Newspaper of Evening Star, July 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 2, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. AMUSEMENTS TO-NIOHT. Fonn'll Theater.?The military romance ??The Three Guardsmen," has met with an immense success here, and consequently it will be repeated to-night. Miss Susan Denin will *?ing in fine Myln the sou* ?' Whack-row-de dow." Monday night will close the present season at Ford's, and during the hot months ensuing, there will be a cessation of perform ances. (Jeovke's Thbat*e.?This is the lau night of -the equestrian drama of "Dick Turpiii," wherein Miss Kate Vance appears as the high woymsn, and her trained horse D>n Juan, a3 ? 'Bcnuie Bess." These entertainments have proven immensely popular, aid the maiitge mint would do well to continue them. Cawtbkrcry.?At this ever popular hall a -varied bill is afforded, but th? main thin-; is the new local drama, "Beau Sickmau; or, "the .Bushwhackers of the Potomac," which is per formed in a style to comm-ud the a.lmiratiou of all in attendance. SAHF0RT) BTR0rrK are still at Odd Fellows' Hall, and we would certainly aavise till who -would laugh and grow fat to visit them, for a more amusing performance was never given in this city. The bill announced for to-night is a splendid one. Fair.?The delightful fair and festival at island Hall, by 'he ladies of Grace Church, is about closinir. and we advise all to visit it and enjoy a pleasant hour in the company ot the agreeable assemblage gathered there nightly. 'The display of articles is superb, and the re freshments in particular, cannot be excelled. Pi'blic Sckcol Examtwatiows.?The ex amination ot the public schools was continued yesterday, as folljws: Secondary No. I. (resale,) taught at the cor 2?rof llth street and New York avenue by Miss Fannie Hoover, was examined by Mr. "Wilson. Miss Hoover has sixty scholars, all of whom were present yesterday, and the rolls *how that they have been very punctual throughout the whole year, which will account for the creditable examination through which they passed. This school has lost many of its frestscholars by transfers, twenty.three having been transferred during the past year. There are others sufficiently advanced to be trans ferred. and Miss H. has some ten or twelve applications for admission. Miss Hoover has made a speciality of her reading classes, (three in number,) and her first class in eeadlng can not be surpassed by any secondary school in the city. The second class was examined in spelling before the first class, and they ac quitted themselves tolerably well; while many answered with promptness, others lagged, but this appeared to be from bashfulness. The first class was examined next, and Mr. Wilson put this class to a close examination, testing it by some of the most difficult words to be found iu the text book, and the answers were inmost cases satisfactory. In cyphering on the black board the first and second classes showed that thetr instructress had not been unmindful of ! this important branch of education; but the third class, which was examined In mental ! arithmetic, are only new beginners, and they seemed somewhat confused. There are two ! editions of the arithmetic in which these ! scholars are instructed, and either the old or ' r.ew should be ruled out by the trustees, for in looking for lesson eighteen it is to be found on page22 in one edition, and in the other on page oG. Thi*. as may be readily supposed, works disadvanNigeouBly. This arithmetic is known . as "Colburn's First Lessons." When the hcur arrived for examining the ' glasses in geography, it was found to be so late : that Miss Hoover suggested to Mr. Wilson to emit that portion of the exercises, but Mr. W. remarked that perhaps the scholars were de- ; flcient in mis ttudy, and for that reason he j could not comply with the request. Mr. W. ' examined the three classes together, and ex pressed his surprise at the progress they had ! made. He examined the scholars thoroughly in this branch, using several large maps which ! bung upon the wall; and upon the conclusion f"* "^cise, Mr. W. informed the scholars that he was pejfectly satisfied with the results In all the other branches tanght the pupils showed excellent progress. Miss Hoover isan educated and experienced teacher, and devotes her whole time and energy to the welfare of those who are entrusted to her care. The order during the examination was good. This school is held in the ground floor room ! of a brick building on the northwest corner of 14th 6treet and New York avenue. It would do very well for a small school, but Miss Hoover has so many scholars that there Is hardly room to turn around in the room when they are all present. The desks are arranged -very badly, fronting towards the street, along which the street cars pass, and the attention of the children is thus attracted from their -books. We think it would be advisable to re Terse these desks. Srcnvd District.?The Female Intermediate School, in charge of Miss Emily Billing, was examined yesterday afternoon by Messrs Mil ler and Wight, in the presence of Mrs. Myers, Mids Thomas, and several other teachers and friends of the pupils. The classes, three in number, were examined pretty thoroughly in arithmetic, geography, history, Ac.. exhibiting in some ol the studies great proficiency. The neatness and accuracy of the dictation exer c?ee was particularly noticeable, and the read ing in concert was excellent. This school is taught in the second story back room of the old Medical College, 10th and E street*, and for the greater portion of last year was full to overflowing?indeed until very recently quite a number have been waiting admission?but at present numbers -15 scholars, all of whem, with the exception of two, who were sick, were present. Some good scholars have left during the past month?their parents seeing proper to take them away just prior to the examination, when they should have been ?Allowed to remain, to do credit to themselves, as well as to the teacher and the school. The examination took place In the school rcom of Miss Boggs', adjoining Miss Billing's, which was handsomely decorated with mottoes, flags, evergreens, Ac. The singing of the school was remarkably tine, indeed this is looked upon as the banner school ol the intermediate grade, as regards singing, aiid th#scholars passed a fine exami nation in the elements of music. Several music pieces were sung with good effect in chorus, and "The Mountaineers Fare well" (quartette,) by Ida King, Isabella Hall, i lorence * rench. aiu Addle Kandall, was well rendered, the solos ?? Bright Eyed Little Nell," by little Emma Hvatt, and "The Flag of the Thirty-four stars'" by Addie Randall, was also, excellently sung. Theorder of the school was exceedingly good. Miss Billings has been teaching several years and her scholars show that her endeav ors to lead them in the way of knowledge are not in vain. The general appearance of the school was creditable and the examination throughout was a suooess. At the conclusion, Mr. Wight, who had con ducted the examinatioa principally, (Mr. Mil ler being indisposed,) congratulated