Newspaper of Evening Star, July 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 7, 1864 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. amusements to ntoht. CAKTrBBCRV Hall. ? Both our theaters have closed for the season, but Canterbury will keep open some time longer, and prob ably all summer. Mr. Lea is warranted in doing this, for he has a cool and comfortable reeorf, ar.d the excellence of the company he Always engages will not tail to attract "full houses The St George Sisters, now engaged here, are creating great excitement by their re markable cabinet performances, a la the Dav enport Brothers. Sahfobp'* Troupe will continue for a few nights more to give their amusing minstrel en tertainments at Odd Fellows" Hall The pro gramme will be changed nightly, and each member of the company seems to endeavor to excel the other in pleas'ing the audience: and e&ch one succeeds well in his special part. Erei rmonb asd Pir-Nics.?At 2 o'clock to day th<- steamer Phenix will leave Seventh street wharf with an ex ursiou party lor Gly tnont, ruder the auspices of the Young Bach elor's Association. This afternoon ar.d evening the Magnolia Club will prive a pic-nic at Tivoli Park, out Seventfc street; and near by, at Washington Park, a similar entertainment will be given by the Star t'lub, and visitors may expect much e?jjo% niont. Gos/aoa College, formerlv known under the came ot ?? Washington Seminary," wis reopened for the instruction ol youth on the 2d day or October, lc4-. It is conducted by the Fathers of the Society ot Jesus. The interest ing annual commencement exercises took place yesterday at Ford's Theater. At ten o'clock the dramatic association commenced the play entitled the "Idiot Witness:*' followed by the melo-dramn "The Somnambulist." Epilogue, -Charles E Bailey. The performances thronshout were exceed ingly interesting, and elicited long and loud applause from the assemblage. The distribution of medals and premiums was anxiously looked for, and at the close of the play, and line music by the Marine Band, .Rev Daniel Lynch announced the names of the successful competitors, and the Rey Ber nardin F. Wiget. president ol the Gonzaga College, conferred the honors. For good conduct, untiring application, ready compliance with the rules, gentlemanly de portment, Ac., the first medal was awarded to Sam'l H. Wimsatt. Other medals wereaward ed to Daniel O Callighan, Geo. N. Sullivan, I Emile Lebois, Nathan S. Dustin, Henry Eme rich, Wm. P. Brady. John Brady. Ellsha F. Kiggs. John J. McCarthy, Samuel C. Usher, John W. Reams, J. Shannon Rowland. Anton Ruppert, Henry Giesking. Wm. Ric kets, Wm. B Browne, D Carroll Nicholson. Thomas L. "Woodward. Henry E. Goodrich and Louis Emmert. Then followed a long list of pre miums for proficiency and excellent condhct in the respective classes, and about 2 o'clock the exercises were closed, amidst fine leeltng and enthusiasm. ? . ForRTH Ward Station Cape1".?Henrv i Goucher, selling liquor without license: 8:20.5-. I Also, selling liquor to soldiers: S20. James Fowler, assault; di mi-sed. Robt. Johnson, grand larceny: do. Robt. Orr. John Orr, dis orderly: locked up 4 hours. Mich'l Kendrick, drunk and disorderly. 85 58. Mary Murphy, I lighting, dismissed." Elizabeth Robinson, do.: do. Lucy Johnson, do.: do. Henry Johnson, ' do.; bail for court. Allred Howard, Edward Russell, di-orderly: ior hearing Edw'd Rob inson. carrying weapons: .?5. Wellington Tap pan, Jos. t'arr, sleeping in street; dismissed. Jchn T. Holly, drnnk and disorderly; 83.59. j John Moore, Jo military. Paniel Henderson, I do *1.5-". L Qninlan, threats; dismissed, i Burke Fink, firing a pistol: do. Thomas J. Frazltr, insulting a lady: military. William JRidgeley, pickpocket; fail tor court. Wm. j .Shelton, disorderly; P1.5e. James Thompson, | drunk; workhouse. Patsy McQueen, carrying \ weapons: dismissed also, for sleeping in the I street; do. John Bilbing. drnnk: workhouse. Terrance Sheahev, drunk and disorderly; dis missed Daniel Sullivan, malicious mischief; bail for a hearing. Wm Shaw, stoning a church: S5.5-. John Dacy, drunk and disor derly; M. McCarty, sleeping in a wagon; Jas. Waters, S Jefferson, and Jno. Newton, carry ing a weapon; dismissed. Criminal Cocrt. Judge Fisher.?Yesterday Michael Owen? aha? Lewis Valasky, indicted for stealing garden stuff, was found guilty of stealing caboage, and sentenced to jail for four days * Saml Johnson was convicted of larceny. Josephine Monlion alias Montane was lound guilty of larceny. Wm. Clarke, T Edward Barry, Robert Walker, James Davis and John McNulty, a lot of boys, aged from 12 to 1?J, were found guilty of stealing preserved fruits, andMcNul ty was sentenced to five days in jail, and the others to three months each.' Wm. Henry David Mason, Cornelius Har ris, and Wm. H. Gray were found guilty of pettit larceny, and Mason was sentenced to six months in jail and the others to three months. This morning. Edward McPhaul, indicted for an attempt to commit arson, was found gudty. Motion made tor a new trial. The Rebel Raid? Finic Among the Canal Boatmen.?The rebel raid, and reports of their crossing at different points on the river, has scared the canal boatmen considerably, and their empty boats, which should go up, are fcuddled together in around the a^ue quct. The collector cannot even induce them to move around the bend, a mile and a half aboie Georgetown, in order to make more room, as they seem to dread to meet the rebs even there. Tb<*re has oeen no arrivals by canal since yesterday. Drcwsbd ?On the 5th instant, as the steamer Ptu'nix was returning from the excursion to Gl>mont, Mr. Alexander Earpe, a young man well known ia this city, was accidentally drowued His friends say that he had laid down to sleep outside the rail in front of the ?whrelhouse, and awaking he turned suddenly, and wm seen to fall in the river. He called lor help once, and immediately disappeared. Mr. Earpe was a native of Washington, and a tin and sheet-iron worker by trade. He was aighly esteemed by his acquaintances. Dittpiho the Profits ?For sometime past the proprietors of Columbia Garden, corner of 12th street and Ohio avenue, have been miss ing money from their bar-drawer. Suspecting Joseph Shaefer, their bar-keeper, they watched him, and yesterday Mr. Nathans, one of the proprietors, caught him by placing a marked cote in the drawer, and took SI- from him, four cf which was claimed by the proprietors. Shaefer was taken to the Second Ward station by officer Vcss, and Justice Clayton held him to bail fcr court. Grakd Lakck>v Cakes.?Bridget Feeney -was arrested by Officer McColgan for the lar ceny of various articles from the United States Hotel, amounting to grand larceny. The case was held bt-fore Justice Johnson, who com mitted the prisoner to jail for a hearing. Margaret Fitzgerald was arrested by Officer Crown