Newspaper of Evening Star, July 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 13, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR W, D. W ALLA' ll, Editor and Proprietor. WASHINGTON CITY: WIDNEJDAY JULY 13, 1964. EXTRA. THE INVASION. Lntc siiid Important. THE REBELS HAVE DISAPPEARED FROM OUR FRONT! THEY I.EAVE THEIR HEAD AND WOUNDED LEIIIND THEM! Recon noise ances made last night and tbis morning make it plain that tae rebftl* have disappeared from in front of the fortifications of Washington. They left eleven officers and ninety men in the house of F. P. Blair, sr.. at Silver Springs, too severely wounded in the action of yester day evening to be carried off. Tht<y also left their dead ol that fight upon the field. Measures have been taken for their imme diate pnrsnit. fear that we are not sufficiently strong In ?ftralry to make pursuit of ranch avail, nn Ism oar infantry can overtake them through obstructions to their Tapid progres? placed in their way by other Union forces?those under Hunter, Howe and Coach. In addition to their work of plunder and de vastation, we fceaT that they have been forciug ?early every able-bodied man they have been able to pick np in Maryland into their ranks: carrying tb> m off with tnem. It was notkoown here (that we can ascertain) at 11 a. m. to-day. to what points or in whit precise direction the rebels have withdrawn. T&ey were moving from the front all nigut Oar belief is that they are in full retreat across the Potomac. THE CHARCiK ON THE REBELS LAST NIGHT THEY AKK DRIVEN A MILE I AND A HALF. The heaviest fighting yesterday in front of F^ort Stevens was between live and seven o'clock in the evening, when it was deter- i mited to dislodge the rebel sharpshooters who "were making themselves mischievously an- ; xoying from the Carberry place, and especial ly from the house of Mr. Lay, better known as the Carberry house, on RocK Creek, to the left 0/ Fort Stevens. < To dislodge the shorpshooters from this I house a shell sent from Fort Stevens by the skillful gunners of the Gth Maine artillery was lodged in the cupola of the Carberry house> liring the building and sending the rebels ske daddling from its shelter like so many rats. This movement was followed by a charge on the rebel position by a portion of the 1st di vision of the veteran 6th corps, executed in ferllliani style on the double quick, and by w hich the rebels were wholly dislodged from the skirmishing position tney had heretofore I held with such tenacity, and driven perhaps a mile and a half. We lost some three or four killed in this aflair, and captured several prisoners The xebels lost some five or six killed, and perhaps as many more wounded. The Carberrv house is supposed to have been entirely destroyed, as it was burning at a lata hoar last evening. In front of Fort JSlocnm (to the right of Stevens) the rebel skirmishers were not so active, but whenever j tb?y showed themselves in sufficient numbers, | the Fort treated them to a sheil dance. FortSlocnm fired during the day between thirty and forty shells, and whenever they fell among the rebels they were seen to run in all j directions. The main force of the rebels keep i prudently in the woods, and only show them- j selves in any numbers when they relieve their skirmishers. Late in the evening, when the heaviest fight ing was going on, dense clouds of dust coald te seen in the Tear of the rebels, indicating one of two thing*, either that the rebels were fall jnK bdth) VI ircciving rtrinfoi vcuit uk). In passing along the line of onr fortifications lrom Fort Bunker Hill to FortStevens, later in the evening, we found the impression to be amongst the military folk that the rebels were Tetreating towards Rockville and Edward's Ferry, as the columns of dust, about sunset, j seemed to be receding: in a northwest direction, i Our entire loss in the two days' skirmishing | ?will not amount to more than fifty, in killed, ( wounded and missing. That of the enemy is i of course unknown, but is doubtless heavier than ours, from the fact that many of the shells thrown from the forts burst in their midst. Yesterday the 8th Illinois cavalry had three men wounded. For several hours yesterday a rsbel officer mounted on a horse could be seen riding in and ont of the woods fronting Fort Stevens. l>uring all this time he was a perfect target for oar men, but all attempts to dismount him proved fruitless. A member of the 70th New York regiment ; took up a position ir. a tree from whence he i picked off six of the rebel sharpshooters. President Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln passed along the line of the city defences in a carriage last night, and wer? warmly greeted by the sol diers wherever they made their appearance amongst them. The nipht was beautiful?a peaceful moon- j light?and a large proportion of the population j of the citv was out to a late hour, waiting in ' anticipation that the rebels might make some , demonstration in pursuance of their old tactics ol night attacks. Considerable attention was attracted by the signaling going on between the different sta tions at Soldiers' Fiome, isth street and else where, and especial y tl e brilliant lights dis- | plaved fiom the tower a: the Soldiers' Home j Were seen for a long distance. | AFFAIR? ON THE RAILROAD?THE REBELS .-Til L NEAR BLADKNSBritt;?THE DAMA'iE TO THE RATLROAD SLIGHT. This morning Mr. Koontz, the agent of the Baltimore railroad here, proceeded to Bladens borg on a reconnoisauce, and ascertained that at 5 o'clock yesterday Laurel Bridge was safe It was also ascertained that but little damage had fr-en done to the road between Bells villa and Bladensburg, only two or three small bridges having been burned, v. hich can easily be rebuilt in six honrs. The rebels are still a short distance above the station at Bladensburg, and have one piec? of artillery, with which this morning they thrfw a shell which fell near the camp in the vicinity of the Spa Spring. Five prisoners were t;vken by onr men last night and wer?