Newspaper of Evening Star, July 9, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 9, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. W ALL ATH, Editor anr) Propriet; . WASHINGTON CITY : ?ATlRtf*Y JULY 9, 190T A SERSATIOX REPORT. Frederick. Md., Said to be in Possession of the Rebel Raiders ? Rumor Makes Them IS,000 Sirong. A report has reached here that the rebels made their appear tree last evening 1b front of ?ederick, and after some skirmishing with Oro. Wallace, they en'errd and took posses sion of that place, Geu. Wallace beinsc obliged to tall back, the enemy outnumbering him at the time. The force which entered Frederick is repre sented to be 1},WX) strong, and composed of cav alry, infantry, and some artillery. This information is brought by passengers from the train whuh left Baltimore at 10 o'clock this morning, who heard it from parties coming in trom the region aronnd Frederick. Up to the honr of going to press we have heard nothing mrther confirmatory of the re port. _ another exploit of moseby. He Captures a < avalry Force aear Aldie. with Horses and Accoutrement*.?Rebel Raiders at Fairfax Court House. Ankamdalk, July 8, 1S&4 ? Editor Star? A scout ot 150 men, from the '2d Massachusetts and 13th New York cavalry, under command of Major Forbes, went up iu the vicinity of Aldie, where they met Moseby with a large lorce, with a piece of artillery and riflemen. Moseby charged on them, and killed ten or fifteen and captured nearly the whole party, hordes and accoutrements These horses were well drilled, and o. great value to the tfovern ment. Our cavalry had Spencer's repeating rifles, which will also be of material service to Moseby. This atlair hits stirred up the boys to the highest pitch of indignation. On receipt of the news. Colonel I-owell started oil at mid night with ->00 men from 2d and 1 Jth regiments, and Captain McPhereon, of lt>th New York . cavalry, joined bim at Fairfax, and tliey pro- I coeded to Aldie, where they found iwentv-flve ! wounded men, and eleven dead which they bnried. They sconred the country about that region, and found it was ot no use to pursue Mcseby, as he na<t twelve hours the start of them towards Upperville, where he had taken onr boyfc and his booty. This has been Mose- j by's bravest aud largest capture, and there is something about it almost unaccountable, when we know how efficieut this cavalry force has | been heretofore, 'he numerous times tney have sought Moseby the past year, and the number of captures we have made. Our party returned last evening with the wounded men of the 13th IS'ew York and id Massachusetts cavalry. Captain Stone, of the '2d Masaachnset'B, of Newburyport, is lying dangerously wounded at Centreville. Thirty rebels were at Fairfax Court House yesterday, and some nearer our camp. Ia fact ; we are surrounded by guerrillas. M. S. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. A BATTLE NEAR FREDERICK OX THURSDAY. Defeat of the Rebels by Gen. Wallace?He Captures One Piece ?< Artillery?The En emy Retreat During the Night. [Despatch to the Philadelphia Inquirer.] Fkkdkrick, Jnly K?1 have notified yon ol-beavy skirmishing yesterday morning, in which our forces were forced back on the road from Middletown towards Frederick. The rebels, evidently reinforced, followed up their advantage by pnrsuing close up to onr retiring column. In the meantime G<?n. Wallace hur ried np reinforct-ments under Oen. Tyler, with li s chief of Btaff, Lieut. Col. Lynd Catltn. The rebel force was about l,2U0 in number, com manded by Oen. Bradley T.Johnson, and com posed of cavalry and Infantry, with two pieces of artillery. Johnson, a'ter forcing ns back in the morn ing, succeeded in eluding our forces at Catoc tin Pass, and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon was rapidly approaching Frederick. ?>ome mile and a half beyond the city he was met by Colonel Oilpin, and a brisk engage ment immediately ensued. Colonel Qilpin forming bis line of battle on an eligible ground. Under cover of tbe Are of their three pieces the rebels advanced to the charge, bnt notwith standing the troops ot Oilpin were mostly raw, they met the onset withontilinching, and drove the rebels back. Reforming their lin>* the reb els again advanced t? charge, but our boys, with a constancy worthy of veterans, hurled them back. Not yet satisfied, Johnson essayed it once more, but meeting the same fate, he de sisted from any further attempts, and contented himself with a brisk skirmish fight until night, in which we were still his match. Our losses were about fifty, mostly slightly wonnded. The rebel loss is not known, but is supposed to be heavy. This morning at day. liEhi it was discovered that Johnson had re tired towards Middletown, and our forces b tar ted in pursuit and overtook him near Ca toctin Pass, when brisk skirmishing ensued, but I only know at this moment that the enemy is atlll apparently falling back. Our troope in that direction received such reinforcements this morning as will render the situation per fectly secure. On this peint I don't deem it prudent to say more. We are again in possession of Harper's Fer ry, which indicates that the rebfls have aban doned all attempts against Sigel. I think,from a general glance over tbe whole field, that the days of the rebel ra'd are numbered. Several events which tend to confirm this belief are not yet public property, and I can say no more than liiavein this brief dispatch. THE WAR IN GEORGIA. Reports via Nashville. Nabhvillk, July 7, l>i p. m.?There has been no fighting since June 27, except skir mishing on the extremeright, during the move ment to the Chattahoochee river. The flank movement, which resulted in the evacuation of Kenesaw Mountain, was begun on the evening of the failure of the assault of the 27th. The enemy began the evacuation on the 30th cf.Inne. Johnston is supposed to liave crossed the Chatt&taocchee, and i3 endeavoring to occupy tbe hill on the south s'de of The river, and op posite the month of Nlckajack creek and Vet ler's creek; but persons from the front on the 4th report that opinions then prevailed that they were too late in effecting the crossing at the point named. , ,r Sherman has several good roads converging at Atlanta, which is not over 12 to 15 miles dis tant from the river. We have no positive assurance of the pas sage of tbe Chattahoochee by either army. Probably the first that will be heard positively of thio will be from Oen. Sherman himself. ?