Newspaper of Evening Star, July 8, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 8, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W. P. WALLA* H, Editor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY .....JCIiY 8, 1S61. EXTRA. Important IVew/i* The Enemy Retreat From Before Fred erick-lien. Wallace Pursuing? Rein forcements Going Rapidly Forward. BAtTiMoa*. July 8?11 a. m.?Despatches from Frederic*, received at headquarters this morning. say that the enemy retreated during the night from before that city, and that Gen Wallace is pursuing. ? Reinforcements are rapidly going forward. FROM HARPER'S FERRV. The Rebels Meet a Sharp Repulse. There is no doubt, we apprehend, that while tfce rebel General Early was yesterday prepar ing to attack our left near Maryland Heights, his force was vigorously attacked by a portion of Sigel's troops, and to punished as to frus trate r.well's plans for the time being. He was thus given more than he could do successfully to defend himself. BIGII. SUPERSEDED. We learn that Brigadier Gen. A. P. Howe. Chief of Artillery of this Department, (of Washington) has been ordered to the command ot our forces in front of the rebel force that has ei tered Maryland, vice Gen. Sigel, ordered te report to Gen. Hunter. Gen. Howe is an of ficer of great energy, activity and experience, and will prove very valuable to the country in his new position He is in command there this morning. FROM THE FKOST. All <)uiet?Lota of Baker's Ca val ry in Wil son's Raid Lens than Reported. The mail steamer John Brooks arrived at the 6th street wharf this morning at eight o'clock, from City Point, which place she left yesterday morning at ten o'clock. She brings no news, and reports ail quiet at the front. Colonel Conger and Major Curtis, of the 1st District of Columbia cavalry, who were re ported killed or captnred in the late raid with Wilson, came up as passengers on the John Brooks. Major Curtis made several narrow escapes, his clothing being perforated with bullets. Colonel Conger is severely, but not dangerously wounded, and hopes to be soen in the saddle aeain. These officers reached our lines on Friday last with a portion of their 1 command, after several severe engagements > with the rebels. The 1st District cavalry is not so badly cut ! np as w as first reported, many of the missing i having succeeded in gaining our lines. Their | entire loss, in killed, wounded and missing, will not amount to more than one hundred. FROM MARTINSBURG. Particulars oi the Rebel Raid There. A Mr. Richardson, a refugee from Martins burg for now the fifth Ume, was in the city this morning, having left Martinsburg the eveniBg of July 1. He saw the rebel entry at cr.e o'clock, and reports the rebel force that i entered there at not more than 1,500 cavalry and mounted infantry. Sigel held them at bav long enough to have all the rolling stock and property of the railroad sent off. and also all \ Government property; and then he fell ba^k successfully. Such Government property as could not be brought away was burned. Our informant thinks the rebels at Martinsburg were commanded by Imboden. ORDERED. Aasisuint Engineer Samuel V. Stillings, of this city, has been ordered to report in Boston, 1 Mass , to Admiral StriBgham for passage in the United States steamer Circassian to the EastGulf squadron, where he will be assigned to dutv on the United States steamer Summer sett. Engineer Stillings leaves this city to morrow, and carries with him the best wis hea of a large circle of friends. War Photographs.?We have received some exceedingly fine photographic represen tations of scenes at the front, taken by Brady's renowned corps of artists. Gen. Grant (and a capital likeness; is naturally the central figure in these pictures. St at ion key Contract?Messrs. Philp Solomons have been awarded the contract for supplying stationery for the ensuing year to the Interior Department, Indian and Census Bureaus and Land Office. Troovs ordxp.ei> to Washinutok.? The Tenth regiment Veteran Reserve Corps, which has been doing duty at the offices of the Pro vost Marshals in this district, has been or dered to Washington, and will leave to-mor row ?-V. F. ro3t, 7th. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. REPORTS FROM FREDERICK. [Dispatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.] Fki UfcUit K, Ma, July 7, 1-61.?Fighting has been going on all the morning, between Mid dletown and this city, between Bradley T. Johnacn's forces, not Bushrod Johnson, as re ported, and our cavalry, consisting of the tigbth lllinoi" and other commands. The enemy hold Middletown, and Early, this morning, passed within four miles of Freder ick, taking a po?i'ion on the mountain that distance west of th? city. About daylight the enemy were driven through Middletown, when they were supported by some artillery posted in the road, and our small pursulngforce were forced to retire. During the moming a brisk artillery duel occurred between four and six roibs from the city, and considerable damage was sustained on either side by exploding shells. General L?ew. Wallace has sent additional artillery to the front from the Monocaty, and o'her troops are on their way, which it would not be wise to speak. REPORTS FROM SANDY HOOK. Savbt Book, July??1 p. m., via Balti moki-From the tact that no two persons agree as to the rebel force or object, it is dif ficult to silt the truthout of rumors. It seems, however, certain that last night a portion at least of the rebel* crossed the Potomac near Antietam, as they appeared this morning on the Maryland side, and brisk skirmishing has been going on before Fort Duncan. In >bi? nesaltory fighting the rebel* generally h jld their own, although we drove back their s klimish lin? tor n few momenta this morn ing, but they rallied and in turn forced us back. Oar casualties have been very few, and it is believed that we have not pnnished the enemy to any great extent All this morning figlting ot this i ature was going on, 'be rebels all the t me maintaining their ground but not press ing what slight advantages they gained. At no