the schol ars on the results of their studies during the year. Third Dittrict.?The Male Grammar School, Mr. W. W. McCathran teacher, was examined by Messrs. Welsh and Hitz, of the Board of Trustees, and by Mr. Z. Richards, in the pres ence of a number of pupils of the Female Oram mar School, and of teachers of the schools in the District. The examination was a very excellent one, and showed that Mr. McCathran had faithfully done his duty and endeavored to impart the best instruction to his pupils. There are 31 boys on the roll of this school, and of the 30 present all acquitted themselves exceedingly well. In reading, the enunciation was such that each word could be heard all over the room, and the voice appeared to be perfectly instructed as to modulation, Ac. The mental arithmetic, grammar, analysis, and written arithmetic classes also displayed great proficiency, and it wis evident throughout that while Mr. McCathran had some sluggish minds, yet he endeavored to imbue all with a desire for knowledge, and his z-!al in teaching -was well rewarded by the evidences of im provement on the part of his pupils. At the close of the examination It was announced that George Lasky, Michael Tuoly aad Geo. Felger wore selected from this school as the contestants for the scholarship in Columbia <Joilege. Fourth District ?Primary No 2, (male,) Mi?3 Seville Davis teacher, was examined on Thurs day by Mr. Ellis, trustee. This school is held on the ground floor of the 6th street Presby terian Church, and was last year on a common lioor with the female primary school taught by Miss Josephine A Lee. It is now divided from that school by a partition, and this while affording more seclusion for the schools has a back In the way of deficient ventilation, otherwise the room u not badly adapted lor school purposes. Of the 60 on the roll of this school 59 were present; oae being absent for sickness Mr Oassei, (for a long time an efficient trustee' himself in this district) was present, as was also many parents and friends of the pupils The examination showed very satisfactory progress on the part of the pupu?, and the froveroment of the school was noted as credi. table lo Miss Davis. Some 40 pupils were at the commencement of the year transferred from her school to the secondary school, lea vine it pretty much an A, B, C, school, yet she has now some 3?i more pupils fully competent, in the opinion of the trustees to be transferred to the secondary schools, leaving a large opening Jor the admif-sion ot primary scholars This lact tells well for the teacher Secendary No 1, (mixed) Miss Annie U. Adams, teacher, was examined by Mr. Mar tsgb on Tbursdar. The school is held In one of the "shed structures, ? for which the city is lamons in the way of school buildings, bat through an abundance of doors and windows opening opposite each other, has at least the ad vant&zes of tolerable light and ventilation. The appearance of the school room and of the pupil# was creditable to the teacher. This school, from various causes, held a position in ite grade rather under thi average of last year, bat has very considerably improved witnin 1 Wcondary No. 2 (female), Miss Mary Ann Lee wecber, was examined yesterday pysnr. Jobn E. Thompson, in the absence of tne ex amining trustee, Mr. Holmead. who is still suffering from severe indisposition. w<e :r?*r to ?ay. The school room prrsent^d a^v y pleading appearance, heantifnlly tnmm. it was with evergreen?, and decorated w srsas? saw jss I'rffhjt.rian Cb?rcb; .? 0? i( ^ we S5S?Sif "? cheerfol, animated am^arMce of the pupils may be traced to th ncreeable nature cf their surroundings The nn^drawback to the situation is its contiguity ?o a business street, along which there s a con. tinual clatter of vehicles. Of 49 pupils on the roll 46 were present, 1 being sick. A? with the nrevious examinations in the Fourth District, there was a large attendance of parents and other visiters. Miss Lee insists upon two things at her ^ xaminations?first, that the pa rents of the pnpils shall be present; and sec ond, that the examination Bhall cover sufficient time and be pushed with sufficient earnestness to do full justice to all the classes and all the pupils. The examination yesterday was for some five hours, and being conducted by one of the most thorough practical examiners in the District, the test was sufficiently severe, we should imagine, to satisfy even Miss Lee. While the answers were almost uniformly correct, the classes in mental arithmetic are especially deserving of notice for the clearness and readiness with which solutions to difficult problems were given. The class In dictation was also noticeably good. The vocal music exercises were also superior, and one piece especially, n solo?"I love the trees, the brooks and llowers,"?was delightfully sung by Miss Mary Taite. Mr. Thompson and others present gave tne school and teacher warm commendation at the close of the exercises. Secondary No. 3, (mixed,) Mrs. Mary E. Mar tin teacher! was examined yesterday hy Mr. Ellis Of the 54 scholars on the roll 53 were 8resent, one being absent through sickness Irs. Martin we consider one of the very be6t teachers we have, and herschool certainly has no superior of its gride In the city. In nume ration and arithmetical exercises the proficien cy of the pnpils was especially marked. This school-room (on 4* street, between M and N south,) iB also of Washington's choicest shed Bcbool-honse architecture, but is kept so bright and clean by Mrs. Martin that |it passes mus ter for much more than its intrinsic value. "When, however, 40 or 50 visitors, as yesterday, are added to the occupants of the room its mis erable cramped proportions are pretty well demonstrated. ' The singing by the children was exceedingly rood, especially some songs by Master J. Wt?it raore. A recitation by Wm. Hall, Lizzie Beau and Charles Crump was given with much spirit also. Mr. Ellis, in concluding the examination, complimented the school and teacher in warm terms as being always up to the mark, and every year showing fresh progress. Mr Cassell said it gave him great pleasure to endorse all that had been said in favor of the school. _ Center Market To-day.?Beef, best cuts, per pound, 30c.; next, 208S5C. Salt Beet, 15c. Dried Beef, I8a25c. Veal, 15a20c. Mutton, best chops, 'J0a25c. Lamb, per quarter, 81 50a !??_'. Pork, fresh, 18a20c. Pork, corned, 15c. Bacon, hams, uncut. 22c.; sliced, 3(>c.; breasts, ifra'JOc.; shoulders, l'2alfic.; joles, lOal'Jc. Lard, 18a20c. Venison, 30c. Butter 30a40c. Chickens, per pair, Sia82. Ducks, per pair, 75c. Eggs, per dozen, 4Gc. Tomatoes, 25a50c. Cymbuns, 30c Cucumbers, 30c. Apples, new, per peck, $1; dried, S0c.a$l. Potatoes, Irish, per peck. 40a50c; new, 81. Green Peas, 40a50c. Spin nacta. 40c. String Beans, per peck, 30a!0c. Peaches, dried, per quart, 25c. Hominy, 10c. Cherries, new, 5a25c.; dried, 25c. Currant.