Newspaper of Evening Star, July 5, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 5, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. CEtEBRATlO* Of THE FOFRTH OP JULY I FT W4SHIN9T0.1. Drdlrntisn *f the "\Vall?fh5fh#ol.h?n?f." Yesterday afternoon very Interesting cers moni?? took place on the occasion of the dedication of the fine new school building in tbe Third District, designated as tbe ? Wallach School" Bnildinr. Previous to the hour (I p. m.,) fixed for the commencement of tbe exercises, numbers of pt-rsoD* visited the bnildicg to take a minute s a'yeyoflts various apartments. Whilethere ?was some adverse criticism upon the building externally, there was none we beard in regard to tb?A?ttenor arrangements. There waa both delight an t surprise expressed as room attr-r room was opened, each well ventilated and veil lighted, cbeerrul, with handsome neat school fnrnttnre of the most approved modern plan: and eacb room having its side cloak rooms, wash rooms, Ac., with water fixtures ready for use. There were ten of these rooms '25 by 30 fret, and IS feet higb. aside from the main hall :w by *0, and 1? teet higb, and which main hall can be used for two schools on emergency, or can be used for a school of design for which it j is well adopied by reason of Its excellent light. ! One noted that spacious and strongly-con structed stairways provided abundant'means of ingTesa and egress for the ooys on one side and the girls on (he other. No danger here as in some of tne badly-constructed school build ings elsewhere with narrow stairways and rickety bannisters, where a whole school may perish by lire or from the breaking down of a stairway while seeking a hasty escape from disaster! We notice, too, that thought has been given tiie matter of ventilation, and hot air flues and cold air flues, designed to regu late tbe temperature upon healthful principles, are abundant through tbe building. In the large hail we would suggest that further ven tilation can be secured by nsing the colored skylight ?or that purpose, and especially when it is crowded, as on yesterday, is some such central ventilator imperatively needed. Shortly before 1 o'clock the various schoils of tbe Third District, headed by tbe Marine Hand, marched to the new building in proces sion, and passing up the stairways with the other assemblage already gathered, filled the spacious main ball and stairwavs to overflow ing, and others continuing to arrive, it is proba hie that there were more persons outside the building than gained entrance. There was a larg- attendance of members of tbe two branches of the City l onncils, together ?with the School Trustees of Washington and come from Georgetown. ?'Hail Columbia ' was performed by the Ma Tine Band as introductory, and this was fol lowed by a fervent invocation to the Throne of Divine Grace by Rev. Mr. Morsell, of Christ Church giving thanks for our independence as a nation, and for tbe great blessings we have en joyed therefrom from the sacrifices of onr fore fathers; for onr common school system, and for this appropriate building, and a-king the Di vine blessing on it. on those entrusted with the iransgement of our school system, on the President of the United States and on Con gress, and on our country?that the clouds of war may soon be dispersed and the sun of peace and righteousness and concord shine upon us again. The following dedicatory hymn, written by 7.. Richards, Lsq , was sung with fine effect by ;&e pupils, led by Prof. Daniel, and with MiBS Lusby at tbe piano : Tune?America. Author of Light and Truth: <j*eat GnardiaD of our youth; The (jod of Love : To Thee our hearts aao*&d; In praise our voices blend, And we in ri-verenre bend To Thee above. Amid the din of strife. And sacrifice of life. We t.nrn asHe; And to this temple fair, V'?r Learning reared, repair, To offer H ?nin and Prayer : Wjlt Thou preside ? ?ound knm?l>-4ge ever be Imparted ?o h* free, W thin these walls; And let u6de-iicate This "bulwark of the State" To Truth?So consecrate Tbes? pleasaut haIl-?. Oreat God ! stretch forth Thy hand. Ana save i ur bleeding land Prom traitor foe; Aad let this temple be The fount of Liberty. Whence waters, pure and free, t"hall ever flow. Then came the ceremony of presenting the Key to tbe bonding Major B. B. French, Commissioner of Public .Buildings, came forward and said he had been requested by the Baiiding Committee to present to the Mayor ihe keys of the noble building they were now assembled to dedicate. It was indeed aa ornament to tbe city, and be con gratulated the Mayor that it had been built under bis administration and bore bis name. Major French proceeded to call up interesting remi&iseences of the old McCormick school days, and contrasted thescbool bnlldtngaof that day with tbe magnificent structure In which they weTe gathered. Reviewing his own course in onreity conucils and elsewhere, he believed he couid take some little credit to himself for labor* for the advancemeat of the public scbools of Washington. It was a pleasure to him to be present on this occasion to take part In these exercises dedicatory ot this noble edifice Might it long stand to do honor to the Mayor, to the Committee and all who have had anything to do with its erection ! [ Applause.] Mayor Wailach advanced and received the Keys and responded as follows: Gentlemen of the Board of Trutters of OiPub lic XcKoolz As was natural on my induction into ofcce as Chief Magistrate of the city, I sought to ascertain wherein I could make my administration most beaeflcial. Many projects of improvement readily sug gested themselves to my mind, among them the advancement of our public school system. The growth and expansion of our city de manded an expansion ot the means and appli> ince* ot education. That our own as well as the children of the thousands who w<?re flocking to the metropolis of tbe Union mlgh: reap the advantage of that particular branch of the public interest you bad in charge rendered it imperative that we thould Improve the character and add yearly , to the number of our scDeol buildings, and that the enhanced character of the instruction you intended should be imparted should be met by an equally amplo provision for the j comfort and con veni?*nee of both scholars and ' teachers. [Applause] It was, tuer?