Newspaper of Evening Star, July 1, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 1, 1864 Page 1
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V0L-. XXIV. WASHINGTON, D. C., FRIDAY, JULY 1, 1864. PP. 3,539: .?;> ^ C;-'* / \c? ' fy al" <*? * ? w4 lV' a. - ? ' AMCTSHMENTS. rAHflKHrtiT HALL* ; :.)8ASrEsBiffi HALL.t THJATBI j^awui; ATunra, fan*.- * smm%Mam *t JTrtmlHl Uttrpfoiitan HaUlt, ill?? . ? -Proprietor jCABAYAVSI~~ HwiMUt, READY AT last ?ill be produced TO NIGHT THE GREAT SENSATION NOVELTY, beau SICKMAN, OS TBI C?nWHACKER8 OP THE POTOMAC! eft Loral Sensation Drama ever prod need in hington. Oottru up an expense of over f2,(X0, with and eleoant local SCEN1KY< FAMILIAR scenes IN washington, LIFE LIKE REPRESENTATIONS. ' which have been minutely copied by the frero careful observation, and are therefor* ,:e copies of Washington city and its sur tings, and cannot fail te strike the beholder pt exact counterparts of the original. I Costumes have been made similar to those py the parties to be represented, and in some l<ave been, through strategy, procured from arsons themselves, thereby snowing a de flation to render the characters easily recog It-jr all, thus making the plot still mote ef e. . ~?. >Machinery and Appointments are also cum in the minutest detail, and everything has ttune which ingenuity and enterprise could fc. to make this play what it purports to be, a ful representation of Life in the Capital. EVERT NIGHT THIS WEEK, n SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Ireat Sensation Drama, written expressly for the Canterbury, entitled the IU8HWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! Sich&an, who Lives on his Shape ?..W H Williams Brae ton, Chief of the Rashwhackers .J De Forrest :ra* ey. One of his Gang J J Dougherty . Co npton. LT. S. A ? ... Billy West 'agaa, the 8wampoodle Game Cock......W B Cavanagh McOsfRn f BreaK 1 ?...J Wilkinson .el Doyle .! of ( ?W Stiles ey lfnnegan.,1 Day T Burgos hy, the Piper.. I Boys. ) P Thomas Solan.a Buxom YonngCrayture J Mulligan IcLaughlin. a Sporting Widow..Miss Porter r McCarthy,a Girl from Home. .Miss Wesner nee Ricketts, a Dashing Belle Miss Gardner iecrgey Simpson Miss Maggi Wilson lark Branton, a Union Lady. .MissM Gardner Gilmore, her Sister.. , Miss Vic Ro*e Pa!, Genuine Mahogany .... Miss Viola of Washington ? W Steveus m of Liberty n Waife ts, the Union Picket ... P Swaggart vhackers, Pickets. Union Soldiers, Ac., by the Auxiliaries. ry V* Wm. Field man. Costumes by Reuben flail, Machinery and Appointments by T, illran: the whole produced under the im ii.etiate ?npervision of the ?tage Man ager, W. B. Cavanagh. INCIDENTS AND SCENERY: KNJ I?View of the Potomac and Washington by Aoonlight, Government Transports steam owi the river. The Picket Guard Shot at his Braxton. the Bushwhacker. ?NX TI.?The nsunted Hut in Virginia. The whacker* in Council. Plot and Counter-Plot. Sprit of 76 appears to the Secessionists, au. The Union must be Preserved. r.NE III.?View of the National Hotel on sy vania Avenue. Beau on his Shape. Chips ni Scarce. Fashionable Society. The Bogus lean on a New Lay Nothing like a Pros g Exterior. A New Patent for the Patent Irish Molly, Oh! Presents a Check which is .cee table. !.VE IV.?A Gay Time in 8wampoodle. Pagin, ame Cock, and the Girls from Home. Mrs. Vghlin's Party; Rollicking Time* among the Charley Sinnegan, the oldest Hackman in , " Two SparRiing Bob tail Greys " NK<ht sand the Break o'Day Boys. Mind Yonr Kye. in Trouble. Hibernr&n Divarshions. Beau , " I don't drink, but I'll take a S"'gar or a if you like.Irish Song and Dance by the cters. Black Sal Disturbs the Party. A Row Reaction. Beau in Trouble. NE V.? B^ene n?ar Alexandria, Virginia. ?nant Cor'pton of the U.S. A., and his Be ?d. Lucy (iilmore. Plight of the Fugitives, agin and Mrs. McLaughlin unitedfor Life and ir way to a New Home. NE VI.?Aonia Creek. Beau on a Pishing sioji. Flat Fish Rather Scarce. Catches a \ A Sa<l Mishap. The Union Refugees Still ed. Terrifir Storm. Beau's Umbrella. Sal to the Rescue. Bushwhackers, be Ja Tableau. f E VII.?The Skirmish in the Woods. Brax 3 the Bushwhackers gain a Victory. Deadly t between Tim Fagan and Braxlev. Beau out of the Frying Pan. " How are you Jef Davis and your Red, White and Red ?" ?E VIII AND LAST.?The Stone Honse at ias. Mrs. Fagin'? Quarters. Beau into the A Delicate Situation for a Bachelor. The m Chips " I have thee, and yet I hare thee Blick falin Search of her Picanimiy. Lucy e in Danger. Tim Fagan on Hand. The if the Murdered Wife. The Picket. 8pirit iiogton and Allegorical Tableau. Retribu J the Goddeis of Liberty. HE ENTIRE MAMMOTH TROUPE II AX IMMENSE BILL OP novelties SPECIAL NOTICE. isive Preparations are in Progress for the ? Fourth of July, when Two Splendid Per ices will be given?Afternoon at 2. and Night t Grand Display of Pireworkawill take place it of the Hall in the Evening. RSDAY AFTF.RNOON AND NIGHT. Jnne ien? St of the Stage Manager, W. B. CAVA* d. ANNOUNCEMENT. i engagement has been effected with the eel ?ted ST. GEORGE SISTERS. lose astonishing revelations in Spiritualism ve puiiled the world and created the greatestex innent in New York, Philadelphia, Boston and it r cities, where thslr performances have re fived the highest encomiums from the press and M*c. who pronounce their exhibitions far more culona than those of the renowned DAVENPORT BROTHERS. aetice of their first appearance will be giTea. FAMILY MATINEE EVERY SATURDAY APTERNOO* AT TWO O'CLOCK. Ladie? 20 eenti; Children U centa nlsfion ?? ? * thestra ? 