time have any but a small force of them been visible ei heron the Virginiaor Maryland end thia is especially true of thoee before F#rt Duncan, on the Maryland side. i lie impression In G''n. Sigel's lln* waa that the main body of the rebels were not In front, but whether they bad gone on a raid to Penn t-y 1 vania or not could > ot be det Trained. Night twfore last they burned the platform of the railroad, which is the extent of their achieve ments in that line. There is nothing certainly known ol Hunter, ard bis n?ar proximity is doubted. den Wallace i? still at Monocacy with Oen Tyler, and the command of th*l ter is wateh i, lk lovker lords aud covering the railroad To day, at noon, be despa'ch+d two guns of Al? xander's Battery to the assistance of our troops beyond Frederick city. Important Movements Feat at Mem phis? Arkansas News. Mm rata. July 5 ? An important movement 1* go'ag on here, the details of which are con traband. There is no news from Arkansas since Gea. C "r's flkht, soore days sinoe, and we have had n arrival trem the White or Arkansas rivers t -r the last two davs; bat Gen. Steele has am ?le supplies, and no aaxiety Is felt for him or l? poaitioa. Li and Jehn?on Ratification Meeting O-wnoo, N. Y . July 4.?The nomination of l.u.roln nod Johnson was ratified and the Baltimore platform endorsed this day at Os we< ? b? at least 10,(j00 persons, and % patriotic and powerful speech was made by Hon. f>auM K Dickinson, fully endorsing and sustaining the Baltimore nomination. A Maine Fort Onrrisened?Ylee President Hamlin among the Frivntes. PAvoon. Jnly 7 ?Company A, State Guard, w hich ? as ordered to garrison Port McOlary, le t >bi? a m with Utt m' n. Among the pri vates was Vice President Hannibal Hamlia. OFFICIAL* By the President of the United States. A l'BOCLAMATIOH. Whereas the Senate and House of Repre sentatives. at their last session, adopted a Con current Resolution, which was approved on the second day of July instant, and which was in the words following, namely: "That the President of the United States be requested to appoint a day for humiliation and prayer by the people of the United States; that he request his constitutional advisers at the head of the Executive Departments to unite with him as Chief Magistrate of the nation, at the city of Washington, and the members of Congress, and all magistrates, all civil, mili tary and naval officers, all soldiers, sailors and marines, with all loyal and law-abiding peo ple, to convene at their usual places of worship, or wherever they may be, to confess and repent of their manifold sins; to implore the compas sion and forgiveness of the Almighty, that, if consistent with His will, the existing rebellion may be speedily suppressed, andthe suprema cy of the Constitution and laws of the United States may be established throughout all the States; to implore Him, as the Supreme Kuler of the world, not to destroy us a people, nor suffer us to be destroyed by the hostility or con nivance of other nations, or by obstinate adhe sion to our own counsels, which may be in conflict with his eternal purposes, and to im plore Him to enlighten the mind of the nation to know and do His will, humbly believing that it is in accordance with His wiil that our place should be maintained as a united people among the family of nations; to implore Him to grant to our armed defenders and the mass of the people that courage, power of re sistance and endurance necessary to secure tbat result; to implore Him in His infinite goodness to soften the hearts, enlighten the minds and quicken the consciences of those in rebellion, that they may lay down their arms and speedily return to their allegiance to the United States, that they may not be utterly destroyed, that the effusion of blood may he stayed, and tnat unity and fraternity may be restored, and peace established throughout all our borders." Now, therefore, I, Abraham Lincoln,Pres ident of the United States, cordially concur ring with the Congress of the United States in the penitential and pious sentiments expressed iu the aforesaid Resolution, and heartilj* ap proving of the devotional design and purpose theieol, do hereby appoint ihe tlrst Thursday gt August next to be observed by the people of tlie United States as aday of National humil iation and prayer. I do hereby further invite arid request the Heads of the Executive Departments of this ! Government, together with all Legislators, all Judges and Magistrates, and all other persons exercising authority in the land, whaSArr civil, military, or naval, and all soldier*, seamen, and marines in the National service, and all tiie otber loyal and law-abiding people of the United States, to assemble in their preferred places ol public worship on that day, and there to render to the Almighty and Merciful Ruler of the Universe such homages and such 1 confessions, and to otter to Him such suppli cations as the Congress of the United States have, in their aforesaid Resolution, so solemn ly, so earnestly, and so reverently recom mended. In testimecy whereof, 1 have here unto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this seventh day of July, in the year of our Lord, [L. p.] cne thousand eight hundred and sixty four, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-ninth. Abbauam Lincoln. By the President: William H. Seward, Secretary of State. ry~5=? JOURNEYMEN PLASTERERS ATTEN TION.?'iou are notified th meet at Tem perance Hall en MOD DAY, 11th. to take in consid cratioo the strike for an advance of w? ,ei. The attendance of every member is requested 15y order of the President. JOHN R. GILL. PETER J. I?IEKCE.Secy. jy> ??