- brought into the fort this morn ing. They state that they belong to Bradley JoEnson's command. There are several men missing from the 5th Michigan cavaly who cut their way from Beltsvllle yesterday when about to be sur rounded by the rebel torce near Bladensburg. Thts rebel force will, however, not be suffered to remain long we imagine. Among th? forces posted in the vicinity of Fort Lincoln are sev- \ ?ral hundred of the sturdy mechanics from the Navv Yard, who left yesterday afternoon for that locality. Oar Navy Yard men are mostly \er?ed in the use of arras, and will no doabt <io themselves credit if brought under fire. THE FIGHTING NEAR FORT STEVENS. j The skirmishing in frontof FortStevens was suspended yesterday afternoon bv the heavy vain about two o'clock. Yesterday, a cavalry lieutenant, when passing under the guns of the fort, outside, was shot by a rebel sharp, shooter, and died in a few minutes. Dr. Da ibajnel was present at the fort, and rendered all the professional aid he could when re quired. The 2d D. C. Volunteers were prominent in 1 he line of skirmishers, and were highly spoken of by witnesses ot their conduct. The soldiers not engaged in the skirmishing did not appear to be at all concerned about what was going on. Some were joking and laughing In gTonps, others were picking black berries, taking the chances of a compliment Inm the tube of a rebel sharpshooter. The road to the fort was literally blockaded by pedestrians, horses and vehicles, about lour o'clock p. m., guards having been posted on the bill near the first tollgate to prevent civil ians from going nearer to the scene of conflict. The rumor that the -id D. C regiment hod b*en engaged, and that there were soma casu alties, having reached the city, there was con siderable anxiety manifested to hear from rela tives and frie&d* in tu&t regiment, which caused much of the rush in tbat direction. AFFAIRS in BALTISWR*. Rebel deserters arriving in Baltim6*V ?ay a large rebel force will demonstrate agAinat Washington The secessionists are less jabi iaot in Baltimore. Several of the prominent ones have been arrested, iacladiog the Oil res, Hofimsne, Ac. AFFAIRS ON THI RAILROAD?TIGT^TlSG*j NEAR BLADEN3BCRG. I-Mt evening alocomitiv* proceeded out'o Blaclensburg on a reconnoissance, Mesirs. O"0. S. Koontz, agpnt, W. T. Walker, (cuneral passenger agent, and Captain CoUins making It. It was ascertained that the treM?l work at Paint Branch had been destroyed, and at that time there was a siigrht skirmish going oualiout a mile above Bladenshurg, witH the rebels^ who numbered about 1,600, with one piece of artillery. They appeared to be making to th? eastward of Bladensburg and Fort Lincoln* APPOINTKD. Provost Marshal Colonel M. N. WiseweH, J Military Governor of Washington, has been I appointed Provost Marshal General of this i department, with headquarters at Iflttl ind I. ! This is an admirable and timely appoint;neut. OFFICIAL. He ad quarters MilHaYy District of Wishinoton, ) Prorost AfarshaFs Office, > Washington, D. C., July *12, IM51. > Fnrciil Order A'o. 116.?[Extract.] ?1. From j and after thisdate nofpiritnousor malt liquors will be allowed to be soid in the citv of Wash ington a; any place on 7th or 14th streets, norm of F street. AU licenses heretofore granted for the sale of liquor at any places located in the afoov ? described territory are revoked, and auy per 1 ton offering liquors for sale within the pre scrucri limits will hav th? same at once con fiscated, and the owrt rs will be liable to im prisonment. Any evasion or vlola'ion of this order will be promptly and severely punished. Hy order "of Col. M. N. Wisew?ll, Military Governor. T. Ingratiam, ! iy 12-tf Colonel and Provost Marshal. } Headquarters Military District of Washinqhn Washing'ort, D. C.. July 12, 1864. General Grain, Jo. 22.?Having been assigned by order of'the Secretary of War, to act as Pro vost Marshal of tbe forces in and around Wash Insrton, It is hpreby ordered that no person not in the Military service shall be allowed to ap. proacb. the line? of the defences surrounding the cities of Washington and Georgetown or to enter the camps therein, with?utapermitsigned by or by fhe order of the Major General Com manding the Department, or the Secretary of War. Any person so offending will be arrest ed and his horses, vehicle?, or other property, seized and condemned to Military n?e. M. N. Wisbwkll, Colonel, Military Governor, and Provost Mar shal of the lorces in the District of Columbia, jy 12-6t (V^=-*NOTICE.-The Pic-Nic of Simons Encamp ment. No. 19, to be given to-morrow. H?h instant, at Kerry's Wood, will be postpone* until further notice. v . ? WASHINGTON COUNCIL No. 2.U. L. A. UT isrequested" to meet TO-MORROW EVE NING, for special business. .iy 13-lt J. S. BROWN, President. A SPECIAL MEETING OF TUB BOARD of Trustees of the Public Schools will be lieTii on FRIDAY next at 5 o'clock p. m. jy 13-3t R. T. MOUSEl,L, Secretary. (V^=?RALLY ROUND THE FLAG ? The old |L5 members of the Putnam Riiies. and all other loyal citizens of the Seventh Ward,are re que'ted to meet at. the Island Hall TO NIGHT at H o'clock to organize a company for the defence of the District. It* |V^g=?TO ARMS.?The members of the German LL.3 volunteer company which was organized this morning. will meet at Gerhard's Hotel. Penn sylvania avenue, at <> o'clock. T111S EVENING. Members are requested to be present. By order: jy 13_-lt* ? . A. HARTS. nrg=?MASONIC NOTICE.?There will be a spe ll,? cial meeting of Potomac Lodge, No. 5, at their room on High stre?t Georgetown, to attend the funeral of Brother .To-epu G. Rm TO MORROW (Thursday" AFTERNOON, at 3 o'clock. All Master Masons in <rood standing' are invited to attend. By order of the W M. It* B. DARBY. SecV. NOTICE ? K special meetingof Lebanon Lodge, No. 7. F. A. A. M.. will l.? held THIS (Wed nesday) EVENING, at 8 o'clock, at Central Ma sonic Hall, for the purpose of leaking arrange ments to attend the funeral of our late Brother, John Mel'er. By order of fit*] H. C. ELLIS, W. M. n^~^HEADOUARTERS 8TH REH T D. C. M . k_5 Georgetown, D.C.,July 13th 1464.