10 ivate Boxes, holding six persons I to loors open at T o'clock; Performance to Mi nn at 8 o'clock. LOOPING FELT! VW 1 ROOIIHOiMlJI I THOMAS FAHKt, Coxsia 10th St. West aid t?i Caial, Wasktntttm, D. C.. ting the only agent in this city for Booftng Pelt >d Roofing Cement from aa aid established Br m, ?a afford to sell the above articles at the very w?st pricee. Roofers and those engaged in the business are -?ussted to eall and see for themselves, having a ?rge stock of the above named articles always on aad. my 3&-lm I ASH, S DOORS, AND BLINDS. Kreiving constantly a choice article of SASH. R8. AND BLIN DS. of Boston Manufactory, or iperior style and workmanship, which we ar? of ?ring at lew prices. We respectfully invite bnilders and others to Call 3d examine our stock of jroods. PEN WICK A STEWART, 0><??west side of Seventh street, )e U la* at Canal Bridge. AMUSEMENTS. FORD'S mtw THBAYIR, Tavn Smn.AWTiPuimTAiu Armi, john T FOHD Manager Mid Proprietor , (Also of Hobday Street Theater, Baltimore.) ' _ Benefit of H. CLAY FORD. TREASURER TfiiS < Friday) X V K NI NO ,Jn 1 y i, MR iQW GLEJiN l0D tb* fft*?rit? Comedian, '"'.MISS susan denin. . THE FOSTER BROTHERS, And the celebrated Gymnast from New York, i - ?. Ay ? Brady, I ,i f'r,ther with the entire company will apttear in tl^ following attractive entertainment: | Commencing with the Grand Military Romance ! tcmiinatingwithUR*B G11ABDS1IEN, i AN ASSAULT UPO^ ROCHFJLLE i A??*?wm?1TMm?r?i^fthe Battlement*. After Which, indian club EXERCISES, l.y 1 vr v D , , BRAOY. bJVlX !&&&!*? WiU"r'' <"??? I Concluding with thn Farce ??f the _u _ , v . DUTCH ACrOR. I The Diiteh Actor Mr. S. W. Glenn A GRAND DOUBLE performance OH ?"!*_ FOURTH OF JULY. GROVER'S THEATER. ? "A* Hotbi. WM. E. SINN.Temporary Lessee and Manager m??2L?NJ[> POPULAR RESORT this (Friday EVENING, July 1, Of the beautiful young versatile equestrienne, Actrr?&, ? MISS KATE VANCE, Who, as dick TURPItf. r Will appear * ^ hej^dncated charger, ROOKWOOD ; OR 1 ?p.' A10?.Tti?piN- the highIayman Dirk Turpin. the Noted HighmaviAf ul* v The performance to commence w?Vhl ? k?i ^ComediettaTntltlSS ? Pr*hUy MY FELLOW CLER^ paciini. Tai Vpy oFtVh brfe" ""cele ODD FELLOWS' HA^f* Continued Success of L r , ? ..SANFORD'S TRODPB1?^ lorious bill each Evening, t of Introduced by the bent ird Singing and Instriol1. ^tal Door* open at 7*: Corammnfr .,lf, 5i'l,'nce' u/SW ? ???t? BeMrved ChairJjJ"*,,^ je?fit* 4th, Afternoon Perf.'^-^ ' tOMAC. PICNICS, EXCCJRSIO S g\$I JTIT .tnuiir?TbSv*n on the 4>??,e iJ['u Ti J GRbKN SPRING PAVILloC 7 2A The members of this Club pledne JA selves to make this a day of enfornln*)eiPA * TI ("li p T^f) N ?* presen (-? niau and idiw? D0LLAI1' Emitting V?*ntl prilrve'^oVo0^f?rCe ^ b? in to Committee of Arrnneements. W H RnLD*i y* Warner, ?? H.Robertson, 8. B. Fox. w. Sehastin. W. T Paul Pie Nic to commence at 9 o'clock a. m*. 9n ??*&ted Band will be in attendance J" 9U'ol T HE ISLAND SOCIAL CLUB Bespectfully announce to their friends and* the public generally that they intend SECOND GRAND th?ir AFTERNOON AND EVENING PIC-NIO at Seventh street Park, On WEDNESDAY. July6,13?. . The proceeds of this Pic-nic will b?> appropriated to assist in erecting the monument to be placed ry.e.r,tbe remains or those unfortunate female>< whn lost their lives by the recent explosion at the Iiifi-ton Arsenal. "ZMf" The members of the club appeal to the Public to aid them in their efforts to perpetuate the memory and fH* *1^? wheilllvlnS' wer? their companions ladilC^et8 ^ c,'nt*i admitting ak gentleman anL By order of the Committee. je 28 7t" SL ? . FOR GLYMONtT K-TEAMER PHENIX, Captain Stackpole, will h 8treet every SUN DAY MORNING at 10 o'clock during] the season, for the above Summer* Resort. The above steamer can be chartered to private partiesduring the week, by applying to Captain Stackpole, or 324 Pennsylvania avenue, upstairs je iO-lm pOLUMBIA GARDEN, ~ frkk In the city always on hand. je g-im* OUT IN THE WORLD. By T. 8 Arthur .?TvT A Woman's Philosophy of Woman, ?1.SP a ijifp for a Life. By Miss Mnloch, Si 50 Jane E?re. By Currer Bell. SI io Tbe Art of Conversation, f 1.25 phirley. I'.y Currer Bell. ?! .60 \ illette. By Currer Bell. $1.50 John Halifax. By Miss Muloel1.fl.5n The Bridal Eve. By Mrs. Southworth, ?1.50 Self Sacufice. $1 50 The Mississippi Bubble, ?1.26 1'artoa's Life of Franklin. Two Vols., Family Pride, $1 50 Women in Black. $1.60 _iel8 FRANCK TAYLOR. J~~AMES THARP, ~ ? i)EALER IN ?-o. TOBACCO. CIGARS, PIPES^Ac., 50* 9th st.. above Pa. ave.,east side, Washington. The attention of sutlers and purchasers general ly is called to his stock, which will be found to embrace a gri-at variety of every article in his line of business. He would take this occasion to return his thanks to the Washington public for the patronage heretofore extended to him. Je22 lm? BILLIARD TABLBS KOR SALE.?The Subscri ber has THREE FIRST CLA88 BILLIARD TABLBS. nearly new, ?which he will dispose of very lew. Inquire at the Milliard room, corner of Uth street and Pennsylvania avenue. )el4-tf SHIRTS! BU1B T~Sl~ 9 II I R T 8!!! FRENCH YORE BHIKTS made to order in the ?ery best styles: guarantied to fit. FAMILY BBWING promptly done on Wheeler tc Wilson's machines. MRS. KLINE, e 21-Jw* 421 H st., between 11th and 12th. 00D MOULDINGS! ~~ WOOD mouldings! WOOD MOULDINGS w UNITED STATES WOOD MOULDING MILL, Nea. 24 and 26 South Fifteenth street, PHILADELPHIA. Always on hand, a large stock of the above articles, male of the very best material. Orders filled at the shortest notice. Freight paid to Washington, free of charge. ESLER A BROTHERS, TMm Proprietors giFiWIKATOMI BEFKI0E>AT0B8? Just received a very large and complete assort ment or the celebrated E^=fil continental. ggjj] and EXCELSIOR REFHIOKRATORgf which are admitted to be ef the most approved patterns, and workmanship of the beet ^aality, which on trial and examination cannot fail to be appreciated by all. . BOM" A OHIFFITH, )e3 369 7th street, bet. I and K. IMPROVE YOUR sight by the use of the eel-*^^~ 1F ebrated Pkbblk and Pibiscopic Spicticlis, uni versally acknowledged as the best for 8TRiaoTa inino anb Prksbsviho the impaired Eyesight, scientifically and correctly suited, by FRANKLIN A OO., Opticians. , 844 Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 12th and 13th eta., ana J89 Pennsylvania avenue, under the National. IBLD GLASSBS, OPERA GLASSES, MICRO SCOPES, THERMOMETERS. STEREOSCOPE*, PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS. CXRTBS DE VISITB, k c., in a great variety, and at the lowest prices. ? npHItf IS TO GIVE N0T1CB, That tkeenbecrl 1. her has obtained from the Orphans' Oonrt of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of administration on the personal estate of Jamee Magee. late of Washington county, D. O', deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouehers thereof, t? the subscriber, on or before the 2lst day of Jane next: they may otherwise by law be excluded from all benefit of the said estat*. 