Newspaper of Evening Star, July 10, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 10, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W? D. WALLAfH. Editor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: SUNDAY JULY !?, 1^64. fi^TR*AI)IN0 matter on every paok f, ?l'PID1 *<>R INTERESTING TELE-' ' HIC AND OTHER MATTER. EXTRA. THE INVASION. Official War Bulletin. Continuous Fight on the Monocacy GENERAL WALLACE ENGAGED. , REPULSE OF OrR TROOPS AND THEIR RE TREAT TO BALTIMORE. CAPTURE OF GENERAL TYLER AND COL. 8EWAHD. THE ENEMY TWE.VTV THOUSAND STRONG. WESTERN MARYLAND RAILROAD ROLLING 8TOCK REMOVED. IMPRESSMENT OF STOCK. DEMONSTRATION GREATER THAN WAS 8L PPOSED. FREDERICK EVACUATED BY OUR TROOPS.' FREDERICK OCCUPIED RY REBELS UN PER BRECKINRIDGE. REBELS CROSSING AT EDWARD'S FERRY. OFFICIAL GAZETTE. W A8IIIJCOTOS, Jnlv 10?1 A. M . Major General Dix, iSVic York ? A_a official report from Major General Wal laco just received states that a battle took place between the forces under his command and the rebel forces at Monocacy to-day, coar raencing at 9 o'clock a. m. and continuing until 5 o'clock p. m.; that our forces were at length overpowered by the snperior numbers of the enemy, and were forced to retire in disorder. lie reports that Colonel Seward, of the New York artillery, was wounded end taken pris oner, and that Brigadier General Tyler was also taken prisoner: that the enemy is at least SO,WO strong; that our troops behaved well, but snffered severe loss. He is retreating to Eaitimore. Edwis M. Stajctot*, Secretary of War. tluspatclx to the Chronicle.] Baltimore, July !?, 7 p. m.?Th<- excitement in this city is intense aBd on the increase Crowd! are thronging the bulletin board-, and a thousand wild and improbable rumors are in circulation. .Railroad communication with western Mary- , land i3 still kept up. The five o'clock train 1 "went out this afternoon towards Frederick, And Prescott Smith, the mastnr of transpor tation, states that the Baltimore and Onio j road Is In use to within five miles of the Mo- 1 nocacy Gen. Wallace is engaged with the enemy between the Monocacy and Frederick, ana j heavy skirmishing has been going on this afi tenaoon The rebel cavalry are extending * their excursions in various directions, one squad being seen atCatoctin, within five miles of Westminster. The rolling stock of the "Western Maryland road has been sent to this city for safe keeping. Quite a commotion has been stirred up > amongst the owners of horse flesh lure, as the Government is pressing Into service every available animal. In order to prevent giving information to tbe enemy, no one is permitted to leave the city without a pass. At the headquarters of Gen. Wallace. Col. Lawrence and Col. Wooley are extremely ac tive, and exertions are being made tefmr?t the exigencies of the hour. All account-, agree in representing the rebel force to be much larger and the movement much more formidable than at first supposed. Proclamation by the Governor and Mayor. Baltimore, July 0?The city has been full of rumors to-day of disaster to our forces un der Gen. Wallace at Frederick. As near as I can get at the truth, the enemy appeared in large force in front of Frederick last evening. General Wallace not deeming himself strong enough to resist them, fell back to Monocacy bridge Here he was attacked this morning in overwhelming numbers, and forced to i&ll back on reinforcements, which were sent to his relief. The enemy were eo strong that it is reported our forces are still falling back, and that the rebels have destroyed the brio ge at Monocacy. The Governor lias issued the lollowiag PROCLAMATION. Citizens of Baltimore: We have been unwil ling to create an unnecessary alarm or agita- ' tion in this community l>y nEy appeal for your immediate assistance in resisting the threatened invasion that may be deemed premature, but have no longer such an apprehension, and have no hesitation in declaring that in oifr opinion the danger which now threatens the city is im minent. and if you would avert it everv loyal man must at once prepare to meet it. The invading enemy is, t.y the last accounts, ! approaching the city. All the men that can be raised are wanted to ; occupy the fortifications already completed ! and to prepare others. It is not important , how you should come, but most important ! that you should come at once?come in your leagues or come in militia companies?but j come in crowds and come quickly. Brigadier General Look wood ha? volun- [ teered to take charge ef all ot theciYll forces thus raised, and has been assigned to that i command. The loyal men of every ward will assemble . at their usual places of ward meeting, and ' will report forthwith to General Lockwood, at his headquarters, North street. uj A. W. Bradpobp, Governor of Marylaad. } John LziChatmaw, Mayor. The liquor stores in this city were all closed at ?? o'clock to-night. The streets are thronged with people discussing the state ol affairs. Troop* are being rapidly sent forward. Horses are being seized, and cavalry mounted and t sent to the front. The President and Superintendent of the Baltimore and Ohio railroad are doing all in their power to aid the authorities in forward ing troops to the scene of action. Baltimore, July 0.?Later accounts from tbe front represent that our forces have fallen back from the Monocacy to the vicinity of Monrovia. Our forces burned tbe turnpike bridge over the Monocacy. Particulars of the .fight hare not been received. DISPATCH FROM BALTIMORE. Continued Excitement there?Alarm Be^l* Rung and men beliig armed in every every direction?Rebels reported at Reis tertown. sixteen miles from Baltimore, and nlso at Kllicett's Mills?These Re? port* Doubtful. _ A dispatch from Baltimore, dated 10 o'clock his morning, says: Much evcltement exists throughout tbe city, end men are being armed in every direction, Tbe alaim bells have beea rang, bud crowds if persons axe on the streets. Keports are prevalent that the enemy hriY* ?ppearrd at Relstertown, (sixteen miles from Baltimore,) and also at Ellicott's