-iore, that I embraced the first , (Opportunity afforded me to direct the attention ot the City Councils to the glaring deficiency of oar buildings for school purposes, tbe utter inadequacy to ihe numbers to be provided (or, and urged upon them tbe necessity for their enlargement in a more permanent form, and placing a school within the reach of every child in the city. The Otty Councils, with a due appreciation of the importance of the subject and the inter* ests to be subserved thereby, met my sugges tions with a readv response, aud passed an act ? setting aside, tor tbe erection ot "school houses alone," six and two-thirds (8*,) per centum ot all the city's revenue, which, in addition to j the thirteen and one- th rd before appro- : pnaUd for the purposes of insiraction, devotes i and pledges twenty per centum, or one-fifth, of onr whole income for educational par pose*. A tommittee of two members of the Board of Aldermen, two members of the Board of Com mon Council, and tbr^e members of jroar own Board, were eu'rustrd with tne duty of sele.:t ing a plan and site lor tbe first school-house to be built uider the generous provision of the City Councils. A careful scrutiny of the accommodations for school purposes, and the wants in this ' ect of the several school districts, satisfied I the committee the greatest necessity for new I buildings existed in this tbe Third District,and induc?d them to apply the first money accruing to the fund to the erection ot this builling on this spot. A careful examination of tbe systems of public- instruction in oider and larger comma uities convinced ihe committee of the expedi ency oi adopting a plan of building in which a greater concentration of pupils, a redaction (n the number ot twacbers, aiul a more perfect classification of scholars could be obtained, as more useful and ?conomicai than in many and scattered schools To suit these views a plan was prepared by tlioae skillful architects, Messrs. t'lus A Kram merheuber, adopt.d by the committee, and a contract for the building awarded to Mr. FaulknT . ... . ? The first fruits and resnlta of that generous provision of the City Councils, tbe labors of th* building commi tee.and the xsai and fldelityof tbe architects and contractor, wt? am hers now to dedicate and devo'.e to the purposes for 'which it wa-i intended?the enlargement of the tpbtre anil m? ai s of education. It may be, and is probably liable to criujism and exceptions, absolute unanimity or opinion cannot be found in any community o?My subject, and as there are always persons wio oppose what In the estimation ol most ot others would materially contribate to th* promotioa and success of an object, it is natural to expect that some objection will be made to the manner in whioh <he commute have discharged their Thia symmetrical and beautiful structure, this new feature la our city alikeeredltable to vea aad honorable to Its cltix^ns, the beginning 3# a benefit to posterity and th* commencement ot a new era of *cbool bousa architecture in our midst, is a guarantee that a plaa of balld- t lass will for tbe future be adopted* b?tmr adapt** to InterVor arrangements for the par. riose intended, ar.d in external appearance aad architectural beauty and pwapartta#*, them mini the ??fele public edifice* wai*a V 3^-5 Vl? OD ***** worthy of the ^f,r^?iC? lTffcr* M r"W(1 a r!"np. th? politi cal capita.] of the gantry aad those to whom the custody of the nation'8 city i? committed, the people of Waeh.ngton. (Applause j Old and oilapdated structures, mucalled school bouses, from tune to time pat h?d and repaired to keep out the elements, deficient in ventilation, cud enfeebling to b->tb body and mind, and other impediments to progress, with cheap school houses and cheap teachers, are do med to disappear. W Qile the city ot Washington, from its lim ited resource?, appropriate* annually large sums ol money, the General Government, own ing rearly one half of all taxable property within its limits, bus never contributed hdol lar to the support of oar public schools. wham the children of many in Its service who hare no taiahle property here, are as freely educa ted as our own, and though millions of acres of public domain have been given in aid of public schools to s( me of the Slates and Ter rifies, not one inch has been bestowed on the city from which that government obtained, without cost, millions of property. Privileges and tranchise of inordinate value inberen'ly the property of this city, and which should in justice have enured to its benefit, sufficient to have richly endowed all its elee mosynary institutions, have been likewise in considerately given to strangers, and its best interests left without that fostering care which Congrees assurred to give when it claimed and tcok exclusive jurisdiction over ub. Latterly, however, during the session which te-aay terminated, through the persistent ef forts of the distinguished scholar and gentle, man who intends addressing you, and who, by bis zeal in the cause of our public school.*, nas already endeured himself to this community, jhe attention of Congress has been awakened to this subject, and an act passed surrend ring to this city for the purpose of education one half of the fines, penalties and forfeitures ac cruingto the Government in this District, rAp plause.j 1 Nothing is now wanted to bring onr school system to the per ection desired but public sympathy, and a more active encouragement on the part of parents to their children and their teachers. This encouragement is especially due to every attempt to enlarge the sphere of instruc tion; to bring it home to their business and thonghts, to diffuse a genera] taste foreduca tien throughout society, and to countenance with th? it approbation, when deserved, every enterprise in which the board of school trus tees engage. The department of the public interest com mitted to your charge, and which involves no trifling employment of time and effort, with no emolument save in the consciousness of great usefulness, is daily growing more important, and cannot be too largely estimated, and is I am sure, proj^erly appreciated. Your fidelity, patient toil, and often unpleasant service, has done much to bring it to its present state, and this successful effort proves vour solicitude and endeavors while promoting the improve ment of the intellect of the scholar, to provide for his physical comfort and sanitary con. dition. And now, on this, the natal day ot our coun try, and most appropriate to the eccasion, it cannot be but a proud reflection that in these times of national trouble and distress, when ?ie strife of taction shakes and threatens the Government, that we are able to rear in the Metropolis of the Union this monument to our city s honor, and to assure the country that whatever else we may be compelled to neglect or forego, our public schools will be the last to lose the fostering care of yourselves, those en trusted with the administration of the city or the people of Washington. [Applause] The following Ode written by Rev. Byron Wonderland was then sung by the school girls with much spirit: Tune?The Battle-Cry of Freedom. Lo ! a noon tide glorj breaking pn this grand ?ro rressive see. v Gilding onr noble land of learning ! light of Education that illumines Natare's rage, L 3 Gilding our noble land of learning! _ , , _ CHORCS. Bchoo^House ! our birth right and bulwark ?.-i/.0T??rth* minions favored and free ! shl "y* instruction o'er the nation shall Gilding our nolle land of learning J on ,0 what onr fathers had Gilding our noble land of learning! And we'll make a proud adrancement before our dsns done. Gilding our noble land of learning f Cho?C8?'