9",D *?-? SSfWHi'iiffiS* je 23-law3w* Adminietratrix. ! LIST OF LETTERS REMAINING IN THE WASHINGTON CITY POST OFFICE, ? THURSDAY, JUKE 30, 1864. OFFICIALLY PUBLISH ID IN TH1 PAP1B HAVING THE LARGEST CIRCULATION. CT Pre* Delivery of Letters by Carriers at the residences of owners mar be secured by observing the following Rules: 1. Direct letters plainly to the street and munber of the house. 8. H?ad letters with the writer's full address, in cluding street and number, and requeat answers to be addressed accordingly. 3. Letters to strangers or transient visitors in a town or eity, whose special address may be un known, should be marked in lower left hand corner with the word " Transient." 4. Place the pestage stamp on the upper right hand corner,and leave apace between the stamp and direction for post-marking without Interfering with the writing. A request for the retnrn of a letter to the writer ifonclanaed within thirtv days, or less, written or " frjjated, With the writer's full address across the left hand end of the envelope, face side, will be complied with at usual prepaid rate of postage, payable when delivered to writer. LADIES' LIST. Adams Fanny Elliott Matilda Peck Mollie Ashton Mrs B Emharth Mrs Allegretta MrsJ French Mary E Alien Mary Ashton Helen Abell 8abra P Allen Bailie L Armstard Mary Adams Cath E Flynn Kate Fay Mrs Jaa Faxon Lizzie E Perry Sarah A Parish Saraliand Jennie Pinkhani Ann PeckmanJuliaA Fisher Reber'aP Perkins Mrs FV?tflher Mattie - j. rehey Cath ArmstrongEdithFaley Lizzie Alexander Miss Faland Amelia CF Franklin Maria Boyle Mollie E Failey F.lla K . u..? ... Brown Flora R Fernbuk Mifs N Purkins Maria Byrne Mary J B Fisher Lucy Pollard Petty Bales Mary L Giles Elizabeth Breoks Mrs Gen Gordon Joseu'c Brown Mary Graw Hannan Best Margaret Green Miss B Green Leatha Gett Many Gross Sarah Barnes Eliz'h A Gibson Bridget rmun Boyd Sarah GranLis MrsFW Rice Elizabetii Bjck Mrs Gottard Frances Buyer Miss F M Brown Malvinia Griffin Ann Rickard Mary Birk Alice Grover Mrs F A RyderllarrietCL BowenMrsE Goram Lydia RicliardsClaraC Barten Helen M Gardner Fanny Roberta Matilda n n-i? " ?* "? " Barnes Emma J Balis Jenny Brown Kate Prank Putnam MrsWF Plunkett Mrs Proctor Mary A Portens Maria l'ike Ella M Polk Catharine Uualls Emaliue Rice Lucy A Reid Jennie Roche Ellen Rose Mrs M A Roy CO Augusta Rich Mrs Frank Babnn Carrie Geier Mrs Battre Lizzie Gibson Mies Birney Kliz.h Hart Era G BurrisonAbbieL Hall Anna M Baret May H Bryan Ellen Barrett Marv Bennett Emina Betzel Eliz'h Browning Mrs 1H Bultard Anna Bttllu* Ascar Bartn Ellen J Buckley Mrs Burbank Katie B.tnuu Surah E Benjamin 8 M Hall Julia Rollins Marg't Ryan Winifred Rowland Kate ltogan Mrs Mat Ross Barbara Howes Miss M W Riley Mary 2 Hays Martha Steel Mary Hall Rnsett.a Bullivan Marg't Horr Mary E Smith Martha M HallMr?Harma? SmithCharityAV Hod^e Maggie Sweet Mrs II W Hall Emelioe Scott Henrietta Haight Mrs R Stearns Ella Hunt Virginia BayreMrsDr HodgraanRulhW&mitli Mrs Win Haley Kate _ /Steele Marg't i'S iiRrk R Hnruii j M>,?v ?w yiv ah sat g V Hoffman MreHAiS parks Sarah A j .. Hopkins Jennie femith Callie BlakesterHal E Hanson Hattie emith Annie M BunnettMrsllM Huttou Mrs M X SpeakemanE'bh Boscon Emma Hoffnan Ca'ne Savage Marv E Burlew Jane Handley HattieSSmalfwood Julia BaxtenMrsFJ Hiuchley Maria Stackey Lydia A Bigston Mrs RM Hilton Eliz'h Sparrow Am'a M Bryan Mary Iloleron Mrs FM StevensMrsBu 'r Barron Johan Harrington Mrs SommervilleMrs Brown Mrs CO BJ BropbyAnastitiaHanley Ellen Staehee Marg't Best Maggie HuvennerMrsC S<.mer*iJle S J Becket Sarah W . ? Steward Prances Becket Belle IlaywoodLouisa ScamnieU Mary Baldwin Mrs J C niney Mrs Stevetts Lydia Butler Mary A Hudson MartrL Simmon* Mary BrownaughM C Herbert Frances Shepard Annie Blackwood Mad Huse Eliza Shaw Isabella Baker Kate Hall Eliza Swartz Mrs A J Benedict MrsEJ Johnson Miss T 8imms Johanna Brictou Frances Jackson MisO'e Springman MrsS Brown Ruth T-~" " "" lireur Emma Brown Nelly Clark Cath ? Clark Maggie Clark Sarah Clark MrsG Comb Fanny A Copp Maggie A Cook Mrs Geo . - ? vr v 4UI3C Ingalls Cliarl a fiwonuy Hanora Johnsftn Emfl'e Steward Mary A Ja*k?iuii 51i.