Mills, which a* twelve miles from Baltimore; bnt as the tel. ?graph was working to-dby lrom the latter point, tbis may be untrue. Gen. Wallace was still falling back, but is x?Cfivipg reinforcements. Rebel parties are represented as going in the ot tiie Pennsylvania Central rail rToad?of course with a design to cut the road. Slower or. tne reports are so numerous that > With certainty can be arrived at. - - W Ron. John Covode. of Pa., has had two aoabfomoer* in Grant's army) killed in battle WHMb six wecke. ?LBya m and smash on the Lack&wana bad Bloomslrury railroad, a few days ago. the company Km r;<wo in about two minutes. ttf~ Fire miners, were burned in a mine near Ashland. Pa las'we< k. by an explosion of Are damp. - _ %T ftmrtbg tne quarter ending lane fittib balos of eotnm have beea ahippeu from ii?1* i *} \i 07"Sp*rra oH, at Kew Bouroru, is K -per gaU M, WW* boasrht ia so t*rg? % qqaattey m L*> "" ? - j LATE ASP IMPORTANT HEWS. (ENSEAL WALL \CH POSTED IN A STRONG POSITION. LARGE REIM'ORCEMBNTS OF TROOP3 ab RIYING TO HI8 SUPPORT. NO REBEL DEMONSTRATION ON BALTIMORE AND WA8HIM TON RAILROAD. | NO APPEARANCE OF THE REBEL* WITHIN THE DKl'ARTMENT OF WASHINGTON. THE REBELS HAVE NOT CROSSED AT ED WARDS' FERRY AS REPORTED. GEN'L TYLER REPORTED NOT CAPTURED. THE INVASION. Nothing is known Here that we have b*en ' able to learn of up to 101,' a. in. to-day. eon > oerning the extent of oar losses iu the engage ment of yesterday at the Monocacy. The bul j jettn of tbe Secretary of War, which we here j with publish, embraces all its particulars so , iar a* ascertained in this city. Oea. Wallace's , command were this morning ih a position to cover any demonstration the rebels may make i to-day or to-morrow on Baltimore, where, we believe, a considerable body of troops frem a distance are arriving at this time. The Washington branch railroad was un j disturbed np to 9 a m. to-day. It is not prob , able that it can be interfered with seriously until sometime to-morrow, by which time, we | apprehend, sufficient Union troops will have j been concentrated to drive the invading force before them. The force within the line of entrenchments J around this city is ample for its thorough pro | tection against any demonstrations the rebels may make in this direction; though to enable i some portion of it to participate in the defence of Baltimore, it eeems to us that it may be ? come necessary that our fellow-citizens in and out oi Government employment subject to mi. ! litia duty may be called out for service imme j diately around their homes. We have no apprehensions that either Balti I more or this city are in danger of being sacked by the rebels; knowing as we do the prepara : tlons made for the security of both; and we j therefore advise the public to keep as cool as the state of the weather will allow, each man making his arrangements to be ready to re spond instantly to any call for his services in | defence of his home that may possibly grow out of the military "situation" of the hour in I our front. Nothing whatever is yet known to the public here concerning the movements of the rebels ; since the engagement of yesterday: nor do we ! believe they have so far made any demonstra 1 tion which has enabled the authorities to learn i their future purpose. That is: whether they piopose to dash next at Baltimore, at Wash ington, or to turn northwest in the hope ol 1 striking Hunter en route east, at some point so near the upper Potomac aa that they may escape soatli of that river before beinz inter cepted by the progressing gathering of ample Union forces. We make this publication simply that the public may know the truth concerning the state of things in our iront thi- morning, >ofar as it is known here. The morning trains from Baltimore were run with great caution, so as to guard against any possible contingency of being interfered with by some ^mall squad of rebel cavalry or sympathizing Maryland disciples of "peace." The telegraph to Baltimore, we know, con tinues working. FROM EDWARDS' FERRY So Appearance of the Rebels There. A dispatch received at headquarters at a late hour last night irom Edwards' Ferry slates that the rebels have not crossed there as re ported?neither have they made their appear ance in the vicinity. The Department of Washington. The rebels have not as yet made their ap pearance anywhere within the Department of Washington. Gen. Augur and his stall others are busily engaged to-day making ample preparations to receive them should they show them-?elves within this department Gen. Tyler Reported not Captured. A gentleman who came down over the Balti. more and Ohio Railroad from handy Hook vesterday afternoon reports that he passed Monrovia at 0 o'clock p. m., and saw Gen. Ty ler there ai that time. This gentleman thinks the report of his capture may be a mistake. i THE VERY LATEST. TTIE REBEL? NOT PFR8UING GEN. WAL LACE IN THE DIRECTION OF BALTIMORE. IT I> BELIEVED THEY ARE MOVING ON Tn WASHINGTON OR TO STRIKE THE RAILROAD AT LAUREL. M E PREPARATIONS MADE TO MEET THEM 12 M.-We are satisfied from information just received,that up to this forenoon the rebel> had made no movement indicative of the purpose of iollowing Gen. Wallace iu the direc tion of Baltimore. It is the belief in his command, we hear, that they purpore to come in this direction. A detachment of their cavalry wa^ at l'oole ville this morning, which indicated either that they were marching hitherward or aim to strike the Washington Branch railroad at or i.bout Laurel. Information has reached here that a satisfac tory body of our veterans are already in a po sition from which they can reach either Wash ington or Baltimore before the rebels can ap pear in lorce in front of either city. The very large brigade of men employed in tbe i iuartermaster's Department here and in thia vicinity mustered this forenoon at their vajpions rendezvous, and will meet for drill this afternoon. They are read}- for instant service if it be necessary to call them ant. If the imprespion that the rebel force that fought at Monocacy