. W", corner of loth and F streets; suit able for an office for a Paymaster or Dentist: only two squares from Peiin. avenue. Apply on the premises. je 20 2t* FOR~RENT-A very desirable BRICK DWELL ING, containing six rooms, situated on 20th street, between O and P streets. Apply to WAL TER LINKIXS. on the premise*. To a permanent ti-nant the rent will be moderate. je 29-2t* FOR RENT?One BRICK HOUSE, containing rt rooms, situated on P street, between 4;h and M.L sts north. Apply to T. HOLLTDGK. on the corner of Ctli aud P sts. The best of references will Vie ren'-iirod. je 2Q-2t* OR SALE-Two BOOK CASES, several rar<> PLASTER BUSTS, at HUNTER Sgreat Anti quarian Bookstore, over Bank of Washington, v.liich great stock of Books and Curiosities now removing to opposite G rover's Theater. je2t>-3f ALFRED HUNTER. 'fUREE ROOMS FOR REN'T-Price J20 p?r .1 month payable in advance, at No. 220 J2d street, between G and H. % je23-;,t* HREE furnished ROOMS FOR REN'T ON Eleventh street, between G an! H, No. 441. First-class boarding bouse next door. Je 28-^* ROOM (4."> by im.) FOR RENT FOR A FEW months. Suitahlefor storage, fair purposes, Ac. Apply at No. J4 l'a. avenue, before 9 a. m. or after 3 p. m. je 2.^-3t* I?0R RENT-Partofa FURNISHED HOUSE at a very low price, to a good tenant, consisting of parlor, dining room, kitihen, two large bel reoms. two attic rooms, for the summer. Apply at 41 Louisiana avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. Je 23-St F" '?OR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE P0#SES~5I0N. Tbe three story BRICK HOUSE, (and Lot.) No. 559, 9th street. Island, betweeu D and E streets. It contains nine rooms, and is in all re spects a desirable residence and property. Applv to W. D. WALLACH.Stsr Office. je2K tf Handsomely furnished rooms to RENT.?A nice Bed Room, with privilege of using a kitchen, very suitable for a small family. Also, a large handsome Parlor, on reasonable terms. Location excellent, being midday between the departments. Apply at No. 332 6 street, be tween J2tjj and 13th. Je?*-3t* FPOR SALE-A RESTAURANT, with a, leas* of five years. Rant per month. Reasons for selling, the proprietor going West. Imuire 4>?2 10th street, adjoining Ford'sTheater. Je 27-3t* TO RENT?A GROCERY AND LIQtTOR~STORE. doing a good business at present. The reasons for eelling, the owner leaving the city. Inquire ou the l -emises. No. 394, corner 9th and I street. je^7-4t* Furnished rooms.?a su-t of fine rooms to let. No. 42A 15th street. New York avenuo . and II Also, a fine Office Room. je 2j eo3t" ! trURNISnED OR UNFURNISHED ROOMS TO I r let. on accommodating terms; 35b H street, corner of 14th it. Apply immediately. je*5-lw'f FOR KENT.?Four or five well furnished ROOMS, together with o?e large parlor t-n2d floor, together or separately. Rent moderate to hood tenants. Apply at 234 H street, between 19th aud 2i'tii streets. je 25-5t* FOR SALE.?Tbe stock fixtures and lease of a nest little RESTAURANT AND ICK CRBAM SALOON, located in a business thoroughfare, will be sold s great bargain in consequence of ill health of the owner. MITOHELL A SON Real Estate Brokers. Je 28 eolOt* 8. E. corner Penna. av. and 15th st. (7UBNISHED BOOM8 FOR RENT.-To gentle r men only. 006 9th street, one door from Pa. avenue. Je 22-tf. P^OR BALE OB RENT-A large brick HOUSE on 6th street, between II and I. Possession Cvenatonce. Inquire of Dr. BOG AN. No. 455 assachusotts ay. near 6th ?t. je 15-2w* FOR SALE?A small briek BLOUSE and good siie<l LOT, containing four rooms and summer kitchen. Situated on 4th street, between N and 0. For particulars inqnixo at U1BB8' Hair Store, 242 Pa. ay., near 13th st. je 17-lm FOR BENT?To gentlemen .two neatly furnished JT CHAMBERS, in a ?ery pleasant and healthy location, near tie State Department and Lafayette P^A. 460 NewTort ayenue1and " of the norso cars rannia^ Qeorgetown. Rent low. *e>-tf TBI KE4R We ?!fpr at front i or m f??t 4 inches on nor th C street, between 4S a a - 6th street weet, and n?nia*b?ek about 123 fw?t to ?3P foot wide puMfe alley, with * Brick building, long and favorably known u tha "Washington Batn Iloute.'' , ... , " . The central location of this valuable property 'renders livery desirable for business Purpoaes, and we invite the particular attention of capitalist* an-1 business men to the sal*. it* 24-61 J AS. C. McQl lfiE K CO. TTOTHl P0R RElfT.