Newspaper of Evening Star, July 12, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 12, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W? D. WALLAL'H, Editor nnd Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY : TUESDAY JULY 12, 1884. extra: THE INVASION. The Condition of Things Last Night?The Fifhtlng out the Seventh Street Road ? ftekel Sharpshooter* Dislodged?The Ifnemy Attempt to Plant a Battery, hut ? re fchelled Away?Policemen and Other Citizens Take a Hand in the Fighting. The heavy skirmishing in front of Fort Stevens, in the vicinity of the Seventh street road, yesterday afternoon, continued until after dark. The rebels held a position in the ?woods, from Which they threw out skirmishers, who crep1 along the ground or fired from behind trees At one time they succeeded in getting: within range of the fort, and their sharpshooters were enabled to pick off our gnnners, two of whom "were wounded. The rebels used no artillery, but their movements indicated that they were endeavoring to plant a battery to bear on For - Stevens, (lately known as Fort Massachusetts,) and la order to frustrate their designs the lor1 ihrew shells occasionally amongst them' About half-past six our cavalry charged upon them, which had the effect of driving them back some distance. The skirmishing was still fc*l>t up, however, and a little after seven o'clock our infantry was brought up and placed in line In front of Fort Stevens, while the cav alry deployed to the right. The object of this movement, or its results, was not known when we left the vicinity of the scene of action last night. The house of F. P. Blair has not been burned as reported yesterday, the rebels apprar to be using it as a hospital, as they were seen to carry some of their wounded into it. The houses of Mrs. Reeve's and Mrs. Oarbery, on either side of the Seventh street road, were occupied by rebel sharpshooters, who annoyed our troop3 somewhat. During the afternoon they picked off three of our sergeants, shooting them through the bead. It was found necessary to destroy quite a number of houses on either side of the Seventh str*e? road to prevent them being occupied by the rebel sharpshooters. Among the houses destroyed were Messrs. Bichard Butts', Wm. Bell's, J. H. McUhesney's, Mr. Shoemaker's and the house occupied by the family of the late Wm. M. Morrison. Time, however, was allowed the owners of these to remove the fur niture, and the road leading to tnls city was : lined with wagons conveying it to a place of ?afet y. Ttk' farmers in the vicinity lost the most of their stock, owing, ns they say, to our pickets ? refusing to let the drivers pass through the ' lines without a permit. The farmers had taken th? precaution to drive their stock towardsthe ; ?ity as the rebels advanced; but, not being al lowed to enter, it fell into the hands of the en emy. Several citizens, policemen and others took ?ctive part in the engagement, prominent among whom were Augustus Norton, P I JlcObesney, and Officers Boose and Beale. A number of our soldiers were overcome by heat, as were also several citizens, who had walked out to the scene of action to wit. ! ness the engagement. Early in the evening thousands of persons I <ould be seen passing out Seventh street by every conceivable means of conveyance, while i the road was literally lined pedestrians. | TTie hills, trees and fences within sight of Fort ; ?.evens were covered with human beings | quite a number ol whom were ladies. Quietly seated in a carnage, at a commanding point, I ?fanam,etAr7 Seward* Yiewui* progress Kailroad I omrannication Open to Haiti raore?Rebels Leaving ttie Vicinity of Baltimore and Coming in thl? Direc. tl OB* This morning, the two early trains from Bal timore, which carry the through passengers did not run, the earliest train arriving being the one at 8.15, which came throngh safely Trains leaving Bal timore at 3.45 and 7 a. m. are discontinued for the present on account of there being no connection north of Baltimore, but it is expected that arrangements will be made to-day to carry the mails and passen gers from Baltimore to Havre-de-Grace by hoat, wnen the trains will be run again as usual. The two trains leaving here at 6.30 and 7 30 this morning left on time, but carried very lew passengers There was no train from here at 11 o'clock to-day. Passengers who arrived at 8.45 report that there are no rebels around Baltimore, they having gone down throngh Howard and Montgomery counties, apparently making their way to reinforce those on our Seventh street front. The nearest point to the railroad (Washing ton Branch) where there is any considerable number is about twelve miles west of Laurel, although yesterday a stray horseman was cap tured abcu: one mile from Beltsville, he hav ing ioit I;-a way. LATER. Ftrtirular^ of the frighting this Morning in the vicinity of Fort DeRussey and Fort Steven??lh>- Rebel line of Skir mishers Pushed Back?The Forts Shell the Rebels in t arberry's Woods, on Rock Creek, making the Place too Mot to Hold Them?A Rebel Group badly cut up by a Shell?The Enemy Pushed Back Half a ?>1 lie on the Tenuity town Road . Early this morning there was considerable skirmishing in the vicinity of Fort Stevens, on 7th street road, and Fort l)e Knssey, on Rock Creek. The rebel snirmishers worked up to within three hundred yards of the lorts, and were dislodged by a heavy llue of skirmishers sent out by us. Subsequently the rebels ap peared in Carberry's woods, (high ground,) on Hock Creek, between Clagett's place and Fort De Ru?;ey. They showed themselves here in squads of fifteen and twenty, but a well aimed lire of shells irom Forts Stevens and I)e Rus ney caused them to get speedily under cover, and afterwards they showed more caution in exposing themselves to view. One ol the^e shells was seen to explode amidst a group of rebels a* it fell, doing great execution. There were a numberof casualties this morning in this vicinity, and nineteen wounded (some of them severely) were (brought down the Piney Branch road in am buiaaces to the hospitals. On the Tenallytown road, the rebels were drivea back this morning about half a mile towards Rockvill^ and our skirmishers occupy CbegTOfiaa. Til* DISTRICT MILITIA CALLKD OCT. Below we give the notification by the Gov- i eminent calling out the militia ot the District ' Jor sixty days. The citizens of this District bare on previous occasions responded to simi lar calls with an alacrity that won for them ?he highest