yesterday marched this forenoon in this direction be correct, we shall bear to-night of their cavalry being about oar fortifications, and to-morrow of the appearance or their infantry in the same quarter. mpI.O. O. F.?The Quarterly Communication LJJ? of tbe R. W. GRAND LODGE. D. 0.. will beheld on MONDAY EVENING. July 11th. at 8 o'clock. QyP-jti P. H. SWEET. Gr. Sec. I |V-5=?TEMPERANCE MEETING, SUNDAY AF TEBNOON. commencing at 4 o'clock, at the i MukicStan*.Capitol Grounds. Mu, Johs O #1 akr < kkfep and others will address the meeting. The | public are respectfully invited to atte nd. It* ? THE NEXT REGULAR MEETING 01 i LJJ5 tbe Board ofTrustee* of the Public Schoele Will beheld on TUESDAY NEXT, the 1Kb inst , at9o'clock p. m. ir 9-3t - R. T. MORglLL. Sec. FOUNDATIONS AND EVIDENCES UJ? of Spiritualism and Religion will be d;s ru#?ed at the Commercial Academy, 4M i>th n't., SUNDAY. July 10th. at 7H o'clock p.m. "Prove all things, and hold fast that which is good." Ad mitt&noe 10 cents. It* rr^RKLIGIOUS NOTICE-The funeral ?er 113 mon or Miss JANE AMERICA PAYNE wf!7 be preached in the Methodist Protestant Church, Concrete street, Georgetown, to-morrpw uiornjng, at U o'clock, by the Pastor, Rer. D. Bowers. Her relatives and friend? particularly, and the public generally, are invited to attend. nr5=?TH? ANNUAL DISTRIBUTION OF 11,5 Medals and Premiums to the pupils of the Fourth District School wiil take elace at ti?e Smithsonian Institution on MONDAY, the 1 It it jnst.,at? o'clock p.m. The address will bede l.vered by the Rev. Dr. Sunderiand. The public ' a-e invited to attend. jy 9.2* nr5=?J0URNEYMEN PLASTERERS ATT EN U-5 TION.?You are notified tfc. me?t at Tem perance Ball on MONDAY, llth. to take iu cO'jfiU eratioa the strike for an advance of wages. The attendance of eve?y member is reantitod FKTE& PIEKCi?,8tw j. 3;* ! rr??NOT 101 TO COUNTY TAX PAYaRS~Th? | LL? * Levy -tkmt* hare extent, t the tlme%r the abate? *t?t of lOaer cent on the tax pt jg|4 to the aut j ot Ju,y. a??? nee ceat from that date to the a*?' %"??"* 3 O'CLOCK P. BL THE VERY LATEST! tltn. Conch Occupies Haserstown. REInFOROEMKNTB P.XPIDLY ARRIVING AT Baltimore, A ITH^VY I N'ION FORCE OF VKTKRWS OX THSJR WAY TO AND NEAR TO WASHINGTON, We hear through Baltimore thit General Couch yesterday alternoon occupied Hagers town with a oodyot our troops from Pennsyl vania. Aleo that considerable Reinforcements from a distance have been reaching Baltimore throughout the morning. "We may not improperly add thut within a very few hours the troops now garrisoning the defences of this city will be very heavily reinforced by the arrival of veteran troops from a far distant quarter. The force of marines in this city are under stood to be under marching orders. LOST AND FOUND. STOLEN?From theSubscriber's Farm, a BROWN MARE, .-tar in forehead, .*> yarn> hand-; high, mane and tail rubbed. 25dollars will be paid for the recovery of the mare, and $26 for the detec tion of the thief. JOHN H0D(iE8, J it., _jy 9 St^ Upper Marlboro, July 6.1S61. LOST?On the 8th inRtant, on 7th street, between New York avenue and L street, an Adams <V Co.'s SOLDIER'S ENVELOPE, containing $173, f 17n in Baltimore money, the other three in Treas ury. A suitable reward will be given if returned to Mr. 8AMUEL BROWN'S Clothing:Store, on 7th st., between L and New York av. It" jVTOTICE?A black H'JRSE, fouryear^ old, left it lr'.^ "lein the month of August last by Saml. Hendriekson for Captain Hoxsey, will be sold at. >\all'n Bazaar, on the 1-ith instunt. nnles-t they come forward, pay charges. and take him away. . ? _ SAMITSL 8. GIDDINGS. J> 9 3t Cor. 12th and E sts. east. ? I fk REWARD? Strayed from the premisi'* of sP ? V the subscriber, on the night of tin 5th instant, a light colored brindle COW. She has horns and a white faee. The above reward will be ? aid for her return or for information leading to er recovery. I'.KNJ . D ARKY. ? M 77 Water stri ct, or 37 MarkeUtreet, jy !>-3t Georgetown, D. C. UL' A? A V EST RAY-A white a? 1 r*d LOW, red about tile head, neck and legs; two notches in the left ear and a clip from the rigid ??ar; long turned up horns; about 9 years old; lias a young calf from <> to 8 days old. The owner cab come forward, prove property, pav charges and takejieraway. . W. P. FEKGUSON. Near Blaglen s \\ hart, on Georgia avenue, jy 9-2t* Between 3d and 4th streets east TAKEN IP ASTRAY, July <th. one is.\y HORSE, 1? hands high, fcur white feet, eight 'Washington and Georgetown Rail road stables, near Raltimore Depot. jy S Mt f^AME TO ?n PREMISES?*On the 7th instant, ^ a RED COW with horns. The owner can prove the property, pav charges and take her away RACHEL JENKINS. J> 8 36<) 21 .st street, between G and H. RKH?>? l*V?i- the recovery of my two yP**** HORSE;-, strayed or stolen on the 27th of June. 1864 : One'::'y Horse. about 16 hands high, with little white on each foot, both shoulders full ot bumps, from some cause: one black norse, about 1. hands high, with a sore on his bsu-k. I will give the above reward for both, or hall the amount for either of them. Inquire between 11th axid 12th sts. and Maryland avenue, east. Jy~3t* CHAS. W. GORDAN. PERSONAL. INFORMATION WANTED of Margaret Gross, who left New \ork for Washington on Friday, Jnly 1st. Any iniormation concerning her will be thankfully received by her husband. ADAM GROSS, at No. 2*9 B street, between 2d and 3d streets. jy<:-2t* PROPOSALS FOR MORTAR SHELLS. ORbXA.vciiOffi ?, War Dei*autment, / ? , . _ , WiAsni*GTos, Julys, l*;i.t Healed Proposal* will be received at this Office, -Monaay. the 1st day of August, lSUi. for ** INCH MORT\R SHELL, to be delivered in the iollowing quantities at the under-named Arsen als. viz: "M Watertown Arsenal, Massachusetts,fi.Ooo, At Watervliet Arsenal. New York. At New \ork Arsenal, Governor's Island, New 1 DTK, fci),on?r, Alleghany Arsenal, Pittsburg. 