* ry-^-AT A special MEETING OF THE HAR ! ftlONY CIRCLE, of this city, held at their rooms on Tuesday evening. July 5,1K54. the fol lowing resolutions were reported by the commit- | tee and unanimously adopted Whereas by one of r.illictive event* inci dert to humanity, our friend and associate. Musks A..i>kr. in the rioter of his nee and fullnessof hi i.rength, with the promise of a long and nRefill life before him. hit been suddenly removed from among us by death : Therefore be it Rfolved, That we receive with deep sorrow the intelligence of the death of our late friend and as sociate, and bear willing testimony to his worth and usefulness while living. Resolrtd. That we will longcherish the recollec tion of his amiable deportment, his upright and honest dealing, and his generous devotion to his friends and associates. ? Resolved. That we deeply sympathise ?1th his psrents and relatives, wlio have been bo deeply bereaved by this unfortunate event. Resolved, That a copy of these resolutions be sent to bis par* nts. the same be entered on the records of tnis Association, and be published in the Washington firenint Star and Bsltimore Sun. ISAAC 8TRAUSEJ H. L. BLOCT, ; Committee. If S. L. HABLE, \ lY"-^ PUBLIC SCHOOL8.?The Committee on Lk_5 examination of candidates for positions aa teachers will meet at the City Halloa SATUR DAY. the 9th instant, at 9 a. in., for the purpose of examining applicants for appointment or promo tion as teashers in the pubfis schools of Washing ton. F. 8. WAL81I. jy 7 2t Chairman. O=?N0TICE TO COUNTY TAX PAYERS.?The Levy Court have extendel the time for the abatement of 1U per cent, on the tax of 1364 to the Sith of July, and 5 per cent from that date to the 1st of August. The County Collector will be found ut the City Ball Tuesdays and Saturdays, until the 1st of August. No further abatement to be a'low ed. fjy "-3t*l J. PILLING, Collector. ry-^OFFICE Of METROPOLITAN RAILROAD | L < CO Washington, July6,18<il.?At a meet ing of the Corporators of the 'Metropolitan Rail road Company,*'held at this date, under the pro vision of the act of Congress, approved July 2d, 18tvi, it was Ordered, That the books of subscription to the rapit'd Mock of said road be opened on Thursday, the 7th instant, from9 o'clock a. in. until ft o'clock p. m.. and from day to day thereafter until $200,000 of said capital stock shall hav? been subscribe I. In pursuance of such order the undersigned cor porators having been appointed for that purpose, will l.e in attendance between the hours designated on Thursday, the 7th instant, and from day todav thereafter until ?20" ,0<*'of the capital stork shall have been subscribed, at the room*over the office of the N;u> Auent. No.465 Ninth street, opposite the office of the Daily Chronicle. M. G. EMERY ALEX. R. 8HEPHERD, JyTJf 8. P. BRO\VNJL_ rY-y^KEV. J. SELLA MARTIN will lecture at the IL? 1.1th street Presbyterian Church, 011 MON DAY EVENING-, July 11. Subject?English opin ion and feeling in reference to the present war. jy 6-5t* lY^-THE BIST AND CHEAPEST PLACE IN IkJ? the city to buy your Shirts. Hat- and Un der Clothing is at LEWIS', 342 7th street, near Northern Market. jy ii-3t* n^s^WASHINOTON AND GEORGETOWN IL3 RAILROAD COMPANY.-WA3UiNr.ros, June 24. MM ?'The animal meeting of the Stock holders of this company, for the election of seven Directors for the ensuing year, will be held on WEDNESDAY, the loth of July, 18S4,at the office o' the Company, corner of 15th street and New York avenue. The polls will be opened at Ko'oluck in., and closed at 2 o'clock p. m. GEO. 8. GIDEON, President. Il.C. f AHNE8TOCK, Bec'ry. je 27-tjy 13 NOTICE ? To the Peopleof Wafhinwton and IL3 the Public generally ? Upholstering and Cabinet Making and Renovating of all descriptions, done in the bent style and at the shortest notice. Old Cnrled hair Mattresses can be made as good aa new at W,M J. LEE'S new establishment. No. 363, C Btreet north, between 4>i and 6th street west. JeS^-lm* WM. J.LEE. P? SALE?A new WAGON, built by one of the best builders in the District, sustable for either one or two horses. Also, one two-horse EXPRESS WAGON with HARNESS complete Can be ???en at P. W. DORSET 8 Peed Store on 7th street, above the Northern Market, No. 333. , jy 8-2t* NOTICE.?Commissioners of the Paid Fire De pirtinent having adopted and published the rales and regulations for the government of the Department, have extended the time for receiving applications for membership until Tuesday, July 12. The attention of persons sending in their applications is called to section eight or the act to crirairise a Paid Fire Department, vii: " That the paid members of the Department, except the extra men shall give their undivided attention to their duties." jyB-td B. C. ECKLOFF, Secretary. C'ARLYLE'S FREDERICK THE GREAT, vol. 4. ' f 1 78 Guide Bock of the New Jersey Central Railroad, 78c. 10. Savage Africa, by Wiawoed Reade,#3J0 North American Review for J uly. $1.25 Blackwood's Msgszlne for June, 25c Denis Duval, by Thackeray, 80c Sabbath Readings, br Rev. Gardiner Spring, 2 vols., tg Macana. by the author of " Beul&h." f 1 50 The Book of Days, 2 vols., illustrated. id Jy 8 FRANCE TAYLOR. \Y~A T "U R tt l_M T 0. WATKB BKfllSTRAR'P OfFlCE, I ... CiTT Hall. Julv7, ?S4.{ All persons who use the Aqueduct water on their premises are hereby notified that the water eent is now due to the Corporation for the period from July 1. 18M, to January ) 186S. The water rent is required to be paid at this of fice during this month of Jaly. If not paid by or beftue August l?t, the law commands that the wa'er b? ?hut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollars for e*p??Ds** of abutting off and restoring law does net fforide for serving individual not res. and this public notice U all that will be "A'.',- ""MBagM;. ?B,BT" ibiet?i?8b,?