Newspaper of Evening Star, July 1, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 1, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMU8SMKKT8 TO-NIGHT. OgOTEK'a Thbatbr.?Mise Kate Yaace, the ti*ria< <*Huestrian actress, will to-night take a aad will appear as "Dick Turpia," and -will ' :ur rtdo her hmoQs horse "Don. Juan" over miniature hills and mountains and leap frarfalc *?cades. The comedietta ?'My Fellow Clerk will commence ine entertainment. Koan's TnEATEB?Mr. H. Clay Ford, the pop"i*r tr^snrer of Ford's Theater, will take a be&*?tltQ*>nl?ht, and Mies Snsan Denin, Mr. S W ttlenn, the Foster Brother*, the celebra ted ^w ?ork gymnrvt, A W Brady, and other*^1" tak? parv The bill includes "The Thr?e<Jnr?dvnieti," "Indian Club Exercises.' Oauce, ^ oy the Foster Brothers, and the fsff? ?* the "Dutch Actor." UAJiTinBURY.?The new sensation drama, ?>Bea??'<yonao; or, the Buskwhaok>-rs of the Potoa^f'. w hich has lately had an immense /Hi; ** one of the best that has be^n pro duced .n a long while, and it is got np in a style !|J command the admiration ot all who wltae? . It will be repeated to-night, again together with an otherwise good bill. 8a**OM>'s.?Sanford. the immortal S. JS., is deli#"!ug crowded )u>tis?-s wnh rich iuu and sentiment at Odd Fellow?' Hall nightly. "In YteitiaC Sandford's, one is sure always of something original, rare and racy. The audi ence I**1 night was fairly convulsed with laughter over snch oddities and comicalities as ?'Th ? l-xempts," Burlesque, "Rameo and Juliet.' "Excentrieities," &o., &c. Don't fail $o see :&em. Ok AC* Oucjtca Faik is still in progress at island Hall, but all things must eventually ctWTie to an end, Riiri as this fair is one of the mos: delightful yet held, all wlio would enjoy a pieasani evening should by all means give these ladies a call, and examine *d purchase the articles lor tale. Schooi. Examination*.?'The fol lowing ?ohoois were examined yesterday after noon Primary No. 3, Miss E.OIeason, acting teach er. is a branch of Primary No. J, (Miss Robin, son's* At the beginning of the year there was sucii iku influx ot pupils into the latter school tbat it was fonnd necessary to organize Pri mary ftc. 3, which was done in January last, since which time Primary No. .'i has labored -under 'lie disadvantage of having changed ;eachers some three or four times. Miss Qlea son is now temporarily at the head of this school, aud she nas labored hard to instruct her scholars, who are transferred to Miss Rob inson as soon as the? become sufficiently ad vanced. This school has b*eu somewhat re dncecismce the beginning of the warm weather, and quite a number of the best scholars have drop 1'fd off; but notwithstanding all these drawbacks, Miss Oleason's school passed a very natistactory examination. There are 74 scholars on the rolls, G2 of whom were pr sent?lour absent from sickness and the remainder out of the city. Miss (J. ha- her school well divided into ttirej classes:, which were examined by Mr. Tnstm in reading, spell ing a id he first principles ol' arithmetic, in all ot which they showed good progress. Class >'o. 1 which was known as class No. 1 when i attached :o Miss Robinson's school)rented the m?5iip!ication table with marked accura v. This class will be transferred to Primary No. ' ^ in {September next. ~ Tie class ia reading was very good, indeed, nslarasit went, bui as the scholars were all soyovag, small and bashful, they were not sub ect^d to a If n^thy examination, only being required :o read one verse eacii. In spelling lie elates were all good as far as they had studied Thi- order was good Th s school is held in the third atory of a bniidn ? en the corner ef li'th street and Penn. avenue, in a room with two other schools, eiiheroue whioh has a sufficient number of scholars to fill the room with comfort. Ifpri- I mar? No J is to b** continued, either it or one I of iue oiher schools should be removed to an- ' ether r?cm. Primary No. 4, taught by MissOcena Walk- I er was organized during the last week of Jan- | nary, and started with nine scholars. The j school low numbers fifty-seven, fifty-four of whom vere present yesterday, and at thiatime ! --here ar* quite a number awaiting admission There ha? been no transfers since the school : has been opened, but there are many scholars f sufflcjejiuy advanced, and who will be trans- j Imed betore long. This school is divided into J four c lanes, and they underwent a thorough -uaai aeon by Mr. Wilson, (in the presence of j seieral wachers of other schools and many i ?%'isiters.iin reading, writing, spelling, dicta- I tioii, meatal arithmetic, &c? ie. This school is, without any exception, (as the examination j clearly demonstrated,) one of the best of the : grade in the city. The -.eather of this school has instructed her own scholars in vocal music, as the music i teacher does not visit the primary sc hools. The scholars of this suhooi were ail nearly f and tw.efully attired in white. At the conclusion of the examination, Mr' j Wilson complimented the scholars upon their ! good behavior during the exercises, and said i there va?not a school in the city which could I b?a*t ot better order. They had kep' their ?9 is ar.d slates neat and clean, for which they j deserved much praise This school is held in a one-story, dumpy- j Mth street, be: ween I and i K. The room is well ventilated, and has plenty j of ? i?ht, but is entirely too small for the num- I fcer or scholars, and i? greatly out of repair. Stcm-l District.?Primary No. 4, (male,) in , charge of Miss M. Y. Davis, held in one ot the j lower rooms ol the old Medical College, was i exairuunl j?iierd'iy morning by Mr. Rheeg in ' the variouselementary studies in which they ? have beea trained, and, except in a few cas'-s | whew the little fellows were a little backward, j the exercises passed off successfully. The scholars m spelling and reading were very correct (or those so young, and inmen'al arith metic pusKl a fair examination; but in written arithtr.erfc they appeared a little deficient, probably because mis was the first time they T. had appeared before an examiner; and if the j exanhaat^E was to be held again, these same your;**;* would, we think, net be behind any i other set ot boys ol the same age in any o f the district*. The ord-r of the school was com- i inendable.especially as the boys are at the very ngf woeathev are prone to do mischief?from ( Nixtc w The room was handsomely deoo rated Having approj>riate mottoes, fiags, wre#Uiaouevergieens hung around the walls. We a.-? gorry to say that there was not a i s:npl?Ti?Xor present. Tile Male intermediate, held in the second ? story of tbg Northern Liberty Engine-hou^e, was eiaauBjti yesterday by Me~srs. Miller and J aees, of the Trustees, and Mr. W. C. Lipecuab, jr., and passed a creditable exam illation Tbls school numbers a: present 50 j pupila. cf whom 17 were jiresent, and has suf fered "c^iiderablv in the change of scholars during toe year. At the commencement ol the ? school jea; io scholars were transferred to the : gramrciTictocl. and in February last 12 others were '"aajjerred, and a like number taken ? from secondary schools. There iias been . many during the year from va rious cames, Si-ren having taken place lasi month, a.d01ie ur two oniy a few Jays before ihe exaau:.muii, and in view of the fact that SOK*P i?" b<"5t scholars were taken from the , school, there ehonld be considerable allowance made lor me examination, which, Cowever, ! ^,0IEP?re favorably with any we have yet atterded The three classes of the school in ! some of the ttndies exhibited marked pro- 1 flcienrv. etpecjauv in dictation, spelling, ge Omental arithmetic. The singing ot tne scqoIj; ? was very good indeed, they .tcap. excellenttime, but some pieces, into the .