10,001. At Washington Arsenal. D. C., These projectiles are to be ma le of the kind of mental and inspected after the rules laid down in th? Ordnance Manual, the ten-ile strength of the iron to be not less than 11,000 pounds per square inch. Drawings can be seen at auj of the Unite! States A'senals. The projectiles are to be inspected at the foundry where cast, and are to be delivered at the Arsenais free ofcharge for transportation or handling. Bidders will state the rate at which they wiil de liver. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. Bidders will state explicit!*- the arsenal or ar senals where they propose to deliver and the num ber of projectiles they propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular founders or proprietors oi works, who are known to this Department to be capable of executing the work proposed for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer sh ?!! other than those cast in bis own foundry, they will be rejected, and the contract rendered nuil and void. Forms of bid can be obtained at the above-named sri-enals. Proposals not ma le out ? n this form i will not be considered. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required t<> accompany hi* \ proposition with a guaranty signed by two renpon sible persons, that, in case his bid i^ accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the arti i cle proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and iu case the said bidder should i fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors most be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bondnin the sum equal to the amount of the contract, signed by the contraetor and both of his guarantors, will be required of the sucisessful bidder or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTY. We, the undersigned, residents of ?, in the county of anJ State of???. hereby jointly and severally covenant with the 1'nited States, and guarantee, in ca.->-tbe foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a. sum equal to the amount of the contract, to furnish the articles pro posed in conformity with the terms of this adver tisement, dated July S, ls<54, under which the bid was made; and, in case tbe said shall fail to enter into a contract as aforesaid, we guar antee to make good the difference between the oiler of the said ?and the next lowest respon sible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. ^ Given under our hands and seals Witness /this da^of .18#?, ISeal.l (?eal ] To this guaranty must be appended tbe official certificate above mentioned. Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bonds with approved sureties for the faithful execution of tbe same. Upon the award being made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forma of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all the bids, it deemed un-ati-factorv onwiyar count. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gener al George D. Ramsay, Chief of Ordnance. Washing ton. D. C.,M and will be endorse! "Proposal- f.r eight-inch Mortar Shell." GEORGE D. RAMSAY, jy-fi (?()H Brig. Gen 1, Chief of Ordnatioe. fit V. SMITH'S U ild Cherry Tonic Bitters. TON 1C - ASTRINGENT - AP.OM ATIC ? DISIN FECTING?PROPHYL ACT IC. Sold Ererywhere, Aok your Prugffiat and tirjc?r for it. IT WILL CCRE Indigestion, Dyapepna, Dysentery, Diarrhea. Artie and Fever, I.o*? of Appetite, Liter Complaint, Jaundice. The Blitir of life for tbe As id. Will sire Health and Beauty to the Young. This Prophylactic should be- in every famiij at this season ef the y?ar, asthU delicious beverage can be used without t>.* deleterious efTeela ot Liquors. I3MITH & M0RR1S0K, J> 7-lm Proprietors. COI SALE?A new WAGON, built by one of the r test builders in the District, sustable for either one or twf horse?. Alao. two lu.rsA EXPRESS WAGON with HARNESS complete Can bo aeen at P. W. OOBSEY'S Feed,n 7th street, above tho Northern Market, Ni , 33;; jr 8-tt^ ' Hotels and boarding-houses.-w# ha7? in store a mperior stock of CROCK iky CHINA, GI ASH WARS CITL* ani PLATED WA&l, particularly adai to tbe aso of the above establishments which ire in? to the attention of the WKBRA* B8V ir (Thros 1 Odd aair.Tth at VrFd ITROM TESTEEDAY'8 BBOOND 1DITION.J Important from Frederick. Our Forces Evacuute the Place?The Rebels hare possession there?They aro reported to be 1*2,000 strong, under Breckinridge? Wallace's forces on the south bank of the Monocacy?A Rebel force crosses the Potomac at Edward's Ferry to Flank Wallace?He aroids be. id? flanked by falling back to the Me? nocacr? Baltimore, July 9.?Our foroeohaveevaau ated Frederick, and fallen bark in this di rection, and now occupy a position south of the Monocacy. The rebels occupy Frederick in what force 13 not positively known. Reports say twelve thousand, and that they are under command of Breckinridge. There are reports, seemingly well founded, that another rebel force has crossed the Po tomac near Edward's Ferry, and have moved in the direction of Urbana, Frederick county. In what force is not known, but it is supposed to be an effort to Hank us. We are hourly gaining strength by reinforce ments, and will probably frustrate the rebel movement The Americari's special from Monocacy Junc tion reports that we evacuated Frederick last r 'ght, and that it Is occupied by the rebel?, estimated at twelve thousand strong, under Breckinridge. Our movement is understood to have been to prevent a flank movement by another rebel force, which has occupied the Potomac near Edward's Ferry. STIRRING NEWS FROM UP RIVER. The Report of the Occupation of Frederick by the Confederates Confirmed. The telegraphic news from Baltimore con firms onr information given in our first edition of the occupation of Frederick by the Confed erates. Edward's Ferry, where a portion of theCon federate force is reported to have crossed, is about thirty mile6 above Washington. Wallace, at the Monocacy, is posted in a po sition of great strength, and the forces of vet eran and other troops constantly reaching liim will be ample to secure him from being dislodged, and he will speedily in turn be able to put the enemy on the defensive. We may expect soon to hear stirring news irom that quarter. LATEST FROM THE FROM. Artillery Duel Thursday Night?Indica tions oi thr Begining of A? tive Opera tions?Grant Snrp of Richmond? 