*?? FRENCH YOKE 8HIKT8 Bade to order in the v?r? beet styles: guarantied to it. FAMILY SEWING promptly done oa Wheeler A Wilson's marking MRS. KLINE? etl-tw* 491 H St., between lltkand lltV. LOST AND FOUND. TAKEV UP ASTRAY, July 4th, one BAY 1. H"R8E, 16hands high, fcor white feet, eight years old. at Washington and Georgetown Rail* r g tables, near Baltimore Depot. JyB-3t? f OST-?On the ?th iniu. a PORTEMONN All, Li containing a small sum of money In currency. $2.9> i n fold. one silver dollar, and a small Ppan isfi coin. The finder will be suitably rewarded br leaving it at room No. 9, Navy Department. Jt' CAME TO"M Y~PREMISES-Ou the 7th instant, a RED COW with horns. The owner can prose tL. pro*..,.?. jyS 366 21st street, betwten G and H. C*QK REWARD?For tbe recovery of my two HORSES, straytd or stolen on the 27th of June, )St>4 : One bar Horse, about 16 hands hish, with little white on eacli foot, both sHoaldew fuli of bumps, from some ca>t?e: one black Horse, about 17 hands high, with a s< re on his hack. I will give t/ie above reward for both, or half the amount for either of them. Inauire between 11th and 12th sts and Maryland aVenue, ea^t. _ J) 7 3t? CHA8. W. GORDAN. IOST? About six week> ago a red COW. with a * white spotted face. Also, lost, & hair BREAST PIN, on the 28th nit. A liberal reward will be paid for the recovery of both, '291 3th street, bet. L and M. jr ti-.1t" 1EFT HOME ON THE 4th of July, at nightTa _i dark complexioned COLORED BOY. named Wm. Henry Harrison. Anyone giving informa tion of his whereabouts will receive the thanks of his mother, on Delaware avenue, near the de pot. _jy IOST?Oil the -1th in.-t., in walking from Capitol J Hill to corner of 9th and I streets, or in return ing in city cars, a HAIR NECKLACE, with ctosb attached, tipped with gold, slightly discolored. A liberal reward will be paid forits return to No. 31 East Capitol street. It is highly prized as a relic of deceased parents. jy 6-St* STRAYED OR STOLEN-From the subscriber, on the 2Uh of June, three COWS?one large, light red cow, white face, large bag, long teats; one large, white spotted cow; cow,little dnrk in the face; all with horns. Liberal reward will be given if brought to the owner, or secured bo that I can get them, K siraet, between 15th and ltith streets. No. 266. jy 6-3t* J.BOND. STRAYEDORSTOLEN?On thejnth day of Jane, a red COW, with a bell round her neck, giving milk, about 7 or 8 years old, middling size, a little green paint on her horns near the head, a large bag. rather well core red with hair, the point of her horns cut off very little, long bushy tail, in tol erable good order. A suitable reward will be paid by giving information of her recovery or her re turn to 415 Fenn'a avenue, near st. jy (J-3t* personalT INFORMATION WANTED of Margaret Gross, who left New York for Washington on Friday, July 1st. 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RYTHER, Of the Care May line, is now making her regular trips to Cape May. Leaving Arch street wharf, Phila delphia, every Tuesday, Thursday' - and Saturday ?t 9 o'clock a. ro. Returning, leaves Cape Mav every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at Ki o'clock a. in. Stopping at New Castle going and returning. Far*. $2.50, carriage hire included. Children half price. Servants $1.50, carriage hire extra. No freight will be received after 8 o'clock, and in all instances must be prepaid. jy 7-lm JOS. A. STEWART, Agent. 486 CHOICE STOCK 486 49tt INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. 48t> 486 PAPERHANGINGS. 4*6 A select and varied stock of Gilt, Medium snd low priced Paper hangings. Borders, Statues, Cen ter Pieces, Ac. WINDOW SHADES. Buff, Green, Chocolate, Brown ?nd Gilt Window Shades, a variety of patterns; Shade Fixtures, Tassels, Ac. PICTURE CORD AND TASSELS. Silk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif ferent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortment; Picture Rings, Nails, Ac. OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. 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JeiylllM. iy d-St TRY DONOVAN'S BLACKBERRY OOBBIAL r lee, ft per bottle, for salt by aU Dmg ?ift? h tyn j SQUAD OF R F1IEL CAVALRY IX THE VICINITY OF LACREL. They Steal Horsrs and Skedaddle?1'nion | Men Captured near \Vinche?ter> A small squad of rebel cavitlry flSorW' I made their appearance abeut ton miles west of Laurel last night, and ran off with a number of horses. The guards along the roads were strength ened, and due precaution was taken last night that the guards should not be surprised. We learn that quite a number of men living in the vicinity of Winchester, who had bsen at work at Piedmont, Cumberland and other place? In that vicinity, started home on Friday and Saturday last, and a large number?some say over 100 of them?were captured, they going directly In the rebel lines before they were aware of the presence of the enemy. ! THE DESTRUCTION OF THE PIRATE ALABAMA. Official Recognition of the Gallantry of (apt. AY inflow and the Officers and Crew of the Kearsarge. Secretary Welles has sent foCapt Winslow, of the Kearsarge, the following handsome re cognition of his gallant services in the destruc tion of the pirate Alabama: Navy Department, 6th July, 1881. Sir: Your very brief dispatches of the 19th ar.d 'Jtnh ultimo, informing the Department that the piratic al craft Alabama, or 2B0, had been sunk on the lfth of June, near meridian, by the Kearsarge, under your command, were this dav received. I congratulate you on your good fortune in meeting this vessel, which had so long avoided the fastpst ships and some of the most vigilant and intelligent officers of the service; and for the ability displayed in this combat you have the thank3 of the Depart ment. You will please express to the officers and crew of the Kearsarge the satisfaction of the Government at this victory over a vessel super ior in tonnage, superior in the number of guns and superior in the number of her crew. The battle was so brief, the victory so decisive, and the comparative results so striking that the country will be reminded of the brilliant ac tions of our infant navy which have been re peated and illustrated in this engagement. The Alabama represented the best maritime effort of the most skilled English workshops. Her battery wac composed ol the well tried 32 pounders of 57 cwt.,?of the famous (iJ pounder of the British Navy, and of the only success ful rifled 100-pounder yet produced in England. The crew were generally recruited in Great Britain, ard many of them received superior training on board her Majesty's gunnery ship, the Excellent. The Kearsarge is one of the flrstj^unboa's tuilt at our navy-yards at the commencement ot the rebellion, and lacks the improvements of vessels now under construction. The principal gur.s composing her battery had never been