lor being accessory to the robbery of 8100 from Edward Fitzgerald. She was sent to jail for a bearing, by J ustlce Bates. A Drlk.utfcl Excursion in Prospect. On Wednesday next, july 13th, an excursion to Glymont Pavilion, for the benefit of Gorsuch M. E. Church, will take place. It will be un der the management of the pastor and mem bers of the church, and all who would visit this delightful resort and enjoy a splendid sail, should make a note ol the date of this ex oursion. The Final Sale or Oil Paintings.?On to-morrow evening, commencing at 7# o'clock, the tine collection of oil paintings now on ex hibition at James C. McGuireA Oo.'s auction rooms will be put up and sold to the highest bidders. The collection embraces about 100 really fine pictures, all handsomely framed. Among them we notice particularly a fine in terior view of a Dutch Cabarret, a beautiful specimen ot the Ostade school, painted on panel, figures carefully drawn and highly fin ished, Debarka:ioh of Cleopatra, with figures, shipping,, ice.; an excellent copy ot one of Claade Lorraine's celebrated pictures, several fine madonnas, together with many other beautiful specimens that cannot fail to please the loverof art. We advise all in want of pictures to at'end this final sale, a9 we un derstand Mr. Tolman's purpose is to close them out. SPKCIAI^NOTICES. Debases or the NKa*0U8,8i3fi*AL. UatSAtT A*d?sxcal SrsTBHs-new and reliable treatment ?in Reports of the Howard Association?8ent br mail lq sealed letter envelopes, fre? 0f charge Address D. J. Skillin Houghton, Howard Asso ciation, No. 3 8outh Ninth street, Philadelphia Je 30 3m Ics Crbam ICS Cssam ! .. _ The undersigned begs leave to inform the public that he has always on nand a fresh supply of the choicest flavors , ' Ics Cssam, which he is prepared to sapply to stores, antlers, hotel*, pie nics. parties, excursions, and families, at the shortest notice and the most reasonable terms. Jos. BcHArnsLD's ftteam Ice Cream Manufactory, No. 3869th (i aiid H. Wholesale and retail. Je 23-lm" Boas Tiisoat. Cocoa. Co l?, and similar troubles, if suffered to progress, re Bolt ia serioas Pulmonary, Bronchial and Asth matic affections, oftentimes incurable. Bbowk's BaoaoaiAL Taooaas ?* compounded so as to reach directly the seat of ? the disease, and give almost Instaat relief. Jcti lmj ?t yj ?? if AKbwPskpumi Mb **? Hami>ki*CHtKr Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus." Pkalon's "Night Blooming Cereus.' Prion's "NightlBlooining Cereus. Phmlon't "NighTBlooming Cereus. Pkalon's '?NightBIeoming Cereus. P fusion's "Nigh^Blooming Cereus." Pbaton's "Night Blooming Cereus." A most exquisite, delicate and fragrant perftjme, distilled from the rare and beautiful flower from which it take* it* I?alTe-r> .. ? Q/,? *- v Manufactured only by PHAI.OH A 80s, N. Y. BBWARE OF COrKTBRFRIIS. Ask for Phalon'p?Taki mo Otkjjr. Je lG-3m Sold by druggists generally". Corns, Brsioxs, Bad Nails, etc. Corns a re the universal torment of mankind. To bo relieved of these terrible evils, call on Dr. I White and submit to his manipulation*. You are I sure to get relief without experiencing pain. Of fice. 424 Pennsylvania avenue (Lane A Tucker's between 4>* and 6th streets. No charge for consultation. je21-tf Coloatr's onkt Boat. This celebrated Toilet Soap, in such universal demand, is made from the choicest materials, is mild and emollient in its nature, fragrantly scent ed, and extremely beneficial in its action upon the skin. For sale by all Druggists and Fancy Goods Dealers. _____ Ja26 eoly Skcert Diskasks. Samaritan's Gift is the most certain, safe and effectual remedy?indeed, the only vegetable rem edy ever discovered. Cures in two to four days, and recent eases in twenty-four hours Nomneral no balsam, no mercury. Only ten pills to be taken. It is the soldier's hope, and % friend to those who do not want to ba exposed. Male packages, $2; female, j}3. Samaritan'.* Root and Herb Jmctt? Apositive and permanent wire for 8yphilis,8crofula,ITleera, Sores Bpots, Tetters. Ac. Price $1, or six bottles for 98 Bold by 8. C. Ford. Bee advertisement. mi Do Tor c?lor your whiskers and moustache9 If so, use the "Japanese Hair Stain." No hair dye in the world equal to it. Only one preparation. It colors a natural black or brown. Only 60 cents a box. . 8. C. Ford, Je 2-eo3m 290 Pa. avenue. Sole Agent. MARRIED, On the fith inst.. by the Rev. Mr. Cornelius. Mr. E. B. UODSON. of Luzerne county. Pa., to Miss MARY A. BROOK, of Alexandria. Va. On the 7th of June, lp"4, by the Rev. Father White, of St. Matthew's Church. PETER OAK RETT, of Washington, to Miss ELLEN TUMEY, of Baltimore. * i Boston and Baltimore papers please copy. 1 DIED, On Wednesday, the 6th instant, after a long and painful illness. Mrs. CHARLOTTK LIVERS, in the 72d year of her age; born in Montgomery county, Md., and for the last forty-two years a res ident of this city. Her friends and those of the family ?rerequestei to attend her funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. Georg? Harvey, corner of Ver mont avenue and L streets, on Friday, the 8th in stant, at 'Jlj o'clock. The funeral will proceed from thence to St. Mathew's Church, whore a Re quiem Mass will be offered up for the repose of her soul. May she rest in peace. In this city, yesterday, of pulmonary consump tion. Mr. GEORGE W. It BALL, aged 51 years, a native of Maryland, but for many years officially connected with the Government in Washington. His funeral will take place from his residence, corner of F and lltii streets, at 10 o'clock to-mor row morning. *, On the 6th inst.. J. SUMMERFIELD, youngest son of J.T.and Eliza Ferry, aged 6 years anl5 months. His funeral will take place from the residence of his parents on Friday, the 3th inst., at 4 o:dock r. 111.. when the friends of the family are invited to attend. * On the 6?h instant. MARGARET ANNE, be loved child of I'eter an! Catherine Kerr, aged 6 months. Her funeral will take place from her parents' residence. corner6th and E sts., this afternoon, o'clock. _* On the morning of the 7th instant, MARY MAL VINA, infuiit child of Edward C. and the late Elizabeth E. Dyer. Funeral to-morrow (Friday,) morning at 9 o'clock. LOST AND FOUND. REWARD?For the recovery of my two HORSES, strayed or stolen on the 27th of June, 1S?4 . One bay Horse, abont 15 hands high, with little white on each foot, both shoulder* full of bumps, from some cause; one black Horse, about 17 hands high, with a sore on his hack. I will give the above reward for both, or half the amount for either of them. Inquire between Uth and 12th sts and Maryland avenue, east. Jy 7 3t* CHA3. W. GORDAN. LOST?About six weeks ago a red COW. with a white spotted face. Also, lost, a hair BREAST PIN. on the 28th ult. A liberal reward will be paid for the recovery of both, 291 8th street, bet. L and M. jy6 3t* JEFT nOME ON THE 4th of July, at night, a .J dark complexioned COLORED BOY, named Wm. Henry Harrison. Anyone giving informa tion of his whereabouts will receive the thanks of his mother, on Delaware avenue, near the de pot. Jy 6-3t* I OST?Tuesday. July 5, near the Baltimore De j pot, a GOLD BREASTPIN representing the Bower "Pansic" diamond setting. The finder will be liberally rewarded #y leaving it with G. A. HENDERSON, 4 IS N street north, near 11th, jy 6-2t* LO.aT?On the 4th inst., in walking from Capitol IIill to corner of9th and I streets,or in return ing in city cars, a HAIR NECKLACE, with cro-fl attached, tipped with gold, slightly discolored. A liberal reward will be paid for its return to No. 31 East Capitol street. It is highly prized as a relic of deceased parents. jy 6-3t* C|Q( ?LOST?On Tuesday morning, a bright bay HOR^E, l.r>H hands high: had on a leather halter, strap broken; broke loose from a wagon opposite Jacksen Square and disappeared up I street The above reward will be given if re turned to 11. J. BAKER. 