-Tbe NE# BUILDING Jtl recently erected on Louisiana wenue. extend Ine through toC sftreet.-will be finished and ready ft' SfSNSXt room^parlor. ?1f oB*tni^3 aDd nineteen eharrfwri/oath-rooni*, WatW'ClOfctS, & c . with water aad gas in every room, and U so constructed that it can be used ft*.an Amencan or European Hotel. For particulars inquire of JOHN H. SEMMRH & CO., No* 5.13 Ninth street, corner Louisiana atepne. Je T* eo ?t rpQ~KKNT-An elegant HOUSE, with browa .1 stone front, partiauy furnished, with all mod ern improvement*, centrally And pleaaantlr io cated. No. 444 E street, near the residenc# of Sec retarr Chase,' together with large brick stable. The premises not to be rented for a boarding house. *or particulars inquire of Hon D B. 80ME8 on the premises, or Capt. GEORGK KLY, No 27 street. Possession given immediately, to 8-tf F 'OR PALE? A comfortable BRICK RBysI *. DENCE, having tea rooms and a good cellar, %*ell furnished throughout, and in thorough re pair. with gas. water, heating range, and every modern convenience. Immediate possession. The furniture and property in fe6 for 19,510. MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Brokers 8. 15. corner Pa. av. and 15th *t. Je 2* eo5t [Chronipio.i F?* wa SALE?10? ACRES Of LAND at B4U ville, 1<*1 acres at Contee's, 50 acres at Laurel, 300 ft crew at Savage, *1 AnnaDolia Junction, 100 acres at JessopJs Cut, 160 at Hanover Switch, 46 acres near Elkridge Landing, l<0 acres * tnile from Baltimore. All en the Washington Branch Railroad. For terms and description, apgiv to M. BANNON, 33 St. Paul's st.. Baltimore, Md. Je 9-lm* FOB RENT?Several BOOMS in No 8,-4^ st. These rooms are well furnished, and hare aii the modern improvements. Thelower part of the house, together with the rear building, will be rented separately. This part will afford ample facilities for accommodating forty table boardor*. Je *4-1 w* t>OOta8 FOR RENT.-Comfortable and well It, furnished Rooms at 450 12th street, between G and H sts. Th# location is on# of the most de sirable in the city. my M-tf "*0R RENT?A large STORE; good location for m. confectionery or ice cream saloon. Inquire at the store, .510 I street wert. Je6-lrn_ WANTg. ROOM WANTED.-A youns gentleman wishes to obtain a pleasant well-turmshed ROOM. Vicinity of 14th street and New York avenue pre ferred. Address, stating lowest terms. Post Office Bo x 664. 3)'2t WANTED-A SITUATION. by two young, re sitectalile women?one to cook, waK!i_ and iron; tne other to do chamber work and assist in washing and ironing Address lor two da>Sv>io. <i. Sixth St., between L and M. je*'-2t PERSONS DESIRING TO GO A8 HOB8TI * TUTES and SUBSTITUTE RUNNERS, both J7i,teanil Colored, would do well to call on WM. Il/ 'MPE, 330 E street, near Grover s Theat?-i, PSs^he highest price for good men. 400 MEN w-ited. je3U M WANTfi)lA good FOREMAN, in a Bakery. APPlf\t the Star Office. Je 29-3t* WANTED?A sober active WAITER to ta^e v? charge or-he dining room. One who has ex perience in a res^urant preferred. Apply at the Baltimore Depot iefre?hir.ent Room*, je y?-2t* ANTED?By a-esnectabie marriod woman, a 8IUATI0N as *etnurse. Apply at No. 4ttl F street north, betwee? 2d and od sts. wast, Eng lish HU1. Je 2i>-2t* WANTED?A stout, ac 150Y, to assist in my bookstore, which is n,w iu course of removal to opposite Grover'a Theai>j. between lath and 141 h streets. Books bought aid gold, a*usual. ALFiED HUNTER, je 20 3t* Over the Bachpf Washington. I5irTO BORROW 8*00.?Go.d security or n deed of trust will be given, if leqiiired. Call at No. 547, E ?treetrbetween ?th aidl 'th. Navy Yard. je?3t> COACHMAN WANTED-None need apply who c.'tnnotbring satisfactory testimonial* of char acter and competency. Apply between 5 and 12 o'clockjjto J. DENT, 4 56 iah st. Je2S-iw WTANTED?A white MAN as head waiter; also, " a white woman as chambermaid and two col ored men as oyster openers. Inquire at the Mitchell House, corner 13th and E sts. Je a>-3t