? The School House," Ac. By the Temples of Religion, and the Faith that is divide, our noble ,&n<1 ?flearning I We u fill the great Republic with each academic shrine. Gilding our noble land of learning ! Chohi'S?" The School House,'' 4c. And so to generation* down all the years of time. Gilding our noble land of learning! >-liall shine the light or Science from its galaxy fluDIitne, Gilding our nobis land of learning' OHORfla?"The School House." Ac. Mayor Wallach then proceeded to introduce to the audience Hon. J. W. Patterson, of N. H.,? paying a warm tribute to the services of that gentleman in the cause of education not only elsewhere, bat here, and to whose exertions it was due 'hat the school fund ot the city had been largely increased bv Congress during the cession justcloeed. Mr. Patterson proceeded to address the as semblage at some length in exceedingly happy and telling remarks. We regret onr inability for want of space to-day to do justice to this excellent address, and should regret it the more but for the fact that It will be publishedentire in suitable form for preservation. He commenced by a graphic picture of the contrast afforded in the schools ot his boyhood and those held now in such school buildings as the one in which they were assembled. In the building in which begot his early edueatiou in New Hampshire, the pupil could study as tronomy conveniently through the apertures in the root: and while the children on the front row of benches were red and dripping with perspiration before the blazing wood Are, those in the rear of the room were shivering with cold. How different to-day! The speaker proceeded in language of much f< rce to urge the necessity for popular educa tion in a country self governed. Macaulay's assertion that democratic institutions must end in the destruction of liberty and civiliza tion could only be realized ia case we fall to educate our people. Had the public school system of New England been adopted through out the South, the present rebellion never would have occurred, for the people never could have been misled by traitorous leaders. (Applause.] Having urged at some length the material and prudential reasons why a general system of public education should be carried out. the speaker in eloquent language proceeded to speak of its importance tus a means of elevating and refining the masses. Iu conclusion he congratulated the Mayor and Trus'ees on the completion of this beautiful school building, and expressed the hope that it might be the first of a long series of similar structures throughout the city. He trusted that the time would soon come when this city would be the head ot the nation in intelligence as it is in law. TApplause.J Should any one be inclined to find fault with the expense of this building, let the originators of it ask that their names be inscribed on It, and posterity will do them jus tice and called them blessed. [Applause.] Celebration by the Peace Democrats. The " National Democratic Association" celebrated the day by meeting at their hall op posite the Metropolitan Hot~l and marching to the Western Capitol grounds where the meet ing was called to order, John D. Clark, Esq , in the chair. The meeting numbered between five and six hundred persons, including quite a number of thoee who are by no means of the Peace Democracy atripe. Thomas B. Florenoe read the Declaration of Independence. Charles Mason, the President of tho Associ ation, followed in a long oration male up mainly of abuse of the present administration. It bad do?,e everything, he said, to provoke the ire of the Southern heart. The troubles were now further from a termination than at any previous time. Thousands had been driv en from their homes to be destroyed, and still they were calling for "Three hundred thous and more." A charge must be made or the nation will Dot survive. AnT change might be for the bet ter; it could not be tor the worse. The mvat object was peace, and if peace were offered on the old terms, (the Constitution as It is,) it ou*ht to be accepted, and proud would be the leader of the army of peace. (Applause.] a separation could not be thCugut of, for where would the Border otatee go 1 Let us attempt a restoration at o6oe. Appeal to our countrymen In the South for the old Constitution, with such amendments as may beneficial to all sections. Opposition was to be expected both at Richmond and Washington: but the people, who are the sovereigns, wotjtd d> tnanrt it If thai principle ia triumphant in the Mvrth. It woaU prove so ia the South, and In ibis Jtibilse there must be a general amnes ty? the guilty should go flea. While the South is responsible lor many of the effects of tits war, was not the North in a measure to blame? Thea let na invite the prodlrai to return, sad rneet him while a great way off, and-ham tae fat?ed ratf kiUed. (Applause ] Give us onee m? H1'10"' *iv* f Applause.] fwolrftlon of thai J?n?e Mason for his address, and Iff % CM* t?r nnhUr&tina ?ki.k ? thanks to requsst ??*>? ter pnhueauo?, which, ws *ios M a4opted nr. ?* tor general rrad a r?em on tb? ?OU OapKol prefacing the readlnr with ?om* f*"?ark* ikowinftbit he Bad a decided disrelish and wholisome dread olthat coop fur traitors. Hon. B. S. Coa, or Ohio, bere made Ui? appearance and wu ^reei*d wiU? cto^ra. Mr. ttox staled that be had the extreme pie asureof announcing that the National L?gts lature bad adjourmd, fapplanea,] and ne thought it the best thing th?.y bad done daring tbe eesaion. [A voice?May they never meet again 1 To adjonra was tbe ouly wfcifc thing tbey had dene; for their whole legislation had been for the negTO. Everything tended to the entranchisement of tbe negro. . jy\r Cox then adverted to the Presidential contest, statin? that tbey should unite on who evpr tbe convention nitbt nomioaf^ and use every endeavor to insure his success, whether it he McClellan feheers] or any other white mnn. . _ Three cheers were given by the meeting for McCleUan, Cox, Vallandandgh&m aud others, and the meeting adjourned. Celebration by the Colored People The Protestant Colored Sabba'4. School Union, composed ol Asbury, Israel. Zlon Wes ley, i Oth street Baptist, Union Bethel, 1st Col ored Presbyterian, L street Cbspei, 2d Baptist. Wesley Zlon, 3d Baptist, and Sabbath Schools, celebrated the 19th Anniversary of the Union yesterday at Israel Cbapt-1, near the Capitol. The western divisions of the schools assem bled at tbe 15th street Presbyterian Church, from whence they moved In procession to the foot of tbe Capitol, where they were joined by tbe eastern division, after which they proceed ed to Israel Chapel, headed by a band ot music, and each school carrying an appropriate ban ner Upon the arrival of the schools at the church the building was lonnd to be too small to Rccoin mod cite them all, and abortion of them nccording organized a meeting on the lawn in front ot