Newspaper of Evening Star, July 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 12, 1864 Page 1
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V?K XXIV. WASHINGTON. D. C.. TUESDAY, JULY 12. 1864. N?. 3.548 AUCTION SALES. rCTb'RE DAYS. TTNTTID STATES MARSHAL'S 8ALB OF OON * FI8CATED PROPERTY IN THE EASTERN DISTRICT ?? . -9h VIRGINIA. .rlrtne of fifty writ* of venditioni exponas PnnM tl?Ti.thpClerk'.Offic,of th? D. 8. Dirtnct I Jim <r ? * ??e ?^r4Ct? and to me directed, ' at P?b',c ?*I?. tor eaah,to the high?st nil 4Veo"trrrei? * * * P O'clock a m.. on TO 13 2T *.?" ]^h d*T.0"nl7- *' the Conrt House v front Port Office Ruilding.KAIextairia. ?a ,aH the right, title, interest and estate or the partus namedbelow in and to the following de wl real And personal property, to wit: Wii iitnaLR0I?.CA,^ILLIaM COUNTY. bvji>iA?t?KLkCMAN'*-Th<> "8w?n Poipt" Thl'*i ?? "if mile east of OceoquJn. t..if t Jft? 5? Kenturky"farm; about 25-' acres, * i ro'le southwest of Oecoqman! , .rj1."? and Lot in O<*coqu>?n. JOHN H. HAMMILL-8-Houseandlot in Oeco qoan. y^J'ntlotin Occi'quan. ^ i1? W- FAIBFlf'S-FreMtow Point farm and fishery; iW acres on the rotomae river, near Occoquan Creek. * ?* IN FAIRFAX COUNTY ARTHUR IT KRRKRT'8?Farm: about fti S^mTnary^rouridii. ?tS.nfP COOPER 8?Farm: about 20 acre* R O M*A^Av i'e8iofAlexaadri?- ' ndJoln'ii?L^.9i k ?^T^*rm: *bout * 0 *eres, and tract ?rlees A,?nt tv?U 1 fCTi\la 1,1 900 acre*, more and rift' ee ^ a b*M miles south of Alex JXSS* ^OrREST'8_"Clermont Plantation;" Gf4)BOP K larce farm. *lMiWV^ITMF? 8-Parm; 4? acres and 38 Ten ?,VL. 2 ro,lS9 WMt ot Alexandria. or<? nf^ifrr' ? ro?d"' 25 P"lw, adjoining aboTe; on d*cllin^.l,o<M*cU tber* iB a Ur*"- handseiao new n*; /?m; about 2? Alexandria: larg-e farm. H?.L R JOHNSTON'S?Wert Grove farm; Cr^ek *erp,,> Immediately sooth of Hunting W O. CAZENOVE'S?Farm; about 17% acres, together with the tract adjoining, formerly be ajw/ria* *? WhitiDff * L*6' 1 w*st of Alex andri?' Sb?nt W *Cre9, *b?nt' m,,M weflt ?f Ale* W1L.MFR D. CORSE'S?Farm; about 117 acres abont S miipswejit of Alexandria. ?cre?, OIOHOE H PADGETl 'H-Pour acres 2 poles ef Und immedUtely west of Alexandria. ?V?t ?o.tkrl'T? Turnpike, east of toll-gate; su,LJl!!.' deep, more or less, fr^ A!exandri?.fJ Uud on tnraP5k* le*Hng west Whurb 0" A?^ndrTrH?n"e *Dd lot &t We8t End' in^h Wfr*Vf?rt,?f*et 6iDChe9 infr0nt' RICHARD L. RACHFORD'S?House and lot of X acres and 102 pole* at West End d* lot *iW"t occupied by John Klein Xf a Br#wery,Ac." Far na of 44 acres, more or less, six miles from A1 ?Tandria on the Leesbnre road. MURRY MASON'S?Chestnut mil farm; about 3?2 acres, about thr*e miles south of Alexandria. IN ALEXANDRIA CITY. T.T ArKM^K j J*iTMER-8 and DENNIS R. Lots N0.5.6,7,8 and 9, on east ????kr !>r .x ?treet, between JefferHon and Franklin streets; each lot 2U feet front, 123 feet 5 jDrtya dorp. k w McYBIGH and WILLIAM H. KOWLE'S? Three story brtr.k house on Royal ^etifc" feet north of King;3> feet front, *> feet .^^V^^AM IL. FOWLE'S? Lot southwest corner ?f Pnnceand Payne streeU; 121 feet 5 inches on Prince street, I43 feet 7 inches on Payne. *??? ^rp;t m f?'?t north of feet deep. A8THTR HERBERT 8?Lots Nos. 2, to 10 in erasiye, on south side of Madison street, betwe<'n Columbus and Alfred streets; the whole about 223 Jeet 6 inches in front, and ino feet decn MONTGOMERY D. COBSE'd-Lot on north side ?itErS,'?fXtJt&T ?ow - Pi" J A M EgI C. N E Y ETT 8?Lot north side of Duke, between Pitt and St. Asaph streets; about 23 feei front and 83 fm?t deep. ALRY'8?Lot on Queen street, im ieex trom the corner of Henry street; 40 foet to inches in front. lf>0 feet deep. *s t/Vw,'*t corn,'r of Qneen and Patrick sta.; jcSik t f"et 0D p*trick streets. ' pA8COE and EDWARD 8ANG8TER,8 Wetr^atrert#0**8* 8oatlle**t corner of Prinee and H. MCLEAN'S?Lot southeast corner of ?rMt iiD/f f 's11" streets; 60 feet oa Cameron Vireet. k*o f^et on Fayett* street JAMES II REID'5? Quarter square southwest U?e"?n?fW0lf ?** Atfled ?treet2.witi,buildTnS Lot N. W. corner Wilkes and Alfred stre-ts; !? feet 6 inehen on Wilkes. '26 feet 7 inehes on Al/red buildings thereon. ' M4 pi?n*e st?fe? TAYLO?'8-Hous? ?n<i lot; Ko. DANIEL F HOOE'S? Forty-eight shares of the nl ilm *t'xanrlria Water Company. ?b DULANEY-S-One hundred and thirty-fire ahares of the atock of the Fire Insurance Company of Alexandria. ^ Q. CAHEWOVE'8?Twentyshares of Alexan dria Cor>oration stock. I .Dr. ORLANDO FAIRFAX'S? Eighty-seven *k&re* of Alexandria Corporation stock. RAYMOND FAIRFAX 8?Twenty-two shares of AlexandriaCorpAra lnn stock. , AI.RF.HT PAlityax-e?Beven shares of Alexan dria Corporation sti>ck. EDWARD S. HUTCHINSON'S?Household fur niture. Dr M M. LEWIS'? Household ftirnltnre. KOBEKT E LEE'S? fiouiehold furniture. W.N A J H. McYLlGH'8?Houae and lot on Cameron street; at present occupied by George W. The furniture will be sold at such places as may he eonvenient; said placeswill be announced at the Cr-urt House door. All purchasers must pay ten per r*nt. of the amount of their bid as soon as struck off. or the prnp?rt?will he resold atonee . ~ ~,1J0HN UN AkRWWjD. U. 8. Marshal ' )e y ?0d Eastern District of Yirginia, JJ? J. C. McGUlRB A CO., Auctioneers. ViCSTEl'S SALE OF HOU8R AND TOT OR Maryland *v*nci let ween st'h and ?TH 8TKEKT8 EAST DIUABB By virtue of a deed of tru?t. dated on the 13th day cf October^ A. D . 1-JS6. to Charles 8 Wallsih and John C. C. Hamilton, trustees of the Franklio -Building Aesociatien of Washington city, D. C., aLd reo'irJpd in Liber J. A. 8., No. 124. folies (56, et. seq.,one of the land records of Washington oonnty, D. C.. and . by virtue of a decree passed by the Supreme Court or the District of Columbia, in ?hatcery. In cause No. 63. wherein H-nry Barron, et al., in behalf of. s?id Franklio Building Association, were complainants, and Charles 8. Wailach, et. al.. were def-ndants, I was sub atitnWd as trestee in the place and stead ?f the said Cb?ri?