commendation, and we are certain that the eame will be the case now. With officers so experienced and competent as Gea. George O. Thomas and Brl?. Oen'l j Peter F. Bacon to organize the militia force -w? are confident that it will soon be put in shape to do excellent Bervlce: Hbaikiuartibb D.O. Militia, > WASHIMOTOK, July 11, IwJi.J Gtneral Order, No. 1.?Having this day been ordered by the President to c&llout, for imme diate service, the militia and volunteers of this District and specially assigned to the command thereof, the eight regiments of infantry and the volunteer loroe, including cavalry and in fantry, are hereby ordered into the service of ?he United States lor sixty days. Every available man is wanted immediate, ly, asd captains of companies and colonels of regiments will at onoe notify the men of their respective commands to assemble for master W"M>ut delay. Brig. Oea. P. F. Bacon will personally su perintend the details of this order and set* that it is promptly executed. Geo O. Thomas, Major Gen Com. HaAPQVASTm) 1st Rug ads M. D. O- {. W ASHIHOTOW, July II, { Order, If*. 1?I Having been ordered ftp WLfx Or**. Ueo. U. Thomas to ?aj>eriatea4 tbe calling oat of the militia of the District of Columbia, and all volunteers attached thereto, the commanding officers of regiments will see that tbetr various commands are immediately ordered oat, to be mastered into the service of the United States for sixty days. II. Officers commanding regiments when they have assembled their commands, will re port at these headqnarers for farther orders. Peteb F. Baook, Brig. Gen. M. D. O THE INVASION OF MARYLAND. Baltimore, Wilmington aad Philadelphia Railroad Iujured?Five Bridges De stroyed . One of the line repairing men of the Ameri can Telegraph Company, who was on the train capttfred by the rebels on the Baltimore, Wilmington and Philadelphia railroad yester day, after being captured made good his escape, and arrived here about 9 o'clock last night. He states that the rebels numbered 1,000 to 1,500, (which is though to be too high a figure,) and that they burnt the bridge over the Gunpow der and destroyed the train, except one car and an engine. These they used to go to Bush river bridge, which they have since destroyed. I They stated they were going to Havre-de : Grate, and would destroy all the road from , that point to Stemmer's run. They fired on the train, but no one was known to be injured. The passengers were left on the peninsula between the Gunpowder and the Bash river. We learned from the railroad authorities last night that the large boat at Havre-de-Grace has been secured by being moved down the Susquehanna river. The various telegraph lines (being three or four different routes) along the Harford and the Philadelphia turnpike roads, and the Phil adelphia railroad, were all destroyed yesterday morning. The last line that was cut was the ; one on the Philadelphia railroad; this was cat at 11 o'clock a.m.,since which time there has been no communication with Philadelphia or New York. The Ericeon steamer for Philadelphia car ried the mail yesterday evening. It was stated by a gentleman who arrived in this city yesterday morning, that the residence of Ishmael Day, situated ;l short distance from the Beiair turnpike, 13 miles from the city, was destroyed by the rebels at an early hour yes terday morning, together with his barn, out houses, &c. He stated that Mr. Day had erected a Union flag over his gate, and that this fact attracted a party of the rebels to his honse. Thet ordered him to take down the flag, and he replied: "Gentlemen, you may take my horses and my cattle, or burn my honse to the ground, but I will shoot any man that touches that flag.-' On this, one of the rebels approached to take down the flag, when the old man fired at and wounded him. What ensued is not known, farther than that the house of Mr. Day was seen from a distance in flames, and the old man could not be found after the rebels had left. We have since learned that Mr. Day made his es cape alter being shot at several times by the rebels. It was stated last night that he had reached this city in safety. Mr. Day is about sixty-five years of age, and is wellknown in the county and city lor his loyalty. It was stated by several persons who arrived in this city during the day, from the vicinity of Lutherville, that the dwelling of Mr. S. F. Corkran, at that place, had also been destroyed. Mr. C. lelt his house athalf-pastseven o'clock, a. m.: it was then sate. It was again stated late last evening by a party who had left Luther ville about noon that Mr. O.'s residence had been burnt, and the statement was again con tradicted by Gen. John S. Berry. Mr. Corkran is the United States Naval Agent at this port. The report of the burning of the Ashland Ironworks, on the Northern Central Railway, is incorrect. The movements of the Federal troops in and around this city yesterday and last night are at present withheld from publication. The sit uation of the barricades, breastworks, <fcc., it would not be proper now to state; suffice it to say that both the military and civil authorities have worked hard all the time, and la3t night there was no danger apprehended from any at tack of the enemy. Telegraph and rallread communication was intact between this city and Washington. It was thought last night that the rebels who had operated on the Baltimore. Philadelphia and Wilmington Railroad, and the Northern Central Railroad, Ac., were retiring from all that section of the country and hastening tore join their main body at Frederick. Gen. Kicketts, with his forces, has fallen back to this city, from Ellicott's Mills, accord to orders. Major Gen. Ord arrived in this city last eve ning from Washington, and, by order of the President, assumed command of the ?th army corps, relieving Major Gen. Wallace from that command. The staff officers remain, for the present, unchanged. Mayor Chapman waited upon Major Gen. Ord lastevening, and, pursuant to the resolu tions passed by the city councils, made known the wishes of the city authorities. At a late To Pt ovnn I n fg /Inn D r d ?-?