ANTED?A GIRL, to do housework in a fam ily consisting of two persons only. A Ger man preferred. To one well recommended a good home and pay will be given. Inquire at MADAM WURTENBURG'S, 4t>0 Pa. avenue, between i;i and 3d sta. je 23-3t* tJOl'SK WANTED.?Wanted, by a permanent fx tenant, an Unfurnished House, in a p?easant ncation, in Washington or Georsetown. iaraily smaU; no children. All answers to this must pos itv^ly state terms, which most not be OT^er per month. Address "E. V. S.,'" Box 4b;,. Washing ton P^O^ je 23-3t* rANTBD?A good white or colored JOURNEY MAN BARBER, to work from" am. to 7 p. ai Apply at No. 63 7th street, between R and fc, VoV-iV aDd 9 P'lH' F- BARTELL. T*/ANTED?Litile HOUSE with first llo?.r suita ? ble for millinery shop, or room on second fltor. or if pos-ible little storB. well located. In jure at DEMON G EOT'8 Human Hair Store, cor nel 1) and lot*i streets, near the avenue. Je27-6t "iX/ANTED-On* hupdred HORSES to pasture, ** in Prince George's county, Md. Priceftfper month lor single horse, by the quantity Toper month. Inquire of J. BEASLE*. o'J Louisiana CVJen^'a8hill,{t0n- MRS. M. M. SCHAAFF. OU^lf W \NTED?In a central location, with about 1" or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture Apply to W'. L. WALL &. Co., Auction and Commission Merchants, south corner I'enn ave nne and Jth Btreet. Je 2* ANTED^l^OOO LADIES to come and buy the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrnppor<?. W# have reduced the price one fourth, and now oiTer them cheaper than ever. PRINCE, je 2i tf 3^1 F at., opposite Patent Office. 4 <i~OOOD fiRANITE CTTTTERS WANTED at + " the Chektnut Street Bridge. Wages S3 per day. Pay every two weeks. CLARK, McGUANN KENNEDY. je 2:'-?w Contractors, Philadelphia. VV A N T E D?8ECOND HAND FURNITURE. ?V Alio, MIRRORS, CARPET3. BEDS, BKD DING.and HOUSEFUitNISHINGGOODSofevery description. ?. BUCHLY, 42^ 7th street, jo S- tf between G and H. east side. Wanted to call at w w en finn LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT DW.UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 3^1 F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery dene. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that thev come to Prince's, who is the look out that they come to Prince's, who is tne only practical hand In the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mli4_ WAMJUWTiKe. FLUTI.'G WANXKDi Every lady In the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakersand others can have any kind of goods Crimped at sliort notice, is as good style, and aa cheap as in aay othercity. Ladies,remember this is the only mtchine In town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 3?1 F street, oppo site Fatent Oflce, Stamping *nd Machine btitcn lng Depot. my 3 GEORGETOWN ADYER'MTS t GEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. VI Those persons who may b? disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock,which bejrs cn interest of fix per cent, per innnm, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM, LAIRD, Clerk ofeaid Corporation. je 23-dtlJU C^EORITETOWS TAXES?An abatement of six I per cent, willbe allowed on the eeneral tax for the current year,if paid on or before the hrst day of Juiy next. CHA?,D. WELCH, je gi-11^" Collector. S ^ i^'T^RPOOL fink and ground alum, TURK'S ISLAND SA ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by T TH08. DAVIS. Wty>lesale Dealer in Salt, Je 8-lm* No. 83 Water street, Georgetown. trtOWING PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, bytho I Potomac Tow Complty^i boats, "Potomae," "Gov. Curtiii" and "Belli Haven." Apply to the CaDtains on board, or to uap JOIN B. DAVIDSON, my 13- Wat? etraot, Georgetown. I have Just reeeiT?? per ichooneri "George 8, Adama 'and "J W.,"???Borton ? Urge sn?ply of PnreMaaaaekowttaOLAliilEB 01 DEB, which I offer for sale at tke lowest Market price, In quan tities to suit purchasers. Hotel keepers, sutlers and m others la want of ft prime article of Older are iantod to call and ?x amine this before ^cha^^jhere. Union JKottkng Deyit 67 Green st., Georgetown. D. O. 1/ ID WELL & HENDERSON; ~ IV No. 367 D