* 8. Waliach, the surviving trustee unfer said deed of trust: I shall proceed to sell, at public auction, in front of the premises, at six o'clock p. m , m MONDAY,the ?th day of Jn y next. Lot No 6, in Uver's subdi vision ol sqiare No. 913. in tlie eity of Washington, P.C .improved by a good two story Frame Dwel ling House. The property fronts on Maryland avenue, between ?tb and 9th streets east. Terms: One-half cash: trie residue in six months, the deferred payment to be secured by a deed of trust on the premises. If the terms of sale are not fnlly complied with within five dsys from day of sale, thr trustee will resell at the risk andcost of the defaulting putchaser. on one week's notice in the Evening Star. Conveyancing and stamp* at the cost of turchasers. H C. 8PALDING, TrutM, lel7 2awA Js J. 0 McGUlhEa. CO., Ancti, WALK at ALEX ANDRIA. Y*., of CONDEMNED QUARTERMASTERS- 8T0RES. Chit/ Quarttrma3Ur\i Cffitt, Washintltm DtPotA Ml n V i. . _ Wcl<finite*, July 11 1861 < WiU hej^jd *t Public Auction at Alexandria, Ya.. onTUE8DA), July 19, 1864. at 11 o'clock a. of ?J^dle Blankets. Bridles. Horse and Mnle Collars. Hames, Baddies, Wagon Whips Horse Covers, Wagon Covers, Lanterns. Shovels, ''?able Fort*. Paulins, Scales. Blacksmiths' anff Carpenters'Tools, Ac., Ac., Ac., condemned as unfit for public nerrie*. PucBCBuful bidders will be required to remove Vie articles within<3)d?y8 from date of sale Terms cash, in Government funds. ? . D. H. KDCKEB * ,, .i*sdi#r General, Chief Qaartermaster, lt td Depot or Washington. A ACTION SALE OF CONDEMNED ANIMALS. i Wi? DiriKTviiT. CtTiUT Bnaiitr, Hf Chief (Jmutcrmastw. Wa*htm*t9H, D.V.. Jniv 7, 18M . Will be 6old at Public Auction, to the highest fciOiler, on THCHi'UA Y, July 14, Wfi4, at Glesboro IV pot. near Washington, D.C., beginning at 10 o'clock a. m . TWO HUNDRED CAYALRY H0R8M. Thrse horses have been condemned as unfit for the ravalry service yf the army. F< r read and farming purposes, many good bar gains may be had. Horses sold singly. Terms cash, in United States currency. JAMKf A ERIN, Lt. Col. and Chief Quartremaster, )y 8-dtd Cavalry Bureau. Ruction bale of condemned horsbs. Win DKriRTMSKT. Csvaiay Bnano, P4KTMKKT. CAVSLRV BnniAO, J Q&ct tif lTiuf OuaritrmasUr. } WiPgmorof.D. C.,*Jaly4,1864.> . n AraiPutub ? v. v.??w>y *i i ^'I'kenoid at 1'I BLIC AUCTION, to the high est kidder, at the times and piaoes named below, v?? : Lebanon, Pennsylvania, THUR8DAY, Joly 14th, JJtV4. headiog. Pennsyiyauia, THURSDAY. July list, *** ? V Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. THURSDAY, July aoh,1864. Altoona. Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Aagnrt n?, vmm. * iliiamsport, Pennsylvania, THURSDAY, Att gest lltb, lh64. TWO tfUNUBKD (3P0> CAYALRT, ttORSES at eaefc place. These horses have been eonaemned as unfit for the Cavalry service of the Army. For road and farm purpose! many good bargain! ?ay be had Derses sold singly. Terms: Cash mVnited Lient. Col. and Chief Quarternmster, jyC td Cavalry JBareaa. KALE OF CONDEMNED HOR8B8 AND MULjflT. CkuJ Quartermasur't Qgitt, Dtrot Wa^tnfton,l Wathinrtm. D. C, /?*? 26,10t>4. j Will be seld at public auction, at the Corral*. Thxl\21iY&iSbi-Y^iV't' WBDBESDAY. July 20. 1^, a lot of ubRSRB Ind mul?8, Seonaemned as unfit for aablio eervioe erme: t.ash in Government fundi. tie to eommenee It m o'clock a. m. Byig. Cen. and Chief Qt^rnaster, y* g-gt Depot or Waskingtoa. THJ merchant'8 "aI, d BANRER S ALMA* aae. U64 By Smith Hopnans; >1.28. JTBA^Ck TATLOBJ PERSONAL. QNLT FIFTEEN WEEKS IN AMERICA. PR. BECHTINGER, formerly Burgeon ia charge in the Austrian and Italian army, oe eupied himself with the treatment of all kinds of diseases. Particular attention given to Female Diseases and Private Diseases. Besides the knowl edge of three old language*, he converses in Eng. lien, French Italian, German, and Spanish lan guages. Bis Imperial Commissions and his Diplo mas from the most celebrated university of Europe bang in his office, Pennsylvania avenue, 509. Dr. Becntingeria very much encouraged to haveduring this verv short time the patronage of the public of Washington, as. among many others not pub lished, ine following certificates may be attested r " This is to eertify that I have been troubled for the last three vears with a chronic disease, resist ing all medical treatment, and which through th? aid of Dr. B?chting?r: I have been perfectly cured. Washington oity,1st June. 1*>4. G. DONJJ." " Your treatment of my involuntary discharge, and your success in it, recommend you very high ly. T. L. SMITH."' What German newspaper, (Weker Columbia.) says: '* After a long sickness my poor child became dropeical. in which t-ime I call to you, dear sir, and you saved bim. MASCON A R. B street, No 2M/' "I had tried all specifics, without any effeet, againrt the chrenic lung disease of my eldest ton, uiitil order your treatment ho improved "Maryland av., 12th st. MULLER, Paiater."' All these and maqy other very difficult cures have been made by Dr.' B. in the above specified time. Regular office hours from 9 to II a. m , and 4 to 6 p.m. For the poor and un/ortun ate posi tively only from 1] tu 12. Medieines without charge. Pennsylvania avenue, near 3d street, Wo. 302. 