-AU persons liable to military duty inthe8th regiment al district are hereby ordered to attend a muster of the Sth regiment on Road street, between Wash ington and Congress sts.. TO MORROW, (Thurs day I July 11th, at two (2) o'clock p. m. The bounds of this regimental district are all of the district west of Washington street in George town. and all of the county lying west of Rock Creek, in the District of Columbia. By order of GEORGE HILL. Major Corn'dg Sth Reg't D. C. M. JOHN J. BARNARD, Act'g Adj't. It* (Y*5=? THE UNDERSIGNED H AS AUTHORITY Lk3 to raise and organize Cavalry Troops for sixty days service. Each recruit to furnish his own horse. The United States will furnish arms and equipments. Call at Lichau House, Louisiana ave nue. By order Br'?^ ?"n" " si,u/"6akV Jyl2-3t* latoCapt.Co. P., 3d Pa Cavalry. nf-Sjp-BANK OF THE METROPOLIS. Washiso LkJ* to*. Sth July. ls?>4.?At an election for ten Directors of this Bank, held on the 4th instant, the following gentlemen were chosen to serve for the ensiling year : GEORGE PARKER, WILLIAM B TODD. GEORGE LOWRY, THOMAS P. MORGAN, LEWIS JOHNSON, FITZHUGH COYLI, J B BLAKE. THOMAS FBRAN, WILLIAM ORME. J. M. K0BERT3, jy <5-2aw2w MOSES KELLY. Cashier. ry-^=? BANK OF THE METROPOLIS. Washixg TOM. 27 June. 1*64?The Board of Directors have this day declared a dividend of three per cent, for the past six months, payable on or after the Sth of July next je 28 2aw2w MOSES KELLY, Cashier. n^^WA?TTlNOT0N AND GEORGETOWN IIJf RAILROAD COMPANY.?WasnmGrojr, June 24. 1864.?The annual meeting of the Stock holders of this compauy, for the election of Beven Directors for the ensuing year, will be held on WEDNESDAY, the 13th of July. m4, at the office of the Company, corner of 15th street and New York avenue. The polls will be opened at 12 o'clock m . and closed at 2 o'clock p. m GEO. S. GIDEON, President. H. C. FAHNESTOCK, Sec'ry. Je 27-tjy 13 fyS11* NOTICE.? To the. People of Waskmnton and |L5? the Public generally ?Upholstering and Cabinet Making and Renovating ofall descriptions, done in the best style an^ at.the shortest notice Old Curled hair Mattresses can he made as good as new at WM. J. LEE'S new establishment, No. 3t>3, C Etreet north, between 4}a and tith street west. Je 3"-lm* WM. J.LEE. DRAFTED.?Any person wishing to procure a substitute on reasonable terms can do so by calling at No. 319 E street, under the Kirby Ilouee. between li'th and 1.1th. jy 13 lw* J. H. P08EY and A. JOHNSON. IVroTIClTTs HEREBY GIVEN THATTBE C0 1^1 partnership heretofore existing under the name of Finch &? Lloyd,doing buMness at 390 llth street, is this 11th day of July, dissolved by inutnal consent RAMKEL LLOYD, iy IS 2w* II. C. FINCH. 11 AILROAD NOTICE. While the Philadelphia^4' Boad remains closed, trains will be run between Baltimore and Washington as follows, viz : FROM WASHINGTON. and 11:15 a. in. 4:40 and 6:3? p. m. FROM BALTIMORE. 7:0fl and l":f,'0 a. m. 3:.iU and 4:40 p. m. jy 12 GEO. L. KOONTZ, Agent. INTERNAL REVENUE. U. S. Assessor's Office, Collertton District of Diitriri of Columbia. To all whom it may concern Notice is hereby given that the Annual Tax List for 1S54, together with the Income Tax for li'tt, is now in this office. Said lists will remain open for inspection and ex amination for the space of fifteen days from this Uth day of Ju.v, IP64: and that the undersigned will remain in bis office. No 41?* 7th street west, fjr fiftjen days thereafter to hear and determine on all appesls that may be made relative to exces sive or erroneous valuation by the Assistant As segsors. All appeals must be in writing, specifying the particular case, matter or thing respecting which a description is requested, and state the ground or principle of inequality or error complained of. P. M. PEARSON. 1". S. A?s'- for D. C.. No. 4H6 "th street west. Washington, July 11,18^4. jyll-eotit OWING TO THE FLUCTUATING- AND CON STANTLY ADVANCING RATlfc OF DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN HARDWARE, and the impossibility of replacing stocks without absolute loss when founded on time sale s. we feel compelled to notify our cus tomers that hereafter all bills WILL BE REN DERED FOR PAYMENT MONTHLY; and we re spectfully request that those of our friends who have been purchasing on quarterly accounts under a settled market will appreciate the necessity ot the change in terms. JOHN R. ELVANS, 309 Penna. av aid La. ar. jyf-lw fR^pChron Intel Con Union] w WINES AND LIQUORS We have now on hand a full supply o WINES AND LIWUORS, consisting of ClliforniaHock, Port. Muscatel, and An lica W ines,and Grape Brandy. . *** Also, Claret, Sherry, Madeira, and Catawba Wines Old Bourbon, Nectar, Cabinet and Rye Whis keys. . Blackberry, Cherry, Lavender, and Ginger Bran dies. Holland Gin and Wolff's Schnapps. , Also. Hostetter'a, Drake's, Stoughton's and Ger man Bitters. For sale by EGAN & PERRIE, Jy 9?6tif Cor. E and Ninth streets. ~ jT TERR > N T 8. Watbr Rkoisthar^ Orrrcg. t CiTr Hall, July 7,135M All persons who use the Aqneduct water on their premises are hereby notified that the water rent is now due to the Corporation for the period from July 1, 1364, to January I, 1813. The water rent is required to be paid at this of (ice during tbumonth of July. If not paid by or before August 1st. the law commands that the water be shut off at the main and not restored ex cept upon payment of arrears and two dollars for exoense of shutting off and restoring. The law does not provide for serving individual notices, and this public notice is all tba* will be given. RANDOLPH COYLE, jytj-lm Water Registrar. I O^T-On Tawkiay availing a HAIR RING, i bound with fold. The finder will receive the fuil TAlne or' the rine by leaving it at No. 3 7 9 Pa. avcLgmnith e: \r% b ;weer> 4>? and f>tb sts. jy !^2t* ?C RKWAlJ>-?or & red white spotted ?; ^r"?! one fcorn, slaved or stflenoii tlie8th?5". B w FERGU30?Qr , 'T corner Pa ari>nue a'id 1st Bt. w-<st. PABROT BETRAY-,?.". KKWAKD-^I?* s ray oti Sunday last. an AFRIC AN PARROT,* grey) with red tail leather", in fall plumase. Tfee above reward win bv paid for its restoration to MRS. MART O'BRIEN. 461 T'th street aTrth. jy 13 3t^_ \ I OPT- Yeste-day. between 21st and 25th streets. ? ? and G and Penn'a avenue, a larae leath -r P<?OK BT-BOOK, containing some vaturblo feajiers. A liberal reward will be given by leaving it at JOHN P NK'S Coach Factory.corner23th, street a11 navenue. Jy ft- jt t AKEN I P ASTRAY, on the 7th instant, >ue I ?r ? ?~ * ? ? -?? <?'