-h 81u>rly Miss A Jones Litxie Steward Violet King Mrs Bar'y Sulivan Mrs T Kelleher Mary Seitz Mrs Jno F Knllsgher Bri'et Stuart Miss A Keady Mary St John Mary Kinsley Marv Thomas Eliza KinleyMrsJA Thompson Ad "?E Cburch MrsE H Krauser Katy Todd Mrs Copp Maggie Kemp Elizabeth Turner Mrs J 8 Cann Sarah B Keller Julia Tippett Kuialiue Catlett Amanda Keys Emily Tnrn?rMus3 Comely Jane Levering Annie Thompson Fa n'a Cheatham Vir'? I?fim Itrw A fllW Toflfcri Cath Coliurn Annie K Lynch Lizzie 1 Taylor Laura Clements Annie LovejoyMissR Taylor Joaejph'ft Campbell Anna Lathrop Esther Tompkins Anna Curtis Mrs R N KincolgElviraL Thomas Lilly F Carbery Ruth Logan Julia ThomsonManaS CodwiseJflneR Littleton Laura Tompkins Jane Coffee Mary E Lansing Fanny 2 Traver Emma R Cieveling M A Lewis Mary Turner Mrs J 8 Colbert Caroline McGee Mary Tilley Amelia CoehrsnMarindaMiller Widow Toney Nellie CartuMrs Moore Mnggie A Tiermer Anna Crosby A mandaC Morse Susan Tiinbus Virginia Cunningham May Ida W Usher llattie A Sarah J More Jennie Vincent Sarah A Custis Susanna Milieu Amanda Webb MrsBenJL Chistre Josie M Miller MrsCol H Wilson Mrs W J Conway Sarah E Murdock Marg't West Maggie Collins Miss F Maxson Laura Wilson Nancy Chancy Mrs Magraw Lizzie Watts Maria Chathon Lizzie Mnuse Mary Mitchell Jenny Mun?it>K Miss Franki Church Sarah Clark Milley Campbell Isabel Costello Mary Catrison Mrs Clark Mrs Cortill Caroline Dotsou LetiaAlI Meslione Sarah Diugs Henrietta Metcalf Heleu -t, . T ? m *. . ? - Way Annie S W ood M rs A B Wolfe .Miss 1* Wood Bella - - ^ ___ " ' wiia Mescham Ame'a White Maria A Merrick Ewinna Wirt Mrs W W Mortimer Miss W Wall Lucinda C E West Jennie WoodstoekSarah Willard Raudilla WatlerMrsRub't Wilkenson S'h WMiittey Mrs A1 W ilson Ennua Whitney MrsGH Wilhelm I.aura WheelerMi*n(,\V ? t, m- ?- " ? ?? v .v ?*? vy iimiu nrtuu 11 in Button Marion Murphy Mary A WheelerMrsWm Ccuer Mr? C S McUioM rs M S Wliitmore Jen'e Davis Mrs A2 McKuignt Mrs MWeyburn Nellie l'reyfous Cath E H Woodstock 8'hE liorsey Victoria BfcNamareMary Whiting Ida Dicou Dolly D McKaul Mary L Walker Miss L A Dalaiid A melia Mullins Jennie Deering MrsLW Magtiire Miss Daley Mary 'fhos Darand Eliie 2 Muor Ellen D? ville Nellie Matthews Delia Decamp Lizzie Mills Mrs E D?uf;lasMarthaAMeI,ane M !*S C ?? us mnv Da vis Sallie Newberger Mary Warren Lizzie J Denel MissChas Nnlly Sarah A WilliamsMurtha Duvall Mollie Nooman Lavi 'a Warner Lucy Diison Ariminta Noland Mrs E V West Mary Jane Dorsey Anny Neil Virginia Waters Mrs DR DeSaulls SarahS Ousmona Al J Webser Mrs BeJanou Mrs O'Neil MissChas Yomson Mary Bouuherty Mary Preston Mrs Yates Jennie Dorsey Mrs Win Pike Nellie M Young Sarah 0 Dodge Mrs R A Page Mrs Kelsy Yarnell Lida Edwards Cath Peck Sarah T YoungClenie'aL E?i'is Minerva Price Luzie Zell Mary E MitOILLANEOca.? Berta; Miss A ictoria GENTLEMEN'S LIST jk. ? w AderCaptSid AArmstrongCnpt Abraliai:i& Pyser AW-tin Albert 8 Geo A Adams Robt A Jen Henj(col) Aekerson Henry Arnold OfR Alranm Capt B Andrews D J Ames Thos p AlohoaseCB A Id ridge Jas D Allen Col T S Alel Chas Atwood Jesse Awa Wm Alen David J Allen Hon Jno WAiues H W AsiursCapt D DAnderson Jno II W Ast Earl 8 AyerCol Ira Augherton A AriouxGabrielAArmheim Michl Walker Alltns Itw AlgeoWm Brovn A B Beliiger B N Bsk-r A H Bail > A V Briehaupt B Br&nhall B M BekerC B 2 BakeiB Y BatesC C Bradfiaw C BlakeC 8-2 Bohal C J BoydeH 0 Bro*nC Dly DrD Burtesi Dr umuniDiiipij BranhanllcnCD Bixby J H Besner Maj D I Breckenridge Lt Brsdbuiy M D J C brown 1-2 BixlerJnoA Bodt E Ballard Jas BooraenEJ Bayles Jaa BetaudlM Burtchy Jacob Baekcock E S BogartJas B?tchell?r F brown Jno Barron Jjtf _ ?rigga I D Bartlay J D Bicksler Jno Brady Lt Col J Buckley Jno Bizeler Jno P Beech Jas Beekmon Jas Burton J W Brining Jno Baker O J Blagden C J Branson Jas X Bielby Jno Bacon Jas W Bresbin Col J 8 Brannin Capt J i n.'.i ?? ww mfcitavu M yngKo k U Bridfordf G H turns Jno 0 Briwn Frank fraedtjp BurchomOr PG ltownJosP Bricks B 4 Brown J W Brjckenriige G H*>1 A A J W lav Bt4hee 0 W Beall Dr GW Brfiiard G C Bitinout ?< o Btiwn Lt J W Brtwn Jno Brtwn 8 J Blan Isaac Be.-rd Jno Beitre L W BantisterL Borden Lntkar Ban lister L Bnrdiinal L _. |radr Michl B10 lewtard M B-moLan M BiktfW Btfh Geo i_ B Jo win 6 ft bS'sGA-J B??ton 8 Blnebarn E Bitcher H BG rHl dim Burvcj u Bit edict G M BWtsin Jno Bftn?ars Jno Beaumontrnaj H H Breesby M Bandon M Barnuin Mr Byington 0 M BrooksN M Bauty A P Boston Robt Bagnall Robt Brunt Robt Bond V R Brown TR Brown R 8-2 Barry Capt 8 Bryant 8 8 Barkley 8 2 Brown Saml Bowers 8 8 Brook Thos Bond Thos D Burpee LtCol F-4 Brady Thos Biddle Thos Brooking Thoa Bird Thoa Beachey W ' Brown E W Baum Wm Bro?ke W F Berdoa Col H W Boroughs Wm Buchen Wm Bends W Batcheler A W Bucknam W R Bah an Cant W Ballard Wm Boohen 0 W Brnnskem W Bel rose Wm Boor man H W Barrett Bath Bnrke Patk Brewster Geo Bjol Z W A Co &$'aVP*?0 ^Jll tntsAS ir Benj F krlen Benj s rviwi C|rh B W Coat< (ffCrist CMChu O . H F 3 ,TCaj?t HR Cole Jno Calkins L-t Crocker I? W Crist Wis Colbert r tr Career A Co Car em m Chris Carman Chas C Cole A Co Closs C F Chase O B Chaplin Dr Cheney Dan 8 Chapman Dr Carroll Dan Cobb David Connell D R Carpenter D Clark Jdwd K Clemen* Hon J C usb nJohn Cavanaugh J J Campbell J L Coffin J a red Corbely John Cuming J H Cooper Adj J D Callan John Carroll Irving Cooper Jas L Chandler J O Christie Jos Carroll Jan Carner N 11 Chas* Of B Culhane Pat Croni* Philip Compton P B Coleman Perry Chirkeriey P Collins P MeD Chandler P L Chapman P Clark Rollin CuttsRich Midn Call Rer K C Cranch RN Currier Bnoch-2 Carter JoghaaB Carter Sam A Chambers E E ConleyJo* Clive Emannel Caldwell J C Cutler E B Carter Jos Cntler Edwd R Conden Jno E Cbsinberlin E W CarrollJno Cusbing Edwd Chester Jno Cumings Ed D Cornwell Jas H Coslerill Edmd Clancy Jno V Chamberlain KB Collelt Jno S Colier Col F H Callard J B Cronen Francis Collins F G Cooper (ie? Converse G T Clark G C, MD Clark Geo Coverdale G A Clark Geo Corts Capt G P Chubbuca H L Coshin J T Chanrell J B Cordel Jno Cottrell Jno B Creighton Jno Coy ley Jno A Clark J T C Coats Jos Carr Jes F ' * Crane Staph Clark Seth R Clark 8 B 2 Cronister Sam Oolburn Sidney Casey Sam 8 Cohen T Corwin Thos C Cox Thos C Cain Thos Collamer W J Cannegan W F Crocker W C Carder Wm Cumings Yim Carr Capt W Carter HonWA-5 Cran Wm E Clark Wm (col) X? Drey fuss Grad wobl A Davis Albert L De Witt lion A1 Deibl Adam Denihe Alex B ...... Denio Hon CB 3 Devlin Jas Dodge CharlieK Dopson Jas Diggs Jne II Doyle J no DurginLtJnoM-3Davon Kern Dary Joseph Davis L B Diffenderfer M DoneganMichae] Draper Lt Chs 8 Davidson Jas B Dempsey Peter Dntfl Lt Claud DensonJnoF I)owningP??terW Dulany J no Davis Dr C ? _ Davis Cbas