-, 12c. Raspberries, 30c. Blackberries, 15a20c. Gooseberries, 10c. Beans, butter, 25c.; white, l(!a12c. Rhubarb, bunch, 8c. Asparagus, 12c. Beets, Sc. Raddishes, 5al0c. Onions, 5c. Cabbage, per head, 15a20c. Lettuce, per head, 3al0c. Fish?Rock, large,each, S2.50a?3; small, per bunch, 50a80c.; halibut, per pound, 20c.: sea bass, 15c.; blue nsh, 15c.; lobster, 12c.stur geon, 15c : pike, per bunch, 50c.aSM; perch, 50c.: jive, per bushel, Sl.70afl.75. Cornmeal, 05a<0c. Shipstuff, l. Brown Stuff, 60c. Shorts, 50c. Corn, shelled, 60aT0c.; in the ear, per bar Tel, 89aS10. Oats, per bushel, 90c.a5l.2G. Hay, per cwt., fl.25ag2. Straw, $1.50a|2. Clover Hay, gl.50a$l.?5. ^ Chief Enoihbeb or the Fibb Depart ment.?The Washington Fire Department (volunteer} at their last meeting elected John T. Channcey, of the Metropolitan Hook and Ladder Company, Chief Engineer of the De partment. There is some question, however, whether the office is now necessary, in view of the fact that the Steam Fire Department is ex pected to go into operation within a few months. The firemen contend, however, that they are an organization until the Steam De partment is fully organized, and they will likely remain In service until snch time. Fourth Ward Station Oases.?Washing ton Johnson, vagrancy; dismissed. John A. Kowls, drank; do. Chris. Lewis, suspicious character; held for hearing. Micluurt Forley, Larry Crowley, John Crowley and Wm. Bell, cleeDine in a wagon: dismissed. Jno. Conner, fugitive from mstice: delivered by bis bail to the V. S. Marshal. Mary Docket, sleeping In the street; dismissed. FiRtT Wart> Station Casbs?John Holmes, grand larceny; two cases; and Rich ard Arrber, receiving stolen goods: bail for conrt. Loretto Smith, assault and battery: do. John Henry, drunk and disorderly military. Jas Nichols drunk; dismissed. Wm. Rayless, violating market mles: g5.60. The Commissioners of the Paid Fire De partment, at a meeting held last night, located their several engine houses. First district, Union Engine House; second district, Frank lin Engine House; third district. Metropolitan Hook and Ladder HouBe; fourth district, Co lumbia Engine House. _ Third Ward Station Cases.?John Mark man, grand larceny; for trial. D. H. * ibbs, assault and battery; do. Wm. podge ant* Samuel Strother, vagrancy, locked up l hours. Drowned.?On Sunday last, John G-ibson, a colored barber, while bathing in Rock Creek, was taken with cramps and drowned. After a search of two hours his body was recovered. Grovrr'b Theater ?? Rookwood, or Dick Turpin the Highwayman," will be produced at this comfortable and fashionable theater to night, for the last time. This piece has en joyed a success rivaling that of the imposing "Mazeppa." Miss Kate Vance is a charmics yonng actress, and exceedingly popular, and the credit which she has gained in this city by her performances are jnstly due her. In ?'Rookwood" Don Jnan evinces even more intelligence as Bonnie Bcxs than he did as the Ukraine steed of the plains of Tartary. The performance will commence with the "Spectre Bridegroom." On Monday next "Mazeppa" will be re peated, and for the last time. This is truly an excellent bill, and will attract an unusually large audience. Those proposing to visit the theater on the night of the Fourth of J?ly should secure their seats in advance, whioh they may do without extra charge, by apply ing at the box office. SPECIAL" notices. ? Samstaq a*d thb Foubth of Jblt.?On this frnnd ' cession Mr. Samstag calls the attention of is friends and customers, that he will celebrate this day with a most excellent Free Lanch. All these in f&ror of this glorious Fourth of July, come and try ?amatag'>< lunch, and do not forget to try come of his old stock Ale, the best in the city. Lunch from l->a. m. until 2 p. m.,at Sam stab's Ale Vaults, corner ltrth street and Pennsyl vania avenue. ? ? It* ?' Jkwblry, Jkwklry. and Silver plate! Tea Fpoons, for only one dollar, at the Dollar Jewelry Store, 438 Pa. ave . near 4street. ?_ It* Diseases or thi Nbbvous, Sexixal, Urinabt and Sbxcal STSTKif^-new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?8ent by mail in sealed letter envelopes, free of charge. Address D. J. Bkillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 South Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa. Je 30 3m Ick Cbeam Iob Crbam I The undersigned begs leave to inform the publio that he has always on nand a fresh supply of the choicest flavors Iob Orbam, which he is prepared to supply to stores, sutlers, hotels, pic nics, parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms. Jog. So? ak"bi.d'b Steam Ice Ore am Manufactory, No. 386 *th at,bet. G and H. Wholesale and retail. Je 23-lm* A New Pekfvmb ro* thb Haxdkbrchibf. Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pfoftm's "Night Blooming Cereus." Phmim's "Night Blooming Oereas." FhaUm's "Night Blooming Oereus." PhaUm'i "Night Blooming Oereus." PiaJem's "Night Bleomiag Cereoi." A most exquisite, delicate aad frafraat perfume, diatlUed from the rare aad beaatmil flower from which It taken its name. Haimfaet?r?d only b? Phalob It So*. IT. T. sivasi or flomwwtj. Ask roa Piauw V^Tau bo Otbu. H lf-3m S(4A by draggurU gmerally, DIED, At Hyatt?ville, on the night of the 3'th alt.. MARY ELIZABETH, beloved wife of John B. Wlieeler, and daughter of Janies D. Ch'-Jal, ag*d 26 years. The funeral will ta^e place from h?r f*th?r's residence. 405 D street. tx?twe?-n Oth aud "h. thin (Saturday t aftern< on. ?t 4 o'clock, to whirh the friends of the family are invited. * On the 1st instant after a short illness at his residence corner of North Capitol and Rouniary streot, CHARLES UIILMAN, aged forty years The friends of the family are invited to attend the funeral from his late residence, on S*tur1?y evening, July 2d. at four o'clock. Jy |-2t* On the 1st of July, MORRIS DUNBAR, infant Son of Joseph and Susan Benjamin, a^ei t*o ir-f nths and sixteen days. Hisfuneral will take place on Saturday, th? 2d of July, at 4lJ o'clock. fiMm his parent's residence on New Je:sey avenue. between L and M stree's The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend. * On Saturdav, July 2d. 18*4. at 12,3ft a m . AUCE Vt ATSON, third danjfh'er of A .E. H and Eliza beth B . Johnson. a?-(l IB monthR and 8 days. The funeral will take place to morrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, to which the friends of the family are invited. * On the Sd instant, ANNA, beloved daughter of Honor* Baldwin, in the 10th year of her a^r. Her funeral will take place on ftnnday evening at 3 o'clock from her mother's residence, Louisi ana avenue, between 0th and 10th sts. * On Saturday, a m., July 2d. 1851. of Paralysis, ;n the 26th \t-ar of his age, CHARLES M . son of W. R. niid Henrietta Williams, lats of the City of New York. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral from 264 K street, on Suu day p. m;, 3d instant at 4,a' o'c'ock * [New York Oity papers please copy ] On the 2d inst.. THOMAS MCQUILLAN. native of the County Louth. Ireland, but for the last 17 years a resident of Washington, age ! 