07 High St.. George town. jy6-2t* ^TRAYED OR STOLEN?From the subscriber, on the 29th of June, three COWS?one large, light red cow, white face, large bag, long teats; one large, v hite >? potted cow; one small, red cow, little dark in the face; all with horns. Liberal reward will be given if brought to the owner, or secured so that I can get them, K street, between 15th and 16th streets,No. 266. jy 6-3t* J.BOND. ^JTRAYED OR STOLEN?On thejnh dayof June, a red COW, w ith a bell round her neck, giving milk, about 7 or 8 years old, middling size, a little green paint on her horns near the head, a large bag. rather well covered with hair, the point of her horns cut off very little, long bushy tail, in tol erable good order. A suitable reward will be paid by giving information of her recovery or her re turn to 41 o I'enn'a avenue, near st. jy 6-3t* FOUND? On G street a WALLET, containing a small sum of money. Inquire at 303 I street. 1y 5-3t* UTRAYED FROM HOME. Sunday morning the W 3d, a black and white TERRIER PUP. A re ward will be given for hiB return at No. 391 H street. Jy 5-3t* REWARD For a buffalo COW. strayed on 2d *E>Tr July: had a long rope around her neck; color red and white. The above will be paid for her de livery at 4S11 street, between 3d and 4th. Jy 5 3t* C.O. WALL. C^AME to the premises, on the 4th of July, one / w hite COW. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charges and take her away. A. GLEASON, en Wal bridge farm, back of Columbia College. jy 5-3t* LOST?On Saturday, 2d inst., between the corner of 20th, on L street, and Mr. Errel's livery stable, on A street, a POCKET-BOOK, containing a will and $4.40 in moner. The finder will be re warded with the money by Wvingthe will and the pocket-book with Mr. ROBERT ERREL, H street, er corner of 27th and K sts.. No. 24.- The owner's name is written in the book. Jy 6 3t* tJTRAYEDAWAY LAST APRIL. FROM THE ^ subscriber, two BAY IIOR8E8?one marked "I C," on shoulder; had a sore on hind leg; no shoes on; and one fore foot split. Theothar had scratches on front feet. A liberal reward will b? paid if left with the owner. EDWARD nCNT, No. 443 K street, near Je 30-lw* Navy Yard Market. BOABDING. PLBA8ANT BOARD, at 439 9th street, oppo-ite Patent Office. BOARDING?One large ROOM, wit^i two beds, for four gentlemen, with first class BOARD, at $26 apiece. Within five minutes walk of Post Of fice. Inquire at Star Office. jy7 3t* 8UMMEK BOARDING.-Pleasant Booms and first-class Board can be obtained in George town. in a delightful locality, overlooking the banks of the Potomac. Apply at No. 212 Bridge street, near Frederick street. jy 7 3t* OTICE.?The old Hop Restaurant will be pre pared vn and after July Uth to receive regu lar boarders at $ i ner day. Also, two large Roouis for rent, suitable for a partyof six gentlemen?No. 490 7th street, sign of the White Bear. Jy T-lw* BOARDING.?The attention of those who wish spacious and airy rooms, well furnished, upon moderate terms, is specially requested. The ad vertiser wishes to provide for her inmates a real home, and to do thitf, will earnestly endeavor to promote their comfort by every meana within her power Modern conveniences and a good library m the house. An excellent tabic provided Tran sient toarders also taken. Apply at S95 1th street, between F and Q sts jy 7 2t*_ FUBNISHED ROOMS. WITH OR WITHOUT BOARD, FOR GENTLEMEN ONLY.-The whole of the second floor, together or separately, and one Room on the third floor. House sitoated iu the best loeation in the dty ?186 11th street, between E and f. Also, a few Table Boarders, by day or month. jy ? 3t* UETBRAL GENTLEMEN OAN BiTaCCOMMO ? dated in t healthy neirbboi hood with pleasant Rooms and Board, by applying at No. M at., Georgetown. ' Jy 5-Jt* P0*R*NT. WITH BOARD-Oa. Urge fROffT I BOOM, suitable for a family, or four gentle ??*? on X street, between 3d and 4th. We. Jy P'iKfiB per day,) at the Philadelphia Home, He. Sir New hew Jervey arenne mat Baltimore Depot. * n-lm* ?. H. HI0H9M, PropeleUr. WANTS. WANTED?A good SERVANT GIRL for gen eral housework. Apply at No. 475 D nt., N. E. corner of>d street. jy 7-tf ANTltI>?A good COOK, WASHER, and IKONEK, in a small family. Reference re quired. Apply No. 400 4th street. Jy7-3t* WANTED?A SITUATION, as housekeeper. chambermaid, or seamstress. Address Mrs. R. W..Tost OBce. Washington. D. C. iy7-2t* WANTED- A NURSE Apply af2T5 B street. * ? Rear of St. Charles Hotel. Protestant pre ferred. It* WANTED?A M AN, to take rare of two horses, and make himself tisefnl in a store. Must come well recommended. Apply at C. J. NAGLE'S, 8W Pa. are. jy7 2t* WANTED?A SITUATION by an Amerienn Wid ow as housekeeper, or take charge of store room in hotel, or would trtivel a* curse to an invn lid. Address M. M. G., City P. 0. jy7-2t? IVANTED?A WOMAN to aseirtt in cooking and " washing. Also, R YOUNG GIRL to take care of a child. Inqnire at the Goslin* Eestaursnt. be tween 12th and 13th sts. jy7-2t* BE8PXCTABLE 1*0 UN G GIRL WANTS A SITUATION as chambermaid or coek. Please to call at No. 133 F street, between 21at an4 22d streets. It* House paistubs wanted.- Two good HOUSE HANDS. Wages S3 a day. M. T. PARK KR A CO., jv 7 -It* 59 La. av.. bet. 6th and 7th fits. SITUATION WANTED?Ily a respectable LADY, to do general housework for a small family. Apply ?t y42 L btreet, between 18th and 19th. > i> 7 St* ?*7ANTED?A WAITER to t?ke charge of di ?