=/~M>>r? t'iitiding is going on now in Chicago tiian in a hall dcxen of the largest cities on the Atlantic combined* ?9* All of the hotels at Niagara Falls ars crowded. The favorite weapon with Albany row dies just now Is the razor. ?1.0 O. F-?The Quarterly Communication of tbe n w <;rand lodge. d.?? will teld on MONDAY EVENING. Jnly nth. at 8 o'clock. (Jy9-it) P. H. SWEET, Gr. Sec. "TEMPERANCE MEETING, SUNDAY AF TEHNOON .commencing at 4 o'clo^K. at the laaieStand. Cnjitol Grounds. Mr. John C. IIark bbss and ether* will address the meeting. The public are respectfully invited to .ittoad It* 'THE NEXT KEGULAR"MEEtTNO OK tbe Board of Trust of the Public 8cho?ca wi77be held "uTCKiUA Y NEXT, the 12th inst., at 9 o'clock v. m. jy 9-St B. T. MORS ELL, Sec. JY^pTDK FOUNDATIONS AND EVIDENCES LkJf of Spiritualism and Religion will be dis cnaned at the Commercial Afa4emy. 4*1 9th at., BUN I'AY, July lutli. at 7J* o'clock p.m. "Prove all thin??. and hold fast that which ia guod." Ad mittance 10 eenta. It* iVs^RJLIGIOUS NOTICE ?The funeral aer ILJ con of Miss JANE AMERICA PAYNE t?T1T be preached in the Methodist Protestant Chorch. Cimgresa Htreet. Georgetown, to-morrow morning, at 11 o'clock, by the Paator, Bev. D. Bowers. Her relativeaaad friend* particularly, and tha public generally, are invited to attend. * ~TH1 ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF Medals and Premiuma to ihe pupils of the /earth DUtiict School will t%ke place at the Smithsonian Institut on on MONDAY, the 1 lth i n .? >t 4 o'clock p.m. The address Will be de livered by tbe Re* Dr. Sunderland. The public arv invite I ?o attend. Jy JOURNEYMEN PLASTERERS ATTEN l 3 TION ?You are notified th meet at Tem per&noa itall on MONDAY, take in consid eration tbe striks for an advance of waxes. The aUeetWjaeaaf every member is requeated ? _ By ohUiTJJ the Preeideat. JOliN A. GILL., PETER J. PIERCE, Sec 'jr. Jy* 3t* NoflCETO COUNTY TAX PAVRRS.-The Levy Court have extend* 1 the time for the IF ahateiB*ii| of V) per cent oa the tax of 1 *>4 to the > th of July. an-* & &er ce?t from that date to the lat of August. The touaty Coll* tor will be found at tbe fMtr HaU T<ie?davs an ' Saturdays, until the 1st of Aarust No further aVatem?nt to be a'fow fd, - Uy7-U*i J. PLtLlliti,C?llectoe, OFFICII I*. By the President ef the United States. A l'ROCLAMATIOH. WHsrtAB, at the late session, Congress passed a bill-to guarantee to certain States, whose povernrrerts br ve been ushrped or over thrown, a republ: .an torm of govern meet,'' a cc>py cf w hich ;s hereunto annexed; whereas the said bill was presented to the Presidert of tbe United States lor his ft proval less than one hour before tbe silt* adjournment of said session, and was cot tigned by him; And whereas the said bill contains, among oher thiDgs, a plan for restoring tlie States in rebellion to their proper practical relatijn in the Union, which plan expresses tbe sen?? of Congress upon thai subject, and which plan it is new thought fit to lay before the people for their consideration: Now, therelore, I, Am: ah am Lincoln, Pres ident of the United States, do proclaim, de clare, and make known, that, while 1 ax (as 1 was in December last, wben by proclama tion I propounded a plm for restoration) un prepared, by a formal approval of this bill, 'o be inflexibly committed to any single plan i?" restoration; and, while I am also unprepar;.i to declare that the free State constitutions and governments already adopted and in stalled in Arkansas and Louisiana shall be set aside and held tor nought, thereby re pelling and discoursing the loyal citizens who have 6et up the same a? to further ef fort, or to declare a constitutional competency in Congress to abolish slavery in Stnte3, bnt am at the same time sincerely hoping ana expecting that a constitutional amendment abolishing slavery throughout the nation may be adopted, nevertheless I am fully satisfied with the system for restoration contained in the bill as one very proper plan for the loyal people of any State choosing to adopt it, and that I am. and at all times shall be, prepared to giva the Executive aid and assistance to any such people, so soon as the military resistance to the United States shall have been suppressed in any such State, and the people thereof shall have snfllciently returned to ther obedience to tbe Constitution and laws of the United States, in which cases Military Governors will be ap pointed, with directions to proceed according to the bill. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of tbe United States to be affixed. Done at the city of Washington, this eighth day of .Inly, in the year of our Lord , , one thousand eight hundred and sixtv 1 ' ' four, and of the Independence of the United States the eighty-ninth. Abraham Lincoln. Py tbe President: William H. Sewabd, Secretary of State. [The hill referred to In the above proclama tion has already been pnblished.?Ed. iSVar.] ry"5=?OFFICE 0? METROPOLITAN RAILROAD Lk_3 CO. Washington, July 6.15^4.?At a meet ing of the Corporators of the "'Metropolitan "Rail road Company,"' helii at this date, under the pro vision of the act of Congress, approved July2d, 1864, it was Ordered, That the books of ; ascription to the capital stock of said road beoj ,cr 1 on Thursday, the 7th instant, from 9 o'clock a. m. until ft o'clock p. in , and from day to day the.4; "ter until $200.0)0 of said capital stock shall have ht?n subscribed. I11 pursuance of such order the undersigned cor porators having been appointed for that purpose, will be in attendance between the hoursdesignatod 011 Thursday, the 7th instant, and front day today thereafter until ?2O0.'x*i of the capital stock shall have been subscribed . at the rooms over the office of the Navy Asent. No. 4(55 Ninth street, opposite the office of the Daily Chronicle. M. G. EMERY ALEX. R SHEPHERD, jy 7-tf, 8. P.BKOWN. ry?5j=?BANK OP THE METROPOLIS. W vsitiso IJof To*. 6th July. 1HS4.?At an election for ten Directors of this Dank, held on the 4 th instant, the following gentlemen were chosen to serve for the ensuing year : GEORGE PARKER, WILLIAM B TODD. GEORGE LOWRY, THOMAS 1*. MORGAN, LEWIS JOHNSON, FITZHUGH COYL1, J It BLAKE, THOMAS FERAN, WILLIAM OKME. J M. RODKRTS, Jy 6 2aw2w MOSES KELLY, Cashier. ry^-? BANK OF THE METROPOLIS, WASiuxr I L ?? ton, 27 June, 1864 ?The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three per cent. Tor the past six months, payable on or after the 5th of July next je28-2aw2w MOSES KELLY. Cashier. |Y^? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN LL? RAILROAD COMPANY.? Washington, June 24. 18>>4.?The annual meeting of the Stock holders of this company , for the election of seven Directors for the ensuing year, will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of July, I80I, at the office orthe Company, corner of 16th street and New YoTk avenue. The polls will be opened at 12o'clock m., fend closed at 2 o'clock p. m. GEO. 8. GIDEON, President. H. C. FAHNESTUCK. 8ec'ry. je 27-tjy 13 iVk- NOTICE ?To the People of Wnthinzton and y>5f the Public t'nnally ?Upholstering and Cabinet Making and Renovating of all descriptions, done in the best style and at the shortest notice. Old Curled hair Mattreues can be made as good as new at WM. J. LEE'S new establishment, No. 303, C street north, between 4>? and 6th street west, je y-ftn* WM.J LEE. MILITARY BOARDING SCHOOL?On Balti more Railroad lSrniles from Jfh.ll^?