Hen Dietrich Jno 8 Dwinala Cbas Doane V Deneal Dennis Danlap Eren Droop Edward DarnaU F X Downey Festry Debspint Geo Demby Geo During Geo Davison Geo Davis Cpt G A DnrockerJ03 Davisen J R Dyson Rev Jno Davison Bobt-2 Dodge CptRichR Douglas Robt >1 Davis Richd H-J DonaldsonSincli Davis Jos Daily J A C M DupuisJ R Dicks John Doyle James Doal Jas W Dunn Jas Duff Jas C E Egelstnn Benj F Evans Jos C Emerick C K DemerittJnoH Dwyer 8 Edwin Diar Stepiien Dallas Stephen Davis Thos Dunne Wm G Davis W H-2 Douglas W H Dodge CaptWm: Egerl CIias D Evans Ebran Ellenbrssk Fr Everett Frank Elliton Geo C Edwards Geo Fanrhine A Fricke A Feisy Joseph Flory MaJAlexM Freeman Jas H Eisenbeiss Jul EmersonCptLevi Evans Malcom Evens Saml D Kllett Wm Kckley Wm EvanB Dr W T Fell Price Forgar Cbafl Fraier C E Foley Cbas Flagg Edw 'Foi^'ush B B-2 Farnum Col X Fessenden E A Ellis Prof J M Erley Jno Elison Jas Ellis J B Endor J no Savons J no Ellsworth Jno L .P" FitzpatrickJasF Fairfield Rev W W Farley Mr Flint M D Frealeigh Mr Feck Nicholas Filer Phillip Farley John Foley John Freeman J B Fralick John FirestoneTom B Fox Robt Fenstermacher Finlan Vhos J-2 Sergt Joseph > J W Fox A Co Harris Furmage W Fowler W W Freeman Wm D Freeman Dr W 8 Fishblatt Dr E 2 Fuiseth Jas E Fairfield G A French John A Fountain Gibe Frost Jas H Kiessmonntf Mr Figs JonathanA Fletcher Dr Wm Ferguson Jas Flint Lewii K-3 FrazierCaptJno French LytnanP Frost Walter Fleming John E Q Glass A L Gettell Harry Grnbb Lewis Gear Capt A L Gordshcll Jas E Geareys Morty Girardan A Gordan JamesW Gunther Hon Garrison ChasP Gardner John Mayor Gregory C G GurleyJMack GulickMaior Gilbert CbeneyS Gidney Jos U Gean Cbas L GreenoughXG Gready Danl G&tteyJohn Green Dani ftarretson Jos Gorbnorn David Gibner Capt J Gale Danl J Gaskel Thos Greenleaf Ed M Graham John GileB E F Geoghefah Srgt Gougler Eno* C J D Gedaark Elishu Greenawall J Goodrich EmrsnGaregan John Gourley Frana R Gordon Jas M Godley G E Geraty J F Green Henry L Glass John P Garnett RevH H Griefl J M Getchell Minot D Grody Mark Garvey Patrick Goldin Perciral Goodrich R fans 8 regory J B ambia 8 P Gardner ThosH Gibson Wm F Gardner Wm-2 Gile W Fisk Grnnton Win H Gilbert Wm Hill A P narmonJnoT HunterMilbnrn Horton A 8 Hellings J Heibner Mr Hantz Alexartd'rHarding Jos F Humphreys Mr Horfgmnii A W HatigbeyCorpJ's Holz Otte HvtiexK HuestunJolin Horan Patrick Haines Caot B Fllenry John Hall Capt PPG Hawkins Chas Hettinger John HauxhurstPh'p Harmon ConradHively John Harri?LtPat'k C Heath ChasH Ilinman J Hooper Hon R C Hold en C H Holcomb Ju^sonllunter Capt B T HoushCom'doreHiatt John D Hinkley Silas N Howard Cbas B Haubenstine J !1 HornstonSam'lN Ilcyward Dr C DHecktman C'pt Jiiolland St'n S F Havens Dan'l 8 Hallin&nJnoJ Heap Thomas Holden Dr Dn'eAIlaugoodS'gtJII HoltzclawT J Howell Daniel llalbelJohn Ilainsey Valt'ne Hanley Edwin 8 Hudson John W Holmes Wm CB Havens Edwin Howe John W Hinds W H 2 Ilallock Lt F M HelmesJohn W Hill Wilnon Dimmer Franz Halt Joseph B Holt Walter Hall F M Hall Joseph Hardy Wm II Holland LtGeoNHarp J D ijart Wm Hoven Geo He?se Joseph Ilarues Gardner Heiges John B . _ Ilinton George Hall Major Jas AHonman Wm W Harrington Geo Hartman Louis W-2 S-2 Hampton L'wisRHowardColWA-2 Hookey HarryMHarper James Henit William llainiltonli nyWllindersbotz L8 Holy Wenzel Hull llros 4. Co Hubbard C'ptLTHegeman W W Hallet Joe Handy Little D Hawkins RevWG Higgons Di John Holmes Leandes Haggard Wm I-J Jencks AmoaT Jenisen HartwelJohnson Lander Jordon Cyrus W Judd Henry B Jennings Kobt Jones CC Janvier Jen-2 Johnson Thos Jennings Curtis Joneycake Isaac Jayne Wm n-2 Jordan Corlin Nlddins Jas V Jones Dr Wood JarseuCol JenningsJnoR-2 bury Jones Conrad T Jackman Jno G Jarviss Wm Jennings Fred AJonts J P Jackson Wm B Johnson Geo A Jones Jno Jeffers Wm Jones Lee JohnsonWmHen. Jacobs Laf'tte WJohnson Wm Jackson BichdH Juctin Wm Hertsel A Co Wm Hay>er Wni C J ones Geo L Jackson Geo Jonson Henry K Kimball Jno Kimball J S Knoes Adolph Kelley B F Kimball C Keves C B K night EH Klixk Dwight Kennedy David Knapp Jno Keller Geo W Knap J M Kesterson Geo KingJosiah Kalb Harman-2 Knapp J 8 Lawrence'A M Lawrence Geo A Leduc II M Le Prince A 8 ALeavitt H A Laltimore A W Lainhurt Jno Kwise Henry P Kecks Jno B Koogle Henry Kent Larry 8 KrobleJ Lee Morgan Kelloeg Jno P-2 King Norman Lindsay Jas Lewis John A Lebo J G Levi Joseph Lansing J S Louis John lane Atvin Ladge Alb't A Lovell Chas J Lane Chas 3 Landon C D Liday Chaa Langdon C H La Fascire D A Lathers Dan'1 Landrough D W Lowell J H Ludlow Edwin Lewis J R Lander Edward Lyon J E Kimmell Obd "h Killroy Priest Keane Richard Knowlos Robt Keatinir Thos Kindred Wm Lathron M 2 Lynn Michael Lepaire Michfl Lawrence M J Loseman Mr Lawrence N C Langley O G Laraway O U Leglow R P Langin Robt Lindguist John hvgro R P LanoverJas Langin Robt Lavender Jno HLe Hlance 8 Littell S C Lees John Lamb John M Lob Jas H Lamb'Jas W Lug Jos W Livingston L M Montgomery ColMcKay E A Alex 2 1 w Lyons E C Lincoln Edra'd Lurner Geo W Lnff Geo 2 Linnell Geo II Lewis Geo W Lusk dam'I Leatheinaar Logan Tiff Lesh Wm Lumthers W Lamborn Wm Ldmax Wm T P McFalls Rev F B Maynard FayetteMinter Frank Mot A MaxhamLtJR Mason G A Merrell Lt A 2 Maurer John Midley Geo Mead Amos J May Jacob Moore Geo Mauf Ames Moulder John WMiller Geo P Merrill Lt A Meiners L A Mantton H B 2 McGregor AlbertMerrick L H Marshall H L MeConnell Arch Moore L D Martin Hav McKinstryAP McClore M H Mareten H H Morse Capt B II McLaughlin M AMcCulley Milton Martin BeniF Manchester M T McCardle J Murray C H Mecham Nelson Mcllenry J H MoultonCaptCWMyrick Nathan McLaughlin J J Moulton C H 2 Murphy Owen McManusJas Moore 0 N Marlbro Philip Miller Phil McClure 8 L Mowry Hon gyl Mueller Chas Mills Chas D Mursh Cbas Moulton C H Mead Cbas B Martin C E Mensel Cbas Morrison C G Meade Lt C C Middlekauf C McLaughlin C I Mahoney David