* ning-room. Bteady employment to one that will suit. Apply at 514 11th street, Dining Sa loon. Jy 7-2t* WANTED?Twenty-live thousand f25.odo>?ounda of oM LEAD. Apply to THOMASW.MIL LER. Plumber and Gas Fitter, 243 Fa. av . b?'t. 12th and 13th sts. jy 7-3t* WANTED?An ASSISTANT BAR TENDER-, one who is industrious and willing to work. None need apply but one that is well recommend ed. Apply at 536 Penn. avenue, corner 2d street, in the restaurant. It' ARl'ENTERS AND C0ACHMAKER9 WANT ED -Frur good CARPENTERS or CAR RIAGE MAKERS wanted to work on ear repairs. Competent workmen can obtain permanent em ployment and sood waires. Apply at the Washing ton and Georgetown It. R. Co.'s Repair Shops. New Jer-ey avenue, near the Baltimore Depot. jy 7-at WANTED IMMEDIATELY?At No. 855 Is'., between 17th and 13th, a first-class COL ORED COOK. jy6-2t* A GOOD CHANCE?Wanted, a PARTNER, with S'1.2u0ina good paying business already es tablished in this city. For information address Printer, at this office. jy '*? 3t* IF YOU WANT A GOOD FITTING AND WILL MADE SHIRT, go to LEWIS'. 342 Seventh street. jy 6-3t* Opposite Burdette's. WANTED?By two young men, clerks in on^ of the Departments. ROOM and BOARD, with a respectable Roman Catholic family. Pleas* ad dress J. M.,Star Oflico. jy 6-3t* \\T ANTED IMMEDIATELY?At 24?? F street, a ?* WHITE WOMAN to cook, wash and iron. None need apply without the best recommenda tions. Highest wages given. jy o 2t^ WANTED?A GIRL or middle-aged WOMAN to do general housework for a small family. No one neea npply nnless well recommended. Ap ply immediately- at 4S1 1'ith street, between Dtmd E streets. " jy <i It* WANTED?Every family to try the celebrated "KIMOLA," for killing bed-bugs and nil vermin?a liquid preparation, guaranteed to be the best remedy in iFor sale by C. A. HOWARD, 431 E street, second door from Seventh st. Also, at lt>0 King st., Alexandria, Va. Jy 6-6t* (GENTLEMEN IN WANT OF SHIRTS, DRAW I ERS. Undershirts, HalfHose. and all kind* of Furnishing Good?, can get them at R. C. LEWIS,'342 "th street, at the very lowest prices, for cash. Remember the nnr>ie and number. R 0. LEWIS. 312 7th street, between I and Massachu setts avenne, east side. jy 6-8t* T^O EDITORS AND MANAGERS OF NEWS PAPERS IN THE UNITED STATES.?The advertiser, a phonographic short-hand writer of nearly ten years experience in reportorial journal ism, wishes to secure a position on a first class pappr to report public meetings during the ensu ing Presidential campaign, from the 1st of August proximo. Salary expected $35 per week. Address Phonographer," Georgetown Post Office, jy i)-3t* BLACKSMITHS AND WHEELWRIGHTS WANTED. CM(f Qvarter mailer's Office. Depot of Washington A Washington. Jnly 1.1S>4. < Wanted at once, to work in Government repair shop-, Quarter-nast.-r's Department. Depot of Washington, One Hundred (1>* ) go?d BLACK SMITHS and One Hundred 11<"0> good WHEEL WRIGHTS. ? .. The pay per month will be Sixty Dollars (ISt), with one (1J ration per day,and ho.-pital privileges Applv to Captain CHAS. II. TOMPKINS, A.Q. M , U. S. A., corner Twenty-second and G street*. Washington, D. C. D. H.RUCKEB, Brig. Gen. and Chief tiuartermaster. jy6-18t Department of Washington. ANTED?A LAUNDRESS and GIRLS. Apply at the Ebbitt House. jy 5-3t* T^OOK WANTED^Wanted, a White Woman who understands all kinds of cooking. Good wages will be paid. American House, curnsr Pa. avenue and 7tli st. jy f>-3t* W- ANTED?A good BRKAD BAKER. Apply at the corner of E and llth streets. jy 2-1f NOERR Ic BRO. COACHMAN WANTED?None need apply who cannot bring satisfactory testimonials of char acter and competency. Apply between 9 and 12 o'clock, to J. DENT. 45G 15th st. je23 lw? WANTKD-One hundred HORSES to pasture, in Prince George's county, Md. Price $?i per month for single horse, by the quantity f5 per month. Inquire of J. BEASLBY, Louisiana MR8. m: M. 8CHAAFF. HOUSE WANTED?In a central location, with about H? or 12 rooms. Will buy lease and fur niture. Apply to W. L. WALL 4 Co., Auction anl Commission Merchants, south corner Penn ave nue and 9th street. Je-2 WANTED?1.000 LADIES to come an 1 buy the same number of Embroidered Yokes and Sleeves, Bands and Wrappers. We have reduced the price one fourth, and now offer them cheaper than pxer. PBINOa, je 21-tf 3*1 F at., opposite Patent Oflice. AAI ANTE D-8EC0ND HAND FURNITURB. W Also MIRRORS. CAKPET8. BEDS. BUD DING. and HOUSE FURNISHING GOODS of every description, B. BUCHLY, 42S Hh street, je8-tf between G and H,east side. GEORGETOWN ADVER'MTS C-< EORGETOWN CORPORATION STOCK. - J Those persons who maybe disposed to pur chase Georgetown Corporation Stock, which bea?-9 an interest of six per cent, per annum, Payable quarterly, can obtain some l>y applying to >Y M, LAIRD, Clerk of mid Corporation. je ZMtlau S *IVERPOOL FINE AND GBOUND ALUM, TURK'S ISLAND. SAINT UBES. , . 441 ROCK SALT, for horses and cattle. For sale by T TH08. DAVIS. Wholesale Dealer in Salt, Je8-lm" No. 93 Water street. Georgetown. rrwwiNG PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO, by the J. Potomac Tow Company's boats, "Potomac," "Got Curtin" and "Belle Haven." Apply to the Captain, on board, or to B. DAVIDSON. my IS- Water street, Georgetown. I/*"* WRAPPIN(i,iDlES' WRAPPINGS. Black Silk Circulars. Black Silk Sacjnes. Black Silk Mantillas. Black Barege Mantillas, White Barege Mantillas, Gray Barege Mantillas, Misses Silk Saequps, Misses Silk Circulars, At MAXWELL'S MANTILLA EMPOBIVM, jy l-6t 328 Pennsylvania avenue. W . E' TOST%I0miKEi0K ^ liw_ 42T fifteenth street, je 27-lm* Next door to Biggs' Banlfc rw THE LATE8T STYLES ^ ^ T B A W>F HATS ^ CHAS. L. LOCKWOOD & CO.'S, e 2 lm.lf 1324 Pa. 9th and IQtfa sta' CTOVE AND KINDLING WOOD. Hickory. Oak K7 and Pine, sawed and split to any length and size; also, cord length. Lowes^market^njes. Office, Pa. av.. betw. 3d and sta. jeM-lm Mill and Wharf. st. at Canal Bridge. T^HE UNDERSIGNED HAS FOR SALE AT HIS Yardl Bl&gden's Wharf.on the Eastern Branch), about 40.000 FEET PRIME YELLOW PINE FLOORING, which it will be the interest of Build ers and others to examine before purchasing else where. Sawing and Planing done at the shortest notice. jy ?-*t A.GREEN. HOR8E8 FOB SALE.?Just received, 40 Horsea. for draft, driving and family purposes. i at Ball7Head Stable, 13% at. Can be seen , and Ohio avenue. jy 1-Jtt* C. PBICE, Proprietor. H,BT" 8B_IST8,?',H"'T8" order in th? . FAMILY ? At Wilson'* machines. MBS. KLINE. e tl-iw* 481 H at., between 11th and 1>A. THIS IS TO GIVE NOTICE, That the anbacri* ber baa obtained from the Orphana' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of Ma ry Key Wallaee, late of waabingten City-, D. C., deceased. All persona baring claims against the said same on or _ . otherwise byjaw beexciaded from all beneEt of u?'"? aiasis*"" ft 8-wSw* ______ . Executrix. SSk SFRiSZV"-- "I?tr FOB KENT AND SAIiB. IFor other "Fur Rent and Sale" see first page. ( rpBRKK UNFURNISHED ROOMS, euitabl* for J housekeeping. Rent moderate. Inquire at Star Oflice I** t OB RENT-A FUKNISHRD ROOk, on first floor, at 431 Twelfth street, between H and New York avenue. Jt ?-3t* PLEASANT ROOMS AND GOOD BOARD, upon moderate terms, at 439 9th street, opposite Patent Office. if 7-3t" OR RENT?One large ROOST, suitable for an office; 414 Peun. avenue. Terms fLS per month. Apply at the Doctor's. jv7-3t* ORSALE~CHBVP-BAR~R(>OM AND FIK TURKS. Inquire at Mount Vernon llouse, corner 9th and avenue. jy 7-3t* IARGE IRON SAFE FOR SALE CHEAP.