^lrh Pupils have the benefits of a home, thorougn course in Mathematiest Language!, Number limitedTerwi moderate. Received at V. I , V . 1 a nit ' Ai ? v " ? * ? Seminary, Delaware coonty, fa. )y 'J-7w /\WINO"'TO THE FLUCTUATING AND CON 11 STANfLY ADVANCING RATES OF ^ DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN HARDWARH,^, and the impossibility of replacing stocks?* without absolute loss when founded on time sales, we feel compelled to notify our cus tomers that hereifter all bills WILL BE REN DERED FOR PAYMENT MONTHLY; and we re spectfully request that those of our friends who have been purchasing on quarterly accounts under a settled marcetwill appreciate the necessity of the change in terms. JOHN R. ELVAN3, 309 Penna. av and H7 La. av. jy 9-lw [RepChronIntelConUnion 1 Proposals for hide:;, tallow hooks, HORKS, CHUCKS. SHINS, AND TONGUES. Office Dkpot Commissarv <>f Subsistence,/ Wasbinuton. D. C., July rt. 1SS4. \ Sealed Proposals, in duplicate, are invited until theSlstday of July, at II o'clock A. M? for Hides, Tallow,Hoofs,Ilorns,Chucks,Shins,and Tongues, of all Government Cattle slaughtered within the ancient limits of the District of Columbia, for three months, or more, from the commencement of the contract. The above articles to be collected by the con tractor, and removed from the various places at which the cattle are killed at such times as may be designated by the officer in charge. The number of Cattle used monthly vary from 1.5 to 3.00 >. and are now killed st Chain Bridge. Giesboro',Convalescent Camp, Washington, and Alexandria, but other places mayoccur within the prescribed limits where these articles will be re quired to be collected. The contractor shall be liable for all the Hides, Tallow. Hoofs, Horns, Chucks, Shins, and Tongues coming from all the Government Beef Cattle slaughtered, unless it can be made satis factorily to appear to the Subsistence Department that all due exertion, diligence, and care was made to obtain said articles. Payments will be required every ton days in Government funds. The bids will etale the amount, per animal, for the article* referred t?. and be accomDanied by tbe following guaranty, certificate, affidavits of each auu-antor, aud oath of allegiance. Blank forma can be obtained by application to theundemit^wl. pK0I>084l3 I, , of the State of , county of ??, bller, per head, for all Hides. Tallow. Hoofs, Horns. Chucks. Shins, end Tongues of alt Government Beef Cattle killed within the ancient limits of the I>istrict of Columbia, dollars and cents, (the amount to be in words and figures,)subject to all tbe conditions of the advertisement herewith appended. GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents of . in the county of and State of , Itereby Jointly and feverally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee in case the foregoing bid of shall be accepted, that he will, within Ave days af ter the acceptance of said bid, sign a contract for the prompt and faithful execution of the same, and that we will become his surety on a bond, in tl e sum of ftftcen thousand dollars, for the per formance of his contract in conformity with the t rinsof his proposal, and that in case the shall fail to enter into contract, under the terms of the advertisement dated July 8.1864, we guar antee to make good the difference between the of | fer made by said in the foregoing proposal, and tbe next lowest responsible formal bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded/ a o ? ? . ? ? - ? ? I Given under our hands and seals ) this day of 18(i?. Witness: ISeal.l [Seal 1 The responsibility of tbe guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of a United Statu J)tftTict Attornty or United S'ates Judtti. The cer tificate must be in the following form : I hereby certify that from evidence entirelysat Jsfactory tb me. the above-named guarantors are good and sufficient as sureties for double the amount for which they offer to be aeenrity. To which each guarantor must make and append "" f"''0*"" o?Tn. "State of , county of , before me, -?, a in and for the county and State afore said. personally appeared ??, one of the sureties on the guaranty or , who, beingduly sworn, deposes and says that he is worth, over and abaye all Just debts and liabilities, the sum of thirty thousand dollars. " Subscribed and sworn before me, this day of , Ittfr?. at No bids will be considered unless made out in conformity with the above form, and are accom panied by the foregoing guaranty, certificate and afli'tRvits. All bidders most forward with their proposals f u oath of allegiance, unless one maybe on tile with the officer who shall open the bids, and no proposals not fully compiling with the foregoing requirements, as well in facf as in form, will be considered or regarded as a proposal within the meaning of this advertisement. The contractor will be held accountable for the Hid s. Tallow. Hoofs, Horns, Chucks, Ac., one week after, the signing of the contract. Bidders must be prcoent at the op*aingnf their tids. to respond to their names, and all bids must e endorsed " Proposal for Purchasing Hides, Tallow. Hoofs, Horns, Chucks Ac.," and be di rected to the undersigned. G., Jy9etc; Lieut, Col. and 0, &. LOST AND FOUND. STOLEN?From theSabsoriberV Farm, a BROWN MA KB. etar in for-head . 5 roars old. iji han-ls higl'.niane and tail nibbed. 2.">do1Urs will be pai l fi>r the recovery ef the niwe. and f?r tbe detec tion of the thief. 2 n j ^ k i?i ,iy 9St~ Upper Marlboro. July 6,MW. fOST?Onfhe 8th ins'.iutTon 7th street between j Mew York avenue and L s'.rpet, sn Alani^ ?* Cn.'s SOLDIER'S ENVELOPE. containing Sl<J. in Baltimore money. the other three mi Treas ury. A suitable reward will be given if returned to Mr. SAMUEL BROWN'S Clothing Stor.-, on 7th ?t., between L and New T^rk *v- __ I** 1VIOTICK.-A Mack HTRsK, four \ears old,left I ^ with mein the month of'August last by r im!. TTordriekuon for Captain Hox-ey, will he sola at Wall's Baraar, on the U'h instant, unless they come forward, pt-y ch^s^ndUke jy ;i-3t* Cor. 12th ami K sts. a i7\ fti(WARD-fitrayed from the premie's of qp I U the subscribe! ..on the night or the 6th instant. a light colored brindle COW. She has horns and a white lace. The above rewa<*d will he paid for her return or for information leaning to her recovery. , BENJ. DARI'V, 7 7 Water street, or 37 Market street, jy Q-3t* Georgetown. D. C. , ft^AKFN FP A3 AX KSTRAY?A white and r^d 1 COW, red about the head, neck and less; two notches in the left ear and a clip from the right ? car; long turned up horns, about 9 years old; has a young calf from f> to 8 days old. The owner can come forward, prove property, pay charge* and take lier away. W. P. FERGUSON, Near Blagden s Wharf. on Georgia avenue, jy 9-2t* Between 3d and 4th streets east. _ A KEN I I' ASTRAY, July 4th. ono J!AY HORSE. 