-pir;! c: tjje boys entered, were sung too ioud. With a little more attention to mod- i ?nia.ion, 'hissciiool would be hard to beat in f * The room was gaily decorated lor -.tie occisiCD> and conspicuously displayed * Cottoof the school, " Punctuality aud j h Mrs Enrily Myers has had charge ol i t; ,'ot ;on? years, and is an excellent ? oisciplinar^m, ^ tfie appeaiance and beha- J v ior of her scholars amply prove. Atthecon (h u''10a the examination the scholars were ' uighly oori)p]lc,ente(i by the vislt?rs present, j who, v e >(rret to gay| were very tew, and ( comp. imenttry addre.-se were made by Messrs. Idps comb and a ppleb^-. 7 'I Di:'r?:t ?The Female lirammar .School . JttlM - larjt kamsey teach?r?was examined ! by Dr. ^alsh and Mr. Hitz, of the third dis inct s b-board, and by Dr. C. W. Davie, late a Olthelioard of Trustees, Mr. '/. Rich- i s-"do, Mr. j, ^ ihompsou, principal of the ; ?ah graaim-or school, tonrth district, and oth t,r s . ,A tnocg the visitors prwent were Mr. W. w -'let aturaa, 0; the male grammar school, j -u:rd district, Hrs. Amidon, of the fourth dis b: ^.J,"Uiale gra?mHr school, Mr. George R. -Kua..aad others. Mis? Katasav has 57 pupils cn her roil nod Cf the number were present _> wvrdav. It ^ nee(jless toaay that good order was mamtaiEej throughout, for the pupil?are ci suvu an age ^ tQ j^ve a proper sense of de .c .rnn v. ithout a reminder from the teacher fcT .) ?> 0at the school were examined ,B ,aeh studies as reading, mental *n.ainetic, KKfniiihv, ic , and in these branch .?.![" ^bc^?'ands as lair as any in the Dis a ^chards examined the classes ^(mental and written,) and alter inn, discovered that each ?>cat 'fl ^dniirably taught and was we cirrfuilT l.nVy Oolc" ''*a?1P,es PiT>*n them tSforHyv being able to *ive a rea -ICI!SL?r B. pronounced the class rla>-es w?V * bad ev4rr examined. All ot aiCil. bv vexam,ned ln ftrammarand an L Thompson, who pronounced b r^fwiw * v^/ good one, and no one VrSwnTisfrwjudging than is Mr. T. In ^ "^. ^r^t-eeiamiJied by Dr. Davie, who the pragrees made. The * di?j not da itself tne credit it n h Nor claas ia Pkil?* - h?? hut named was exanune<l by Dt' i>avu ai d theja,^r bJ Ml> RWhard?. to be a ke*t?Mca aaswert^g quae. tkms propounded, and the questions were aot infrequently answered incorrectly. At first the classes commenced to ansWer in concert, and in some instance* the answer conld be dis tinguished and oftentimes It conld not Dir. Richards requested tlie philosophy class to answer separately, and while a few in the class evinced a knowledge of the study, others were sadly deficient This mode of harm* classes (?specially in grammar schools1 an swer in concert w? cannot think is a good one, for the attainments ot the pupils cannot be fairly tested; and it also does injustice to the judnstrioiis and studious pupils. There are in ?vert class in every school som* who lag be hind their class: whether by reason of non-at tention and want of "tHdy. or because their minds are more sluggish of movement, and these are always delighted when questions are answered in concert, yet they receive equal commendation with those who probably pay uncasing attention to their studies It would bo well to abolis-h this practice on examination days, and >et each pupil stand on his or her own merits. What we have here saiil is. not intended to apply solely to Mi?s Ramaay's school, but to ail schools where the practice obtains. Some specimens of the writing of the pupils here were shown, . and it was evident the teacher had taken great pains with this important branch. We have seen none to surpass it in any school in the city. The exercises were interspersed with vocal and instrumental music, under the di rection of Prof. Daniel, and some of the most popular song- as "The Kock Beside the Sea," ?? The Flag of Thirty-four Stars,' "The Ro ver's (3 rave," "Sad Autumn Winds,"'A.C., were sung in exquisite style. The popular song, ??When Johnny comes Marching Home," was executed at the end of the exercise? in a man ner to delight and elicit the admiration ot all. Compositions were read by Miss Mary Armi steart, Miss Emma Williams, Miss Virginia Kntf, and Miss Eliza Simpson. The subject of the latter was "The Future,'' a subject that probably every school boy or girl has wasted a good deal of paper aud ink over; but Miss S treated the subject in an original style, and made a liappy local application to the new school house. This young lady also read "Marco Bozarris" in a style that wonld do credit to a professional reader. Next year Miss Ramsay's school will occupy the new bnilding. and most of her first class will re main with her for the sake of spending one year in the new building. Annfal Commencement okGbohoetowx Cot.lkok.?The annual commencement of this venerable institution of learning took place yesterday at the hall of the college. The plat form and walls of the room were tastefully decorated, and the Marine Band was in atteud ance, and the exercises were interspersed with music. The order of exercises were as fol lows : Introductory address, Anthony A. Hirst; ?'Hobenlinden," (in Latin,) George W. Ed wards; '-Las Ruinas de Italia," L.ouis Puebla; " National Crimes Punished by National Mis fortunes," Thomas S. Rndd; "Marie Antui nette."' Francis X. McLaughlin; "Souvenir D En fame,"' Rudolph Pigeon: "Koman Char acter," Henry Major; "Columbus," Cypriano F. Zegarra: "Burning of the Church at San tiago," Tazewell Fox, ??Poland," R. Rosa Perry: "The Course of Empire." Richard Har rington: "Valley Forge," Thomas M- Spencer; Westminster Abbey," ;James F. Mathews; "Youthful Crusaders," David Whipple; ' Chapter on Bores," James P. McElroy; "Pa triotism a Reilgious Obligation." Joseph A. Rue, A. B.; Valedictory, Edw;ud S Riley. Tin* degree of A. B. was conferred, among other?, on R. Ross Perry and Henry Major, District of Columbia. The following premiums for the studies des ignated were awarded to District of Columbia stud- nts: Mental Philosophy, ?R.cceseerunt' ? J{. Rosa Perry and Henry Major. Natural Philosophy?The medal awarded to R. Ross Perry; "AccesserunV' Henry Major. Chem istry, ??Accesserunt"?R. Ross Perry and Hen ry Major. Rhetoric?medal, John C. Wilson; the premium for excellence, Joseph Forrest. Poetrv? medal to Noble Hottar: premium to lulius Soper. FirstClassof Humanities?'The medal was awarded to Robert M. Douglas, Illinois. "Ai'cesserunt*'?Bladen Forest,Fran cis J. Kieckhoefer, Caarles M. Tree, Charles F Nally. The premium for excellence in En glish Composition was awarded to Robert M. Douglas, of Illinois. Second Class of Human itiea?"Accesserunt"?John Walker and John Lvne. Third Class of Humanities?Medal to William L. Kimmeil. "Accesserunt '?James V. Coleman. The premium for excellenc e in English Composition was awarded to William I.. Kimmeil. Vinton Goddard, Wm. G. Smith, Feudal Alexander, Jas. McGraunand Jas.Cole man were promoted to this class during the year. First Class Mathematics?'The medal to John C. Wilson, premium to Joseph Forrest. Second Class Mathematics?The premium to Charles M. Tree. Third Class Mathematics?The pre mium to Noble Hollar, ?