Newspaper of Evening Star, July 15, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated July 15, 1864 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. W. D. WALLACH, Editor and Preprleter. WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY JULT 13, 1H?4. ?STBEADIJfO MATTER ON KVRRY PAGE FKK OITTSIDK FOR INTERESTING TELK OBAPIUC AND OTUCR MATTER FROM PETERSBURG. BrbrhThrratfnioj a Demonstration upon firant's Lines?(>rant Ready for Them, The mail steamer Keyport arrived here this morning from City Point. She brought up tbe army mail and a number of men of the l.?th Ohio, (one hundred days men,) who we sick ?with fever. There were some indications that the rebels are meditating an attack upon Grant, and they appear to be cautiously feel irgour line?. Considerable skirmishing has taken place within the past few dayB at differ ent points along the lines. The reb-ls seem fo imagine that Grant has b en so much weakened by sending troops to the relief of Washington that they can risk an attack. Owi-rmy is much in hopes that the rebels will come out to make an attack under tbat impression. Tbe rebels have taken advantageof the with drawal ol some of our gunboats from the James river, and yesterday morning they fired upon the steamers George Weems and United States from a field battery stationed near Wilson's Landing, The Weems had a portion of her stern knocked off, and three shots passed thron?h tb? United States, not doing much damage, however. As ?iie Keyport came down the James River, she saw a large body of rebel cavalry on the banks a short distance below Wilcox's. The Keyport pot on all steam, and passed them with a full headway, but the rebels made no demon stration avamst the beat. Nothing has as yet, been heard from Sheri dan, who ba? gone on another raid with a large fvira of cavalry. He will, doubtless, be heard from favorably within a day or two. Rebel deserters continue to come withiu our linfs in considerable numbers. The Keyport breugbt up twenty-one, under guard of a de tachment of tbe 'joth New York, commanded to 7 Lieut. Mulk-r. This officer also had five of onr men under sentence of court martial, in cluding a captain. The Keyport also brought up three families of refugees, who resided in Prince George county, near Petersburg. Tliey brought with them tbe r bedding and clothing, but in other lespects they were perfectly destitute. THE BEBEL PLANS. Mr. Samuel Wilkinson, of the Nevr York Tntune. telegraphs to that paper that he was at first disposed to underrate the strength of the Confederate invading party, but he now believes it was strong. He says that on the 5th day of Jnly written evidence was laid belore General Halleck that a cavalry colonel in Hampton's division had written a letter, ; "which was intercepted, and which was dated I "Ten Miles Northwestof Richmond, Va, June i 22, 'in wbich he stated, in the confidence of , "writing to a friend: " Ewell's corps, with Hamp'on's cavalry, over tifty thousand of us In all, have received orders to march to Har per's Ferry, aud the rations for the men neces sary to go there have been issued. We are jnst starting. 41 We know that for the first time in the war, Grant having drained everything, Washing ton is left almost destitute of men, but poorly defended by a few militia, and it is thought that our force is ample to take the city. The roilitia will be no match for the veterans. We have with us such as the stonewall Brigade. "Although our orders read to Harper's Fer ry, my own belief is that we shall go more di rectly to Washington, and many of the officers are of the same opinion. I may be in Fairfax county aid see yon before tlus gets there." COWARDLY OFFICERS. Among the prisoners under sentence of court martial, brought up by the steamer Keyport Jrcm City Point this morning, wereCapt. H. A. DeLand and First Lieut. Moses A. Powell, both of tbe 1st Michigan Sharpshooters, who were tried by a court martial, held within the linf s of General Grant's army, for deserting their company and regiment in a cowardly manner in the face of the enemy at Spottsylva ma Court House, North Anna River, and Cold liarbor. Capt. De Land w as sentenced to be cashiered with the loss of all pay and allowances now due or to become due, and to have his shoul der straps and buttons cut off, and his sword broken m the presence of his regiment, and to be confined at the Dry Tortugas at hard labor until the expiration of his term of enlistment. Lieut. Powell received the same sentence, ?with tbe exception " to be confined at bard la bor at tbe Dry Tortugas.'' The former por tion of the sentence of each lias been duly ex ecuted as directed. WITHOUT FOUNDATION. The report that Mosebv was operating in the vicinity ol Alexandria, with a view of making a dash into that city, is without foundation. Capt. Beckwitb, of Col. Weiswell's staff, and Lieut. Wm. Sheen, of the Provost Marshal's office, returned to this city yesterday evening with a scouting party, after having scoured j the country for lifteen tnil?-s south of Alexan dria. The\ saw no rebels in arras and after diligt-nt inquiry from the re-i den's of that sec tion of country could learu ol" none having been in the vicinity lately. FOK E \'CII \NGE. Tbi6 morning Thomas Manuel, Joseph Hall, and Ctarles Wallace, cttizens of Fredericks burg, and who were captured in theearly days of Grant's advance and held as hostages for UTn?on prisoners, w-re taken down the river on the steamer Lizzie Baker, a special exchange in thur ca e having been effected. The pris oners were in charge of Captain Clark and a guard of the Veteran Reserve Corps. ORDERED TO IIFPORT FOR MOl'NTED SEIl > ICE. Lient. William Sheen has he'*n temporarily te'ieved from duty in Prcvost Marshal Ingra ft m'e i fflce and ordered to report to Col. C. C. Livingston. Assistant Provost Marshal at tifcorgetown, lor mounted service duty. ASSIGNMENT OF OFFICERS. Lieut. Col H. H Wells, of the 26th Michigan volunteers, has been assigned to duty as Acting Inspector General: and Lieut. Col. J. A. Has kin, A. I?. c\, as Chief of Artillery of the De partment of Washington. ARRIVAL OF (iliM.KAL FRANKLIS l\ BALTIMORE. [From Hal to. American Thursday evening] Major General Franklin arrived in the city during the past night, as we anticipated, and s this morning at Barnnm's Hotel, res ing from his fatigne ahd exposure. The following is a brief acc ?nnt of his capture aud escioe: He was seated in the car. at the time of h>s capture, alongside of a wounded lieutenant colonel, when a rebel ofltcer came in the train acd addressing bimBelf to tbe wounded man, *ai?i,"Are yon Major General Franklin?" He T' plied that he was not, aud gave him his name and tank. (lea. Franklin was in citizens' dress, but the rebel also pntthe question to Jhim. and be tinallv answered that such was bis name and rank There was no doubt in his nun, from the manner oi his interrogator, that be Lad betn pointed out bv some of the passengers. The