? >->?t i in I nm> it (j I black COW and CALF. The owner will prov* P^Tcha-gPS. and takethem awiy. BOUT. FTORl, south Capitol street, between N and O streets. - / jyl2-3t* HJTBA YKD AWAY LAST wItDNESIVA T~ morn v me a small COW, white and greyt with sinill horns turned up a little. A liberal reward will be Siren if brought to No. 4U1 6tU st.. b*tween F acq C sts. jy f \FFKRRD FOR SALE TO ME ..AND SUPPOSBD ' to be stolen, three It LACK HOOS The owner ran have the same by proving proparty mid paying charges, and *ake them away. JAMES STOREY. ? i? Half st., betw. p. and 1} sts.i , . iy 12-3t Washington. D. (J, Of I ? REWARD ? Strayed away on th<Tl:>tti i June, a medium sized dark red COW, with a white belly, short horns, one turning d?wn over per right ear, and li?vitit; a leather collar on Anv one returning her to .>41 H street, between rith antl itn. wnl receive the hIhiva reward. jy U-3t* I REWARD Will be given for the return of '3IW a NO.TOP BUGGY and HARNESS, lost lrom the corner of 13th and L streets, on the 3d day of July Thehorsecame homo without har ness. The above reward will be paid for return of ousgy and harness or information as to their w?e?*j52ut8- D. JOHN BLIGH, 11-?it stable corner C and )^th sts. mK WARI).?Strayed or stolen, on th-night '2JO of the 9th instant, from JOHN DOWD, cor ??tr??"1Greets. H MULE; description, ft ij ??l-th.on(' white spot in front of his shoulders, on right aide, with three spots in bis hark, of injury from work, with a rope halter around bis neck Any person giving information iy 11 ?jt* " receive the above reward. C WvrTrnw P*F?l81t&Z<>n the 7th ins^ a RED COW with horns. Th>- owner can prove the property, pay charges and take her awar , o RACHEL JENKINS, Jy 8 J6t> 21st street, between O and II. JLIOTEL8 AND BOARDING-HOUSE?.?We have ?;?*? l5.r,ti'?r,e a superior stock of CROCK-wpiiir\ KftY. CHINA. GLASSWARE. ? y f| 1 ind PLATED WAKK, particularly adapted o the use of the above establishments, to WW ivhicb we invite the attent ion of the proprietors jy 5-Ctif* [Chron.] Odd Fet 1 ows^1^1 i?f'st. l8f) CHOICESTOCK 7^ I-tt INTERIOR ADORNMENTS. 4??ti FAPERH ANGINGS. 4^6 A select and varied stock of Gilt. Medium and ow-pneed I aperhanginga. Borders,Statues, Ceu .er Pieces, A:c. t> * n WINDOW SHADES. m j "reen- Chocolate, Rrown ,nd Gilt Window raaseTs ^cTariely of Patterns; Sbade Fixtures. PICTURE CORI) AND TASSELS Silk and Worsted Picture Cord and Tassels, dif erent sizes and colors, a beautiful assortmeuf ?icture Rings, Nails, &c. OVAL PICTURE FRAMES. The largest assortment of Oval Frames in the district, warranted to be gilded with gold leaf' ilso, a variety of Dark Wood Frames, with a va ^ied stock of small-sired Oval and Cariede Visile : rames. 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Sarah Somiaers, L? has left my bed ami board, T hereby warn all jersons from harboring or trusting her on liiy ac sount, as I will not be responsible i'or any debts jontracted by her from this date ?. . . . .. _ , ISRAEL SOMMSRS. Washington city, July 11, jy U-3t* r J. NOON AN, PLUMB BR AND GAS FIT * ? TLKj corner of 9tli and G streets, opposite ratent Onice. Water and ^as introduced on the xiost reasonable terms. Hose and Uose Pipes al* frays on hand. jy9-3t* THE PUBLIC ARE HEREBY ZN^ORMEB that the UNION HOTEL, George- f town, D. C., has recently changed haads,Cf ind is now open to the traveling cornmu- Ai aity. Th? hotel has been refurnished wiin ex treme care and taste. Persons who are obliged to remain in the city during the summer months will Ind the rooms large, airy and comfortable. The Union Hotel is only 30 minutes' ride in thecals from tbeLaltimore and Ohio Railroad Depot. Board $2 per day. je 6-lm* Refrigerators i " REFRIGERATORS!! 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"Suii* WALL PAPERS AND WINDOW SHADES which they are prepared to sell at the lowest cash Pr>Crk done at short notice in the city or countr by experienced workmen. "uairy Remember the place. No. 36T D street, near 9th Franklin Hall Building. an2l-tf PIANOS.?We have received this day, J of Stemway & Sods, and 5 of llain.. _ Brothers also, several Melodeons, which v e ofler for 6aie at the lowest factory l^rms' S*verai 8ec0Dd Land Pianos upon easy As Pianos are advancing in price, we advise per ions in search of a reliable Instrument, to call VWj examine our aceortment W. G. METZEROTT *e29 ? corner 11th and Pa. avenue VETERINARY SUROEON.-Dr. J. B. MtKAY ? Member of the Royal V. S. College, Edinburg. All diseases of the horse treat fa IB the most scientific manner. Town^?39C and country practice attended to Charges mod E&V?"&Vu>'! 0 "?****??? ? 3 O'CLOOK P. M. LATE AND IBIPOJIT AN T The Enemy Rrtrtstiu tK? Potomac Near Poolenville-yl'hej' Drive ?ff '2,000 Head of I attle. Information reached here at half-past 1 to day, by scouts from up river, tbat the rebels were tbi* morn I up reeroesing the Potomic nearly oppot-ite Poclesville. They were dri ving before then; about 2,000 head of cattle which they had gtolen. TIIE SITUATION TN FRONT. There can be no doubt that the force of rebels that came into Maryland was about 30,0.0 strong. The best information from all quar ters ind directions bearing upon that point leads to that conclusion. As their operations extended from Gun powder river, around to Bladpnsburr. we tioubt whether their force hat been concen trated anywhere since last Saturday, when they fought the battle near Jklon^cacy junction. Their movements yesterday and thediy be fore, in the vicinity of Baltimore and this city, lead to the cot elueion that they have for forty eiftht hours past been concentrating all their scattered parties with a view either to retiring into Virginia precipitately or to attack the forces under Generals Howe and Hunter: the defences of both Washington and Baltimore proving too strong to be attempted bv the num ber of men they might be able to brtng to beat npon them. Though it is clear the Government was un prepared for such a demonstration as they,' the rebels,have made, it is most creditable to :he ef ficiency of its organization that they were able to prevent even the semblance of an assault upon the works defending Washington or Bal timore, and to assemble forces at both points sufficient to warrant prompt pursuit of this large rebel force the moment it could be ascer taiLed where to strike for them. A lack of cavalry, we apprehend, sadly in terlerei with