the church. The exercises consisted of addresses by Rev. Henry H. Garnett, of New York. J. B. Thomas, Rev. Mr. Giles, and Prof. Wilson. At intervals each ot the schools sane hymns so I table to the occasion. The officers of this I'nion are John T. John eon, president; William Wormley, secretary, Charles Brown, treasurer, and it numbers about 6,(khi scholars, and three hnndred teachers, with a library of soraw fifteen thousand vol umes. The Union Is in a prosperons condi tion and has in It* treasury a surplus o! be tween fonr and five hundred dollars. The Catholic Sunday schools (colored) of the city celebrated the day by a plc-nic held in that portion of tbe President's (grounds lying between the Whit* House and the War De ^"he following scbfK>ls were presentSt. Matbew's (numbering 100 scholars). St. Pat rick's, St. Aloyelns, St. Peter's, St. DomN nick's, and Trinity Church, Georgetown, with John H. Bntler chief marshal, and Isaiah Bol d?n assistant do. The exercises consisted of "reading the Dec laration ot Independence by Andrew t^ueen; Stanzas by Miss Thompson; recitation, Th* Foolifh Quarrel, by Miss Brander and Mr. queen: Prayer by Miss Teagle;dialogue, Sweet Sixteen, bv Miss Adams and Miss Oray; di alogue on orees, by Miss Bowie and Miss Mullen; recitation, The Evening Visit, by Mi?3 Bowie; Summer, by Miss Turner; The Little Child who Lores to See, by Miss Frazier; Suffer iron of the Poor, by Miss Mullen; The Stirs, by the same; The Lonely Heart, by Miss Turner; The Parting, by Miss Bowie; Tea Tax, by Je rome Malord; Battle of Blenheim, by Richmond Queen; Steam Arm. by Edmund Pleasants; SoU dirr's Dream, by Jerome Mnlloy." Oood order was maintained, and tbe day was parsed apparently very much to the sat isfaction of the immense crowd of colored poe pie present. 1 Pic-Nios. At Berry's Woods, near Glenwaod Ceaie tery. McKendry Sunday School, Su Paul's Methodist Sunday School, two divisions Sons of Temperance, a Catholic Sunday School, and a party of colored people celebrated the day in pic-nic -style. Excursion?, Arc. The steamers Thomas Colyerand Phoenix made excursions to Glyroont yesterday, carry ing down ail immenete number ot persons, who ?pent the day there in dancing and rural sports. The Fulton and Mariner made regular trips to Alexandria, and several thousands persons paesed between tbe two cities. Kere were quite a number of yessels at the >us wharves along the river, which dis played a profusion or bunting, presenting a gay and pleasing appearance. The American ensign was floating to the breeze from all the public buildings, and many private residences were gaily decorated with flags and suitable mottoes. _ . SPECIAL. NQTIOKS. DiSKASxaor tbk Nkrvocb, Shmixal, Urtsabt And SbjcaL STsruifs? new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?Sent by mail in sealed lett*r envelop^, free of charge. Addrem D J- Bkillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 Bouth Ninth street, Philadelphia, Pa, Je3u3tn lex Cp.KAM Icb Crb*m! The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he ban always on hind a fresh supply of the choicest Uavors ^ which heis prepared to supply to stores sutler*, hotels, pic. nics. parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms Jos. SCHAH-IKLD'S Steam* Ice Cream Manufactory, No. 3S66th st ,,bet. ? and H. Wholesale and retail. le 2Jlm? SORK TlIROAT, I COCGH. COLB. and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re sult in serious Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. BrowS'8 Bronchi At Trochbs are compounded so as to reach directly the Beat or tbe disease, and give almost instant relief, je 21 Im.r MARRIED. On the 2d instant, by Rev. Alfred Holmead IRA M I) CRANK, of Kalamaaoo, Michigan, and Miss ANNIE h. O. BL RROL'OUf. of Washington, D. C. [Baltimore Sun please copy.| DIED* At midnight, on the 3d of July. 1861. in the 7t>th vear ci lier age. Mrs. MA R.Y O'NKAL, relict of the late H. tt. O'Neal.ofthe Fourth Auditor's Office Her funeral will take place this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from the family residence, 6^2 M street, b^twe^D 9th and 10th utreeU. In this city, on the afternoon of the 4th instant, Miss liOSANN A D. COONS, in the frith year of her n ir0 The funeral will take place from the residence ofWm.G. Moore, No. 1* K street, between 7th and t>t?i streets, on Wednesday afternoon, at hall past four o'clock. Her friends, and those of her Lephew. Mr. Ceorge 8. Oideon, are invited to at tend without further notice. On the 4th instant, after a short but painfull ill ness, which she bore with Christian fortitude and resignation. KLIZA JANE WEBSTER, in the Lth ytar of her asre. "None knew her but to love ber. None named her but to praise." The friend"- of the family are requested to attend the funeral to-morrow evening at4 o'clock froiu the residence of her brother-in-law, Wm.T.Uswd tey, lbtt Twenty-second street. On the morning of July 5tb, at 4 o'clock, of pa ralysis. BENJ. F STARK, anative of Connecti cut. but for the last 20 years a resident of this city, 0 it | j ^ His friends and the friends of the family are re spectfully invited to attend his funeral, to-mor row, at 4 o'clock, from his late residence, ?>SL Maryland av., without further notice. In this city, on the afternoon of Saturday, the 2d inst., Mrs. ELIZABETH DENNISON, aged S3 years. On the 3d Inst., QEORQE, beloved son of John S. and Henrietta Brown, in the 5th year of his age. * On the 5th instant, at 6 o'clock a. m . W. BER NARD, eon or Victor and Frances Becker, aged 5 months. Beware op impostorsni-Dr. lbon. for many years a t-uccessful practitioner ia Now York, has opened( for a few weeks! an office No. 41 4 Pona'a av?nne. between 4% and t>th streets, wh-re those afflicted (either male or tesoaln) with diseases of Private nature may consult him. No charge made if be la'ls to Cure. Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mail. |e 2-lm* - - ^OOD NEWS FOB THE TRAVELER. A new line of IT. 8. Stages leave Pennsylvania IJonae, on 0 at . between 4S and nth , ?ts. Waahlnjrton. D. C.. dally forMMfl^^# RAckvllle. Md , at7S o'clock a. m.,0ES2&?2 and Tue?davs, Thursdays, and Saturdays Sy moi? route for Frederick, Md , counee'fng lines with Poolsville and other points. Having oew and splendid Coaches, I feel s-tisfled that genernl satisfaction will be the result. , . FRANCIS CU&RtN. Persons desiring to go from Georgetown will find tie stage at tne Montgomery House, on High st;, every morning at B o'clock. )y 8-iw* JELLING OUT TO CLOSE. GREAT REDUCTION-IN BOOKS. STATION ERY, AND FANCY ARTlOhE 1. The uader?i?ed ???r to the trade and public generally irreat inducements*? pprohase, as h? is Closing out his large stock efgoeds preparatory to 'TimS in Itatiwfy, Pheta tSssiswttrjuiawsi*. ? T?