rebel said, "General, I am nappy to see you." The General replied, ??1 cinnot say that I am pleased to see yon, under the circumstances." About t*n minutes afterwards Giltnor came into the i ai, aud, addressing himself to Gen. Franklin, btid, "General, you will consider yoursi 11 my prisoner." He was then pnt in a eariiage, and, with other prisoners, driven tnrou>ih the couutry, stopping a while at Tow aontewn, aud then across to tha Beistertov. n road, where they arrived about 10 o'clock on Tuesday morning, and immediately bivou acked for the night. The General was put in custody of Cap'atn Owens and two guard?, who were charged W'tfc bis safe keeping Expressing himselt as k c'< and weary, he immediately laid down ai.d leigned sleep. Soon after the captain and bisguards laid down, and he listened anxiously jor indications of sleep on their part. He had not to wait lorg before he heard the guard near est to bim commence to breathe heavily, mo mentarily Increasing in volume and protund i<>, until it became sufficiently loud to wake an ordinary sleeper. The captain a* d hiso'her cu&rd had also in tbe meantime commenced to breathe rather heavy, and the General con tit>u?d, with his ears open, also to fetjn >leep. J> l?id in hi-wav for some time, unt'l all Itree gave unmistakable signs of sleep. F ar Ry ibst they were play in.' possum, he rot no Huti waikeo carelessly aronoi them, moved over to tbe fenc, and still watched then He then < i urht-d loudly and made considerable yvoise, thii kinr that th?-y wanted aa excuse to snoot at him. each man laving vith the right ba< el grasping the muzzle of their rifles. Th< li'dica ion* of profound sleep being so unmistakable on the pirt of ail thr e of thena, be ? ow thought that he would tes'. the smc*ri y oi the r ?>'nmbers bv jumping th-> f are. Tnis be aid, and. on leaking ba^-k, c >otd *ee no ; movement of the tSosfey forms or his gaardiaas, I and ofl he sbot across MTrnl Owl da, jBnpug fence*, and keeping straight afcead la the di rect ton be thought woo Id ta*e bin towards I the city. He ran for aoont three-quarters of : an hour, whea be entered a thick woods, aad in bis weakly state, being really broken down by fatigue, he sought a place of concealment. He remained concealed for the balance of the night, and all the ?ext day, frequency soring from his hiding-place the rebel ssouts searching for him, and scouring the boshes and woods. Finally, about sunset, 3lmost famished for water and food, he thought he would venture on', having come to the con clusion that freedom and starvation were near ly as bad as being a prisoner without these de privations. He still Kept to the woods, how ever, and he soon saw two men moving to wards him, carrying large bnndlea of hay. He walked op to them and asked them what they were doing with hay in the woods, when one of them repWed:?'? We have hid our horses in the woods to keep them out of the hands of the d?d rebels, and we are going to feed them." This reply was a sufficient indi cation of their sentiments, and he immediately made known to them the circumstances of his presence in tbe woods, and who he was. They greeted him kindly and cordially, dropped their hay, and conducted him by "a secluded route to their farm-house, where be was most kindly and hospitably received and enter tained, both by the old gentleman and the la dies of his faniily. Being in a neighborhood snrroanded by rebel sympathizers, and some of the rebel scouts still prowling around,apparently watching for him, his whereabouts was kept a profonnd secret by his loyal host, who, on Wednesday, set about devising means ol getting bim to the city. This lie accomplished, and, at midnight on Wednes day, a carriage went out from the city and re turned with Majqr General Franklin, feeling, as he expreseed himsel, more free than ever he had before felt in bis life. We do not give tbe name of this gallant Mary and farmer at present, for the reason that be fears rebel retribution, should any more of the banditti be still in the neighborhood. The General was preparing to leave this morning again for Philadelphia, to join his fataily at York, Pa., where be will spend a few weeks in recuperating his shattered health. It is but proper to state that Colonel Woolley went out on Wednesday night with tbe escort and brought the General to the city, he having been advised of bis whereabouts during the day. rv"5-?I. O. O. V.?The members of COLUMBIA Lk_5 LODGE, No. 10. are requested to attend a special meeting TO MORROW (Saturday) EVEN ING, at 8 o'clock, to confer degree*. It* nr*=?A SPECIAL MEETING OF THE BOARD UJf of Trustees of the Public Schools will be held on FRIDAY next, at 5 o'clock P. m. jy 13-St R. T. MORSELL. Secretary. NOTICE.?To the f'eopleof Wa*hintton and the Public generally ? Upholstering and 'aoinet Making and Renovating of all descriptions, done in the best style and at the shortest notice Old Curled hair Mattresses can be made as good as new at W'M J. LEE'S new establiihmont, No. 363, C street north, between and 6th street west. JeSf-lm* WM. J. LEE. I^OR SALE?A pair of mare MULES cheap. In quire at the Wood Yard corner Tenth and H streets. jy 15 3t* fVJ OTICE.?FOR SALE?ftOO set*, of one. two, and 1^1 four horse second hand HARNESS; 3(W good second band SADDLES and BRIDLES. Apply to n. S. JOH NSTON, No. 37 3 Penn avenue, between 4'? and lith St.. opposite Nations! Hotel, jy 15-lni* PROPOSALS FOR FLOUR. Of>a L pot Commissary of Subsistence, I Washington, D. C., July 14, 1654. t Sfaikd Proposals are invited until the 21st instant, at 12 a'clock m., for furnishing the Sub sistence Department with TWO THOUSAND(4.000) BARRELS OF FLOUR. The proposals will be for what is known at this Depot as Nos. 1,2 and .1. and bids will be entertained for any quantity less than the whole. Bids most be in duplicate, and for each grade on separate sheet" of paper. The delivery of the Flour to commence within five days from the opening of the bids, and in snch Suantities. daily, as the Government may direct; elivered at the Government warehouse in George town, at the wharves or railroad depot in Wash ington, D. C. The delivery of all Flour awarded to be com pleted within twenty days from the opening of the bids. Payment will be made in certificates of indebt edness, or snch other funds as the Government may have for disbursement. The usual Government inspection will be made Just before the Flour is received, and none will be accepted which is not fresh ground. An oath of allegiance must accompany the bid of each bidder who has not the oath on file in this office, and no bid will be entertained from parties who have previously failed toevmply with their bids, or from bidders not present to respond. Government reserve* the right to reject any bid for any cause. Bids to be addressed to the undersigned, at No. 243 G street, endorsed " Troponin for S. C. GREENE, jy 15-td Captain and C. 8. V. PROPOSALS FOR MALLEABLE IRON CAV ALRY TRIMMINGS. Orpsancb Orrios, War Department, t Wahhihuton. July W.lSM.i Sealed Proposals will be received st thisoffice until Saturday. August 20. 