1<5 hands high, fcnr white feet, eight ?years old, at Washington and Georgetown Rail road stables, near Baltimore Depot. jySIt* AMK TO MV PREMISES?On the 7th instant, a RKD COW with horns. The owner can prove the property, pay charges and take ber awar. RACHEL JENKINS, jy 8 36(1 21st street, between G and II. C|Qr REWARD?For the recovery of my two *!???.# HORSES, strayed or stolen on the 27th of June,l><">4: One bay Horse, about 16 hands high, with little white on each foot, both sho ilders full of bumps, from some cause; one black Horse, about 17 hands high, with a sore on his back. I willgive the.above reward for both, or half the amount for either of them. Inquire between 11th and 12th sts and Maryland avenue, east, jy 7 3t* CHAS W. GORDAN. PERSONAL. NfroRMATION WANTED of Margaret Gross, who left New York for Washington on Friday, July 1st. Any Information conce. ning her will be thankfully received by her husband, ADAM GROSS, at No. 2^9 B 6treet, between 2d and Cd streets. jy J>ROPOSALS FOR MORTAR SHELLS. Okomaxce Orrirn, War Dbpa?tm?ht, f W aSHJBgtoN, July 8, l*>i. \ Sealed Proposals will be received at this Office, until Monday, the 1st day of August. 18>4. for 8 INCH MORTAR SHELL, to be delivered in the following quantities at the under-named Arsen als. viz -? At Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts, 5,000, At Watervliet Arsenal, New York. At New York Arsenal, Governor's Island, New York, 20,nno. At Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg. 10,000. At Washington Arsenal. D. C., 5,0iX) These projectiles are to be made of the kind of metal and inspected after the rules laid down in the Ordnance Manual, the tensile strength of the iron to be not less than 14,'X)0 pounds per suu*re inch. Drawings can be seen at any of the United States A' senals. The projectiles are to be inspected at the foundry where cast, and are to he delivered at the Arsenals free of charge for transportation or handling. Bidders will state the rate at which they will de liver. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. Bidders will state explicitly the arsenal or ar senals where they propose to deliver, and the num ber of projectiles they propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular founders or proprietors of works, who are known to this Department to be capable of executing the work proposed for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer shell other than those cast in his own foundry, they will be rejected, and the contract rendered null and void. Forms of bid can be obtained at the above named arsenals. Proposals not made out on this form will not be cc^nsidered. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany hii proposition with a guaranty signed by twe respon sible persons, that, in case his bid is accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good an<l sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the arti cle proposed, in conformity with the terras of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the nest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors mast be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. , Bonds in the sum equal to the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, will be required of tHe successful bidder or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents of? , in the county of and State of ? ??. hereby jointly and severally .covenant with' ?>? atones execute the contract for the name, with good and sufficient sureties, ma sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the article.! pro posed in conformity with the terms of this adver tisement, dated July 8, 1^4. under which the bid ?was made; and, in case th0 t>aid ?shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guar antee to make good the ditference between the oiler of the said and the next lowest re?pon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. , j Given under our hands and seals Witness: fthis day of , 186?, 1 Se al.l I Seal j To this guaranty must be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bonds with approved sureties for the faithful execution of the same. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished w ith forms of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any ac C?Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gener al George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnan< e, Washing ton D C.,? and w ill be endorsed ?' Proposals for eight-inch Mortar Shelf-p RAM8AY, jy9-eotd Brig. Gen'l, Chief of Ordnance. G. 1>. SMITH'S Wild Cherry Tonic Bitters. I TONIC - ASTRINGENT - AROMATIC- DISIN FECTING?PROPHYLACTIC. Sold Everywhere. Ask your Druggist and Grocer for it. IT WILL CURE Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Dysentery, Diarrhea, Agueand Fever, Loss of Appetite, Liver Complaint. Jaundice. The Elixir of life for the Aged. Will gire Health and Beauty to the Young. This Prophylactic shquld be in every family at this season of the year, as this delicious beverage can be used without the deleterious effects of Liquors. SMITH & MORRISON, Jy 7-lm Proprietor*. FOR SALE?A new WAGON, built by one of the best builders in the District, sustable for either one or two horses. Also, one two horse EXPRESS WAGON with HARNESS complete. Can be seen at P. W. DORSEY'S Feed Store on 7th street, above the Northern Market, No. 333. jy 8-2t* IVTOTIO ?Commissioners of the Paid Fire De part men t having adopted and pit hi inked the rales and regulations for the government of the Department, have extended the time for receiving applications for membership until T^esdai, July 12. The attention of persons sending in their applications is called to section eitht of f>e ant to organise a Paid Fire Department, rir : " That tbe paid members of tbe Department, except the ettra men shall give their undivided attention to their duties.'' Jy 8-td B. 0. EOKLO^F, Secretary. w ATER RENTS. Water Registrar's Omrr. ( Citt Hall, July 7. lS'H.S All persons who use the Aqueduct water ou their premises are hereby notified thatthe water rent is now due to the Corporation for the period from July 1, 1864, to January 1, lS'iS. The water rent is required to b? paid at this of fice during this inonth of July. If not p?id by or befote August 1st, the law commands that the water be shut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollars for expense of shutting off and restoring. The law does not provide for s?rving individual notices, and this public notice is all tba' "ill be given. RANDOLPH OOYLE. jy 8-lm Water Registrar. IOTEL8 AND BOARDING n0USE8 ?We have 9 HOTEL8 AND BOARDING HOUSES ?W< in store a superior stock of CROOK 1 XKY, CHINA. GLASSWARE. CUTLERY,< and PLATED WARE, particularly adapted" to the use of the above establish orients, to which we invite the attention of the proerletors WEBB tc BEFRitlDGB. Jy B-6tif* (Chren.l Odd Fellows* Hall. 7th at. | UMBERI LUMBER!) LUMBER!! I LOKG JOISTjAND TIMBER. Builders and others wanting lumber can And all kind* o''framing material of Sprnct- and Heml >ck from S by S, 10 feet lone, to 3 hy 11,30 feetloue. Timber of all sizes and lengths Oullinga all lengths,from 1-to 24 fest. assorted as to lengths, together with a goo<i assortment of 4-4, <t-4 and 8 4 White Pine, common *nd select Shingles. La'hi ana Palinss constantly arriving and for ?