3Iore Evidence ot Rebel Barbarity. The U. S. mail steamerHighlnnd Light,Cap tain Week-, arrived here this morning from City Point, which place she left at I! o'clock yesterday morning. l'rom parties coming up on her we learn that on Thursday night the rebels brought a battery to bear upon a working party of ours who were engaged in throwing up earthworks nearer to Petersburg, and for awhile a sharp cannonading took plac<s onr men having also brought up a battery to oppose that of the reb els: and that the latter was soon silenced. Sub sequently the rebels took up a new position, and again opened opon onr working party, but finding they could accomplish no'-hiug they ceased. With this exception all has been quiet for a few days past. But this is but the preliminary liiomei.t of quiet before the storm. Grant never was more hopefnl of taking Richmond, never was better prepared and was never be fore so near the accomplishment of his purpose as at this moment. All this may seem para doxical in view of the rebel "Great Calcula tions" of creating a diversion from Richmond by their Potomac raid, but it is strictly true as time will show. Hon. John Covode, of Pennsylvania, came up on the Highland Light, bringing up the body of his sob, Col. G. H. Covode, of the Jtli Pennsylvania cavalry, who was killed while protecting the rear of Sheridan's train, while crossing James river in Its lata movement from the Wbit? House to join the main army. Mr. t.'ovode went down on Tuesday la<-t, and as the body of the Colonel was in the rebel lines, four of his own company volunteered to search ont the spot where he fell. Permission was obtained and they started on their mission and got safely through the lines and returned The next night General Sheridan detailed * company of 10 men, who, under cover of a gunboat detailed for the purpose, landed at St. Marys, in Charles county, and avoiding the rebel pickets, secured the bo>lv. His body had been interred by some negroes, who placed boards around the grave. These negroes state that Col. Covode lingered all night and died the morning after being wounded. Before he died the rpbels took from him his watch, mouey and valnables, and then stripped him of all his clothing except his shirt. PIC NIC P \RTY SURPRISED BY Cil KR ltlLLAS. Yesterday a party ot young ladies and gen tlemen had a pic-nic near Falls Church, Ya, and in the midct of their pleasures they were surprised at the appearance of about twenty, five of Moseby's men. who told them not to be afraid, and danced a set with the ladies, after which they went to the wagons and devoured the cream and edibles provided for the oc.-a nou. They then made off. EXAMINATION OF COLORED OFI'ICHKB. The total number of colored officers exam ined by the Examining Board up to this time is '2.471. Uf these, t)^5 have been re jected, and 1,4-0 recommended. During the week, 2:1 have been examined: and of the-e, 18 were recom mended and '2 rejected. The 1- were composed as follows : 1 mator, captains,first lieuten ants. and <! second lieutenants. CAPTl RE OF RL'SHWIIACKEliJ?. Thirteen bushwhackers, of a gang of twen'.j six, were captured beyond Tenallytown last night. Two of our men were wounded in ma King the capture. THE INVASION OF MARYLAND. Another Fire at Harper's Ferry?Another Advance Towards Frederick?A Fight in Progress. The rebel Invasion ot Western Maryland continues to be the exciting topic, and t-ach and every train that reaches this city via the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad from'that sec ton of the State brings quite a number of refugees. As usual, their statements of the number of the rebels, the fights, &c., vary con siderably, and are all gleaned from what they Heard. Since Thursday night we learn from official sources the follov. iug state of affairs ia that region: The rebels have left Harper's Ferry and Bol ivar Heights, and a brigade of General Sigel's troops (who were on Maryland Heights) have reoccupied those places, and at last accounts held them, their being no signs of the enemy in that vicinity. The railroad is in working order between this city and Sandy Hook, opposite the Ferry, and car? rnn to that point. There was another extensive fire at Harper's Ferry on Thursday night. The bridge over the Shenandoah was in flames, and a number of bnildlngs in various parts of the town. The enemy had previously bnrned the extensive railroad platform, and all the bntldings along the line of the Potomac. The conflagration on Thursday night threw a glow over all the country for miles around. The main body of the rebels is supposed to be in the neighborhood of Meohanicksburg, watching for the appearance of Gen. Hunter, and the opinion ia becoming general that they do not number the half of thirty thousand. During Thursday night all was quiet near Frederick, though the rebel lines were within a mHe of the western Hmite-ef the city, occu rring the country back as far as Knobby Mountain. They consisted entirely of cavalry and artillery, and are believed not to have numbered more than fifteen hundred or two thousand of all arms.., . Gen. Wallace, having been rMulorced du ring Thursday night, commenced an advance on the enemy yesterday morning, when it was ascertained that they were retreating towards Midaletown. He immediately started his cav alry and mounted infantry, with Alexander's battery, in pursnit ot them, driving them nearly to South Mountain. About 3 o'clock yesterday afternoon the rebels again advanced on Frederick, said to be considerably reinforced. At last account* a fight was progress abca' three miles .west of Frederick. Hitffey important mjvenxdat* tf troops are in progress, the facts in regard to which are lor th?