1M4, at 4 o'clock p. m., for the delivery at the following points of the un dermentioned Quantities of malleable iron trim mings for cavalry equipments: At the New York Agency. New York, 30/100 sets. At the Frankford Arsenal, lO.nuO set*. At the Alleghany Arsenal, 2M.llH0BetK. At the St. Louis Arsenal, 10.'**) sets. Each set is to consist of the numbers of each kind of buckle, square, ring, bolt, stud, and loop now prescribed, except that twoof the D rings in each set are to be made of the new pattern, with stop, according to the model to be se?jn at the above arsenals. The castings are to be made of the best quality of malleable iron, the tongues of tho bcckles of the best clock wire. The dimensions of the cleaned castings and the finish and dimen sions of the buckle-tongues and rollers must con form strictly to the standard gauges, which will be applied before japanning. After being thor oujrnlj cleaned, and freed from all sprues and ir regularities, they are to be japanned in the best manner. The goods are to be pnt uo in papers in the usual manner, and packed, two hundred compete sets in a box of a quality, and marked as may be pre scribed by the inspecting officer. The work is to be subject to inspection at the manufactory in all stages of its progress, an 1 no goods are to be received or paia for which have not passed inspection. Deliveries are to be made as follows: Bidders will state the arsenal or arsenals where they propose to deliver, and the number of sets tbey propose to deliver at each place, if for more than one. Failures to make deliveries at a speci fied time w ill subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. No bids will be received from parties other than regular manufacturers of the arcticles proposed for, and who an? known to this Department to be capable of executing in their own shops the work proposed for Forms of b^ds can be obtained at the above named arsenal-. Proposals no! ninde out on this Jorm ten I not be considered. GUARANTY. The bidder will be required to accompany his proportion with a guaranty, signed by two re spon-ible persons, that, in case his bid be accept ed. he will at once e\ec;ite the contract for the sfcine, with good and sufficient sureties, in a sum eqnal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the articles proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidrer should fail to enter into the contract. the} to irate good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the uext responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract uiay be awarded. The responsibility of the guarantors must be shown by the official certificate of the Clerk of the nearest District Court, and the United States Dis trict Attorney. Bonds in tbe sum eqnal to the amount of the contract, signed by the contractor and both of bis truarantors, will he required of the successful bid der or bidders npon signing the contract. VORM OF GUARANTY We. tbe undersigned, residents of , in the county of . and State of , hereby jointly a-,d severally covenant with the United States, and guarantee, in ca-^e the foregoing bid of be accepted, that he or they will at once exe cute the contract for the same, with g.?oi and sufficient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of tbe contract, to furnish the articles proposed in conformit* with the terms of this advertisement, da led ,lul) 14. 18 4. under which the bid was made; and, in case the SHi<? shall fail 'oenter into a ccntrect in aforesaid, we guarantee to make g od the difference between the offer of the said and the nest lowest responsib'e bidder, or the person to whi m the contract may he awarded. {Given under our hand* and s als this day of , ldo?. [Seal | IS ?al. | To this guaranty must be appended the official certificate above mentioned Each party obtaining a cent-act will be obliged to enter into bonds, with approved sureties, for the faith'ol execution of the same Upon tbe award being mad?, successful bidders will be notified And furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the ri ght to reject any or all the bida, if deemed unsatisfactory on any ac count. Proposals will be addn -^ed to " Br saiiier Gene ral George D. Rauisa). Chief of Ordnance YYaeli inpton. D. C.,''and will be endorsed "Proposals for Malleable Iron Cs^alry Trimmings." GEORGE D. RAMSAY, Brisauier General, jy 16-cotd Chie rf Ordnance. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT TfIB Co partnership heretofore existi g under the name of Finch A Lloyd,doing busine?s at 390 lith str> et, is this 11th day of July, dissolved bv ?nutual c< nsent 8AM0 EL L'.OTD, Jy 13-2w* H 0 FINOH. rpHANKFUL FOR PAST PATRONAGE, THE 1 Ice Cream Bnriness will b? continued bv tbe undersigned at the old stand, No. 390 lith street, between R ard L streets. iy 15 SAMOEL LLOYD. R While the PhilsdelphiaS^^SK Road remains closed,tram will He rinbetreea B*ritore and W??hingt?n a? full***, vif : FKO* WASHINGTON. f. .f and 11:16 a. nt < 46 and fi p m KROM BALTIMORE. 74T sn't I : a. m. 3 38 4 ?i p. m ?U CKO . L ROONTXi Agtat. A1LR0AD NOTICK. LOOT AMP FOUND. JtO REWARD ? Lost, m the 1Mb iMtut, ?a ff *Olngfro?B Maryfnnd dow a 7lk at., to the wharf. a POLICEMAN'S BaDGH. No. IS?! The above reward will be given if retarget to tH? ?'? Police Station, St., between S W?a r. Isiand. It* I ?<?J,;.A RUBB1R BLANK RT. and a HiVKII /i K. containing several article*, ware left on Oarrisonstreet yesterday afternoon, when the troops halted to get water. A liberal reward will oepai'l on their return to No. General Pint Office. ft* CA M1 TO MY PRE WIS KS?Twelve heai of CATTLE, (Cows and Heifers.) The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pnv charge* and take them awar. Three quarters of a mile beyond Camp Berry, on ttie Bladeosharg turnpike. Ciyl5-3t | H, W. DIWHL. FOCNI^-Oo the mornin, ef th, ,6th inat.. near tie Baltimore and Obio Railroad Depot, a wbit<* leather \ ALISF.. containing a lotof mna 0-Jm* ? company papers belonging to Oapt. jj ? J- "??? formerly Li entenant in lirth Regimeat of v -j' .I)? v'ali?e. when found, uaacutooea on each side. The owner is requested to come for warn prove property, pay cha^g^s. C CIIA.NET. Assistant Steward, Kendall Green Park, Quarte rn asterV Depot. Jy lS-2t* I 0ST,-A Hln,wU DIAMOND PIN. l.etwe?H 12th l_j an?l 13th A reward t>f $39 will be if i yen bf leaving it at 3i)2 C st. north. jv u 3t* C^w T VEX. PRKMIS^KS-A whit* Bu ffalo ?11 *" CA LP, with dark ears Tb? owner will c<>me forward. prove property, p?y charges and take her away, on South Capitol street, be tween P and Q streets. ]< ** WM. ?TORY. LOST?On Saturday night, the 11th ins',., a large spotted red and white COW: his horns; ahont ]? ITfFfJffil. ?5 reward will bo given if returned t? TJMOTII^ O'BRIEN on 2d street, between E aDd *: Jy 14 3t* HPWO SORREL HORSES were taken ap astray ? on the morning of the i:ith. Ownercan have them by proving property and paying charges J 1-ANG, corner of Bridge and High streets, George town, 1). C. jr 14.31^* rAMETOMV PRKMWESIaat Monday, a large r r j ? own,,r is requested to come forward, prove property, pay charge* and take her away otherwise she will be sold to defray e^ J*nse?. HENRY W DIEHL, Bladensburg Pike, ?