%lelo? foreash by 0. B. CHURCH & 0'?., Jy 3-lw* lUh St., between Md .av. and 0 at. H/|ArOF RICHMOND ANn^^j*j^)CNDlN(l l"f eeantry,shewingrehel fortifications to. Je* . FRANOK TAYLOU. V 1 O'CLOCK P. ML. Important from Frederick! Our Forces Evacuate the Flare?The Ktbrlf hare possesion there?They aro reported to " be 12,0(>0 strong. tinder Brtck.urid;c?Wallace's forcr* ou the south hank 01 thr Monocacy?A Kebrl fort e cros?r? t|-e I'otoin c at Edwaril's Ferry to Flank Wallace?ife avoid* be lrg by falling back to the M? rocacvt HAi.TfMOBB. July ?Onr forces have evarr - ated Frederick, and lallen back in this (H rect'on, end now occupy a position 6outh o. ihe Monocacy. - ? Tt-e re'cels occupy Frederick In what force is rot positively known. Report say twelve thousand, and that tb?y are under command of Ereckirridge. Tliere are reports, seemingly well founded, that another rebel force has crossed the Po tomac near Edward's Ferry, e rd have moved in tlie direction ol Urban a. Frederick county, In what force is not knowj, bet it is supposed to be en cUort 'o flank us. We are hourly ?rinirg streng'h b\ reinfor* - n't U. and will probab'y fru?tre.t3 t^ereUl n ovcirer.t. The American's special from Monocacy June, t on reports that we evacuated Frederick last r'ght, and tbat it is occupied by fie rebel-, estimated at twelve thousand strong, under Ereck.nridf.e. Our movement is understood to bare be: n to prevent a flank movement by another rebl iorce, which has occupied the Potomac near Edward's Ferry. STIRRING NEWS FROM UP RIVER. The Report of the Occunat'ou of Frederick by the Confederates Confirmed. The telegraphic news from Baltimore con firms our information givea in our flr3t edition of the occupation of Frederick by the Confed erates. Edward's Ferry, where a portion of the Oon | federate force is reported to have crossed, is | about thirty miles above Wabhinpton. Wallace, at the Monocacy, is posted in a po j sit'on of great strength, and the forces of vel | eran and other troops constantly reach' ? him will be ample to secure him from being d'slodged, and he will speedily in turn be ab'.e to put the enemy on the defensive. We may expect soon to hear stirring newrt from that quarter. LATEST FROM THE FRONT. Artillery Duel Thursday Night?Indica tions of the Cegining of Active Opera tions?Grant Sure of Richmond?Yloee Evidence of Rebel Barbarity. The U. S. mail steamer Highland Light, Cap tain Weeks, arrived here this morn'ng from City Point, which place she lett at 11 o'clock yesterday morning. From parties coming up on her we learu that on Thursday night the rebels brought a battery to bear upon a working party of our: who were engaged in throwing up earthworks nearer to Petersburg, and for awhile a sharp cannonading took place, our men having also brought up a battery to oppose '.hat of the reb els; and that the latter was soon silenced. Sub sequently the rebels took up & new position, and again opened upon our working party, but finding they could accomplish nothing they ceased. W ith this exception all has been quiet for a few days past. But this Is but the preliminary moment of quiet before the storm. Grant never was more hopeful of taking Richmond, never was better prepared and was never be fore so near the accomplishment of his purpose as at this moment. All this may seem para doxical in view of the rebel "Great Calcula tions" of creating a diversion frocn Richmond by their Potomac raid, but it is strictly true as t'me will Bhow. Hon. John Covode, of Pennsylvania, came up on the Highland Light, bringiug up the body of his son, Col.G. K. Covode, of the 1th Pennsylvania cavalry, who was killed while protecting the rear of Sheridan's train, while crossing James riverin its late movement from the'White House to join the main army. Mr. Covode went down on Tuesday, and as the body of the Celonel was in the xebel line3, four of his own company volunteered to search out the spot where he lell. Permission was obtained and they started on their ml"lo i a*Vd got safely through the lines Md iLid The next night General Sheridan t&Mied a company of 40 men, who. under cover or & gunboat detailed for the purpose, landed at St. Marys, In Charles county, and avoiding the rebel pickets, secured the body. His body had been interred by some negroes, who placed boards around the grave. These negroes state that Col. Covode lingered all night and died the morninsc after being wounded. Before he died the rebels took lrooi him his watch, money and valuables, and then stripped him of all his clothing except his 6h?rt. A PIC NIC PARTY SURPRISED BY GUER RILLAS. Yesterday a party of young ladies and gen tlemen had a pic-nic near Falls Church, Va, and in the midst of their pleasures they were surprised at the appearance of about twenty five of Moseby's men, who told them nol to be afraid, and danced a set with the ladies, after which they went to the wagons and devoured the cream and edibles provided for the occa sion. They then made off. EXAMINATION OF COLORED OFFICERS. The total number of colored officers exam ined by the Examining Board up *.o this time is 2,471. Of these, 965 have b?en rejected, and 1,496 recommended. During the week, 2 ? have been examined; and of these, 18 were recom mended and 2 rejected. The 18 were composed as follows : 1 major, 3 captains, 8 first lieuten ants. and 6 second lieutenants. CAPTURE OF UU8H WHACKERS. Thirteen bushwhackers, of a gang of twenty, six, were captured beyond Tenallytown last night. Two of our men were wounded in ma king the capture. THE INVASION OF MARYLAND. Another Fire at Harper's Ferry?Another Advance Towards Frederick?A Fight in Progress. The rebel Invasion of Western Maryland continues to be the exciting topic, and each and every train that reaches this city via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad trom that sec t ou of the State brings quite a number of refugees. As usual, their statements of the lumber of the rebels, the fights, tec., vary con siderably, and are all gleaned from what they neard. Since Thursday night we learn from official sources the following state of affairs in that region: * ' The rebels hare left Harper's Ferry and Bol ivar Heights, and a brieade of General Sigel's troops (who were on Maryland Heights) have reoccupied those places, and at last accounts held them, their