<"*?? cu i?v his reply to Mayor Chapman was to the fol lowing effect: He did not approveof thestores being closed, or the snspension of business: he did not think Buch a coarse necessary, and would not issue any orders to that effect. In regard to the enrolling of the citizens he had no objection, and If the Mayor thought it ex pedient he might proceed with the enrollment, and if at any time there was a necessity to call upon those enrolled he (Gen. Ord) would call upon them, but that, in his opinion, he did not think any snch course necessary, as a sufficient number of the citizens bad already volunteered for the present. He (Gen. Ord) did not think the city in any imminent danger. Last night a squad of the volunteer citizen soldiers captured two of the men who had ac companied the rebel cavalry in the raid around the city. The capture was made about 17 miles lrom this city, ou the Harford road. The pris oners gave their names as Baldwin and Gor Euch; they were brought to this city and given in charge of Col. Petherbridge, who has com mand of the volunteer citizen scouts; he hand ed them over to Col. Woolley, who ordered them to be imprisoned to await trial. Last night, Wm. Gilmore, uncle of Major Harry Gilmore, and G. B. Hoffman were ar rested while endeavoring to pass our pickets into Baltimore county. Thev were brought to this city and imprisoned. The house of Mr. Gilmore, corner of Park an l Franklin streets, w as searched last night by order of Col. Wool ley, and TOO rounds of ball cartridge and 500 muskets were taken. The American Telegraph Company succeed ed at a late hour last night in reestablishing one of their lines between this city and Phil adelphia via the Harford road route. By this means the Government was in communication with the authorities of Pennsylvania and New York.?Halt. Sun, 12r/<. The Baltimore American says : The express train?connected with which ia the through train from Washington to New York, having, in all, two baggage and nine express cars?left the depot at 9.15. After passing over the Gunpowder bridge and reach ing Magnolia, those in charge of it, as also the passengers, were astounded with the sudden appearance of upwards of 200 rebels, repre sented by our informant as consisting of cav alry and artillery. They obliged the passengers to debark from the cars, which were backed on to the bridge and fire communicated to them, the bridge being burned with the train. Mr. Owen Green, engaged by the telegraph com pany as repairer of the line, went up with the train ae far as Harewood, from which place he was au eye witness to the destruction of the bridge and train. He waa unable to Bay whether the passengers suffered any loss while with die rebels, or how they managed to get out of their clutches. Scon after, be observed a considerable vol ume of smoke arising in the air from the di rection of the Bush river bridge, and is confi dent that it was aJse bnrned. It is reasonable to suppose that the first morning train passed safely, a* there waa an hour's difference in the time of the two trains. Mr. Green, by means of a hand-car, worked his way to this city and gave information of the affair to Mr. Crawford, the agent. A report was current yesterday afternoon that Adams' Express Company bad with the train thus captured one of their cars, containing ?178,000, but it is learned that the company took the precaution to transmit on the previous night their freights instead of yes. terday morning, and that they had no car with the captured train. The bridge was gnarded by a gunboat, ren dering the approach of cavalry to it impracti cable, and the plan of capturing a train and i unning it in flames on the down grade to the bridge, was adopted by the rebels. We have not ascertained what is the extent of damage to the bridge, but it being a mere tressle work It can be very quickly repaired. The passengers were of coarse on the opposite side of the Gunpowder, and as the rebels in returning lired the turnpike bridge, over which they had crossed, none of the passengers have yet reached the city. They are said to have returned immediately by the same ronte they had come as soon as the work was accom plished. At a late hour last night we received the fol lowing despatch from Philadelphia, one of the turnpike wires of the American Telegraph Company having been repaired by the vigi lance of Mr. Mattingly, the Superintendent. This despatch, it will be neen, states that the bridges were not destroyed, and that two trains wnre captured and destroyed. Philadelphia* July 11 Two of the morn irg trains from Baltimore were captured by tie rebels at Macnolia Station this morning. Major General Franklin was captnred, being on his way North, qnite stck. aad the station wax bura.d The rebels were repulsed at Bash and Gunpowder river by the gunboats. One engine was recaptured. TH1 NHXT KVUULAR MKHTIMO OP ll? the BoaH of TfiiU** of the Public Schools ?iTlb?b?UonYfTB*?lT MKXT, th? nth iast , ot 0 o'elock p as *, ?. M#aa*LL, MILITIA NOT fCBS. XT. L. A. RALLY AROUND THE FLAG! THE GALLANT DOUBLfcDAY IN COMMANDff LOYAL CITIZENS OS" THE DI8TRICT 0? COLUMBIA, the p*esence of the enemies of oar Country calls for active ept-rgies at thin moment. The safety of the Metropolis, in which are cen tered our truest interests as lovers of country. of family, of property?require* that wo should re spond to the necessities ?f the Day. which are upon us?freely, promptly, unhesitatingly. The Government is willing and anxious to accept our services, and has assigned Major Gen'l Doable day to the command. We call upon jou, Loyal Leagues and fellow citi zen",to meet THIS EVENING.(Tuesday, Ju]y joj at7S o'clock, at Unton Leacne Rending Kooro,9th street, for erganization in protection of th? Capitol oltho Nation. . JOHN R. KLVAN?^ President Oran t Council A. 0. RICHA RD8. President Council No. 1. J. 8. BROWN. President Council No.2 I). P. HOLLOWAY. President Council No 3 JOSEPH H. BARRETT, President Council'No. 5. JOHN F. SH ARRKTTS, President Council No.(3 LEWIS CLEl'HANE, President Council No. 7 J. A. MAG RUBER. President Council No. Q A. M. SWAN. President Council No 11. DANL. KALBFUS.President Council No. 12 D. TAYLOR, President Council No. 13. 