-Accessernnt"? Julius, Soper, Fielder B. Chew- William L Kimmelir Algebra?"Ascesserunt"?Bladen Forrest, J. Hall Semmes. First Class Arithmetic?The premium U> Robert T. Pvwell, "Accesserunt" William Decner, Francis J. Kieckhoefer, Hen ry H. Costou. Second Arithmetic -The medal to .Tames V. Coleman, "Accesserunt''?Philip May, John Rncker, Levi Bootes. James 1'. McQ-rarn. Tnird Arithmetic?The premium to Liftman Stranss. "Accesserunt"?William S. Smoot, Robert Fnrstner, Louis B. Waits, and John E. War. First Class French?The medal to John C. Wilson, the premium to Jos. Forrest, ?'Accesserunt" Noble HofTar. Second Class French?The medal to Julius Soper, pre mium to Bladen Forrest, "Accesaerunt" Chas. M. Tree. Francis J. Kieekhoefer. Third Class French?The premium to J. Lyne, "Accesser uut"?W. M. Kimmeil audS.A. Douglas, oflll Fifth Class French?The medal to James V. Coleman. First Class Rudiments?The mudal to William M. Deenver, "Accesserunt"?Jas. Reid White, Francis B. May, John P. Risque, and Fran. i? Mix. The premium for excel lence in English Composition was awarded to John P. Risque. Second Class of Rudiments, the medal was awarded to Everest CathelJ; the premium to Henry S. Hein: "Accesser unt"?Philip P. May, Wm. S. Smoot. The pieiniuxn lor excellence in English composi tion was" awarded to Everest Cathell. Third Cla^s of Rudiments, the medal was awarded to John E. Wagner; the premium to G. Walter Godev: "Accesserunt,"?Douglas B- Alexan der, Olver P. Gardner, Robert W. Stephens. The premium for excellence in English Com position was awarded to Douglas B. Alexan der In the First Class of Christian Doctrine, the medal to Charles F. Natly: the premium to Noble Hotter: "Accesserunt"?Jos. Forrest, Bladen Forrest. Robert M. Douglas. Illinois; Francis J. Kieckholer. In SecondClas* Chris tian Doctrine, the premium to James V. Cole man; "Accesserunt '? William B. Jones, John Loui* T. Knott. Philip May, Francis P May. In First Cla.?s Writing?"Accesserunt"?H. B McDonald, Levi Boo'es, James V. Coleman. In Second Cuus Writing?"Accesserunt"?A Brooke Fearson, Joseph A. Hall, Lewis J. Knott, John E. Wagner. CONTIXl AT ION Of PlCTl'KK Salb.?The sale of oil paintings, at the salesrooms of Jas. C. McGuire&. Co., will be continued thise\eniug, ttt 71' o'clock. The attendance at the sale last evening was large, but tlie prices were very low, many very handsome paintings selling as low as ?10 and frltf. De^iraule Rksihence Foit SA?B.?Tli* large lour story dwelling, cu the east side ot l?>ih street, above E street, will be sold to the highest bider. on the premises this afternoon, at o'clock. _ Lopt Do<;.?See advertisement of lost black and tan terrier dog. The finder will be reward ed bv taking it to No. 371 eth street, near North ern Market. SPECIAL NOTICES. i W. L. w.i. A Co. would call especial attention to their .sale of Pawnbroker'* Good?, commencing Saturday, July 2. at 9'i o'clock. ??onNisling of over fifteen hundred lot* of good and d-eiraUe ttoo<t~. \Vatehe?. Chains, Jr. The Kale of W ateherai d Chain* ?ill tnke place at 12 o'clock precisely on Saturday, July '2>1. On \ frTn AS Ice ANI? Puke A3 Show.?The Fra grant sozodent isii neientiHc composition ot t he purest !ilid chniceat nucfodii-nts of the ? riental vegetable kingdom. Kvrry ingredient i* well knows' to have a beueficia- effect on the teeth ana "um?; it- embalming, or antin-ptic property, an-1 udelieate aromatic trsgrance 11 uses It really a toi let luv:ir* . and a pltaaureto is* it.a* it n move a all diK.asreeaMe odors, even that of tobacco It speedily removes fhoae ravas-- a which children an stain in their te?-th. cwingte improper use of r-wtet and acid article*, which imperceptibly de Btcoytbem. . gold t?y Urusgifts throughout the country. it DlSKASISt'l- THK NKRVOOS, 8k?ISAL, UlUNABT'i'M Ai. Svsti Ms?new and reliable treatment ?in Iteports of the Iloward Association?Sent by mail in seaied Ict'tr envelopes, U"ea of charge. Addrf-< D J. ?XIin llorftMon, Howard A-^o ( iation, No. 8 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, pa, je :w 3m lCBC?iA?l Ice Crkam ! The undersigned 'tegs leave to inform the public that he lia* al*ayt- ou ha?d a freah aupp'y ol the choicest Savors ? lev ObkaM, ? which he is prepared to supply to Rtorea, sutlers hotela, pic cic*. partiea, excursions, and fauiuiea, at the suorUst notice and the most reaaoaable terms. Jc*. ScitAretei-n's Meara IceCream M?Hufartorr. Ro. 36J6#th at.,bet. (j aud H. Whoier^le and retart. je Si-lm" Do ror c?lor yonr whisker* and moastache* If ao.ut-ethe "Japaneae Hair Btain." No hair dye in the world eqnal to it. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brows. Only W cants a bo*. 8, C For#, it :-er 3c-. 290 Pa. avenue. Sole a?ent. Phiahb op thk Naavops, S**i?al, Ciusait MARRIES, In 0^?nr?'9*ii. I>. C., ou Uie SHh insUnl bv t.h* Ji r Wto. B Mi FRANK L 8L AI>K, of Wk*tor. Wvw., to M:ss SITE S NSILIi,<>fGti>'r <#w, DO. * DIED, On th? 30th of Jane, at 6 a. ni.. SOPHIE M A TlLDE, infant daughter of Dr. Tulllo ?. and Re be^* A. Verdi. aged37day9. The funertl will take piace thi. day. at 6 p. tr fr?m 26? G street. t * ('oiwisscTioif.? The announcement in the In telligencer of thin morning thrft the funeral of the infant of Or. Verdi is to ta*. place on SatnHsv evening at ft or'cio-"k is an ?rior, for it ,( to take place tiii? (Friday > evening at H o'clock. it* On the 30th inst,. of inflammation on the tvrain. T.ANT'ONTA OPHELIA, oftl* child of Jnn m B an i Martha A Holliilffe, !?;;e<l !> months 14 da* i. 1 take these little lambs said he. A?id fold tht-m in niy breast, < Protection they shall lind in me. In rae be ever blest. The friends of the familr are requested to attend the funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock. * On the 1st instant, after r short illne?s. at hi< residence. corner of North Camiol and Baundarv str.-et, CHARLE? VIII,M AN. aged forty year-. The friend* of the family are inTited t<> at?*"id the funeral from bis late residence, on Saturdsv evening, July 2d, at four o'clock. jyl-2ti' Ir. Oeortetown D C.. on theS tiiof June, 1V>I. ELEANOR LEE. only child of K L. an 1 Rebetca Cropley, aeed r> months. Funeral will take place at 10 o'clock Sstnrday morning, July 2. from 216 Bridge street It' ' In Georgetown, D.C., r.n Thursday, the 3(ith nit., Mrs. M ANY E .wife of L. L. Wilkison, in the 37tb year of lier age. Her fuueri'.l will take place from Nr>. "JO Mark, t street, to-morrow (Saturday,) at 10 o'clock a.m. < On the iSth instant, at his residence, in Wash ington count> ,D. Cv, after a long and painful ill ness, Mr. .JAOOlt I10YLJ5, in the 8ith year of his are. "But why in sorrow should we luourn For thnge who fin no more?'' "But they to whom the sway Of pain and grief are o'er, Whose tears our God hath wiped awsy, O ! mourn for them no more !" FOE RENT AND SALE. TWO LABOR rooms on Til R SECOND FLOOR f~ ' -1- ' ? ' - " town F " O V11 #II?I OXiWH 1/ V WVUIV 1 for rent: furnished or unfurnished; iuGeorge- I a. on Bridge street. 