* present withheld Colonel Lawrence nod Colonel Wolley were actively engaged yesterday and last night in superintending the transportation ot troops, supplies, Ac., to various point*, and were in constant commu nication with Major General Wallace. Information was received from Harrisburg yesterday afternoon that (Jen. Imboden, with about 1,500 cavalry. had returned to Hagers town and destroyed all the railroad and gov ernmpnt property in that place. He i rossed the river above Williamsport. A dispatch received from (Jen. Couch, to the military authorities in this city, i&8t night, stated that Imboden had again lett Hng?rstown, and was proceeding ;owards Frederick. (jen. Coucli had a farce near Hagerstown at last ac count* The latest information last night, was to the effect that the rebels were retreating before Gen. Wallace's foroes.?Baltimore Sun, 9tA. Important Sffatremeni 4i ?????*. (From the Cleveland Herald.] We mentioned a few days ago that there Were {indications of an immediate movement on Mobile. The troops in the unfortunate ex pedition under Gen. Banks hare sailed from New Orleans for some destination?where, is the question. Sixteen thousand men had 19ft New Orleans prior to t he 19th u 11., and8,000 more up to the date of the latest advices. One opin ion is that they have gone to reinforce General Grant?another that they have moved to at tack Mobile. The sudden landing of twenty five thousand veterans under General Canby at Mobile would make a stir among the rebels under Johnston; should the Louisiana vete rans be added to the army of the Potomac, Grant will the sooner be able to press Ijee to extremity. The New Orleans- expedition must soon be heard from. Rbpbbsbntativb Substitutes. ? Lewis Audenreid, a prominent merchant of Philadel phia, who Is not liable to military duty, but desires to furnish a representative substitute, addressed a letter to iheProTost Marshal Gen eral, inquiring whether he could put in as a representative one who wa3 liable to the draft, and received the following reply: War Dbtartmfnt, Provost"Marshal Gen eral's Office, Washington, July 2, 1861.?Lewis Attdenried, Esq , Philadelphia?Sir: In reply to your communication of the 30th ult., the Pro vost Marshal General directs me to say that yon can furnish as personal representatives in the service either aliens or citizens who are en rolled and liable to draft. I am, sir, very respectfully, your obedient servant. Chablbs H. U. Bboom. The New Mohev-Obder System.?Dr. C. F. McDonald has been appointed superinteu. dent ot the new money-order system of the Post Office Department, and B. F. Wilkins to the principal clerkship. LOCAL NEWS. Criminal Court, Judge Fisher.?Thursday, William Thomas, alias John Thomas, was found gnilty of larceny, and a motion was made in arrest of judgment. Meal McBride, indicted lor larceny, was ac quitted. Yesterday, Michael Geary, indicted for an a.-sault and battery, submitted his case, and was fined Geo. W. Seals was found guilty of larceny, and recommended to mercy. Edmund Courtney was found guilty of lar ceny. In another case for passing counterfeit coin a voile pros, was entered Eliza Loundes was found guilty ot larceny. This morning, in the oases ot Ida Ernest and James McQuade, for assault and battery, a noUc pros, was entered. Frank Foster was found guilty of larceny. A. T. Gray, oi Indiana, and Wm. Lilly, of O'uio, have been admitted to the bar. Police Reports?Secowd Precinct.?Michael Ian ton, nuisance; 8-3. Third Precinct?Michael Doyle, selling liquor to minors: 85.41. Patrick Hagerty,.disorderly; 82.11. Catherine llagerty, disorderly; dis. missed, Patrick Hagerty, do. and drunk: 81.11. Chas. llaman, throwing stones; 82.11. Thos. Cumberland, malicious mischief; jail for court. Fifth J'rednct.?B. O. Flannfgan, assault and battery, Thomas Moglan, Henry Vuts, Pat'k Lynch, disorderly: dismissed. Andrew Gov ernor, do.; 81. Sixth Precinct.?C. Bruntize, Wm. Bruntize, assault and battery; for trial. Albert Osthlne, do.: dismissed. John Monroe, grand larceny; for trial. Galon Dntcher, larceny dismissed." Fourth Precinct.?Margaret Handle}-, disor der! v; 81.S5. Catharine Bond, do.; *2. Mrs. WT. Finnegan, do.: 83. Richard Bowles, Wm. Lowry, John H. T arm by, do.: 82 each. Benj'n Striekler, do.; 83 James Handley, do : 82. J. Heiss, John C. Moore, drunk: military. Geo. Garrison and Kate Garrison, threats; bail for peace. Tenth Precinct.?Christian Sowitzer, drank nd disorderly: dismissed. Port op Georgetown.?Enteted?M. L. Compton, Depened, New York. Cleared.?Patriot, Dize. Havre de Grace: Senator, Franklin, Boston; Betsy Hooper, Warns ley, Baltimore; S. E. Jones, Russell, New Haven: E. Pratt, Baker, Fall River: J. Smith, Terry, do.: Flora, Abbot, Baltimore. Sloops Christiana, Fox, St. Mary's; Ana Mo Carty, Hatton. Piscatawa; M.Whitehall, Her bert, Wycomico. Barges G. Washington, Macken, and Salvington, Love, White House, Wanted hi* Whisky.?This morning a cav alryman went into Clark's restaurant, on First street- near D, and called for whisky, which was refused, when he drew his pistol, and, aiming it at the barkeeper, pulled the trigger. Fortunately, however, a bystander threw up the pistol, and the ball passed out of the roof. Officer Clements arrested him anu turned him over to the officers of his regiment, the 22d Pennsylvania. Affairs in Georgetown.?There is noth ing doing in the canal, although the panic created by the rebel raid has subsided. The water continues to be very low, which would hinder the passage of laden boats, even if no other hinderance of trade existed, but it is sup posed that in the vicinity of Hancock, the rebels did damage the canal, in the dams and culverts there. We can see no reason for this supposition, as no positive report of damage to the canal at any place westot'Georgetown has been received. Thb Columbian College Scholarship.? The pupils of the Male Grammar Schools who are candidates for the scholarship, which is aunually awarded to the most meritorious pu pil of public schools of Washington, will J>e ex amined at Mr. Wight's school on next Monday morning. The examination will commence in the morning, but if it is protracted as hereto fore will be an all-d&y affair. The Fire Department.?The several lire companies have delivered the property in their possessiou to the commissioners ot the tire de partment in obedience to instructions from the Mayor. Statbofthb Thbrmombtbr.