1y 6-lra* BEWARE OF IWPO8TOR8 111?Dr. LEON, fot many years a mccesnful practitioner ia New York, has opened( for a few weeks) an office No. 414 Penn'a avenue, between and 6th streets, where tho*>e afflicted (either male or female) with diseases of Private nature may consult him. No charge made if he fa'ls to cure. Persons at a dis tance can be treated by addressing by mail. _iyJ:lra* DOCTOR JONE8, No. 410 Thirteenth street west, between G and II, insures success In all FEMALE COMPAINT8. Consultationsexclnsivo ly with ladies. Hours 9 a. to. to 5 p. m. jsglm* HDR. J. H. THOMPSON AS Removed from No. 974 north F to 619 H street, one door west of 7th st. Office hours, 10 to 12 a. m.; 2 to 5 p. m. Je23-lm* [\J0 CURE. NO PAY~l?G<Tto^Da. BROTII 1R8 '11 A GKAY and be cured. Thoy have given their particular attention to the treatment and cure of all forms of "Disease," particularly that of a private character, for twenty years. This is the oldest established Botanic Medical Office in the District, and have saved thousands from a dis graceful and horrible death How important it is, then, for those unfortunates who have brought disease neon themselves, to be cured before it is too late; thus preventing exposure of themselves and family. Office and residence 179 south B street. Island, opposite Smithsonian. )e >-im* QUERY??Who has the largest assortment of pattern for Stamping? Who is the only prac tical person that Stamps? Who has the largest number of hands at Embroidery? Who has the finest stock of Embroideries, Braids, Ac., and who is the only person in the District that does fluting for ladies dresses ? KTPRINCE, 361 F STREET. where ladies can select from 20,0<<0 shoiee patterns for any kind of work, and where they can get ANY PATTERN stamped. Having stamped for 90,<X)0 ladies is proof thathe kaows his business. Ladies who do not want their goods spoilsd, but stamped as they should be, go to the only person in the city who does jrood worlt. FLUTING! FLUTING 1 FLUTING! The only markiii? in town now in operation. Fluting done as good as in new York or elsewhere. my9-tf (7*3"! F street, opposite Patent Office. DENTISTRY. ^JKEAL DISCOVERY IN DENTISTRY. TUtk ExtracUi without Pvin with tkt Mukriu *f 1 would advise all persons having teeth to ex tT**t to Mil ?l ll, I.BWT H'fi nfflM and have them taken out byutu ???'/ and harmless process. Also call and' examine the Doctor's new and im proved method of Inserting Artificial Teeth. If you oaee s*e the great improvement In his teeth you will have them in no other style than this new and valuable ene. No. 949, Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th streets. nov!3 8. R. LEWIE, M. P., Dentist. M TEETH. ? LOOMIB, M. D .the Inventor and Patentee of the MINERAL PLATS TEETH, at tends personally at his offioe ia this city Many persons can wear these' teeth who cannot wear others, and no person can wear others who eaaaot wear these. Persons calling at my offioe can beaoeommodatea with anv style and price of Teeth they may desire, but to those wbo are particular and wish th. cleanest, strongest, and moat denture taat art can produoe, the MINERAL PLATE will he more fully wari anted. Booms in this eity? No 338 Pennsylvania avenue between 9th and 10th streets. Also, 907 Arch st? Philadelphia. marl ly Gray's Patent Molded Collars, Are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfeet curve, free from the angles noticed in all other eollars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn-down eollar; they are as SMOOTH INSIDE AB OUTSIDE, and therefore ^rfeetly free aad sasy to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both sidts. These Collars are not simply fiat pieces of paper cut in the farm of a collar, but are MOLDED ANDSHAPED TO FIT THE NECK. They are made in "Novelty," tor turn down style;) in every half sixe from 12 te 17 inches, and in " Eureka," (or Garotte,) from 13 to 17 inches; aad packed in " solid sixes" ia aeat bine eartone, oontuning loo each; also ia smaller ones of tea each?the latter a very handy package for travelers army aad navy officers. ?9*EVERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATENT MOLDED OOLLAR." Bold by all dealers ia men's furnishing goods. The trade supplied by WALL, 8TSPH1NB A CO., apHSm 392 Pa. avenue, Washington, jiii8 TBAJtP B w TOBACCO CIGARS, PIPES,*#., 502 9th St., above Pa. ave.,east side, Washington. The attention of sutlers and purchasers general ly ia called to his stock, which will be found to embrace a great variety of every article in his line of busines*. He would take this occasion to return his thanks to the Washington public for the patronage heretofore extended to him. Je22 lm* ASH, DOORS, AND SLINiS. Receiving constantly a choice article of SASH. DOORS. AND BLINDS, of Boston Manufactory, of superior style and w.rkmanship. which we are of fering at lew nriees. ...... We respectfully invite builders and others to eall STEWART, Office?went side of Seventh street, jelSlm* at Oanal Bridge. IYMAV8 PATENT a feELF 8EALING FRUIT JAR. We particularly invite the attention of those in tending to pnt up fruit to examine LYMAN'S SELF SEALING FRUIT JARS. Simple in con struction, they are more easily sealed or opeaed than any now in uso. Samples of berries and fruit put up in these Jars la?