% ot a mile beyond Camp Barry. jy n-3t* St Z H^ARD-: For a red and white spotted vS?, i one born, Rtrayed or stolen on ? W. FERGUSON, Jr., jy Li-3t corner Pa. avenne and 1st st. west. PARROT E8TRAY?35 REWARD?Klew away on Sunday laRt. an AFRICAN PARROT.(grey) with red tail feathers, in full plumage. The above afoa u^lU for its restoration to MARY 0 BRLMN ,4 61 9th street north, jy 13-3t* nA*?& TOJdj'pREMrSEa-On the 7th instant, Y * RED COW with horns. The owner can prove the property, pay charges and take her awav. , ? RACHEL JENKINS, It 8 366 list street, between G and tl. SU INSTITUTES. : T~~T I THE DRAFT. " " HE Bo^t plan to escape the pending draft is to luruish acceptable substitute* while they may be .re*s"nftb!? rates. Apply at once to GARDNER A BLRGESS, No. 23W I street, near ISth. Office hours from 9 a. m. to 4 p m. j* 14-3t* DRAFTED.?Any person wishing to procure a substitute on reasonable terms can do so by calling at No. 319 E street, under the Kirby House, between 12th and 13th. jy 13 lw* J. H. POSEY and A. JOHNSON. o RDNANCK OFFICE. War Department, c? i?u Wa.<Ayr*/o?, I). C.. July 14, M?4. nntf wvnv'lv?ISiv . received at this office until WEDNESDAY. August 3, 18tI4. at 4 o'clock p. m, for furnishing the following: Ordnance : 60 KVinch Siege Mortars. .riO 8-jncli Siege Mortars ft) 8 inch Siege Howitzers. 5" Coehom Mortars, bronze. .1reP,> "JortarK and howitzers are to be made in contoraiitjr with the drawings and specifications to be furnished by the Ordnance Department, and are to be submitted to the usual inspections and provingfl before being received by the United Lhie8' re ,MlH'Ction will be made at the foundry where cast. Deliveries must be at the following rates, viz. fit les3 than two mortars or howitzers on or be fore the 3,;th day of September, isfti. and at a rate __'Ipt 1 ess than four mortars or howitzers per week thereafter until the entire nnmber con tracted for is delivered. -n''ulr.e to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the "Av to deliver tno number he may fail to deliver at that time. Separate proposals jaust be made for each ar ticle. No bids will be received from parties other than rounders or proprietors of works, who are known to to is Department to be capableof executing in tneir own foundries the work proposed tor The hiege mortars and howitzers are to be cast hellow, ana cooled from the interior. Forms of bids can be obtained at this oflice, or at sny of the following arsenals, viz: Alleghany, Irankford. New York. Watertown, Watervliet, Washington, or 8t. Lonis. Proposali ,iot 7/iade cmt on tfiis form will no' b'. (Onudertd: The bidder will^eAr?<^ni?T" to accompany his Proposition with a guaranty signed by two respon sible persons, that in caRe his bid is accepted he will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and snfflcient sureties, in a sum equal to the amount of the contract, to deliver the ar ticles proposed, in conformity with the terms of this advertisement; and in case the said bidder should fail to enter into the contract, they to make good the difference between the offer of said bidder and the next responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract may be awarded. The responsibility of the gnarantors must be shown by iR?.0?0',?! certificate of the Cb-rk of the nearest District Court, or of the United titates District Attorney. Bonds in a snm eqnal to the amount of the con tract, signed by the contractor and both of his guarantors^ will be required of the successful bidder or bidders npon signing the contract. FORM Of GUARANTY. ne.tbe nndersigued, residents of , in the county of , and State of .hereby jointly and severally covenant with the United States, aud guaranty, in ease the foregoing bid of be accepted, that ho or they will at once execute the contract for the same, with good and sufficient Rureties, in a sum equal to the auionnt of the contract, to furnihh the articles proposed in conformity to th? terms of this advertisement, dated July 14.18i>4. nnder which the bid was made: and in case the said shall fail to ent?r into a contract as aforesaid, we guarantee to make good the differonce between the off?r of the said ~r and the next lowost responsible bidder, or the person to whom the contract way be awarded. Given noder our hands and seald this ?'lay ?f , 13<i?. ISeal.J Witnesg. ISeal.J Toi this guaranty mnst be appended the official certificate above mentioned. Upon the award beins made, successful bidders will be notified and furnished with forms of con tract and bond. The Department reserves the ri^-ht to reject any or all the bids, if deemed unsatisfactory on any account. Proposals will be addressed to "Brigadier Gen eral George D Kam.-ay. Chief of Ordnance. Wash ington. D. C..''and will b? endorsed "Proposals for Siege ^Mortars, Siege Howitzers, or Coehom Mortars." *s the case may be. GEO. D. RAMSAY, Brigadier General, jy 15-eofrt Chief of Ordnance. OWING TO THE FLUCTUATING AND CON STANTLY ADVANCING RATKS OK DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN HARDWARE, and the impossibility of replacing stocksl without absolute loss when founded on time sales, we feel compelled to notify our cus tomers that heresfter all bills WILL BK RRN DFRKD FOR PAYMENT MONTHLY; and we re spectfully request that those of our friends who have been purchasing on quarterly accounts under a settled niHrKetwill appreciate the necersity of the change in termR. JOHN R. ELVANS 309 Penna. av a"d *7 La. aV. _3j" 9-1 w [RepChronlntelConlJnion | WINKS AND LIQUORS. We have now on hand a full supply ? WINES AND LIQUORa. ? ... , ? consisting of C alifornia Hock, Port. Muscatel, aud An lica Wines,and Grape Brandy. Wines' Claret' Sherry, Madeira, and Catawba Old Bourbon, Nectar, Cabinet and Rye Whis D CON A key dBiackberrf, Cherry, Lavender, and Ginger Bran Holland Gin and Wolff's Schnapps. Also. Hostetter's, Drake's. Stoughton'i and Ger man liitters. For sale by . ? ,,-r ^.KGAN A PKRRIE. jy P?6tif Cor. E and Ninth street.^ W ATr^R RR_NT8. Watkh RhgistrauV Okpiok. / , City Hall, Jniy7 njU ( prt^fe^ the ? 1 he water rent is required to be paid at this of fice during this month of July. If not paid br or befoie Augnst 1st, the law commands that tli? water be shut off at the main and not restored et cept upon payment of arrears and two dollars for ? /butting off and restoring The law does not provide for serving individual notices, and this public notice is all tha' will be *'/en ? RA N DO.LPH COYL K, JJ Water Registrar. f^UGENE SUE.?Paula Monti,50c; Therese Dn J noyer 5 c; La Concaratcha, 6-c? I^? Pninmur deurde Malte, 6<tc; Le Morne an Liable sT L? Bonne aventnre. 