3J 12 NOTICE -METROPOLITAN RIFLES will assemble at the Metropolitan Hook and Lad der House. THIS(Ttiesday) EVENING. atSo'clk. All persons wishing to Join we invited to attend. By order *** WM. H. NALLY% Captain. ALL PERSONS IN FAVOR OP ORGANI zing a volunteer military company in de fence of the city during the present emergency will meet at 7 o'clock this p. in., at No. 496 7th street, over McKelden's bakery. By order of the )r ? _ COMMITTEE ffg^THE MEMBIRS OF THE WASHINGTON Ujr LIGHT INFANTRY (three months' ser TH IS Vvr N T NY J * ?? r1 a"', Restaurant THIS EVKNING, at 8 o clock. Members of the entire Battalion are earnestly invited to attend this meeting, with ? view of Battalion action. it* _WILIjIAM3, Capt. Co. A, , 'V_ Batt n ashington Light Infantry. fl/Tr*NOTICE.?In pursuance of orders receive*! lrom the Major commanding 1st Reg t D. U. M., company A, National Guard are hereby ordered to meet at the City Hall on TO-MORROW (Wednesday; MORNING at 10o'clock v THOMAS E. LLOYD. Captain. rY^HKADQCARTERS 3D REO'T D. C M - The Second Regiment of Militia of the Dis , j 0 VolumJ,la assemble TO-MORROW (Wednesday.) Jnly 13th, at 10 o'clock a. m.,ia k ^ Tolunt??r companies attached to the above regiment will also assemble r Ii!e ??u?? to mustered into the service of the United States. JA8. Y. DAVIS jy W-lf Colonel 2d Reg't D. C, M. rrS2* ATTENTION, COMPANY D, 2D Drs '4-5, TRIC'T COLUMBIA MILITIA.-You are appear Ht the City Hall, on T0 HOBMNQ, at?,1* o clock, for special duty. By order of JOHN P. DENNIS. '' Lientenant Commanding. rn^Tr,?,MPrANK y;: 2ND REG'T D. C. MIlT In obedience to orders lrom Colonel I TiR??e8/- . vlAvyou,.are hereby ordered to assem ble in front of the Last Win"* of the Citv llnll TO-MORROW. ( mh ins*.,, at%?o Vlotfc0 a:mHai!; be mustered into the service of the United States for thirty days. By order of Captain Cochran, J1 S. H. BACON.O. 8. rr^ATTKNTION. COMPANY II. 2D REOl" MLNT, D. C. M.?Yoa are hereby ordered to meet on sorner 5th and I sts . at 9 o'clock a. m. precisely on the morningof July 13th. to be mus ihWyC-'B/orSof0' Ul,d S"lea,u' EDWARD TOWERS, - Captain Company II. [V^ THE UNDERSIGNED HAS AUTHORITY Lfs_5 to raise and organize Cavalry Troops for Mxt> day8s>rvice. Evli recruit to furnish his own r?Trt:;Y;'1Can'1rTpquipr?lleD.;fi. hr the Government. i> j .?n. House. Louisiana avenue. By order Brig. Gen'l P. F. Bacon. _jy!2-3r late Cspt. Co. D^^l' pA Cavalry. C0 B- METROPOLITAN /rtu- ?11 Persf)n!' interested in the * I f Com puny, are requested to m*?At vtvJx 7t.hiSi,r/et'lR?rr & Brother.) THIS EVE piIjiu-, at half pant eight o clock. Your services required for 30 days. Jl! B. B. BURR, Captain. rrr-NJ^KE.-ALL. PERSONS LIABLE TO ir Tl/'i1* ^Uty the District of Com ? Jeein)ent M. D. 0.. are hereby notified Mnnann ,?#j<:orVr of 5th and K streets. T0 MORROW (Wednesday! MORNING, at 9o'cfoek, without further notice, WM. WALL. _jy Captain Company k. rS=?REGIMENTAL ORDER. No 2-tlE\D 13 QUARTERS 6TII REGIMENT M D C. VY A^BIVGTOV, July 12. 1S64.?Commanders of Com pantes in[ this Regiment are hereby ordered to appeal' with their respective commands on their r^iMn?TtnC #rrou.nd?, TO-MORRO W (Wednes further^ders inst ,at 10o'clock, and await By command'of Lemuel J. Middleton, Colonel. n JAMBS H. 8HKKELL. Adjutant. IT 3 iu'n'n'* V' ? V'1 V " ? ?? LKJ5 m. v t/.?You are hereby ordered to appear LUSSIVS 9 fn?,4Ah on WED\ ICS DA Y MORNING. Jnly 13th, at a o'clock a. m. preeiaelv, t?i bo mustered into the service of the United States for thirty days JAME8 S. DAVIS, Lient. Commanding _jt <'ompany F, 2d Reg't M. D. C. m-NOTirE -The members of Company B, " L. I. B. are hereby ordered to meet in front of the City Hall TO MORROW MORNING, July 13th. 10 o'clock. " " " DUBANT, Captain. .-niiHin, Will HBBHniDiPOii the 13th ult.. at 10 o'clock a. in., corner 2d ?tree.t west and New York avenue, for the purpose of beins mus tei ed into the IT. H. service for 3D days. By order of the Captain. Jil N. ACKER. ?ATTENTION WASHINGTON ZOUAVES! ry "w -*-- * - --- -. ? -"I ?? ..KMiu tT/i, 1.1jv;a t ^ U3?. Company E. WashinKton Light Infantry Batallion.?Pursuant to orders you are hereby ord-ied to assemble at City Ual) TO-MORROW MORNING, (13th inst.) at jo o'clock, for active T\LBK POWELL, Captain. T. Etcjuso*, O. 8. n^5=? CO Mr any k 3D regt.d. c. militiaT Lk3 louare hereby ordered to attend a com pany muster on your muster ground, < n E st be tween 12th and 13th streets east, at 7 o'clock TIIIS (Tuesday (EVENING, July 12, Mi. Punctual at tendance is requested without further notice. By order. J.T. BOISE AU Car.tnin ROB'T JQBDAN. Ord. Serg't. ' n> fflE^N*?TI?E -Company I, Second Regiment Lk-H D C. Militia, will a-semble at the Citv ntll. TO-MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING,? ten o'clock, for military servive for 6ixtv duvs By order of Major General Thomas. E. J. KLOPFKR. Captain, H* Co. I, 2d D. C Militia. fV^NOTICE-COMPANY G, Hl'II RBG"'T~D? Ll^3 ? C. M., will meeton the corner of 11th st .ave,?n" TO-MORROW (Wednesday) SlORNING at 9 o clock. By order of M&jor (General Thomas. it JAS. SKIRVING. Capttin. HEADQUARTERS ;io REG IM 13 NT 2l> LL? BRIGADE MILITIA OF DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA ?The Militia of the District h*.vin<? been called by the President into the seryfee of the Umtod1 States, for 30days, aud orders hayiD^ been issued from Headquarters for the immediate assembly of the several regiments. Notice is hereby <jiven to all persons subject to militia duty residing in the Third Regimental District to assemble at their several Company Muster Grounds at 7 d. m , on this 12th July, isfti Captains of companies are directed to use all means at their command to facilitate the preraot execution of this order, and to report to tiiese headquarters the roll of those present By order. Coi.. M. E. BRIGHT. It Coin dg 3d Reg't 2d Brigade M. D. C. ffg^ATTKNTION. 6TII RKGIMANT D. 0. UJ[ MILITIA. COMPANY "A 'is hereby ordered to meet TO. MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING, at 9 o'clock at Franklin Square, for the purpose of nmsterini? into U. S. service. By order of Col. Middleton ? N. CALLAN, Captain. ./'OMPANY "Bis hereby ordered to meet TO MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING, at 9 o'clock at Franklin Square, tor the purpose of mustering into U. 8. service. By order of Col. Middleton A.J. JOYQB, Cattaiu. COMPANY "C" is hereby ordered to meet to M^aOW (Wednesday) MORNING at Po'cllk" atf ran It 1 i n Square.Tor the purpose of muiterin* into L. 8. service. By ord ?r of Col. Middleton JL C. D\ BR, Captain, COMPANY 'D 'is hereby ordftrcd to n^t i'n MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING, at 9 o'clock at corner 8th and G strati, for the purpose of uiu-itering into U. 8. seryice. p se OI By order of Col. Middleton H. BITCHIB. CMt*in. COMPANY "E" is hereby ordered to ni>ci th MORROW (Wednekday) MORNING at'ToVi J*?" on 8th St.. west ofPost Office ' *t9ool?ck. By order of Col. Middleton JQ8. T. K. PLANT. Ca,tain. COMPANY "F" is hereby ordered to inset Tn MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING, oV ?t^rAnk01,n the purnose of n.?,ierin ' into C. S. service. By order of Col Middleton H. GUY. Ca,tain. OOMPAN Y " O" is hereby or lered to meet Tn MORROW (Wednesday) MORNING, at "o'clock' corner of Penna. av and 11th street, for the ??r' pose of mnstering Into U.S service. e Pur_ By order of Col. Middleton. JAME8 SKIRVING, Captain. COMPANY " H" is hereby ordered to meet TO MORBOW (Wednesday) MORNING?at l o^Ltk fntoTs ser^"'6' f?f thC tmrp?'" of "Pterin, By order of Col. Middleton. THOS. J. FI3HBR, Captain. COMPANY *k I" is hereby ordered to meet TO MORROW (Wednesday) MORN 1NG *t "o'cloet at Franklin Square, for the purpose of uuterin* into U. 8. ?ervice, s By order of Ool. Middleton. D. MOFABLAND, CapUin. COMPANY " K" is hereby netifled to meet TO MORROW ( Wednesday MOANING, at 9 oTl??ck at Franklia Square, for the purpoe* of mi^terin^' into C. 8. 