=t yar can be seen at our store. Pull directions accompany each Jar, for pntting up air kinds of fruit, ^ ^ Houeefaroiahing Store. Jy 6 6t 313 Penn. av? between 9th and l"th. G 00D NEWS FOR THE TRAVELER. A new line of U. S. Stages leave Pennsylvania IIoose, on C St., between 4S and rith - sts., Washington, D. C., daily fori Rocaville. Md , at 7)* o'clock, a. "" , itst re r- - i and Tuesday*, Thursdays, and Saturdays, by same' route for Frederick, Md , connecting linns with Poolsville and other points. Having new and splendid Coaches, I feel satisfied that gsnertl satisfaction will be the result. ? FRANCI8 CURRAN. -Persons desiring to go from Georgetown will J'1* the stage at the Montgomery House, on High ?t-1 every morning at 8 o'clock. ly 2-lwf i "I t YISH WANG, THE ORE AT CHINESE /REMEDY for GONORRH(EA,QLBET, Ona Box will pibform a Ocas.? . **gredients are purely vegetable. It is be 10 t*** taste, has no bad odor, aad in the vest pocket without fear of S.TS&fr SS'RKSMti. '.v*:r?ss u m*" ja d-eoly MaP OF 1rI0HMOn1) and surrounwng eo* ntry, showing rebel fortifleations-Sii cents. >?? FRANCE TAVL0?. AMUSEMENTS. CANTERBURY HALL. MUSIC ICANTERBURY HALL,I AND B A L L#CANTERBURY HALL,f THEATER Louisiana Armrvs, Nut Com?r (J Sixth Strut, Rtm of Ifatiomtl ml Mttropoiitan HoUli. Gioiob LU ? .Proprietor ? li OiBATAPftHi > ? n 111 ?m? > i h ? i .Bta^OMmm?t WORLD'S MODEL AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION WORLD'S MODEL AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION WORBD'S MODEL AMUSEMKNT INSTITUTION WORLD 8 MODEL AM rpBM EN T INSTITUTION W ORLD'SMODEL AMUSEMENT INSTITUTION V NEW FTABS, NEW STARS, NEW STARS. FRESH TALENT, FRBSH TALKNT. FRESH TALENT. Radiant Gain? of HUMOR, GRACE, BEAUTY. nUMOR, GRACE, BEAUTY, HUMOR, GRACE, BEAUTY. Second ?! tie (SUMMER SEASON. First tvHUUis in this eity ?f HARRT MACON, I The renowned Banjoirt and Negro Deliae&tor. Engagement ol MISS MOLLIB BOGART, The charming Yoealirt. JOHN MULLIGAN, The acknowledged Monarch of Negro Comedian?. Second week of JOHNNY REDDEN, The faToritc Song and Dance Darkey. Meters. WILLIAMS AND DOUGHERTY In & new Melange of Negro Aet?. W. B. t'AJAJIAUH, The favorite Comedian andCoroie Vocalist. J. DiFORREST, The talented Light Comedian. ! ? MISS NAOMI PORTER In her great Challenge Jig, in which she standi without a rival. GEORGE ROBERTS, The celebrated Maitre de Ballet and Male Dancer. Together with the Mammoth CANTERBURY COMBINATION OP V0CALIBT8, DANCERS, COMEDIANS, NEGRO DELINEATORS. Ac., t in a Bill of Hovelties specially suited to the sea son, forming a LIGHT AND PLEAEINU PERFORMANCE! TWO SPLENDID BALLETS, arranged by Mr. Geo, Roberts, LA TIYANDIERE and CARNIVAL DE VENICE. ? N?w and Laughable Burlewin#, written ** prectly for the Canterbury, entitled BURNISHED APARTMENTS f FURNISHED AP ARTMENT81 ?he Funny Negro Bketeh of THE CHALLENGE DANCE, THE CHALLENGE DANCE. in which JOHN MULLIGAN will appear in nie favorite character of "Lanky Jake." By particular request, the great eeaaation Drama of the BUSHWHACKERS OF THB POTOMAC! BUSHWHACKERS OF THE POTOMAC! BUSH WHACK IKS OF THB POTOMAC BUSHWHACKERS OF THB POTOMAC! Will he repeated for positively the LAST WEEK. , r SATURDAY AFTERNOON, LADIES POPULAR MATINBB, commencing AT TWO O'CLOCK. Admission?LaSiea 31 eoato; ChLkkrra Uteato LOOK OUT FOR NOVELTIES! LOOK OUT FOR NOVELTIES 1 ??* ' ' ... ? I . * i'? ' ?*? ? V Admlwlon??w? i?? * ^vaU^Sexe^Eolding gii'ptrtona!'I *7. ? L. IV Doom open a* 7 e'xiloek; Pcrfonaanoe to eo? mence at o'olock. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. THE INVASION. Particulars of the Burning of the tiun< powder Bridge. [Despatch to the Chronicle.J Baltimore. July 11.?The destruction of Gunpowder bridge is confirmed. When the Monday 7.30 traiu from Washington, which lelt this city at 9.10, reached Magnolia, nine teen miles from this city, they met a large rebel force of cavalry. Alter turning the passengers out of the cars and paroling the officers aud men of the army, the train was run on the bridge, and it was set fire to. The train consisted of four ratan cars, one ordinary passenger, one Philadelphia baggage, and one camden and Amboy baggage -ar, be sides tne mail car, engine and tender. A guard cf twenty men at the bridge were gobbled up. The passengers, it is supposed, will endeavor to reach Bavre de-Grace. We cannot say at present what other damage has been done. Grant Can Take Care ?( Richmond. Baltimore, July 11.?General Wallace all safe. I also learn that General Grant ha? tele, graphed that if our forces here aronnd Wash ington can repel the rebels and take care of Washington and Baltimore, he can attend to Richmond satisfactorily. ,Our military author ities feel more confident to-day, but the excite, ment is very great. Gilniore said yesterday he wonld be in Baltimore to-night. Let him make the attempt. He will find an inglorious grave. Capture of General Franklin?A Train Recaptured from the Rebels?The Sus pension of Business in Baltimore?Wires to Philadelphia Again Working. Baltimore, July 11.?The City Councils held a special session this afternoon, and passed a resolution requesting Gen. Wallace to order an entire suspension of business iu the city to morrow, and also to order all able-bodied citi zens, regardless of politics, to arms in the dif ferent wards of the city. It is believed Gen. Wallace will carry out the Council s request. The excitement continues to increase. Troops are seen everywhere. Civilians and refugees are coming from all quarters with valuables. We have no late information of the nearer ap proach of the rebels, but some expect a demon stration on the city to*nignt. Rebel squads have gobbled 6ome cattle and soldiers guarding them, to-day, some miles out of town. It is reported that, the rebels who burned the bridges on the Philadelphia road have been captured, but the report is doubtful. Many suspicions persons and some straggling rebels are being arrested hourly. Baltimore, July 11.?1 have seen one of the telegraph repair men who was at Gunpowder bridge to-day, on the railroad train, wnen the rebels, about 1,600 cavalry, came down the peninsula between two ri versand burned Gun powder bridge. Thev approached the train with yells, firiug in every direction, and final ly stopped it. Two or three passengers were killed, and others wounded. Terrible conster nation ensued. My informant was captured, but escaped. The whole train was fired, run on the bridge, and burned. The engine and a few cars were taken by them and run to Bush river, where the bridge across It was burned. It is believed the party then proceeded to Havre de Grace to capture the ferry boat and other vessels, and also do other damage. Confidence Is felt that all these marauders will finally be captured. The excitement con tinues here. The preparations, it is believed, are ample for all emergencies. The secessionists seem highly elated and pretend to be possessed of highly flattering news. They say 40,000men will be upon Wajn ington to-morrow, and it will be shelled. They chuckle, rejoicingly, in the beliei that It will be captured. I fear they know too much. I rever saw them mere confident. ] They talk freely of many of their rebel friends beiDg in Baltimore the last tw? days?say ? - .