being no Bigns of the enemy in tbat vicinity. The railroad is in workingorder between this city and Sandy Hook, opposite the Ferry, and cars run to that point. There was another extensive fire at Harper's Ferry on Thursday night. The bridge over the Shenandoah was in flames, and a number of buildings in various parts of the town. The enemy bad previously burned the extensive railroad platform, and all the buildings along the line of the Potomac. The conflagration ou Thursday night threw a glow over all the country for miles around. The main body of the rebels is supposed bo be in the neighborhood of Mechanicksburg, watching for the appearance of Gen. Hunter, and the opinion is becoming general that they do not cumber the half or thirty thousand. During Thursday nieht all was quiet near Frederick, though the rebel lines were within a mile of the western limits of the city, occu pying the country back as far as Knobby Mountain. They consisted entirely of cavalry and artillery, and are believed not to have numbered more than fifteen hundred or two thousand of all arms. f ? Gen. Wallace, having been reinforced du ring Thursday night, commenced an advance on the enemy yesterday morning, when it was ascertained that they were recreating towards Middletown. He immediately started his cav alry and mounted infantry, with Alexander's battery, in pnrsnlt of them, driving them nearly to Sonth Mountain. About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon the rebels again advanced on Frederick, said to be considerably reinforced. At last accounts a fieht was in progress about three miles wen of Frederick. Bighly important mevemenu of troops are in progress, the facts in regard to which ?re for ihf present withheld Colonel I,awreno?* and Colonel Wolley wpr? av tvely enesg^d jestorriay *td last mgbt id supennterdina: th? tiacsportatioa ol troop*, .?? apples, Ac., to various point?, and were in con t.ant commu nication with Mfcjor General Wallace. Information was received trom H.trrisbnrg yesterday afternoon thatG<*n. Imboleti. wi'b aboM 1,j<0 cavalry, had retnrDPrt to Hasers town and c'esfrcrfed all railroad and gov ernment property in tbBtpJac. H* crossed the river above Williamaport. A df?f ateh received Vrcm (Jen. Conch, t-> the military authorities in this city, last nVcht, stated that Imboden h^d again lett Hagerstown, and was proceeding towards Frederick, D. Couch bad a force near Hagerstown at last a ? counts. T!^e la'ert IrfortPRtlon la?t nieht, was to tv? cfect that the rebels were retreating bipre Gtn. Wallace's force?.? Bau-norgfiun, 9th Important Movement ol Troops. ? rrrom the Cleveland Herald.1 We mentioned a tvw days ago that there wre ^indications of tin immediate movement on Mobile. The troops in the unfortunate ex pedition under Gen. Banks have sailed from New Orleans for some destination?wb?re, is the question. Sixteen thousand men had lm3 New Orleans prior to the lWtta nit., andSOOQm-ire up to the date of tb? latest adyice*. ((no opin ion is that tbey have pore to reinforce Ocner vl Grant?arother that tbey have moved to at tack Mobile. The sudden landing of twenty five thousand veterans under General Oaabv at Mobile would make a stir among the rebels under Johnston: should the IxJuisiana vete rans be added to tbe army of the Potomac, Grant will tbe sooner be able to press T^e t:> extremity. The New Orleans expedition must soon be heard from. RsrBMBKTATIVB SCD^TITCTB!*. ? I48V.IS Audenreid, a prominent merchant of Phils,' pb'a, who Is not liable to military duty, b desires to furnish a representative sub-tit.' i., addressed a letter to the Provost Marshal G - eral, inquiring whether he could put in as a repnsentative one who wis liab'e to the draft, and received tbe following reply: War Iibpartwrnt, Provost'Marshal Oen eral's Office, Washington, July *2, 1*6!.?Lewit Audenried, Esq , Philadelphia?Sir : In reply to vonr communication of the .loth ult., the Pro vost Marshal General directs me to say that yfiu can furnish as personal representatives in tbe service either aliens or citizens who are en rolled and liable to draft. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. Charlbr H. H. Broom. Thb Nbw Mohby-Obdbk Stutem.?Dr. C. F. McDonaid has been appointed superinten dent of the rew money-order svst-m of t'i? Poet Office Department, and B. F. Wilktns ta the principal clerkship. I.OCAL NEWS. -?> Criminal Court, Judge FLher.?'Thursday, William Thomas, alius John Thomes, Wis fonnd guilty of larceny, and a mot'on was made iu arrest of judgment. Meal McBride, indicted for larceny, was ac quitted. Yesterday, Michael Geary, indicted for an assault and battery, submitted his case, and was fined ?5. Geo. W. Seals was found guilty of larceny, and recommended to mercy. Edmund Courtney wai found guilty of lar ceny. In another ca^e for paswn?; counterle't coin a nolle pros, was entered. Eliza Lounder? was found guilty of larceny. This morning, in the cases of Ida Ernest and James McCiuade, for assault and battery, a ne 17e pros, was eitered. Frank Foster was found guiltv of larc?ny. A T. Gray, or Indicia, aid Wm. Lilly, of Ohio, have been admitted t"> the bar. Police Reports?Second Precinct.?Micha^' L' ton, nuisance;*3. Third Precinct?Michael Doyle, selling liquor to minors: 85.41. Patrick Hagerty, disorderly; ?24'. Catherine Hagerky, disorderly; dis. missed- Patrick Hagerty, do. and drunk; Chas Haman, throwing stones: S2.41. Tnos. Cumberland, malicious mischief; jail for icurt. Fifth. Precinct.?B. O. Flannigan, assault and battery, Thomas Moglan, Henry Vuts, Pat'k Lynch, disorderly; dismissed. Andrew Gjv e.-nor, do; SI. Sixlh Precinct.?C. Bruntiz", Wm. Brunts, aisault and battery; for tria*. Alber. Osfilnc, do.: dismissed. John Monroe, (fraud larceny; for trial. Galon Dntcber, larceny dismissed. Fourth Precinct.?Margaret. Handlev, disor derly; S1.S5. Catnarine Bond, do.; *-2. Mr3. V/. Finnrjran, do : S3. Richard Rowles. Wm. Lowry, John H. Tarmoy, do.; S2 each. Benj n Striekler, do.*, S3 James Handley, do.; S'2. J. Heis3, John C. Moore, drunk; milita-y. Geo. Garrison and Kate Garrison, threats; bail for peace. Tenth Precinct.?Christ-an Sowiuer, drunk nd disorderly; dismissed. Port of Gkorobtowh ? Enteted?M. J.. Compton, Depened, New York. Cleared.?Patriot, IKze, Havre de Grace: Senator, Franklin, Boston; Itetsy Hooper, Wamsley, Baltimore; S. E. Joncr, Russell, New Haven; E. Prat:, Baker, Fall Rive.