17 ??. jy 1 St* f URNISHEP ROOMi-Just vacant, No. 42-1 loth street, between New York avenue and H rtreet. Jy l 3t? FUBNIHHKD BOOMS FOB BENT <to ?<?ntl(T men only) in a private house, centrally loea te?l. Beferences required. Apply at the Star Office. jy l-lw* ipOB RENT?Comfortably FUBNI^ITED ROOMS, A suitable for gentlemen, at 4 *>7 K street north, between 3d and 4th streetfi. BeferenC'?s e\ c hangtd. jy 1 .-Jt* I^Oll FALB CHEAP?The halt intpn-.-t of a PIIOTOGBAPH GALLERY in Washington, doing good buflines?. Good renaon* for riellini; out. Apply immediately at 'i.>6 Penn.av. jyl-2t* FOB BENT?Two handsomely furnished and Terv desirable BOOMS, with Board, if de ired. Inquire at No. o37Jt II street, between fith and 7th streets. jyl-3t* Fob' sale-a bakery and fixture?. IIorse HTid Wagon included. For further par ticulars apply at No. <>i:t.corner~th and Dstreets, Inland. jyl-St* IfH'R LEASE FOB A TEBM OF YEAKS^Tiie A HOUSE and *pa<ious LOT situated on the cor ner of west 6th str< et and Louisiana avenue. No. <i 7, The lot contains 5,427 feet, lor Conditions of lea^e apply^on 'he premises. jy l-]w* PLEASANT FURNISHED-R'iOMS TO-BENT at No. 446 12th street. ie 3n-2t* TO BENT-A FUBNISlilD BOOM for twoTiT ele gentlemen. Apply at First Ward Bowling J":?looi!. II ,-treet. between 21st air! 22d. ie.Vi ;{t' TO LET-FrBNTSHED ROOMS, without board. Apply at No. "27U F street, corner of 13th. je SO-l-.v* FI"?WO VACANT FUBNTSHED R00> 1S-with A board, no.i s?verai table boarders accommo dated. at 3t?l E street north, between 9th and Icth streets. Je aj-flT* AQUIFT PIUYATE FAMILY Have ? pleasant I L BNISHED PART OR for rent, wi+h or with out hoard. Hourp No. 114 Cray street, b^tw^Bo Cdrgress and High, Georgetown". f>. C. 1e 3n-:<t* Fob 8ALE?A complete MINERAL "iWATER MANUFACTORY AND BOTTT.TNO ESTAB l.ll-UJlfi.NT, enjo> ing a good custom. This a good chance for a man of some capital. Inquire at the Star Oihee. je .'50 3t* FOB RENT?A new BRICK HOUSE, with fiy^ rooms, situated on the corner of 14th and Boundary streets north. The cars stops in front of the door, and runs from thened to all parts of apply next door, to WILLI AM MT Rl'HA . je ?i-;it? LABGE FltONT BOOM, suitable for two or three gentlemen, for rent, with or without 448 12th street, between GandH. A w table boarders taken. References required je 3o 2t* HOUSES FOR SALE.?For sale, four new Frame HOUSES, fi rooms each, well finished; water and ea*; fine location Also, a Brick, with 3rooms All of which will be sold on the most accommo dating terms. Possession at once. Apply at No 300, corner of !>th and M its. .ie.?-3t* l/'OB SALE?TTie OOOD WTLL and three vears r snd a half LEASE of a Plumbing and Ga-> ut tinirSbop, Bent year. Location centra!. fj.wi cash will purchase the place. MITCHELL A SON. Beal Sitate Broker^, jefO-St* 8. B corner Pa. ay. and st. FOB SALE-A One BRICK IIOUSR in the FTT^t Ward, 2JK123 feet, ten rooms. Will be sold for Sti.VH). A great bargain. Terms: One-quarter cash, and balance in ti. 12, 18 and 21 mouths. MITCHELL A SON, Beal Estate Brokers. Southeast comer Pa av. and 15th st. je S^-St [Chron., Rep. A Con.l 17OB RENT?A RAR1CHANCE-X now UBAMK A Bl I LDINO, situated on 22d street, between (r ?nu H street*: there are two stores in front, titled np with counters and shelving, suitable for a grocery or restaurant. #r both. There is also a live room Dwelling attached; the building could also be used #s a tavern Inquire on the premise, between ftand in o'clock in the morning. !e3f)3t* FOR SALE-A BRICK HOUSE and LOT.situa ted in the most healthy location, and a xplen did view. Persons wishing to bu v a good residence would do well to call on E street north, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, near Ju"Qeinaou's brew honae. P'?session given after one week Inquire of J. IIALIDAY, 515 11th street w. <?* near l'enna. av. jP 3iuTw* FOR SALE.-A neat frame HOUSE of si* rooms. No. 403 K street north, between 9th and 1th streets west, (near lyorthern Liberty Market,) re paired throughout. Persons wishing a residence in a healthy and good neighborhood, good water, near to market, city cars and the public buildings will please call and see it. Possession given at time of purchase. Title indisputable. Inquire of J. F. KhLLEl, on 8th St., near I st. jo 3-I-1W I^UBNISHED BOOMS.?A tHite . f BOOM^ or a single rooms at 4??o, 12th street, between Gand il . ?? *?? * ? je 29-31 * FOB BENT.?On'ZJd .-treet. 4 doors south of I, one of tu o neatly furnished front BOOMS, tir-i and second floors. Young gentlemen onl? u?e4 aj? ?">? je 2?-3t* POR SALE CIIEAP-A FRAME HOUSE and . . **01 ,on Ustreet, near ltth. House just tiu r-. ed A good location, a'.id water convenient. Appu r n the premises, to 4t? J. M. HILL. S*A?E?Two BOOK CASES, several r.\re A PI ASTER BUSTS, at HUNTER'S great Anti qnnnan Bookstore, over Bank of Washington, w.ueh grea stock of Books and Curiosities now removii g to oppositeGrover's Theater. JeZJ ALFRED HUNTER. y ALUABLE MILL PROPERTY FOR KALE. A valuable Merchant Mill, situated on the Clies jpeakf? and Ohio'Canal, tw*? miles abcire Georifi' town, is for fale. It has aH the mo<liaT!i improve ments ol a tiTst class Flouring Mill; has an ample supply ot water, drawn t'roiu the cabal without charge, and is capable cif mannCacturlng l'A) bar rt*l8 ol hour pj-r day. Au abundant SQppiy of wheat from the upper ewinties of Marytand and v jrifniia, and from tke Creorgotown market, can i?e had at ail times, wh;ie there is alway 81\ demand at lair m *jte ci-tie.s of the District lor the entire product* of the mi!!. For the lust few vear* it has be* n worked 8ucee*?f\:Uy and profitably, w ltn h prospect < ! it^' continuance. *or tne 1 arum p/trt of tbe purchase money a lib eral credit will be en if desired. My ouiy rea son tor within" to feil i? mv desire to retire front business. Appiytn t),e subscriber. No. 10 Watt r street. Georgetown, D. C. je WM. H. EDES. rpiIBEE PIRN I SHED ROOM.' FOR KENT. ON a Eleventh utreet, between G aa<i 11, No 4 11. '>r~t-cla~s boarding hoc-e nest<ioor. 1 BURNISHED OR I NFURNISn?. D UOf>vg TO let, on nacomniodating terms; H street. corner tlj^th *t. Appi> immediateiy. je 2."i I s ? Fubnished booms for"r"ynt-rn: rnenoiuj". S06 i'th street, cae door from P?, aTCEUf. y. W-tf. L I F TON, vy ON THE HEr<,BT8 or GEORGEIOWN, t .? *vK SALS. i avail myself of this csode of invwf!n? tha m.tnerous inquiries that hare been made whether i!, i.nt-f?Lresidence of tie late Col. Ellet is for sale i twin be sold under a decree cf the Supreme Court of thi-s District (rendered necessur* in ton eeqnktue of the minorhj of two of his remaining thi ?V ?v < f tl el? minority) | atK-Bt the end of the entciuff month of Jc!y P, r t lithnoi[^!0w Hlloin*,y cot be f*ml!tar . ^ may desire an attractive r- iT ' --"v. miK i.r neita year', Witn Ine Choicest frnit and ornamental trees, harinc aa eAC?llent awelUnar toouee o! < r V>u room,, au overseers cottage detarned, Jsrge barn, stablei. and other appropriate oat bu.ldtngs, with good*. nearly a*, of thuaa utw l<. js sUrrou"ded l^y the spieniid residences of Taior Plar?. i,{ o?n Ha'ie;^ Mr. Be-pre, Mrs Bafe R^m'IHnu": cum,*sq., and others, ar Aadjoien cn the orrth the grotina. attaaaed tt tuo residence# of Mrs. Liuthicum and llri. Boyce. and eleyatad. ccm irandiEg a view of Wtt them, as well as of the x. ?? wttjc'ta ?wca\j uiiuujej waiii, cor a brifclc Datneraer.t thre^-tovrtlw of the disUuoe, of the railioad etreet ear* runmag from 6e****tr>wt t> Wajhiugton Po r wlnbrity* *?