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. &U Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, 6." In the shade and 102 in the sun. TV. NOON AN. PLUMBER AND OAS FIT ? TEE, corner of 9th ami (! Btreets, opposite Put.nt Oflice. Water and ?h6 introduced on the most reasonable terms. Hose and Hose ripe* al ways on hand. jyS-St* jV<>RTfl A MER IC A N REVIEW FOR Jl'LY; 1^1 91.25.-?(JoSTExrs,?A Physical Theory of the Universe. The Property Rights of Married Wo men. The Philosophy of Space and Time. The Constitution and its Defects. The Navy of the United States. Our Soldiers. A National Carren cv. The Rebellion; its Cauhes and Consequences. C,m?l Noticil. FRAHCK TAYLOR. WINES AND LIQUORS. We have now on baud a full supply of WINES AND LIQUORS, coni-isting of California lloc-k, Port. Muscatel, and Angelica Wines,and Grape brandy. Also, Claret, Sherry, Madeira, and Catawba Wines. Old Bourbon, Nectar, Cabinet and Rye Whis keys. Blackberry,Cherry, Lavender, Hud Ginger Bran dies. Holland Gin and Wolff's Sehnapp*. Also. Hostetter's. Drake's,Stoujfhton'd and (leg man Bitters. For sale by KG AN fc PKRR1K, jy 9?Gtjf Cor. ? and Ninth streets. TV] OTICR.?I have opened a new HARHKH SHOP lv on C street, between 1st street aud New Jer sey avenue, at Boyls's Hotel, where I will be gtad to fee my friends and customers. A. LECTNER, C street, between 1st and N. J. av., ,iy7-lm* Boyle's Hotel, near the Depot. Dry oooDst DRY GOODS!! Ladies, call at the NEW STORK if you want to *et your money's worth, with no advance on goods. Good Cotton at 25,88 and 30c.; full yard wide at Sfc. Prints at 25, SW, 8? and Site. Chintz pattern at 35c. Lawns at 25. 28 and 31c. Hoop Skirts at #1, f 1.2-5 and 11.6", Silk Mantillas at $6. St. $2) and 612. Good Black Bilk at 11.25,11.37 and |l 50. Cor sets at$1.Strand S1.T3. Moxambiqncs at 30,3f>and S8c. Sbalie at 3B, and 37c. Cheap Toweling, Table Cloth, Diapering, Gloves, Hosiery of all kind*. The entire stock has been bought before the last rise, and will be sold without regard to present prices. All summer goods at lesc than tort. It?mecQl>er the piaee-BK>J. NEWMAN doors absve tke Pateat Office BST V. B.?A large lot of remnants of 0ott<?, Lawns and Calico stTiattprices; 2,000 yards a f Li ning In rsmnanta very cheap. jelt Tw* WILLIAM BRADLIYBBGBTO INFORM HIS **. /riendsand the public that he hutt hand a vai&rpsitasswtfir work* te erder, and it thankful for past favors and hops# to PROPOSALS rot MATERIAL? re* THI N 1V T _ WArr Dipartmrrt, r Bureau of Suam July 10, I KM Sealed Proposals to furnish material* for th* Navy for the fiscal year ending Jane 3'?, l?i*. will ?f| ? ,1 i. t Strum Roc^neeriDf n.n L'2u .rlock.v?fthft I?th 4,k> of An just next at ftt wnico time the op^ninj: will b?* coium**nc*d. Proposal* mu?t be endorsed - Proposal* for Mi 'be Navv, that they may be distin pushed from o.kerVusiners letters, and directs/ to the Chief or the Bureau of Ste*m Engineering Toe materials and article* embraced in th?* classes named are particularly described in the printed schedules, any of whioh will be furnished to sach as desire to offer, on application to th ? commandants of the respective yards, or to the nary agent nearest thereto, and those of all tin yards npon application to the Bureau. This division into classes being for the eon re nivnceof dealer* in each, such classes onl* wili b* furnished as are actually required for bid-. Tim commandant an * navy sgent for each station wit:, in addition to the schedule of classes of tfieir ow? yard-, have a copy of the schedule* of the oth^r yards, for examination only, from which may b? Judged whether n will be desirable to make a pp. cation for any of the classes of those yard* Ail other things being eq-ial. preference will be gite-i t0 articles of American manufacture. mu-t be m?de for the whole of th*' ?? "il1! >.?rd upon one of the printed schedule*. or in i"5-/<>Dlorlni,'r therewith, or they will not b considered. to Bureau, to the Cam flSU!J?' 4ny ysrd, or 1? any Navy Agent, the iSHS^.h ' Co* ran tee, and other necessary i?*bVd pect'n ' the proposals will be tur i ?.coniI?ct be s^srded to the lowest bid der wm. gives proper guarantee* as required by the lawof August, IS#'?, the Navy Departmen' reserving to reject the lowest bit, il deemed exorbitant. The contract* will hear dale the dsythe notiH cation is given and deliverie* can be demanded from that date. Sureties in the full amount will t?? re juire-t ?? sign the contract, ar?l th.-ir re?p0n,ibility e^rt. tied to by a I nited States district Judge, Unite* State* district attorney, collector, or naTy agent As additional security, twenty per centum will be withheld from the amount of the bills until th* contract shall have been completed- and eigh'y per centum ot each bill, approved iu trlniieatc hv the commandant* of the respective yards, will 0 paid by the navy agents at the points of d?liT?<rv. in funds or certificate*, at the option of the t??v ernment. within ten days after the warrant for th? same shall liaye beeu passed by the Secretary of th* Treasury. The follnwin? are the classes required at the re spective navy yard KITTERY, MAINE. Class No.1, boiler iron, Ac.; No. 2, pi* iron; No. 3, boiler felting; No. 4, gum packing. Ar.; No. 6. sperm oil; No.6,linseed oil, Ac.; No. 7, lard oil; No. d, metallic oil; No. 9, tallow and son p. No. 1". engineer stores; No. 11. engineers'tools; No 12. engineers instruments. No ll. wrought iron pip. . ?c.; No. Jo, tubes; No. 10, steel; No. 17, iron nails, bolts, and nuts; No. IK, copper; No. 1?, tin, Ac., No. 2i . white lead; No.2t.xioa paint; No. 2-, col ored paints; No. 23, stationery; No. 24. firewood; r?o .I.Cotton Waste, packing, Ac.; No.35, engi teers'stores ? CHARLESTOWN. MASS. ( .hs.s No. 1, boiler iron i ml i yets: No. 2. pig i. on; No. boiler felting No. 4. gu?i packing, robber hose. Jrc.; No. 6. sperm oil: No. 6 linseed oil and turpentine; No. 7, laid oil. No. a, nietHlli^ oil, No. tallow and soap. No. |il engineer**' stores: No. 11.engineers'tools; No. 12, engineers' instruments: No. 1.1, steam ptimrNo 14, ? rough' iron {f. valves, Jtc.; No. 15,; So. M. steel. r>o. l<, iron nail^, hoi ts, nuf s, Ac ; No. 18, cooper; B?o. 19. tin, Jinc. arc.; No. 2>. white lead; No 21. zinc paint; No. Sri, colored paints, dryers. Ac.; N\>. ?