* Peaa. aeeoae. bet. 11th and 11th at*., Wasfclogtoo, D. O. P ""STinrr ' IHBTBUmBTS. mW The Vargovt stock, rasMf* %f atylea, 4egreee ?f price*, vt PIANOS, hand at JOHN W. ELLIS' Piano 40 Ptoaoe to select Inm. )**> FOR RENT AND SALE. FOUR ROOMS FOR RKNT AT 4oT D street, between l.tthand 13S street. Jy -V2t* SEVERAL PLEASANT FURNISHED ROoHS ^ to et at No. i'J'2 Pennsylvania av., between l?th at.d 2> th streets. ,jrS-3t* FI'OR 8At,It?A nice BUILDING LOT. (*2 feet by 7c)?itu*te<l on Rlind<- Island avenue, between IStli and I4th st* Wtil t>e koM for ca*h. cheap. Title perft-ct. Enquire on the premise*. jy&-lw* PHOTOGRAPHERSTAMMoTYPlSrS -line of the largest SKY-LIGHTS in the city for rent, with fixtures. Call at rt02 Pennsylvania avenue. Jy 5-1W * _____ T^O LET?A small HOUSE, nearly new ?n Ni-w York avenue, between 6th and 7th streets. first house from 7th street, north side. Possession given immediately. If &-3t* I^OH RENT-Wanted to exchange n HOUSE on 6th street east, for one west of 7th street west. The house ha? si* rooms. IU nt $12.50 per month. Inquire of G. F. OCLICK Capitol Hill JyS-3t* FOI"; REST, WITH* BOARO?One large FRONT ROOM. suitable for n family. or four gentle men. Appl y on K streot, between 3d ant4tft.No. ?CI. Jy 5-3f FOR RENT?FURNISHED HOUSE No. 462 Uth street, between O and II For particulars apply at offiee t?f J.C. Mi'ttUlHR A CO., Aictloa and Commission Merchant*. J? "'t FOR RKNT.?In a private family, pleasantly FURNISHED ROOMS for runt, without bnarl. at 431 Third street, between Pcuru> Ivania and Missouri avenutv- jy 5 3t* FOR"RKNT-FURNISHED ROOMS and STORK ROOMS, at No. 400 D street north, between 6tb and 7th street*. Large and elegantly furnished Kuoms for rent, with or without board. jy r?-3t* pOOrXND PLEASANT ROOMS FOR RENT.? Two or three as pleasant rooms a-s ttie city af fords. Near the Treasury. Best reference given and required. Apply immediately at No. 290 Q street. jy 5 3t A HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALE, near the cor nerofHthanl U streets; cottage built; Just flrished; all nicely painted inside *nd out; water near the door. Inquire on the promises, jy5-4t* JOHN M. HILL. FBURNISHED ROOMS-Two Furnished PAR LORSand BED CHAMBERS, on the second floor, suitable for a small family or single gentle man, at J. P. CBUTCHET, corner of 6th and D streets. jy 5 3t* fj^OR RKNT?In a private family, to gentleman only, two first-class communicating rooms, ?wltn hot and cold water in each,and bath attached. Will be rented singlj or together; location pleas ant. Apply at 8. W. corner of lota and Mauachu sett* avenue. jy 5-2t* ROOMS.?A lady from the North, occupying a nice house, will rent two or three ROOMS, finely furnished, to gentlemen. Al?o two or three Rooms to a gent and wife having furniture and desiring to keep house?469 E street, two blocks from Post Office. National and Metropolitan Ho tel!. Every convenience. Location unsur passed. tr 5-lw* Ij^OR RENT?A small frame HOUSE: containing r 4 roomf. Apply on 13th street between N and Q sts. tJy 2-2t*l J. CARROLL. Restaurant for sale, comer of7th and l streets, No 317. The Bar, Stock and Fix tures, and Lease for five years. Inqaireon the premises. _ jy 2-3t* FURNISHFI) ROOMS.?Large and handsomely !? URNISH KD ROOMS, singly or In suites, may be had by applying at No. 3.'J9 F street, between 9tl? andi lotb streets. Jy* F~OR RENT?A three story HOUSE. 326 H st., near Lafayette Square. App'yto Mr. 8. DU VAL, '."Oth and I sts..or to Mrs. KALE, 21st an I Boundary sis. Possession immediately. Jy 2-3t* VVOULiTBifRENTED FOR Til REE M0NTH8. If to a careful tenant without small children, a neatly FURNISHED HOUSE, pleasantly located. Noneotber butn private family, wishing to occupy the same, need apply. Possession given immedi ately Address Bo< 76?>. jy 2-2t* Ii^OR RENT?By the month, a desirable well FURNISHED HOUSE to a married couple without children. Good reference required The present occupants will reserve two rooms, and would wish to board with the family. Apply at No. 3j?4jjth tit., bet. I and K. jy 2 3t* F0R8ALE?A large, three-Rtory frame HOUSE, containing seven rooms, situated on 11th st., between M and N streets. Possession given on the d? v of sale. Inquire on thd premises, or of JOHN W." EKED. No. Jifeti 11th street, between O and P streets. Jy 2-3t* IT'OR SALE?Four BUILDING L0T3, situated on F N street north, between 11th and 12th streets, in Square 313, fronting 70 feet and running back 1)0 feet, with a three-foot alley in the r?ar. For far ther particulars inquire of KELEHKR A PY WKLL, Columbia Livery Stables, on 3th street, between D and^E sts. jy 2 3t* FOR RENT?A large STORE; go?<d location for confectionery or ice cream saloon. Inquire at the store. 410 I street weBt. Je6-lra WANTS. w ANTED?A LAUNDRESS andGIRL9. Apely at the Ebbitt House. ft 5-8t* YOUNG GIRL~WISHES A SITUATION AS Pastry Oook. la capable of doing any other kind of work. Address Bo* No. 7 8tar Office. It* WANTED?By a respectable girl, a SITUA TION as chambermaid and plain sewer. 8th street, between D and E, 413. It* ANTED-A wbiteWOMAN to do house work at BUTLER'S Restaurant, No. 47 14th street. Jy 5-2t* Wf ANTED?A PLACE as nurse by a girl from'15 vv to 10 years of age. Apply at 2t>4 II street, between 18tb and 19th sts. Jy 5-2t* \\J ANTED?by a respectable young girl, a SUE v v UATlON to do housework in a small family. Apply <>n D street, three doors from 15th, on the south side. It* RESPECTABLE GIRL DESIRES A SITU A tion as lanndresa or chambermaid. Bast of reference, if required. Call at No. 443, corner of 17th and H, for two days. It* W" ANTEB? By a single gentleman, a FL'tl NI8HED ROOM, with Board, in George town, we*t of Bridge street. Address "W. B.," Post Office Box 22ii, stating terms. jy 5 2t* w YV C^OOK WANTED.?Wanted, a White Wonntn j who understand'' all kinds of cookin?. Good wages will b* paiJ. American House, corner Pa. avenue and 7tn st. jy 5 3t* WANTED?By a respectable young eirl, a SIT UATION as nuree. chamber work, or cook, in a small family Apply atth^second house from the corner of leth street and M street. It* RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTS A PLACE*. She can do the beat of cooking; has good city references tf required. Call between 18th and 19tn bts.. on G, No. 199. It* A RESPECTABLE WOMAN WANTED-One that understands takingcharge ofa dining sa? loon, and a gook COOK, eno that understands cooking in a restaurant; and a few respectable sroait.tidy young WOMEN to do chamber work and wait on table. Inquire at Mrs. KELVAY'S, UO Br dge street, Georgetown, opposite Cruiv's livery stable, from 3 to 5 o'clock. jy 5-2t* ANTED?Mgood BREAD BAKER. Apply at .. the corner of E and hth streets. jy 2-tf NOERR iV BRO. r"ANTEl>? A YOUNG MAN about 18 years of age. to work in a restaurant. Applyatthe St Niehola* Restaurant. )f>th and F streets. Jy 2-3t* CROTON FLETCHER, Proprietor. ANTED?A SITUATION as night clerk in a hotel, or as clerk in & wholesale liquor store. Good city reference given. Please address ' Jud son," at the Star Office^ jy 2 2t* WANTED?At 2t*6 north F street, between 12th and I:tth streets, a COLORED COOK, W AlT RESBandBOY. None but those who thorougaly understand their business need apply. jy l-3t* CO AAA SUTLERSniP WANTED, by one (m ? who has had two years experience in that line; or would enter into partnership with a reliable man in any profitable business that will bear an examination. Addres3 W.G. .Box 229 Post Office, stating business and appointing an interview. ' Jy 1 3t /^OACHMAN WANTED?None need apply who V,/ cannot bring satisfactory testimonials of char acter and competency. Apply between 9 and 12 o'clock, to J. DENT, 4 S6 ISth st. Je2Mw* WANTED-One knndred HORSES to pasture, in Prinoe George's county, Md. Price S6 per month tor single horse, by the quantity $5 per month. Inquire of J. BEASLEY, 52 Louisiana MM. M. M. 8CHAAFK. 