&????$??? to *owb and City, and beaoty of ettaation, it t. unwxroaM^d .Dae naUoe wiUK? girM af the day ?**? i !' 7.UKK, G IUiT M*<IAI IS YOVA CHANCE. For 8\*?, a rtfj desirable li^tl? F A B. K . containing a ho tit ^ acres of land in ?go^d *tet4,of cultivation, and welt watered, situated in Fairfax county, Va., adjoining Arlington Farm, 4 miles distant from Washington city and only 20 minutes walk to Georgetown market. Apply to JOHN IT TDCKER, Washington city, Ho. 141 south B at., ?e fij-*o6t* laUad. __ Fob sale- with immediate possession" The three story BRICK HOUSIB, (and Lot. > No. H?0. 9th street, Island, between D and K street*. It contains nh-.e rooms, and t* in all re spects a desirable residence property. Apply to W. D. WALL AGH, Star OSpe je as-tf T*fiIRTY-FIVl HUNDRED DOLLARS -For 1 sale, STOCK, FIXTURES. GOOD WILL and three > ears' LEASE of a well fitted up Restaurant on Pennsylvania avenue,< thirteen rooms.) now in active, paving: operation. MITCHELL A SON. Real Estate Brokers. S. E. corner Penna. av. and 15th strt^t. jo 10-eolm Washington. D. C. F~'OR SALE OH RENT-A larga brick HOUSE on ffth street, between H and I. Possession e\ren st once. Inquire of Dr. BOGAN. No. 453 Massachusetts a v. near 6th st. je 15-2w* jf7*OR SALE-.A email brick HOUSE and good r sir.fd LOT. containing four rooms and summer kitchen. Situated on 4th street, betweenN and O. For particulars inquire at GIBBS' Hair Stor*, <42 Pa. a v., rear 13th st. je 17-lm Ij^OR RENT?To gentlemen, two neatlv furnished r CT1 AMBERS, in a very pleasant and healthy location, near the State Department and Lafayette Park. 460 New York avenue, and forty yards east of the horr.e oars running from the Capitol to Georgetown. Rent low. 3* 9-tf FOR SALE?A Urge and well-built three story BRICK norsR7with bask building, Ne. 171 2d street west, between B and C sts. Immediate eiTen. Apply to CHARLES n. LANK. 4 ill Pa. avenue. 1e7-potf TO RENT?An elegant HOUSE, with Y>rown Btene front, partially furnished, with *11 mod ern improvement*, centrally and pleasantly lo cated, No. 444 K street, near the residence of Sec retary Chase, together with larre brick stable. The premises not to b<? rented for a boarding house. For particulars inquire of Hon D. E. SOMES on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE KLY, No.2T 4% street. Possession given immediately. 1e 8-tf FOR SALE-100 ACRES OF LAND at Belts ville, 1(H) acres at Contee's, 50 acres at Laurel, 300 acres at Savage, 150 at Annapolis Junction, lt*i acres at Jessop's Cut, 160 at Hanover Switch, 4.r> acres' near Elkrldge Landing, 60 acres "4 mile from Baltimore. All on the Washington Branch Railroad. For terms snd description, apply to M. BANNON, 32 St. Paul's st.. Baltimore, Md. le 9-lm* ROOMS FOR RENT.?Comfortable and well furnished Rooms at 450 12th street, between G and H sts. The location is one of the most de sirable in the city. my24-tf FOR RENT-A large STOKE; good location for confectionery or ice cream Saloon. Inquire at the store, ^10 I street west. jeG-lin WANTS. WANTED?A BOY to attend s Restaurant. In quire at Northwest corner ol 22d aud G street". jy l->f WANTED?Ry a middle-aged woman a SITUA TION as Nurse, or to do genera! housework in a private family. Address Box 34. Star Of flee. It* \\T ANTED? At north K stroet,be.tween 12th *> and 1.1th streets, a COLORED COOK, WAIT RESS and BOY. None hut those who thoroughly understand their business need apply. jy 1 3t* WANTED?A LAD to attend an Tee ('ream Sa loon. Apply immediately at Finch k Lloyd's Ice Cretan Depot", No. 3'JO, Eleventh street, above K -treet. jy 1-2; * W ANTED-A WAITER at the Gosling House lie must understand the business. To such $20 a mouth will be given the whole yeatround. Inquire at tbe Re&tuursnt, 217 Pa. av., between 12th and l.'.th .-ts. jy l-2t? Cjti) nnn SUTLERSHIP WANTED, byone ? who has had two years experience in that line; or would enter into partnership wi'.h a reliable man in any profitable business tb?t will bear an examination. Address W.G.. Box 229 Post Office, stating business and ai>pointinir an interview. jy l-at* ROOM WANTED ?A youna: gentleman wishes to obtain a pleasant well-lurni^hed ROOM Yicinity of 14th street aud New York avenue pre ferred . Address, .statins lowest terms. Post Oniee Box oOt. je 3"V2t* WANTED?A SITUATION, by two young, re spectable women?one to cook, wash aud iron: the other to do chamber work and assist in washing and ironing- Address tor two days. No. ti, Sixth st.. between L and M. je3't-2t* ERSONS DESIRING TO OO AS SUBSTT TCTES and sCBsTITI'TE RUNNERS, both White and Colored, would do well to call on WM. H. HOPE, 330 E street, near 0rover's Theater, who pays the highest price for good men. 400 MEN wanted. _ je30 3t* Substitutes-substitutes. ? Wanted To-Day, IO COLORED 8URSTICCTES. For which the highest price will be paid. Runueis bringing men will be liberally dealt with. <i. H. CAS8IDY. 4 H> Eighth street, between ie 30 3t' Penn. avenue and D street. ANTE D A gTTod FOR EMAN. in a Bakery. Apply at the Star Oftiee. je 29-3t * WANTED?A stout. active 1JOV, to assist in ray bookstore, which is now in course of removal to opposite (jrovr's Theater, between 13th and 14th Htreetfl. Books bought an>( nol<i. aa u?n*l. ALFRED HUNTER, je 2fl-3t* Over the Bank of Washington. CXIACUMAN WANTEIJ-N one neeil apply who J cannot bring satisfactory testimonials ol'chm? after and competency. A)>ply between i) and 12 o'clock, to J. PENT. 456 l.iih st. je 23-1 w* WANTED?Little HOUSE with first floor suita ble for millinery shop, or room on second floor, or if possible little stors. well located. In quire at D K MONO EOT'S Human Hair St?re, cur lier D and ltrtli streets, near the avenue. Je 27-tit* ANTED?One hundred HORSES t<j pasture, in Prince George's county, Md. Price $6 per month lor single horse. !>y the quantity per month. Inquire of J. BEASLEV, .VJ Louisiana cvenue, Washington. je77 2w* MRS. M. M. SCHAAFF. HOUSE WANTED?In a central location, with about l"i or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture. Applv to W. L. WALL &c Co., Auction aod Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue aud S?th afreet. je 22 \%7 ANTED?1,00ft LADIES to come and buy v* the same number ofEmbroidered Yokes and Sleevi-s, B?nds and Wrappers. We have reduced the price one fourth, and now otl'er them cheaper than ever. PRINCE, Jo2l-tf 3i*l F St., opposite Patent Office. | n GOOD GRANITE CUTTERS WANTED st tU the Chestnut Street Bridge. Wages $;} pi-r day. Pay every two weeks. CLAftK, McGRANN Jb KENNEDV. je 2('-?w Contractors, Philadelphia. A N T E D-SKCOND HAND FURNITURE. Also. MIRRORS. CARPETS. BEDS, BED DING, and HOUSEFURNISHINOCOODSofevery descriptioH. R. BUCHLY. 42S 7th street, jee-tf . between G and H. east side. rn nno LADIES WANTED TO CALL AT OU,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. 3?SI F street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Htitcning, Pinking and Embroiderv done. As there are other Richarda in the field, ladies better look out that tbdrcometo Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the city. Be sure you go to F street, opposite Patent Office. mh 4 w PERSONAL. PERSONAL?A young man of wealth and re spectability wishe.