previously tried in an exclusively naval en gagement: 3*et in one hour you succeeded in Kinking your antagonist, thus fitly ending her predatory career, and killed many of her crew, without injuiy to the Kearsarge.or the loss of a single life on your vessel. Our countrymen have reason to be satisfied that in this, "as in every naval action of this unhappy war, neither the ships, the guns, nor the trews have been deteriorated: but that they maintain the ability and continue the re nown which have ever adorned our naval an nals. The President has signified hi3 intention to recommend that you receive a vote ot thanks, in order that you may be advanced to the grade of Commodore. Lieut. Commander Jas. S. Thornton, the executive officer of the Kear sarge, will be recommended to the Senate for advancement ten numbers in his grade; and you will report to the Department the names of an> others of the officers or crew whose good conduct ou the occasion entitles them to especial mention, Very respectfully. Gideon Welles, Secretary of the Navy. Captain John A Winslow, I". S. Navy, com manding U.S. steamer Kear^agre, Cherbourg, France. FROM POINT LOOKOUT. [Correspondence of the Star.) Point Lookout, Mo., July 6, IS64.?Editor Star: Brigadier General James Barnes, for merly commanding 1st division, 5th army corps, arrived at this post to-day and relieved Col. A. G. Draper, of tne 3i;th colored regiment, and assumed command of the post. Col. Dra per reports to Maj. Gen. Butler for active ser vice in the lield. The General and staff in spected the prisoners' camp, hospital and the several commands on the Point, and in the evening he was serenaded by the bands of the 5th Mass. regiment and of the 10th and 20th regiments of the Veteran Reserve Corps. General Barnes graduated at West Point In 1B20. He raised and brought out to the war in 1961 the lfth regiment Mass. volunteers, and was made a Brigadier General for meritorious services in the field There are now some l:i,i)00 prisoners of war at this point. S. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Latest from tbe Rebel Raiders* The Enemy have Retreated from Harper's Ferry?The Reports about a Large Rebel Force in front of Frederick and at South Mountain all Sensation Canards?Hunter in the Rear of the Enemy at Martins* burg?Harper's Ferry Reoccupied by our Troops?The Enemy taking the Back Track Generally. Baltimore, July s, 12.30.? Advices from Harper's Ferry this morning, show the Rebels have left there. The force ii? front of Frederick yesterday, is not believed to have exceeded two thousand. The story told by the prisoner taken, of their bavirg a large force beyond South Mountain' is probably mere boast. At all events no very large force of the enemy has yet been discov ered by onr scouts or reconnoitering parties. The special dispatches sent from here that 50 or tiO miles of the railroad has been destroyed is merely a sensational picture. The officers of the road assure us that with their facilities for obtaining information which are certainly quite equal to auy others, they have nothing to warrant any such statement, on the contrary all their information goes to show that thus far little damage has been done to the road, the enemy being too much occupied in gathering plunder to devote much attention to destroying the track. The road is certainly all right westward from a point about 10 miles west of Martinshurg, and from Harper's Ferry eastward to B&lti more. Thus the rebels so far have only held or operated upon about 2r, miles of the road. Hunter Is supposed by this time to have reached a point not far west of Martinsburg, and poFsiblv has already struck a blow at the enemy in the rear. There is no excitement here, as telegraphed North. Our people are confident and as cool as tbe weather will permit. Baltimobk, July ".?A special dispatch to the American from Frederick at I p. m. to day, says the rebels have retreated fully four miles from their position of yesterday, on the road to Boonsboro' and Hagerstown. Gen. Wallace and staff are actively engaged. Everything looks well. Frederick is in no danger. One gun was captured yesterday by us. The llth Maryland (100-d'ays men have ar rived, and were enthusiastically received. Baltimore, July 9?2 p. m.?A dispatch from Harper's Ferry this morning confirms the oc cupation of that place by ou* troops, and the old flag once more floats over the town. From New Orleans. New York, July 8.?The steamer Yazoo, from New Orlean- ou the l-<t instant, has ar rived. The steamer Creole arrived out on the 1st. There is no military news in the papers. Brig. Gen. Dwight has been removed from Gen. Banks' staff. Cotton, on the 1st, wa3 higher. Middling, SI 60. Sugar, 20#a21. Produce and provi sions higher. Gold, 2l5a530. Philadelphia Troops Called for at Once. Philadelphia. July 8.?Gen. Coach has sent a despatch to Mayor Henry asking him to use bis official influence at once to raise men under tbe recent calls of Gov, Ourtin. .. New York Markets. Naw Yobl, July 8.?Flour, 15 to 25 higher Meat, 2 to 3 higher. Corn. 3 bettor. Provisions firm. Whisky, steady. Gold, 87a. OTThe heiress to the Brazilian throne is ltkely to marry the Austrian Archduke Louis Victor. ?9" The Indian? are busily scalping hear Denver city. j ?STlmports at New York la June?nearly ?ve millxns. Cornwall ta about to erect a monument to Humphrey Davy. ?QT The Ohio Crisis reports the wool crop enormous. So is the prico. LOCAL NEWS. THE r?NDlMWD ME*, C?rnrlius Tuell H?as at 1 o'clock-Peter ??Odea's seatence U?muN-Tw]|'i Appearance and tondi||0?i_Oriai Is and Incidents of the Execution. This Friday, Jnly S is the day fixed fcr the execouon of Cornelius Tnell. couvicted at tho March term of the murder of hts wife in Feb ruary last, and for tlx1 execution of peter Geotfen, (colored.) convicted at the I)-cember term of the murder of George Banks, (colors \ in November last. The circumstances connected with those cases will probably be remembered. (JooO'n wassns. pe?ied by Bnnks of being the paramour of h>s (Banks'; wife, aud Banks attemp-ed to put him out of bis house, when a scuffle took place, in which Banks' wife carae up and h?ld ner hus band while Gooden stabbed him, causing hi* d< a b. Good, n way tried at th^ TK?