6ervio*t. ? By ?r4er of 0*i Middleton ? CBAIG, Captain. NOTIOB ? Ail persons between 30 and if liable t* miUUry <utr are indnded ia above orders ? _ L./. MIDDLETON. OpI, Com'i't #tti M. D. 0. THE MAIN BODY OF TlIK REBFT I\ff AVTW JOIN tub rmbl forcr in kromt ov EAST NIGHT?THE KlBKL* KRKOT A SIX gln battery in the ooursr of thk STlLl&r?\ilril}?d THKmIkLVKST7n STRONG SKIRMISHING LINKS TO-DAY. It Is now believed that the mam force ef the rebel uifantry did not get up to join the rabal force# ia front of Washington until laat night! Blair's honee ia used by the rebels as rebel headquarters, it is now believed Prom the fact that the rebels were seen to take some of their wounded there yesterday, it was sup posed they were using it as a hospital. Rebel sharpshooters used Morrison s or chard, to the right of Fort Stevens, last eve nlng, causing some annoyance. There was some firing last evening from iortSlocum, apparently to feel the neighbor ing woods and positions where the rebels might Sfek to harbor. LATER. Along the entire line this morning the rebels present a much bolder front than they did yes terday, and the indication* are that they have been heavily reinforced with infantry. inuring last night they succeeded in erecting a six-gun battery in the vicinity of Fort Reno, rrom which they flred a few shots this morn ing, doing no damage, however The battery is a light aflair, apparently. Early this morning, in the direction of Ten nallytown, the rebels threw out an unusnally strong skirmish line, which had not, however, become engaged up to nine o'clock, although thev flred a few shots. L p to the present time some fifty prisoners have been brought in from different points, and as detachments of our cavalry are operating on the flanks and rear of the enemy, many stragglers will doubtless be picked ap. A rebel cavalryman with one arm was brought in this morning. In all the skirmishing in front of the fortifi cations of Washington occurring throughout yesterday, last night and this morning, our picket lines were not driven back a foot from their position before the enemy appeared in their front, except at Fort Stevens, where a considerable force of rebels seem to be massed. This forenoon a force sufficient was thrown forward at that point, and the rebel line was accordingly pressed back half a mile there. FURTHER REPORTS FROM THK FRONT-RE PORTS OF REBEL PRISONERS?THEY S-vV THEY HAYE 40.000 MRN IN FRONT OF FORTS STEVENS AND 1)E RC88EY. This morning the rebels showed themselves j in front of Fort Stevens in considerable force, but were no nearer than they were at sunset yesterday. A brisk skirmish ensued and in it were several wounded on our side. A portion of the sth Illinois cavalry were on the extreme right and thi* part of the line pressed back the rebel line about half a mile. Other parts of our line drove the skirmishers back a considerable distance, but they (the rebels) massed their skirmishers, and regained some of the ground; and at 11 to-day the skirmishers on both sides were in close prox imity to the fort, many of them beins: within pistol shot of each other. Our skirmishers now occupy a corn-fleld, while those of the enemy occupy an apple orchard not over a hundred yards distant, and they are continual ly poppingat eachother. the rebs however, be ing careful not to come from under cover. When the wth Illinois pushed back the rebel line this morning, two prisoners were taken? infantrymen?who, on being brought in, stated that their force in the immediate vicinity of Forts Stevens and DeRuesey numbored 40,(XXI, of which a considerable portion were infantry, with a little artillery, but they expected heavy Tf inlorcements of artillery. The reliels mostly keep under the cover, and are occupying the house of Mr. Carberry, from which they are using their rifles, apparently long range, as some persons near the fort have been shot from that point. About lu o'clock tthis morning, Fort Stevens shelled this house, to dislodge them, and also the woods. During the morning the Colonel of the 9=th Pennsylvania, while charging upon the rebel lines, received a ball in his hip, and one or two men who were near the fort were struck, one killed, and some citizens wno were on the fort had their clothes cut. There are some indications that the rebels are feeling their way along our line of fortifi cations to the right, in the direction of Bladens mi.-hing this merning"in 'the" vicinity '"of Fort Lincoln, on Rives' place. In the skirmishing in front of Fort Stevens laat night the following casualties occurred: In the 9?th, 102d, and 139th Pennsylvania regiments, George (Jump, fracture of right leg; Corp. Henry Pellser, in thigh and breast, prob ?i v..mcir L Arthur Uorbin, left shoulder, slight; Jacob Rimer, right leg, severe; Oliver Shay, wounded in the right hip, slight; John w h* tbigh, flesh wound; Christian Brandt, thigh; Frederick Franck neck; Frank Wmgeston, fracture right arm Sergt. Jacob Sweitzer, left; Sergt. Bayer, in arm; Geo. Flinton, ankle; Sergt Geo. Margood, company E, ?<<th Pennsylvania, was eilled. The !?-th Pennsylvania lost, in all the operations yesterday, fourteen wounded and two killed. FALI.6 CHURCH OCCUPIED BY TI1K REBELS. Information was received here at 11 a. m. to-day that a body of rebels, estimated at from 600 to WH) this morning entered and occupied the village of Falls Church. LOST AND FOUND. 