6 c; Miss Mary on^ tflnJti.'trie? be: Comedies Socisles. 4C^; UtreJm^It L Avarice 4,c.La Luxure.^ A*-, WaVi? il-' Colere,40c: L Argueil,5"c. Je5S FRANCS TAYLOR. NORTH AMKRICAN REVI K W KOR-jni Y fl as^oaranTh.-A Physical Theorv the Universe The Hrop-rty Rights of Marrie<? Wo men The Pniiosophy of Space and Time The Conatitntion and its Defecta. TheV.Jt krTh. Unityl States Our Soldiers. A NVtionJ Ca-ren FRANCE TAYLOR. IVOTICE.?I have opened anew BARBPR ?nnp on C street, between 1st st -eet snrt j?, ?ey avenue, at ?oyl -'s Hotyl, where I wilF itad te ??* mi friend* and cujt mer-, be *tad C BtJ-eet, between N .^J^'.v jy T-1m* Boyle's Hotel, netrjrm Depot, t^OR P ALK? A fine four year old BI-AOir n a wit r ottl.T a iU work . Hher sing^ "r b^ seen at JOHN 0 HOWARD'S >UUm O atrSS? 6 h ai.d 7th. pPice Y It StepiuNoe & Oo y ?a-lw mm 5 O'CLOCK P. M. THE LATEST rO^CERMING THE !?? VASIONISTS They Head Towards A?feby'g Gap. We learn that a portioa of Moseby'6 force, under command of a Opt. Manner, parsed I/eesborg, a little to the south, at aa early boar daring the night of Tuesday. They bad cbarge of 1*50 bead of cattle, and eacb can was leading a horse Tbe force numbered abont % o, and they did oot appear to notice anything as tbey but seemed intent upon pnsbing tbeir way forward. They were subsequently beard of as passing Snickers<ville, and moved on down this side of tbe mountains and passed Ashby's (.Vap, although it was 6aid tbay in tended going through the latter. Another body of rebel cavalry (whose has not transpired) was beard of between Silem and Chester Gap on Wednesday at noon. Thair course indicated that they would leave Cat p?per on their left and push forward to some point in Madison county. Harry Gilmore and his gang of horse thieves and incendiaries were among the last to cross the Potomac, which they did A little above Ed wards' Ferry, and after crossing, a force of two or three hundred was detached from the main command and moved in the direction of Snick ersville, the main force moving ia a due south west direction, apparently in a direct coarse to Ashby's Gap. Breckinridge and staff were near Lee:>bnrg on Wednesday morning early and superin tended the movement post there. A REPORTED MOVEMENT OF TUK REBELS ON THE MANASSAS ROAD. To-day reports were brought into Alexan dria tha% last evening, cars were beard rnnning as if to Manassas, from the South, indicating that tbe rebels bave repaired (hat road to Ma. nassas. and were using it for some purpose. We suppose due inquiry will be made to as certain whether the report has any foundation. INTERESTING PARTICULARS OF THE REBEL INVASION. The Invading Force not less than Thirty five or Forty Thousand Strong?They have 40 Cannon on the Blair Place. Rebel sympathizers who, on Monday, were jubilant in this city with the idea that Wash ington was soon to be in Confederate posses sion, and showed their faith in it, some of them to the extent of going out to assist the rebels in its capture, now speak of the invasionists as a mere raiding party of some 5,000 men, (a "raid ing party of 5,OOOmen," indeed, with two maj jr generals and half a dozen brigadier generals !) All the reports received to-day, brought in by intelligent parties, resident at various points visited by tbe rebels, concnr in fixing the rebel force in front of Washington at not less than thirty thousand men, leaving out of account rebel detachments stationed at other points, for purposes of observation or sentout for raid lug purposes. From Mr. J. E. Turton, of this city, who enjoyed superior opportunities for observation, hiving been in the hands of the rebels at Silver Spring during their entire stay there, we get s> me clear ard interesting particulars. lie was tilling a contract in remodeling the Montgomery Blair bouse, which is?or was? perhaps an eighth of a mile from the bouse of Francis I*. Blair. About eleven o'clock on Monday morning he was surprised by the appearance of six rebels, who dropped down upon him as if from the skies. Tbey inquired whose house it was, and particularly if it was the house of Lincoln's Postmaster General, and on learning tnat it was, the leader of the gang exclaimed to the others, "This house must go up!" The house was locked up, (not being in present use by Mr. Blair,) and they proceeded to break open the doors and despoil it, scattering books (of which tbey seemed to bave an indifferent opin ion) and papers around In every direction, and carrying off whatever they deemed would be of use to them. They did the same at the house of Francis P. Blair, and found there what they deemed an especial 'prize, an excellent county map of the Stateof Maryland. This map was care in ny Borne away, aud for many hours after wards a corps of Rebel draughtsmen (occupy ing the house of Themas Gettings, at tbe third toll gate) were busily employed over it making sketches and cepies. The main body of the Rebel forces did not appear in front of Fort Stevens, but remained encamped en the Wil son farm abont a mile and a half beyond Blair's, on the 7th street road At this point (Wilson's farm) there were not less than 25,0(,0 or 3o,ooo men. Neither did the rebels bring forward their artillery, but parked it (forty pieces of field artillery) la the orchard and fields of the Blair farm. This artillery did not arrive until about 2 o'clock Monday after noon. The rebels had 576 prisoners, taken at the battle at the Monocacy, at the Wilson farm, under guard. Mr. Turton saw and conversed with the rebel Generals Early, Breckinridge, Ransom, Gordon and Ramseur. Gen. Gordon questioned him particularly as to the number of troopB in Washington and the condition of the deiences. Mr. Turton evaded the questions by saying he had not been in Washington for some days. Breckinridge has grown stoat and gray. He was dressed, like the other rebel generals, in coarse homespun gray, and had a long mus tache, but no whiskers. The olticers did not let anything fall in Mr. Turton's presence as to whether they intended an attack upon Wash ington, but the men talked quite freely of what they would do If they got possession of Wash ington. They would not leave one stoue upon another, tbey said. Tbe rebels began to leave the vicinity of Silver Spring about 9 o'clock Tufsday night, and at II o'clock they set tire to the house of Montgomery Blair, as their rear was moving away. They offered no personal harm to Mr. Turton, but "took his change of clothing, and on hlsremoHstrating, they said "We can't hslp it, you nre where you can get plenty, we can't" The rebel artillery brought up the rear as tbey moved off. THE DOINGS OF T11E REBELS. Ed. Tyler, a son of Major Tyler, formerly ot tbe U. S. Marlnas was with the rebels in front of Fort Stevens, and left a letter at the house of Mr. Fenwick, beyond Blair's, in which he sta ted tbat be understood that Marshal Lamon lived in his father's