-: J. Smith, Terry, do.; Flora, Abbot, Baltimore. Sloops Christiana, Fox, St. Mary's; Ann Mc Carty, Hatton. Piscatawa; M.Whitehall. H*" - bert, Wycomico. Barnes G. Washin~_vi, Macken, and Salvington, Love, Whits Ho-se, V ft. street, near D, and ciii?H _k ^ * was refused, when he drew hlVnUtal^onrf1 aiming it at the barkeeper, pulled fb? &???' Fortunately, however, a bystander ^re^n tbe pistol, and the ball passed out of the roof. Officer Clements arrested him and turned him over to the officers of hi3 regimen*, the 2-'d Pennsylvania. Affairs in Gbokobtown.?There is noth ing do'n? in the canal, although the panic created by the rebel raid has subr'ded. The water continues to be very low, which would hinder the passage of laden boats, eveu if no other hinderance of trade existed, but it is sup posed that in the vicinity of Hancock the rebels did damage the canal, in the dams and culverts there. We can see no reason for this supposition, as no positive report of damaje to the caral at anyplace west of Georgetown has been received. Thb Columbian Collec.r Scholarship. The pupils of the Male Grammar Schools who are candidates for the scholarship, which is annually awarded to the most meritorious pu. pil of pub'ic schools of Washington, will beex amined at Mr. Wight's school on next Monday morning. The examination will commence In the morning, but if it is protracted as hereto fore will be an all-day affair. The Firb Department.?The several fire companies have delivered the property in their possession to the commissioners of the lire de partment in obedience t? instructions from the Mayor. State of thb Thermombtbb.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, tbe theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock. 87 In the shade and 11/2 in the sun. 1????? TV NOONAN, PLUMBER AND OAS FIT ' ??ril?r ?f 9th *nd streets, opposite Fatrnt Office. Water mid gas introduced on the most reasonable terms. Ilose and Hose Pipes al ways on hand'? j r 9 3t* fVORTH AMERICAN REVIEW FOR JULY: ll fl.25.?Cobtbnts.?A Phyoiral Theory or the I Universe. The Property Rights of Married Wo men. The l'bilosoohy of Bpaee and Time The Constitution and its Defects. The Narv of thr United States. Our Soldiers. A National Curren cr. Tbe RebeUion; its Causes and Consequences. Cutical Notices. ir 9 FRANCK TAYLOR. WINES AND LIQUORS. We have now on hand a full sunnlr of WINES AND LIQUORS, cousistinic of California Hock, Port. Muscatel, and Angelica Vines, and Grape Brandy., Claret, Sherry. Madeira, and Catawba Wines. Old Bourbon, Nectar, Cabinet and Rye Whis keys. Blackberry, Cherrjr, Lavender, and Ginger Bran dies. Holland Gin and Wolff's Schnuppa. Also. Ilostetter's, Drake's, Stoughton's and tier iiian Bitters. For sale by KG AN & PRRRIK, iy 9? 6tif Cor. H and Ninth streets. NOTICE.?I have opened anew BARBER SHOP on C street, between 1st street and New Jer sey avenue, at Boyli's Hotel, where I will be glad to f>es my friends and customers. ? . ? v . A lbutner, C street, between 1st and N.J. av., Jy 7-lm Boyle's Hotel, near the Depot DK Y GOODS! / D R Y O 0 O D 8 11 Ijidles. call at the NEW STORE if you want to r?]}r?p,'neTsworth, with no advance on goods. Good Cott.-n at 25, ? and 30c.; full yard wide at ?VC- fTlnts at 25, 28 and 30c. Chintz pattern at ?c. Lawns at 25,58 and 31c. Hoop Skirts at ?I 26 and ft .5'. Silk Mantillas at Sfi, A8 SlOamt ft 12 Good Black Silk at $1.2*, ?i 37 and II w Oor sets at fl.60 and (1.76. Mozambique* at 10 vs JSC Shalie at S3. 36,and 37?.? Ch"ap To^lin. Table Cloth, Diapering, Gloves. Hosiery of the last rise?and^w?l0be "ld^rtko?n^regard?to *S-7n r ? *57*ISo*w ' I.!Ks and Cali??at half 1? remnanU very cheap. ' ^30 lw* W 1'1 BRADL*T BUGS TO INFO KM HIS F?b!ie that he hut* hand a & ,*r*e andbsaut.if?l style of Mooamenta. Head 8toi.ea and all giods of Marble worked te Order, and is thankful for oast favors and hopes to K5j:5SK2Krjr,!a?*' aa I p BOPOSALS rot M *TKRTALS ro* TBI XAYT. _ t Wavy B|?\Rrx|*f, t Ewer* tf Steam h vKin >r?s*, July !0. liii. V Sealed Proposals to form*!) materials for the Nh* r for the ft-<cal year cuilinu Jua? ?'? IH?*?. ?iU be received at the Bor'?au of Beginoritur tn'il !'? o'cl<*ek of the 12th d?* of Avcit i?'"t ?t at which time tbe opening will b* ooani'iiced. Propo a's tnust ho oninwit " Pre>po>-Is l"r M? teria'sfur the Navy.'' tbat they may be distio luisted from ota?r bucine-w let >r*. a-.d di roc ted (. the Chief of the tiaroau of 8.e?iu Kugin- enr ?. The ma'eria's ati'f afticlos embraced in the classes ramed a-e particu'arly de^ri'oei in tlio print?d schedule*. s.ny of which will tee fu ra<?lle?l tn grch ax (Wire to off?r, on application to the emuar J ant* of the respoctiv* yards, or to the i>a\y agiot ne*r<.>*t theieto, and tuoie of all the yar-ts upon spplicatiou to the Lureaju. This division into cl??!:<a being for the conve cf dealer* in each. sui-h els* "es onlr will t??> furnished as are actually required for bids. 1'he ninmandant ant. ravy ar' nt f?r each stetior will, in addition to the schedule of c1*tsp* of tt'elr own yarJ >. have a cope of the srbslules of ttie other yard*.'or e> aniinat inn onl* front which may T>e judged wl ether it will he d< sirable to nmk.- appK ration for tnv of the cl*s:e* of tho.'o >*rds All other thus- being equal, preference will l>e given ^'articles of American rnsnnfaetore, ttfcr- mr st be made for the whole of the e' a** n* anT >ard opon one of tbe printed *chcdnle*. or in s' rict conformity therewith, or they will u t be considered Vpon application to the Bureau, to thellom ipanuaot nt any yard, or to any N??r Agent, the form ot o~er, ?,f guarantee. and other necessary intormauou re*p. cting the proposals will b> f r rushed The contract will be awarded to the lowest hid ?\er who ttiv- s proper guarantees *?< required by the law of 10th Auguat, |?v,. the Nary Department reserving the right to reject th? lowest bit, if deemed exorbitant. Tl e contracts will near date tbe day th* notifi cation!* g-veil and deliveries can be demanded Irom tb ?t date. Sureties in the full sTount will he reauire-l to s'gn tbe contract, a?xj their r'tponrlbilit certi fied to by m I'nitfd Flat s district jndx?. liuited * di? 'rict at'on ey, collector. ?,i c?fr arent Ah additional secunt" , twenty ui-r centum will be wit hheld from the amount oft fie hills tin il the contract shall bare been completed; and eighty p< r c-ntum ot etch bill, approv d in triplicate bv 1 he coti-inandant* of the respectiye yaftis. will bo paid li> the navy "gent* jit the points of delivery, in. funds or certiliea es, at the option of the (lor ercir ent. within ten days aft?r the warrant for tba rnif shall have been passed by the 8<-cret*ry oftho TreaHurv. T1 e following are the classes required at the re i pective ravy yards: KITTBKY, MAINE. Class No. 1. boiler iron, Ac.: No. 2. pig iron; No. S, hoiler felting; No. 4, K im packinr An.' No. 5. sperm oil. No. S, linseed oil. Ac ; No 7, lard oil; No. H, metallic oil; No. ? tallow and noap, No.l', engineer*'stores; No. 11. engineer*'tools; No. 12, engitif ers'in*tiuments; No 14. wrought iron pip*, ?Vc.; No. 15. tube*: No. 16, steel: No. 17. i-on n*tl?. holts, and nota; No. Itf. copper; No. 1"), tin. Ac . No. 2o. w bite lead: No. 2i, zinc p unt; No. 22, col orcd paints; No. 23, atationery No. "4. hrewood: No C-., cotton waste, packing. Ac.; No. J5, engi neers' stores CI1 