iWvidDM . Maheney Rev D McRoberts T M McGrath D W Mooney Thos MporeDH Murray T J Meban Lt Col D Morgan T C _JJas McKelvie P J McKernean Jas McReynolds J G McElvain Jas E McWhinney Jaa Madden Ber 8'WMcGonigal Jno Moake Dr 8 Morton Juo H Miller Sam Morgan Sam Moody S D i Murray T J UcCormick ThosMitchell J R McWeirer T, Moyer Jacob D Morrissey John Montein J M Molley J B Murdock Ira McClure Lt J W McOlain Jno H McClung Col J W Marin Rev J B Miller David P Mortirn'ore Thos Murphy John K iy Denis |(orriB Wm R Michaels J W McCarthy Dfenis MoNair D A McCiie Dennis Mitchell Edw Motson III Mizell Capt X J Mendsen Edw Murphy E W I Maturan E . Masters Capt J ?? Nichols Amos Nelson H K Nichols Jno Neal Albert 0 Nobbea Henry LNour ae LucienR Norwood C W 0 Naylor Henry F Nubs Lawrence fanchew W Mitchell W J Marshal WmJ Miller W m Moorhcad Wm Merrill Dr W A Mollerns Wm Murphy Frank f RMitcnell John W Maclay Jno Moron y Jas Mason Maj J O Murray Jno N Maguire JnoT Maurer JosJf Meeker Lewis C Morton John Nelson Daniel Nevitt Edward Newman Ff gicholB Gee D effGeo W Nelaon Geo Nelson J C Nickels Ju Nobles J C Nichols Jno Neamith J C Osterhont J as oieeon Ola Onrdan Joseph 0|Callaghln Pat O'Connor Jere O'Opnoell Wm 0*Conner B 0 Quilliaa John N awl an Michael Newman P J Nobles Roland D Newny Wm B Oleson 01* Putnam Abel-2 Parkhurst GeoAPierce JoRoph T Palmer A H 2 Perranlt Jor Face Maj L C Pool Addson AAPosey CaptJaR Perrr M W p Perkins J McC PechinM Pepper A N Patterson JaaC Potter O F Peefell Albert Patteraon Jno Parmhle C ParkerJas Parodi P A Perl eyC8AstPay Phillips Ja* H PhelpsRevPavidPatterion Jno Piatt Capt ?1 Potter Hon J t Perrr * L P?T?? Jacob Pulling ? R Palmer Jas M Phillips E in an 1 Potter J no J Parker Elijah Pike Jan Porter Ffi-2 Pratt JoaL Prenkert F Pratt Jerome J Poisal F polkF Perriral Capt F Price 1m Pruden P K Prause G I) Parker Geo Richards A Rymond A J Russell Alfred l'age Joa F Pope Isaac J Phillips Jno W B Rutherford H Ruggles Hiram Roane Col J J Price Col R B Paine Rich'd H Papoe Rich Powel Robt Patter TrofS A Pettice Bam K Pecking Dr S N PrunsefJ Sam Peake WP Phelps W II Probasco W C Pom! Her W J 2 PretymanRev W Parker Wm II RoekwellCapAF Ryan John Randall A Rawlett J W Richards A II Robb Chest A Runyan C A Reid Corporal Ray Dr CO Rutters David Rice Capt Dan Richardson E J Redington S D Reneek Edwd Regan Dr Fr Ricnards F C Regester Geo Reeder Geo Roan G W Robinson G C Reyner J P Reniiror II Rawlins 11-2 Remington H J Bowe Henry St fried Anton Swartz Jordan Sheldan F A Randall John Russell Lt J H Richardson J A _ Reyner Hon JP Raymer Sam RyonJkCoi. Reck 8 II Redding Moses Red fern M-2 Red fern Mr Ricker Mich Rann Manly Rickereon M Row Ores Robinson R II Riley Jno Ryder Jno Rawlings J G Rellon Jno J Robinson J R Ray Jm M Rill JaR Ray Jno B 3 Read J M Roche JaR L Reed Jas W Reeder 8 H Raymer 8am Riley Thos B-2 Ryan Thos Reeves ThoR S Reynold Maj J II Rawlinga Wa*h Hanson k. Co Rice Wm Reeve* Weston Ryan Wm RogersLafayetteRussell Capt W-3 Rosenouer & Co Riley W F Rider Legrande Rich Wm Rene Jno H llectcr L J S Smith Capt Hr Stone Henry T Swords HEW Smith Arthur W Soper Hon U H Sanford B-2 Swope Henry Smith Bevel a Scott Henry Stewart Dr W B fcjtambarrough Spaids D C Smith Chss Sy nips on C C Shaw CfcasB Shepard Chas Shetlar Chas Strinpson Dr Sherman DavidC Stfiman J J Reck Wm H Richardson D SawyeT Leonard Smith Lewis Strong M & Sever Mr Scott CaptFrasR S wane Moses Samuel Manuel 8tone Miles R Spencer Morton Slieppard Col L 0 Syke* M R Joseph D Simpson John Simpson Allex See^el Julius SturgesCaptJRSStow P R Stewart Joseph Stevens RosvelH SypaxJohn " Ui Stanley Jno N Schryver B J^ Sutton David Smith Danl Smith David R Sturtevant D Sntten Daniel Stewart F D Simpson Edw Sped den Edw M .. Smith ElaphltW Stephenson Jno Shaw Edw 2 Stockton A J Sheldon Eli 8weney Jas G Smith Edw 0 Seaman Capt Sullivan Edw Jas 8 H Schmidt Edw M Seaman Jno D EeareLt Watflon R Sittler Capt M II Sumner Rev S 8 Stern Simon Stew arU no Alex Spalding Saml Sampson E J SnydamOaptPS FhijpenJohn Sullivan M J StaufferJohn SamulersThos Stewart Joseph Still well DrHT-2 Shimick Jno W SpragueCaptB T Shaw MH Simenton D T Stuart Dr Thos Shreve A T Streett Thos Swann Thos Smith Fred N-2 Skelton Capt J F SmithWillard W Sanborn Frank Stodart II J SomerndikeGeo Stanley Jno A Shattuck Geo H Stewart Jno T fc>tuy vefant G W Sherman Jas Smith Geo II Stone Capt J R Sampson Geo T Smith Jacob Spring Geo A Sylvester Geo Smith Geo Schoot Geo Shephard Gordn Suett Jas K Stoddart F N ScurffJohnH SkeUingTH SmithHBJ SinimoriK H Fitz Smith J E Sibley Hiram Sbaugl Henry Samuck H Smith Gilbert Shed John Shorta John Storm John J Stull John R Snow John Smith Senator Wm W - Beards Wtllard Smith k 8on Wes Salter Wm H Sample H Wra Steward Hy Wm Scholl H Wm Skulley Wm 8c hie gel f StarneT Wm II Shelley Wilflon Sheibley Capt W Speer H W ShearmanHWm2 ?hoefer Wm pencer C W Turner A II Tebball Jno C T&ague Jno R Tiris E F Thompson E G Thompson E Taylor Edward Snyder Lorell TP Thompson J Tkatcher C G W Thompson J W Thorn Chas M Thompson JasH Tuer Jno Taylor Chas * TirueJ?s Totry Lafayette Thomas Chester Tiffany J Thomas M H-2 i Thayer Dan Taylor J no C Thomas L Tlepple D R Teter Jacob ThactcherOD Tiflany Ephrm Thomas Iscfcol) Teirney Stephen i** T ufr?rd Isaiah Tuttle S TurtonJnoB Simpson Capt S Taylor J G Tucfcer S B Terry Jno ThomasSam Thurston DrEH Thompson JasA Trimble Sam Tracy Fred H Tevifl Joshua Thompson Wju-3 Tucker Frank Tliours Joaliua Taylor W B ThistletonMajG XT?V Underbill H VanReni*seIaer J Vosburgh T H Veder Harney Vancleverench Vance Wm Van WvcK Chas Capt J V W Vezoni W P A eech David VanamanCapt L VallanceCapt W Villena Sr Dn E Van Slyke M II Vccke G t-o W WarranArthurllWelch II C Whitney Rb'nM Wright A K-2 W'atson HezekialWhalen Richard Wright Abrnm FWheeler HiramCWest Robt Wilson AndrewJ West llenry Wilkin