'I^AKEN I'P ASTRAY, on the 7th instant, one A black COWandCALF. Theownerwiil prove property, pay charges and take them away. &0BT. pTORi, south Capitol street, between N and 0 s'reets. Jy I2-3f 42TRAYED AWAY LAST WEDNESDAY morn ins a small COW. white and grey, with small horns turned up a little. A liberal reward will be given if brought to No. 421 Oth st., between F and U sts. ]y i2-3t* / \Ff KRKD FOR SALE TO ME. AND SUPPOSED \J to be stolen, three BLACK HO OS. Th* owner can have the same by proving property and paying charges, and lake them twav. J AMES STOREY. , Half at., betw. P. and Q st*., jy H 3t? Washington, D. C. <jii KENS ARD?Strayed on the Id of July a red COW, with long straight horns, and hips white behind. The above rsward will be paid if brought to the Sisters of Charity, on the Capitol HiIL jy ll-2t" TOST?On Friday evening last, on 9th street, be -i tween M street and New York avenue, a small gold BREASTPIN, with purple se tt. Being a git'i, it is highjy prized. The finder will receive a Nuit able reward by leaving it at 259 9th street, bst. M and N streets. Jyll-2t* *5*1^ REWARD.? Strayed aw&y on the I9th 1 ?J June, a medium sized dark red COW. with a white belly, 6liort horns, one turning o ver her right ear, and having a leather collar on. Any en" returning her to 541 H street, between 6th and ith. will receive the above reward. jy 11-St* Q | (\ REWARD Will be given for the return of I U a NO-TOP BUGGY and HARNESS, lost from the corner of 13th and L streets, on the ad day of July. The horse came home without har ness. The above reward will be paid Tor return of buj;gy and harness or information as to their (?whereabouts. JOHN BLIGH, iy ll-3t* Stable corner C and 12th sts. flj"Q REWARD.?Strayed or stolen, on the night vO of the !Uh instant, from JOUN DOWD cor ner of 14th and U streets, a MULE; descripti?n, dark r.rown, with one white spot in front of his shoulders, on right side, with three spots in his back, or injury from work, with a rope halter ?round his neck. Any person giving information to the owner shall receive the above reward iy 11-3V ST5VS2~?roIJn Subscriber's Farm, a BROWN ?7 MARB. star in forehead, ft years old, 16 hands high, mane and tail rubbed. willbe paid Jor the recovery ef the mare, and |25 for the detec tion of the thief. JOHN HODOES, Jk., jy 9-3t* Upper Marlboro, July 6, l$G4. 1\T0TICE.?A black Ht)RSE, four years old,left *ith me in the month of Angu?t last bj Saral ii- ?,rl'*.kBon ior Captain Horsey, will be sold at Y> aJIV Baia&r, on the 14th instant, unless they come forward, pay charges, and take him awa? , ftMtr SAMUEL 8. GIDDINGS jy 9 ?t Cor. Itth and E sts. east. Si I 0 WARD-Strayed from the premises of thj subscriber. on >h? night of the Oth instant, a light colored brindle COW. She has horns and a white faoe. The ?b?re reward will be paid for her return or for information leadUic to her recovery BBNJ. DARBY? , n 7 Water street, or 3T Market street. Jv 9"3t Georgetown. P-. rw?w tbe7th instant, vy a REDOOW with horns. Tne owner can Drove the property, pay charges and take ber away i a RACHEL JIN KINS, Jr8 366 21st street, between G and tl. WOTIOl.?Commissioners of the Paid Fire De partment having adopted and nublished the roles and regulations for the government of the Depertaieet, have extended the time for receiving applications for membership until Tuesdat, July H. The attention of per*nns sending In their applications is called t0 section eight of the act tc> organise a Paid Fire Dspartmeat, rl?: " That the paid osembers of the Department, exoept the extra men shall give their andlvided attenUea to their QCvlM. lr? td 1 Q. BOKLOPy, Secretary. 5 O'CLOOi P. M. TOF DFStBUOTION OK TUB RAILROAD. The railroad between here and Baltimore Lias been pretty effectually broken up by the rebels, between Beltsville and Laurel, includ ing the bridge at Laurel. 1 he rebels appeared on the road about half-past 1*2 o'clock. The 10 o'clock train from Baltimore was ja8t missed by the rebels, who were apparently very near the road at the time the train passed this way, a9 the dust raised by tlie'r movement was visible, and the alarm was given to the train about a mile and a half beyond Belt*, ville. The train cauie cautiously down to Beltrville, and seeing ro immediate signs of the rebels, came on to Washington. The train had scarcely reached here when the news came that the rebels had struck tha road behind them. We haa aconsiderablepicket force at Laurel, and it Is poesible that the rebel cavaly in their swoop on the road gobbled up this picket, but It is believed that they had time to escape. The rebels this tnornlng drove in onr pickets at Spencerville, eight miles west of Laurel, on the Sandy Spring road, and from this and other indications it would appear that the rebels are swinging a considerable force in that direc tion. About one o'clock to-day the rebels were seen In some force in the neighborhood of Fort Lincoln, near Bladensburg. Abou televen o'clock this morning, as a gronp, consisting of Dr. I>uhamel, Mr. Koontz, ticket agent of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, Mr. White, ticket agent ditto, and two soldiers, were standing on the parapet of Fort Stevens, the tWo soldiers weresimultaneously shot dead by rebel sharpshooters. LATER. This afternoon an engine went out on a re. connoissance and proceeded a very short dis tance above Bladensburg, and ascertained that shortly after noon the 5th Michigan Cavalry, under command of Major Belmont, when near Brown's White House discovered a iorce of rebel cavalry, numbering from l,*00 to 1,600 men, approaching from different di rections as if to cut them eff. Major Bel mont cut his way oUt losing two men. His force made its way back to near Bladens burg, taking up its position near Fort Lincoln. Immediately after this affair with Major Bel mont, the rebels came down to the construc tion train of the railroad, near Beltsville, where the men at work on the road were at dinner. The men, being warned, jumped on their en gine and made their way into this city. Sev eral shots whizzed over them as they shot away from the rebels. A short time after a dense smoke was seen from that direction, indicating that the rehels had burned the construction train, from which the engine bad been detached. Paint Branch Bridge wa? also burnt by the rebels, as well as that at Laurel. The roads leading to this city are filled with contrabands making their way here. They represent the country between Beltsville and Bladensburg as filled with rebel cavalry. . THE INDICATIONS. The indications this forenoon on the front lead to the conclusion that the rebels are ex tending their lines towards the Eastern Branch, if not withdrawing mostof their troops from in front of the for til] cations from Seventh street road