-In J quire at STUART & CO.'8. corner 15th and F streets. jy 7-lw* Ij*ORRKNT?Oiib large .well FURNISH BD ROOM, in a central location. Terms moderate to a jf<"-od tenant. Apply at Hempler's Bath Rooras, 310 C street, between 6th and 7th sts. jy7-3t* I^OR RENT?A BRICK HOUSE, No. 3H.? E r street, between loth and 11th streets, contain ing eieht rooms. Inquire of EDWIN GREBN. No.iiOt ]?:Ieventh street. jy7-3t* FORSALE-An EATING HOUSE, neat Camp B:.rry. License i aid. Inquire of JOHN CL 1> MORB. No. bt?l H St., near the Government Printing Office. jy 7-2f I RENT?FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for a small family, or gentlemen, with privilege I? OR of cookirg. This house is so situated that it can be used by two small families. The whole bouse will be rented to one family if desired. It is com pletely furnished for housekeeping, the family having gane North for the summer. Will be rent ed until November, or longer if desired. Iti?but two squares from the Post and Patent Offices and Seventh street Railroad: No. 4!*6 G street, second door from 5th. Call before J a.m. and after 5 p. m. jy 7-3t* rpo RBNT-Three or four UNFURNISHED I ROOMS. Inquire up stairs of 4*27 north 7th, above G. jyi5-6t* FURNISHED ROOMS FOR RENT.-No. 1 Franklin Ptac#, I street between 13thand Uth, with board?gentlemen preferred. jyS-8t' 0 LET-FURNISHED ROOMS, without"board. Apply at No. 27 *2 F street, corner of Uth. jy 6 lw* OR RENT?Several large airy ROOMS, with or without board, on the corner of 8th and H sts., Island. jy fi-3t* Several furnished rooms, with Board, ^ for rent at No. '291 8th street, between L and M, near the 7th street cars. jy 6 .'It* PRIVATE FAMILY have a pleasant FUR NISllKD ROOM to let. with ?r without board, in a desirable part of Georgetown. Inquire at this office. _ j> 6-3tr FOR RENT?A front and back PARLOR, suitable for a private family, or for a Paymaster. The rooms are on the first floor. Apply at 470 Twelfth street. h <>-3t* OR SALE-A RESTAURANT situated corner 1st and C streets, near the depot, to be sold cheap for cash. For particulars inquire of WM. TURNER, on the premises. jy Q-6t* l^OR RENT?FURNISHED ROOMS, suitable for JT two single gentlemen or a gentleman and ills wife. Apply at No. 320 New York, 9th and 10th sts. jy 6-3t* I BURNISHED ROOMS TO RENT? Large and airy, in a small familywith no children, n>-ar the Smithsonian Grounds, and a pleasant walk to the Capitol. Apply to WALKER k CO., Potomac 11*11, Md. av. and 11th st. jyii-St* ? rito RENT FOR FOUR MONTHS, A NICELY 1 FURNISHED HOUSE, in a pleasant part of the city. Poasession ifiven immediately, lunuire on the premises, 394 2>th street west, between G and 11. jy 6-3t* SEVERAL PLEASANT FURNISHED ROOMS to Jet at No. 122 Pennsylvania av., between 19th and 2oth streets. jy5-3t* 0R~SALE?A nice BUILDING LOT. (22 feet by 70) situated on Rhode Island avenue, between 13th and Uth sts. Will be sold for cash, cheap. Title perfect. Enquire on the premises. Jy5-lw* T>H0T0GRAP1iERS, AMBROTYPISTS- One of JL tbe largest SKY-LIGIITS in the city for rent, with fixtures. Call at 502 Pennsylvania avenue. jy5-lw* TO LET?A small not'SE, nearly new. on New York avenue, between 6th aud 7th streets. Hiet house from 7th street, north 6ide. Possession given immediately. jy 5-3t* FOR RENT?Wanted to exchange a HOUSE on 6th street east, for one west of 7th street west The house has six rooms. R'-ut $12.50 per month. Inquire cfG. F. GULICK. Capitol Hill, jy ;V3t* OR RENT-FURNISHED HOUSE No 4->2 Uth street, between G and H. For particulars apply at office of J. C. McG UIBE &. CO., Auction and Commission Merchants. jy 5-3t OR RBNT.?In a private family, pleasantly FURNISHED ROOMS for rent, without beard, at 431 Third street, between Pennsylvania and Missouri avenues. jy 5-.1t* OR RENT-FURNISHED ROOMS aud STORE ROOMS, at No. 400 D street north between Cth and 7th streets. Large and elegantly furnished Rooms for rent, w ith or without board, jy 5-3t* OOL AND PLEASANT ROOMS FOR REST. Two or three as pleasant rooms as the citv af fords. Near the Treasury. Best reference given and required. Apply immediately at No.'290 G street. jy5-3t* HOUSE AND LOT FOR SALB. near the cor ner of 14th add U streets; cottage built; just finished; all nicely painted inside and out; water near the door. Inquire on the premises. Jy 5-4t* JOHN M. HILL. TM' RNlSHED ROOMS?Two Furnished PAIt r LORSand 1!E1) CHAMBERS, on the second floor, suitable for a small family or single gentle man, at J. P.CBUTCHET, corner of 6th and D streets. jy 5 3t* ROOMS ?A l&dy from the North, occupying a nice house, will rent two or three ROOMS, finely furnished, to gentlemen. Also two or three Rooms to a gent and wife having furniture an 1 desiring to keep house?4 69 E street, two blocks from Post Office. National and Metropolitan Ho tels. Every convenience. Location unsur passed. ir 5-1w f~^0K RENT?A large STOKE, good location for confectionery or ice cream saloon. Inquiroat the store. 310 I street west. jefl-lm PERSONAL. Avery fine and good-fitting akti cle of Shirt is now offered for sale at LEWIS', 342 7th street, between I and Mass. av. Also, an elegant assortment of Undershirts, Drawers, Half Hose, and ever> thing in the line of Cents' Fur nishing Goods, at the lowest cash prices. jy6-3t* MEDICAL. RS. LAFLIN, the well-known Medical Clair voyant from New York, will wait on her patients at No. !?42 4th street, between I and K sts. Mrs. L examines hands, describing diseases. Little medicine is given. Call and see. jy 5-3t* NLY FIFTEEN WEEKS IN AMERICA. o DR. BECHTINGER, formerly Surgeon in charge in tbe Austrian and Italian army, oc cupied himself with the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to Female Diseases and Private Diseases. Besides the knowl edge of three old languages, he converses in Frig, lisn, French, Italian, German, and Spanish lan guages. His Imperial Commissions and his Diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe hang in his office, Pennsylvania avenue, 508. Dr. Bechtinger i* very muchlencouraged t<? have during this very short time the patronage ofthe public of Washington, as. among many others not pub lished, tae following certificates may be attested : " This is to certify that I have been troubled for the last three years with fc chronic disease, resist ing all medical treatment, and which through the aid of Dr. Bechtinger; I have been perfectly cured, "Washington city, 1st June, 1864. ' G-. DONB. ' " Your treatment of my involuntary discharge, and your success in it, recommend ?Ou^verj|u^h What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia,) says: ' ? ..... " After a long sickness my poor child became dropsical, in which time I call to you. dear sir, ant you saved bim. MASCON &. R, B street, No 293." "I had tried all gpecifics, withont any elect, against the chreniC lung disease of my eldest son, until under your treatment he improved "Maryland av., 12th st. MULLER, Painter." All these and many other very difficult cures have been made by Dr. B in the above specified time. Regular office hours from 9 to 11 a. m., and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and unfortunate posi tively only from 11 to 12. Medicinna without charge. Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street. No. 502. Jy5 1m? ' D VBMALL T . ly with ladies. Hours > a. m. ty 6 p. m. jo 29-lm* HDB. J. H. THOMPSON AS Removed from No. 274 north F to 513 H street, one door west of.7th st. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p/m. jc23 1m* i\to CUBE, NO PAY I?Go to Dft. BROTHERS &. GRAY and be cured. They have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure of all forms of "Diseaat," particularly that of a private character, for twenty yean. This Is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis Sacefnl and horrible death. How important it is. en, for those unfortunates who have brought disease upon themselves, to be cured before it U too late; thug preventing exposure of themselves ?nil family. . Office and residence 179 south B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. jeg-lm* UBRTf?Who .has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping f Who is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who hasthe largest number of hands at Embroidery f Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, &e., and who -1 die only pereon In the IHsirlct that does Fluting fadies 1* proof that he L I. who do not wanttheir goods spoiled, but stamped as they t>?,g? to the only psnos In the city Wk?*fufTreGft'LTJTIirai lUJTOKH M The onfv in town now In operation. AUCTION SALES. T'r ??>*r Aartlea laleiiMflnt r*(?> TH1W miRHQQH A PIP TO-MORROW MY JAME3 C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers klowTX,H(ITTT,i-i?iTr op fourteen good li&Sj L STREET. BETWEEN NORTH CAPITOL AND 1BT 8TS WS4I Oil THURSDAY AKTKRN(>ON' Jul j rt?a ? ?n the premises. weshatf r?>11 te the hirh ?^t bidder, fourteen good bnildint lots, fronting r> 2 ^eei t* ? 011 ,no"h , street, between north OaMtotstreet and Ut street west,aud running baek 136 feet 7\ inches. * Terms- One-naif in ca=h^ the remain ler in sir and twelve months, with interest, secured bv a deed of trust on the premise*. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. A payment of (JO on each lot will be required at the time of sale, Jy 2 d I Rep,] J. C. McGUIRE A 00 . Anrt*. gY JAS. C. SIcGUIR* i CO., Auctioneer^ FIFTEEN SMALL AND DESIRABLE LOTS. AT TilK COHNER OF MASSACHUSETTS AY ENUE AND 1TTII STREET AND NORTH M AND 17TH STS,. AT PUBLIC AUCTION. On THURSDAY AFTKHNOON. July 7th. at <5>j o'clock, on the premises, we shall soli eight Build ing Lots, front in (teach fifteen feet on north M st., at the corner of 17th street we#t,and running back to a ten foo^ .alley. Also, seven Lots, fronting about fourteen feet on Massachusetts ar., south side. at the corner of 17th street. These Lots are finely located on high ground, ai d will be sold to the highest bidder. Terms: One-third cash; the remainder in si v and twelve months, wivh interest, socured by a deed oi trust on the premises. Conveyances and stamp' at the cost of the pur chaser. A payment of twenty dollars on et'.h lot will be required at the time of sale. Jy l-5t J.C.McGUIRBA CO., Aucls. J JV JAS. C. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF TWO DESTRARLE BRICK DWELLING-HOUSES AND L0T8 ON iilST STREET. BETWEEN G AND H STREETS. On THURSDAY AFTERNOON. July 7th. at 6'i o'clock, on the premises, by virtue of a deed of trust dated July 36tli, ]St>U, and duly recorded in Liber J. A. 8., No %l. folios 21S et sea., one of the land reeordsfor Washington county. D. C.. I shall sell parts of Lots lettered " E" and "P." in Todds recorded subdivision of original lots 7, 8 and 0, in Square numbered 102. fronting together 00 feet on 21st street west, between G and II streets north, and running back lit) feet, improved with two three-story Brick Dwelling-houses, with back buildings, to be told separately. Terms of sale: One-third in cash, and the re mainder in an<l 12 mouths, with intere-t, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Cost of conveyances, including revenue stamps, to be paid by the purchaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with in fi v? days, the Trustee reserves the right to re-ell at the risk and expense of the defaulting purchaser, J.CARTER MARBURY, Trustee. Je2l-eoAds J. C. McGUIRE A Co., Aucts JJY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers, TRUSTEE'S BALE oF~BUILDING LOT ON VERMONT AVENUE, BETWEEN Q AND R STREETS NORTH. By virtue of a deed of trust from Tfco. Rice, dated June 10th. 1863. and duly recorded in Liber N. C. T.. No.7. folios 108 et of the land records tor Washington countr. D. C., I shall sell, on THURSDAY AFTERNOON. July 7th, at 6Li o'clock, on the premises. Lot A. in J. T Lenrua:i's subdivision of Lut3, in 8quare No. 277. fronting 10 f?et 11 insht-a on Vermont avenue, between Q and R streets north, and running back 111 feet 83* inches. Terms: One-half cash; the remainder in 6 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. HILLARY C SPALDING, Trustee, e 18-eoAds J. 0. McGCIRE A CO.. Auctt, B ^ JAS. C. McGUIRE & CO., Auctioneers. SNUG TWO-STORY BRICK IlOUjJE AND LOT ON CnESNUT STRKET BETWEEN 14TII AND 15TH 8TRIBTS. on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, July 12th, at 6-, o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell parts of Lots No. '41 and 19, in Dmry's subdivision of Square 2 9. fronting U feet U inches <>n Chesnut Street:between llth and inth streets west an 1 l' .?nd Q streets north,improved by a well-built two otory brick Dwelling-House. Terms cash. Conveyances at the cost Oi purchaser fmniediatepossesslon giTen. Jy 7-td JAMES 0. McGUIRE A CO., Ar.cts. OY J. O. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. HOUSE AN? LOT ON~tToRTH E STREET BE TWEEN 19TH AND 30TH STREETS WEST. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July l^ o'clock, on the premises, b>- virtue of a deeree of the Orphans'Court, dated Juneaist, 13M,confirmed by the Supreme Court, July 5th, 1864, I shall s<d!, part of Lot No. 2, in 8quare No. 122, fronting about an feet on north E street, between B*th and 2utU streets, and running back 97 feet <)/? inches, togeth er with the improvements consisting of at wo-story Frame Dwelling Ilou-e, (No. 21U containing tour rooms. Terms cash. . ... . Cost ofcomeyance to !