house, (F street, near 7th,) and be would like very much to have tbe pleasure of bnrning it down. Marshal Lamon had four valuable horses near Beltsville in pasture, which we bear through colored people, were carried off by the rebels. Mr. l?uvall living a shoit distance from Bla densbnrg, had two horses taken from him and several old "bags of bone*" left in their places. TI1K PURSUIT OF THE REBEL5-CAPTURE OF PRISONERS. Our troops now in pursuit of the invaders, continue to pick up numbers of rebel prisoners. Tbe following, captured between Tennally town and Rockville, arrived here last even ing:?Robert F. Bray, 2d N. C. Battery; E. A. Moore, P. R. Uline, 12th N. (J.; II. S. Keith, 1st N. C-: J. M. Fox, 32d N. C.; J. A. Thompson, 12th Ala.: G. W. Brady, J. M. Fvans, r.thN.C; Sergeant H. T. Hendon, Kith Ga.: J. T. War ren, 12?h N. C.; L. M. Richardson.'ith N. C.; Fred Harner, 'Sid N. C. GUERRILLA AITACK REPULSED AT ACC0 TiNK. At sunrise this morning, about fltty-aix men of the Home Guard, stationed near Accotink, Fairfax county, Va, were attacked by one hundred men of Klncheloe's guerrillas. Tbe guerrillas were speedily driven off. however, with a luss ot one killed. The Homo Gaard also lost one killed. The rebels, after being re poised, went In the dtrft-tioii of Springfield Station, and cavalry have been sent to look alter them. ? New York Stock asd Gold Mabkbt.? New York papers of yesterday report that on Wednesday the amount of business In stocks and securities was small, particularly so with Governments At Gilpin's gold room gold opened at lO^' o'clock at 872, much better than upon Tuesday, when it opened at2S2, and fell to 272?the retreat of the rebels no d >ubt cans ing the fall. Dow a to 3.15 p. m of Wednesday tbe market fluctuated, at onetime getting down ?o2fiei^. At the Fifth Avenue S ock Exchange, at 9 p. ro.. it was quoted at 273V Government stocks were barely sustained; 6s, IH81, UlStf: 5 2t.s, 2j*. Certificates are down to s?. Tennessee 6s, 57a5&; North Carotin* Cs, 58.i8.:; Mi?eouri6s. 67arit<X; California 7s, bk>: Can,on Company, 30a3<X. Blank forms and regulations for all branches of the internal revenue act are in coerse of preparation. 9*Tbe King of Sweden is an emgraver of OOf'biderat te ability. JiMge Met'una of the New York Sn p? r w>r Court, is on a European tear. W scarcity o labor ra her than f-oarolty of raw is now the trouble oat west. LOOA.L NKW8. Fnu ?A.kcmt 3 o'clock to-day & fir* broke out in the frame stable crcopied by Jos Pfa tbaa, and situated oa 13ih street, between U and O. Tbi* bail(linff >a wedged ia het wen two bricks, No*. 540 and 534, and was covered with the tar roof ?ow need for rooflug, and consequently the roof was entirely destroyed. Th? re were a number of horses ^ad vehicle* in the building, bnt ail were saved. Tbe Are waa caused, it 16 supposed, by spon taneous combustion, as two lo^ds of bay had just been purchased and placed in the buitd iair. The loea will be about *1,000. No Insur ance Officer Voss, of tba Second Ward, was riously injured while endeavoring to save &i>tne horses. His hands and arms were much burnt. Uxbbl l>WRBDATfu*8.? Oa Tuesday after noon, the boose occupied by Mr. E. A. Paul, ot the New York Times corps, was burnt by tbe rebels. This house waa about one mile from Fort Stevens, to the leit of the road, and Mrs. Paul and her children remained there to take care of her property. After the rebels made their appearance, and before the place was fired, several shell struck nearlt, a pieceof one slightly wounding one of the children. She had no idea that tbe rebels intended to burn the bouse. Just before tbe match wa* applied acolonHof a Virginia cavalry regiment s->nt the family to the rear. The furniture, clothing, Ac., of Mr. Paul, rained at from three to fonr thousand dollars, was destroyed with the house. Th? Pehalty fob Tbbason.?A young man by the name ot King, a resident of the First Ward, wentout with two or three oiber mis guided, badly trained youngsters to join the rebel army ia frent of Washington, and was shot in the lungs in tbe fight in front of Fort Stevens. He was brought to his father's resi dence, where he now lies in a dying condition, a warning to all youth who would take up arms against their country's flag and the place of their birth. He has a brother, Rudolph King, who has been for a considerable time ia the rebel army. Pobt ob Oboeuetowh.?Cleared?Schooners Charley, Yates. Wycomico; D. R. Wilson, Burrell, Accomac; Zion, Field,Saulsbury; Ora tor, Cooksey, do.; Hope, Morris, da.; Mechan ic, Crier, St. Mary's; Lampllgheter, Kirby, Boston; Neptune's Bride, Crowell, New York; Chieftain, Jones, Baltimore; W. J. Hamill, Bohler, Clements Bay; Sarah Ellen, Wheeler, St. Mary's; W.A.Ellis, Hughes, New York; Vermillion, Davis, do.; fr. M. Dennis, Niles, Accomac; Connecticut, Clark; Hartford; barge Eadel, Mann, Bryan's Point. Justices op the Pbacb Commissiohbd.? The President has commissioned the following as justices of the peace :?John S. Holliugshead, George Mattingly, Benjamin S. Kinsey, Pat rick McKenna, Jonathan *V. Barnaclo, F. A. Boswell, K. R. Sheckell, Benedict Mtlburn, and James Kelly. Clbaui?? Up.?This morning adense smoke arose above the heights near Fort Corcoran, opposite Georgetown, produced probably by burning the brush and undergrowth south of the defences. Surveyor ok the Courtv.? The Levy Court at its last meeting elected D. B. Carpen ter surveyor of Washington county for the present year. Rblbased.?Mr. J. W. Maury, arrested yes terday and put in the Old Capitol on charge of uttering treasonable sentiments, was released to-day. Statbopthb Thbrmometbr.?At Frank lin & Co.'s, opticians, No. 244 Pennsylvania avenue, the theimometer stood to-day at 1 o'clock, llifi in the shade; in the sun 82. GEORGETOWN CORPORATION LAWS A Rksolctio* in relation to the repairin- of ,, Bridge street, by Wm. H. FletclTer ^ htsolved by the Board of Aldermen and Board of Common. C*unctl of the Corporation of Georgetown That unless the contracting pnrty for th? re, a?r of Bridge street proceeds according to the street Commissioner, in compliance with a resolution ap proved rith Ann!. 1364, that then th# Street Com missioner shall annul the contract Approved 2d July, 186*. A Bksolctu>v to alter the grad* of a portion of the gutter of Bridge street. h- solved by the Board of Aldermen an t Board of Conimtm Counciluf the Corporation Qf Georgetown. That the portion of the gutter of Bridg. street in front of the premises of John MarburyTRsa be so ?-hanged that tho water may run off. Said work to be done under the supervision of the Street Com missionar and the chairman of the Committee on Streets. [ Approved 2d July, lSdf. A Resolution for the repair of a part oi High _ street, above Road street. r?n~,tl r< y , cld # Aldfrmen and Board of Ti of i? Council of the Corporation of Georgetown, n Jt tresum of two thousand dollars, or so much thereof as may be needed, be, and the same is here by, appropriated for the purpose of putting that portion of High street commencing at Road street and running north nine hundred feet in complete repair by paving with cobble stone, to be dune un der the direction of the Street Commissioner Approved 2d July. ism. A Rk.