37 * ears His funeral will takf place from his residence, corner 20th and L streets, at 2}x o'clock. His friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend * In Georgetown. D. C..on the 2Sth nit., NELLIE WEBSTER, infant daughter of K. James and Jen nie G. Ward. aged 3 months and 12 days. ( Bait. San and Gazette copy ] * FOR BENT AND SALE. FOR KENT?A small frame HOUSE: containing 4 rooms. App ly on J3th street between N and O sts. [jy 2-2t*) J. CARROLL. RESTAURANT FOR RALE, corner ofrth and L streets. No 317. The Bar, Stock and Fix tures, and Lease for five years. Inquire on the premises. Jy2-3t* TO RENT. OFFICE OR DK8K ROOM?Half of a front Office, or Desk room may be had; is an eligible location on l*>th street. n??ar the Treasu ry? fin pt r month. Inquire at 4 <>9, E street, near (ith stree*.__ It* IT'OR RENT?By the month, a desirable well FURNISHED HOUSE to a married comtle without children. Good reference required The present occupants will reserve two rooms, and would wish to board with the family. Apply at No. 3?4 9th Ft., bet. I and K. jy 2-3t* FOR SALK^FoTTTBUILDING LOT37sTtuated on N street north, between 13th and 12th streets, in Sqnare 313. fronting 70 feet and running: hack i ?> feet, with a three-foot allev in the rear For far ther particulars inquire of KELEHER & P Y WELL, Columbia Livery Stables, on 8th street. between D and E sts. Jy2-3t* TW 0 L A ROE ROOM?"ON THE SECOND F LOO R for rent; furnished or unfurnished; in George town, on Bridge street. 17 5. jy 1 3t* I^URNISHED ROOMS-Just vacant. No. 4i>4 ir>th street, between New York avenue and H Mreet. jy l-3t? ROOMS TO RENT.?Three pleasant Rooms communicating, suitable for housekeeping, at 570 N "treet, between 6th and 7th. jv ]-3t* Furnished room^TorTrent" to gen~ti7 menonlyjina private house, centrally loca ted. References required. Apply at the Star Office. jyl-lw* FfOR RENT-Comfortably FURNISH F.D ROOMS, suitable for gentlemen, at. 4'?T K street north, between 3d and 4th streets. References ex changed. jy i 3t* IpOR SALE CHEAP?The halt interest of a . PHOTOGRAPH GALLERY in Washington, doing good business. Good reasons for selling out Apply immediately at 8.">(? Penn. av. jy 1 2t* IPOR RENT?Two handsomely furnished and JL verv desirable ROOMS, with Board, If de ired. Inquire at No. 3371* II street, between 6th and 7th streeta. jyl-3t* FOR- SALE?A BAKERY AND FIXTURES, Horse and Wagon included. For further par ticulars apply at No. 613,corner'th and D streets. Island. jy J 3t? F~~ OR LEASE fOR A TERM Of-YeXrS?The HOUSE and spacious LOT 6ituated on the cor ner of west 6th street and Louisiana avenue. No 37, The lot contains .5,427 feet. For conditions of lease apply on ihe premises. jy l-iw* TO RENT-A FURNISHED ROOM for two sin gle gentlemen. Apply at First Ward Bowling Saloon. II street, between 21st and 22d. je 3o-3t* O LET-FURN18HED ROOMS, without board. Apply at No. 279 F street, corner of 13th. 1e 30-lw* T"*WO VACANT FURNISHED ROOMS, with board, and several table boarders accommo dated. at 391 E street north, between 9tR and loth etreets. je ?-3t* A^UIET PRIVATE FAMILY Have \ pleasant FURNISHED PARLOR for rent, wi'h or with, ont board. House No. 114 Gay street, between Congress and High, Georgetown, D. C. J?30-3t* FOR SALE?a complete MINERAL WATER MANUFACTORY AND BOTTLING ESTAB LISHMENT, enjoying a good custom. This is a good chance for a man of some capital. Insuireat the Star Office. je 30 3t* FOR RENT?A new BRICK nOUSE. with five rooms, situated on the corner of 14th and Boundary streets north. The cars stops in front of the door, and runs from thence to all partB of the city. For terms apply next door, to WILLI A M MURPHY. je 3>-3t* HOUSES FOR SALE.?For sale, fonr new Frame HOUSES,6 rooms each, well finished; water and gas; fine location. Also, a Brick, with S rooms. All of which will be sold on the most accommo dating ttrms. Possession at once. Apply at No. 300, corner of 9th and M sts. _ Je31-3t* FOR SALE?The GOOD WILL and three years and a half LEASE of a Plumbing and Gas-fit tine Shop. Rent ?loo year. Location central. |5? cash will purchase the place. MITCHELL Sc SON, Real CUate Brokers, je ft) 5t* 8. E. corner Pa. a v. and 15th st. FOR 8ALE-A fine BRICK H0U8B in the First Ward, 20x128 feet, ten rooms. Will be sold for S6..V-o. A great bargain. . Terms : One-quarter cash, and balance in 6. 12, 18 and 21 months. MITCHELL & SON, Real Estate Brokers. Southeast corner Pa av. and 15th st. je30-3t [Chron., Rep. & Con.l * ITOR RENT-A RARE CHANCE-A new FRAME r BI ILDING, situated on 22d street, between G and H streets; there are two stores in front, fitted up with counters and shelving, suitable for a grocery or restaurant, or both. There is also a five room Dwelling attached; the building could also beused as a tavern. Inquire on the premisis, between Pand 1" o'clock in the morning. Je 3"* 3t* FOR SALE-A BRICK HOUSE and LOT, situa ted in the most healthy location, and a splen did view. Persons wishing to buy a good resilience would do well to call on E street north, between 2d and 3d streets, Capitol Hill, near Juenemann'g brew house. Possession given after one week. Inquire of J. HALIDAY, 515 11th street westl near Penna. ar. je 3('-lw* FOR SALE.?A ntat frame HOUSE of six rooms. No. 403 K street north, between 9th and loth streets west, (near Northern Liberty Market,) re paired throughout. Persons wishing a residence in a healthy and good neighborhood, good water, near to market, city cars and the public buildings will please call and see it. Possession given at time of purchase. Title indisputable. Inquire of J. F. KELLE Y, on 8th st., near I st. Je 30-lw* FOR SALE CHEAP-A FRAME HOUSE and LOT,on Ustreet, near 14th. House Just fin ished. A good location, and water convenient. Apply on the premises, to Je 29-4t* J. M. HILL. npiIREE FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT, ON * Eleventh street, between G and H, No 441. Firf-t-class boarding house next door. Je 2S-6t* BURNISHED ROOM8 FOR RENT.-To gentle A men only. 506 9th street, one door from Pa. avenue. je 22-tf. F^OR SALE?WITH IMMEDIATE POSSESSION. Ti1*e?thre.e 8tol"y BRICK HOUSE, (and Lot.) ho. 559. 9th street. Island, between D and E streets. It contains nine rooms, and is in all re J reiidmce aud property. Apply to W. D. WALLACH, Star Office. Je 23-tf ^OR SALE?A small brick HOUSE and good sized LOT, containing four rooms and sntnmer kitchen. 8ituated on 4th street, between N and O for particulars inquire at GIBBS' Hair Store, 242 Pa. av.. near 18th st. Je 17-lm gentlemen, two neatly famished CH AMBERS, Tn a Tery pleasant and healthy location, near the 8tate Department and Lafayette # vL* New Tork avenue, and forty yards east of the borne cars running from the Oapitol to Georgetown. Rent low. je 9-tf TO RBNT-An elegant HOUSE, with Vrown stene front, partially furnished, with all mod DiProI??ei,t*' centrally and pleasantly lo cated T No. 444 E street, near the residence of Sec* retary Chase, together with large brick stable. The premise* not to be rented for a boarding onSrSo F,_ P?t>cnlars inquire of Hon D. W. 80MK8 on the premises, or Capt. GEORGE ELY, Je8-tf ***? Possession given immediately, FOESALE-ICO acres OF LAND at Belti ville, KW acres at Oontee's, 60 acres at Laurel, ?g ?wres ait iSavage, in? at Annapolis Junction, 100 acres at Je?op ?Out, 160 at Hanover Switch, f6 fccr? ,5Hr K1? n*e L?n(ling, M acres X mile from BeiUaapre. A11 on the Washington Branch Bailroad. For terms and description, apply to M BANN0N, 32 St. Paul's st., BaltlmoreVMd to Ha* ' ? > 001)B FOE REKT.? Comfortable and veil* H furnished Eoomsat4fl0 12th street, between G and H sts The location is one of the most de eirable in the citr. nay JM-tf FOB RENT?A large IT6RK; good location for confectionery or toe cream saloon. Inquire at the store, 310 I street west. JeS lm market CJtTBBTITUTlS.?