0U8E WANTED?In a central location, with about I or 12 rooms Will buy Uaae and fur niture Apply to W. L. WALL & Co., Auction aod Commission Merchants, south corner Penn. ave nue and 9th street. Je ^ WANTED?1.000 LADIES to come and buy the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves. Bands and Wrappers. We have reduced thf price ont-fourth* m4 now offer Per than ever PRINCE, >e 2! tf 3^1 F ?t., opposite Patent Office. H W A NTED-8E00ND HAND FURNITURE. A1 o MIRRORS, CAkPETS. BEDS. BED DING aid H0U8BFCRN18HING OOOD8ofevery description R BCCHLY tajTtt street je8 tf betwaen G and H.east side. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTb? rv-^?NOTICE? LJPEAT3B8.? All licenses due II 3 the oorporatioa ot Georgetown on the let vtJuly neat, must be paid within ten days of that date otherwise they will be strictly enforced by the Metropolitan Police. je Ei-eotJ) W WM. LAIRD,Clerk. GJSOBGETOWN OORPuEATION 8TOOK Tboee persona who maybe diipteed to pur otoae* oe?rgetown Corporation 8took, which bear" as int. rwt of ei* per ceot. per annum, payable 8A ROOKSAjiT. for bones and catti*. ?or sale by I. THOB. DAVIB, Wbetee*le Dealer in Salt, B? W WaUr street, George town. 'rowiwe PROMPTLY ATTENDEE TO, by the ?Lr"?st?'0sta;t:J5r!?' Oa?4*iM o? boord.or W? IPSM ?. DA YI DOOM, , My U- Water street. OweeUiw*. iMskrst tbe Wgw4 ofmboltwttM F?si Ma^tnaUsnaM. leM-tfti n I i AUCTION 8AJ1B8L Far ? tiier Anrtlok ??le? THIS AFrKRWUOW AMD TO-MORh?Vf gY J. 0. McQriRK A CO., Auctioneer!. TRUSTEED 8ALK OfToT ON P 8TREBT. BE T? BEN 14Til AND 1.5T1I STRE1T8 WEST. On T U BSD AY AfT KHNOUN . July ?th. 1^4. * o'c'ock, at the Auction Rooms of 4. C. McGuire A Co.. by virtue of a deed or trust tnmCh?-|rt H. Rjerscn, dated Juno 55th, wij. and duly reoorded i? Liber J. A. P., No t. IMi?i VH. et. ?-q % one of the LaodJRecordt for Washingtm county. D C . we ?hall Mil the west half of Lot No S, la Drqry's snb-divsion of tfqnare No. 2D9. fronting on north P street, letwwn 14th ana 16th stre?ta went, and ruauing back lt?0 feet to a 1ft-foot aUey. Terms cash. Conveyances and ?t*mp? at the Wj of th? pur chaser. WM. H. WARD,} Tnntnm JA8. Y. L je. 10 tawAda J. 0. MoGCIRK A CO ? A nets. DY GI'.EEN 4: WILLIAMS Auctioneers. THREE YALUAPLE BUILDING LOTS OH NORTH B STREET. CAPITOL HILL, AT AUC TION t'n TUESDAY. the 5th day of July next, we ?hall sell in front of the premises, nt 6 o'clock p. in., the follow ing-jiamed Building Lota, vlx : I.ot? 2- , 21 and 22, in Square No VTT. These hand - Rome hot-ding lot* front 82 feet each on north B street, between Delaware avenue and 1st street east. Lot 22 is a corner lot. and would make a tiue bu-iuet-j- staud: the other two lots run back to a wide alley. All are beautifully situate.!, an! will be subdivided to suit purchasers. The sale will be well worthy the attention of persons wishing to obtain ft handsome building site or make a good investment. Term*: One-third cash; balance in 6 an! 12 months, for notes bearing interest from day of A ileed given and h deed of trust taken. All conveyancing and revenue stamps at the cost of the purchaser. One hui dred dollar* will be required, paid down whet) the property is knocked off, of each purcha ser; and. if not complied with, it will be put up asain and Bold to the next highest bidder, je 29 d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. JOT"W. L. WALL A CO., Auctioneers. VALUAHLE IMPROVED*PROPERTY ON PENN SYLVANIA AVENUE AND THE CIRCLE AT On SvRDNfESDAY AFTERNOON, 29th instant, at 5 o'clock, we will sell, in front of the premnea. Lot No. ?, subdivision of Square 27, fronting 24 feet on the south side of Penn. avenue and run ning back to R street, between *th and 25th sta.. near the Circle, and improved by a two-story a*d baaement Brick Dwelling, furnish?d with icas and water, and in good repair. Possession given im mi>rma * One half in cash; the remainder in 6 and 12 months secured by deed of trust on the premises, and bearing interest. ? Jf23*d W. L, ALL Sc CO.* Auots. (ty THE ABOVE SALE IS POSTPONED TO TUESDAY, 6th July, at 6 o'clock je ^0 W. L. WALL A' CO., Aucts. DY W. L. WALL & CO Auctioneers. U S MARSH AL'S SALE OF 9 BOATS, nOR3E3, CARRI AGE AND OTHER ARTICLES. In virtue of an order of sale issued from tne Clerk's office of the8upreme Court of the Unit;-1 State* fur the District of Columbia, holding a Dis ington, D. C.? commencing at 110 cioch a. in., Vt EDNE8DAY, the6th day of July next, 1304? CarriHues, 3 Horses, 3 Boxes of Tobacco and 14 Hags Wool \nd at 4 o'clock p. m.. on the samo day I will sell 9 Boats, now lying at the foot of CtU street wharf, 011 thWA<RD1HC LAMON U. 8. Marshal. D C. jy 1 dts fChrop) W. L. WALL A CO., Auct*. B Y WM L WALL & CO., Auctioneers, South corner Penn'a avenue and 9th st. PA WNFROKER'S SALE. M. K.WALSH A CO.^ LARGE SALE 0FOVER 1.500 LOTS OFUNRED1EMED PLEDGES OF SPRING AND SUMMUR CLOTHING, GOLD AND SILVER WATCHES. JEWELRY A :. On SATURDAY MORNING, the 2d day of July, commencing nt 9^? o'clock, w e will sell a very lar^e assortment of spring and summer clothing, con sisting in part, of? . BusinessSack, Frock, and Dress Coats. Pants, Ve?ts, Underclothing and Shirtri, Ladies' Silk, Delaine, Calico Dresses, Skirts and Dress Patterns, . _ 8tella. Crape, Woolen and other Shawls and Un- i derclotbing, _ . . _ Velvet,Cloth,8ilk and Lace Cloaks. Quilts. Blankets, Counterpanes, Sheeta, Pillow Cases and Towels, A large assortment of? Gold, Silver and Plated Watches, Gold and Silver Vest Guard, *nd Chatelane C Diamond, Plain Geld ?nd Set Rings, Breastpins Locket*. _ nut Gold and Silver Pens. Peneils, Ac. Single and Double Barrel Guns, Reyolvers, and Dirk Knives, ? . Violins, Guitars,'Banjos, Druma, Flutes and ^'sterwTtype Views, and a thousand other uaeftil rticles not enumerated, which moat he aoW with ut reserve to close the busmesa^ & CQ Aaf>u? N. B.?We would respectfully call the attention of persons having goods deposited with us to come and redeem them within SO daya from the date of this advertisement or they will be forfeited. Jea M. K. WAL8H & CO., Pawnbrokers. tff' THE SALE WILL BE CONTINUED ON TUESDAY MORNING. July 5th, and daily there "'."1 '1" '"wM? L,"fAtLt CO.. Aget3. 1?Y JAMES C. McQCIRB A CO., Auctioneers. BALE WITHOUT'LImTt"OF FOURTEEN GOOD LOTS ON NORTH L STREET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1ST 8T8. WEST. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. July Tth.atS^ o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell to the high est bidder, fourteen good building lots, fronting hi feet each on north L street, between north Capitol street and 1st street wot, and running back I3? feet inches. Terms: One-half ineash^ the remainder in six and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A payment of fJO on each lot will be required at thJy 2 d* "Rep*l' J- 0- McGUIRE fc CO . Aucts. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF RAR FIXTURES. STAGE. AND STAGE SCENERY AND FIXTURES, AND LEASE AT AUCTION. . . . ^ On THURSDAY, July7th, 1.464. at 11 o'clock a. m., we shall sell, at "Metropolitan nail," by vir tue of a deed of trust to the subscriber, bearing date the 9th day ef March, A. D.. 1864, and record ed in Liber N.C.S.. No..15, folio <3 vote, one of the land records of the District of Columbia, the following described property: The Bar and Bar Fixtures, two hundred and fif ty Chairs. Stage and Stasre Scenery, Gas Fixtures and Chnndeliers, one Piano Forte, one large and one small Stove, on? Clock, together with all the right, title and estate of Gardner A Co., in and to the same as assignees of a lease. Terms cash. JOHN MICHEL. Trustee, jjr 2 GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. jgY J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. POSITIVE AND UNRBsiRVED SALE OF NINE SMALL DWBLL1NG HOUSES. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July LTth, at fi o'clook, on the premises, commencing with the first-named, we shall ^ell part of Lot 23, square 512, on Fourth atreet west, between N and O streets north, improved by two small Brick Duelling Houses, four rooms each. Immediately after, we shall sell part of Lot No. 3, square 449, fronting on the 3 > foot alley between L and M streets north, and 6th and 7th streets west, improved by five email Brick and two Frame Dwelling Honsea. ... Terms : One-half cash" the balance in six monthi, with interest, ttcured by deed of trust on tne premises. Conveyances at the coat of the purchaser, jy 2~d | Rep! J. 0. McGUIRE A 00. Auets. B FIFTEEN SMALL AND DE8IRAB1E LOTS, AT the COhNER OF MASSACHUSETTS AV ENUSAND itth STREET AND NORTH M AND 1?TH ST8 , AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTEKN??ON. July 7th. at o'clock. on the premises, we shall sell eight Build ing Lots, frontitigeach fifteen feet on north Mat , at the corner of 11th street west.and running back to a ten foot alley. Also, seven Lota, fronting about fourt?*en feet on Maasachuaetts av., south side, at the corner of 17th street. Them- Lota are finely located on high ground, and will be 6otd to the highest bidder. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in six and twelve months, with interaat, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamps at the coat of the par ch awr. A payment of twenty d"l!ar? on each lot will be required at the time of Bale. Jy 1 5t J . C. MoOUIRE A C0r AacU. gY J. C. McGUIRK A CO., Auctioneers. valuable unimproved PR?fr*RJX *1 THE CORNER OP MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWE>*TM 8TBEBP WE.VT. On PBIDAY AFTEUKOON.July I, at6K o'clock, on the premise we shall sell the whole of Square No. 3%, (on the Island,) subdivided iuto food Buildinr Lot?, fronting on B\e^**nth and Twelfth street* west and Maryland aT?nus. all '"Th/a'comprlsea^me of the.choicest building sites in that section of the city, aad the sale la worthy the -attention of peraons who wtah bui'ding aitea. Title indisputable. Terma: One-thirit'cart; the remainder In slxand twelve months, with iMerest. secured by a deed ef trust on the pren lees. . # All corveyanct-a and stamps at the coeteitne PVCvaV?ent of $30 on each lot will be repaired at the time ofaale. _ _??. M Y JAS. C. McGUIRB & CO., Auctioneers. F )e24 d J- C. McOUTR^A CO.. Aacta. 'jyt J. Q. MaQUIR?*0?- Aacta. gtDWKO. BespeetTnllr iBlaem.lli^r frfeeda aed the pablle generally that they have aowta store a weU aa * lhec*tyor eM?W| aayy. i' HEN AUCTION SAJL.B& KTTtMK DAVlT gV J. C McOUIBE *_00., Aucttaaaan. ~~ ??.?35 CORPORATION OV WA8HIlfa*nif QUARTKRLYSTOCK AT AUCTION On WEDNESDAY AKTRBNOON. July Vtk at ^nP"*.\ fiTe ?>'dock, at the Auatios Rooms ' WW eh*ll aell. in Bums to ?ait? ? ' ?u.y? CorjK>r?tn)n of Washiagton Quarterly S?? I ?r Cent. fctock. Terms ca*h. )7 J C. McOriRK A CO.. Awctg. J AS. 0. McGUI RE A CO., Auctioneer*. TWO HANDSOME DWELLING HOHSlU AW? IOTS ON NORTH K RE RT 8KTWB XN1T? AN? 'TTH STREETS WKiT AT pf BLIO AUO ovTn^6NDAY AFTMNOOB. Jnlr ll?h, at ?* shall eelltwa kud s*>me Briek Residence*. Nos. 4*t and *vi H straat ^Sw??,6th *?d Tth streets west. Tl??hou^tr? ?ni1 pl,,?*?n* rui'Bi, and are ri'lh? mort"D ""provemeiu. twelveLiiih, the remainder in six m4 tn,st 0?ti^iw?lli;nVjre*^,w:ur*d by 4 ?*? ? Title indisputable. reTen?* ?*??!** the CO.t af Jp-_ - J AMif8 c- Mcoring * co., Auct?. GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. In virtue of an order of distress against tH? ... jd and chattels o? B II. ut, for reat*!?..?? f"? rears t:> Oeorxre Hill, and to mo dir*.-t~l T hav. It*vied upon one niano and the pre'pertr <rf said Ilenze. and I hereby giv? notice that I ?h?u sell the c?Ae tn the bidder for ra^h, on SATUR DAY .the !Mh dav of Julv. at II o'clock a. m at tk* corner of ?|h and D streets, at Green A Willtaau' Auction Store to satisfy said amount of rent due , A E L. KER9K. Bailiff * iTfrd GREEN A WILLIAMS. AucU. J^Y i. C. McGUIRE 4 CO., Auctioneer*. vrv-'rY-V?& dwelling" nor.s* and build I?u??STiV&T. THE CORNER OK NORTH & STREET AND 19TII STREET WEST On MONDAY AFTERNOON. July nth," at half ra.?t 6 o clock, on the premises, we shall aell fkr account of estate of the late Com C ane Dart* mt 1K '*D fSUtre.v "ir '*'? ?* **>? cornar af 19th street west and north II street, together with the improvement#. consisting of a three-eterr BHck Dwelling house, with bar*.buildlngs, at? bllnc. Ac. The property will be divided into lure* part*, two building lota and the bouse and lot ea which ?t stands. eith a aufficient aide alley I PowHion of the house will be ?iven on the Ut I of October. 1864. I Terms cash. Coat of conveyances and stamps to be paid ky the purchaser. Je 2j_d J. C. McOUIRR A CO.. Awcta J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer*. ADMINISTRATOR S 8~ALE OF GREEN IIOUSK PL\NTS w * I On SATURDAY MORN ING. July 2d, at lOo'cIoek I by order of the honorable Orphans' Court of the District of Columbia. I shall *?U.on 8qaare.No 91 near Boundary street, between 20th anl llat ; streets, in the city of Washington, D C . a quanti ty ot the finest Plants supposed to be in the United ' States, consisting of Japonicas and Capo Jessa 1 mines. Termsca.