> -?? *??- ?r- ?- <*?? hand. 1 have found them tell similar truths heretofore on similar occasions, and it i^ best to be in readiness. W. j Baltimore, July 11,1 p. m.?The rebel cav nlry that destroyed the bridges, to-day, on Gun powder, Bush, and Back river on the Philadel phia road, were at Towsontown at ten to night, returning unmolested. Thev are going to join tne rebel forces in Montgomery county. Parties have gone out, to-night, to see after repairing the Philadelphia railroad. The City Council, to-day, appropriated one hundred thousand dollars to defray the expen ses of the city's defence. [Despatches to the Associated Press.] Baltimore, July 11.?The excitement in Bal timore has increased by the rebel oi>erations around the city. To-day the<innpowder bridge was destroyed by a burning train which the rebels ran upon it, its approaches being guard ed by a gnnboat lying in the river. The traiu which they used to accomplish their purpose tbey bad previously captured this 6ide of the bridge, being the regular 9.30 passenger train from Baltimore. Tne passengers were turned out and robbed, and their trunks plundered, about fifteen miles from the city. We have accounts oi the stealing cf horses acd the plunder of stores all through Balti more county. The turnpike bridge over the Gunpowder has also been destioyed. Fears are entertained that a number of the mills, fac tories, and foundries around the city will be destroyed to-night. As far as can be ascertained, the whole cav alry force in Baltimore county, which has done all this mischief, does not exceed ^00, un der command of the noted Harry Gilmor. The defences of the city are being strength ened and manned, and the citizens are arming and manning the entrenchments in large num bers. The banks and insurance companies have all deposited their valuables on board of a steamer chartered for the purpose, and ready to leave at a moment's notice. Arrangements have alEO been made to remote the archives of the State from An napolis. The city is full of rumors to-night of attacks on our pickets around the city, and it is re ported that Ellicott's Mills is in their posses sion-, but we cannot ascertain the trnth of the report. 11.30 F- M.?All is quiet in the city, though we have reports of our cavalry skirmishing with the raiders at Towsontown, seven miles out on the York roaa. General Ord iu Command. Baltimore, July ll.?G?neral Ord has been appointed to the command of the 8th army corps, and General Wallace commands the de partment By this arrangement General Ord has com mand of all the troops for the defense of the city. A gentleman just from Ellicott's Mills reports all quiet there, and for a distance of ten miles beyond. Our pickets bad a skirmish beyond Elysville this morning with a squad of rebel cavalry, killing a lieutenant in command, and capturing two, the balance escaping. Doctor More, of Havre-de-Graee, with a loyal party, started out this morning and cap tured twenty-five of the bridge-burners. Retos Repulsed by Onr Gnnboat*. Philadelphia, July 11.?Two morning trains fiom Baltimore were captured by the rebels at Magnolia, about twenty miles from Baltimore. Major General Franklin was cap tured. The station house was burned. Tbe rebels were repulsed by onr gnnboats at Bush and Gunpowder rivers. One of the trains was recaptured. Martinsburg and Hagerstown Held by the Union Forces. HxRRiancRO, July 11?General Kelley, telegraphs from Cumberland that there is no truth In the report that John Morgan and Im boden are following Hunter. Bunur's forces occupy Martinsburg, and another bedy bold Hagerstown. The rebels still occupy the South Mountain passes, while their main body is demonstra ting on Baltimore and Washington. local "news. CORPORATION AFFAIRS. Council Proce*dihgs, jnly 11.?Board a AltUrmm.?In the absence of the President, th* "Vice President (Mr. Turton) called too board to order, and laid before them a communica tion from the Mayor announcing the approval of the act for setung the curbstone and paving the footway on the south side of square No. 246: an act to improve the Washington canal; a joint resolution in rotation to a joint meeting, and a joint resolution of r*pect Also, a communication from the Mayor making the following nominations, which was referred to the appropriate committees: Corporation Attorney, Jos. H. Bradley; Tax Clerk, Win. Morgan; Bookkeeper, Edwin J. Stopfer. Clerk to the Mayor, Samuel Ourandf Messenger to the Mayor and Register, H. O. Kleibcr. Police Magtstratea-?First Ward, Bam 1 ?rm ry; Second W?rd, T. O. Clayton; Third Ward, Wm. Thompson; Fourth Ward, a. I* Giber bod: Fifth Ward, B W. Ferguson. Corporation Potice.?Chief of Police, James Lynen. Police Officers?First Ward, Simeon Garrett; Second Ward, Joseph Williamson: Third Ward, Chas. H. Hurdle; Fourth Ward, Maurice O'Connor and W. W. Kirby; Fifth Ward, James M. Busher; Sixth Ward, W. H. Lusby: Seventh Ward, Geo. Hepburn. Clerk of Centre Market, Henry