- to become acquainted with a pretty and accomplished young lady, not over ao years, with a future view to matrimony. Ad dress, with carte de visUe, FRANK MORTON*. jy 1-lt* Washington, D. C. IF MR. MAY. SUTLER, dof uot call for his Wagon within thirty days after date it will be sold at auction to the highest bidder. je 30-yl ' W. II. A J.SNYPKR. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS iV^=?THK UNION LEAGUE, of Georgetown J3 w ill assemble at the Custcm-House 011 the FTurth of July, at 9 o'clock a. m., where the De c!aratio:s of independence will be read. All cOi vens and strangers in the town are cordially in vited to attend. Addresses will be delivered, and a band of music w ill he in attendance. iy l-2i' NOTICE ? LICE\SES.~ All liceii.-fes due the corporation ot Georgetown on the 1st oiTuIf ne:;t, must be paid v ithin tea days of that date, otherwise they will be (?Irictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. je 21-eotJylO WM. LAIP.D, Clerk. EORG ETO W N CORPORATION STOCK. Jl Those persous who raay l>? disnost d to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an interest of f-ix per cent, per annum, p&yablo quarterly, can obtain some by Applying to WM. LAIRD. Clerk of said Corporation. je Z>-dtlaa G1E0RGET0WN TAXES?An abatement of six I j>er cent, will be allowed on the general taxfor the current year, if paid on or before the first day of Juiy nest. CHAS. D. WELCH, JeaMit* OoUector. S "lUVERFOOL FINE AND GROUND ALUM, TURK'S ISLAND. SAINT CBES, ROOK. SALT, for horses and cattle. For slie by I. THOB. DAYIS. Wholesale Dealer in Salt, J - g-lm* No. 63 Water street, Georgetown. T OWING PROMPTLY ATTMNDBD TO, bytbo _ Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac." "Gov. Onrtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains oa board, or to " JOHN B. DAVIDSON, tar 13* Water rtreat, Georgetown. Hc gwr?f Hot^iniZ1 h.*V?-on#of th- . A'a DAI' ^ledelphi, f?lh|6oit> ?? bZZZliti in?*t ' rri H T 6 T lfS T 8!~ TITS T b ?3? llth *n* Mdirt AUCTION SALES. >?f other AtctUa ??!*? w? Hrtt y*f. THIS AfTlKWQoillWPtO'WOKROW pv 4. O. MeGVIRZ 4 CO., Auetioaeers. *?????-T2?Y..8a1'K OP BRICK HOUSK AND UT" (fefBlPAt AFTERNOON, Julr3. *t P^o'cl"!;, on th<-rr?nijv>R we shalt ael! pmrt of Lot No. 2. in Square No. S23, fronting 17 feet H inch on north C 'twt, between ntli and ltnh ?tre*u west and im proved by a Uree utory brick dwelling heuse. < No. containing eight nice rooms, with i>a?*a"e and loaches back ana frout. Terms; One half rash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months, with interest, secured b> a deed of trlut on the premises. ?y Immediate possession given. Cost of conveyancing and stain pi to be paid by tbe purchaser if g'-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. gi' J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Anctioueers. LARGE DWELLING HOUSEON L3TH STREET, BETWEEN E AND F STREET?, AT PUBLIC AUCTION. WITHOUT RESERVE. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July l.stfiv: o'clock, on the premise?, we shall sell the south house of the row of four-story and basement brick houses sisuatcd on the east side of 13th street, between E and F streets north. The house is large, contain ing some thirteen rooms, with water and gas on the premises. Teems: One half cash, the remainder in six and twelve monttis, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Title indisputable. je 87- J AS. C. MrG DIRE Ac CO.. Aucts. jgY JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELFTH STRKKT WKST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July l?t, at 6ii o'clock, on the premises, we aliall sell the whole of Square No. 336, (on the Ialand.) subdivided into good Building Lots, fronting respectively on 11th and 12th street* west and Maryland avenue, all running back to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building sites in that section of the city, and the sale is worthy the attention of person* who wish tine building sites. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder In six ?nd twelve months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the cost of the purchaser. A payment of $20 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. je 23 d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. J)V JAMES C. McGUIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. GREAT SALE OF ELEGIANT OIL PAINTINGS. On THURSDAY and FRIDAY EVKNINGS. June 30th and July 1st. commencing at 7}i o'clock, we shall sell a splendid collection of oil paintings, which have been selected with great care, ami on the most favorable occasions, in France and Ger many, during the past year, and imported from Europe the present senson hy Mr. L. A. Tolman. comprising valuable original pictures by eminent living artists, and fine copies ot" some of the most celebrated Pictures by old masters. Among the subjects may be found group' and figures. Historic subjects. Conversational pieces, Architectural and street views in various European cities, Cattle pieces, (including a splendid copy of Rosa Ronheur's picture in the Luxembourg gil lery,) Marine Views Game, Fruit, and Flower pieces. Landscapes, Ac., with a great variety of size and style, subject, and finish, th? whole form ing by far the finest collection of oil paintings ever exhibited in this city The paintings will be on exhibition. with cata logues, from Tuesday morning until the time of sale. Ladies and gentlemen are respectful! > invited to call and examine them. je 2S td JA.MES C. McGUTRE A CO.. Auct?. B Y GREEN & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Cor. 7th and D sts., No. 520. HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE.REFRIGERAT'>RS, ir? Ac. On SATURDAY, the 2d day of July, at Oo'clock a. in., we h'uaii sell, aioui Auction Rooms: Walnut Tete-a tete Sofas, Hair r-'tutV Chairs, Gilt fiame Mirror, S'ven Citt?ee Sets, Mattresses, F<*ath?T Pillows, Bolsters, Wardrobes, Extension Tables, Cane-seat Chairs, ten Refrigerators of different sizes,Three ply. Ingrain Carpets, Hall Oilcloth, Stoves, Grates, Toilet Sets'. Crockery, and many other articles, too numerous to enumerate. Also ten eases of Navy Tobacco, to be sold with out re-em*. ie SO d GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auc.ts. ?JY W. I:. LEWI? A CO , Auctioneers. FURNITURE,CARPETS. FEATHER BEDS, Ac., AT AUCTIOU. On8ATURDAY. July 2, at 10 o'clock, ai Store No. 307 Pennsylvania avenua. BOOKS! BOOKS'! Also, will be sold a collection of Standard Ranks, belonging to a private gentleman, among which ar-'? A complete set of Cooper's Novels. 33 volumes. Set of Waverly Novels.12 volumes. Set of Harper's Monthly, 12 volumes. Franklin's Works, Hume's Euulaud, Gibbous Rome. Standard. 8 vo. Poets, as Bhakspeare, Byron, Moores. Barns, Scotts, Ac. je 30-21. W. B. LEWI3A CO., Aucts. (GOVERNMENT SALE OF CONDEMNED 1 STORES. I shall sell at tho Navy Yard, in this citv, on SATURDAY NEXT, July2d, at U'o'clock, thefol ^owing articles : Aboutl,m?) poundsall wool Cartridge Clippings, About r-0 empty Carboys for acid. Terms cash in Government funds. By order of S. P. BROWN, Navy Agent, je 29-td It. P. PAGE. Auctioneer. |^V J. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF GREEN HOUSE PLANTS. On SATURDAY MORNING. July 2d, at 10 o'clock, by order of the honorable Oiphfins' Court of the District of Columbia. 