-h. Delivery made immediately after I the sale _ _ WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Administrator ofjohu Douglas, deceased ! JeM-d JAS.C. McGUIREAoJ . AncU. ' , #y THE ABOVE RALE T? UNAV0ID4BBT 1 postponed until SATURDAY MORNINO, JalyMh, i same hour and place. WILLIAM DOUOLA8, Administrator of JiVhn Dougia?, deceased. I jr2d JA8 C McGUI RE A CO.. AucU. 1 THOMAS DOWLING, Anct.; Georgetown, trustbFs SALE. By authority of a deed of trust, dated the 9th February, loJ7, and recorded in Liber J A. S., N#. 281, folio ?4, from John Ellis and another, to se cure a debt du<> to Sam "1 Cropley, and by his direct tion.l shal' ?ell atauction. ?n MON DAY,1st \ngMBt next, at 5 o'clock in the afternoon. o? tne prem ises. the piece or parcal of ?rnund in Goorgetosm, being parts of Lot* No.74 and 75. in the old town, fronting on the north side of Water street, and beginning at a point 123 feet 1'J inches westerly from the corner of High and Wnter streets, anl running from >aid beginning with Water str?et westerly 25 feet, thence nonh to a 3> feet alley, thence east with said alley 25 feet, thence south to the place of beginning, with the houas thereon. Terms; one-third of the purchase money in cask, and the residue at six ami twelve months?notes, with surety, bearing interest-?and a lien on the premises until paid, and when paid the property to be conveyed to the purchaser; and unless the terms are complied with within five days from the sale, a re-sale will be made, afteraweek's notice in the Evening 8tar, at the cost and risk of the defaulting purchaser. Deeds, stamps, Ac., at the purchaser's expenee. W. REDIN, Trustee. j*g-3tawAds TH08. DOWLING. Auct. JJT WM. L, WALL A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTER'S 8ALB OF VALUABLE AND IM FROYED REAL EsTATB ON CORNER OP VERMONT AVENUE AND NORTH N STREET IN WASHINGTON CITY, D 0 T' Pursuant to the provisiors of a deed oT trust. ?dated Mar 2S, lSfll, and recorded in Liber J A. 8,, ?? 2I9, f?lioi 116. Ac., of the Laid Records of asbington County and the t istnet of Columbia. We lubecriber, aa Trustee, wili, on the 7th dav at Julr next, at tire o'ciock p m , offer at Public Am tion. to th? hi^h^ft bidder, all that piecA or p4re#| of around lying in Waahiocton County, in the Di? trict of Columbia, and known as all that parcel of i fw0?1??.. 'z1?* in the Cit? of Washington, of said District, being part of Lot two, (8 ) in Square tw* hundred and forty-three,(2t3, 'beginning at a stake ?* *?? building line of north N street, on a tin* with the west side of N B. Smith's house, and thence north along said line to Vermont avetrae, thence south along said avenne to the original corner (southwest) of said Lot, and thence eatt Ji?ni 8tre*t forty-four (?i) teet to the place of b? ginning, conUming twenty tuo hundred f??t of ground. more or less. that piece or parcel of Land eommencior at the extreme north part of the above cit*d Lo? and running parallel with Vermont avenue fifteen feet? theneo eastand partilel with the alley t?a siv-twelfths feet; then south and parallel vi.h Vermont avenue twelve feet; thene* we*t and par ?'}el *?tk the alley six feet; thence south and par. ** "'poat avenue twelve feet; and thence north to the place of beginning of this latter siece o. *ronnd. with the buildings and improvements, rights and appurtenances to the fame bel?n*i!ig Term? of sale; One-third eash; the residue in notes a? 6 and 12 and 13 months, to be secured by a deed of trust upon tb? premises. Conveyances and stamp* at c j?t of pnrahaaer?. In cas-e of non coro?liin-e bv purchaser with 'ho terms of sale within fl v? days after the day of sale, the Trustee wi 1 retell the premises at tae risk aai ocst of defaultirg ru'chaser. A payment of lift) will be required bom the pur chaser at the time of sale. All conveyances to be prepared end, r luperviiiou &f the Trustee. CHARLE8 M. MATTflBWS. Trnstse ie 18 3tawtds lint ] W L. WAl-L A CO.. AucU. pjY GREEN A WILLIAMS. AaTtlTn"^: TRUSTEE S PALE OF VALUABLE PROPERTY. By virtue of a deed of trust dated the Stst day of May. ISO'), recorded in Liber J. A. 8.. No 2 4. foliex 96. Ac., one of the land records of Washington county. District of Columbia and at the reoue-t ?( S.1J,tDh^,^Ltl^int*'r.ehte<1- 1 phal1- on FRID 1Y AF TERNOON, the 15th of July next *864. sell at pub lic auction, on the premises Lot* Nos. 4,5,6,7,8 9 1^.11 12. and 13 in Fquare No. l'?8 in the city of Washington being the we*t half of said square. These lots front on D and E streets north and IJth street east and some of them ar? improved by ? dwelling and slaughter house. Terms of sale; One-third cash;, the residue in two equal pajmeuts, with the pnrchaser's note* at six and twelve months with interest from the day of sale. Deed given and deed of tru.t taken to secure said purrh&su money. All conveyances and revenue stamp? at the par chaser's cost. If the terms of sale are not complied with in tr? days, the Trustee reserve? the right after one week's advertisement in any newspaper in Wash ington city, to resell, at the risk and cost of the defaulting purchaser. WM. R. WOODWARD Trustee. Je 2.1 eoAds GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aaet. JJV J AS. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers TRUSTEE'S SALE OF TWO DE9IRABLS BRICK DWELLING-HOUSES AND LOT* oV -J18T STREET. BETWEEN G AND H 8TRKBT3. On THURSDAf AFTERNOON, July 7th, at o'clock on the premises, by virtue of a deedoif trust dated July 26th, 18o. and duly recorded is Liber J A. 8.. No 2i2 folios 2'? et seq., one of the lard records for Waehington coun ty. D. O., I shall sell parts of Lots lettered " E" and " P." in Todd'a recorded subdivision ?>f original lots 7.8 a ad 9. ia Fquare numbered 1(4. front'ng together i>0 feet on 21st street west, betweeu O and H streets north, and running back l'*1 '*^t. improved with two ihree-story Briek D*elling-housea, with baok. buildings, to be sold separately. Terms of sale; One-third in cash, and the re mainder ia tf and U months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Cortof conveyance*, including revenue ? tan pa, to be paid by tke purebager. If the terms of sale are not complied with la fiv? days, the Tru-^ee reserves the right to reoeil at tk. >!*?* ?ser }e ?4-eoAtls J.C. MoGUIRE A Oo,. Aucta ^ALE OF 00NDHMNE^^UARTERMA8T?BS' Ok/ Q*erterma*U*\< rkrntfWanktnitom.1 ? Wat/iirgrrm. Junt 28, 1864 \ Will be sold at Public Auction a' Government i' ".V.?' NeW Vor,t between Eighteenth ard Nineteenth *t'*Mt?.ia the city Wnshington, D. 0 . on WEDNESDAY, JSly 6. IW4. a lot of Qnartf roasters' Stores, condemned as un ni for issue, viz ; f jjfdea, Handcuffs, Lanterns, Office l,hairs. Grindstones. 8U>ves, Hov-pipe, Brooms, Coal hods Me**-pans, BuckeU. Scrap Sheet Iron, And a large I ot or < Carpenter >s Toels. Sale t? commoaoe at 11 oVloek a. n. Sucoess/ul bidders will be requiredI to reaoy^ the article* within five i?iday* frost date of aale. ????* e?l,,iBO(,w#?.t^oclH ^ ^yjgadier Geaeral, ^ALE OF CONDEMKEPHORSIB AKD MUXES^ r~i m r .i.i*aiasfs*S nJri- V. a eoMMuaf) a* auftt fpr p Tetaas Ca**> '* ??vernment J*?M? \*rOW MIC

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