<ember term of the court. Bis counsel, Mr. Beall. took ex ceptions, which wore overruled; and on the last dsi of the March t?-rm he received his sen tence, with stony indifference. Tuell will be remembered as the person who murdered his wife with circnmstanees of dia bolical atrocity. He had been in the habit of ill treating her for a long time. In February last he committed the murder, by beating her horn, bly with a hammer. Heafterwards placed the corpse in bed with his two \ oung children, and subsequently conveyed it to Glen wood Gem etery, where it was interred hastily and with out ceremony, hi? allegation being that she had died of small-pox. The fact of the corpse being taken away so secretly came to the knowledge of the police, and they ser te work to ferret ont the tacts: when a coroner's inquest was held, and the body exhumed at the Cemetery: aud on examination it was found that she had been beaten almost to a jelly. Tuell was arrested, and at the March term was tried, when, among other witnesses, the little son of the flec^sed testified against his father. The trial excited a great deal of interest at the time, and the deed was regarded as one of the mest atrocious ever known in this District. Gooden whs formerly a slave and came from Elizabeth City, North Carolina, which he left two years since, getting with the Engineer brigade, Gen. Benham, in which he cooked for a mess and with the brigade came to this city where he had been residing s months previous to the murder. Good-n is said to be a very orderly man by tho^e who know him. His father nnd mother are dead, and two of his brothers are in the army. Some of his sisters are in Dixie, and one is In Philadelphia, to whom he had written several letters which failed to reach her, and therefore he ha:t no tidings lrom her. On hi3 trial he exhibited hardihood that was generally remarked, but from the time of bis conviction he seemed gradually to realize his situation and lately exhibited mnch feeling Since his sentence ho has had religious instructions from Rev. Father Walter, of St. Patrick's church, who frequently visited him and doubtless he had prepared himself to meet his fate. Yasterdaf he ex pressed himself as ready to die, although he asserted that it would not be long before some Eeople would find out that he was not guilty, e had for some days been hopefnl of receiv ing a pardon or commutation, hnt as the time drew near he seemed te lose all and exhibited considerable feeling. On Wednesday the jailor, Mr Milburn, went to hisjcell and read to him the death warrant, when he shed tears freely and promised to prepare for the change, ex pressing the belief that the Lord would tafce him to himself. He is inclined to be supersti ious and is averse to being left without a light in his cell, fancjing he sees spirits wken he Is in dakness Both the condemned men have been confined in cells opening iu the same corridor, and in consequence of the extreme heat of the weather they have been allowed the run of the corridor. It was in this corridor that, within a fewdavs, they were so fiercely attacked by a mad dog, the particulars of which were given in th9 Star at the time. Tuell escaped from th? dog by sheltering himself in his ceil, nnd Goodin by clambering to a window, where by almost frantic efforts, he managed to keep the dog away from him until assistance reached him. Tuell, of whom we can learn but little, has been in the city several vears, for the most of the time serving as a waiter at the National Hotel, and subsequently he drove a hack for the keeper of the hotel stables. He asserted that this was the first scrape he got into. When the sentence was parsed upon him he was to tally unnerved, aHd for awhile was very ill, but with proper nursing had measurably re covered, although be had changed considera bly. his complexion having become very fair, lie seemed very apprehensive lest some of his friPiids and relatives should know his end, and expressed the hope that some of them would never learn how he died, Since the sentence, Tuell, who for some time had a lingering hope that his sentence would be commuted, has been preparing his soul for eternity, being almost constantly engaged in reading religions books or meditating on his fate. He stated that he knew nothing of the transaction, that he was drunk at the time, and that there were many things said about him of which he has no knowledge. Rev. Father Walter ha3 been assiduous in his attentions to Tuell, who expresses himself as bem*; fully prepared to meet his God. Mr. Milburn, the Jailor, went to Tnell'a ceil on Wednesday, and informed him that he carae to read to him the death warrant, when Tuell stated that he would rather not hear It; but when he was informed by Mr. Milburn that it was his duty to read it he acquiesced, and heard it read more composedly than it was anticipated. THE OALT.OW8. The gallows was erected in the jail yard, north of and close to the building, ia March last, for the execution of Jeremiah Hendricks, white, for the murder of D?nnis Sullivan, and Emanual Pollard, colored, for the murder of George Butler, on the 1st of April, since which time it has stood Its dimensions are as fol lows : Height of uprights supporting the beam, twenty-two feet; height of platform, twelve feet from the ground, and twelve feet square. One foot higher than the level of the platform is the fatal trap, which was formerly five feet by five, but has bee:: enlarged to eleven feet by five, Hiking it of a size to allow the execution of lour persons at the same time. The rope is of the best manilla. procured from the Navy Yard, al:er several pieces of rope from the stores of this city had been broken under the test weight of 225 pounds. The rope is made fast to a cleet on either upright, and passing over the benm the two nooses prepared for Tuel and Gooden hung something over three feet apart. This scaffold ha.