><? pai l by the pnrcha-*r. M. F. NORIUS, Guardiau. jyg-d J.O. McGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. j^Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. A GOOD TWO STORY FRAME HOUSE AND LOT ON G STREET, BETWEEN 4li AND OTH STREETS,'ISLAND, AT AUCTION. , On TUESDAY, the )2th o'clock p. m., we shall sell, in front of the premises, a good two-6tory Frame House, containing six rooms, be ing part Lot 8. in Svfcare 496. A good chance for a 'V.SS'rr01- oaasit* WILLIAMS, jy 6 Auctioneers. J^Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO'., Auctioneers. NEW AND DESIRABLE"FRAME DWELLING. HOUSE AND LOT. ON 11TU STKBET WEST, BETWEEN M AND N STREETS. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, Jul* lltb. at 6H o'clock, on the premises, we sha'.l sell Lot No. lt?, in subdivision of Square No. "ViO, fronting V> feet inches on 11th street w est, between L and M sts. north, and running b^ck 92 feet to an alley 15 feet 9 inches wide, together with the improvements, consisting of a new and well-built three-6tory Frame Dwelling-house, finished throughout inthe most superior manner, and containing 7 rooms, with hall, gas-pipes throughout, and in all re spects a comfortable and desirable residence. The situation is one of the best in Washington, high, healthy and eutirely respectable. I Terms: One half cash; tne remainder in 1. ^an l 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trast on the premises. IWIinmediate possession given. j) o-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Aucta. gY GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. AERY VALUABLE BUILDING LOTS IN JESSE B HAW'S SUBDIVISION OF MOUNT PLEAS ANT, ADJOl NING T B E BO I N 1? A R Y LINE AT 7TH AND *TH 8TBEETS EXTENDED, On MONDAY, the 11th instant, we shall sell, in front of the premises, at 6 o'clock p.m., the fol lowing valuable Building Lots, wlr.:?Lots Nos 42, 43. 44, and 156, of J. B. Haw's subdivision of Mount Pleasant farm. These lots front on 7th and 8th streets extended, and opposite the Park?a good situation for business purposes, and outside or the corporation of Washington. Persons wi-hing to purchase handsome building lots either for private residences or business pur poses will do w ell to attend the sale. Terms of sale: One-half cash: balance in six and twelve mouths, for notes bearing inte rest from the deed gi ven and adeed of tTust taken. All con* veyance at cost of purchaser. Title indisputable. The above lots will be subdivided to suit pur chasers. . , ? , Fifty dollars will be required of each purchaser when the property is knocked off, and if not paid down it will t>e then put up and sold to the next highest bidder who shall comply with the terms. Jy?-d GREEN A WILLIAMS, Aucts. ny J. 0. MoGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!. PEREMPTORY SALE OF BRICK HOUSE AND LOT ON NORTH 0 STREET, BETWEEN 11TH AND 12TII STREETS W EST. On WEDNE8DAY AFTERNOON, July 13, at6S' o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell part of Lot No. 2, in Square No. S23. fronting 17 feet ?? inch on north 0 street, between 11th and 12th streets west, and improved by & three-story brick dwelling honse. (No. !i6S?.) containing eight nice rooms, with passttge and porches back and front. Terms: One-half cash; the remainder in C and 12 months, with interest, secured by a deed of trust on the premises. iSTImmediate possession given. Cost of convey ancing and stamps to be paid by the P1jefr9ader" J. C MoGUIRE A CO.. Aucts. gY J. C. MoGUIRE A CO.. AucUeneera. TRUSTEE'S BALE o7~H0U8B AND LOT ON MARYLAND A> BNUS,BETWEEN ^TH AND OTH STREETS EAST. * L , By virtue of a deed of truft, dated on the 13th day of October. A. D., 1066, to Charles 8 Wallaih and John 0. d. Hamilton, trustees of the Franklin Building Association of Washington citr, D. C., and reoorded in Liber J. A. E., No. 12*. foliestt,*., one of the land record* of Washington county, D. 0., and, by virtue of a decree ?as*ed by tfcempreme Court of the District of Columbia, in chancery, la eaase No. 66, wherein Henry Barron, et. al.; in behalf of said Franklin Building Association, were complainants, and Charles 8. Wallach, et. al.. were defendants, I was sub stituted as trustee in the place and stead X the said Charles 8. Wallach, the surviving trustee an4er said deed of trust: I. ?hell proceed to sell, at nubile anction, in front olrthe premises, at aiz o'clock p. m , cn MONDAY, the avenue, between ttfe and tth street*.easi. Terms: One-half cash: theresidneiBsix months, the dafe'red payment to be seoured by a deed of trast on tha premises. If the terms of ale are not Sir^mpttsJSl with wiUin ire day. ftromdayof sale, the trust^srtll 'eeeUatU. risk aadooet of the eo?t of ?^rcha*rs.? 0?^^lN0_ ostee. icUSawAdS J- v. MoGUIRE A 00., AacU. mBIB If T? PJT* NOTI01, That the rnh 1 aoriber hasehtained fresa the Orphans' Cenrt of wa?hisk<irMn County, ia the District of Ceiam a; iSXZJF. .fftfl the sajne, with tha veaohers there*/, te the sob ?criber, aa ?r Woce the 4thlay af Jane neat: * to?" ' eAHtta*?af J?e,mt. J 1 t*U-v9wr ?UfA *' Mxeeatrii? j ] AUCTION 8ALK. FUTURE DAYS. gV J. C. McGUIRE ft CO , Auctioneers valuable cnimpeovkd property at Till CORNER OF MARYLAND AVENUE AND TWELfTH STEEBf WEST. On FRIDAY APTKRWOON. J%lyl. ?t?S o'cloeh, on tl>f promises, we shall ?*U the whole of Square No. 836, (on the Island,* subdivided into ?o?4 Ksiidinc Lota, fronting respectively on Eleventh ana Twelfth streets west ana Maryland avenue. til running back toaileys. This comprise* gome of tha choicest building sites In that section of the city, and tha sale in worthy the attention of persons vho wish Cat building sites. Title indisputable. Terms : One third cash; the remainder in sit and twelve months, with interest, secured by a deed <rf trust on the premises. All conveyances and stamps at the costef the purchaser. A payment of $20 on each lot will bo required at the time of sale Je24-d J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., AueU iottIe A ROYS 8A1.K t- postponed until FRIDAY AFTERNOON, July d, same h?ur and place. iJ 1 J. C^McOUIRE A CO.L_Aaet?._ J AS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. CLOSING OUT SAL* OP I1AND80MB OIL CAIN TINGS. On FRIDAY BVENINO, July8th. at haL' put ? o'clock, a! our salesroom*., we (shallclose out aboutone hundred line Oil Paintiupa. being the remainder of Mr. Tolmjui'a collection from for mer sale, ^ ith nlai<- fine additions that coull nat be displayed on thr.t occasion Lovers ol' food paintings are invited to lummo this collection before the sale, which w ill be mad* without reserve rather than incur the expense of repacking. it -y Catalogues now ready. Terms cash. jyC J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auets. JJY JAMES C.McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers" EXECUTOR'S SALE OF SUPERIOR FURNI TURE. MIRB0R8. CARPETS, PAINTINOtJ, ENGKAVINGS.SILVER-I'LAl ED WARE, Ac ! On MONDAY MORNING.Julyllth.atlOo'cloch, at the residence of the late Gen. J. O. Totlen, Chief Engineer I . S. Army, on north G street, be tween lith aud Wth street*. we shall sell the Fur niture and Effects. comprising? Han laome Velvet Damask, and Leather-covered Sofas, Arm and Easy Chairs. , Marble-top and other Tables, Divans, E'.ageres, Oi:?rtette Tables, Footstools, ! Gilt-fraroe Mantel Mirrors, j Handsome Crimson Damask and La*o Curtain*. Cornice. Ac., , Fine Oil Paintings. Engraving'. Bronze*, *a 1 other works of art, Case of Stuffed Birds, ' Portfolios of Engravings. : liru-sels and Three ply Carpeta. ; Oilcloth, Rugs. Bods ?nd Eyes, | 1Ctt? nsion Dining Table. Msrbte top S.debotrd, Leather-covered Dining Chnir^, Lounge, Mantel Clock and Shade. V ??es, Gas Chandeliers throughout. China. Glass, and Crockery Wire. i Table Cutlery, Silver-plated Pitchers, Wine Coolers, Candlestick*. Ac., < Mahogany and Walnut Bedsteads, B :revi3, WmH stands, and Wardrobe* ! Superior Curled Hair Matt ressoa. Bolster# and Pillows, FeatJie;- Beds, ! Husk Mattre-ses, Blnnkets. 