Robert WatkinsA T Waters J (1 Wilkinson R Wheelock A A Washington Jas Wylie S A Whipple Alford Weisman J W"odbridgeSeth Wilson Hen M Wallace James 8 Windyard Hon Watson John Washburn 8'n H C W Wilson Jno 1) Westfield Chas PWolcott Jas M Weelocji Col C Wilson James Walter Jno Watson J no S Webster J Wooley Jno W WaltonLt J W WorthingtonDr . Waters James C W W Windsor Daniel Wilkinson Capt Wyatt Rev Win Wooster Capt DC J W Whitbeck Wm Williams I) vidllWalker Capt Jas H-2 Williams Elias Wolff Joseph WordinsrllonWE Wheeler E A Wood Jas II Wittnebe Dr W Walton Hon E PWright John Whitmore Win C Walters Edwd K Wrightllon JosAWilliams Lt Wil Walsh Frank A-2Wrieht Lt Jos bur A Weinier Fritz WolffLeopold Washington Wm WilliarosFrancisWinnhotts LouisWilliams Wm F Wolley Fred'k Whitney CaptLFWilkin Wm A Witting Fred'k Whetloqk Mr Wilson W B Weir Geo H Wood Lewis Whitney Wm U Washington GeoWarren M A Wilson Wm J Welsh Geo W Walsh Mathew Williams Wesley Washburne Lt Watson M "**" Col G A Wi-ggin N Walbridge Lt G RW heeler Of ias WhittemoreH'y WarrenPhild'r R M Y-Z ? Voong F B Yeats Jno II Young W W Yackley David It SAYLE8 J. BO WEN, Postmaster. Wood C II Williams Chas Wisner Chas H Wilson D'ns L 2 Wsde Daniel White Daniel-2 WinterStewartK Williams Samuel Waters SAquila Whippley Sain'l Wescott Tbeo Ward Wm W Wheeler Wm Whitley Wm H" Walls Wm H .Wheaton Hon W Edgar FINE, READY-MADE CLOTUIN^, AT BAR A BEO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER 1 AND SEVENTH STREETS. Persons desiring good and easy-fitting garments, without leaving their measures, can get fitted in our establishment in garments made *f THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THE LATEST DESIGNS. We have now a Terr large stock of SPRING and SUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK CLOTH FROCK COATS, AND BLACK DOESKIN PA TS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles. Also? A FINE STOCK OP BOYS' CLOTHING, and aa immense stock of GINTB' FURNISHING GOODS. K7"Business closed on Saturday until evening Je 7-lm* l\T REMOVAL. . IlOTICB TO FARMERS. MARKET GARDEN ERS AND CAPTAINS OF VESSELS. The office for the sale of Manure deliverable from the different government corrals in the Depart ment of Washington has been removed from the corner of F and 10th streets to the corner of B and 12th streets, one block from Pennsylvania avenue, on 12th street. , A. The planting season being over, now !? the proper time for farmers and gardeners to lay in and haul a supply of manure lor top dressings and fall use. Large tuanaities of well rotted manure on band and for sale at low rates. ?. Wanted?Vessels for New York. Good freights wd dispatch ctveo. A??, Office?N. E. eorner 12th and X streets, Jel-Bw 1 block from Pa. ay., on 12th it. BIE8E MAR?Protected by Royal Letters Pat A ent of England, and secured by the seals of the Ecole de Pharmacie de Paris, and the Imperial College of Medicine, Vienna. Triesmar No. 1 is the effectual remedy for Relax t^-tss^li7ti^tsss?ssimSSi Each preparation isin the form of a moat agree Jizas&w0-19"'*- siL'Aiv ' i TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. U ARMY or THK PUTUHAC. All Quirt at Prtfrfbari-fh* N*?mK?iIi ?n Both Side* Cltttlj Watched. f Dtopjvtch to tjie Chronicle.] H*An?ji.AKTKKt* Army or tub Potomac, June 29?6 a. ra ?The army huonce more mnk into a state of quiescence. Scarcely a ?hot has been exchanged, while the luxarr or a cool night was enjoyed without the noity Interruption attendant upon relieving pickets. One of our soldiers was detected playing card* wrth a rebel. They begged tJ w Iwft nndls turbed until the game was finished, as they were taking that way to learn who would win the next battle. In front of the fith corps there are no rebels to be seen. Their pickets are pushed out two miles in advance of their breastworks. Tb? railroad seems to be abandoned. One battery of our siege guns still commands the railroad bridge on the Appomattox. Yes terday the rebels again started acroas with * long train. For a day or two past they have not used the road except after dark. A large body of rebel cavalry passed around on our left flank, and are expected to pay us ? brief visit. The proper dispositions have been, made, and they will be promptlv received. R. H. McRhid*. FROM NEW ORLEANS. Arrival of Sick and Wounded Soldiers Rebel Flews?Mortality Among the En emy, Etc* Cairo, June 30.?The steamer Continental, from New Orleans on the 24th, has arrived, with five hundred sick and wonnded soldiers Irom the Department of the Gulf. About on? hundred and fifty stop here, and the remainder go to St. Louis. , The rebel General Dick Taylor is said to have obtained leave of absence for the purpose of demanding a conrt of inquiry on the charges preferred against him by General Kirby Smith, for repeated disobedience of orders. General Walker commands during Taylor's absenc. Eight thousand nine hundred rebel wounded are said to have died since the battle of Red. river. Orders were fbund on recently captured prisoners instructing them to destroy the tracic and rolling stock of the Opelonsas railroad, cut the telegraph and prevent, as mnch as possi ble, the transportation of troops. The monitor Osage is high and dry on the bar above Helena. Recovery of the Archives of Louisiana Recovery of Treasure* N*w York, June 30.?By the arrival of the Cahawba at this port we have the follow ing: Kuw Orlsanb, June St.?A large portion of the rebel archives arrived in this city to-day. They were delivered up to the State Auditor, Dr. A. P. Dostle. The archives were discovered buried in the earth, near Baton Roage, by John O'Conner, recorder of that parish. Many of the books and Dapers were rotted through, and fell In pieces on being opened Between two and three hundred thousand dollars of cancelled bills on the Crescent Ciry Bank, of New Orleans, were enclosed In a wooden box, in which were several valuable papers, many of the latb>i being dated bus two or three days before the arrival of Gen. Butler. lTp to this time it was supposed that'Gov. Moore had carried off all the State archives to Shreveport. In addition to other items of importance is a list of those who have entered the rebel army in Louisiana, as well as a large number of prominent men who have had business with the rebel authorities, Rnd wao have done all In their power to bolster np th* bogus con federacy. Startling development* may be ex pected. The seal of E. W. Robinson, State Auditor before Peralta, was discovered in one of the packages. FROM ARKANSAS. A Fight fit Pise BlaJl?Defeat af Reb fl?