> been already baptised to its prim missicn, having served for the execution of no less than four noted criminals:?Wood ward. hung some years ago fortbemnrder of his wife: James Power, hung for the murder of young Lutz-, John Conrad Kessler, a sol. dier, hung iu the Old Capitol prison yard De cember 5, 1862, for the murder of Lieut. Fer nando Linzy; and Augustus Ford, colored, hung on the 3d of March of last year, for the murder of Geo-Adams, colored. THE EXECUTION. Early this morning Father Walter, of St. Patrick 'a Church, went to the cell of the con demned men, and administered to them the consolations of religion. Both appeared calmer this morning than they have been for some days pas', ieeling that their fate was inevitable. The time designated for the execution w between i2 and 2 o'clock, and before the hour first named, there seemed to be but little of the usual stirabout the jail ontside; but at 12 the windows of houses near bj began to be thronged with eager gazers, and some crawled upon the roofs of porches of houses, a few per sons getting upon tops of houses, and some boys crawled up trees and a telegraph pole overlooking the yard in which the gallows was located. A rather large crowd of men, women and children also eventually gathered outside of the wall surrounding the jail grounde, aud remained there until the tragedy was over. The wife of Tuell's wife's brother paid a parting visit to her relative a little before 12 o'clock, and was admitted to his ceil, when she shed tears and kissed' bira affectionately, and clasped his hand when bidding him fare well. Both the condemned men have for a long while been receiving religious consolarion.and Tuell has lately appeared extremely peuiteat, and expressed much solicitude tor h <s children. He said he would have preferred imprison ment for life in order to save his children from the disgrace and mortification of having their father hanged. At 12 o'clock, such persons as had been ad mttted to be present were ushered Into the yard containing the gallows,which is fnlly described abo ve. The ropeB dangling from the cross p lecn were of the best manilla, aud fl ve-elghtha of an inch in diameter. It was obtained at the Navy Yard, (there being no rope of tbe same size in the city strong enough,) for the purpose ot hanging Kendricks and Pollard, last April, ai d was thea subjected to a test of 915 pound*. Yesterday it was further tested by a weight of pounds dropped a distance of five feet. The prisoners confined on the north side of tt e jail t^ccupied every available spot at thmr w>ndcw bars, but they did not seem to be much Impressed with the solemn scene about to be ei.acu-d, bn-joked with each other addressing banering questions to persons below. Ai 12J* o'clock Tnell was brought down stars into the corridor of the J*?l accompanied by Fat! er Walter, two of the jail guards and a et, one of a party of members of St. Patrick*?Chnrch w bo were requested by Father Waiur to take charge ot Vneil's remains, h? hiving rfo immediate relatives or friendain this country. Tu ll was dressed ia ablaekcoat, bine pants, and a ecropnkwisly clean while Ht.i.'t oirened in front, displaying a scarlet aa- ? d<-rf*bir?. GoocUfi not witti Tn*U. mid thiHi It W** dlx" overed that hie sentence had bsea com ?nutml. , ? Gooden, as the t-lme drew near lor theexecu- , tioa, was allowed the range of tbe corridor m front of hLs c'l. which wuos the second flooi to the left of the stairway. and showed himself lreqnen'ly at the window, probably to take a lock at the scaffold, which \rns prepared part ly for him, but of which little could be seen from the position he occupied. He appeared to be perfectly reconciled to bis Impending fate. At about 25 rninnte* past 12 o'clock, how. ever. while the preparations were beinc made for bis execution, Mr. K. M. Heale, his coun sel, arrived at the jail, bearing a commutation of sentence Gooden was at once brought down into the private room of the Warden, (Mr. Feall,) when he showed some little emo tion, and was a-ned by the Warden if h* would accept a commutation of sentence. to which lie replied in the affirmative. Mr. Ileal* then read to him ihe commutatiou of the Pres id^n to imprlaonment for lite, whicb vates "that alter an examination into the ca>e, 1 have reason to believe that the Si t wa.- com mitted aader provocation and In hot blood, aid the crime is manslaughter rather than murder." At 25 minutes of one o'clock. Tuell, sup ported by Father Walter and twooftheoflicera ot the jail, made his appearance at the north door ot the jail. with the black shroud upon his person, which had b"en placed upon him in the corridor. He w: s verv pale, hut hi> step was firm, and as he emerged from the door he smiled faintly and waved his hand to those present in token ot farewell; saying in a Jeeble voice, "Good-bye " His tread remained steady until he reached the steps leading to the gallows, when he trembled slightly, but he quickly regained bis composure and ascended, grasping the haiiustrade with his right band Father Walter here for a moment or two er.gaged in religions exercises with him. and at nineteen minutes of one o'clock the rope was adjusted around his neck, and lie was then asked if he bad anything to say. He replied in a voice so low as to be heard by no one but hi*, spiritual adviser aud the guards near him. and said he was prepared to die, and forgave all as he hoped to be forgivea: and his last wor Is were a request to Father Walter to look after his children. * Tuell then shook hands with Father Walter: his legs and arms were then tied, the guards took him by the hand, the blcck cap was ad justed. the bolts were drawn, a slight click was heard, the trap fell, and, at fifteen minute* of one o'clock, the soul ot Cornelius Tuell took its eternal flight. There was scarcely a per ceptible quiver as lie fell, except that bia fin gers twitched, but so slightly that it could only be noticed by those standing near him The body was allowed to hang until 1 o'clock, whin hi? coffin, wjiich v. as a plain one of pine, staited, five feet ten inches long, ( Tuell being five toot six, and unltued, was brought tinder the trap) and Tuell was lowered