AIU'ESTOWN. MAS3 Cles* No. 1. hoilee iron and rirets; No. ?, p:ij :r< n: No. J, hoilc* felting: No. ? eum pa-kiriir. rubber bote, Ac.; No. 5. sp^rm oil; litivi-4 oil an* turpentioe; No. 7. lard oil; No. H, metalli-^ oil; No. 9, tallow and soap; No. in engineor*' Ktoro; No. 11. engineer*' tools: N" 12. engioeem' inntrumentn: No. 1H, steam pump-: No. M, wrongiit iron Dip", valVf s, Ac No. IS, tubes; No. IS, stt el; No. 17. iron nsil*. bolts, nuts, ftc : No. 1H, copper; No. 19. tin. ??rc. Ac.; No 21'. wbite lesd: No ?t. zinc piint; Kn. 22, colored paints, dryer*. Ac.; No. 5 ?. fct .tionery; No 21. hickory and ash plank and hut*-No. 2fi, wbite pine; No. 54. hemp and cotton pre! irg, & c.; No. 55, engineers' stores, Ac. BROOKLYN. N. Y. Class No. 1, boiler L on: No. 2. p:? Iron; No. 5, boilerfel'ing; No. 4, gum packing, rubber hose. A c : No. 5. sperm oil: No. 6. lint eeffoll. turpentine, alcohol Ac.; No 7. lard oil: No. S. lubricating ir metallic oils; No. 9, tallow and so;p; No. i'?, en giueerfc' ftor?s; No 11, etiginoers' iools; No. 1J, en?ineer"?'instruments; No 13, steam pimps; No. 14, wrought iron pipi s. valves. A r ; No. IS. tub's; No. 1G. ,-teel: No. J,. iron nails, bolts, nuts, Ac.; No. 11, copper; No. 19. tiD. rinc, lead. Ac ; No. 20, white lead; No. 21, zinc'; No. colored paints, dryers, A c.; No. 23 statior.ery; No. 2t Are wood; No. 75. hickory and ash plank and butts; No, 21, white pine; No 27, black walnut and cherry: No. 2* mahogany, white holley; No. 2J, lanterus. No. ,-n. lignumvit'e: No. 31, drudgeons, pumps, Ac.; No. 32,sour tlour.crucibles, Ac . No. 33.patent ed a'tlcles; No. 51, cotton and hemp packings, Ac.; No. 36, engineer stores . PHILADELPHIA. Clsss No. 1, hoiler Iron, Ac ; No. S, boiler felt ing; No. 4, vum p ichir sr, rubbe- hoi-e, Ac ; 5, sperm oil' No. <1, Liu.ved oil s ml tiw pen tine; No. 7, lard oil. No. 9, t wotr,soap. Ac.; No. 10, engineerr.' stores; No II. engineers'tools; No. 13. engineers' instruments; No. 14, wrought iro'i pip-s. v*lre?, Ac.: No. l'i. tubes; No. IC, ^ti rl: No. 17. iron nail*, bolts and nuts; No, 18, copper; No. If*, tin, A c.; No. 31, white lead; No. 21, rinc pi'nt; No. 72, colored pvnt - ami dryers; No. 21. stationery; lio. ' - wood ; No.5' cotton and hemp ^.ic^ing.Ac.; No. iti. eng-nerrs' store.-, Ac. WASHINGTON. Class No. 1, bo'ler iron, Lc.; No. 2, pig iron: No. 3. boile'felting-, Ac.; No. 4, gum packing, ruober liose, Ac.; No. 5, sperm oil; No. 6. linseed oil and turpentine; No. 7. lard oil; No. 8, lumber; t^o.9, tallow and soap; No. in. engineers' stores; No. 11, engineers' tools: No. 12, engineers' instruments; No. 13, steam numps; No.14, wrought iron pij*, valyes. Ac.; No. 15, tubes, No. Ifi, steel; No. 17 iron nails, bolts, nuts, Ac.: No. 18, copper; No. 1#, tin, lead and zinc; No. 20. wbite lead; No. 21. zinc paint; No. 22, colored paint--, dryers, Ac.: N?. 23. stationery^ No. 2S, firewood; No. 3-'. cotton and hetip packing, A c.; No. 35. engineers' stores, jy 9-w4w ^ w ANTXD. FLUTING! FLUTING 1 WANT1D. Ivery lady in the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, bad built a very elegant machine for Flnting or Crimping Dresses, Ae. Dressmakers and others can have any kind of goods Crimped at short notice, ia as good style, and an cheap as in any other city. Ladles, remember thic is the only machine in town, and done at the only place to get stamping done. 391 V street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine iftitrvh lng Depot. my 3 J0S1PH REYNOLDS A 00. PLVMBBBS, OAS, AND 8TBAM FITTERS, No, 600 Nihth Btiiit, near avenue, ^^?^?Jnst received, and will constantly keep oa 'rpt,',?* largest and beat assortment in the city Glaw moblV^?rMkP Lifhu- Portables. tdes?n thislin^ f?om ?K^fr ?^**es,and all arti nSw York"PhiU?e1^.^#4b0e'Vtl'tbli^rKQU ^ 00 the most reasonable terms! he aoll Also, &ANG?8, FCBNACKS, and Stoves. We are prepared to furnish the best BANG! la nse anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels, Restaurants, Ac., are invited to calL We do all kinas of GAS and 8TRAM fittings promptly and cheap, as also everything in the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner. Oall and see our Bathing Tubs, fountains Wat-r Closets, Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ac., at No. ?00 Ninth street, near Pennsylvaniaavanue, the Lsriajt establishment in tbe city. fe 2-eou* 0 T I C K . Qfi(( of CcmmisstontTf of Improvement.*, t "154. V N Offitc of Commissi ? , . Cuv Hill, Juue2:. 1854. In eotnpliance wi+h an ordinance of the Corpo ration, entitled "An act for the removal of offal, slops. Ac. "the public are hereby notified that all kitchen offal will be removed from their respec tive dwellings once a day until the 1st October next, and all housekeepers are hereby notified to place vessels sufficient to contain suoh offal, and easily handled, in the rear of their several prem ise*. when accessible to the garbage carts, and when not acce.tsible in the rear, then at a place mostco?T<nient. F- R.- DORygTT, Commissioner First Ward; JAS. W. Sl'ALDING, Commissioner Second Ward; JOHN T. GARNRB, Commissioner Third Ward: WM. DOUGLASS, Commissioner Fourth Ward: WM. H HAMILTON. Commissioner Fifth Ward; W A. FLETCHER. Commissioner Sixth Ward;. JAS. H. BIRCH, Comtaiasioner Seventh Ward. N. B. All offal of other kinds will be promptly removed by notifying the Commissioners of the same. Je 2s Ifiwigm FAFERHAlieiNOS. A great variety of XNTIRELY NEW STYLES Adapted to PARLORS, DINING ROOMS. HALLS, and > CHAMBERS. Also, i,000 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS. 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattinga are anrivfciled in this city, coraprt Ing in part tbe famous Gowqua brand for parlo * Oil Clotha from 3 to IS feet wide, adapted to drai rooms, halls, Ae. Ala*? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES. PARLOR MATS. Paper hnng by skillful workmen, and all or promptly attended to. Give os a call and sa from 10 to 90 per cent. KITTLE * FALCONER'S No. 348 7th atreet, between I street and ap23-a* Mass, avenns. A DAMS EXPRESS COMPANY, A OFFICE 614 PA. AFENUE, Washington, i). fl; "'"fiCMCM' W'3T Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCH to all accessible sections of the country. This Company ba* agencies in the Principal Railway Towns io the NORTH. EAST, WEST*. ANB NORTHWEST^ It* principal office* are ' WA8?SK8St?n0*: ba'ltimSrI: c10?8.I0!, Connections are mside at New York and Boston, with line* forwarding to tbe CAN ADAS end tk? BRITI8H PROVINCES and other steamship li Je to LIVERPOOL, SOUTH AMPT'iN s?A HAVRf and tbeneebjr Earopeao e*?resaes to an promiaMt eooiaierclal towns in Great Wrrta'" and the Coatl oent. ' Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS, an a BILL8 made at all accessible parts of tbe CnlhM8tetee. ?%wr 0. 0 DUNM, Agent, da a Wa?bl??*'>n, D. b.

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