*?.wrlon?Fy? ,NA'- hickory and a?h plank ?n1 buts. No. 2i., yvhite pine. No. 34, hemp and co.toa packing, Ac.; No. engiueers' stores, Ac. n, x- BROOK N. N. Y. Claw No. 1, boiler iron; No. 2. pig ircn: No. t boiler.felting; No. t, gum packing, rubbei ho-e. 1 V 1'i1' sperm oil; No.ri. linseed oil. t!i rptntine, alcohol, sc.; No. 7, lard oil; No. s, lubricating or nieta lie oils; No. ?, tallow and soap; No. 1en gincers stores; No II, engineers tool*; So. li, engineers instruments; No 13, steam pump*; No. 14, wrongnt iron pipes, Talves, tVc.; Xo. 15, tubes; No. It;, >teel: No. 1.. iron nails, bolts, nuts, Ac No. H, copper; No. ID. tin,/inc, lead. Ac.; No. an, whit-' lea.1; No. 21. /inc i*ainf; No. 2i, colored paints..dryers, A c.; No. 2i, stationery; No. ?Ji,fir?? wood; No. 25, hickory and ash plank an 1 butt^; No. a'., white pine; No. 27. Mack waluutand cherr> , No. 2S. mshotany. white holier; No. S3, lanterns. No. 30, lignumvito*; No. 31, drudseons, pumps, A c.; No. 32,sour Hour.crucibles. A-c.; No. .?. patent cl art;cles; No. 34, cotton and hemp packing, 4 .?0- 35. engineer stores PHILADELPHIA. ? Class No. 1, boiler iron, Ac ; No. 3, boile fel' ing; No. 4. tjUni packing, rubber hose, fce.; No. 5. sperm nil? No. 6, Linseed oil hud turpentine; No. laid oil. No. f?, tallow. Soap, Ac.; No. 10, engineers' stores; No II. engineers' tool*; No. 12, engineers' instruments^ No. it. wrought iron pipes, %alv?s, Ac ; No. 15, tubes; No. 10, ?teel; No. 17. Iron naiU, bolts and not*: No. 18, copper. No. 19. tin, Ac ? No 2U, white lead; No. 21, zinc paint; No. 22, colore.j paints and dryers: No. 2.1. stati- nery: No. 21. fir. wood No..'A .cotton and hemp iicking-A^.; No 35 engineers stores, Ac. WASHINGTON. , t m8 V;,1, boiler iron. Ac.; No. 2. pig iron; No. 3. boiler felt ins. Ac.; No. 4. rum packing, rubbt-i nose, Ac.; No. 5. sperm oil; No. 6, linseed oil an 1 turpentine; No. 7. lard oal; No.d, lumber, No. 9, tallow and ^oap; ;\o. in, engineers' stores; No. II, engineers tools; No. 12, engineers' instruments; No. 13, steam pumps; No. 14. wrought iron pipe, TalTcs, Ac.; No. 15. tubes. No. 16. vteel; No. 17, iron nails, bolts, nuts, A^c.; No. 18. copper; No 19 tin, lead and/.inc; No. 2U. white lead. No. 21, zinc paint; No. 22, colored pain's, dryers, Ac. No 23 stationery: No. 2?. firewoo-i; No. 34. cotton ati l' hemp packing, Ac.; No.3.">. engineers' stores. jy 9w4w WANT*DFLUT1N(1! FLUTING I WANTVD *Tery lady In the District to know that I have, at considerable expense, had built a very elegant machine for Fluting or Crimping Dresses, Ac. Dressmakers and others can haveany kind of good* Crimped at short notice, ia as good style, and as cheap rs in any other city. Ladies, remember this is the only machine in town, an 1 done at the only place to get stamping done. 3^1 F street, oppo site Patent Office, Stamping and Machine Stitch lng Depot. my 3 JOBBPH MYN0LDS fc CO, PLUMBKE3, GAS, AND STEAM FITTERS, *?. Nigra Shut, near avenue, rec?iTedJ?nd wil1 constantly keep on J*f*e8nassortment in ttie city of ChMdeliers, Brackets, Drop lights. Portables Glass Globes, mica and other Sha les, and all arti cles in this line trom the best establishment. /. New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold on the most reasonable terms. Also, RANGES, F URN AC US, and Fire Board HtOTeS. Wear# prepared to famish the t>est RANGE in use anywhere, on very reasonable terms. Hotels. Restaurants, sc., are invited to call. We do all kinds of GAS and STEAM fittings P'OMpyi and cheap, as also everything iu the PLUMBING line in the most satisfactory manner Call and see our Bathing Tubs, Fountains Water Closets Wash-stands, Basins, Ac., Ac , at No 300 N'nth street, near Pennsylvania avenue, the larte ?t establishment in the city. fe i eotr j^T 0 T I C E . O/iffo/ Commit.-ioner* of Iotr>rovttn?ntx, f Htll, J une 2<. IS1J4. v In compliance wit'i an ordinance of the Corpo ration, entitled "An a? t for the removal of oifaJ slops. Ac..'" the public are hereby notified that alt kitcheu ofl'al will be removed from their re-pec tive dwellings once a day until the 1st October next, and all housekeepers are hereby notified to place vessels sufficient to contain such offai. and easily handled, in the rear of their several prem ises. when accessible to the garbage carts, and when not accessible in the rear, then st a nlac? most convenient. F. R. DORSETT. Commission*- First Ward; J AS. W. Sl'ALDING , Commissioner Second Ward JOHN T. G ARNEIi, ' Commissioner Third Ward; WM. DOUGLASS. Commissioner Fourth Ward; ? WM. H. HAMILTON. Fifth Ward _ W. A. FLETCUER. CominiAsiouer Sixth Ward; _ J AS. H BIRCH, Lommissiouer Seventh Ward N. B. All offal of other kinds w ill be promptly removed by notifying the Commissioners of th.-? ;e 2S lawgm PAPKRHA.HIM.i, A great rariety of ENTIRELY NEW 8TYI.E? Adapted to PARLORS, DINING ROOMS. HALLS, CHAMSX3J Also. ? ,000 YARDS CANTON MATTINGS. 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Onr Mattings are unrivalled in this city, compr*; ing in part the famonsGowqua brand for part 1 Oil Cloths from 3 to 12 feet wiie, adapted to 1 rooms, hall*, Ac. Alae ? WINDOW SHADES, BRASS CORNICES, PAR LOS MATS Paper hang by skillful workmen, aad aii orA? promptly attended to. Give ua a cali aai s? froia W to 10 per cent; RIFFLE ft FALC08WS No. 349 7th street, between I ?*reet and apSS-eo Ma?, ifwag Adams express company, . on ice *1* PA. ATEirn. W:UMMitem, D. & G8.AT WM9T Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATOw to afi acoe#aibl#??tioias?f the country. ThisCompanr MaHsnaife vsspJssviSfsvar WASHINGTON?. ^"^NEW ^OEE, BOSTJJI ^^CINNATI^S Lon^MLouta.IE*' VILLfc,LEXINGTON. ^ _ Coaneeticns are made at New York aad EoetM fith lines forwarding tc ta? CAN ADA^ a?d fess1 ^noV.eetica of NOTES. DRAFTS^, at aii MCDMiitt Hs'M of Us .

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