the prompt procurement of de tailed Information of their movements and purposes. Yet we apprehend that sufficient is already known to justify the taking of active measures to prevent their successful return across the Potomac. FURTHER OF THE REBEL RETREAT TIIEY BURN TIIK BUILDINGS TIIIIR SHARP SHOOTERS OCCUPIED. Un our front out 11th street road all is ex ceedingly quiet this morning. Therebel force is disappearing, and is believed to have gone in the direction of the Potomac aad towards Lees burg. Last night at 11 o'clock the enemy in this neighborhood (lith street read) tired anumher of buildings iliey had previously b*en using as a shelter lor sharpshooters, and it is supposed they moved otf immediately afterwards. ' The following, who were wounded within a day or two in front of Washington, are at Car ver Hospital Geo. O. Wise, Wm. Nichols, Ja3. H. Orsten, Thos. Cox; Michael Grimes, Robert Powell, Geo. F. Parlow, N. .1. Welcome, Ctiarles H. Fuller, Y/m. Price. Wm Hazard, Paul Farn ham, Eastman lmlin, Orton Cole, A. F. Bir renson, John Gl!le*pie and Frank Hill, all of *2d Mass. cavalry; George Gerrold, lbth Mass.; Geo. A. Bessey, .39tri Mass. The following wounded officers have been taken to Mt. Pleasant Hospiwl. viz: Col. Jno. F. Ballier, 9-th P. V.; Cart. t?avis Cossett, 122d New York; Lt John E Bailey, ?th Maine; Lt, Wm H Conseu?. fOth Mass.; L* Wm. Wilson, 9-th P. Y.; Lt. (Jeorge Shuler, Sfcjth P. V ; and Major John W. Crosby, 71st P. V. Jacob Tol pell, of the 2d D. C. volunteers, is also at this hospital wounded. THE RAILROAD CLEAR AGAIN. About noon to-day an engine was dispatched from the depot to reconnoiter the track, and proceeded to Bladensbnrg, where Mr. Koontz, the agent of the company, found a railroad man who had come from the Relay House this morning, and learned from him that the rebels had failed to damage the road to any serious extent. They had set fire to the tressel-work at Paint Branch, but it did not burn, the tim bers being only slightly scorched. None of the other bridges, or any portion of the(tTack, had been injured to any appreciable extent. We may expect the speedy resumption of travel on the road. The railroad men report but few rebels seen along the road, and these were going west ward. tvt. xrvii mm my ucLviuyumeci by Col. McCallum, Superintendent of Military Railroads, and as soon as they received this information they returned to the depot and taking out a train of men and implements pro ceeded out on the road again to repair the tele graph. _ FROM GRANT'S ARMY. The steamer Highland Light, capt. Weeks, arrived with the malls this morning from City Point, and reports all quiet in the front. The usual artillery firing Is still kept up. pROrOSALS FOB STEAM FIRE ENGINES. Ordsamch Ofpicb. War Dbpartmbxt.# Washington, D. C.. July 2. 1364. < Sealed Proposals will be received at this office until MONDAY, the 25th day of July, 1864, at 4 ?o'clock p. m.. to furnish Six (S> second or third class Steam Fire Engines, of perfect suction power, complete in all parts, with all the modern improvements combined, to be drawn by hand power, the weight not to exceed 4.5"0 pounds when ready for service. The diameter of the reciprocating steam force pump to be about 4>a inches, capable of forcing one (1) stream of water from a l'.B inch mozz'e *veraging from 24iito 275 feet, and two streams from a inch nozzle averaging from 175 to 2< 0 feet. These engines tire to be supplied with tenders And hose carts of ap proved construction with all the necessary tit lings ^ They are to l>e subject to a rigid inspection by a United States inspector, and are not to be re c. ir<d or paid fur until they have been thoroughly tried with a full head of steam. GUARANTEE. The bidder will be required to accompany his proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that, in case his bid is accepted, he will at once execute the contract for the same with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum esjual to the amount of the contract, to deliver the article pro posed In conformity with the terms of this adver tisement. and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the ceutract. they to make g'>od the dif ference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may t-e awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must bo fhowR by the official certificate of the Clerk of the neareit District Court, .or of the United States District Attorney. Bonds in a sum equal to the amount of the con tract. signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors, wili be required of the successfal bid der or bidders upon signing the contract. FORM OF GUARANTEE. We, the undersignj'd, resi'teuts of ??, in the County of . and State of , hereby, jointly and severally, covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in case the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will at once execute tho contract for the same, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of tho con tract, tn furnish the articles proposed in confor mity tvith the terrus of this advertisement, dated July 2,1844, under which the bid was wade; and, in case the said shall fail to enter into a con travt, as aforesaid, we gaarantee to make good the diiterence between the offer of the said- -and the next lowest responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. ! Given under our hands and seals thiit day of , 186?. fSeal\l [Benl.l To this guarantee must fee appended the official certificate above-mentioned. Th-se Engines are to be delivered at the place of mantfacture. Upon the award being made, the successful bidder will be notified. and furnished with forms of contract and bond. The Department reserves the right to reject any or all bids if not deemed satisfactory. Pn-posals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gene ral George D. Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance, Wnsh ingt?n. D. C.." and will be endorsed '"Proposals f, rScam Fire Engines. GEO. D. RAMSAY, ?v7 eo8t Uriga'tier General. Chief of Ordnance. ? WIBB Jt BEV1RIDG1, r3|K BOOOBsBOBs TO MM CHARLES8. FOWLER & CO. WS IMPORTERS, WS WH0LKSALI AMD KKTAIL C11LIU (? CHINA.GLASS AND EARTHEN WAR1, fins Cutlery, Plated Ware, Boll Metal Goods, let Pitchers, Block Tin Goods, Tin Chamber Set*. Jhpaoned Waiters, Water Coolers, Etherial and Solar Lamps Coal Oil Lamps, Lan terns, Stone Ware, fco., <kc., As. Go?ds Packed and Delivered la thii City and Georgetown free of charge. 