0?mforts. Toilet Sets, Curtains, and Shades. ; Bookcases. Writing Table-. I Rocking &nd Eas> Chairs. Cane seat Chairs, I Heatinr Stoves, Fire Irons, Refrigerator, I Together with the u-ual assoitu.ent of Kitchja i "Requisites. j Teim.n ca-h. TF.MPLE. U. 8. N.. Executor, jy c d J AS. 0. >HGl IRE A CO.. Auct* I J^Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. TWO HANDSOME DWELLING HOUSES AND LOTS ON NOBTU E STREET, BETWEEN 6T11 AND 7TII STREETS WEST, AT PUBI.'O AUC TION. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 11th. at GS i oYloek.onthe premirea, w^j shall sell two hand ! some Brick Residences. Nos. 461 and 4.v E street, between fth and 7th streets west. The houses ar* we.i built, v ith large and pleasant rooms, and are < snpplled with all the modern improvements. Terms; one-third ca-h,the remainder in ait and twelve months, with interest, secured by .a deed of trust on the premises. Title indisputable. Conveyances Eud rovenue Ftampfta*. ta? cost of thj*?"C *JArME3 C. McGUIRE A CO.. Au*ta. B Y GREEN A WILLIAMS, Auctioaeeri. In virtue ofan order of distress against the go<?is and chattels of B, Heme for rent due and in ar rears to George Hill, and to me directed, I have levied upon one iiiaiui and cover as the property of said Henre. Hint I hereby give notice that I shall sell the same to the bidder for cash, on SATUR DAY, tho nth day of July, at 11 o'clock a. m., at the corner of ?th and D streets, at Green A William*' Auction Store to satisfy said amount of rent due. A E L KEESE BaiUtf. Jy J-d GREEN A W1LLIAM3, AucW. BY J. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneers. VALUABLE DWELLING.-HOUSE AND BUILD ING LOTS AT THE CORNER <>F NORTH H. STREET AND 10TH STREET WEST. On MONDAY AFTERNOON, July 11th, at half past 6 o'clock, on the premises, we shall aell. for account of estate of the late Com. Crane, parti of Lots]oand 11. in Square No. 12?, at tha corner of 19th street west and north H street, together with the improvements, consisting of a three-story Brick Dwelling house, with hack-buildings, sta blinff, Ac. The property will be divided into Ihrw parts, two bnildin^ lots and the house and lot oa which it stands, with a auffirient side alley. Possession of the house will be given on the lat of October, 1854. Terms caah. Cost of conreyances and stampi to be paid by tha purchaser. je2-d 3. C. McGUIRE ft CO,. Anet?. B Y J. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Auctioneers. ADMINISTRATOR S SALE OF GREEN HOUSE PLANTS. On SATURDAY MORN ING. July 2d,atl0o,clo?k, by order of the honorable Orphans' Court of the Dietriet of Columbia, Ii<hall sell, on Square No. 91 near Bonndary street, between 2Uth and 2Lst streets, in the city of Washington, D. C., a quanti ty ol the finest Plants supposed to be in the CnitesI States, con6istiug of Jipoaica? aud Cape Jessa mines. Terms cash. Delivery made immediately after the tale. WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Administrator of John Douglas, decease!. Je29-d JAS. C. McGUIRE ft Co., Aucts. THE ABOVE SALE IS UNAVOIDABLY postponed uutil SAT I RDAY MORNING. July 3th. same hour and place. WILLIAM DOUGLAS. Administrator of John Douglas, deceased. Jy 2-d J AS. C. McGUIRE ft CO., Aucta. B Y JAS. C. McGUIRE A CO., Auctioneer!. POSITIVE AND UNRESERVED SALE OP NINE SMALL DWELLING H0USE8. On WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON, July Wth. at 6 o'clock, on the premises, commencing with the first-named, we shall sell part of Lot 23, square Si?, on Fourth etreet wost, between N and O street* north, improved by two small Bnck Dselling Houses, four rooms each. Immediately after, we shall sell pirtofLotNo. 3. square t49, fronting on the 3-*> foot alley between L and M streets north, and 6th and 7th street* west, improved by tive small Briuk and two Frame Dwelling Houses. Terms : One-half cash* the balance in siv moitha, with interest, eecured by deed of trut on the premises. Conveyances at the cost of the purchaser. Jy 2-d (Rap) J.C. McGUIRE ft CO.. Auet*. RUCTION SALE OF CONDEMNED HORSES. Wii Department. Catalit BtTBiir, I Office of Chuf Quartermaster, > _ Washihctob. D. 0., July 4.18M.\ Will be sold at PUBLIC AUCTION, to &e high, est bidder, at the times aud places named below, viz: Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, July litk, ? . Reading, Penns)lrania, THURSDAY. Jily Jijt, 1864 Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY, July ffith, 1864. Altooua, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY. Augmat 4th. 1804. , Williamaport, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Am gust 11th, 1-W4. TWO HUNDRED (300) CAVALRY HORSES at each place. These horses have been condemned u unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purposes many good bargain* may be had; AAA a J uc m?**? . Horses sold'ing^y. Terms: Cs'h in United States currency. JAMES A. IKINi Lieut. Col, and Chief Quartermaster, jy 6-td Cavalry Barea. S~ ALE OF CONDEMNED QUARTER MASTERS STORES. Chicf Qvartrmasfr's Office, Lhpot qf WasJiiwfn, I Washington, Jun? M, 1W4. | Will be sold at Public Auction at Govern meat Warehouse, No. 5, New York aveaue, betweea Eighteenth and Nineteenth striata, ia the city mt Washington, D. C , on WEDNESDAY. July?.IM4. a lot of Quartermasters' Stores, condemned as un fit for issue, via: Spades, Handcuffs. Lanterns. Office Chairs. Grindstones, Stoves, StOT^-pipe, Brooms, Coal-nods. Mess-pans, Buckets, Scrap Sheet Iron, And a largelot of Carpenter's Teals. Sale to coca me nee at II o'clock a. m. Successful bidders will be regairad the article* within five<6>daya froaa data eale. Terms cMh, in Oorarnm^ntgu^^^ ^ALE OP CONDEMNED HORSES AMD MULES. WiU be^aoli at public aoctioo. attha Oarrah, Terms: Caah in OOTernment ha4i. Bale to caa Brig. jeVSt wrtWWMLL ft KAMDBBaON, ? Mfii 1 ?? i ni mt waLxpaPees a EE wnri rUeh they are i wr* ? H ?.

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