Lyles; As sistant Clerk, U. B. Mitchell; Clerk to Western Maiket, James Miller; Clerk to Northern Mar ket, James Bowen; Cleik to Eastern Market, Ja8. C.Cross; Sealer of Weights and Measures, Job. F. Hodgson; Inspector of Flour and Salted Provisions, Joseph Hedrick; Commissioner of Canal. David Hepburn; Intenaant of the Aby luro, l>r. S. A. H. McKim; Commissioners of Asylum, G. W. M. Newman, John MeDevItt and Wm. Slater; Secretary to Board of Com missioners of Asylum, Jas. N. Callau; Jlesi deut Student of Asylum, J. D. Walsh; Water Registrar, Randolph Coyle; Tapper of Water Mains, C. C. Chew; Harbor Matter. Robert F. M^pee; Assistant Harbor Master, Willitra T. Grimes; Chief Engineer of Fire Department, under act of April 25, 1854, John H. Sessforl Fire Commissioners, Peter M. Dubant, Wm E. Hutchinson, Rob't A. Bozzel, J. J. Peabody; Secretary of Fire Commissioners, E. C. Ec klofl. Ward Apothecaries?Flr?t Ward, David R. Ridgeley: Second Ward, William B. Entwisle; Third Ward, (}. J. Musser, Fourth Ward, S. R. Sylvester; Filth Ward, Edward B. Bnry; Sixth Wa^d, John E. Bates; Seventh Ward, Otho Boewell. Board of Health.?First Ward, Dr. O. W. M. Newman, Wm. Wilson: Second Ward, Dr. R. King Stone, Willard Drake: Third Ward, Dr. James C. Hall, Samuel Cole; Fourth Ward, Dr. M. V. B. Began, James Y. Davis; Fifth Ward, I)t. George McCoy, John M. Broad head: Sixth Ward, Dr. F. S.Walsh, John E. Bates; and Seventh Ward, Dr. Geo. P. Fen wtck, John T. Cassell. Water Commissioners.? B. B. French, John H. Semmes, William G. Moore, and A. H. ?ny der. Scavengers.?First Ward, 1st district, John Chism: 2d district, James R. Fowler. Second Ward, 1st district, Joseph O. Whitney; ?d dis trict, Michael Stahl. Third Ward, 1st district, Peter Scaratzer; 2d district, George Fosnaght. Fourth Ward, 1st district, Joseph Glotzbach; 2d district, Leonard Simmacher. Fifth Ward, Demi* Nalley. Slxtn Ward, Andrew Bur gess Seventh Ward, lie wis Watson. On motion of Mr. Lloyd, the nomination for the Board of Water Commissioners, Messrs. French, Semmes, Moore, and Snyder, were confirmed without reference to a committee. Mr. Canfleld presented the petition of John Y. Bryan, and Mr. Gulick that of N. Sargeant and others, both of which were referred. Mr. Gulick also introduced a bill to take up aud relay the gutter on B street south from New Jersey avenue to 1st street east. Mr. Lloyd, from the Committee on Finance, reported back the nominations for Corporation Attorney, Tax Clerk, Bookkeeper, Clerk to the Mayor and Messenger, and asked that they be confirmed. Mr. Morgan objected. He wanted to know if one of the nominees (Mr. Morgan} had not signed his name to the constitution at one of the Tom Florence meetings? He would not vote for the confirmation ot any one who did so. Mr. Lloyd said he was not advised as to that. ? He thought these gentlemen should be con firmed, and did not deem it necessary to lay them over one week. After some discussion, the nominations were laid over. Mr. Lloyd introduced a bill to grade and gravel K street south from 3d to 7th street west; passed. Mr. Noyes, from the Committee on Drainage, reported back the bill to extend the sewer on 9th street from M to N street, and it was passed. Mr. Gulick reported back the petitions of J. & QjmtAlteJnier. Josiah Eggleston and Chas. HTf. wooarana iucj wenrieierrea to com mittee on unfinished business. Mr. Morgan reported back the report of the Intendant of the Asylum, and it was ordered to he placed on the Hie. The following bills from the Board of Com mon Council were referred, viz: To take up and relay ihe gutter on the sonth side of Square No. ?02, between 3d and 4th streets east; tq re lay the gutter on the north side of H street north, between 11th and 13th streets west; to improve the gutter on G street north, from 10th to 12th streets west; nnd to repair alley iu Square No. 224. On motion, Messrs. Lloyd and Barr were appointed a committee to notify the lower Board that the Aldermen were ready to go into joint meeting for the election of an assessor for the Second Ward. The lower Board then entered the chamber, and on motion ot Mr. Noyes, the President of the lower Board (Mr. Larner) was appointed President, and Mr. Shepsrd, Secretary ol the Hoard of Aldermen, secretary of the joint meet ing. Mr. George W. Haikne3s was then nom inated and unanimously elected assessor of the Second Ward; and tbe joint meeting then dis solved, and the Board adjourned. Common Council.?The Secretary stated that the President was absent from the city and that no Vice President had been elected, when Mr. Ferguson oflered a resolution declaring Mr. N. D. Larner Vice President, which was adopted, and Mr. L. took the chair. A conimunica'ion was received from the Mayor enclosing a communication trom Jacob Flieshell, suggesting in regard to certain wet aud dry measures now in use in the markets. Referred. Also, enclosing the annual report of tbe Com missioners of the Canal, which shows that dur ing the year there has been received from wharf rents, *3,62"-,25, from wharfage, 31,926,20, total, ?0,551,45. The Commissioner recommends that some plan be adopted by which the canal may become navigable, and calls attention to the ne cessity of immediate action to remove and pre vent the accumulation of filth from sewers, and, also, asks an increase of pay. Referred. Also enclosing the annual report of the com missioners ol the Asylum. The report states the entire amount received during the year ending June30, to be ?21,44331. There has been expended for the poor, aged and infirm ?14,763 72. for small-pox hospital ?3,040 08, amount of bills due for year eading June 1,1863, and paid from appropriation for 1864 ?171,334, amount of bills due for 1864 and