west. COMMUNICATION CUT WITH B.lLTTMORK. The telegraph wires wore cut at half-post twelve this afternoon between here and An napolis Junction, and it is presumed that the railroad was destroyed by the rebels at the same point at the same time. REBEL MOVEMENTS. Ret .el prisoners brought in last night and this morning conaur In the statement that Early's division passed through Rockvilleatdaybreak yesterday morning, and that Breckinridge's division followed at 9 a. m., other troops mov ing at the same time from Rock ville to the Bal timore turnpike. They state that the cavalry which first made its appearances before Washington was the main bodies of BradTev T. Johnson's and Gil more s commands. Well informed officers, they say, place the invading force at between thlrtv-flve and forty thousand men, of all branches of arras. They doubled their pickets opposite and near Fort Stevens early this morning, and subse quently withdrew them, leaving but a thin cavalry picket there.. 1J?? wuioo ur iaat lucj icurea tneir wagons from sight on that part of the line, and were heard felling trees, as though barricading roads to prevent pursuit, or making defences. REBEL MOVEMENTS TOWARD IIIE RAIL ROAD. At ten o'clock this morning, a force of rebels was seen moving back of Blair's house, in the direction of the Baltimore and Washington Railroad. How many the force consisted of we caunot learn, but our informant (a farmer) says they were four abreast, and their line '?stretched about two acres long." This would not indicate a very formidable force. They moved towards the Beltsville road and thence took the direction of the railroad. They had no cavalry with them except some twelve horsemen, who appeared to be acting as all ad vance lookout, as they were several hundred yards ahead of the iniantrv force. GCEKRILLA3 ABOUT. Yesterday as Lt. Milis^ witn two men of the '2d District regiment, were ou the road between Vienna and Falls Church, they saw a guer rilla fully armed coming towards them, when they stopped. The guerrilla went into the woods, and soon after made las appearance with four others, and our men retreated a short distance when they determined to make a stand, but seeing that the guerrillas were re inforced to the number of 15, they started off in the pines, the rebels pursuing them about 8 miles, but tbey got off safely. THE REBEL PLANS. Information has reached Washington that a force of rebels, number not known, were last night at the Frying Pan, on Goose Creek, about 3even miles above Fall6 Church. It is con jectured that their purpose is to make a demon stration against the fortifications on the south side, when they may think that the operations of their troops on the north side shall have in duced the withdrawal of the defenders of onr works on the Virginia side of the Potomac. ALEXANDRIA AWAKE. The principal citizens of Alexandria held a meeting at Liberty Hall lust night, in order to disenss measures' for the better protection Of the city in case the rebels should pouuee down upon them. They are going to set to work at once to man the old forts and rifle-pits of the city that have for some time been abandoned. New earthworks are to be constructed at once, and preparations are to be made to barricade the streets. TIIeVnION LEAGUES MOVING. The officers of the different Union Leagues in this city waited on Gen. Halleck this morn ing, offering the services of the Leagues for the defense ot the city. The oner was accepted, and Ma^or General Doubleday was assigned by Gen. Halleck to the command of the Union League forces. The Leagues will meet to night for organization. THE DAMAGE TO THE PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD. The inspectors report that the burnt bridge over Gunpowder will be repaired in flfty-six hours, we hear. As the bridge burnt over Bush river is* much less extensive than the Gunpowder bridge, we presume its repair will be completed sooner.. SUPPOSED TO HAVE BEEN CAPTURED. Two companies of the Sth Illinois cavalry, which were at Monocacy, under command of Major Waite, have not been heard from for several days, and it Is feared that they have been "gobbled up." LOCAL NEWS. No Mails.?Mail communication has not yet been reopened north of Baltimore, though it is expected that it soon will be. Telegraphic communication by a single wire has been re aumed witfe Philadelphia, !>*? is occupied by QoternmenMo-day, necessarily, and vre are therefore without telegraphic news. Later 4iiJthe day, the wires were cat between here and Baltimore. Bxatiho A Soldiub.?iAit night policeman McElfrest, ot the Fourth Ward, passing around his beat near the National Hotel, at 11 o'clock, discovered a soldier asleep on the stepa of the Hotel. Ha went to him and tried to arouse him, which be failed to do by ehaking him. Supposing him drunk, the policeman took the method of arousing drunken men knowa to old policemen, vi*: rubbing the sleeper's ears. In a moment the *oldier aroused and thro;riB* both arms around the policeman boreal* off on the pavement. The pellcemaa straggled until be got on? arm free, and catching his baton, atruck the soldier a blow on the head JTUeeoldler WM take* to the Fourth Ward station, where he proved to b* w n.,^_ of the 2d Rhode Island To?oat?er? ?!? Fisher and the Adjutant or theregimeat wtTt to the s'ation booge and t,&4 the ?oltll(,r leased He wai not drunk, but hia droweu resulted from exhaustion. MtTPTBRiwo.?The clerks in the Quarter master's Department ha?e been armed aad equipped, and ordered to muster this afteraooi at 4 o'clock. They eioect to be sent to the front at once and are making preparation* ac. cordingly. They will no donbt prove an ef. flcient acquisition to our defenders both as to numbers and material, as man.? of them hoM tne'r ciril appointments by reason of prior military service. Thi Cottrts ADJorRMi).-'This morning Judge Fisher announced to the Orand aad Traverse Juries that he did not suppose their minds were in a condition to try cases, but that, as the city was said to be in imminent danger, every true citizen should be using HI h's endeavors to assist in its defence. He therefore discharged them until Tuesday-.Ssa tember 6th. , National Rifles ?The members of ISa,ional Rifles met this morning at the paten: Office, fi5 being present, and after the transaction of some preliminary business, ad journed to 3 o'clock this evening. The Secre taries of war and Interior have signified their intention to give a leave of absence to all who wish to serve in the rank*. nrS-THK OK TFT E AWKWARD thffr p? announce the post ponement of their PieNic which was to have taken place to-da?