^OLCTioH jn relation to the water tax. ctlVn^l r i ?/ Aldermen and Board of of lftt < orpnralton of Georx'town That the Collector of Taxes be, and he ^TheVeS* directed to collect the outstanding water tS In accordance with the first section of the act of Con jrens.spproiedJuni 17,1364, entitled "An act tn and collect a water tax ?d rL 2lSm &1 to lay approved May 21, 1>?2," ca* u1*ti??." j purposes, not more tnan S'-ventjr-fi ve feet nf wl F1* uPon any lot or part of lot situated a? the in?r/r^nt" ?i two streets on which thTrf^ ?&VJdW"eet,0B ?f Resolved. Jurther, That the Clerk be', and he is hereby, directed to credit tho Collector with the ?1.nn r Prev,OU;i l!4W* hut not yet collected upon the excess over sev enty-fivm feet front lot or part of lot situated as aforesaid; and where ever said water tax shall have bean paid Tn fuil laws, on more than seventy five feet front of any such lot or part of lot, the Clerk Y hereby directed to refund the excess to the partv paying the same. I Approved July 2, 1SJ4 A Risolctiox providing for a tins footwayacre.ii Bridge street upon the east line oi'Mtrketstreet Resolved by the board of Aldsrrnen and Board of Cumnion Council of the Corporation of That the sum of thirty-tw^o/larsbe and th,? rTI ? hereby appropriated to be paid by the Clerk to the order of the Commissioner of Str -ets for the purpose of laying a tlai; footway three feet fin. f ii'8 v street upr.M the east ot Market street. I Approved Jul> 2,ISii. A Ke.sOlctiox instructing the .Market IIoum? . Building Committee. heso.ved by tn> Board of Aldermen and Board of Thi't ir m"'"l' Vf "" Corporation cj G^ZVn liouw Bui Mm ir Gummiltce b? ' and they are herel.v authorized and instructed so t.I change the plnn ot the Market House to be b^ilt th, 'r supervision, that there shall not b*'1 cellar underneath tbe buildiug Approved July 2,18tU. A Resolution in favor of B. M. Burrows Rssolvtd by the Board cj" Aid rmen anrf Rnnr.t Common Cointrii of the Corporation of Georgetown 1 hat tbeClerk l>e, and he is hereby authorized to' ^?rofB,M. Burrow, the sum oftwen t> Bve dollars and nine cents, f..r deficiency for pnttijis tlaefootwaj acros, first Iiingln? Second and li!gh streets. J Approved July 2,1?? A^^A'LwTAl0^ini?el"Jion U the ^'"king Funl ht solved by the Board of Aide men nu,t /??._/ i rlTtth* founrl- lhe Corporation qf Geon:'Jown 1 hat the Commissioner,, of the Sinking Fund he1 and they are hereby instructed to reduce th. ;,i '' ry of the Olerk of the Sink.LgPund^to the amoi" one hundred dollars per annum Approved July 2, 1S64. A Resolution in favor of certain persons Resolved by thy Board ?f Aldermen and Board of Common Count>I of the Corporation of Geortelotr 1 That the Clerk pay to the order oi S. A. Shidn T' t. Heistou and C A. Peck the sum of sixtir dni Urs in full lor their bill of expenses incurred b\ them on account of Corporation business Approved J uly 2, ld64. A RKsoLruos in favor of Daniel Collin, R>solved try the Board of AUUrm>n and Board of ( ornmon Cvunyt of the Corporation nf Georgetown That the Clerk pay to the order of lisniei Collins f"t?i-fs?ridrolUr;an<1 '"tty ?onN- Vn fun tor his bill frc!.i January It to June 21 isk-* ior ft ^^ld , dt'ad ani mals from th?''lini its o! this town. Approved Jul> 2, ISit. for the repair of a Tuup l.f'oivdby the Bon d of AMermen a-id Board of ThUt"t?}\ u"" ?f ,ne.C"rfortaton ot (?-ortetown ? A !vM",or te'hrd he is hereby, authorized to bave the pump on He eastsiueof FaVette street alove Kighth street, put in complete order Approved July 2, 13j*. r' A Riisoi il'TIOB in favor orThoc. n. Donoho k Co Resolved by lite, hotrd of Aldtrm--n and Juird mi fOTr if "i* Corporation of Gar won That the Clerk pay to the order of Thoi U Dono ho 4 Co seventy six dollars and seve.fy-"i " at ' being the amount of tneir bill date 1 M*y ? r. r putting a gas lamp and fixture, in the vVrd of theR^Boardg 0u86, a for thj be?S? of ooarrts. Approve! Julyi, A^VH?" rroTi4'ng for the improvement of ?tr^tT' "'n* ttoux UieU "treat to Cou thai the thorough repaying of Second Alie* ing irom High U. Con.ress s' r^ be Vnd ti *?.hereby authorised: the workto bedoa under the direction of the 8t?-?-t Oommiuuiomlr BtM'ltfd. futtAer, That there be ?m)i, k ? v d; reeled to be collected by the collector l^t r sixty dsss after the passage of this re?ol??ti< n additional fro t foot tax of f >rt? centt Li?l and parts of .0^ e. b,Ui ?ide, of said i ev b^ t?e;u Hi-h and Can,,ess streets, .,1 ih J ti6 C-^ector pny th^ s??,e over t? the Olerk if th? C-r^rat,.^. relaiaing f.,vr pT-r cen t as hi^r.^ minion thereon, and eoforc?. th?. tax ss irnvid.rt in the carter I tL J"wn Approved July 9, 13>4. *.uvvwn. x * k Khiaefcvt. rJXZZl rtl T"* Aldermen nnJ B?nr4 mi TV nf tkr Cbrptrntim of t}'*rt-f*> i L Wuripia j| Khin#*^ art *hi ?orjai;i^ \ 4# ?? pair the in tfct- rhiu of th^r wn%ivr^ f?t their "?n nn4*r dir#?r irii Hi-n rv\ti n ? f to? blrvtK m *r A|>prcvi-d Jmiy 0, !?;*. OF nciAL, Abraham Lihco lb, President of t&e Unite* Sta ee of America. T? all n A#*? t( may ctncerrr. Satisfactory evl de?c? having be#n eibitot** tome that H.(*iu? has b??n appoint, ed Consul of Prussia at Cbica^o, I 4* hereby recognize bin as such, aad deciarr him free to exerci se aad enjoy sacb to arsons, powers, and priv ilegos, as are allowed to the Consols of the most favored nation*, in Uie United States. In testimony w hereof, I hare eaneed theee letters to be made Patent, and the Sea4 of the lie ited Stats? to be be re u ate affixed. (liven under my band at the uuy of Wash ington. the 1.1th day ol July. A. D. 1*?4. U.R.] snd ot the Independence of tiie United States of Amenta, the J?th. ? Abraham UmeoLs. Hy the President: William H.Siward, Secretary of State. Abraham Likcoln, Preside m of th? United States of America, To aij vKom it may eoncrn. Satisfactory evidence hi v.a* been exhibited to me that Fario Sakmihfatri li bu bee? appointed Vice Consul ol Italy. at NewOrleaae, 1 do hereby recoguiza him as such, aad deNare him free to exercise and enjoy such tnncuona, powers, and privileges, as are allowed to the Vice Consuls of the a*st favored nations, in U*e United States. In testimony whereof, J. have caused the** letters to be made patent, and the Seal of the United Stefca of America to be here unto affixed. Given under my hand at the city of Well ington, the l;>th day of July, A. I>. i-?i, [L.P.jand of the independence of the United States of America, the ?9th. Abraham Iuncol!