not paid ?.VMX) 42, amount due from appropri. ation ending 1861 not drawn, ?4,COO. Tbe increase of inmates, high prices of fnel aud everything necessary to support the in stitution requires a large appropriation for the next fiscal year, and tbe commissioners recom mend to increase the appropriation to embrace the expenses of the sm&ll-pox hospital. Re ferred. The following bills were Introduced and re ferred: By Mr. Larner?for brick arch over tbe creek at north C street, near iu intersec tion with N street north; to repair gutter on sonth side of L street, trom 9th to 10th street; petition of J. Prince for permission to erect a frame building adjoining a brick. By Mr. Wright?petitien of Lewis Patton with bill. By Mr. Walker?petition for water main in 10th, llth and B streets, In the Seventh Ward. The following were introduced and passed: By Mr. Owen?To repair alley in square 221; By Mr. Larner?For flag center iu gutter ou Massachusetts avenue, from 9th to 10th streets; to Bupply deficiency in appropriation for the repair ot certain gutters in the Second Ward. Mr. Ferguson, from the ways and means committee, reported the bill imposing taxes 1jr 1864, with various amendments?the first fix ing sixty centB on each hundred dollars as the general tax Mr. Moore stated that the corporation had not the authority to impose an amount of tax ation sufficient to meet its obligations, and he urged that some of the appropriations be re trenched. Mr. Moore read the following state cent in regard to the present condition of the finances. Dr.?Floating debt, ?120,000; interest fond debt, ?44,000; water debt, ?<>,000; canal debt, ?3,000?? 176,000. salaries of officers, &c., ?75.500; compensa tion of new fire department, ?14,500; purchase of engines, &.<?., ?50,000; new lamps, and posts, and repairs, ?3',WO; gas for lamps, ?38.000; lighting and cleaning. ?8,237; war tax on gas, ?1,545; sanitary affairs and repairs of streets, ?116,rci0; Eastern Market, 815,000; Bewers along 6th, 7th, and 14th streets, already commenced, ?40,000; sewer along L street, ?20,000; public schools, no estimate, (add twenty-five per cent, to last,) say ?62,000, scnool-bonses, (query,) ; direct tax to Government, say ?10,000; Metropolitan Police, ?40,000??779,7% Tbe assessment of 1859 was ?33,197,000; to this add 25 per oent. for Increased valuation of property, ??,374,250??41,871,250. Say ?12,000,000. For the information of the board, he would sav tbe assessments, according to the annexed table, would produce the amounts therewith given:?Fifteen cents genual, ?315,000; fifteen cents school, *63,(M'0: fifteen cents police, ?63,000; fifteen cents direct tax. ?63.000??504,noo. De duct, for coet of collection, losses and for abate n>f nt. say ten perc*nt.?50.000? leaving add for licenses, ? Itt.t'Oii-ttYinf a total oi tor the year endinp .Tnne 30, :?Revsnae dertTfd from taxes, fWfMNO: fr<m licenses for y?ar endli g Juue3(i, isa, f 1?VOO; add twen ty-fiTe per cent lor incre>t*ed valuation of property, g.'w.S.'iO? total, *416.250. Mr Moon? referred to various acts of Oon freep, mnd stated in regard to the artempo scar ing theCorporation to levy certain taxes, that >' Rave no power to levy a special tax or to enforce itt collection. and such aefs passed by (.ongr, *8 towards the last of the session, were often defective. *aid lhat ?Iad t*?? F^atement had bMn made, and as he was in xavor of every liability, u?> would mow that the amount of general fix be seventy Ave was adopted" ?M hnndr*4 dollar., wb.eft Mr. Wright moved to ameud the seventh sec tion by substituting four fur five per cent as tbe commission on all personal taxes raid in tbe office of tbe Collector Adopted P Tbe amendment of tbe committee in the same section, to make tbe commission Uxes collected ont of the office ten per cent, was adopted Mr. Ferguson moved to amend theeighthsec tlon so as to make the tax for tcbool purpoa?? fifteen per cent. Instead of ten, as recommended by the committee, which was adopted unia,. monslv. Mr. Edmonston move l tfiat the propo-ed abatement for taxes paid on or before the last day ol September should be ten inst-ad ol eif ht per cent., which was adopted. Mr. "Wibon moved that the time for the nisi abatement should b? cbinged from the >aet to the first day of September. Adopted. Mr. Moore moved that the words *?or um C,?rtiflcat" of lidebtedness of this Cor poration after the words ?? if paid in coin" be 0nl'' T0? wh""h the yeas and nays were taken; and the motion wa* lost by tbe fol lowing vote?yeas nays 9. Mr. Moore tben moved to amend the afore said language by substituting -h-words -in legal currency of the United States " which motion was adopted. aicn Mr. Marche movid to amend U>? iweifti, sec ion by inserting the words - August 1"bl,and authorized to be assessed and eol lected by the Corporation of this ritv bv th? act of Congress approved July 1, |M<?v Mr. Ferguson moved to reconsider the vote by which the compensation of the Collector adopt!'dD ,ncreased 10 2* P*r ceut; which was On motion of Mr. Lamer, the words "aspe cial'' were 6ute:ito!ed for the words -an ad ditional" befora the word ?< tax" in section eighth. Mr. Wright moved to stike out the words "If paid in legal currency of the United eighteenth'^ l? ad?*)t ^ *J^WWin8 ae ??ction "That all taxes assested under the foregoing acts shall be paid in legai currency of the United States." Adopted. The bill was then p issed. ??n~e prol'sio?9 ?f the bill, as paised, are as follows. The first section assesses a tax of ?f cents on every #ioo of the assessed value of all real and personal property in the city of Wash ington, of all stocks which may be owaed bv any person whatsoever in any banking, men ranee, or incorporated or cnineorporated com pany of said city, nil bonds and mortgages, of all stocks, of alf kinds o: public security, and whfJh m?Cr,K,i0HniSf Pr?Per,J "? ??"