^I will pay the highest mar (j price to rnaners bringin^men to say oTBoe. Je * 4466th St., bet. P??^. ^d bst ATTEKTIOW i ATTEHTION ?I?Oall at the itr Goods store of/ULIt^B 8T0EL (late Jaeob Greeatree* to make your purchases "No lati ?i?s" in bleached or unbleached Cotton Drees it r-lv* ?S17th at., bet, 6 and 8 streets. WANTS IV ANTKD-A (ffi"d F'tRtMiN iu a Bakery. *? A pply at the Star office. It* \\7 ANTKD- A BOY to nsoi*' in it restaurant, from " 17 to W> yeari of aire?<i T<Ti%n preferred. Oor riear Pcun'a *renut- aud 2d street. It* \V ANTKD-A g^o<TBkKA-TBARKK. App!y at *? the corner of K and str."-t-= jy 2-tf NOKKR tc BRO. WANTED-A YjDUNO MAN about I* rears ..t site.t<> wt,rh io a restaurant; Apply at the St. Nicholas Restaurant. 15th an<1 F streets, jy 2-3t* CROTON FL8TCHER, Proprietor. W ANTKD-A SITUATION as clerk in"a b' tel. <? r as cler* in a wholesale liquor atire. Good cit v reference eiren. Plea'e address* Jul son," at the St?r Office, j> 2 2t* CO I OR ED BOY, SIXTEEN YE \R3 UV AO K. jl\. with a liberal ed u rati on. who has been a sh<- rt time at hoot ma^ici:.wishes to be apprenticed t > a boot maker, white or colored, in Washington. D C..or Alexandria. Ya .or elsewhere. Apply for one week to No. 1**3 F street, between 17th and lHth, or to No. 94 Royal at., Alexandria. It* YV ANTKD?A BOY to attend a Restaurant. Tn * * qvire at Northwest corner of 2i'd and (1 streets. jyl-.t* \\J ANTED? At n' rth F st'eet. between J2th vv and 13th streets, a COLORED COOK, W AIT RESS and BOY. None but those who thoroughly understand their business need apply. jy l-3t* 1VANTKD-A LAD to a?t.-nd nr. I^e Cr.-am 8a ?r loon. Apply immediately at Finch \ Lloyd's Ice Cream Depot, No. 390, Eleventh street, al>uve K street. jy -2t* WANTED?A WAITER at the Gosling House Fie must understand the business. To such 120 a month will be given the whole yesrrounl. Inquire at the Restaurant, i247 Pa. sr., between 12th and 13th sts. ' jy l-2t* Attn SUTLERsBIP WANTED, by one tpttj'MM'i who has had two rears experience in that line; or would enter into partnership with a reliable man in any profitable business that will bear an examination. Address W.G. Box 229 Post Office, stating business and appointing an interview. jy l-3t* PERSON S~~DESiRING TO 00 AS 8 IT Bit I TCTES and SUBSTITUTE RUNNERS, both White and Colored, would do well to call on WM. H. HOPE, 330 E street, uear Urorer's Theat-r. ?who pays the highest price for good men. 400 MEN wanted. je30 3t* s UBSTITUTES?SUBSTITUTES. Wanted To-Day, 10 COLORED SUB8TI f UTE3, For which the highest price will be paid. Runners bringing men will be liberally dealt with. (?. H. C\88IT>Y, 446 Eighth street, between je 30 3t* Penn. avenue and D street. COACHMAN WANTED?None need apply who rnnnot bring satisfactory testimonial* of char acter and competency. Apply between 9 and 12 o'clock, to J. DENT, 4.">6 15th st. je 23-1 w* WANTED- -Little HOUSE with first floor suita ble for millinery shop, or roam on second floor, or if possible 1 ittle stora, well located. In quire at DEMONOEOT'S Human Hair Store. cor ner D and K'th streets, near the avenue, je 27-fit* WANTED?One hundred HORSES to pasture, in Prince George's county, Md. Price $6 per month lor single horse, by the quantity $5 per month. Inquire of J. BEASLEY. 52 Louisiana cvenue, Washington. Je27-2w^ MRS. M. M. SCIIAAFF. 0U8E WANTED?In a central location, with about lo or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture. Apply to W. L WALL & Co., Auction and Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue and 9th street. Je 22 H \I7 ANTED?1,000 LADIES to cotno and buy *v the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrappers. We have reduced the price one-fourth, and now offer them cheaper than ever. - PRINCE, Je 21 tf 3*1 F St., opposite Patent Office. A A GOOD GRANITE CUTTER3 WANTEDat tW the Chestnut Street Bridge. Wages $3 per day. Pay every two weeks. CLARK, MCGRANN & KENNEDY. Je 2<i-gw Contractors, Philadelphia. WANTK D-SECOND HAND FURNITURE. Alfo. MIRhORS, CARPETS. BEDS. BED DING, and HOUSEFURNl8HING?OOD8ofevery description. R. BUCHLY, 42* 7th street, Je 8 if between G and H, eaat side. en nnn ladies wanted to call at OU?UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot. 3*1 f street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp ing, Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery dene. As there are other Richards in the field, ladies better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hand in the e.ity. Be sore you go to V street, opposite Patent Office. mn 4 PERSONAL. IF MR. MAY. SUTLER, does not call for his Wagon within thirty days after date it will be gold at auction to the highest bidder. _vvn_? je 30-3t* W. II. A J. 8N i DEK. GEORGETOWN ADYER'MTS fY3=*THE UNION LEAGUE, of Georgetown Ln_5> will assemble at the Cuatom-Hooae on the Fourth of July, at 9 o'clock a. m., where the De claration of Independence will be read. All citi zens and strangers in the town are cordially in vited to attend. Addresses will be delivered, and a band of music will be jn attendance^ jyj-2t* GGEORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. f Those persons who may be disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bears an interest of six per cent, per annum, payable quarterly, can obtain some by applying to WM, LAIRD, Clerk of said Corporation. je 29-dtlau S A L T LIVKRPOOL, PIMB AND GROUND ALUM, TURK'S ISLAND. SAINT CBE8, ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by I. THOB. DAVIS. Wholesale Dealer in 8alt, Je 8-lm* No. 83 Water street, Georgetown. ?POWINO PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, bythe 1 Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Gov. Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captains on board, or to JOHN B. DAVIDSON, my IS- Water atreat, Georgetown. Lamp chimneys. 300 DOZEN COAL OIL LAMP CHIMNEYS for sale cheap at wholesale, by BONTZ A GRIFFITH, je 30 3t 369 7th street, between I and K. CA?rET3ilt CK>Tl?;TTiNG3 MiTTlS08. % The Cheapest Store in the District to furnish your hou6e complete is 369 SEVENTH STREET, Between I and K Streets, where you can get everything in the HOUSE FURNISHING LINE, such as * FURNITURE, CARPETS, OIL CLOTHS, MATTINGS, cottage eurm HAT RACKS, REFRIGERATORS, WATER COOLERS. FEATHER BEDS, BOLSTERS AND PILLOWS, MATTRESSES, BLANKETS, &c.,&c. ?y Terms, Cash. A discount of 10 per cent, allowed on all billa of $50 and upwards. BONTZ & GRIFFITH, 369 7th street, bet. I and K sts.* je 30 6t Sign of the High Awning. PROPOSALS FOR EXCAVATION AUD STONE WORK. Sealed Proposals will be received? 