*. Hy the President: William H. S3ward, Secretary of Stale Abraham Liwcoln, President of tb? United States of America To all uhotn it may concern. Satisfactory evidence having been exhlb ited tome that Oiovawki Luiot Avezzaka has been appeuited Vice Consul of Italy, at New York, I do hereby recognise him as such, and declare him free to exercise and enjoy such functions, powers and privi leges as are allowed to the Vice Cousuls of the most favored nations, in the Vnited States. In testimony whereof, 1 have caused these letters to be made patent, and the seal of the Vnited States to be hereunto affixed. Given under my hand at the city of Wash ington, the nth day of July, A. D. 1-^1. fL.P.Jand of the tudepennence of the United States of America, the -9th. Abraham Liwi'olk, By the President: William H. Skwakd, Secretary of State. 1 1HI8 IS TO GIVE If OTIC*, That the subseri ? ber bu obtained from the Orphans' Court of Washington county, in the District of Columbia, letters of admini.-tration on th*> personal estate of Charles J . I'lilman, late ot Washineton city, l>. 0., deceased. All persons having claims against the said deceased, are hereby warned to exhibit the same, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscri ber, on or before the9th day of July next; they may otherwise by law be excluded from all beneSt of tb? said estate. Given under my hand this 9th day of Jul*- ,1961. ly 15-law3w* MINA UHLM AN, F^KB.-H BEEF \NI> V BGETABLE3 fOB T1JI NAVY. Navt Dipap.tmixt. t Bureau <jf Provisions and Clothiw?, July 14, 1H54 i Sealed Proposals, endorsed" Proposals for Kr?*?li Beef and Vegetables.'' will be received at thM Bu reau until 2 o'clock,!p. m., on the 29t h of July, in stant, for the supply of 40,''00 pounds of Fresh Beef and 40.U>i pounds of fresh Vegetables at the W?sh ington Station, as required. Th** Be*f and Vegeta hies must he of ?ood quality, and the best the mar ket affords and each artirl? must be offered for l>v the pound. The Beef must be in equal proportion#, fore and hind quarters. Bonds, with approved security, will be reqnirej in one-half the estimated amount of the contract, an?l twenty per cent, in addition will be withheld from the amount of each payment to b? n ade, as collateral security for the due performance of the contract, which will on no acconnt be paid uutil it is fully complied with. Every offer made must be accompanied by a writ ten guaranty, signed by one or more responsible persons, that the bidder or bidders will, if his or their bid he accepted, enter into au obligation with ? in tlve days, with good and sufflcient sureties, to furnish the articles proposed. No proposal will be considered unless accomps nied bysuch guaranty, and by -atisfaefcory <*videuce that the bidder is a regular dealer In the article proposed, and has the license required by law The Department reserves the right to reject sny proposal not considered advantageous to the Gov ernment. ,iy la id gTJA8. 0. McQCIRE A CO.. Auctioneers. VALUABLE DWELLING HOrSB AND BUILD INO LOT3 AT TUB CORNER OF NORTH H AND 19TH STREET WEST. On THURSDAY AFTEKNOON, July 21-t,at hslf fiast siv o'clock, on the premises, we shall sell, or account of estate of thMate Com. Crane, part of Lots in and 11 in Square No. li't. at the corner< f Idth street west naif north H street, together with the improvements, consisting of a. three-story brick dwelling house, v. ith b.iCk. building*. 6tabling, Ac. The property will be divided intt thr^e parts, two building lots and the house an ! lot on which it stands, with a sufac.ietit side alley. Possession of the house will be ^iveu on (lie. l-t of October, l>a. Terms cash. Costof conveyance- and st.nup*. to be pxi I by th** purchaser. ir 13-d J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Ancti. J* C. McGCIRE A Co., Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF EXC ELLENT FT KM TFRE AND HOUSEHOLD EFFECTS On THURSDAY MORNINl!, July 21st,'"at 10* 0 clock, at homse No. 2b Louisiana avenue be- 1 tween 4)2 and 6th streets west, formerly the f?*si deuce of Edward 8w&nn. Esq.. by virtue of a deed 01 trn?t dated January 13th. IsCt. and dulv recorded in Liber N. C. T. No. 25, folios 83, et seq., one of the Land Records for Washington county. I shall sell all the excellent furniture snd hous-hold ef fects, comprising in part? Superior Rosewood Case Piano Forte Pair o French plate Mant' l Mirrors 52x7 1 French plate Pier Glass, 27xli>7 Handsome Ros. wood broeatelle c?r\ ed Sot?s. Ann, Easy, and Parlor Chairs Rosewood and Black Walnut Marble-top Cent.-<* and Fancy Tables Broc.stelle and Lace Curtains and Fixtures Whatnots. Reception Chairs Superior Velvet, 1> us?ell, and Insra:u Carpet* throughout Number of tine Engravins-i Ertension Dining Table. Sideboard t'liina. Glass, and Crockery Ware Silver-plated Hare Table Cutlery Bed an i Table Linen, Towels. N apkins Walnut and Mahogany Bedsteads, Bureau-, Ward robes, and Wsslistands Hair and Husk Matres es. Bolsters, aud Pillows Blankets. Comforts, Spreads Looking-glasses. Toil"t Setts, Shales Heating Stoves of various kind.-. Fire Iron Together with the usual assortment of Hitch*" Requisites. Terms cash. EUGENE CAKUSI, Trustee. _iyjr,-d J. C. MsGUlRE A CO . Aucu JTRA.MER FAIRBANKS HAS ARRt?Ki). s Consignees will please attend to the leceptionof their goods at once. < This steamer sails for New York on' Saturday, July lsth? 13fi4, at in a.m. jy H-2t MOROAS A RHINEH^RT. Gray's Patent Molded Collars, Are universally pronounced the ut-alest anl beet fitting collars ^Ataat. The npper edge presents a perfect carre, fres from the angles noticed in ail other collars. The cravat cause* bo puckers on tiie inside of tfis turn down collar, they are as SMOOTH INSZD1 AS 0UTS1DK. and therefore 3*r*ectiy free aal sa^y to the neck. The Garotte Collar has a saioeth an! eteuif fia ished edge on fcc'A tiiist. Tbese Cellars are not sizupl) flat pieces of p<t*ir ;ut 111 the fwrm of a collar, bet are MOLD20 Ah DSHAPED TO TIT THE NKOK. Thoy are made in "Nove'.tj," (or tnra^ora style;! in every ha?f ixze frr m IC t? 17 iache*. aai in "Karelia," (or Garotte,' from 13 to r inches; and packed ia " solid sites" in neat biae cartciH, jon.aiaing V0 each; a-lso is smaller osee of wo sach?the latter a very haucly package for trar.iUr* army and navy officers. ?-*V ERY COLLAR is stamped "GRAY'S PATBN1 MOLDED COLLAR." Bold by all dealers in men's farcishia; good*. Tke trade supplied by WALL. STEPHENS * 00,, apl4 3m 3'JJ Pa. avenne, Wasslngtou. ILLIARD TABLES sOR SALE.?The Subscri ber has THRKE FIRST CLA?8 MILLIARD TABLES, nearly new, which be will dispose of very Uw. Inquire at the Billiard room corner of llth etreetaiui Penc-ytvaniaavenua )e '* tf F DO8TFR, . attorney and OOLNSELLOR AT LAW, 4U7 fifteenth street, _ . je gT-lm* door to Biggs' Bank. JAMES THARP. DKAl.KR IN . . TOBACCO CIGARS. PiP>s??A'aL-. AOS 9tL St.. at ve Pa. are.,east ?idj, mhiiigVja. The ?W?.ntioii of autl-rs ai?d pureha*-ni <eneraJ_ ly is called to hi# siook. whicfl will fofoua* t* nwa a v*rirtj ".? /!! Hne ,4bnsine?a He would take this oocaji .n return hi* t^aaks to the Washmgt*>B Mhiiefsr lA pfc^roruigt- heretofore estea --*d to ;e t. 1 a q I

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