\ to some future time dueaotic* of which will be given in the Star. ' n* rps^AT A MEETING OF THK JOURNEYMKJf" Lk-5 House Paint#r ? Society, UMd o? Yridmr evening. July 8th. it whs unanimously r?*olved that a vot?' of thanks he tendered to the following bos< Houhp painters for their promptness in com plying wfth the demand of the soeietv tor an in crejse of wages tofjperday " Messrs. C.T Bowen. M. T. Parker. George Turnhurke, Geo. W. Dow ney Charles O. Hamilton, Charles McNeil A Bro Mickum ft Read, J T. Angle and Carr A Bro. Ev or.ler of the Society. T H. W HICKKY, President. Jos. V Mcrpht. Rec. 8ec. * nr^OFPICE or METROPOLITAN RAILROAD 1*3, CO Washington, JulyS. 1S.H.?At a meet ing of the Corporators of the 'Metropolitan Rail road Company," held at this date, under the pro y",0??r the act of Congress, appro?ed July 2d, 19u4f it W&? Ordered, That the books of subscription to the fapitaJ stock of Mid road be opened on Thursday, the ,th instant, from 9 o clock a. m. until So'clock P. m., and from day to day thereafter until (2in 030 of said capital stock shall have been subscribed In pursuance of such order the undersigned cor porators haying been appointed for that purpose, will be in attendance between the hours designated on Thursday, the 7th instant, and from day today thereafter until ?200.000 of the capital stock shall have been subscribed . at the rooms over the office of the Navy Agent No 4?5 Ninth street, opposite the office of the Daily Chronicle. M. G. EMERY . ... ALEX. R SHEPHERD, iy < tf 8. P BROWN. fV*=? WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN Us3 RAILROAD COM P a NT.?W as him; to !*, June 24. 1*M?The annual meeting of the Stock holders of this company, for the election of seven w?nvrQ^vh.l e,nJ^inf Tear, will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of July, the office of the Company, corner of 15th street and New 1 ork avenue. The polls will be opened at 12o'olook m., and closed at 2 o'clock p. ni. H.C. FAHXE^-.^T" c J RAND CONCERT 01 VOCAL MUSIC, * at the Methodist Protestant Cbuflch, (Navs Yard.) ' Or. THURSDAY EVENING,' July ljjth, commencing at ft o'clock. Messrs. J. B. Dawson, J. TaMer. S. V Noyp*, R. Ball. J Hodgson, S-. Croa^and others, will asMstin the entertainment. Tickets 25 cents. jy 15 2t*" AILROAD NOTICE. leaves R While the Philadelphia'??* Road remains closed. train? will he run between Baltimore and Washington as follow" vie ? FROM WASHINGTON. 0:30 and 11:15 a. m. 4:15 and 6:3' p. m. FROM BALTIMORE. 7:00 and 1?:00 a. m. ?; , 3:30 and 4:40 p. m. GEO. L. K'U)NT/, Agmt. JpOR CAPE MA Yp,v The staunch and^comiiwdtous Steamer t CAPTaA E AA TRYtHER, ur me Cape May line, is now making her regular trips to Cape May. w Leaving Areh street wharf, Phils delphia, every Tuesday, Thursday"**" and Saturday at 9 o'clock a. m. Returning, imw Cape May every Monday, Wednesday and Friday fct wt u Uuc\ a iu, Stopping at New Castle going and returning. Farev $2 50. carriage hire included. Children half price. Servants ll.50, carriage hire extra No freight will be received after 8 o'clock, and in all instances must be prepaid. Jy7-lm JOS. A STEWART. Agent. HOTELS AND BOARDING-HOUSES -We have n f??re ? superior stock of ('K()CR-?bT> J5K/. CHINA.GLABSWARE. CUTLERY,#*/ and PLATED W4KI, particularly adapted toi the use of the shove establishment*. to which w? invite the attention of the proprietors , c WEBB A BEVERIDGB, jyS-<?tif* [Chron.l Odd Fellows' Hall. 7th at. CHOICEJ?TOCK 4?6 INT1BI0R ADORNMENTS. 4H?> 4!?6 PAPMRIIANGINGS. 4H? A select^and varied stork of Gill. Me Hum and te?i^iecM Borders, Slato?s, Ceu _ _ ? WINDOW SHADES Shades^ S*wilrfOCO!rate' Br(,wu *nd Gilt Window Tassels', 4e. ? patterai; ^hade Fixtures. _ PICTURE CORD AND TA8SFI ^ Silk and Worsted Picture Cord and PiTurehRine%affiAc.& be?utiral ?-ofent; OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. r?U^itr?e8t ?sopw.,nt of Oval Frsme" in the District, warrnated to be Kild?d with jc.ld l-al also a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a r? ried stock of small-siied Oval and Carie de Yisite x rames. ENGRAVINGS AND PAINTTNGS in store 106 anJ Ptint,n*s always Orders for Paperhangin^ snd Window Shades attended to in eitv or county. Terms cash ft>r goods or labor. J. markriter, . - , vA?- 486 Seventh street. Jy ?- Eight Doot)? above Odd Fallows' Hall. l\0bT.^*crWh,er,fta>i "Vy Sarah Somtners, jfca* loft mv bed an1 boAr*i, I he eby wju-ii ai/ pernors ftom harboring or tra-^tin^ her on mr count, I will not be responsible for tar debts contracted by her from this date. u- v . t ISRAEL SOMMERS. Washington city. July ll, isoj. iy 11 -St* T It???NAN, PLUMBER AND GAS PIT T'?tenT ^?^0r wr i?f ^ streets, oppos.te Patent Office. W^ter and gas introduced on the most responsible terms. Hose and Hose Pipes al - ways on hand. Jy$ 3t* WINES AND LIQUORS. ? * We Lave now on hand a full snaol * o WINES AND LIUtJORS. r> , t ? ?? consisting of \i^'/?fni&/?ack'I,Port- MuscateJ, and A.o lie* nines,and Grape Brandy. ?* Winee' ct' 8b<rry' Madeira, and OaAwba ^OWlloarbon, Nec^ur, Cabinet and Rye WhLg Blaekberry, Chey ry, Lavender, and Ginger Bran dleg. Holland Gin and WolfTs Schnapps Also-Hostetter's, Drake's, Stougliton's and Uer man Bitters. For sale by l 4 ? .... ? EG AN A PERRIE. jy S?6tif Cor. E and Ninth streets. NOTICE.?A have opened a new BARBER gnOP on C stre et. between 1st street and New Jev Bey avenue, at Boyl?'s Hotel, where I will be gia4 to tiee my friends and customers. A UEUTNHR. C street, between 1st and N.J. a?., 1y7 Ui^ Boyle's Hotel, near the D**eC rAFEKUANfilNfll, A great variety of ENTIRELY NEW 8TYI.ES Adapted to PA&LO&8. . DIKING ROOMS. HALLS, a** CBAKBIBC. Also, ? YARDS CANTON MATTINGS, 1,000 YARDS FLOOR OIL CLOTHS, Our Mattings are anrivalle4 in this city, reaiert Ingia paH the famous G?wqua brani for parto Oil CloUu frosa S to 12 feet vide, adapted to dial rooms, halls, Ac. AUe? WINDOW SHADSS, BRASS CORNICES, . V PARIvOR MATS, Paper hong by akillfol work?e?, a?<l alt orie promptly attended to. ??*? m? ? sa from 10 io to per v BirrLX k. VALOOirra'S No. a?? ft* ?*?*?*' hetwaen I street a*4 apO-eo Maaa. arar^g. ht aT'' ? * NT#,. War?B Rao?j*^?A?'s Ornoa, f Oi*T LL, JalyT, IfKM.C Ali versons who nse the Aqueduct water oa tr?r Drstt'ae* are he*eb? aotiVjd that the water rent ? r ?Aika PeraAra^ !*? itar. ^a,;^ /.._

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