<! city, or which may be held or owned by the inhabi tants thereof, according to the assessment and TEf i? 5 8amp a* made and "turned by the Hoard of Aest^aors, the said tax to be levied and collected as provided by law. The second section designates what funds shall be deposit ^5?,^ "*dlt general and what to the credit of the ward fund. SeaUon third impo ses a tax of 75 cents on every fioc of the as sessed amount of capital employed in the busi ?'a"Priyat* bankers, brokers,and money lenders in this city, according to the assess ment and return of the same by the B-xird of Assessors. This tax to be due and parable and levied ipd collected as th<> taxes rrorii?d for in the first section. Section four wquuS that all taxes collected under the third section be deposited to the cridit of tne general fund. Section a makes the tax imposed upon bankers fh?Kini #*nyAc*use or ottl?rtA* upon the business of snch bankers, brokers. Ac tion 6 forbids the Imposing of a tax upon stock 5lw18t?rporatidn- Sectlon 7 *Howkthecol lector two per cent. commission for collecting tbe tax; five percent, commission for all per* ecnal taxes paid in the office or the collector, and 10 per cent, commirsiou if collected out of the office from persons not taxed on real es tate. Section e imposes a special tar of 16 cents on every ?l 0, to be set apart for the sun port of the public schools, and for no other purpose, bection 9 imposes 5 per cent, on *or school.houses Section 10 allows an abatement of tti per cent on taiM paid before September let; 5 per cent, if naid cefore the last day of October, and 3 per Sent. iLW? be'or? the last day qt November Suc tion ii levies an anamoiial tax of in oentalCn every $100 towards the support of the flietrtjl politan police. Section 12 levies an addiuonai tax of 10 cuts on each for the payment?! the United States tax Imposed upon the citv of Washington by Congress luy 01 An additional section is added, as follows bee. 13. Be it tnaeUd, etc.. That all vixes ??. eessed under the foregoiug bill shall be paid in le^al currency of the United States. P Mr. Pettibone, from the Committee on Elec tiots. to which bad been referred the commu nication of Mr. Talbert, contesting the seae of Mr. Kuff, of the Sixth Ward, tuadeawwr recommending that Mr. Talhe? be allow?fS?e thLV.J c??lltf' 8,ated that as soon as all the facts were known to Mr Ruff heat with^w all claim to the seat, and thi som! mittee compliment him for his honarZiSl course. The report was adopted, and M r tS bert was admitted to hlj seat. Mr. Ferguson intTeinced a bill to defrav f-?-er?nHXPKTl,ies of'h<* corporation for the year 1 W, ard h bill authorizing the Mavor to na? f. r extra work on the new school hoSLm^I tlt ^-ard' 01 which were referred Mr LflnMiiKoii, from the Committed on Health, reported back the hill to improve the sanitary condition of the city, and it was laid over till next week. Adjourned. AMUSEMENTS. DROVER'S THEATER. S A N FOKD OPERA TROUPE In connection with DICK PARKER, foriBins ? ORKAT COMBINATION. SANFORD'8 CARNIVAL. THE EXIMPT" Sanford's Black Letter Version of ROMEO A NO JUL IKT THE RIVAL LOVER8. Atter wiiirh. THK PIltlNKV* FELLOW. To r..n-lu<le wita the PLANTATION WALK AROVNL'. en en A PIC N1CS, EXCURSIONS, Jfcc. ORAND EXCURSION To GLYMONT! FOR TEE BENEFIT Of GOBfCCH tMETHOBIST) Cat'RCU, ON WJSDNKBDAY, July 13th. A commodious fte?mer will l<??ve the Seventh street Whsrfatnine a. m. precisely Tickets One Dollar. Children under 12, hiJf price. Tickets for sale at 8heph?r<l'e, Ballantyne's, aid at tbe boat. fr 11-St* ?7-The above EXCURSION is P0?TP0N1D until the threatened in\a-iou has i>aaeed. l?? notice will be given. H* I7IR8T (iRAND I* AFTERNOON AND EVENING PIC HIC of the YOUNG II1BERNIA CLUB, LOKFFLER'8 WABHINOTON CITY UABDRN. New York av., bet 1st and 'id its., ON WEDNESDAY, JULY 13TH, 1*?4. A splendid brass and String FUnd h*s been en gaged for theocca<tion. No improper per m nn admitted to the grounds. Tickets centn, admitting a gentleman/ and ladies. MiNAbfa?. D. A. Clancy. J H Bnsb, M. Craban. J. J.flyers. jyll-5t* PIC NIC wTll be held at the GREIN SPRING PAVILION on TUESDAY , NEXT, 12th, by the Catholics ofl Georgetown. Coaches ruu from thej terminus of the street railway u> the Grove every hour. Gentlemen's tickets, ?0 cents; ladles'. J&; Children's. 10 cents. )y 9-it N D P K gTfv A L, GIVEN BY TH* GERMAN CITIZINS. in aid of the funds of the GERMAN RELIEf ASSOCIATION P0R SIC* AND WOUNDED SOLDIFRS, WED.SESDA Y, JUL Y 13 T/f, at PEYER^S TTII STREET PARK, n*ar the Boundary Line, cotnuifneiog at 1 o^lotk 5. in., with Speeches in English and German, inging. Music. Dancing, Gymnaxtis Kxercissr. ard other entertainments. In tLe Evening there will be some brtlliast Fireworks, to commence with the ancensioa of several Balloon*. The Committee will leive nothing andone te make this the greatest Festival ever give" ?? Washington. The Washington and Georgetown Olee and Turner Associations are luriied, a?? will be * The Citv authorities, as well as President Lin coln and Cabinet, have been invited, m> d several of them have already promised to he Present. N. B. An extra number of Car# will be pat em ^TlCKKTsViif CENTS each ; ?h'ldr"'? ander 14 years, free. Tickets for the last F?ativ?J, whish bad to be postponed on ?ec?,,JPjs or .ft o^i?'g,V?7tu,; JOSHPH OkRuTbSLUTtf' Chairman of iy 9 3t MAX COIIWIIEIM, Secretary C~ OLUMBIA GA*D*N, lEii concept x Monday and Saturday's Cooeert eomsssass at | e'eloe*. with a ftill Brass Bart. The so si est UM ia the city always oa haad. )s IMT Si

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