Stwft.sbarNistii. Respectfully Inform their friers and the publie generally that they have now i^ store a well se lected assortment of WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, which they are prepared to sell at the lowest cash PI\^ori done a* short notice in t\e city or country hy experienced workmen. Remember the plaoe. No. 367 ft street, nei Franklin Hall Building. ap DE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INI that the UNION HOTEL, Geerre ly changed *????. traveling commu street, near 9 th, 1^21-tf 1HE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY INF that the UNION Hi town, D. C., has recently ? and isnowopen to the trave.^.-. j nity. Th? hotel has been rewr?ished treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in the city during the summer months will find the rooms nrge, airy and comfortable. The Union Hotel isoiuy sn minutes ride iii the cars from the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad ? Board St per day. ** - DEREIEN'S NEW TOPOGRAFHIOAL WAR " lift 01 THE SOUTHERN STATES. wiU|? Ohrcaolcrr AUCTION 8ALB8. Far ttltr Atetilt Sales first THIS 4FTSRII001I AND TO-MORROW BT "W. L. WALLA. CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE* BAT* OF VALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtue of a. decree passed ia Chancery oiw No. 62.Sapreear Oourtof the *>i strict of Columbia, I shell offer for sase at public auction, to the high est bidder, on WEDNESDAY, the 2Sdday of Juno. lS^,at SOTJMt f. tn.. all ofLets numbered eleven, (ll.HwelveTWAnd thirteen.US.i in S?jnare num bered nine bandied and sixty, <?*?.> lying and beir.g in the city of Washington, in the District of Columbia, fronting on north G street. between l'th and 11th streeta east. The sal^ to take place on the premises. Terms or sale cash. All conveyancing at the cost of the purchaser or purchasers. Upon default of any purchaser or purchasers *o comply with the terms of sale, the property will l>e resold at the expense of the defaulting purcha ser, upon giving three days' further notice. SAMUEL L. PHILLIPS. Trustee. my 17 dts W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. ?-THE ABOVE .SALE 18 POSTPONED TO THIBSDAY A PTKRNOON .30th inst., at5 o'clock. and will be sold at the auction rooms of Wm. L. Wall A Co. SAMUEL L. PHILLIPS, Trustee. je -S W. L. WALL A CO.. Aucts. JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneer.?. By direction of the Vestry of St. John's Parish, we shall sell, onTIIURSDAY. June30, at7o'clock, on the premises, all that part of Lot No. 8. in Square N o. 200,fronting 23 feet S>a inche3 on the east aide of 16th street west, between H and I streets north, and running back SO feet. This lot is situated in the immediate vicinity of President's Square, and ia considered a desirable building site. Terms: One-third incash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost ef the purchaser. je 23-~t J. C. McOUIRB A CO., Aucts. JJY JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. DESIRABLE IMP ROVED AND UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF 16TH AND K STREETS On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, June *?, at slx ar.d a-half o'clock p.m., on the premises, we shall sell Lot No. 18 and part of 19 in Square No. 185, subdivided into four parts One of the lota front ing 22 feet 2>i inches on 15*h street, near K. and improved by a substantial two story Brick Dwell ing House, with back building, stabling, Ac.; another, adjoining the above on the south side, with a front of 2>5 feet 2 inches on which is stabling and other outbuildings; another Lot on the north side of the house, having a front of 29 feet 1 inch, and a lot al the corner of K and 16th streets, hav ing a front of r>1 feet 2 inches on 16th street,all running tack 100 feet 5 inches to a 15 foot alley. This valuable property is situated on the second square north of Lafayette Square, and ioayery fine location for private residences. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by deed of trcst on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. je 23-d JAS.C. McGUIRE ACQ., Aiict's. Y JAMES C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. B GREAT SALE OF ELEGANT OIL PAINTING8. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVENINGS, June 30th and July 1st, commencing at 7>? o'clock, we shall sell a splendid collection of oil paintings, which have been selected with groat care, and oa the most favorable occasions, in France and Ger many, during the past year, and im porte4 from Europe the present season by Mr. L. A. Tolman, comprising valuable original pictures by eminent living artists, and fine copies of some of the most celebrated pictures by old masters. Among the subjects may be found group* and f gures, Historic subjects. Conversational pieces, Architectural and street views in various European cities. Cattle pieces, (including a splendid copy of Rosa Bonheur's picture in the Luxembourg gal lery,; Marine Views Game, Fruit, and Flower pieces. Landscapes. Ac., with a great variety of size and style, subject, and finish, the whole form ing by far the finest collection of oil paintings ever exhibited in this city The paintings will be on exhibition, with cata logues, from Tuesday morning- until the time of sale. Ladies and gentlemen are respectfully invited to call and examine them.. Je2S-td JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO., Ancts. B Y JAB. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. LEAFE ON GROUND, STOCK. AND FIXTTR1S OF A WOOD AND COAL YARD. SITUATED IN THE CENTER OJf THE CITY, AT AUC TION. On FRIDAY, July 1, st 12 o'clock M.? we'shall sell the lease, stock on hand, office, stable, scales, carts, harness, Ac., of George E. F. Corbett's Wood and Coal Yard, situated on Twelfth street we*t,between E and F streets north, now doing a successful business, and sold only because th^ owner has made arrangements to embark in othe business. Terms cesh. J< 27 J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auct*. B MAYOR'S OFFICE. June 23. l*U. Y VIRTUE OF AN ACT OF THE CITYC01N cils and in accordance therewith, I shall offer for sale, for cash, to the highest bidder, on Thursday, the 29th instant, in front of the City Hall, at the hour of 12 M., the exclusive right and privilege of using the several Corporation Scales until the 1st day of July, 1865, for the purpose of weighing Hay, Straw, Fodder. Oats in the Straw, and Live Stock, situated at the following p'aces: No. 1. K street north, at its intersection with Vermont avenue and 15th street west. No. 2. Louisiana avenue, between 9th and 10th streets west. No. 3. In frost of Northern Market, at intersec tion of New York avenue and K street north. No. 4. Corner of Maryland avenue and 3d street east. No. 5. In front of Anacostia Engine Unuse. No. 6. In the vicinity of the depot of the Balti more and Ohio Railroad. No. 7. At the foot of 11 th street west on the Po tomac river. No. H. At the foot ot 3d street east on the Eastern Branch. The following is the tariff of rates which the ? purchasers are entitled to receive: For every load of hay, straw, fodder, oats in the straw, weighing one thousand pounds or less. 25 cents; over one thousand pounds, y> cents: and for each and every bundle, bale, or package of the same, 10 cents: for weighing live stock, two cents for every hundred pounds. TartieE purchasing will be required to comply with all the provisions of the act approved 2l?t February. 1SC3, entitled "An act to establish pub lic hay scales and for other purposes." je 25-dt29 RICHARD WALLACH. Mayor err- the above sale is postponed un til FRIDAY, the 1st of Julv. at same hour and place, t je 30] RICH A RD WALLACH. Mayor. BY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Cor. 7th and D sts., No. 52t>. HO USEIIOL D FURNITURE, R E FRIG IRATORS, See.. Ac. On SATURDAY, the 2d day of July, at 9 o'clock a. in., we shall sell, at our Auction Rooms : Walnut Tete-a-let# S'fas. Hair Stuff Chairs, Gilt frame Mirror,s*ven Cottage Sets, Mattresses. Feather Pillows, Bolsters, Wardrobes, Extension Tables, Cane-seat Chairs, ten Refrigerators of different sizes, Three-ply. Ingrain Carpets. Hall Oilcloth, Stoves, Grates, Toilet Sets. Crockery, and many other articles, to->nuinerous to enumerate. Also, ten cases of Navy Tobacco, to be sold with out reserve. je3^ d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Ancts. B V W. B. LEWIS Sc. CO., Auctionei FURNITURE. CARPETS. FEATHER BEDS, Ac , AT AUCTION. On SATURDAY, July 2, at 1<J o'clock, a* Store No. 307 Pennsylvania avenue. BOOKS! BOOKS!! , , Also, will be sold a collectionof Standard Rooks, belonging to a private gentleman, among which are? A complete set of Cooper's Novels, S3 volumes. Set of Waverly Novels. 