and examined by I>r Noble Young, who pronounced him dead, bis neck having been broken by the fall. The fall wits between 3*$ and 4 feet. 1 he body was placed in the coffin, arrayed in the clothes in which he wa3 hnng, and wa? kept at the jail until two o clock, wheu it was taken in charge by ;icommittee of members ot St. Patrick's Church, who will have it decent ly interred in Mount Olivet Cemetery, beside the remains of one or two ot Tuell's children. (iooden hud appeared frequently at the win dows of bis cell belore he received notice ol the commutation of his sentence, but after wards did not make his appearance, tin coffin (one like Tuell's) was also at the jali, and ready for the reception of his remain>. fchouid he be executed. The execution was couducted in an orderly manner thronghou , under the direction of it. M. Heale, the warden, and B. Milburn, jailor. A large police force, under command ot Ser geant Cronin, was in attendance for the preser vation of order. _ Affairs in Osorretowk.-The boatmen on the canal are recovering from their fright, and begin to take way-bills to return to the upper sections of the canal. The blockade caused by the crowdinsof the lieht boats together above and below the Aqueduct, has been raised by the energetic action of Superintendent Camp bell and Collector Hollingsworth, and the few boats remaining with cargoes may get to the derricks and discharge. There is uo news from the upper sections 1'nrt of Grrrrg'toirn?Cleared.?Schrs. Advo cate. Pe6heilds, Laneshunr; La Plata Stratton, Boston: J. Lander. Perry, Maryland Point; Daughter of Zion, Ib-atley, St Marys; Marv lacd. Morris, do.: Sarah Jones. Huvitt, do; M. Spicer, Paul, do.; Alexana, Baker, Havre deQra^e: Sanlsbury, Simmons, do.; Ruena Vista, White, Dighton; F. T. Sawyer, Saeo, Me.: Hebe. F.dmonston, Baltimore; Three Sisters, Stone. Jersey City: Chesapeake, Aaron, Hun gary; Napoieoo, Soper, New York; Home, Bunting, Baltimore; W. B. Morgan, Phillips, Leaford: Octavo Ellen, Elliot, SauUbury; Anna Maria, Wilmer, St. Marys. Barque Acorn, Parker, Boston. Sloop Yacht, Ward, Annamessex. Orabp Testimonial Benefit.?See else where the superb programme of eutertainmen' for the Grand Complimantary Benefit to the attaches of Grover's Theater to morrow night. Susan I>enin, Jennie Uourley, Bishop, the San lord Troupe, the Gardiner Sisters, and a host of other talented performers, will appear ou the occasion. GrandLarcesy.-Yesterday, officer Bonn arrested Sidney Moore, colored, charged bv Wm. Rodgers with the larceny ol over &-M. The case was laid before Justice Bates, who. in order to secure the evidence, commuted Moore to jail for xnrther hearing. The distribution of medals and premiums fcT 'he public schools will commence at the Smithsonian Institution on Monday next. Rev. Byron Sunderland will deliver an address on the occasion, and there will be other interes ing exercises. Stat* op the Thermometer.?At Frank lin k Co.'s, opticians, No. tilt Feansylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 91 in the shade and UO in the sun. Alarm of Fire.?The alarm of fire this morning, was occasioned by the burning ot" straw in Judiciary Square Hisrital. TIIE VOl'NG UNITED IN" THE FIELD AGAIN ?A The Tenth grand Pic nic of the Youne Unite.) Club, to be given at l.oEFLER'S WASHINGTON <ITY OA ilDKN , rtn MONDAY. July nth. ls-U. To erect a monument for a decayed member. Tickets X cts., admitting a Gentleman and La ding jy H-31* | O: F>)R THE AWKWARD CLUB. H( Second Grand Afternoon ai.d Evening PIC NIC OP THE AWKWARD CLUll Will :>e given at Washington Park, "th.street,on TUESDAY, July 12, 1*>4. The proceeds of this Pic-F ic will b* appropriated to assist in er?cti<.*: the monument to be piac-d over tbe remains of those unfortunate females who lost their lives by the recent explosion at the Washington Arsenal The Committee pledge themselves t^at- notb'ng w ill be left uudone to make this the Pic-Nic of the season. C<yrr,mittt( of Armngimait!. A. W Bnsey. G. fchafer, A. H. bishop, ? G. Tucker, Jy 8-3t* R. King. B Y W. L. WALL k CO., Auctioneers. CONTINUATION OF PAWNBROKERS' SALE. Thesaleof M.K.Walsh Ac Co.'s Pawnbrokers' Stock will be continued on {SATURDAY, SlIi int., at 9>? o'clock. It WM. I. WALL ic CO., Aucts. W. 11. LEWIS & CO., Auctioneers. To-morrow.(SATURDAY.'at 10 o'clock, at store 303 \"VP.nniJ-. we ,<e11 Furniture, Beds, Mntrefi?fB, Looking cla^sps.lot straw lUt*. Dry Goods. Segars, Cutlery. Platel Spooua. Ac. iyR it w^ra lea is & co., Aucto. Y J. C. McGUlRK \ Co. Aucti neers. R TWO FAMILY CARRIAGES AT PURLFO 8ALB. I >d TO MOKROW (Saturday' MORNING. July 9th, at 11 o'clock, iu front of the Auction Rooms, v. p hhull neU 1 Liglit Half-top Carrsee with Pule, 1 Light Family Carriage, (one hurar,) but liMle used. Terms ca---li. It J. C McGUlRK & Co., Aucts. DY W. L. WALI & CO. Auctioneers. TAKEN UP AND KSTRAY ?Game to the prem inescf tlie subscriber, living on Ha'f street south, between R and S. ' wo HOKS8S?one a dark bay, about six yeiirs ?M, about fifteen hands hi<h." the f.iher a light b ay mare, about fifteen hand* high, a bald lace. ?ith four white feet. The owo?r in re<jue?ted to eoiue forward, prove property, par CtoWMrf.^, ?>.??...?. J0UN BKRUB? THE ABOVE HORSES WILL B* SOLD AT the Baznar ol W L. Wall A ,Co., on SATURDAY MOKMNG, 4 c? Juct4 A CCTION bALE Of CONDEMNED ANIMALS. n am vxrAm^e ^ nie f (u,uu tinnstm ( /? t"., JhIv". 1864. \ Will be sold at Pebljc Auetlon. to the hi?h??t bidder (.nTH WD*T, July II, lffii, at G<<>?itor<? rt iwt Vmt Washington, D. C? begionirg at 1* (i Vlufi A. CO ? TWO HUNDRED CAYALRY HORSES. Tl,e*e hor??a have beer condemned as unfit fer the cavalry service ?f tbe array. Kor road awd farming purposes, many goo4 bar mics may be had. ' Porses sold slmrly. Terms cash, in United ?tat?'? currencv. IkMKflAHKIN, Lt. Col. and Ohief QuartrmnaaW, jy t? dtd Cavalry ItureMl. V'OTWB.?I Ha*eftter>?d anew B ARBRR 811 I * *tr< et. butveen 1st street and New J?c e#y arefcue at ft>ji ?'? . where I wlH be dad C street, between tat and N.J av., Jy7-lm* Bpyle't Hotel. ne*r lue Der?t.

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