1 nliall sell, on S'lUare No. 91. near Boundary street, between 2l?tti and 21st street-, in the city of Wasbiujiton. D. C.. a Quanti ty ofthe finest Plants suppose.1 to be in the United States, consisting of Japoiiicas and Cape Jessa mines. Terms ca^h. Delivery made immediately after the-sale. WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Adminis. .'stor of John Douglas, deceased je29-d JAS.C. McGUIRE A Co.. Aucts. B WM. L. WALL A CO., Anwt.g At the Horse Bazaar, 99 La. avenue. SALE OF HORSES. CARRIAGES, H A RNESB, Ac. On SATURDAY MORNING, Julv 2. com mencing at 10 o'clock, we will sell at the Rizaar 9^ Louisiana avenue, between !*th ami l'Kli -treets, comprising about? _ I IFTY HORSES, Incluaing 1 Rtivsnd 1 Sorrel norse, suitable fur Harness or th n saddle., Other Horses, a description at sale. ALSO, Previous to tli" sale of horses we will seil ? A large assortment of desirable new and seconl hand Carriages, Wagons, Harness, Ac. Terms cash. je <!i W. L WALL A CO., Aucts. BY WM L WALL A CO., Auctioneers. South corner Peim'a avenue and 3th st. pa wynnoKER'S sale. M. K. WALSH A CO.'S LARGE SALE OF OVER 1 -~>0O LOTS 01' UNREDEEMED PLEDGES OF SPRING AND SUMMER CLOTHING, GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES, .TEWELRY. A?. On SATURDAY MORNING, the 2d day of July, comirenciug'at o'cloc k, we will sell a very large assortment of spring aud summer clothing, con sistiiii.- in part, of? Business Sack. Frock, and Dress Goat?. Parts. Vests. Underclothing and Shiri-s. Ladies Silk. Delaine, Calico Dresne?, Skirts and Dre?s Piitterns, Stella. Crape, Woolen aud other Shawls fa nd Uu dcrclothinsr, Velvet, Oloth, Sill; aud Laco Cloaks. Quilts. Blankets, Counterpanes, Sheets, Pillow Cssesand Towels, A large assortment of? Gold, Silver and Plated Watches. Gold aud Silver Vest Guard, aud Chatelane Chains, Diamond, Plain Gold aud Set Rings. Breastpins Locketa. Gold and Silver Pens. Pencils, Ac. Single and Double Barrel Guns, Revolvers, and Dirk Knives, Violins* Guitars, Banjos, Drums, Flutes anl Claroinets. Stereotype Views, and a thousand other useful nicies not enumerated, which must be isold with ut reserve to close the business. W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. N. B.?We would respectfully call the attention of persons having goods deposited with us to come !in 1 redeem them within 30 days from the date of this advertisement, or they will be forfeited. Je25 M. K. WALSH A CO.. Pawnbrokers. VETERINARY SURGEON.?Pr. J. B. McKA Y ? Member of the Royal V. S. College, JBV-_ Edinburg. All diseases of the horse treat- *| ,P ed in the most scientific manner. Town'*'* and country practice attended to. Charges mod erate. Office at J. C. HOWARD S. G street, be tween 6th and 7th. je a>-2w* CLABIIIED 0LABmro 0IpBB M I have Just received per schooner* "George 8. Adams-'and "J W.,"from Boston a large supply of Pure Massachusetts CLARIFIED OI DIB, which I off*r for pale at the lowest market price, la quan tities to suit purchasers. ? ^ , Hotel kvepars, sutlers and all others In want of a prime artiele of Cider are invited to oall and ex ami.e thU before purc^ng eUewbe^.NK^ Union Bcttl-ing Depot, #T Green sc., Georgetown. P.O. TTlDWltLl. A HENDERSON, ? ~ IV No. 367 D Strkft.hfab Ninth. Respectfully inform their friends and the public generally tiat they have now in store a well se lected assortment of , WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES, which they are prepared to eell at the lowest cash prices. Work done at short cot;co in the sity or country by experienced workmen. Remember the place, So. 367 D s.reet,near 9th, Eraaklin Ball Building. *p?~tf 1~BE PUBLIC ABE HEREBY INPOKMED that the UNION HOTEL, George-M ?. . A town, D. O.. has recently changed bauds, and iati<'Wopon to the traveling coramu nitf, hotel has been refurnished wit^e? treine care and .Persons who are obMfced to remain in the city duriu thb summer months will find the rooms large, &i?j- a?d t^nifortaWe. The tJaiofi Hvt#l I# oo-y 30 Tide in lhs frc m the B*H?taort and Ohio JUicoftd Depot Board >2 p?r day, OYAL PICTURE FRAMED, gg A beautiful assorhaaat of 0-?It aad Dark Oral Pio??r?; fee ^VJWte Praaaa, tocttrv' 'itjJL'i AI /iU' AUCTION SALES. FITURK liin. B ? JAMES C McGUIRE A CO , Auctioneers. NUMBpR n* FIN* RTTlLPTNO lots just of THV.O \PITOL AT PUBLIC 8ALH. On SATU KUAY AFTERNOON, July 1. M ??( o'eiutk, on the preiaite#, commfnctu with '.k? firs'. n?m"d, ire stmll s>>il in SOU A KB NO. 7*. Lots No. TD. IS, 14. IS, and 10, fronting on North A *-t*ee: and rh street east, at the corner of tfcM* street-. SQUARE NO. 1.0?. Lots No. 4.5, and 7, fronting on Kentucky aui South Carolina avenue* and 14th street *ast. SQUARE SOUTH OF SQUARi NO. 1,83*. LotNo.l. SQfJARB NO. 1.0*3. Lois No. 5. fi, 7. ft. f. 1", and 11, on South D straet, between Kentucky nvenut and lith street east. ALL OF SQUARE SOUTH OF gyUARR NO. 1.**. Tsiftna One third in eaab, the remainder in sic and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trret on the premises. Conveyances at Mi? cost of the pure.liaseri. )e?> d J AS. C. McGt'lBKA CO., Aact 0. |?Y J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. TWO HANDSOMB DWELLING HOUSE* AK? LOTS ON NORTH K sTREF.T, BKTWKKN 9TH. AND 1 TU STREETS WEST, AT i'lfiMC AUG TlON. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. J?N 11th. at 5S o'clock, on the premise*, we shall sell two han<l some Brick Residences. No*. 4j4 and 4.W E street, between 6th and 7th streets west. The house* at* we 1 built, with large and pleasant rooms, and are supplied with all the modern impro\emi>iit<. T?nn?: one-third cash, the remainder in bit and twelve months, with interest, secured by .a deed <j4 trust on the premises. Title indisputable. Conveyances aud revenue -.tamps at the cost of the purcnaser jo:Vd JAMES C. McGUTRB A CO., Asota. B V GREEN A WILLIAMS Auctioneer". THREE VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS ON NORTH B STREET, CAPITOL HILL, AT AUC TION. T On TUESDAY the 5th day of July next, we shall Bell, in front of the premise?. at6 o'clock p. iu ., the following-named Building Lots, Til : Lota 2?>, 21 nud 22, in Square No.647. These hand some building lotB front ."2 feet each on north B street, betweeu Delaware avenue and l?t street east. Lot22 is h corner lot. and would make aline business stand: the other two lots run back to a widealley. All are beautifully situated, ?ni will be subdivided to suit purchasers. The sale will be well worthy the attention of persons wishing to obtain a handsome building site or make a rood investment. Terms: One-third cash: balance in 6 and 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day or ?ale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and revenue >tauip-. at the cost of the purchaser. One hundred dollars will be required, paid dowa when the property is knocked off, of each purcha ser; and, it not complied will be put Up aeain and sold to the next highest bidder. je iOd GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct* JJY J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers ELEGANT ROSEWOOD TASK "STETNWW'' I'lANO FORTE. FURNIT1 RE AND HOUSE HOLD EFFECTS AT PI BLIC AUCTION. On TUBSI)AY MORNINO, J uiy 3th, at 10o clock. &t