1. For the excavation, 2 For the blue Btone work required in the erection of the Cavalry Baptist Church to be built at the southeast corner of 8th street west and H atreet north. The plans and specifications of Messrs. Cluas 6c Kammerkneber, architects, can be Been, and will be explained, at their office, 130 2d street west, between D and E streets north. No one need apply who cannot enter at once upon the w?rk. The bldawill be addressed to" Hon. Amos Ken dall. Chairman of the Building Committee," and must be deposited in the city poat office on or be forenoon of WEDNESDAY, July 6th, or they may be delivered at 6 o'clock p. m. of the same day at 1he audience room of old Trinity Church,6th at., between D and E, when they will be opened by the Committee, and the contract awarded as soon as practicable thereafter. Je30-lw Vine, ready-made clothing, AT * BAR * BRO.'S ESTABLISHMENT, CORNER M AND SEVENTH 8TREET8. ? ii Persons desiring good and easy-flttlnggarments, without leaving their measures, can get fitted in onr establishment in garments made ef THE VERY BEST MATERIAL, AND THB LATEST DESIGNS. We have now a vtry large stock of SPRING and SUMMER SUITS, FINE BLACK OLOTH FROCK GOATS, AMD BLACK DOESKIN PA TS, And a general assortment of VESTS, of varied styles. Also? A FINK STOCK Of BOYS' CLOTHING, and an isamense stock of GBMTS* FURNISHING GOODS. ^-Business dosed on Saturday natU evanlng '!<; tM "le aSalJf l?Tt JeMss* ?i-t p. for rant. Agply as abore, JM-eo3t* AUCTION SALES. F?r ?iker Auction Sain ?? tir%t pug*. Tins AfrtKHOOM A!fD TO-MORKuW |^Y JAMES C MeGUIRF. * CO.. Auctioneers. JflMlvMj[ OF FINK BUILDING LOTS EAST OF at S'T th the . BQUAKI'So. 7M, Lots No. 12. IS, 14. IS. and 16, fronting on Nirth A street and 4tli street east, at th* corner of these streets. SQUARE NO 1,<i?. Lots No. 4,5. and 7, fronting on Kentucky and South Carolina avenues and Uth street taut SQUAWK SOUTH OF SQUARE NO. l,uj>. Lot No.l. SQUARE NO 1,061. Lots No. 5, 6, 7, 8, 9. I'), and 11, on Sonth D street between Kentucky avenue and 15th street east ALL OF SQUARE SOUTH OF SQUARE NO. 1,^2. Tfrtns: One third in cash, the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trrst on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchasers. jeJ4d J AS. C. McGUIRKA CO., Auct's. P> Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE DWELLING-HOUSE AND BUILD INO LOTS AT THE CORNER OF NORTH H STREET AND 19TII STREET WEST. On MONDAY AFTERNOON. July 11th. at half psst 6 o'clock, on the premises we shall sell, for account of estate of the late Com. C^ane, parts of Lotsloand 11, in fquare No. 12?, at the corner of 19th street west and north H street, together with the improvements, tonsi-ting of a three-story Brick Dwelling house, with hack-buildings, sta bling. Ac. The property will be dividedintotnre* parts, two building lots and the house an i lot on which it Htands, with a sufficient side alley. Possession of the house will be given on the 1st of October, 1B64. Terms cash. Cost of conveyances and stamps to he paid by the purchaser. je 2-d J. C. MeOUIRB A CO.. Aucts. B Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR'S SALE OF GREKN HOUSE PLANTS. On SATURDAY MORN INO. July 2d. atlOo'clock. by order of the honorable Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia, I shall sell, on 8qaare No. 01 near Boundary street, between 20th and 21st streets, in the city of Washington, D. C.. a aaanti ty of the finest Plants supposed to be in the United States, consisting of Japonicas and Cape Jessa mines. Terms Cash. Deliver* made immediately after the sale. WILLIAM DOUGLAS, Administrator of John Douglas, deceased. Je 29-d JAS.C. McGUIRE ? Co., Auct-s. 87-TTIE AROYE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY postponed until SATURDAY MORNING, July tfth, same hour and place. WILLIAM DOUOLAS. Administrator of John Douglas, deceased. jy 2 d JA8. C. McGUIRE 4. CO., Aucts. B Y J, C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. .?6,935 CORPORATION OF WASHINGTON QUARTERLY 8TOOK AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. July 6th, at half past five o'clock, at the Auction Rooms, we shall sell, in sumR to suit? 56,934 Corporation of Washington Quarterly Six Per Cent. Stock. Terms cash. jyl-d J. C. McGUIRE A. CO., Aucts. B Y W. L. WALL A CO. Auctioneers. U.S. MARSHAL S SALE OF 9 BOAT8, HORSES, CARRIAGE AND OTHER ARTICLES. In virtue of an order of sale issued from the Clerk's office of the Supreme Court of the United States for the District of Columbia, holding a Dis trict Court. I will sell, at public sale, for cash, at W. L. Wall A Co.'s l?a7.aar, on Louisiaaa avenue, between 9th and loth streets, in the city of Wash ington, D. C., commencing at 11 o'clock a. m.t on WEDNESDAY, the6th day of July next, lS'il? 6 Carriages, 3 Horses, 3 Boxes of Tobacco and 1 4 Bags Wool. And at 4 o'cloek p. m . on the same day I will cell 9 Boats, now lying at the foot of 6th street, wharf, on the Potomac River. WARD II. LAMON.U. S Marshal. D C. jy 1 dts (Chron] W. L. WALL A CO., Auct-?. B Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. FIFTEEN 8MAT.L AND DESIRABLE LOTS, AT THE CORNER OF MASSACHUSETTS AV SNTB AND 17TH STREET AND NORTH M AND 17TH STS., AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July 7th. at 6l? o'clock, oil the premises, we shall sell eight Build ing Lots, fronting each fifteen feet on north M st., at the corner of 17th street west,and running hack to a ten foot alley. Also, peven Lots, fronting about fourteen feet on Massachusetts av., south aide, at the corner of 17th street. These Lots are finely located on high ground, and will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the pur ch aser. A payment of twenty dollars on each lot will be required at the time of sale. Jy 1-St J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. 1Y J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE UNIMPROVED PROPERTY AT THE CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELfTH STREET WEST. On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. July 1, atSJa o'clock, on the premises, we phall sell the whole of Square No. S26, (on the Island.) subdivided into good Building Lota, fronting respectively on Eleventh and Twelfth streets west ana Maryland avenue, all running back to alleys. This comprises some of the choicest building sites in that section of the city, and the sale is worthy th? attention of persons who wish fine building sites. Title indisputable. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the cost ef the purchaser. A payment of $20 on each lot will be required at the time of sale. je 24-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. #^"THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED UNTIL FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July 8, same hour and PjyCl' J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucts. T WM. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. B TRUSTEE'S BALE OF VALUABLE AND IM PROVED REAL ESTATE ON CORNER OF VERMONT AVENUE AND NORTH N STREET, IN WASHINGTON CITY, D. 0. Pursuant to the provisiors of a deed of trust, dated May 23, 1862, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8.. No. 219, folios 116, Ac., of the Laud Records or Washington County and the District of Columbia, the subscriber, as Trustee, will, on the 7th dav of July next, at five o'clock p m , offer at Public Anc tion. to the highest bidder, all that pieee or parcel of ground lying in Washington County, in the Dis trict of Columbia, and known as all that parcel of ? round lying in the City of Washington, of said istrict, being part of Lot two, (2 ) in Square two hundred and forty-three, (243,) beginning at a stake on the building line of north N street, on a line with th* west side of N. B. Smith's house, and thence north along said line to Vermont aveune, thence south along said avenne to the original corner (southwest) of said Lot, and thence east wardly on N street forty-four (44) feet to the place of beginning, containing twenty two hundred feet of ground, more or less. AIbo, all that piece or parcel of Land commencing at the extreme north part of the above eitsd Lot, and running parallel with Vermont avenue fifteen feet, thence east and parallel with the alley ten and six-twelfths feet; then south and parallel wiih Vem.ont avenue twelve feet; thence west and par allel with the all* y six feet; thence south and par allel with Vermont avenue twelve feet; and thence north to the place of beginning of this latter piece of ground, with the buildings and improvements, rights and appurtenanoes to the fame belonging. Terms of sale: One-third cash; the residue in notes at 6 and 12 and 13 months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon the premises. Conveyances and stamps at cost of purchasers. In case of non compliance by purchaser with the term* of sale within five days after the day of sale, the Trustee will resell the premises at the risk and cost of defaulting purchaser. A payment of flflO will be required fiom the pur chaser at the time of'sale. All conveyances to be prepared under supervision ?f the Trustee. CHARLES M. MATTHEW8, Trnitse. Je 16 Stawtds jkt ] W. L. WALL A CO., Aucta. J^Y GREEN An ILLIAMS. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OFVALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtue of a deed of tryst dated the 31st day of May, recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. JW, folios 96. Ac., one of the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia, and at the request of all the parties interested, I shall, on FRIDAY AF TERNOON, the 15th of July next. 18<>4, sell at pub lic auction, on the premise*. Lots Nos 4,5,6,7, 8.9 1<?, 11. 12, and 13 in Square No. l.Otig, in the city of Washington, being the west half of said sauare. These lots front on D and E streets north and 12th street east and some of them are improved by a dwelling and slaughter house. Terms of sale: One-third cash; the residue in two equal payments, with the purchaser s notes at six and twelve months, with interest from the day of sale. Deed given and deed of trust taken to secure said purchase money. All conveyances and revenue stamps at the pur eh 'h fO$t If the term's of sale are not complied with in five days, the Trustee reserves the right, after one week'6 advertisement in any newspaper in Wash ington city, to resell, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser^ WOOI)WARD TrusteP. Je 23 eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auct._ nV JAS. 0. MoGCIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TBUSTKE'8 SALE 0? TWO DESIRABLKBRlCK DWELLING-HOUSES AND'LOTS ON *1ST STREET, BETWEEN G AND H STREETS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, July 7th, at 8* o'clock on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated July 26th, 18*). and duly recorded lu Liber J A. 8 , No m. folios 218 et seq., one of the land records for W^huag^n county , t;0_, I shall sell parts of Lots lettered E w? Todd a recorded subdivision of?'J^nal lota 7,1i and 9. in Square numbered 102, fronting together fee ton 21st atreet west, between G and H north, s&sa!r?a3f-?fta&&sF,r.ifl,lss mainder In 6 and lfrtnonths. with interest, secured by a deed of truat on th^a nrewisea. Coatof conveyances, including jeyenue state ps, to ha Mid bv tbe purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fiv? davs the Troute* reserves tbe right to resell at "?** - TneraHtaBSc? rpfll ?TB80KTBML HAS A BtftL, JtfTrtfr JttMt, bet. a Mi L, IflMd. li K it' AUCTION SALES. FUTURE DAYS. |^Y THOMAS DOWLING. Attct.; Georgetown. HOUSEHOLD FURNITFRE AND EFFECTS AT AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORHISU. July 5th. st U>? o'clock. I will sell et the residence of Mrs. French on Bridge street, near the bridge, Georgetown, a irneril assortment of Household acJ Kiteh>a Furniture. consisting of? Excellent Piano and Stool Mahogany Sofa and Chair* Bureau*. Bedstf ads, and Mattresses Wardrobes Washstands. and BooicaSe Sideboard, Kstensicn Table, Ac Cooking and other Stores, and Oilcloth Crcckery. (ll?sfw*rf. Refrigerator, Ac., and many articles not mentioned. )T l-d | Chron.l THOMAS DQWLTNG. Auct, J>Y J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME DWELLING HOUSES AND LOTS ON NORTH K STREET, BETWEEN ?T!i AND 7T1I STREETS WEST. AT Pl'BLlO AUC TION. Or MONDAY AFTERNOON. July Hth. at 61,' o'clock, on the premises. we s?iall sell twe hand some Brick Resiliences No*. 4M and 4.Vi E p'raft, between 6th and 7th -treets west. The hotiaes ?r < we 1 built, with large and pleasant room*, and art* supplied with all the modern improvements. Terms: oue-third cash,the remainder in six and twelve mouths, with interest, secured by .a deed of trust on the premises. Title indisputable. Conveyances and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser je purchaser ,V d JAMES C. McGtUa & CO.. Aucts. |^Y GREEN &. WILLIAMS Auctioneers. THREE VALUARLlT~RUILDINO LOTH ON NORTH B STREET. CAI'ITOL HILL, AT AUC TION. On T UESDA Y. the fith day of July next, we shall sell in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p. m., the following-named Building Lots, vis : Lots ??, 21 and 22, in Square No.&f7. The*# hand some building Iota front 52 feet each on north B street, between Delaware avenue and l?t street east. Lot 22 is a corner lot. and would make a line business stand : the other two lota run back to a wide alley. All are beautifully situated, and will be subdivided to suit purchasers. The sale will be well worthy the attention of persona wishing to obtain a handsome building site or make a good investment. Terms: One-third cash; balance in 6 and 12 mouths, for notes bearing interest from day of sale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. All coavcyancing aud revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. One" hundred dollars will be required, paid down when the property i* knocked oil. of each purcha 6er; and. if not complied with, it will be put ay again ana sold to the next highest bidder. je29d GREEN Ac WILLIAMS, Auct*. |^Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!. ELEGANT ROSEWOOD CASE "STEINWAY" PIANO FORTE, FURNITURE AND HOUSE HOLT) EFFECTS AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On TUESDAY MORNING .July fith, at 10 o'clock, at the residence of Hon. L. E.Chittenden. 