-Movem?nt? tl the Rebel Shelby Cairo, J uue t>9.?The Little Rock Democrat says a regiment of rebel cavalry, under <i0l Sttmmons, attacked oar pickets at Pine Bluff a lew days since, but were repulsed with a loss of several killed. While the flght was going on a scouting party from the ?th ittie sonrl cavalry, under Lieut. Graves, burael the deserted camp of Stemmons' regiment, with all their equipage Tfle enemy were pur sued thirty miles. On the night of the 19th the 6th Missouri, stationed at Brownsville, on the railroad, wasattacked by the rebels, said, to b? Shelby's command. The object of the rebels was to destroy the railroad, but they failed. Reinforcements have been sent to Browns ville, and considerable skirmishing occurred yesterday. Shelby Is s&kl to have six pieces of artillery. The Late Dreadful Railroad Accident in Canada. Montreal, June 30.?The number of bodies recovered from the ruins of the railroad train at St. Hilaire, is eighty-seven. Number of wounded, eight}*. The cars are in piles ot frag ments, resting on a barge which was passing through. Had the cars fallen Into the water many more persons would h&ve been drowned. The locomotive Is rubmerged completely out of sight. The coroner bad the engine dri er, Wm. Birney, arrested and sentto the Montreal jail. It is impossible to Identify the dead or obtain a correct list of the names. They are of various countries, and know little of each other. They came by the ship Vicar, from. Bremen, and appear to be Poles, Banes, Prus sians, Swedes, Austrians, Bohemians, and. seme Italians. They were going to Wisconsin, the most of them, to meet friends settled in. that region. From Fortress Monroe. Fortrkpp Monro*, June US.?1There has been no general engagement in front for som?? days, but skirmishing and sharpshooting is constantly kept up. The latest advices are up to 10 o'clock this morning In honor of the coronation of the Queen of England, the flags have been displayed all dav on the ships in the harbor, and salutes fired a& 12 m. Investigation into the Affairs af the Trea sury Department. Mr. Garfield, of Ohio, yesterday, made a re port from the select committee instructed to Inquire into the affairs of the Treasury Depart ment. The committee report that they made a com plete investigation, from room to room, exam ining each of the departments of the note-print ing bureau. Officers of bank-note companies were examined as to their relations to the de partment. The subject of morality, whenever witnesses were produced by Representative Brooke, with the aid of Colonel Baker, was in vestigated within limits?not examining the character of Mr. Clarke, the superintendent of printing, prior to the dateof his appointment, and only so far as it was connected with the discharge of his official duties. Abcut forty witnesses were examined. The committee And the system of printing adopted by the Treasury Department to be very thorough, and efforts are made from time to time to render it more secure. No false or fraudulent issues could be mt?de without a col lusion between the superintendent and his subordinates. There is no evidence that a single dollar has ever been fraudulently issued by the department. The cost of printing, as compared with thatof the bank not* companies, is heavily in favor of doing the work in the Department, in some cases four hundred per cent The bank note companies have made per sistent efforts to break it up, and throw ob stacles in the way, as well as to Injure the per sonal character of Mr. Clarke. Attempts have been made to boy him off from the Govern ment, but Mr. Clarke has refused all such offers. The committee And that he has been & faithful and energetic officer, and in all his official acts worthy of the confidence of the Government as Superintendent of the PrinUno Bureau. The charge of Immorality was tha result of a conspiracy on the part of Colonel Baker and others The committee say Sf^l! dence fails to sustain the charges. The com mittee ask that the charges of General P. P. Blair, about violations of the trade regulations! Kc.o", Si%5S.'? "e tion of the allegations made press, or by Mr. Brooks, or by General &lair on the floor of the House. Uiair* * resolution that; .I.1*??* directed at the F,eld. AssiauSc i?nUWiten ien, Register of the Treasury, as set forth in ? report signed by them June 2, U*4, and subse quently re oon tide red and recorastended by hem, and the Hon. William Sprague, Senator [rom Rhode Island, Feb. 19th last, and that spencer M. Clarke, the Superintendent of the money Printing Bureau is an unfit man to on. ude over the Bureau. 1 e Raid on the Baltimore aad Okie Line Omen or Baltimore ahd Ohio R. R_ cvT* Washington, June To tke. Editor 7kr<micU -Sir; The Republican,in ite iaeu^ >f this date, publlahes a rebel raid on tha b?T (more and Ohio railroad. There has not been a raid on the read. neith*? I the enemy in close proximity to us. ' Both passenger and freight trains are ran 'Sfc.T? enVw ****** and ?*Rl*rity f ft? ffyVuTn^^0^^ Bespectiuliy, yoar obedient servant, ?' Gbo. S. Koohtx, Agent.

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