the residence of Hon. L. K. Chittenden, 11th street, between L and M streets, we shall sell hi* Furniture nnd Effects, con prising? Elegant Rosewood Case Piano, b* "Steinwav A. Son, in perfect order, and hut little used, Cover and Stool Damask and Lace Curtains, (lilt Frame Mirror* Marble-top snd Fan>'y Tfthles, Whatnot, Cane, Rush and Wood-seat Clittiis, Lounge, Brussels Pnrlor. llall and Stair Carpet-,Oilcloth. Rugs Bronze Clock, Mantel Ornaments. Walnut Mar blo-top Sideboard, Extension Table. Oak Din'n Chairs. China, Glass and Crockery Ware. Silver plate<l Castors. Table Cutlery, Mahogany iYeacli Bedstead. Marble-top Bureau, Wa^hstands Oak Cottage Suite. Parlor Sets, Hair ani H<:sk Mattres?es, Bolsters aud Pillows, Cottage Bed steads, Bureaus and Wasb^tands, Cookin* aul Heating Stoves. Refrigerator, together with a general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Terms cash. je23 J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Au^t*. B Y W. L. WALL &. CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROVED PROPERTY ON PENN SYLVANIA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT On'*WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, J|W!i in.tant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises. Lot No. ?, subdivision of Square 27, fronting 34 feet on the.south side of Penn. avenue and run ning back to K street, between 2tth and 2ith its., near the Circle, and improved by a two-story aud basement Brick Dwelling, furnished with gas and water, and in good repair. Possession given im ? mediately. Terms- One half m cash; the remainder in a and 12 months, securcd by deed of trust on the premises and bearing interest, je 23-d W. L. WALL A CO., Auett. (CTTIIF. ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED TJ TUESDAY, 5tli July, at 6 o'clock. ie.W W. L. WALL A CO . Aucts. B Y UREBN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. GUARDIAN'S SALE OF VALUABLE BUILD ING LOT ON NORTH I. BETWEEN 1ITH AND 15TH STREETS WEST, AT AUCTION. On MONDAY, the 11th day of July next, UM, I shall sell, in front of th? premises, at 6 o clock p. m.. by virtue of a decree of the Orphans' Court dated the 12th day of Mar, 13J3, ratified and con tinned by the 8upreme Court of the District of Columbia on the 18th day of May, 1*63, the follow ing described handsome building lots, viz : Lot numbered four (4) in Square numbered two hundred and eighteen, (213.) it baring a front of 42 feet 7 inlbea on north I. betaeen 14th and 15th streets west, running back with a side alley to a 30 ftet alley 142feet 7 inches. Terms : One half cash; balance iu six inontaB, the purcha??r to give note for the deferred pay ment. bearing interest from tfce day of rale, ani secured to the satisfaction of the Guardian. All conveyancing, including revenue stamps, at the cost of the purchaser Ore hundred dollars will be required paid dow? when the property is knocked off. and If the whol* terms are not complied with in five days after sale, the Guardian reserves the richt to resell the prop erty at the risk and cost of the defaulting pur chaser by advervising such resale in the National Intelligencer three times. T itl? pprffct Mrs. ELT'/A ANN DRANE. Guardian. jeK-sodids GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aacts. B Y J. C. HcGUIKl A CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEE'S BALE OF BUILDING LOT ON VERMONT AVENUE, BftTWKEN Q AND R STREETS NORTH. By virtue of a deed of trust from Tko. Rice, dated June 10th, 1363, and duly recorded in Liber N. C. T., No.7, folios 108 et seq. oneof the land records for Washington counts, D. C., I shall nell, on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. July 7tb, at 6< o'clock, on the premises. Lot A. in J. T Lenman'* subdivision of Lot], in Square No. 277, fronting lit ftet 11 ine.hes on Veriuout avenue, between Q and R streets north, aud running back 111 fe?t 8S inches. Terms: Ore-half cash; the remainder in C month*, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on ta? premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchafer. HILLARY C SCALDING, Trustee, e 18-eoAds J. O. MoGCI&B A CO.. Aactl. J^Y THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. TRUSTER'S SALE. By authority of a deed of trust, dated the 9th February. 1S.7T. and recorded in Liber J . A. 8., No. 2dl, folio 2L-4. from John Ellis and another, to se cure a debt due to Sain T Cropley, aud by his direct tiou . I shall sell at MONDAY,let August next, at5 o'clock in the afternoon, on tl.e prem ises. the piece or parc?l of ground in Georgetown, being parts of Lots No.74 and 75 in the old'town. frontini? on the north side of Water street, and beginning at a point 126 feet Uj inches westerlr from the corner of High and Water streets. an<t running from said beginning with Water street westerly 25 feet, thence north-to a 3' f'-et alley, thence east with said alley 2> feet, thence seuth t*> the place of beginning, with the house thereon. Terms: one-third of the purchase money in cash, and the residue at six and twelve months?notes, with surety, bearing interest?and a Len on the premises until paid, and when paid the prcperty to be conveyed to the purchaser: and unless the terms are complied with wiihin live days from th* sale, a re-sale will be made, alter a week's notice in the Evening Star, at the efflt and riak ol the defaulting purchaser. Deeds, stamps, Ac., a. U'^nrRr|^N "rruV"^ .ie 2^-3t A d < 7I10S. DQWl^ING. Aact. JJY J. 0. McGUIB* A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S 8ALBOFLOT ON P STRKET, R|. TW EKN 14Til AND l.VTIl STRUTS WEST. On TLESDAl AFTESNOON, July ?a. 13K4, at C o'c'ook, at tbe Auction Rooms of I. C. McGnire k. Co., by virtae of a deed oftrnst from ChaMee B Rjerson. dated June 23th. 1868, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 9, folios 1:<4, et. seq . one of the Land/Records for Washington county, D. O., wa shall sell, the west half of Lot No. 8. in Drary'a Bub-di?iision of Square No. 209. frontier 2t H feet on north P street, between ljth aud 15th street* west, and runuing back WW feet to a lo-foot alley. Terms cash. Conveyances and stamps at the costoftae par chaser. WM. 11. WABD.I Tr,,i^, J AS. Y. DAVIS.* Tr" le 10 3awAds J.C. McGUIRE A CO . Aucta. CALL OF CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTERS* k? HTORP.S. Chief Quar^rrtiasUi^ OJfiu, Depo:<\( Wtu\in{lon.t .... , Washinteton, Junt Za, 1064. ( Willie sold at Public Auction at Gover?*e*t n.arehouse. No. New York avenue, betweea Eighteenth and Nineteenth streets, in the city M Washington. D. C., on W KDNESDA\ . Jnjy 6.1S(m . a lot of Quartermasters' 8toreK. condemned m m? fit lor issue, vlz 8pades. Handcuffs, Lanterns. OfSce Chairs, Grindstones, Stoves, Stove-pipe, Brooms. Coal-Lpd? _ less-pans, Buck? ts, Scrar Sheet Iron. And a large lot of Carpenter f Tools. Sale to commence at lie clock a. in. Successful bidders wB' be required to reaisv* the articles within (ireiiidays from date ofdaie. Terms cabh, iaGovrfrniaent funds. D. H. RUCKBB, Brigadier Gt?eral, Chief Qnartermaater. Je 2S td Depot of Waahis>gt?. ^ALEOF CONDEMNED aoIisBi AND M0LB8. ai, WIU be soli public Mscrtio*. ?* w rswili. near the Observatory. !b ths city ?f Washiacwa e?-ed*?Mid aa aaOt f#r Mhlie aorviee

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