11th street, between L and M streets, we shall sell hi* Furniture and Effects, comprising? Elegant Rosewood Case Piano, by "Steinway ft Son, in perfect order, and but little used. Cover and Stool I Damask and Lace Curtains, Gilt Frame Mirrors Marble-ton and Fancy Tables, Whatnot, Cane, Rush and Wood-seat Chairs, Lounge, Brussels i Parlor, Hall and Stair Carpets, Oilcloth. Rugs Bronze Clock, Mantel Ornaments, Walnut Mar : hie-top Sideboard, Extension Table. Oak Dining j Chairs. China. Glass and Crockery Ware, Silver plated Castors. Table Cutlery, Mahogany French Bedstead, Marble-top Bureau. Washstands Oak Cottage Suite. Parlor Sets. Hair anl Hnsk Mattresses. Bolsters and Pillows, Cottage Bed I steads. Bureaus and Washstands, Cooking aad i Heating Stoves, Refrigerator, together with a | general assortment of Kitchen Requisites. Tprrrs cash. | Je28 J. C. McGUIRE & CO.. Aucts. |^Y W. L. WALL 6c. CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE IMPROYgFpROPERTY ON PEVN SYLVAN IA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT AUCTION. i On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON. 29th instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premises, I Lot No. ?.subdivision of Square 27, fronting H feet on the south side of Penn. avenue and rua ' ning back to K street, between 24th and Kth its.. , near the Circle, and improved by a two story and basement Brick Dwelling, furnished with ga* and water, and in good repair. Possession given im- , mediately- . ,, . . ., , . Terms- One half in cash;.the remainder in i and 12 months, secured by deed of truat on the premises, and bearing interest. Je 23-d W. L. WALL k, CO., Aucts. tey THE ABOVE SALE 13 POSTPONED TO TUESDAY,5th July, at 6 o'clock, je 30 W. L. WALL A CO., Aucts. gY THOMAS DOWLING, Auct.; Georgetown. TRUSTEES SALE. By authority of a deed of trust, dated the 9th February. 1857, and recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No. 281, folio 224, from John Ellis and another, to se cure a debt due to Sam '1 Croplev. and by his direcl tion.I shall sell at auction,in MON DAY,1st August next, at 'clock in the afternoon, oh the prem ises, the piece or parc?l of ground in Georgetown, being parts of Lots No.74 and 75. in the old to wn, fronting on the north side of Water street, and beginning at a point 136 feet IS inches westerlr from the corner of High and Water streets, an l running from said beginning with Water street westerly 25 feet, thence north to a 311 feet alley* thence east with said alley 25 feet, thence south to the place of beginning, with the house thereon. Terms: one-third of the purchase money in cash, and the residue at six and twelve months?notes, with surety, bearing interest?and a lieu on the premises until paid, and when paid the property to be conveyed to the purchaser, and unless tha terms are complied with within five days from the "ale, a re-sale will be ina-lo, after a week's notlca in the levelling Star, at the cost and riak of tha defaulting purchaser. Deeds, stamps, A c., at thepurchaser's expense. W. REDIN. Trustee. }e 28-3taw&ds THQ8. DOWLING, Auct. j?Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. TRUSTEES' SALE OF TWO BRICK DWELLING HOUSES NEAR THE NAVY YARD, BELONG ING TO THE ESTATE OF THE LATECHAS. MILLER. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 13th, at si* o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a decree of the Supreme Court of the District.-ot Columbia, sitting in chancery,passfd on the 9th day of April, 18?*'l, in a certain cause wherein George W. Miller is complainant and Ellen Miller et al. are defend ant, (No. 146," we shall sell Part of Lot No. 1, Suuare No. 952, beginning for the same at 83feet? inches from the southeast cor ner of said lot, aad thence running west and front ing on M street 17 feet, thence n?rth 75 feet 6 inches, thence ?ast J7 feet, thence south 75 feet 6 inches to the beginning, together with the im provements, ronsisting of a three-story brick dwelling house. . ,, Immediately after, part or Lot 2, same Square* beginning fo." the same at a point on M street south K'O feet froi* east l^th street, thence north alMat 72 feet thence west 23 feet 9 inches, thence about 72 feet, thence east 23 feet 9 inches to the be ginning, toge!her with the improvements, con sisting of a t* o story brick dwelling house Terms: One-third in cash; the remainder in 6ir, twelve and eighteen months, with interest, for which the ?urchaser roust give notes, secured to the satisfaction of the Trustees. The purchaser to have the rption of paying all in cash. Conveyancing and stamps at the cost of the pur C*IfSthe'termR of sale are not complied with in S days th-reafter, the Trustees reserve the right of reselliig at the risk and expense of the defaulting fSSKL'cS" "'VVoml S 11 E. C. MORGAN. A. THOS. BRADLEY, Trustee*. j?25-?awAda J. C. McGUIRE k CO., Aucti. DY J. 0. McGUIRE Be. CO., Auctioneer!. TRUBTEE'S BALE OF~~HOUSE AND LOT ON MARYLAND AVENUl, BET WREN t*TH AND 9TH STREETS EAST. By virtue of a deed of tru?t, dated on the lJth day of October, A. D , 1S56, to Charles 8 V> aliaih and John C. d. Hamilton, trustees of the Frauklla Building Association of Washington city. D.C., and recorded in Liber i A.8..N0 laijolieees, et. seq., one of the land records of Washington county, D. C., and. by virtue of a decree passed by the Supreme Court or the District of Columbia, in chancery, in cause No. c5, wherein Henry Barron, et. al., in behalf *>f said Franklin Building Association, were com Charles fT. Wallach, et. al.. were 1 *ubr stitutfd as trustee in^.the ,Pl*ce and stead of the tAid Charles 8. Wsll'oa, the surviving trustee un<?er said of trusU I shall proceed to sell, at pub.Ic Auction, ""ontof the premises, at six o cl?ck p. m , cn MONDAY, the t-ith d?> of July n#*t. Lot No ?, in Over's snhdi vu'on of sqiare No. 915. la the Cit* of Wwhington, D O improTe^ *>T a rood two ftcry Franne Dtel Unr'faoiie. The property frooti on Hirrlud avenue betw'*n 8th and 9th streets east. Terms: Or*-half caah: the residue in six months, the deferred payment to he secured fay a deed or trust on tl>e premises. If the term* of sale are not fnlly complied with within Ave days from dav of pale the trustee will resell at the risk andcost of tha defaulting purchaser, on one week's notice in tha Eveah>g "tar. Conveyancing and stamps at tha ~'t o. SPALDING. Trojtt*. je 17 2aw&ds J. C MoGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. ^2ALE OF OONOBMNED QUARTERMASTERS* ttTORES. Chitf Qvartermatur's Office, Depot nf Wa%kingten,l Washintton, June 38, 1M4 1 Will be sold at Public Auction at Governmeat Warehonae, No. 5, New York avenue, between Eighteenth and Nlnete^th streets, in the c4tr oi Washington, D. 0., on WEDNK8DAT, Jaly 6. IMi, a let of Quartermastars' Stores, condemned as fit for ibaue. viz : Spades, Handcuffs, Lanterns. Office Chairs. Grindstones, Store*. Stove-pipe, Brooms, Coal nods Mess-pans, Buckets. Scrap Sheeting And a large lot of Carpenter VTo? ? Bale to commence at Successful bidders the articles within five f/^? ***? 01 | Term, cash, in Gov.m-?t UALE OF OONPW**? HOMES A.ND MUL1S. ^ ruim rUrmatUtU Oft*. DfPOt will hj> sold at publie auction, ai oondemssl M wit f* seryi^ Terms. Caah to ?*wo??s4fanda. - - Sale to commence at 10 0 - ? L. . M J flWI.f A..> eiarin Axil* om >??-st Mt.?...'si&witiszszm.

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