504 (OddFellows' Hall) Seventh it., hit 3 eoly Washington. C/l (lilfl UADIK8 WANTED TO CALL AT {)U,UUU PRINCE'S Stamping Depot, 381 f street, opposite Patent Office, and get their Stamp Inf. Stitching, Pinking and Embroidery dena. As thtre are other Richards in the field, lafiiaB better look out that they come to Prince's, who is the only practical hana in the mty. Be sure you go to ? ?treet, opposite Patent Office. axal OTICE.?I have opened a new B ARBMR SHOP jv on C street, between 1st street and_ New Jer sey avenue, at Boyl ?'s Hotel, where I will be glad to see my friends and customers. A. LEUTNEB, C street, between 1st and N.J. av., Jy7 lm* Boyle's Hotel, netr^he Depot, SHIRT SI SHIRTS I! SHIRT Sill FRENCH YORE SHIRTS made to order in the Tery best styles; guarantied to. tit. FAMILY SKWING promptly doae on Wheeler A. Wilson's uoachines. MRS. KLINH, e21 -tn* 4il H St., between Hkh aad 12ta, 1101 r? o'clock p. m. TUB BKBHf RSTK KIT. A dispatch reortred twe to -dav hr aPneral Hullfck, from Rorkville, staite* teat the re tr.atinr'rebels passed through that place at 3 o'clock this morning, and tl ley were thea moving ?n tbP direction of Ed^ arards" Kerry. THE FIGHTING LAST 1VIGHT. The charge upon the enemy In froAt cf Fort Stevens last night was made by the 3d brigade, Ud division of the G:h corp?, (Joi . Diddle com manding. Our line waa adva nood beyond Blair's house by this driving .of the rebels from their position. In this charre w* had 300 killed and wounded, and the reb-1 lo-u exceed ed ours. Among the forces oppose d to us w-*re the 13d and 22d North Carolina. The battery at Fcrt Stevens was mast admirably worked, and did good execution. The casualties amontr our officers are a* fol lows: Arij't Wm. B. Laughlin, k;Il-d, (his body has been brought to Drs. Brown x Alex ander's to be embalmed;) Lt. Col. Vi.feer. 13d New York, Killed; Lt. Col. Johnson, 1Mb New York, killed; t^apt. Lambert. 49th Neyy York, killed: Maj. Jones, ?tb Maine, killed; and Maj. j Jno. W. Crosby, 61st Pennsylvania, arn> am putated. Major Crosby was worn; led lathe Wilderness and had just joined h< ? regtTB*at last night in time to take part In thi fight. THE FTORY OF A PRISONER. A. ftl. Woolfork, formerly of Baltimore, Md., where he practiced medicine, but now an as sistant surgeon in the 2d Maryland cavalry battalion of Brad. Johnson's command, was captured this morning in front of Fort Stevens. Woolfork says he was left by Gen. B. Johnson to watch the movements of the Federal iroops, and that th"ir forces left the vicinity ot Fort Stevens last night, and moved in the diremion of the Chain Bridge. Johnson's force, Wool fork says, is the same that was operating near Baltimore, and that they came from there yes terday morning, and struck tne railroad at Laurel Station, where they burnt a train of cars, [an old construction train.?Ed. Star,) and tore up a portion of the track. The 3d Maryland battalion, before crossing the river, only numbered about men. bat when near Baltimore they received one hun dred recruits from "My Maryland." The invading force, Woolfork states, con sists of two corps, commanded by G-ens. Early and Breckinridge. Earlv's corps has (ren'ls Rhodes, Gordon and Kansom for division commanders; and Breckinridge's corps con sists of three divisions, commanded respec tively by Gen. Wharton, Gen. Vaughn, and Gen. . The cavalry is commanded by Hansom, aud corslets of four brigades, commanded by Im boden, McCausland, Johnson, and . Woolfork had no arms when captured, but says he was left to watch the movements of oar troops because he knew the country. PRISONERS CAPTURED YESTERDAY. Eleven prisoners, captured yesterday in front of Fort Stevens, were brought in this morning and committed to the Old Capitol. They represent four different North Carolina regiments, and state that on yesterday they had an entire brigade of North Carolinians in the skirmish line in front of Fort Stevens. The following is a list of the names of the prisoners:?Thomas Campbell, John Keese, A. S. Jones, .T. J. Adams, 53d North Carolina: Thomas J. Hall, W. T. Riley, Mason Cox, 45th North Carolina; W. H. Iiobinson, J. C. Bobr.itt, J. T. Cheatham, 30th North Carolina; and J. H. Byrum, 3?d North Carolina. PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES. In order to prevent citizens and others not ' connected with the army from passing to the front, strung cavalry guards have been placed on the various roads leading north of the city This is a wise precautionary measure, as the large number of persons tloc king to the front tei ded to interfere with promptmiiitary move ments. Major J. R. O'Beirne, an obliging and efficient officer, has been appointed Assistant Provost Marshal General of the forces in and around Washington, with headquarters at Mount Pleasant Hospital, 11th street. THE RKBEI/ OPERATIONS. Mr. Wm. H. Birch, whose residence was two miles above Tennallytown, was obliged to flee on the approach of the rebels, and he Is a loser by them to a considerable amount. On Mon - day morning he took the precaution to send b? taiuiiy iu tuia city, and tne rebels appeared in his vicinity on Monday night. They shelled his house, and compelled him tolly. Mr. Birch left with nothing but the clothing upon his bark. lie had Sl,S00 in a drawer in an upper room, but was not able to get it, the shells fly ing so thick and fast. Mr. Fleck who resides in the neighborhood, came in last night and reports Mr. Birch's property as totally destroyed. The Rebels have moved west on the Rockville road. A son of Mr. Miller a tenant of Mr. Birche's was killed night before last while protecting his property. The Rebels, or some of them are reported to be now in Robert Dix's woods above Tennally town, ? mile back of Birche's. THB XBBEL I,ITiM8. The rebel cavalry extended last night from Tennallytown to Fort Reno, and their infantry from thence to Fort Stevens. An officer ac customed to judge of the siae of bodie3 ot troops, and who inspected lastnight as closely as pos sible, estimated that they developed about3,009 men of both arms en that extended line. THE REBELS LEATE BLADENSBURG. The rebels near Biadensburg moved off be tween b and 10 o'clock ihis morning, taking the road westward, carrying off with them a num ber of horses, cattle, &c., stolen from that neighborhood. THE TELEGRAPH. Telegraphic communication lias been re opened between Baltimore and Philadelphia, and will be re-opened between this, place and Baltimore this afternoon. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS, THE PRIVATEER FLORIDA. Site is Supposed to have Captured the Steaiiitu*; Mary, off Cherrystouc. Fortress Mosros, July 11?No intelligence has been received from the fleet of gunbaats that lett yesterday in search of the privateer that destroyed the bark Greenwood. General Smith arrived to-day from City Point, en route to New York. The steamtug Mary left Cherrystone yester day noon lor this place, aud was due here at three o'clock the same day. She had not been heard from at four p. m. to-day, and it is sup posed that she was either captared, swamped, or disabled. LOCAL NEWS. Distrirution ok Premiums to the Pc riL8 or the Second .District Schools.?Tae annual distribution ot premiums to the pupils of the Second District School took place this afternoon at the Smithsonian The following were the recipients of the different premiums: ' Medals were awarded to Francis D Whit ney, Male Grammar; Female Grammar, no scholar designated, the following young ladies being equally meritorious.?Fannie Lusby, Jenule Free, Annie Cantlbld, Fannie Lemon, Mary Lemon, Inez Johnson, Dormria Dnvall, Rosa Sewell and Eliza Caton; Julia Moran, Female Intermediate; Sarah Bacon, Secondary No. 1; George Ellis, Secondary No. 2; Ella Brown, Secondary No. 4; Marian Lewis, Sec ondary No. 5; Kate H.Webster, Primary No. 2; Genevieve Crider. Primary No. 3; Donald G.Stuart, Primary No. 4; Amelia Bliss, Pri mary No. b. Premiums for best written exam i u ations were awarded to Samuel R. Gittings, John I)anen hower, Wm. P Crew.-, Male Grammar school; Jennie Lind Adams, Ella Wade, Fanny Gud gin, Female Grammar School. MaryY. Brown: Emma Greer, Amanda M. East, Female Inter mediate School. Exemplary conduct and punctuality?Wm. J. Benjamin, Robert M. Potts, Addison Knox, Joseph A. Lyons, Jacob I). Doyle, Bolitha Laws, MaleGrammar School; Annie Sterling, Kate Wright, MartliaTurner, Rose Utermehle, Laura V. Simpson, Salne Dalton, Female Grammar School; Mary E. Ball. Laara L. Bagley, Emma Creaser, Mary Tyssowski, Is abella Hall, Kate Burke, Female Intermediate School; Joseph Yarnarsdale, Willie Faulkner, John Shiner, Frank Dowling. Jacob Fechtig, Wm. Richardson, Secondary No. 'J; Amanda Franc#, Laura Creamer, Maggie Fague, Clara Py well, Annie Grubb. Fllza Herbert, Secon dary No. 4; Mary KaUer, Jessie Falconer, gary Cooper, Emma J. Miller, Kate Borland, abriella Frazier, Secondary No. 5; Christiana Riddle, Lizzie T. Langley, Louisa Sigler, Alice M. Prather, Janie W. Brooks, Nellie Bnrr, Primary No. 2; Hattie Wise, Laura Moore, Flora Brereton, Lydia Hill, Addie Webster. Katie Shedd, Primary No. 3; Wm. Vosj, Geo. T.Smallwood, Henry Brewer, George Lnnge, John Doyle, Walter Wright. Primary No 4: Mary Cook, Laura McClelland, Mildred Nor flet, Jonephine Collins, Clara McCWland, Carrie Dorman, Ella Windsor, Primary No. <>. Premiums for attention to study and i/u ^rot^tnent were awarded U> Charles S Itpfe Zacb&ri&h Br?wer. and Samuel I>. Krans 0f Male Urnmmar; Kmma W. Stokeg, Loa'i^ Hopkins, and Ltziie Haislup, of Female Gram, mar; Kate Wise,'Ida France, and Klisa Female Intermediate; Edward KicbardBoe James Uogg< and Joseph tJa.-per, Secondary No. 2: Annie H?urb, Adelaide "1 nnrnpsoD. ana Georfiana Crown, Secondary No 4; Irtiui?* Sipe, Marian Kovren, and Maiojie li.wis, Sec. ondary No 5; Flora J. Prueitt, Ella J. Hana roond. and Josephine A. Kirbv, Primary N?, 2; Ada H. ^Hiey, Addle Foster, and Klva M. Kickette, Primary No. 3; Thomas Kennedy, Eddie Smith, and Craig Finney, Primary No 4. Improvement In penmanship.?James W Tyler, of Male Grammar; Annie Forbes, Fe male (Grammar; Annie M Nessford, Female iivJe?rr,a,e' ? ?rl,*s?^0'uin<)us, Secondary ti fr' Secondary No 1; Mary h?m"T.Tl,um,^Necoad9ry No. 5; Marr Ura ttatn, I nmary No. 2. Lillie Fosir, Primary No. I; I-rank Thompson, Primary No. 1 Mart Harvey, Primary No 5. * Premium-, lor neatness of person, A.c., were given to John A. Kllis, ;>Iale Grammar; Flor jnopC. Mors*, FemMe Grammar; Ylorn no# j iiopkins, r t*male Intermediate; Ko^ene Bowk. Secondary No. 2; Carrie Bliss. Secondary N0' 1; tmrna Henry, Secondary No. 5; M*rw nro r,rt'.,^m.y-v No * Hattie Clnvton. ? -|-arV No. -x William Clayton, Primary No. ; Marv Ifrown, Pnmar\ No (i. - Improvement" in Vocal Music?Emma E I lencer, remale Grammar. Clarv F Ball Fe male Intermediate .Umes Henrv. Secondary rso. Laura Creamer, Secondarv No. 1; Adeira fraolkner, Secondary N0. 5. In several schools the scholar is not desig nated for themnsie premium, the teacher leav i inc it to the professor to decide The returns from the following schools were received since the above was in type ? Male Intermediate?Medals?Oiias. B Lord Exemplary Conduct?James M I?uiceub<jal Thcs. Caton, Jerome Andrews, Wm. Yaughau* David Murphy, Marshall Lamer. Studv and' improvement?John Eberly. George Hotg, _ Clayton. Neatness-*- Joseph Miiouru. Pen manship?Amriah IJennison. Music?James Murphy I,ueenbeal. Written Examination Clarence Ridgeley, Alfred McCafferty, Wia. Hollidge. Secondary No. 1?Study and Improvement? Henrietta Walborn, Marv Prath-'r, EJIa Brad ley. Exemplary Conduct and Punctuality ? Jeannette Tahler, Snsan Smithson, Emily Newell, Ella Brereton, F.flie Burr, Mary Spear ing Music? Klla EcklofT. Neatness? Ida Prather. Penmanship?Kate Grant Primary No. I.?Medal?John C. EcklofT. Punctuality and exemplary conduct?Pett?r Hoover Lord. Millard Hallec*. Chas. Vanars *tTf?P*r Freas, Eddie Connell, diaries i>icLlfre8b Attention to study ausi improve ment?Chas. Cole, Willie ShatHeld, John Koso wag. Penmausbip?Kobert Hyatt. Neatness? V* m. McKnew. Primary No. 5.?Medal?Willie Turpin Ex emplary conduct and punctuality? Willio Scott, Thos. Bonn, Walter Williamson, George lea'man, John Orubb, Samuel: Wagoner. Attention to study and improvement?Willie Crown, John Lewis, William H. F.mner. Pen manship? Frederick Griffith. Neatn?