12 volumes. Set of Harper's Monthly, 12 volumes. Franklin's Works, Hume's Englaud, (ii^bons Rome, Standard. 8 vo. ? _ Poets, as Bhakspoare, Byron, Moorcs, Barns, ^eSB-St.0' W. B. LEWI3 A CO., Aucts. Y J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. B TWO HANDSOME DWELLING HOUSES AND LOTS ON NORTH E SfBEKT, BETWEEN 6Tli AND 7TH STREETS WEST, AT PUBLIC AUC TION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. July 11th, at C'? o'clock, on the premises, we Shall sell two hand some Brick Residences. Nos. 454 and 1.V! E street, between 6th and 7th streets west. The houses are we'l built, with large and pleasant rooms, and are supplied with all the modern improvements. Terms: one-third ca~h, the remainder in si* and twelve months, with interest, secured by .a deed of trust on the premises. Title indisputable. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. je3'i-d JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. JDY GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneers. THREE VALUABLE BUILDING 'LOTS ON j NORTH B STREET, CAPITOL HILL, AT ALC- ; TION. I On TUESDAY, the 5th day of July next, we shall . fiell, in front of the premise*, at <j o clock p. in. % the j following-named Building Lots, vie ; Lots 2", 21 and 22, in Square No.687. These hand some building lots frflnt 52 feet each on north B street, between Delaware avenue and 1st street east. Lot 22 is a corner lot. and would make a fine , business stand; the other two lots run back to a wide alley. All are beautifully situated, and will j be subdivided to snit purchasers. The sale will be well worthy the attention of persons wishing to obtain a handsome building site or make a good investment. .... , , , ? . . ! Terms: One-third ca*h; balance in 6 and 12 . months, for notes bearing interest from day oj ' sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and revenue stampsat the cost of the purchaser. One hundred dollars will be required, paid down when the property ia knocked oil, of each purcha- I ser; and, if not complied with, it will be put up ! again and sold to the next highest bidder. je2?d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. j CARTE DE VISITS FRAMES. French Gilt, Swiss Carved Wood, and American Composition Card Frames, in variety, at J. MARKRITER'S. 4867th street. Sight doors above Odd Fellows4 Hall. Terms cash. p a-lmtf* OVAL PICTURE IK AMES. A beautiful assortment of Gilt tad Dark Oral Pictures; alse, a variety of Carte de Visit* Frames, at J.kARXRITSR'S. 486 7th street. Eight doon ahore 6dd Fellows' HsU. Terms caah ap TBX.JHMOVAN'8 BLACKBMtKY tl P?r botU?. Fqc sale by *-1 gist* !??-? !!?????! AUCTION SALES. futlkk days. ^JOYERNMBNT SAj/jT^O? CONDEMNED I ?haT. toll at *Im? Ntty ViM.ia this eltv, oo SATUilDAY Co'eio?K..U?ft>* lOWiOff ftfliclvi AboutljOro ponndsall wool Cartridge C'.pp.n-t?. Abont Hi emftr Carbovsfor ac!1. T?rtn? e*ah In 6oti>inniP?t fowls Br order of 8. P. BROWN. Wary Agoat. ? je ?-t4 K. F. PAQE. Auctloneor. |>Y J. C^MiuriRI A CO.. Anctioaeerv ADMINISTRATOR'S RALK OF <?REEN HOUSE VI ?* ."SJk nun^n. Term* c*sii. Delivery made immediately ?ft?r ih* ^ DOUGLAS, je?!?-d , ... . ?' Wi iVaL U\Jl.. U UAO, Aaminir rator of John Dnugla*. dereiuei J A 8. C. Mc<j 1T Tft W A Co.. Aurtl. Y Vi 31, L. ALL A. CO., Auctw B- ,. ... muw ww ?v.? auv(B. At the Horse Bazaar, 93 La. arenas. BALE OF I10RPES.0AKRI AOR3, H ARNR38, Ae. On SATURDAY MORNING. Ju!v 1, rota, meueingat lo o'clock, w* will sell at the Ruur 9* Louisiana avenue, between 9th and Mil streets, comprising about? FIFTY HORSES. Including 1 Ray a nd 1 Som 1 Hor*?, mi its Me for Haru>'S4 or the Middle. AL8". Other Horses, a description at sale. _ . , AI.SO, PrrTiotiK to the sale of horses we willaeli? A large assortment of desirable new aai seconl baud Carriages, Wacom, Harness. Ae. Terms cash. je ;9 W. L WALL Sc GO.. Anots. DY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. PEREMPTORY SALE GIF BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH C STREET. BETWEEN 1 ITU AND 12T1I STREETS WESt. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July 8. at 6\ o'clTc. on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No. 2, in Square No. S23. fronting 17 feet *4 inch on north O street, between 11th ana 12th streets west, and hn? proved by & three story brick dwelling heuae, < No. , &?>*,) containing eight nice rooms, with passage ! and ;orches back ana front. Terms; Ona-half cash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of tru?t j on the premises. ?rf-I mmediate possession given. 1 Cost of conveyancing ati<l stamps to be paid by ' the purchaser j ie2)-d J. C. McOUIRE A CO., Anct<. JJY J. C. McGUIBE Sc CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY AT THK CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELFTH STREET WEST , On FRIDAY AFTEHNOON.Julyl. at?* o'clock, i on the premises, we shall sell the whole of Square < No. 326, (on the Island,) subdivided into good . Building Lota, fronting respectively on Eleventh j and Twelfth streets west ana Maryland avenue, all running back to alleys. Thia comprises some of tho choicest building; I sites in that section of the city, and the sale ia j worthy the attention of persons who wish fiu<? building sites. Title indisputable. Terms: One-thirl cash; the remainder in siiand twelve mouths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of tho purchaser. . ... A payment of ?20 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. _ . _ _ je?4-d J. C. McOUIRft & CO.. AucU. UV J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. LARGE DWELLING HOU8EON 13T11 STREET. BETWEEN E AND F STREETS, AT 1'L'BLIU AHCTION. WITHOUT RESERVE On FBI DA V AFTERNOON, July 1. at 6!i o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the south house of the row of four-story and Imsement brick houses sisuated on the east "side of 13th street, between K and F streets north. The house is large, contain ing some thirteen rooms, with water and gas oa the premises. T<'rnis: One half cash, the remainder in sit and twelvemonths, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Title indisputable. ]e 27- JAS. C. MeGUIRE A CO.. Au t*. gY JAS. C. McGUIREk CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE COKNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELFTH STREET WEST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. July 1st. at 6'i o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell the whole of Square No. 32>>, (oil the Island,) subdivided into gooa Building Lots, fronting respectively on 11th and 12th streets west and Maryland arenue, all running back to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building sites in that section of the city, and the sale i< worthy the attention of pel sous who wish fine building sites. Title indisputable. . Terms: One-third in cash; th? remainder in si* and twelve months, with interest, secured by* deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of tho purchaser. A payment of f JO on each lot will be required at the time of sale. _ ie23 d J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aucta. DY GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE S SALE OFVALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtueof a deed of trust dated the 31st day of Mav, isfiii. recorded in Liber J. A. S.,No. 24, folioa 9o. Ac., one of the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, and at the request of all the parties interested, I shall, on FRIDAY AF TEKNOON. the 15th of July next. 18(>4, sell at pub lic auction, on the premises. Lots Nos. 4,6.6,7. 3.9 W. 11.12, and 13. in Square No. l.?>s, in the city of Washington.being tlie west hslf of said squar*. These lots front on D and E streets north and 12th street east and some of them are improved by a dwelling and slaughter bouse. Terms of sale. One-third cash; the residue ia two equal payments, with the purchaser's notes ?t six and twelve mouths, with interest from tha dav of sale. Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure sai l purchase money. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the pur chaser's cost. li the terms of sale are not complied with in tiro days, the Trustee reserves the right, after on? week's advertisement in any newspaper in Wash ington city, to resell, at the risk and cost ot tho defaulting ?"'ur ^j j, WOODWARD. Trustee. jey eo&ds ORKEN A- WILLIAM*. Auct. n\' J. C. McGLIHE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF LOT ON P STREET. Bl TWEEN 14TH AND 15TI1 STREETS WEST. On TUESDAY AKTE3N00N. July 6th, 1?4, at 6 o'clock, at the Auction Rooms of J. C. McGuireJfc Co.. by virtue of a deed of trust from Charles *. Ryerson, dated June 25th. 1863, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 9, folies 194, et. aeq . one of the LandJBecordJ for Washingtin county, D C , wo shall sell the west halt of Lot No. 8, in Drary'a sub division of Square No. 209. fronting 21 i, feot ou north P street, between 14th and 15th street* west, and running back 100 feet to * 10-foot alley. Terms cash. . .. . - ... Conveyances and stamps at t^ c^n ? Pir chaser. JAg' y- DAVIS^ Trustee*. Saw Ads J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aaeta. ALL OF CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTERS' 8TORES. I 'Chiff Quartermaster'.* Office, Depot af WashinKton.t 11 a*hinx;on, June 23, 1361. { I Will be sold at Public Auction at Governmeat Warehouse, No. ?, New York avenue, between Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, in the city of Washington. D. C., on WEDNESDAY, July 6,li>4, j n lot of Quartermasters' Stores, condemned as ua : fit for issue, viz : I Spades, Handcuffs, Lanterns. Oniee Chairs. Grindsiones. Stoves, I Stove-pipe, Brooms, Coal-hods, Mess-pans, Buckets. Scrap Sheet Iron. I And a large lot of Carpenter's Tools. Sale to commence at 11 o'clock a. m. ? Successful bidders will be required to remoro ! the articles within five (6)days froui da.e ol sale. Terms cash, in Government to?&0KKR Bri<*a>ljer General, Chief Quartermaster, jejS-td Depot of W ashingtou. Y J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. b w mmm EI.EGANT ROSEWOOD CASE "STBINWAY'? PIANO FORTE, FURNITURE AND HOUSE HOLD EI'FECTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNINO, July r, 10o'clock, at the residence of Hon. L. E.Chittenden. 11th street, between L and M streets, we shall sell hi* Furniture and Effects, comprising? Elegant Rosewood Case Piano, by "Steinway Si Son, m perfect order, and but little used, Cov?r and Stool Damask and I.Rce Curtains, GQt Frame Mirror# Marble top and Fancy Tables. Whatnot, Cane, Bush and Wood-seat Chairs, Lounge, Brussels Parlor, Hall and Stair Carpets, Oilcloth. Rugs Bronze Clock, Mantel Ornaments, Walnut Mar ble-top Sideboard, Extension Table. Oak Dinins Chairs. China, Glass and Crockery Ware, Silver plated Castors. Table Cutlery, Mahogany French Bedstead. Marble-top Burean, Washstanda Oak Cottage Suite. Parlor Sets, Hair anl Husk Mattresses, Bolsters and Pillows, Cottage tied - steads. Bureaus and Washstands, Cooking and Heating Stoves. Refrigerator, together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms cash. Je28 J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auct*. w OOD MOULDINGS! WOOD MOULDINGS! _ WOOD MOULDINQS ? UNITED STATES WOOD MOULDING MILL, Nok. 24 and X* South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always on hand, a large stock of the abora articles, made of the very best material. v Orders filled at the shortest notice. Freight paid to Washington, free of charge. ESLER & BROTHERS, je TT-lm Proprietors. I> PIANOS. I OUR New Steinway A Sou's Pianos, aad sev eral other makers, have just been received ' We have also on hand one7-oetnve HUiet|MHBB A Davis, for $275, and several, that have'H mi 1 been used, at low prices. Mason A Hamlin's CABINET Q1GANB. at tho MusicStoreof W. G. METZEROTT, je21 Corner XUh at. and Pa. av. AUDUBON'S BIRDS 0* NORTH AMERICA, Ui?. For?*.??oce co?f our i FRANCE TATLQS'

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