-s - Willie Nalley. pKOI'OSALS F?iR MORTAR SHBI.LS~ Okdxancb Officb, War DRPiB-^tiHT / O^-l j I, . W ASHIHQTOS, J?ly 8. l*>4.f mvTu \t ?pos^u w be received at thi?Oflfi<v>, -V.",st 'lay ?f August, 18>?< flir s. INCH MOK1 AR SH ELL. to h? delivered in the als vi7,'-e qllfcclitie8 at the under named Arseii At ^atertown Ar-i?nal. MassHrh jHotts 5 C<vt At W^atervhet ArsenJ, Ne?r Yor*. I'Mjoi ' York k A"eU*1, Uo,et"r'j islaad, New Alleghany Arsenal. Pitt?bur^. 10,000. At Washington Arsenal. D. C , Tnese projectiles are to be made of tbekindof reetai aud inspected after the rulealaid <1c^?d in the UriDance Manual, the tensile strength of the iroa t? be not less than 14,'O0 pounds por square inch. Lirawinga can be seen at any of United Stated A'senals. /F Tbe projectiles are to be inspected at the fonndry where cast, and are to bedeliv???a at the Arsenals free ofcharp* for transpnrtati ?n or 1 aadling liidders will state the rate at which tkey will de liver. Faiiure to make deliveries at a specified timo wnl subject the contractor ta a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. Bidders will state explicitly the arsenal or ar senals where they propose to^liver. and the iium t-er of projectiles they propose to deliver at each p.ace, if for tnore than one. No bids will be coBisidersd from parties other than regular founders or proprietors of works, who are known to thi-s Department to- be capable of executing the wor>. proposed for. Should any party obtaining a contract offer shell other than those cask in hi.vowe foundry, they will be rejected, and the contract rendered null and void. Forms of bid can Feobtained at theabove-named' arsenals. Proposal snot aiade out on this form will not be considared. TfDARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany hia proposition with ?. guarauty t-igaed by two r-iapon* si hie person?, that, in case his bid is accepted he will at once execute the contra.* forthesamev with good and suflioieat sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the arti cle proposed, in conformity with the term* of this advertisement; and ia case the s*id bidder sheuld fail to enter into the contract, the y to make good the difference b?twr?n tbe offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whoxa the contract may bs awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must b? shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, or of the United States District Attorney. Bonds in the sr.a equal to the anvwnt of tin contract, signed by the contractor and* both of hi guarantors, will be required of the successful bidder or biddera-npon signing the contract. FOBM OF GUARANTY. \\ e, the undersigned, residents of ? ia the county of? an4 State of ?. hereby jointly and severally covoaant with the jViYlr States, and euaranUe, in case tbe foregoing li ** accepted, that ho or the> will goodand^Mf^V*0 f"r s>me, wiUi -???t suretits, ma sum eq-ial to the S il ^ contract, to furnish the urtirres pro posed in conforuntv with the terias of this ad?er w-?an^n^' J.n^> 1^. under whicn the bid was made; and, in case the saii U 'n a cojitr.irt as aJ.ire.said, ? eg,,?r antf'e to make good the difference bet? e.n the offer "Re paid and the next lowest respon K,"-n ia *L?<" >he Witness: ) lbU ? ' (1^*1 To this guaranty must be appended the offi'l J certifiaste above mentioned. omaal Km_h party obtaining a contract willb-^ obliged f?rPli bonds with approved sureties for the "tt execution oftho .sAmc, ^ V.rvn tha? bjin* made/ fiurCf?rtsful biddert tract am?bond^ fur,1,sheJ of con The Department reserves the rigat to reject an* or al 1 the bids, U deemed unsatisfactory on an r a.* count. ' Proposal j v. ill l>e addressed to "Brigadier Gener al George D Ramsay. Chief of Ordnance. Washing ton. 1). C.. and will be endorsed ?? I'ropoaaU for eight-inch Mortar Shell ' . Q .. ? . (JEORGE D. RAMSAY, Jy 9-eotd Brig. Gea 1, Chiet ofOrdnaaee. Adams kxpress company^ ~ ~~ Officii J14 PA. AVENUB, Waihintitca, D. 9, GREAT EASTERN, NORTHERN. AND WEST ERN EXFRKSiMPOR WARDERS. MERCHANDISE, MONEY. JEWELRY. VALD AliLES, NOTES. STOCKS, BONDS, Ac Forwarded with SAFETY AND DISPATCIl'to all ?or ? principal offices are UlfiF SN} D C" YORK, BOSTON PHILADELPHIA, BALTIMORE CIN CINNATI, ST LOUIS, L0U1B VILLE, LEXINGTON. _C?B,nections are made at New York and Boston. DDTtrJSS? the CAN ADAS and the ? an(^ other steamship line to LIVERPOOL, SOUTHAMPTON and UAVRH ana thence by European expresses to all prominent commercial towns in Great Britain and the Oonti Bent. Collection of NOTES, DRAFTS,and BILLS mad# It all accessible parts of the United S;*t?8 0. C. WJJjN, Agent, Waahin4'<''u, D. C, ^JABBIK COLLINS ft CO.B " PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB ANA iTORTU. I am bow reeelTing large quantities of DRAUGHT ALB and P0RTBR from this oelebrated Brewery whiob I am prepared to furnish on short notice to all persona who will favor ma with tkeir orders. Satisfaction guarantied. Orders given to my driven will be premptly at tended to. Goods delivered In all parts of Washington and Georgetown, free of charge. Tarns:?Cask en BILBT A. BHIRH, Agent. Onion Batthnt Depot. 67 Green St., epM Georgetown. D C. JOSEPH REYNOLDS A~C0. PLCMRERS, OAS, AND STEAM FITTERS, No, 600 Ninth Sraeir, near avenus. Have Just received, and will constantly keey on hand, the largest and best assortment in tn? c:tr New York, Philadelphia, Ac., which will be sold ?n the most reasonable t?rui?. Al?o, luNGlW, FURNACES, and firs-Board ^Vli* prepared to furnish the best RANG! la sse ajirwnere, on ven reasonable terms Hotels, Keruuraats. Ac., are invited to call We do all kinds of GAS and feTRAM Attia# ?rovptly and eheae, as also everrthtug in tbe FlOMBiNG line in the most satisfactory manner Call aad see our Bathing Tubs, Fountains Water Jloaets, Wasb-stands, Basins, Ac , Ac., at No. $00 f intb street,near Pennsylvmniaavenue, thelarses* stablishment in tbe citv. fe J-eotf lilLLIARD TABLES YOR SALE.?Tbe Sabecri I ) hi-r has TI1KKK FIRST CLASS >. t . V IILLIARD T A BLEB, nearly ne?, rhich ha will dispose of very lew. nauire at the BiUiasd room, corner ? tfJlU?gUe*tv?4 Pes*?|lfbnis*rsuu?. lell-t{

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